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Contacting Red Robin Customer Service Center

Red Robin is a franchised casual dining restaurant founded in Washington, but currently based out of Colorado. The company started small in the late 1960’s and subsequently grew into one of the larger chains in the United States. There are currently more than 400 locations across the states. The company, similar to other restaurants, takes pride in quality and service. In the event customer need assistance or want to voice a concern, they can connect with the customer service department or the corporate offices by mail, phone, email or through social media.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-877-733-6543
  • Corporate Headquarters: 303-846-6000

Mailing Address

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc.6312 S. Fiddlers Green Circle Suite 200N Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Official Website

Customer visiting the official Red Robin website can take a closer look at the menu, find the nearest location, learn about the Red Royalty loyalty program or purchase gift cards. The website also features a kids section featuring online games and activities.

Social Media

Customers can reach out to the customer support team on social media. We noticed several comments answered and addressed by customer care agents. We can only assume the responses are provided during regular business hours. Below are the available social media platforms available to connect with Red Robin.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email or customer contact form is divided into two different sections, general comments and dining experience. We sent a message using the general comments contact form. We sent a message asking if food preparation was performed in a peanut-free environment. There was no indication listed on the website. We received a tracking number, but the automated message did not explain when a customer care agent would return our message.

Our Experience

There were three available options when connecting with the customer service department. Customers can seek out the department relating to the customer rewards program, the department which deals with dining experiences and the general customer service department. We connected with the general customer service department. After waiting approximately 2 minutes, our call connected with a live agent. The agent was professional and helpful. By the end of the call, our concerns were addressed and resolved. We like Red Robin. The company placed the needs of the customer first. Was you call similar to our call? We would love to hear your customer service experience. Share your story in the comment section below.

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32 Comments on “Contact Red Robin Customer Service
  1. I was helping a friend register his royalty card online, but the email he has is already registered to a different card. Is there any way to delete the account for the other card that he doesn’t have? The email is

  2. Hi. I’m Todd king. I’m part of the royalty. Club. Came into. One of restraurnts. It was my birthday. Suppose to gotten a free. Sandwich. Lady entered. My info. In computer. But. When I got the bag. Of food the free sandwich. Wasn’t in there

  3. I had to complain about the Red Robin commercials. The Agency who is responsible for this commercial should be fired. “Burger Daddy” ??? And the other one is worse. The actress is very strange. You can be sure I will never walk into a Red Robin Restaurant, even if the food was free. They are twisted t.v . Spots and does not entice the viewer to want to eat at their restaurants. Maybe there is a cult message there that I missed. Please explain. The voice of the older woman doing the commercial sounds like someone running their fingers down a chalkboard. As soon as the commercial appears. I use the clicker to change the station. I did go to other sites, and many people feel this way. Maybe it was designed to piss people offer and have people respond negatively–this does not sell hamburgs. Lost my business.

  4. Horrible service at restaurant near edwards IMAX in Houston Texas. Slow lunch and stl could not get service.

  5. What is with your commercial?!? Do you honestly believe that you have to be a ‘teenager going through a phase’ to be vegetarian or vegan?!? There are penty of places offering vegetarian fare, that don’t make fun of meatless customers, that we can frequent.

  6. We visited the Sherwood RR and were seated by the windows in booth and the window seals plus windows and along the floor was so dirty. It almost made me sick. As I looked around the store is not clean at all. With all the commotion and busyness of a red robin you don’t notice. But I really hope this goes to someone who will check their cleanliness at this store. It’s a very busy popular one that I would hate to think is dirty!

  7. My wife and I had eaten ate the Red Robin in Deptford, N.J. and will never eat there again. We were seated close to the area where the food was coming from and could hear the General Manager rudely yelling at several employees through out our visit. He seemed to have no respect for his employees at all. It wasn’t just how he was saying things but also WHAT he was saying. We had written down a number on the building and got his name as well, Justin Bach , but we didn’t call. Thought it was best just to never visit there again. Was the worse experience we’ve ever had at a restaurant.

