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Contacting Purina Customer Service Center

Purina is one of the leading animal feed producers in the marketplace. The company was founded in the late 19th century, focusing primarily on farm animal feed. After the turn of the century, the company began to focus on feed for a variety of breeds and species. Through buyouts and takeovers, Purina is now owned by Land O’ Lakes. Although the company has changed hands, the commitment to quality, whether it is products or services, remains the same.

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Contact Info:

Customers can contact the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail as well as through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

Call the Purina customer service department from 7 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday CT.

  • Purina Phone Number: 1-800-778-7462
  • Public Relations: 1-314-982-2261

Veterinarians can call Purina with dietary questions between 8 AM and 4:30 PM CT.

  • Veterinarians: 1-800-879-1266
  • Corporate Consumer Relations: 1-800-225-2270

Mailing Address

Nestle USAOffice of Consumer ServicesAttn: Purina Customer Service800 N Brand BlvdGlendale, CA 91203

Official Website

When customers visit the official Purina website, they have the ability to explore the various pet food brands for cats and dogs. Customers can also learn about the nutritional value of the products as well as how the company makes a difference in the lives of animals. Customers wanting to lean about the other products carried by Purina should visit This site teaches customers about nutrition for animals such as Horses, exotic animals, dairy animals, rabbits, fish and swine.

Social Media

If you embrace social media, you may see Purina online. The company has a presence online on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The company also has its own social hub, Petcenteric. We noticed actives conversations on all of the social sites. There is a great chance you will receive an immediate response to a question or concern.

Customer Service Email

You have options when sending communication to the customer service department, depending on the nature of your question or concern. The customer service email is designed for general questions and comments, while the corporate email address is designed for serious inquiries from investors or customers who have not had a concern resolved.

Our Experience

Contacting Purina presented a bit of difficulty. When we navigated through the website, it was virtual smooth sailing. Calling was a different story. We called and thought the call would connect immediately with the customer support department, considering there were only a few options. This was not the case. We waited on hold for more than 5 minutes before the operator answered the call. After the operator answered the call, they connected us to the customer care department. A total wait time exceeding 10 minutes. We were delighted when the agent addressed our concerns without the need to transfer the call. We like Purina, just not the customer service department. What say you? Share your comment with us below.

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99 Comments on “Contact Purina Customer Service
  1. I have never been more disgusted in my life! I bought a bag of Purina ONE that was infested with baby moths!!!! I just tried to find the manufacturing code on the bag (which I put outside) and was covered with moth goo!These moths are now flying around my house and I have spent the entire day catching and killing them.
    There are hundreds of them. How can you sell such a product?

    • mara, the moths may have come from the company that stored your product before it was placed in the retail aisles, BUT that is a toss up as to whose problem it really is. What if your doggie had lost weight, as mine did, to an extreme for their recommended size?

    • Though very unfortunate for you, it IS in fact an occurrence every dog and cat food producer comes across. The ingredients used attract bugs, and all the companies try their best to avoid these instances and infestations from happening. But, feel free to believe everything you read.

    • Yes, these same moths were in Purina Cat Chow, so I decided I will upgrade to Purina One Urinary Care & Mature Cats…..SAME PROBLEM!!!! These irritating bugs are everywhere, including the cats’ water!! I DO NOT BELIEVE IT HAS TO DO WITH STORAGE. THE BUGS ARE IN THE FOOD ITSELF! I am changing to another brand & hope I don’t encounter it again. These moths are disgusting & can’t be healthy for the cats.

    • Email the company. If they care. They will replace that bag. I have had mold. Ants and magits. In bags of Purina food. I would be pissed to!!!

  2. I’ve fed fit ‘n trim to my dogs for years. I’ve understood the replacement to now be light & healthy Well, PHBTTT!!!! My girls’ lost more than 15% of their body weight in less than six months even though I fed them the same amount as before. Purina, I no longer believe in your providing nutrition in your products.

    • well, hold the presses! Millions feed and approve of their products in one war or another, but let’s shut down the company cause of your concern. You know, cause you’re YOU. And you, are the reason the world spins, trees grow, and the sun rises and sets, right? Right? Get off your high horse and do something positive with your life.

  3. My dogs eat Purina One Sensitive Systems dog food. My Doberman is a picky eater and he loves it! Both of my dogs have sensitive bellies and this product has been good for them. They both love it! I also love that it is affordable. I will continue to purchase it for my fur babies. Thank you for making a great product!

