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York is a heating and air conditioning company established in 1874. York started in the ice business, creating ice machines that produced ice on the spot. Businesses no longer needed to have ice shipped in from larger companies. The ice business was soon expanded to include refrigeration. Today, dealers selling York heating and cooling equipment are located all over the United States – but York, Pennsylvania is still the place York calls home.

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Contact Info:

There is very little variety when it comes to contact information for York customer service, but in this case that’s not a bad thing. York lists all the contacts a customer or business could need on one Contact Us page.

Phone Contact Numbers

You can reach York customer service or tech support by phone from 7 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday or 7 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday, respectively. The office is closed from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM daily for lunch.

  • York Phone Number: 1-877-874-7378

Mailing Address

Writing letters is not the fastest or most efficient way to contact York customer service, but it is one option. Your letter will be delivered to Johnson Controls, the parent company of York customer service. Address your letter to:

Johnson Controls Unitary ProductsAttn: York Customer Service5005 York DrNorman, OK 73069

Official Website

Finding York customer service online was simple thanks to the website at The first thing you’ll notice is the site is all about selling York products to new customers. York is like any other retail company in that way. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of links to guide your travels through the site. If you are a commercial business or contractor, you’ll need to visit the business websites at:

Social Media

There are a couple social pages for York customer service. The pages aim to give customers information on new and upcoming products and special offers, but they are also perfect for connecting with York customer service.

Customer Service Email

You won’t need to open your personal or business email client to send a message to York customer service. Simply visit the link below and fill in the information requested. Double check your email address on the form so you are certain you’ll receive the response.

Our Experience

When you call the York customer service phone number you’re actually calling Johnson Control, the parent company. Speed through the York customer service automated system by pressing 2 if you’re a consumer or 3 if you’re a dealer. Make your selection after the list of options starts or the line will just go dead and you’ll sit in automated limbo forever.

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59 Comments on “Contact York Customer Service
  1. York air conditioner installed 3 years ago its not working right from the time yf installation and contractor is not cooperating.

  2. I’m having the same problem. No one is helping me with the York I have which has been nothing but problems. Condenser coil repaired twice, replaced once, and now for the 2nd time the compressor has burned up but no one is willing to cover the warranty because we supposedly did not fill out a registration form. I know for a fact we did. York says they have to talk to the technician and the technician says we have to talk to York. This is ridiculous. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m about ready to tell everyone I possibly can to not buy York.

    • We had ours installed in 2008… 10 years parts and labor warranty. We have had 13 visits out to this house for the York Affinity DUal system 18 seer unit. And it has cost me $$ every time – now some parts have been covered, but then the labor seems to not be. AND the huge thing is that every time there is a part broken – there has been a huge loss of refrigerant,, each time having to put 10 pounds or more into the system – and even though the refrigerant is not that costly R410a ( unlike the R22) the mark up is phenomenal The cost to dealers is a little over $3 per pound yet most charge $70 – $80 per pound. THEN the installer told me that after 5th year I should have maintained a maintenance contract with them at 300.00 per year to have EVERYTHING covered except refrigerant… so 300.00 per year 75.00 trip charge and refrigerant – costs me an arm and a leg AGAIN !!! I will NEVER go for another YORK system, In matter of fact all distributors in our area DO NOT INSTALL YORK SYSTEMS ANYMORE !! Imagine that.. and to get a replacement part I have waited up to 6 weeks! To date I have paid close to $4,500 for all these repairs in less than 9 years after I paid close to $12,000 for the installation. It is BS. And there sit my neighbors on both side of me with their Goodman systems – one for 7 years and the other for 10 now.. and never have an issue !!

  3. i need to know what the difference between centrifugal type chiller and magnetic bearing chiller.can you send to me copy of your brochures and
    technical data for this particular chillers to my email add. we need one of this with capacity of 250 tons,, water cooled type. thanks

  4. I had a York heater installed by my PSE and Gas company I had to go through the gas company due to the cost and it was winter and I had no heat, my gas company let me make payments as I did not have the money to hire a private contractor. The blower fan went at the cost of $875.00, I do not have central air and I have a small home 1level, no one is home during the day and the heat is on 67/68 degrees. The heater is approximately 10 years old and I do not feel as though it should have broken so soon. I think the company should stand behind their product, not everyone can afford insurance to cover repairs and they should have a product that is reliable.

