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Contacting Travelocity Customer Service Center

Travelocity is a middle man in travel bookings. Customers go to the site, look for deals on anything and everything travel related, including car rentals, flights and hotels, and they book travel accommodations. Typically, travel is booked in advanced, so there are bound to be last-minute changes for unforeseen circumstances and other travel problems. Contacting Travelocity customer service by phone is the best choice in customer service because you get immediate resolution, which is extremely important for time-sensitive travel plans.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Travelocity offers a list of contact phone numbers for customers who need to contact Travelocity customer service for orders, problems and itinerary changes.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-709-5983
  • Spanish Customer Service: 1-866-828-3933
  • Customer Service (outside the US): 1-210-521-5871
  • TDD (US and Canada): 1-800-555-7585
  • Fax (US and Canada): 1-800-944-0005
  • Fax (outside the US): 1-210-731-2030
  • Canada Customer Service: 1-877-282-2925
  • UK Customer Service: 029-2044-2519
  • Germany Customer Service: 089-2727-6555

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Travelocity is not designed to handle customer service requests, but you can send a letter to the company with a complaint or praise by writing:

Travelocity3150 Sabre Dr. Southlake, TX 76092

Official Website

The official site for Travelocity is You can book flights, log in to your online account and request customer service online.

Customer Service Email

Customers who’d rather contact customer service by email can send a message to or use the contact form provided on the customer support page. We chose to use the email address to ask about the Travelocity cancellation policy. The openness of this email address could mean we never receive a response or that the response is delayed drastically because everyone is using it to contact the support department.

Our Experience

When we called Travelocity customer service our phone number was used to search the trip database. When our number was not associated with a trip we were asked for a trip ID. We pressed 2 because we did not have a trip ID. The next options did not include general customer service so we pressed 0. We were then asked if we wanted to make a new reservation at this time so we pressed 2 for NO. Our call was transferred to an agent who picked up immediately. We had trouble understanding the agent and the agent had trouble understanding us. We kept asking about the cancellation policy, but the agent could not understand why we did not have a trip ID. Finally the agent told us to log in to the website for more help.

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28 Comments on “Contact Travelocity Customer Service
  1. Can never received a confirmtion for a flight we made online. Have talked to serveral people, all out of India.Each time said they were sending it to my e-mail. 3 days later, after 3 phone calls speaking to 3 agents in India, still do not have confirmation. Will not use Travelocity again.

  2. your customer service is the worse !!!! I work for a hotel and was put on hold for two hours!!!!! It took me two days to fix the problem!!!!!! ThE worse EXPERIENCE !!!

  3. worst experience booking a trip my entire life. I was put on hold for 2 hours to book my original trip reservation. When I finally got to talk to someone he set up the flight information but as he was confirming details to get my payment he accidentally hung up on me. I was forced to call back again I waited another 45 minutes just to speak to someone who try as i might, I could not understand… i had to politely ask to speak to someone else. He hung up on me. 3rd call. Another 30minutes to get a representative. Surprise! the flights that I had confirmed with the first rep were no longer available…. probably due to the 75 minutes i had to wait when calling back in…. and that my trip was now $200 more per person than they quoted me originally. Whatever. I was forced to pay b/c I had to use a credit that I would lose if I didn’t. I paid the additional amount and booked my trip anyway. two days later I received an email that says my trip has been drastically changed and will require my immediate action. I went online to check my trip and it says that my trip id is no longer valid and that my trip has been cancelled. What?!! I am instructed to call customer service. I call to get hold music for 25 minutes. I hear someone pick up and start their introduction…. halfway through, they hang up. I am now on hold again. Been listening to hold music for a second time. My phone says I’ve been on hold 20 minutes as I type this out.. I will NEVER use this company again!!!! There customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I am a loan offer/ personal banker and constantly discuss funding vacations or financial planning for vacations with clients and can’t wait to warn every client about Travelocity and their poor client services. Wish someone would have warned me. I plan to tell this rep I get how dissatisfied I am but probably will not do any good. The calls are outsourced to India so they probably have no direct interest in the Travelocity name and reputation. The timer on my phone now says 35:40… Never again!!!!

  4. Please take me off your emailing list. I could find no way to opt out. I do not want to receive travelocity emails. Thanks.

  5. I will NEVER use travelocity again. I booked flights and they booked the wrong days and then wouldn’t honor their mistake and I had to book entire new flights
    And of course I used another service. Beware of travelocity, they out source their business and you end up with someone who can’t understand you and you can’t understand them!

