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Contacting Red Robin Customer Service Center

Red Robin is a franchised casual dining restaurant founded in Washington, but currently based out of Colorado. The company started small in the late 1960’s and subsequently grew into one of the larger chains in the United States. There are currently more than 400 locations across the states. The company, similar to other restaurants, takes pride in quality and service. In the event customer need assistance or want to voice a concern, they can connect with the customer service department or the corporate offices by mail, phone, email or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-877-733-6543
  • Corporate Headquarters: 303-846-6000

Mailing Address

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc.6312 S. Fiddlers Green Circle Suite 200N Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Official Website

Customer visiting the official Red Robin website can take a closer look at the menu, find the nearest location, learn about the Red Royalty loyalty program or purchase gift cards. The website also features a kids section featuring online games and activities.

Social Media

Customers can reach out to the customer support team on social media. We noticed several comments answered and addressed by customer care agents. We can only assume the responses are provided during regular business hours. Below are the available social media platforms available to connect with Red Robin.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email or customer contact form is divided into two different sections, general comments and dining experience. We sent a message using the general comments contact form. We sent a message asking if food preparation was performed in a peanut-free environment. There was no indication listed on the website. We received a tracking number, but the automated message did not explain when a customer care agent would return our message.

Our Experience

There were three available options when connecting with the customer service department. Customers can seek out the department relating to the customer rewards program, the department which deals with dining experiences and the general customer service department. We connected with the general customer service department. After waiting approximately 2 minutes, our call connected with a live agent. The agent was professional and helpful. By the end of the call, our concerns were addressed and resolved. We like Red Robin. The company placed the needs of the customer first. Was you call similar to our call? We would love to hear your customer service experience. Share your story in the comment section below.

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  1. I was helping a friend register his royalty card online, but the email he has is already registered to a different card. Is there any way to delete the account for the other card that he doesn’t have? The email is

  2. Hi. I’m Todd king. I’m part of the royalty. Club. Came into. One of restraurnts. It was my birthday. Suppose to gotten a free. Sandwich. Lady entered. My info. In computer. But. When I got the bag. Of food the free sandwich. Wasn’t in there

  3. I had to complain about the Red Robin commercials. The Agency who is responsible for this commercial should be fired. “Burger Daddy” ??? And the other one is worse. The actress is very strange. You can be sure I will never walk into a Red Robin Restaurant, even if the food was free. They are twisted t.v . Spots and does not entice the viewer to want to eat at their restaurants. Maybe there is a cult message there that I missed. Please explain. The voice of the older woman doing the commercial sounds like someone running their fingers down a chalkboard. As soon as the commercial appears. I use the clicker to change the station. I did go to other sites, and many people feel this way. Maybe it was designed to piss people offer and have people respond negatively–this does not sell hamburgs. Lost my business.

    • I agree 100% with Margie on the Red robin commercials. I have not or will I go to any RED ROBIN burger chains….

      I had to complain about the Red Robin commercials. The Agency who is responsible for this commercial should be fired. “Burger Daddy” ??? And the other one is worse. The actress is very strange. You can be sure I will never walk into a Red Robin Restaurant, even if the food was free. They are twisted t.v . Spots and does not entice the viewer to want to eat at their restaurants. Maybe there is a cult message there that I missed. Please explain. The voice of the older woman doing the commercial sounds like someone running their fingers down a chalkboard. As soon as the commercial appears. I use the clicker to change the station. I did go to other sites, and many people feel this way. Maybe it was designed to piss people offer and have people respond negatively–this does not sell hamburgs. Lost my business.

  4. Horrible service at restaurant near edwards IMAX in Houston Texas. Slow lunch and stl could not get service.

  5. What is with your commercial?!? Do you honestly believe that you have to be a ‘teenager going through a phase’ to be vegetarian or vegan?!? There are penty of places offering vegetarian fare, that don’t make fun of meatless customers, that we can frequent.

    • I completely agree. Vegans and vegetarians have health, ethical, environmental and/or religious reasons for their choice. We’ll be going out with our meat-eating friends to restaurants who understand this and respect alp of their customers.

      And that includes offering a vegan burger that does not look and taste mushy

  6. We visited the Sherwood RR and were seated by the windows in booth and the window seals plus windows and along the floor was so dirty. It almost made me sick. As I looked around the store is not clean at all. With all the commotion and busyness of a red robin you don’t notice. But I really hope this goes to someone who will check their cleanliness at this store. It’s a very busy popular one that I would hate to think is dirty!

  7. My wife and I had eaten ate the Red Robin in Deptford, N.J. and will never eat there again. We were seated close to the area where the food was coming from and could hear the General Manager rudely yelling at several employees through out our visit. He seemed to have no respect for his employees at all. It wasn’t just how he was saying things but also WHAT he was saying. We had written down a number on the building and got his name as well, Justin Bach , but we didn’t call. Thought it was best just to never visit there again. Was the worse experience we’ve ever had at a restaurant.

  8. I would like to invite you to open in lubbock Tx! I feel that you are missing out on a growing oppritunity here! We have a population of more than 233000 in 2011 and you have a resteraunt in Amarillo Tx and they ar 40000 smaller! Lubbock is home to Texas tech university, lubbock Christian university and also two colleges. We have two major medical hospitals! We are growing and by now it’s probably over 250000 in populatin! It would be a great mistake not to have you here to grow with us! The wife and I always stop in Fort Worth to eat there each time we go there! With all of the new resteraunts that have come into lubbock in the past 6 mths to a year I’m amazed that redrobin has not been one of them! To put it simply your missing the boat by not being here!!

    Thank you
    Wade Wiley

  9. I visited Red Robin store in Plainfield, in on today’s date for my birthday lunch. Although I’m in the birthday club, that does not excuse the waitress Brittany from being somewhat rude. First she tried to tell me I didn’t want a strawberry limeade as no one as ever ordered it. I advised her that I happen to like the drink and wouldn’t like the raspberry which is why I asked if it could be substituted. My food comes, I had to ask for silverware and extra napkins. As I biting into my burger, she hurriedly brings my check without asking if I needed anything else. She waited to the very end to asked if I needed another drink, my glass was watered down by now and I still had food on my plate and needed a refill. Not that she was more attentive to other consumers, but at least they didn’t have to ask for silverware or refills. Needless to say I won’t be coming to this location again and will be telling coworkers and friend not to come either.

  10. My mom and I went to the red robin in Fredericksburg va, September 24, 2013 at 5: 40 pm and we got a very poor service. The waiter was very cordial and everything was fine until we ordered our food. The food arrived 45 minutes later cold with just two of us ordering and an almost empty restaurant. We left there at 6:45. The waiter was very nice always checking up on us and making sure we were comfortable. Unfortunately the food there was awful it was and hard and my mother only ate a quarter of her burger while I had to eat mine because I had only eaten breakfast. This was my favorite place to eat and we used to go here at least once a week and now we are not looking to return there again.

  11. Sunday November 3, 2013 Table 53/1 6:30pm
    Before My wife and I (just the two of us)entered the Fort Wayne Indiana Red Robin, we noticed that there was a line. I thought we could go to the bar area because there were open tables and other patrons in that area. My wife asked the male that was taking names if we could sit in the bar area and he said no. He said it wasn’t open for seating but there were two couples already in the area seated and eating. So we waited. Another couple walked in and he told them the same story and they waited. Another couple came in and they got the same. After about 10 to 15 min, the first couple went into the bar area, sat down and a waiter started taking care of them. A couple of minutes went by and a management person came up to the guy and started giving him the what-for for not seating people in the bar. My wife then talked to him and he had put the wrong name down for our party. We were told 15 minutes and after 1/2 hour, we were finally seated at a regular table. As we were sitting there, we watched as 1 after 1, the tables in the bar were filling up.I will say that the rest of the staff was wonderful and our waitress did a fabulous job. The food was and has always been great. My only problem was the guy at the front desk and his making us wait for no particular reason. We almost left. We’ve never had this problem any other time that we have eaten there (he has never taken our name before and if we see him there again, we’ll leave). Thank you.

  12. Hi,

    I usually don’t go to Red Robin during the week for lunch while I’m at work. Today I decided I would try it…I ordered the Prime Rib dip and an ice tea. My husband usually would order this and has made comments that it’s not very big, it’s been shrunk down…so it doesn’t really satisfy him.. I thought well that’s warm and not big, so I’ll have it for lunch. I didn’t look at the prices, but was quite surprised to find that I spent $18.05 for that with tax, then added 2.00 for tip. My lunch was $20.00…I don’t think I’ll ever go there for lunch again. Sorry you’re so expensive… the sandwich wasn’t even regular sized…


  13. What the heck, red robin?! I really have enjoyed coming to your restaurant since I was younger but I recently ate there and I am not a fan of the “new look.” It looks like the fun family-friendly red robin turned into a “wanna be club scene.” It doesn’t look sophisticated. It looks ridiculous. The hostess was confused why we didn’t want to sit at the bar and listen to loud football even though we were 21. She tried to sit us there twice. Then it took forever for our server to take our order. Probably not going back…

  14. I really miss the old way burgers were served partially wrapped and in a basket with the fries. The paper wrap made the burgers, especially the fish burger, much easier to handle and eat. Also much preferred the fries in the basket as that new fry cup without the bottom is a ridiculous concept. People try to lift the cup and the fries fall out – not user friendly. Please go back to the old way of serving burgers and fries. The new way makes your restaurant less appealing to the customer and I’m less apt to return – my friends and family agree.

  15. I get an email every year for my free Birthday burger. This year I didnt get one so I went November 30…and talked to them hoping to get my birthday burger and they have converted to some rewards program in which i can go any day of the month of my birthday…however 24 hours after i register i will now get my free birthday burger…oh wait sorry too late this year. I have to wait until next year. So I had topay for my birthday burger this year. Thanks Red Robin…????? Because they are not associated with the people who send those out….they cant do anything about it! Wont be spendibg another birthday there…their loss !!

  16. Went to Red Robin yesterday on 12/5. Ordered 3 meals and ask the waitress to add the credit to my Red Royalty account. The waitress failed to do so and the service was slow. I regret leaving her any tip. Bad service.

  17. Red Robin in Rochester NY is getting worse and worse every time we go there! the management is AWFUL along with the waitresses hostess and cooks! I don’t recommend THIS red robin to anyone!

  18. What seems to be the problem with your Royalty cards? Twice now my family has gone out for dinner and told that when they scanned my Royalty card it was invalid…”so we are giving you a new card.” What about the burgers I brought before this one? None of the other cards in my wallet seem to have this problem. I’m sorry but the staff should handle this problem a different way.

  19. I have always enjoyed your food. Great job! But as an added bonus the waiter told me “Merry Christmas” when we got ready to leave. Thanks for keeping Christ in Christmas.

  20. One of the worst web interfaces ever. Trying to contact customer service and the online form keeps clearing itself when you get to “location of restaurant”. uggg I guess they don’t get many “contact us” emails to deal with. Other parts of their site and their Android app are horrid.

  21. My husband and I ate at Red Robin, Mall 205 in Portland, OR. The service was fine, however, he had the egg and bacon burger. He mentioned the bacon was uncooked, but that was it. Later that night he had what I would consider food poisoning, and was vomiting with diarrhea for five hours. He called the general manager of this location and informed him of what happened. He was not asking for a free meal (who wants a free meal from the restaurant they just got sick off of??), just wanted to make him aware of what had happened. The general manager proceeded to tell him that it was impossible that he got sick off of their food in such a short amount of time. My husband also told him that he was a store manager of a store next to his red robin and told him that he would want to be aware of something like this if it was him. Later that day, 2 employees from that red robin went to my husband’s store, opened the door, and yelled “red robin… yummm” and then ran. I am disgusted by these immature acts and will never recommend this place to anyone. I tried to get ahold of customer service because I feel that these children should be held accountable for their unprofessional actions, but of course there is some “glitch” and I can not find any other way to contact some one higher then the general manager. Such is life. Unfortunately, I did enjoy the food, but I will not tolerate this kind of service.

  22. I went to red robin ordered a buffalo chicken wrap, told the waiter specifically I did not want anything in it besides grilled buffalo chicken. I received my meal with carrots and celery in it and I asked him what it was…his response, “Oh that’s carrots, its good don’t worry it wont kill you.” Then walked away. that was so unprofessional. I was a waitress and if that ever happened I would apologize immediately and take it back to get a new one. Then I was taking the vegetables out of the second wrap and I found a piece of hair in it, I did not say anything because I was beyond frustrated and was just hoping it was my own.. Then once my boyfriend and I were done eating and drinking, there was something stuck to the bottom of his beer glass. This was the worst experience I have ever had.

  23. First time to a red robins . Walked in dirty napkins all over the floor and hostess stand was a complete mess I hve a pic but no where to submit on here. Upon being sat I must have walked by 15 dirty tables! We were sat in the back corner next to a child’s dirty buster chair on a ledge over our table. The glasses felt gritty and tasted like dish soap. Food was mediocre at best. GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION GUYS, needless to say I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon.

  24. I have to say that we will not be visiting your establishment again. It was the worst dining experience we have had. We were at a Salt Lake City location, and while the food was not bad, the service was less than desirable. We saw our waiter a total of 3 times the whole time we were there. He took our order, delivered the food, and within 10 minutes, delivered our check stating there was no hurry. He never asked if we needed refills on our drinks or if the food was ok. The icing on the cake was the fact that we were in the back corner and were able to see all the employees sitting around and talking in a section one over from where we were. As we were leaving, I asked for a manager. When I explained the situation to him and expressed how unhappy we were, he simply replied “I’ll check into it”. He also came across as a very arrogant jerk.

    This was the first time I have visited your restaurant, and will most definitely be the last.

  25. Today, January 1, 2014, my wife, daughter and son-in-law, along with 3 grandsons entered your Hulen Mall restaurant for lunch around 1:20 pm. We asked for a table since a booth can be very difficult with children. After a ten minute wait, the hostess escorted my party to the back corner booth, while passing several empty tables. When we got to the booth I reminded her that we would prefer a table. She seated us at the tables and left. After another 10 minutes, I got up and asked for some menus. After 5 more minutes we decided to leave. Poor service! We will not be returning to this location.
    I tried to leave a comment on the Red a Robin website and the comment page kept freezing.

  26. Hello my name is Brooke Rolfe, I filled out an online application with your company, and I was curious to see if you had received the information yet.

  27. I have a red royalty card, I registered and they the restaurant does not acknowledge this card I have only one card and there is no way I seem to be getting anywhere, I was told today jan. 22 to combine the two cards with the one I am using and I can’t seem to contact red robin to correct this issue I am having, what is the sense of having a card if it doesn’t acknowledge the card I am using RedRobbin contact me so this can get straightened out, pat

  28. To whom it may concern,
    I was reminded today why I had not been in a red robin restaurant in about three years, ( I just could’nt remember). I was reminded today though, after going to your restaurant today in north scottsdale to eat lunch. The food was brought out to me by the bartender and was asked at time if I needed anything more, I ask for hot sause which he brought out. After that I finally was able to get his attention after 15 minutes of waiting he came over, and I asked for my bill about 11 dollars. He asked me if there was anything wrong with the food since I had not eaten any of it. I answered no, just bring me the bill and I paid it. The reason I was not able to eat my food was, i was never brought a napkin or silverware to eat with, by that time my food was cold. (deja vu) thats exactly what happened about three years ago. Your service was very poor if not nonexistent, there was only one other patron in the bar area.there is an old saying that goes like this”fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” I will make sure I tell all my friends.


    • I was at the Red Robin in Topeka, KS this pm and was quite surpised they did not have gluten free menu they could provide to me. In fact they had no allegy menus. I have eaten at this location many times in the past and was always given a gluten free menu. I was told by the manager that they no longer provide allery menus bacause corporate said you would have to get it off the website because they change product so often is was hard to keep the allergy menus up to date (really, sounds like an exuse to me). The manager brought out an i-pad and could not get it work and his exuse was the wi-fi was not strong enough in the restaurant but it worked fine in his office. (really again). I told him it seemed like they were discouraging people with allergy issues from visting his restaurant and he assured me this was a corporate decision. I know for one I will not be eating there again. If this was truly a corporate decision, shame on you.

  29. Don’t complain much my waitress was bad no straws had grandson birthday Wednesday was work day so went to dinner wasn’t good service she feel like as sorry table 83/1aprove like hamburgers go to somewhere with better srevice

  30. yes our visit to an MN red robin leaves a lot to be right!!!
    1 food was cold. And wrong from what we order. service>>>what service we were sitting very quickly but then had to wait wait
    when we did get our food waitress, where did she go>>>>
    re order the bottomless fries….20 min later yes but no sauce…they were making more but will takes 5 more min.
    and also no silverware .but she sure was quick in giving us our check and in taking it to pay,….

  31. Kevin is a nice man and he is good with the customer service and when I come back I wood like for him give me serive. I like red robins and it is so good. So think you kevin for the good customer service.

  32. Hello. Today 2/14/14, my brothers and I went to Red Robin at the Bothell, Wa location. This is the first time I have ever had to make a complaint. I go to Red Robin all the time, at many locations. But this complaint has nothing to do with the Red Robin establishment. The waitress we had was very bizarre and just flat out rude. She seemed as if she was stoned or maybe on xanax or something. My little brother asked for water and she just kept saying no. He would ask for sauce she just replied no with a serious face. When he ordered his meal she said no and that we would have to order for him. She kept complaining to us about her working 14 hours straight. We ate at 745 pm so I am not sure how she was working at 5:45am anyhow. She brought up about us tipping right when we sat down and it made it really awkward. There was a moment when we were trying to box up the rest of our meal but she started to take the plate, we told her we wanted to box the rest, and then she proceeded to slam the plate on the table and walked away. Again this all may be a weird sense of humor was just really uncomfortable, rude and bizarre. I believe our waitress’s name was Jasmine although she never told us her name formally. Just read the name tag. Anyways maybe she was just having a hard day but again I state we are a pretty easy going family, but this was just flat out weird as if the individual was on drugs or downers or just something. Thanks.

  33. We had such horrible service at the Hilliard Rome location last night. First, the man would not take our 10% discount off our order. He stated that it was only Mon-Thurs, but it does not say that on my Royalty account. Then, we ordered extra tartar sauce, did not receive them and the fish we ordered so so overcooked, you could not eat the breading at all. We had to tear it all off to eat the fish. Not at all worth the $26.00 we spent. Don’t think we will make that mistake again!

  34. Hello my name is Keri from Kenosha,Wi and I am writing.a review to let everyone know my experience yesterday evening at the Kenosha location!!! I am very pleased with my visit and the food was excellent! It was Valentines Day and with the 30min wait and how packed the restraunt was the staff was so friendly and patient. There were sevaral employee working together to make sure everyone was seated properly and quickly as possible. I was impressed with how fast our food arrived and how great our experience was. Thank You Kenosha Team we will be back to enjoy!!! Keri

  35. My husband and I had lunch at your restaurant located at 1125 wooddruff Rd. In Greenville, SC on Friday, February 14th. Our server was Cindy and I just had to write to let you know how well she took care of us. She was very knowledgeable about your food and drinks and was more than happy to split our order. Her personality was very positive and she made our dining experience a pleasant one. She should be commended on the way she performs her job. When we return to Red Robin, we will look for Cindy and hope to get a seat in her section.