  4. I have been feeding Purina Healthy Edge for 3 years, and, while I have been satisfied with my horses performance on it, and am very dissatisfied with your quality control. I have frequently gotten bags with moldy globs of old feed which have fallen out of the mixer. While you hype low carbs and the lack of corn, each bag will have a few whole grains of corn in them. Now, not for the first time, I have a bag wet with oil. My supplier will replace these bags, but why should I have to go to the trouble when Purina publishes all of the HYPE anbout producing a quality feed? I am paying for a quality feed. We all know that consistency is very important in feeding equines, however, you are ignoring consistency! My feed is made at the Frankfort, Ky plant. Please get them to clean up their act.


  5. As a tanker driver delivering primarily animal feed liquid to different companies around the midwest, I can tell you that Purina “takes the cake” when it comes to disgusting plant processes, as well as terrible attitudes from employees toward the truck drivers. The plant in Ft Worth is especially rude. They make you wait forever to unload, even when there is no one ahead of you. Even the grain truck drivers complain and they normally have to wait longer than I do. From what I’ve seen, I’m DONE with Purina and I will no longer purchase products from them.

  6. I submitted a question via your online form, included the UPC and other information required, but when I clicked the “go” button I was taken to the same form to fill out but no button to submit it appeared anywhere on your site.

    Seems you don’t want any one to send you questions about your products.

  7. I an getting disgusted with the amount of product that are in the bags now .. It used to be when you got a bag it was a 20# or 40# not anymore it is getting less and less and price is going up and up.. Not all brands are doing that thank goodness!! I hate to change but going to have to 🙁

    • BREAKING NEWS: EVERY company does that. If you’re going to complain, do your homework first. Then again, some peoples lives revolve around constantly complaining about anything, and everything.

  8. Terrific news that Purina One has once again in gravy. Miss Hattie used to love it, but not in jelly. She is enjoying it again. Thanks!
    Regards, Ada


  10. I have been trying to call and been left on hold for at least 15 minutes each time. I wanted to alert you of a post going around Face Book that animals are dying from eating Purina chow.

  11. almost lost my 16 yr. old cat after feeding(gradually) Purina “Gentle” cat food. She became lethargic,vomiting,diarrhea. Contacted the company with all the information on the bag. Was offered coupons for future purchases. Cannot prove that it was the food that caused the severe reactions but there is too much of a coincidence that 1 day after starting the food,my cats became very ill.

    • I just bought a bag of Purina Gentle at WalMart and my young cat, which is usually full of pep, is lethargic and laying around. I am not going to give it any more of this and I will not buy any more cat chow.

  12. Found Purina “Gentle Cat Food” on P-Mart in January, & because my cats were throwing up other food, decided to try it. They only eat dry food. Went back to pet store and it was gone from shelf. Not even a manager recalled having this product, which I found incredulous. Shopped 3 other pet stores until found it in Walmart by accident. Now one of my cats has developed a urinary problem only 2 weeks into a new bag. Is there something about this food pet owners should be aware of. Thanks. L.

  13. For years as a breeder I purchased Purina dog food, however over the last few years the products are not the same. Your cutting of costs on your ingrediants in your product cut the quality and made me go to another manufacturer. I may pay more but the product is better and the dogs are healthier. For any pet owner it is better to buy the best you can and make sure your pet food is manufactured properly. Now you have salmonella problems from doing the cheap cost cutting and I will never go back to you. I now buy only products made in and grown from reputable manufacturers in this country. That goes for treats also.

    • You’ll be surprised to realize every company has complaints, every company has faults, and every company has issues. Just like you, and I, and every living organism on this planet.

    • only to YOUR dog (sarcasm). Do you really believe that a company would purposely make a deadly food and mass produce it and sell it? Really? Don’t make the childish mistake of believing everything you read online.

  14. I have been on hold with Purina for over 20 minutes, waiting for the next available “pet advisor”. The longer I have to wait, the less willing I will be to accept the minimum repayment for making my dog sick with their sub-par food. Two bags into Beneful and my dog is sick with stomach issues, pain and having to relieve himself multiple times through the night with liquid bowel movements. I called to request a refund on the two bags I am out, but the longer they ignore the call, the more time I have to assess the real cost of their culpability in my dog’s health and the health of other dogs.

