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Contacting Travelocity Customer Service Center

Travelocity is a middle man in travel bookings. Customers go to the site, look for deals on anything and everything travel related, including car rentals, flights and hotels, and they book travel accommodations. Typically, travel is booked in advanced, so there are bound to be last-minute changes for unforeseen circumstances and other travel problems. Contacting Travelocity customer service by phone is the best choice in customer service because you get immediate resolution, which is extremely important for time-sensitive travel plans.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Travelocity offers a list of contact phone numbers for customers who need to contact Travelocity customer service for orders, problems and itinerary changes.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-709-5983
  • Spanish Customer Service: 1-866-828-3933
  • Customer Service (outside the US): 1-210-521-5871
  • TDD (US and Canada): 1-800-555-7585
  • Fax (US and Canada): 1-800-944-0005
  • Fax (outside the US): 1-210-731-2030
  • Canada Customer Service: 1-877-282-2925
  • UK Customer Service: 029-2044-2519
  • Germany Customer Service: 089-2727-6555

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Travelocity is not designed to handle customer service requests, but you can send a letter to the company with a complaint or praise by writing:

Travelocity3150 Sabre Dr. Southlake, TX 76092

Official Website

The official site for Travelocity is You can book flights, log in to your online account and request customer service online.

Customer Service Email

Customers who’d rather contact customer service by email can send a message to or use the contact form provided on the customer support page. We chose to use the email address to ask about the Travelocity cancellation policy. The openness of this email address could mean we never receive a response or that the response is delayed drastically because everyone is using it to contact the support department.

Our Experience

When we called Travelocity customer service our phone number was used to search the trip database. When our number was not associated with a trip we were asked for a trip ID. We pressed 2 because we did not have a trip ID. The next options did not include general customer service so we pressed 0. We were then asked if we wanted to make a new reservation at this time so we pressed 2 for NO. Our call was transferred to an agent who picked up immediately. We had trouble understanding the agent and the agent had trouble understanding us. We kept asking about the cancellation policy, but the agent could not understand why we did not have a trip ID. Finally the agent told us to log in to the website for more help.

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122 Comments on “Contact Travelocity Customer Service
  1. Can never received a confirmtion for a flight we made online. Have talked to serveral people, all out of India.Each time said they were sending it to my e-mail. 3 days later, after 3 phone calls speaking to 3 agents in India, still do not have confirmation. Will not use Travelocity again.

  2. your customer service is the worse !!!! I work for a hotel and was put on hold for two hours!!!!! It took me two days to fix the problem!!!!!! ThE worse EXPERIENCE !!!

  3. worst experience booking a trip my entire life. I was put on hold for 2 hours to book my original trip reservation. When I finally got to talk to someone he set up the flight information but as he was confirming details to get my payment he accidentally hung up on me. I was forced to call back again I waited another 45 minutes just to speak to someone who try as i might, I could not understand… i had to politely ask to speak to someone else. He hung up on me. 3rd call. Another 30minutes to get a representative. Surprise! the flights that I had confirmed with the first rep were no longer available…. probably due to the 75 minutes i had to wait when calling back in…. and that my trip was now $200 more per person than they quoted me originally. Whatever. I was forced to pay b/c I had to use a credit that I would lose if I didn’t. I paid the additional amount and booked my trip anyway. two days later I received an email that says my trip has been drastically changed and will require my immediate action. I went online to check my trip and it says that my trip id is no longer valid and that my trip has been cancelled. What?!! I am instructed to call customer service. I call to get hold music for 25 minutes. I hear someone pick up and start their introduction…. halfway through, they hang up. I am now on hold again. Been listening to hold music for a second time. My phone says I’ve been on hold 20 minutes as I type this out.. I will NEVER use this company again!!!! There customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I am a loan offer/ personal banker and constantly discuss funding vacations or financial planning for vacations with clients and can’t wait to warn every client about Travelocity and their poor client services. Wish someone would have warned me. I plan to tell this rep I get how dissatisfied I am but probably will not do any good. The calls are outsourced to India so they probably have no direct interest in the Travelocity name and reputation. The timer on my phone now says 35:40… Never again!!!!

  4. Please take me off your emailing list. I could find no way to opt out. I do not want to receive travelocity emails. Thanks.

  5. I will NEVER use travelocity again. I booked flights and they booked the wrong days and then wouldn’t honor their mistake and I had to book entire new flights
    And of course I used another service. Beware of travelocity, they out source their business and you end up with someone who can’t understand you and you can’t understand them!

  6. Travelocity,

    This is the second time that we have tried to use the Future Discount code and it fail to work. Called in and as always got some bad and customer service and not able to use the codes. Called in and spoke with several persons about the code and the customer service and got no where. On the phone now for over 1 hour talking to someone that can barely speak English and have no idea what I am talking about. Always place on hold and John the representative and Josephine the manager was just as bad. This is the kind of customer service . We have called and email the consumer relations department and no response from them at all. This is the fourth time contacting this office within the past months and no results. Can someone in upper management contact me as soon as possible. When asked, what to do with the discount codes that thousands of customer have and unable to use. The reply was to sue.

  7. Received notice that travelocity’s “Revenue Protection Department” had canceled my flight. Four days later I found out from my bank (my inquiry) that travelocity had taken the money out of my account for the flight. Called trav and they insisted (would not listen) that the funds were pending, not taken out. After 5 days, several calls, several departments there is no progress yet. They are polite on the phone, but quick to pass you to another department which starts the 1/2 hour on hold process all over. It is just typical Indian service. Sorry – I lived there so I know. They just don’t see things through tp the end. Not planning on using travelocity again.

  8. What had happened to America? Not enough people to handle the job? Why are we having to deal with the employees from another country whom (not all but too many) not only do not speak nor understand English well also love to raise voice, horrible listener(s) and great arguer(s)? What had happened to the description of “CUSTOMER SERVICE”. I purchased a package of 4 tickets with hotel & cars. When I received the confirmation e-mail, I caught an error on one off the 4 tickets with incorrect name. I called customer service to inform the discrepancy, a different agent voided the bad ticket and re-issued a new ticket with the correct name but charge a full price for it which included hotel and car again but only refunded the price of a plane ticket. BE AWARE & ALERT POTENTIAL TRAVELER(S) WITH NAME(S) ON TICKET AND CHARGES. This is the LAST BUSINESS with Travelocity for me. NEVER! NEVER AGAIN TRAVELOCITY. This is the worst CUSTOMER SERVICE I EVER EXPERIENCE.

  9. Not very happy with my Travelocity booking I got in Feb 17-20 2014. Had to pay $100.00 to check 2 bags for round trip MCI to Las Vegas. If I carried them on it was going to be $200.00. And we had to set apart in different seats and 6 to 8 rows apart.
    I have always like to use Travelocity they made my trip fun and easy. But I think I got the short end of the stick this time.
    What do you think?

    Mark S. Lee

  10. Outrageously terrible customer service. The trip insurance is a complete fraud. No such thing. You pay money for nothing. When I tried to cancel a flight, they referred me to the airlines with a laundry list of things I could plea to get my refund and it was up to the airlines if I got a refund or not. No help at all from Travelocity. this is the Second time I have had a problem with them. DO NOT BOOK ANYTHING WITH TRAVELOCITY. FIND OUT THE NAME OF THE AIRLINES OR THE HOTEL AND GO DIRECT. THEY HAVE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I ENDED UP PAYING AN ADDITION 125.00 TO REBOOK MY FLIGHT WITH THEM WHEN I DISCOVERED THE FLIGHT INSURANCE WAS A JOKE. BEWARE!