  6. Travelocity,

    This is the second time that we have tried to use the Future Discount code and it fail to work. Called in and as always got some bad and customer service and not able to use the codes. Called in and spoke with several persons about the code and the customer service and got no where. On the phone now for over 1 hour talking to someone that can barely speak English and have no idea what I am talking about. Always place on hold and John the representative and Josephine the manager was just as bad. This is the kind of customer service . We have called and email the consumer relations department and no response from them at all. This is the fourth time contacting this office within the past months and no results. Can someone in upper management contact me as soon as possible. When asked, what to do with the discount codes that thousands of customer have and unable to use. The reply was to sue.

  7. Received notice that travelocity’s “Revenue Protection Department” had canceled my flight. Four days later I found out from my bank (my inquiry) that travelocity had taken the money out of my account for the flight. Called trav and they insisted (would not listen) that the funds were pending, not taken out. After 5 days, several calls, several departments there is no progress yet. They are polite on the phone, but quick to pass you to another department which starts the 1/2 hour on hold process all over. It is just typical Indian service. Sorry – I lived there so I know. They just don’t see things through tp the end. Not planning on using travelocity again.

  8. What had happened to America? Not enough people to handle the job? Why are we having to deal with the employees from another country whom (not all but too many) not only do not speak nor understand English well also love to raise voice, horrible listener(s) and great arguer(s)? What had happened to the description of “CUSTOMER SERVICE”. I purchased a package of 4 tickets with hotel & cars. When I received the confirmation e-mail, I caught an error on one off the 4 tickets with incorrect name. I called customer service to inform the discrepancy, a different agent voided the bad ticket and re-issued a new ticket with the correct name but charge a full price for it which included hotel and car again but only refunded the price of a plane ticket. BE AWARE & ALERT POTENTIAL TRAVELER(S) WITH NAME(S) ON TICKET AND CHARGES. This is the LAST BUSINESS with Travelocity for me. NEVER! NEVER AGAIN TRAVELOCITY. This is the worst CUSTOMER SERVICE I EVER EXPERIENCE.

  9. Not very happy with my Travelocity booking I got in Feb 17-20 2014. Had to pay $100.00 to check 2 bags for round trip MCI to Las Vegas. If I carried them on it was going to be $200.00. And we had to set apart in different seats and 6 to 8 rows apart.
    I have always like to use Travelocity they made my trip fun and easy. But I think I got the short end of the stick this time.
    What do you think?

    Mark S. Lee

  10. Outrageously terrible customer service. The trip insurance is a complete fraud. No such thing. You pay money for nothing. When I tried to cancel a flight, they referred me to the airlines with a laundry list of things I could plea to get my refund and it was up to the airlines if I got a refund or not. No help at all from Travelocity. this is the Second time I have had a problem with them. DO NOT BOOK ANYTHING WITH TRAVELOCITY. FIND OUT THE NAME OF THE AIRLINES OR THE HOTEL AND GO DIRECT. THEY HAVE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I ENDED UP PAYING AN ADDITION 125.00 TO REBOOK MY FLIGHT WITH THEM WHEN I DISCOVERED THE FLIGHT INSURANCE WAS A JOKE. BEWARE!

  11. worked for naval communications for over twenty years and have never found anything as confusingly laid out as your booking/e-ticketing..EVERYTHING needs to be reviewed and re-written so the CUSTOMER can instantly know what he/she is reading…starting off with a subject line which tells the addressed person what the attached message is all about (booking info/e-ticket/whatever) the proceeding to the text which should contain explicit information (references, seating and so on) Make the message useable for the end user. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE PROFESSIONALS SO LOOK LIKE IT OR YOUR BUSINESS WILL SUFFER. GET AN EXPERT IN YOUR BUSINESS…USE COLOR CODING OR WHATEVER IT TAKES TO CONVEY INFORMATION WHICH IS UNDERSTANDABLE BY THE END USER JK

  12. I had no idea Travelocity was as bad as it is…it never used to be this bad. I am calling the Better Business Bureau…very fed up and disgusted.

  13. Travelocity has the worst customer service ever!. No one speaks English. I had to cancel my hotel reservation due to safety. I was put on hold for more than 4 hours. I finally got in touch with someone who told me to email the consumer.relations dept. The site was down!!. I tried for one week to get my money back and it never happened. NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE OR RECOMMEND TRAVELOCITY. They also use Expedia as their affiliate company SO BEWARE!!!!

