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Contacting Proflowers Customer Service Center

Online flower companies give customers a means of connecting with local florists. Proflowers, for instance, does not necessarily ship flowers directly from a large flower warehouse. Instead, they send your order to a local florist who fills the order for less than the price you were charged. That florist delivers the order. In some cases, orders are shipped via mail.

Proflowers is part of a family of product lines:

  • ProPlants
  • Red Envelope
  • Personal Creations
  • Cherry Moon Farms
  • Sharis Berries.
to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

If there is a problem with your flower order you should contact Proflowers, not the local florist who delivered the order. The florist is sent the order from Proflowers, so Proflowers is ultimately responsible for the order being filled correctly.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department for Proflowers is available for customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-580-2913

You call the same number for ordering as you do for customer service.

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address listed for Proflowers, but there is an address listed for Provide Commerce. This is likely the conglomerate behind the multiple companies Proflowers is associated with.

Provide Commerce, Inc. 4840 Eastgate MallSan Diego, CA 92121

Official Website

Proflowers is available online for customer orders and order support at The support information most customers are looking for is located under the Contact Us page.

Customer Service Email

The Proflowers customer service department is available by email and contact form. You can send your email to or you can use the email formon the Contact Us page. There have been issues with the email form so customers are asked to email customer service directly if a confirmation page does not appear after clicking the Send Email button.

We sent an email to Proflowers about how local florists are chosen for delivery. We also asked if we could choose a local florist to receive the order. We’ll update when we receive a response.

Our Experience

The Proflowers customer service line is setup for orders and customer service, so getting through the automated system can take forever. We attempted to press 0 to move through the system more quickly and it worked! Our call was answered by Richard in just 39 seconds. Richard was kind enough to tell us about the current specials on roses and offer to place an order for a dozen roses immediately. The sales push was stronger than we would like, but that is often the issue when the sales and customer service lines cross. We love the fact that customers can enter the tracking number for their order on the phone without waiting for customer service to find out the status of the order.

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90 Comments on “Contact Proflowers Customer Service
  1. I’ve had a couple of problems with deliveries by Proflowers in the past but my last experience over this past Valentine’s Day takes the cake. I ordered flowers to be delivered to my wife on Valentines Day. She never got them. I called Proflowers several times thereafter asking for a refund and kept getting assurances that the refund has been processed. As I write this (1 month later!) the money has not been refunded. I don’t appreciate an unhappy wife or the runaround that I’ve been given by Proflowers. Do I really need to sue them to get a refund of $69???

  2. I was not satisfied with 2 orders sent on Mothers day. You were going to resend flowers Only 1 order was resent. How do I check to see if The order was sent to the correct address? Was the order signed for? I answered a questionarre about the order that was sent the first time and to into consideration abt the good service I was getting for you sending the second order so it was rated with high opinions.

  3. My daughter received rainbow roses from Proflowers, sent
    to her on her birthday 8/01/2013.when I open the box, and viewed the roses, I was very disappointed, some the roses had turned browned and rotten all the way throughed them and each day, up until today they are browned and dead. I’m feel that the person wasted their money in ordering these roses from Proflower, I will say that you have lost a customer.

  4. valentine’s day come and gone, no flowers. what do you think my review should say. will never use this site again, and will be sure to let everyone i know not to use proflowers either. very disappionted along with mad,angry ready to sue.

  5. my daughter sent us a live plant for Valentine’s day. I was VERY disappointed because the kolenchoe (spelling)??? was in terrible shape!! It had dirt all over the green leaves, buds were broken, overall appearance was poor. I have used ProFlowers for years and have been satisfied and recommended Proflowers to family members. I’ll relate this incident also.

  6. My recent order shows why it is iffy to order flowers by mail for Valentines Day. My order arrived at my location on the delivery date but was not delivered even though the snow storm did not start until later that night. The flowers arrived 3 days late in a wilted condition.

  7. RE:110379658665

  8. Hello I sent my wife a bouquet of Iris and lilys for Mother’s Day. The iris has never opened, just turned brown although the pink lily still looks great. I have a photo. Would you like to see ?

