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TLC or The Learning Channel is a cable television station known for outrageous reality shows like Honey Boo Boo, Cake Boss and Toddlers and Tiaras. The channel is part of Discovery Communications, which also broadcasts Velocity, Discovery Kids, Military Channel and the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Contact Info:

In addition to the main site information about the TLC network there is also a TLC shop. We’ve included contact information for both the site and shop when available.

Phone Contact Numbers

We were unable to find any TLC customer service phone numbers, but there are numbers for various management offices at Discovery Channel corporate. These numbers can be used in lieu of the contact email forms found throughout the TLC and Discovery sites, but email contact does appear to be the preferred contact choice.

  • New York Senior VP: 1-212-548-5555
  • Atlanta VP: 1-404-364-5839
  • Chicago VP: 1-312-946-0909
  • Detroit VP: 1-248-764-4400
  • TLC Store Sales/Customer Service: 1-800-938-0333

Mailing Address

Though TLC customer service does offer a unique website, the company is still part of Discovery Communications. For that reason, the mailing address for your letter is the address for Discovery corporate. We’ve added an Attn line to direct the letter to the TLC customer service department.

Discovery CommunicationsAttn: TLC Customer Service1 Discovery PlaceSilver Spring, MD 20910

Official Website

You can find details about all the latest shows on TLC on the official website at Contact information for a customer service department is not something you’ll find unless you have issue with the TLC shop. All contact information outside of the shop appears to be through Discovery Communications.

Social Media

Most companies are adding social media networks to their communication profiles to stay engaged with visitors, customers and, in the case of TLC customer service, viewers. There are two social networks listed on the TLC website.

Customer Service Email

There is no shortage of customer service email forms and contacts on the TLC customer service website. You can choose to email TLC directly or contact Discovery Communications.

Our Experience

We chose to contact the TLC customer service phone number for the store, not the Discovery corporate office. Our call was answered by an automated message that let us know our call was going to be answered shortly. There was no list of options to choose from just a direct connection to an agent. Mark answered our call and he was more than happy to tell us if the clearance items we were interested in purchasing were in stock.

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59 Comments on “Contact TLC Customer Service
  1. This is the only way I knew to try to get info or get a message to June Shannon. My name is Darla Outlaw and I am helping with a fundraiser for a little boy in Reidsville Georgia that has cancer. We are having a festival to raise money for his family. I perform with some great people in the Tattnall Productions in Glennville Ga. and they are performing there also. Having June and her family there will be a great surprise for this little boy. Not to mention our little community. So if anyone could help me with my little mission I would greatly appriciate it. Thank you so very much for your cooperation.

  2. I recently started watching Long Island Medium. I love it. My question is why do you keep running the same episodes over and over? I love watching this but am getting bored because you show the same episodes. Are there no new episodes? D Curry

    • I just saw your promotions for honey boohoo, what a stupid show and and absolutely the most disgusting human beings on this planet, never watch your station and never will!!!! What won’t you do for money.??????

  3. I saw the preview to family s.o.s with jo frost and my family could really need someone like her right now. How would that work? how do I contact her? please respond as soon as possible.

  4. My 9 year old granddaughter has always been a fan of Toddlers and Tiaras. Recently she has stopped watching because of the language. Three-fourths of the show is bleeping because there is so much cussing. This show should be something a young girl can enjoy but lately it has become something that is unwatchable due to the language.

  5. you lose me as a customer every time I see those disgusting people on “HoneyBooBoo”…they give a totally wrong and prejudicial view of people living in the south…..I love Duck Dynasty because although they are basic country people they have values…the HoneyBooBoo people are trashy pigs

  6. Again I have to say that honey boo boo is just stupid! Now you are having a scratch and sniff show about their bodily smells! And having that brat fart on tv is just so ridiculous there are no words! I just dont get the people that watch this show. Sad to say they must be as stupid as the show. You guys screwed up with this show!

