Cruise/Hotel Company Customer Service Info & Assistance

Consumers have expectations when it comes to cruises and hotel stays. Whether you’ve saved the entire year for that cruise vacation or you’re traveling throughout the country on business and find yourself living in hotels for most of the time, you deserve to have your expectations met. When you find yourself in need of customer service contact information, the team at Contact Customer Service now is here to provide you ever contact option you could ever need. We’ve found mailing addresses, customer service phone numbers and even social media accounts for many cruise and hotel companies, including big names like the Bellagio, Carnival Cruise Lines and Hilton hotels.

As a customer, we think you have the right to have your issue heard and that’s what the customer service department is there to do, but not all issues require the same connection with customer service. A simple question about check-in and check-out times can be emailed to the customer service team at your hotel, but billing issues should be heard by a call center representative. We’ve even added corporate contact information for some companies for when you need to escalate your issue to the top of the company. We encourage all customers to share their customer service experiences with cruise/hotel companies so other consumers know what to expect from the start. Leave your story in the comments section of the company profile or contact us directly with your story.