  15. I bought 1 bag of Beneful in December and my dogs immediately got sick! Diarrhea, vomiting, drinking water constantly, sleeping all the time and not getting up! My older dog is 100 pounds, her back legs went out, she could not walk. I had to pick her up from the snow in the yard and carry her into the house. She then lay in her bed and could barely function for almost a week! The first 3 days we couldn’t get her to even go out and when I finally got her up, I discovered that she had urinated all through her bed! My daughter said her kidneys may have failed! I am totally disgusted that your company could sell something so harmful!

  16. I just opened a new 40 lb bag of O.N.E. Lamb and Rice. Over $38.00. This lasts me 7 days. I have fed this product for years to my show dogs. It is a good product. I am a AKC & UKC Breeder and a member of the Breeders Club for years and appreciated the choice of foods to chose from for my dogs.
    This new bag of food has all kinds of small particles of the white plastic bag liner mixed with the food. So now I get to sort out all these small particle so my dogs don’t eat them. There is packaging problem with this expensive product and it needs to be corrected. I am interested in seeing what Purina will do about this problem. Wondering how many thousand bags have this problem and how many people have noticed it. The particles are small squares

  17. My 76 year old mother feeds the homeless cats in her trailer park.She has very limit income but continues to feed the cats. They bring around their babies and then she has more to feed.She feeds them kit doodles for cats and goes thru 4 16oz bags a month. For mothers day this year I will buy her 4 of the 30lb bags that I found on Wal-Mart.COM.My question is if there is any coupons to help take some of the cost down so she can continue to do what she loves.These cats have been left behind by owners that moved and strays that are wild.

  18. I have three dogs that are violently throwing up. I began using Purina One on 5/3/15 and they began getting sick last evening. I did talk to one of your customer service associates, Sandy who was very professional and helpful. However, I am very worried about the dogs dehydrating and will be taking them to a vet. These dogs are small and do not go out without being on a leash. They do not east table food. They have not gotten into anything in the woods because they do not go in the woods. Please advise.

  19. after using tidy cat clumping
    Litter as long as it’s been on the market and long before it was available, I’ve used the regular litter. I can’t deal with the hard crystals of litter tracked all over the house including my bed. After 35 years I will have to find another brand. This really has been an on going problem and made this complaint today for the first time. This is not to mention the laundry room where I keep 2 large litter boxes for 2 cats ,must be vacuumed every day .

  20. Here I am again. Again, Healthy Edge. This bag has clumps of moldy feed and the oil was left out. Why can’t you just get it right?
    Perhaps it is time to look at quality control, instead of just talking about quality.

  21. I have been on hold for over 20 minutes now waiting to speak to someone, anyone about the Beneful product line. My otherwise heathy 4 year old lab/beagle mix has been eating this brand for the past six months – over the past two weeks this lively, healthy and loving dog has become morose, lethargic with constant vomiting and diarreha. Took him into the vet last week as he was not eating or voiding any longer- three times in three days, our vet was unable to diagnose him and I approved surgery to see what we could do. The surgery showed nothing in his digestive track, but he continues to get worse. I have the xrays and documentation that his condition is in direct correlation to his food. He is still not eating eating, drinking or voiding despite the medications and the prescription food. I am horrified and heartbroken. And of course I am still on hold waiting to speak to someone as I am going to open a claim. I am going to have his food independently tested and will also be contacting both the class action suit and my private attorney.

  22. I lately have been giving my cat Purina Friskies cat treats. Then a couple days later i find Inchworms in the cat treat bag. Then I threw the bag out I like to feed my cat good things for him. Is it really worth buying those Purina treats?!

  23. Re: Friskies cat food tins, at Costco. Although I appreciate very much the package, I would suggest though, to change a little bit the content to have a real variety; meaning, not two kinds of fish tins, “Mariner” is ok, but the “whitefish &tuna” is too strong for many cats, including mine. None of the 3 likes this one.
    Friskies, has a variety of flavors, why not trying? Thanks, MNS

  24. Called regarding Friskies Party Mix. Wanted to find out if the product was made in America or China. They don’t have to say that on the package. They just say who the mother ship is. They do make dog treats in China. Buyer Beware. When calling Nestle Purina, you get propaganda right off the cheat sheet. Now looking at other lines of cat food.

