Contact St Louis Post-Dispatch Customer Service

Contacting St. Louis Post-Dispatch Customer Service Center

Contacting St. Louis Post-Dispatch Customer Service Center

St. Louis Post-Dispatch covers metropolitan St. Louis, as well as the state of Missouri. The newspaper is one of the largest in the entire Midwest. The newspaper reached more than 150,000 customers on a daily basis and more than 250,000 on the weekends. If you need to contact the customer service department in order to discuss a story, connect by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is open Monday through Friday 6:30am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 7am to 11pm, CST.

  • Customer Service: 1-314-340-8888
  • Online Store: 1-877-767-8785

Fax Numbers:

  • Classified: 1-314-340-8665
  • Retail: 1-314-340-3140
  • Circulation: 1-314-556-6401
  • Business: 1-314-340-3060
  • City Desk: 1-314-340-3050
  • Editorial: 1-314-340-3139
  • Features: 1-314-340-3080
  • Metro: 1-314-340-3058
  • Photo: 1-314-340-3103
  • Sports: 1-314-340-3070

Mailing Address

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 900 North Tucker Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63101


Top Marketing USA The Post-Dispatch Online Store Fulfillment 1332 Baur Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63132


Photo Department St. Louis Post-Dispatch 900 N. Tucker Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63101

Official Website

Customers visiting the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website can read the headlines of the day, read local, state and national news, entertainment news, business news, as well as opinion pieces. Across the top of the website, you will notice trending topics from around the area. If you are a current subscriber, visit the Subscriber Services page for additional information relating to your account.

Social Media

We had the opportunity to connect with the customer service department through social media. We can tell the customer service department cares about customer engagement, based upon the response time. The customer service agent responded within 30 minutes.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service department asking how customers could adjust their subscriptions. We received an automated response stating the customer service department would replay within 48 hours, but we have yet to hear from an actual customer service agent.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, we reached the operator prior to speaking with a customer service agent. After the customer service agent answered the call, we asked if the department had a 24-hour tip line. The agent explained the company did and ended the call. The call was short and to the point, making the overall experience better than expected. Talk to us. Let us know is your experience was better or worse.

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381 Comments on “Contact St Louis Post-Dispatch Customer Service
  1. I have been a post customermore than fifty years. I have not received a paper for two days. I could not get through your phone system.. Your customer service is the pits.

    • Why I am having delivery problems.for over 15 years I got the paper before 7am for a month I don’t get the paper and calling they just cut me off.what is the problem?

  2. in jan,feb, and march i have missed 6 papers because of bad weather. i understand the reason but would like to be credited for papers not received. thank you

  3. I receive sat and sun delivery service.

    On sat I received adds only…not the newspaper. For 5-3-2014

    On sun I received sun paper ok. For 5-4-2014

    This within a two month time is the 4th misdelivery………
    Please deliver the sat 5-3-2014 paper….not the adds. Thank you.

  4. I canceled my subscription customer contacted me to offer me a
    months free paper i said ok i only got one the srcond week none
    doesnt a month mean four papers i recived my first paper on 6/29/14 i should have recived my last on 07/20/ much for a
    free months free trial.

  5. I’ve had to call the Post two times in the last two weeks because of late delivery and today the newspaper was never delivered. Is there anyone @ the Post who can help with the delivery of the newspaper to our home on a daily basis and on-time without me constantly calling. Each time I call I get this message that the quality of the service is being conveyed to the delivery person. REALLY. Either it isn’t being conveyed or it and not be listened too. Either way, the service sucks.

  6. Three of the last 5 weeks I am having trouble getting the TV Guide delivered. Calling the service center does not get results. I think the carrier ignores requests for re-delivery.
    I am paying extra for this service and not getting satisfaction.

  7. I now live in Arizona but I still call St. Louis home. I was in high school in the early 70’s and the county police were just as crooked as they are now. They were rude, they harassed any black face they saw just like the police south of highway 44 use to. The county and the police south of 44 acted as if blacks weren’t allowed out of the city after dark. That’s part of the reason I moved away but Arizona is worse. This country boast about how it’s changed, not for blacks. The government is still looking at us as second class. All of us in the US are losing our rights because our government is taking them away. What puts a cop above the citizens. They only protect and serve themselves. They are the crooked ones.

  8. I subscribe to the Sunday post only. I have not recieved the paper for the last two Sundays. I don’t know who to notify. that is a huge problem for me. I will never renew my subscription with this papet

  9. We subscribe to the Sunday Post only. I did not receive a my paper today. The neighbor got his. Where is mine? Do you credit me, extend the delivery by a week. I HAVE paid my bill!

  10. been a subscriber for years 3 or 4 yrs ago I signed up for direct pay from my bank got a phone call from person at paper said they would not deliver papers until I paid my bill lo and behold they did not take money from my bank account from june till now not banks fault paper has direct acess to my account someone dropped the ball now instead of small payments to get bill up to date I had to put 105.28 on a credit card money I don’t have at this time someone should have caught this a long time ago

  11. your customer service department is the worst in the country. Your employees do not care what the problem is – just get off the phone. I will cancel my subscription as soon as the current problem is resolved. I have been a subscriber for may years.

  12. Have been a customer for more than 30 yrs.
    Multiple calls to customer service because of missing deliveries.
    Very poor response.
    Representative Brought up multiple times that there was a balance outstanding. I told them that I had just received the bill 5 days prior to the most recent call. I also told them that no one has told me any compensation for the multiple calls and multiple missing papers. The only comment was that there was no monetary credit…just extension for each day there wasn’t delivery. REALLY???.
    On the days the paper wasn’t delivered the comment was they had all day to deliver it. I still haven’t seen the paper 5 hrs after the call.
    No offer to speak to a. Supervisor.
    I’m done..stopped the service.
    Sad that their customer service is so poor that the reps can’t do any more to keep a long time customer.

  13. Rancid. No one answers. These guys have not delivered a paper in months but they managed to get the bill to my house?

  14. Jan. 14, 2015

    I have tried to reach customer service seven times today and have been disconnected each time. I ordered a subscription on Dec. 20 and gave my credit card. Have had two calls from Post asking for payment, even though you now have two of my credit cards. Plus have had terrible delivery service. This is terrible customer service.

  15. Waited on hold for 22 minutes to be disconnected. Called back to discuss my mothers bill. The agent on the phone was the rude and could not tell me correct information. She gave me a weekly rate that did not match up to the yearly rate. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was told there was no one higher than her that I could speak too.

    Lesson, I am cancelling the paper

  16. Delivery has been less than good. Third time in two months–no delivery. On Thanksgiving, no service to bring the paper out. My neighbors have paper, why not me?

    • We have hit and miss delivery. We had snow got a paper, today snow is done, no paper. We were offered credit, but would like a paper to read. Wish we still had two papers, we had much better service.whhen the globe democrat was around service was good

  17. Home delivery is terrible! We get the paper off and on. Sat. the 21st, we got no paper. Again today the 24th we received no paper. Last week a couple days we did not get the paper, but because the weather was so bad, I didn’t call. I am not the only one in our area that gets skipped. Whats happens to the papers when we don’t get them? I am a long time customer, and the delivery service we have now is unacceptable! Could you please help!

  18. Once again it is 11:20am and no paper. I called to check on rates last week and maybe just cut it down to weekends since the paper does not show up until 8-9am, after a 10 minute hold time, the girl came on and asked me to hold. So I said yes and then it hung up on me. When I called back I realized it was a few minutes after 4PM by this time and they had gone home! I called back in the morning and told them my tail but no response. (I am pretty sure it was the same person.) I wanted to get a better deal. something like a new subscriber would get but of course no deals. I cut the cost to just the weekend paper and now it is the weekend and not sure where the paper is. The funniest part is when she told me it we did not get the paper by 6am each morning they could dispatch it out if we call before 9am. That would of been 75% of the time. So who do I call? they are closed. I guess they are trying to get out of the business of delivering. Signed Always Amazed!

  19. I subscribed to the Post at the Home Show in STL on Friday. I have not received a paper yetand it is Wednesday. Please cancel my subscription and refund my payment. I have not subscribed to the Post in a long time because I don’t get the paper half the time and have to call. It is annoying and I don’t want that problem, so please cancel.
    Thank you

  20. I have missed about eight news papers this year 2015,i have called each missed day and explained to the missing paper person about the problem there is a sewer storm drain next to my driveway this is my driveway—————-this is the storm———– drain the delivery person is driving to fast while throwing paper that he or she missed and paper lands in storm drain area please throw paper on driveway or the lawn today is March24,2015 I HAVE HAD THIS PROBLEM FOR YEARS IF YOU KEEP RECORDS JUST LOOK IT UP. THANK YOU JOSEPH LOVE,I LOVE READING MY PAPER

  21. Darn, I was going to add my complaints to your list but after reading all the others I will give you a break and withhold comments till the dust settles.

  22. I was trying to call to see what happened to the paper that I ordered a month ago. I noticed you charged my credit card, but no paper. (It was an issue from 12-21-2014 that I wanted). The price of $1.50 was reasonable to send an individual paper, but I guess the joke is on me. You aren’t going to send it.

    Moving to St Louis and guess that we’ll just buy your paper at a nearby store. It looks like it’s too tough to get delivery of the paper, don’t need to get my blood pressure up calling about no deliveries.

  23. Did not get paper today. Called customer service & he said a courier would deliver one. Still waiting 3 hrs later. Asked him if carrier could call me and I could give them instructions seeing as the last time I called missing paper in they did not follow thru on instructions. Last carrier I had delivered it right. When I got new carrier they obviously did not follow previous
    owners directions and did their it own way. They are very good with delivery but not where I want it which in fact would be much
    easier for them. I pay 350.00 a year
    for paper. Why can’t my carrier phone me so I can tell her where
    I want it ?

  24. I cancelled…I got a paper today at my front door! Am sure my
    promotion subscription expired! I DO NOT WANT THE POST ANY MORE!!!
    Please ensure subscription is cancelled/expired.
    James E hUbbell

  25. i did not receive post on 5/28 or 6/1 i contacted cust service and requested papers be sent you ignored me twice do i need to cancel my subscription

  26. I am submitting this letter to voice my opinion on the outcome of the Boston Marathon Bombing trial. I wish to state that I am extremely proud of the jurors in the sentencing trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I am so glad that we as a nation are finally accepting that perhaps there is a need for the death penalty in our country. Many people are against the death penalty, I do however respect their right to their own beliefs. I just want to say that with the threat of terrorism becoming so prevalent in
    our country , we as Americans need to stand together and face this enemy with all the strength and courage that is the United States of America. We are the greatest country in this world and at no time should we negotiate with known terrorists for any reason. In my estimation the jurors by reaching this verdict stood by our American values and made the smartest decision for our country and it’s people. I would like to thank each juror for having the courage to stand up for our country and it’s citizens.
    We should stand ready and be prepared for any and all threats that come our way. God bless the United States of America and all that we stand for.

  27. You now owe me $13.50 for non delivery, it does not count when you send the Bellville paper. A full refund would suit me just fine and we could call it quits.

  28. I have been with your paper since 1971. The only complaint I have ever had with your paper is the delivery. Every time it rains my paper is sopping wet. I have called to complain but never heard back from your customer service (which I believe is non existent). Nothing is more frustrating than getting a wet paper and throwing it in the trash can. If this continues I will have no other alternative that to stop my subscription. I did call customer service and was told that someone would call me back…..NEVER HEARD FROM THEM. I realize you hire delivery people but, at least you could instruct them to double bag when its raining.

  29. u peoplle have the worst cust service of any co i have delt with.this am i waited 20 min to pay my bill i was dis connected Itry internet still no luck. too bad there is not another paper in town.I understand why u are loosing buss.

  30. my Wednesday newspaper is being delivered to the incorrect address. This is happening, I believe of his absent,,

  31. Never received reply to my online report of missing paper. Called customer service and person was not helpful at all. Wanted me to pick up the paper for which I paid for delivery already and would credit me for the one day which I did not receive the paper. Asked for one to be mailed since she said they could not deliver with regular carrier. Told they do not do this. Have been a customer over 40 years. No customer service at all. No wonder paper is failing everywhere. Entire block did not get paper. They would not give me any number to call a supervisor of customer service or of the carrier or the carrier’s telephone number. Still trying to figure out why I am paying for delivery when they want me to pick up up the paper. I pay for the paper to be delivered. If indeed I can pick up a paper at their downtown location I think the carrier that did not deliver the paper could pick up the paper also. That is their job to deliver the paper.
    I called some years back when the carriers were throwing just empty bags into the street in mass. At least someone thanked me for calling about that. It is hard to stay in business when you have a problem with your delivery person. They are on the front line to the public. They are the face of the paper and so is your customer service. It is no wonder your circulation is falling. I also tried to use the online feature to read the paper’s articles but it refused me entry that I did not have an account. Interesting, you charge me for it. You continue to drop staff. Bad business model equals going out of business. Please wake up.

