Education Company Customer Service Info & Assistance

Education is the key to living the life you always wanted. Whether you’re attending college for the first time or going back to college to advance your career or open future career options, you’re paying for that education with time or money. You have enough to worry about without searching the expanse of the Internet for education customer service information. Contact Customer Service Now researchers have collected the contact information for school like DeVry and USC. You’ll also find contact information for the companies responsible for those supplies you use every day like that Texas Instruments TI-84 or the Scholastic books you read to your children each night.

Sure, some conflicts and issues can be resolved with a simple visit to the offices of your college or educational institution, but that’s not always an option. Parents can call customer service with the numbers we’ve provided or visit the school’s official website to contact customer service via email. In some cases we’ve even included social network pages so you can connect with your educational company and send a message to the customer service team. Issues of a financial nature, like billing or scholarship problems, may require exchanging sensitive information that should not be emailed or mailed to the customer service department. In these cases, give the school a call to resolve the issue as quickly as possible without putting your financial information out there for anyone to steal.

Have an experience with one of these educational companies or schools? Tell us and other consumers your story – knowledge is power.