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Contacting Worx Customer Service Center

Worx is a tool company with locations throughout the world, including Australia and the United States. Products manufactured and sold by Worx include grass trimmers, lawn mowers, snow throwers and power tools of all kinds.

Customer service information for the Worx company is a little light. The only means of contact on the support page is a phone number, but we’re sure we’ll find other ways to talk with Worx customer service.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to get in contact with Worx customer service right now, calling is the best option.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-354-9679

There is a message published with the phone number. According to the message, when call volumes are high Worx gives customers the opportunity to leave a message for a callback. Call backs may take as long as one business day to complete.

Mailing Address

We found that some of the contact information we were looking for was located on the Worx International website, not the US website. However, there is no mailing address or corporate address listed on any of the sites we researched.

Official Website

The main site for the US-based Worx company is http://www.worx.com. You can find all the information you need about Worx products and even purchase the product you want directly from the site. If you need to contact customer service, however, you will find only a phone number.

You can also choose to get in contact with someone from the social media customer service team. These teams work on Facebook and Twitter to answer customer questions, give advice or help solve customer problems without having to wait on hold.

Customer Service Email

You can send your email to info.website@worxtools.com or you can fill out the customer contact us form on the Worx International website. The contact form clearly states the email will be sent to headquarters, not the customer service team, but the message may be forwarded along.

Our Experience

You cannot press 0 to speed up your customer service call to Worx. You have to listen to the options and choose the one that best fits your call. You can press 4 for Refunds or 5 for Customer Service. After pressing 5 our call waited on hold for more than ten minutes. There are consumer complaints all over the Internet regarding the poor customer service for Worx products.

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21 Comments on “Contact Worx Customer Service
  1. Where in the Jacksonville FL. area can I purchase parts for my Grass and Hedge trimmers; specifically models

  2. When I bought my Worx product I thought my days of extension cords were over not even close your powertank wa3152 is the world’s worse if I get 15 minutes from two not one I am lucky needless to say it sits in my garage collecting dust it is useless I have learned my lesson don’t believe everything you see on tv

    • I have the same issue with the wa3152 and was hoping there was a stronger battery for this trimmer, but haven’t been able to find anything. Help please!

  3. I would like this battery returned to your worx co. resolved. I keep getting the run-around. This is how I feel!!! Never had a problem, but here we are. I want the 49.99 off my credit card. My post office has proof you sent me a return label which I paid for. It was not to be paid by us. Also, it was received 6/7/2013 in which no one signed for it in North Carolina. Please find out what has happened. Our labels had to requested 3 times before someone gave it to there supervisor–then we received the label which we paid for to ship it back to you…worx,NC. Sherrie Reed

  4. I have been trying to contact Worx for a month everytime i get a hold of them by phone they always say they will return my call all the lines are busy. I have yet to speak to them they are always returning my phone call when i have gone home or left my desk. They leave a voice mail messages and when i return the call the same thing over again. I am quite flustrated with them and this process. I want to get my problem resolved. Gary Callies could a customer service representive call me at 314-996-1477 between 8 am and 4 pm cdst.

  5. You say on tv you can trim around a football field twice on one charge. Then why can’t I trim around my house once with out having to recharge? I do have the 20v lithium battery. You should be sued for false advertising.

  6. I tried to check the status of my order for a GT trimmer and was told by the machine it as shipped 8 July. It is now 23 July and I still do not have the trimmer. I have tried for over three hours today to reach some source of info to let me know what has happened to the product. Also in that search I have read customer reviews which tell me I may be better off without the product as it does not perform as stated in the TV commercial. I trust someone with your firm will have time to let me know what is going on with this order. I tried sending you an email but the system would not accept my email address. I noted that the charge has already been entered on my credit card account. Some things are more efficient than others.

  7. Another one of those cheap companies that could give a damn about you once they have your money. My order was not complete and try and talk to some one- they just don’t give a crap!!!

