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Contacting Suntrust Customer Service Center

Suntrust Bank is a subsidiary of Suntrust Banks, Inc. The company reported holdings of more than $178 billion as of spring 2012 and that number continues to grow with each passing year. Suntrust Bank was started to provide personal, business and loan banking solutions in communities located in Washington DC, West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida and Georgia. There are nearly 3,000 ATMs and more than 1,600 bank locations.

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Contact Info

You can contact Suntrust with the local number for your branch. If you have a Suntrust bank card, the customer service phone number is listed on the back of the card. Additional contact numbers and addresses are also available.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-800-786-8787
  • Online Banking Customer Service: 1-800-382-3232
  • TDD: 1-800-854-8965
  • Fruad (Checking Account): 1-800-447-8994
  • Stolen/Lost Card: 1-800-786-8787 #option 6
  • International Customer Service: 1-800-7887-2835
  • Mortgages: 1-800-634-7928
  • Real Estate, Loss Mitigation and Bankruptcy: 1-800-443-1032

Mailing Address

Suntrust Bank
P.O. Box 85024
Richmond, VA 23285-5024

Suntrust Bank – Access 3 Payments
P.O. Box 791274
Baltimore, MD 21279-1274

Suntrust Bank – Credit Card Payments
P.O. Box 79282
Baltimore, MD 21279-0282

Suntrust Bank – Consumer Loan Payments
P.O. Box 791144
Baltimore, MD 21279-1144

Suntrust Bank – Loan Payments Overnight
CLS Monetary
41 Rachel Dr.
Nashville, TN 37214-3684

Suntrust Bank – Loan PayOff
CLS Monetary
P.O. Box 305008
Nashville, TN 37230

Suntrust Bank – Mortgage
P.O. Box 79041
Baltimore, MD 21279-0041

Suntrust Bank – Overnight Mortgage
Attn: Payment Processing
1001 Semmes Ave.
Richmond, VA 23224-2245

Suntrust Bank – Mortgage Payoff
Attn: Payoff Department
1001 Semmes Ave.
Richmond, VA 23224-2245

Official Website

Simply visit to look through the Suntrust official website. The site opens up as the Personal Banking portal, but click on any one of the categories to learn more about things like loans, retirement, checking and mortgages/home equity.

Customer Service Email

Suntrust Bank customers can log in to the online banking portion of the website to send a secure message from their bank account to a customer service representative. If you don’t have online account access or you are not yet a Suntrust Bank member, use the general contact form to communicate with Suntrust customer service.

Our Experience

Suntrust is a company which puts its customers first. The automated system provided clear and concise options leading directly to the customer care agent. We waited less than 30 seconds before we spoke with a customer care representative. The agent appeared to be happy to speak with us. We asked questions regarding documentation when applying for financial services. He answered our questions and asked if we needed any assistance with other financial manners.

The customer experience at Suntrust is top of the line. When you contacted the company regarding your financial matters, did you feel the same way? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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62 Comments on “Contact Suntrust Customer Service
  1. What is the mailing address for Sun Trust Bank
    if I want to mail in a deposit?
    Thanks very much.
    Wallace A. Farmer

  2. I bank at the Fuquay Varina, NC branch and have for several years. I always receive the friendliest service and never seeem to have to wait an inordinate amount of time. All the personnel are friendly and are very knowledgable in their jobs. You should be very proud to have a branch which operates so efficiently. Please pass this along to the appropriate personnel.

  3. I checked my balance it said i had 15 so i took out10 two days later i get a letter saying i went over and i got charged 36 in charges so when i got payed in a week i went toto pay it to find they charged me 76 in charges cause i didnt pay it in 7 days which i was never told of these fees

    • I traveled to Europe, sure that my account was in order till I return. Tried logging on from there, but a different PC requires a verifying code, which can ONLY be done by your American phone number !!!! That phone don’t work outside USA !!! I discovered after my return that a deposit didn’t make it, resulting in 2 payments to overdraw my account by $138.17. With statement, flight vouchers and money I asked to forgive me one fee ($36.00 imposed twice the first week overdrawn, 52% overdraft fee ) but was declined. Angry I said I need to close this account and she did the papers right away.
      That’s no way to treat a 7 year customer, that had checking,savings and mortgage account with them and NEVER a problem managing bills and money !!!