  11. worked for naval communications for over twenty years and have never found anything as confusingly laid out as your booking/e-ticketing..EVERYTHING needs to be reviewed and re-written so the CUSTOMER can instantly know what he/she is reading…starting off with a subject line which tells the addressed person what the attached message is all about (booking info/e-ticket/whatever) the proceeding to the text which should contain explicit information (references, seating and so on) Make the message useable for the end user. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE PROFESSIONALS SO LOOK LIKE IT OR YOUR BUSINESS WILL SUFFER. GET AN EXPERT IN YOUR BUSINESS…USE COLOR CODING OR WHATEVER IT TAKES TO CONVEY INFORMATION WHICH IS UNDERSTANDABLE BY THE END USER JK

  12. I had no idea Travelocity was as bad as it is…it never used to be this bad. I am calling the Better Business Bureau…very fed up and disgusted.

  13. Travelocity has the worst customer service ever!. No one speaks English. I had to cancel my hotel reservation due to safety. I was put on hold for more than 4 hours. I finally got in touch with someone who told me to email the consumer.relations dept. The site was down!!. I tried for one week to get my money back and it never happened. NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE OR RECOMMEND TRAVELOCITY. They also use Expedia as their affiliate company SO BEWARE!!!!

  14. The worst company ever and the rudest customer service. They are basically scammers of the worst kind. Computer error made on my cruise rate which doubled the price and won’t even accept my proof of invoice by fax or mail. BIG RIPOFF COMPANY.

  15. Tried to talk to someone about a receipt and could only get ppl in India or Manilla. Wouldn’t transfer me to a USA representative. No prejudice, I just want to be able to understand them AND I want our jobs to go to ppl here. I’ve bought MANY tickets through travelocity, but after this I won’t ever again.I guess that’s asking too much of them.

  16. this is the worst customber service i have ever seen #8948803 will not answer emails or help i am reading your reviews wow.i was charge for the room by travelocity and at the hotel and cannot get any help

  17. Have “talked” to 7 reps and 2 supers for a total of 5 hrs. who told me they would e-mail or return call in 48 hrs. 3 wks later still no reply.
    Had to buy extra plane ticket due to no seat in my name when I tried to board plane. Just want a refund! Will never use Travelocity again.

  18. My credit card was compromised through your agency false booking. I contacted our bank and put a cancellation on our cards. You need to contact me or you can talk to our Bank then our attorney.

  19. I have used Travelocity for Car Rentals and Plane tickets, never with accomadations. I did on 2/27 & 2/28…I was booked in a room that was shabby, had dirty sheets and infested with roaches, at America’s Best Inn & Suites in Altamonte Springs, Fl.
    I was on the phone with customer service for 2 hrs. trying to get relocated. They wanted me to upload the pictures I took, but there was no wifi (even though there was supposed to be) The following day, I again was on the phone with Travelocity for another 2hrs. and I still was told they could not give me other accomdations, they credited me back for the room (the roach infested one). I had to hang up as I was getting ready to drive to funeral services. I was so upset (I am a 69yr old female traveling alone) and disgusted. I will never use Travelocity or recommend them to anyone else. This was a sad travel trip and to be burdened, aggravated and sickened to my stomach made it worse.

  20. Worst service in my entire life! Will never use travelocity again! Put on hold several times for more than 4 hours. Got hung up on three times. Never got a confirmation and they could not find itinerary but took my money!!!

  21. I used Travelocity for years without any problems. After booking a flight on March 10, 2015 I waited five days for the confirmation of my flight. After sending an email inquiry and receiving no response for three days I called the customer service number (which is NOT found anywhere on their website).

    I was put on hold for over an hour. With less than 72 hours until my flight is scheduled to depart I have no confirmation that I actually have a ticket for my flight and Travelocity has my $784!

    I will NEVER use this site to book ANY travel arrangement again and I will make it a POINT to see to it that everyone I know hears about my experience and is strongly discouraged from using Travelocity to make travel arrangements!

  22. Positively HORRIBLE customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The worst web-based travel booking service available. Use Hotwire for hotels and I guarantee that you will get better deals, especially on high-end accommodations.

    I have stayed in countless $300-$400 a night hotel rooms for $100-$150 a night by booking through Hotwire.

    For flights, just go to the airline websites. the prices are the same for the most part and you have the advantage of dealing directly with the travel service provider. Car rental are the same way.

    This site and other like it won’t be in business in another five years, if that!

  23. My comment is I booked a flight to Rochester, MN and received my Itinerary number and was told it would go to my E-mail box, when I went to my E-mail it showed up one time and I was also told that my confirmation for my flight would be updated within 24 hours, have not heard from them yet, and it’s been a week. I called Customer Service and waited for over an hour and still did not talk to anyone. My time is just as important to me as it is to anyone. Oh by the way, they did charge my credit card. Poor service. Deborah P.

    about you

  25. The worst possible experience! I waited on hold for 25 minutes. I was calling about the price guarantee application we filled out. When I booked the trip to Vegas, I logged in and saved the itinerary so we could watch the prices. They just kept rising so we booked at $1273.52. ( I was logged in to our account). This was for flight and hotel for 3 nights. The price dropped to $1023 and some odd cents the next morning. They said 24 to 48 hours someone would contact us. 4 days went by and nothing. So I called after having to Google their customer service number. I finally got someone and she says we booked as a GUEST!!!! I told her that’s not possible because I was logged in to our account. It said Hello Dustin at the top of the screen! She says yes the guest Dustin! Why would it come up with a name if we were just guests?! This is the second trip we’ve booked through them. So I told her we’d never do business with them again and she didn’t even give a crap! She was rude from the get go on the phone. I recommend going else where when booking a trip. Hotwire has been rather competitive with prices as has Expedia. We will never use them again.

  26. We travelled to New Orleans on april 6 on one of your deals.
    On arrival at the Pavillon i was informed that I did not have a reservation. I had also booked for friends the Papes and they had a reservation.
    after waiting for an hour after arriving the hotel gave us a room and said we would have to contact travelocity the next morning. I spent over an hour and a half on my cell phone trying to straighten out the reservation between the hotel and Travelocity.
    It appears that Travelocity never booked the room I had paid for at the hotel.
    I travel a great deal and do all the bookings for myself and friends. I have never had this occur before and I had never used Travelocity before.
    I will certainly be reluctant to book with your agency again after all the confusion on this trip.
    Mary Soucie

  27. Travelocity service from the Philippines’ are people who do not care about placing the customers first, they are people who are costing there company future revenue. These people are anathemas and I am tired. Spent about an hour on the phone to use my reward e card and all I got was the run around talked to 4 different people and they all asking me the same thing. Nothing there is in sync, communication with one another is poor, couple of them were not active listeners to anything that I was saying, due to trying to focus on what they had to say after I sat on the phone and heard the same thing over and over from four different people like email address, phone number, and your name. Are you guys using different software’s that the other don’t have that can pull up my information that no one seems to not able to do! Training for ya’ll is work in progress I guess. Travelocity, you guys need to step it up and have more of a permanence if you are looking at it in that way. I will be calling corporate in the morning and hopefully I can get the help that I am looking for, thank you supervisor in the Philippines’ for the wrong number you gave.

