Magazine / Newspaper Company Customer Service Info & Assistance

Magazines and newspapers are the places we turn for news, entertainment and maybe a little bit of information that stretches the truth – from time to time. Just because these companies share information with us, the consumer, doesn’t mean we can’t share information with them. Maybe your magazine subscription hasn’t arrived in the last couple months or you need to contact the editor of a major newspaper to speak your mind on a hot topic. Whatever the reason you have for needing the contact information for magazine or newspaper customer service, we want you to have the power to contact an agent today.

Contact Customer Service Now lists contact information for big name magazine companies like Country Living, People and Newsweek. Need to contact a newspaper? We’ve talked with the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. We don’t think it’s enough to just provide a list of contact information – we think you deserve to know more so we call all magazines and newspapers we research then we report what happened when we call.

When you call that magazine or newspaper, we want you to come back and leave a comment about your experience for others. Consumers have the power to share experiences – both good and bad – with other consumers. And, believe it or not, simply sharing that information can spark change within a company pushing customer service departments toward improved service and that’s what all customers want.