Shipping Company Customer Service Info & Assistance

How do the things we buy online or send to our favorite nieces and nephews get from here to there or there to here? Shipping companies are at the heart of all online purchases, boxes we send and letters we write. What shipping companies do you receive packages from – UPS? DHL? Fedex? We have contact information for all the major shipping companies, because there is bound to be a time when that expedited shipping you purchased didn’t make it there as promised or a package you sent that never arrived at the expected location. Shipping mistakes happen and when they do, you can contact shipping company customer service in more ways than you expect.

Contact Customer Service Now provides phone numbers, emails and even mailing addresses for the shipping companies you come in contact with everyday. And not only do we research and publish the information, we test the customer service line and even send emails from time to time so you know what you can expect from the shipping company you need to contact.

The only true source of customer service information is other customers so we want you to share, share, share. Leave a comment about your shipping customer service experience so other consumers can learn the truth about companies. Are we missing a company? Send us an email using the Contact Us link and we’ll try to add the company to our list.