  25. Hi , I sent a email about finding some type of cardboard with a silver or gray covering on it in the can of cat food . Thought i would be nice and let you know and also put all the #’s of the can on it . I placed it in a plastic bag in case you wanted the can and sample back to check it out . I received a call , i guess from either customer service or quality control , not sure which one . Saying than you and they would send out a container and a label for me to mail it back in if i still had it . I said i wasn’t sure if my husband through out the plastic bag i had put it in or not , but i would look . I was also told they would send me ” coupons ” and a coupon to replace the Box of 12 cat food it came in for doing this . My plastic bag was thrown out in the outside garbage can , but i dug through and found it and waited for the container to mail it back in . I was sent a plastic ( small ) bag with a return label that i was to peel off and put on the package . What package ??? A clear small plastic bag ? are you kidding me ? Am i to place that label on the clear plastic zip lock bag and do you think my post office will take it that way ? Or did they expect me to find a box somewhere and then do it ? What a joke ! Also thank you for your $1.00 coupon , which i can find better on the internet or in my daily news paper . Wish i never spent MY time going through all my garbage for that . Live and learn , Thanks again , kathleen Ciesielski
    Label # on the bag they wrote is 19608983

  26. To whom it may concern:
    A few months back, my cat whom I’ve had for 9 years started having wheezing attacks. I attributed them to a hairballs but watched her closely. Last week, she again started wheezing only this time she started bleeding from her mouth.I immediately took her to the vet who told me she was having an severe astmatic attack, which she has never in the 9 yrs that I’ve had her suffered anything like this. Needless to say, my cat died that night in the vets office. I didn’t have the money to allow him to do any further testing or to try and actually save her life. I have been mourning for my cat now for a little over a week now. I’ve had several people today send and e-mail me posts and articles about your Tidy cats “light weight” cat litter stating that this has indeed caused attacks similar to what my cat suffered that has resulted in the death of may other cats. Thinking back… I must honestly say that my cat never started wheezing until around the time I started buy that product and I have NO DOUBT in my mind that the timeline coincides with my cat having these attacks. I cannot in no way prove that this is why I lost my cat, without going back and digging my cat up from her final resting spot and paying an unspeakable amount to have an autopsy performed but I think that your company would more than likely agree that had I known that your cat litter was going to kill my cat, I def would not have used it, adding I think more testing should have been done to this product before putting my, let alone all the other cats, who had to endure this TERRIBLE death through what they plus their owners have went through. I must say I am VERY disappointed and my faith in ANY Purina product has been ruined. I will never by anything with the Purina Ralston label on it nor will any of my family or close friends.

    • So sorry about your cat 🙁 Wondering if you’d gotten a response from the company? My cat also became ill, after using Tidy Cats “light weight” cat litter (bloddy urine, emergency vet visits, etc.). I emailed and called but have not recieved a response yet…

  27. My five year old cat has recently recovered from bloody cystitis and still has respiratory problems – wheezing and sneezing – all apparently triggered by the Tidy Cat litter. He had no health problems prior to use of this litter. He now has to eat prescription food and my initial vet bill was $358. I was just warned about the litter by a pet store employee who suggested I check on-line regarding similar complaints. My cat is, of course, now using a different litter. My question is: Why is this product still on the market? It is hurting and killing our pets. I intend to talk to my local store and ask that it be removed from the shelves. And, I will attempt to contact Purina; however, it sounds like the company is unresponsive. This used to be a reputable brand. If you have any suggestions regarding dealing with Purina, please let me know. Thanks.

  28. Purchased 2 bagels of Purina One True Instinct yesterday from our local Petsmart in Bradenton, Forida. Opened the Chicken & Sweet Potato and it had lots of small (1/2 inch) worms. Opened the other Turkey & Venison and it was all matted together with cobweb like stuff. Will not feed this to my best friend (dog).
    Always been pleased with Purina, but quality control needs to be tightened.


  30. Hi! I only have e-mail at work and signed up for food and was to late getting back onto the site and received an e-mail stating that I needed to contact customer service. So …. here I am contacting you

  31. I wrote to customer service regarding a recent continuing problem that I have been having with Tidy Cat Clumping Litter. I have 8 indoor cats and use A LOT of litter. Here is my response to the e-mail that I received. I requested a response from my responding e-mail and have not received a response. Here is my response to the e-mail that I originally received from customer service. The explanation that I was given regarding clumping litter not clumping was ridiculous. I wrote this e-mail in response and have not heard back from anyone after requesting a response.