  5. I’m a senior journeyman service tech with 37 yrs experience and would have to rate your tech support as pathetic . The IOM manuals that are shipped with the units are vague at best necessitating a call to tech support which is followed by a long wait on hold . I never had these problems with York equipment before Johnson Controls took them over. I really wish you people could get your house in order .

  6. I am a service member who bought a new home with York product for A/C. The first year the unit stopped working had to get the installer to fix it and then a month or so later the pump outside was making noises and leaking….. I didn’t trust the installer so I had someone new come tune up my system. They found an after market hard start on my system and found that my air handler in the garage was leaking water off the air coil. A York representative came out to run test said it was air flow issue. They dropped the unit lower and still the system leaked water. All this is happening with in a year and come to find out 5 other families in my community with York products are having the same issue. Everyone I talk to can’t give me answers. The customer service and York products are not worth the headache.

  7. Back in 2009 pseg install a new heat and ac system I mail in the warrenty card for ten years covage the ac broke and york said that you get the ten years coverage only if you do it on line, no where in the booklet does it say it.

  8. I am writing you because of the problems with a unit that was purchased 5 or 6 years ago. It is my Father in laws and he is 84 years old. He is on a fixed income. The unit has had 2 or 3 compressors installed over the past 4 years. The have already paid out $2000.00 in repairs for a unit that cost $4500 to install 5 years ago. Our repairman is saying that you are not wanting to replace the unit. The unit is a lemon. I have been in the construction business for over 30 years I have seen problems like this happen a few times and the manufacturer just replaced it. I don’t see why you can’t do the same. They are at a point now that they are considering selling their house because they don’t want to spend $800 -$1200 every year. Our repairman said that you will replace the compressor but have to pay $1300.00 up front. Still will be out $600 for labor which have paid $1800 for 2 compressors over the past 2 years. Another compressor is not going to fix the problem. The lines have already been flushed out once. I know you don’t want to lose money by replacing the unit but it is the only thing that will fix the problem. Thanks for any help.

  9. Can you please tell me how many tons this AC unit is? I also want to verify that it runs on 60Hz. Thanks

    Model #H3da030s78s

  10. Condenser coil is leaking again. Service technician said these cheap York coils are only lasting 3-5 years max. I have not made it more than three. York advertises itself for being just as good as Trane but they are not telling the truth.

  11. Purchased YORK Nov of 2010. Was very happy until recently, now 5.5 years later, to find out that the coils are leaking/plugged (they use aluminum micro tubing instead of 3/8 copper). and it needs to be replaced. Fine. Warranty states after 5 years consumer pays shipping and labor. OK. But does it take 10 days to ship the item? And from where is it coming? Cant I pay for expedited shipping? From the reviews I have read this is a problem with YORK. They wont use copper ( to save expense I presume), and why does it take 10 days? I will do this once. If it fails, on to Carrier. I believe the reviews may be correct. This product is junk. All about the bottom line, huh Johnson Controls?

    • We had a York heat pump installed in fall 2006 – coils have been replaced twice, under warranty, but we had to pay labor costs – repairman said York has had to replace so many because they discovered the solution used to wash the coils (in Mexico) was caustic and caused many tiny holes to form over time – guess what – just had repair service here today and just like Groundhog Day, the coils are leaking again. We purchased a Trane in 2011 and other than service twice a year, perfect. Will never have another York.

  12. 2.5 Year old system 7.5 ton York system installed at my business by a professional and certified hvac general contractor. After only 2.5 years of use and since we live in a cool area, we ONLY use the AC 3-4 months out of the year and it has broken already. One of the two compressors are not working and it will only blow at 75 degrees. I have already had 2 hvac certified repairmen come out and check the small things such as Refrigerant levels, leaks, thermostat, etc. and it is a much bigger problem. We keep up with maintenance such as changing the air filters, cleaning the condenser. They said to call York because it is a defective or malfunctioning problem which is under warranty.

  13. Purchased York hvac furnace/heat pump unit in May with representation of 16 seer unit providing saving and efficiency. Bills went up instead of down and on obtaining a second opinion and checking model numbers and serial numbers discovered they had installed a 13 seer unit plus they did not install the uv lite billed for. We provided the installation company the chance to provide the 16 seer (as they said they wanted to make it right) and after the second trip to do that after checking the model number and serial number they still did not install what we had paid for plus they did not provide the uv lite already paid for and took our wifi thermostat replacing it with a cheaper one.

