Automotive Company Customer Service Info & Assistance

Our cars and trucks are extensions of our personalities and the essential tools many of us need to take our children to school, travel to work each day and enjoy some of the finer things in life. Automotive companies range from car companies that sell new and used vehicles to repair shops that service those vehicles. There are even companies that specialize in after-market upgrades like stereos and navigation systems. The team of researchers at Contact Customer Service Now wants you to have the information you need to contact customer service when you need to how you need to. We’ve gathered a list of the most prominent names in the automotive industry like Chevrolet, Ford and Buick. We’ve even added luxury companies like Jaguar, Lexus and Mercedes. But don’t think for one minute all your automotive customer service needs can be handled by the dealership. You’ll like come in contact with customer service from companies like AAA, Hertz, MAACO and Michelin at some point along the way.

When you need to contact customer service, you can’t always choose the same means of contact. General questions are perfect for the customer service team monitoring social media pages like Facebook and Twitter, but time-sensitive issues should always be addressed by phone. Mailing a letter may be easy, but it’s not the right choice for communicating with customer service about financial issues like that missed car payment. We’ve provided tons of contact options so you can get the resolution you need more quickly. If you have experience with any of these customer service departments, leave a comment with your story.