    Dear Purina Customer Service:
    Thank you for your response. Having had a multi-cat household for over 15 years, I am very familiar with clumping cat liter and the fact that it may vary in color, texture, etc. HOWEVER, the problem I have been experiencing lately with your litter is something new entirely. Normally, when cats pee and the litter is scooped, the litter will clump and the clumped pee can be scooped and removed. Lately, the Tidy Cats clumping litter DOES NOT clump and just runs through the bottom of the litter scooper like a sieve. This causes the litter that should have clumped and been scooped to stay in the litter box and be unscoopable and STINK. There is something wrong with the way this litter is being manufactured or possibly it’s the addition of Glade to the litter. This is a problem that needs to be corrected in your manufacturing process and cannot be explained away as “litter is produced from natural ingredients, which are not always uniform in composition and may vary in color, size, and texture and performance. Because of this, variances could occur and may explain the situation you have described”. If a product is labeled as clumping litter, it should clump. I purchase the large litter canisters and have wasted so much money because lately I have had to empty entire litter boxes where the litter isn’t clumping (and therefore causing bad odors) and replace it with new litter that has been not clumping either. As the owner of 8 indoor cats, I use A LOT of litter and you can imagine that having to constantly replace an entire litter box on a regular basis lately has been costing me a lot of money, since the large canister size costs around $12 each. Please address this problem and make sure it gets corrected. I have been using your litter for many years, and up until now have been a happy Tidy Cat customer. My cats George, Gracie, Max, Calypso, Nina, Tabitha, Gus, and Peanut also hope this problem gets corrected because they don’t like using dirty litter boxes.
    Elizabeth Bente


    Hi, Elizabeth!
    Thanks for your email. We appreciate your feedback on our Purina® Tidy Cats® brand Cat Litter Scoop for Multiple Cats – with Glade™ – Tough Odor Solutions and will be happy to pass your comments on to our Tidy Cats Brand Team.
    The date code information you provided will aid our Quality Assurance Department in determining where and when the product was manufactured and enable us to bring this to the attention of the manufacturing plant. It would also be helpful to know the name and location of the store where you purchased this litter.
    Please know that litter is produced from natural ingredients, which are not always uniform in composition and may vary in color, size, and texture and performance. Because of this, variances could occur and may explain the situation you have described.
    We are most anxious to restore your confidence in our products and are mailing coupons for your use the next time you purchase Nestlé Purina PetCare products. Your coupons should arrive in 10 to 14 business days.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Your Pet Advisor,

  32. Just read where your company is going to go against Christians and other religious persons over the homosexuals concerning the Missouri law protecting religious freedoms. I have been feeding my cats and dogs Purina for 43 years, but standing with the gay mafia instead of traditional Chrustians has done it for me. Your decision to go with the 3% instead of the majority shows your perverse Ungodly decadence. Well screw that and screw you

  33. Purina Customer service sucks… I sent an email 2 weeks ago asking specific questions about DOG Pro Plan Sport. Why do you not use Iodized salt in the ingredients also how much Iodine is in the 3 cup per day sugested serving?

  34. I purchased the 48 can pkg of friskies cat food from Sams yesterday. When putting them up on the shelf we found that in the middle of the box two can’s had been crushed in and cat food had leaked all over many of the cans in the box. The box was not damaged at all. Of course we threw the two cans away and washed what we could get off the other cans to avoid the horrible smell the two cans had left on them. Was going to send you an email about this but the email wouldn’t work on your site.

  35. Recently I have upgraded from the Puppy Chow Complete to the Puppy Chow Healthy Morsels bc our stores only carry the Complete in the 4.4 lbs. My pup is 10weeks old and ever since Ive made the,change he has been severely strucken with diarrhea. He has lost weight and never feels good. As soon as I realized the change of food was making him sick , sick to the point of past just adjisting to new food !! He is,now on an only water diet for 48hrs. After reading numerous reviews I realize this isnt the first time and my pup isnt alone. Seriously, Im switching to a better brand!!