  32. Didn’t receive paper on sunday 7/19. This sporadic delivery has been going on for at least two years. I call a company in Ellisville where the papers in my area come from & I’m always told that someone is being let go & new people are coming on board to deliver. When I call the P-D directly, I’m told the paper will be delivered that very day. NOT HAPPENING. Why am I being charged for delivery? For a 30 year subscriber, I expect to get what I pay for. When I receive my bill (it never gets lost), I pay it immediately. That is my responsibility but you blow off your responsibilities to your subscribers. Your telephone robot takes all the info. Why? Nothing is done…no paper.

  33. Well, guess what!! I sent you an angry email on 7/20 & didn’t even get my papers again today. I don’t believe you read any of these complaints.

  34. Every few weeks I do not receive a paper, or it’s the wrong paper. I call before 7 a.m. They tell me a runner will drop off before 9. Then I call again and they tell me someone will deliver before 5. What they are really doing is stalling – until they can deliver it the next day or offer a meek I’m sorry and credit my account. It’s really unbelievable that something so simple a child used to do it now takes several phone calls and 2 days to accomplish. What’s sad is that no one even cares. That’s the thanks I get for being a 7 day delivery customer since 1986.

  35. there is nothing I enjoy less then the three telemarketing calls I receive from the Post on a daily basis. I like it so well that I promise I will never take out another subscription.

  36. Dear Sir I have not received a paper for Fri or Sat. along with the ads and T.V. guide which I am paying extra. This has been going on for several months. I have to call at least once a week. I have been a customer for forty years. If you don’t want me anymore say so and I will stop. On top of that it is a hassel to make a phone call to you. R. Portell

  37. Your home delivery service needs to be improved in the DeSoto area. The hard copy of the post is not going to last with bad service.

  38. Once again the neighbors have receive their newspaper but my house was missed. Now I must wait… 25+ year soon to be gone customer. How disappointing since I have a very short window to read it.

    Also, I found in terrible taste your listing of an article (picture too) on the death of a terrorist – on the same page as the obituaries! I would expect the Post refunded each family and apologized.

  39. I did not get a paper Friday Aug 28th or Saturday Aug 29th. on top of that 2 times this month on rainey mornings the paper was delivered in a single plastic wrapper so paper was wet and unreadable.I have been a customer for a long time but 4 events in one month makes me wonder about my delivery carrier. My addrs 405 Lemonwood dr Saint Peters MO 63376 Tanglewood subdivision.

  40. i have been a subscriber for many years and during such times have put up with your liberal rag. Today was the end. Your editorial cartoon
    Compared ISIS to Republicans. Your paper is dying we all know that. I hope I’m helping it along.
    A republican

  41. I cancelled my paper last Sat. She said $45.00 will be credited to my bank on Mon. Aug. 31, please check to see why that hasn’t happened yet? The carrier did not get here until after 10:00 m-f and on Sunday’s after 1:00??? I will miss it, enjoyed the morning paper with a cup of coffee every morning. I moved here from AZ in May and my paper there was at my doorstep at 6:00 a.m. every morning????
    Thanks, Norma

  42. I only get the Sunday paper. It didn’t get delivered yesterday.. Why? Called b/4 I went to church. Thought it would he here when I returned but it wasn’t. Don’t want credit but do want my paper. Even a day late. Why can’t this be done?

  43. My account # 2034925, On Sunday, September 13, 2015 the only part
    of the paper I received was the advertising flyers, I called in asking for
    delivery of the Regular Sunday Edition, could only talk with a computer and was advised to enter my phone number, and was then told she would have one
    delivered, which I never received
    Now it is Monday, September, 14 2015,–NO PAPER. called in again and talked
    to the same computer, same conversation, still no paper, UNHAPPY subscriber.

  44. Again, no delivery. Apparently this is not uncommon with the PD. I am not a fan of your paper and your inability to perform such rudimentary service is reflection of the poor quality of your product. Wish we had alternative.

  45. Please cancel my subscription. You have auto deduct from my visa account. I tried to stop this auto deduct at Visa and was told I would have to go through you to stop this auto deduct. I cannot talk to a real person when I try to call you.
    Please, please, stop taking money from our Visa account.
    Call us.

  46. No Sat. paper; called was promised one would be sent out – never happened. Was told a supervisor would call about the issues – surprised – never happened. On Mon. and Wed. was told I would receive a call about the delivery issue – SURPRISE (not really) – it still has not happened. Have tried to call customer service four times this a.m. and after a large number of rings the calls the call gets disconnected. Used office, cell & home phone so its not my phone. Maybe the Post should editorialize on its own absolute lack of customer service.

  47. After unbelievable attempts to find how to contact an actual living, breathing person to ask if someone could deliver the Saturday paper that the wonderful route person failed to deliver, all I am able to get on Saturday morning is a robot telling me that you are closed and to call back during regular business hours.

    I will be calling you on Monday morning and cancelling the subscription.

    This was the reason I cancelled my subscription years ago. You have made me regret my decision to continue again.

    Customer service is not one of your gifts.

  48. Customer service at the Post-Dispatch is a disgrace. I have been a customer for 45 years and this past year has been terrible. I am fed up with having to report my morning paper missing. It has happened twice this week alone. It is almost noon and I still haven’t received my paper. Judging from all the previous complaints that I have read on this site, I can see that I am not alone. Someone needs to give whoever is in charge of this the boot. You have left me with no alternative but to cancel my subscription. Your readers deserve better than this. Would it improve your service if angry customers stood outside your business with protest signs? I think it would make many of your subscribers happy to see this on the evening news.

  49. We have had post dispatch delivery for a few years and just cancelled it. We are on the phone with the horrible customer service at least 3 days per week because of no delivery to our house. They repeTedly tell you the paper will be delivered later that day, and of course that is a lie because we never receive it. We also never get our TV guide and when you call the separate number to report that we are told that the Post sends them an email Tha “the delivery problem was resolved and TV guide and paper was delivered to customer”. Of course that is totally wrong. Never received anything. Ask to speak to a supervisor and they will not call you back. The problem with the customer service phone number is they are not even in St. Louis. They could care less just like the Post. Would never get delivery from them again. Horrific customer service.

  50. I would like to cancel my post dispatch subscription – acct # 10098693. It is not convenient to call during the daytime hours. date is 9.30.2015

  51. We didn’t get the Saturday paper. We did get the Sunday paper. I would like to know what I can do to help. Is it a matter of convenience for the person to deliver it, or is it an economic liability to the person delivering it. I would like to receive the paper on a daily basis, and will help where I can. Three times in a week shows a problem that I am willing to help fix.
    Pat Williams
    3637 Kennett Dr.
    St Charles, MO 63301

  52. Regarding my account, #30824770.

    Although I have been an EZ Pay subscriber for many years, I am currently receiving by US Mail bills from the Post-Dispatch in the amount of $92.52 due on 10/16/15 for the term of 10/15/14 through 01/09/16.

    I checked my account information on your website and the information is correct and up-to-date, including my credit card information (which has an expiration date of 07/18).

    Please check my records and stop sending me bills. Thanks very much.

  53. I did not receive my Sunday paper for Oct 18,2015. I made a trip around the division and their paper’s were delivered. Please credit my account. Tks.

  54. I haven’t recieved the paper since 9/28/15, but my cc show I am being charged for it. Called at least 3 times a week since then and was told the same thing. They are having a courier problem in our area and will be given credit for the missing papers. When asked to speak to a delivery manager was told they were all out and would contact me as soon as they could. You would think after getting the same complaint from the same address more than twice they would look into it quickly but I guess they are to busy drinking coffee and playing on the computer to bother with people who are keeping them employed.

  55. I have called, but want to make sure something is done. This is Friday, and we have not received a paper all week?. That is five days without a paper. Also since it is Friday, we did not receive the TV Weekly guide. We were missed 12 weeks of receiving our guide, and of course we did not receive credit. Please contact the person in charge of our delivery. Thank you.

  56. I live in Cincinnati and pay for subscriptions for my elderly mother and disabled brother. My brother is a paraplegic and resides in a large nursing home (converted hospital) on a very busy thoroughfare in the city of St. Louis. He has not received a delivery since last Sunday. I’ve spoken to someone four days in a row after leaving a voicemail on the first day; total of five contacts. I’m on hold now as I type this. Each day there’s been a promise of resolution of the problem, delivery of back issues, delivery on the same day (call was before the 9:00 ‘system shutdown’), and reimbursement for missed days. There’s been no action. This is very frustrating for an avid reader and a distant caregiver. Please contact me and help me assist my family member. Barbara

  57. we did not get the Saturday paper–it is usually here early–but its afternoon–nothing—235 chaparral creek drive Apt 406

    thanks, beverly

  58. I used to get my paper nice and early 6am or earlier, but for about the last 2-3 weeks it does not come until after 10am, I still do not have it today. I realize that everybody can’t be first on the delivery list and am just wondering if this is going to be the new delivery time or maybe, hopefully, this is just a temporary time, like maybe the regular carrier is on vacation or sick and the sub is still learning the route. Could you please advise if you can on this situation.
    Thank you,
    Mike Green

  59. I would like to find out how I can get in touch with a person so I can get some answers instead of the run around? I have had delivery problems since they changed carriers. I either don’t get a paper or I’m missing the TV guide, which I pay extra for. Who can I talk to? I am tired of talking to the recorded machine, this has not solved a problem yet. We all pay too much not to have better delivery. Like a answer soon.

  60. 10/25/15 I did not receive my TV book,called about 9:30-10AM all the customer service personnel were helping other people I could hold for five min. or so.I some
    how was connected to a recording, asked what section was missing from paper. I
    said the TV book which arrived with the Saturday edition and advertisement. The voice said I would be credited for the Sat.paper which was not what I
    wanted. But the recording didn’t care about that. I called again and was told the same as above but I could leave my number and someone would get
    back to me in an hour. Well its 12:42PM and everyone has gone home and I
    still don’t have answer. Thank you

  61. called several times Sunday 10/25 concerning my not getting paper. was assured that I would get it. At 2 pm, I noticed that my neighbors on another street here had received their’s but I still haven’t received mine. I called again and the recording said that I should check the hours of operation and to call during that time. I still do not have a paper and totally fed up with your delivery service and your customer service. Please have customer service manager call me. I am going to go buy my sunday paper and deduct the cost from my bill…….

  62. Well, I finally received my SUNDAY paper this morning, Oct. 26. It was delivered with my Monday paper. I called several times yesterday before they closed shop and left and was assured that I would get it yesterday. It’s a shame you have to go thru so much trash before you can get what you have already paid for. Where are the TV investigative reporters to check on newspapers lies.

  63. AGAIN!!! I did not receive my newspaper this morning. What is YOUR problem? This is ridiculous. Deliver my newspaper today or I will cancel my subscription. I am also on hold for 8 minutes to talk to someone. Such poor customer service. No wonder no one orders your newspaper anymore. I will expect my newspaper by this afternoon. Do they deliver just when they feel like getting up early or not? Your excuse that you have a new delivery system is not working anymore–give me a better excuse!!

  64. This is day 8 that we have not received our paper. Since this includes the weekend, we did not receive our TV guide. All I get is someone saying they will contact the delivery company.

  65. I live at 1417 Bellevue, Richmond Heights. I did not get my paper today. I also did not get papers on October 19, 20, and 21. Am I going to be charged for papers I didn’t get? Am I going to get a paper tomorrow?
    What is going on?
    Tom Coppage.

    • I got the morning papers for 10-29 & 10-30 after 1:00 PM, which I can live with. It’s now 3:30 PM 10-31, and still no paper. Why?
      Tom Coppage, 1417 Bellevue, Richmond Heights.

  66. I phoned early yesterday (Sunday) morning to report that I did not receive the Friday, Saturday or Circulars of this week’s papers. I only subscribe to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The representative was very nice and said I would have the circulars delivered and I would have a credit for last weekend (no Friday, Saturday or circulars again) and this weekend.
    Well, this morning (Monday), much to my surprise, I received the Sunday edition that I already had. Please speak to this carrier. I have never had trouble before the last 2 weekends…..and I would still like those circulars.

