Software Company Customer Service Info & Assistance

Did you purchase software for your computer and now you need to talk to someone at customer service? Tracking down the information to reach the software giants such as: Microsoft, Adobe, Norton, Windows Live, and X Box Live can be time consuming and frustrating. Whether you need to reach them for a billing issue, a troubleshooting issue, or just to learn more about upgrading your software to the latest version, customer service is the best way to go. To save you time and frustration, the staff here at Contact Customer Service Now has compiled a list of the major software companies (with more being added on a regular basis) and all their customer service information to make it easily accessible in one place. We have phone numbers, mailing addresses, the official website address, and when possible, the customer service email address. If available, we also include the company’s social media information such as a Facebook fan page and/or Twitter account.

Our team has contacted all of the companies on the list to see what their typical customer service experience is like. We found in general that the hold times were not long, but you are encouraged to use the free online knowledgebases and frequently asked questions to find the answer to the question you have. As many of these companies sell different types of software to suit the needs of students, home users, and business users, the customer service is structured to address each tier and program. Some features, such as product activation, are completely automated to help you get what you need without actually speaking to a customer service rep. If you have any experience with these companies, please share them in the comments section on the page, to help other readers see more customer service experiences.