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Contacting Suddenlink Customer Service Center

Suddenlink is a television, Internet, home phone and security company operating in Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Arkansas and Arizona. The company started in 2003 and has grown to nearly $2 billion in revenue since that time. There are call centers located in North Carolina, West Virginia, Texas, Missouri and Arizona. According to Suddenlink, there are no call centers located outside the United States currently taking calls from Suddenlink customers.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to talk with a representative from Suddenlink, you can use one of the following phone numbers.

Residential sales: 1-877-694-9474

Residential customer service: 1-877-794-2724

Business customer service: 1-800-490-9604

Mailing Address

Suddenlink is part of the Cequel Communications company, so if you want to contact someone by mail from the corporate office, you’ll need to address your letter to St. Louis, MO.

Cequel Communications
Suddenlink Communications Customer Service
12444 Powerscourt Drive
Ste 450
St. Louis, MO 63131

Official Website

Your office website for Suddenlink customer service and Suddenlink Communciations is You’ll notice the main page looks more like a news page than a communications company selling services. To the right of the page you’ll find a place to log in to your account. At the top right corner of the page is a link for customer service.

Customer Service Email

Have an issue you feel customer service can handle? You can email Suddenlnik customer service using the online customer contact form. This form goes straight to the customer service department, but you are not given the email address. We have contacted the company using the email contact form in an effort to find a direct email address for customer service.

Live Chat

There is another option for contacting Suddenlink customer service – live chat. Simply visit the contact us page and click on the live chat link in the menu. You will be asked to answer a few questions before initiating your customer service chat.

Our Experience

Suddenlink customer service line starts with automated commercials that play before the customer is asked to make a choice to direct the call. If you press 0 repeatedly, you can pass through the automated system to be placed on hold for the next representative. It took us more than two minutes just to be placed on hold. We were on hold for three additional minutes before the customer service representative finally answered the call. We asked if Suddenlink offered service in our area and the representative answered quickly enough – but the wait time was horrible.

What is your experience with the Suddenlink customer service department?

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53 Comments on “Contact Suddenlink Customer Service
  1. Milkyway Prouctions put on a stageplay BATTERED BUT NOT BROKEN in Charleston Wv. on Aug. 24-25, 2012 and suddenlink Brought a $500.00 advertisement Add. Milky way has not been paid yet the $500.00.Suddenlink contact person in teays valley Wv. name is kenny phillips. milkyway was told paper work was sent to corporate for payment. please respond as milkyway await payment

  2. Excellent article. Keep posting such kind of information on your page.
    Im really impressed by your site.
    Hey there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I will certainly digg it and in my opinion suggest to my friends. I’m confident they’ll be benefited from this website.

  3. Suddenlink PURPOSELY obscures and conceals all its contact information because they KNOW that anyone calling or writing them is angry about the lousy service they sell. Their management hides in back offices. Their customer service operators are rude. Their field offices have secret unpublished telephone numbers. This is the behavior of people who know they are committing a certain kind of ripoff: that of charging an exhorbitant price for a lousy product. They SHOULD be under investigation by the FCC, but no-o-o-o…..

    • FCC should look into Suddenlink’s way of answering phone or in this case not answering because the phone number given does not work or no one ever answers. They don’t want to help, just bill and pay or else!
      I am trying to get cable and more important internet in rental and Suddenlink won’t even do anything accept to tell me it will cost $7800. + to install. There is cable hookups all around me and just because I live 500 feet off main road I get the run around. Very poor PR and customer service, wish we had another cable provider!!

  4. My house caught on fire in November 2012 and I took the DVR to them per State Farm instuctions for replacement. I have not had tv service since them. I did get my internet service restored to one room. I have no TV. Everything is in a warehouse downtown. I sleep on the floor.

    My bill was drafted out of my account since I am 70 years old and can’t remember to pay my bills.

    I saw my statement a few weeks ago and they are still charging me $125/mo. I asked the lady at the Suddenlinlink office and she said i did not instruct them to turn off the service it was my fault although I had proof of the fire. The repair cost is now over $65,000. So if your house burns down to the ground and you take in the remains of the chared and burned DVR, be sure to tell them to disconnect it or they will continue to bill you.

