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Contacting TLC Customer Service Center

TLC or The Learning Channel is a cable television station known for outrageous reality shows like Honey Boo Boo, Cake Boss and Toddlers and Tiaras. The channel is part of Discovery Communications, which also broadcasts Velocity, Discovery Kids, Military Channel and the Oprah Winfrey Network.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

In addition to the main site information about the TLC network there is also a TLC shop. We’ve included contact information for both the site and shop when available.

Phone Contact Numbers

We were unable to find any TLC customer service phone numbers, but there are numbers for various management offices at Discovery Channel corporate. These numbers can be used in lieu of the contact email forms found throughout the TLC and Discovery sites, but email contact does appear to be the preferred contact choice.

  • New York Senior VP: 1-212-548-5555
  • Atlanta VP: 1-404-364-5839
  • Chicago VP: 1-312-946-0909
  • Detroit VP: 1-248-764-4400
  • TLC Store Sales/Customer Service: 1-800-938-0333

Mailing Address

Though TLC customer service does offer a unique website, the company is still part of Discovery Communications. For that reason, the mailing address for your letter is the address for Discovery corporate. We’ve added an Attn line to direct the letter to the TLC customer service department.

Discovery CommunicationsAttn: TLC Customer Service1 Discovery PlaceSilver Spring, MD 20910

Official Website

You can find details about all the latest shows on TLC on the official website at Contact information for a customer service department is not something you’ll find unless you have issue with the TLC shop. All contact information outside of the shop appears to be through Discovery Communications.

Social Media

Most companies are adding social media networks to their communication profiles to stay engaged with visitors, customers and, in the case of TLC customer service, viewers. There are two social networks listed on the TLC website.

Customer Service Email

There is no shortage of customer service email forms and contacts on the TLC customer service website. You can choose to email TLC directly or contact Discovery Communications.

Our Experience

We chose to contact the TLC customer service phone number for the store, not the Discovery corporate office. Our call was answered by an automated message that let us know our call was going to be answered shortly. There was no list of options to choose from just a direct connection to an agent. Mark answered our call and he was more than happy to tell us if the clearance items we were interested in purchasing were in stock.

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1,384 Comments on “Contact TLC Customer Service
  1. This is the only way I knew to try to get info or get a message to June Shannon. My name is Darla Outlaw and I am helping with a fundraiser for a little boy in Reidsville Georgia that has cancer. We are having a festival to raise money for his family. I perform with some great people in the Tattnall Productions in Glennville Ga. and they are performing there also. Having June and her family there will be a great surprise for this little boy. Not to mention our little community. So if anyone could help me with my little mission I would greatly appriciate it. Thank you so very much for your cooperation.

    • Please put back on the shows you had before until you decided to trade good shows for bad ones. And for goodness sake, take off LONG ISLAND MEDIUM AND TRADING SPACES AND WHAT NOT TO WEAR. Please put back on the good shows.

  2. I recently started watching Long Island Medium. I love it. My question is why do you keep running the same episodes over and over? I love watching this but am getting bored because you show the same episodes. Are there no new episodes? D Curry

  3. I saw the preview to family s.o.s with jo frost and my family could really need someone like her right now. How would that work? how do I contact her? please respond as soon as possible.

    • For the love of God TLC STOP with ALL the commercials!!!! I’m going to STOP watching totally!!!!! Good shows but NOT worth ALL the commercials!!!!

  4. My 9 year old granddaughter has always been a fan of Toddlers and Tiaras. Recently she has stopped watching because of the language. Three-fourths of the show is bleeping because there is so much cussing. This show should be something a young girl can enjoy but lately it has become something that is unwatchable due to the language.

  5. you lose me as a customer every time I see those disgusting people on “HoneyBooBoo”…they give a totally wrong and prejudicial view of people living in the south…..I love Duck Dynasty because although they are basic country people they have values…the HoneyBooBoo people are trashy pigs

  6. Again I have to say that honey boo boo is just stupid! Now you are having a scratch and sniff show about their bodily smells! And having that brat fart on tv is just so ridiculous there are no words! I just dont get the people that watch this show. Sad to say they must be as stupid as the show. You guys screwed up with this show!

  7. How pitiful to celebrate and reward ignorance with honey boo boo. It is stupid and is worse than the equally stupid non reality Amish baloney.

  8. What were you guys thinking when you thought of honey boo boo watch and sniff?.. I’m sorry but who writes this stuff and who in your executive office approves it. Sorry to say I turn the channel when the commercial comes on which means I’m turning to a different channel. Wiith all the people living in this country you chose this family to have a show about?… Wonder why Americans have the reputation they have abroad. Just turn on the TV and have a look at that family. Hope the show flops and you come up with something a little more intelligent for your viewers to enjoy.

  9. I’m needing to speak to someone from the television station of TLC maybe a supervisor please regarding the television shows gypsy sisters and my Big Fat Gypsy weddingthis is regarding embarrassment and disgrace to the real gypsy culture in all ways of life and living and rules the shows that are aired on TLC is fake and trash this is such a disgrace to the real gypsy culture they are over 75,000 gypsys that are very upset and are all willing and wanting togetherand have a lawsuit against TLC for disgracing our culture for a drink or something that’s us gypsum he’s are very offended by because its all fake nothing true.. real gypsys are very saycert we do not act the way its beening showed on tlc real gypsys do not allow the things these people do, say or ack in our culture

  10. What happed to the show “Quints By Surprise”? That was seriously my favorite show! I know Im not the only one who wants the show to come back! Lets make it happen Please!

  11. Well my parents are divorced but we all still live together. Both my mom and my dad are seeing other people and they are going to move in with us. Our family has discussed it and we were thinking that we want to put this on TV and call the show “A couple of couples”. My mother and her boyfriend are Mormons and my father and his girlfriend are not. We all plan to live in a house together and we are going to try to make it work with 3 kids and two sets of spouses.

  12. Honey BooBoo is the worst show I have seen in my life and now they are getting married? Have they ever been married? This is really showing our kids the wrong way to start a family because you normally get married first. Everytime I see their commercial I switch channels. Why don’t you put somthing on worth watching!!!!!

  13. Please respond- Hi I was wondering if there will be a season four of quints by surprise. If there won’t I really hope you make one. Thousands of people love that show. People are being for it to come back on with a season four on Facebook and twitter. If you were to make a season for it’s reading will be super high. Making you tons of money:) please make a season four that was my favorite show of all time. People really miss it and want it to come back on. If you check out the Jones Facebook you will see a ton of people keep asking “when will quints by surprise come back on” and ” TLC is stupid for not making a season four”. If you made a season for it will get high ratings and be much more popular than Honey Boo Boo (I hate that show so much). Please make a season four. That show can teach people how to handle tough situations and deal with everyday problems. People would actually be learning since you call yourselves the learning channel. I live the show so much. I feel like depressed without it. Please make a season four

  14. Please please please TLC have the show Quints by surprise back I am so desperate to watch it it was the best show i watched it every time (the reruns) such a disappointment

  15. I’m watching the first new episode of The Little Couple. I’ve seen every episodes since day one and love, love the show. What I do not feel is appropriate is when they call Will – “Buddy”. To me and some of my friends it is a name for a dog and please eliminate it and call him Will. He is so sweet and adorable. Hope my comment doesn’t sound inappropriate, but I love the couple and their new family life.

  16. Watched Honey Boo Boo last night the episode about wrestling. One of the daughters screaming at the black wrestler in his face! (I think that poor guy had her spit in his face) The racism was really showing! Sometimes it can’t help but come out.

  17. I love the shows on your channel but am tired of picture and sound always breaking up and sometimes screen goes black. Time warner says the problem is not theirs. Is there Any way you can fix the reception?

  18. Very disturbed that you would have a show that would pertain a man with a 132 pound scrotum. Apparently you have a need for a “wow” rating. I have always enjoyed your programming until now. You have pushed too far with this show. I understand this gentleman has a medical condition, and awareness is important but to make a show from this!!! Come on, way out of line in my opinion. I enjoy documentaries, but this is too much. I am certain you could have found something more family oriented to show.

  19. I just finished watching your first episode of extreme cougar wives. one of the young man profiled, Ian hickock is a young man of disreputable character. Not only did he lie about his previous martial status, he is guilty of animal abuse. His first marriage apparently ended in divorce, and he is a compulsive liar. Seeing that he was never married before on your show. After loosing my apartment unexpectedly 3 years ago, my daughter interviewed people extensively to adopt my beautiful german Shepherd. Ian came across as a caring animal loving young man of good character. I was able to visit with my dog and saw how happy she was with Ian. He took her everywhere with him. While he was still married he met gayle and left his wife to move in with her. Then one night a police station in Ma had a woman come in with a dog and said she fond it on the street. Due to having been micro chipped the police where able to contact me and subsequently found her a new caring home. He is a reprehensible and scheming young man.

  20. You are making a fool out of Poor people, Honey Boo Boo,marriage, sister wives, the Amish people. I think it’s absolutely Unbelievable that you would flaunt polygamy. Polygamy is illegal, who would have enough money to have 16 children, 4 wives, 4 big houses, pool, sport car. I refuse to watch & I feel strongly that he should be arrested. He looks like a pervert, having sex with 4 women. They act like it’s normal, it’s sick. In America you my only have one wife at a time. Why do you put polygamy on your TV channel? SICK. Why do you put those ignorant,
    uneducated, down right stupid people on TV, your channel is setting a very poor example.
    I think you Channel is far, far, from the Learning CHANNEL. It is an absolute sin to portray the
    Amish sect like you do. Those people are far, far from AMISH. Please stop putting these people on TV. Your TV Channel and executives seem desparate to ruin our morals.
    I think you are setting a very poor example of normal and what is correct. WHY? WHY ARE YOU PUTTING THESE SHOWS ON TV? Please Stop, You can do better for America.

  21. Please continue episodes of ” who do you think you are”. They are entertaining and have some educational value. That program says, the learning channel, a sharp contrast to some some of your programimg of the last few years! Why appeal only to those viewers whose I.Q is below 75? I know so many who are watching less and less TLC because of all the changes. Thais for reading this.

  22. That I am belong from India officially but my introduction as a international doon all international country and British borad custing channel also know me since 2008 but fact is why i writing to your channel ?I watch at night at indian time night like 12:30 am your progrram Get out and i watch few nude modeller are try to fack and distrub progrram i know here and world if any women open her cloth she can earning money but if any women open her cloth at tv channel to world people so she can most earning money but she i don’t know yeaster day she making the progrram hepo i don’t know who is the indian bllodyfull man or any hindu religion people contact to your channel and someting telling you and she just indin thin kutti (doggi) whatever who’s are indian hindu religion contact with your channel theya re must fack and nothing relations with me never and nothing and also i knowign you they are hate your cristchan religion maybe any thin kutti i mean thin female hindu kutti but i don’t have relations with any of thin kutti female here at india west bengal however first homework about me ?and how is relations with me international Community and it’s when since 2008 ok call the BBC WORLD CHANNEL i telling you here at hindu are just hate you and they are try to maky famous policy by using any of matter ………….ok do you find any of translatter who are translet bengali to english i writing something bengali please translet to english (amar sanga kono indian and westbengal kutti magir jogajog nai ami kutti roga sutka magi der sobsomy jutor talate rakhi i just hate kintu kutti sutka magi ra jara amake flow kara kintu amar sanga kono relation nai tar satto sudhu famous hobar janny amar sanga story bania famous hota chay but ami hat kari any of sutka roaga kutti magi .tahnk you

  23. Please remove the Honey Boo Boo Countdown off the screen
    of Who Do You Think You Are. It’s too big and distracting
    from an excellent show and it bothers me!
    I am disappointed to feel like I absolutely must
    send this. I can imagine the onslaught of emails and
    phone calls you started receiving once this began.

    Otherwise I enjoy your programming quite often.

    Mary Probst

  24. Why is that “Honey Boo Boo” junk on the screen during the WDYTYA show? It is very distracting and annoying. Who in the world cares? It blocks part of the screen.

  25. Watching Who Do You Think You Are, I am getting a screen full of Honey Boo Boo crap that is making it difficult to watch the show! I don’t watch or even want to watch or have anything to do with that joke of a show! So I don’t give a damn about the countdown clock.

  26. It is so annoying to try to watch a show, like Who Do You Think You Are, and have to put up with all the crap that’s overlaid on the picture. First it was a small logo in the bottom corner, then they added the #name in the top portion. Tonight they added a THIRD image for some stupid kid show that was advertised for during the entire episode.

    I’m not watching your shows anymore unless you stop this annoy trend.

  27. I have just watched the last of the ” who do you think you are ” Jim Parsons the celebrity the show was focused on. I find genealogy of interest. Unfortunately throughout the “show” icons advertising the odious debacle “here comes honey boo boo” was posted on the right side of the screen throughout the afore mentioned “who do you think you are” this was distracting. I can understand the need to advertise as the show ” here comes honey boo boo” probably has only a handful of viewers and you are desperate to make the “ratings”. In future please leave the advertising to nano seconds not the whole “show”.
    The learning channel was supposed to be educational. The content now is now sensational. I would sincerely wish your content would revert back to educational. Ditch all the ridiculous sensational shows. Please.

  28. I was extatic for TLC to have picked up “Who do you think you are,” however upon looking at a collective of this seasons guest, I became disappointed, appalled and disinterested.  In fact more obsessed with finding a means of which to express my disappointment for its blatant lack of diversity than with watching the show!  America’s history is so rich and diverse and I am hurt that TLC does not take the opportunity to explore our diversity through this would be exciting channel (no pun indented).  I feel highly dispresected…and I am of mixed heritage.  I honor the stories of others. Of all of us!  My interest in our historu runs deep, but my heart aches to see nothing but Caucasians fill an entire season.  It seems we are still living our shameful history! Shame on you! 

  29. Please have moreshows about the little couple and earlier in the evening as grand kids like it also. More with the sugars also

  30. Why must we be subjected to a countdown to some ridiculous show while trying to enjoy a legitimate program?? One quarter of the screen is covered in advertising for a show that a good number of your viewers aren’t interested in. (Read the comments people!) Do we not get enough of this shoved down our throats during the incessantly long commercial breaks? Enough already. I enjoy your quality programming but NOT the likes of Honey booboo. I realize it’s my choice not to watch that show and i exercise that right but I shouldn’t be forced to view distracting and utterly annoying countdowns and cheap attempts to get us to watch junk.

  31. You ruined some of your shows with that stupid Honey Boo Boo “countdown” garbage in the upper right corner of my screen OVER TOP perfectly alright shows (which are fewer and fewer on TLC these days). How dare you. I would NEVER watch a show that glorifies ignorance like boo boo. The show is disgusting and that countdown clock made me sick–and ultimately I had to turn TLC completely off. Whoever is in charge of programming over there has some serious issues.

  32. Last night you aired Cheer Perfection. I feel that you should of at least gave the winning team (Fire and Ice) a little longer moment of fame. I know a few of the girls were very upset because they watched the show thinking they were going to be on it. The Team Fire and Ice that came out on top 1st place was not even recognized in your story. Cheer competitions are tough, but why not focus on a winning team of girls who got it all together and has what it takes to be a cheerleader!!!! They put in a lot of hard work and dedication!!!!

  33. I realize that What Not to Wear is over, but why can’t you run marathons of the show, or put reruns on at a time when us 9 to 5’ers can watch. I was so disappointed that the last season aired the show at 10:00 pm (too late!). Get rid of that stupid Yes to the Dress show – it’s on too much – can’t believe there is an entire show dedicated to buying one dress; it’s incredibly boring. The best show on TLC was What Not to Wear and you never show reruns. TLC has become such a yawn and/or stupid (Honey Boo Boo is disgusting); there’s way too much crap. Bring back WNTW reruns!

    • My sentiments exactly. Soooo disappointed that What Not To Wear is over! It was a very instructional show not to mention wildly entertaining. Instead you (TLC) choose to run ENDLESS UPON ENDLESS wedding dress shows and I for one am sick of them. Why has TLC gotten in the habit of doing shows that show people in their worst light? Honey Boo Boo is a disgrace. Alllll those wedding dress shows are just over the top. Enough is enough. The Little Couple is a wonderful show and should be shown more. And I agree that you should do marathons of What Not To Wear. We, who LOVE it miss it terribly and would love, love, love, to see it in repeats since that’s all we have left. You’ve gone downhill considerably TLC and it’s a serious disappointment. You’ve sold your souls for the almighty dollar and apparantly there is no more standard. I find it appalling.

  34. I like the fact that your getting beautiful young ladies from Alaska to date, but why not find guys in MN? I have a lot of the same interests as those ladies. Maybe they could make a trip to the twin cities?

  35. I have been watching JFK documentaries for weeks now and by far the best, most enduring, well produced documentary is your “Letters to Jackie”. Thank you and congratulations on a job well done. It helps those of us who remember to deal with the pain, while also educating those too young to remember about JFK’s legacy. Absolutely hands down the best JFK memorial!

  36. I am not sure who is responsible for the new shows on TLC but the worst has to be the nudists buying homes! There are getting to be fewer shows every season that are worth watching on your channel. There are only one or two shows that I watch on your channel and if the new shows dont improve I will eliminate TLC from our channel list.

  37. Hey TLC
    I live around the Chicago area,and I was wondering when will we be able to see more programming of The Best Funeral Ever. I understand that it has been televised in a few other states, home base Tx and now in Mn. How about the Chicago/Gary area. Thanks in advance.

  38. Dear Theresa,
    I am currently a high school student from Greenville , SC. I have always had a connection with loved ones that have passed. When, I was younger I started realizing that I have some type of gift. Just recently, one of my close friends from school passed and I believe that he sent me a warning about my boyfriend dying. He gave me insights of an event happening with some type of vehicle. I was stuck in the middle of the road after leaving my boyfriend’s house , crying hysterically. I kept saying that ,” Someone is trying to tell me something, and its something with a vehicle.” My boyfriend was scared out of his mind. He didnt know what to do, but hold me in the middle of the road. Almost a month later, my boyfriend died from getting hit by the garbage truck that he works on. I have been sad for days, but decided to start a research on the message they are trying to tell me. I now have this same feeling that something else is coming. The spirits of both seem happy , knowing that I’m interested in hearing them out. Now, I am continuing my research until I find out what the message is exactly. Theresa I really need your help and guidance of this situation. I hope to hear from you and feel the connection. If you could call me at 864-901-7652, that will be great. Thank you, so very much !

  39. I cannot get over the garbage you guys put on tv! Gypsy Sisters? What trash is this really what people want to see? I can’t believe this is The LEARNING channel! This is what you have to teach? !

  40. Is there anyway to see the previous full episodes of “Breaking the Faith”? I would like to start from the beginning and catch up to the current show.

  41. I thought this was “the learning channel”. The thing being learned is nasty language and horrible shows, such as Honey Booboo, Gypsy sisters, Naked and scared, Naked homebuying, toddlers and tiaras, all the amish programs. There are good programs, such as the little couple, the Rollofs, New Jersey Medium and a few others. My 11 year old grandson was changing channels when he ran across the naked home buying, looked at me and said “why do they have so many nasty and stupid shows on”?
    GET RID OF THE C—“. Not everyone can afford all the extended channels, so would love to be able to see more animal planet programs. You used to have alot of good shows. Where are they? Believe me, your channel isn’t the only one with bad shows, i.e. Keeping up with the Kardashians, all the housewife shows. Thank you.

  42. I wanted to contact TLC network for over a year. I do watch many of your programs. I have been very upset with Honey Boo Boo. I just saw today where the show was rescheduled to run another for another season. I am so ashamed of this program. The way our world is today and TLC chooses to provide such unsuitable program for those of all ages. Please cancel this program or I have no other choice than to stop watching your network. I also will continue to promote others to boycott your network. Vickie Wade

  43. I was very offended by the first episode of Outrageous 911. TLC and the policewoman that were downgrading the woman that was locked in her car and could not get out, saying she should use her manual door lock and use her common sense. This woman is NOT stupid by any means. This is a common glitch with the security system in some GM vehicles; I know because I have the same issue with my vehicle. When the security system disables the ignition, sounds the alarm; and locks you inside your vehicle, YOU CAN NOT UNLOCK THE DOORS MANUALLY, an electronic door jam keeps the doors locked for about 20 minutes and no matter how hard you try or push, you cannot unlock the locks manually. This security feature was created to stop intruders from stealing your vehicle by locking them inside and keeping them from being able to start the vehicle to escape the police. OH MY, how can we get out if there is an emergency and the car is on fire…oh yes, you can’t…you will most likely be injured while trapped inside until the security feature resets after 20 minutes. Can’t anything be done about this you ask? No, it cannot, after contacting GM; I was told that this cannot be fixed because this was not a problem they were aware of and there is no way the security system can be disabled. So TLC and Ms. Policewoman, you owe this poor woman an apology for something that is beyond her control. This needs to be taken off of the first episode, or an apology and disclaimer need added to that segment. Thank you and Bye bye.

  44. I am very disappointed as I do not see that the Long Island Medium show has been re-newed for the year 2014. I hope that I am mistaken . I see a lot of re-runs but what happened to her 2014 season? She is extremely popular and had such a good following, I cannot understand why you would not have re-newed the contract for her show. She has helped so many in dealing with the loss of loved ones, just through her TV shows, and I would hope that this would have some impact on the show continuing to be aired with new episodes. PLEASE, I would appreciate a response in this matter. There are so many REALLY stupid shows on TV these days, but this show really brings an uplifting and powerful message. PLEASE, reconsider if you are no longer showing new episodes.

  45. I love all the educational shows like Ancient Egyptians and stuff like that. I think TV has gone downhill in a major way with these stupid reality shows. Don’t know who pays to put them on but they are morons. I mean honey boo boo bullcrap and shows about fat people anddo people with missing teeth…anyways just please put something worth watching!!!!

  46. We were watching extreme couponing with our son and noticed at bottom of screen SEX SENT ME TO THE ER…Not sure why that has to stay at bottom of screen or even come up on the television. Is this what TLC IS ABOUT BECAUSE WE WILL NOT RETURN TO YOUR CHANNNEL. I think there is enough things kids can getinto without broadcasting this on Television. Thanks Eric

  47. WHY you broadcast Honey Boo Boo is puzzling to me. It is just plain NASTY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please add a disclaimer to the show that says: Warning…this show may be harmful to everyone. I’m so disappointed that it is on again this year. I will never watch it.

    • I’m writhing here ONLY because your corporate site is down and I can not contact them there!
      Honey boo boo wasn’t that bad once it started but fame has gone to their head! Unless they curb their filthy mouth we will not be watching the program. One would think with the money received from TLC show they would get out of that dump of a house. I guess the girls think acting dumb is cute, however I feel like a Genius! I’m proud my children do not act in the manner they do.

  48. Seriously……Beyond me how this Honey BooBoo thing keeps going year to year. Just read some of the comments posted and they’re all atrocious! DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree. My kids watch it I just wrote a message myself. I’m disappointed with the filthy mouth and out right rudeness. I’m at the point of contacting Direct tv and cancelling the program altogether.

  49. I could not load the email page so I will post my question here. This is in regards to Penny’s story on TLC. Myself, along with many other viewers, were upset by penny’s lack of willpower. I’m just curious as to how true this story was as Penny herself, along with her friends, are posting that Penny actually lost 217 lbs and 41% of her BMI and TLC does not want her reporting this. I am curious if this is true. You can see penny’s comments on her public Facebook page.

  50. Hi, I am a teacher at Voyager Academy High school in Durham NC, and I am wondering how to contact TLC because my students did an Extreme Couponing project and purchased over 600 lbs of food. I am trying to contact TLC so that we can upload our pictures from our project, any suggestions?

  51. Hi i was wondering if there is going to be a new quints by surprise because that was like my favorite show. Please get back to me, PLEASE!

  52. I have really enjoyed watching Quints by Surprise but these are all reruns. I’ve read that the quints are now 5 yrs old. When will you air a more up to date episode?

  53. Nineteen kids and counting is a upsetting show to me. I had 4 kid and lost 3.There are people who can not have children. So Micheal’s statement to go fourth and multiply. No matter how bad some of us want to we can not. It must be nice to have all healthy childern

  54. I am writing to let you know as an African Americam growing up watching the Jeffersons, feeling proud we had a show with black people finally and you have the nerve to use their theme song for that horrible, peace of grap show “Honey Boo Boo” really? to even associate a classic sitcom as The Jefferson, and the great actors with your fake, trash reality show of while youre making fun of them, no class having, pitiful people. It’s an insult to the African Amercan as a people. Desecration!

    Please find their own song and leave history alone.

  55. With out your t.v show Could you afford your nineteen kids.Get a brain and learn about birth control.Like normal people have to

  56. NINETEEN KIDS AND COUNTING needs to learn.That her husband had to have a real job they would not able to afford nineteen kid.I WISH MORE THAN ONE OF KIDS WOULD HAVE LIVED .SHE NEED TO LEARN ABOUT BIRTH CONTRL

  57. I would like to take the time to let say I have been a TLC fan for many years. Unfortunately your shows are getting dumber by the day. It is like you give anyone a reality show now and day. i definitely think shows under the 5 million mark should be cancelled. i have know switched over to Bravo.Also you have no programs on African American culture. That is what you need!

  58. Hello Tlc… luv u guys. Only you have no fundamental educational shows. I am a recreational leader and would enjoy watching something involving kids ages eight to twelve. Kids here really struggle many of them are from single parent homes. They are very intriguing and could teach other kids just like them they are not alone.No network shows the struggles of a child having to go from daycare to babysitter because the one and only parent they have is always working, to be able to provide.

  59. Tlc is tricky tricky they seem to delete most of the comments posted on this page. My friend is a producer and told me they did this.It has just been confirmed! !!

  60. I am watching your show, the Sisterhood for the first time and I must say it is the WORSE SHOW ON TV! I am not a holy roller but to see so called first ladies act like trash is beyond degrading. I am curious to see the end of this Batchelorette part in Miami but this is it! I see why I stopped watching this channel and it will be a long time before I flip it back on. And yes! I will share this info with all of my family and friends to stop watching this channel all together, not to say write in do what it takes to get this unacceptable show off of the air.

    Totally Disgusted!