  8. I would like to invite you to open in lubbock Tx! I feel that you are missing out on a growing oppritunity here! We have a population of more than 233000 in 2011 and you have a resteraunt in Amarillo Tx and they ar 40000 smaller! Lubbock is home to Texas tech university, lubbock Christian university and also two colleges. We have two major medical hospitals! We are growing and by now it’s probably over 250000 in populatin! It would be a great mistake not to have you here to grow with us! The wife and I always stop in Fort Worth to eat there each time we go there! With all of the new resteraunts that have come into lubbock in the past 6 mths to a year I’m amazed that redrobin has not been one of them! To put it simply your missing the boat by not being here!!

    Thank you
    Wade Wiley

  9. I visited Red Robin store in Plainfield, in on today’s date for my birthday lunch. Although I’m in the birthday club, that does not excuse the waitress Brittany from being somewhat rude. First she tried to tell me I didn’t want a strawberry limeade as no one as ever ordered it. I advised her that I happen to like the drink and wouldn’t like the raspberry which is why I asked if it could be substituted. My food comes, I had to ask for silverware and extra napkins. As I biting into my burger, she hurriedly brings my check without asking if I needed anything else. She waited to the very end to asked if I needed another drink, my glass was watered down by now and I still had food on my plate and needed a refill. Not that she was more attentive to other consumers, but at least they didn’t have to ask for silverware or refills. Needless to say I won’t be coming to this location again and will be telling coworkers and friend not to come either.

  10. My mom and I went to the red robin in Fredericksburg va, September 24, 2013 at 5: 40 pm and we got a very poor service. The waiter was very cordial and everything was fine until we ordered our food. The food arrived 45 minutes later cold with just two of us ordering and an almost empty restaurant. We left there at 6:45. The waiter was very nice always checking up on us and making sure we were comfortable. Unfortunately the food there was awful it was and hard and my mother only ate a quarter of her burger while I had to eat mine because I had only eaten breakfast. This was my favorite place to eat and we used to go here at least once a week and now we are not looking to return there again.

  11. Sunday November 3, 2013 Table 53/1 6:30pm
    Before My wife and I (just the two of us)entered the Fort Wayne Indiana Red Robin, we noticed that there was a line. I thought we could go to the bar area because there were open tables and other patrons in that area. My wife asked the male that was taking names if we could sit in the bar area and he said no. He said it wasn’t open for seating but there were two couples already in the area seated and eating. So we waited. Another couple walked in and he told them the same story and they waited. Another couple came in and they got the same. After about 10 to 15 min, the first couple went into the bar area, sat down and a waiter started taking care of them. A couple of minutes went by and a management person came up to the guy and started giving him the what-for for not seating people in the bar. My wife then talked to him and he had put the wrong name down for our party. We were told 15 minutes and after 1/2 hour, we were finally seated at a regular table. As we were sitting there, we watched as 1 after 1, the tables in the bar were filling up.I will say that the rest of the staff was wonderful and our waitress did a fabulous job. The food was and has always been great. My only problem was the guy at the front desk and his making us wait for no particular reason. We almost left. We’ve never had this problem any other time that we have eaten there (he has never taken our name before and if we see him there again, we’ll leave). Thank you.

  12. Hi,

    I usually don’t go to Red Robin during the week for lunch while I’m at work. Today I decided I would try it…I ordered the Prime Rib dip and an ice tea. My husband usually would order this and has made comments that it’s not very big, it’s been shrunk down…so it doesn’t really satisfy him.. I thought well that’s warm and not big, so I’ll have it for lunch. I didn’t look at the prices, but was quite surprised to find that I spent $18.05 for that with tax, then added 2.00 for tip. My lunch was $20.00…I don’t think I’ll ever go there for lunch again. Sorry you’re so expensive… the sandwich wasn’t even regular sized…