    Cindy gave us a survey code: 335 162 000 046 116

  36. Sunday, Feb 16th, went into Red Robbins in Brannon Crossing Nicholasville, Ky. Approx. 3:30 pm, and it wasn’t busy at all. Started by walking in and no response from the greeter, I stepped in front of him, as he was in a daze and asked him if we could have a table. In a very lethargic manner he said he would have to go see what tables he had available… Was gone for several minutes, my husband and I decided we would just set in the bar area. When he finally came back, we asked to be seated in that area, after taking us over. We set more over 10 minutes without any acknowledgement from anyone!! Numerous waiter walking through, but not once asked if we had be helped…. Not acceptable in my book at all. When leaving my husband spoke to the Greeter!!! (Young man), and told him what horrible Customer Service and no concern from him at all. I asked to speak to the manager my husband already getting the car. She did offer to buy dinner, but it was really to late. To many restaurants out there to allow such HORRIBLE SERVICE.. I may be just one that complains, but numerous out there just simply won’t come back.. Poor Customer Service is a reflection of Management and your corporation. Thank You for Listening.

  37. after reading all the negative comments regarding service and attitudes of the help if the patrons do not complain to the manager how can the problem be corrected. I personally have eaten at several different Red Robin restaurants in Florida and never encounter poor service, cold food, or rudeness from the personnel. The managers would go around the restaurant asking everyone if everything was okay. If no one speaks up it is not the fault of the manager. Sorry Folks I love Red Robin.

  38. Today was my Grand Daughter’s 10th birthday and all she has been asking is that I taker to red Robin for luch, so I did and this is what followed:

    Upon entering the resturant we were greated promptly and politely at which time I told the young lady that it was my Grand Daughter’s 10th birthday (Which as we know only happens once in a life time) and expected something of a recognition for her when we finished our meal, but there was NOTHING. Every other resturant on the planet that is family oriented (Which I thought Red Robin was) makes birthdays special, but again there was not a peep from anyone.

    The Manager was hoovering around everywhere but not even she made an effort to make this day special.

    I would NOT reccommend Red Robiin (Especially this one) for any special occasion.

    From a VERY dissapointed patron

  39. We went to the Victorville location today. Our servers name was Tina. She was great, we were on a time crunch and she made sure we were out in enough time so we can go back to work. Food was taken out to us in a quickly manner. Tasted great. She was so friendly and was on top of things!! See you again soon Red Robin.

  40. My wife and daughter and I went to the Tanasbourne RedRobin for dinner today. The food was great as usual. What really setthis meal apart was our server. Her name was Asheley. She was awsome. Very knowledgable and a personality that lit up the room.I have dined in some great restaraunts all over this country and some in Europe. She would have been a great adition to the staff in anyone of these restaraunts. I was so impressed. I thought she must have had at least one thing that wasn’t great. I thought about it and decided there was none. She was one if not the best server I have ever had. If you could staff all your location with a full crew of Asheleys you would have the corner on friendly dinning. I hope we get her as our server mny more times. Great job Asheley

  41. By the way the RedRobin we went to was in Beaverton oregon. I went brain dead and forgot to put that in my revue.

  42. Let me start off by saying that I have never complained on a review but I MUST speak out about a Red Robin commercial that I just witnessed while watching TV with my 10 year old daughter. It was very offensive and totally uncalled for. It was a mom in Red Robin with her two children. She proceeded to use the F word along with a couple of other inappropriate words, she did cover her child’s ears while saying these fowl words but my 10 year old daughters ears were not covered while we set there and watched. Red Robins Advertising Dept should be ashamed of themselves!!!!! After seeing this, I seriously don’t think I’ll be dining at this restaurant.

  43. I just saw commercial covering ears of child then breaking word!!! Shame on you for the low class commercial. It turned me off and can never support your companies again. Very distasteful !

  44. Just saw commercial covering child’s ears and bleeping words!! Very distasteful!! No more red robins for me thank you!!!!!

  45. Today I went to red Robin the food was good but it was felt so dirty and unclean when you’re walking into there are fingerprints all over the front door the windows are dirty the booths Had old food on the backs yuck I can’t believe that I ate it but I did and I’m not sure if I will go there. But the burgers was good the fries was great. It just need to be cleaned. I went to the South Plainfield New Jersey and Hadley center it was just dirty okay

  46. Want be visiting Red Robin– Your TV ad 3/4/2014 was ugly and vulgar with cursing and unfit language for children to hear or view, even with the bleeping out of words….nothing could be more “insane” for a company who seems to want to reach out to family oriented business…sorry, but you missed the boat. Remove your disgusting and unappetizing ad so my children want be exposed to your advertising ploys of discuss!

  47. I just saw your VULGAR Commercial! If cussing on a commercial is what you think you need to do to get business then it is sad!!!!!!! I now will NOT BE GIVING YOU ANY BUSINESS OR RECOMMEND ANYONE TO GO THERE!!

  48. They were short we waited over hour for food. They offer no frys nothing I had to force the waitress to talk to me. The food when we got it was the order. My burger was wrong and raw in middle I will not ever go back becasue this is on going issue with this red roben

  49. I can’t believe what’s suppose to be a family restaurant has such a raunchy commercial with profanity. What a bad example you are setting for our kids. You’ve just lost a customer.

  50. I visited your establishment in Deptford, NJ (around 8 pm) for the first time on 3/6/13 and will NEVER be going back. I had an unfortunate situation occur while I was there(I had a seizure in the bathroom and hit my head pretty badly)The manager(I believe her name was Lisa) was very friendly and called 911. She stayed with me until the ambulance arrived. My sister (whom I was dining with) left the bathroom to gather our belongings and while she was at the table the waiter pretty much attacked her for having to pay the bill before she left! SERIOUSLY!!!! My sister was already stressing b/c of what was going on with me and then to have to pay the bill for a dinner we never even ate was just abusrd!!! I will not be returning ever again b/c as a first time diner in your restaurant with such a lack of sympaty for your customers is insane! I will be contacting corporate once your “CONTACT US” problem on your websit is resolved!

  51. Just watched the new Red Robin commercial…appalling! I thought this was supposed to be a family atmosphere and now they are dropping the “F” bomb…( bleeped out of course), to describe one of their burgers!
    It seems now Red Robin is lowering g their standards and product to conform to society.
    You have a good product…pick yourselves up and stand on it!! Don’t stoop to fit in with the rest of the media idiots….seriously…drop the commercial!

  52. Just wanted to let you know that I do not appreciate your recent commercial that uses curse words & you even have a child on this commercial covering up her ears to not hear your spokeswoman cuss (mouths) while it’s obvious the mother of this child is right there & she is even smiling during this commercial. As a mom myself this would make me very angry…NOT SMILE!!! SERIOUSLY!!! That is so wrong. I will discourage my family & friends from going to your restaurant. Why do you have to stoop so low???????????So very sad in my opinion!!!!!! There is enough wrong with this world without Red Robin cussing on national TV. I am so bothered by this & wanted you to know that!!!!! Don’t pretend to be a “family” restaurant. Because you are not!!!

    Sheila R. Thomas

  53. To whom it may concern,
    I am not normally one to make a complaint about a commercial for I think I have a very good sense of humor. However, in this case I will. I have been to your establishment numerous times with my wife and my kids. I thought that this is supposed to be a family restaurant and after seeing the last commercial where the lady covers the little girls ears then uncovers them and says a bleeped out cuss word, my wife and I our very disappointed in your marketing strategy. In NO way does that make me want to ever bring my family back in there. Especially how excited my kids get when I even mention the word of going to Red Robins house then having to explain to them what she said on your commercial. Again, I am one that is not easily offended but in this case I am extremely disappointed. Also FYI, my wife is in marketing and advertising and she says that is not the kind of attention you want to attract to your family oriented business. I hope this letter is taken into consideration when making your next commercial.

    Corey Thomas

  54. We ate at the Red Robin in Ammon ID 83406. We came out for a Happy Birthday Celebration for my mom and the waiter was great & the food was great. The only thing I wanted to address was I have a gluten allergy and the waiter told my husband they had gluten free bread after asking them to wrap my sandwich in lettuce. That was nice of him but I think if Red Robin charges for the bun they should specify that and above all I think it would be nice if the company just gave it to you because its a courtesy issue. It wasn’t a lot of money. Just a $1 but it all adds up & I would have been fine with the lettuce wrap. I know GF items cost more but not everyone orders GF buns. Just wanted to put my input in. :)

  55. I want to make a comment about a Red Robin commercial I recently saw on TV. It has an adult standing behind two young children covering their ears and Uncovering them. The last statement was when the adult uncovered the child’s ears and she said a bad word(bleeped out of course but everyone knows the word)…the child’s eyes wide open.
    I am very disappointed in the quality of the commercial and it is A shame you have to resort to do this type of advertising!
    This is NOT family friendly and we will not be patronizing your restaurants anymore.

  56. Your Damn Good Burger commercial is extremely offensive. It is so obvious what word the waitress is saying, even with your poor attempt to bleep the F word. What makes you think your restaurant and/or food selections will be more appealing by using such language. It is NOT FUNNY and it is NOT CUTE. Not only will I no longer take my family to Red Robin, I will make sure all of my friends and my kids team mates choose another place to eat.

  57. I just wanted to express how disappointed I am when I seen the New Red Robbins commercial on tv when the actress is talking and they blank out the F word I just don’t understand what this world is coming to. I feel so sorry for these kids growing up seeing that even a commercial for food has to have cursing in it! It makes me sad.

  58. I’m was very disappointed when I seen the New Red Robbins commercial on tv and the actress was talking and they blanked out the F word what is this world coming to? I feel sorry for these kids growing up the see that even a food commercial has to have cursing in it! I hope that Red Robins rethinks this commercial and represents there company as a nice family place to eat and bring your kids. This world scares me by the time we have grandchildren who knows what will be acceptable

  59. I visited your Red Robin Restaurant in Woodbridge NJ on March 16, 2014 with my husband 2 sons and 2 friends whom which never eaten in a Red Robin before. Sadly they got a bad experiance for their first time. The wait was long and by the time the food came out our french fries were ice cold. My husband and his friend ordered the new dipping sauces and the waitress waited til she served the food and then was like oh sorry we are out of the certain ones you picked. My girlfirend ordered a veggie burger which she eats all the time when she goes out was given a chicken burger and hey insisted it was veggie. when the waiter was handing out the food he actually said chicken burger and we were like no veggie n the waitress was behind him and said yeah veggie. we definitly knew it was not a veggie burger! My husbands cheeseburger was supposed to have a fried egg on top n when we told her she was like oh theres no egg on there and she said I’ll bring it out on the side. Well that never happened.After a while you dont want to be bothered saying anything anymore cause you already waited long enough and she comes back and forth to the table like nothing is wrong. On that day there was also a young women and her daughter who actually had to have the manager come to her table cause her food and service was terrible and everyone stared and listened to conversation. Not a good first impression for my friends first time visit and will never visit the Red Robin again. Food was terrible that the 6 people at our table did not even finish their food!

  60. I love the burgers at Red Robin. However, after seeing the Red Robin commercial, I won’t go there again (any location). The commercial where the woman uses a curse word (and covers a child’s ears), then uses another even worse profanity. Well, she should have covered my ears too………..this is in poor taste and unnecessary. I’ve spent my last time at Red Robin….farewell to the best burger ever.

  61. I am so disappointed that Red Robin felt that they had to belittle the public by cursing in their commercial. And with a child present, particularly a black child. I feel totally disrespected. The name of the burger is quite bad enough. I’m not sure what you are trying to get over to the public but I am insulted as a consumer and a customer. Please make that a former customer, I will never set foot in your restaurant again.

  62. I am appalled at the latest commercial that you have put on television. I serve as a school teacher in public schools and try to promote being a productive citizen and avoiding harmful and hurtful things that appear in life. The kids talk about bad things that they show on television and how it impacts them. I was certainly shocked to hear what they had seen on television on one of your commercials. I watched the commercial and while the women covers the child’s ear on the D-word, she did not cover the child’s ear on the implied other curse word. The audacity to sell a product with vulgarity is beyond my comprehension, but I will be sure to promote the avoidance of your product with all the families that I know and serve. Thanks for adding to the difficulties that we as educators already have in trying to help children to grow into to more respectful, caring and productive citizens.

  63. I would like to say that your newest commercial where the profanity is used is vulgar. My grandson who is 10, was amazed that such language could be used on television. I think it should be taken off air. I will patronize your establishment as long as language such as that is used where children can hear it.

  64. I would like to know when it became common practice for servers to steal part of your change?
    I called in a Togo order,went in to pick it up,bartender presented the check while waiting for the order. The
    ticket total was for $15.14. I gave her $20.00, she turned around,handed me $4.00 change,crumbled
    up the ticket and threw it away, maybe so I wouldn’t notice she just stole .86??? When I asked for the ticket,she had to dig it out of trash, and asked what was wrong.
    She would have gotten a $2.00 tip,but instead she ended up with the .86 she stole from me!
    Within 30 minutes of this happening,I spoke with 2 other people that had the same thing happen at this same location, so evidently this is common practice and allowed by management!
    I have been in restaurant business for over 20 years and would not have allowed any servers to do this without consequences!! I WILL NOT GO BACK!!

  65. Went in to the Germantown, MD restaurant a few days ago. We had to wait almost 15 minutes for a waiter to show. Put in order for onion rings and asked for “silverware”. Rings showed — Asked again for utensils — 10 minutes — Nothing. Finally had to go to severs station area and ask A 3rd time. Once the food arrived – we never saw our waiter for at least 25 minutes. Asked for refill on Ice Tea and extra napkins as well as more fries. Got the napkins and tea — waited 15 minutes for fries and finally gave up. The “Tavern Burger” when I got it looked more like a reject from a McDonalds. The manager gave me a card for a future discount — Don’t think I will be using it anytime soon if at all. BTW — Not our first visit to this location. We have Been there at least 3 times in the past 18 months — It has only gotten worse.

  66. Wow! I have been using your restaurant for years and have so enjoyed taking my family there. Sorry to say I will no longer be visiting your resturant and as a matter of fact I will be mentioning to at least 10 people that your latest ad on national TV is the most offensive I have ever seen. You know, the one where the little girls ears are covered and the voice over insinuates the “F” word. Inapporate and offensive, I have my own business and have an ad agency, I would fire that agency and the people who approved that ad. Ultimately your CEO was asleep at the switch to allow such foulness to slip into your Brand, your fired!
    Mike Foraker

  67. Just saw your shameful commercial. Someone needs to evaluate your your advertising group. You won’t lost our business.

  68. I am 68 years old and I had the best hamburger I have ever eaten at the Red Robin in Janesville, Wisconsin. Wish we had one near me in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

  69. Look, I am VERY upset about this! Red Robin is supposed to be a nice family burger place. But no! Have you seen there commercials!? I just watched one where the main character said a cus word and dropped the F bomb! They bleeped out the F bomb but you could very well notice wha you said even though there was something covering her mouth. She said it in front of two children and who knows how many children were watching it! I’m 11 and mad as fire. This was extremely inappropriate! Me and my family have agreed to never eat there and I have heard other negative stories. I would not recommend to go there if I were you.

  70. It is a very sad day when a family dinners commercial resorts to fowl language in front of a child to get business. I hope your doors shut. For me and my family will never step foot in another red robin again. You corporate people need some morale value and ethical training.not every person in the USA IS OK WITH THE PERVERTED TV ADDS

  71. Dear Red Robin, It is Sunday, early afternoon, and my husband and I are sitting and relaxing and watching TV – then one of your commercials comes on – What in the heck were you thinking putting on TV a commercial that uses profanity- and blocks out the mouth of the young women, but you can clearly tell what she is saying – I find this commercial in very bad taste. Makes me and my husband think twice before going back to Red Robin, and we love your burgers – I think someone needs to get the boot. “WHAT WERE YOU ALL THINKING!!!!” We visit your location in Wareham, MA and since I am on a “not too happy feeling about Red Robin” I do need to tell you the cleanliness of your facilities has something to be desired – the bathrooms are disgusting – not only the one in Wareham, MA but also the one located in Patriots Place, Foxboro, MA. And that is not only my opinion – better get your act together. Very truly yours, Christine & Alan Sleeper

  72. We just ordered to go from red robin on airport rd, allentown pa and the fries wasn’t fresh, so salty and not even the steak fries style, it was so skinny and hard. Seriously such a shame.

  73. I have to complain about your commercial where the lady uses the word “damn” describing a burger. She covers the ears of a child standing in front of her to keep her from hearing the profanity. The actress then proceeds to talk about the burger and says how #??&!!! (insert the f word) good it is. This is bleeped out, but it’s very clear what she is saying. I am extremely offended by this commercial. I have 3 small children and would hate fir them to see this ad. I have to tell you that I don’t ever intend to eat at any of your establishments again. And I will be letting my family and close friends know about this. Very disappointed in an,establishment that I felt wad family friendly.

  74. On Wednesday 03/19/14 I had dinner at the Wilbraham MA location.
    I order the fish dinner. I got home about an hour later I broke out in hives all over my body. I then started to vomit and have diarreha for most of the night my BP dropped to 87/54 which is quite low. I need to know what kind of fish and the ingredence in the batter as this was an allergic reaction. I have never had an issue with any kind of fish.

  75. Really? Does your vocabulary not know appropriate wording for a FAMILY RESTAURANT…….we all have the ability to use such wording but have the integrity not to……never going to red robin again. ….

  76. Your “effing” commercial was disgusting, especially using children in the commercial. To call a burger a “damn great burger” and then appearing to use the “f” word while a family was present was morally low! I will never eat at your filthy restaurant because just your commercial shows how low class Red Robin really is.

  77. The latest commercial is the worst I have seen. I am offended by the reference to filthy language by bleeping. I will never set foot in another red robin restaurant again

  78. I never do surveys or comment on thing but I can’t let this go you should be ashamed of the latest commercial for red robin it is absolutely shameful and tasteless. Not that you care or does not matter but me my entire family will never eat there again bad enough the f*** word but to do it with two young girls. It is completely disgraceful the who ever said that will be a cool commercial should have their head checked me and my wife ate at red robin 2 to 3 times a month great food fun atmosphere but because of this thoughtless and rude commercial we will never eat there again. Way too far and way too disgusting you should be ashamed of yourselves and you should apologize to those young girls and the rest of you Loyal customers. You lost a lot of customers today me, my wife and our entire families I am so disappointed

  79. Commercials are awful and offensive.
    The one time I did eat in the Va Beach Va store,food was excellent.
    Suggestion: A training program for the wait staff and management may be helpful. 10 waiters/waitresses were on duty for a Sunday morning/ afternoon. The restaurant was not packed yet service was extremely slow. Waiter had to go back and forth to the kitchen or wait station 3 times just for correct drink orders and walked past our table several times without picking up empty dishes even though we stacked them on the edge.