  7. How pitiful to celebrate and reward ignorance with honey boo boo. It is stupid and is worse than the equally stupid non reality Amish baloney.

  8. What were you guys thinking when you thought of honey boo boo watch and sniff?.. I’m sorry but who writes this stuff and who in your executive office approves it. Sorry to say I turn the channel when the commercial comes on which means I’m turning to a different channel. Wiith all the people living in this country you chose this family to have a show about?… Wonder why Americans have the reputation they have abroad. Just turn on the TV and have a look at that family. Hope the show flops and you come up with something a little more intelligent for your viewers to enjoy.

  9. I’m needing to speak to someone from the television station of TLC maybe a supervisor please regarding the television shows gypsy sisters and my Big Fat Gypsy weddingthis is regarding embarrassment and disgrace to the real gypsy culture in all ways of life and living and rules the shows that are aired on TLC is fake and trash this is such a disgrace to the real gypsy culture they are over 75,000 gypsys that are very upset and are all willing and wanting togetherand have a lawsuit against TLC for disgracing our culture for a drink or something that’s us gypsum he’s are very offended by because its all fake nothing true.. real gypsys are very saycert we do not act the way its beening showed on tlc real gypsys do not allow the things these people do, say or ack in our culture

  10. What happed to the show “Quints By Surprise”? That was seriously my favorite show! I know Im not the only one who wants the show to come back! Lets make it happen Please!

  11. i never usualy write or respond to any tv shows, but i need to say that TLC has sunk to the lowest form of crap. what are you thinking with this honey booboo shit? and to top it all off, the scratch and sniff ???? are you kidding me? i for one will never ever watch your channel again, its disgusting to say the least and you have found yourself at a new low, the honey booboo show/family are pathitic and it sickens me to know there will be people out there watching, hope yhour proud of yourself, you shouldn’t be, you should be ashamed, terribly ashamed and embarassed, what scum you put on your show, count me as one of many who will never watch your channel again.
    one sicken and pissed off viewer

  12. Well my parents are divorced but we all still live together. Both my mom and my dad are seeing other people and they are going to move in with us. Our family has discussed it and we were thinking that we want to put this on TV and call the show “A couple of couples”. My mother and her boyfriend are Mormons and my father and his girlfriend are not. We all plan to live in a house together and we are going to try to make it work with 3 kids and two sets of spouses.

  13. Honey BooBoo is the worst show I have seen in my life and now they are getting married? Have they ever been married? This is really showing our kids the wrong way to start a family because you normally get married first. Everytime I see their commercial I switch channels. Why don’t you put somthing on worth watching!!!!!

  14. Please respond- Hi I was wondering if there will be a season four of quints by surprise. If there won’t I really hope you make one. Thousands of people love that show. People are being for it to come back on with a season four on Facebook and twitter. If you were to make a season for it’s reading will be super high. Making you tons of money:) please make a season four that was my favorite show of all time. People really miss it and want it to come back on. If you check out the Jones Facebook you will see a ton of people keep asking “when will quints by surprise come back on” and ” TLC is stupid for not making a season four”. If you made a season for it will get high ratings and be much more popular than Honey Boo Boo (I hate that show so much). Please make a season four. That show can teach people how to handle tough situations and deal with everyday problems. People would actually be learning since you call yourselves the learning channel. I live the show so much. I feel like depressed without it. Please make a season four

  15. Please please please TLC have the show Quints by surprise back I am so desperate to watch it it was the best show i watched it every time (the reruns) such a disappointment

  16. I’m watching the first new episode of The Little Couple. I’ve seen every episodes since day one and love, love the show. What I do not feel is appropriate is when they call Will – “Buddy”. To me and some of my friends it is a name for a dog and please eliminate it and call him Will. He is so sweet and adorable. Hope my comment doesn’t sound inappropriate, but I love the couple and their new family life.

  17. Watched Honey Boo Boo last night the episode about wrestling. One of the daughters screaming at the black wrestler in his face! (I think that poor guy had her spit in his face) The racism was really showing! Sometimes it can’t help but come out.