  67. My paper is not being delivered. I have called for the pas week, and still
    no service
    If I continue to miss getting my paper I wish to discontinue the service, and I
    want a refund of my payment
    I don’t have time to keep calling every day to report this

  68. We didn’t get a paper for 9 days in a row. We received yesterday’s paper at 3 in the afternoon, after I called yet once again. I am told no one has our route (186?). With your 1st round of layoffs 2 years ago, we lost a great delivery person. We had some trouble with the last person but at least got a newspaper. Now I have to call every single day. What is wrong with you people?

  69. Contacted by phone yesterday about missed issue yesterday. Today I was delivered a Wall Street Journal instead of Post Dispatch. Can you please get my home delivery straightened out?


  70. ive called several times. Same issue. In last 2 weeks paper arrives late. Around 8 am
    I need it by 7 or no use have to go to work
    Had to wait ON HOLD to complain.
    Nothing helping

  71. It is 8:30 am and no paper. None for our entire street. What’s going on. Lately the paper has been arriving after 7 am…Most people who work would be gone and have nothing to read. Please get this right. Thanks

  72. I’ve been a subscriber to your paper for more than 30 yrs. Over the course of the last few weeks the delivery service has been late every day. I have made you aware of this issue through numerous phone conversations. Because I can no longer count on receiving the paper in a timely manner I feel no choice but to cancel my subscription.

  73. I called AGAIN today that I did not receive a paper delivery- talked to a machine that said I would get a credit and a record would be kept of my calls. No person-just a machine. I have been calling you weekly since after Labor Day weekend about about not getting a paper and sometimes this is two days a week. Last week it was Sat. AND SUN. It is always a different day each week. Are you keeping a record?? Why do I get credit for One paper and been calling weekly no paper for 8 weeks one/two times a week. Why can’t you fix the problem? It takes a long time to get to get a LIVE person and now it is a recording. You did send a courier out ONCE with a Sunday paper! We have been taking the paper for 52 years and I am beginning to think about canceling.

    I called again this morning is had not received a paper again. This has been going on for 8 weeks. They skip me once a week and sometimes two days.

  74. My paper used to arrive between 6-6:30 and now it comes after 8:30. I’d really like to get it by 6:30. Is that possible?

  75. There has, so far, not been a delivery today. I loive at 7169 Hazelwood Lane in University City.; The paper is usually delivered by 6:30 a.m.

  76. Hi i did not get my paper today. They can bring it tomorrow. No need to get it today. Thank you
    Kim Valerio
    410 Sutters Mill Rd
    St peters 63376

  77. does anyone read these posts? Better yet, do they respond or react? The post was delivered on Saturday at 12:15pm!! According to your guidelines it should be delivered by 6am!! What is going on? I talked to your customer service dept and they said to be patient they are doing the best they can. I am the consumer and you provide a service. Obviously you can not provide the service in a timely manner. And I will not be patient, delivery times: wed 11 Thursday 11, Friday 11, Saturday 12:15. Are you going back to being an afternoon paper? Won’t stand for much more. Cancelling is the next option

  78. 4821 Langtree dr. 63128 my paper delivery was received damaged and
    was unable to read Sunday Nov. 1
    called and gave this message never receive replacement paper

  79. Our home phone # is and we live on 6 acres at 10 Old Jamestown Lane, Florissant, 63034. We have not recieved a newspaper for 3 days, Friday, saturday and Sunday. Thursday’s was delivered at the head of our driveway, 400 feet from our front door. For 50 years it has been delivered at our mailbox 1/4 mile from our doo. This we can handle. In years past, our various delivery folks had redlivered any missed papers. Why can’t the present delivery person get it right? It is most annoying.

  80. I have called for the last 3 weeks and we have not been getting our TV Guide
    i called tV GUIDE they sent a message to post also. I pay for and i want it
    I called last week and was told that it was coming right out NO SHOW.
    If we havea new paper carrier please see what is going on.
    Thank Pat baisch
    2904 hilgert dr High Ridge MO.

  81. We did not receive the TV weekly guide this past weekend, Service in that regard has not been an issue recently. phone

  82. I did not receive my Sunday paper for Nov 1, 2015 . When you call your service numbers a voice says experiencing an overload of calls. I am seriously thinking of canceling my subscription. I hope your paper can address this situation. What a shame that a paper that has been in business so long can’t even figure out how to deliver papers. Bring back the Globe Democrat.

  83. my comments are awaiting moderation? How about you get the paper delivered on time!! Let’s continue with the delivery times: Sunday 12:30 pm, Monday, did not get a paper, Tuesday, 10:30a, and Wednesday 11am. Now the management has asked that papers be at our homes by 6 am. Since the switch your deliveries have not even been close. You should be ashamed for such pitiful service. And who suffers??? The customer, which you are going to lose

  84. There is NO customer service at the Post.
    The website is awkward, not easily accessible, lacks submit key after data is entered.
    The phone lines are a joke, estimated hold time of four minutes took over 20 minutes to get a response.
    No wonder your stock has tanked.
    If there was another local paper I’d drop the Post like a hot rock.

  85. Last Sunday I had to call because the paper wasn’t delivered in my subdivision and this Sunday it’s 6 am and you would think they would try to deliver it on time. Nothing

  86. Will you be delivering today’s, Sunday’s P-D, and NY Times to my house? And yesterday’s P-D, which never showed up? Friday’s P-D showed up at 10 am (finally!).

  87. In my 45 years as a subscriber, the last month is the poorest delivery service I have ever received. After 15 days of consecutive calls and emails my complaints have not been resolved and missing papers that I was promised were not received. I want my paper thrown in my DRIVEWAY! I gave up on the 3 missing TV weekly so I called them and arranged mail delivery. Please respond to this email.

  88. I’ve had nothing but problems with your delivery. I’ve made numerous calls. It doesn’t do any good. I missed paper and they gave me credit by moving the date due up. What a joke. They take out of banking account. Now the paper is being delivered to my neighbors. The Post has truly gone down the tube. I’m the only subscriber left on my block. I would think you want to keep any subscribers left.

  89. Your driver that delivers papers in O’Fallon MO is useless and a jerk. I’ve been getting the paper 5 weeks now and complained every week and told everyone of the people I’ve spoke I have copd. I can’t keep getting out under the car and getting papers. This morning I caught him getting out of his car and seen him put it under my tire and car. Someone needs to address this issue. Thank u

  90. Also I have called and called and you guys do nothing. So I will take matters into my own hands. I catch him in the driveway and not in his car like this morning, I will call police and have him arrested. So you need to figure it out . He’s doin it on purpose because I keep calling in

  91. As a new subscriber I cannot believe that I did not receive a complete paper today. I received THREE Living sections, but no news, sports, or classifieds. Surely you people can do better than that. I mean, come on, you screwed up the FIRST DELIVERY?!

  92. Congratulations, you have lost another 40 plus years subscriber. The “customer service” from Indiana is a nice touch – they don’t care as little as you don’t appear to care. The “morning” delivery has occurred after noon for at least 8 weeks; 8 weeks is a long time to find a solution. Waiting 20 minutes to talk to a “representative” who is disinterested and doesn’t even live in St. Louis to discuss a delivery problem doesn’t work. Same no answer every time. Sad to see a former Pulitzer organization drop to the lowest levels of journalism and customer service. Good luck in the future.

  93. I am about to cancel my subscription to the Post Dispatch over this delivery (or lack of delivery) problem. For the past month my paper has not been delivered, been delivered extremely late, and once in a while thrown on my neighbors drive. Calls to the customer service number take forever to get answered. When I do get to talk to a person I hear the same thing about how the delivery service has changed and they are experiencing problems. I’ve asked repeatedly for someone to call me who knows when this frustrating issue will be resolved, but only once did someone care enough about this to call me. So once again, after a month of this delivery issue, why can’t someone fix it?

  94. It is 9:00 am, November 18 and we are still waiting for our paper. Calls to your delivery service assures that any delivery after 6:30 am “is late”, I would be excited to get the paper by 7:30 am. Yesterday it was 9:30. Repeated calls to your service is obviously a waste of time, and not something I should have to do two or three mornings a week. Why have a “late paper” time, then allow it to be ignored. Either you offer a home delivery service or your don’t. I have never experienced such poor delivery service.

  95. Did not receive newspaper delivery today. This is a reoccurring event several times per week which I report, but it seems that nothing is done to alleviate the problem. I subscribed for a morning newspaper, not at afternoon addition

  96. Yesterday Nov. 22 no Sunday paper again. Called in. Paper arrived 10:15. Today no paper. I am paying for home delivery and I don’t get a paper. Maybe I should just cancel. I will wait until next Mon. to decide. Worst service since I signed up 50 years ago. If you do not want customers just say so.

  97. We used to have great service when the delivery was from an owned route. Now that the paper is using their own employees service stinks.

  98. I have weekend delivery but have always received the Monday paper as well. The paper has not been delivered the last three Mondays. (I called in two of those days and a paper was delivered.) I want to know if the Monday paper has been taken off the weekend delivery package or is it at the discretion of the delivery person?

  99. I was put on hold and moved from Department to Department, finally she said she was at the call center in Indiana.
    I only wanted to know the nearest place/gas station,? that will have the Post with all the 2015 Black Friday ads in the paper, like (WalMart, KMart, Target, Lowes, ToysrUs, etc.)
    I live in Farmington, MO 63640
    No one had an answer, hmmmm

  100. The monthly amount for my subscription was taken out of my credit card on Nov. 9th.I have not received a paper yet;and today is Dec. 2nd.Customer service said that they would update my financial info.;and my delivery would start on tomorrow,Dec. 3rd.I guess I will find out if everything is in order soon.By the way,the computer said my next payment is due on Dec. 6th.WRONG!.Please correct that situation also.Thanks.

  101. Tired of not receiving the grocery ads…..this is the second week I didn’t receive them. This is the only way I get them since I have a paper delivery and they don’t come in the mail. The grocery ads are an important part of the paper to me. Not happy with my delivery person at all.
    Now I have to go on-line or run to the store to get an ad.

  102. I just spoke to one of your customer service reps. About the following billing problem. I’m supposed to get a refund of $ 14.95 and I’ve discontinued our subscription. The reason is the poor billing practices on your part.

    Post Dispatch Billing:

    I’m still confused on my billing charges. No one has contacted me about the past or present charges to my account.

    On Dec. 10th. I received a $ 13.96 charge

    Before: My credit card was charged: $ 6.52 on 8/11/15 and 9/11/15 and 10/13/15 on my old card.

    You recently charged $ 16.39 to my newest card on 11/10/15

    What’s going on?

    Dave Henroid

  103. Well, based on the complaints posted, mine is not new – I cancelled the Post due to the issues raised here – however on, December 1st I decided to give the PD another try – alas, missing sections (GO, the Home Section on Saturday, etc) and just no paper at all. And as we all know, the Customer Service Dept. should be dismantled! Their text-book reply is always, “We sorry, and I’ll issue a credit” CREDIT? I want the Paper! I’ll try for a month – one more time. And to sum is up – I doubt if anyone on Trucker Blvd. reads these comments anyway and I’ve already spent too much of my time – Ciao

  104. My carrier, Debbie Shook has quit as of Friday 12/18/2015. I am not getting newspapers. YOU BETTER FIGURE SOMETHING OUT, BECAUSE I WANT SATURDAY’S PAPER AND ALL OF SUNDAY’S. GET A CARRIER OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM PAID UP AND HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER FOR 20+ YEARS. I PUT UP WITH GALLAGHER FOR 13 YEARS–YOU OWE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. After spending 20 minutes getting NO WHERE on the phone as there are NO way to talk to a live person, I can only get a credit rather than a paper. Tomorrow I will cancel my subscription!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GOING POST DISPATCH

  106. I have contacted your Delivery Dept. numerous times concerning non-delivery of my newspaper. I even got ahold of a live person and requested a call from your subscriber delivery manager( Of course, he never called) I am getting frustrated with the lack of delivery service and the apparently disdain of your subscriber department concerning your customers. Just check my calls about the delivery and you will see that this happens quite often. PLEASE HELP.

  107. I ordered the weekend paper (with coupons). However, for the 3rd time I received the Friday paper and not the weekend paper. The only reason I ordered the paper was to receive the weekly ads and coupons and that is not what is happening. I didn’t complain before since I was a new customer but for the 3rd time, this past weekend, I received the Friday paper and not the weekend. I would like this past weekend paper redelivered as this is starting to become a habit and NOT what I ordered. HELP!!!