  80. I have never been to Red Robin but rest assured after the commercial that is currently being aired I will never visit the business! I for one dont think its a good idea for using bad language period, having children present makes it worse~!

  81. Person answering phone for take out orders does not know the store menu. Charged $16 for a box of fries and 4 shrimp!!!! Ridiculous!!!!

  82. I am really upset because I just seen a commercial and the lady just said the F word and my kids love red robins. I am highly up set I have had both of my daughters birthday parties there and my family and I go there on a regular bases. I was very surprise of this commercial and I am asking that something is done about it.

  83. I was a very good customer of red robin until your company had to come out with disgusting commercial.I really did not understand why with the business you have and the family that come in,that you had to steep that low. I will not be using it anymore. thank you



  86. I was watching cmt and a red robin commercial came on and the woman on there was cursing I really don’t appreciate that at all. If this is a family based restaurant there shouldn’t be cursing on a commercial. I will NEVER go back to any red robin restaurant because of that commercial. That was just uncalled for really.

  87. Your latest tv commercial, if you want to call it that, just cost you any business your future ever held for me. I hope millions of other loyal customers feel the same way… It’s vulgar without the use of children but to use them crossed all lines. Enjoy your dip in sales. If you want a funny commercial, get one. This ain’t it!

  88. I am appalled by your most recent commercial with the swear words. You put children in that commercial. Way to destroy innocense in 10 seconds or less! You’re supposed to be a FAMILY restaurant! What kind of example are you setting?? Shame on you, Red Robin. Shame on you.

  89. You almost got it right with ur new commercial by covering the child’s ear with word damn. But then u drop the f bomb instead? Will not be eating at your establish mention if u have so little regard for children and side with vulgarity

  90. Will not be eating at your establishment due to low regard for children’s values and a high regard for vulgarity. You got it wrong

  91. This afternoon while watching TV with my seven-year-old and three-year-old we witnessed one of your advertisements. What we found in this advertisement was highly offensive to our family. Now you may think that it is in the norm to use expletives around your family and young children but we do not. We were surprised to see that a family restaurant sees the need to use such vulgar language to get customers. I shared your commercial with Facebook friends and they all felt the same as my family does and were highly offended and vowed to never eat at another red Robin restaurant. They did the same as I did and shared this with their friends. I intend to tell everyone that I know about your commercial. It may be in your best interest to remove your commercial and never produce such vulgar content to promote your product. I also believe an apology would be appropriate. I have made it my goal to spread this as much as I can because we will NOT support a franchise like this!!!!!!

  92. The Red Robin tv commercial where the woman covers the child’s ears and swears and then has a line across her face is disrespectful. There is no need to use expletives to sell your product. I am appalled by this commercial and request you discontinue it’s use. I will not frequent your establishments due to this vulgar commercial. I urge you to reconsider the type of commercials you air and only air commercials that are in good taste. Shame on you!

  93. I recently saw one of your new commercials on myTV
    I live in Glendale AZ….it appauled me with the cursing and then the bleeped out word after the lady covered the childs ears. There is enough garbage out there already , then we see this from a supposedly reputable Restaurant! I have frequented your establishment and enjoyed the food and service but do not see myself doing so jn the future . Grandmother of 13 who does not appreciate the words in the commercial. Please respond…..

  94. I am very offended by your latest commercial, it is vulgar and I would not visit one of your restaurants if you paid me. Our children are subjected to so much inappropriate language as it it is, I would hope a “Family” restaurant could find a more appropriate way of advertising.

  95. Your food might be good but your commercials are not.. kids are exposed to enough now this is one more thing you have to watch out for. We don’t curse around our kids and I would think your commercial would be better than that…

  96. Not a review a complaint.
    I’m very disappointed in your commercial that is using cussing/ swearing to sell your burgers. What kind of example are you setting for our children. Trust me I am not a prude but really need to use fowl language!

  97. You need to get with your marketing dept and your CEO regarding the recent commercial that uses “D” and the “F” word to sell burgers. I will never eat there after seeing this commercial.

  98. Have always enjoyed taking our grand kids to RR. Our visit yesterday at 2:00 was a big disappointment as we watched our server go behind the bar and make two drinks and put in several straws. We watched as FOUR female servers come to the bar and sip away! They know they aren’t suppose to drink on the job. Guess they thought they could get away with it since we didn’t see a manager on the premises This should be brought to manager’s attention. Red Robin across the street from Roseville Galleria.

  99. Joey was a very good server, not only was he professional,dressed nicely, he also had a smile on his face and was very attentive to our needs.

    It’s people like Joey that make dining out a pleasure. Give Joey a high five for us and a pat on the back for being him.

  100. Hubby and I visited your restaurant in Clovis, Ca on 950 Shaw ave, our survey code is 1949124000043017 (your survey is a nightmare by the way)which is why I am going to your customer review. We ate at the bar and we enjoyed your servers Aubrey and Jackie, they were very attentive to our needs. We just want to thank you for hiring such good employees who take their job seriously and provide great customer service, we will be back again (probably next week)! Thanks again for great servers who are also easy on the eyes!

  101. It was the first time I have ever visited a Red Robin. The Robin is in Springfield, IL. I was meeting friends and excited about eating at a Robin. First, waitress Michell AWESOME!!! she loves her job!! Orders came out and I had treated myself to a special burger I asked for it to be very well done. I usually, don’t like to say anything if something is not done just happy to be out and about having a great night with friends, but, Michell came over and noticed how RARE my burger was so, she sent it back, the manager his name is Mr. Bill Thomas he came right out apologized and even took my dinner off. This is GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! This is his PICKLE!!! our other diner his burger was to done and they took his burger off too… AWESOME and a bag of chips of GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE>
    This resturant is located at 3881 S Veterans Parkway in Springfield, IL . WONDERFUL experience, the people went up and above in their CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! I hope all RED ROBINS are like this. Loyal customer from now on… thank you…
    Linda FLeshner

  102. To whom it may concern,
    On April 08,2014 my wife and I visited your Murray Utah Red Robin, We sat in your bar section of your establishment , we were greeted at the door. We asked if we could sit in the bar section. A young waiter came to our table to take our order , we started off with cocktails the waiter asked for ID no problem however I rode with my wife so I forgot my ID , no big deal so I proceeded to order an ice tea my wife ordered a beer . I do understand the liqour laws in Utah however the waiter added his 2 cents that ended up to be his religious beliefs. ! He told my wife that if she ordered a beer a gave it to me that he could not serve her . Mind you my wife and I are in our 50’s. We would not do something like that ever ! Needless to say you have lossed our business and everyone we know will know about this ! And if you do hire a Mormon have them keep there religious beliefs to themselves !!!! Regards Sean…….

  103. Been a loyal customer for a few years now. RR recently opened up a new location in Puyallup WA. Went on a sunday evening around 8pm. Wasn’t too busy.. waited at the front for 5 minutes before being acknowledged. but as we were waiting 3 different employees made eye contact with us and continued to ignore and not let the host or whoever, know we were standing there. then as our night went on, i didnt get the extra fries i asked for, the waiter didnt bring the correct sauces and even forgot to bring them the first 10 minutes of our meal. he didn’t write down the order so i assumed he was experienced. but i was wrong. all our drink were empty, he was too busy gossiping with the other waiters, and even the MANAGER noticed we needed drinks and didn’t touch our food and he went on doing his own thing as well. the waiter brought out our check maybe halfway through the meal. i wanted to place a to go order but after that, i was just over it. so to break it down.. we were un acknowledged, left with dry fries and dry mouths, and completely ignored by the entire staff until he wanted his tip.

  104. I just don’t understand one thing about RR, how come the cooks in the kitchen have hats on their heads for preventing hair from going onto the food, but they have no hair nets on their faces for their facial hair, isn’t that a sanitary issue.

  105. My son ordered the new Black and Blu Burger and you can bet I was suprised when I saw the bill at $14.29 I asked to see the menue and verified the price I myself ordered the Bonzai Burger and think it is a good burger little over priced at approx $9.00 cant see paying that price i think yopu have lost my buisness i can go to Joes Farm Fresh Grill which was features on Diners Drives and DiveInns get a burger with fresh tomatoe lettuce bacon fresh blu cheese with garlic fries cheaper almost go and get a steak at Texas Roadhouse or Outback for that price.
    Kenneth M Lundberg
    Mesa Az

  106. We were eating in the Hemet Red Robin on Sunday April 14th around 4 Pm. Our waitress was Selina, she was amazing! As a mother with three children my husband and the grandparents it was a busy meal. Selina did an over the top job, smiled, on top of everything and everything was right on spot great! She brought napkins before I could ask for them, drinks were filled before we needed to ask, boxes were brought for left overs, checked on just the right amount of times wow that never happens when dining! Thank You for a great job Ms. Selina need to get great koodos for her fantastic over the top job! :-)

  107. I would thank you for the great service and food, me and my friends had tonight, at your Scottsdale Az. location on Shea. We had you server Megan and she was great, your staff was very good.
    Thank You

  108. My family went to the red robin location by the dullas town center in va. The waiter was so bad you had to tell him 3 times what you wanted. Half the staff was just sitting around talking and not helping. When we got our food all the orders was messed up and wrong. I will never go to this location ever again.

  109. My husband, our daughter and I went to the Vancouver mall Red Robin Friday night. We asked for a booth because of my back and were taken to a table. My husband asked the hostess for a booth instead and a near by waiter by the name of Jared turn around and yelled ” you do not talk to my hostess staff like that, you’re rude!” He kept going on and and on our daughter said we’re rude for asking for a booth he then said we could just leave. He was very loud and was coming at us. I felt very threatened. We said get your manager. She came and said she was sorry and that she would speak to him. Another customer said he was very rude and it was not our fault and that we weren’t rude. So I got the district managers number and talked to her tonight and she said she was sorry and that she handled it and couldn’t tell me what action was taken. I said I felt threatened and she again said sorry. By the end of the conversation she said if I didn’t feel safe then I should eat at a different Red Robin. SERIOUSLY? I will NEVER go there again and she said I’m sorry you feel that way! WTH? I am going to cover their FB page with this. Feel free to join me. This is outrageous. I am beyond mad.

  110. I was at your South Planfield location Friday afternoon I paid with a credit card. So you could review my visit. I just wanted to let you know I was unsatisfied with my food. The chicken sandwich was fine but my French fries were cold . I did get more and they were hot. I don’t understand when it’s slow how you get cold food . Besides that I was amazed your bathroom was dirty I even took a picture because I couldn’t believe it.
    I usually eat at Red robin 6-10 times a year when I travel and don’t have a lunch appointment . I don’t want anything just giving you feedback.

  111. I recently visited your milford location with my wife which we usually do anytime we visit the movie theatre across the street. Both me and my wife were greatly offended by the manager on duty named JD. The experience was nothing out of the ordinary until the manager walked up and handed us free chips and dip and told us there was a mistake on our order and these are on the house. Neither my wife or I liked the chips so we didn’t eat to many of them. After receiving our food the manager walked up and asked us if there was a problem with the service. He then proceeded to say our gratuity rate was low and we don’t leave big enough tips and wanted to know why. I of course told him “No the service is fine but our tips are none of your concern”. He continued to push the point which greatly offended me and even had the audacity to say “I gave you free food and you didn’t even eat them”. We paid and left our food. Never again. We are supporting your business no longer. How many people has he said offensive things to but never contacted you? Not a person to have representing your company. By the way your customer support email isn’t working.

  112. I recently visited your milford location with my wife which we usually do anytime we visit the movie theatre across the street. Both me and my wife were greatly offended by the manager on duty named JD. The experience was nothing out of the ordinary until the manager walked up and handed us free chips and dip and told us there was a mistake on our order and these are on the house. Neither my wife or I liked the chips so we didn’t eat to many of them. After receiving our food the manager walked up and asked us if there was a problem with the service. He then proceeded to say our gratuity rate was low and we don’t leave big enough tips and wanted to know why. I of course told him “No the service is fine but our tips are none of your concern”. He continued to push the point which greatly offended me and even had the audacity to say “I gave you free food and you didn’t even eat them”. We paid and left our food. Never again. We are supporting your business no longer. How many people has he said offensive things to but never contacted you? Not a person to have representing your company. By the way, your customer service email isn’t working.

  113. 3 of us Ate at red ribin tonight because its my favorite place… everything was fantastic… until we got home and us 3 had to fight for the 2 bathrooms repeatedly. Makes me never want to eat there again. We all got different kinds of hamburgers… pretty miserable and disappointed.

  114. I am writing this to let the company know that the management at the new store in Wellington, Fl. is already not abiding by the honor and integrity motto that your company uses. We are loyal customers to Red Robin everytime we visit the Tampa area. On Sunday 4/27/2014 the store manager and kitchen manager interviewed and hired a yong man for an am cook’s job. He was told he had the job and to report on Tuesday 4/29/14 for orientation at 4pm. Imagine his suprise when he reported to be told that they had decided to go with someone else and had left a message on his phone. This young man had already gone out and purchased the needed black clothing amd showed up on time. He double checked his phone and there was no message left. This is not what I would call an example of honor or integrity. Not a very good start for a new store.

  115. I will never go to Red Robin again just because of your nasty commercial . I have told all my family and friends to support me in this. It is sad that you think this stuff sells . I love your food but I refuse to support your establishment any longer. It will not surprise me to read in the near future that Red Robin will be closing ! Sorry for all the jobs that will be lost when this happens.

  116. After having dinner at the Red Robin in Des Moines, WA my credit card slipped down a narrow crack between the banquet seat and the wall. My server went out of the way to pull apart the seat, put gum on the end of a knife and retrieve the card for me. This, even though the restaurant was hosting the PTA fundraiser for the elementary school where I work. Kudos to her!! She was a hero and my coworkers and students loved it!!! Thank you for going the extra mile.

  117. Lunch at the Eugene Oregon restaurant.Have always loved the food! But we waited 45 min for it.when we finally got a refill on fries.We were leaving.We didn’t get offered anything for bad experience.I don’t know if I’ll ever go back.

  118. I used to love taken family and friends to eat at Red Robin but after seeing the commercial the Mother and little girl are dining and the lady on the commercial covers the little girls ears because she is using language that is very inappropriate for TV that they have to bleep out her words. I am so disappointed in this commercial I will NOT be taken any of my family or friends to the Red Robin Resturant again. Marcia Alfred

  119. As an African American I find your commercial with the white lady holding the ears of two very young African American girls and cursing, offensive. It bad enough that she is cursing but she says the F word and the one girl has a wide eyed reaction to what she hears. The days of wide eyed black people are over. You need to remove this degrading ad asap. And why are the children African American? It is ok for our children to hear such words. How low does one go to sell burgers. I have not or will I ever go to a Red Robin. Re thing your ads, I see other people are not too pleased with what they see.

  120. I am disgusted by the commercials you are putting out. Why would you take your brand to such a trashy place? A woman holds her hands over a kids ears while she cusses ?!!!! Seriously?? I will never eat at your place again!!! I thought this was a family place.

  121. I went to the Red Robin in Des Moines, Wa on May 7 and after a wait of @ 7 minutes I finally got a waitress and ordered a wiskey and soda. The waitress, Robyn, brought it to me and after I finished it she asked if I wanted another and I said yes and bring me the bill as well. The bill, during happy hours was over $14. I asked Robyn why the bill was so high and she didn’t seem to know so she got a manager who told me the drinks I was served were doubles at @ $7 each. I told her I didn’t order doubles and told her to take the second drink back which she did and then gave me a bill for $4.70 for a single drink. First of all, the drink didn’t taste like a double, secondly, if it was, I certainly don’t want liquor that I didn’t order nor was aware I was drinking. If I had gotten stopped by a cop or had an accident on the way home, I’d probably have gotten a DUI. Either Robyn was charging me for double drinks and serving me singles (which is what I think happened) or I really was getting doubles and couldn’t taste the difference. Either way I was concerned. She may not have done this on purpose, but I’d advise customers in the Des Moines Red Robin to check their drinks and their bill judiciously.

  122. I have just experienced the worst customer service at the Red Robin in Augusta Maine. 30 minute wait. When we were seated the waitress barely let us get sat down and then talked so fast and loud that we had to ask her to give us a few minutes, as we were there with our 4 children who may I add are all under the age of 9! She returned about 5-10 minutes later when she asked us if she could take our drink order after we gave her our drink order she walked away and another waitress walked over and introduced herself and asked if she could start us off with something to drink. We nicely told her we were all set. My husband and I certainly do not look under age and we have not been carted in several years. The waitress returned to ask us if she could see our id’s. I showed mine, but my husband does not carry his wallet around with him. She could clearly see he was of age. She went to get her manager and her manager was not helpful and proceeded to say sir we cannot serve you without an id. I respect the policy but when you clearly are more than old enough to drink it becomes a little perturbing. She said sir I am sorry but we cannot serve you would you care for a milkshake? With a large smirk on her face. I told her that was quite an insult and that we were fine. After this incident we said we would both just have waters. We ordered our children’s meals and an appetizer for ourselves. After about 15 minutes when we still had not gotten our waters we asked where they were? We were served our appetizer still before our waters arrived. When the waitress brought us the appetizers she said, I’m sorry we do not have any plates at the moment. Not only did we not get plates, we were not served silverware, or adequate paper napkins. When we asked for some kind of plate the waitress brought us over a basket with a piece of star and white paper in it. How absurd…Now our waters come. My water tasted like the smell of sewer. I did not drink it. When our son was eating his meal we found a long hair wrapped around his apples. This is unacceptable! After the appetizer the manager came over and asked us if we would like for our waitress to return or if we would like another? We said that it didn’t much matter because the damage had already been done. Upon her departure there was another party of 4 being seated behind us. The customer had to ask the host that was seating them if he could wipe down her seat because there was debris on it. I turned around afterwards and told her that I hoped that their meal/service was a better experience than ours. She said well it’s not off to a good start there are a lot of unhappy people leaving and standing at the door. We have not heard one good thing about the service here this evening. So I clearly know we were not the only ones that had poor service there this evening.

  123. I would just like to say that I never do this, but the over all service was just so terrible I feel the need to write about it. Almost everything you could imagine was wrong today at Red Robin Parkwood. It was my sisters birthday and it was her choice to go there, we made reservations 3 days in advance for Sunday (mothers day) at 5 o’clock for 7 people. The problems began as soon as we entered, first off there was no reservation and soon there was a pile up of several hostesses who just couldn’t seem to get us a table. Another reservation of 5 showed up after us and was seated promptly. We waited at our table for 15 minutes before we were greeted and the drinks took 10 minutes to reach us, the food took about half an hour . As a former Red Robin employee I was very disappointed and ashamed, I saw numerous uniform violations that I had received write ups for when I worked there, there were many people walking around but nothing was getting done. I saw managers standing around the kitchen door chatting. The sizzling skillet was far from sizzling, the food was luke-warm, when my dad ordered a coke float it took 15 minutes for his ice cream to reach him and an additional 5 minutes for a glass of coke. Our fry refills were white and floppy. My only question is, how did all of this escape the managers? The only thing that made our meal enjoyable was the server Greg, who was very kind and accommodating. All 7 of us will not be eating there again. I felt the managers were not doing their jobs.