    Sonya Ann Armstrong
    New Orleans, LA

  61. Hi TLC. i use to like your network before. It has gotten pretty dull. All your shows are about meaningless things about simple nobody’s.Either the people you cast are white or white washed or white trash. You need to have shows like E and bravo. I’m sure your ratings will sky rocket.please make sure there not ugly or fat or bald. Also it would be nice if they spoke proper English.I know what I am saying my friends and I have a pot luck/realty shows face off once a month your definitely going down. You need to have more shows about women no more ugly men we get it there out there change the channel

    Thank You

  62. Wow really ur shows are getting more and more RIDICULOUS. Just want to let you know I will no longer be watching your network!!
    What is next a bunch of 40 year old men looking for love is space.. lol!!!

  63. I was wondering why your network is the only one with ugly people.
    even if you have naked people or sleazy shows like the dumb one about going to the E.R. they are still not worth watching. Who picks theses people monkeys??? You need to have good looking people guys and girls. No more fat ones please…. That’s why I watch E. Tell you Ceo they need to upgrade on the people they cast.

  64. Why is it that there are so many men on your shows? Enough!!!We need to see more females, why do you not have any Latinas on your network?

  65. I think it is very smart not to have Latinos on the Network period. They will not get high ratings.Latinos are not stuck on reality shows like Whites.

  66. I would like to report Dr Maria Elena Kendall . This Dr is a fraud has been having a post on craiglist for 3years that she has an open position for front desk when in reality she “trains people” to work then she doesn’t even pay them just uses them to do the labor such a horrible person. Plain Rude costantly yelling at employees telling them they are mentally retarted, idiots, slow. If you take what she thinks is too much time doing a certain thing she will clock you out for 30 minutes. While you are still working but not getting paid for it.

  67. Whats up tlc when are you going to have good looking people on your channel like the housewives on bravo????? your getting lame along with the people you cast now days.

  68. I would love there to be a show that my whole entire family can watch. I am a single father of two teenage girls. Sadly all these
    reality shows are quite disappointing. I have faith in your network
    to be the first to provide something families can relate to. Nothing about sex dating drugs parties all the shows have that. Can’t you be a little more civil and educated then all the other lousy networks. Thank you for your time.Don’t let us Americans down.

  69. Hi,

    I am a mid thirty year old living in the fabulous city of L.A.
    First off I wanted to commend your network for standing out from all the others. I just wish there were more shows my two little ones and I could watch all together. When will you have new shows?
    I hope they do not involve anything crazy such as drugs alcohol sex parties or nudity. America is in a shortage for those shows. You forget about families and definitely kids. That is your biggest audience. Thank You.

    Arlene Nixon.

  70. I am in high school this is my last year. Is there anyway you can create a show where it shows the real struggles of a teen boy that try to get into sports but because of his race and weight can’t. I know both girls and guys will identify with the same thing.
    Please help we need to help and make a difference.

  71. A big shame on TLC for “SUEING JOHN GOESSLIN FOR A HALF OF A MILLION DOLLARS, FOR BREECH OF CONTRACT. ALL HE WANTED TO DO WAS PROTECT HIS CHILDREN FROM PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE. AND YOU GREEDY CORPORATE PSYCHOPATHS. I spit on you. Then you have the appalling and disguisting audicity to gag him for two years. There is a saying “THE TRUTH MAY BE A SLOW WALKER, BUT IT WILL WALK A LIE DOWN EVERY TIME.” This is going on twitter every day, for the next generation “TO BE INFORMED”. I am blocking the tlc channel from my Television. .. YOUR LACK OF RESPECT FOR FAMILY VALUES PKACES YOU IN THE CATAGORY OF DEPLORABLE”

  72. 90 Day Fiance is the best show you have ever put on TV. Please bring that show back. I also wish it was a longer series on more days a week.

  73. I have heard through the great vine that soon you will be filming a show based on some guys that make parties. I personally think that if you show what happens at these parties it is encouraging all these teens to break the law to use drugs. There is alcohol nas tanks and drugs being sold at these parties. What is wrong with you for even considering something with such low caliber. I thought your network was different.

  74. By the way all these teens are under age and if they get into a club twenty one or older they dont even need I.D. just to tip someone twenty buck sometimes less. You will get a lot of L.A. clubs in a big hot mess then they will go after legal action with your network. Good luck.

  75. I am a huge fan of your network, but the repeated commercials for upcoming shows, is so excessive, it’s VERY IRRITATING. So much so, it makes me sometimes change the channel, & I thought you should know. Thank you!

  76. In todays world no one could afford nineteen kids or five wives.Quits by suprize is only half realistic show you have. and they says stuff cost to much. Half of our country is out of work and homeless.But the Duggers minaster to other countrys

  77. March 06, 2014: I normally never watch TV during the day, but something compelled me to turn on the TV, and TLC was the station being presented. It was the show “Hoarders”. I think the gentleman’s name was Danny or Donny, whom lived on the East Coast. He had retired from the US Marines, lived in a house on the coastal shore with his 5-6 goats and treasures that masked his demands. This is a man that risked his life, for the lives of all of us. I so related to him. I have been a registered nurse for many years. Nurses too have memories of awful things that has happened to those we have come across in our lives, and have seen them in pain, suffering and dying, and we are helpless to Gods will. I felt the pain in his heart and soul. And yes, if ever the chance, I would give him a big hug and offer my listening ears in hopes it would lessen his grief and suffering guilt, so that he could find peace. He has sooooo earned it!!

  78. Since our country is broke.How do the Duggers minaster to other countryies.Since there are so many americans out of work, homeless , hungery.HOW CAN YOU SUCH STUPIDDY

  79. I am commenting on these awful shows about multiple wives, first it was Sister Wives now it is my Five Wives. Last I knew it was illegal to have more than one wife. This is not teaching our children the best way to live their lives. It is degrading to women and one show was one too many. Now there is another one, don’t tell me not to watch, I do not watch, but there are many people being exposed to this crap. Mainly young people. I thought your Chanel is called the Learning Chanel. I would not teach my children what you are putting on the TV for all to see. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I think you need to take these shows off the air.

  80. I love Myrtle Manor!I want more it wasn’t enough more episodes please.I want a season 3 and more episodes in 3. I have been to Myrtle Manor twice since the show started, the people there are so nice. So please could we havee more.

  81. Regaurding the baby girl on Honey Boo Boo with the extra thumbs.I’m a Shriner and this sounds like something that the Shrine Hospital would take care of for free. If they would contact a Shriner in their area and they should be able to set that up or they could contact the Shrine Hospital in St.Louis and see what they think. If they can’t find a Shriner in their area i might be able to send you some information.


  82. Please please bring back Myrtle Manor. It had a great season two and the season finale was touching. Lots of your viewers want a Myrtle Manor season three.

  83. Would love for you to bring back What Not To Wear.Loved Clinton and Stacey however there must be more stylist out there just waiting for a chance to show their talent

  84. I’m confused. If a person spoke to your children the way that miss dance moms or toddlers and tiaras “teachers” do….they’d be arressted and brought up on charges of verbal abuse! Why is it ok on your shows? How is this acceptable? I am sooooo disgusted that you – TLC choose to reward them. I can’t STAND these people and it is NOT OK for them to speak to CHILDREN this way. Is this the way we teach our kids compassion? Kindness? Understanding? Patience? NOPE! YOU – TLC are teaching them that the more HORRID their behavior the more they’ll be rewarded. It is disturbing and disgusting. Shame that you’ve sold your souls TLC. I dono’t know who does programming but they need to stop!

  85. Please please please keep “sister wife’s going they seem sincere instead of some that are putting on show only for appearances. Also the little couple, great show. The love they have for each other their kids and humanity is so wonderful to see. They seem so sincere and to be so upbeat with everything they have been through. Fantastic parents. It’s also very uplifting to me as I lost my son in Iraq and child of 2 and another 13 hours. So to watch them together tells me there are still good people. The kindness radiates right off them. So thanks for these great shows. Still unsure of the show Medium still deciding if she’s for real. As I would love to know about my son I lost in Iraq. And would like to meet her. Ya wishful thinking. AUH we can all have dreams can’t we?

  86. It broke my heart when you dropped Toddlers & Tiaras, but now I can’t live without my Honey Boo-Boo! PLEASE bring them back!

    Kelly Bell

  87. Please convey to Rhonda on My Five Wives how incredibly offensive it is to hear her say that “maybe dreams don’t come true”, all because she can’t adopt a baby. You are in a unrecognized relationship and are already a mother!!! As I lay here, sick from a methotrexate shot that I was given to resolve an ectopic pregnancy! You are an ungrateful woman! I have had 10 plus miscarriages and still manage to be grateful for my dreams coming true! I am married to a wonderful man and am the stepmother to two wonderful sons! I certainly don’t feel sorry for you or the situation that you find yourself in! Ridiculous!!!!! Thank God for what you have and quit acting like a spoiled brat!! I’m sure Rhonda will never see this, but I was compelled to right this regardless.

  88. Hi I have watched all episodes of Myrtle Manor both seasons I do HOPE you guys are BRINGING THEM BACK!! PLEASE!!!

  89. I am wondering how to contact someone about the show My 600LB life because My husband is over 500lbs and we talked with the doctor here were we live and they said they wouldn’t do the weight lose surgery until he lost over 100lbs but he has been on a lot of different diets and can not lose the weight he can hardly even walk because his knees are bone to bone and he has a bad back also and cant get any help with any of those until he loses weight SO PLEASE if anyone can help I beg of you to do so.

  90. I have some fun show ideas for 19 kids and counting.One,have them build a underground tornado shelter,they have the skills and equipment to do so. I was in a For and every since Joplins tornado I have high anxiety every spring for this family who I care for.Even though they have a steel frame house,a direct for would destroy their home and whoever is in it, please consider this .A home makeover is well over do also.Thanks!

  91. The show 5 wives should be totally removed from your lineup, it’s very offensive. I do believe it’s a slap in the face for traditional married couples. How can someone even respect someone with the attitude this “gentleman” have?

  92. Please – Please – Please bring back Myrtle Manor . The show has gotten so much better.I look forword to seeing what they are up to every week 🙂 Thank – You for puting them on. Now you just need to renew them for season 3 🙂 HaHa The Clown went to se them and had her picture made with Miss Becky 🙂
    Donna Budd Lovejoy is my facebook is my web sight.
    Bring Back Myrtle Manor
    Thank- You For Your Time

  93. I want to know when season 3 of Myrtle Manor starts!! I really love that show!! Please bring the show back! Season 2 ended like there had to be a season 3!! We all want to know if Anne is going to except Marvin’s proposal!! It just can’t end at season 2!! We want our Myrtle Manor back!! Please!! Get rid of Honey BOO Boo!! Put Myrtle Manor in its time slot!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  94. Please remove the show My five wives from the airways! Why w3ould you be desperate enough to come up with such immoral, stupid garbage??? Come on, you can do better!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. I love the show 19 Kids and Counting. I loved watching the old episodes in the morning everyday and the new episodes on Tuesday nights. Recently you took the daily morning show off the programming. This is one of only a few decent shows on t.v. Can you please bring back old episodes and in the order they were shown? Please? People only learn filth, bad language and how to disrespect your parents from shows like Honey Boo Boo. People learn to respect parents, to love, be kind and giving from 19 Kids and Counting. The world is a terrible place to live in. Maybe with more shows like The Duggars it will improve!

  96. I want to keep viewing Long Island Medium(your other shows
    are unwatchable…the BooBoo show…the ridiculous Amish show..
    sick people all of you)..but as I was a teen in the 1970’s, I
    believe women should be taken seriously. Theresa Caputo is
    a wonderful woman..but she dresses like she’s a hooker! All my
    friends say “oh, you don’t watch that hooker do you?”. Can some-
    one bring in a dream team to get rid of those skin tight clothes
    and hooker heels? She’s a beautiful gal who needs some help.
    I hope it’s not some 25 yr old nitwit producer who sets up her
    wardrobe(it’s just awful and embarrassing).

  97. Bangladesh was not portrayed in a proper way in TLC. A lot of beautiful places were not shown. I would request them to show the beautiful parts of Bangladesh.

  98. I love watching the little couple but one thing I can’t understand. Why is the timeslot at 10p.m.? I think it would be a very educational program for children to learn tolerance for little people. Programs like Extreme Cougar wives and who the bleep did I marry has no value to merit a 7 p.m. time slot. Our children need more shows they can watch than the last two. Please reconsider.
    Thank you.

  99. Please please please bring back Welcome to Myrtle manor it’s the only reason I watch TLC.

  100. I find your programs intoxicating….cant stop watching..however..the people involved are certain to fail in real life
    Exposing…exploiting..not real…how do they afford lavish lives l?

  101. Without a doubt this my favorite channel. But I do miss more of the extreme coupling show. It encouraged me to be more frugal. Even I do not do as well as your stars, the show always teaches something new, even when I have seen the show before. Please bring it back…

  102. Without a doubt this my favorite channel. But I do miss more of the extreme couponing show. It encouraged me to be more frugal. Even I do not do as well as your stars, the show always teaches something new, even when I have seen the show before. Please bring it back…

  103. Hello, I love watching your shows but I have recently been having trouble finding shows on your on demand channel. Sister Wives’ season has started and I want to watch the episodes that I have missed on demand. The problem is that Sister Wives is not on your on demand options to watch, and I have been checking every day and it is still not available. Please address this problem soon.

  104. Please, Please, no more Kate Gosselin and her kids. We have had enough. We love TLC, but you have made a big mistake on bringing back the media wanna be Kate. Nothing special about any of them. No more please. We will not watch, watch a bunch of kids doing nothing but this and that. I can sit across the street from my home and watch kids in school. Please, no more Kate. She is a media “whore”. Wants to be on TV all the time. And you are letting her. Enough.

  105. Hello, I watch tlc all the time. I enjoy watching kate plus eight,19 kids and counting, little people,and all the other shows that let you in on others lives and see their everyday struggles. I have watched many shows, but I havent watched anything about type one diabetes. My son was diagnosed when he was three. It was heart breaking,i knew nothing about this disease. I would love to see a show about type 1 diabetes and the struggles the child anf family have to go through. I HOPE to hear back and I hope to see a new show. Thanks ashlie

  106. Please stop bringing Kate plus 8 onto our televisions. She is a money grubbing mother exploiting her children for profit. I find her despicable and switch off your network when she appears.

  107. Re Kate and her kids. Please, Please, TLC, we are sick of her. Her kids are nothing special, was way back, but not now. You are indulging Kate’s need for celebrity, and she has none. Please, do not put that on your show again. We are sick of the whole family, especially Kate. What makes you think we want to see that self absorbed Kate anyway? Enough is enough. She had her fame, let it go. I must now not watch your show till a few months from now, because I don’t want to give her any more credit than you do. She, Kate, has nothing special to add to TV, her kids are boring, and she is too. Thank you.

  108. Each yr your station puts on more stupid shows than any other channel. TLC used to have class and lived up to name of The Learning channel. Only thing learn now is how low tv show can sink
    TLC now means The Lousiest channel. Surprised you did not get the Bachelor and Bachelorette show because they are on par with many of yours “pure Junk”

  109. I have loved so many of your shows, example The Little Couple. Shows like that. but, I have to admit, TLC has sunk to a new low by your Honey BooBoo program. You talk about trash TV, in my opinion this is a perfect example of it. I have serious concerns about how this little girl is being raised for one thing. They are teaching her to fart on camera, her language is horrible, and I will never watch the show. It’s far too low life for me. It makes no sense that you would have this type of programing on the air. I am so disgusted, just at the thought of this program. I think TLC is being dropped from what watch. some people out in the world have taste, and this isn’t it.

  110. After watching “Kate and the sextuplets” turning 10 show I wondered if anyone noticed how ill this woman has become. It’s astounding to see the personality changes that have occurred in this woman. Her parenting skills are less than appropriate. I realize that a lot of what goes on with reality t.v. is staged but this woman demonstrated these same personality traits while on “Dancing with the Stars”…It will be a miracle if these children don’t carry emotional scars into their adulthood.

  111. It is very disappointing to think that TLC is supposed to be a “learning channel” yet takes on a show like Honey BOO Boo, one of the most repulsive, idiotic shows. I wouldn’t let any child I know within miles of that family. No respect, no values, disgusting acts of stupidity. Really? Is this the best you can come up with after having decent family shows like 19 kids and counting and cake boss, The little couple, etc.

  112. The summer of 2012 is the first time I saw honey boo boo on television. Your channel. Previous to seeing that, my husband and I were discussing getting rid of our cable service because every channel plays so many reruns, we couldnt understand what we were paying for. And your show Honey boo boo made our decision final. It is the most disgusting television show I have ever stopped to watch for 2 mins. We stopped our cable the next day. And didnt have it for 2 years. We decided to try cable again and sure enough, its the same stuff I was watching years ago. So we shut it off again. We have had Netflix for 5 years and that is all we need. Television is a non stop horror show and your channel is the worst.

  113. Kate Gosslin may be a single mother, however, having been a single mother for 17 years, I have to say she doesn’t speak for the majority of single mothers, definitely not for me. She is a disgrace to any “true” single mother. We don’t care how we are dressed to pick up our children at the bus stop. The least of our worries is if we have hair extensions, artificial nails, or an estate for our children to have a pool to swim in. Most single moms want our children to have a great education, treat others well and as we would like to be treated, and have health insurance for the unexpected mishaps, have friends and a relationship with their father. Good, bad or otherwise he is there father. Didn’t see John at the Birthday party! I have raised two sons on my own and they make me proud everyday with their accomplishments. One graduated from College, has a great job and lovely lady in his life and the other has taken a road with struggles. . . he is a father who is now married to the love of his life and at the age of 28 is in Management. I know how hard the road of a single mother is and the flip side of reward. Kate Gosslin doesn’t exemplify any of my values, morale’s, expectations or gratification of a single mother. I truly feel sorry for her! Really, someone who didn’t want a dog has a bird flying around her home eating off plates! She wears a pink wig and wants to be the CLOWN! I can’t begin to think what her teenage children think let alone the 10 year olds. How truly SAD! The show isn’t about the children it is all about her!!! I will never watch another episode!

  114. Just watched the “Kate plus 8” birthday special.
    PLEASE do more!!!
    I so enjoy the kids and their lives.
    They are so much fun and have such unique personalities.
    More, more, more, more please…

  115. When Honey Boo Boo first was aired on TLC it was a nice family atmosphere. Now, the mother and kids have no respect for each other. The kids cuss in front of June and Sugar Bear like it’s nothing. On the last episode Sugar Bear and the girls used the “B” word towards June about 10 times. All this was done in front of Honey Boo Boo. This type of behavior is unacceptable for a family program, you have young children watching this. TLC should have more respect for the audience that is watching their family reality shows.

  116. Please explain to me why TLC continues to air shows with Kate Gosselin! As much as she wants to be a “star” she is not. Maybe it is time for her to get a real job. She tried to capitalize on the “Jon and Kate plus 8 fame” to no avail. TLC keeps trying to keep her famous. Please, end this! Does TLC plan on following this family for the rest of their lives? Is a show in the future going to be called “Kate chooses a retirement village”?

  117. Any plans on doing a show “Where are they now” of the weddings on 4 Weddings? would be exciting to see how the couples are doing after the wedding.

  118. I AM BOYCOTTING TLC, TLC has lost me as a viewer!!! I refuse to watch ANYTHING Kate Gosselin appears on/in. Get rid of Kate Gosselin then I will return to viewing TLC programs.

  119. I want to ask the directors of tlc channel, please I would like to make a reality show about autism, this time they are born more and more autistic children, and when autism in the early stages is so hard to detect, I would appreciate if they did a show with parents and autistic children, high torque would help parents who have autistic children, thank you for your atencio

  120. Please put on The Little Couple more. Reruns it’s the only live show that I watch. I do not like honey boo boo,sisters wives or any of the others

  121. What the hell is going on with TLC shows. Is it really necessary to put a show on ” Honey Boo Boo ” so we can listen to the family fart. burb, and swear their way thru making money. Who cares about sex sent me to the er and buying naked what happened to the good old days with Litle People, Big World , or Little Couple, you should try supporting those 2 shows instead posting garbage for people to watch it is absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!!!

  122. We are watching this channel more and more. Love the Long Island Medium and now are watching Leah Remini. Thanks for great shows as ABC and NBC are no longer out cup of tea.


  124. I happened upon Here Comes Honey Boo Boo while flipping channels.I saw the the family dog matting in their front yard.Isn’t there anyone with any brains(oviously not)like the camera crew,anyone that can take that dog and have it spayed?With the crisis of pet overpopulation in this county it would be the right thing to do.It is clear that these idiots aren’t going to do it.I’m sure they make enough money per episode thjat they can afford to have that done.Why don’t you do a reality show on shelters across the country that are forced to eutanize dogs and cats everyday because there are not enough homes.You can also do a great service and do a reality show about puppy mills,and pet shops.It is a shame to waste people’s time on garbage like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.Doesn’t TLC stand for the learning channel?Then why don’t you have a show that educates people about the pet over population problem.

  125. I hope that the Little Couple show comes back on soon so that I can see the 2 adopted kids grow big as the show goes on. Oh, the Indian girl is so pretty, and so cute. I can just see that the Little Couple are the good parents to them because they are so nice people. I just love to watch them all the time.

  126. Where is the Little Couple & Nineteen kids & counting &Kate plus eight,the stuff you have replaced them with is gross…what is the matter with you….I will never watch tlc again,you guys suck………


  128. Why o why do you continue to play the show honey booboo? They are gross ignorant ppl….by the way your network subtitles it’s even obvious you appreciate this ignorance.. I do not watch I wanna continue searching my cable guide that costs well over $100 a month to see a millisecond of commercial about it…
    Shame on tlc for sponsoring this garbage!

  129. I have just finished watching Say Yes to the Dress The Big Day about “Kristi” pro cheerleader who married a pro ball player.This is the worst episode I’ve ever seen! This “Kristi” is a spoiled brat who demands things go her way. This episode needs to be renamed Bridezilla Rich Brat. Stop showing episodes like this or you will lose loyal viewers. This tarnishes the reputation of the Say Yes to the Dress series.

  130. Please do not put anymore Kate Gosslin shows on. I did not watch the special of the kids turning 10 because, I believe at this point it is child abuse for her and TLC to exploit these children. You do have other shows I like. 19 kids and counting are one of my favorites. Please, sever your relationship with Kate Gosslin. Thank you!

  131. I have an idea of a show called team swag. it will be a talk show for ages 13+. we will keep it really and clean. we will have celebrate gossip and have a man on the street. the man on the street will be the person who will ask what the people think. there will be 4 sets on set for 4 cast. we will also have movie previews. we will also have time to thank black legions. we will give shout out to people on face book and tweeter, and people that email use. we all read have a face book page called team swag.

  132. Our family used to enjoy your original programing but in the last several years it seems like you have gotten desperate. We strongly object to your opening season premier of who do you think you are featuring Cynthia Nixon and HER WIFE (GAG) dressed like a man. Do you really think american families want to see this TWISTED betrayal of families? We don’t appreciate your gay and lesbian agenda. This is just one sample of what your degenerate programing has become. We are not prejudiced toward anyone but to see this sinful lifestyle portrayed on your network is DISGUSTING. We will no longer watch your channel.

  133. Watching Sunday Brunch….do not need to see June of Honey Boo boo making a dessert licking her fingers while touching the cake…freakin disgusting as is she…gross

  134. I Love Lucy aired from 1951 – 1957. I started watching I Love Lucy about 2 months ago at Midnight. You show the same episodes over and over. I think you are only showing about 5 – 7 episodes. Surely you can televise more episodes. I will be changing my Cable TV programming to get different channels. TLC is definitely one I am considering on cancelling. Repeats, Repeats, Repeats



  137. I have watched two episodes of ‘who do you think you are’ and find that rich people, who could certainly research their lineage themselves, are awarded the costly ‘adventure’ of finding out ‘who they think they are’. I suggest you do the same program, but with those of us who CANNOT afford such a wonderful, or not so wonderful, gift of ‘who we think we might be’. To waste this adventure, which could result in either good news, or bad, on people who already have the money to have done it, is just ANOTHER entitlement of the already rich. I would LOVE to find out about my ancestors. pick me!

  138. I agree most with every one else enough Honey Boo Bo all the time. What happened to Friday night bridal night night? So enjoyed it. Your programs are really disappointing.

  139. Afternoon, I love Extreme Couponing so much that I watch episodes of it while I clip my coupons. I watch it on Netflix which means I have seen seasons 1-3 a gazillion times. Therefore please consider releasing more episodes to them so I can see different ones. Thanks you so much.

  140. I have a story that I feel will be a great feature presentation on TLC. Ive titled it, “History In The Making”.

    I, Jenado Benjamin Sr. have a remarkable and historically significant story that I would like to share. On 11/4/08, the day President Barack Obama was elected my son, Jenado Jr. was born with chronic kidney disease and other health issues that still plague him to this day. Currently Jenado Jr. is receiving Hemodialysis three times a week. At this point a kidney transplant would be the cure all for his kidney disease.I am a single father who is very much involved in his care and doing my best for him. For the past five years I have racked my brain around how I was going to personally assist with Jenado Jr. continual medical care and maintain my fatherly and financial responsibilities (finding him a donor,.school loans, housing, and transportation concerns). Not realizing God had his own plan for Jenado’s future well being and healing. Recently, I was in a car accident and my physician suggested that I go to the hospital for follow-up care, including scans due to my lower back pain. At the hospital on August 12, 2014, a scan was performed and the results revealed that I had “duplicate kidneys on my left side” and one kidney on my right side. In total, I was told I had three kidneys. The news was a both a shock and a miraculous surprise for me and my family. This is just the beginning of my remarkable story that many can benefit from because prayer and hope.

  141. I love most of the shows on TLC and will even watch reruns of most of them. However, I just watched a show I thought this season would be different and it turns out to be one of the worst shows on TV. Gypsy Sisters isn’t about being sisters at all. I would have thought after they watched the past seasons episodes, they would try to clean up their acts a little bit. I was so very wrong. They are worse with the fighting, obnoxious behavior and consistently showing how immature and dramatic (look for the camera!) they are by not listening and really trying to make peace. Seriously. If this was my family, I wouldn’t associate with them no matter how many times they apologized. They cuss, they stir up trouble between themselves and now they are dragging other family members into it. What is this teaching their children? This is not real life and I have chosen to delete the show from my line up. If I want drama like this I’ll watch Congress try to make a decision!

  142. Why in the world did you have to destroy Friday Bridal Night. Now it is such a mix-up of shows, and I agree Honey Boo Bo. bad choice for Friday night thanks. I started watching other shows because of your bad choices. Well doubt if this means much to you but, jus one unhappy patron of Friday night.