  9. My son sent me a gardenia plant, it had 0 buds or blooms. I called and they sent me another one that does not look like the ones on your web page. The one I received as a replacement has one small flower and no buds in sight. What is wrong, you have wonderful looking flowers on your ad but when we get a plant it has nothing, shame on you! Louise Watne


    I have received MANY floral arrangements over the course of my lifetime but NONE COME CLOSE IN QUALITY TO YOURS sent me by my son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. Who would have thought flowers arriving a long elegant “box” (like in the old retro movies) would bloom and last longer than those arriving fully bloomed. YOUR QUALITY OF FLOWERS IS UNMATCHED, AND I KNOW FLOWERS. I LIVE IN MANHATTAN, IN NEW YORK CITY, where florists are renowned for their products.

    Then, I called your customer service number to leave feedback and chatted with a representative named “CUPID”; AND if that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does. The only competition to your outstanding quality of flowers would be this customer service representative; highly professional and richly personable. A winning combination if there ever was one.



  11. Just wanted to say that while I was not satisfied with my original order, I am very satisfied with the customer service that I received from Mark at Proflowers. He was very kind and professional. I have been ordering from Proflowers for several years now and this was the first time I have felt the need to make a complaint. I am happy to report that my concerns were validated and taken care of in a friendly and efficient manner.

  12. To whoever cares,
    I ordered flowers for my dad through your company to be sent to his cousin. The order was placed on Friday. They then said it was to late to send for Friday and they would be sent on Saturday. They emailed me with the order and I noticed my dad’s name was spelled wrong. So I called your company and took care of that, they said no problem the order would be sent out between 11am to 5pm I said that would be fine. Later today I then saw that my email said unable to deliver due to having to switch my order to something comparable so I called them again. I was told that they could do that but now it would take till Sunday to get there. If my order doesn’t get there tomorrow I will be cancelling my order. I am not very happy with your company or how your run it. I do not plan on ever ordering from you again. This has been awful from the start. I am not impressed with your company at all.
    Very Unhappy Customer

  13. To whoever cares,
    I ordered flowers for my dad through your company to be sent to his cousin. The order was placed on Friday. They then said it was to late to send for Friday and they would be sent on Saturday. They emailed me with the order and I noticed my dad’s name was spelled wrong. So I called your company and took care of that, they said no problem the order would be sent out between 11am to 5pm I said that would be fine. Later today I then saw that my email said unable to deliver due to having to switch my order to something comparable so I called them again. I was told that they could do that but now it would take till Sunday to get there. If my order doesn’t get there tomorrow I will be cancelling my order. I am not very happy with your company or how your run it. I do not plan on ever ordering from you again. This has been awful from the start. I am not impressed with your company at all.
    Very Unhappy Customer

  14. My order, I asked for 2/14/2014 delivery. The confirmation states it may be delivered on or before 2/14. The recipient will not be home if it is delivered before 2/14. The weather is below freezing and will damage if left outside. please deliver on 2/14.

    Thanks, Mark

  15. your people lied to me yesterday, saying that they had no idea how freshening got my information. You created a scam. At the bottom of my confirmation I saw today the link was there, I even found where it states “one of our third parties marketing partner is ——
    The freshening had sent me an email, information provide by you, I don’t appreciate you giving out my information and I;ll never do business with you again, and I’ll tell every I know or talk to about your scam!

  16. Sent my wife a dozen Rose’s for Valentines Day (flowers Looked like they were half dead !! )What a Embarrassment !!!! rose’s were hanging down in the vase lifeless !! VERY EMBARSSED !!!

  17. This is Pete Eichler, I ordered flowers from Proflowers and had requested the delivery date for Thursday, February 12, 2015. The flowers were NOT delivered until after 5 p.m. on Friday, February 13. The person they were delivered to: Karin D. Kelly had left out of the State on Friday, February 13, 2015. I am requesting a refund of $44.89, since the flowers were inappropriately delivered….I never had this problem in the past with Proflowers and am very disturbed and unhappy with this experience. Pete Eichler

  18. My flowers were NOT delivered when scheduled…..I am requesting a refund…they were ordered on February 10, 2015 and were to be delivered by Thursday, February 12, 2015….they did NOT arrive until after 5 p.m. on Friday, February 13, 2015 after 5 p.m. The person they were to be delivered to was gone…out of state on Friday, February 13, 2015. Pete Eichler

  19. The flowers were awful. Lasted two days. Customer Service is non existent. They must operate on volume not quality because no one would ever order more than once. Representatives are rude and help with absolutely nothing. I asked if they were just a call center and, of course, they are.