  18. I love the shows on your channel but am tired of picture and sound always breaking up and sometimes screen goes black. Time warner says the problem is not theirs. Is there Any way you can fix the reception?

  19. Very disturbed that you would have a show that would pertain a man with a 132 pound scrotum. Apparently you have a need for a “wow” rating. I have always enjoyed your programming until now. You have pushed too far with this show. I understand this gentleman has a medical condition, and awareness is important but to make a show from this!!! Come on, way out of line in my opinion. I enjoy documentaries, but this is too much. I am certain you could have found something more family oriented to show.

  20. I just finished watching your first episode of extreme cougar wives. one of the young man profiled, Ian hickock is a young man of disreputable character. Not only did he lie about his previous martial status, he is guilty of animal abuse. His first marriage apparently ended in divorce, and he is a compulsive liar. Seeing that he was never married before on your show. After loosing my apartment unexpectedly 3 years ago, my daughter interviewed people extensively to adopt my beautiful german Shepherd. Ian came across as a caring animal loving young man of good character. I was able to visit with my dog and saw how happy she was with Ian. He took her everywhere with him. While he was still married he met gayle and left his wife to move in with her. Then one night a police station in Ma had a woman come in with a dog and said she fond it on the street. Due to having been micro chipped the police where able to contact me and subsequently found her a new caring home. He is a reprehensible and scheming young man.

  21. You are making a fool out of Poor people, Honey Boo Boo,marriage, sister wives, the Amish people. I think it’s absolutely Unbelievable that you would flaunt polygamy. Polygamy is illegal, who would have enough money to have 16 children, 4 wives, 4 big houses, pool, sport car. I refuse to watch & I feel strongly that he should be arrested. He looks like a pervert, having sex with 4 women. They act like it’s normal, it’s sick. In America you my only have one wife at a time. Why do you put polygamy on your TV channel? SICK. Why do you put those ignorant,
    uneducated, down right stupid people on TV, your channel is setting a very poor example.
    I think you Channel is far, far, from the Learning CHANNEL. It is an absolute sin to portray the
    Amish sect like you do. Those people are far, far from AMISH. Please stop putting these people on TV. Your TV Channel and executives seem desparate to ruin our morals.
    I think you are setting a very poor example of normal and what is correct. WHY? WHY ARE YOU PUTTING THESE SHOWS ON TV? Please Stop, You can do better for America.

  22. Please continue episodes of ” who do you think you are”. They are entertaining and have some educational value. That program says, the learning channel, a sharp contrast to some some of your programimg of the last few years! Why appeal only to those viewers whose I.Q is below 75? I know so many who are watching less and less TLC because of all the changes. Thais for reading this.

  23. That I am belong from India officially but my introduction as a international doon all international country and British borad custing channel also know me since 2008 but fact is why i writing to your channel ?I watch at night at indian time night like 12:30 am your progrram Get out and i watch few nude modeller are try to fack and distrub progrram i know here and world if any women open her cloth she can earning money but if any women open her cloth at tv channel to world people so she can most earning money but she i don’t know yeaster day she making the progrram hepo i don’t know who is the indian bllodyfull man or any hindu religion people contact to your channel and someting telling you and she just indin thin kutti (doggi) whatever who’s are indian hindu religion contact with your channel theya re must fack and nothing relations with me never and nothing and also i knowign you they are hate your cristchan religion maybe any thin kutti i mean thin female hindu kutti but i don’t have relations with any of thin kutti female here at india west bengal however first homework about me ?and how is relations with me international Community and it’s when since 2008 ok call the BBC WORLD CHANNEL i telling you here at hindu are just hate you and they are try to maky famous policy by using any of matter ………….ok do you find any of translatter who are translet bengali to english i writing something bengali please translet to english (amar sanga kono indian and westbengal kutti magir jogajog nai ami kutti roga sutka magi der sobsomy jutor talate rakhi i just hate kintu kutti sutka magi ra jara amake flow kara kintu amar sanga kono relation nai tar satto sudhu famous hobar janny amar sanga story bania famous hota chay but ami hat kari any of sutka roaga kutti magi .tahnk you

  24. Please remove the Honey Boo Boo Countdown off the screen
    of Who Do You Think You Are. It’s too big and distracting
    from an excellent show and it bothers me!
    I am disappointed to feel like I absolutely must
    send this. I can imagine the onslaught of emails and
    phone calls you started receiving once this began.