  143. Enough with the Duggars already! Good wholesome family but they are on all day and now all night almost every day. Way too much of a good thing. Now it is terribly boring. How about giving some of the other shows a chance?

  144. Your new show Angels Among Us are you kidding me?? Do you ever research the content you are pitting out there? This woman maybe gifted but she is giving out the wrong information: Angels DO NOT TALK AND HAVE NEVER BEEN HUMAN! Therefore, telling people that there brother, grandfather are their Guardian Angels is truly FALSE! Just like the Long Island Medium who says she talks to those who have died, this is not always possible. Why can’t you do a show that is accurate. Giving the public the wrong information is not educating humanity in any way nor helping the world elevate their souls. You want a good show contact me.
    Only Guides speak not Angels!!

  145. Angels among us: she is so inaccurate it is disgusting. As a medium, clairvoyant I am embarrassed. She even says “who ever is coming thru” my God!! Please have respect for us who do know what we are doing!!!

  146. I absolutely loved Angels Among Us! Rosie is a truly beautiful person and a blessing to those around her! She is the real deal! I hope to see many more shows!

  147. We were just wondering, were we going to see Jill & Derick’s wedding before the baby is born?
    The same question for Ben & Jessa?

    The return of Kate plus 8 so now you have NO standards????

    I am sure you will ignore this as well!

  148. With respect, I would like to inform TLC that I will no longer be watching “Say yes to the dress”. I took religious offense to a scene where two openly lesbian women were kissing in an episode of the Atlanta version of the show. I would hope that in the future TLC will keep their shows religiously neutral. Thank you

  149. Please tell me that taxpayers are not footing the bill for the subjects’ surgery/medical care depicted on My 600-lb Life. So far all are unemployed, probably on Medicaid, so who pays???

  150. SICK!!!SICK!!!SICK!!! of the Duggars. Enough is enough, it is time for them to go. They have made enough money off TCL. Now they are getting married and making more Duggars. Please take them off…sick of all of them.

  151. I have really enjoyed tlc over the years but now it should be renamed Duggar tv. It is all Duggar all the time. I am really so tired of seeing them. They are sickening sweet. I have found other shows on other channels and will not be returning to a network that is has nothing more to air than one show.

  152. I watched the september 14, 2014 episode of the Long Island Medium – Theresa participated in a fundraiser for Fight 4 Autism. It was a great episode, but I would have hoped that there would be information posted for viewers who would benefit from more information on Fight 4 Autism. Is there a way for you to post a link at on your website and at the beginning or end of the next episode.

    thank you very much

  153. I watch several of your programs – enjoy them very much However,I
    just found out that the little couple isn’t being shown on tv in n.c. When I try to find out why, I can’t get a response. I feel like I’m living in Russia—–just live, rely on the government and for goodness sakes, don’t ask questions. Since this is going
    to tlc, I’ll ask again….why isn’t the little couple showing in n.c. on the 2014 season???? Thank you, I’d really luv someone out there to tell me…………if u know the answer.

  154. 19 kids and coumting is way to much they went on tlc to support those kids and you can’t tell me with that many kids life is so peaceful to me the show should be stopped so the viewers cam’t support their lifestyles while we have homeless and hungrey children in the united states and all she wants to do is pop them out like candy bars from a machine a lot of couples can’t have children and she sits there bragging i think the show is disgusting

  155. Oh TLC where are the good old days of Trading Spaces, Moving on Up
    Clean Sweep etc. Your new “reality shows” have been so classless. How can you keep the acronym TLC to mean The Learning Channel? It should now stand for The Losers Channel. I Will need to boycott sponsors. Just heard Kate plus 8 is coming back on the air.

  156. I think that nineteen kids and counting should be taken off the air.Because because I can only have one child or less. DOES that mean that jesus god and do not love me

  157. 19 kids and counting needs to be cancelled! At first I thought they had some good morals, but then I realized the psychotic nature of this breeding machine. They are supporting females as baby machines and sex slaves. The girls have no other choice but to marry and breed. Jessa DuggarSewald is making offensive comments about the Holocaust vs abortion. The show has way to much insane politics and the worse part is that TLC allows them to cover-up their real cult under the heading of Independent Baptists! They are Gothard/Phillips Quiverful Cult movement! This show offers Deception in the name of Jesus while supporting the Republican party! Now that’s a combination only TLC could dole out $$ for. Shame on TLC for allowing such a despicable show to be aired — filled with lies and degredation.

  158. I cannot find the little couple on TLC in the LA, Calif area. Are they going to be shown anytime this year? If not, why not. A reply would be nice. Thanks, jackie

  159. Really looked forward to Four Weddings on the weekend. Apparently someone there thinks Say Yes to the Dress is the better audience grabber. You keep replacing Four Weddings with Say Yes each time it pops back. Now you have it on at 12 Pm weekdays when I’m at work. Keep your Yes to the Dress on Friday night when people who don’t go out get to watch…and weekedays when people who are lucky enough to not have to work get to watch. I get to watch weekends when I don’t have to work. The 10 Am – 12 PM time slot was ideal. Please stop trying to get Four Weddings off. It’s a good show.

  160. Bring back Four Weddings to the Sunday, 10 Am-12 PM slot. Please. Stop bombarding the channel with Say Yes to the Dress. Keep that to the Friday night time slot, the weekday 12 Pm timeslot, and every time slot where non-working people can watch. Please. Bring back Four Weddings to the Sunday, 10 AM-12 PM slot. The programmer sounds young and stupid. Put them in the Friday, 10 PM slot. I think they fit there. People like to go out after work on Friday and do housework on Sunday while watching Four Weddings. Bring Four Weddings back to Sunday. Please.

  161. I’m saying No to Yes to the Dress on weekends. I’m saying Yes, Bring back Four Weddings. I’m saying hire a new programmer. One that will preferably give a show more of a chance than 3 weeks. You ruined my Friday night. Wah, wah, wah.

  162. I ‘m wondering why you would run a program such as Sex sent me to the ER? Really is anyone interested?
    Won’t be watching the TLC channel any longer. Would be nice if you could “clean up your act.”

  163. I work for mason health care Warsaw Indiana and I am thinking about quitting my job
    I l love my job. I have been a cna for 15plus years and worked many different. Types of nursing facilities but never have I been treated the way that they have treated me and other employees.i have been talked down to and treated like some kind of animal and was told that I didn’t have what it takes to be a cna
    also had remarks about being from Kentucky. I have never had a complaint in all my years . You can ask some if the residents on the 200 hall about what kind of cna I am. I have never been so hurt by a company before.i love my job and the residents but I can not work for a company that treats there employees like that. Sincerly Alice ritchie

  164. TLC advertises that new DUGGER show will be shown on Tuesday
    evenings (Pasadena, CA, ch.770) and all we get are repeated
    re-runs. People magazine has pictures and stories on Jill
    Duggers wedding months ago and we are still being shown her
    engagement pictures. There are enough Dugger stories to have
    NEW shows each week. TLC will lose viewers if they keep repeating old shows. We should be seeing Jessa’s engagement
    pictures as People says her weeding is in November.

  165. I only had one healthy child I lost one eighteen moth old and one thirteen month old and an eight old. Some people can not have one healthy child.So is it fair for them to brag on there nineteen. When I would have bin happy with 2 living children .GET THAT SHOW OFF THE AIR. I a m sure that mom that lost sick children feel the same

    • yeah I wasn’t blessed with a successful attempt until I was in my 40’s. aside from that, I question the number because the world population capacity. it doesn’t matter if you can afford to feed or housethem or use the excuse that it is not crowded in rural Arkansas. the big realistic picture is that there are so many places where billions of people live that don’t have the privilege of not living in below standards conditions. even more, for people who are so adamant about being biblically aware, one of the commandments is to :love thy neighbor: which would include being conscious of renewable AND non resources that deny or take away from someone elses ability of using them. we aren’t here to take as much as we can now at the expense of future generations. if so, w should not have children. they might be nice and mean well but they are not responsible global citizens or loving they neighbor. that is delusional. I commend them for their behavior and for being so active in helping others. these are good role models to follow, but being conscious of how many people they bring into this world should also be considered. while unlike in china where having more than 1 child is severly frowned on, is not a sin, we have moral responsibility as well to consider. if birth control is not a religious option, abstaining is not sinful.

  166. Thomas writes ,
    I just finished watching the program on the inside man .they noted they’d never found the map . I caught earlier in the program that the killer had noted that the Falcon head watched over the dead ..have you considered looking for the map inside the Falcon head for the map? .it is very possible to do so .

  167. I saw a special about the 18 year old girl named Hannah last week on TLC, she had a type of dwarfism. I thought that whole hour special on her was very interesting. I was hoping she had her own show but it seems it was only for one time. I think TLC should pick up a series about Hannah and her life if she would allow it. I just asked my cousin about it and she said she watched it a month ago and she loved it also.

    I agree with others on here saying that the Duggar family show should be cancelled.

  168. It’s time to pull the plug on Honey Boo Boo and her dysfunctional family. I hope TLC will have the decency to cancel the show in light of “Mama June” dating a man who served time for the molestation of a child! Why give that family any attention?

    • Kay Martin. It is not true. She has not seen the man for 10 years and stipped dating him when she found out about the molestation. Has this not happened to any on before? It’s not her fault.

  169. Just read online that TLC was considering dropping Honey Boo Boo now that the piglet’s mama has been photographed leaving a motel room with a man just out of prison for aggravated child molestation. I don’t care what the stated reason is-just get that entire disgusting family off the air. Yes, I can change the channel; but while doing so I can only wonder how anyone can consider this to be “entertainment”.

  170. Thank you for cancelling the Honey Boo Boo Show, having a CHILD MOLESTER on it , makes me want to vomit. He should still be in jail, never to be let out so he roam the streets and look for more little innocent children. How can a Mother bring that into her home knowing this has happen when her DAUGHTERS /GRANCHILD live there? What statement is she making to the world? How does the Victim feel about this? OMG what a horrible disgrace. TLC took the right action. What do her Daughters think of this? Now that is what you call TRASH.

  171. I think it is horrible of you to cancel “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”. Did you not ask June about the false accusations. I am so sad,
    yours is another network I will not watch any more. I’m running out of thing to watch.
    Diane Ludwig

  172. I would like to say you are the dumbest people to have ever aired you should be took off the tv guide because you have to right to cancel any show do you not no how to read DATING!!!! All of you guys should be fired!!!!

  173. SO glad to see Honey Boo Boo off the air, such nasty talk,nasty people.. now to get the rest of the junk off.. no more 4 wife’s one guy.. those two shows make me sick, go against most morals… we need more ‘little people, 19 kids and counting, family shows.. get the smut off TLC. please.. good start with HBB.

  174. Dear Sir/Madame: I beleive that your cancellation of that show you had on called honey bo bo was overdue. I your goal was reality in the south, well you did it. What the talk is all about is common. As a Northern transplant to east Ky , I can vouch that around here, where ther is talk, there is something going on with kids. it is a 3rd world here. I commend and hope someone from the production crew with go on cnn and expose all this child sexual thing. Thanks.

  175. The only comment I have is, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take Honey Boo Boo off TLC. And it would be nice if 19 kids and counting would go to an island and be gone forever !!

  176. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for canceling Honey Boo Boo! I only watched the show for ten minutes and was disgusted by the farting, belching and “I don’t care what you think about me attitude”. I raised my son to have manners and here is this pig telling her children it’s ok to have bad manners AND getting rewarded (huge paycheck)!!

  177. 19 Kids and Counting has to get cancelled. I was appalled when I found out the mother and father (don’t remember their names as I only watched the show once) were at a fertility clinic trying to find out if child number 20 would be possible! Are you kidding me! I know there is another family that has 19 kids and she might get pregnant (younger woman). I think the Duggars are feeling competitive!

  178. Hi TLC, I was wondering when ate you going to bring back honey Boo Boo I really miss it and I am upset that you took it off please bring it back soon if you don’t bring it back i’ll never forgive you please I know you can’t, But it broke Honey boo boo fans all over the world even me so I ask when is honey boo boo coming back please answer me and this is a friendly reminder thanks and have a nice day

  179. Thank you for finally cancelling “here comes Honey boo boo” Its a shame that “The Learning Channel” glorified poor eating habits, farting, burping, and other rude habits none of which were followed by “excuse me” but instead with laughter. Teaching or showing viewers the benefits of being courteous and respecful to others could be a positive opportunity for a netwok that calls itself “The Learning Channel.”
    while it is unfortunate that people do behave this way, it is no different than having a show about an alcoholic or drug addicted parent raising their children in a less than healthy environment and thinking it is funny. Letting a child eat a cube of butter or buying a case of cookies at an auction is so sad. While an adult has choices, a child does not have the same ones or the ability to procure healthier ones. Any parent that encourages their child to get diabetes, high cholesterol kidney damage, loss of vision, and eventually leg amputation isn’t far off from providing cigarettes and probable cancer. The only positive thing my children got out of this show is how not to act, and to be appreciative that some parents make a lot of effort to care for and set good examples for the children to follow.

  180. Thank you TLC for canceling that idiotic show Honey booboo!!! I saw one episode to see what it was about. I was shocked and embarrassed for you TLC.

  181. Please “ENOUGH” of the Duggar’s I am tired of the reruns of reruns of reruns, Pease air some other reruns or put something new on, I am tired of seeing the overbearing father, I will not watch when there’re on……….Amelia Becker

  182. After watching Angels Among Us and Long Island Medium for 5-6 episodes, with both my husband and myself enjoying them very immensely, suddenly they were gone and replaced by 90-day Finance – a total antithesis! Why? The season barely got going, so it surely isn’t because that was the extent of their “season”. We really looked forward to Rosie and Theresa on Sunday evening. Why are they gone, replaced by something so opposite any devoid of any spiritual thought? Please bring back Angels Among Us and the Long Island Medium!

  183. I do watch and enjoy some of the shows TLC airs, and I dislike some others. These are my personal preferences. TLC is not breaking any law by airing shows nor and I breaking the law by preferring to watch The Little Couple, Say Yes To The Dress or the Cake Boss over Toddlers and Tiaras and perhaps Here Comes Honey BooBoo . Although in defence of the family featured In Honey Boo Boo ; one could see parents trying to raise their children in a loving and supportive home.
    TLC must address however it’s promoting of illegal and criminal activity . Let me explain by way of example and comparison. Illegal and criminal behaviours are not new to network airing and television viewers. Here I think of Intervention as one example. This,show,may have aired on another network, however I am sure you,at TLC are aware of it. That being , I would like to state it is very evident that this show did not promote,the behaviour and perhaps subsequent illegal activity, on the contrary the show was designed to up hold the law , while offering help to the victims of the crimes and criminal behaviours witnessed on camera.
    At this point I would like to bring to your attention 2 shows TLC not only airs , but promotes as well the illegal and criminal activity . The very structure of the shows highlights the illegal and criminal behaviours, dressing it up as a right and freedom . The shows in question are My 5 Wives , and Sister Wives. Polygamy is illegal,and criminal , even when entered in by consenting adults. The argument of polygamists featured in your shows is that they are normal people and it is their religious right to practise polygamy. Really, the United States of America has now ruled polygamy legal,and no longer a criminal act? Until such a time as your highest courts do so it remains illegal. It would be absurd in fact disturbingly outrageous to take another illegal,and criminal activity like let’s say torture ,even if one could find consenting adults, and high light it as a religious right and freedom. So why Dose TLC promote and highlight this illegal and criminal activity. Must this grave and serious overlook be pointed out! What of the underaged and vulnerable children, involved directly , and indirectly by way of potential viewing this family program. Please come to your legal senses and cease from airing these programs.

  184. I do watch and enjoy some of the shows TLC airs, and I dislike some others. These are my personal preferences. TLC is not breaking any law by airing shows nor and I breaking the law by preferring to watch The Little Couple, Say Yes To The Dress or the Cake Boss over Toddlers and Tiaras and perhaps Here Comes Honey BooBoo . Although in defence of the family featured In Honey Boo Boo ; one could see parents trying to raise their children in a loving and supportive home.
    TLC must address however it’s promoting of illegal and criminal activity . Let me explain by way of example and comparison. Illegal and criminal behaviours are not new to network airing and television viewers. Here I think of Intervention as one example. This,show,may have aired on another network, however I am sure you,at TLC are aware of it. That being , I would like to state it is very evident that this show did not promote,the behaviour and perhaps subsequent illegal activity, on the contrary the show was designed to up hold the law , while offering help to the victims of the crimes and criminal behaviours witnessed on camera.
    At this point I would like to bring to your attention 2 shows TLC not only airs , but promotes as well the illegal and criminal activity . The very structure of the shows highlights the illegal and criminal behaviours, dressing it up as a right and freedom . The shows in question are My 5 Wives , and Sister Wives. Polygamy is illegal,and criminal , even when entered in by consenting adults. The argument of polygamists featured in your shows is that they are normal people and it is their religious right to practise polygamy. Really, the United States of America has now ruled polygamy legal,and no longer a criminal act? Until such a time as your highest courts do so it remains illegal. It would be absurd in fact disturbingly outrageous to take another illegal,and criminal activity like let’s say torture ,even if one could find consenting adults, and high light it as a religious right and freedom. So why Dose TLC promote and highlight this illegal and criminal activity. Must this grave and serious overlook be pointed out! What of the underaged and vulnerable children, involved directly , and indirectly by way of potential viewing this family program. Please come to your legal senses and cease from airing these programs.

  185. A few days ago , I came across a show on this channel called “I didn’t know I was pregnant “. Normally I watch a lot of shows on here . When I saw I was completely grossed out and made me uncomfortable and scared me , it shouldn’t have ever been put on the air at all , u people who work their should ashamed of yourselves and are pathetic and sad .

    You people put others on this show for drama and nothing else , it’s complete bullcrap. It’s a pretty good indicator when u don’t have a period and gain weight that your having a baby . Think about what you put on tv before grossing everyone in America out . No one needs to see that , if I see something like that again I will call costumer service and complain

  186. Please don’t tell me you you are canceling 19 Kids and Counting. I’ve been watching your network, and them since you and they started. It is cleancut and we have no doubts what they believe and it is a breath of fresh air!

  187. I absolutely love the Little Couple and 19 Kids and counting. I have read where you are getting a lot of hate mail about the Duggars and are being encouraged by the gay community to remove it. Please consider the fact that many of us love this family and their convictions. Everyone has the right to like or dislike something but we also have a remote control and a brain and we can change the channel if we don’t want to watch something. Taking it off the air to please a few is violating our right to watch it. That is not American. Neither is damning people who are decent. Decency was once the norm in America and it was a much greater nation than it is today.

  188. I love 19 kids and counting! It is one of the few family shows left anymore! Please don’t let haters allow the show to be canceled

  189. Please do not cancel the 19 kids and counting. It is one of the only good shows on tv now a days, and one of the few things I let my children watch.


  191. I am responding to a petition to have 19 Kids and Counting taken off the air..There are very few programs that are wholesome, family proframs. One of them is 19 Kids and Counting..another is The Little Couple..Please address this, because many many people will not be watching TLC any longer if you cave into demands of the gay community…Thank you..If there is a petition to keep them on the air, let the viewers know..Thank you..Fern Thompson

  192. I find it interesting you will continue to keep shows about all kinds of people except Christian values. you can have people half dressed, weird family mixes but won’t let 19 kids and counting with holesome family values stay on the air. I will be discontinuing watching your network.

  193. PLease do not take 19 Kids and Counting off the air. I love it and so does my 10 year old daughter. It is one of the few show that we can watch together that doesn’t involve inappropriate language, half nudity, etc. You get it. I will be so disappointed if you cave to these people petitioning to have it taken off the air. They are not your viewers anyway. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and so do the Duggers. It is their religious beliefs and I commend them for sticking to them. They don’t hate the Gay Community ( I don’t think they have a hateful bone in their bodies) , they are just not willing to cave into what they believe. I personally dont give a crap what the Gays want to do or if they want to be Gay at all, but just like them the Duggers are entitled to speak their beliefs. Why is always a controversy when everyone in the world doesn’t share the same beliefs as the Gays. I will be so saddened and soooooo disappointed with TLC if they chose to cancel the show. I believe you were correct in cancelling Honey Boo Boo. The show was ranched anyway. However, if you chose to cancel the show you will be taking off the one show that does show good family values! Watching and waiting………please don’t disappoint your faithful views.

    • Mrs. Duggar, however, is a hate-filled, venomous liar. Her goal is to make those with very difficult lives suffer as a result of her poisonous assertions. She wildly maintains, in front of national media, that transsexuals only want to use restrooms in accord with their gender preference so they molest children in them!!! This is such a ludicrous, wild assertion, with no basis whatsoever in fact, that it’s appalling that she would even think such nonsense. I would never allow a child of mine to watch this show!

  194. I find the shows on your network to be generally uplifting, quirky sometimes, but all-in-all, a channel I like to choose for good television. To cancel the Duggars because of their beliefs is NOT GOOD PR. If a show does not follow what I believe I have a choice to change the channel. I have to agree with some of the comments about tolerance goes both ways. I believe in marriage between one man and one woman, but I also allow all men (and women) to worship how, where or what they may. I know several people who are in the gay/lesbian category of gender, good people, compassionate etc. This does not mean I agree with their choice of companion or would accept them to use the term “marriage”, but if they wish to make a legally binding “union” that is their choice, not mine. To consider cancelling the 19 and Counting or any other show which follows a moral standard of Biblical value, whether Christian or Jew or whatever denomination would be a terrible mistake. Please do not cancel this show.

  195. I value Christian morals and I really enjoy your show 19 Kids and Counting. It is one of a few TV shows as a family that we can watch together. The homosexuals have their opinions and us Christians have ours. Do we not have freedom of speech in the USA? I like a lot of your programs such as The Little Couple, Say Yes to the Dress, and many more. I am praying that you will keep 19 Kids and Counting on your channel. Thank you for your consideration.

  196. Our country was founded on Christian principles and “The Duggars” helps remind those who have lost sight of that. We need more programs which promote sound family values and faith in the Lord!

    • That our country was founded on “Christian principles” is not supported in history. Now, if the Duggars and the fundagelical groups are examples of “Christian” belief and behavior, heaven save me from Christianity!

  197. I wish to thank you for the great family centered programing on TLC. I appreciate clean family fun and drama. I understand that programs such as the Jim and Michelle Duggar show are under attack due to their strong beliefs and values. I believe that everyone has a right to their own beliefs and thoughts and values and just being on TV does not take away their right to stand for what they believe. I do not think that belief in strong family values and marriage between one man and one woman is adversely opposed to the respect and love of others who are of a different set of values and beliefs. I believe that the programing of Jim and Michelle Duggar is still very important and of value to all those who watch TLC. It would be a unjust act to remove them from the TLC programing.

  198. If TLC cancels “19 Kids and Counting” I will no longer watch any programs on TLC. Cancelling this show amount to persecution of Christians.

  199. We love 19 Kids & counting! Please respect the opinions of your heterosexual viewers and don’t be strong-armed into bowing to the homosexual community. There aren’t many wholesome shows on t.v with good moral messages- please don’t take away the show that we love so much! Thank you TLC and the Duggar’s for your family friendly show!

  200. I hope that 19 kids and counting will be canceled, everytime I watched I believed Jim Bob and Michelle were truly for love and tolerance. I really felt betrayed when I realized that Michelle when she is not on the show goes out deliberately and tries to stop a bill giving equal protection for jobs and housing for all. When she realized that this included gays she really wanted to stop the bill.Josh goes and gets a job on the FRC a group that lobbys against gays and that one of the main workers belonged to the KKK, that was the last straw. I am against discrimination I worship Jesus he did not discriminate. These people had an agenda and TLC made it very easy for them, They use their popularity to stop bills that help all people. They openly discriminate. TLC you can do better screening the people you put on our airwaves, go back and really be the Learning Channel. Thank you for letting my voice be heard. My family will not watch 19 kids and counting even if you keep the show on. God bless you

  201. TLC. Please do not cancel 19 kids and counting. I love this christian family. If people have a problem with their beliefs, they can change the channel. I look forward to each episode as well as the reruns. God please bless this wonderful family.

  202. 19 Kids and Counting needs to be pulled from the air. Mrs. Duggar has publicly spread venomous filthy lies about our transsexual brothers and sisters. She has claimed, before national media, that transsexuals only want to use the rest rooms of their gender preference so they can molest children in those bathrooms. Not only is this ludicrous, it is a wild departure from the truth!! She claims to be a Christian, but her hate-filled assertions are an utter and absolute violation of the most basic tenets taught in Scripture. Fortunately, my children are all grown, but I would not like grandchildren watching this woman, nor would any underage children ever be allowed to watch this.

  203. I have watched reruns of What not to wear today and loved it. I hope TCL can bring more makeover and style productions. I do not like all of the other reality programs.

  204. I am not sure if this is the right venue for a complaint but
    can’t seem to find anything else. I have just finished watching
    your 1st episode of The Little Couple for 2014 and I have such
    a headache it isn’t funny. I really enjoy the show but the
    background piano music is so loud you can barely here the
    dialogue. Is this like this on every show? If so I won’t
    be watching it as it is very distracting and annoying.

    Thank you and I hope you will direct this to the proper place.

  205. He tlc friends.i am at JFK now.and it’s raining.and there is no space for praying.we moslim brothers want u to make one mosque in JFK lot even if its one room no problem and this is must plz.its an important issue plz think about it

  206. Your programming is horrible. For example. 1 minute of 90 day fiance is like watching less than a preview. Snipets. Then you show 10 minutes of ridiculously annoying commercials and I’ve lost all interest in the program I wanted to see. It’s sooooooooo annoying. What is going on? The show is more like a commercial than a program. You don’t even get a chance to sink your teeth into the characters. After this I will never watch another show on TLC and I know tons of people who feel the same.

  207. Last night’s 89 Day Fiance programming was the worst I have seen. I was unsure of whether the LI Medium was replacing the originally scheduled show or not; between the normal commercials and the added ones for her, it interludes were longer than the show content. Disgraceful-and a poor decision on the part of the producers to do it in that way. I hope it was an aberration.