  108. I called the editor and the asst editors were emailed about a continuing problem of receiving wet papers. I did not even receive the courtesy of a reply .. Evidently they dont care about delivering a readable paper. I am cancelling my subscription after receiving anouther wet paper today. Richard Perry

  109. Last month we missed a delivery, and had one newspaper too wet to read! This morning our newspaper was soggy, couldn’t even get it out of the plastic! We are not happy with our service!
    Our address is: 628 Fox Creek Ct. Crestwood, Mo. 63126
    Thank you,
    Becky Erasmus

  110. we did not get our paper today I call this morning but still no paper this is happen about once a week sometime it happens on sunday

  111. I did not receive a paper 23rd of December t received paper 24th No paper Friday 25th I called [about paper not received on the 23rd. They say if continue not receiving paper let them know. I have called about not receiving. a paper one day each week for a month. I am tired of calling and complaining. So I’m trying this

  112. The post is delivered to my home daily plus the weekend. It is delivered in the middle of the street instead of at my address! They must throw it from Ladue Crossing and not drive down the street! Have the person learn how to deliver the paper.

  113. For many years we had a great and dependable delivery person, Chris Dyhouse.In the past several months we have a new delivery person, whom we’re told is Calvin Thompson. We have had 3 or 4 occasions when we received NO PAPER and I have deducted the amount from the last two bills. Again on Monday December 21, Tuesday Dec. 22nd and Wednesday Dec. 23rd, 2015 we received no paper. Today, Saturday Dec. 26, 2015 the paper, left down in the street of running water, the paper had no front page section or the Sports section. I then tried to buy a Saturday paper but was told that on Saturday delivery papers are the only paper available. William H. Wyne, Jr.

  114. Your delivery service is unreliable and has been for the past year. I report missed deliveries to customer service and there is no improvement. There is never a manager available and they tell you someone will call you back within 24 hours and no one ever does. I know my carrier’s name but cannot find a phone number to contact him directly to find out what the problem is. This situation is very frustrating and the customer NO service is totally unacceptable. Please reply and advise about how the situation can be remedied.

  115. we are at 141 Calwood dr. in St Peters mo we did not receive our paper on Fr1 12/25 or sat 12/26 or sun 12/27 or m0n 12/28

  116. When I didn’t get the paper this morning I called and was told I would get one to day, well it”s 3:00 pm and I still don’t have one ,This is not the 1st. time and i”m tired of it. I will be ending my daily paper which I have been getting for about 40 years. If you don’t care about me getting the news from you I don’t care either. My time will be up at the end of Jan. and then I’m done with you. The rain has nothing to do with this. I’v just got a bad delievey person.

  117. We are continuing to have delivery problems. The ads were not in the paper today. Our house is not far from the road , yet the paper is thrown on the lower sidewalk, I guess he just drops it out the window. I realize he is a different delivery person , but it is becoming aggravating! And the paper is delivered 3 hours later.

  118. I too have been a customer for over 50 years but that no longer seems to matter.I asked for a vacation hold for 10 days and the paper was DELIVERED the entire 10 days. I called customer service (fine if you have half a day to wait) and was assured it would be taken care of. NOW I am home and havent received the paper in two days:-( When you ask for a supv they are never available and agent insists she can take care of it (yet never does.) I am ready to cancel my subscription.

  119. I used to get the paper by 6:15 AM. For the last several months it doesn’t show up until 9:30 or 10:00 AM. This is NOT acceptable. If it continues I will be obligated to cancel my subscription. I have always paid for one year in advance, however each year there is less news content and worse service. Please check to see if there is a carrier problem.

  120. I have called multiple time to request on days that it rains to please double wrap my paper. It is difficult to read wet paper. Still no results!

  121. No paper until 9:45 AM, I used to love reading the newspaper with breakfast. By
    9:00 AM I have already started my busy day. Reading the paper at night is not going to happen.


  123. We did not receive our paper today, Tues. Jan. 12th. I tried calling your customer service, for two hours before I got an answer. It was constant busy signal. Not a satisfactory situation!

    Rita Cunningham

  124. I have been with you since 1971. The only complaint I have had is with your delivery service. I understand that they are contractors and not post employees. I have called about wet papers and missed papers. Just today 1/12/16 my paper was not delivered. I called and was told by you automated system that one would be delivered. Never happened so I called back and was told that this seemed to be a problem with my delivery service and was sent to your customer service department and was on hold for 30 minutes and then had to hang up. It would be nice if someone could solve this re-occurring problem. I don’t want to leave you but this is getting to be a continuing problem. Larry

  125. For the third day in a row I have not received a paper!! I am tired of receiving your apologies, I just want my paper! Please find out what the problem is, this is getting very tiresome.

  126. Hi – Could you let me know about my current subscription. I see that it was renewed without my approval. Would you let me know the terms of this new subscription? What is my cost for your weekend paper? THANK YOU.

    Terry Zarlingo

  127. I am very frustrated with my service!!! I pre-paid for my service in November, since that time I have had to call repeatedly over not receiving my paper and Sunday inserts. Once again today I DID NOT recieve my paper or inserts!!!! I am an avid couponet and use them to help my family( 2 single children as well as my husband and myself). This continued hassle is why I discontinued my service several years ago. At this time I rarely leave my home without assistance so when my husband travels, I am usually unable to go get them myself, which is the reason I again tried home delivery. I am very unhappy with this continued poor service, if this continues I would like a refund of any remaining subscription.

  128. On January 18th I called to cancel my subscription to the paper, since I was doing quite a bit of travelling. I was told I had a credit balance, and it was decided to leave it for if/when I called back to restart the paper (Sunday only). Instead, I was CHARGED an additional $4.33 on the 19th, and a paper was delivered on the 24th which I found still in it’s wrapper when I got home today! Please refund the charge from the 19th and CANCEL MY Subscription!

  129. 4 days of in last 10 no paper. no paper despite phone call and promises. 5 days of paper in my drive when away despite having cancelled it and it was in your system. If I get a breakin because of papers in drive do i sue you?

    I URGE ALL COMLAINING CUSTOMERS TO DISCONTINUE YOUR PAPER UNTIL YOU GET THE MESSAGE. I note you are already losing subscribers at rate of almost a thousand per month. Soon you will all be out of work.

  130. I have just left a voice mail as we did not get a newspaper today. This has happened several times recently.
    Our carrier has been doing a wonderful job in the past but now it either doesn’t get here, is very late, or we find it on some strange places near the property.
    If the carrier is having some personal difficulties, we are willing to try to work with him/her.
    I also do not care for your phone system as there is no option for talking with a real person.
    I have been a customer of the Post for about 30 years, mostly enjoyed your writers, get upset when they leave, and like to hold the paper in my hand when reading it.
    I would like a phone number of our delivery person so I can call him/her directly when there is a problem.
    Please advise.
    Rosalie Huebener








  132. Seriously, I have subscribed for nearly 50 years. Never had these problems til recently. Please correct the issues causing them. I enjoy reading the paper but not lately as it rarely there when it should be.

  133. Your home delivery service really sucks! Your recording by which a failure to deliver is to be reported is equally poor. I have been a customer of yours for more years than I can remember but that relationship is about to end. The last year has been filled with repeated calls where I had to report my paper not being delivered. Forget asking for one to be brought out. Your company would promise to do so but never made the replacement delivery. I would finally give up and drive to the store and buy one. Now I just ask for credit on my account and then go out and buy one. I am now going out in 10 degree weather to buy the paper that didn’t get delivered today.
    Ron Stevens

  134. I can’t repeat every week but wanted to affirm again how much I appreciate our carrier getting the paper on my front porch. I asked about a week ago if they could do,so as I am on a cane with limited mobility. Ever since, the paper has been on the porch.
    Please let my delivery person know. I live at 3763 Upton St, 63116.

  135. Our paper was not delivered this morning Feb. 16. I called the post dispatch and was told a paper would be delivered. As of l:45 this afternoon have never received a paper.

  136. Again we have not received a paper. It is the fourth time in 2016, two times this week. The first one I never received, the second one later in the morning. Earlier this week I never received the paper. My husband found one at the neighbors that was not picked up so he picked it up. Today again we have not received a paper, one was across the street (different neighbor) but he picked it up. When calling earlier this week I was told a manager would return my call and when calling this A.M. I was told managers do not return calls. We have been a subscriber for many many years and the last couple the delivery has been terrible. Last year we did not get a Sunday paper for weeks before a neighbor said he was getting a paper but did not order one. I would call on Monday as we are home on Sunday mornings after 7:30.

    PLEASE give this to management. If delivery does not improve I WILL cancel my subscription. Please reply.

  137. 2/22/16 I have called your customer service dept beginning 7:30 am. Called a second time and now this email. It is past 10:30 and still no paper. Three hours to redeliver seems like lousy service. Phil

  138. I called the customer service number to see what was going on with the paper today. The lady that took my call was rude obnoxious she yelled at me because I should be more patient about the weather well first of all I just wanted to know if I was going to get the paper or not or should I go get one if she told me I wouldn’t even get a credit if I didn’t get the paper what the heck I’m very pissed off about this. You need to remove the Post Dispatch customer service people from Indiana and return it to st. Louis maybe something will be done then every time I call I get rude obnoxious people I want my paper I don’t hesitate to not pay my bill now. I understand the weather I would love to have a response about this through my email.

  139. I did not receive my paper on Wednesday 3/24. I understand there was bad weather in some areas but not here. 6 Harris dr. St. Peter’s mo. Thanks

  140. I have beentrying to explain, for several days, I have not been receiving delivery and receive courteous response but no service. Trying to explain delivery is probably being made to the wrong home. Even when follow-up delivery is made, it is still likely same . Believe there is a new carrier & making same mistake. I walk the area every morning and know gets delivery, etc. HELP HELP HELP.

  141. I am curious to see if I get a paper delivered today, Sat March 5,2016. I will send an e mail if I do in fact get a paper delivered today.

  142. I contacted customer service at 7:03 today informing them I had not received todays’s newspaper. It is now 5:01 and it has not yet been delivered. Please credit my account for today’s newspaper.

    Thank you, Susanne

  143. I now believe this is a place for customers to vent their frustrations. I believe that no one at the post reads these comments and if they do, they do nothing! Here it is today at 10:45 AM and no newspaper. On those days when it does arrive, it is between 9 and 10 AM. I have already gone about my daily activities and the newspaper becomes a day old paper ready for the recycle bin. I will not be renewing my yearly subscription when it is due.

  144. We have not received 3 of our papers in the last 6 days. This was a problem last summer and we cancelled our subscription. In December we were told that the problem with the delivery was solved so we started the subscription again. Now, we are back in the same situation again and when we call we receive credit for the papers, but we want the paper delivered, not a credit. Your ad says that if we call before 9 am it will be redelivered. Please check with this delivery route driver to see why we are being skipped. Thank you.

  145. The customer service number on your website for circulation is a fax number. I paid on 3-14-2016 an outstanding bill and for new service delivery of $91 . i was told that the paper would be delivered on Saturday march 12 but it is Thursday and we still don’t have a paper. i want an adjustment and the paper to be delivered immediately.

  146. I am writing this in regard to my FORMER SUBSCRIPTION OF FIFTY FIVE YEARS. The price for our home delivery has increased by leaps and bounds. We are retired seniors and have always enjoyed reading the paper, in fact we had subscriptions to both daily papers when this city had two papers. The problem we have is that many of our friends have stopped getting the paper because of price and now they are irritated by the repeated calls to renew at a new lower price. It seems to me that a good business practice would be to reward customers that have stayed with the printed paper all these years. I know the printed paper is losing out to the internet, but there are still many people out there that still enjoy reading a printed paper. I just don’t think after fifty five years of subscribing to the Post that I would have to cancel just to get a better price. This is a very poor business policy and especially when you can’t get to talk to any kind of person more responsible than the representative that we talked with, who said there was no one else that we could speak with. I know I won’t get any kind of reply but at least you know my feelings and how disappointed I am with how you treat someone who has been so supportive of your paper for all these years. David Dempster

  147. I purchased a Sunday only subscription at the Working Women’s Survival Shoe 02-20-16. I was told it would take a week for my subscription to start, which was fine. It is now March 28th and I have not received one paper. I am contacting you today to have my payment refunded. When I called to check the status of my account I was told my renewal would be due 6-02-16. I just talked with a representative and advised I had not received one issue of the paper. The representative offered to look into the matter regarding the delivery. I asked that the subscription just be dropped and I be refunded the full amount of my subscription. The representative was very courteous and offered to look into the matter of delivery, I said I would rather just have the account closed and the refund since I hadn’t received any papers. She said she just wanted to offer all possible alternatives and said she would close the account and process my refund. The customer service rep was very courteous and said it would take 7-10 days to receive the refund. Thank you

  148. While the Post may be a decent newspaper comparatively, the delivery service is horrible and customer service is all but non existent.
    After calling, submitting pictures of the paper being thrown water, mud and in the middle of the sidewalk (ninety percent of time it is actually picked up by passers by) nothing is done. We are senior citizens and just needed the paper thrown on the front lawn. The last call we made we were left on hold as the office closed during the wait. Save the money and frustration and just go on-line, the newspaper as we knew it is over – particularly at the Post-Dispatch.