  124. I work in the Sandford Florida area where you recently opened a Red Robin. I took may family on mothers day to eat there and was greatly disappointed. When we arrived there were about 25 other people waiting to be seated. I stood by waiting for a table when I noticed about 5 empty tables. When I asked why there were people waiting when they have so many empty tables, I was told that they give customers that have signed there name up front a 15 to 20 minute window to show up I was shocked. At this time they had more than 25 people waiting to be seated. This is not customer service. Then we sat down to wait another 50 minutes for our order. When we got home we all felt sick to our stomach. I relayed our experience to my co-worker and told them to be careful IF they visit red robin. NOT A GOOD WAY TO START WITH YOUR GRAND OPENING!!!!!

  125. I was visiting in Texas and saw the commercial with the woman as she is speaking covers the ears of a child. Uncovers child’s ears and then uses the f-word (bleeped out, of course). The public has been continually assaulted with bad language in movies, TV shows, music, etc. and now commercials. Your marketing department lacks creativity if this is the best they can offer. This commercial needs to be pulled off air. I have chosen to not eat at your restaurants anymore and will encourage friends and family to not eat there.

  126. COMPLAIT: Saturday, May 18, 2014, 12:30pm. Montage Mountain, Pennsylvania, Red-Robin Store Location. My daughter and I sat at the counter almost directly in front of the “cook”, ordered our burgers and drink and talked while we waited. We watched at how skilled the “cook” seemed, making burgers, etc… But, also realizing that she not once changed her gloves! She handled Tuna Fish, Raw onions, buns, RAW BEEF, raw hot dogs, the spacula handle, the wooden board on the prep table over and over again with just wiping it with a white towel that she also used to wipe off her gloves from time to time. Not to mention, touching the swinging door into the back “Full-Palmed” with the same glove on. One more thing. Her cell phone was on the “prep table” and she also grabbed the cell phone to move it out of the way to only put it on top of where the prepared food was going out. Should I say anymore. Policies and procedures are definitely not being followed while Management is away. We will not go back.

  127. My family have been life long customers and I worked at Red Robin for approximately 15 years as a bartender/ server. My husband and I went to our local Red Robin, which is a hour drive for us and haven’t been in a year. We were so surprised that the whole concept of Red Robin has changed from the menu to the way they wrap the burgers so the don’t fall apart all over your hands and you need 10 napkins. Then no Red Robin seasoning on the French Fries, and in a cup and everything on a plate!!! My husband had a Royal Red Robin Burger that was so bland he had to put salt on it.
    Our service was amazing as it allways is but I am so disappointed in the way things have been changed at one of our favorite places.

  128. Went to Red Robin in Clifton Park,NY today (5/20/14)to redeem a coupon for birthday burger from Red Robin which was sent to us on 5/14/14 and expires 5/28/14. They wouldn’t honor it. They said they had a new program Red Bobin Royalty. Are they insane!!
    They send us the birthday coupon and then say they will not honor it. I think its illegal and should be reported to Better
    Business Bureau. Are they willing to lose regular customers over
    a $10 burger and don’t they think we will spread the word
    There are a lot of other chains who will be happy for our business.

  129. Red Robin 3760 NE Salem, OR very dirty place, Table not clean, leftover pieces of food, on seats also. Baby highchair was washed off with own sanitary wipe and residue was beyond calling it dirty. Tables were left with dirty dishes while servers were visiting with each other.
    Restroom toilets not flushed, dirty tissue on floor with used papertowels on floor which was sticky to walk on. Light above table was greasy with lint/dust. Entire restaurant is very unclean.
    I strongly recommend corporate take action to resolve this dirty place situation, a health problem, before a report is given to the state restaurant examiner by someone who is not as nice as I am by only writing this review.

  130. I think Red Robin should have locations in Monticello fl. Jefferson,Madison Fl madison county,Perry Fl. Taylor county Leon county,gadsten couny. C onsider open new location in these areas this summer

  131. I ate at the store in Tempe {ElliotRd} Terrible service. Asked over and over for hot sauce, dressing, water. You do have great burgers but you really need to work on your service. Why don’t you start by having one person take care of the customer instead of handing them off to food dropper offers who don get the right info and don’t care even if they do. I would like to hear from you. Steve Bauer PS This is the second review I have written because the first one said it did not recognize my e-mail address. That’s funny I have had the same address for ten years. Hope you get this.

  132. We are working overtime on the holiday due to the recent hail claims. We ordered for a group of 15-20 people and when our food came the amount of fries was pitiful. My meal literally had 10 small french fries. We even asked for extra since they are bottomless and we weren’t eating at the restaurant. They sent about 40 extra french fries for all our orders. Absolutely ridiculous!! I frequent Red Robin at least once a month, if not more. Not sure if I will go back. My definition of bottomless fries is more than 10!

  133. I enjoy the restaurant in Virginia beach, but will no longer be going there with my grandchildren due to Jerry Springer show being on all the TV’s. Why does a family restaurant have this on?

  134. I was recently at your Sanford location for a sweet 16 birthday lunch with friends. The dining experience was diminished by the temperature of the room…..we were seated under a vent that never shut off and continually blew a strong blast of cold air directly on our table. The server made the compulsory trip to the thermostat to make the adjustment but the results indicated that nothing had been accomplished. I would think twice before returning to your location as guest comfort does not seem to be a priority. Too bad as the burger was a DGB.

  135. We frequent Red Robin at least 1x a week. Yesterday I took 7 high school girls from my high school class out for an end of year dinner. We spent a total of $120.88 which included tax and your promotion of 10 meals one is free. Our server was wonderful, however the SD shrimp breaded came when we were ready to go, we had inquired twice about the dish, still came late. Again, our server was wonderful and asked management to deduct the late item from our bill. We received 6 small shrimp, not sure if that’s standard or not. Anyway, the manager said no and made a sarcastic comment which our server relayed. Very disappointed. Also since I’m complaining, Something is very different at the Kennewick location..You see a lot of servers just standing around and visiting with eachother. Has there been a change??

  136. I have an idea which I believe will be beneficial to your Red Robin Royalty program. At the present time when an Exclusive Surprise is added to the Royalty account it has to be pulled up on the email account. It would be very beneficial if that same information could be pulled up at the store using the Royalty card or alternate id which in most cases is a telephone number. It’s very frustrating to be dining at the restaurant and discover that an Exclusive Surprise reward has expired after a meal has been completed. Not everyone is married to a computer and pulls up their account before dining out. I personally do not check my email account very often and consequently miss those specials. Others tell me that they have experienced the same problem. Please kindly consider this update to your reward program. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  137. Went to your Milford Ohio restaurant June 4 fries were nasty who wants fries that have been setting under a heat lamp no telling how long greasy nasty Luke warm I won’t go back

  138. Lately my burgers have been served on plastic trays, this makes the bottom of the bun soggy, They were much better in the basket.

  139. Yet again I’m a fool for going to the hershey,PA REd Robin…. And once again the service was horrible! food was good but why is it when i go there when someone else brings out the food i have to ask them for refills on drinks and the waitress yet again doesn’t check on the table? She seemed to enjoy standing around talking with the rest of the other waitresses that were doing the same and the managers that enjoyed walking back and forth like they were scared to make the employees do work…

    Horrible service again.. PLUS the dirty plates sit there and the waitress still doesn’t collect them even when the main meal is out.

    I am going to write further into this and contact more than just this review because this is called horrible customer service and i feel that more people should know and maybe the local newspaper should do a write up from other people’s complaints

  140. I love the email coupon Red Robin sent. I especially like how they send them one day before they expire………………..

  141. I went to the Red Robin in Deptford NJ. It was the worst service from door to table that I have ever received. I’ve been to other Red Robins and always had a positive experience. I will never return to this location again.

  142. We love going to red robin every week in fayetteville and rogers Arkansas. May y’all open a red robin in shreveport or Monroe, Louisiana where we currently love. I think all of our fellow neighbors would love it just as much as we do. Thanks

  143. I and my family just had dinner at a Broward County Fl (Plantation, to be exact) and we were disappointed with what they picture on commercials and in their menu. They are nothing like what gets served. My husband ordered the Colossal Burger and it was a joke. I call it a mini me burger. My Bacon Avocado burger was bigger then what he received. Then we find out that we aren’t the only ones to have complained about this. Their fries are also awful. On a positive note the server was fun and the Onion Ring Stack Appetizer was delicious. Also, they have good shakes.

  144. Also, I forgot to mention that this was our first time at any Red Robin restaurant. I was looking so forward to visiting them because of what I have seen and heard about them. Now, I not sure for the money they ask for whether or not it is worth going there again.

  145. Currently seated at the Nashua NH location. Came out for fathers day with my wife and 3 sons 23, 21 and 19. We wereally. It allowed to sit in the bar area. We were told it was against company policy because my youngest son was only 19. This is an absolutely absurd policy. We are now told they ran out buns. How does a burger place run out of buns? Not impresses and not likely to return.

  146. The number on the back of our card is: 30384 0017 63567
    Is this a card that has been expired? When I go into your page it is under Fred Phelps but apparently it doesn’t recognize this card. My husbands birthday was today (06/16/36) 2014 and we were not able to have his birthday burger. Help,, don’t know if we need to start all over again with new card….. Need your help. Thanks

  147. This is a complaint regarding the offensive and inappropriate TV commercials for Red Robin. Since the only method to notify Red Robin is via a $25 fee for filing a “complaint”, I am using this post as a forum for my disgust. The female in the commercials and their tone/format is unfunny, offensive and disgusting! I will never eat at their restaurants again and I plan to let all of my friends know this as well. Please stand up and speak out against offensive material!

  148. My whole family has always been a huge fan of your restaurant. After seeing your commercial with the cussing, we have just taken Red Robin off our list. You pride youself as being a family restaurant. Why have you lowered your standard?. Our family will no longer support Red Robin.
    Thank you for reading my email.
    Patty Fox

  149. I try to compliment when ever possible but this time I really have to let you know that I am very disappointed with your commercials. I am definitely not a fan of bad language but I find the f word offensive. Bleeped or not. I definitely don’t want my children or grandchildren to watch your commercial where the lady covers the little girls ears while using the d word and the f bleeped. Whether or not if the actors heard cookies or whatever. Thought you were classier than that and more respectful to your patrons

  150. We arrived at your restraunt about. 5:45 pm. We put our name in and were told about 20 min wait. I explained we were only there for drinks. I was told to check the bar. No seats available. We finally were called for a table, again telling the hostess we just wanted to order drinks. We waited and waited, finally stopping a server passing by and asked if we could place a drink order which we did. Once we finally got our drinks we asked for the bill as we were trying to make it to a movie. We asked for our bill a second time after waiting again. Finally at 6:45 we left, giving the hostess at the front desk $10.00 to cover the beer and drink ordered and we left in disappointment.

  151. As a parent and 4 time Grandparent and a member of National association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and Victor Valley Association of Realtors, I am greatly disappointed in Red Robin’s new “That’s One Damn Great Burger” ad campaign. Red Robin is replicating a form of media that is intended
    to be vulgar and catchy, but it should be avoided if a company is concerned with its reputation as a “family friendly” Restaurant.

    As a parent and Grandparent, I do not want my children and Grandchildren repeating this slogan. Offensive ads like Red Robin’s cause parents to lose their respect for a restaurant that claims to be family-friendly.

    As a consumer, I urge you to immediately discontinue “The D.G.B.” marketing campaign and any plans for future ads that include profanity and rename the newest burger on the menu with a more decent option instead. My entire Family, My 2,000 member church and people I talk with will now refuse to eat at Red Robin until the “DGB” Ad campaign is discontinued. I will wait till the end of June to see if this Ad campaign is discontinued before I send out a blast email to the National, State and local Real Estate Associations I am a member of. I Intend to aggressively campaign a Boycott against a company that continues to promote vulgarity to our children, they are exposed to too much as it is!

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding my concern.


    Al Calvert

  152. We just saw your commercial where the girl covers the kid’s ears, while she says d*mn. Then a bleep where she says something else. We couldn’t help but wonder what good this kind of ad does. What happened to the days when companies actually had “class”, or at least gave the appearance of decorum? Having seen this commercial, we have no intention of ever entering another Red Robin restaurant.

  153. I just saw your commercial with the little kids and the lady covered the child’s ears because she didn’t want her the child to hear da*n that was said but didn’t cover the child’s ears when they bleeped out the “f” word. What kind of message are you sending. I have lost all respect for Red Robin and will no longr be going to any more RECENT restaurants, which is sad because my family enjoyed going when we were on vacation or traveling back and forth to St. Louis.

  154. I was at the Red Robin in Topeka, KS this pm and much to my dissatisfaction, they could not produce a gluten free menu or for that matter any alergy menu. The manager said you will have to look it up on your phone, we do not provide special menus any longer, a corporate decision. I have eaten there in past and received a gluten free menu. I was told because there products change so often they cannot guarantee the product is gluten free but the website is updated everyday. (Really, sounds like an exuse to me). When I attempted to look up the menu on line, the wi-fi would not work and the GM said the wi-fi was not strong enough in the restaurant but he gets great service in his office, really helps me huh. Needless to say, I told the GM and manager that I would be returning as it appeared that was the intent of the restaurant was not serve people with allergy issues. If this is really a corporate directive shame on you.

  155. Sunday, June 29th, at 3:00 pm we decided to try the new Red Robin in East Peoria, IL. It was a mistake for the following reasons:
    1. Silverware and napkins dirty
    2. When the waitress finally acknowledge us, she just stood at our table, no welcome, no my name is…we felt like we were putting her out.
    3. Food was cold, both sandwiches and french fries, too – we are hoping we don’t get sick
    4. As the waitress walked by she asked ‘want more fries’ but never stopped at the table to ask.
    5. Ketchup on the table was empty – I had to go to another table to get another bottle.
    6. People going in and out of the kitchen the whole time we were there.
    7. Waitress leaning on the back of my set having a conversation with someone.
    Extremely disappointed, would not go back nor would I recommend this store to anyone I cared about. The staff is unfriendly, unorganized and sloven looking. Quite a disgusting experience to say the least.

  156. Once again we went to the covington red and were disappointed. . This time being r he worse experience. My two friends… my 20 month old daughter and I were sat rigt away.. but once insode the service went downhill. We had to wait 15 min to get a starter basket of fries… my daughter was very hungry… our drinks came with the fries… we ask for sauces with our fries and didnt get them… about twenty-five min after getting our fries we finally got our food… except for my daughters… hers came another 5 plus min later… and was not what I ordered… our food was not up to par either… it was barely warm… and the xhixken on our sandwiches was very tough…hard to chew.. also I ordered my daughter oranges with her meal and we
    didnt get them. When I asked the waitress she said that she had seen her have a few fries and couldnt give me the oranges with out charging us for them… when we finally went to pay I gave the waitress my phone number and my friends gave her their royalty cards… she came back and we couldnt see how many burgers till our free one… she told us tjat it doesnt print on all reciepts… I said I always see it… she said well I did the cards but I forgot to do yours with the phone number… and then she said maybe I didnt do any… she came back about ten min later with our receipts that had the burger count on them.. she said she gave my friend an extra point… which she didnt… and I had a free burger so she gave me my money back out of her tips… agter over an hour and half of being there adlnd spending 50 plus bucks
    betweeb the four of us… I can tell you I eas not happy at all.

  157. I was at the Harrell parkway location in Nobleville with some co workers and I believe her name was Samantha. She first came off as friendly until we paid the check. She was so RUDE to my party because we didn’t leave a big enough tip. As we were leaving she also gave us a finger and then made this nasty face. We will never go to this Red Robin ever again.

  158. Me and my wife went to Red Robin in Germantown MD at 8:45pm and sat at table 12 and ordered a monster burger lettuce wrapped. 35 minutes later the waiter came by to and blame the delay on the kitchen. I grabbed a manager and told him that we have been sitting there for over half an hour waiting for our food. We were fasting and starving and we figured Red Robin offers the lettuce wrap and it’s great for us since we don’t eat carbs. The girl who served us didn’t bring us our drink, we had to ask the hostess to bring us a cup of water so we could break fast. We didn’t get her name nor we did get coasters which made our glasses slide all over the table. This was by far the worst experiences we have had going out. We walked out after the manager brought us the wrong food after 35 minutes of waiting. The manager made an attempt of an apology but the girl who was our server said nothing. We asked her if we could get our salads first and she couldn’t even do that. I mean how hard it is to write down the order. I knew something was wrong when she wasn’t writing the specifics of the order. I would not recommend going to Germantown Red Robin. They are very unprofessional. Big let down. Parsa

  159. You have to go to college to get so stupid as to attack your base, but Red Robin did it. When your greeting staff tells potential customers that your full and not taking customers at this time, that’s NUTzZ. You may be a Union Shop and funded by the tax payer and in that case you don’t have to produce, but if your not, you’ll be out of business soon.

  160. My family and I Love eating at red robin. I am in the military and going to red robin with my kids is a past time that we enjoy around deployments. My kids begged me to go there yesterday so we went to Red Robin on 10109 Jefferson Davis Highway Fredricksburg VA. We were seated fairly quickly and we were excited about the new items on the menu, the new drinks, and my kids always love leaving with a ballon. This restuarant was not busy at all. My family and I sat there for 25 mins while two waiters walked back and forth helping other customers besides us. We were obviously noticeable because my kids were complaining because they were hungry. We waited for 25 mins and no one even acknowledged us to take our order. The restuarant was dead, with no reason for this. I had my wife put the kids in the car while I talked to the Manager, they left crying because they love Red Robin, but my wife and I were fuming and our experience for the day was ruined. After talking to the manager, he asked me to unload my kids from the car and come back in. After telling him that his restuarant had already ruined our day he said we’ll I hope your day gets better. Honestly I don’t think the servers around us knew what section was supposed to be covering our table. Yelp comments on this restuarant have been horrible for about the last year. I added one myself after such horrible service. I really expected more out of this company which my family loves so much. I hope someone in corporate reads this comment and seriously addresses this restaurant. Please read the yelp reviews on this place, it is ruining the company’s reputation.

    Joseph Bates

  161. Visited you Frederick, Maryland Red Robin today and was totally disappointed. The chicken on the salads was not fully cooked and we had to send it back after waiting about 45 minutes for it. The manager (Mike Matusek)came out took the food back and had it prepared again. Never apologized or anything. We had to seat our
    self and get our own silverware. Server did not have a clue.
    Cross this restaurant off your list and save your money

  162. Tried Red Robin for the first time today and was very disappointed. The hamburger we was told was made from frozen patties – it was terrible. I’ve seen commercials and wanted to try Red Robin, so when we saw the restaurant in Sanford, we were excited to give it a try. Never again. Other fast food hamburger places are superior.