  208. Cancel 19 kinda and counting. It is enough with the program. I am tired of the artificial schemes to make a show. And I dislike the religious aspect of the show. They are preaching at times.
    How can you promote a show, when this is a house with NO TV. They do not live in the real world of the USA. But a small cult environment. I turned off the show last year. It makes me sick to see a show where girls are not equal, are not educated to the earn a good living and not experiencing the real world. Let these children go to school with all sorts of families and beliefs. Let them move away and get college educations in cities.
    Women of the USA, speak up and fight for the freedom that I fought to give you in the 1960s.
    And then there is the gay and lesbian issue with the Dugger family. Shame on them. They probably have a gay child living in their house. If you have 19 kids, some will have different lifestyles. You should be proud of every child and what makes them different / special.
    I remember how they lived before they built their present house. TLC and its paycheck changed their lives. Enough of the show! People, stop watching it! And TLC will get our anger over the show.

    • I much rather watch 19 Kids and Counting then Kate plus 8 or Sister Wives or 90 Day Fiancé. It’s not cult at all that’s like saying the Amish are a cult no it’s a way of living they chose to live. Yes they are Christians and not ashamed to say it if they were Muslim it would be ok for them to live their life. I homeschool my child and he has a great education better one on one that a school could not give him plus he does much more life experience. They don’t ask for government help to raise their kids.

  209. KatePlus8…LOVE the kids especially the little 6. Miss seeing them on TLC. Glad the kids are back on 5 upcoming specials. Good Move on the part of TLC. Thanks ! 🙂

  210. I am disgusted to know that The Duggar family had a hand in getting LGBT rights reversed in AK. The fact that those bigoted hate filled morons are part of one of your shows is shameful. I’m calling my cable company and having them remove your channel from my service today.

  211. Our family is really upset that we can’t watch the Duggars together anymore. We love the Duggars and the show! Please return the Duggars to their slot. We need more of the Duggars, not less.


  212. Thanks for canceling Honey boo boo. It has always been a disgusting show. I have never watched it but saw the commercials if I didn’t speed thru them fast enough.
    But now, why the heck are you showing reruns? June s still getting paid, and has a child molester around to boot.
    Ditch the reruns too.

  213. Thank you for the movie “The Secret Santa” showing on TLC right now! My 9-year-old son is riveted! You’ve given me another magical Christmas season with a child who was on the verge of disbelief. It’s also a touching movie that’s making me teary-eyed. Thank you for showing this type of show!

  214. PLease take my fives wife off your network… Nasty show no one needs to see it… Please take off all the re- runs off your network.. Yes to the dress is great but all,re-runs… Boring….

  215. For Good grief, whoever does the music in 90 day fiance sucks!!!!! You can’t hear anything the people are saying. It is horrible!

  216. To whom it may concern. I just wanted to drop a line and let you know something. I am a 57 year old gay male living in the state of Virginia. Every day I wake up and live my life just like everyone else on this planet. I feel blessed that I have awesome friends and a supportive family. I eat, drink, work and play just like a straight person. There’s one hitch though, when I get on the computer in the mornings to check my emails I see hatred spewed at me from all directions. All because I love a man and not a woman. A lot of the hatred comes from your television shows. Shows like “Duck Dynasty”, “19 Kids and Counting” and the most recent “My Husband’s Not Gay”. It’s bad enough that I hear horrible things from politicians and preachers. Now I get to hear it from a television station titled “The Learning Channel”.

    Personally I do NOT watch your shows and I do not see anything worth learning from you. I feel it is deplorable that you even air such programs in the name of learning.

    I ask you one thing… How would you feel if you were on the recieving end of all this hatred?

    Persecution has had a toll on many people like the Jewish, Blacks, Religious and non religious alike. It’s time to stop the teaching of hatred. Please do your part and take these shows off the air.


    A human just like you

    K. Clayton

  217. I guess i must have to much time on my hands at the moment. However i watch these shows that quite frankly are just scripted bull. I recently saw an add for Kate plus eight. The show implies these people struggle in some way. I just dont see it. I personally know a young lady that has 8 children she often times works 2 or 3 jobs to survive and usually cant without help financially from friends and family. The struggles you show in these shows are such bull crap these people have to decide if they should buy the Audi or the Mercdes not if they should pay the electric or the car payment. Reality my ass there is nothing real about any of the shows you air. Your certainly not the only network shows like survivor man etc. Yea they are really struggling as the helicopter hovers above them and the medical team stands by to rescue them at any sign of trouble. Why don’t you get real..

  218. Why are you bringing back Kate Plus 8?? Kate had her time in the spotlight we don’t need to see more. I’ve enjoyed Little People Big World and 10 and Counting but it’s time for it to go off.

  219. Wow, TLC, wow. I just found you are planning on putting up a special called: “My Husband’s Not Gay” Do you how incredible stupid that is? How offensive it is to people, especially those who are gay? Please just cancel this already, dear god. Already there are petitions on canceling this crap (which I’ve signed one just minutes ago.) Anyway TLC you hit a bigger low by trying to promote this.

  220. I love TLC but I am going to have to stop watching the channel because there are so many ads about battered dogs and children and showing them and I know they are there and I try to help as much as I can but I am getting sick of changing the channel so I can keep watching the shows I love. I end up crying and can’t watch the show anyway and I think at this point it is over kill sorry!!!

  221. Seems you removed my comment about your so-called upcoming special: My Husband’s Not Gay, so looks like you’ve lost a viewer. This is very disappointing.

  222. Just when you thought they couldnt be any more outrageous we see a picture of the 16 year old Duggar son with a gun in hand and a sign on the wall announcing Jesus is Born. They are such a bad example with their antiquated right-wing prejudices and reckless reproducing. Please take them off the air. They have made their millions, cashed in on their family and milked it for all its worth.

    Is this the best that TLC can offer?

    Many thanks.

  223. Why is TLC the only channel that does not let viewers watch full episodes of current shows after they have aired? You can’t even get them on HULU. After all every other channel lets viewers watch them on laptops with commercials so they can still make their money. What’s up with that? TLC needs to get with the times. You can’t even watch their shows live on the internet either. Old fashioned tv station if you ask me~!

  224. I am so disappointed that you do not regulate the advertisements for your upcoming reality shows. I have small children and we do watch many of the programs you have to offer. The problem is the commercials the swearing is not bleeped out or edited. This trashy “big fat fabulous life” just disgusts me!! The commercial I am not just a fat ass I am also a bad ass followed by my big compulsion in life is dicks. What kind of commercial is that on a learning network?????? If you continue to not edit your commercials I will have no choice but to stop watching. All of your programming has a warning letting us know it is not for children. How do I sensor my children’s commercial viewing??? Get your act together and get back to G rated commercials. Reality TV does not need to be R rated in language to keep your ratings up.

  225. What do I think? Probably what a lot of other viewers think. How can you even think about putting Kate back on. The “commercials” for her show make her seem even more “shrewish” than ever – and she’s always been a “shrew”. I don’t think she realizes how she comes across – I feel so sorry for those kids.

  226. I stopped watching your channel 3 years ago as your program Kate plus eight drove me nuts that mother is offensive and I feel sorry for the as said I banned your channel. I started back with you a year ago when I realized Kate had left your line up. I missed all the other programs. So your channel is on 20 hours aday..but here we are Kate is coming back. I am so disappointed..I will miss the other programs..I am so annoyed with the previews. I will no longer be tuning in..dissapointed and sad..

  227. On 01/10/2015 you aired on TLC about hoarders, you had a gentleman by the name of Benny that is located in California, I would like to meet him. He appeared to be a very soft spoken man,I would like to know if he is single and available

  228. Please, no more of Kate and her kids. Nothing special about watching them eat, hanging around their house. Please, take off the air. You can do so much better than that.
    Thank you.

  229. PLEASE…..No more Kate Plus 8!!! Enough already!! The show “My husband is not gay”……..oh my gosh……that HAS to be the worst!!! I refuse to EVEN watch that! Surely your network producers can come up with something better than these types of shows?

  230. Whatever made you cancel What Not To Wear. Today, 1/14/15, I saw reruns at 12:00pm EST and the emotional support the hosts gave to 3 very needy women was sensational. They made these women realize their inner beauty and transformed the outside to match. It made me cry to see how knowledgeable and compassionate they were and how the people blossomed and immediately felt better about themselves. Stop coming up with stupid stuff:My husband is not gay, Honey BooBoo etc. Ordinary people need help with self image (clothes and being made to feel beautiful). Please reconsider your mistake. I have watched the show since it’s inception, it’s important to continue.

  231. Kate plus 8 is an insult to all hard working single mothers out there. Please she rolls her eyes like its tough. She has enough money that she has no worries. Someone needs to cancel this ridiculous show because NO ONE cares about this idiot anymore! This kind of trash does not belong on tv. Period.

  232. Kate plus 8 enough!!! she is not a role mother she is just looking for her next buck. Anyone that watches this show with there children should be ashamed. take this show off.

  233. Hello!! I enjoyed the shows for the most part, but do you feel is necessary to go back to old shows specifically “Kate plus 8” I think we all had enough of that!! What kind of message is your channel trying to give the audience!! Please you are THE LEARNING CHANNEL teach us something better than those stupid shows! My community is already stop watching your channel until you guys put something worth watching.. Very disappointed

  234. why would you bring back Kate Goselin?

    She is not a Role model for anyone and instead of continually trying to make money off her children, she should get a job like a Real mother and let her kids have a normal life.

  235. I’m watching Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta….which I love, but the sound isn’t matching the picture…’s wobbling and very annoying….please fix a.s.a.p.

  236. Why do yall say that My 600 pound life started January 7 when it never showed and I do like that show. I always record it and of course I can’t look it up and watch it or find it.. Please answer back

  237. Kate plus eight is so boring.Other than she needs the money, I don’t know she is on. None of my friends and family will watch it. The kids are at an age when they are just annoying. Kate should go back to nursing rather than trying to be a TV star. She isn’t at all cute with the faces she makes. I always watched when the kids were babies and toddlers but they have lost that appeal, especially without Jon.

    • 19 kids and counting is no longer on because Josh Duggar is a pervert. And Michelle and Jim Boob are horrible parents/breeders. The whole family is crazy. Good bye and good riddence duggars.

      • put 19 kids and counting back on air he did not mean no harm to no one at all he is just trying to protect his family please put them back on air i love their show

  238. Dear TLC I want to know why 19 Kids and Counting is no longer on. I do not want to watch Kate plus 8 I want the Duggars back on air. I watch TLC almost all day long I keep it on but I’m not liking some of the new shows coming on. I’m thinking about not watching TLC anymore if you keep putting these stupid new shows. I don’t care how many wives this man has.

  239. First off I want to say I love some of the TLC shows. 19 Kids and Counting, Kate plus 8, Say Yes to the Dress, A Baby Story. All those are good shows and just don’t seem to be played very often. Instead you play things like, My 600 Pound Life, Hoarders, Freaky Eaters, over and over again day in and day out. I have stopped watching TLC all together except when 19 Kids and Counting and Kate plus Eight are on which is only once a week

  240. I am a fan of almost all the shows on TLC, but enough with the dwarf shows! No matter what, nothing will be better than The Little Couple. Little People, Big World ended in a divorce and was not fun to watch because all they did was argue. Get some new ideas and leave the dwarfs and extremely overweight people out of it!!

  241. Watched Kate plus 8 and if she can remain human instead of being such a b_ _ _ch and diva she may have a shot at it again, but the show you really should be getting rid of is SISTER WIVES, unbelievable garbage, I would rather have watched Honey Boo Boo and that’s saying something.

  242. T!C offers nothing but trash. Enough of slovenly obese people who embrace and embarrass themselves, others who have an IQ of 12, dysfunctional families with multiple wives. The dwarf families sagas may have been iof interest at one time but now not so much. Tired of all your shows and I can’t be alone in my criticism.. Where are your standard of good taste? The Learning Channel? A misnomer for sure.

  243. Love your network and have loved Stacey London for years on What Not To Wear and now on Love, Lust or Run:) As I was watching the show last night I was surprised as how many times I heard Stacey say, “Oh my G__!” and even “Holy G__!” You would do a great service to many many people if you would be more sensitive to how very offensive this is. I know it’s probably a habit and Stacey means nothing by it, but it means a lot to a lot of people. Thank you:) Love what you all do!!

  244. We love your channel and we love Stacey London. While watching Love Lust or Run last night we were surprised by how many times Stacey said, “Oh my G__” and even “Holy G__”. I’m sure this is just a habit for her and she means nothing offensive by it, but it is very offensive to many people. Thank you for considering this and we wish you the best with her new show!

  245. Love some of the shows. I love the strange addiction show,because I been eating sand and baby powder for over 17 years and my kids eats it as well. BUT PLEASE NOOOMOREE KATE PLUS 8 OR DUMB SHOES.

  246. I hear ” My five Wives ” may not renew. Please reconsider this. this program is very interesting and up lifting, to see a family with morals and kindness. Seriously, it is so much more interesting than ” My Sister Wives ” that has gone too much in the media and not real feeling

  247. I hate this show with the FAT girl with Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. She is not cute as she thinks she is or Miss personality who loves her fat body. All this is an excuse for her fatness I have PCOS and I have never struggled with weight unless I ate to much. She reminds me of a fat person who 3 years from now after this insulting show will cry I wasn’t as happy as I pretended to be and gets a gastric bypass surgery like (Star the creep)Jones who called other women skinny bitches, then the hypocrite gets bypass surgery. There are only a few things that cause obesity. Eating to much, hypothyroidism and being put on steroids for autoimmune disorders or whatever they are prescribed to you for. She is a total unlikeable phoney who tries to hard to be cute and misses the boat by every long shot she has.My best friend is obese and never has tried to blame it on anything but eating to much. Cant stand that girl. Give a show to REAL PERSON not a FAKE. For those of us who have PCOS she is an insult I dont eat like that! Its her eating and its very rare that anyone gets heavy from PCOS they get PCOS from obesity.

  248. i watch TLC a lot and I love your progaming lately I saw where you are going to show the true story of the women who were kidknapped in Cleaveland for over ten or so years when do you plan to show that in Indianapolis area?


    • I agree. The women I can tolerate. He is offensive every which way you slice him ! Kudos to the wife getting out of that hot mess

    • I agree, this show is nothing but his ego. Most married couples struggle just to raise a family of maybe 2 children and here is a family with no one going to a job on a regular basis and buying 4 new build houses and feeding and taking care of I don’t know how many children. These women have no self esteem.

  250. Please end the agony of MY SISTERWIVES….they obviously have family issues and need to step back and re-evaluate the whole thing. I believe this show is detrimental to their kids and think you are part of the problem by allowing them to be on TV.

    Please think of the Brown Kids. It’s just wrong.

  251. I have been trying to purchase 19 Kids and Counting Season 6 for my sister who is mentally challenged and I cannot locate it anywhere. Can you tell me if and or when I will be able to purchase these dvd’s?

  252. I love, love Stacey London & will watch her in every show she is on but I do miss What Not To a Wear (I’m watching it in re-runs right now.) and her chemistry with Clinton Kelly.

  253. I love most of your programming but is ruined for me by the overriding background music for example 600lbs when the music starts it is difficult to hear what is being said this happens on all your shows, please lower or better still let the voices do their job. thank you

  254. I’ve become increasingly disappointed in your choice of shows worthy of the title The Learning Channel. It has obviously becone more about revenue and ratings than learning. Michelle Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting is a horrible example for women everywhere. She is a backward, ignorant bigot who spouts bigotry every chance she gets, even lending her “celebrity” to defeat equal rights for all. Honey Boo Boo, which is blatant exploitation of ignorance and child abuse was given promotion unlike any other. Please curb your greed and do what’s right. Get back to learning instead of exploitation. These are but 2 examples of TV gone very wrong thanks to TLC. You should all be ashamed to call this learning. Do some soul searching on your way to the bank and ask yourselves if you’re proud of this programming. I sure wouldn’t be.

  255. What happened to The Little Couple’s TV program? I see they are not on their usual Tuesday night spot; and that there is another little persons family in their place. In San Juan, Puerto Rico, where I live, everyone is in love with the Little Couple and are wondering if you have re-scheduled to another night.

  256. We are sick of cable prices rising every three months and I am so sick of marathons. Plain lazy programming! Let’s just run this show all day! Wish something better was out there. Will contact my congressman. Tired of having to pay for channels I don’t watch. You don’t listen to your customers and that’s just plain crazy.

  257. I have enjoyed the tlc television program “Say Yes to the Dress -Big Bliss”. Can you please tell me if the tlc television program “Say Yes to the Dress – Big Bliss” will continue. Because I have not seen any new “Say Yes to the Dress – Big Bliss” programs.
    “Can you please contact me as soon as possible?”
    Thank You

  258. Please,please bring back 4 Weddings to Sunday morning and Fridays at 10p.m. You had such a great line-up with Yes/Dress and 4 Weddings but now Stacy’s new show is same ‘ol and boring…i miss Fri nights tremendously.

  259. I would like to know if kate plus 8 is off the air for good? As far as i am concerned it should be. let her get what they call a job and support her kids. Oh but then there would not be money for all of Kate’s nesessities. I feel sorry for her kids i have read many articles about how they are afraid of her and how she treats them when the camera is rolling. Totally different. I do not like her she is a greedy women and would continue to exploit her children as long as the cameras were rolling and the money also.
    Thank you

  260. I just saw the video about Derick from 19 Kids and the cat during a outdoor snow activity. Those people always act holier than thou. Maybe we’re getting a new insight into how they really are. Everyone should ban watching them and hit them where it hurts, their wallet for not getting any royalty!Get rid of them. There are not big families out there anyway so do shows on more realistic people – working moms, single dads, animals not being harmed! TLC sucks if they don’t apologize and make a size-able donation to ASPCA to help ease the situation… And how stupid are they to post it? Bunch of whack a doodles!

  261. Your reality shows are disgusting. First you feature Honey Boo Boo, with a mother who goes back to living with a child molester. And now the Dugger family member (Derick Dillard) tries to run over a cat with his sled while the other family members laugh. And you call yourselves the Learning Channel!!! And what are you teaching your audience? Your programming is “sick.”


  262. As a successful female professional, I am begging you to take my big fat gypsy wedding off the air. It is a horrible set back for women of all races to see a group of women that believe that staying at home and cleaning everything with Lysol wipes means being a good wife. I am asking for an email address of someone in charge of programming and if not, I will resort to beginning a petition to have this ridiculous show removed from the air.
    Thank you,

  263. 19 kids and counting is getting boring same story line over and over do we have to go through another season of wedding planning? josh and anna are more exciting give them their own show i look at the program because they did fun things and travel come on producers . I do not know why you havenot put the little couple back on they had high ratings leading into 19 kids and counting. as a viewer of the tlc channel i demand you bring back little couple your tuesday night is lost with out them you said this is a duplicate duplicate this read it and reply to the fans that make you millions of dollars

  264. Pleas don’t cancel My Five Wives. I have begun to enjoy the family. It took a while….but it is one of my favorite shows. I know there a several people who write derogatory statements about this and Sister Wives. There are more of us who enjoy these show then the few who don’t.

  265. I cannot watch Long Island Medium because of her gaudy choice of nails. Will you please have her get a proper manicure. I believe in people who can speak to spirits, but, I find her nails so offensive that I am distracted by them and cannot focus on the dialogue. I am sure I am not the first to request a change for her nails. Thank you.

  266. While I am on a roll, Dugger family has to go. That sledding hill has many places to start and slide down. The person pushing is just as much at fault as the idiot egging him to to push him!!!! He WAS intentionally aiming for the cat as he said,not once, but, twice, “Watch out cat”. I hope PETA is all over him. Idiot!!!! Good, clean, Christian fun………who are they kidding……

  267. The new win a reading with Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium , I think is not fair , due to if your Mother is departed and you have no mother figure because they are also departed. How is it fair if you have no female figure of a motherly type in your life. I have entered all your contests since the show first started even sent a letter and still have heard anything from over a year ago.

  268. I was disgusted when I watch my final episode of Our Little Family. They got the show ($) because they are different, but when they went on their outing the mother kept saying NO PICTURES NO PICTURES and complained that people saw them as different. What an ingrate she is. She wants to be on tv where millions can see them but no pictures in public…why? because she isn’t being paid. Will not be watching this show anymore.

    • That and the fact that the ONLY reason she’s on that show is because she’s using the fact that people see them differently. Hypocrite.

  269. I enjoy all your shows especially the 19 kids. I do totally miss The Friday Bridal days. Looked forward to that every week. I guess this won’t matter much but wanted to let you know me and my friends watched every Friday night. Thanks

  270. I also have to say I would rather watch the Dugger Family then a medium who now a days can get a lot of info off of the computer. I just don’t know . Again the family are at least more normal than most shows on now a days. The Honey Boo Boo was awful compared to their show. Come on people one thing did happen but I don’t think Jim Bob or Michele thought it was funny It was wrong but hopfully Not intentional, Are all of you so sin free I know I am not.

  271. Get nineteen kids , counting off the air.There are people in this world can only have healthy child. No wonder there are prenant right after marrege they never learn about birth controll.How they plain upon suppotting all these kids in this world

  272. Dear Anna dugger Do not you realize how lucky you are to have 3 healthy childern . I have one and lost three one was 8 years old, 19 months and one thirteen moth old. Do not you have menstuel cycle you can go bye.HOPE NONE HAVE MORE CHILDERN

  273. Hate the Duggars the women or just baby making ,machine. Glad Jana Duggars has sense to get away from her stupid mother & father Their rules, side hugs, no kissing when dating when they go swimming they have to go in their clothes they can’t wear bathing suits how stupid is that. BUNCH OF NUTS I call the parents. Get Them off of TV Put the Little Couple back on. HATE THE DUGGARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  274. What type of cult is nineteen kids and counting? They do not teach birth control.The world can not support people like them

  275. Dear Jill Dillard How do you plain on suporting this new life>With a husband with no skill other minstiring to other county.Loads of luck with your cult practices

  276. I love a lot of your shows. I am writing to ask if you will take the hoarders off and my 600 lb. Life off. There on a lot and that’s when I flip the channel.Enough is enough of them. Could you put some new 4 weddings back on, also David Terra wedding shows. Also ER shows and sex sent me to the ER, there good shows too. I also hope the heavy set girl that dances will be back on. Love her Mom. Also the little couple, their one of my favorites. Thank you.

  277. Dear TLC Get the Dugger cult off the air. In the first place if all could go fourth and prosper and make more. We would nor be able to feed all of them.But some of us can not I lost 3 childern I have one. How was I suppossed make more.and what people that are sterile.I hope Jessa wedding is the end of that stupid ness

  278. I just read abouta family from Tennesse that adopted EIGHT children from Africa.I would love to see a show about this family please consider im completely sure others will love to watch also


  280. I really enjoy Say Yes to the Dress, particularly Atlanta. I also watch the New York episodes.
    I am warming up to Long Island Medium.
    I watch most of the Little people episodes.
    AS far as 19 Kids goes, I think that Jim Bob Duggar is one of the creepiest people I have ever seen on TV. I think that he is trying to create his own dynasty. His subservient wife is the poorest excuse for an American woman that I have ever seen. It is obvious that these kids are brainwashed. Sounds like child abuse to me.
    I watched the episode where the family went to Dollywood in Tennessee. On camera, Michelle stated that she did not know who Dolly Parton is. How RUDE is that? You get invited to a location and you don’t even know who your host/hostess is? That to me says that you don’t care enough about the episode to know the person who signs the paycheck. “Just give me the money!”
    Glad to hear that Jana may go to college.

  281. Why on earth won’t you bring back Here comes honey boo boo?? Of all the mess movie stars wallow in everyday & june can’t get a second chance!! Right now the TLC channel only has a few great shows, 19 kids & counting is one. Come on bring them back!!!

  282. after reading all the comments i see that the little couple the roloffs and any show featuring little people get great reviews and yet they are only shown at 10 :oclock at nite sometimes tlc advetising the show on a specific time and day but never shows it and guess whats on 19 kids and counting it has become the never ending story and groundhog day jils wedding and all other events are on almost around the clock tlc your making people so sick of the repeats your over feeding us with a lot programs your viewers dont like and depriving them of what they really want in other words very bad customer relations id rather watch a good old movie 50 times than some of your programs twice thats why i tune into turner classics and there are no comercials the hoarders are exagerated boo boo is sickning sex shows should be illegal and too many reruns mourning noon and nite around the clock (the duggers) and (long island mediem loose a lot of viewers and remember we pay to get your channel pretty soon you wont be in business anymore learn how to mix the programs up and elimenate the nasty ones

  283. I am disappointed that you took “What Not to Wear” off. Some of us enjoy seeing it, even the old episodes. Please consider bringing it back.

    Thank you.

  284. The Dugger Cult Courting went out with high button shoes You had 2 season of Jessa wedding.My daughter lived with her husband before marrege.Do not you think champain would be more a wedding than rot beer floats .Do not they ever have alcohol. If not why Jesus turned water in to wine

  285. Please slow down the 24/7 Duggar thing. These girls are not getting any education and are being raised 2nd class. Women can have a life of faith and goals for their lives. Besides Billy Bob the dad creeps me out. It is just to much and is wearing thin.

  286. GET THE DEVIL WORSHIP CULT 19 kids and counting off the air.There are to ,any people who can not have healthy or kid at all.WHO WANT CHILDERN DESPERATLY

  287. Why will you not bring Friday Brides day back? I know the women club I am in all watched it. That is a total of 100 of us. Well for what it’s worth. Thanks

  288. come on people leave the Duggers alone, their is so much garbage on t.v. what is so wrong with their show. watch botched, horrible honey Boo Boo made a lot of money before anyone found out the truth etc.

  289. Recently, a very bad earthquake hit Kathmandu, Nepal. I know Derick Dillard was over there for awhile, and he asked to court Jill Duggar when she went to visit him. I am happy Derick and Jill are back in USA and are married with a child. I am praying for those in Napal, and for those who Derick was friends with while he was there. He is probably very concerned for those in Napal and surrounding areas. We lift those up in prayer who were affected by the earthquake.

  290. I am having no signal on my TLC HD channel, my other channels on HD are fine, and I can’t get any one from TLC to tell me or fix the problem!!! It’s one of my favorite channels and most of the shows I record are not being recorder because of this problem. Who knows who I can get help from? It is not DirecTV, all their other HD channels are working fine, it’s just TLC channel 280! My receiver says Error 771, but that its only if it is a problem with the receiver picking ALL the signals! Please help. Thank you.