  14. Bought a York system high end 9 years ago Fan went bad. Its still under warrantee Great.
    Problem is none available for 3 days York will not over night the part my family and I are sitting in a very cold house York is NO HELP as per the installer.

  15. We had ours installed in 2008… 10 years parts and labor warranty. We have had 13 visits out to this house for the York Affinity DUal system 18 seer unit. And it has cost me $$ every time – now some parts have been covered, but then the labor seems to not be. AND the huge thing is that every time there is a part broken – there has been a huge loss of refrigerant,, each time having to put 10 pounds or more into the system – and even though the refrigerant is not that costly R410a ( unlike the R22) the mark up is phenomenal The cost to dealers is a little over $3 per pound yet most charge $70 – $80 per pound. THEN the installer told me that after 5th year I should have maintained a maintenance contract with them at 300.00 per year to have EVERYTHING covered except refrigerant… so 300.00 per year 75.00 trip charge and refrigerant – costs me an arm and a leg AGAIN !!! I will NEVER go for another YORK system, In matter of fact all distributors in our area DO NOT INSTALL YORK SYSTEMS ANYMORE !! Imagine that.. and to get a replacement part I have waited up to 6 weeks! To date I have paid close to $4,500 for all these repairs in less than 9 years after I paid close to $12,000 for the installation. It is BS. And there sit my neighbors on both side of me with their Goodman systems – one for 7 years and the other for 10 now.. and never have an issue !!

    • Sale problem , called York said parts and labor covered second air compressor bad. Now they are telling me labor is only 30 days from installation date. They came out way after 30 days no charge except for service charge so I want to head and paid for service charge to find out the fan motors that again tell them is no charge for installation labor and parts they called and said yes there is it’s only a 30 day labor warranty which is crazy but I know it was 10 years 10 years or whatever it was but they said it’s on the phone the first two times I called York themselves said it was under warranty labor and parts until 2019 now I’m getting a different story and the runaround

  16. We got this unit and it has been nothing but a problem. We had to have the coils replaced two months after it was installed. We have replaced the compressor replaced. We replaced the mother board twice. It is now broke again .We are in our sixty and on a fixed income.Told it needs a new mother board again.We now have a $4000.00 dollar yard art. I tell all I know not to buy your product .And yes it was professionally installed.

  17. Purchased a complete York Heating and Air Conditioning system three years ago for our home. The heating fan is failing and needs replacement already. The parts are still under warranty but labor over $200. Sad the older system lasted over 15 years with only routine maintenance. York quality didn’t match the promise.

  18. Please forward this email question to the right person. Thinking about replacing 1982 York system. (35 years of service & still going strong) Here are the model numbers—P1USD20N12001A Furnace—M1UF052AA EVAP—MCE48-6A Cond. Need to know exactly what size they are. 1958 House does not have insulated ducts. Must size new unit exactly the same the same as the old unit because the old unit works perfectly. The guy who put in the old unit is dead and I can’t find someone who remembers the old model numbers or still has the books.

  19. worst service ever.
    I am having a coil on my heat\AC pump with hole on, still waiting to hear from you, since 6 weeks.

    nothing is happening.

  20. We have a York Affinity Heat Pump. It is just at 7 years old. The coil has had to be replaced twice. Luckily the unit was under warranty both times. My problem is we wouldn’t have known about the coil being recalled if something else hadn’t gone bad. So it was fixed, under warranty. This past Monday I had to call the repair service again. We had to wait for a part until Thursday. Luckily the weather co-operated and it was not too hot, because we had some ninty plus degree days previous. Technician told us that there were still issues with the copper coils. Everything is still under warranty except the Freon which is super expensive. 116.00 for the first pound and 16.00 for every other pound need. We needed 6 lbs. The unit has to have a coil and Freon to run. My thinking is you shouldn’t have to replace a coil every three and half years. I was charged for the Freon and the check to see what is wrong visit. I don’t mind paying for that. I don’t think I should be charged for the Freon. Customer Service and Technicians are top notch.