  163. We had relatives in from out of state. They had only been to Red Robin one time and was impressed and wanted to visit one in our town of Evansville Indiana. However my sister-in-law and I ordered the clam chowder and a small salad. When we finally got our food (at least 30 minutes), the clam chowder was terrible and the salad was ok but was a regular size. We also had ordered 2 regular hamburgers but when they were delivered one was a veggie burger. It took another 15 minutes to get the correct order. We then sent the clam chowder back, as it tasted awful. We were still hungry so we ordered a fish sandwich to split that that took another 30 minutes. The service was terrible. That night our guests got very very ill with food poisoning. I do not know what has happened to our Red Robin that used to be very attentive to its customers. I have never complained online for anything but this service and food was to say the least horrible.

  164. We went to Red robin in rochester(heneryetta) we had a blast the server was so great her name is MISSY I shure wish that we could have a Red Robin in Batavia new york this town NEEDS something different and good like Red Robin

  165. My fiance visited our local redrobin (california, MD) with his kids and family for his brothers birthday. He did not order any food and neither did his son all they had was the sweet tea, however he left with an extreme upset stomach and his son ended up throwing up. When this was brought to the managers attention, his response was it must have been something you all ate earlier in the day. This wasn’t the first time his son has vomited from the food/drink at this location. This was the last chance they got. I will not be recommending this restaurant to anyone ever.

  166. I use to love red robin until the day I could not update my information online neither in the store. I missed out on all of my rewards. What good is it to have a rewards program if it’s going to expire within a short period of time? Today will be my last visit. Such a major disappointment ;(

  167. We have been going to Red Robin every Friday for 8+ years and really enjoy the burgers and service that we receive. Something caught my attention last week when entering Red Robin. A sign posted on the door that stated “No firearms allowed”. I have been and continue to carry my cancelled weapon whenever leaving the house. I do have a valid CCW permit. Guess if that’s their policy then we will find a new establishment that will allow us to continue to carry our cancelled weapon.

  168. I am a huge Red Robin fan. And the night I went to the Nampa Idaho store on 8/5/2014 was out of the ordinary. It seems like everything went wrong that night. They seemed to be short staffed and kept questioning the horseradish on the prime rib melt. Stuff went wrong with the Royalty stuff ect ect. Im afraid my mom lost her cool and snapped at the manager when he came to check on us. However he was utterly gracious and never lost his temper. Robert Cook is his name. He is an awesome example of good customer service under pressure. I LOVE RED ROBIN!!

  169. I just wanted to share with you my recent dining experience at your Hershey location. Let me start off by letting you know, I myself am in the industry and have been for over 25 years.We took our 6 year old to Hershey for his birthday. I had not eaten all day as we had decided on the way there after seeing it on the way in, we would have a nice dinner afterwards. We arrived approximately 7ish, restaurant was moderately busy. We sat down and our server came over. She didn’t even have to say a word, you could just tell she hated her job, and after her idea of what a table greeting was, it was well confirmed. I ordered a pear martini, have had it before and after a long day , I was really looking forward to it!! It was brought out and not knowing I took a nice sip,the rim was loaded with salt, not sugar!! Who in their right mind puts salt on a martini, EVER????? All the previous times purchased it was sugar, don’t figure. Anyway, we ordered an app and the boys food. My older son ordered a fried chicken sandwich,mayo and cheddar cheese only. Asking several times is our food almost ready ,about 40 minutes later , food comes out, no cheese on his sandwich. No big deal really, simple solution would have been to take the sandwich back and melt a piece of cheese right? This server puts her finger up and walks away, comes back with a nasty piece of old cheese on a plate and proceeds to say to my son “here just put this on, it’ll be fine “!!! It was hard and had other ingredients from the line on it!!! Absolutely disgusting. I called the manger over and politely explained my son will not eat this like this. He apologized , took the sandwich back. Somewhere in this interim my husband and I had ordered our food. Now we’ve been there almost an hour and a half and still have not eaten!! We had to finally ask our server where my son’s sandwich was, again she puts her finger up and walks away. About ten minutes later she drops HIS sandwich off, our food is now MIA!!! Im pretty frustrated by this point. My husband keeps saying our food has got to be here shortly. Icing on the cake, our server walks back over about 20 minutes after dropping my sons food off and proceeds to drop the check on the table and say I’ll take this when your ready!!! I grabbed the check in disbelief and looked for our food on it…. NEVER WAS RUNG IN!!!!!!!! At this point I had no patience, I physically got out of the booth to hunt our server down, she proceeds to check her book , look at the check, check her book. Before she could try to make an excuse up , I told her if it wasn’t rung in, at this point I do not want it.

    Manager comes over a few minutes later, different gentleman than the first, asks me to explain what had all happened. After explaining myself and obviously see how angry I was, he says, “I’m really very sorry about everything, I took both the boys meals off, all you have to pay for is the martini and the appetizer!!!! UNACCEPTABLE in my eyes!!! I came to your restaurant to eat dinner, the service was absolutely horrendous, spent almost 2 hours waiting to eat a meal that we never received and I had to PAY for the experience!!! They should be ashamed of themselves to say the least!!!! I would NEVER step foot in that Hershey location EVER again!!

  170. I have worked and managed in the food industry and other settings that require cleanliness. I can say that the silverdale wa red Robin has absolutely no idea what sanitation is. It couldn’t be more obvious that the restaurant has gone so corporate that nobody even notices. I’m not sure if it’s the fault of the manager there obviously not doing their job or the lack of leadership all over the company. If everything in the entry way and dining room is sticky and smeared with old food I could only imagine what goes on in the kitchen. The entire restaurant has what takes years of built up filth in it.

  171. I’ve been going to Red Robin now for over 15 years. I’ve always loved their selection and the fun family orientated environment it brings. But after my experience today, I don’t know if I’ll ever visit a Red Robin again.

    We attended the one at the landing in renton tonight for my cousins 15th birthday. There were about 15 of us at a table. It started out great; got our drinks and appetizers fast. Then came our meals…… I ordered the clucks and fries buffalo style. Now I’ve ordered this plenty of times and each time it comes cooked in buffalo sauce. Mine came out as regular strips and two cups of sauce on the side. I told him and not only did he not offer to take it back but the sauce looked and tastes like 90% oil, 10% buffalo sauce. Then my uncle who ordered buffalo wings, ( which he got 15 mins after everyone already got their food) came out with just…. Drumroll….. Sauce on ONE wing. Sent it back. They put sauce on two more wings .* rolls eyes*

    During the meal, none of us got refills unless we stopped him and asked for one. On top of that we didn’t get napkins until AFTER we finished eating. Not one time did the waiter clear any of our plates. He brought our desert out with the tables full of empty plates and glasses. And even after desert nobody cleared our tables. Not once did anyone apologize.

    It was the worst service I’ve had ever, and I will not recommend this location to anyone. Thanks for making a family dinner an unpleasant one.

  172. After dining in your restaurant and paying the bill (in cash). The waitress returned my change, which turned out to be incorrect. She informed me that your policy is to round up to a even amount. So no pennies are given. Granted it’s only a penny but a penny in my pocket is as good as a penny in yours. After a while this can add up to quite a large sum as I’m sure you agree. When did you start this and what is the reason for it? If donating the money to a good cause is your quest, well then good for you but don’t you think you should inform the customer before you just take it upon yourself to take our money? Thanks for hearing my request, and hope you change your policy.


  174. i had the worse customer service yesterday, the restaurant was not busy. my waitress was also the bartender and it was the took her 8 mins to greet us, the table was dirty, the manager had to bring my order, after waiting a long period of time for my order,it was wrong.customers came after me was served and eating before i received my/our order. the waitress/bartender was more interested in a employee that came in with her newborn baby than into serving me/us.she didn’t ask me for a bottomless refill or fries.

  175. Your ad on tv with the girl who is saying “who’s your daddy” needs to be replaced. You cannot make out a word she is saying except “who’s your daddy”.

  176. It’s a shame that so many people put their unfortunate bad reviews yet seldom take the time to show support for the good experiences. I typically go to the robin in Hamilton NJ, and it’s great! Realistically speaking you will always have that one server who isn’t that good at their job but I personally have to give proper commendation to the servers I personally have had at this particular red robin. A shout out to Steve at the bar for exceptional service and professional attentiveness. Barbara who works hard to make sure you do get what you need and is always so sweet. Scott the General Manager, who I’ve met several times already is great and makes sure his guests/patrons are well taken care of. Sawyer who’s a young respectful lady, full of energy and is good at her job. For those in charge I truly hope that you look at this comment and give your hard workers what they deserve, whether it be a raise, or bonus. I’ll be sure to ask the next time I come in.


  177. I visited your store on 188th and Evergreen in Hillsboro September 21st. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries to go. It was the first thing I have eaten all day, and I was on my way to work. The reason I mention this is because if I had time I would have gone back and talked to a GM to show what I was expected to eat. The fries were cold..not luke warm, but actually cold. I did not eat them. The burger was, at best, luke warm and just one big same tasting pile. I did eat it because I was starving. I do regret it though, you see I’m a server myself, and had to make it through my shift not feeling all that well. Like I said, I am a server, and I do know how people who write in exaggerate to justify themselves, but I am truly trying to be kind. It was the worst thing I can remember eating. It really was truly very bad. I will probably not visit this store again.

  178. Receipt number 70031 @ 8:02 9/26/2014 147.19 5125 jonestown rd harrisburg pa 17112. Service was the absolute worst . We had a party of 12 for a birthday diner, they cant split the check ok we get that but then why did our food come out @ 4 different times in 10 minute intervals? Why was the first set of food warm not hot but warm, and the rest comes old cold. So did the extra fries. We ordered our food and drinks the same time it took 40 minutes to get our drinks and another 20 minutes for our food! We had to flag a manager down to get warm fries and refills on drinks. Granted we did get comp. $30.00 we could use right away but what good does that do when we paid 147.19 and are now heading to mcdonalds to get food so we can actually eat warm food. Ridiculous isn’t it should of just started there. I dont belive we will be returning.


  180. I was at the Deptford mall red robin. I was told waiting time was 35 mins. I was waiting 40 mins. I was seated next to a table that wasn’t cleaned up for the remaining time I was seated. Most of the staff was standing around doing nothing. My waitress had to clean up the table next to us as we where done. My waitress was very good. She was a little heavy set blond lady. I am sorry I didn’t get her name but she was very nice. The manager at the front that was taking in new customers was rude. This is just my thoughts but I think the manager and some of the staff need to be replaced.

  181. On 10/7/2014 my wife and I ate at your Fairfield Ca location. I wanted to drop a line to you and voice my disappointment. Our server, Jenny, was rude, did not refill our dinks, did not bring more fries without us asking, brought cold tortilla soup to us, soup was spilled all over my plate making my chicken wrap soggy, we had to ask for the bill twice and the restroom was disgusting. The Manager actually brought my food out, which had the spilled soup. He dropped the plate on the table and walked away without saying a word.

    Needless to say we will not be returning to your establishment. I wish you luck, however, with service and product like this I am not sure it will be enough.

  182. I want to comment on the Red Robin commercial I just saw today. It has a woman spokesperson, along with two children, I believe. She is swearing and covering one child’s ears while doing so. I found this commercial tasteless and crude. It was neither funny, nor creative, nor appropriate for Red Robin’s image of an all-ages restaurant. Outright swearing, or the implied use of the “F” work is not acceptable for a commercial, ESPECIALLY one that features small children. Disgusting!

  183. I have to say Red Robin has always been a family favorite for us, but after the last two visit my family has had there I would have to say otherwise. My family went on a Friday night after having to ask for our drinks twice and silverware multiple times the food was cold and the fries where hard and over cooked.

    We decided to try again and went yesterday, we had to wait 20min when the restaurant was slow and many open tables, we had 4 different people come to our table, drinks were made wrong and again had to ask for silverware multiple times as well as enough dipping sauce for everyone. Once the food came my salad was wilty and brown, my husbands chili cheese burger had hardly any chili on it, my mothers tortilla soup was bland and watered down.

    Overall client experience was mediocre at best, in today’s society we pay to much to enjoy a meal out with our friends or our family to leave frustrated with the service or with a bad taste for a place of business where you are paying for there service.

  184. Check out your facebook page!! I complained about the many times I go in to your chambersburg, pa location only to struggle for an hour with you wi fi and the management never tells you the problem just lets yous it there and try to connect forever. I finally figured out your putting a time limit of like 20 minutes and then kicking customers off of the wi fi. Your employees began harassing me via facebook and my email. go look at ur facebook page. those employees should be fired!!! or shall I sue for harassment



  187. The Elephant Bar in Burbank on Orange Grove St has closed.This would be an excellent location for Red Robin.We sure would love to have one in Burbank!!!

  188. My wife and I went to the Yakima, WA location of Red Robin ( a restaurant that we enjoyed at it’s old location…. in a building right next to the new location) for dinner on Wednesday October 8th 2014. We were sat down right away and then waited nearly 30 min before someone came by to ask what we wanted. We ordered and due to how loud it was I pointed to what we wanted on the menu. The waitress wrote it down and then left…. another 30 min later we received our drinks, the bottomless root beer floats, which were filled only 1/4 of the way up in the glass… barely enough to cover the ice cream. The waitress then stated that we will drink them down quick and then left. twenty min later we got another drink… this one 1/2 of the way full. 20 more min after that they came by with some food for us…. which was entirely incorrect we wanted the chicken burger… they brought us regular burgers. We told her and she said she would have them fix it…. which she left… after that we were done and tried to wave down someone to pay for our drinks so we could go somewhere else…. which no one would stop to pay attention to us. My wife was very upset…. as was I. I got up to go to the concierge but that is when the manager came over ( another 10 min later)…he asked what was wrong. I explained the whole thing. He asked for them to fix it. I told him no. We were done and wanted to just pay for what we drank and leave. He would not let us leave and kept saying it will be 5 more min… I told him no and that we just wanted to go somewhere else. He then said that we could go and they would take care of the drinks… as we walked out the door the chicken burgers were pulled out of the kitchen… OVER AN HOUR AFTER SITTING! My wife and I will never go back to your restaurant… we never got an apology for how we were treated. I have talked to others that have gone to this location and they have all been treated nearly the same way… at the old location we were always treated well…. did something changed when they moved the restaurant 100 feet? I would like to talk to someone from Customer Service asap about this.

  189. I was with a group of fathers of children with special needs and we had dinner at your Redmond (148th)location after a conference – (Washington State Father’s Network). Thee were approximately 20-25 of us. Date was 10-11-14 around 4-6pm. we all had request for separate tickets. Melissa was our server and she did great – fabulous! We were bit of a loud group at times and she represented your organization with class, style, and a smile :) Our hats off to your staff and in particular Ms. Melissa.

  190. My family has been going to Red Robin for years. We have generally had a pretty good experience and good service. However, for the last year it has totally changed and we have slowly stopped going. We like to go early around 5:00 pm for dinner to beat the dinner rush. Every time we go the restaurant is full of empty tables but we have to wait 20 minutes or more. The crowd in the lobby is confused and frustrated. I overhear patrons talking and some have walked out. The answer given by the hostess is simply that we don’t have enough waiters on shift yet. Oh my goodness! What?! This is basic good sense good customer service 101. You don’t make customers who are willing to spend money at your establishment wait unless you don’t have space to serve them. This is not a one time occurrence. It is every time we go. Red Robin if you want to stay competitive in Bellingham, Washington. You need to step it up.
    Thank You!

  191. My family eats out around 4 times a week. Usually we have no problem with Red Robin. We eat there because of the gluten free burgers. Last evening there were 3 of us. We ordered ribs, fish and gluten free burger and fries. (no seasoning on fries because she has celiac disease and some seasonings have gluten in them) Our waitress took our drink and food orders and we stressed to her about the one persons allergy. We never saw her again. Someone delivered our drinks, another person delivered our food. The only order they got right was the ribs. The fish was cold and the burger and fries were compromised. We flagged down various waitress’s but nobody helped us. Finally we found the manager and he had another burger made for the gluten person and took my fish away. I did not want a replacement so I ordered a cup of chili which also was luke warm. Our waitress did (first we saw her in over an hour) bring our bill. I always prided myself on being a heavy tipper but I DID NOT tip. This is only the 2nd time in over 70 years I did not tip. This was also at 4:30 in the pm when food should be rather fresh and hot. What is happening to your Taylor Red Robin? We only go there because of the Gluten Free menu. We will find other places to go. Also this place will not last when word gets spread around.

  192. First of all, I would like to comment on your web site. Very helpful. Except for the box where it says submit your own rating. I wanted to do this but when I pressed the box, expecting to be sent to a rating form/page I found to my horror that the two star rating from the last visitor to your website was used as my rating. I wonder how many other users have had this problem skewing your posted results. I wanted to give red robin a five star rating. Using the number you provided I had my problem with registering a second royalty card for our household solved within seconds…definitely under a minute. I told the red robin customer service what I am telling you now. We have been dining at numerous red robins over past 20+ years, and the food and the service and the cleanliness and experience has always been top notch. We dine out a lot, and try/review a lot of restaurants. We don’t eat burgers a lot, but when we do we almost always return to red robin unless one is not close enough to where we are at the time. Our red robin dining has always been superior to any “highly rated” burger restaurant that we tried because a red robin wasn’t close enough to where we were at the time.

  193. Just tried to use a different computer to see if I could post a favorable five star rating for red robin on your website. Zoomed in so I could try to move the star (meter?) up to five stars by pressing the fifth star. I don’t think it rated it that highly. There should be a confirmation of the rating you want to submit and instructions as to using the rating device. Thank you. Still like this site.

  194. On 10/2, went to celebrate the Bronco’s sacking the quarterback location was crowded and busy. Ordered soup and the Red Robin special for the Bronco’s and a salad. The soup was cold and was replaced with a hot cup. The Red tavern burger arrived COLD and contacted the waitress. Manager brought a fresh and hot burger and said he would take care of the bill. No adjustment on the bill, possibly because of the Bronco’s promotion by Red Robin.
    About your point of sale, ordering and payment machine on the table. There is no notice that the games are pay per play. Neither did the server say anything about games costing to play. Overall, this visit was WAY below the usual good service we have come to expect at Red Robin.

  195. I was in your Allentown location this eve. ordered a burger with raw onion, let. tomotoe. the burger arrived with a frozen (yes frozen) onion wilted lettuce and frozen tomotoe. The burger was placed on top of raw onion so when itthawed out the bun was all soggy and wet. Both were replaced by waitress however, by then the burger was cold. Very disappointed in this.