    Otherwise I enjoy your programming quite often.

    Mary Probst

  25. Why is that “Honey Boo Boo” junk on the screen during the WDYTYA show? It is very distracting and annoying. Who in the world cares? It blocks part of the screen.

  26. Watching Who Do You Think You Are, I am getting a screen full of Honey Boo Boo crap that is making it difficult to watch the show! I don’t watch or even want to watch or have anything to do with that joke of a show! So I don’t give a damn about the countdown clock.

  27. It is so annoying to try to watch a show, like Who Do You Think You Are, and have to put up with all the crap that’s overlaid on the picture. First it was a small logo in the bottom corner, then they added the #name in the top portion. Tonight they added a THIRD image for some stupid kid show that was advertised for during the entire episode.

    I’m not watching your shows anymore unless you stop this annoy trend.

  28. I have just watched the last of the ” who do you think you are ” Jim Parsons the celebrity the show was focused on. I find genealogy of interest. Unfortunately throughout the “show” icons advertising the odious debacle “here comes honey boo boo” was posted on the right side of the screen throughout the afore mentioned “who do you think you are” this was distracting. I can understand the need to advertise as the show ” here comes honey boo boo” probably has only a handful of viewers and you are desperate to make the “ratings”. In future please leave the advertising to nano seconds not the whole “show”.
    The learning channel was supposed to be educational. The content now is now sensational. I would sincerely wish your content would revert back to educational. Ditch all the ridiculous sensational shows. Please.

  29. I was extatic for TLC to have picked up “Who do you think you are,” however upon looking at a collective of this seasons guest, I became disappointed, appalled and disinterested.  In fact more obsessed with finding a means of which to express my disappointment for its blatant lack of diversity than with watching the show!  America’s history is so rich and diverse and I am hurt that TLC does not take the opportunity to explore our diversity through this would be exciting channel (no pun indented).  I feel highly dispresected…and I am of mixed heritage.  I honor the stories of others. Of all of us!  My interest in our historu runs deep, but my heart aches to see nothing but Caucasians fill an entire season.  It seems we are still living our shameful history! Shame on you! 

  30. Please have moreshows about the little couple and earlier in the evening as grand kids like it also. More with the sugars also

  31. Why must we be subjected to a countdown to some ridiculous show while trying to enjoy a legitimate program?? One quarter of the screen is covered in advertising for a show that a good number of your viewers aren’t interested in. (Read the comments people!) Do we not get enough of this shoved down our throats during the incessantly long commercial breaks? Enough already. I enjoy your quality programming but NOT the likes of Honey booboo. I realize it’s my choice not to watch that show and i exercise that right but I shouldn’t be forced to view distracting and utterly annoying countdowns and cheap attempts to get us to watch junk.

  32. You ruined some of your shows with that stupid Honey Boo Boo “countdown” garbage in the upper right corner of my screen OVER TOP perfectly alright shows (which are fewer and fewer on TLC these days). How dare you. I would NEVER watch a show that glorifies ignorance like boo boo. The show is disgusting and that countdown clock made me sick–and ultimately I had to turn TLC completely off. Whoever is in charge of programming over there has some serious issues.