  20. The flowers were awful. Lasted two days. Customer Service is non existent. They must operate on volume no quality because no one would ever order more than once. Representatives are rude and help with absolutely nothing. I asked if they were just a call center and, of course, they are.

  21. I ordered for Valentines Day, delivery was left outside the door never signed for, then when the arrangement was all put together according to the directions for putting the stuff in the water etc. the flowers only lasted 1-2 days. Very disappointed with the service and the product quality. This was my first and looks like my last order with Proflowers!!!

  22. Thank you for providing excellent customer service, from the person I placed my order(#112014882843)with to Tom who supplied me with the information to let you know how happy both myself, and my Aunt, were with the flowers she received. I will not only use your services again, I will also recommend you to family and friends.Thanks again, Nurse Patty

  23. I ordered Joyful Bouquet with square vase, it was delivered as promised but the quality of the flowers dwindled in 2 days. The instructions on their care was followed but 2 days after the flowers came they drooped and some only opened half way. I was assured by my friend that this arrangement would last at least 7 days because her’s lasted longer than that. I was so disappointed when I went to my Mom’s home on the 3rd day and she was trying to “save” the best flowers. I am totally surprised because this is not the quality I expected since I had already sent another flower arrangement that last for 10 days. I am not sure what happened but my Mom showed me the instructions and she followed them exactly. Maybe next time better luck.

  24. my husband sent me roses which died the next day.He complained and they sent him a $20 voucher. So I decided to give them a second try and ordered flowers for my sisters birthday. Well they were never sent!!! I called to complain and was told “this is very unusual”. She told me someone would review my complaint and would contact me. STILL WAITING!!!!!UNEXCUSABLE!!!!!

  25. I ordered a bouquet of 36 velvet roses on July 16, 2015. I will never order from pro flowers again in my life. These flowers were wilted, the buds were broken from the stem, the stem were stringy, the petals were in the box broken from the flower. This was the worst bunch of flowers I’ve ever seen. They were so terrible, I couldn’t even give these to the birthday girl. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM PRO FLOWERS AGAIN, AND I PUT THIS COMPLAINT ON FACEBOOK, SO MY 256 FRIENDS WILL SEE AND KNOW NOT TO ORDER FROM THIS PLACE…REFUND PLEASE!!!!!

  26. My husband and I received a gardenia plant from my children for a housewarming gift. The plant does not look like the one you show online. The gardenia we received here in FL had a note included that it would not bloom unless the temp was 62 degrees or less. We live in South Florida. Hello! There are three blooms on this pathetic plant and only one is trying to bloom. The plant is misshapen, horizontally rectangular instead of round, and was obviously over-watered before being shipped out. I took photos of the plant yesterday and it looks even worse today. Still soggy from too much water with no sign of drying out. I removed the moss from the top when it arrived as the instructions stated. I think someone at your company needs to refund my children’s money.


  28. I sent plant/flower basket to my sister-in-law for her birthday on Jan.13th. Plant came looks like it has seen better days. I ordered weeks ago! Very disappointed that the flowers are not what was represented in picture online. I don’t want to hear “weather” this is your business get it right!!!!!

  29. I will never use ProFlowers again! I placed 3 orders as appreciation for business associates & tried to call to postpone the delivery on two of them but your “Customer Service” (?) number goes to India and it was very difficult to understand anything they were saying and they were not helpful AT ALL!!

  30. I ordered roses for my mother-in-law for Valentines Day yesterday. Living nearly 1,000 miles away, I thought it would brighten her day. I received a call that she had passed away during the day, and they would not cancel her order when I called the “customer service”, which was in South America! The flowers are going to an empty house! I will not use Pro Flowers again.