  28. Travelocity are the worse. Please someone tell me due to med reason I have to change the hotels, how do I do it ? I am on phone with them over few weeks . No one can do anything.please someone respond to me .

  29. I booked a ticket with Travelocity today may 27 2015 15 minutes later I received an email from spirit airline about itinerary cancellation and a cancellation code I tried to get to the airline and Travelocity but cant get through I should be traveling on Friday may 29 could you please tell me what is going on.

  30. Travelocity is the WORSE. Been on the phone with them for 3 hours and still no vacation booked, even the supervisor can’t resolve issues. Worst experience ever!!! I’ll stick to PRICELINE.COM

  31. My wife and my kids traveled to Orland FL.,for a baseball tournament from Texas.On the way there they made a stop in new orleans where my wife booked a room with two queen beds.what she got was a full size bed with a fold out sofa,she was tired and didnt complain,next day she drove to tallahase fl,where once again she booked with traelocity two queen beds all paid in advance,what she got is two full beds.she then went to front desk where they told her rooms are subject to change?whats the point of booking ahead with you if we are not getting what we paid for?

  32. My wife and my kids traveled to Orland FL.,for a baseball tournament from Texas.On the way there they made a stop in new orleans where my wife booked a room with two queen beds.what she got was a full size bed with a fold out sofa,she was tired and didnt complain,next day she drove to tallahase fl,where once again she booked with traelocity two queen beds all paid in advance,what she got is two full beds.she then went to front desk where they told her rooms are subject to change?whats the point of booking ahead with you if we are not getting what we paid for?

  33. This was my first time using the service/site and I am not impressed in the least. I was on the site and saw the flight for 382 and when I went to book the flight the price jumped up 41.00 prior to confirmation, but the price still shows at 382. Then I was on with one agent the first time for 50 min in which she lied to me to tell me there were no flights on Burbank CA for the date I requested or day prior when I was looking at the flights, then she proceeded to charge me more money than the site was listing. Ultimately she charged me over 150 more than it should have been. Second agent was on the phone 50 min and charged the flight to his own account which cause me to have to call back to get the flight rebooked at a little higher cost. So much for price guarantee or honesty or any of that.

  34. customer service outsources to another country and you can barely understand what they are saying

    oops guess I will go to airline direct from now on

  35. Absolutely terrible! Customer Service is non-existent. I was placed on hold 3 different times for over an hour…each time the rep said they would get back to me and NEVER did. Very worst experience EVER dealing w/a business!!

    To the designated Travelocity representative,

    The present letter is to let you know that I deeply regret having used your services. It was my first time and undoubtedly the last time that I will use your company for any of my trips, recommending all my family members as well as all my real and virtual acquaintances to do the same.

    On June of this year (2015) I bought a ticket for my mother to come and visit me in my temporary residence of Nanaimo Canada (itinerary 117078090214). Sadly, a few days prior to the scheduled flight date, she suffered an accident and was not sure about her ability to fly and the options she had should she chose to cancel or defer the flight. Two days before her flight she called your call center seeking professional information and spoke with one of your agents. The agent advised her to cancel the ticket assuring her there will be a full refund for it. We sent all documents requested via email (sadly, we had to send it all twice as it seemed to have been lost by Travelocity first time round). We kept on waiting for the refund to arrive and called Travelocity once we did not hear back. After endless, long and tiring calls made to your customer support services, your final response (in stark contradiction to what we were initially promised) was that your company will not reimburse us for the ticket.

    In addition to your company promising one thing and not living up to its commitments, I was also deeply upset by the inefficient and messy manner in which our claim was processed: broken promises of follow ups by agents, extremely long waiting time on the phone after being answered (I could show you screenshots with 50 minutes calls, 45 minutes of them on hold), lack of solutions, the fact that I had to call back after purchasing the ticket to request the ticket to be sent and so on.

    Overall, I felt that I was dealing with three different companies but it was actually one. For example, during one of the last conversations with one of your agents I was asked if I sent the documents to request the refund to Travelocity (by this stage I already did so twice). So I ask myself, how can I get a solution if your agents have no idea of what is happening and can’t access previous information on the case?.

    At some point I even requested to speak with a manager. Waited for almost an hour to speak with one, a lady who presented herself as Marjorie. I asked her to look for and listen to the conversation where the agent advises to cancel the ticket and offers a full refund. Marjorie´s answer was negative saying that “it was a mistake of the agent, that the company does not give refunds”, “talk with AirCanada”, etc (had we were told initially to call Air Canada we would have, but that was not the information given to us by your representative). I didn´t feel that she was even trying to help. She said she cannot do that (if a manager is unauthorized to do it, so who can??), I asked her why and her answers were vague and evasive, not professional at all. Instead of searching for that specific call, admitting your mistakes and taking full responsibility for it, you chose to disregard the entire thing. I know that your company records calls for quality assurance goals but apparently are used only when it is convenient for you.

    Here are some case numbers related to my claim: 107623321, 106669954.

    Your final solution was to grant my mother the opportunity to use the exact same ticket anytime during the upcoming year. This solution is absolutely not relevant for us as she won’t be able to fly this route again during those dates, and had we known that from the outset we would have worked out a different solution ourselves. While we can understand agents are only human and may make some mistakes, it is utterly unacceptable that the agents’ employer (i.e. your company) will not assume full responsibility for the information they provide. Unless you assume full responsibility for the information you have provided us, I will make it my business to spread the word about this unfortunate incident and assure that people stop using your irresponsible services.

    Michael Topel.

  37. I was just on hold for an 1hr and 34min with Travelocity 480-370-8191 and was hung up on. I booked a flight from just just Ten min from my house to Miami last week. The flight is in 2 weeks. I just checked my reservation and the return is correct but the departure to Miami is leaving From an entirely different state!
    The flight cost was 246.00. And they want me to pay 200.00 change or cancellation fee. I told the supervisor I could provide proof that I live 10 minutes from jfk and would make no sense for me to book from any other place. It’s past midnight now and I have to be at work in 4 hours and cannot get that hour and Thith four minutes back. I see it is pointless to make any attempt at coming to a resolution with them other them purchasing a new ticket. Never again will I book through Travelocity.

  38. I had to cancel a vacation package due to a surgery and called Travelocity to do so. After about 20 minutes on the phone the agent told me it was canceled and I would see a refund within the next 5 days. I ask for a confirmation number and was told she could not do that at this time, but I should get an email with that right away. I continued to get emails about my upcoming trip. No emails about my refurnd and when I called back they first said they could not find the reservation and then when I pressed them I was told it was booked through and they would transfer me. That happened and they could not locate anything as well. All of my emails and bookings happened through Travelocity so it was no surprise they didn’t have the information. I will try again tomorrow and will push for a supervisor.

