Contact St Louis Post-Dispatch Customer Service

Contacting St. Louis Post-Dispatch Customer Service Center

Contacting St. Louis Post-Dispatch Customer Service Center

St. Louis Post-Dispatch covers metropolitan St. Louis, as well as the state of Missouri. The newspaper is one of the largest in the entire Midwest. The newspaper reached more than 150,000 customers on a daily basis and more than 250,000 on the weekends. If you need to contact the customer service department in order to discuss a story, connect by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is open Monday through Friday 6:30am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 7am to 11pm, CST.

  • Customer Service: 1-314-340-8888
  • Online Store: 1-877-767-8785

Fax Numbers:

  • Classified: 1-314-340-8665
  • Retail: 1-314-340-3140
  • Circulation: 1-314-556-6401
  • Business: 1-314-340-3060
  • City Desk: 1-314-340-3050
  • Editorial: 1-314-340-3139
  • Features: 1-314-340-3080
  • Metro: 1-314-340-3058
  • Photo: 1-314-340-3103
  • Sports: 1-314-340-3070

Mailing Address

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 900 North Tucker Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63101


Top Marketing USA The Post-Dispatch Online Store Fulfillment 1332 Baur Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63132


Photo Department St. Louis Post-Dispatch 900 N. Tucker Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63101

Official Website

Customers visiting the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website can read the headlines of the day, read local, state and national news, entertainment news, business news, as well as opinion pieces. Across the top of the website, you will notice trending topics from around the area. If you are a current subscriber, visit the Subscriber Services page for additional information relating to your account.

Social Media

We had the opportunity to connect with the customer service department through social media. We can tell the customer service department cares about customer engagement, based upon the response time. The customer service agent responded within 30 minutes.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service department asking how customers could adjust their subscriptions. We received an automated response stating the customer service department would replay within 48 hours, but we have yet to hear from an actual customer service agent.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, we reached the operator prior to speaking with a customer service agent. After the customer service agent answered the call, we asked if the department had a 24-hour tip line. The agent explained the company did and ended the call. The call was short and to the point, making the overall experience better than expected. Talk to us. Let us know is your experience was better or worse.

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43 Comments on “Contact St Louis Post-Dispatch Customer Service
  1. I have been a post customermore than fifty years. I have not received a paper for two days. I could not get through your phone system.. Your customer service is the pits.

  2. in jan,feb, and march i have missed 6 papers because of bad weather. i understand the reason but would like to be credited for papers not received. thank you

  3. I receive sat and sun delivery service.

    On sat I received adds only…not the newspaper. For 5-3-2014

    On sun I received sun paper ok. For 5-4-2014

    This within a two month time is the 4th misdelivery………
    Please deliver the sat 5-3-2014 paper….not the adds. Thank you.

  4. I canceled my subscription customer contacted me to offer me a
    months free paper i said ok i only got one the srcond week none
    doesnt a month mean four papers i recived my first paper on 6/29/14 i should have recived my last on 07/20/ much for a
    free months free trial.

  5. I’ve had to call the Post two times in the last two weeks because of late delivery and today the newspaper was never delivered. Is there anyone @ the Post who can help with the delivery of the newspaper to our home on a daily basis and on-time without me constantly calling. Each time I call I get this message that the quality of the service is being conveyed to the delivery person. REALLY. Either it isn’t being conveyed or it and not be listened too. Either way, the service sucks.

  6. Three of the last 5 weeks I am having trouble getting the TV Guide delivered. Calling the service center does not get results. I think the carrier ignores requests for re-delivery.
    I am paying extra for this service and not getting satisfaction.

  7. I now live in Arizona but I still call St. Louis home. I was in high school in the early 70’s and the county police were just as crooked as they are now. They were rude, they harassed any black face they saw just like the police south of highway 44 use to. The county and the police south of 44 acted as if blacks weren’t allowed out of the city after dark. That’s part of the reason I moved away but Arizona is worse. This country boast about how it’s changed, not for blacks. The government is still looking at us as second class. All of us in the US are losing our rights because our government is taking them away. What puts a cop above the citizens. They only protect and serve themselves. They are the crooked ones.

  8. I subscribe to the Sunday post only. I have not recieved the paper for the last two Sundays. I don’t know who to notify. that is a huge problem for me. I will never renew my subscription with this papet

  9. We subscribe to the Sunday Post only. I did not receive a my paper today. The neighbor got his. Where is mine? Do you credit me, extend the delivery by a week. I HAVE paid my bill!

  10. been a subscriber for years 3 or 4 yrs ago I signed up for direct pay from my bank got a phone call from person at paper said they would not deliver papers until I paid my bill lo and behold they did not take money from my bank account from june till now not banks fault paper has direct acess to my account someone dropped the ball now instead of small payments to get bill up to date I had to put 105.28 on a credit card money I don’t have at this time someone should have caught this a long time ago

  11. your customer service department is the worst in the country. Your employees do not care what the problem is – just get off the phone. I will cancel my subscription as soon as the current problem is resolved. I have been a subscriber for may years.