  4. I had an issue with someone driving a suntrust car im trying to get a email address to make a complaint but sant find it anywhere the person almost caused me to wreck my car i have the tag number what should i do thanks

  5. I decided to pay my line of credit by automatic draft. I received a call tonight from Sun Trust from a woman named Susan. I deal with the public all day 7 days a week. This woman had such a thick accent I had to strain to understand her. I give her credit for trying to make a living but I elected to straighten this out at a branch because I truly could not understand her very well.

    Not a BAD customer service experience but a frustrating one.

    M Page

  6. customer service to get the phone number of a branch office is exceedingly cumbersome. Have a real person on the line, after all it’s supposed to be “customer service”.

  7. I am very saddened and ashamed of a bank that would call bank loans on the BRENHAM BROTHERS for professing there faith in JESUS CHRIST and there First Amendment right to free speech on their views of Marriage being between a man and a woman. I will never deal with your institution.

  8. I opened a new account and also have a new debit -credit card. When I use my card in the stores it will not accept my pin number. Do I need to get a new pin number and many leters or numbers do I need to have?

    Thank you

  9. We receive faxes every day from Suntrust and have made numerous requests to have them stopped. The faxes say they are coming from PAC-LN. Can you have these faxes stopped? They are a waste of paper and we don’t need the faxes.

    Thank you.

  10. My husband has an auto loan from Sun Trust Bank and I have been trying to find out for him how are we going to find out how much we owed, and all I could find is showing us what their offer to buy a car.

  11. I made a payment in June 9, for above the minimum payment. My payment was not due until June 25. My check cleared that date of the 9th. I have a access 3 equity line loan . On the 25 of June I also was drafted for the minimum payment even though I already made my payment. The next month they didn’t even credit me for extra amount that they drafted. I went to my personal banker about the matter. I asked for a refund !!! Sun Trust, Baltimore, Md. Said they would deposit the refund within 3days!!! They didn’t give me all the REFUND that I requested and was told I would receive!!!! I have made personal complaint!!!! I have been told that a written letter would be sent to proper people !!!I hope that this does not happen again!!!Nobody has the right to take or decide what should be done with anyone MONEY with out my PERMISSION!!! I didn’t give it!!!!! I CONSIDER THIS STEALING!!!!I am still waiting for next statement to see if the money they didn’t refund will be credited to MY ACCOUNT!!!! To be CONTINUED!!! I am a very disappointed customer!!! What up in Baltimore, MD. It’s a SORRY WAY TO RUN A BANK!!!!

  12. Because of your poor customer service I went from a $5 shipping charge to over $300 in charges and fees.

    I think it will be my mission for the next few years to make sure YOU lose much more than that.

  13. My father purchased a vehicle a year ago and tuesday they repossed it stating that the vehicle was for me not my father but thing is when we purchased vehicle I submitted documents in where I will be the person discussing the account and making payments from my checking account and at times my sisters account they never mentioned this before until now . The vehicle had a past due payment that we were trying to give but rep refused to take payment and next day car was repo I called my father called and they informed him that he cannot obtain his vehicle back unless he pays off total balance. We dont have the financial assitance to hire a lawyer but this is not correct how do you take money payments and discuss account with daughter but turn around and use that as the excuse vehicle cannot be returned ???? please help today I found out they did the
    same thing to another family friend and their daughter ..

  14. Do not buy anything on the internet w/your Suntrust card. They will not protect you from fraud and will charge you outrageous fees.

    I wonder if this comment will be erased too.

  15. Apparently Suntrust has decided not to post any negative comments about neglecting fraud.
    Now I will comment to the BBB.