  21. We have a Luxaire air conditioning unit installed 6 years ago. We have had to replace Evaporator Coil, Condenser Coil and now our Compressor has gone out. I have called the distributor and he won’t even talk to me because I am not a licensed contractor. So I got the people who installed the unit involved and she said the distributor does not keep parts in his warehouse so they have to ship in the compressor which means we will be without air for 8 to 10 days. This is North Florida HVAC Supply Inc. And they don’t really care once you bought their unit there is no customer care. He won’t even air freight it he is having it sent by road.
    So I would highly recommend you don’t buy any of these units. Even the people who installed the unit said they don’t sell them anymore.

  22. I was just reading through some of the above comments has anyone got back to to any of the customers to help with these complaints?

  23. I had your York LX series YCG30 installed on Saturday and am fighting with Sansone A/C because the front; nice looking part of the outside unit is facing the house where you can’t see it; and I am stuck looking at the backside of the unit whenever I go in my back yard. Is this the way you designed your units?? It looks backwards to me but they insist this is the way it is supposed to be. Looks ridiculous and I am VERY unhappy with the way this looks. (Functions fine so far)

  24. Their 5/10 year warranty is a joke! My York unit is not even 5 years old and it’s leaking oil and won’t hold refrigerant. After getting an authorized York dealer to come out and diagnose the problem so I can file a claim, I’m told that it’s over 5 years and it’s not covered under any warranty. What? York starts the 5/10 year warranty once the unit is made, not once you take possession of the unit. Unbelievable, so if a York air conditioner has been sitting at the store for over 1 year before it’s installed at your residence you only have 4 years…..not 5. I will be pursuing this!

  25. I have a York YZH split system installed December, 2011. Evaporator coli is leaking. Repair will be costly. Contractor informed me of class action suit for leaky coils, but also informed me I am not included because my system was never registered!! Thus my 10-yr warranty is invalid. I have model and serial numbers for everything, including the invoice from the contractor who sold and installed the system, but company seems to know nothing. Contact information is almost non-existent. I definitely made an expensive mistake and have begun to think that, in the long run, replacing the whole thing might be cheaper than trying to deal with York/Johnson Controls.

  26. Hi, I have a client that is the owner of three York chillers. They,re getting close to the chiller ten year rip down maintenance. Client wanted to know if York recommends the maintenance be preformed based on age of the chiller or usage hours of said chiller

  27. Good Afternoon
    I live in Australia and have no idea where the York Airconditioner company is.
    We have just moved house and went to clean the filters and they are very brittle.
    Can you please advise where I would be able to get these in Australia.
    Model Number is RAKA24PS-AAA-US

    KInd Regards

    Judy Conquest

  28. Where is the contact info? No email address? No phone number that works? I have the street address but who to talk to? Will they respond? Luxaire furnace is in constant disrepair.

  29. Had a hard time reaching a customer service rep over the phone, i’ll Give this a try. I have several York units at my building and I’m trying to obtain an accurate number on replacement costs.

  30. Seven-year old York Heat Pump is now on it’s 25th service call. Two Five. Same results as mentioned here…It was never operating properly; never repaired permanently, and I have been soaked for seven years due to this unreliable, inefficient, and useless “system.” Fan motor, condenser coil, three zone valves, grounds, fuses, non-descript Gremlins, and now the compressor, and that’s the short list. Rather than replace the obviously deficient “system” I was left to eat the revolving (and ridiculous) service costs and to this day this system is still not functioning properly. I’ll give York credit though, they apparently know how to make the emergency electric system work. Flip the thermostat to “Emergency Heat” and you can get fleeced that way TOO. Based on my personal experience I suggest buying a fan for your fireplace and opening your oven door while it’s on. It’s cheaper – and it actually works. Today’s the day in which this game starts to get turned around. There’s not a person in the country who can read who won’t see this in my favor and if that’s what it takes, that’s where it’s going. I am done with this.


  32. Your site is very user friendly and very informatics, how’ve I haven’t found what I need… I’m looking for product information on an older heat pump with the model number being..: E1FB030S06A. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  33. I purchased and moved into my home in 2013 and my heated when down this weekend 2/17/18. repairman came out and looked at it and it is part of the motor. York was called as I thought it was under warranty as it is not 5 years old. They stated that the unit is out of warranty as the installer registered it in December of 2012. May of this year would be 5 years in the house, but since the installer registered it before I moved in, I now have to pay for the fix. you would think that this mistake would be corrected and the warranty extended to cover this error.