  39. Good afternoon, i spoke with an agent last night about cancelling a flight to newark newjersey which said was no problen and that she would send an email to me on that subject.
    To this point i have not seen email as yet

  40. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Got our flights changed twice by the airline (which i understand is not travelocity’s fault), so the second time around I called to cancel. Travelocity told me that I needed to contact the airline because they no longer had control of the tickets, so I called the airline and they told me that Travelocity (Expedia) has control of the tickets. After speaking with 3 agents from the airline, they explained to me why it wasn’t possible for them to have control of our tickets,which made total sense. Finally the 3rd agent with travelocity really tried to help me but couldn’t and said that they needed to contact the airline at a different time and I should be receiving an e-mail with an update within 2 days. 5 days later I didn’t have an update so I called again and it turned out that they had never followed up with the airline for a refund.

    The worst part is when a travelocity supervisor told me that they didn’t have control of the tickets, that I needed to call the airline for any changes or cancellations. When I explained to her that I knew that wasn’t true, that I had already been told that the airline has no control of the tickets she put me on hold and transferred me to the airline without letting me know. I went from being on hold with travelocity to the airline asking me if I wanted to speak with someone in English or Spanish.

    So I called travelocity once again and I’m still on hold trying to get a refund for our flight. I will never use travelocity ever again.

  41. Booked thru Travelocity for Frontier air, Frontier rejected the flight which I didn’t know Travelocity was suppose to contact me they didn’t so I had to book the next day thru Frontier for $72 more. Bottom line is they blame each other but I booked thru Travelocity very unhappy with Travelocity if this is how you treat your customers it will be the last time I use Travelocity unhappy customer

  42. I was trying make name correction for Itinerary since from day 1, Still no luck. every time customer service keeping me in hold for hours and don’t know how many hours or days need to be on hold to correct one latter in name. Very sad and I will never book again with travelocity again.

    Please HELP ME .. THANKS

  43. The worst experience I ever had.
    We rent a car, we arrived at midnight we informed we will and the place was closed.
    I called next day and I cancelled the car they said no money will charge, 3 days after they charge on my credit card!

  44. Horrible customer service experience. Mistake from travelocity agent. Still not have a response or solution. I have lost so much money in changes and multiple 2 hour long conversations which have not resolved anything. Completely disappointed. Still on a call right now at work time and the agent is not getting back to me. This is the 5th time that i call and i get “transferred” to a supervisor.

  45. ON 2/8/16 I made a call several times in attempt to contact the customer service. The phone number posted on the internet is incorrect. #1-888-709-5983, Each time the phone was answer, the person one the other end .(Marshall. Charlotte, Mark and Zack claim I had the sales department, hold I will transfer you to the right department each one mention. Between the 4 calls it was exact one hour of unnecessary time waste, in other words I never spoke to anyone in the customer department. I am only trying to exchange my flight by one day only, leave one day late and return one early it that to must to ask. My itinerary # 127101790819.

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Whoever read this memo first, please review the time change for me.

  46. Horrible customer service. Could not understand the agents. will not use Travelocity ever again. I booked a flight thru Travelocity and picked a seat, and paid by credit card. The day before my trip, I logged into the airline to print my ticket, and BIG surprise–the seats I had picked were not available & I got put in the back of the plane. Sure, Travelocity gives you a good deal, and you pick your seats, BUT they must not coordinate with the airlines. Any available seats on the airlines website cost extra$$$$ for seats (except the middle seats in the back of the plane) Its a SCAM

  47. never thought trevalocity is that bad in handling customers. Never received confirmation, and when I call can’t get no one . Bad news will not use them for any bookings and I do a lot.

  48. I found the days and times that would work, set up the sitters and logged on, found the flights and filled out all of the information and then the screen came up saying: It looks like we have an issue with the site.
    so I called the number and opted to get a return call in 8 minutes. It was more like 12. I’ve been on hold for 54 minutes. now that I have spent all of those cell phone minutes, my battery is going to dye so I will loose any place I had and still have no tickets or time. it is my grandson’s first birthday. I just want to be there so bad.My husband said it was worth the money but now I’m afraid that price is gone and I will have to find a sitter again, make arrangements for transportation all over again. My phone is going out. Now what…
    Is there any hope,
    Sincerely, Diane Torrens

  49. On March 20, 2016, I called Travelociy customer service asking for information and help as I attempted to cancel a second night’s stay at Super Inn on Ridgewood Avenue in Daytona Beach, Fl. Although the Travelocity agent was unable to get me out of the hotel’s nonrefundable clause, he attempted by calling the hotel’s front desk and talking at length with a sullen, inflexible clerk. He also booked the Hampton Inn in Debary, FL for the second night. There we stayed in a room that was like paradise compared to the Super Inn.

  50. Muy malo el servicio de atencion al cliente , llame ayer para hacer un cambio de itinerario y me cobraron la penalidad pero no me dijeron que me cambiaron la ruta sino hasta hoy me di cuenta cuando recibo el nuevo itinerario.
    Muy mal hecho de no dar informacion completa y especifica

  51. I was on the phone for over 1 hour with customer service regarding an issue my daughter had with travelocity. The agent finally said she could pass me on to upper management I waited on hold another 20′ minutes and NO ONE returned. I want someone to contact me to follow up. Is this how you operate your customer service? Surely Manager/Agent who took my phone number will do me the respect of a call back? Its been over 24 hours and no calls. For a flight for Mary Rogler taken 12-19 March

  52. I have used Travelocity for booking travel for as long as I can remember but today I have done it for the last time. Your customer service and lack of customer care is appalling! Find some people in the US who actually speak English first of all. And your wait times are ridiculous as well. I am going to make sure everyone I know knows not to use your company from now on. It’s absurd and atrocious that you can even stay in business this way. I just spent $10,635.86 on a ticket that you guys messed up and are making me pay to change. Not ok!

  53. Beware of the date when you book with travelocity ( subs of Expedia )..
    I booke for my brother a ticket and in the confirmation email, it says, return , Thu Apr 7th.. only to find out at the airport on April the 7th that the flight was on Apr the 6th!!!!!! So we got screwed.. to top this off, the top of the email, ti tells it is conformed, no need to call to confirm!!!! I want to sue, but doing this alone is much costly and they know, but however, if there are several who were treated this way. maybe a positive one,. to go after the bastards! I hate the fact that I was on the phone for 45+ minutes, with a girl who I think was Philippians, just hanged up the phone, I was so stressed at the top this off, they ask you for your number, and they will tell you that they will call if the line drops.. a bunch of BS.. the second operator, just connected me to Expeida, so you see we put a lot of trust on these online vendors, and us the consumer, get screwed! here is my email, if anyone wants to joing forces to sue! benraffi at gmail

  54. Bueno soy cliente de hace mucho tiempo y nunca he tenido problemas hasta ahora iba para la india pero no me informaron q nesecitaba tramitar una visa en., una agencia de viajes no le venden un pasaje si no tiene la visa para entrar a ese pais o por lo menos le informan q la nesecita pues perdi mis vacaciones y el dinero e llamado cantidad de veces y me ponen en hold x horas dicen q te llaman y nunca lo hacen

  55. NIGHTMARE. Everything about my first and LAST travelocity experience has been a nightmare. Three days, 10+ hours and more dropped calls than I can count, I have still not been able to reschedule a plane ticket I was unable to use in December. I am currently out $350, not to mention the time. I will NEVER use this site again and will let everyone I know to boycott this horrible company.