  16. I opened an account for my mother several years ago. The relationship with the bank was good, so I opened one up for myself. Unknowing that the accounts were linked. My mother past away suddenly, leaving the account overdrawn. Trying to figure out about the SSI benifents to cover it. The bank draws out the money from my account without notification and caused overdrafts of great proportions to my account. The bank gave me back some of the charges but more less told me sorry about the other. I will never suggest anyone to bank with them unless you know how they operate. Unhappy with the whole thing. Closing my account!

  17. I took out an Access 3 line of credit. I live in Italy but I am a US citizen and resident. Every time I tried to pay online I got a message “you can’t pay at this time” until the payment was overdue you could not pay. I called and they told me they had a problem with their web site “don’t worry”. They closed my line of credit for “non payment” without any warning. They made it very difficult for me to pay because they credited my wire transfers only after the due date, just like the online payments. Then they closed the account I sent the money to, since their bill was only visible on their site I never got any more bills. On their 800 number they say they don’t know anything about the account. They are now foreclosing (STEALING) my home. Apparently the customer has no rights.

  18. I have had the worst experience dealing with the loan department. I paid off my car load and was told 3-5 business days to process and clear the title, 8 days later I was told 5 – 10 business days. How can it possibly take that long to release a title electronically when it was paid off in cash? Worst customer service experience.

  19. I removed all my IRA accounts from Sun trust due to inadequate ability to send info in a timely manner. 2 years in a row I did not receive my 1099 tax info before 2/14. The service people are useless to say the least. Good luck with this bunch of losers.

  20. 2/26/2015 I was on hold to get my payoff for a verrry long time. I think you should add some more staff to handle the incoming calls.

  21. I lost my SunTrust debit Masters Card yesterday. Noticed it missing this morning…a Sunday. I spent 3 hours trying to find a “REAL” person from the many Suntrust phone numbers in the phone book and on line. Most of them had a recording to call during regular banking hours after making me wait and wait and wait listening to the recordings over and over. I did finally talk to someone who did put a block on my card, yeah!! Until tomorrow, I can go to the bank and apply for a new one. I just want SunTrust to add a real live person’s phone number on my bank statements for an emergency like stolen or lost cards…with no hassle.

  22. I am a SunTrust Account Holder of 3 years. I just went to my Local SunTrust ATM, something weird was going on with the machine. it accepted my card and pin number and then the with touch screen wasn’t working. I went thru the process twice and still didn’t work. I got concerned with all the skimming devises you hear off. So, I called The Customer 1-800, Line to report possible Suspicious Situation!!!!! I called not once but twice, automated machine would not transfer me to a person….I prompted, Customer Service, Loss Prevention, Theft, NO PROPMT TRANSFERRED ME TO A PERSON. There is no number on back of my card, went online to locate another number, only number is the one I was already calling!!!!GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH WELL!!!!!!!

  23. I am trying to fax a statement to Sun Trust Bank PO Box 85129 Richmond VA 23285 however it isn’t going through. Can you please verify the Fax number for me? I have 804-273-7588.
    Thank you,
    Tania M Macneil

    • I would like to fax a credit reference from for one of your customers to you, may I have your fax number?
      Thank you,
      Beth Potson

  24. To whom it may concern
    I am taking the time to write this letter because of the amazing customer service that I get at SunTrust bank. Mr. Christiano. Matthew. D at the Olney Branch in Maryland is an amazing person and bank manager. In these time of digital corporate responses and indifferent customer service he is a leader among the rest in the personal attention he brings your customers.
    If it wasn’t for Mr. Christiano I would have left and taken my banking business elsewhere after over twenty years with your establishment. I recently moved to the State of Georgia on a temporary basis and I still call him for help and get great satisfaction with my banking questions.
    He takes the time to go over my account questions and does everything within his power to help. He acts immediately and is very knowledgeable when presented with an issue.
    Keep up the good work SunTrust and thank Mr. Christiano on my behalf.