  34. Installed my new complete a/c Affinity System in 8/17 and every two months this system acts up. The installer has stopped responding to my contacts. In December York service visited and the mother board and thermostat and system operated well for the next two months. today (2/25) the system is down again with alert “OD low suction pressure”. Compressor not coming on but only air handler working on high speed. Tried contact York service who came in December but no response with number not in service. Need help.

  35. Dear sir, mrs,

    End of 2015 we bought YMEJZC03BAMSAGX unit from Green Aircon . Apart from that they never finished the jog properly this unit never worked well because the restart option does not work which is very inconvenient. But worst is after one year seldom operation, only in hot season, the outside unit failed and they never came to repair it. They also never came for the (free) services first year. Now other party came for the repair and they found out this unit is outdated and there are no parts available for the repair. We need the outdoor compressor control board. This is a shame parts should be available for more than two years after installation. We regret we bought York system and only option seems to buy a new Panasonic outdoor unit at high cost. We urge you to forbid Green Aircon company to sell York equipment and as such spoiling the good name for York. Also please find out if the needed part is available somehow so we can have our system repaired. Hope you can help us find a solution for this shameless misbehaviour of Green Aircon company in Sri Lanka.
    With kind regards,
    Jan van Beek.

  36. York AC unit bought about 8 years ago. Same as so many other comments above. Bad condenser coils, bad fan motors (both multiple times), installer/servicer and York just want to argue and point fingers at each other. Service company finally offered us an ‘extended warranty’ which just gives us a 10% discount on parts. York rep gave us nothing. Then the unit went out again. Then we received a notice in the mail about a class action suit on York regarding units being manufactured with defective condenser coils and all the problems that come from that. You have to find complete documentation for every service call you have had on the unit to possibly get back “up to” $500. Not worth the aggravation.
    I tell everyone I meet to NEVER buy a York product.

  37. I registered my new York furnace a couple days ago and still have no email of confirmation for the 10 year Warantee. I saw the page confirm but I want an email from you for verification please.
    My address for install was 1169 Little Shuswap Lake road, Chase B.C. My installer was CDL Mechanical.
    Model YP9C100C20MP12C
    serial: W1E8757891

  38. I live in east Tennessee. I have two brand new York air conditioners installed in my house. One had major problems at the year 3 mark and the other one had a major problem at the year 4 mark (this year). To me that means poor reliability and that is the major reason why I cannot recommend York Air Conditioners to anyone. Although the parts are under warranty, that doesn’t do me much good as the costs for labor are high to service an unreliable product.

  39. I have a York air unit, Model # 4HJR2454154A, serial # WIM4293224 that was installed in a home I purchased new in 2015. The unit is not cooling. I had a service repair man come to look at the unit, and the Hard Start had burned out. He replaced the hard start, and the unit is very loud. He stated that the condensor is also going out. If you would please call me concerning this matter ASAP. I am in the process of selling the house and would like to have the unit repaired prior to selling the home. You can reach me at (785) 577-3727. I also called the customer service line on Saturday @ 4pm EST. Thank you in advance for your prompt response.

  40. offers a few pretty pictures but little actual information.

    and, I don’t see a “contact us” link nor a ‘phone number on

    and , “Find a Dealer” link is either broken or all York Dealers have been terminated.

    and, Filling out the request for info / contact form at yields no response.

    I reckon it’s time to find another heat pump manufacturer , sigh.

  41. In early 2009, a private vendor installed the following York AC/Heating Sys in my home: Model: TCSF30S41S1A, Ser#WOG8135222, Fac Charge 3 lbs 7 oz R-410A. Since installation, almost yearly, I have expended $200-$300 for refrigerant. My AC is currently out after having 5 service calls to my utility company this summer, the last being 9/1/2018. It was confirmed that the outside (and possibly the inside) coil is leaking. According to the warranty book, the unit should be covered for 10 yrs. Is that correct, and what action will be taken by York, because the utility company also sells York systems?

  42. It is a shame that a company will not replace a new unit when it has problems when you put out 10,000 dollars to purchase a New unit, sometimes it makes you think they take all the used parts from people to make one new one and hope for the best. This was purchased for a very handicapped person, who has strokes when over heated……I wonder how they would like to pay for the hospital bills also because York shipped a faulty unit.

