Internet / Cable Company Customer Service Info & Assistance

Many people use cable services to not only watch TV, but to access the Internet, and to even use the telephone. Regardless of which service or service bundle you are using with your local company, at some point over your life as a customer, you will likely need to contact customer service, to upgrade service, to downgrade service, or to exchange equipment. If you move from one part of the country to another, you may need to completely change companies, so you will have to contact customer service to discontinue service with your current company and establish service with new one. Contact Customer Service Now is here to help you! We have compiled a list of all the cable companies providing service in the United States, so you can find all the customer service information you need in one place.

We’ve given you the customer service telephone numbers, mailing addresses, website URLs to help you create your customer accounts so you can add and change services as you need to, and customer service email addresses. Many of the cable companies now offer online customer service chats, to make getting what you need from the company that much easier. If you can’t get your customer service issue resolved with an online chat or an email and you have to call, we can help you see what you may be able to expect from the department. We have contacted all the customer service departments of the major cable and Internet providers and shared our experience with you. We offer you the chance to share your customer service experience as well, so that future readers can learn from everyone’s experiences.