  149. I have been in contact with the Customer Service Department for 2 weeks regarding late delivery of me paper. I get the same answer “we have contacted your carrier regarding this matter.” NOTHING has changed!!!!!!

    The paper is late and wet when it is raining.

    We have been long time subscribers to the Post and feel that this isn’t important to the management of the Post to keep their subscribers.

    I would appreciate a return email from someone in authority. I have had enough of the scripted Customer Service responses. A lot of businesses would be out of business with this lack of Customer Service.

  150. There is an ongoing problem with our Post delivery.. Some time we don’t get the paper and the next day we get two papers. Sometime we don’t get the paper at all, as happened yesterday. This has been a problem for months. I call the circulation dept. and they say they will give me a credit…..I don’t want a credit, I want my paper delivered as agreed. I noticed the price increase and I can understand that, I want my damn paper!!!!

  151. Hi, I am writing because this is the second Saturday in a row that our paper has not been delivered and would like to know why. I know I can call and get a credit but that isn’t the point. I pay for delivery and I would like to have it delivered everyday not just when whomever deliveries it feels like it. Thank you.

  152. This statement is about several short comings of your service.This morning I contacted your cuistomer service about lack of delivery of Saturday and Sunday papers .I was told that my papers would be delivered today.As of 6pm no paper.
    This is the second time in two eeks the exact thing has happened.Trying to contact you cust. serv. after six oclock is not possible even if your hours of operation are incorrectly stated on the internet.Please try to correct these problems.

  153. we continue to have problems with delivery of our daily paper. We haven’t received it as yet today and this isn’t the first time. When we call and report, sometimes we get it later in the day and sometimes we get it the next day. Getting it the next day makes it of no value to us.

  154. Paper seems to arrive late more and more often. It is now 8:30 and still no paper. It happens way too often…

  155. I cancelled my paper from March 26 through April 11 but have not received credit on my bill dated 4/07/16 for service from 4/17 to 7/16. When can I expect to see an adjustment on my bill?

  156. It is 11:30 in morning and we have not received paper as of yet. The paper is such a biased and nothing paper you would think you would try to satisfy your customers/

  157. Long time PD subscriber. Delivery was prompt and punctual. Usually befor 6 AM. Over the past year delivery has been very random if at all. Today, no paper. I am very close to canceling my subscription.

  158. I had to call several times this week for redelivery. Saturday I called about 7:15 am and it is now 12:39 and still have not received the paper. Service is very poor.


  160. A today.gain we are missing Sunday paper after assurances that the problem was corrected. Please have paper delivered tday.o

  161. Your customer services “stinks.” All I want to know is why you do not deliver enough papers to the Paducah Walgreen Store to service “our” needs? This morning all the papers they (Post Dispatch) were gone in 11 minutes. We need more papers to this place so we can get there before they are gone.
    Dortha M. Bennett

  162. I am extremely disappointed and upset with the P-D circulation and customer service departments. I have subscribed loyally for years on the e-z pay plan even as the quality has been steadily going down. I got one post card saying the subscription price was going up by several dollars, but I said, “So it goes.” A few days later I got a rob0-call saying my sub was being cancelled for non-payment. I tried to log onto the web site and it would not accept my user name or password. It had no button to ask for user name reminder, though for some reason it did allow me to reset my password. I have been trying to call customer service for several days to talk to a person to get it worked out, the the line is constantly busy! The result is that my sub lapsed and no way to reinstate it. Does the P-D no longer want subscribers?

  163. I returned from Florida and took my subscription off of vacation hold. I was receiving the paper on Sundays and Mondays (I’m a NASCAR fan who wants to read about the race). I am now getting a Sat. and Sun. paper. It could be just a communication error.
    I have been trying to reach customer service to fix the problem, only to hear a busy signal for over 2 hours.
    Can I have the Post-Dispatch delivered on Sunday and Monday? If not I’ll read it online.

  164. I would hate to see how my delivery would go if I subscribed to the weekly paper as well as the weekend because I might get the weekend & I might not? Like this past weekend, no Saturday delivery where I look forward to the ads & coupons!! This went on for over a month back in Dec. 2015 & you claimed you got it corrected, but you haven’t. I see your ads where you are offering a savings if you subscribe to your papers & you know your delivery services sucks! Oh when I call in, I get the usual speech, “we will let management know & we have credited your account” but I have missed out on the ads? Well I guess I will add my complaint like the others above mines & it will just be sitting out here in the cyber space. What you need to do is get some reliable delivery people? But if you don’t pay hardly nothing for their services, I guess we all are getting the but end of that! NOTHING!

  165. I’m not one to complain, but I have missed my T-V Magazine in my Sunday paper for 6 out of the last 7 weeks. I have called the Post a few times (I have given up on you people) and they tell me my account is coded to receive the magazine and they apologize and that I will get one within 24 hours. Nothing ever shows up. I know my route has a new delivery person, but by now he/she should be up to speed. I have also called the TV Magazine direct, they tell me I AM on their list and the fault is the Post!!!

  166. The newspaper delivery is really bad. Three neighbors agree. We are in Ladue Bluffs on Olive at Ladue. May address is 10 Bently Circle Court. We are just asking that you deliver our papers at our addresses, not in the street, in the gutter, or in the driveways. Most are elderly and do not wish to walk a mile to pick up the newspaper! It is very tempting to cancel, go to a box down the street if we have to get out and walk a mile to get the paper. Please ask that they toss it a little closer to our front door.

    • Hey, I live in the city, very close to the street. Paper was in street most of the time. I quit the delivery service.

  167. I just cancelled my subscription to the paper due to the fact that I don’t get a paper at least 1-2 x a week when I called Sunday because I didn’t get a paper again they said pls don’t cancel we will give u one week free and lowere ur bill give us 48 hrs to fix this well I didn’t receive a paper for the next 4days every time I called it was a different story yesterday they informed they sent a e-mail to the supervisor it won’t happen again WRONG I am really upset as I really enjoy the paper the first thing I did when I moved here is to start the paper I guess u do not appreciate customers or don’t need them

    • Does anyone ever read these comments is management trying to fix issues and why does no one ever get back to the consumer

  168. I subscribe for the Post-Dispatch weekend paper at the st. Louis Cardinals game received my first weekend paper but have not received the last two poor service I live in Illinois

  169. I have been a customer of the Post-Dispatch for longer than any of you have been alive. I am 81 years old and it’s dangerous for me to walk on wet grass or in the rain. I can’t see why it’s so difficult for you to direct your delivery person to toss the paper on my porch. I’ve phoned about this problem literally hundreds of times. Whom must I contact to get this problem resolved?

  170. We did not receive our paper today I called and your recorded voice said one would be coming out. It’s 2:45pm and still no paper. I understand mistakes but we look forward to reading the paper on Sunday mornings. I would have bought one but you said it was coming, my neighbor across the street did not get their paper last Sunday. Do you have vacation people subbing on deliveries or just sloppy?

  171. I am missing my Saturday paper. This is not the first time I am missing a delivery. I have called in on your recorded line and reported this. I am told my bill will be credited but I never see any credit on my bill. The next time you miss my delivery I am going to cancel your service and go right up the street and buy a paper.

  172. What does it take to get reliable delivery service Our Saturday paper was not delivered we have had our paper thrown in the street,thrown in puddles numerous papers too wet to read one more non delivery or wet paper and we will have no choice but to cancel

  173. No paper yesterday so I called and someone delivered it. Again, no paper today. Great ploy by the Post. Collect the money but don’t deliver.

  174. I love reading the Post and had home delivery for over 30 years. I recently gave up on home delivery because service was so bad and no one at the Post addressed my issues. Paper in the street….no delivery….failure to execute vacation holds…paper arriving very late in the morning….it goes on and on. I called. I wrote snail mail letters and never received a call back or reply to letters. I have come to the conclusion that the Circulation Manager just does not care about customer service. I read the paper on line now for free.

  175. Sopping wet paper again. This happens every time it rains. i will not hold my breath for getting a new paper or the Sunday supplements that arrive on Saturday. Have been a subscriber for 35 years and delivery problems the last 3 years have been getting worse. I do not expect that calling an automated system will help the situation. Who monitors the system?

  176. I am having trouble getting my TV magazine. About ever 3 weeks I don’t get it with the paper but 2 – 3 days later. The customer service department at the Post is a joke, they don’t help at all.

  177. I have been a life-long reader of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and a subscriber for the last 37 years. The paper usually arrived by 5:30 a.m. each day and I was able to read the paper prior to starting my work day. This routine continued for 37 years. I have recently retired and looked forward to continuing beginning my day with reading the Post. Unfortunately, I have had delivery problems for the past five months as the paper began arriving later and later each morning. I was informed by customer service that the paper wasn’t considered “late” until 6:30 a.m. I was disappointed with that fact, but resolved to accept the 6:30 a.m. delivery time. However, the paper rarely arrived before 6:30 a.m. and over the past month the paper hasn’t arrived until after 7 a.m. and as late as 9:15 a.m. I have called most days to report this problem and to get another paper delivered.

    Recently, I was on vacation and called to place a vacation hold on my delivery. The hold was from May 22, 2016 to May 30, 2016. My neighbor told me that the paper was delivered each day while I was gone. She gave me the weeks-worth of papers, which I promptly recycled. My wife informed me that we also had already been invoiced for those days and she had paid that bill prior to our departure on vacation. We had arrived home from our trip one day early than expected on May 30th and I called to report no paper. The customer service representative informed me that I had a “vacation hold” for that date, which I had forgotten. So I know you had that information in your record system. However, the paper arrived about 20 minutes later, anyway.

    On Saturday, June 11, 2016, I called at 7:40 a.m., once again to report no paper. I spoke with a customer service representative and expressed my continued disappointment with the poor delivery service. I then told her that I was considering cancelling my subscription after 30+ years. When I arrived home today, June 12th, after being out of town for the weekend, I asked my neighbor if they had picked up my paper. I was told that no paper was delivered, so I presume that a cancellation request was what you wanted from me all the while.

    I guess you were very glad to lose a long time customer who has called to complain about not receiving the paper on time, rather than fix the problem by replacing the worst carrier in your system with one who could get the paper to me by 6:30 a.m.

    I wish to thank Bill McClellan, Sarah Bryan Miller, Tony Messenger, Kevin Horrigan, David Nicklaus, Rick Hummel, Elisa Crouch, and all of your other fine columnists and reporters for their wonderful work over the years. I will sorely miss them.

  178. I have left messages for THREE weeks, have asked for someone from the Post to call and have had no response. I work at Des Peres Hospital and we are long-time customers. The paper has not been delivered for 3 weeks and at this point, i assume we should cancel and provide the USA Today to the physicians.

    Karen Purcell

  179. Did not get a Sun paper. Called at 5:30a, but it said you weren’t open.

    Later, got a paper. When taking sleeve of, it was BND (Belleville) paper…???The same driver I believe must deliver both, so guess he was dazed and confused.

    I called back at around noon, said you were closed. This is 3rd time in 2 weeks that have no paper, so maybe, just maybe, my subscription will go to BND.
    Can I receive a credit for no Sunday paper, 6-19-2016??

  180. I had the Post delivered to my gmail account temporarily and wish to cancel it as I am having macular degeneration. Thank you

  181. we had put our paper on hold for vacation. it was suppose to start back today june 25 and didn’t. made a called and talked to paul, he said the person who had put the information in put 6/25/19 instead of 6/25/16. he tried to fix it and couldn’t and said it would probably be next tues. before it would start. he called back a little later and said it would start tomorrow. I feel he went out of his way and took care of it. thank you paul

  182. My 92 year old mother lives in an assisted living facility that many of the residents receive a daily newspaper. Each resident is being charged a $9.88 delivery fee per month even though all the newspapers are being dropped off in a bulk delivery.

    There should be a price break for bulk deliveries, especially for assisted living facilities where people have very limited income. There are at least 30 residents that receive a daily paper. At $9.88 per paper for delivery that’s a $296.40 delivery fee for one drop off. Maybe the delivery person drops off the paper in Rolls-Royce, if not he probably could.