  56. Beware of price match/refund guarantee. Reservation person told me not to worry I would get the difference for price of flight. Nope not going to happen. By the time I could send screen shots to prove my point, price had changed again. They will not honor any screen shots or requests, even though you are told during the book process, “Oh yes we can get you the refund, plus $50 gift card.” Don’t believe it. They only compare “apples to apples”. I would think airfare is airfare, times are close going same place. Come on. Worse customer service ever. All requests must be electronic cannot do it human to human. Also while on phone with them (only reason I called was thinking they could help with airfare difference) price had gone up, my loss. BEWARE. Also Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz and Hotwire, I believe are all connected. Web sites look strikingly the same.

  57. Onn 5/25/16 I attempted to change my flight to one on 5/26/16. At 8:00 on the 26th there was no confirmation email or flight info. I called the phone number on my original itinerary 800-881-7420 and spoke with
    Danny Travelocity/Expedia who stated I had no reservation for a flight on 5/26/16. He stated the reservation did not go through – I asked why my credit card had been charged for a flight that was not booked. Danny stated is was only pending and would not charge my AmEx since I had no reservation and I should call American Express.
    I called Am Ex and there was a charge of 196.00 from Travelocity/Expedia.

    NEXT.. about 10:30 I get an email from Delta stating my

    There’s been an update to your departure time.
    DELTA 1826 Thu, May 26 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 4:15 pm Atlanta, Georgia 6:11 pm.

    I contacted Delta as I now had two fights booked..My original & the #1826 flight. Delta cancelled the 5/26/16 flight {#1826) and I will use my original flight of 5/30. I do not have confidence in your company and will not be paying for a flight I was told did not go through. I will not be suing your services any more.

    Katherine Leigh payne

  58. We had a trip planned to Spain which never occurred due to wrong information
    given to us by a Travelocity agent. My passport was due to expire 2 months after
    the trip.. I scheduled an appt. for an emergency renewal of my passport. However,
    theTravelocity agent said that my passport was still valid and I did not need to renew it.
    When I arrived at the airport for my boarding pass, the Iberia rep
    said I could not travel with this passport and must renew it immediately. I went
    right away to renew it and got a new one. When I called Travelocity to reschedule
    my flight and hotel , they said it could not be rescheduled. I asked for my money back and to cancel
    all reservations. The first agent said we will get a full refund, but a supervisor said it is
    not possible. I am disputing this now. All this started with the wrong information
    given by your agents and also the inconsistency of responses by your agents as
    to the refund. Menahem Kohl and Sonia Martyniuk

  59. had a reservation for baymont inn in mechanicsburg pa july 2. had specifically requested a handicapped room. got there and was told the handicapped room available was on the 3rd floor with only a king size bed. was booked for 2 queens. the motel was in stages of remodeling. finally said they did have a room 105 that met my requests that was pretty much complete in remodeling. took it.
    the room had no closet or place to hang anything
    only one of the keys gave us room access.
    bathroom door could not close due to cabinets beneath the sink were too deep
    no small containers of shampoo etc
    tv did not work(front desk tried to no avail)
    no channel listings(not that it would have done anyway.)
    ice machines on 3rd floor.

  60. had a reservation for super 8 in carlisle, pa for night of july9. when checking in was again told no handicapped room available.. owner finally came up with a room, but with twin beds(not queen as requested)
    toilet was dirty
    small kitchenette obviously used by family(owners) reeked of indian cooking. fortunately the door closed tightly and smell was not too bad.
    toilet paper dispenser broken
    shower head onflexible shower was broken off, therefore it had to be hand held(not too easy to shower if one is handicapped.

  61. Awful customer service. Agents are incompetent ; had to call back 4 times to finally receive reimbursement on my credit card. Do not recommend Travelocity.

  62. Travelocity was wonderful in handling my travel cancellation!
    Customer service asked no questions, no excuses…..they honorably did what they said they would do!
    And, they have the best prices to boot!!!
    In the future, any travel on my part will be done using Travelocity.
    Travelocity you now have a very loyal customer.
    Thank You
    Russell L
    Sorry for prior incomplete postings!!

  63. Travelocity is a SCAM….. You will never get a refund from them even when you buy the insurance… They might give you credit and that’s only if they insurance company okays the reason.. Which they never do… Travelocity should have a lawsuit brought against them for FRAUD…. I have called the Attorney General and the NYS Insurance division about your company… You are a terrible company and would never use you again.. Customer Service is awful and the run around is unbelievable..

  64. Out sourced. Can’t understand them. Couldn’t care less about you.
    I bought flight insurance from Travelocity – DONT EVER BUY THERE INSURANCE! It is worthless. I lost a $1000 with flight insurance. To rebook a flight I would have to pay an $800 penalty with flight insurance.

  65. The travel plans that I set up through Travelocity suprised my family at the very beginning of my family vacation.  Although many resorts that you advertise for through your website totals, do in fact charge resort fees, these were not included.  I only found out about them when calling to confirm.  Additionally, it is not possible to discuss details specifically with your partnerships, because it is a third party transaction.  This alone resulted in over 3 hours with all businesses involved in this issue to try and settle it ahead of time.  

    This vacation was a once in a lifetime for my family and the resort fees at this hotel alone, added an additional $122. to my extremely limited spending for daily expenses like food and gas.

    The hotel itself, had a broken water park and pool, during our visit.  Another reason, why we had chosen that hotel would be free entertainment for our children.

    This facility did not include cable, coffee makers, microwaves, or refrigerators….other things that would have saved us money. If i had had a more accurate account of the total pricing ahead of time, with resort fees included, i could have paid for a hotel that included these ammenities.  Also, i purchased two days, because it appeared that there would be free breakfast for both days, this was not the case.

    It was a disappointment, in short.  I feel that it wasn’t accurately advertised, because it lacked a standard fee, that is apparently charged at most hotels.  This is  information that many travelers are not aware of, and count on websites, such as yours, to accurately relay the details. It is unfair, unregulated advertising at this point.

    The car rental became another disaster, as we were delayed an additional day in reserving the car, based upon the additional $350. holding fee that we were surprised with at the gate, although I had received security deposit info of $60. after 4 hours of phone calls to predetermine the amount, based on the rental fee. The insurance I purchased through Travelocity was not effective for Dollar Rent A Car also, so it was pointless to buy it. We had to pay $60. dollars in hotel fees to and from the hotel also at this point, in order to return the following day, with the extra $350. hold fee. If you are going to reserve with a credit card, make sure it is Visa, because Dollar Rent a Car has a partnership with them and there would have been no hold fee. Information that may have been useful when booking it all.

    The totals included for the flight, did not include additional baggage fees also, which start at $35. per bag, as long as they meet the requirements and are reserved more than 24 hours in advance. And these are only one way!!! I may be old fashioned here, but when I see a total…..I think total. Not total + resort fees + baggage fees + security deposit fees, etc.

  66. I tried to leave an honest review of a hotel that is infested with bedbugs and I was told it does not meet travelocity guidelines for reviews.

    I understand they are in the business of booking hotels but taking advantage of unsuspecting travelers is just bad business. They have lost my business forever.