  291. We want a season 4 of Welcome To Myrtle Manor…. You left us hanging because everybody was at the wedding and did not show what happen when they got back to Myrtle Manor. You have shows on 19 and counting over and over. Do some more filming of Myrtle Manor. We wont to see them get her for taking down there pool. Come on. Don’t leave us hinging!

  292. I absolutely hate watching 19 Kids and counting!!!!! They disgust ME!! I used to love watching your channel, and now i hardly ever watch it anymore, what happened to the great shows you had on there, cake boss,long island medium, what not to wear, my fat fabulous life is good too, say yes to the dress is great too and that new one that designs a wedding dress is good too or even the little people shows are good, but if you continue to show the 19 kids and counting, and 600 lb life(lazy people) and 19 kids just shows their kids how to do it like rabbits!!!! I’m gonna take you off my tv programming and quit your channel all together!!!!!

    • If you are a true viewer of TLC you would know that ALL of the shows you mentioned are still on. They have a thing called seasons. During one season they play certain shows until that season ends and another one begins. The hate you have towards a loving Christian family with values and insurmountable love is telling about yourself. When you speak about 600 lb. people as lazy, then you want to watch My Fat Fabulous Life it’s a bit confusing. But you are a bit confused yourself. It’s not about vanity like your wedding dress shows are. Anyway, you SHOULD quit the channel, I am.

    • I think the DUGGARS SHOULD not return to your station. I will not look at this station. I think it is a disgrace that they act so holy and proper with a lot of secrets in the closet. Too me it seems like a cult the way they live

      The DUGGARS SHOULD be taken off your tv station. It is disgrace what their son did and it was covered up. They pretend to be so righteous. In this day and age anyone abusing anyone is not worthy of tv time.

      ! N

  293. Nineteen kids You people most be very wealthy>For the amount of gas money it takes to go on all the trips you take.My husband has to work to hours to travel that much and we only had one child live

    • Lol. Well maybe you better get a better job, or work more hours. If someone has something nice or has money to do what they want, why is that bad? Do you think all people should be broke like you? Is it jealousy that breeds your hate? Don’t be so miserable. Please

    • I thought I heard they are not hurting.They deal in quite a few business. They just happen to be lucky and all work together and buy very little new things

  294. I am sick to death of the baby making machines called the Duggars. It is bad enough that Michelle keeps having kids way past what is safe for any woman, now we got Jill delivering exactly 9months after the wedding! I have been subjected to way too many episodes and commercials about these fertile Myrtles then I care to be exposed to.

    • I attempted to post a supportive post for the Duggars, but it seems that TLC is only interested in posting the bashing of the Duggars. Why is that??? I say it is because they like the drama of destroying lives. Let’s see if this will be posted.

    • Time for a permanent Wrap on the Duggar family. The worst is the lies & coverup for years regarding Josh & his victims. The reason was so the family could go forward & become rich & famous. His parents say his counseling was 3-4 months of working in construction! And his sisters had to be okay with all of this,so the show could continue.If this is their “reality” -no thanks!And now the 19 children want their own shows! Enough already!I thought there was hope for Jessa & Ben-before marriage they said they would wait to have children. More lies! Just knowing the “family values are lies & coverups is really disappointing. But like most hypocrites, their actions speak louder than their lies.

    • Then don’t watch it…..It is their business how they lead their lives and this world would be a better place if more people raised their children as they do…..19 kids or less.
      You don’t have to raise 19 children, but they love children and that is their choice, not yours to degrade.

    • I have enjoyed the Duggars, hope you keep them on, to show how family works thought trouble times, every family has trouble. i like what Gloria Lopez above about Nepal Dillard. there is so much trash on tv it is nice to see soothing good. please keep them on

      • This show needs to be permanently cancelled. No spinoffs. To keep it in the lineup says that TLC condones child molestation. Unbelieveable.

  295. I am just about to turn off 19 Kids and Counting 2 hour special on Jill’s child birth. The first hour is filled with nonsense we have seen 100’s of times before and of course we had to listen to Michelle spout her Stepford Wives Theory. Needless to say Jim-boob had to put his two cents worth in. She also needed to get involved with another of her many births which was on last night for two hours. I thought this was about Jill’s childs birth. This is the last time I will watch anything to do with the Duggar’s as this is realty TV as its positive worst.

  296. Regarding 7 little Johnstons,it is very offensive when they swear (use bad language) on their show. Please inform their directors and/or camera crew to instruct them not to swear. I, your audience, will no longer watch their show until they stop swearing!!!!!!

    • So one cusses and one is molesting children. Neither one sounds like they have very good morals. HATE THE DUGGARS!!! CANCEL THE DUGGARS…..

  297. Have you thought about bringing Rosie Cepero (ANGELS AMONG US)back on? That was the best show out there…

  298. I really appreciate watching Kate plus Eight, I think they should come back on television, full time. Mother’s learn a lot from Kate, and it is good television.

  299. Irecently watched an episode of Say Yes to the Dress where the bride to be was a cervical cancer survivor and was shopping for her dress. She removed her hat to reveal her shaved head when she tried on her dress. As the end of the show I came back into the room and as the credits rolled it said “In Memory of Mallory” and I wondered if this was the bride who was there for her wedding dress and she passed away. Was just curious – she was so brave and so looking forward to her wedding which I believe was to be a beach type wedding outside the U.S. Just wanted to see if that was her.
    Linda Albano

  300. Please bring back more often “the lottery changed my life” I am tiredof too much cuopons and brides and the 19 kids shows

  301. I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful wholesome and decent reality shows that I enjoy watching and seeing families grow up from year to year…again thank you…..GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR WORK

  302. The Willis family a reality show with people that actually have talent and morles This shows people can have multiple children and be on television for their talent. Not how many kids they can have(19) &. Unlike the Karashian trash who have absolutely no morales. The Willies mom and dad parent without screaming at each other or their kids. Unlike Kate plus 8 or what ever their calling the talentless show now. Love how the Willis family are extremely talented in art music and dance a pleasure to watch.

  303. If you don’t address what Josh Duggar did, cancel the show. His dad took him to authorities AFTER the statute of limitations ran out, and it appears NONE of them got counseling.

    • They did why be so judge mental. it was a dress it was taken care of! Do you guys want to see blood it seems like it. Are you perfect in every way ???

  304. So now will you take 19 Kids and Counting off the air? The Duggar family and their “saintly” nose snubbing character and attitude has to go. What’s wholesome about groping your sisters? Can Josh or any of the Duggars explain that one. Oh ya….It’s the gays right? Face it TLC it’s time to cut your losses. Watch how fast and far the right wing runs from this family. When the shows sponsors drop the show I’m sure you’ll finally get it. One bit of advise Anna….. keep a close eye on you daughters.

  305. the Duggars have used the game that you provided to actively fight against the rights of gay Americans at every opportunity and they use the money that you paid them to do so! Now Josh admits he’s an incestuous child molester and they’re still on TV?!

    You called Honey Boo Boo the day it was announced that Mama June was saying s child molester. Now, the Duggars are still on the air, and you are showing a child molester side by side with his sexual assault victims as they pretend like nothing happened.

    You may be able to dismiss the Duggar’s homophobic views as freedom of religion, but you absolutely cannot continue to support the family that protected a child molester and did absolutely nothing for his victims.

    Do the right thing, end this show!

  306. I will no longer be a viewer of TLC due to the recent revelations regarding the Duggar Family. This is unacceptable behavior and I am concerned why you did not know this before. This show needs to be removed immediately!!!!

  307. please cancel 19 Kids and Counting!!!! Nobody wans to see them on air anymore after what happen with Josh Duggar

  308. I do not understand why 19 Kids and Counting has not be cancelled as of yet. You cancelled Honey Booboo within hours of being told she was dating a child molester…but Josh Duggar admits to molesting his 4 sisters and another unnamed girl..and you decide to show a marathon of the show.

    Please cancel this show, please. Please show other victims you stand with them.

  309. Now that the Josh Duggar story finally broke into reality so. either tell tem to address it.
    or cancell them finally! They are so fake! no kissing before marriage?? They look like they carry a lot of SECRETS!!!!
    Josh was doing a lot more!!! What are you going to do about the Duggars?!

  310. I am writing you to please ask you to not take my show off the air. I do understand that this probably not a good thing, but the Duggar’s can make it through this. I love this show with all my heart. I watch it every week. I learn alot from them. Michelle and Jim Bob give me a lot of guidance as a woman. I have watched their show ever since season 1. I think it takes alot for him to take responsibility for this, but he was young and got help. He is a great husband and father. Please TLC don’t do it.

    • What a shame Wanda equates a responsible parent response to whaat is not an uncommon event for many 14 year old boys, but they usually do not tell. This could be the best opportunity to teach about these issues. Had they not taken the steps they did one thing
      And media as well as viscious judge that released the report shold be sued for violating the rights of the victims.

  311. 19 kids and counting. I wanted to share that this is the time your station can have a huge impact on many families. To often when childern make mistakes parents throw the. Away strangers judge them and we harm them at very real deep levels. What this family did was maybe not perfect but they stayed together and loved each other even in hard times. I. Vote we continue in this journey with the duggers and make an example out of them. In a positive way as they have done with other big issues in the pAst

  312. please don’t cancel 19 Kids and counting and it favorite show on TLC. and 🙁 and they are loving kind sweet family and they are christen.
    From: Pam Brice

  313. Cancel 19 Kids and Counting! I will never watch a tv show on a network that supports child molesters!!! How dare you cover this up while I watched it?! I am disgusted. I will tell everyone I know to stop watching TLC.

  314. I’m nauseated upon reading that one of the Duggar children molested his sisters. This show should be removed from the air immediately! Sexual assault is not a trivial thing. Please send the right messages

  315. TLC should be ashamed of themselves for storing and not cancelling 19 kids and counting. I will no longer be watching this network. Ever again. Disgusted.

  316. Is your network going to continue to air the child molester ?

    Once a child molester always a child molester. This is according to the experts in the field .

    He should not be left alone with any child.

    Personally I think he should be hung in the presence of the world.

  317. I have never had much interest in the Duggar family, as they are so self absorbed, and hateful of people who are different from them, especially the LGBT community. And want to tell everyone else how to live. But with the latest news with Josh sexually molested 5 victims, obviously mainly his sisters, and the creepy Jim Bob and Michelle did nothing, besides a slap on the wrist, I am just disgusted. Please stop airing this show, so I don’t have to see their ignorant, bigoted, baby making nonsense.



  318. I find it utterly disgusting that you would air an marathon of the Duggars show in light of Josh Duggars admittance of molestation of girls, namely his sisters at the age of 15. By airing this marathon, you are promoting pedophiles. This show needs to be removed from the air immediately, why would you want to air something about a family that does something so heinous to children and talk about gays and transsexuals so negative. Get on your game TLC, you pulled Honey Boo Boo do the right thing and take this cult family off the air. They need no further press.

  319. You are basically promoting child molestation and saying it’s OK by keeping the awful Duggar family show on your network. These are not claims, but the TRUTH and instead you run a marathon? You’re entire network should be shut down for allowing a family to continue to air on your show that their oldest molested YOUNG GIRLS, INCLUDING HIS OWN SISTERS!!!! You sick idiots! Happy Memorial Day

  320. How can tlc still have duggars on. Cancel the show, CHILD MOLESTER!! I will stop watching tlc. And all my relatives

  321. 19 kids and screwed up and counting!!! The show needs to be taken off the air….
    A child molester “josh” brain washing with this perfect Christian family, which is a fraud and fake program…
    It’s all about money…..they are hiding much more than you know!
    I used to watch tlc all the time, never again until the Jim jones family is off the air.

  322. I am so angry that my BP is elevated. What a joke and liars the Duggars are. I haven’t watched them in years but unfortunately had to watch the commercials , In the beginning they claimed to never watch TV then made millions off a TV show by making babies. Then they preached no kissing before marriage. What a pathetic family He molested his SISTERS. BUT its OK – he had counseling. what about the girls !!!!!! GET THIS SHOW THE HELL OFF TV.

  323. When is TLC going to cancel 19 kids and counting? The molestation situation from Josh Duggar is terrifying. What is taking so long?

  324. Really hate to see the news about Josh Duggar. I hope you DO NOT take the show off the air. Perhaps incorporated this into the show. It is reality. We all habve things we just like to forget. Why can’t you deal with it on the show Let him have some counseling with a professional that can attest back then it was more curiosity at 14 than a pervert. or whatever. You have this opportunity to educate the public on how it should have been handle and how it is handled now.

  325. Well is TLC going to wise up to this family the Duggars. Not only have we been subjected to the baby making factory family , we are now learning that there is a sexual predator in our pressence. How can people be so stupid to think that sexual molestation is simply a mistake? This family, that cult church and that back woods church elder knew that this incident should have been reported immediately to law enforcement.
    I always knew something was wrong in this ” holier then thou famil”.
    So TLC you have a moral obligation to quit providing for these people financially and morally. Take this crazy family off the air!!!

  326. its time for a boycott of your advertisers until you get rid of the Duggars and there sick twisted family. Especially now that they have been exposed for the HYPOCIRTE SCUM THEY ARE.

  327. CANCEL 19 kids and counting.I am so upset,a family of lies! Acting like they wanted their daughters to be chaperone on dates,no kissing,etc..all the time their own brother violated them.I won’t watch it!

    • well robin did you ever stop to think this happened before the show ever aired and I can bet that they made up these rules for dating came about after this happened to them im sure u have something in your closet we all do no one is perfect

  328. I am not a fan of “19 kids and Counting” but to compare what Josh has done to June Honey boo boo mom is comparing apples and oranges. Josh Duggar was a a minor. Not that what he did was correct by any means. He has acknowledged his wrong doings as a young teenage boy. June was an adult…and then brought the accused back around her minor children. As a grown woman she was putting her children in danger again. June crying out that she wants to sue…shows what kind of trash she really is. Speaks volume’s.

  329. Shame on you!! I watch you pretty faithfully, but I won’t anymore. I applauded you canceling Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. That mother what placing those children in harms way and you shouldn’t have stood behind her. I don’t believe everything with the Duggars, but they did the right thing. When it came to their attention they saught counseling for everyone and contacted authorities. What else were they supposed to do? There are groups out there every day trying to bring people down because they don’t agree. I think that this is awful and by cancelling the show you are agreeing with them. I don’t agree with the actions that the son did, but as parents they did everything right, including contacting the authorities. Until this show is put back on I will not watch again. If people are truely affended then ratings will go down and you would have a legitimate reason for cancelling the show. Until then you don’t!!!

  330. I hope you are planning on cancelling 19 and counting. Because if you don’t, I will never watch this channel again. I am appalled and disgusted by this guys behavior.

  331. Please, do NOT cancel 19 Kids and Counting over this issue with Josh Duggar. This happened 12 years ago, he admitted what happened, got help for it as have the victims, and have moved on with his life. It is SO UNFAIR to cancel this show of 18 other kids, their parents and family over what one family member did almost 15 years ago. I am a DEVOTED fan and will continue to be. God’s forgiveness is real!!! This is the best show on television, don’t ruin it because of this. Sincerely, Lori

  332. Cancel 19 & counting. These fools have garnered enough funds & will be able to shop til they drop at thrift stores. Mom & Dad, stay home..install security cameras IN the home to keep those girls safe from the boys.
    TLC…very disappointed , appears you encouraged this incest .

  333. I will not get too lengthy, but hear me as a Christian woman who desires to watch a family show. 19 Kids and Counting IS a GREAT family show!!!! You people throwing stones should be ashamed of yourselves!! We are all born sinners and have obstacles, trials, and make mistakes. This family worked through a situation 12 YEARS AGO. It was a private matter!! Josh was a teenage boy. He received love, prayers, and counseling to overcome a very personal journey. You can NOT compare that RIDICULOUS honey boo boo show to 19 Kids and Counting. I am deeply saddened that the media is so eager to rip this God fearing family apart. Duggar family : I support you and I am praying for you!! Draw near to God and continue to glorify Him. The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy. God’s amazing love will bring your family through this.

  334. I am truly appalled that you have yanked 19 kids and counting! SHAME ON YOU!!!! This incident happened TWELVE YEARS AGO! And when Josh was 15! For crying out loud! Hasn’t anyone on YOUR staff made a stupid choice when they were a teenager??? If you don’t think so, you should dig further! Josh’s “victims” didn’t want to relive or reveal this. They were kids too! I have a HUGE problem with you reacting to CHRISTIANS in terrible spots! This is NOTHING like the Honey Boo Boo situation. These were KIDS!!!! And WAY in the PAST! You should stand in defense of them instead of acting so scared of law suits and gossip! Your crews have worked with them for YEARS! Good grief! Have you NO loyalty??? I love several of your shows, but am considering banning them all since you show no loyalty. Who’s next to be axed? And for what? Something that happened decades ago that should have LONG been erased.

  335. I know you’re getting bombed with the scandal of Josh Duggar, but cancel the whole show. Come on do you think you’re the only network with scandal? I love the show no doubt, but to make the other clan members suffer is enough. They will have to deal with the shame & disgrace in their own way and the fallout will be a long road back. Your job is to focus on the show and get your audience interested again. Not easy, but doable! Good luck on your quest.

  336. I would hope that TLC has enough backbone to pull the plug on 19 Kids and Counting. While they have asked for forgiveness from the Lord…these “pious” god fearing people lied, and hide the fact that one of there own would do these henious acts on children.

  337. I believe as a Christian the Duggars should stay on. Why we have My Big Fat Life, now on Friday the big wedding dresses? All I’m saying is their are other channels for these programs. The one overweight one should be on the health channel. Bring back Friday Bride night with Lorie & Monty. I know I seem like the bad guy?

  338. Good afternoon, TLC network. Not sure if what I’m hearing is true but just in case, I’d like to leave a comment. Of course all over the news is the incident involving Josh Gugger, which took place 12 years ago. If you have decided to cancel 19 kids and counting for something that took place and was address 12 years ago, is absurd! I find the family to be good, honest and one of my favorite families shows. Please do not cancel the show, that would be awful!

  339. I cant believe you just canceled 19 kids and counting. Josh was a minor when it happened and now the victims have to relive this all over again. I was glad you took Honey Boo off that show was stupid and they had no values or self worth. I only watched it one time and that was too much for me. Just like when you tried to cancel Duck Dynasty that back fired on you too. I will no longer watch TLC or any of your other networks.

  340. In no way do I condone Josh’s actions however I do not think you should pull the show. This happened when he was 15 yrs old, and as far as everyone knows he has not continued in this horrible and inexcusable act. He has asked forgiveness from all that he has hurt and shows remorse for his actions. His actions shows that Christians are tempted and Satan can use their weakness against them at certain times in their lives. Everyone will fall short and no one is perfect. I think the Duggard family is good for society! They have good morals and try to be good role models for this messed up world! I don’t think the entire family should be punished because of Josh’s actions when he was a young teenager. Maybe just don’t have Josh on the show but please. please don’t pull this show!!

  341. Secular society and media put Bruce Jenner all over TV and that is fine…..
    They pull dirt on a Christian family from 12 years ago and make it a scandal trying to shame them. It is ridiculous!!!!
    The devil is at work here.

  342. I’m outraged how could you take 19 kids and counting and replace it with my big fat American gypsy wedding. My big fat American gypsy wedding is the most repulsive show I have ever seen. Bring back the Duggars. Who cares about those dumb accusations. I want to see Jessa and Bens baby and Annas new baby girl, not tramps running around I sparkly dresses and their families stupid drama.

  343. I just want to say that you people are stupid to take 19 kids and counting off th air. Are you all perfect.I think not. Shame on you.


  345. I believe tlc aired this bogus show to make money and made plenty. Shame on tlc I have been a long time viewe bu no more. Shame on tlc I plan to contact my local politicans to punish tlc. Just awful and truly sad. Hope tlc kids nd family arent molested or not. AWFUL

  346. Dont change or alter my view. Shame on tlc for knowing this awful molesting girls. Hypocrites no christains liars fakes money eon over common decentcy. Fire people from tlc that permitted this. Dhame

  347. To Whom It May Concern,

    I have been watching the Duggar family on TLC for years. While I will admit to being disappointed in some of the decisions that Josh Duggar made in the past. I have been reading some of the comments that have been posted, it seems as though everybody is forgetting that Josh Duggar was an adolescent when these events happened. Many adolescents are curious about the other sex and uninformed as to their own sexuality. Adolescence is a time of experimentation. Apparently, when this happened, his parents arranged counseling, not only for their son, but for his victims. As familiar as I am with the criminal justice system, I very much doubt that Josh would have been incarcerated because he was only fourteen years old. The court probably would have mandated counseling, which he received anyway. Perhaps it is a good thing to allow suspend the shows temporarily to allow the press attention to die down, but please do not cancel these shows. I feel that they project family values at their best. Obviously, Josh has taken responsibility for his actions and been open about those actions to the ones who count, namely his wife. If everybody accepted responsibility for their own actions, the way Josh has, our prisons probably would not be as full as they are.

    Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.
    Ann Fell

  348. Instead of cancelling the 19 Kids show – why do you not show the world what type of problems this young man caused for his family by making a stupid decision. Maybe not continue the show but completely dropping them does not show what type of mess he created. & how what damage them hiding this situation caused. – Would that not be a learning/teaching moment?

  349. I was sad to hear the news that 19 kid’s and counting has been canceled. I heard what Josh Duggar did and this was a while back and it said, he got counseling for it. Maybe they should have just taken Josh off the show for a while. I love that show and will miss it. Thanks for canceling one of my favorite shows! While some other crappie shows are still on there!

  350. Put 19 Kids and counting back on! Its a Christian family show that is entertaining and fun to watch. They stress love and forgiveness. Its something we need to see more of. Not everyone is going to have that many kids – the family doesn’t preach that. Their children are well taken care of and loved which is more than a lot of families can say. My heart goes out to them. We have to take back our society, stop the judging, the hating and start accepting people and loving them instead.

  351. I just wanted TLC to know that I will no longer watch anything on TLC. I am extremely disappointed that 19 Kids and Counting has been removed do to the Josh Duggar scandal. No one is perfect, and the Duggar’s have never claimed to be, all they claim is to love and follow God. Our children making mistakes is part of life, others can learn from this.

  352. PLEASE bring 19 Kids and Counting back on!! I understand the bad press right now…but Josh paid his dues and got the help he needed! This is the one show that we could watch as a family without having to worry about the content!

  353. We want to express our disappointment after your decision to cancel the
    19 Kids show. We think it is pretty pathetic that you can run some really
    questionable shows with no real emphases on family values but some personal believes expressed or some mistakes made in the family and its
    over. This family has been very open and is hiding nothing from anyone.
    Its to bad all the people challenging this program isn’t exposing their
    families to the same scrutiny.
    Put them back on and lets see how many people watch.

    Don and Jane

  354. I will block TLC for canceling 19 Kids and counting. The people asking for it’s removal don’t agree with their beliefs and use this incident to force it off the air. These people are not watching the show anyway. You should have left it on and let your viewers decide. If the ratings plummet then your audience has spoken and cancel it. The comparison between this family and Honey Boo Boo is insulting. These situations are entirely different.

  355. until “19 & Counting” returns to your network, I will no longer watch ANYTHING on TLC! I hope another Network picks them up. How dare you take them off! Can you cast the first stone?!?!? Read the Bible if you don’t know what that means

  356. I think it is sad you pulled the Duggars from the lineup. We’ve taken TLC from our television lineup now.

  357. I just heard about TLC cancelling 19 kids and counting. I love watching the show and just because of Josh did something 12 years ago doesn’t mean the show should be cancelled. This shows that the Duggar family isn’t perfect that they still have issues in their family like everyone else. This is TLC number one show and it shouldn’t be taken off of the air because of one persons past. I would still watch the show if it came back on. There are other shows on TLC that I could think should be cancelled before19 kids and counting. I’m not saying what Josh did was right I’m just saying we are all human and we all do things we regret. That just shows that the Dugger family has issues to like every family does. That is true reality.

  358. I want 19 kids and counting back on the air. Josh did wrong, admitted it, apologized, and got help. He has spent the rest of his young life trying to do right. His parents did the right thing. Why do you punish this? This is a family like our own family that has problems. They can serve as an example as how to handle those problems in the right way. I don’t understand with all the garbage and sex on the channels this gives us something else to watch with our kids. We all know this family is being singled out for destruction don’t let it happen.

  359. Dear TLC I love 19 kids and counting feel that you should not pull this show. What Josh did was a mistake he was just a child please do not pull this show for something that was done 13 years ago.

  360. Let those with no sin throw the first stone. I like watching the show
    And they handle it. With the police and families. Please don’t cancel. We don’t have another show that is ture for families.

  361. I am an Esthetician/cosmetologist in Florida! Please do not cancel 19 kids an counting! I love the show an I stand by them. If anything do not have josh on till everything has been decided.he was 14 they were 12. This is not. Grown man ‘ molesting girls etc. I understand in the Christian world this must be more than anyone could ‘ forgive but I do respect the family

  362. My husband and I watch “19 and counting” faithfully. It’s one of the few decent reality shows left to watch. My memory of a teenage boy. None of them can hardly keep their hands to themselves. I sincerely hope their is a huge protest in support of keeping them on the air.

  363. leave the duggars alone. At least they didn’t raise their kids on tax payers money the way most due that have so many kids.

  364. If you take the Duggars off indefinitely, I and millions of viewers will not be turning to TLC again. So keep that in mind!

  365. 19 kids and counting Im sad that you didnt stand behind the show it happened along time ago and now certain groups got there way it sad that it happen but he got help and its a nice family show that you can watch not much of them any more

  366. i just want to share my thoughts on the Duggar situation. I support keeping their show going and taking the opportunity to help people learn about this. Instead of shutting it down and running away, take time to teach young girls and boys about this ‘taboo’ subject.

  367. My family loves 19 Kids and Counting. Stop complaining and don’t watch the show if you don’t like it. Do you like to make yourself miserable?

  368. Josh Duggar has repented, apologized to the victims, turned himself over to the authorities, and has received counselling. This happened 12 years ago when he was 15. What more can he do for his past mistakes? He has done all that he could to make it right.

  369. I really enjoy the Duggar show, 19 kids and Counting. I’m sorry that Josh was badly behaved at age 14, but that doesn’t stop my enjoyment of the show. In fact, it is the ONLY show on TLC that I actually plan to watch. I don’t share all of their unique beliefs, but I love the show. Jill and Derrick are my favorites, with their handsome son. I’ve worked in hospitals for over 4 decades, & assisted on hundreds of C-sections, but still enjoyed watching their birth. If you don’t want the Duggars because of Josh, then change it to the Jill and Derrick show. Unfortunately, Josh is more normal than anyone wants to admit! Not excused, but forgiveable… with accountability.