  31. Right now I am very pissed at this so called company. This is the second time I have had an order screwed up. The last time I let it go because of delivery. This time it was their planning. Paid extra to have delivered this Morning. This Morning I tracked it to Memphis, Tn. at 11:05 AM. Only about 500 miles away. Still has not been delivered and it’s 5:00. Can’t get anyone to talk to. I have found out that is out of the question. Going to contact bank and get money back. Think I’ll contact Rush Limbaugh and raise Hell. Anybody!

  32. I ordered a rainbow arrangement for my wife for Valentine’s Day. It was atrocious. The pictured showed an equal number of reds, pinks, whites, yellows and oranges. There were no pinks or reds and over a dozen oranges. Some of the flowers were limp. It appeared from the website they would come arranged in a vase but they were not. I called your customer service line and their connection (from India) was bad.

  33. Attempted a phone call Saturday February 13 at 9:30 am. Your message was heavy call situation. So I am emailing. I have purchased flowers several times over the past months and have been very satisfied. I received an order Thursday February 11. Order #110228834785. The flowers were cut and given water and flower food as soon as possible after delivery. Morning of February 12, just a few hours after delivery the flowers were drooping and not looking alive. Less than 12 hours after delivery they were not presentable. I am very disappointed. Sorry, not a good way to maintain your business. It appears you will post this for others to see but just as important would be knowing what action your representatives take when the job is poorly done so others might know there is a concern to your customers and pride in your company.

  34. Another year of a crappy order I placed through ProFlowers you would think by now I wouldn’t give him a second chance being that my girlfriend is a florist I ended up with broken stems frozen flowers and generally poor condition

  35. Had a dozen roses delivered day before valentines day they were dying by ten am on valentines day when I called you customer care I was put on hold for twenty minutes then hung up on I’m requesting a full refund and I will never use your service again second time this happened to me I’m so done with your company

  36. I ordered flowers on 2/13/16 and paid extra for fast shipping for sunday 3/14/16.Well here it is 17503/14/16 and no flowers I called and was told my order would arrive on 2/16/16 so I called again and told them I don’t want the flowers at all I will never order from them again .I had same problem with understanding the service rep.

  37. My valentine flowers ordered2/9/16 deliverd 2/12/1 died 2/14/16,I am so disapointed with the flowers and hope you can do better if i ever order from you again.

  38. Yes, I am involved with a legal matter. I had sent a girl flowers in the past using your services and I need to know all of the information that you can provide about your service i.e. who I sent flowers too, the date sent and received, any information you have stored in your system. The email I used at the time was my address at the time was 13269 Inglewood court savage MN 55378. My current phone is 612 715 0746. Please send this information as soon as possible or contact me regarding this matter.

  39. Take me off your email list. No longer want any advertising from your company. I had a very bad experience with my Valentine order of flowers for two different homes. Take off today.

    Mary Ann Davis

  40. I ordered something on the Friday before Valentine’s Day I spent 40.00$ ALONE in delivery charges yet the arrangements weren’t delivered I’ve spoken to many reps whom assured me it would be handled and it’s been exactly 12 DAYS when I paid for SAME DAY I want my gift delivered to the recipient and I want compensation this has been the worst experience EVER I rather save my cash and order else where somewhere TRUSTWORTHY

  41. I called customer service and was told to email you. The reason being that my credit card # has been changed since I ordered and my complaint was such that I was told I would get a refund. The order # is 111800639832. I ordered the $19.99 mixed roses. I was not informed ahead of checking out that there was a charge for the vase, exorbitant shipping charges , and a lot extra for delivery on Sat. The total was @$60.00 for $20.00 roses!! Please attend to this. ESDunn

  42. sent flowers to my sister for Valentines Day. As of today, they have not been delivered eventhough I received a confirmation that delivery was completed. Will not do business with this company again,

    Bob Fannin

  43. I received email stating today was last day to order for Easter. I ordered 25 Mar 16 (order #111767304285) using your calendar which showed Saturday and Monday as a standard delivery charge . So I made order for Saturday, however the format came back stating flowers couldn’t be delivery Saturday. . So I change date to Monday 28 Mar 16. When I received the bill cost it was $9.99 more for Monday delivery when your order calendar showed me it was standard. So I called your customer service number, which I was told this couldn’t be correct . Which I replied your calendar clearly showed Saturday and Monday as standard delivery dates. Upon requesting a supervisor your employee (had me on hold for about 6 minutes before a supervisor picked and the line went dead. This really upset me because I normally send flowers all occassions with Proflowers. It;s not like your representative didn’ t have my information to call me back. It shows poor customer support , which in the future I’ll remember and use another company..

