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Contacting Pizza Hut Customer Service Center

IN the late 1950’s, two brothers had an idea of starting a pizzeria with no idea of the potential windfall to the pizza industry. More than a half-century later, Pizza Hut is one of the largest and most popular pizza brands in the United States and around the world. The company is based in Texas, but reaches millions of customers.

One goal of the company is to enhance the customer experience. This is why the company has a dedicated customer support which is available to answer questions and concerns.

Contact Info:

Pizza Hut provides several ways to contact the customer service department and the corporate office. Customers can connect with a representative by calling the customer care line, writing correspondence to the corporate office, emailing the customer service department through the contact form or sending a message through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers wanting to call the customer support department can choose between the customer care line and the corporate headquarters.

  • Customer service department (general): 1-800-948-8488
  • Customer service department (gift cards): 1-877-302-7777
  • Corporate headquarters: 1-972-338-7844

Mailing Address

Pizza Hut, Inc.7100 Corporate DrivePlano, TX 75024

Official Website

Visit the official Pizza Hut website in order to place on online order, find out additional information regarding products and services and promotions. The company also provides information regarding community giving projects and customer support initiatives. On the customer support page, customers can review the FAQs, request information regarding corporate giving, receive corporate information and locate nutritional information.

Customer Service Email

Go to order to connect with the customer service department. Customers can request information, as well as discuss both positive and negative store experience. We sent a email asking for the hours of the customer support division. This information was not available as we searched the website. We received an automated response stating a representative would answer our concern within two business days.

In the event customers want to connect with the customer service department, they can contact a representative through social media, including:

Our Experience

Pizza Hut does not want customers to wait for service in the restaurants or on the phone. When we contact the customer care department, we did not have to wait in order to speak with a representative. We were connected within 60 seconds. When the representative answered the call, they were upbeat. We asked if the company provided information regarding online ordering, gift cards or the restaurants. The agent provided the link to the Pizza Hut FAQswhich answered our question.

We were put first. Every customer should have the same experience; did you? Tell us your story below.

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144 Comments on “Contact Pizza Hut Customer Service
  1. Tonite I ordered pizza for my families dinner.i called by phone at 5:46 they said it would be ready at 6:05. I got there paid for it and set there for 20 min. I finally had to get u and inquire lots of people picked up and left. I was not pleased. I defiantly don’t care for the automated system at all. I will not purchase again. A very very dissatisfied customer.

  2. I called your Woodbury NJ location seven times between 5:30-6:30pm on 12/17, on each attempt a woman answered the phone after a long period while the phone just rang. The woman stated to hold and she would be back but never did. On the last attempt I stopped her from placing me on hold and was told she was very busy. Again she left me on hold and I was never able to place an order after all 7 attempts throughout an hour. Very disappointed “”!!!!!

  3. I ordered pizza for my family last night (12/26/12) because we are in the middle of a move and needed something fast…. Not only was I placed on hold for over 5 min, I had to call back and got hung up on TWICE!! After finally getting to order our pizzas, we were told it would be 30 min for delivery. An hour and 15 min later we got our pizzas, they looked like they were sitting under a heat lamp for that extra 45 min, AND they were thinner than a frozen pizza! I ordered the pan thicker stuffed crust!!! I am so unsatisfied with this I could burst! Definitely the last time i order Pizza Hut AGAIN!! Awful, awful service and product! :-(

  4. I called the ridge road douglasville ga location tonight jan13 and tried to pay for my carryout over the phone they said i could not do that so i called papa johns and they could never eating pizza hut again

  5. I order a pizza on line!!!!! The Computer stated that the pizze would be at my resident at 9:27pm NO pizza!!!! I call Pizza Hut on east Tidwell the manager stated that they couldn’t find my order…. But the pizza was taken off my credit card. This is very poor customer service!!! At 9:46 the order was deliver and the pizza was cold.. I will not order any thing else from Pizza Hut.. Thanks for the cold pizza……….

  6. Tonite, 6pm, we ordered a large and medium thin crust pizza with cinnamon sticks and chocolate dunkers by phone. We were told there was no cinnamon sticks. … ok. .. after repeating what we ordered We than were told it would be one hour wait. We were tired and hungry, and decided by “our shock only”- we said ok. –???
    We set our alarm just in case we fell asleep. We head out, after an hour wait, to pick up our order.. And allowing a twenty minute drive back to town- They now tell us it will be at least another 30 minutes wait!!!!!
    Tired & Furious !!!!! Still waiting for our pizzas in the car!!! It is now 8pm. !!! Never Never Never have we ever waited this long for a meal -ANYWHERE -in all our born days!! Very very poor service!!! Extremely Poor !!!!! (The Pizza Hut in Waldron Arkansas!! )
    All I can say is never ever again. Poor service there many times but this has broke this camels back for a long time !!!!!

