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Contacting York Customer Service Center

York is a heating and air conditioning company established in 1874. York started in the ice business, creating ice machines that produced ice on the spot. Businesses no longer needed to have ice shipped in from larger companies. The ice business was soon expanded to include refrigeration. Today, dealers selling York heating and cooling equipment are located all over the United States – but York, Pennsylvania is still the place York calls home.

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Contact Info:

There is very little variety when it comes to contact information for York customer service, but in this case that’s not a bad thing. York lists all the contacts a customer or business could need on one Contact Us page.

Phone Contact Numbers

You can reach York customer service or tech support by phone from 7 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday or 7 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday, respectively. The office is closed from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM daily for lunch.

  • York Phone Number: 1-877-874-7378

Mailing Address

Writing letters is not the fastest or most efficient way to contact York customer service, but it is one option. Your letter will be delivered to Johnson Controls, the parent company of York customer service. Address your letter to:

Johnson Controls Unitary ProductsAttn: York Customer Service5005 York DrNorman, OK 73069

Official Website

Finding York customer service online was simple thanks to the website at http://www.york.com/. The first thing you’ll notice is the site is all about selling York products to new customers. York is like any other retail company in that way. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of links to guide your travels through the site. If you are a commercial business or contractor, you’ll need to visit the business websites at:

Social Media

There are a couple social pages for York customer service. The pages aim to give customers information on new and upcoming products and special offers, but they are also perfect for connecting with York customer service.

Customer Service Email

You won’t need to open your personal or business email client to send a message to York customer service. Simply visit the link below and fill in the information requested. Double check your email address on the form so you are certain you’ll receive the response.

Our Experience

When you call the York customer service phone number you’re actually calling Johnson Control, the parent company. Speed through the York customer service automated system by pressing 2 if you’re a consumer or 3 if you’re a dealer. Make your selection after the list of options starts or the line will just go dead and you’ll sit in automated limbo forever.

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7 Comments on “Contact York Customer Service
  1. York air conditioner installed 3 years ago its not working right from the time yf installation and contractor is not cooperating.

  2. I’m having the same problem. No one is helping me with the York I have which has been nothing but problems. Condenser coil repaired twice, replaced once, and now for the 2nd time the compressor has burned up but no one is willing to cover the warranty because we supposedly did not fill out a registration form. I know for a fact we did. York says they have to talk to the technician and the technician says we have to talk to York. This is ridiculous. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m about ready to tell everyone I possibly can to not buy York.

  3. i need to know what the difference between centrifugal type chiller and magnetic bearing chiller.can you send to me copy of your brochures and
    technical data for this particular chillers to my email add. we need one of this with capacity of 250 tons,, water cooled type. thanks

  4. I had a York heater installed by my PSE and Gas company I had to go through the gas company due to the cost and it was winter and I had no heat, my gas company let me make payments as I did not have the money to hire a private contractor. The blower fan went at the cost of $875.00, I do not have central air and I have a small home 1level, no one is home during the day and the heat is on 67/68 degrees. The heater is approximately 10 years old and I do not feel as though it should have broken so soon. I think the company should stand behind their product, not everyone can afford insurance to cover repairs and they should have a product that is reliable.

  5. I’m a senior journeyman service tech with 37 yrs experience and would have to rate your tech support as pathetic . The IOM manuals that are shipped with the units are vague at best necessitating a call to tech support which is followed by a long wait on hold . I never had these problems with York equipment before Johnson Controls took them over. I really wish you people could get your house in order .

  6. I am a service member who bought a new home with York product for A/C. The first year the unit stopped working had to get the installer to fix it and then a month or so later the pump outside was making noises and leaking….. I didn’t trust the installer so I had someone new come tune up my system. They found an after market hard start on my system and found that my air handler in the garage was leaking water off the air coil. A York representative came out to run test said it was air flow issue. They dropped the unit lower and still the system leaked water. All this is happening with in a year and come to find out 5 other families in my community with York products are having the same issue. Everyone I talk to can’t give me answers. The customer service and York products are not worth the headache.

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