  44. I use Proflowers to send flowers to out of state friends and relatives. I am disappointed because the flowers you offer are the same boring thing. Nothing new, I like to send flowers that have a great WOW factor. But the ones you offer are more like Zzzzzzzzzz. Please update your choices. Thanks


  46. Really, the Philippines!!!! Cancel my order!!! Not the price I was quoted!!! Said they couldn’t deliver to that address! Are you kidding. Rip off!!!!

  47. I received an azalea plant from my son (Order #111285778790-2). The plant was dead. All of the blooms had turned brown.

    What a slap in the face to receive dead flowers on Mothers’ Day!

  48. I received my order last Thursday and followed the enclosed instructions – however, three of the included roses never opened – I have sent flowers to others through ProFlowers and can only hope that their order was better than mine –

  49. I ordered a Gardenia plant for my mother on Mothers Day, Arlene McGillin,200 Virginia Lane Apt J9,, Amsterdam NY. Your advertisement said with BUDS. Well there was not one bud on the plant. I called and you mailed my mom a second plant again there were no buds on the plant. I do not want another plant I just want you to know your advertisement states with buds and there were none. We probably won’t see buds till next year. You need to revise your ad. RoseAnne St.John

  50. My flower order no. 110564615748 consisting of roses, vase, wall plaque, bear and chocolates. When delivered the chocolates were melted. I brought delivery inside as soon as it arrived

  51. Pro-Flowers want’s your money, and you can’t reach an English speaking person in their customer service dept. Next time, I NOW BELIEVE IT’S BETTER TO GO TO THE SUPER-MARKET THAT USE PRO-FLOWERS RIP-OFF $118 FOR FLOWERS VS $20 AT THE SUPER-MARKET!!!!!!!

  52. What I ordered looked NOTHING like the half dead excuse for a flower arrangement that my mother received at work today. I was so embarrassed for her I told her to hide them under her desk. Im beyond dissapointed that I trusted this company to cheer up my mother on such a difficult day. Absolutely no pride in quality or service. Never again.

  53. I gave your “pro”flowers a second chance and again extremely disappointed and angry. I will never order from your company again. I won’t go into details about the first order I already called customer service and made a complaint. So this order does not look at all like the picture of flowers I ordered and that’s looking past the whole bouquet of unbloomed flowers and the box of chocolates is not Rocky Mountain Chocolates like you stated on your order site. I took pictures of the sad flower arrangement that was delivered and I would like you to see for yourself that the flowers I received looks nothing like the picture you have on your web page. What a joke I feel like you are nothing but a big scam. I feel confident in saying this because of what my mother received from the first time I ordered from you last may for motheres day.

  54. Nothing like getting flowers that won’t bloom for days on Valentine’s Day. I could have gone to the local grocery store and got a full beautiful bouquet of flowers for half the price.

  55. My flowers for my wife were delivered to the garage door at 7:05 while we were at dinner. When we got home I picked up the box and immediately heard glass. When we got to our table and opened the box glass fell out as well as remained with the wrapped flowers. The glass vase was so badly shattered that many of the stems were cut up as well. To say I am less than thrilled is an understatement. I expect a reply very soon.

  56. VERY VERY disappointed in my 2 dozen red roses that my fiancé had ordered me. I received my box at my door in the evening and when I opened the box to only find out that there was a dead rotten bud broken outside the pre-wrapped roses. While I was on hold for thirty minutes I unwrapped the roses only to find there was another broken roses inside and they where not long stem as ordered. After being on hold for a long time I was hung up on. Long story short it took 6 calls and finally a supervisor the next day to get a refund on this order. BEWARE people…..I only wished my fiancé checked/read the responses from others before ordering. The roses he buys for me all the time come from a local grocery store & are long stem, smell nice & are very beautiful along with cheaper even on Valentine’s Day. The only reason he went this route is because he is out of town on business.

