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Contacting Suntrust Customer Service Center

Suntrust Bank is a subsidiary of Suntrust Banks, Inc. The company reported holdings of more than $178 billion as of spring 2012 and that number continues to grow with each passing year. Suntrust Bank was started to provide personal, business and loan banking solutions in communities located in Washington DC, West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida and Georgia. There are nearly 3,000 ATMs and more than 1,600 bank locations.

Contact Info

You can contact Suntrust with the local number for your branch. If you have a Suntrust bank card, the customer service phone number is listed on the back of the card. Additional contact numbers and addresses are also available.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-800-786-8787
  • Online Banking Customer Service: 1-800-382-3232
  • TDD: 1-800-854-8965
  • Fruad (Checking Account): 1-800-447-8994
  • Stolen/Lost Card: 1-800-786-8787 #option 6
  • International Customer Service: 1-800-7887-2835
  • Mortgages: 1-800-634-7928
  • Real Estate, Loss Mitigation and Bankruptcy: 1-800-443-1032

Mailing Address

Suntrust Bank
P.O. Box 85024
Richmond, VA 23285-5024

Suntrust Bank – Access 3 Payments
P.O. Box 791274
Baltimore, MD 21279-1274

Suntrust Bank – Credit Card Payments
P.O. Box 79282
Baltimore, MD 21279-0282

Suntrust Bank – Consumer Loan Payments
P.O. Box 791144
Baltimore, MD 21279-1144

Suntrust Bank – Loan Payments Overnight
CLS Monetary
41 Rachel Dr.
Nashville, TN 37214-3684

Suntrust Bank – Loan PayOff
CLS Monetary
P.O. Box 305008
Nashville, TN 37230

Suntrust Bank – Mortgage
P.O. Box 79041
Baltimore, MD 21279-0041

Suntrust Bank – Overnight Mortgage
Attn: Payment Processing
1001 Semmes Ave.
Richmond, VA 23224-2245

Suntrust Bank – Mortgage Payoff
Attn: Payoff Department
1001 Semmes Ave.
Richmond, VA 23224-2245

Official Website

Simply visit to look through the Suntrust official website. The site opens up as the Personal Banking portal, but click on any one of the categories to learn more about things like loans, retirement, checking and mortgages/home equity.

Customer Service Email

Suntrust Bank customers can log in to the online banking portion of the website to send a secure message from their bank account to a customer service representative. If you don’t have online account access or you are not yet a Suntrust Bank member, use the general contact form to communicate with Suntrust customer service.

Our Experience

Suntrust is a company which puts its customers first. The automated system provided clear and concise options leading directly to the customer care agent. We waited less than 30 seconds before we spoke with a customer care representative. The agent appeared to be happy to speak with us. We asked questions regarding documentation when applying for financial services. He answered our questions and asked if we needed any assistance with other financial manners.

The customer experience at Suntrust is top of the line. When you contacted the company regarding your financial matters, did you feel the same way? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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6 Comments on “Contact Suntrust Customer Service
  1. What is the mailing address for Sun Trust Bank
    if I want to mail in a deposit?
    Thanks very much.
    Wallace A. Farmer

  2. I bank at the Fuquay Varina, NC branch and have for several years. I always receive the friendliest service and never seeem to have to wait an inordinate amount of time. All the personnel are friendly and are very knowledgable in their jobs. You should be very proud to have a branch which operates so efficiently. Please pass this along to the appropriate personnel.

  3. I checked my balance it said i had 15 so i took out10 two days later i get a letter saying i went over and i got charged 36 in charges so when i got payed in a week i went toto pay it to find they charged me 76 in charges cause i didnt pay it in 7 days which i was never told of these fees

  4. I had an issue with someone driving a suntrust car im trying to get a email address to make a complaint but sant find it anywhere the person almost caused me to wreck my car i have the tag number what should i do thanks

  5. I decided to pay my line of credit by automatic draft. I received a call tonight from Sun Trust from a woman named Susan. I deal with the public all day 7 days a week. This woman had such a thick accent I had to strain to understand her. I give her credit for trying to make a living but I elected to straighten this out at a branch because I truly could not understand her very well.

    Not a BAD customer service experience but a frustrating one.

    M Page

  6. I opened an account for my mother several years ago. The relationship with the bank was good, so I opened one up for myself. Unknowing that the accounts were linked. My mother past away suddenly, leaving the account overdrawn. Trying to figure out about the SSI benifents to cover it. The bank draws out the money from my account without notification and caused overdrafts of great proportions to my account. The bank gave me back some of the charges but more less told me sorry about the other. I will never suggest anyone to bank with them unless you know how they operate. Unhappy with the whole thing. Closing my account!

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