  8. Hello:
    I have a problem with my 18 volt weed whip you have already replaced the battery and charger twice and it still does not work. I have bought 2 of your weed whips, 1 leaf blower, and 1 hedge trimmer all of these have worked great. Now I would like to have this weed whip or battery replaced, you can check your records and see that I am telling the truth. Hop you will resole this problem, I have been a loyal patron of your products for a long time. thank you

    Douglas Nobbe

  9. I bought a ni-cad battery as a a replacement ,but it did not last but about 4 months.The worxs people did not care.So I bit the bullet and went to buy another battery hoping this would last longer.I went to their site and they had a deal for 49.99 for a battery and six spools of strings and no shipping.Shocking,but the where out.Odd thing was that for 49.99 you can buy the same battery from them with no string and over 10 bucks to ship.
    Sounds like a scam to me and after my last battery goes dead so will my relationship with my worxs.I will never buy from them again.

  10. I am in agreement with the above parties in the way you conduct your business! Guess I’ll go to Lowes nexttime.

  11. contacted Worx on zipper problems with the bag on the vac/blower/mulcher.They got back to me right away and said they would send a replacement bag in 6to8 days at no charge.It’s been almost a month and nothing.Oh well,Worx only as good as its weakest link,on its zipper that is.

  12. I recently received a Worx Trivac for Chistmas and was also given a leaf collection accessory to go with it. My wife and I went to Lowes yeastedsy and purchased a garbage can to go with it I plan to attempt to stand a paper leaf bag in the can for the mulch to drop from the tube. Our city of Savannah Georgia requirs the use of paper collection bags. I don’t know how this is going to work but I’m going to give it a try. Any ideas ?

  13. I just placed an order 7-14-14 4:00 pm (cst)and want to modify or cancell it and start over. Tried to call you but am stuck on hold. So lets make it easy cancell my order for spools and caps for my grass trimer.

    Phil Anastasi

  14. I called to get new batteries for my trimmer 18v lith. batteries your recording said I could get the 20v lith. batteries if I wanted at no extra charge. When you charged me & finalized my order you are only sending the 18v !! Your order system sucks ! , You cant talk to anyone to FIX IT !!!

  15. I recently purchased a WORX 5.5A electric grass trimmer/edger, Mdl WG119. I have spent hours on the internet and the phone with WORX dealers. I am not able to purchase the prewound spool of string. My arthritis doesn’t allow me to wind the spool by hand. What kind of company would sell prewound spools for all other models but not the WG119? I am thinking of writing the Better Business Bureau!

  16. I received a Worx trimmer over the 2013 Holidays. So I have used it for 1 season. In fact I cant even say that it has been a complete season. However, my battery doesn’t last longer than 5 minutes, and I literally need to replace the spool of line after each cut. My lot is not big, and yet I still can’t get through a full cut without being disappointed. Then I call customer service from the Canadian website. I wait 25 minutes for no one to pick up, I leave my number behind for a return call, but nothing. So I try again and spend another 25 minutes, finally speak with someone, and they give me the BS that the warehouse in Canada is under construction so all calls are routed to the US. Beyond that, they tell me it will be 4-6 weeks to receive my replacement parts. I get shipments in from China that arrive faster than this. WOW so much for modern day customer service. This company and their products suck! Last Worx product I will ever own!!

  17. Iwas charged 233.00 for 1 worx air,battery,and gutter kit. It was supposed to be 2 for that amount of money and also I did not receive an invoice for this charge. I want an itemized invoice and I do not want to wait 30 days to get it. Thank You.

  18. When ordering by phone there is no way to change the order once the robotic voice reads it back, and there is no way to talk with a live person. I ordered by phone, but it read back the wrong order info and there was no way to change it and no one to talk with to get it right??

    Pro: Love the product…would like an email contact number to make the change on the order or the ability to talk to a live person at the end of the order to confirm it….there was also no confirmation order number given to me.

  19. RE: RWD-340679903

  20. If I receive my replacement as promised, I shall be very pleased.
    The person who assisted me was helpful, and very pleasant.
    Thank You.

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