    Harry Korchia
    848 countryside court se
    Marietta, GA 30067

  25. Trying to complain about an ATM machine that is regularly “out of service”. Reporting to the branch is useless as they say the machines are operated by a third party and all they can do is report it. Trying to find a human being to talk to has been impossible. The 800 customer service number does not recognize “complaint” or “ATM problem” in its prompts. I hate to change banks again but am definitely leaning that way. Our branches ATM is conservatively down 30-40% of the times I have tried to use it. Out of order again this morning (blank screen) Surely they track or check the down times even if their service is contracted out.


  27. im a custermer at your bank im overseas i bank at pariso park in fla i need routing # to transfer funds in to mma a/c from india also need toll free #for the bank with area codes thanks Dilip Mehra

  28. I have had a mortgage with SunTrust for 30 years. I have been trying to get somebody to simply tell me what the payoff amount is. I went to 2 branches, contacted a mortgage loan consultant and called the 800 number. They wanted to fax the information for a $20 charge, the loan consultant returned an email 2 days later saying he could help and haven’t heard from him since. After 3 months of trying to get this information I finally reached a man named “Jeremy” on the 800 line who gave me the information in less than 10 minutes. Jeremy is my hero. Once I mail this last payment I will not do business with SunTrust again.

  29. I am traveling in China and will be back to US on Aug 1. I can not pay my credit card bill due to internet problem. Please do not suspend my card. I will pay right after I am back here. Thanks.

  30. Hello.. I am trying to reach someone by phone to get payoff information for my auto loan. I do not know my account number or my personal I’d number. Can someone please help?

    Thank you,
    Kevin Murphy

    • I do not know my account number or my personal id number to pay- off information on my auto-loan, Please help,

  31. I have just spent 45 minutes on hold and been routed to 3 different departments. Net result of the conversation is that the loan that I was trying to pay off is still not paid as no one is willing to take the payment.

  32. Your phone system is cumbersome. Your computer will not allow someone to advance without telling it what you want and it then it does not accept all answers…. very very frustrating. Would it not be easier or better for Customer Service to have a real person answer the phone? Or various numbers available to go directly to certain departments?

  33. Very frustrating! All I want is an email/fax number for the insurance verification department — it is like reaching someone in RUSSIA!!!! I just want to email or fax a cert for a customer.

  34. Does anyone know how to find auto loan customer service information. I can’t get thru their phone system to a live agent. Jeez…Please help

  35. I can’t get in touch with anyone to make my payment despite giving an account number for the automated payment over the phone. Since I can’t access a representative, I should not be penalized with a late payment fee. I will call again in the morning in an attempt to correct this problem. Please also advise me.

  36. Hello, I recently open a checking account, at the Lakeside Branch. It’s inside the Kroger Grocery store, in Salem Virginia. I opened my account because of one of your “Super Star” employees. Kelli Hinton, is probably the nicest person I have ever encountered. She ran the Customer Service desk for Kroger. The level of excellent customer, Kelli gives to all of her customers is unbelievable. I am 60, so I have been around a good while. I was thrilled to see her working for Suntrust. I closed my BB &T account, and opened one with Kelli. I just wanted you to know, what an asset she will be to your organization. She is one of a kind. You are so lucky, to have hired this wonderful person.

  37. 7453017886 is texting claiming bad activities on suntrust accounts. Asking for ss# cc# to correct situations I am not aware of account in my name or ss # but I am finding anything is possible these days wanted to give you a heads up

  38. I have mailed a notarized “close” account request to the Nashville main office over a week ago. How soon can I expect a reply?

  39. I just received notice that SUNTRUST is closing the Colonial Square Branch in Morristown, TN. You recently closed your branch on the East side of Morristown; now, the majority of the people in this county have to travel to the extreme west side of the county to do business with SUNTRUST. Your notice states that your top priority is to provide the most convenient services to your customers – THAT’S EL TORO POO-POO. I will not close my SUNTRUST accounts that receive and send electronic transactions due to inconvenience but, I will be moving the majority of the almost $200,000 I have deposited with SUNTRUST to a banking facility closer to my home.