  33. Last night you aired Cheer Perfection. I feel that you should of at least gave the winning team (Fire and Ice) a little longer moment of fame. I know a few of the girls were very upset because they watched the show thinking they were going to be on it. The Team Fire and Ice that came out on top 1st place was not even recognized in your story. Cheer competitions are tough, but why not focus on a winning team of girls who got it all together and has what it takes to be a cheerleader!!!! They put in a lot of hard work and dedication!!!!

  34. I realize that What Not to Wear is over, but why can’t you run marathons of the show, or put reruns on at a time when us 9 to 5’ers can watch. I was so disappointed that the last season aired the show at 10:00 pm (too late!). Get rid of that stupid Yes to the Dress show – it’s on too much – can’t believe there is an entire show dedicated to buying one dress; it’s incredibly boring. The best show on TLC was What Not to Wear and you never show reruns. TLC has become such a yawn and/or stupid (Honey Boo Boo is disgusting); there’s way too much crap. Bring back WNTW reruns!

  35. I like the fact that your getting beautiful young ladies from Alaska to date, but why not find guys in MN? I have a lot of the same interests as those ladies. Maybe they could make a trip to the twin cities?

  36. I have been watching JFK documentaries for weeks now and by far the best, most enduring, well produced documentary is your “Letters to Jackie”. Thank you and congratulations on a job well done. It helps those of us who remember to deal with the pain, while also educating those too young to remember about JFK’s legacy. Absolutely hands down the best JFK memorial!

  37. I am not sure who is responsible for the new shows on TLC but the worst has to be the nudists buying homes! There are getting to be fewer shows every season that are worth watching on your channel. There are only one or two shows that I watch on your channel and if the new shows dont improve I will eliminate TLC from our channel list.

  38. Hey TLC
    I live around the Chicago area,and I was wondering when will we be able to see more programming of The Best Funeral Ever. I understand that it has been televised in a few other states, home base Tx and now in Mn. How about the Chicago/Gary area. Thanks in advance.

  39. Dear Theresa,
    I am currently a high school student from Greenville , SC. I have always had a connection with loved ones that have passed. When, I was younger I started realizing that I have some type of gift. Just recently, one of my close friends from school passed and I believe that he sent me a warning about my boyfriend dying. He gave me insights of an event happening with some type of vehicle. I was stuck in the middle of the road after leaving my boyfriend’s house , crying hysterically. I kept saying that ,” Someone is trying to tell me something, and its something with a vehicle.” My boyfriend was scared out of his mind. He didnt know what to do, but hold me in the middle of the road. Almost a month later, my boyfriend died from getting hit by the garbage truck that he works on. I have been sad for days, but decided to start a research on the message they are trying to tell me. I now have this same feeling that something else is coming. The spirits of both seem happy , knowing that I’m interested in hearing them out. Now, I am continuing my research until I find out what the message is exactly. Theresa I really need your help and guidance of this situation. I hope to hear from you and feel the connection. If you could call me at 864-901-7652, that will be great. Thank you, so very much !

  40. I cannot get over the garbage you guys put on tv! Gypsy Sisters? What trash is this really what people want to see? I can’t believe this is The LEARNING channel! This is what you have to teach? !

  41. Is there anyway to see the previous full episodes of “Breaking the Faith”? I would like to start from the beginning and catch up to the current show.

  42. I thought this was “the learning channel”. The thing being learned is nasty language and horrible shows, such as Honey Booboo, Gypsy sisters, Naked and scared, Naked homebuying, toddlers and tiaras, all the amish programs. There are good programs, such as the little couple, the Rollofs, New Jersey Medium and a few others. My 11 year old grandson was changing channels when he ran across the naked home buying, looked at me and said “why do they have so many nasty and stupid shows on”?
    GET RID OF THE C—“. Not everyone can afford all the extended channels, so would love to be able to see more animal planet programs. You used to have alot of good shows. Where are they? Believe me, your channel isn’t the only one with bad shows, i.e. Keeping up with the Kardashians, all the housewife shows. Thank you.