  370. There is a big difference between a full grown adult choosing to be a molester (Honey Boo Boo case), compared to a young curious youth making a mistake in their early teens. I will be very disappointed with TLC if you cancel the “19 Kids and Counting ” show. I respect the way the family tries to live their faith. How many other parents have been disappointed with the choices their children have made, and have helped their children back onto the right path. I look forward to the new season of the show. If the Duggers show is cancelled and dropped, we will no longer be tuning into TLC at all.

  371. The decision to pull the Duggars show is ridiculous. Digging up someone’s past from 12 years ago when he was a teenager, A TEENAGE BOY, is no ones right. Especially after he has given it to God and been forgiven by God and the victims. You have no problem airing a show with a man with 5 wives but someone who makes a mistake as a TEENAGE BOY, 12 years ago, and you drop the show…………… TLC there. No Grace there.

  372. I can’t believe you cancelled “19 kids and counting”! They did the right thing when the molestation happen, they contacted the police, got counseling for those involved and Josh is now married with a great family. You still show “Kate plus 8”, what Jon did was worse and who can blaming him living with her! The Duggar family is normal, their kid made a mistake. I will not be watching TLC again. Apparently you’re all perfect, with perfect families and don’t believe in forgiveness!!!!

  373. Will write and boycott all products being advertized on TLC after dropping 19 Kids and Counting.This is called hate dropping a show this clean for kid stuff, but you will show cursing and half dressed people. I’m done with TLC!

  374. I want to offer my support to the Duggar family….I have watched their show since the beginning. This is a deeply devout Christian family and they are being mistreated by TLC. Yes, Josh made a very serious mistake many years ago. But, having watched him all these years, I see now a young father, a very religious man trying to raise his children with his wife, in a Christian way. Who are we to judge him? God will do that. The entire family should not be penalized. I want to encourage TLC to reinstate the family’s show. I know I am not the only person that follows the family, how each child is growing up. I watched the weddings, the births of Josh and Anna’s babies, the birth of Josie and how special she is today, Jill’s baby and am looking forward to the births of Jessa’s and Anna’s babies soon. I hope others will contact TLC and Discovery and ask that you return 19 Kids and Counting. And, that everyone will let Josh get on with his life without this hanging over his head.

  375. Moral broadcasting is really not your thing so therefore it’s hard to understand when you pull the plug on a show like the Duggars. I pity the persons who are throwing the stones. It’s time to pull the plug on tlc.

  376. I tell you that I am hurt by y’all taking off 19 kids and counting. Instead of pulling the show why don’t you do a special session with them and how they delt with the problem and the victims!!!!

    You are punishing 18 plus grandchildren for a problem one child had. I can tell you from experience that what was done might not have been the whole story that the media is putting into it. Let the family have a special show on the issue!!!!!!

  377. I am a Dugger fan. I understand what Josh did was wrong. So does he. So does his family. The police was notified, and it was decided to send the kids to counseling. He has asked for forgiveness and apparently has gotten that from all of them. He has asked forgiveness from God. That’s all he had to do. After all, he was only 14. How many of you played doctor with a family member or friend. I guess today that would be considered molestation to hear you all tell it. It’s unbelievable what the news will do to cut people down. The bible says “Let him without sin cast the first stone”. I for one will stop watching TLC until they are back on.

    • Let me make something VERY clear..playing doctor is NOT the same as CHILD MOLESTATION. I know because I AM a VICTIM of Child molestation…and believe me it would have gone further if the A-HOLE would have thought he would have got away with more. These people are sick and NEED to be STOPPED before they ruin other peoples lives. By condoning this behavior YOU and people like you are saying its ok to continue this sick perverted behavior…maybe thats because it doesnt affect YOU…YOU are not a victim ….so therefore keep the sickness going. GET HELP!!!

  378. If the Duggars are ever back on TV, TLC and Discovery will be boycotted along with all of their precious sponsors. And if anyone here thinks this is their only little dirty secret, you’re very naive. This family makes me sick—nothing but sanctimonious hypocrites. This little freak molested his own family members, for crap’s sake. Anyone who watches this show from here forward or who supports this family is a child molester supporter.

  379. Please reinstate 19 kids. All families have issues. Josh was 14. The height of his sexuality phase. Put the show back on and show how a family works thru a huge issue like this one. It could help thousands of families how to cope and move forward in the face of all this horrible media frenzy,

  380. Please don’t pull 19 kids and counting from the air. It’s the only wholesome show I enjoy. Yes mistakes have been made but I’m sure your viewers will forgive and continue to watch. It’s a show that has brought so many closer to good and shows morals that some never see. Don’t deprive people of a learning through this show. Please do not cancel it!!!! I have been a faithful watcher since the very beginning. I love Josh and Anna and all the Duggars. He was a child not an adult. He made childish choices. I forgive him, the viewers will too!

  381. Please leave the Duggars on TV. My family enjoys watching. We are disappointed that Josh did something twelve years ago to hurt another person and his family’s reputation, but we believe in forgiveness and second chances. The Duggars are role models for how a family deals with life events, good and bad. Give them the opportunity to deal with this situation, it will be compelling and instructional. True reality TV.

  382. First of all “Honey Boo Boo” is a joke, nasty people. How was that even a show? No compairson to The Dugger kids. Who are respectful, loving, giving and honest.
    How can these folks judge a whole family by the actions of one 15 year old child? Its not acceptable what he did when he was 15, but, he was 15!!! He who is with out sin cast the first stone!
    For the most part I would say that most of the negitive comments are from people who didn’t even watch the show. After watching Honey Boo Boo you want to take a shower, after 19 kids you have a feeling of compassion and thankfulness. Don’t make the rest of the family suffer because of the actions of a 15 year old boy.

  383. Please put back on 19 kids and counting. What Josh did as a young teen should not be cause for cancelling mine and many other families favorite show. This is a great family that dealt appropriately with a problem.

  384. I was a fan of 19 Kids and Counting but I will no longer watch the show now that I know it features Josh Duggar who, when he was 14 and 15 years old, sexually molested his 5 year old sister Joy-Anna and four other young girls.

    I understand now that this information has been on the web since 2007.

    Why didn’t TLC know about this???

    • Oh for goodness sake – He touched the girls (breasts) OVER their clothes. They did not know it, nor does it bother them now. HE WAS A CHILD! Come on people…….this is ridiculous!!! PLEASE KEEP THE SHOW ON.

      You other people can watch your immoral shows you like.

  385. Josh made mistakes as a teenager. I don’t care. He and his entire family are living a very close to an ideal family lifestyle as I’ve ever seen. Ever. I love this whole family. It’s my very favorite TV program and can’t stand not having them in my life to guide and inspire me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE figure out a way to keep them in my life.

  386. How about a show for Josh Duggar’s younger siblings. They have a story to tell, one which many other victims can relate to and draw strength from. He has some sharp sisters. I think they could do a lot of good.

  387. I’m writing this in support of keeping 19 Kids and Counting ON the air. It is a wonderful look into a great family. Yes it might have been better if you had been aware of Josh Duggars molestation incidents when he was a young teen. However it was resolved before the show began to air. Very different than the Honey Boo Boo issue which involved an adult offender. Most of us have things in our youth that we don’t make public to the entire world. I think this is a case of ” if you have no sin feel free to cast the first stone”. From what I have read this was a case of fondling breasts and private areas. At age 12 and 13 my male cousin and I played Dr and Nurse a few times with a bit of fondling…..I’m sure many others have also…….

  388. Please keep 19 kids and counting on. What Josh did was terrible but he was 14 and if it has never happened again then it should be ignored now 12 years later. And if Mamma June’s boyfriend was 18 or younger when his abuse happened then she can complain but if he or Josh were over 18 then they need the full weight of the law. I would ask the 4 older Dugger girls if they want Josh on or off the show since they are the ones he abused. Do not punish them for his mistakes Thanks

  389. I am commenting on the withdrawal of the 19 kids and counting show… Although I do not agree with the choices that the child made, we must use our heads and reason that the parents of the girls involved did not bring charges during that time and why. We also know that there are many people that have a problem with Christians and are very critical of them . There is more out there than to destroy an adult’s life with a time in the childhood when they made a regrettable, serious behavior decision. Children do not think about the outcome, but what we need to focus on, is what was the change that took place in their life the outcome and who are they today… A lot better than some our current leaders that are suppose to be our mentors. I also question that TLC airs Sister Wives which not only breaks laws but over looks it. Also many feel they lead an adulterous life and there is nothing made out of it. My question is where are the convictions in TLC’s moral values and how do they pick and choose core values. Do not get me wrong we have to use common sense and I enjoy TLC and watch it daily…I will continue to support the Duggar’s since we are are entitled to second chances and to make changes in our lives and live beyond our child and even some adult negative actions..

  390. I applaud you for canceling the Dugger’s show. I would have not had any respect for TLC. I am concerned regarding the molestation of the sisters. I don’t believe this show should ever be put back on. Ditto on that Honey Boo Boo. Common on, you can do better than that!!
    For anyone to show disregard for overpopulating the world should be fixed!!
    Thank you again for canceling the 19 kids etc.

  391. Writing in regards to your show 19 kids & ccounting.Don’t think the show needs to be pulled. You have shows on right now that goes against the law. Like sister wife’s. The ones that are telling you to cancel it don’t even watch the show. They just thrive on making sure they drag people through the mud make sure they suffer. This is a show about religion and face it that makes some hate. I’m not saying what happen is not wrong because it’s very sad.Josh Duggar ask God for forgiveness. The family took action to make everything right, the family got their son & others involved the help needed. Please give this a chance to settle down. Love this family and believe they deserve a chance.

  392. I’m writing as a big fan of the “19 kids and counting” show. I am grieved that you would cancel a reality tv show that deals with the kinds of issues facing many families in today’s society. How good it would be to see how the family deals with this revelation, and public humiliation, in a Christian way…. will it be different? Why not let us see. Keep the show, don’t use this as an excuse to cancel a pro Christian show that has certain special interest groups upset. I vote to keep the show going, and would bet the viewers who really watch the show, every week, as I do, would also. Those that want it cancelled, no doubt are not it’s audience. Thanks.

  393. Please do not cancell 19 kids and counting. The Duggars family is such a good example to others for living a Godly life. What is happening with Josh is shocking and incredibly sad for all involved,, but to not let them show the healing power of God in their lives through this horrible experience would be a huge disservice to their testimony and your network. This show is worth continuing, let the world see how these amazing people handle this tragedy, if they should choose to.

  394. I am writing in support of the 19 Kids and Counting Show. Number one this was when he was a teenager these records should have never made public eye. Someone should be accountable for that. Two Josh has confessed, he took the discipline, he got counseling and he rose above it.

    He asked God for forgiveness for his sins and that is all we can ask for of a child. Taking the show off of the air lets negativity win. The show should show how people rise above and live the life after forgiveness.

    I hope the victims in this case have gotten appropriate counseling and have been able to make good lives for themselves and move forward. I hope and pray that NO ONE OBTAINS THEIR NAMES for their privacy.!!!!

  395. I wish you would keep 19 kids & counting on. This only adds to the drama and I want to know about jessa’s baby and keep up with the rest of the family. I’ve always been amazed with the duggars! I think I should mention that I’m not a republican nor am I a die hard Christian. I just love the family dinamic and how they are so close knit. EVERYONE does stupid stuff when they’re 14. Josh’s stuff was extremely creepy but I want to see how it all turns out.
    Been watching the show since it came on the air. Please don’t cancel it!!

  396. This was never a good show, it shows everything wrong with overpopulation and baby making factories pushed by extreme religious factions. But THIS hideous issue of molestation is the absolute last straw. TLC knew about this!! Your channel will fade into oblivion if you don’t cancel this show NOW. Even SYTTD will not save you. I will never turn you on again unless you do the right thing, if it isn’t too late.

  397. A show about submissive wives? What IS it with your network and it’s hatred of women? This show is disgusting, sexist, misogynistic, archaic, and outdated. I will NEVER watch your network again. You’re pathetic and so is your programming!

    Any “man” who insists a woman be submissive is no “man” at all.

  398. Shame on you. The Duggars, Honey Boo Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras…what are you thinking exploiting all these children? Their parents are not thinking about their welfare. Predators, cash seeking parents and parents that have too many children to know what the hell they are doing. Totally offended by you.

  399. I am so happy that you cancelled “19 and Counting”. The family always appeared to be a cult to me. We should not elevate huge families like this. Child molesters should be reported and listed as a child molester. Now the records of this crime have been erased? Where is the justice. Keep them off the air. I am surprised that you all didn’t screen them better when on Oprah’s show. Shame on you.
    Alice Lund

  400. I find it hard to believe that as a free citizen of a country that I fought for that TLC will decide what I should and shouldn’t see. You are crucifying a young man for an incident when he was a child. It makes me think of Lena Dunham, who wrote a book about molesting her sister when she was young and she has been on many talk shows laughing about it with Ellen DeGeneres. Why is it ok for her to molest and with Josh it is a near life ending situation for him? I wonder why it is OK to have a show about gypsies getting married, when these “women” are under age and they are marrying men over 18. Or a man married to 4 women. I wonder if your COO ever played spin the bottle or kiss in the closet. I think TLC has pulled the show because they are a Christian family and if your Christian you must be perfect. It’s disgusting what you have done and I will do my best to show everyone how hypocritical TLC is. What’s next? The Lena Dunham Family? That’s OK afterall. If I could purchase a package that did not include TLC I would dump you in a minute.

  401. I think you are making a big mistake in cancelling 19 kids and counting. You are digging up the past which has been dealt with. The family does your network proud with their show. It was so refreshing to watch them And not like other shows where there is swearing, nudity etc. Please reconsider dropping the show and let the Them know you will stand behind them

    Sincerely Kathie Lee

  402. It is crazy that you are cancelling 19 Kids & Counting. The Dugger family did nothing wrong… of their children DID. Kids will be kids and it is up to parents to steer them in the right direction and to correct bad behavior. That is different than Honey Boo Boo….the mother, June, was reportedly dating a sex offender, NOT one of the children. HUGE difference!!!! Do not cancel 19 Kids and Counting!!!!!

  403. tlc programming l believe it needs alot of improving some shows are not good for the general public to viewe–with sexual,etc. There is clean programming for instance the Duggars–what all the controverary about Josh that happened when he was 15!!! People change Josh is now married, father and clean–what happened is yesterday–many people have made mistakes, cleaned up their acand seek to be good people–The Duggar l enjoyed and also Kate plus 8 these are good programming!!!!!!

  404. I know what Josh did was not right and he did the right thing to make it right.Pulling the show in my opion is wrong . I love the show and it shows nobody is perfect. Like the show Here come Honey BooBoo that show was not a good show. I wished there was enough people who would stand up and keep the Dugger family on the TLC net work. They are a great family.

  405. That is true there is so much juck on tv that they need to leave the show on .Also they are not baby making machinches if they want a big family so be it.If you take it off the air what about taking the Browns off the air four wifes. think about that. let the family keep there show

  406. Please put 19 kids and counting back on TV, and that thing about Josh was 12 years ago and his life has been changed. Please do not punish the family for something that’s already been dealt with,and Josh life has been changed and he needs to be forgiven.

  407. I was disappointed that 19 Kids and Counting was taken off the air, although I can understand the reasons. My thought was that this showed how even those households that seems to be nearly ideal also have problems like the rest of us.
    What an opportunity to educate on this issue! What an opportunity to show how our decisions have consequences!
    Also, it showed how Mr. and Mrs. Duggar dealt with it at the time and what an example of owning up to his past this young man has set. There seemed to be no hesitation in his admitting a serious mistake and his remorse for it. I think that the Duggars still have much to be proud of.
    Thank you for your time.

  408. If your channel once again broadcasts the “Duggars anything”, I will no longer watch your channel nor will I purchase any product advertised on your channel. What he did was not alright nor how it was covered up.
    PLEASE take a stand on this that will prove money is not more important then young women who were abused. Be a leader in the industry to stand for what is good and right for all people; especially those who suffered his abuse.

  409. Oh my goodness you people that are bashing the Duggar family need to change the channel. No one is making you watch it. I LOVE this program and the Christian values they hold. We as humans make mistakes, sometimes they are huge mistakes that are considered sin. Well people if you really want to know sin is sin much like right is right and wrong is wrong. Stop judging others and look into your own life. I am very sad to hear the news of Josh Duggar, however he was a 14 year old kid AND he has taken all of the corrective steps he needed to. Go and count your own wrongs and leave this family alone. Thank you!

    • Christian Values???? REALLY??? Since when are christian values child porn, child molestation and extra martial affairs? My how CHRISTIAN VALUES have changed!!!

  410. I too think that the Duggers’s show is just WRONG. I think that having that many children is truly an ethical issue for all of us to think about. In a world where the ecology/environment is changing for the worse….’we’ don’t seem to talk about the effects of overpopulation anymore and instead glorify this huge family that just keeps spitting out more babies. Overpopulation and it’s’ effects were a big issue in the 70’s, but most of us went on our merry way: not me, not my world, not my life. No one…….is immune from the impacts.
    We hear a lot about how movies and TV reflect what is going on in society…and much of the time, that’s true. But the reverse is also true…and an awful lot of really, really questionable values are glorified in the media. Sad…and scary.
    Sure…what Josh did was wrong…but he was a kid experimenting in a VERY hurtful and misguided way. The bigger picture with that…is the cover-up…perpetuating the oh-so-wonderful Dugger experience. Amen.

  411. Waiting to cancel the Duggars is almost unforgivable. And if TLC new of the past and ignored it all of the management should be fired for allowing those young girls to live with a child molester and do nothing about it. By not canceling the show is like telling the girls they are still not important.

  412. i LOVE your channel but i really don’t like how you pulled 19 kids and counting just because of josh admitting. but people can think what they want about it but that doesn’t mean you have to take it off.will there still be a season finale. im only 10 please for me and every one else who agrees with me try to get it back.

    thank you,There biggest fan Emma

    please email me back :}

  413. It was a mistake a 14 year old boy made. A child not a grown man. It was handled properly by parents.
    TLC needs more wholesome show, not junk like Honey Boo Boo.
    What happens off camera needs to stay out of public knowledge.

    Return 19 kids and Counting

  414. I want make comment about this ridiculous show call “extreme couponing, in our city Lincoln NE, you can only spend two coupons at a time and only in two stores Target and Walgreens store coupon and mfr coupon. What kind a BS SHOW YOU RUNNING????
    My mom ask me to write this comment.

  415. Find it interesting and disturbing that you didn’t post my comment. It showed up for a couple of minutes and then vanished. Nothing obscene , etc…but if you took it down because of my criticism of TLC..then shame on you. I’ll keep checking. There are always social media sites…

  416. Please put 19 Kids and Counting back on tv. It’s my favorite and I miss it already. We all make mistakes and I’m sure glad the whole world doesn’t know mine.

  417. I am writing to support the Duggars. I have enjoyed watching this ^Didn’t do anything, they weren’t involved.
    show. Unlike Honey Boo Boo’s Mother , who claimed repeatly her
    boyfriend a grown adult man who is known for his problems. And
    doesn’t seem to be sorry for his infliction of hurt on others.
    Did Josh do wrong Yes, did he confess,get some help. Yes! Does he
    continue to need help. I don’t know. People talk about christians
    being judgemental and critical. I believe I’ve seen alot of this
    from some who are not christians.
    Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean there are no problems,
    We are all human and mess up some more visible than others.

    Would the world and viewers had more grace if hONEY BOO BOO’S
    mom would of admitted what was going on, put her kid’s first.
    I would hope so.
    The Duggar’s are good people. Just people like everyone else.
    I hope you continue their show, the world could benefit from
    people who put there kids first and do hold them to be accountable individuals. And whatever Josh has to take care of
    I hope he does and moves on, and is able to help others not go
    through what he is going thru now.
    Thank You
    Debra Brown

    • I agree with Debra. The station appears to have no problem with Honey Boo Boo, which I think is a totally disgusting show rewarding a young girls bad behavior.

      The Duggar’s are a wonderful family! The whole point of 19 Kids and Counting was to show real life and how the family deals with the ups and downs. I totally support Michelle and Jim Bob and their decisions. When confronted with a problem, they sought counsel and dealt with the problem until Josh’s behavior changed. As parents…that’s what we are supposed to do. Being a parent is “On the Job Training”. Once we’ve acquired the knowledge, we no longer need it.

      Please bring back 19 Kids and Counting!!!! This is my favorite show on TV and I miss watching them.

  418. 19 kids and counting needs to go for so many reasons. Josh Duggar’s molestation cover up is clearly at the top. If as being reported, he molested his sister’s and others, why have the parents not been held accountable for not keeping their children safe after they learned of the first incident? The entire way this was handled by the family is an outrage! What about the girls? All we here is Josh has “asked for forgiveness from his God”. Why are the children still with these parents that allowed this to happen for years? Too many hidden, unanswered questions.

  419. I Really enjoy the Duggar show. everyone has made mistakes, and to have this from Josh’s past brought up 12 years later when the people hurt most by it have left it in the past is ridiculous. For everyone who doesn’t like the show DON’T WATCH IT.

    TLC please keep 19 kids and counting on the air. It is a very inspirational show. It’s nice to have clean shows on the air.

  420. My comment is if Honey Boo Boo was dropped for the reasons it was then it is time to drop the Duggars all together too. Yes what happened then was then but still its time to put something else on to watch. For what it cost to send the Duggars one trip to anywhere is what I made in a year’s time working three jobs and still can not afford to go anywhere other that home. Wake UP TLC—-listen to your viewers. The Duggars are not what people think they are by their values and who can possibly give that many kids any kind of real parenting time.Thanks for listening even though my comments won’t to those make up the viewing schedules.

  421. I don’t understand why this thing with Josh Duggar is such a problem with your network it happen way before you even started their show. Just because you feel threaten by some disgusting fat lazy woman that has no respect for anyone. This family has more values then most of america and if more people were like them now this country would not be washing downhill into nothing. Some people don’t like them because of how they live and I understand that but maybe it is because they are afraid to go back to the core roots of what it met to be a god fearing person or family. This is the best show you have and I watch many. I feel like part of the family with this one and wish more people in this world were like them loving, kind, nonjudgmental. Please don’t cancel this show.

  422. I will never again watch your channel unless and until you get rid of the Dugger child molester. 19 kids and counting is a disgrace to America. You make us look bad globally.
    Yes, I will miss a lot of your shows, but —-

  423. Thank you for pulling the show about the Duggars. Jim Bob and Michelle are equally as UGLY as their son Josh. Their behavior was not about the Lord, it was about the Almighty Buck. Such a disgrace. I will remain a viewer due to the Station not supporting Cild Molesters!

  424. I am sure you will not respond and that’s ok, but I would sincerely hope that you pull each and every single episode of 19 kids and counting and never ever film this family again. I understand the monetary issue for you, but you certainly are not lacking in that area with all of the shows you have. Show the public who is in full support of that family NEVER being allowed to televise again and I truly believe you will actually increase you viewers. Once again, please do the right thing, pull the show.

  425. Hi tlc I am so sad about 19 and counting and honey boo boo i yachting them two shows fateful I would like if you can do a readily show on my family please please let me know we are a small family is not asking for to much just want to make it in life love the range family.

  426. Cancel 19 kids completely. Not just “for now”. The parents’ are no longer role models. Josh molested FIVE young girls. Five is not adolescent curiosity and the parents covered it up. Did those poor girls go to therapy?

  427. I am hoping that the network in time will reverse their decision about cancelling the Duggards. It takes a lot of courage not to bow down to public opinion. Letting the crowd dictate which way
    to go. There are 2 sides to every story & it would be interesting to have an overall perspective as to why this all came up at this time. It does not take much character to sling mud at people when they are down. One swallow does not make a summer. One mistake does not define any of us. God provides repentance when we submit ourselves to Him & he has the power to change us.

  428. Please take 19 Kids and Counting off the air. Show some dignity and ethics in this matter.
    Everything they have preached is a lie. Thank you.

  429. I will never watch this channel again after knowing that you hide
    the fact about josh duggar.
    I thought bring back Kate and kids was horrible.
    How do you sleep at night. But its all about making money for TLC>
    Fire the staff start over!

  430. Please dont cancel 19 kids and counting. This was an adolescent mistake made by Josh and it sounds like it was handled by the family and authorities. I look forward to this show every week

  431. I am very disappointed about TLC’s decision to remove 19 Kids and Counting from programming line up. I have read several other comments about Josh Dugger’s unfortunate behavior as a CHILD , not an adult but as a CHILD. Some viewers have stated that the Duggar family covered up the situation, but how can that be when Jim Bob Duggar contacted authorities to report it? They also arranged counciling for all involved and have moved forward. I had four children myself and I am pleased to say they are normal and happy adults now but I am positive as children, they did not always make the best decisions. The decision for these parents to have a very large family is their business, they do not receive any type of public aide, they are self sufficient & they have raised beautiful children. God has forgiven Josh. No one else should be the judge or juror. Bring the show back, it will be sadly missed.

  432. Please do NOT take 19 kids and counting off the air. The matter with Josh was settled long ago and should not have been dragged up all these years later. The same people who wanted them gone before are merely trying to use this to attempt to get them now. We all have something in our closets that we don’t want all the world to see. Forgiveness was asked and granted, digging this whole matter back up again serves no purpose especially for the girls who moved on.
    God forgives how unfortunate we as a society can not.

    • You are an idiot Sheryl. If Barack Obama molested 5 girls, would you want people to forget it? What would FAUX News do with the info that Obama was a child molester? You people are the most shameless, pathetic people in the world. Even better, what if Josh Duggar raped your own daughter, would you want him to be rewarded for that? Maybe someone as wacky as you may just want that.

  433. I know people that live the same lifestyle as the Duggers and its not a cult. Its a devout Christian lifestyle. That may not be popular in today’s world but like non-Christians they have the right to freedom of religion…remember this is AMERICA. And because should the entire family suffer due to the sins of one? I think not. Josh made a decision to act upon a action that is a sin for sure but as JESUS taught us that if you have NEVER sinned, then cast the first stone. Take Josh off the show?…Sure. But don’t punish the entire family for his wrongs. Also for people who DO enjoy a clean family show, taking this off leaves us with less t.v. that we can enjoy. C’mon, you critics don’t own the airways. WWJD?