  40. You have made the decision to close the Meadowbrook Branch in Culpeper, Va. I fear this is a grave move for Suntrust. This branch has the best team of employees led by a wonderful professional, Jackie Bowles. They provide excellent service to a community. This location is strategic, in it is closest to the medical professionals and the heart of the town. You will lose a lot of customers. I fear the greed of corporate Suntrust has killed the spirit of excellent customer service which has always been evident at this branch. Please consider opening a location near this one for the community.

  41. Unfortunately my landlord uses Sun Trust bank and wants his rent check on the first of the month. When I first moved to Winchester VA, there was a branch just around the corner from where I live. There was also a branch at a local grocery store. Since then, several years ago, both branches were closed. The only one remotely close to me is in the most congested part of town, on Pleasant Valley Ave.

    The worst part of using Sun Trust though, is the service. Usually there are only two tellers working, both for the drive in and inside. Even though I am doing business with one of your customers, I am not considered one and am not allowed to use the drive in.

    That convenience apparently is also denied to legitimate customers because today, the first of the month and a Friday, both reasons for heavy banking activity, the drive thru was closed. All customers had to come into the bank. Middle of the afternoon, there were two tellers working and one manager I could see. In front of me, to make my deposit, were nine customers. So there I stood for almost 15 minutes before I was taken care of.

    I can assure you that in my capacity of dealing with the public, I am going to make it a point to recommend that no one use your bank. As for myself, I have informed my landlord that in the future, I will mail my check before the first of the month and he can deal with your incompetency.

  42. Worst servicing department EVER!! had a mortgage with Bank of America for 15 years never an issue, I have been with SunTrust 3 years and nothing but issues. I am going to close my escrow account and pay my bills myself, the folks at SunTrust don’t care and will regularly mess up your accounts take zero accountability and well over 30 minutes to pick up your call.

  43. For years I have been banking with Suntrust, and the names before then. Since the Pensy Dr. Branch has been closed I have been coming to the Largo Town Center Branch. There has been a turn around of clerks at that branch. The service is below standard, unacceptable. On several occasions the drive up window has only minimal service, only deposits taken, any cash received, we have to come inside. The tellers are pretty good, but most of the time they are only 2 open at a time, and the have to rotate working the drive up window. The manager seems to have no concern about the members long wait time, especially on the early days of the month, when the see the most volume. This Saturday I waited in line for 37 mins. the line was 15 people strong or more, some left because of the wait time. The manager was with a client, but seem not concerned about the long line and wait time. This is not the first time I have encountered this kind of service here. Recently I withdraw a large sum of money from my savings acct. I’m only banking because of a loan situation. Someone Really Needs to look into the management of this location. Branch Manager Larry Shoyinka. I would hate to think that because of the Demographic Location, they WE don’t deserve better. Disgruntled Consumer….

  44. I have been a customer for many years with SunTrust. I have never been so disappointed in the customer service given by the Fraud Dept. I tried to prevent charges ranging over $300.00 first by getting a new debit card. When the charges continued I got another debit card. After that was not successful I opened a new account and talked with the fraud dept about these charges after spending about 30 min at 2 different branches, two different days. The fraud dept attached these new charges which happened in April & May 2018 to an old Sept 2017 claim. I DID NOT DO THAT! They are now telling me they will not do anything. I don’t see with such poor service how I can continue to be a customer. We have a church & business also at SunTrust but we can not continue those accounts or any one in our church that has one since this was handled so poorly by the Fraud Dept;. VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED

  45. It抯 exhausting to seek out educated folks on this matter, however you sound like you already know what you抮e speaking about! Thanks

  46. Can’t find any reference on your website to small non-profit checking. Can’t locate any way to discuss this in chat. Can’t find any place on Suntrust site to communicate or leave a message. 800 number just cuts me off.

  47. Called today to get information regarding rates and yields on CD’s, someone off shore answered, only doing job contracted to do, however, I cannot open more accounts with Suntrust knowing it is not staying here to work here!
    Visited local ranch to discuss, l called 2 times and left messages to call me and what I wanted to know, to date I have not received a reply. Visited branch 3 times, not acknowledged while sitting and waiting to see someone.

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