B2B Services Company Customer Service Info & Assistance

What is a B2B Service? B2B stands for business to business. The term is often used to describe business connections between two companies – one company provides a service for another company. Typically, the Internet is involved with the entire business transaction in some way. B2B Services are often provided by companies that also offer consumer services like U-Haul, Singer, Terminix and Kelly Services. Other companies rarely interact with consumers like Lockheed Martin, Monsanto and Berkshire Hathaway. B2B Services are offered by tens of thousands of companies and that means a dedicated customer service department you can use to contact the company.

Contact Customer Service Now doesn’t take no for an answer, so no matter how hard it was to find customer service information, we found it, listed it and tested it because you deserve it. Take a look at any of the contact customer service pieces for the companies we’ve researched and you’ll find phone numbers and email addresses, but we didn’t stop there. If we could find a mailing address, social media page or any other means of contacting B2B customer service, we listed it.

Finding the information is only half the battle. Customers want to know what they’re getting into when they call or write a company. We want you to share your experiences with these companies so other customers know what to expect. Feel free to leave details of your experience in the comments section or send us an email – sharing is the first step in improving customer service.