  67. I recently had to book a flight at the last minute because my mother was ill. I had my boarding pass and was all set to take my flight. At the last minute, I decided to see if I could change my return flight. I called travelocity to see about making this change. I was fully prepared to pay for the change fee, however, the travelocity agent said since I had booked the flight within 24 hours, I could make a change without being charged be he needed to call American Airlines to make sure. I was on hold about 45 minutes and he returned to the phone and said he could not change the return flight, but that he could cancel the entire flight and rebook because it was within 24 hours and I would not be charged. I said that was fine, but I was in line to board my flight so I need to make sure that the boarding pass I had would work. He assured me that it would. He then asked if I needed him to change the car rental to to reflect the change, and I said yes that would be great. He said he would take care of that, but that I should remain on hold until he could confirm that the change could be made. Again, I was placed on hold. At this point my group boarding number was called and I went to the gate agent to scan my boarding pass. It was rejected and stated that I needed a new boarding pass. I of course was a little put out since I had specifically asked this question, but nonetheless, I left the line and went to get a boarding pass. After about 10-15 minutes of clicking on the computer, the agent told me that I could not get a boarding pass because my ticket had been cancelled. I was still on hold with travelocity (another lengthly hold I might add) and the agent told me they would have to close the gate and that I would not be able to make the flight. The flight left without me. When the agent came back on line, he said he thought he could do what we had discussed, but that the time to rebook me a seat on that flight closed. He didn’t bother to tell me this until after my flight had taken off. The best he could do for me is to book me on a red eye out late that night that would get me in to my destination mid day the next day. At this point I took matters into my own hands and used a more trustworthy provider for my ticket. As you will see below, I spent 57 minutes on hold later trying to get a hold of a supervisor to discuss my experience. Incredible. I have probably booked over a 1,000 flights, untold number of hotels and rental cars through travelocity over the years. I have had service problems in the past, but this was unconscionable.

  68. Dear Sirs,

    Due to the severe weather conditions in the Caribbean area regarding hurricane IRMA, we request to re-schedule our trip to Nassau Bahamas until there are further news regarding the places and time for the impact of the hurricane.

    Please see email below where our flight from NASSAU to Miami was cancelled by Bahamasair.

    Wating for your prompt reply,

    Enrique Barton

  69. flights were cancelled, because of huricane tried to contact travelocity customer service and was put on hold fot 2 hours until phone batery run out. did this few more times to no avail.

  70. Well, I have yet to receive a receipt….
    I was booked by you with room with two beds when in fact they had been sold out for days for two beds.
    I then booked one bed room then it was changed.
    The hotel said I was charged x and you say I was charged y?
    That’s kind of why I would like to see a receipt.
    Will you please e mail me a room receipt.
    I wouldn’t have responded about this except after about the eighth e mail requesting to do so I did.
    You guys really ought to know if you are in fact doing a good job. If people don’t respond after one or two leave them alone? Don’t you know that is good manners and therefore “doing a good business job”? Or do you need a survey to tell you That?

  71. I spoke with a customer service rep today for approximatly 45 min or i should qualify this by saying during the 30 min i was not on several holds. My itinerary #725486612522 I am Lora Lynn Walton. I canceled my flight today Early due to illness. After purchasing travel insurance, I was told by a fellow named Cris that my policy could not be refunded that I would need to offer up another $200.00 to change to another date, and then maybe they would refund that $200.00. Well I dont plan on using travelocity again and after I expose this shignanigan your company perpetuates to my friends and lay the facts out on facebook i am sure a lot of other people wont eaither. I asked this Cris to email me a copy of this policy which he never did as of yet and its been 8 hours. I need this spelled out for me, because i am sure this is not legal to claim insurance under the guise of a bate and switch scam, I want to pursue this to a logical out come with the AG of my state , the commision that governs your work ethic and any other options available to me.

  72. My experience has been awful. Went to book my 10 year anniversary trip and the prices changed as I was booking. Called to get a refund of the difference and rebook elsewhere. I was told that I couldn’t get my money back to rebook something else. They took over 10 hours to get back with me. Then the manager on duty said he would contact me in an hour. What a joke. He didn’t, they sent me a terrible email saying they would update me in 24 hours

  73. Hello everyone. I have not been able to communicate with you I need your support if you are so kind to make a change of Ticket date. The airline informs me that it is my responsibility to deal with you. Thank you

  74. i am so disappointed with your poor service. I wish to cancel a flight and i am within 24 hours limit. i have been on the phone waiting for an answer for at least 40 minutes and no representative. Is this the way to treat a customer? Do you expect any loyalty from us? Also after making the booking, you failed to send me a confirmation. I gave the proper phone number so you could call back but the robot says it is not correct. I ask a response soon. Thanks

  75. Ahora mismo estuve en llamada en espera 52 min. y 44seg. Le pedí de favor que me transfirieran a un representante en español ya que es relacionado a un reembolso y lo que me hicieron fue poner una grabadora en chino o japones y ya van 3 semanas que se supone que ya me hubieran devuelto mi dinero

  76. My Experience with Travelocity.
    During the return trip to Miami, after a mandatory evacuation from our home in Cutler Bay, Florida due to Hurricane Irma, I booked 3 rooms for my family traveling in 3 cars with our 91 year old mother, a baby and pets. We were fatigued and wanted to get some sleep. Getting through to reservations was fast and efficient. When I booked the 3 rooms the agent explained the no penalty cancellation policy should I need to cancel within the no penalty window.
    When the Hotel called and asked me if I was confirming my reservation, I replied yes, that with any luck we hope to be there in about 5 hours.
    Deteriorating road and traffic conditions and fuel availability issues made it apparent that we would not make the first reservation. We were still desperate for a break, so I called Travelocity back and asked the agent to change our reservation to the following day. This agent was happy to reserve the 3 rooms for the following day, but stated he could not help me with the cancellation and gave me a different number to call in order to cancell the first reservation.
    Immediately after finishing with the 2nd reservation I thanked the agent and called the number he gave me to cancel, well with-in the window. The voice-mail put me on hold and for over 45 minutes I heard repeated recordings apologizing for the inconvenience due to the high volume of calls. This happened repeatedly. We continued moving as much as possible and when it became apparent that we could not get to the 2nd reservation either I continued my efforts to get through to Cancellations, Only now I was trying to cancel reservation number 2 also and still, repeatedly, I could not get through. The best I could get from Travelocity were recordings apologizing for the inconvenience due to high call volume.
    When I finally was able to get through I was told my call was outside the window and that I was tagged as a no-show and would be responsible for payment.
    I desputed the charge with American Express. Travelocity has refused to issue a refund.
    I will litigate. My phone records will support my efforts while dealing with the conditions of the day.

  77. The customer service number is no longer. I would like to talk to someone because I did not get a conformation by email of the flights I booked on Sunday night. Maybe I booked with a scam. Please answer me!

  78. Hi,
    Normally i received an email with my trip information and this time i didn’t received any. i only received an email from spirit with my way to Cartagena but no the return with Jet blue.
    I did get charged for the flights.
    Please can send you send a d tail email with my reservation?

  79. customer service is a misnomer. There is none!! do not use travelocity. Even their repesentative from the top could not figure it out.

  80. This message is to let you know that until Fox News discontinues unfair practices of blurring partisan political opinion with news and calling it “Fair And Balanced”, I will avoid supporting sponsors of its shows. I have noticed your product advertised on this network. Please let me know if your company plans to continue this controversial support of this unethical practice through advertisements on this network. Fox “news” is not news and is ruining this great country – don’t be a part of that

  81. I booked a hotel room from my phone and did not see anywhere where it said the hotel did not accept pets. When I got there they said they did not accept pets and when I asked for a refund they said for me to call Travelocity. So I went to Motel 6 and stayed there. When I called Travelocity they said no I don’t get my money back. I contacted my credit card company (Chase) and they said, because the room was available to me I don’t get my money back. What a rip off from Hell! I will NEVER use them again!