  183. I subscribe to your weekend paper and I did not get a paper on Saturday, July 9th. I tried calling your customer service number and got no answer probably because it is a Saturday.

  184. for the last three sundays, I have not received my sunday newspaper and the
    and the TV guide weekly. I keep calling up each week and never get a satisfactory reason why the paper delivery man won’t deliver my paper, but
    delivers all my neighbors papers.

    • Ralph, I don’t remember what the Post is now charging for the former free tv guide, but the “real” TV Guide magazine can’t be much more, and it has a lot of information on upcoming shows, new seasons etc.

      Let’s see if this gets past the moderators or if they kill it.

  185. I called customer service well before 4pm. By the time the computer system figured out it couldn’t help me, it was after 4pm
    This is NOT customer service, it’s cost reduction.

  186. Delivery service is lousy! I have NOT received my paper on 5 days this month.
    One day I got the NY Times instead. Papers are in the gutter, 25′ down the street from my mailbox tube where they should be placed. I have called many times and have been told I’d get another paper delivered but that has only happened once. Again today, NO PAPER. Apparently, you can’t get reliable help. I pay for the paper and should be able to receive it in good condition.

  187. make sure this letter does not go to the public as my card number is on my letter to you thanks Glynn Williams……..

  188. Our newspaper today is completely soaked. can not be dried out….Grrrrrr. It was raining when delivered and was not double wrapped…..this is BAD customer service. I was on hold so long it was too late to request a redelivery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. Our newspaper is completely soaked. It was still raining when delivered. Why was it not double wrapper? This is BAD customer service. I was on hold so long it was then too late to request a redelivery. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

  190. I live at 778 Savannah Crossing Way. I do not subscribe to the Post Dispatch. This is the second time I am requesting that NO papers be thrown on my driveway, no weekends, never. I want this to be stopped immediately and permanently. Thank you.

  191. I have been trying fora week to get a hold of Tracy Rouch to no avail. Who can I call in St. Louis to ask a question about an educational donation?

  192. I subscribe to the Post. A year or two ago I was told I could gain access to the web version of the Washington Post because of my PD subscription.

    Lately I have been unable to log in. It seems it no longer recognizes my login information.

    I have contacted the Washington Post subscriber services but they seem unaware of the relationship and will not grant me access.

    Can you suggest what i might do? My account number per the Wash Post when I first subscribed was 1765529. Now it does not work when I try to access my Wash Post on-line account.

  193. Is there a carrier for East Prairie, Missouri? I ordered Post on April 13th, and still no delivery. I have called Customer Service about 4 times to let them know I have not received the paper. They continue to tell me the carrier will be notified. I understand from the previous carrier’s husband , she is no longer delivering to East Prairie. Is there a new carrier? Please respond as soon as possible as I am on the verge of cancelling my subscription.

  194. My paper continues to get soaked everytime it rains because they refuse to throw it on the grass, the concrete driveway rips the plastic resulting in a wet and unreadable paper. I have called several times about this problem.
    Paper was wet Friday 4/28 and both the Saturday 4/29 and weekend paper.

  195. I have called a number of times over the past 2 and a half years re: my paper not being delivered and the last few times I called I asked to have a supervisor call me re: missing papers. I was assured it would be done, but No phone call received. I called 5/6/17 due to paper missing and was assured by Tues. at the latest a Supvsr. would call. Again no one called. No wonder the Post is losing money. Is the staff suffering from syphilis in the tertiary stage? I guess I may cancel my subscription.

  196. After a month of delivery (non-delivery) issues we have called the Post a dozen times. All we get is a call center that sends one-way e-mails to the Delivery dept, who apparently have no accountability to the customers because after a month we have no idea what the problem with deliveries has been or what is being done to fix it (apparently nothing). After a month of problems the customer service reps give us a month extension to our subscription (they don’t issue refunds).
    But tell me… what good is extending our subscription when they AREN’T DELIVERING THE PAPER??? They took our money and are not providing the service or any explanation as to why not.
    Customers of 50 years but that doesn’t matter to them, time to drop the Post.

  197. I am once again missing my Sunday Paper Ad section that usually comes on Friday night/Saturday morning. I waited until my paper came today, but it’s just the Sunday edition without the ad inserts. This has happened three times this year so far. Your on-line system does nothing to remedy this and it’s not specific enough to note that just the ad inserts were missing. Please reply with a solution to this problem.

  198. We did not receive our Post today (8/9/17). Instead we got someone
    else’s Wall Street Journal. Please send our paper today. thank you.

  199. Your customer service support sucks!
    Trying to report a no delivery should not have a twenty minute wait!
    Phone number posted for St Peters circulation does not work!
    One more failure and we will terminate subscription! (2nd this month)
    Glenn Harbison

  200. I have spent much of the morning trying to report a failed delivery. Telephone contact is, of course, a joke–one gets that tired old message of high volumes and long waits. online contact is no better. Is this because the P-D has a local monopoly?

  201. I am atill here and still horribly frustrated by my continued failure to be allowed to report a missed delivery. Allow me to share with you the fact that I detest the Post-Dispatch and would not tolerate it if there were a viable alternative. I probably speak for a multitude.

  202. Called customer service got same runaround, we will look into it. Nothing changes, deliver problems continue .Your change of policy against delivery of missed customers shows me you have a greater problem. Stopping delivery service to missed customers to save cost is a quick way to lose customers.

  203. We did not receive a Sunday paper this week-end.
    This is the third time in the last two months this has happened.
    My husband is getting very upset and wants to discontinue the service.

  204. I received an advertisement about ordering the St. Louis Post Dispatch on a 7 Day Delivery. I called to subscribe and was told I cannot pay for a 26 week period with a check for the amount of $84.99. ($78.00 + $6.99 one time account set up fee).
    I do not want to use a credit or debit card. I want to pay for 26 weeks with a check.
    Why is this not possible? Very sad and upset at the same time.

  205. We did not receive the August 17 edition of the paper today. Instead we received another copy of the August 15 (Tuesday) edition. You might want to talk to our carrier.

  206. We have subscribed to your paper for over 30 years. Several times this year we did not receive the paper – we called &, of course, got your recorded message saying they would credit our account & notify our carrier. Is our account truly credited? There is no indication of that when we receive our next bill.

    We always pay our bills & expect the service we are paying for. We are senior citizens who still enjoy reading the paper as opposed to reading the news online. If we were able to contact our carrier, we would do so.

  207. We got yesterday’s paper today again we need Wednesdays paper not Tues again. Please deliver today’s paper thanks

  208. I did not get my paper again today 9/14/2017 computer lies u will send one today. this is the 4th time this has happend.Why cant you fix this.

  209. My name is Ann Marshall I miss my Sunday paper Sept 17 and today Sept 24. I will not update my information until I get my paper. I been having problem with you all since I renew this subscription. You all are quick to take my money but not deliver my paper. So until I receive my paper nothing get updated. I will be contacting a supervisor.

  210. we did not receive a paper again this morning-9/30-I have left messages by phone but to no avail-you just say you will take it off me bill and notify the carrier-all I want is a daily paper-this has happened multiple times this past year-why can’t this be resolved and a paper delivered later that same day-

  211. Delivery service is horried. I get the weekend paper. at least two time a month
    I have to call in no paper. I don’t watch tv much. I like to read the paper
    in the moring. our carrier is not dependable. He comes with some excuse
    for not delivering our paper.

  212. My husband and I are in our 80s and my husband has a disability so that leaves me to get the paper in the morning
    we have a double driveway but when it rains or snows our delivery man throws the paper in the middle of the wet lawn Please can you talk to him

    Shirley Madden

  213. I am trying to find out the status of my subscription service. I am wondering if a patment I made never went through. My records indicate a payment most recently made was some time ago. Please call me or email me what the current balance due is and I am happy to make payment.

  214. Did not receive Sunday comics, Life Style or ads on Saturday morning. Only Saturday paper was delivered. Please include the above with the regular Sunday delivery. Left home early Saturday morning so did not know until I returned in afternoon that we did not get everything and your “live” customer service is dead by then. PLEASE deliver comics and Life Style today or tomorrow for sure!!!

  215. We did not receive our Saturday paper (11/11/17). My previous comment was made at 11:18 a.m.. Your clock is off by an hour.

  216. My name is Ann Marshall and for a couple months I been having problem getting my paper deliver. Last Sunday Nov 5, 2017 I didn’t received any of my ads so I call and the Rep said she would credit my account. Ok today Nov 12, 2017 I didn’t even get a paper. My neighbor is white and she told me she always get her paper on Sunday. But me I keep having problems. So do me a favor STOP DELIVERING ME PAPERS. I and so frustrated that I have to call about my paper and all you all do is lie to me.

  217. For the second time in 2 weeks my paper is not here. I am therefore deducting the price of the paper and the delivery charge from my bill. Please do better. I called and reported this both times to
    no avail..

  218. I have been with your paper since 1971. The paper is getting smaller and smaller but the price keeps going up and the delivery service sometimes sucks. Saturday I received the paper but only the ads, the Saturday newspaper was missing. I called and was told I would get another paper. Got the paper the next day but it was the same NO News only ads. I can see why your subscribers are leaving you in groves. Before we had no alternative for news but now the internet has cured that problem. I know the delivery problems are with your carriers, so I am staying with you but, I hope delivery improves.

  219. The Post got rid of their professional carriers years ago. The people delivering now have no interest in customer issues. They are hourly and make very low wages. The Post has turned once thriving business into a joke because of their liberal agenda outweighing customer demographics.

  220. I subscribed recently for weekend delivery. I found my paper for Dec 24 two weeks later after it had been left on the curb and was covered by snow. I did not receive my paper this past weekend 1/7/18. I would like to be credited for this paper and if there is a problem with delivery please let me know and I will cancel my subscription. I can be reached by phone or email. Please let me know if this can be resolved.

  221. I have been asking for over a year to have our paper thrown on our front porch. Our previous carrier always threw it on our front porch. Since the beginning of 2017 anytime I called for vacation hold or missing papers I would ask about the placement of our paper. In December 2017 we got a flyer from our carrier with his name & address (for a Christmas present, I’m sure) We did send a check and asked him to put our paper on the front porch. He did for about a week and now it seems like it is just dropped out of the car window in the rocks, not even on our driveway. Do we have a new carrier? Our porch runs the length of our house so it is a big target and he won’t even have to get out of his car just throw it. I am afraid of falling when I go out and get the paper since it is still dark. Please pass it on to our carrier to throw our paper on the porch. We are considering cancelling even though we have been a subscriber for about 40 years.

  222. Back to the same old story. I thought the Post was a morning paper. you must have a record of all my calls about the paper being late. It gets old, half the time i’m not here toread it. Today I called and it is now 10:55 and still no paper. Lets get with it, are maybe just stop our subscription.

  223. I don’t think your carrier thinks much of your paper. He can’t even hit a double wide driveway. He just drops the paper in the street.

  224. I noticed that you cashed my check for 66.44 for my subscription, and My Paper has been missing for two of the last eight days. This isjust a continuation of
    poor service for the last two months. I pay, you cash the checks and jmy
    delivery service continues to be erratic


  225. On Saturday we did not receive the supplements to Sunday’s paper. I tried to call customer’s service but it rather difficult to communicate with a computer. On Monday, I tried again but with the same results. The same day, I sent an email saying we would like to have the supplement but haven’t received an answer or the paper. Would someone see that that paper is delivered.

  226. I live at 324 Helfenstein in Webster Groves.

    Couid you deliver the paper to my door? Or could you throw the paper as far up my driveway?
    I’m 91 and having a walking problem.

  227. Second time in past week I did not get my paper. Why? Don’t understand
    Am sick and can not go to store to buy a paper. Need an answer…

  228. Pathetic customer service. Been waiting for an agent to answer for over 20 minutes. Worst customer service I have ever experienced.

  229. This is the fourth day without a paper.I also informed home delivery that our paper was being thrown in the gutter.You have said you would inform the manager of this discrepancy.I had this problem at a previous address.As I understand it,no one out our way is getting the paper.All I ever hear is I am being credited.When can I uae these credits?

  230. I have been a long term customer. I have not received my Saturday’s paper. I have not been able to get in to talk with someone at customer service, “due to the high call volume”. Please let me know if I need to cancel my subscription.

  231. I am trying to received our missed paper on Saturday, February 24, 2018 and the Sunday Supplement that normally comes with this papers. This is the second time this month that we did not received the papers. I called Customer Service and was told that it would be delivered that day – no – did not get it, Called and again promised for delivery, no – did not get it would would give me credit for it – I want this Saturday paper along with the Sunday Supplement. I use a number of the coupon in the supplement section – ie. Cleaners ( American ).and others. this has been going on for about the last three months. Then things go good for a couple of months, then it starts over – in the last part of January 12 missed 5 or 6 papers in a 15 day span. that is not way we have the paper delivered. Promised are made and not kept, phone numbers are left and no return call after they promised to have a supervisor call. A response would be appreciated.