  12. Have been a customer for more than 30 yrs.
    Multiple calls to customer service because of missing deliveries.
    Very poor response.
    Representative Brought up multiple times that there was a balance outstanding. I told them that I had just received the bill 5 days prior to the most recent call. I also told them that no one has told me any compensation for the multiple calls and multiple missing papers. The only comment was that there was no monetary credit…just extension for each day there wasn’t delivery. REALLY???.
    On the days the paper wasn’t delivered the comment was they had all day to deliver it. I still haven’t seen the paper 5 hrs after the call.
    No offer to speak to a. Supervisor.
    I’m done..stopped the service.
    Sad that their customer service is so poor that the reps can’t do any more to keep a long time customer.

  13. Rancid. No one answers. These guys have not delivered a paper in months but they managed to get the bill to my house?

  14. Jan. 14, 2015

    I have tried to reach customer service seven times today and have been disconnected each time. I ordered a subscription on Dec. 20 and gave my credit card. Have had two calls from Post asking for payment, even though you now have two of my credit cards. Plus have had terrible delivery service. This is terrible customer service.

  15. Waited on hold for 22 minutes to be disconnected. Called back to discuss my mothers bill. The agent on the phone was the rude and could not tell me correct information. She gave me a weekly rate that did not match up to the yearly rate. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was told there was no one higher than her that I could speak too.

    Lesson, I am cancelling the paper

  16. Delivery has been less than good. Third time in two months–no delivery. On Thanksgiving, no service to bring the paper out. My neighbors have paper, why not me?

    • We have hit and miss delivery. We had snow got a paper, today snow is done, no paper. We were offered credit, but would like a paper to read. Wish we still had two papers, we had much better service.whhen the globe democrat was around service was good

  17. Home delivery is terrible! We get the paper off and on. Sat. the 21st, we got no paper. Again today the 24th we received no paper. Last week a couple days we did not get the paper, but because the weather was so bad, I didn’t call. I am not the only one in our area that gets skipped. Whats happens to the papers when we don’t get them? I am a long time customer, and the delivery service we have now is unacceptable! Could you please help!

  18. Once again it is 11:20am and no paper. I called to check on rates last week and maybe just cut it down to weekends since the paper does not show up until 8-9am, after a 10 minute hold time, the girl came on and asked me to hold. So I said yes and then it hung up on me. When I called back I realized it was a few minutes after 4PM by this time and they had gone home! I called back in the morning and told them my tail but no response. (I am pretty sure it was the same person.) I wanted to get a better deal. something like a new subscriber would get but of course no deals. I cut the cost to just the weekend paper and now it is the weekend and not sure where the paper is. The funniest part is when she told me it we did not get the paper by 6am each morning they could dispatch it out if we call before 9am. That would of been 75% of the time. So who do I call? they are closed. I guess they are trying to get out of the business of delivering. Signed Always Amazed!

  19. I subscribed to the Post at the Home Show in STL on Friday. I have not received a paper yetand it is Wednesday. Please cancel my subscription and refund my payment. I have not subscribed to the Post in a long time because I don’t get the paper half the time and have to call. It is annoying and I don’t want that problem, so please cancel.
    Thank you

  20. I have missed about eight news papers this year 2015,i have called each missed day and explained to the missing paper person about the problem there is a sewer storm drain next to my driveway this is my driveway—————-this is the storm———– drain the delivery person is driving to fast while throwing paper that he or she missed and paper lands in storm drain area please throw paper on driveway or the lawn today is March24,2015 I HAVE HAD THIS PROBLEM FOR YEARS IF YOU KEEP RECORDS JUST LOOK IT UP. THANK YOU JOSEPH LOVE,I LOVE READING MY PAPER

  21. Darn, I was going to add my complaints to your list but after reading all the others I will give you a break and withhold comments till the dust settles.

  22. I was trying to call to see what happened to the paper that I ordered a month ago. I noticed you charged my credit card, but no paper. (It was an issue from 12-21-2014 that I wanted). The price of $1.50 was reasonable to send an individual paper, but I guess the joke is on me. You aren’t going to send it.

    Moving to St Louis and guess that we’ll just buy your paper at a nearby store. It looks like it’s too tough to get delivery of the paper, don’t need to get my blood pressure up calling about no deliveries.

  23. Did not get paper today. Called customer service & he said a courier would deliver one. Still waiting 3 hrs later. Asked him if carrier could call me and I could give them instructions seeing as the last time I called missing paper in they did not follow thru on instructions. Last carrier I had delivered it right. When I got new carrier they obviously did not follow previous
    owners directions and did their it own way. They are very good with delivery but not where I want it which in fact would be much
    easier for them. I pay 350.00 a year
    for paper. Why can’t my carrier phone me so I can tell her where
    I want it ?