  196. My wife and I decided to stop for lunch on the way back from New York to North Carolina. We were going to stop at Wendy’s, but came upon one of your restaurants in Jonestown, VA on the way to Wendy’s. We walked inside and the host told us that we’d have to wait 10 minutes, because they did not open until 11:00 a.m. My wife decided to go to the rest room and I sat down on one of the bench seats inside. As I sat there a couple of older people walked in and the host told them the same thing. The gentleman told them that his wife was going to the restroom while he waited. My wife then returned about the time 3 other people were being seated. She told me to get in line so we could get a table, so I got up and we walked back to the host. As we’re standing there, the other couple returned from the bathroom and the host met them halfway with their menus. I’m thinking, why did you seat them when we were already standing here, but I waited as the host returned. I then stood at the desk and the host told me that we’d still have to wait another 2 minutes. I’m thinking, you’ve already seated 5 people now and we were here first and yet we are going to have to wait two more minutes. I looked at my wife and asked her if she wanted to leave and go to Wendy’s. She said yes. The host stood right there and heard our conversation and saw us leaving, yet he never said a word. I had always hear the Red Robin was a good place to eat, but I will not be going back to find out.

    Joseph Vann

  197. I was recently at the Red Robin in woodbridge mall. I’m an regional manager for a retail location that just came to the mall. My Ceo bought me a gift card and I went this past Saturday. I sat in the bar area knowing Saturday is a busy day for all in the mall. The service was terrible the girl behind the bar had to much on her plate to handle bar crowed,tables,and supply drinks to other servers.I would suggest that management get correct staff in place for Saturday which I assume is one of your busiest days.All employee’s seemed upset at the lack of leadership that day.I hope it was just that day and not the norm because I would like to continue to go there when I visit my location there


  198. I have a shell fish allergy. While at Red Robin in Poughkeepsie, NY this past Sunday afternoon, my friend and I decided to order a fried codfish dinner. I asked the waiter if the cod was fried in the same oil that shrimp was friend in as I am highly allergic to shelll fish. He assured me that different oil was used for the cod fish and that RR is very attentive to customers with certain food allergies.I ordered the codfish. Soon after a manager came to our table to ask us how we were, etc. and what we ordered. I told her what we ordered and my concern about my shell fish allergy. She immediately told me to order something else as the codfish was indeed fried in the same oil shrimp was. Had she not stopped by the table, I would have had a serious allergic reaction to my dinner. Here is the thing……people like myself need to be informed of this through a note on the menu. Moreover, the waitstaff needs to be informed on how foods are prepared in order to avoid a possible allergic reaction and, more importantly, death.

  199. I was very happy with my service but when my husbands burger came out it was so filled with grease I had no choice to send it back. Martha at the red robin in fairfield was quick to know we were not happy with our food and came before we had to grab her attention. She quickly had our burger remade. When the manager rebecca (did not intraduse her self had to ask server for name) came with the remade burger she gave us an excuse that the burger should be greasy do to the olive oil the tomatoes are soaked it. Although this is the way you prep the tomatoes one should use a ladel and drain part of the oil so the buns are not soaked with grease before reaching the table. The cold grease in the tomatoes made the burger not only greasy but very cold.further more our appatizer was over cooked and the chicken in my crispy chicken salad was also over cooked or cooked at to high of a temperature which made it not good at all. If it wasnt for my sever apologetic response and very upbeat quick personality I probly would not return. Your company ahould be greatful that your servers hold the faith to you corp.

  200. We are normal customers at red robin. We went yesterday for a normal lunch and I’m not sure we will be returning. First off it took someone 25 min to come to our table to even introduce themselves and ask us for a drinks. I understand red red robin is normally busy but we also watched a family of 5 sit down 5 min after us and they were able to order 5 min after they say down. We order an appetizer while waiting since we knew it would be busy, took almost 30min to get to know our table and it was just fries with cheese on top. We got it and it was shocking, it looked like melted squares of cheese that had been reheated with two little pieces of bacon. It was dried out and cold in the middle so not even reheated to the right temp. We finally got our food and my husbands burger was completely raw he didn’t eat it. I began t inspect my kids burgers which were also pink and raw. Unfortunately they had already eaten half of it by that time. My burger was rubbery with a little pink and just was all around bad. And usually I love red robin burgers! We left disappointed that we had to pay for a meal we couldn’t eat. Well that night my husband and two kids were sick throwing up all night. I’m really disappointed in my experience at red robin.

  201. 11/9/14
    I had Lunch at your Red Robin on Bell Rd. in Surprise AZ.
    The Server was a Pretty Girl named Courtney. Just want to say she did a excellent job of serving 3 Adults and a 8yr. old child. She was wonderful. Polite, Kind and as quick as the cook allowed her to be. She is a Credit to your Restaurant and her Boss (didn’t get his name) is Friendly and Polite also. He is not hard on the eyes either.. LOL Thank You for both of them. I did enjoy your good Chicken Sandwhich/Fries & Pineapple Milk Shake..
    Sincerely, E. R. Kaiser

  202. 11/9/14
    I had Lunch at your Red Robin on Bell Rd. in Surprise AZ.
    The Server was a Pretty Girl named Courtney. Just want to say she did a excellent job of serving 3 Adults and a 8yr. old child. She was wonderful. Polite, Kind and as quick as the cook allowed her to be. She is a Credit to your Restaurant and her Boss (didn’t get his name) is Friendly and Polite also. He is not hard on the eyes either.. LOL Thank You for both of them. I did enjoy your good Chicken Sandwhich/Fries & Pineapple Milk Shake..
    Sincerely, E. R. Kaiser

  203. I’m a 100% service vet that did 14 months in combat. My wife and I both visit your place and love it. But I’m writing today because I got a notice from one of your local places on happy valley rd in Phoenix AZ about how you are giving free burgers to vets tomorrow. I will probably not be able to attend, but I just wanted to thank you for respecting the people that make this country free.

    Thank You,
    Jerry Abrahamson.

  204. I’m a 100% service vet that did 14 months in combat. My wife and I both visit your place and love it. But I’m writing today because I got a notice from one of your local places on happy valley rd in Phoenix AZ about how you are giving free burgers to vets tomorrow. I will probably not be able to attend, but I just wanted to thank you for respecting the people that make this country free.

    Thank You,
    Jerry Abrahamson.

  205. As someone all ready wrote what the heck is with that stupid commercial “who is your burger daddy”. What is that supposed to mean. Why is she even saying it. It makes no sense.

  206. We stopped in at Red Robin in Manchester Ct tonight and as much as I would like to favorably review my meal I can not as I was unable to finish it. My husband and I both ordered two plain cheese burgers. After a lengthy wait we received two burgers laden with lettice , tomato mayo, onions and unmelted cheese complete with a soggy stale roll. The burgers were underdone, cool and fell apart with the roll as we tried to eat. The frenchfries, always a favorite, were for the first time I can remember cold.
    The waiter and manager were apologetic however we were disappointed as the fooas always been consistently good in this restaraunt. I hope this was an off night however I am doubtful.

  207. My wife and I have been long time customers. Yesterday we stopped at Red Robin in Burlington, Washington state. The changes that have been made to the quality and quantity of the and hamburgers and chicken sandwich were disappointing. The coffee was good and the servers were polite and efficient.
    Because of the changes made to the quality of the food , next time we will go to a fast food place like Jack in the Box etc.
    We both wish you had not changed.

  208. I have the Red Royalaty card which I have now registered 3 times and still cannot get my free items off because everytime the server swipes my card it says I am not regestered. I am not the only one with this problem so my question is what the heck is the problem here????? I shouldn’t have to come home and re-register my card only to go back in and be denied those items I have backed up on my card.

  209. I like to give kudos to the RED ROBIN located at 14736 E. Indiana Ave.Spokane, WA.99216

    I come in at times when I am in the area for a meal over the past several years. I have to tell you, I am never let down nor disappointed. The crews there from the receptionist right down to the guys and gals clearing the tables are well trained that says a lot for the manager I BELIEVE Jimmy and my server this time was Braden. I don’t need any coupons, meal cards etc.
    I travel allot and have been to the one in EXTON PA. and Collegeville PA. being I use to live there. I use to own a small restaurant in Milwaukee WI. And know the business and every day issues that arise. in the business. WELL DONE RED ROBIN. one of my favorite eating places.

    like to see the two mention get a pat on the back for a fine job, good manners and being well discipline in the jobs they take it seriously. you need a few more Red Robins in the state

    Respectfully Yours,
    Edward J. Parkes
    8513 N. Harvard Road
    Newman Lake, WA.99025

  210. My husband got an email saying enjoy a free tavern burger for panthers by week nothing about them winning or crap but no employee knew really what was going on which was really aggravating. The email said nothing about them winning to get this very disappointing how the workers had no idea what was going on and over heard servers talking about yeah some did the deal some didn’t some limited one buger some let others pick between the tavern burgers and some just said no they didn’t win so they aren’t offering it. I was talked to like I was an idiot but they did offer me a free tavern after everything but our friends went after and got told absolutely not by the server, so if red robin sends out these offers make it more clear or at least make sure the workers and MANAGERS know what the hell is going on. Very very upset . Here is what the email contained, so yes I was confused because it didn’t say anything about the team winning ( jacksonville NC 28546 location) Tavern Double Tuesdays Cure Your Bye Week Blues Woohoo! The Panthers didn’t play this week, but it’s Thanksgiving week, so to thank you for your Panthers loyalty, you get a FREE* Tavern Double(TM) Burger with Bottomless Steak Fries(TM) tomorrow. *With purchase of 2 beverages and an entrée. Excludes Red’s Big Tavern(R) and Styles.

  211. Tonight on my birthday, my daughter decided to take her Mom out for dinner and pay for the first time in her life. We went to the Holland Michigan location at an earlier time, prior to the dinner rush. Our server Randi was decent-pleasant. She took our drink order, said she’d bring some fries. It was NOT busy in there!! Basket of LITERALLY seven fries was cold. Daughter hungry and had those gone. Server came by after a while and said she’d bring more fries. WAITED, waited, waited, waited….daughter finally asked, “hey, where’s my fries”? Finally get next basket, dinner orders had been placed already quite a while ago, a table of two adults and four kids were seated LONG after we were there and ordered and low and behold, their meals came LITERALLY four minutes after ours. Our tab came to $36.40 for crappy food and we still left a $6 tip-not to stiff the server. 2nd to worst meal/service I’ve had in my lifetime. BUMMER of a birthday dinner! It wasn’t busy in there-thanks Red Robin-not

  212. I feel the need to let you know that I made a first time visit to your Secaucus NJ Restaurant with my 4 year old daughter and it was the worst experience we have ever had. we have been to your place in Clifton NJ and the service has been great as far as the Secaucus facility,I will go next door to buffalo wild wings, your staff in Secaucus doesn’t have a clue.we had to ask for a waitress,ask for more drinks, and I had to ask for something to keep my daughter occupied, But the most annoying part was trying to pay the bill. We had to track down the waitress when they told me she was business and we had to wait, I had my card ready she put the bill down and walked away,we waited 15 min I finally put my daughters coat on and had to walk to the front counter to pay the bill, I was then told the waitress would take it. the mgr came out to talk to me, I just wanted to pay and go, he wanted a survey. I live in Secaucus and frequient the eateries, I will tell you your service is much to be desired.

  213. We ate at the Red Robin in Beavercreek OH on 12/14/14; we love eating at Red Robin, but on this visit they ran out of Coke. We were told they were going to the store to buy some but never got a Coke before we finished dining (our server offered other beverages, but I really wanted a Coke.) I believe that is a management issue. Also, I always loved the french onion soup at Red Robin, but I don’t know if you’ve changed the recipe, but it is now so salty (or reduced) that it is almost inedible.

  214. We Took Our Son To Red Robin At His Request For His Birthday. My Wife And I Were Hesitent To Return Because Of Our Last Experience Which Was Horrible Was Topped Tonight! 45 Minute Wait To Be Seated To An Unclean Table. Asked Several Times For Fries For A Family Of Eight Only To Get 2 Small baskets Enough For2Fries Each. The Bottom Was Out Of The Fries Before We Git Them It Was Fhe Joke Of The Night. Our Poor Waitress Apologized Ro Us Several Times And We Overheard Her Saying The Same To Each Table She Visited. She Explained That Botg ManageKitcheWere In The kitche

  215. Spokane WA, I normally do not do this, but compelled this time. Understand I am not seeking recognition, just explaining an shitty event. Last evening I decided to stop by my local Red Robin as I was wrapping up my Christmas shopping. AS I was walking in there were 2 homeless (man & women)folks just trying to stay warm and not asking for anything. I asked them if they had eaten and they said no. I invited them to join in Red Robin. I had to convince the employees it was ok and that I will pay for whatever they want. All things were fine and I even sat with them. Here is the shit part…the server came to me and asked me to close my tab because she “had” to go home. I wasn’t ant where near finishing my meal and my 2 visitors were enjoying desert. I asked her to hold off, shortly after the manager came to me a TOLD me to close my tab so the server could go home, I still was eating. When I asked why, he stated the server had kids and if I don’t he would ban me from that place forever. As I tried to reason with the incompetent manager, he increasingly threatened me. I did not finish my “paid for meal” and left. I have waited 14 hrs to write this so not to be vengeful. Merry Christmas

  216. Who knew it would take almost 50 minutes for what we were told would be a 30-35 minute wait to be seated, wait another 50-60 minutes for our food to come out (including the appetizer, which the waitress said was coming out 3 different times before it actually came out), then get the bill with nothing compensated on it, then spoke to the manger who told told us he can only offer one free appetizer card to our table who had 3 couples seated, because he only had a few left and needed them for other tables, and wouldn’t comp our drinks. Thanks to the horrible service, we missed our movie as it took 2 hours and 15 minutes just get a brought dinner. Horrible service, worst I’ve ever seen! This took place at the Eugene, Oregon location and was under Eric’s management.

  217. I have now had lunch both at the Appleton, WI restaurant and the Oshkosh, WI restaurant. My order is simple – a plain hamburger, lots of pickles and raw onion, unseasoned fries and tartar sauce. Nobody can get the unseasoned fries right. The wait staff is not allowed to talk with a cook and the time the unseasoned fries show up, my hamburger is already gone. I have gone so far as to tell the waitress (today in Oshkosh) that I would like to order unseasoned fries – result the same. Any suggestions as to how this seemingly simple order might be served on time, as ordered. I normally don’t complain, but this is making me think it is time for another lunch location.

  218. The bartender/ waitress talked us out of the onion rings and talked us into the new Chips with onion dip. Gross, the dip was bland with raw and cooked onions in it. Kind of like the beginning stages of a tarter sauce. The chips were inconsistent 1/2 soggy and 1/2 burnt with way too much salt. They took 20 minutes to get them to our table. We were there to watch the BSU fiesta bowl game. Very slow service. The shrimp and clucks meal was like a kids meal and tasted like your average frozen food section. 14.00 for this kind of food is ridiculous.

  219. January 1, 2015 – Usually we enjoy our meals at the restaurant in Wenatchee Washington. Today we had went there with the grandkids(small) and daughter and son in-law. We ordered our food and waited….and waited. While waiting I ordered a Hawaiian Heart throb. It was not slushy but chunky with ice. We watched our food sit under the warmer for more than five minutes. Upon receiving our food, my husbands French dip was cold, my Caesar wrap only had chicken and lettuce in it….no tomatoes or Caesar. Our waitress only gave a refill on water once. It was one of the most unsatisfactory lunches I have ever had. I have been there before when it was much busier and had better service and better food. I enjoy the restaurant and hope that the service will improve if we return for a visit. Thank you very much


  221. we had the most terrible experience last night at the Red Robin in Eastern and Richmar in Henderson NV. MY DAUGHTER CALLED IN A RESERVATION AT 6:00 pm. I got there at 6:12pm. The hostess said it would be a half hour. We were a party of nine with three small children under the name Chris. Forty minutes later they called party of nine, Chris. We went up there and they said it was another party of nine Chris who actually came in after us. We waited and waited. One hour later I went up to her and she kept saying we were next. I finally called the Manager over. By the way I am disabled with a walker, and I explained I have two sons with anxiety problems and could they please give us a table. It was so loud and chaotic in the waiting room and too cold to wait outside. The manager said they were doing everything they could but they still had no table! We couldn’t wait any longer. I explained the girl said a half hour and I know they took the other party of nine before us. No apology or anything. WE LEFT!

    We went to a hamburger place two blocks away and got waited on immediately. My daughter takes her children to your restaurant quite often and never had this problem before. Her five year old was starving. No way to treat children or adults. The uncaring attitude was totally unacceptable. Worst experience we have ever had at a restaurant.

    Sincerely still feeling the impact from last night and will tell many people about the awful experience!!!

    Sandi Walton
    Mother of six and six grandchildren.

  222. We went to Cerritos Ca. Red Robin three nights ago, it was the worst $70 bucks we ever spent we have four kids and it was my husbands bday, we wanted to do something with the kids as well as without, we have gone to other Red Robins many times, our order was wrong for half of us, easy no dressing just plain burgers for kids right? had to have them done over 30 mins. latter as kids did the im going to cry because we are starving cry i find a hair in my plate half way eaten black hair, im blonder than blonde!

  223. I tried for awhile to do the survey for ouR visit to the Wilbraham, I had a great experience and when I came to filling out my date of birth, it would not accept it and I could not complete the survey. This has happened before and would like to find out what I am doing wrong.
    Thank you.

  224. This is the 2nd time in about 40 days that we have had bad meals and poor service at the Fair Lakes, va red robin. The manager told us both times that “they were slammed”. The only reason we went was for a daughter’s birthday (her choice) or we would have gone somewhere else. My soup was luke warm. The food was mediocre, with the child’ pizza hot, the grilled cheese cold, and the adult sandwiches were luke warm. We had dirty dishes piled on the edge of the table for more than 20 minutes and Tracy was handling other customers and would walk right on by. We had to ask for an extra spoon, water, etc. Unpleasant experience.

  225. tried to rate you a one star, but your system recorded it as a two star. by the way, the manager at the fair lakes red robin was the same one on both visits and I am a loyalty card holder. There is poor attitudes from the hostess seating us (who couldn’t wait to throw the menus on the table and leave (not busy at that moment), to the manager who really could have cared less about our complaints. This angers me.

