Insurance Company Customer Service Info & Assistance

Insurance companies give us peace of mind by providing accident, health and life coverage. We can drive to work every day, cheer on our kids on the soccer field and take that first step toward new parenthood because we have the insurance we need to cover us in case we fall. Just about every consumer is covered by some form of insurances and chances are they will need to contact the customer service department of that insurance company more than once in life. The trouble is – no one keeps the phone number of their insurance companies on hand all the time – and that’s why Contact Customer Service Now offers consumers long lists of insurance customer service information.

Our researchers have pulled out all the stops in compiling information for contacting insurance customer service. You’ll find phone numbers, mailing addresses, email addresses, social pages and more. If there is a piece of contact information out there, we have it – but we don’t stop there. Giving you the information you need to contact insurance customer service isn’t enough. You need to know what you’re calling into – so we called them all for you. Check out the Our Experience section of the information page on your insurance company for detailed information about what happened when we called customer service.

We encourage all consumers to come back to the insurance company page and share their experience when they contacted customer service. Already have an experience? Leave a comment now so other consumers can learn from you.