  14. The worst company ever and the rudest customer service. They are basically scammers of the worst kind. Computer error made on my cruise rate which doubled the price and won’t even accept my proof of invoice by fax or mail. BIG RIPOFF COMPANY.

  15. Tried to talk to someone about a receipt and could only get ppl in India or Manilla. Wouldn’t transfer me to a USA representative. No prejudice, I just want to be able to understand them AND I want our jobs to go to ppl here. I’ve bought MANY tickets through travelocity, but after this I won’t ever again.I guess that’s asking too much of them.

  16. this is the worst customber service i have ever seen #8948803 will not answer emails or help i am reading your reviews wow.i was charge for the room by travelocity and at the hotel and cannot get any help

  17. Have “talked” to 7 reps and 2 supers for a total of 5 hrs. who told me they would e-mail or return call in 48 hrs. 3 wks later still no reply.
    Had to buy extra plane ticket due to no seat in my name when I tried to board plane. Just want a refund! Will never use Travelocity again.

  18. My credit card was compromised through your agency false booking. I contacted our bank and put a cancellation on our cards. You need to contact me or you can talk to our Bank then our attorney.

  19. I have used Travelocity for Car Rentals and Plane tickets, never with accomadations. I did on 2/27 & 2/28…I was booked in a room that was shabby, had dirty sheets and infested with roaches, at America’s Best Inn & Suites in Altamonte Springs, Fl.
    I was on the phone with customer service for 2 hrs. trying to get relocated. They wanted me to upload the pictures I took, but there was no wifi (even though there was supposed to be) The following day, I again was on the phone with Travelocity for another 2hrs. and I still was told they could not give me other accomdations, they credited me back for the room (the roach infested one). I had to hang up as I was getting ready to drive to funeral services. I was so upset (I am a 69yr old female traveling alone) and disgusted. I will never use Travelocity or recommend them to anyone else. This was a sad travel trip and to be burdened, aggravated and sickened to my stomach made it worse.

  20. Worst service in my entire life! Will never use travelocity again! Put on hold several times for more than 4 hours. Got hung up on three times. Never got a confirmation and they could not find itinerary but took my money!!!

  21. I used Travelocity for years without any problems. After booking a flight on March 10, 2015 I waited five days for the confirmation of my flight. After sending an email inquiry and receiving no response for three days I called the customer service number (which is NOT found anywhere on their website).

    I was put on hold for over an hour. With less than 72 hours until my flight is scheduled to depart I have no confirmation that I actually have a ticket for my flight and Travelocity has my $784!

    I will NEVER use this site to book ANY travel arrangement again and I will make it a POINT to see to it that everyone I know hears about my experience and is strongly discouraged from using Travelocity to make travel arrangements!

  22. Positively HORRIBLE customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The worst web-based travel booking service available. Use Hotwire for hotels and I guarantee that you will get better deals, especially on high-end accommodations.

    I have stayed in countless $300-$400 a night hotel rooms for $100-$150 a night by booking through Hotwire.

    For flights, just go to the airline websites. the prices are the same for the most part and you have the advantage of dealing directly with the travel service provider. Car rental are the same way.

    This site and other like it won’t be in business in another five years, if that!

  23. My comment is I booked a flight to Rochester, MN and received my Itinerary number and was told it would go to my E-mail box, when I went to my E-mail it showed up one time and I was also told that my confirmation for my flight would be updated within 24 hours, have not heard from them yet, and it’s been a week. I called Customer Service and waited for over an hour and still did not talk to anyone. My time is just as important to me as it is to anyone. Oh by the way, they did charge my credit card. Poor service. Deborah P.

    about you

  25. The worst possible experience! I waited on hold for 25 minutes. I was calling about the price guarantee application we filled out. When I booked the trip to Vegas, I logged in and saved the itinerary so we could watch the prices. They just kept rising so we booked at $1273.52. ( I was logged in to our account). This was for flight and hotel for 3 nights. The price dropped to $1023 and some odd cents the next morning. They said 24 to 48 hours someone would contact us. 4 days went by and nothing. So I called after having to Google their customer service number. I finally got someone and she says we booked as a GUEST!!!! I told her that’s not possible because I was logged in to our account. It said Hello Dustin at the top of the screen! She says yes the guest Dustin! Why would it come up with a name if we were just guests?! This is the second trip we’ve booked through them. So I told her we’d never do business with them again and she didn’t even give a crap! She was rude from the get go on the phone. I recommend going else where when booking a trip. Hotwire has been rather competitive with prices as has Expedia. We will never use them again.

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