  13. What the heck, red robin?! I really have enjoyed coming to your restaurant since I was younger but I recently ate there and I am not a fan of the “new look.” It looks like the fun family-friendly red robin turned into a “wanna be club scene.” It doesn’t look sophisticated. It looks ridiculous. The hostess was confused why we didn’t want to sit at the bar and listen to loud football even though we were 21. She tried to sit us there twice. Then it took forever for our server to take our order. Probably not going back…

  14. I really miss the old way burgers were served partially wrapped and in a basket with the fries. The paper wrap made the burgers, especially the fish burger, much easier to handle and eat. Also much preferred the fries in the basket as that new fry cup without the bottom is a ridiculous concept. People try to lift the cup and the fries fall out – not user friendly. Please go back to the old way of serving burgers and fries. The new way makes your restaurant less appealing to the customer and I’m less apt to return – my friends and family agree.

  15. I get an email every year for my free Birthday burger. This year I didnt get one so I went November 30…and talked to them hoping to get my birthday burger and they have converted to some rewards program in which i can go any day of the month of my birthday…however 24 hours after i register i will now get my free birthday burger…oh wait sorry too late this year. I have to wait until next year. So I had topay for my birthday burger this year. Thanks Red Robin…????? Because they are not associated with the people who send those out….they cant do anything about it! Wont be spendibg another birthday there…their loss !!

  16. Went to Red Robin yesterday on 12/5. Ordered 3 meals and ask the waitress to add the credit to my Red Royalty account. The waitress failed to do so and the service was slow. I regret leaving her any tip. Bad service.

  17. Red Robin in Rochester NY is getting worse and worse every time we go there! the management is AWFUL along with the waitresses hostess and cooks! I don’t recommend THIS red robin to anyone!

  18. What seems to be the problem with your Royalty cards? Twice now my family has gone out for dinner and told that when they scanned my Royalty card it was invalid…”so we are giving you a new card.” What about the burgers I brought before this one? None of the other cards in my wallet seem to have this problem. I’m sorry but the staff should handle this problem a different way.

  19. I have always enjoyed your food. Great job! But as an added bonus the waiter told me “Merry Christmas” when we got ready to leave. Thanks for keeping Christ in Christmas.

  20. One of the worst web interfaces ever. Trying to contact customer service and the online form keeps clearing itself when you get to “location of restaurant”. uggg I guess they don’t get many “contact us” emails to deal with. Other parts of their site and their Android app are horrid.

  21. My husband and I ate at Red Robin, Mall 205 in Portland, OR. The service was fine, however, he had the egg and bacon burger. He mentioned the bacon was uncooked, but that was it. Later that night he had what I would consider food poisoning, and was vomiting with diarrhea for five hours. He called the general manager of this location and informed him of what happened. He was not asking for a free meal (who wants a free meal from the restaurant they just got sick off of??), just wanted to make him aware of what had happened. The general manager proceeded to tell him that it was impossible that he got sick off of their food in such a short amount of time. My husband also told him that he was a store manager of a store next to his red robin and told him that he would want to be aware of something like this if it was him. Later that day, 2 employees from that red robin went to my husband’s store, opened the door, and yelled “red robin… yummm” and then ran. I am disgusted by these immature acts and will never recommend this place to anyone. I tried to get ahold of customer service because I feel that these children should be held accountable for their unprofessional actions, but of course there is some “glitch” and I can not find any other way to contact some one higher then the general manager. Such is life. Unfortunately, I did enjoy the food, but I will not tolerate this kind of service.

  22. I went to red robin ordered a buffalo chicken wrap, told the waiter specifically I did not want anything in it besides grilled buffalo chicken. I received my meal with carrots and celery in it and I asked him what it was…his response, “Oh that’s carrots, its good don’t worry it wont kill you.” Then walked away. that was so unprofessional. I was a waitress and if that ever happened I would apologize immediately and take it back to get a new one. Then I was taking the vegetables out of the second wrap and I found a piece of hair in it, I did not say anything because I was beyond frustrated and was just hoping it was my own.. Then once my boyfriend and I were done eating and drinking, there was something stuck to the bottom of his beer glass. This was the worst experience I have ever had.