  232. Paper chronically not being delivered. Waited 23 minutes to get a customer representative to answer. Said paper would be on mid-day delivery. Didn’t happen. Credit Acct. #10460943 for March 6 nondelivery.

  233. Disgusted! Today the Saturday paper was not delivered. I called at ~ 9:30 am to have one delivered. When delivered only part of the paper was delivered, the Sunday life style section only, no Saturday news paper. I called back at 10:15 and was told it could not be delivered because it was after 10 am but, I would get Saturday’s paper tomorrow. I protested that I had called first at 9:30 am and wanted my paper today. Why would I want todays news tomorrow? The person on the other end hung the phone up on me. Also, we did not receive a paper on Wednesday, March 7. We called early and was told we would get a paper, it never was delivered. We have been customers for years. I do not know we will continue to be customers. The service is horrible.

    • In addition to the above complaint made on 3/17
      No paper on 3/18,
      Saturday 3/24 on add section
      today, 3/25 no paper.
      This is the last complaint we are making. We are cancelling the subscription with the next missed paper. I called the to report missing papers this morning and was put on hold for over 20 minutes before I hung up the phone. The call was made before 11am.

  234. Good Morning, It’s Sunday March 18, 2018. Once again, we DID NOT get our Saturday paper, yesterday. We have complained many times in the past about bad service and now, it’s still happening!! We are paying for a service that we are not getting! Please bring a Saturday March 17, 2018 to our house/ today. Thank you.

  235. I did not receive my STL Post-Dispatch today, nor did I receive my TV guide for this week.When may I expect them?

  236. I have not received the Saturday paper for the third time in four weeks. Would like to know what the problem is. Is it the driver or the post dispatch having a problem.

  237. Very disappointed! Signed up for the paper on Wednesday at a coupon class. Paid for it and have received NOTHING! Resolution is to credit my account? No – I want my 2 weekend papers and coupons that I paid for already! Please call me ASAP and let me know how I can get my papers – not a credit.

  238. Pitiful delivery and pitiful customer service. Have had a problem for over a year with paper not being delivered and only get lip service. I am sitting here today with no ad section, even though we were told this morning that it would be delivered.

  239. Your customer service/ call center, (And I use the term facetiously), is the worst example of such service I have ever experienced. The only time they don’t have the excuse of “We are experiencing high call volume”, is when they’re closed for the day. A typical time spent “On hold” to speak to an agent is a minimum of 20 minutes. If this is the Post Dispatch’s idea of customer service, they need to take another look at their choice for a representative serving their customers. What a pathetic excuse for service.

  240. I recently renewed my subscription on a special that was to include M-F dailies and 2 Sunday papers with coupon inserts. I only recd 1 Sunday one last week so I missed out on the extra set of the sizable coupons. Today, Fri 3/30, I didn’t receive a paper. Please cancel my subscription as of today

  241. the article about jerry c williams false .. please retract it if you need information on why please contact me …..I am not happy about the way you mis represented a man that spent all our food money on drugs and booze when we were kids there is so much more that is incorrect here

  242. Just received a bill for the Post Dispatch. Now I don’t know what you people are trying to pull, but you can’t bill me TWICE for the same service. You automatically bill my charge account, AND NOW YOU’RE TRYING TO SEMD ME A BILL FOR the same paper. NO WAY.

  243. When we moved here we had the owner route delivery service, they delivered the paper no matter what the weather condition was and the paper was always in the upper part of the driveway, we also lived in an apartment for a few years on the 2nd floor the paper was at our door (this was not expected but appreciated ) now we are lucky to get a paper someplace on our property, it is anywhere from the gutter curb, someplace between a neighbor’s driveway and ours hidden by grass, or on rare times it may even be in our driveway somewhere. All we are promised is we will credit our account. I even asked to have the Branch Mgr to call me, still waiting for the call


  245. This is as silly as waiting 12-15 minutes each morning with same complaint !
    Go to work at eight in morning and still don’t have paper. arrives after nine sometimes close to ten, ten fifty one day last week.
    Always say and all subscription info says papers arrive by six thirty ! Why does this route have this problem arrive home from work with paper in driveway. Have read paper at work.

  246. We have had sporadic delivery issues for years. When I call to report missing papers, I am never told how much I will be credited for the missing papers. I have had 3 and 4 papers delivered on one day after I reported not receiving the paper for several days. The Post will not give a credit for delivery or tax charged for a day, and instead will add days on to the billing period. So, for example, if you pay a bill for 1/15/18 to 2/15/18, your next bill will cover 2/20/18 to 3/20/18, with no explanation of what happened to 2/16 thru 2/19. When I called customer service, the only thing Alex could tell me was that I would get credit for one paper. When I asked to speak to a manager, he told me to call the same number later that day and ask for Joe. When I asked for Joe’s last name and contact information, he told me he could not give me that. When I asked him why I would not get a refund for the delivery charge I had paid for, he could not tell me that. He never once offered to do some research and call me back.

    If I pay for a newspaper, delivery and taxes for the time specified on the P-D billing statement and I do not receive what I paid for, then I expect a full refund for that day. I do NOT want another day or two or three extension. That is like paying for a 12 month subscription to a magazine and then not knowing when you will get the 12 issues….maybe it will be over the next 12 months, maybe it will be 15.

  247. For years we’ve had home delivery daily. We’ve changed to only a weekend newspaper. Friday April 13th we received the ads, etc. for the previous week. We did not received a weekend newspaper. This has happened several times before and complaining doesn’t seem to get our paper to us. I called to report that we received the wrong week’s paper but then we didn’t received the ads nor the Sunday paper.

  248. Again!!! I have not received my Saturday portion of the weekend paper again…Can’t count how many times I have to wait days for the paper to appear and the ads not always enclosed….AND if it’s wet out, so is my paper.

  249. They should stop to hire a company throw the “Save Now” paper like garbages on Collinsville resident’s driveway!

  250. I have been with your paper 10 r more years no delivery yesterday cannot reach anyone called today I told the guy that I want yesterdays paper still ,he said I cant promiss you that.I guess I will have to cancel itf

  251. I subscribed to St Louis Post on March 21, 2018 as of this day I have not received a paper delivered. I canceled my subscription on April 8, 2018. I only received a partial refund. I paid 2 months where is my refund. I have called numerous times. I have emailed several times. Y’all are a rip off.


  253. I did not receive my very first sunday post paper today as promised. I even placed a call yesterday to be sure it was scheduled and would in fact be delivered today.

    I don’t understand how this can happen. The delivery charge made it on my credit card statement on time. Please deliver this paper asap even if its Monday.

  254. you called me last week . I was on hold for over 20 minutes today till I hung up. Call me if you want me to renew…………….otherwise we will just let it cancel so I will get a better price. 4/30/18

  255. I have been a subscriber at this address or over 25 years. I have not been receiving a bill for my subscription for sometime now so have estimated what I think I owe and have paid it. Could I please get a bill sent to my address
    I would like my delivery to resume and for bills to be sent to the above address.

  256. It is Sunday May 6, 2018 and we still DO NOT HAVE the Sunday paper. I called abut 8 am and as usual got recording. which do good at all. What is going on At this late time we feel should receive credit, last Sunday was the same thing NO PAPER at all that should be credited also! If you are having delivery problems get someone who really does the job! YOU CHARGE ENOUGH for such shoddy service!

  257. We did not receive a newspaper this morning, Sunday, May 13.
    When we did not receive either the Saturday, May 5 edition, nor the Sunday May 6 part that is usually delivered with the Saturday edition on Saturday, May 5, I called the service department and was assured both would be delivered “shortly.” Neither was ever received.
    I was not told whether the newspapers had been delivered or not, so I have no idea whether today’s was delivered, taken by someone else before we went out to get it, or whether a substitute deliverer didn’t drop one off.
    We pay for every edition in advance, and I would certainly like to be sure we will get EVERY edition we have paid for. We get the bills well in advance of when the issues are printed!
    Robert and Mary Jane Schutzius

    • I have just found out that in order to process a “vacation hold” it must be for at least fifteen days. Is this a new policy? I have placed vacation holds before and never had a problem. I had placed a vacation hold on June 9th thru the 20th. I received an e-mail confirming my hold. Papers were delivered to my home every day. Luckily a neighbor saw them and removed them from my driveway. I have been told that I am responsible for paying for those papers. Hope my neighbor enjoyed them!

  258. Agent could not resolve billing issue, and gave me the wrong number for Billing & Corrections dept. Number provided was for Prep Sports Desk.

    What is direct number for Billing?

  259. I have been paying for my paper for months and haven’t received a paper for months. I’d like a refund

  260. We did not receive a newspaper this morning 5/25/2018 or 5/24/2018.I called the service department and was assured boths time that the missing paper would be delivered by 10am. Get with it, or we will cancel our subscription.

  261. I have not received a newspaper again today, June 14th and out of the past month we are missing at least ten papers so I don’t know if this is a new carrier or what but I am very disappointed in the service. Yesterday I didn’t get our paper and I called I was told their was a problem and I should get it by 10, well 10 came and went with no paper, so I called again and was told they don’t deliver replacements after 9 leaving me no options. I feel like I am being forced to take the paper digitally and I don’t want that if that is what you are striving for you will just lose a customer.

  262. Sunday, June 10, 2018, I visited 6 locations in Hazelwood, Bridgeton, and St. Ann looking for a Sunday paper or even a weekend paper from the day before. None of the locations I visited (QT (2), Walgreens (2), independent gas station) had any papers. Each told me they did not receive their delivery that day or the day before.

  263. I pay line and my payments don’t applied and a onto or so after I pay a paper comes to me from HiCory NC. Since let year my payments were taken from my banking account. What is going on…I need this resolved!

  264. I called today to cancel my seven day subscription due to the carrier throwing my paper as close to the street as possible so most days it gets run over. Today I found it a block away, in the street, rain soaked. I would like to drop off that bag of pulp an see if anyone cares.

    When I said I was going to cancel the Customer service rep thanked me and hung up. Wow the paper business must be great.

    • Received paper after 9 in he morning today and driver through in middle of the street with no regard for customer

    • I have to agree with the others . I have not received my mondays edition for the last 4 weeks. I was told I would be credited. just got my bill and nope got screwed again. now its time to cancel , seems to me no one cares at stl post.

  265. This is not exactly a customer service complaint, but concerns about the price of the paper. I just received my bill for the upcoming billing cycle, and discovered that I now owe an additional $11! My question at this point is FOR WHAT! A paper that is mostly ads, as well as a total LIBERAL view towards everything political. You claim that you are non-political and are fair in covering stories, but that is a total lie. Unfortunately, for you, by the time I receive my paper2, your content is old news. As a senior citizen that lives on a very limited income, the amount of $80+ for a newspaper has become a luxury that I really can’t afford.

  266. Again, I have not received my paper. It is now 9:26 AM and the paper supposed to be here no later than 7 AM. This is about the third or fourth time that I have called concerning delivery issues. I was told every time a call that would be deducted from my bill. But that has never happened.

    This is supposed to be a morning paper. You don’t have a very happy customer at this point.

  267. Having trouble receiving my paper, delivery has become erratic.
    Called customer service three times, nothing has changed.
    Was told yesterday I would receive a call from the manager, NO CALL.


  269. From reading other comments, obviously delivery problems are nothing new to you and obviously, you don’t care, as long as you get your money. I cancelled my previous subscription on 5/7/18 due to delivery problems. When I’m paying for delivery of MY paper, I don’t appreciate it delivered to my neighbors, ALWAYS. Called customer service (?) 3 times about the deliveries, but nothing changed. I was then approached by a sales person on 6/9/18 to subscribe again, which I foolishly did, with a guarantee of correct delivery, and the same old problem begins….paper delivered to my neighbors, but not to my house. This weekend, I never received my Saturday or Sunday papers. Called and was told they would send another out, but never happened. It is truly sad how you treat your paying customers. How do we get this remedied?

  270. I signed up for the 7-day home delivery on 24 July ’18.
    I still have not received a paper even though I have called the Customer Service Office every day since then. ??

  271. My paper has not been delivered now for 2 days and I cannot get a rep to help me out-wait a long time and nothing. Please help this situation.