  434. if you put the dugur family back on TV, you are as much as approving of what Josh did. Kid or no kid, it was wrong. There is also a video of him laughing about incest. the whole family are a bunch of bible thumpers who make a joke of waiting until married to so much as kiss. The parents knew about the molestation, and did not report it, rather buried it. that makes them equally at fault. the statute may have expired, but the fact that there was molestation in this family who pretend to be so religious and such good people…..that will not go away. run it if you want, but i think you will be surprised at how many people turn away! most anyone with any sense of decency is against such conduct, no matter what age. infact, why in the world did you run the show last night? somebody over there needs to be hit with the stupid stick!

  435. I have enjoyed the Duggars, hope you keep them on, to show how family works thought trouble times, every family has trouble. i like what Gloria Lopez above about Nepal Dillard. there is so much trash on tv it is nice to see soothing good. please keep them on

  436. I do not want the show cancelled. This incident happened when he was fourteen. Apparently it was kids experimenting. We all need to think back to when you were kids. What are you guilty of? What can you be jailed for? Stop trying to ruin this mans life. The girls family and the law didn’t so why are you. Get some business. Rear up your own bad kids.

  437. Can the duggar keep the show on but do not do josh and Anna. Or just follow Jill and Derick and Jessa and Ben. And when new courtships form follow their outings. PLEASE KEEP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a big fan of them…

  438. So little to watch this days, and the Duggers have been on TLC for so long. Sure, the guy made a huge mistake — as a kid. He has been an upstanding adult and it would be a shame to ruin his life for something he did as a teen. We all make mistakes — all families have secrets. It seems TLC could take this opportunity to create a real learning experience for the family and audience as well. Discovery’s motto after all is “Offering real-life stories without judgment” and that “everyone needs a little TLC” How about it– leave the Duggers on “reality TV”

  439. I am very disgusted about you removing 19 kids and counting from the line up. I’m sorry but Josh made a simple mistake and you pull the plug. How come you bring back Kate Goselin back on board she was horrible to her husband on Jon &Kate plus 8. Than you stopped the show once the divorced but brought her back years later. Josh made a mistake in his teenage yrs but as a grown man no incidents. You are wrong for dropping the show. They are a descent family showing good family morals and strong faith belief which should be admired in this culture which is way out of control.Im hoping many others would show the same opinion.

  440. Hello,
    Since you are considering dropping Duggars from your show. You can consider this: A Family Show that’s diverse and would be very interesting/ My husband and I are retired Educators who are very active volunteering in the community and in our church. We adopted two children who are adults now. Our son, was a trouble son and due to his disobedient, went to prison.recently was released and is now married to a lady with a son who got pregnant while he was incarerated. (Got married while in prison to her) Our daughter, is very successful, ,married and has two children. This story line would certainly be interesting and not like Honey BOO BOO. This would be an interesting show that would allow the viewers to see a christian family with struggles but know how to overcome them. Just a thought. Thanks for listening.

  441. taking the Duggar show off your air was the worst mistake you could ever made as a network.The Duggars are the best TV that’s been on since Little House on the Prairie.please reconsider your choice.

  442. I hate what has happened to the duggars. I think tlc should reconsidered the cancelation of the show.
    At least they try to bring good parenting
    Values to the world. Unlike honey boo boo
    That showed a d brat being raised with no morales
    At all. I wish there were more shows like the
    Duggars, bates, and willis families. These shows offer
    Opportunities for my kids to see how we should always try
    To do what’s right even when we sometimes fail to be perfect.

  443. I think what Josh Duggar did was wrong, but at the same time why should you punish the rest of the family. It is the police’s fault if they knew about the allegations years ago. Now it would be too late to do anything. Just because of one person do not take the show off the air. Do not let Josh and Anna be part of the cast. The rest of the family is innocent. Everyone else is suffering due to this tragic mistake. Thank you.

  444. I do not think the Dugger family show should be cancelled it’s my favorite show.

    Really, Josh at 14 or 15. What boy at that age doesn’t have impulses to touch girls? Since when is it molestation? If he made a mistake , that is what it is. He he asked for forgiveness he should receive it. I think Josh and Anna are great role models.

    If it wasn’t a high profile family no one would make suc a big deal over something the guy did as an adolescent.

    So I can’t post a positive comment?

    I would like to see the show continue . Preferably with Anna and Josh in it.

  445. Although Josh Duggar made a huge mistake, the Duggar family has been a wonderful role model for America. Every family has awful skeletons. Given the option, parents will choose to protect their children. Michelle and Jim Bob took action to make amends, as did Josh. I pray for the girls who were harmed as a result of Josh’s sins, however, I believe he is forgiven and has done all that he can to right this wrong. Please continue the Duggars show. We can all learn from Josh’s mistakes.

  446. I hope soon the duggars are taken off of tv their son is a child molester and still people are watching this. I cannot understand why people would want to watch this anyway they are claiming to be Christians that’s why they have so many children and giving Christians a bad name. I am not religious but really they make me think even less about religion if this hatred is all they are about

  447. I love the watching the Duggars. There are so few descent programs on TV. I vote to keep them on despite what Josh did years ago. He made a big mistake, but that shouldn’t keep his family from being on TLC. I guess there is a petition to have them removed. what about one to have them stay on. If there is one please let me know. Thanks.
    I also love the Little Couple.

  448. Thank you for pulling 19 Kids and counting. It is disgusting to think a man has so much contact with children be on TV. Pulling the show was the right choice.

  449. Bring back the Duggar’s. Yes, what Josh did was “inexcusable,” which are his words. Josh repented and doesn’t deny any of it. The fact that he disclosed his dispicable past to Anna and her mom two years before they married shows Josh isn’t the same person he was when he did what he did. Will he have to pay for what he did forever? I think there are certain people that won’t be happy until Josh and his family are personally destroyed. I am grateful to our God for grace (getting what we don’t deserve when we repent).

  450. I’m not watching tlc until they put 19 kids & counting back on! #protestagainsttlc that is my favorite show, & what happened happened a long time ago so don’t punish them or their faithful viewers for something that happened a long time ago. I think by taking 19 kids & counting off tlc will loose a lot of viewers. I hope you use common sense & put them back on.

  451. Please remove 19 kids…from programming .Molestation and incest are against the law in All States. Multiple Felonies Occured (they admitted), all were covered up by the Parents, CHURCH (a quality org.), and State Trooper(arrested for CHILD PORN). We all know high revenues make good business sense, but, …… thank you

  452. please get rid of the duggars ,so tired of them. I know I have had enough. Now you have got the hillbillie willis family on . Lord have mercy

  453. The Duggars are simply discussing. If you leave that show on I will longer watch any of your network. The family value is only to pollute planet earth. The mother is clueless and should hang her head in shame.

  454. I am sick of the baby making machines called the Duggars. now one is touching kids how many family Members has he done this too he should not be around his own kids far as TLCS concern I am done watching your shows.

  455. I am a huge fan of the TLC network! Some of my favorite shows were honey boo boo and 19 kids. However, due to the latest scandal I am speaking out in outrage that the network has not cancelled 19 kids as it did to honey boo boo! This is as hypocritical as the duggars themselves! In retrospect, momma Junes family was much more real than the preaching incest that we’ve been watching in the duggars! Bring back honey boo boo! Or cancel the duggars! You really are sending the wrong message by doing one without the other.

  456. Please bring back 19 Kids and Counting. I love the show and miss it.
    Do not punish the family for something Josh did wrong as a teenager many years ago. Do not punish the viewers who enjoy it as well.
    People make mistakes!

  457. Regarding 19 Kids and Counting, I personally think TLC network has no backbone. Anytime someone says or does something, you can be sure TLC will pull the plug on that show. He who has never sinned can be the fist one to throw the stone at Josh (19 Kids and Counting). I am disappointed with this network, and I am sad that you don’t stand behind the shows that brought you many viewers and good ratings. You did the same thing to Duck Dynasty. I hope all my favorite show will move to a different network because I’m tired on being disappointed by TLC. Anna Delzer

  458. 19 Kids and Counting. Please reconsider your decision to take them off the air. A son made a bad mistake as a young teen and now everyone is on a witch hunt. These are the very people who never watch this show anyway. They claim to know what it is about, don’t like it and are quick to give their plea for a crucifixion. The people who faithfully watch it know this family. The Duggar’s have never said they were perfect, nor do they force their beliefs on anyone. They just portray the way they choose to live their lives. Actually what happened in the past just goes to show that someone can fall from grace in the best of families. It appears that all is well with everyone involved. If that is the case then they triumphed over evil.

    I want them back. I am so enjoying the older kids starting lives of their own, showing how life goes full circle.

    As far as Mama June goes calling this a double standard, she needs to realize that the “storm” has passed for the Duggars, the rectified their situation and are living their lives in Christ. Mama June is still repeating her mistakes by seeing the child molester of her daughter and has now come out as bisexual. I’m not judging her, but she needs to realize the two shows are not comparing apples to apples.

    Thank you for your time.

  459. I can’t believe that it isn’t clear to the execs at tlc that continuing 19 kids and counting is supporting rape culture. We know about 5 children molested by cast member Josh Dugger and we know that his parents continued to put their daughters and other members of the public at risk. Endangering the welfare of children by allowing pedophiles access to their children is inexcusable. We also know they continue to allow their children contact with another perpetrator Bill Gothard. This is inexcusable. I used to be a big fan of your show Say Yes to the Dress but cannot continue to watch any programs on the learning channel now that I know that tlc places such a low value on the safety of children.

  460. People jump on the bandwagon as soon as negative things are written.

    I am speaking about Josh Dugger, who admitted his mistake when he was teenager. He did the right thing at that time along with his parents.

    Are all people saintly and never make any type of mistake in their lives. I have and I have learned from these mistakes to try to become a better person.

    I see people leaving church, cutting off other cars to get out the parking lot than using foul language while their family is in the car. Are these good Christians. I do not think so.

    Many people believe that going to church wipes the slate clean of all their sins.

  461. I believe that you should reinstate 19 Kids and Counting and include Josh and his wife Anna in the show. Josh made a terrible mistake when he was 14 YEARS OLD but he should not be punished for the rest of his life. His family did not try to hide the fact and he took responsibility for his youthful actions and I believe that the show 19 KIDS AND COUNTING does more good than harm. Josh Duggar should only be judged by God and I believe that God has forgiven him. ONE SHOW THAT SHOULD NEVER AGAIN SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY IS HONEY BOO BOO. THAT SHOW IS THE MOST DISGUSTING SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN AND I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU WERE THINKING OF WHEN YOU AIRED IT.

  462. I am deeply saddened to hear of TLC’S INTENTION to drop the Duggards? I understand people being upset with what happened 14 years ago, but that is point of Christianity! We are forgiven or our indiscretions through our lord and savior Jesus Christ, NOT CONDEMNED! I hope and pray TLC will reconsider their decision.

  463. I have watched 19 Kids and Counting from the beginning and before 19. There seems to be mounds of pressure to discontinue this series. But I am apparently different from the majority I see remarking. I do not condone the behavior of Josh Duggars past. That being said, he was a minor. No one is perfect. One incident, that has been corrected and dealt with, should not dictate canceling the show. We all make mistakes, the Duggars are no different. Following each of these children as they grow is very interesting to me. I will truly miss this show if canceled.
    Bottom line, I’m in support of keeping the show. This could be another learning experience, how this family is dealing with this situation today.

  464. Please take “19 Kids and Counting’ off the air. COMPLETELY OFF THE AIR. Josh Duggar is a child molestor, the parent aided and abetted in covering up. Whether Josh is on the show or not, the issue is they are a bunch of hypocrites.

  465. I have no affilation with any group(s). Just an ordinary person who feels you should keep the Duggers on TV. If need remove Josh Dugger from the show for a year. Time heals all wounds and maybe by then a lot of folks will learn what forgiveness is, even the sponsors and TLC may learn it also.

    Also, in now way is this similar to Honey Boo.

  466. I believe that the thought of canceling the Duggar Family TLC would be wrong!! They handled the situation when it occurred and contacted the police and worked with counselor for all effected! There is no right or wrong with it but it is time to put it to rest and start looking forward! It would be sad to cancel the series because on the most part they all set good examples! It’s one of the few shows that has values!

  467. I personally think the Dugger problem should be aired on T.V.
    I think the sponsors would gain more positive results in their advertiseing if they showed just how to handle a situation like that…after all it has happened in many families. Its a difficult thing to handle and we would all like to see it solved properly..
    I think the advertisers are making a big mistake…Barb

  468. PLEASE do not cancel 19 Kids!! This show has been an inspiration to me and my family and the way the family dealt w/their adolescent son at that time, is a testimony to good parenting AND the mistakes of young people. If we are honest, we all have youthful behaviors that we bury inside, How the family deal w/the
    problem is the real story..not to mention the care and consideration for the adolescent victims as well.

    I may not watch TLC in the future if the show is canceled,

  469. As a Christian I implore you not to silence the family’s message of family values and redemption. At the time of Josh’s youthful wrong-doings of abuse..the family dealt with the Prodigal Son.

    The message is that anyone can change and there is hope that we are not defined by a past mistake for the rest of our lives…

    Look at many of our movie stars and politicians…



  472. How can. anyone hold a 14year old responsible for actions that he did since he was a child. himself. He has been a up standing american and it makes me sick that a sleazy magazine ruins a person’s life over their need for profits.What is this world coming to when we finally have a great show to watch will be taken off the air because a child made a terrible choice

  473. I am so disappointed with the Dugger show. I have worked to protect children from abuse for many years. I have seen the lifelong scars that abuse can cause. This show has promoted a very moral and upstanding family such as not allowing the children to kiss before marriage. For the Duggers to have known about Josh abusing young girls and not address it as should be addressed is unforgivable, He now how children of his own and continues to be around young girls. Please study patterns of abuse. If this show continues on TLC I will never watch another show and will ask my cable provider to remove TLC.

  474. you know you have terrible programming when you won’t supply a comment link. Everyone else is using this, so I will, also. Keeping ANY part of 19 Kids and Counting will be a slap in the face to women everywhere. Are you really that desperate for shows? What, exactly, are you teaching us with your miriad of shows sporting women who pop out kids like rabbits? You know there was incest and unlawful handling of it, and yet, you are thinking of a spinoff? Shame on all of you!! I will never watch your channel again if you don’t drop ALL of these religious freak, sexually perverted homophobes and bigots. Goodbye to SYTTD and the Little Couple! I can live without them.

  475. I support the idea of a spinoff show for Jill and Jana and hubbies. They are the innocent ones through all of this mess and dont deserve to be punished by pulling them off the air too.

  476. I think you have taken the Duggars off the network was a big mistake. They were and will be the only reality show the I watch. The are a family that everyone could fall in love with. So, they were human and not totally perfect, but are any of us? They are the family that someone out there just had to dig up some dirt on a very wonderful, Christian family, that love each other very much, and will stand by each other as a very loving family. The person that told one thing that is in the past, and notice I did say is in the past and he (Josh) has been forgiven by his family, by God, and he doesn’t need to be forgiven by anyone else. It’s in the past people, it’s in the past, now please TLC put them back on the network, so I can enjoy a great family and their love for one another.

  477. I will agree with Sandy, there is too much garbage on tv. I have a bunch of channels, but actually nothing to watch. The Duggars were the family that I always wanted to be in. Loving and caring for each other. Not this other garbage. What has happened to America when all you see on tv well, I am a Christian woman and don’t want to say it. My son got sick at 8 months old with spinal meningitis and I could really relate to what Michelle and her family was going thru when Little Josie was born. The one who started told this about Josh should of left it alone. It’s in the past and he’s forgiven. I hope this person will be forgiven for his or her part in this.

  478. If TLC does not remove the “duggars” permanently I will stop watching TLC permanently. I will also stop supporting any sponsors that condone such and indecent family….oh but I forgot….it’s the LGBT community that’s ruining the american family, right 😉

  479. I am sick of the Dugggars who portray this friends say that tlc knew of this sexual information before the show. I would lke to know ??. There is a lot of people who sugglar day to day just to support one’ tlc payee big bucks to be a baby breeder

  480. I have been a faithful viewer of the TLC network for many years, but feel your programming needs to go in another direction. I cannot watch another “Family” reality show. The Little Couple is about the only one left that is truly believable and enjoyable to watch. Leave the Little Couple on, but take all the other “family” reality shows off. Try to poll your viewers and I think they’ll all agree that we have been saturated with these types of shows from TLC. Thank you.

  481. I have been a faithful viewer of the TLC network for many years, but feel your programming needs to go in another direction. I cannot watch another “Family” reality show. The Little Couple is about the only one left that is truly believable and enjoyable to watch. Leave the Little Couple on, but take 19 Kids and Counting off, along with all the others. Poll your viewers and I think they’ll all agree that we have been saturated with these types of shows from TLC. Thank you.

  482. There is a lot of large families in the world. I come from a family of 9 plus parents. I was molested by my sibling when I was young and so where my other 3 sisters. We learn to forgive and forget. Yes it was wrong but we move on. Leave the Duggars alone. Josh screwed up not the rest of them and yes he should be off the show. But why make the rest of the family pay. Yes it was wrong to cover it. Now its out move on. I love watching tlc. And I enjoy watching the shows. You take them off and I will not watch the channel again. Please bring back the Duggars. We all have skeletons in the closet. No one is perfect. For the people who are sick of the Duggars, my advice don’t watch them. As for children, they are a gift from god. Not just an award for having sex. As for Debra and Dianne, you don’t like the duggars, then DONT WATCH IT. I love seeing them grow up and court and all the fun they have.

  483. i can’t stand to read or see anything about the Duggar family! The are socially irresponsible in a world
    where we should be thinking about saving our planet earth!, no one should have 19 children! Then to find out that one of them is a pervert child molester is appalling! Please ,please,please discontinue this show!
    Thank you.. Judy Schwarz

  484. TLC. Be smart & cancell the Duggers and I hope TLC is not thinking of any spin offs on this disgusting family. I will not watch TLC if you continue to promote this disgusting family. I guess now they will have to find a real job now . Who in there right mind has 19 kids BUGS BUNNy ?

  485. Please,a Please,Please,keep the Duggers it is my favorite show in this world , don’t punish the whole lot of us for what one person has done.

  486. I can’t believe you cut ’19 Kids and Counting’, a family show that values Christian principals. I understand the recent allegations are terrible but what an opportunity to see how a Christian family handles adversity. All families have things they would rather the world doesn’t know but the Duggers handled this the best they knew how. Come on TLC get real.

  487. I commented yesterday and I do hope that TLC is reviewing these comments, about the DUGGARS. I have prayed for them and I am totally with the Senator and the Duggar family on this situation. I learned yesterday about how this was told to everyone and I think it was very disturbing. I am trying to let God do what he needs to do. This Sheriff must of been paid good by someone and I feel that God will give them what He needs to do. I have always had a problem of forgiven if someone hurt me or my loved ones, but I have learned to forgive now. For those of you that don’t like the Duggars show, that’s what God made the on and off button for and the up and down buttons for. The Duggars program is the ONLY reality show that I watch. They have been such a blessing to me and I thank God for that blessing everyday. TLC please leave The Duggars on the air for those who want to watch a great loving family. Thank you God Bless.

  488. The Duggars have been taken off for a previous misconduct- Since we are all born sinners, we sin because we are sinners, it is not sin that makes us a sinner. Then you people put in other families living with 5 wifes and 1 man, people cursing at one another and every other thing. At least Josh stood up for his wrong. Have you done even a small wrong????

  489. if you don’t cancel the duggars you have to bring back the idiot boo boo bunch otherwise you are as hyprocritical as the duggars…

  490. I think you should continue to produce 19 Kids and Counting episodes and go through the hard times they are experiencing so they can teach others how they use their faith to recover from these difficult trials. That would give a purpose to the horrible things they have been through in the past 12 years. An interview show with JimBob and Michelle and Josh. They are not a perfect family and never said they were. Just like everyone else, they are sinners that need forgiveness.

  491. I am so tired of TV stations allowing themselves to be pushed around to drop shows. You know there will be some controversy when you first air these shows. I absolutely LOVE the Duggars! They don’t pretend to be anything they’re not. They have not denied the molestation charges, but you are punishing them by canceling their show.

  492. How could their be a more loving show on T.V., 19 kids and counting. The show represents a beautiful family that love and care for each other. I don’t care how much the family earns on their show, just as I don’t want no one to know how much my husband and I make. If more people were like the Duggars the world would be a wonderful place to live in. Please bring them back.

  493. It’s commendable that you’ve stopped filming the Duggars. Now, go the next step, and set a good moral example, by cancelling the show. To continue with it would show that you approve of their deceit and misconduct. How hypocritical of them to disapprove of others, when they were keeping lies within the family. How sad that they didn’t stand up for their own younger children who were molested, by not turning their son in. We need good role models on TV, not bad ones. Don’t promote this family.

  494. There is nothing informative or educational about most of the crap TLC airs these days, particulate when it comes to the freaks Kate Gosselin, the Duggars, and any of thier shows where Jerry Springer type White Trash attempt to portray themselves as Amish.

  495. Why on earth would a spinoff of 19 Kids even be considered? Every single one of those kids are entrenched in the same “value” system as the parents. They have no minds of their own. Perpetuating the lifestyle of this hypocritical family is ridiculous. Let them procreate with abandonment if that’s what they wish. Let them lie, cover things up and pray their lives away. By themselves. Just don’t televise the girls, who might have been the victims or their brother’s molestation, “sweetly” continue to believe that misogynistic attitudes and popping out babies for Jesus is the only thing in life. Get them all off. And keep them off.

    • I agree with you 100% Cookie. If TLC does not cancel 19 Kids and Counting I will NO longer watch TLC. And I don’t want to see any spinoffs either. To put the show back on would only condone child molestation and the Cult this family is. I would NEVER consider watching it.

  496. I have enjoyed watching 19 Kids and Counting. I cannot and would not judge their personal lives. What I will say is that I hope the family maintains their strength to deal with the media storm. For me, I would continue to watch their program in whatever format is decided.

  497. Duggers need to be cancelled and never come back on TV. If show comes back on then TLC; support fake and dishonest people. Shame on the network.

  498. I consider the Duggers nothing but ‘breeders’. Michelle just has babies, she doesn’t take care of them after they are born, the older children do. Please don’t put on the next generation of ‘breeders’ with Jill and Jessa. The Duggers like to think of themselves as moral people, but they would allow a sex abuser to stay in the home with his victems. Wrong!!!!

  499. Cancel 19 kids and counting. It is disgraceful how bad your programing has become. Elevating pedophiles is certainly a new low, no I’m wrong the lowest is supporting the deplorable parents who condoned the abuse.

  500. Commercials….Commercials….every 9 minutes. 9 mins. of the SAME commercials over and over and 9 minutes of show.
    The commercial cameras flip so fast from scene to scene that you cannot follow. It creates a headache and I had to mute the commercials and turn away from the TV.
    Please consider what you are doing. Around the water cooler, everybody who watches,complains about the length of the redundant commercials.

  501. I think it’s disgraceful that you took the Duggars off the air because of something that happened so long ago. That’s like saying its alright for this channel to support the sister wives show but is it really? There’s so much controversy on this topic but what I find funny is he confessed for heavens sakes and now like everything else it has been blown so far out of proportion. In closing though I believe you should bring them back.

  502. Perhaps others have voiced their opinions on this situation, but I think the Duggars should show us how they are going to deal with this heartbreaking news. Don’t cancel 19 Kids and Counting.

    • Perhaps you should look at their history…they did not even try to deal with the abuse until they were forced to by being “outed”…so it’s safe to say that they will only tell the public what they think their supporters want to hear. They sent Josh to a “camp” for a while-really?…he was probably happy just to get away from home. It’s obvious that this family does not value their girls as much as they do their boys. CANCEL THE SHOW

    • I don’t think it should be canceled either. They have a right to respond to this. I for one, have taken TLC off my Favorites List and will not watch the channel as long as 19 Kids & Counting is removed. I love the channel and the show, but believe they should be able to respond.

  503. It is remarkable how so many speak about a family who takes very good care of themselves. All these venemous hate-filled comments as if this fine family who thinks and lives differently than you has injured you in some way.

    I bet these snakes would all consider themselves good persons and who would happily have a “Coexist” sticker on their car. But of course you would need the 2nd stciker to tell the truth which says, “so long as you do as I say, ‘which changes as the wind blows'”

    We all serve a Master, but the Ultimate question is,
    Who is your Master?

  504. i have lost all respect for TLC. your shows have resorted to sensationalizing people that have no right to benefit financially from their bizarre lifestyles. and i truely hope you are not seriously considering any more shows about the duggars, kids, grandkids or pets. no one needs to gain from harboring a child molester. this whole thing disgusts me. child molesters do time, and the fact that the police and the parents knew about this and covered it up is appalling. you will do anything for a buck.

    • TLC needs to take this show off the air permanently. No more child molesting Duggars, who don’t abide by the laws of this country. NO spinoffs either. I don’t want to see Jill and Jessa and all the rest of the brood raising their kids in the same way they were raised.

  505. My family is sad to not to be watching the Duggar’s family on your network. As a family with standards, morals, and respect for the law, I understand and appreciate their family and have enjoyed new shows as well as re-runs. Then, my husband says guess what show the network put on instead of the Duggar’s…5 Wives/Sister Wives (whatever). Really, that’s adultery. You’ve lost us as viewers.

  506. Bring the Duggars back…No family is perfect…this is not the first time a child took the wrong path…..don’t run from Josh Duggar and his family…go public with Josh Duggar and his family and let us learn the correct way and the wrongway to deal with child molestation.
    TLC’s Hiding in the closet helps no one..Lets talk..Lets give victims a voice

  507. I am boycotting the tlc network till you bring back the duggars !!!he was a CHILD!!!!I hope the family Syrian touch toilet paper rag

  508. I really wish that you don’t cancel the Duggars long term, they are as human as anyone else, their show is still a good wholesome show, they have great values, and are all around good people, I can’t believe you would pull this show and keep some of your others in general anyway. It would be nice to show how real honest and good people will deal with this, they will be an excellent example to those who try and hide their skeletons. They deserve the space on TLC. I really hope your station reconsiders and actually think about such a rash decision.
    Thanks for reading

  509. Please do not bring back 19 Kids and Counting OR any spin offs. I have watched this show faithfully and can honestly say this mess has made me physically ill. These people have problems that need to be addressed in private. I lamented the fact that my family fell short compared to them but I have realized that no one- NO ONE is perfect no matter what you wear or how many daily devotionals you have. I will pray for Josh’s victims, his children and for him- in that order.