  43. I had a York unit installed on 6-7-2014. The installer put the new you on and the compressor would not run. My installer and myself had to talk to numerous York representatives and literally fight to get a new unit to replace the first one. On 6-19-2015 My ac tech had to come back out and solder one of the lines that had a leek. I had to pay for the solder job plus 12 lbs. of refrigerant $$. On 6-26-2016 I had to have another leek soldered and more refrigerant put in $$$. On 11-26-2018 I turned the heat on and heard a strange noise. My ac tech came out and opened the unit up and there was oil all over the bottom of the unit. I told him to get it off my house I was not paying another dime to keep that unit. In four years I had spent $$$$$. I put a Trane unit on now and granted it has been only a few weeks but it is awesome. It was at least a $15,000.00 mistake to have that York unit installed. I would definitely tell everyone DON’T BUY YORK!!!

  44. Dec. 13, 2018
    My new heat pump package was installed May,2018. It is the LX series
    Yhe30B21, AE42cx21+TXV. I have to run my unit with a window cracked open due to a strange chemical smell that it omits. I’ve complained to the contractor but he said he doesn’t smell anything. I think the coils must be causing this odor My online research tells me that alot of customers have complained about this problem. What is my recourse? I would like to have the system removed and get my money back so I could purchase a heat pump package that doesn’t stink.I got plunked! By the way,all my duck work is brand new,so, that’s not the issue.

  45. I want to make you aware of a company who is installing YORK products in Ontario, as our experience with them was horrendous! We had two York heaters and air conditioners installed last year (2018) and an Econimizer. The units were installed by HVAC Mechanical Systems. The company does not provide a physical address, just a cell phone number that leads directly to the owner, Joshua Omoziku. Initially, he seemed to know what he was doing when we spoke to him so we decided to go with his company.

    The installation process seemed to go well but we were only provided with an invoice. HVAC Mechanical Systems did not give us any documentation for the product or warranty papers on the units.

    Upon the first sign of trouble, the owner of our company called Joshua to inquire about why our furnace was pumping out cold air when it was set to heat. Joshua’s mannerisms and customer service are absolutely appalling. He screamed at Mike (the owner of our company) even going as far as saying that he was “not a slave for stupid people” and hung up the phone.

    We were quite shocked at this response and went online to research customer reviews of this company. We discovered that he treats all of his customers this way and everyone on Home Stars advised future customers to BEWARE!

    We came to our offices on Monday January 21, 2019 to an office that was 59 degrees inside. The temperatures outside were much below zero and even worse with the windchill. I immediately placed a call to HVAC Mechanical Systems as we could not work in the offices due to the frigid temperatures. Joshua had us trying to repair it with him on the phone, even though the units are still under warranty. He then said he could not come until Tuesday, and when he did not show up, I called him on the Wednesday to follow up. Joshua was rude and unprofessional and refused to come and told us to turn the system off and on again.

    We ended up getting Therwood Heating and Cooling to come in and they diagnosed it as “the Economizer being fully open, pulling 100% cold air into the building”. As they are not York installers, they disconnected the power to the unit to close the dampers and to allow the building to heat. Therwood also recommended that we go back to the company who installed the units or call a reputable York service Company.

    Joshua finally called back on the Thursday saying if he comes, he is going to have to charge for a service call. What is a warranty good for if the installer is reluctant to come back to troubleshoot/diagnose/repair what he has installed? When I asked him why, he screamed and yelled at me for 3 minutes.

    BEWARE of HVAC Mechanical Systems selling your products and not following through on warranties and issues after installation.

  46. I have replace four (4) condenser fans & modules at $500 each – two were warranty. The module(s) are labeled ECM 142.

  47. I have a York condenser model number yce48b21sa.
    I am looking for a winter cover for this model. Does York make this cover or can you refer me to where I may find

    Thank You

  48. Dear sir,
    Please arrange the Data sheet of;
    Model Number: EWM 0520 T/D N/S R22 AL 5.5HP
    Model Number: EWM 0720 T/D N/S R22 AL 7.5 HP
    I Want to be the Audit of these models please arrange the datasheet.

  49. Technical support waiting time is ridiculous I have been on hold as long as 2 hours trying to get help with a York board issue. Every time I call I get get through to anyone and I just give up . Not being able to speak to a tech is causing issues with job performances.

  50. I have portable YORK AC, brand new,
    It’s continuous drainage duct not working, even after 6 hours usage, there is no water, what can be the issues??? It worked on 1st day but afterwards, there is no water drainage

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