  36. Surprised how many of you are waking up every morning to complain and find ways to get anything and everything for free. Must be because you’re all so perfect and deserve the absolute best of everything every single second of your perfect lives. EVERY company has its issues, and

  37. Surprised how many of you are waking up every morning to complain and find ways to get anything and everything for free. Must be because you’re all so perfect and deserve the absolute best of everything every single second of your perfect lives. Pathetic.

  38. This was the SECOND call to customer service trying to get a replacement bag of food for one that the bottom had broken out of while unloading from my car. I had the same exact experience a month prior but; that time it was in the store loading my cart. Hopefully this time I will get the replacement coupon! It seems to me rather than redesigning the bag…They should work on the bag seals. That would be more productive. No one these days cares what design/photo is on the bag; IT’S ALL ABOUT THE INGREDIENTS and if there ever was a recall on their product. Purina ProClub members should be treated with more respect than having to wait since the 15th of June for coupons that I am told now will take even more time of an additional 4 to 6 weeks. That is a horrible way to treat valued club memers!!

  39. Moths. I purchased Purina One shredded blend over my regular Taste of the Wild because I received $5. off coupons AND the store was offering a $5. discount off of shelf price so I got the bag for $10. less. WHAT A MISTAKE. I dump my bags immediately into sealed bins. Each bin is labeled and washed and dried each time dog food is placed into it. Approximately 10 days after purchase AND USING IT, I saw….what looked like fuzz. this morning. Well this evening…THE FUSS hatched and I have moths all in the bin. Funny there are NO moths in the 4 bins of Taste of the Wild Nor is there moths in the Dog Chow. HOWEVER THE SHREDDED BEEF is loaded. Tomorrow I am sending Purina a sample of this contaiminated food and wanting a refund. I will never buy Purina ONE again. I don’t care how much off a bag they give me. I am staying with Taste of the Wild forever. Shame on you Purina for your horrible food safety practices.

  40. Dear Purina, I am a breeder of Labrador Retrievers and have used Purina Pro Plan for many years. It is a great product and I will continue to use it! Recently, I was invited, as a breeder, to take part in a study for you through I believe the company is Focus Forward, I think (they are out of Pennsylvania). When I receive my first phone call, they asked if I would be interested in doing a webcam study at the close of this first study and I replied I could not because at the time it was scheduled my wife would be having surgery. No problem right? Apparently wrong! Yesterday, I received a call from a young man & this company who asked if I would be interested in doing the webcam study on the same dates and that you liked my responses to the first study so much that you would $100 to the already promised $250 for the additional study. I once again explained I couldn’t because my wife is having surgery. He said he understood and wished us the best. Nice young man! Just a short time ago, I received another call from the same company asking if I would take part in this upcoming webcam study on July 27th & 28th. To which I once again replied I could not because of my wife’s upcoming surgery. I was placed on hold and then told that I would not be paid the initial study $250 because I had originally agreed to do the webcam study. That is not true! Actually, I wonder if they are not just pocketing the money that was promised me for doing the study.
    I want to assure you that this will not change my use of Purina Pro Plan dog foods as breeder of beautiful Labrador Retrievers. I am a loyal advocate of your brand. I just felt that you should know what these scam artists are doing with your name before breeders like me. . Thank you!

  41. The new food , wet cat concoctions made my inside and out side cats have a bad reaction. I bought them for a treat 4 cans- divided between seven cats. Well. needs to say on Christmas Day, I was cleaning up vomit all over. They eat the Gentle and Purina indoor and out door cat food-and the wet regular Friskies Gravy cat food with no problem. What is in this new stuff, that they reacted so BAD?

  42. I’ve been trying to contact Purina about their dry dog food Beyond. I found spider webs and maggots in it. I am wondering if it could hurt my dog, which is a Carolina Dog or American Dingo.

  43. I’ve bought my last bag of your dog food (another bag with very few pieces of chicken in bag). The reason I’am done is your snide answers to customers complaints. If you are this rude to customers I doubt you care that much about are pets. The Better Business Bureau needs to hear how you treat customers!!
    Don’t bother giving me an answer, I won’t be reading reading any more of your trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  44. I use your beyond food all the time. Therefore when I purchased a bag about 3 weeks ago and opened it the next day, I knew immediately that something was wrong. It smelled really moldy and musty. I did not use it I disposed of it because it smelled so bad. I have numbers off bag.