  5. with Sudden link is a good company but I sure would like to know what is sudden link phone number-Eureka.from Wendy sells

  6. What have you done with the “Movie Package” eliminating Encore Love and Drama channels!! Now we are watching old Magnum PI and Different Strokes, Amen, etc. Old, old have hour segments. This is not good for us who want movies, movies; please go back to your old schedule.

    • Recently received a letter from you stating that you were “reconfiguring” or restructuring our bundling package. Well, none of our favorite channels we had before are on the new package that you have chosen for us. We now have about 4 spanish speaking channels – we don’t speak spanish, so it’s of no use to us. Several “shopping” channels we don’t need or use – we are senior citizens and the social security check just doesn’t go far. Now, I suppose if we want to get back the channels we want and had before, we will have to “upgrade” and that will cost more to receive the channels we want. It’s almost as if you knew what channels we liked and watched often, and took those off so we’d have to “upgrade” so you could charge more. Very disappointed in sudden link. Anyone out there who knows of a company, cable or dish that let’s the consumer choose what channels THEY want to watch without them charging more for it!! Sudden link, you make billions of dollars, why not let the consumers decide what they want to watch and not be sneaky and re-bundle so they can up the price. Be looking for something better for sure – if it’s out there!

  7. stacy hafer -account executive in parkerburg,wv 26101 she lies to customer for contract , she increasing bill every month , in 3 month raise $100. it was told your price going up as not sign contract, after sign contract still bill charge high not change what promise, don’t sign contract with them service is worst, try to contact 4 month never contact back left too many message. hope in future competitor comes in market.

  8. We are very unhappy that you have discontinued the game show network. I have spoken with several other people that have sudden link cable and they feel the same way. We are thinking of canceling and going elsewhere.

  9. The customer service goal that ” We Know You Have a Choice” and we appreciate you using Sudden Link, (Total Hogwash)You are a guest in my home that I pay for, and at your descretation you just increase my bill, by over $200.00 per year for services I don’t need and did not ask for, I am on a fifiexed income and that takes the amount of money that I could pay for medicine with, I called customer service, got no help, no alternate suggestions, showed no interest in my problem, emailed the same concern, also no reccomendations to help and said they would get back to me , NEVERDID, I need my TV and computer, 20 hours perday..Rebundling or something, I sent payment in the amount I had been paying, then I get a fee charge and still no help from you!!!

  10. since w/ suddenlink from dish,this is the 2nd time,im out of service!not due to ice, out of service till repair mon.10am!i pay for 24/7 access!repair center said tv is broken?with no signal bouncing around!why should you have to go a weekend w/ out tv service!something wrong that repair service,cant come and the problem,glad i pay the extra for repair,shouldnt have to do that for their problems!might go back to dish.

  11. I would like to thank you for your prompt service to our Library last Thurs. May 15th. I was not here when you called to see if we were back up, and think the Volunteer desk person, just asnwered yes. I was stressing over our Book Sale and neglected to get the young man’s name that came to help us out. He was very professional and most courteous. Please find out who this was and pass our sincere thank you to him.
    Claire Stout, Tri-County Library Director

  12. So far the WORST.They told me I would get a special promotional price because I was a Satellite customer.Then later another person said I had to send in last invoice from Dish to qualify.I did so..Then later they said I didn’t qualify for “special” because I was a week late in paying my bill. I am writing to the C.E.O. and Chairman, Mr.Jerald L. Kent, if I can find a mailing address. I have asked for the email for Mr. Jerrold A. Dow but have received nothing so far.

  13. To help out some folks I offer the following info.Suddenlink’s parent company is Cequel Communications.They are located at 520 Marysville Center Drive,Suite 300, St. Louis, Mo. 63141. Mr.Jerald A. Dow is Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, and Jerry Kent is C.E.O. & Chairman.Good luck.

  14. Suddenlink is constantly “changing” their packages and therefore the cost is constantly increasing… Our local office here in Huntsville, Tx has ONE incredible lady working in the office and ONE incredible service guy!!! Anybody and everybody else that I’ve dealt with are absolutely HORRID!!!!!! Suddenlink is just an awful company!!!

  15. Service Technician was extremely courteous, professional, timely, knowledgeable and quickly diagnosed and solved my two problems. Thanks for a job well done!!August 2nd 8-10 appointment!!