  226. on this evening me my wife and granny at seven years old she is today her birthday and we went to Red Robins right off Monona Dr. and we are so happy that we did we had the greatest experience at that restaurant red Robins the waitress was very kind and courtesy and very accurate with our orders and not to mention the manager he was wonderful one of a kind and I remember his name Justin piccolo that manager with the most courteous the most caring the most humblest and understanding manager that I have ever met. most definitely I will bring back more people 28 parents to experience what we experience thank you Justin for the wonderful food and the great hospitality we will see you soon

  227. on this evening me my wife and granny at seven years old today’s her Birthday, and we went to Red Robins right off Monona Dr. and we are so happy that we did we had the greatest experience at that restaurant red Robins.. the waitress was very kind and courtesy and very accurate with our orders, and not to mention the manager he was wonderful one of a kind and I remember his name Justin Piccolo. that manager has the most courteous the most caring the most humblest and understanding manager that I have ever met. Most definitely we will bring back more people 28 parents to experience what we experience.. thank you Justin for the wonderful food and the great hospitality,We will see you soon. P.S three very satisfied customers Thank You Red Robin

  228. on this evening me my wife and granny at seven years old today’s her Birthday, and we went to Red Robins right off Monona Dr. and we are so happy that we did we had the greatest experience at that restaurant red Robins.. the waitress was very kind and courtesy and very accurate with our orders, and not to mention the manager he was wonderful one of a kind and I remember his name Justin Piccolo. that manager has the most courteous the most caring the most humblest and understanding manager that I have ever met. Most definitely we will bring back more people 28 parents to experience what we experience.. thank you Justin for the wonderful food and the great hospitality,We will see you soon. P.S three very satisfied customers Thank You Red Robin…

  229. Saturday Dec 20 th at pittsburgh mills location my husband and I had a late lunch at 3:00. We had to wait about 5 min to be seated. We ordered our drinks I. Which I got coffee and waitress put a fresh pot on. I had to wait due to a fresh pot and then received my coffee. It was lukewarm and had a lemon seed in it. I asked for cream and got it brought to me in a plastic water glass and it was milk! Upon ordering out food we asked for some fries while waiting for food(bottomless came with meal) it took about 25 min to get our food and at that it was lukewarm which seem like it was sitting for a while. Then did the waitress realize about our fries t hat we had ordered so she would get our fries out soon. We did finish eating and waited and waited for more fries and then finally did they come by the manager who apologized. So something was wrong but didn’t know what but others were unhappy too. We went to Red robin so we didn’t have to wait like many of the other restaurants around and we had to get to a hockey game and really were pushed for time. It was not very busy and not a long wait to be seated so what was wrong? I talked to my family and my daughter said she loves RR FOOD BUT THE SERVICE IS ALWAYS BAD WHEN SHE GOES. She just went today with her and said she loved her food but again the service was bad. After talking to other family and friends they all agreed that they love the food but it’s the service. I also want to add when we asked for our silverware it was brought to us and just put in a pile on the table and not set. I really do like RR and am complaining for one reason- just to help the business to improve. Thank you for your time.

  230. A friend took me to Red Robin’s restaurant in Prescott, AZ (store #067)on Dec. 18, 2014. It was my first time eating there and WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! Fist of all, we got below-average service, starting with our beverages. The waitress said she would bring us some French fries to snack on while we waited for our meal. We got the fries but I didn’t think we’d ever get our meal. There were only about 10 customers so the restaurant wasn’t busy. I had to ask for silverware so I could put mayonnaise on my hamburger. We asked for more fries & was told they’d be ready shortly. After 10-15 mins. of waiting, we again asked for the fries. Our waitress had forgotten to put in the order so we again had to wait. My meal was a birthday meal so I wasn’t charged so the waitress gave the French fries free. I hadn’t had such poor service so I called the restaurant a day later & spoke to, supposedly, the manager, Janelle. I explained the situation to her & she said she’d investigate the problem & call me back, which she never did. I called her the following week & she said the waitress was no longer there, since she’d had other complaints. I said I didn’t think poor service was ever excusable, no matter how little money is spent on a bill. I said I expected something for all my calls, etc. Janelle finally said she’d send me 2 coupons for free appetizers. That was over 2 wks. ago & I haven’t received them yet. If management is this inept, no wonder the servers are also inept. I called the restaurant again today & was told Janelle wad busy
    but would call me back. She never called. I’m going to try to get ahold of the corporate office as I want the corporate people to know about the poor service, management, etc.

  231. My husband has gotten food poisoning the last two times he ate at your Tustin, CA location in The District. We have been customers for over 20 years at all locations and the food was always good. We told the manager at Tustin that the food tasted like it had been fried in rancid oil. She responded that you have a strict policy to change oil every 3 days. The implication was that it was our problem. We have spent the day in the emergency room for the second time after eating there. Something is very wrong at that location. Needless to say, we will never go back.

  232. Red Robin the Galleria Riverside has the worst customer service. We have a party of 16 and called in ahead of time to plan and we still waited 40 minutes to sit. Now we have waited another 30 minutes for drinks all while the manager female is sitting in the back talking. This is completely unprofessional and very upsetting. The server has our table another table of ten and 3 tables of 2 and 2 tables of 4. We will never plan a birthday at any Red Robin again. This all happened on January 18 at 7pm.

  233. I was eating at your Colony Place location on Saturday night about 6 pm when I over heard a server start to loudly swear at another co worker. I have never in my life felt so badly for that poor worker and she just quietly walked away. The whole place heard her I was sitting at a small table right where the servers get the food from and I heard the server that got yelled at say oh my I’m very sorry I didn’t mean to upset you and the other server began to scream the “f” word numerous times. The manager who was right behind both people didn’t even turn around. The whole place turned around I feel so bad for that poor girl who got screamed at. I am not doing this to get anyone in trouble but its a plae for children and if I were a parent I’d be very upset if my child heard that kind of talk.

  234. My husband and I went to dinner last nite at the RR on Havana last nite. Service was fine but the food had a lot to be desired. I ordered the prime dip which was cold, the ajus tasted like water, i had my husband taste it and he said dish water and I dont no what the horseradish sauce was but it was disgusting , it tasted like, well I’m not sure but not horseradish. I had seet potato fries with mine and they were so salty they were Inedible. I did not say anything to the waitress because I was so pissed and did not want the kitchen to redo my food we just paid and left. No manager in sight either when we left or I would have said something

  235. We had lunch at the Collierville Tn. Red Robin. We will never go there again. There was an spilling trash can at the front door at 1:30 in the afternoon. Obviously the manager thought this was ok. We sat at the bar. That was disgusting. We watched the bartenders making sloppy drinks and touching the tips of straws with their fingers. So disgusting.

  236. What is with the change in uniforms? You went from having your employees wear a Red Robin shirt and nice black pants to black shirts and jeans? And then you are picky about the jean color they wear. Perhaps you should supply those jeans then. You up grade your salt & pepper shakers, your burgers. But change to jeans and a black shirt. Makes no sense!

  237. We had the poorest experience trying to eat as a family today at the location in grapevine
    Not only did we have an extremely long wait time for our food to arrive at 2:00 pm in the afternoon but our waiter did not get ONE thing correct. Four orders which he remarked this is an easy one… Came out w not one thing right!!!!
    So our two young children are still hungry and hour later!
    Worst experience ever at a location and with a server who did listen to one thing we asked for

  238. I was at the Woodbridge mall in NJ, so husband wanted to try RB for he first time and let me tell you that we had the worst experience. the restaurant wasn’t busy at all, we told the host we wanted a booth and she said she didn’t have any available, really? the place was empty, then she said when I’m hungry I don’t care where I sit, I could sit on the floor if I have food. then we waited for like 15 minutes to be seated finally we got a booth and the waiter never came. we had to go looking for someone, so someone else from another area came to take our order of drinks and that took more than 20 minutes. at the ended of the day we where there for an hour and didn’t even got a drink, we left and would never come back to RB. Place is dirty and have the worst staff.

  239. The service at these places are horrible!! I came when the This place first opened here in riverside Il and then again like 4 months later and their service will make me not come back again!

  240. Red Robin Glasgow Delaware:
    My husband, myself and my friend visited RR in Glasglow manager was very nice and apologized for our last visit. Please RR serve a better quality ice tea it tasted like water why charge us over $2 for ice and not taste of tea. The over meal was fair my fish sandwich was over cooked but good. It’s hard to satisfy all customer and I appreciate my waitress she did a excellent job FeFe I think her nickname was on her name plate. Being a server is not a easy one and the wages are not the greatest. Her customer and appearance was outstanding and I would only come back because of her not the quality of the food but you get what you paid for sometimes.

  241. Wow! So disappointed! Went to the Red Robin’s location in Clovis, California for the last time! First, my children’s drinks came out 10 min later than ours because they ran out of clean cups. Then 20 minutes after I ordered my drink I’m told they ran out of the syrup to make it. Next, our appetizer comes out only to be told they didn’t have any clean appetizer plates and they couldn’t even bring us napkins or silverware?!?! I had to get up and get napkins myself! An hour and 15 min later we still hadn’t received our order! Two bowls of soup and corn dogs and fries!! Wow!! What poor management!!!!

  242. I was quite dissatisfied with the chicken sandwich I ordered yesterday during a family get together. There was way to much grizzle and fat in the chicken breast. This was my first time and a good possibility to be y last time at a Red Robin burger joint. I had heard so many good things about RR, this was nothing but a total turn off for me and my whole party, there were 8 of us)

  243. Yesterday afternoon my family stopped by for lunch in Woodland, Ca. I ordered the seasoned grilled ground turkey sandwich with out the chipotle sauce. When I got it, it was over done to the point of almost being a hockey puck. I did eat it. I went home and I have been sick since. It is now 3:45 am and I feel so sick. I dont think I will order that sandwich again. The service was excellent and the other members of my family enjoyed their meal.

  244. Seriously, Red Robin has the best Fish going, that is when you aren’t served it dripping with grease, or tasting like the grease needed changed eons ago!

  245. Upon a family trip to San Antonio this past weekend, my 2 daughters and myself ate at the Alamo Ranch location and we all got sick. Trip was ruined. Had to head home a day early.

  246. Went to RR in Balto, MD in putty hill Rd, the bathrooms were atrosious. Told the manager (asst), Rachel she stated OK. Sat ate my food which was greasy went back to bathroom (men’s) it was still the same way. While leaving asked for # to corporate she Rachel Pauline, she gave me a card with her name, stated here go corporate and as I was going out the door she yelled “DON’T COME BACK” I didn’t know customers were supposed to be treated that way, but @ that RED ROBIN I guess they are. Ater spending my $33.00. I am complaining cuz I felt bad cuz of the way she spoke to me. I deserve my money back.

  247. I love going to Red Robin, but today was a bad time there.
    1. Brought me corn chips,instead of the homemade,chips.
    2. Brought me my Traven Burger made wrong.
    3. Mine & my sister’s onion sraws,didn’t look cooked,and was colded.Asked for extra crispy straws.

    They fixed the chips,burger,and onion straws. By the time I got my lunch back to me the burger was luke warm, and the onion Straws were a little browner,and cold. They forgot about my sisters onion straws, her were brown but cold also. Her fish sandwhich got luke warm, by the time we got what we ordered. I feel we didn’t get what we paid for.

  248. My wife & myself visited your restaurant in Staten Island, N.Y. This dining experience took place
    today, Saturday,FEB. 28, 2015 WITH TIME STATED ON MY BILL AS 2:37 p.m. I have never experienced such a poorly managed restaurant and AWFUL, HARMFUL FOOD.Gourmet burger was prepared poorly as it came out two times as a Well Done Burger instead of Medium Burger. The Bacon was RAW !! Disgusting preparation.I then spoke to the Mgr. Steve who stated he was going on the Chef Line to cook. Obviously somebody was vindictive and sent out a burger which was barely cooked.This is a good way to harm a dining patron’s health. I am reporting this restaurant to the New York City Bd. of Health and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. I am also contacting the President of Red Robin at Corporate Headquarters in Colorado.

  249. Hello,I am extremely ticked off with your franchise at 6401 Bluebonnet in Baton Rouge. I had never been to a R.R.and I’m not sure I will return. We walked in after a bit the bartender came n set us at a table. Said Adam would be our server,my husband went to the men’s room. When he turned we asked a lady if they could move us cause the table was uneven n wobbly. Then I went to lady’s room upon returning husband was still at same table I asked him if anyone said anything or came to table he said no. This restaurant was not busy n I saw several servers standing around kitchen window on my way to lady’s room. We left and went to another restaurant that was busier but was glad to serve us.

  250. My daughter and I decided to have a burger at your Trussville, Al location today. We were seated and had our drink order taken. Our server came by while we were looking at the menu asking if we were ready to order. I asked for a couple of minutes as I couldn’t decide on which burger to order. I finally decided and was told that the grill was down & if I ordered a burger it would be a 30 minute wait. I advised that as I was on my lunch hour I couldn’t wait. Why wasn’t I advised of this before our drink order was taken. Going to Red Robin there’s a pretty good chance I’ll want to order a burger. We had to order other items on the menu and ran up a $34.17 bill where as if we could have ordered a burger it wouldn’t have been as much. I asked the server to request a discount as we couldn’t order what we wanted and still had to wait 20 minutes before our food was brought to us. No discount giving. They didn’t seem to care of our dissatisfaction. For what it’s worth this is the first time I can recall sending a negative comment regarding a dining experience.

  251. I’ve givin ur brick location 2 chances and each time your manger has somthing to say about my kid in the bar area. Keep in mind the kid is 19. The first time he sat at the bar and ordered a burger then had to move after being served and eating half . Understandable he’s not 21. Then last night the bar is empty my father my wife and myself sitting at bar eating and drinking. My son stops to say hello and grab some money and decides to have a milkshake then again the manager tells me he couldn’t even be In the bar area now that’s complete bullshit this is a 19 yr old not a 5 year old. Then I go to the bathroom , come back an my drink was gone. We eat out every night and truthfully I won’t go back. The manager is redicules should focus on making customers happy … Very sad

  252. I want to start off by saying I was looking forward to dinner tonight at Red Robin. My experience wasn’t at all what I had hoped. My family did get seated promptly, we are a family of 6 so the bill wasn’t going to b small nor the tip.
    We sat down from 610 est to 630 est and didn’t receive a first check to the table. We sat there and watched other guests get seated. Family of 4 in he corner near the bathroom, family of 4 behind us, and a couple next to us. Each table was acknowledged. Their was 2 young ladies in rr shirts and a dark haired lady in a ivory and beige stripped shirt. For the whole time we sat their, no letting us know we would be taken care of, be right there or drink orders. Our kids were hungry and we have never had such a horrible experience at the Short Pump Red Robin. Not even a table check from a manager. The manager seemed to busy at the check out stations and no the guests and lack of service.
    When we called to tell the manger the host informed us the manager on duty was too busy to come to the phone. We asked for the general managers number and was told we couldn’t have it to discuss our experience. It may be a long time before we visit that location since we live a mile from the location and our bill usually exceeds $80-$100. I hope there customer service improves. I would like to return one day but right now it’s a bad location to bring a family. No one cares bout the guests or the fAmilies who enjoy coming. Hopefully this horrible experience can be addressed and corrected.

  253. Are you kidding me?
    Thought you might be interested in what is going on at your Frederick, MD franchise. Last Friday my husband and I went for dinner at the Frederick location. The food was tasty but my husband fish my luke warm and my burger and bottomless fries cold. Matt our server asked how we liked our dinner. We told him the food was good but the burger and fries were very cold. He apologized for the cold food saying the warming lamps at this location don’t work very well and said we should go on line and suggest they fix the warming lamps. LOL We wrote this off as a young inexperienced but polite waiter that lacked training. Good News is the manager apologized and wrote off the hamburger and fries. “Well done.”
    Sooo tonight we gave our local RR another chance. BIG MISTAKE. Our waiter (the bartender, Rob) was rude to say the least. No introduction other than what do you want. We ordered. Then my husband asked Rob if he would make sure our food was hot and told him the food was cold at our last visit. His response was he could not guarantee hot food because he was to busy tending bar and serving other tables. WHAT? My husband explained we were paying for hot food and if it was not hot we would not pay for it. This was met with an indignant reiteration that he could not make that promise because he was to busy. We cancelled our order and had dinner across the street at Barley and Hops. Service was great. Food was good. And our dinners were hot. I highly recommend Barley and Hops.
    Convince me why we should ever go back to Red Robin.

  254. Wow, won’t do that again! Went to the Red Robin in SE Huntsville at 7PM on a Sunday night. Worst service ever! Only half the main dining area was occupied, yet they were so busy I got a paper drink cup with refils. Food took forever, ordered bottomless fries when our food came based on the snappy service and never got them either. Manager (acting) said his manager walked out, he was working the cook line, and offered me a burger. Had to beg the waitress to pick up the check. What a dump! We got a 7 course wait time for a 1 course meal.

  255. Worst customer service. I want removed from Royality program, way too many problems…cannot resolve them, your website sucks, so does your ability to communicate with customers. Please advise me how to remove my info from your database.

  256. i was at the red robins in easton pa it is one of the worst places i have been! nothing to do with food the service is not nice the manager. todd is also the worst. so i just chalked it up to a bad day for everyone but when my niece started working there she has been mistreated from day one !so now im convinced that it is a race issue.with a few of the employee an the manager i work at a lawyers office my boss said he would gladly take on issue! so im not not saying all red robins are this way but this one at the Northampton crossing in easton im gone deal with

  257. I ate at the Montgomery Red Robbin on 03/24/2015 the service was awful I had to ask for silverware, napkins, and hot fries. I was there for two hours and I left I did not leave a tip I was tip but it was so bad I will never go back.

  258. On March 13,2015 1:13 pm, i went to 190 w. madison in chicago; Host was Antron 43 Susie; mind u i only hv 1/2 hour for lunch; busy crowd
    i ordered a Gourmet burger extra onion w/fries not salt; i got all the way back to my office; salt on fries; they gave me a sorry cheeseburger
    with nothing but a piece of lettuce american cheese and a little mayo; i was pissed and could not eat it; i don’t eat burgers w/o onion period.
    i made the call however, this place is too far for me to walk to on a regular basis; i just want to advise ur employees; its better to get the order correct and not be in such a hurry to get the folks out

  259. I love red robin, however last time I was very disappointed with the service. The employees were all very rude and not attentive at all. Hoping next time a I go the service is better.

  260. Hello,

    I visited your Red Robin Location in Chesapeake Virginia because I live within walking distance. I have never been o your restaurant before, I attended to go to the mall, however it was closed and therefore I walked to Red Robin. I had an incident where my take home order was done incorrectly in the kitchen, the manager (MATT) comes to me and says that he went ahead “without my permission” and charged my visa bank card again, because he was taking one of the orders off. I appreciate the gesture to remove the order that was messed up, however, I have a serious issue with not being consulted first by management to charge my card again. Therefore, I called the store when I got home, and while I had my bank information in front of me I asked for management and got Jessica on the line, who not only was condescending but went about talking to me as though I was ignorant, and chose to laugh and snicker before she rushed me off the line. I spoke back with Jessica 5 minutes later and informed her that I would be in contact with your corporate office, and I asked her is it the policy of Red Robin to Charge a persons credit card a second time without the customers permission and she said no it is not! Therefore, I would like to know why Matt did not follow policy. I thank you in advance for your immediate contact.

  261. On April 8th around 7pm we went to the Red Robin in Cranberry Twp, PA. It was dirty. There was trash on the floor by the trash can and on the floor by the tables fries on the floor. Where was a water leak by the bar. One of the waiters said in front of us I hope that is water. Never tried mopping it up. One of the waiters had his underwear showing. One dropped a glass of pop and never cleaned it up left the glass and ice and pop on the floor for at least 10 min and then someone else cleaned it up. They were also wiping down stuff in the kitchen while cooking food. One waiter saw a little boy licking the ketchup bottle and left it on the table.. Did not clean tables off there were tables dirty when we got there and they were still that way when we left. Not happy will not go back.