  23. First time to a red robins . Walked in dirty napkins all over the floor and hostess stand was a complete mess I hve a pic but no where to submit on here. Upon being sat I must have walked by 15 dirty tables! We were sat in the back corner next to a child’s dirty buster chair on a ledge over our table. The glasses felt gritty and tasted like dish soap. Food was mediocre at best. GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION GUYS, needless to say I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon.

  24. I have to say that we will not be visiting your establishment again. It was the worst dining experience we have had. We were at a Salt Lake City location, and while the food was not bad, the service was less than desirable. We saw our waiter a total of 3 times the whole time we were there. He took our order, delivered the food, and within 10 minutes, delivered our check stating there was no hurry. He never asked if we needed refills on our drinks or if the food was ok. The icing on the cake was the fact that we were in the back corner and were able to see all the employees sitting around and talking in a section one over from where we were. As we were leaving, I asked for a manager. When I explained the situation to him and expressed how unhappy we were, he simply replied “I’ll check into it”. He also came across as a very arrogant jerk.

    This was the first time I have visited your restaurant, and will most definitely be the last.

  25. Today, January 1, 2014, my wife, daughter and son-in-law, along with 3 grandsons entered your Hulen Mall restaurant for lunch around 1:20 pm. We asked for a table since a booth can be very difficult with children. After a ten minute wait, the hostess escorted my party to the back corner booth, while passing several empty tables. When we got to the booth I reminded her that we would prefer a table. She seated us at the tables and left. After another 10 minutes, I got up and asked for some menus. After 5 more minutes we decided to leave. Poor service! We will not be returning to this location.
    I tried to leave a comment on the Red a Robin website and the comment page kept freezing.

  26. Hello my name is Brooke Rolfe, I filled out an online application with your company, and I was curious to see if you had received the information yet.

  27. I have a red royalty card, I registered and they the restaurant does not acknowledge this card I have only one card and there is no way I seem to be getting anywhere, I was told today jan. 22 to combine the two cards with the one I am using and I can’t seem to contact red robin to correct this issue I am having, what is the sense of having a card if it doesn’t acknowledge the card I am using RedRobbin contact me so this can get straightened out, pat

  28. To whom it may concern,
    I was reminded today why I had not been in a red robin restaurant in about three years, ( I just could’nt remember). I was reminded today though, after going to your restaurant today in north scottsdale to eat lunch. The food was brought out to me by the bartender and was asked at time if I needed anything more, I ask for hot sause which he brought out. After that I finally was able to get his attention after 15 minutes of waiting he came over, and I asked for my bill about 11 dollars. He asked me if there was anything wrong with the food since I had not eaten any of it. I answered no, just bring me the bill and I paid it. The reason I was not able to eat my food was, i was never brought a napkin or silverware to eat with, by that time my food was cold. (deja vu) thats exactly what happened about three years ago. Your service was very poor if not nonexistent, there was only one other patron in the bar area.there is an old saying that goes like this”fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” I will make sure I tell all my friends.

  29. I was watching cmt and a red robin commercial came on and the woman on there was cursing I really don’t appreciate that at all. If this is a family based restaurant there shouldn’t be cursing on a commercial. I will NEVER go back to any red robin restaurant because of that commercial. That was just uncalled for really.

  30. i had the worse customer service yesterday, the restaurant was not busy. my waitress was also the bartender and it was the took her 8 mins to greet us, the table was dirty, the manager had to bring my order, after waiting a long period of time for my order,it was wrong.customers came after me was served and eating before i received my/our order. the waitress/bartender was more interested in a employee that came in with her newborn baby than into serving me/us.she didn’t ask me for a bottomless refill or fries.

  31. Your ad on tv with the girl who is saying “who’s your daddy” needs to be replaced. You cannot make out a word she is saying except “who’s your daddy”.

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