  16. with my Television Set I was wondering if the suddenlink could help me(WENDY SELLS)with my television because it is not comming on the right way so that I could watch Television again from Wendy Sells

  17. In regard to the discontinuation of 24 channels what are you replacing them with if anything. the channels you are taking off are the ones that most people watch. If you do remove them you will probably lose a lot of business because people are going to go with the companies that carry the channels that they like to watch. I know that I will.

  18. Thanks for offering a bunch of nothing, useless channels. You said that you polled people to find out popular channels. Well you did not ask any black people, young people or mothers. Thank you for dropping channels, increasing bills(my bill better not go up), offering poor customer service and being a racist corporation. Thanks for refusing to work with Viacom.

  19. Suddenlink says they did a survey.. I have heard of no one that participated.. Their commercials speak to us as though we were stupid.. Why am I paying for ridiculous content? The dumbing down of Amerika..

  20. Thanks for the channel upgrades here in College Station, Texas. More family friendly programming like Up and Hallmark and less garbage like MTV and Comedy Central is just what we needed.

  21. Suddenlink has had the worst service. I have been trying for 3 months to get a cable card connect. It is still not connect and now have found that I have been charged for digital service and premium channels and do not have any. They have incompetent technicians. Stay away.

  22. Thanks to Suddenlink my cable box & remote was changed out today and everything working great. Just wanted to say thanks!

  23. I just wanted to give the biggest Thank you out to Two Techs that came out on a Sunday to fix my cable issues right on time for the game. They went above and beyond the call of duty and I appreciated them both. There names are James Colter and Tyrone Sanders very valuable employees and an assess to the company. Thank you again guys you are the best.

  24. Sir with the Suddenlink I(WENDY SELLS)need your help for my Computer because with my printer still is not working and I need your help to find out what is wrong with my Printer which isnt working at all please come over to my apartment here in Fortuna California because I need your help. from Wendy Sells

  25. SUDDENLINK has taken over $700.00 since the first with out service for a week now want more or cut off all sevice

  26. Suddenlink. A company that drops channels, adds a bunch of crap in its place. I would like to thank this company for taking away Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Spike TV, etc., just to add nonsense in their place. Now MTV, I’m thankful for not having to view, but I have the intelligence to stay away from channels I don’t watch. Hell, all I’m really digging lately is like, 3 channels. USA, Syfy(both because of WWE), Destination America(For ROH & TNA) ….oh . A fourth channel. History. Because of intellectual programming.
    My point? A company that knows nothing about their customer base, but knows a hell of a lot on how to keep their customers blinded by a snowstorm of false promises and rate increases…. Shouldn’t even still be allowed to operate. Lies, rate increases, and a very low data cap… Which I’m sure most families now go over the friggin’ cap 3 times over…..
    I’m shaking my head at all of this. And satellite companies lie worse. So,if everyone just gets internet, and drops cable, we can watch more for less. Problem solved.

  27. I had Sudden Link since I move to Conroe,signing up for a package plan from one of your customer Service reps, at your Conroe location which this person is no longer there. Her name was Teresa and she signed me up for a bundle phone Internet and cable for only $108 a month . I can’t paid every month I am back I paid over that I paid 150 a month I should’ve had a death left on my bill, however I find out with no notice no phone calls no nothing that you increased your rates so now I had to pay 130 here at 150 here up to $300 and every time I pay my bail they say I still owe $300 I don’t know where to getting this money from I pay my bill and August, I put in the extension on my bill because I’m waiting to get paid on the 24th everybody said the 24th was fine well they interrupted my Internet service I called and I told him I need to have it turned on they said OK I said where are you getting the 169 from the lady tell me I don’t that’s from the previous bill and I said no I pay my bill in August , so I don’t know where you’re getting this bill from every time I turnaround there slapping Faison and nobody can afford you anymore I wish there was another company with Internet in Conroe area so nobody would have to put up with this this is the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with . So now even though they were supposed to turn off my cable or Internet I have no Internet and I’m expected to pay 169 for something that I don’t even have to pay on so when the time comes the 24th and you will not get the 169 you will because you turned off my cable without authorizing me to even OU made plans for me to pay you on the 24th.