  510. The Duggers were really getting interesting. The show is not all about Josh. The girls should not be punished because of his actions. Bring them back but leave him out.

  511. Take the Duggars off the air. Josh is a child molster. What are you waiting on. Parents preach to others and covered their sons sins.

  512. I heard today that the Duggar show is going to be cancelled by the network. I think it is a wholesome, enjoyable show. Please do not cave to political or other pressure and cancel this show. That would be an outrage to cancel it.

  513. If you don’t cancel the ignorant Duggar family, you are sweeping the molestation under the carpet just like they did. Stand up for the victims of the son. They can act like everything is OK but victims of molestation have another opinion. The Duggars and the Honey boo boo family are huge mistakes of TLC. Next are those interbreeding gypsy idiots.

  514. I just finished watching the Kelly Files on Fox news with the Duggar parents. Things are not as the media has lead us to believe. What Josh Duggar did as a young teenager was inappropriate touching. There was no molestation, no penetration, nothing that even the “victims” were even aware of at the time it occurred. His parents at the time got him help and much more than the average family would have done, considering the offense.
    We see on television, including your own networks things that are much more sexually offensive and inappropriate than what Josh Duggar did in his teens!
    I believe that this has been a witch hunt by certain groups that did not approve of the Duggars and their faith. I am horrified that Discovery channel / TLC have cancelled this program and as much as I have enjoyed many programs on your networks, I will no longer be watching them and will be notifying all sponsors of your shows that I will no longer be buying their products.
    I am so disappointed in your quick actions regarding this show and the harm you have helped facilitate toward this family. Shame on you!

  515. So you are bringing back Kate and her crew. Can not stand the woman and will not watch the show she is just money hungry .Love the little couple .the Willis family.they are true family’s .i also like the Amish show.

  516. I just saw the Duggars on Fox News tonight. Please, please
    CANCEL their show forever. I know of a male who did the same thing the Duggar boy did and he got 7 years in prison and the Duggar guy should too. Please TLC do not reinstate 19 kids and counting or Honey Boo Boo either.

  517. have the courage to not cancel the Duggars. An injustice was done against them. this family is the best example of what we all want our families to be like. Show some guts TLC. Stand for something. You have brought us such good shows so keep them. They have done nothing wrong and I am sure with TLC or without that family will be fine. But for your company why not take a stand for right instead of what some people think which I bet is the minority. If you take them off our family will not be watching and I hate that because I also love the little couple. thanks

  518. have the courage to not cancel the Duggars. An injustice was done against them. this family is the best example of what we all want our families to be like. Show some guts TLC. Stand for something. You have brought us such good shows so keep them. They have done nothing wrong and I am sure with TLC or without that family will be fine. But for your company why not take a stand for right instead of what some people think which I bet is the minority. If you take them off our family will not be watching and I hate that because I also love the little couple. thanks

  519. The Duggar family does not push their faith on anyone. They had a personal family issue which they dealt with in an appropriate, responsible way. They have opened their home to America. Look what we did to them. I still want to follow this wonderful family. Hopefully, another station will continue with their story. The Willis family can’t hold a candle to the Duggars. How the Duggar family made it through this ordeal shows their true character. Margaret Younger

  520. After watching the Kelly File tonight on Fox News, I feel as though the Dugger’s have done nothing wrong to deserve this unfair treatment that they have been receiving. This family, like every other family, is not perfect. Please continue the show 19 Kids And Counting. If you cancel this show, I will boycott TLC and anything that has to do with TLC. I loved TLC and watched it faithfully, but after you cancelled this series I have not tuned in to this channel once. Please do not do this to this family. Your network will suffer a great loss if you do.

    Amy Pendleton

  521. I am VERY upset that you have cancelled the show 19 Kids and Counting, since you have done this I CHOOSE to not watch your channel. If you bring the show back, I will return to your network…..

  522. I’ so disgusted by the 19 kids and counting. Those sex abuse victims have been victimized repeatedly by the brother, parents, your channel, and the public. To reward worthless families like this who have only sympathy for the perpetrator is disgusting. As a retired teacher, I’ve seen families whose children suffer from this type of victimization.

    I’ve often enjoyed your programming, but this is disgusting and unacceptable. Do Christians who have 19 kids have some special value above parents who have small families? I think not!

    Disgusting and unacceptable. Change the name of your channel– The Learning Channel no longer applies!

  523. Please do not cancel 19 Kids and Counting. I have been invested in their lives since the pilot. I have been a faithful fan. Everyone needs forgiveness and a second chance. The benefits far out way this unfortunate situation. I also enjoyed Honey BooBoo, and miss it.
    TLC and Discovery are my favorite channels, please don’t take away my favorite show.
    Thank you.

  524. The Duggers are hypocrites. The show goes on and a boycott of your advertisers will be sure to follow, starting with me.

  525. I am no longer a fan of the Duggars. In the interview last night it seems to me that they only tried to protect Josh, how disgusting!!!

  526. Hello, The Duggars are all a good family. Let them stay on the air. Let the first one that has not sin throw the first stone.At, fifteen to go to your parents and them . I, dont no to many kids that would do that. God, bless these people they are God loving people. We are all human and we must forgive him.His parents are handling this the right way. Please, keep them on the air. God,bless them all .

  527. 19 kids and counting should not even be discussed for putting it back in the air…the crime has already been committed..

  528. As a mother and teacher, I am extremely protective of my charges. I do my best to set an example of how to live a Christian, moral-based life. With that in mind, I must say I am disappointed of your networks handling of the television show, “19 Kids and Counting.” The whole premise behind the way the Duggars live their lives is that God loves us in spite of ourselves. They aren’t perfect and do not try to present themselves a “perfect little Christians” living prefect lives. It saddens me that TLC would take this reality show off the air. I pray your decision isn’t a permanent one. The best example of living a Christian life is not airing shows where everyone is beautiful, pleasant, guiltless, and perfect. You are robbing your viewers of the opportunity to watch a Christian family traverse through disappointing hardships that are a part of living.

  529. Don’t cancel 19 kids and counting! Problems are a part of raising a family. I’m glad they received counseling for this issue. The Duggars are NOT the one to be condemned, the slime buckets that exposed the victims should be run out of business! Duggars you have my suppport.

    On the other hand, the Willis family need counseling. The sexual way they are teaching their young children to act should be call child abuse.

  530. 19 kids and counting needs to go. How in the world can they afford to feed all these kids?
    This is ridiculous – birth control. And this last issue with the son shows you no one can watch
    All these kids and what is going on.

  531. TLC is “The Learning Channel”. Please send a message that’s it’s not ok to turn a blind to child molestation. Cancel the Duggers.

  532. Bring back “LEARNING” TO YOUR CHANNEL. Perhaps I’ll return to watching again, I stopped watching long ago, when LEARNING went away. SMH

  533. Please do not cancel Myrtle Manor, love love love this crazy program and look forward to seeing it again ! One of my favorites !

  534. I find amazing that TLC would cancel19 kids over the misdeeds of one member. So, using that standard; should not Hillary be dropped from the presidential campaign because her husband is a serial sex offender, keeps company with a known procurer of young girls, and who actually did, with Hillary’s help, cover it up? At least temporarily.Or should all the Kennedys be forbidden to be on tv? Josh was a child.These were grown men.. Really really a double standard. Very disappointing. But I do have a lot of channels other than TLC on my sattelite. And this certainly smacks of an agenda against the Duggers. Hope they fight back. There are a lot of us in their corner.

    • LOVE what you said Sandra Golemb! I totally agree. The fact that they even went to the police at all is more than alot of families would have done. They are great people, and the show should come back. Josh was a kid, his victims are fine. Lets move on already. The only people making a fuss about it are not even involved!

  535. Get those pathetic child molesters of the air NOW and KEEP THEM OFF THE AIR. They are exactly what is wrong with the USA.
    The fact that shameless “Christians” are taking up for them should show you just how pathetic that POS family really is. If they stay on the air, I swear to that phony ‘God” they prostitute their daughters with I will hound every single advertiser that advertises during that POS show until they get so sick of hearing from ALL OF US they will run from you like a good person runs from a child molester.

  536. I have been watching the Duggar family’s show, “19 kids and counting for several years now and enjoy it. Very seldom do we ever get to enjoy a show that is porn free, filthy language free and kid/family friendly. How is it that one of their kids made a mistake and now we have to give up the one good thing that’s on T.V. nowadays? I firmly believe that Josh was simply a curious boy/teenager. I had one brother that was the same. I made it so that he didn’t try to bother me again. There was no real harm done until one of my uncle’s in law was constantly pawing me when I was about 11 and asleep. Every time I woke up, he had his hands somewhere on me. I was afraid to tell anyone. Same old story! I wish I had now. I have realized since I’ve been grown that by keeping quiet, I enabled this “uncle” to continue to possibly molest other young girls/ladies! Back to the issue, Josh Duggar made a mistake. That can’t be forgiven? The only thing that the Bible says can’t be forgiven is sinning against the holy ghost. It is a shame that we have to lose such an inspiring show over a juvenile’s mistake. Because that’s all it was! God has truly blessed Jim and Michelle Duggar!

  537. CANCEL, “19 kids and counting”

    Anyone who defends a child molester, is someone who should be in jail.
    I,and the friends I’ve talked with will no longer watch this show .

  538. There are so many of us that are SICK of this family trying to rationalize what their son did!! Oh, but there was no intercourse! ! Please,,, watch the news and see how many people go to prison everyday for inappropriate behavior with children! So, if TLC keeps this show on and the spin offs,, count us out!! You’ve just condone his behavior, , and we don’t care if he was a young he wasn’t stupid!! They sought treatment for him….apparently he wasn’t cured! Hope his chikdren are safe, I’d be worried if I was his wife!!

  539. RE: 19 Kids and Counting. Due to the fact that the Duggars have violated not only legal issues regarding their son Josh’s child molestation of 5 little girls, but also the fact that they are stating that they are above the law because they are Christians and “know” what they are doing, I believe that it would be entirely inappropriate for TLC to continue showing this abomination of a show on your network. Any spinoff of 19 Kids and Counting should not be promoted or shown as it would be merely a statement that TLC backs people who are child molesters and who stand up for child molestation. The Duggars state that there can only be one definition of “marriage” because that is what they believe, but that “child molestation” has many definitions because that is what they believe. Strange. Kick them off the air permanently.

  540. I absolutely love the TLC channel, as well as 19 Kids, and counting. That being said, I really hope that you guys don’t cancel this show. Look at it this way: Josh Duggar has his own family, and should just be cut from the program totally (No storyline whatsoever) after all the rest of the clan did nothing wrong, and is still a good family with a good moral compass. With JD scandal people will want to tune in especially now. The ratings will be through the roof.

  541. I always enjoyed watching the Duggars, but I feel the show should be canceled. Who could watch Josh after what he did and the parents have lost my respect. I would like to see a show with the Duggar children excluding Josh and his family. I have like seeing Jill and Jessa with their new husbands. Please TLC bring on a new show all about the Duggar children.

  542. If you keep 19 kids and counting it would be a travesty. They are disgusting. only in it for the money that is why they kept it quiet. These people have no use what so ever tell them to keep their legs closed.

  543. I love the Duggers. Please continue the show. I have been purchasing the episodes through amazon and would like to continue. The events were terrible, but it seems that proper action was taken and it occurred years ago. I’d like to continue watching the reality show.


  544. I feel if you allow the Duggar show to continue on your station, you will lose almost all of your viewers! It must be canceled. So disgusted and I have never known such hypocrisy. I am very open minded and believe in forgiveness but these people disappointed me so much.

  545. In regards to 19 Kids and Counting….I will not only boycott TLC and Discovery but I will boycott all advertisers who air their commercials during this disturbing show. I will also contact each advertising company. I used to love watching 19 Kids and Counting but I am disgusted this show was not cancelled immediately. If there are any spin-offs I will also boycott. I hope you realize that by allowing this show or any spin-offs will do irreparable harm to your businesses. Thank you.

  546. Josh Duggar sought help from his own parents. Then they all talked to various counselors, a Policeman, parents sent Josh away from the family to attend a Christian youth group for more help. While many are saying cruel things about the Duggars and Josh, as his parents, what else could they have done? They believe in what they believe; it’s others choice to not believe. Why all this cruelty towards the family? I still love the show, the family, and want to see it continue. If folks don’t want to see it, then don’t watch it. But let those of us who do want it to stay on the air, please allow us our freedom to watch it.

  547. Please, please cancel 19 Kids and Counting! Why do we have to watch a hypocritical family who claim their Christianity based values, yet continue to call molestation of children “inappropriate touching”?
    I hope and pray Josh isn’t molesting his own children. How can you give this family a platform to spew their ignorance AND pay them?

  548. I belive the parents of Josh Duggar acted like any other family would, and as a result today they have a son who no longer messes up and is successful as a family and business men. I would love to see them back on tv, it’s one of the only positive things I can watch with my kids and it would be sad to see their show go

  549. Congratulations to the ones who finally were able to get those lousy Christians, the Duggars, off the air! The one breath of fresh air showing a family enjoying each other and having some morals is finally gone. Our children can still see all the bared bosoms etc. and sex and violence on TV. Just don’t show a family where the only bad thing they can find out of 19 children is a teenager who, years ago,, touched his sisters (and sitter) through their clothes, and then repented, was rehabilitated, and became a good husband and father. We want to see all the dysfunction that comes when people try to live their lives without God!

  550. You either cancel the Duggar show all together, or I intend on boycotting every single channel that you own. Not only myself, but everyone I know will do this as well. I can’t image Oprah would take very kindly if her ratings plummet. TLC should be ashamed of themselves for even considering airing this show in the future. You wasted NO time cancelling Honey Boo Boo without a second thought. Because the Duggar show has had high ratings makes me furious that your hesitation is indeed about ratings, money and scandal. You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

  551. I am so upset that you have taken 19 kids and counting off this network. What happened was handled years ago & that information should never have been made public due to the fact that all parties involved were minors. Because of your decision to punish this loving family, my friends & family will no longer watch ANYTHING on your network.

  552. my opinion is yall should put 19 kids and counting back on the air he was a young boy and it was handled, he done something wrong yes but when someone asked he was open and honest about it.He is almost 29 years old why brang it up again now. i will not watch TLC until yall put them back on the air because i heard he was open about it to yall and this whole time u knew about it but didnt cancle so why now.

  553. Please bring the Duggars back. The criticism is outlandish and obviouly stems from people who are embarrassed that they dont have such high moral values. The parents handled it wisely. This was a personal family issue not a social one to slay the family. How many shows on tv are far more ridiclous with no values….look at the showx bachelor and bacheloretfe. There is great value in allowing the Duggars to teach on how to get through trying times.

  554. Please bring the Duggar family show 19 Kids and counting back on the air. They are good people who went through a dark time in their lives, dealt with it, got help and moved on in spite of it. The good values they show are so beautiful. EVIL always HATES what is GOOD. Josh is not a child molester … a molester molests … Josh touched for seconds over clothes – there is a BIG difference and Josh was a boy then and has proven himself as humbled before God, a good husband and father, loved by his family and forgiven by God. May God use this whole situation to make something beautiful out of it to His Glory…as only He can do.

  555. This comment is sent out to all you HATERS that have posted on here that 19 kids and counting should be canceled. He who is without sin cast the first stone!! SHAME ON YOU! The Duggars are a wholesome family and a pleasure to watch! If you have a problem with them then use your remote and change the channel!! BRING BACK 19 KIDS AND COUNTING!

  556. I’m sorry to see the media ruin the life even further of the Duggars. I don’t think the show should be canceled. The family handled the situation properly and no family is perfect. Keep the show running The Media made this into something much more than it was. I agree that what Josh did at 14 is horrible, however, he came forward himself to his parents and he received the help he needed. Really people…..get a grip!

  557. i am an older lady and there is not much on tv i like to watch. my health is not good so i am home most the time. i notice you hae no moral problems keeping things on the air like sex brought me to the er, however the illegally turn over the records that shouldnt have ever been released and publish them and you back them up by canc elling the show. if like many people are suggesting oparah had some information before at least she didnt do the victims a diservice by telling everyone. this all happened before the show started if it is so important to you, why dont you check people out better before you give them a show? this is the second time you have pulled a show i liked. i will not give you the opportunity to do it again. everyone can figure out in touch went after the duggars because they made comments about gays. why are thay not allowed their opinion but in touch is?

  558. 19 Kids and Counting has preached intolerance, bigotry and hate from the beginning. These are NOT Christian values. They twist the media stories about Josh to fit their needs. I’m sure Josh is forgiven, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to deal with the legal consequences. Please do all loving, tolerant people a favor and cancel the show. Many of my friends are wondering why TLC has not already cancelled the show. Makes you go Hmmmmm

  559. Re. 19 kids and counting. Josh Duggar was never criminally charged with any wrong doing. What he did or did not do was disclosed to his parents who responded appropriately, this all occurred 9 years ago. I say let it go America, move on and get these fine people back on your network! All families have issues, this family has dealt with this situation and should be allowed to get on with their lives.

  560. I understand why 19 Kids and Counting must be cancelled and I will miss them. Please allow Amazon to sell season 16 so us fans who grew up with the family can have some closure. I am trying not to like the Willis Clan too much because someone may get upset with them and then they will be gone.
    thanks for 19 Kids and counting. I love them and will miss them.

    God Bless
    A hopeful, continued viewing loyal fan

  561. Please don’t cancel 19 kids and counting. Don’t know why this was brought up after all of these year. It was dealt with at the time and everyone has moved on with their lives. I believe they are a great example of a Christian family doing the best they can. Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven. I just started watching this show and have enjoyed it very much. I love some of their ideas for raising their family and the kids are adorable.

  562. The Duggars please bring them back.
    All reality shows have their issues, and the reality is not being aired. Give them a chance to show the world how they handle the current situation. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. To chance the show because of one person is not fair the to family. Have Josh make comments and move forward from all this.
    And please stop show horror movie clipping before 8:00pm for little eyes to be watching.
    Thank you,

  563. After all info,interviews,have been done.Truth is out.Its time to cut the 19 kids off air..I know they are your cash cow but how can you continue with these fake people.To all women who love this show–do some research and see how they use the rod,blanket training. In their belief women do not go to college,they get married and become baby machines..the male is king. If you do your research I bet you would not want to live like that.If you believe in them so much-start living like them and see how you do in life. Cancel cancel

  564. Please keep Duggar Family on TLC. Although I am a cradle born practicing Episcopalian and we do believe that all people should be treated with respect, and we have gay Priest and Bishops, I love their show. My children are all grown and live in different state and I’ve been divorced and widowed with children from both marriages. I certainly looked forward to their show each week and was excited about your summer programming !! Please reconsider !!!! My Tv has become my entertainment . SINCERLY , Mary G

  565. Please cancel the 19 kids and counting show!!!my family has stopped watching 19 kids.. and have also stoppped watching the TLC channel, i mean tyhe Network is called” The Learning Channel for christ sake, My family and I have learned nothing from this Network. i am gonna start a pettition to get ur netwoirk cancelled dont think I can? ha! u are wrong. these people are hypocrites and dont deserve to give advice. they arent very christ like with the judging of others and alleged child molestation scandal. please cancel this show soon.. I HATE THESE PEOPLE!!!BOYCOTT TLC!!!

  566. While watching “Yes to the Dress” with my granddaughters on Friday night, I was dismayed to see an advertisement for vapor cigarets. I thought we were well pass the advertisement of such products and I was sadden to see such advertisement. There are somethings more important than the mighty $$$. Think about your audience.

  567. There’s no perfect family and to pull the show for a mistake done years ago by an adolescent is crazy; to the contrary, now it has gotten interesting. Reality shows have highs and lows otherwise it’s boring. People who did not know about the show will be tuning in if it goes back on the air. It’s a shame that in this country there’s no longer freedom of speech or religion since we all know the reason why they are being attacked. Please turn the show back on; let’s see what we can learn from this.

  568. Please lose the duggersChristian liars and hippocrites!
    My god…I have no words for my. OutrAge!,,,,
    Liars and Cheats,,,!,,,,

  569. I dont understand what is happening to your show please stop showing obese people horders . i think you are wrong to have taken the duggers off the air its a shame that happened but he was so young when that happened i really enjoyed the show an hope that you will condider putting them back on from what iam seeing the previews of the up comming new shows i will not be watching them to me they are not fit for family watching very offense worse then what the duggers son did

  570. I wanted to voice an opinion concerning the Duggars tv show. These are real people parenting real children. You can’t possibly parent a family without mistakes happening. Instead of a discussion about whether or not to continue the show, a discussion might be how will next season go as the family works through this curve ball that was thrown at them. We are not interested in seeing these children exploited for ratings. Let them heal and get on with the here and now.

  571. I was watching TLC on Monday evening when an advertisement for the Willis Family show came on.The mother made the comment “parenting is not for the retarded.” Since your network seems to be only interested in offending people,I will no longer be watching any of your shows.[My husband is so happy] I will be vocal in spreading my message that TLC is nothing but a hate filled network and your sponsors are not deserving of my business.

    • I agree with you. It’s all about their sponsers. Not about the viewers want. People judge to quick without knowing the facts, but that’s the world we live in and the reason it is like it is. We worry about what other people are doing instead of worrying about ourselves and our own family members. People need to get a life!

  572. It is my hope that you will re-consider having 19 Kids and Counting back on TLC. I have watched them for years and value this reality show.

  573. I am really upset that you have taken the 19 kids and counting, I know that there is an issue going on but your station puts on 90000 pound women or men, I mean come on if He is getting help for what ever then done take them off the air, and also how is to say that it is true, we all are so ready to convict and hang someone for anything that happens right off the bat. If you do not bring them back I will not watch the station I will have DTV remove that channel. Lets us decide whether we want them to go away or not.

  574. I will miss the Duggar’s programming – hope you keep it. Josh was just a curious child and his ‘victims’ have not been adversely affected in any way. Just touching over clothes and not even noticed by them. It is crazy but typical with the media to be making this a huge issue. How many of us have done worse playing doctor as children. Any show that is good and wholesome like this is needed and will be missed. These self-righteous people who disagree do not know the grace and mercy of God!

  575. PLEASE KEEP THE SHOW! It is one family show that is not full of the garbage typically seen. Some people need to get over it. It is because they are a Christian family they are dealing with these attacks; other famous people get away with a lot worse as we are all aware, yet hardly a word is said. PUT THE SHOW BACK ON!

  576. I am supporting the Duggar family. I am a fan of TLCs programs like Little People Big World (Roloffs), Little Couple, Nineteen Kids and Counting. I like some programs and some I don’t. Please bring back the Duggar’s. They have never said they are perfect people (that is what not believers think – if you say you are a Christian, that you are stating you are perfect). We all need to learn not to judge others so quickly. I listened to their interview on Fox – Kelly files. I believe they did all the right things concerning Josh and the victims. If TLC fans don’t want to watch the Duggars then you can turn the channel. I do that for some of the programs that I don’t like on TLC. I like watching programs that have no profanity in them (they are not that many). Let us be more concerned with the revealing of sealed minor records. Nobody is addressing this issue at all!

  577. I hope you do not drop The Dugger Family. They represent a degree of wholesomeness that is not seen on TV. I, as have many of my friends, had a troublesome teen among my three children. It wasn’t something I advertised but something we dealt with in privacy. We spent several years seeking out advise and counseling. Christians aren’t perfect. We just recognize we are all sinners in some aspects of our lives and need to admit it and seek forgiveness from our Heavenly Father. There are lessons to be learned by the Dugger’s experience with Josh. Hopefully a whole family is not punished for what one young man did in his teen years.

  578. Since the Duggar problem was long before we saw them on TV and they reported the situation to authorities, handled it in their family, and have since lived a careful life, I hope that you do not cancel 19 Kids. We need their positive influence among all the negative and morally corrupt shows that you air.

  579. It is a sad world where good people and good companies buckle under the threat and lies of nasty people with an agenda. I hope you do not cancel 19 kids and counting and they come back stronger then ever. The 3.4 million fans are being ignored and the advertisers who have chosen to pull their support have lost my support and hopefully the remain 3.4 million. The media has the platform and are lying and screaming and you can’t not give in to them. Support the 3.4 million who don’t have any other platform to support other then watching the show.

  580. I have read some of the above comments. if you do the math, Josh WAS 18 when he committed some of these offenses . . . the young ladies that he committed these offenses to were in the 14 to 15 range!!! WHAT IS ALL THIS “POOR JOSH” NONSENSE ABOUT??? WHAT ABOUT THE VICTIMS/SURVIVORS??? I’M NOT SEEING VERY MANY COMMENTS ABOUT THEM!!! IT SEEMS LIKE A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE MORE UPSET ABOUT SEEING THE SHOW CANCELLED AND NOT LOOKING AT THE BIG PICTURE HERE!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???

  581. I WOULD CHALLENGE anyone to research this: 1. For as many people that a child molester admits to molesting, how many more (on average) did they really molest? 2. How many children does a child molester TRULY molest over their lifetime? You would be SHOCKED by the answers! And, shame on Jim Bob and Michelle Dugger, the pastor that they consusulted with, and the law enforcement officer that they consulted with for covering this VERY SERIOUS situation. Just because they are a Christian family DOES NOT give them a right to cover this up and not let Josh get the legal punishment that anyone else would get. He should HAVE to be a Registered Sex Offender! And, he SHOULD HAVE SPENT TIME IN JAIL! This was handled SO very wrong on SO many different levels!

  582. I love the Duggars and what they stand for no one is perfect and without making mistakes we need to forgive and go on if you cancel the show I will be brokenhearted. None of the shows you have on can not even come close to the Duggars

  583. Help !! Where R the Duggers. that was the most wholesome show on tv.
    Just to let u know I am 77 years old. Back in the lat 40’s my brother who
    Was 2 years older than me (12/14). Asked to “see my thing”. I’m sure out of curiosity. I neve thought of it as molestation. Must young kids do these things out of curiosity. I’d bet a high percentage of your critics have been a part of this same type of situations.
    Woe to the person that causes another person stumble.
    I might add also I was saved n born again at jimmy swaggart ministries in 1986 smack dab in the middle of all his “sin”. God proves he’s all powerful in all situations and His WILL will be done.<