  82. I had a bad experience with travelocity that screwed up my my whole vacation to Vietnam last May 16,2017. It took me this long to write this complain for I was trying to forget it but instead everytime I remember the incidents it boils my blood, this is what happened, first they put a wrong date of the hotel (Golden Phoenix)on Mar 16,2017. instead of May 16,2017.I booked all my flights& hotel from Iloilo to Vietnam thru travelocity. My niece has to pay our stay with them while on my flight to Vietnam. 2nd, the agent did not advice me to get Vietnamese visa for I had a US passport, I had to pay $400 for 2 while waiting to board the plane. 3rd, I had tried to call travelocity so many times to resolve the problem while in Vietnam but either the phone cuts off ,the conversation never finish.When I get back to US a attempted again to call but I’ transfered to somebody and it just frustrating and pizzed me off. A lesson learned for me but will never use your company again.

  83. when are you going to sort my seats out your useless,i want my money back,you dont even reply to e-mails,your the worst company ive ever dealt with,im going to report you to the authorities,a pissed off colin little.

  84. Worst booking experience ever. I was on the phone for 3 hours booking a trip to Iceland as it was a major ordeal for Travelocity to handle more than one hotel on an 18 day trip. Each hotel was booked under a different itinerary number and each hotel was a separate email confirmation. After reviewing all of the confirmations I saw an error for one of the hotels. We are a party of two and for this one hotel the Travelocity Agent made a special request for a room with one twin bed. Every other night the agent properly booked us in two twins or a double bed room.
    I called Travelocity to correct the error and was told that since the reservation listed one twin bed they needed to get an agreement from the hotel to change the reservation. I had gone online before calling Travelocity to confirm that rooms with two twin beds were available. I asked for one of those rooms. Travelocity will not book me in the proper room without the hotel agreeing that the incorrect room reservation can be changed. I tried to point out that I should be given the proper room now while there are still vacancies and Travelocity could correct their error on their own. I cannot change my reservation as Travelocity holds to the no cancellation policy even when they make a booking error. This is unacceptable to me. If Travelocity makes an error the customer
    should not be thee one adversely affected. The agent stated they would call me back within 48 hours to let me know what was decided. Who knows if any other rooms will even be available in 48 hours.
    Very poor customer service and I will not be using Travelocity ever again.
    Buyer Beware: The customer loses if Travelocity makes an error.


  85. I called Travelocity Customer Service to discuss an error in booking my hotel. When I booked my reservation, I received a 3-page confirmation with my itinerary # with a picture of another hotel in that area. It was very confusing. I was put on hold more that 4 times and was on the line for over an hour with no resolution. The gentleman didn’t understand what I was trying to explain and I couldn’t understand him. He was very frustrated and angry with me. He gave me another number I could call to pursue my concern but I couldn’t get through. Once a booking is made, it’s nearly impossible to do anything to change it. I will not use Travelocity again.

  86. Booked a flight and car, and when the itinerary came up, the flight was different than what I selected. Only (no cost) option was to cancel. I’ve used travelocity in the past, but after this I probably won’t use it to book reservations any more.

  87. Like many of the comments above, I booked flights in September for my family for a Christmas vacation in Hawaii. It was on 3 different airlines. American and two local airlines in Hawaii. Upon booking, American immediately sent an email for me to be able to books seats and luggage which I did. Early November, I remembered that I had not done that on the 2 other airlines. So I went on line to get seats. When I went to the web site of the second airline, they were no longer in business. Called Travelocity Customer Service and the agent said they had sent me an email telling me to contact them.(they had not). I was on the phone for over an hour, being put on hold several times as he was first talking to his manager, then contacting American Airlines to see what could be done. They said that American Airlines told them to have me call them and get a refund on my seat assignments, then call them back and they would cancel the entire flight and rebook me at the current prices. This was a flight between islands that didn’t affect any other part of the trip and I didn’t understand why I would have to cancel my flight. I then called American Airlines and explained what I had been told to do. Their customer service representative said that no one called them as it would have been documented on my reservation with them. After about 30 minutes on the phone with them they, when they didn’t have to checked what other airlines traveled between the two islands and found availability and prices. They said I did not have to cancel the reservation just the flight that the airline was no longer in business. In addition, American Airlines said that had I not called them, that once I got to the airport in Hawaii and discovered that the airline did not exist, that the rest of my reservation would have been canceled by the computer and I would have had to book new flights between the island and back to the states at same day purchased price. With rebooking charges and new flights, I would have ended up paying around $14,000 more to make those changes. They were so sorry for me, that instead of sending the credit for the flight between the islands, they sent it directly to me because they didn’t think that Travelocity would give me that credit. The trip ended up working at well but if I hadn’t called to get seat assignments the trip would have cost us an additional $14,000. It wasn’t just bad customer service that aggravated me but that keep me on hold for the appearance that they were talking to American Airlines and then completely lied to me over the phone.

  88. Regretfully I posted a complaint regarding the pricing that was advertised and the price that I ended up with when booking a hotel. The mistake was mine for not reading the fine print. I called Travelocity customer service to inquire about the matter and I received the best customer service ever — from any business. I would like to thank Travelocity with gold stars for working with me and helping to resolve my problem. KUDOS. Looking forward to working with and doing business with you again. Sincerely, Jeffrey K. Danowski.

  89. I am emailing this to you because I can’t find a direct email and do not wish to take the time to send this through the mail. Please forward to the appropriate department.

    This is to inform you, that while my thoughts do not really matter to you, I will NOT be using your services for any future travel arrangements.

    I do not and never will support any corporation that supports any political view. Whether or not I agree with Laura or not, the is my personal view. When a corporation supports any view and uses their $$ to destroy a person for a view, I will not support that. I use your services to book travel, not to support any views.

    While I might be “small potatoes” to you, there are other companies that will gladly welcome my support.

    Lois Bowden

  90. I thought TravelOcity were the best until I saw they are just taking one’s money. They are very quick to sell a travel plan to you, but if you are looking for a refund, you will not even get an email address to contact them. I’m trying to get my refund back from January 2018, but all invain, or they ignore me, or it will be returned, unopend. I’m not going to support their nonsense, any further. We travel a lot and I have already got another travel agency who help me when I have a problem. Goodbye Travelocity!!! You won’t see me again.

  91. No phone # showed are available (no longer in use) in the page. Can I have a spanish HUMAN person who help me with my booking. Thanks very much

  92. I am currently on hold on a phone call that has lasted more than 30 minutes. We have reservations, flying Aer Lingus, for Minneapolis to Dublin on May 31 flying back on June 7. We got an email this morning stating that Aer Lingus had made significant changes to our itinerary for the final leg of the flight (Boston to Minneapolis). Originally the flight departed at 9:29 pm. Aer Lingus changed the departure to 7:30 with did not give us enough time between flights to get through customs. The Travelocity agent offered me a new flight that would have a 9 hour layover. I said that was unacceptable. She said that our recourse was to cancel. I had the Aer Lingus website up and reported to her that I saw several different flight options that did not have 9 hour layovers. She said she would check with the airline. I have been on hold for an additional 15 minutes. Since Travelocity initiated the email, you would think that they would have several alternatives rather than just the agent sailing by the seat of their pants.