  28. online service for residential customers sucks, unable to find any help for residential customers. All I need is instructions on downloading internet onto another device but the chat is not connecting. I guess I will need to find another company or find out from other sources of give me instructions.

  29. Thanks for losing connection during overtime of WVU. Really appreciate that. Prices keep going up, service keeps getting worse. Hope you miss something you care about soon.

  30. with Suddenlink Customer Service they are a great service to the public to help people with there Computers as well as laptop computers as well so I think that with Suddenlink has a great bunch of people to help other people with there computers. from Wendy Sells

  31. with my post Comment I(WENDY SELLS) think that the Customer Service is doing a great job helping people with there computers as well as the laptop computers as well. from Wendy Sells

  32. I was with Direct TV had my internet with suddenlink They said they could give me a better deal if I would bundle I spoke with them 2 are 3 times before we said ok Demacus was the guy I spoke to my bill was to be 135.00 first bill was over 500.00 I asked to speak to the BIG BOSS & she left me on hold over a hour I got mad & hung up we have no kids why would I want the Disney channel we don’t like Sports & we got the Premium package I will be calling are Emailing BBB on them my internet only works in one room & they have had to come out many times to fix my problem plus the wire is like 80 feet behind my tvs They SUCK I’am looking for a new provider theey should be shut down

  33. Have tried over & over to speak to a real person at Suddenlink about my deaf mothers cable service. It just keeps asking for her ph# which being deaf she does not have. Have her acct# and address handy. She only had one question, and that is why is there no closed caption on weather channel anymore, she depends on CC. She is in Henderson Tex. Deaf aged 77.

  34. I just had a conversation with an “Angela” from your Tyler, TX office at 1:50 on 12-23-15. She was condescending, rude and didn’t even have correct information. An “IMPORTANT NOTICE” was left on my door by Suddenlink regarding a TV problem originating INSIDE MY HOME WHICH WAS CAUSING INTERFERENCE WITH MY NEIGHBOR’S TV RECEPTION. I was to contact Suddenlink and they would set up an appointment convenient to me to fix this. Angela gives conflicting information, saying they just need outside my home… not what the note reads… she just keeps making up things that make no sense. She gives me days that I’d have to wait 12 hours spans on Suddenlink… that’s hardly convenient to me. I finally gave up stating I’d contact a supervisor. She became even more cocky and arrogant when I asked how to identify her… giving me only her first name and city. This is not how to retain VIP customers; I am very dismayed at this level of treatment from Suddenlink. I still have issues with no resolution at this point. Thank you. Arleen Green

  35. Rene was your representative that came to our house to correct the problem we were having with our TV. We could not have asked for a more courteous, knowledgeable and helpful individual. He fixed our problem and explained everything he was doing as he worked. If we were to have any more problems we will certainly ask for Rene. THANK YOU for having such a pleasant and smart individual working for you!!!!!

  36. Can a supervisor plz call?! Don’t take word of tech without speaking to us as I asked to speak to supervisor when tech was here and he wouldn’t let me. Have a special needs child, need assistance. Plz call.

  37. You are the worse cable service I ever experienced. With are the money you charge for really horrible choices and no live custome service information when their is an interruption in service to say why the service is interrupted, you should be ashamed . I travel a lot for my job and this is the worse and most expensive cable company. TIME WARNER are leaps and bounds superior to you.

  38. I have had enough of Sudden link. Am looking for another provider
    I do not know what has happened to SL, been a customer for a long time.

  39. What the hell is the secret with the local PH# here in Georgetown Tx’ Why do we have to contact some dude in India that can hardly speak english????????????

  40. Why the secret about the local PH# here in Georgetown Texas; why do we have to call some dude in India that can’t speak english??????

  41. WHAT ONLINE CHAT? I wanted basic answers to basic questions (about their ‘seasonal disconnect’ – going on standby when away for vacation) and tried every ‘link’ I found stating “for online chat here” – and simply got looped back to Contact Us page! How does a Communication company function like this?
    (Then had to complete so many ‘personal’ questions (full name, address, zip code etc just to send an email…)

  42. I would like a phone number to call to have internet in Louisiana and unable to find a working number. Please give me the number

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