  45. I purchased a bag of the puppy chow in the blue bag and opened it up and found mold on the food shifted the bag and found a lots more.

  46. My dog loves your beyond jerky treats however I had to take him to the emergency veterinarian clinic on 8/18/2017 due to constant vomiting for three days after eating. Following an investigation of his food I found what appears to be a mold/fungus growing on the treats in the bag.

  47. It would be nice if you had some different varieties in your 24 pack of fancy feast cat food. For instance some trout, or tuna in with the poultry and beef selections.
    I don’t want 24 cans of just fish products.

  48. WARNING!!!!!!!! A couple yrs ago my friend was feeding her new puppy a Purina puppy chow and he became very I’ll and luthargic and then started having these suzuire like episodes and I found out that another Friends dog was having the same thing but died and also was on another purinia dog food. we stopped the puppy chow and took him to the vet thankfully he came out of it so I researched the food and thousonds of people were going through the same thing. Well now I feed my cats friskies ( unbeknown it was a purinia brand) and once again I have now found the cats are sick and so are some of my mom’s that eat the temptations Purina cat treat as well as friskies we can food the FDA warns you to stop feeding your pets Purina food! Checking on Purinas customerprobiotics for kittens reviews are some sad stories telling you there stories and warning you not to buy ANY PURINIA BRAND FOOD!!!

  49. I recieved a sample of purina one catfood in the mail today fed it to my cat and he threw up all over my room several times after eating your product.

  50. My cat babyboy recieved your sample in the mail of purina one catfood he ate it and got sick.he vomited several times all over my room.not at all satisfied with your product.

  51. about the bright mind 7+; I have been dealing with canine cognitive syndrome (dogzheimers) . my 9 yr. old greyhound has been taking the human alzheimers drug (segeline) since last Dec. I decided to try changing his food to bright mind since he was already on the max dose. within 4-5 wks. I saw a difference in his behavior. now, after 2 mos. on bright mind 7+ turkey and rice he has returned to acting like the dog he used to be. of course he is still on meds but his behavior has noticeably changed for the better ,i.e. interaction, fears, eating, and just confusion in general. I was skeptical at first-but for my dog this has truly made a big difference. I’ve also told my vets about this as canine cognitive dysfunction is being recognized more and more and the earlier it can be recognized-the better. Thank you. ( I also feed triple strength fish oil, yogurt, and glucosemine)

  52. I have called 2 days in a row about canned dog food Mighty Dog Rottisserie Chicken Flavor. I wanted to know if you changed the recipe & if something went wrong. According to the people I talked to they said there are supposed to be chucks & they haven’t changed the recipe, but why is it soupy & no chunks??? I’m not happy with either of the people I talked to. I’m worried about my dogs & want answers to make sure they don’t get sick. They hate it & now I have 30 cans of canned dog food that they won’t eat.The girl I talked to today said she would send me coupons. That’s great, but if it’s soupy instead of chucks, what good are the coupons going to do me if my dogs won’t eat it. I’ve been using it a long time. I want answers, not people telling me they’ll report what I said. I’m very disgusted.

  53. hello
    I am very disappointed as I have two cats and use litter trays they seem to like go cat dried food
    I do feed them purina go cat dried food usually
    I decided to buy the cat litter that claimed that it had less smell
    I can assure you it was rubbish and seemed to do the opposite I am not sure if it was a faulty batch
    It does not do what it implied on the box
    not sure whether to scrap buying go cat anymore as I feel cheated and was mislead

  54. We bought a 16.5lb bag of puppy chow the other day and it has big mushey chunks the size of your fist what do I need to do take back to the store or what I hope my puppy dose not get sick

  55. I first contacted Purina in the beginning of November 2017. I requested the sodium content of Purina Pro Plan wet food. After numerous calls to 800-778-7462 Today 12/13/17 I am still waiting an answer. I explained on each call this is a health issue. My dog needs his sodium intake reduced. Your supervisor Harriette was the worst of all the people I spoke with. She did not return calls as she promised. I asked for her supervisor. Harriette stated she did not have a supervisor. She finally admitted she had a manager. She refused to transfer me to her manager.
    Pedigree email me the sodium content of their product in a hour of my first and only phone call.

