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Contacting Purina Customer Service Center

Purina is one of the leading animal feed producers in the marketplace. The company was founded in the late 19th century, focusing primarily on farm animal feed. After the turn of the century, the company began to focus on feed for a variety of breeds and species. Through buyouts and takeovers, Purina is now owned by Land O’ Lakes. Although the company has changed hands, the commitment to quality, whether it is products or services, remains the same.

Contact Info:

Customers can contact the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail as well as through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

Call the Purina customer service department from 7 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday CT.

  • Purina Phone Number: 1-800-778-7462
  • Public Relations: 1-314-982-2261

Veterinarians can call Purina with dietary questions between 8 AM and 4:30 PM CT.

  • Veterinarians: 1-800-879-1266
  • Corporate Consumer Relations: 1-800-225-2270

Mailing Address

Nestle USAOffice of Consumer ServicesAttn: Purina Customer Service800 N Brand BlvdGlendale, CA 91203

Official Website

When customers visit the official Purina website http://www.purina.com/, they have the ability to explore the various pet food brands for cats and dogs. Customers can also learn about the nutritional value of the products as well as how the company makes a difference in the lives of animals. Customers wanting to lean about the other products carried by Purina should visit http://www.purinamills.com/. This site teaches customers about nutrition for animals such as Horses, exotic animals, dairy animals, rabbits, fish and swine.

Social Media

If you embrace social media, you may see Purina online. The company has a presence online on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The company also has its own social hub, Petcenteric. We noticed actives conversations on all of the social sites. There is a great chance you will receive an immediate response to a question or concern.

Customer Service Email

You have options when sending communication to the customer service department, depending on the nature of your question or concern. The customer service email is designed for general questions and comments, while the corporate email address is designed for serious inquiries from investors or customers who have not had a concern resolved.

Our Experience

Contacting Purina presented a bit of difficulty. When we navigated through the website, it was virtual smooth sailing. Calling was a different story. We called and thought the call would connect immediately with the customer support department, considering there were only a few options. This was not the case. We waited on hold for more than 5 minutes before the operator answered the call. After the operator answered the call, they connected us to the customer care department. A total wait time exceeding 10 minutes. We were delighted when the agent addressed our concerns without the need to transfer the call. We like Purina, just not the customer service department. What say you? Share your comment with us below.

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17 Comments on “Contact Purina Customer Service
  1. I have never been more disgusted in my life! I bought a bag of Purina ONE that was infested with baby moths!!!! I just tried to find the manufacturing code on the bag (which I put outside) and was covered with moth goo!These moths are now flying around my house and I have spent the entire day catching and killing them.
    There are hundreds of them. How can you sell such a product?

    • mara, the moths may have come from the company that stored your product before it was placed in the retail aisles, BUT that is a toss up as to whose problem it really is. What if your doggie had lost weight, as mine did, to an extreme for their recommended size?

  2. I’ve fed fit ‘n trim to my dogs for years. I’ve understood the replacement to now be light & healthy Well, PHBTTT!!!! My girls’ lost more than 15% of their body weight in less than six months even though I fed them the same amount as before. Purina, I no longer believe in your providing nutrition in your products.

  3. My dogs eat Purina One Sensitive Systems dog food. My Doberman is a picky eater and he loves it! Both of my dogs have sensitive bellies and this product has been good for them. They both love it! I also love that it is affordable. I will continue to purchase it for my fur babies. Thank you for making a great product!

  4. I have been feeding Purina Healthy Edge for 3 years, and, while I have been satisfied with my horses performance on it, and am very dissatisfied with your quality control. I have frequently gotten bags with moldy globs of old feed which have fallen out of the mixer. While you hype low carbs and the lack of corn, each bag will have a few whole grains of corn in them. Now, not for the first time, I have a bag wet with oil. My supplier will replace these bags, but why should I have to go to the trouble when Purina publishes all of the HYPE anbout producing a quality feed? I am paying for a quality feed. We all know that consistency is very important in feeding equines, however, you are ignoring consistency! My feed is made at the Frankfort, Ky plant. Please get them to clean up their act.


  5. As a tanker driver delivering primarily animal feed liquid to different companies around the midwest, I can tell you that Purina “takes the cake” when it comes to disgusting plant processes, as well as terrible attitudes from employees toward the truck drivers. The plant in Ft Worth is especially rude. They make you wait forever to unload, even when there is no one ahead of you. Even the grain truck drivers complain and they normally have to wait longer than I do. From what I’ve seen, I’m DONE with Purina and I will no longer purchase products from them.

  6. I submitted a question via your online form, included the UPC and other information required, but when I clicked the “go” button I was taken to the same form to fill out but no button to submit it appeared anywhere on your site.

    Seems you don’t want any one to send you questions about your products.

  7. I an getting disgusted with the amount of product that are in the bags now .. It used to be when you got a bag it was a 20# or 40# not anymore it is getting less and less and price is going up and up.. Not all brands are doing that thank goodness!! I hate to change but going to have to :(

  8. Terrific news that Purina One has once again in gravy. Miss Hattie used to love it, but not in jelly. She is enjoying it again. Thanks!
    Regards, Ada


  10. I have been trying to call and been left on hold for at least 15 minutes each time. I wanted to alert you of a post going around Face Book that animals are dying from eating Purina chow.

  11. almost lost my 16 yr. old cat after feeding(gradually) Purina “Gentle” cat food. She became lethargic,vomiting,diarrhea. Contacted the company with all the information on the bag. Was offered coupons for future purchases. Cannot prove that it was the food that caused the severe reactions but there is too much of a coincidence that 1 day after starting the food,my cats became very ill.

  12. Found Purina “Gentle Cat Food” on P-Mart in January, & because my cats were throwing up other food, decided to try it. They only eat dry food. Went back to pet store and it was gone from shelf. Not even a manager recalled having this product, which I found incredulous. Shopped 3 other pet stores until found it in Walmart by accident. Now one of my cats has developed a urinary problem only 2 weeks into a new bag. Is there something about this food pet owners should be aware of. Thanks. L.

  13. For years as a breeder I purchased Purina dog food, however over the last few years the products are not the same. Your cutting of costs on your ingrediants in your product cut the quality and made me go to another manufacturer. I may pay more but the product is better and the dogs are healthier. For any pet owner it is better to buy the best you can and make sure your pet food is manufactured properly. Now you have salmonella problems from doing the cheap cost cutting and I will never go back to you. I now buy only products made in and grown from reputable manufacturers in this country. That goes for treats also.

  14. I have been on hold with Purina for over 20 minutes, waiting for the next available “pet advisor”. The longer I have to wait, the less willing I will be to accept the minimum repayment for making my dog sick with their sub-par food. Two bags into Beneful and my dog is sick with stomach issues, pain and having to relieve himself multiple times through the night with liquid bowel movements. I called to request a refund on the two bags I am out, but the longer they ignore the call, the more time I have to assess the real cost of their culpability in my dog’s health and the health of other dogs.

  15. I bought 1 bag of Beneful in December and my dogs immediately got sick! Diarrhea, vomiting, drinking water constantly, sleeping all the time and not getting up! My older dog is 100 pounds, her back legs went out, she could not walk. I had to pick her up from the snow in the yard and carry her into the house. She then lay in her bed and could barely function for almost a week! The first 3 days we couldn’t get her to even go out and when I finally got her up, I discovered that she had urinated all through her bed! My daughter said her kidneys may have failed! I am totally disgusted that your company could sell something so harmful!

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