  272. Tried contacting customer service to report a missing paper. On hold 10 minutes, then connected. Eddie says this is customer service, are you contacting the post dispatch? I said yes, he repeated himself, I said yes again, and still a third time. He thanked me for calling and said he had to move on to the next customer. I suppose he couldn’t hear me or ????. I don’t have to deal with customer service a lot, but my time is valuable too. About ready to dump this paper.

  273. Your customer service needs a complete overhaul from firing the top non caring idiot to the foreign phone service who conveniently can’t understand what you are saying. You are losing long time customers and you don’t care. Until the next union contract comes up and cry you are not making money duh gues why

  274. We cancelled the weekend paper back in June. The carrier is still delivering every weekend. PLEASE tell the carrier to STOP!!

  275. Recently I fell and broke my leg and now have a ramp into the house. I think the message got to my carrier and each day the paper is on the front porch. This is a part of the great service we have received in the past. it means a lot and I hope the good news will be passed on to the carrier. Thanks so much……George Leible …Hillsboro, illinois

  276. We didn’t get the Saturday part of the week-end paper. We tried to reach customer service by phone but were not able to get through.

  277. I live in Bridgeton, 63044 and take the paper seven days. For the past two weeks The weekend ads, Target, Walgreens , CVS, coupons, plus the Parade have been missing from my paper. Because all of these have been missing, my shopping has not been successful.

  278. Frustration with the Ads. this morning they were there at 2:30 AM but again NO TARGET Ad…. fifth week in a row. when I call I am told it is Target’s problem. My sister lives five miles away and she gets the Target Ad. Also the Mobil a half a block away has the Target Ad in it.
    What is the problem, the DELIVERY PERSON. I quit the paper for 5 months last year because the paper was under cars now we can not get the whole ad section.
    I am sure there are other ads missing. we have not gotten an Office Depot in 5 weeks or Kohls.

  279. I stopped home delivery but kept digital she cancelled the account and opened a new account. a few days later I received a bill for over $50.00 WHY I was told I was 2 months behind in payments but could not be told when this was. I was also told 1 payment was because of an expired card I checked this this in May 2016 I checked my account and saw May was skipped, but June had two payment one being June 1 2016. Why was I not notified intil I cancelled the account. sounds like revenge Almost makes me feel like canceling the new account

  280. Most unsatisfactory experience. Did not receive paper today. Important to me because it has the adds for the grocery stores. Secondly, my Sunday paper has not included the Target add and the Home Depot or Lowes adds. The representative that I spoke to spoke poor English and the back ground noise was very annoying. I did not want a credit; I need my paper and I need for it to complete. Please try harder to meet basic standards.

  281. didn’t get the delivery this morning. Called and they said delivery would be late’ 11 o’clock. it didn’t arrive by 12. For years we received the paper on time every morning. The last month delivery has been late or not at all. Service is disappointing.

  282. 6/15/17- I received a bill, the bill indicated my term was June-June and the bill was for my yearly subscription. When I called on 6/26/17, I was told by Melissa my subscription did not expire until September 8th 2017. I called in September to cancel my subscription. At that time the gal I spoke with gave me a rate for 1 full year – Sept 2017-Sept 2018. Now lets fast forward to June 2018- I get another bill indicting my term is June-June. When I called the individual from your call center indicated my subscription did not expire until September & they were going to escalate. I have called 2 times regarding this and was told each time it would be escalated. Now in September I received a bill for $48.57. Called your customer service number again. Was told this bill was from June-Sept, but they could see my subscription didn’t expire until September. They were going to escalate and someone would call me back. Today, I called to see if this has been taken care of, guess what, IT HASN’T! Jake is who I spoke with said he was going to escalate, which at this point I do not believe. He would not give me any information, kept saying everything was confidential. He would have his supervisor call me back & would not give me his supervisor. And still no call from a supervisor. Great customer service STL POST!

  283. 6/15/17- I received a bill, the bill indicated my term was June-June and the bill was for my yearly subscription. When I called on 6/26/17, I was told by Melissa my subscription did not expire until September 8th 2017. I called in September to cancel my subscription. At that time the gal I spoke with gave me a rate for 1 full year – Sept 2017-Sept 2018. Now lets fast forward to June 2018- I get another bill indicting my term is June-June. When I called the individual from your call center indicated my subscription did not expire until September & they were going to escalate. I have called 2 times regarding this and was told each time it would be escalated. Now in September I received a bill for $48.57. Called your customer service number again. Was told this bill was from June-Sept, but they could see my subscription didn’t expire until September. They were going to escalate and someone would call me back. Today, I called to see if this has been taken care of, guess what, IT HASN’T! Jake is who I spoke with said he was going to escalate, which at this point I do not believe. He would not give me any information, kept saying everything was confidential. He would have his supervisor call me back & would not give me his supervisor. And still no return call from your customer service!

  284. 12:05 P M Saturday, 11/10/18……………….NO PAPER! Late delivery is a regular occurrence. Is the Post- Dispatch trying to end the home delivery?

  285. Delivery service inconsistent, sometimes late and sometimes not at all. Just paid my $82. How are my charges adjusted for poor service?

  286. There are over 200 recent complaints about not getting papers delivered on my Nextdoor site. Many subscribers in the Maryland Heights and Bridgeton area are not getting their papers. After repeated complaints, we are promised re-deliveries and credits. I know we have not received either. Every time we call, we are asked to verify our name, address, phone number, and email. So, I know you know how to contact us. We should not have to call you several times a week to report a problem. We have been told there is no regular delivery person for our area. Contact US to let us know when this will be resolved! We are old school and enjoy the paper version, as opposed to the online version. We have cancelled the e-z pay. Our next step is to cancel our subscription.

  287. It is unfortunate that I paid for delivery renewal 2 weeks ago. I have not received a paper for 4 days – nor has anyone on my street. Multiple times we are told we will receive a paper, But who wants to receive a paper after it is OLD news? Sorry I renewed.

  288. Did not receive my Post from before Thanksgiving to now, Tuesday 11/27/18. I drove to Dollar Tree to buy Sunday’s paper so I could see the ads for this week.. By the way, the Sunday paper only costs $1.00 there…much less expensive than the Post charges to deliver and many other places where the paper is sold
    When I returned home from Dollar Tree within an hour a vehicle drove by and delivered Sunday’s paper Now I have two.. I can’t seem to catch a break. I thought the problem was finally solved but no paper again on Monday morning. Let’s see what happens later this morning now.

  289. I have not received delivery of my newspaper starting with 11/23/18 thru today (11/27/18). I have emailed you, called, etc. still no newspaper. I thought you people were wanting customers to survive? I guess not. I have been a long standing customer since 1965 and I thought you needed customers to survive? HELP!!! Will I ever get a newspaper delivered again?? Tell me the truth!

  290. Took a chance and started delivery again. What a fool I must be. First two days no paper, customer service BE and no call from mnger as promised!!!!!!

  291. I have not receive a paper starting on November 20th,21,22,24,25,26,27,29,30.and now December1st. I have e-mail numerous times. I had the same problem last year talked to service department several times. What do I have to do????? I love reading the paper but if I don’t get one soon….Bye, bye Stl. post dispatch

  292. This is the 8th time I’ve tried to get the paper delivered. each time you have failed. I get the paper for a few days then I might not get one for 2 or 3 days, so far this week I’ve gotten 1 paper

  293. This is the 8th time I’ve tried to get the paper delivered. each time you have failed. I get the paper for a few days then I might not get one for 2 or 3 days, so far this week I’ve gotten 1 paper. Your delivery service sucks!!

  294. Sick and tired of the ongoing problems of getting the daily paper delivered.I should not have to call at least once a week to report that the paper has not been delivered. An automated message apologizes and that the carrier would be notified. Sometimes I would get the paper later in the day and sometimes not. If things do not improve I will not renew the subscription. I am not the only one in my area with the complaints.Maybe Mr. Messinger should take care of his own house before finding fault with everything else.

  295. My carrier is rarely late and a missed paper is even more rare. But I really wish she could get the paper to the yard or driveway and not in the street.

    It rained last night and was still raining when I got up, The paper ALMOST made it to the driveway. Instead it was in a low spot in the street and completely soaked. And unreadable.

    My wife and I enjoy my morning paper, otherwise we wouldn’t spend eighty-something dollars a month for delivery. Can’t she at lease keep the paper out of the street?

  296. This is not the first time. Dec 22 SaT.OR sUNDAY THE 23 dID NOT GET MY WEEKEND ADDs I called SATURDAY GOT A hUMAN @9:02 am Told the person Did not get my adds. Sunday the sunday part of paper was laying at the street. I live in a condo second door from a one-way rd. The No Good female drobe up to side walk and Dropped Sunday part of paper I called Sunday 2 times paper showed up at11:11 am still the wrong paper I WANT THE WEEKEND ADDs. Also I”v had to go into the neighbors plants & rose bushes to get my paper.I don’t think she need this job. I even sent her a Money Christmas Gift I am 76 years old & on oxygen. Her name is COURTNEY ADAMS. I am thinking about sending her a POST CARD telling her what I think of her. It will be on post card so anyone can see what shes like. Thank you

  297. I have not received the Friday portion of my weekend paper 3 times in the last year, the most recent being last Friday December 21st. I have called about the last 2 and nothing was done. I have prepaid my subscription to the Post Dispatch so now need a refund from the Post Dispatch. Please contact me and I will provide my address for my refund.

  298. We have been calling the Post Dispatch for 2 weeks everyday because they are delivering our paper to the wrong address; just across the street. The people pick up the paper and throw it away and we try to get the delivery guy to throw the paper across the street but cannot get it done. All they have to do is throw it on the driveway across the street and it must be too complicated for them to accomplished this task. have spent hours trying to get this done.

  299. Please cancel our delivery effective today. It’s now 8:50 and we still do not have a delivery. I’ve contacted the post before about inconsistencies in delivery. We cannot depend on your service. Sorry to say that we have subscribed for 35 plus years. Cancel now.

  300. I live at 5 Stone Falcon Ct Lake St. Louis MO On Sat the delivery person left a note in my paper saying he ran out of tv guides and that he would put one in on Sunday paper. Today there was not tv guide. I really need it as I program tv for a handicapped person. Also my rates just went up. Please get me this asap.

  301. I also have been having problems with delivery here on the eastside 10 days 11/30,12/1,12/2,12/3,12/4,12/5,12/6,12/7,12/8,12/9. Called everyday reported it.
    I was auto transferred to customer service and talked to someone (now I Note the Names) about credited for days that I did not received the paper. Then was told that I only had 7 days. I let them know nicely the dates and then was credited the 10 days. Now yesterday no paper so called and talked to Jeff and was told my account was in vacation mode (1 day credit) witch I never initiated got that chained back. Ask nicely him about may credited days and was told that I had 7DAYS credit but he would change it to 10 plus 1.
    Now today SUNDAY no paper so called Elizbeth to report no paper and to get credit. Asked her about my credited account. Guess What I had 8 days credited. I explained to her my previous calls that I should receive now 12 DAYS CREDIT. She said I would I be credited. I WILL CALL TOMMOROW to confirm my credit . Who should I contact if this is not resolved??????

  302. When i look up delivery for st louis post dispatch on line
    the quotes for 7 day delivery for 26 weeks is $103.66 Yet I am paying
    $ 133.25 for 3 months ( 4 x last year we paid that amount )

    I guess us long time customers ( 38 yrs )pay more for less
    I will cancel (which is what (it looks like ) from the above comments too
    and maybe we will reup with a lower price

  303. Today was the 4th time I was missing a paper. Contacted customer service again and they were to have a paper sent out, but I never received a paper today. We have a bit of a walk to get our paper as he has Parkinson’s and I have RA. Four trips to the street to see if our paper has arrived is a bit much for either one of us and to not receive it at all is just a blatant disregard for our business. Last month I had written Mr Hirsh and asked him to quite delivering soaking wet papaers. Couldn’t he double bag them on days of rain and could he possibly use colored wrap when there was snow and it’s hard to find the paper in the snow. Even the last snow, we thought we couldn’t find our paper, but come to find out, he didn’t even throw them that day. We got the paper the next day with regular delivery. I am very tired of this and thebservice we are receiving. Please take action on this delivery person. I even sent him a small gift for Christmas. It was small because of all the wet papers he had left us. 2435 Eisenbath Road O’fallon, MO 63366

  304. My husband is only off on Wednesday and sundays and our paper is never delivered until late. I believe delivery should be by 7 at the latest. It’s going on 8:30 and still no paper.

  305. This is the worst customer service and the worst run business I have ever seen or heard of. When I complain about not receiving my delivery they openly lie to me and tell me another delivery is on the way to my house.

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