  93. I AM A CUSTOMER! THE CUSTOMER IS Always correct! travelocity has the worst customer service ever! i have either been on hold or told they are talking to Hilton Boston Woburn for 1 hour! over a cancellation fee travelocity says Hilton charges for early cancellation; the problem is Hilton does NOT CHARGE FOR CANCELLATION IN THIS CASE; that’s what I was told! YOU TRAVELOCITY ARE CLAIMING HILTON DOES. AND I CAN’T GET A PHONE CONFERENCE WITH ALL THREE OF US BECAUSE TRAVELOCITY CUSTOMER SERVICE IS WHERE!!

  94. Recently paid to Aruba with Travelocity from May 25th to May 28th.
    Itinerary # 7352950306540.
    Everything turned out very fast and easy. The charges pertaining to my American Express on 5/17/18. All very well.
    When we arrived at the hotel, my husband gave us his American Express for expenses during the days of stay.
    On the check out, we got a bill with all the expenses, but it also included the room charge (3 days $315.00 plus taxes). I explained that I had paid with you, but I was kept and loaded on my husband’s card. We paid the room twice.
    As I claim the return of the money credit card we were made of the rooms in Aruba.

    For the rest, all very well.

    Thanking the attention.

    Emma Carraceo

  95. The website offers fraudulent information concerning Coupon Codes for discounts that cannot and WON’T be honored. I tried to use a coupon code for a 15% discount that was valid if I installed the app on my phone and booked the hotel through the app. The code did not work. Upon contacting customer service, and presenting a screen shot of the coupon, I was told that no such code exists. A second e-mail with an accompanying screen shot prompted a snotty letter from the customer service agent telling me that “he had checked the website and the coupon did not exist”. Obviously the screen shot from their web site was not legitimate. A third e-mail prompted a reply that told me that it was for Hotels only (which I was trying to book) and could not be used for flights (which I was not trying to book) and to call them. I live in the Middle East SO the call would have cost me more than the worth of the 15% discount on a hotel. Not to mention the amount of time wasted on writing to them. It is obvious that whomever owns Travelocity has no concept of customer service, is simply there to fraudulently advertise to draw people, and really just doesn’t give a damn. The level of customer service is atrocious. I, for one, will not be using this service again.

  96. I have been booked to travel by Delta from Baltimore to Little Rock on Thu Aug 2 2018 at10:03 under Travelocity Itinerary# 7366976332476.I was given a link to check for booking details. I have not been able to get the flight details. I need your assistance. I will need wheel chair assistance on the flight day.

    George Gibson Annoon

  97. I recently booked two nights with Travelocity at Super 8 Marty’s Valley Inn in Oceanside Ca. I’m in my 60’s and have stayed in a lot of hotels. This one is by far the worst accommodations I’ve ever had. TV never worked for the duration, front desk personnel were rude, room stunk, advertised free breakfast was a waffle maker , a few muffins & cold coffee. The whole complex was in a sad state of disrepair; in my opinion it should not even be open for business…yes, that bad.
    We were there to visit our Marine son at Camp Pendleton, and the experience we had at this fleabag diminished our visit with our son. I’ve always been happy with Travelocity, but if you’re going to recommend this type of accommodations, I’ll use someone else.

  98. wonderful to find your listed number disconnected am trying to check on a reservation and find you do not recognize me

  99. There is no way to contact the customer service to ask questions. The official phone numbers all have the same misleading message. Is this a way to act responsibly? You have just lost a sale!

  100. Hello,
    My name I Michael Oakes and I just recently booked a trip – flght+hotel+car itinerary # 7384814935014.

    Well my flight and hotel went through fine, but the rental car never went through. I am requesting a refund for the rental car portion of my trip. I did purchase trip insurance, so maybe that will help with everything.

    I thank you for your time, help, and consideration with my request.

    Michael Oakes

    235 Cloud Place
    West Chester, PA 19380


    Your flight has been cancelled. There’s no need to call us to confirm, and you’ll find all the details of your cancelled flight below.
    Cancelled itinerary: St. George’s to New York

    Travel dates
    Nov 21, 2018 – Dec 2, 2018
    Itinerary #

    You will receive a refund of:

    When you’re ready to book a new trip, we’re happy to help.
    Back to itinerary
    Search for flights

    Flight overview
    Departure Wed, Nov 21
    JetBlue Airways 2232
    St. George’s (BDA)

    New York (JFK)

    2h 19m duration
    Return Sun, Dec 2
    JetBlue Airways 2231
    New York (JFK)

    St. George’s (BDA)

    2h 10m duration

    Harold Simmons
    Jennifer Simmons

    Price summary

    Traveler 1: Adult $312.09
    Flight $146.00
    Taxes & Fees $166.09
    Traveler 2: Adult $312.09
    Flight $146.00
    Taxes & Fees $166.09

    Refund to original form of payment: $624.18

    All prices are quoted in USD.

    Additional information
    • $624.18 will be refunded by JetBlue Airways to the original form of payment within 7-10 business days.
    • To refund additional services, such as baggage fees or seat assignments fees, please contact your airline directly.

    More help
    Go to your itinerary to manage your trip.
    Visit our Customer Support page.
    Call us at 1-800-842-8365. For faster service, mention itinerary #: 7386152318681.

    Please do not reply to this message. This email was sent from a notification-only email address that cannot accept incoming email.
    You are receiving this transactional email based on a recent booking or account related update on Travelocity.


  102. This message is to let you know that until Fox News discontinues unfair practices of blurring partisan political opinion with news and calling it “Fair And Balanced”, I will avoid buying products from sponsors of its shows. I have noticed your products advertised on this network. Please let me know if your company plans to continue this controversial support of this unethical practice through advertisements on this network or if I could consider to purchase your products again.

  103. I booked and paid $240.35 to Travelocity for a 5 night stay at Rhiss hotel in Istanbul starting on October 8th (itenery # 77-1010375). When I arrived at the hotel the room did not look anything like the pictures shown on your web site. I decided not to stay there. I already sent you two e-mails and requested a refund of the payment I made to you but did not receive s respond. Please respond to this e-mail and refund my payment as soon as possible. Thank you.
    Haldun Kiran

  104. Hello,

    For the first time, I booked a hotel using Travelocity. I booked a hotel on November 7, 2018. I was experiencing a minor crisis in my life. After completing the online application, I received an email giving me an itinerary number.

    I arrived at the hotel that afternoon, and they never received my booking. I called Customer Support for Travelocity. The agent found my information, but the booking was never completed. She could not give me a reason why or resolve the problem. I asked her to make a new reservation, which started taking so long to even give me any hotel information in the area. I was exhausted and had to check into the hotel and paying the full price.

    I am so disappointed. I have heard good things about booking online, but my experience was terrible and came at a very bad time in my life.

    Lorraine Burr

  105. Apparently Travelocity is not refunding trips that were “nonrefundable” even due to coronavirus. Travelers are under govt order to stay home yet Travelocity is keeping my money. The hotel is willing to give me a refund but Travelocity is not. Travelocity should NOT receive any federal bailout money since they are retaining our money for services not rendered.

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