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Contacting Proflowers Customer Service Center

Online flower companies give customers a means of connecting with local florists. Proflowers, for instance, does not necessarily ship flowers directly from a large flower warehouse. Instead, they send your order to a local florist who fills the order for less than the price you were charged. That florist delivers the order. In some cases, orders are shipped via mail.

Proflowers is part of a family of product lines:

  • ProPlants
  • Red Envelope
  • Personal Creations
  • Cherry Moon Farms
  • Sharis Berries.

Contact Info:

If there is a problem with your flower order you should contact Proflowers, not the local florist who delivered the order. The florist is sent the order from Proflowers, so Proflowers is ultimately responsible for the order being filled correctly.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department for Proflowers is available for customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-580-2913

You call the same number for ordering as you do for customer service.

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address listed for Proflowers, but there is an address listed for Provide Commerce. This is likely the conglomerate behind the multiple companies Proflowers is associated with.

Provide Commerce, Inc. 4840 Eastgate MallSan Diego, CA 92121

Official Website

Proflowers is available online for customer orders and order support at The support information most customers are looking for is located under the Contact Us page.

Customer Service Email

The Proflowers customer service department is available by email and contact form. You can send your email to or you can use the email formon the Contact Us page. There have been issues with the email form so customers are asked to email customer service directly if a confirmation page does not appear after clicking the Send Email button.

We sent an email to Proflowers about how local florists are chosen for delivery. We also asked if we could choose a local florist to receive the order. We’ll update when we receive a response.

Our Experience

The Proflowers customer service line is setup for orders and customer service, so getting through the automated system can take forever. We attempted to press 0 to move through the system more quickly and it worked! Our call was answered by Richard in just 39 seconds. Richard was kind enough to tell us about the current specials on roses and offer to place an order for a dozen roses immediately. The sales push was stronger than we would like, but that is often the issue when the sales and customer service lines cross. We love the fact that customers can enter the tracking number for their order on the phone without waiting for customer service to find out the status of the order.

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8 Comments on “Contact Proflowers Customer Service
  1. I’ve had a couple of problems with deliveries by Proflowers in the past but my last experience over this past Valentine’s Day takes the cake. I ordered flowers to be delivered to my wife on Valentines Day. She never got them. I called Proflowers several times thereafter asking for a refund and kept getting assurances that the refund has been processed. As I write this (1 month later!) the money has not been refunded. I don’t appreciate an unhappy wife or the runaround that I’ve been given by Proflowers. Do I really need to sue them to get a refund of $69???

  2. I was not satisfied with 2 orders sent on Mothers day. You were going to resend flowers Only 1 order was resent. How do I check to see if The order was sent to the correct address? Was the order signed for? I answered a questionarre about the order that was sent the first time and to into consideration abt the good service I was getting for you sending the second order so it was rated with high opinions.

  3. My daughter received rainbow roses from Proflowers, sent
    to her on her birthday 8/01/2013.when I open the box, and viewed the roses, I was very disappointed, some the roses had turned browned and rotten all the way throughed them and each day, up until today they are browned and dead. I’m feel that the person wasted their money in ordering these roses from Proflower, I will say that you have lost a customer.

  4. valentine’s day come and gone, no flowers. what do you think my review should say. will never use this site again, and will be sure to let everyone i know not to use proflowers either. very disappionted along with mad,angry ready to sue.

  5. my daughter sent us a live plant for Valentine’s day. I was VERY disappointed because the kolenchoe (spelling)??? was in terrible shape!! It had dirt all over the green leaves, buds were broken, overall appearance was poor. I have used ProFlowers for years and have been satisfied and recommended Proflowers to family members. I’ll relate this incident also.

  6. My recent order shows why it is iffy to order flowers by mail for Valentines Day. My order arrived at my location on the delivery date but was not delivered even though the snow storm did not start until later that night. The flowers arrived 3 days late in a wilted condition.

  7. Hello I sent my wife a bouquet of Iris and lilys for Mother’s Day. The iris has never opened, just turned brown although the pink lily still looks great. I have a photo. Would you like to see ?

  8. Just wanted to say that while I was not satisfied with my original order, I am very satisfied with the customer service that I received from Mark at Proflowers. He was very kind and professional. I have been ordering from Proflowers for several years now and this was the first time I have felt the need to make a complaint. I am happy to report that my concerns were validated and taken care of in a friendly and efficient manner.

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