  43. I wanted to contact TLC network for over a year. I do watch many of your programs. I have been very upset with Honey Boo Boo. I just saw today where the show was rescheduled to run another for another season. I am so ashamed of this program. The way our world is today and TLC chooses to provide such unsuitable program for those of all ages. Please cancel this program or I have no other choice than to stop watching your network. I also will continue to promote others to boycott your network. Vickie Wade

  44. I was very offended by the first episode of Outrageous 911. TLC and the policewoman that were downgrading the woman that was locked in her car and could not get out, saying she should use her manual door lock and use her common sense. This woman is NOT stupid by any means. This is a common glitch with the security system in some GM vehicles; I know because I have the same issue with my vehicle. When the security system disables the ignition, sounds the alarm; and locks you inside your vehicle, YOU CAN NOT UNLOCK THE DOORS MANUALLY, an electronic door jam keeps the doors locked for about 20 minutes and no matter how hard you try or push, you cannot unlock the locks manually. This security feature was created to stop intruders from stealing your vehicle by locking them inside and keeping them from being able to start the vehicle to escape the police. OH MY, how can we get out if there is an emergency and the car is on fire…oh yes, you can’t…you will most likely be injured while trapped inside until the security feature resets after 20 minutes. Can’t anything be done about this you ask? No, it cannot, after contacting GM; I was told that this cannot be fixed because this was not a problem they were aware of and there is no way the security system can be disabled. So TLC and Ms. Policewoman, you owe this poor woman an apology for something that is beyond her control. This needs to be taken off of the first episode, or an apology and disclaimer need added to that segment. Thank you and Bye bye.

  45. I am very disappointed as I do not see that the Long Island Medium show has been re-newed for the year 2014. I hope that I am mistaken . I see a lot of re-runs but what happened to her 2014 season? She is extremely popular and had such a good following, I cannot understand why you would not have re-newed the contract for her show. She has helped so many in dealing with the loss of loved ones, just through her TV shows, and I would hope that this would have some impact on the show continuing to be aired with new episodes. PLEASE, I would appreciate a response in this matter. There are so many REALLY stupid shows on TV these days, but this show really brings an uplifting and powerful message. PLEASE, reconsider if you are no longer showing new episodes.

  46. I love all the educational shows like Ancient Egyptians and stuff like that. I think TV has gone downhill in a major way with these stupid reality shows. Don’t know who pays to put them on but they are morons. I mean honey boo boo bullcrap and shows about fat people anddo people with missing teeth…anyways just please put something worth watching!!!!

  47. We were watching extreme couponing with our son and noticed at bottom of screen SEX SENT ME TO THE ER…Not sure why that has to stay at bottom of screen or even come up on the television. Is this what TLC IS ABOUT BECAUSE WE WILL NOT RETURN TO YOUR CHANNNEL. I think there is enough things kids can getinto without broadcasting this on Television. Thanks Eric

  48. WHY you broadcast Honey Boo Boo is puzzling to me. It is just plain NASTY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please add a disclaimer to the show that says: Warning…this show may be harmful to everyone. I’m so disappointed that it is on again this year. I will never watch it.

  49. Seriously……Beyond me how this Honey BooBoo thing keeps going year to year. Just read some of the comments posted and they’re all atrocious! DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I could not load the email page so I will post my question here. This is in regards to Penny’s story on TLC. Myself, along with many other viewers, were upset by penny’s lack of willpower. I’m just curious as to how true this story was as Penny herself, along with her friends, are posting that Penny actually lost 217 lbs and 41% of her BMI and TLC does not want her reporting this. I am curious if this is true. You can see penny’s comments on her public Facebook page.

  51. Hi, I am a teacher at Voyager Academy High school in Durham NC, and I am wondering how to contact TLC because my students did an Extreme Couponing project and purchased over 600 lbs of food. I am trying to contact TLC so that we can upload our pictures from our project, any suggestions?

  52. Hi i was wondering if there is going to be a new quints by surprise because that was like my favorite show. Please get back to me, PLEASE!

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