  56. I fed my dog Puri dog food and kept the dog food in the utility room in a good container. One day I found the moths and threw it away. Then, I bought another bag thinking it was a fluke, but it had the months. I talked to the store where I bought it, and I was told they are having the same problem. I have not bought this dog food for almost a year now, and I am STILL fighting moths. I AM TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH THIS COMPANY’S PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will NEVER recommend Purina products to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. I apologize for a typo. I wrote, “I bought another bag thinking it was a fluke, but it had the months. I meant to type it had the moths.

  58. I had been purchasing an average of sixty cans per month of your indoor formula food. Since Purina changer the labels and the ingredients on some of those foods my cats will not eat them. A couple of times one cat tried to eat that food and vomited. The ones they reject are: Home style Turkey, Chicken & Turkey casserole, Chicken Pate. I have spoken with a couple of other cat owners shopping for kitty food who are having the same problems. What is going on. Kitties are finicky eaters, so finding a suitable new food is challenging.

  59. why did you take the pull string off the 31.1lb bags of purina one. It was very helpful and easy to open the bag with the string.

  60. Why can i not find purina original puppy chow the squares that got milky and sticky. That was the best puppy chow ever made. I’ve been raising pups since 1974 and nothing compares. If you don’t make it anymore thats a mistake. Some things you can’t improve and that was one of them. When Ralston was in it it was far superior to what is readily available today

  61. What happened to original puppy chow the squares that got milky and sticky was far superior to the readily available stuff today

  62. Very positive communication with the Purina representative this morning. He was helpful and very professional.


  64. I have a coupon for $1.00 off on Purina Cat Chow. All the cat food at my grocery store says Purina Friskies so the store won’t honor it. Are they the same company and should it be honored?

  65. How many more dogs will suffer fatal seizures due to your food? I see in USA you are being sued for the deaths of a number of dogs.

  66. Fancy Feast chunky chicken feast is nothing like what is shown on the Internet. It is, frankly, disgusting. What do we have to do to find what is advertised? This is appalling!. Shame on you!

  67. I cannot believe what you have done to scam the consumer with your Beggin Strips product(s). Here I was thinking you just changed the packaging which does occasionally happen, but you have made the package smaller……gone from 850g to 708g. I get these treats for my 3 dogs at Walmart where they were on sale, as usual…..2 packs for $18. BUT I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF BECAUSE I HAVE LOST 142 X 2 = 284grams of product!!!! There should be a warning on the package. I am very disappointed in your service.
    I would appreciate compensation for this.

  68. My two new addition kittens have gotten a taste of your product Temptation treats and now will not eat anything else. Including wet food, some coupons for this product would help immensely. Thank you.

  69. i wanted to get away from the cheaper cat litter because it wasnt clumping. so i bought purina tidy cat for mulitiy cats. it doesnt clump either am very disappointed in your product. it cost more and doesn,t do the job. i was ripped of by your company.i will not use your products again. i want my money back.

  70. On my computer you have an advertisement that shows a dog on the Purina bag. The dog is a big black, white and gray spotted dog. I am amazed by this dog. I have a dog that is the twin to this dog. Mine is a 10 month old pup that looks to be the same size. I was told when I got him that he was Black Lab and Dingo. Seeing a picture of another dog that looks just like him makes me wonder of his breed. Do you have any information on the dog in the picture?

    Thank you, Chaplain Doug Turner.

  71. Hi, we’ve been using Complete Cat Chow for several years. After the most recent purchase last week, our cat won’t eat it. Has the recipe changed?

    Dennis Lading
    (218) 821-8483

  72. why does purina still employe dale ellis the child molester? This man repeatedly molested my husband ( landon horton) and his sister from the ages of 6-16. Landons sister was so traumatized that she attempted to cut her arm off with a circular saw.Landon himself suffers from anger issues, sexual identity crisis, hes an alcoholic and has never had a job because he blackmails uncle dale ellis for 100 k a year to keep his mouth shut, and to bring dale ellis computers loaded with child porn 3-4 times a year. This guy should be in jail, not getting rich at purina

  73. Need Veterian pet food of purina specially flora forty exclusively on regular basis.
    awaiting urs kind feed back and prompt reply ASAP

  74. Instead of putting someone on hold with elevator music on a Saturday, just say no one is able to take your call and that you are closed on Saturdays. What a horrible nightmare how long I sat on hold and call back until I googled if you were even available on the weekends.

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