  57. I have used many floral delivery services over the years but none have come close to Pro Flowers. Not only do they deliver as promised but their flowers are far superior. They are always beautiful and last at least 2 weeks. I was recently helped on Sunday May 7th around 5 am central by a very kind, patient and help customer care personnel named Bianca. She is what customer care is all about.

  58. We sent flowers to Shawn Baumgartner and the flowers were left outside by the curb and the vase was broken. No one rang the doorbell or called on phone. This is not acceptable. You can more than likely count us as ex customers!!

  59. I am writing this email to give kudos to your agent. Her name is Jen.P. I tried to order the flowers on line, but each time the prices came up different. I decided to call customer care and was fortunate to get Jen.P on the phone. She is very pleasant and helped process my order both efficiently and was very thorough.
    Hope she gets recognized for a very good job that she did!
    Sincerely, Nanette Klein

  60. Hello I ordered a rose lily surprise I am highly disappointed in the arrival of what I got it looks nothing like the picture .I will not be doing business with you again this was a special departure gift for a promotion I can’t believe you sent something like this

  61. I purchased birthday flowers online for an aunt on 9/5/17. I requested for the flowers to be delivered the following day (9/6/17). Since I did not hear a “thank you” from my aunt. I called her on 9/7/17 and she stated she has not received any flowers, so I waited another days to see if the company would have called or left a message stating why the flowers were not delivered. After waiting, and still no flowers, I called pro flowers on 9/8/17. The company refunded me 12.99 which was the delivery fee, but I felt the company should have paid for half of the flowers. I was highly disappointed, and I will not use pro flowers again. I wanted the flowers on the day I chose, and it did not happen, nor was there any communication regarding the delay. The customer service representative was vey nice to say she was “sorry” , but the service was unacceptable and this is my last time I would use pro flowers.

  62. I ordered flowers for a dear friend and after waiting an entire day with no notifications, I called customer service. I was told my delivery was delayed in shipping. The order was never delivered!
    I was told I would get a refund and it better happen.
    So disappointed in the lack of professionalism and customer care!

  63. My name is Arthur Wilkins, Auburndale, Fl.
    I placed an order for flowers early this morning, but when I pressed “Confirm” nothing hsppened. Do you have record of my order.?
    Thank you

  64. Order # 111455205578
    I placed this order online a week ago. I received confirmation of the order which is to be delivered tomorrow Feb 13th.
    I have yet to receive any further correspondence or notice of shipment .
    I am getting very nervous after reading all of the customer comments above and having spent 40 years on a customer service oriented industry I would have never allowed the type of service outlined in the customer feedback.
    Hope you get it right.

  65. I ordered flowers from Proflowers and they were not delivered on the day they were suppose to be delivered. I called customer service to find out the bouquet I had ordered that was suppose to be delivered the 13th were not available for another six days. So I had to settle for whatever I could get delivered remotely close to Valentine’s Day. Unacceptable Garbage and Lies and complete deceit on there part!!!!!!! I will not use them again and if you do not like being lied to and deceived them use someone else

  66. I am very disappointed in Pro Flowers!! I placed an order for Valentines Day and paid extra money for them to be delivered by 10:00 am. It is 8:30 pm and still no roses. I will never use Pro Flowers again and please get some customer service agents that speak and understand English!!

  67. I ordered birthday roses for my mother to be delivered on 03/13/18. I actually spoke to a CSR and verified they would be delivered on 03/13/18. They were not delivered until 03/14/18. Not sure if this is something that others may overlook, but if I am told something and an agreement is made, then I expect for that agreement to follow through exactly as specified. I’m trying to contact proflowers for a refund but cannot get anyone to contact me back. Will not use proflowers again.

  68. Order # 110909153580 sent to my 87 yr old parents for Easter flowers arrived on time but my Mom said they were almost all died. She is the one who told me not to use Proflowers again.