  24. I cancelled…I got a paper today at my front door! Am sure my
    promotion subscription expired! I DO NOT WANT THE POST ANY MORE!!!
    Please ensure subscription is cancelled/expired.
    James E hUbbell

  25. i did not receive post on 5/28 or 6/1 i contacted cust service and requested papers be sent you ignored me twice do i need to cancel my subscription

  26. I am submitting this letter to voice my opinion on the outcome of the Boston Marathon Bombing trial. I wish to state that I am extremely proud of the jurors in the sentencing trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I am so glad that we as a nation are finally accepting that perhaps there is a need for the death penalty in our country. Many people are against the death penalty, I do however respect their right to their own beliefs. I just want to say that with the threat of terrorism becoming so prevalent in
    our country , we as Americans need to stand together and face this enemy with all the strength and courage that is the United States of America. We are the greatest country in this world and at no time should we negotiate with known terrorists for any reason. In my estimation the jurors by reaching this verdict stood by our American values and made the smartest decision for our country and it’s people. I would like to thank each juror for having the courage to stand up for our country and it’s citizens.
    We should stand ready and be prepared for any and all threats that come our way. God bless the United States of America and all that we stand for.

  27. You now owe me $13.50 for non delivery, it does not count when you send the Bellville paper. A full refund would suit me just fine and we could call it quits.

  28. I have been with your paper since 1971. The only complaint I have ever had with your paper is the delivery. Every time it rains my paper is sopping wet. I have called to complain but never heard back from your customer service (which I believe is non existent). Nothing is more frustrating than getting a wet paper and throwing it in the trash can. If this continues I will have no other alternative that to stop my subscription. I did call customer service and was told that someone would call me back…..NEVER HEARD FROM THEM. I realize you hire delivery people but, at least you could instruct them to double bag when its raining.

  29. u peoplle have the worst cust service of any co i have delt with.this am i waited 20 min to pay my bill i was dis connected Itry internet still no luck. too bad there is not another paper in town.I understand why u are loosing buss.

  30. my Wednesday newspaper is being delivered to the incorrect address. This is happening, I believe of his absent,,

  31. Never received reply to my online report of missing paper. Called customer service and person was not helpful at all. Wanted me to pick up the paper for which I paid for delivery already and would credit me for the one day which I did not receive the paper. Asked for one to be mailed since she said they could not deliver with regular carrier. Told they do not do this. Have been a customer over 40 years. No customer service at all. No wonder paper is failing everywhere. Entire block did not get paper. They would not give me any number to call a supervisor of customer service or of the carrier or the carrier’s telephone number. Still trying to figure out why I am paying for delivery when they want me to pick up up the paper. I pay for the paper to be delivered. If indeed I can pick up a paper at their downtown location I think the carrier that did not deliver the paper could pick up the paper also. That is their job to deliver the paper.
    I called some years back when the carriers were throwing just empty bags into the street in mass. At least someone thanked me for calling about that. It is hard to stay in business when you have a problem with your delivery person. They are on the front line to the public. They are the face of the paper and so is your customer service. It is no wonder your circulation is falling. I also tried to use the online feature to read the paper’s articles but it refused me entry that I did not have an account. Interesting, you charge me for it. You continue to drop staff. Bad business model equals going out of business. Please wake up.

  32. Didn’t receive paper on sunday 7/19. This sporadic delivery has been going on for at least two years. I call a company in Ellisville where the papers in my area come from & I’m always told that someone is being let go & new people are coming on board to deliver. When I call the P-D directly, I’m told the paper will be delivered that very day. NOT HAPPENING. Why am I being charged for delivery? For a 30 year subscriber, I expect to get what I pay for. When I receive my bill (it never gets lost), I pay it immediately. That is my responsibility but you blow off your responsibilities to your subscribers. Your telephone robot takes all the info. Why? Nothing is done…no paper.

  33. Well, guess what!! I sent you an angry email on 7/20 & didn’t even get my papers again today. I don’t believe you read any of these complaints.

  34. Every few weeks I do not receive a paper, or it’s the wrong paper. I call before 7 a.m. They tell me a runner will drop off before 9. Then I call again and they tell me someone will deliver before 5. What they are really doing is stalling – until they can deliver it the next day or offer a meek I’m sorry and credit my account. It’s really unbelievable that something so simple a child used to do it now takes several phone calls and 2 days to accomplish. What’s sad is that no one even cares. That’s the thanks I get for being a 7 day delivery customer since 1986.

  35. there is nothing I enjoy less then the three telemarketing calls I receive from the Post on a daily basis. I like it so well that I promise I will never take out another subscription.

  36. Dear Sir I have not received a paper for Fri or Sat. along with the ads and T.V. guide which I am paying extra. This has been going on for several months. I have to call at least once a week. I have been a customer for forty years. If you don’t want me anymore say so and I will stop. On top of that it is a hassel to make a phone call to you. R. Portell

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