  262. Hands down, the worst customer service experience I have ever had. We were told that for my boyfriend and I woi ld have a 15 minute wait time at the one in Mechanicsburg, Pa. We ended up having to wait 40 minutes, with people who had come in after us being seated first. When we finally got to sit down amd order, it took them another 30 minutes for us just to get our appetizer. 5 minutes later we got our food, whoch we didn’t even want afyer having waited so long for everything else. A manager visited our table 3 times but didn’t give us a chance to voice any concerns. She walked away as soon as she asked us if we needed anything. She could have at least offered us something for our wait. I will NEVER go back to any Red Robin in my life. Thanks for wasting 2 hours of my life for a mediocre burger.

  263. We were frequent customers at the Red Robin in Woodbridge, NJ. But, we may have been there for our last time. There were 11 of us for dinner and drinks. Five of them were 10-13 year old children and 1 was an 80 yr old women. My mom (80 yrs) ordered the fish and chips. The fish and chips was cold, she asked for a reorder on the fries and we are still waiting on them. The next order he asked the waitress if it was a portobello mushroom burger and she said yes. He received a regular hamburger with mushroooms and onions on it. As for the children, the first meal came out 10 minutes after the adults, and my son had the chrispy chicken salad and we had to aske for it numerous times. Not sure how new the waitress was (we didn’t see any of the “older” waitresses from prior visits. But, this young lady needs to find a different job. She spilled on the people behind us and never really apologized. New management is a must if you want to survive in this location.

  264. Our group of about 20 people went to the East Peoria, Illinois Red Robin. The manager, Duane, was very friendly & made sure everything was just right. Our server, Jason, used to work for a different restaurant & we were so happy to see him. How nice to have good food & be made to feel so welcome.

  265. First off…. .. Finding a place to write a note to corporate is next to impossible. A phone number IS OUT OF THE QUESTION!!!! Secondly…..why I am contacting you is because of an incident that occurred at the Germantown , Md store. My daughter used a credit card there . It was the only time that she used the card in a month and within 1hour the credit card company called that the card was being used at various locations in Annapolis , Md. PLEASE DON’T INSULT ME BY EXCUSING THIS AS SOME MISTAKE. TOU KNOW AND I KNOW THAT SOMEBODY THERE DID SOMETHING WRONG. Will something be done? I hope so . Will you do something about it ????????? I doubt it. Will you contact me? NOT IN MY LIFETIME.

  266. Yesterday my family and I visited the red robin at el paseo in california. My husband took a bite of his sandwich and bit into a piece of broken porcelain. This cut the inside of his mouth and broke his tooth. Prior to this I had taken the metal ring from around my fries and it had dried ketchup inside so it hadn’t been cleaned after the last person used it. The manager seemed to feel bad and wrote our information down. A little while later I called back to get a picture of the broken piece and the manager had thrown it away. You would think it would have been saved considering we were told the general manager was being called. Very disappointed and will not be going back.

  267. My wife and I went to our favorite red robin when they opened. this time when the gal finally asked if she could help us. she said we could sit in the lounge or would have to wait. I asked if we could sit at certain tables that i could see no one was sitting at. and she said no, I would have to wait. so I waited myself right back to my car and went elsewhere. the gal did not even care. odds of us ever going back there again. less than 1% it is funny, the last two times that I went there, I took our kids and it cost me over 100 dollars for a lunch.

  268. My friends and I just dined at the red robin in Langhorne, PA. The service was horrible my drink had hair in it. The gentalman that got me a replacement was very nice. Our waitress Careyjohn was polite but she forgot some stuff that we request. We waited for our food order for about and hour and 15 min. There were other tables who had faster service,eat and leave. Careyjohn never came to apologize for the wait or the manager for that matter. But at the end the waitress was very fast when it was time to check out. For this reason my friends will dine at another Resturant.

    Thank you.

  269. I use to enjoy going to Red Robin (San Mateo, CA), partly because of good service. Lately, I noticed that after sitting down, the silverware and napkins for all is delivered on a tray for the customer to distribute to their guests. I feel this is tacky and something I would expect in a cafeteria. This is not service! I could do this part at home.

  270. I have been coming to the Pittsburgh Mills Red Robin for almost 10 years now. Based on the recent changes I am being told that corporate made. I need to rethink my lunch destination going forward. Also the regional manage in my opinion is honestly unfriendly and is not concerned about the the customer.

    The change you made restricting people from having french fries while waiting for a burger to be delivered is the stupidest rule that you have come up with.

  271. I have been a regular customer at red robin Madison heights Michigan for 3 years.staff is very nice, but managers are friends have no idea why I continue to go to this place.they despise it and I’m starting to see why.the managers treat me like shit.and I go 4 or 5 times a week and tip great.I guess time to find a new place to go.worst managers of any reasturant ive ever been.

  272. Hoping that someone actually reads this from corporate headquarters:
    I am currently a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. Prior to Las Vegas. I lived in Valparaiso, Indiana which is where I began enjoying the Red Robin experience. I’ve been coming to Red Robin a long time. Since I have been to all of the Red Robin restaurants in Las Vegas I have truly been disgusted. Despite the lovely remodel, your restaurants are dirty and your serving staff seem inexperienced. Needless to say sitting a new customer at a “half assed” wiped down table with garbage and crumbs underneath is unacceptable. Where are your bussing staff? When confronted on this unacceptable atmosphere a manager states “well we are busy.” Really! I can’t imagine I’m the only one who notices this. It’s disappointing, truly. I gave it one last try yesterday evening at the tropical parkway location. I just can’t do it anymore. When we prepare our home for company, we take the utmost care and pride in the presentation for our guests, family, etc. I wish you all would not have lost that.

  273. May 19th My wife and I took are daugther and grandson’s to the Gresham, Or location. We were told it would be 15 to 20 min. The resturant was not very busy. In about 10 min I ask the young man why we couldn’t be seated as my Grandson’s had school the next day He was very rude, said ” I told you it would be 15 to 20 min its only been 10. Because of him being so “RUDE” we left and when across street to Panda Express We will not be back to this location or any.

  274. The Red Robin in South Plainfield, NJ is the worst!. The service is horrible. The waitress who waited on me was rude and incompetent. I also believe that management is dishonest and libelous. They will “hack” into your YELP profile if you disagree with them. Stay clear away from this RR in South Plainfield. I am very disappointed and will no longer patronage ANY RRs no matter whey are located in the US.

  275. I attempted to use your regular survey site, but it would not accept the $$ amount I gave it. Yes it would be nice to be in the contest, but no big deal The date is 5/24/15, 2:37p.m, three guests with a 4 mos.old. Your invaluable server and our personal server was Brandon K. The store is on S.E.160th Ave., Vancouver,Wa.

    Now about Brandon. I had a rest for fifteen years. Brandon is a person I would of hired in a flash. He is fast without the customer feelig slighted in any way, table kept clean, always observing and checking without being overbearing, upsale was perfect, friendly,caring and interested. His capabilities would of made me feel comfortable if I was not on site. The customers was his made concern along with cleanliness and the quality of the food. I feel in the last 30 or years we have been your customer, he is by far the best employee I have been in contact with.I would appreciate that he could read this because his attitude and hard work deverve it. I would be dissappointed if that was not the case. Boots on the floor is what is a big importance when running a restaurant.

  276. I visited your Garland, Texas location for the first time because I was told that your burgers are great. It was late so I asked the waitperson Alicia if the burgers were any smaller and what the cost difference would be if it weren’t much I would have split the burger with my friend. She stated that the cost was $2 off for the smaller burger which sounded reasonable to me I asked if she was for sure and she said yes it would be just like a kid’s burger. When I received my bill I was disappointed because I was now paying the cost of a regular burger less $1.00 and the burger was indeed quite small. Alicia knew I was not pleased when I indeed asked her in advance. Waitpersons should never give out wrong info to customers. When a customer is inquiring then find out. When I asked her about the diff in cost on my bill her response was simply I must have made a mistake it use to be $2.00 less. No manager to adjust or make this right. I am not a happy camper and feel that I should have gotten a regular burger for what I paid. This did not make for a good first visit. Please tell me this is not how you run your business. Very disappointed! Veronica Brown

  277. The store at south hills village in pittsburgh is the worst red robins I’ve ever been too.Mallory my waitress was unfriendly indifferent and acted like I was bothering her by coming in.I waited forever and the food was cold.wouldn’t eat here again if it was free.corporate needs to come in here and “clean house”

  278. Store #516 Scarborough,Maine
    Our food was great!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thing that bothered me as we were eating our meal the waiter was cleaning off some of the other tables. What bothered me about this was he would clear the table and wipe it off with a damp looking cloth. Then he would use the same cloth to wipe off the seats where people had sat without even getting a new cloth or at least rinsing it off. He then proceed onto three other tables, cleaning them all the same way and all without cleaning his cloth in between tables.
    I guess what I’m saying is what if someone had an accident on their seat and here he is wiping the table tops with the same cloth he used on a dirty seat. I call that very unsanitary, wouldn’t you. Needless to say I was not impressed.

  279. The wait time for food was terribly long. Dish was dirty. One person in our party ordered slight pink, inside was raw. Ridiculous. My burger was soggy on the bottom. We were very disappointed! !
    We ate at the restaurant in Tracy CA, today June 15th.
    We complained to the manager. All she did was make excuses. Basically told us we were wrong in how long we waited. Unbelievable. We will not go back there. If I actually want red robin again it won be there.

  280. Today a friend and I ordered our favorite menu selection. …………..Cobb Salad. Wow, we’re we ever disappointed…it was more like the size of a dinner salad. So skimpy..guess Red Robin just ch a need size: and dish, on Monday.Wow, I do not want to believe this is a ‘permanent change’. If so, count m

  281. …continued her..if change is permanent count me and my friends and family out. Perturbing a we’ve so enjoyed RED ROBIN in the past. Management and staff are so nice. I feel bad for them having to listen to customers complain. ..surely makes their their days harder. Please return to making the Cobb salad as was. I THANK you.

  282. I wanted to take a minute to inform you of an employee that I witnessed working so hard and diligently I was so impressed I told the managers. I was at the Towne Square Red Robin in Fayetteville New York yesterday 6/16/15. It was extremely busy for a Tuesday. As we waited I watched the bus boy bust his butt, he never stopped hustling. After we were seated I continued to watch this impressive young man. He went to every empty table, cleared it offl, swept the floor, never once be told or asked to do something, he just did it, and with a smile no less. I took the time to tell the manager how impressed I was with this employee and she said his name was “Michael”. I asked if I could give him a tip, and I did, which surprised him. I hope you will take a minute to acknowledge this young man’s working ethics and give him the praise and respect he deserves. Not often do you find someone so hardworking with a pleasant attitude to boot. Thank you for reading this and I hope you will do the right thing and acknowledge this employees dedication.

  283. My husband and I visited the Red Robin in Merrillville on June 17th,2015 the service was excellent from Amanda the food was great as always,the only issue I have is your new plating the rectangle plates look great for presentation but trying to mix a salad is almost impossible. I understand everything is trial and error and i’m not sure if anyone in corporate tried to mix a salad on your rectangle plates before the change to the public(it just doesn’t work) this is definetly an error, please reconsider round dishes for salads. Thank you!!!

  284. We are at your restaurant located in Merrillville/Hobart on route 30. I don’t know where to start. It wasn’t busy, there were a lot of empty tables. Each one filled with dirty dishes that needed to be bussed. It took close to 15 minutes to be acknowledged. We put in, finally, our drink and app order. Took another 15 minutes to get 2 cokes and chips with dip. 1/2 hr later, our food came. We asked for napkins and silverware, which didn’t arrive. I went to one of the dirty dish tables to grab some napkins that hadn’t been used. My burger was burnt and my husband’s bun fell apart after one bite. We saw who I assume was a manger when we came in, but that was the last time we saw her. NEVER AGAIN!!!


  286. We had ordered a prime chop house burger for take out to split between us. The fries were soggy & undercooked no seasoning on them @ all. The burger was very Luke warm the onion stars were greasy under seasoned as well the burger had no seasoning on it. This was the first time I have ever been there & considering I only live a mile away I must say we thought WORST BURGER EVER!!! We will never order from there again!

  287. Terrible food, cold fries and server had no clue! Excuse was the easy pay machine @ the table is new, and not updated so it could not see my “Birthday Vouche” The fries are always cold when delivered with the burger and/or meal. We have been to this Red Robin in Lancaster PA 5 times and EVERY time the fries are cold, Not warm…COLD! What you want to just try the customer and see if they complain@!ate of service 07/12/2015 @ 8 pm

  288. I have been a Red Robin customer for over twenty years. My favorite item on the menu is Cobb Salad. The normal salad is too large for me to eat, so I always order a half salad. Today I was told that a half salad is no longer available. I contacted the store manager and he indicated that corporate policy requires them to serve only a full salad. Basically take it or leave it! I am disappointed with this new policy and will probably just avoid Red Robin from now on. It seems to me that costumer satisfaction should take precedence over some silly policy dictated by people who don’t deal directly with customers. If and when you change this policy, let me know through email, and I’ll come back into your customer base.

  289. I am very disappointed in the change of your salad sizes. When we were finished with our carry out Salads which we have bought many times before, we were still looking for something more to eat and we are not big eaters.Also you changed your bread, toast,very disappointing.We may give you one more chance,if its the same we will not be back.

  290. We live in Billings Montana and went for dinner tonight. There was a wait so it did take a while to be seated but we understood. When we finally got seated on the patio we never had anyone greet us or wait on us. We went up two different times to ask for a server and no one ever came. One of the times we asked for a server it was the manager who said he would get someone to help us. No one ever came. Two different servers waited on the tables around us but did not check in with us. We went to the bar to get our own drinks and continued to wait. I finally went and asked for the manager after it had been 45 minutes. He was not properly trained to handle guest concerns and had no idea what to do. He finally offered to take our order but we didn’t have the time to wait for the food by that time. He did nothing to fix the problem and was very insecure in his responses. I am disappointed that it took so many times to ask to be served and we ended up having to leave without eating. We even had other guest apologize to us for what they saw. They have a new building and worse service. Before the new building we had better food and better service. It would help if the staff was trained to watch out for all guests not just the ones in their sections. That would help to be sure that no one is forgotten. We didn’t feel like our business was wanted or needed and that is not how a guest should have to leave after being ignored for 45 minutes waiting to be served.

  291. honestly the worst service i have ever had. I called to place a to go order at 730 on a thursday night. Inwas hung up on once, finally got through and placed an order for
    Chips and Guacamole the person on the phone told me NO! I said excuse me she said we dont carry that anymore. I asked to speak to a manager after our 3 mins spat and she hung up on me !!!!!

  292. We stopped In the red robins in Plainfield in tonight and it was a little busy at first then it died down after we been seated we sat there for a good 20 25 mins without a drink order or nothing waitresses walking by nobody stopped just pretty much shitty all the way around probably won’t go back …o yeah there was only two of us

  293. What happen to your service? I was at your Chagrin Highland, Orange Village,Ohio for a carry out. After 10 minutes without anyone approach me I called, after the phone rang at least 30 times I was told to go over to the bar and this is where events went off the charts. The woman behind the bar told me she would be right with me, she was talking to another employee. Waited another 10 minutes before I left the restaurant without any food.This was on 7/28/15 at 1:16 and the place hardly had any customers. Judging by the previous emails customer service is not in your mission statement.
    Do NOT SEND me any coupons as I will never set foot in a Red Robin.
    It is more cost effective to keep a customer than to solicit new ones.

  294. First experience was awful. Worst service we ever experienced. Eva was our waitress nice at first till we started call her out on her errors. My husband ordered a moo shake. After 20 min we asked her about it. She bought it to the table it must have been sitting around. Thawed whip cream had deflated into the shake and it looked nothing like the picture. It was uncomfortably cold in there so we really noticed the wait on our food. At one point we switched away from the table where it at first seemed warmer. People who were there after us were getting there food. I ordered a garden chicken sandwhich. Finally when our food came out they gave me a chicken salad instead. They take it back to make me what I order in the mean time I am downing my husbands bottomless fries. I told him if we have to wait as long to get my plate as we did the first time we should just forget it. He starts to eat and realizes we have no flatware or napkins now we have to wait for her again. The manger comes out with what I ordered none of the fixing that are suppose to come with my sandwhich are on it. My husband tells her we are not having a good experience. She says she would take my sandwich and the shake off the bill. I ask the manager for the fixing for my sandwhich and my husband needs more bottomless fries since I ate his waitng for my food. All that comes out to us is a plate of onions no fries not even from the manager.My husband was freezing and ready to blow a fuse so he left the resturant and waited for me outside. time stamp is 3:53 at your patriot place in foxboro Mass 8/5/15

  295. Me and my husband with 2 of our friends were in a local Red Robin in chesapeak Virginia. We had an order of onion rings, 3 Small hamburgers without buns, 1 regular burger with fries, 2 ice teas, 2 water and our bill came to a little over $60.00 and we even left a tip. The service was not attentive at all he wa more interested in running the bar. This restaurant was the one in the Chessapeak Square Mall entrance. We were very disappointed in the service food and cost of so little food.

  296. Very disappointed with management at the west nashville location. I’ve been working there and was just fired for apparently discrimination, they have no proof that it happened but still let me go. Even though the managers there discriminate about other people but it’s ok for them to say things because they are in management

  297. I have recently ate at Red Robin. I can only say good things about this restaurant. The food is really good. The food comes out fast, and the bottomless fries are so good. The staff is really friendly. We didn’t have to wait at all for a table. The service was fast. The prices are reasonable. Great restaurant!

  298. Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015 around 12:30 pm (time stamp 1:36 pm) our family visited our favorite Red Robin Restaurant. We had a very bad experience. There were 7 adults and 4 children. They had two servers wait on us. Our servers name was MARIAH. With two servers we did not receive all our food at the same time. The servers dropped one burger on the floor but we were assured that it did not splatter on our clothes. That burger was quickly replaced. Everyone had their food except for one person, my daughter-in-law. Our daughter-in-law was very patient and understanding about the problem. But when everyone was finished eating and she still had not received her burger my husband and I were not happy. Why could they replace a burger that they dropped on the floor so quickly but could not get a burger that had been ordered. I certainly hope the fact that our daughter-in-law was the only bi-racial person in our group was not the reason she did not receive her food. It did cause me to ask myself if that was the reason she had not received her food. The server, MARIAH, claimed it was because they were so busy. There were many burgers that were served to other customers while our daughter-in-law patiently waited without food. We had to ask for the manager twice before he came to find out the problem. As we stood up to leave my husband noticed that I had several spots on the back side of my new $300.00 dress. Remember the server, MARIAH, said that it didn’t splatter. The manager did volunteer to pay the dry cleaning bill. We had to send our bill back because the server, MARIAH, had not put our bill on our Royalty Card. We were very upset by our dining experience on Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015.

  299. The service at the Red Robin in the Connecticut Post Mall was appalling. Walked in and was ignored for the first 5 minutes we were there. The staff at the front actually turned their backs to us and had a jovial conversation. It was the worst service I’ve had I an establishment in a very long time.

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