  69. My sister in law sent me a picture of the flowers that were delivered to Mom for her Birthday. What a disappointment!!! I have always sent her white lilies with pink tulips.Imagine my surprise when I saw ugly yellow lilies in a pink vase.

  70. I sent my mom flowers for mother’s day and she said the roses were perfect and all the other flowers were either dead or dying. I will never use proflowers again.

  71. The chocolate covered strawberries accompanying my flowers arrived in unacceptable condition. I would never use this company again

  72. Customer service representative very unhelpful….not only will I never order from them again I will tell all my friends and family
    Reps needs retraining

  73. I sent my mother a dozen roses for Mother’s Day this year 2018 they are horrible they are half dead they look like crap I will never order from this company again I am very embarrassed that my mother got those flowers never again will I ordered from this company .

  74. I ordered flowers on Pro flowers on Friday to make sure my orders would be delivered on Sat. as they promised. The money was pull out on Friday PM and Saturday no flowers, Sunday no flowers. and their computer had a glitch and they were going to deliver them on the 19th. I was so angry but all I got was a Sorry. Please do not ever use these idiots. They ruined Mothers day for our family…..So sad and I know they won’t do anything about it. If these company can’t keep their stupid promise they need to close up….I really hope I hear from someone….

  75. I have ordered from Proflowers & Sherri’s Berries quite a few times. Usually have had good results. This past weekend I ordered flowers w/ a spa kit & chocolates for my mother. I paid extra for shipping to have them arrive on Saturday. My product did not arrive until Tuesday, May 15. The flowers were wilted & chocolate melted. I don’t get to see my mother seeing how we live two states apart. So you guys REALLY dropped the ball for me this year. I have already had my shipping refunded. Thank you for that. But I will no longer order from you or your other companies again after this fiasco.
    Order # 111002860353

  76. Last week for Mother’s Day I received beautiful lilies and iris from my son in Upstate NY. They were very fresh are are holding up well a week later.

    I also received tulips and irises from my daughter in Va. These were in
    terrible condition, wilted and petals falling off and moldy on the stems.

    Are these send from the same location. Could I get a replacement.

  77. I ordered flowers on May 13 to be delivered to my sister for her 70th birthday as a surprise, which of course she did not get. I called ProFlowers on May 16, said they would be delivered on May 17, which I feel is not acceptable. I paid extra shipping charges to have them delivered on May 15. They said they would refund the shipping charges, but I do not feel that is just and right, I want a full refund. I will never use them again even though Sean Hannity advertises for them. Very disappointed in their service.

  78. Ordered roses for our 55th anniversary.Did not arrive ob scheduled guaranteed dated at. Recvd e mail sating want flowers same day or next day yet when I asked CSR to make good on the delivery said could deliver next week, ABSURD CUSTOMER RELATIONS
    Did receive a refund but wife expected her flowers
    Proflowers does not go out of their way to correct a mistake by their delivery vendor which I pay for.
    Completely unhappy with response very poor customerservioce
    CSR would not call FEDEX told me to do so

  79. My name is Joseph Abel Irecently purchased some flowers from you for my Mother who lives in Las Vegas.Ispoke to her last nite 08-29-18 about her gift and she said it hadnt arrived and she was home all day..she stepped outside to check and found a box leaning up against her outside wall in 100* heat..when she opened box she saw wilted flowers ,packaging material broken up throughout,and melted candy..the gift was sent because she just received news of a painful illness diagnosis.The flowers did not lift her spirits at all especially knowing what the cost is.Please tell me how we can rectify situation.

  80. Just venting a little. I don’t know how you stay in business. I have convinced all but one friend not to send me flowers from you. She did it again. Tulips $20, vase $15, tiny box of chocolates $15. I rounded prices off but we’re still up to $50. I don’t know about shipping. And it’s TULIPS this year. How do you mess up tulips? You say change the water and additive after 3 days. Problem is they are already dead by the end of 3 days. Last year you replaced what she sent. This year no thanks. Not worth the effort of opening the box. I’ll try again to convince her not to waste her money this way.

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