Manufacturers Company Customer Service Info & Assistance

Do you know who’s behind your favorite brands, products or services? Manufacturers are the source of all the goods we purchase, foods we consume and libations we enjoy – but finding contact information for these conglomerates can be difficult. Contact Customer Service now believes all consumers have the right to talk with the company responsible for the goods they purchase and that’s why we’ve spent hours researching the companies you come in contact with every day.

When you need to contact major manufacturers like Guinness, Heinz, Johnson and Johnson, Kraft or Mars, you’ll find the information you need and more. Think calling the customer service department is the only way to contact customer service? No way. We’ve listed mailing addresses, email addresses and social pages like YouTube and Twitter so you have multiple means of contacting manufacturer customer service. You’re not limited to choosing just one. Have a question? Send an email, write on the company’s Facebook wall and call the customer service phone number.

We contact every company we research and try to find the fastest way to an agent. We share that information with you so you know a bit more about the company you’re contacting before you make that call. After you contact customer service, we hope you’ll return and leave a comment about your experience. There’s power in knowledge and with your help we can provide other customers with the inside information they need about major manufacturers across the United States.