  7. here it is 10:01 and still no pizza we ordered it over the phone at 9:00pm and still no pizza, this is something else,this is the pizza hut on northside dr. here in valdosta, ga. they are always slow and don’t pick up the phone and when they do they ask you to hold on. I know noone is this busy, I orderd it to be delivered and its stills have not arrived,and when you call the 1-800-948-8488 support line they give you and automat and tell you to contact the store you ordered the pizza from what kind of bull is that.they are now just delivering the pizza at 10:15 WTF.

  8. so I’ve been waiting for over an hour to have to receive my pizza I called 5 minutes ago to ask where it was and I said oh it’s just been dispatched should be there in about 10 minutes so 5 minutes later my little brother says the pizza guy smiley here and then as soon as I walk outside not even 60 seconds later he pulled up and leaves. I call them to complain and they told me that he’s been sitting outside for 10 minutes that’s not possible I just called them and ask them they said the pizza jest let the store! and the guy I talk to you over the phone with extremely rude and all you did was made up excuses and you didn’t even give me my pizza!!!! they have definitely lost a bunch of customers! so then I call Domino’s in 30 minutes later they were at my door with my pizza now that is good customer service! the pizza hut in North Minneapolis sucks!

  9. I purchased a large cheese pizza yesterday – 4/3/13. the original price quoted was $14.99. When I requested if they had any current specials they quoted a large two topping pizza for 7.99. I asked if they could explain why a large cheese was almost twice as much as a two topping and they reasoned that was only for the special. They reduced the price to $10.99 but wouldn’t honor there special price. Clearly the special reads up to two toppings. Obviously, training is inconsistent between stores and management is clueless at this location in Fairport, N.Y. My family has meals out significantly and we had Pizza Hut as an option regularly, however, this lunatic experience just eliminated them from our choice. Pay more, get less is not how you retain loyal customers.

  10. hi i exsprience a really bad time at the pizza hut at the location

    4171 S 76th St, Greenfield, WI 53220
    and really after spending for 2large pizza 1with veggi and cheeselovers plus cheesesticks and honeybbq wings after the order i got my food very cold after waitng an hour almost plus i got treated bad i couldnt believe that im a pizzahut customer since almost 8years and never change my pizzahut with no other pizza places i get treated like crap i would like i ask gfor a replacement on my food or money back and all i got is crew being bad towards me please answer me back my address is 4250 s 2nd street milwaukee wisconsin 53207 thank you maria cefalu

  11. We called our local pizza hut to order pizza and chicken wings/and soda. The bill at that rate was $60 ok fine no problem. Right before we were about to pay the lady asked if we wanted to order dressing for the wings for .75 what the hell ? We canceled our order and called big mamas pizza and got the dressing for free and for $30 and got the same amount of food. My whole family and its huge will NEVER go there again

  12. I think your bait and switch tactic is really sad. Your tv ads.say a large pizza for 10.00 but when.u you are charged over.12.00 when u don’t have a coupon on u. Must be in the fine print on tv. Pathetic. With many other pizza choices I don’t need the lame tactic to stick me for a couple extra.bucks. your pizza isn’t that good. Consider me a former valued loyal customer.

  13. I placed and order and when it was delivered it was in correct. I called right back and said that the driver was gone and that I had the wrong order. I was told that the manager woud call me back, I provided my phone number again and guess what… No call was placed to me. I then called back and was placed on hold for over 15 minutes while waiting for a manager to answer the phone. I hung up and called back again. This time quite frustrated and asked not to be placed on hold again. But I was placed on hold again and had to wait another 5 minutes for a manager to answer the phone. I was told that the person I was talking to was a manager and not at the store. I was told that the person would have the manager of the store I ordered from contact me. The store I placed the order at is on 651 Egret Bay Blvd., League City, TX 77573 Pizza Hut Store #027141. When I recieve a call much to my supprise the manager was upset with me and yelling at me on the phone asking why I was calling to return a pizza that I had just order saying it was wrong when in fact he knew that I had the right pizza. I again said that I dident have the correct order. In fact I had bread sticks, and had not asked for them. He continued to be frustrated with me and said that I was not telling the truth. A short time after I did get the correct pizza and gave the driver the bread sticks to return to the store manager as proof that I did have the wrong order. I am sure the manager who now has egg on his face is not man enough to call and say he was wrong.

  14. I placed and order no 0051300003755 (TIN 07060191335) today 19 Apr 2013 from Pizza hut Padam Singh Road, Karol Bagh Store. We ordered Fun Meal, Two Cheese Garlic Bread and PHD Potato Wedges.

    The quality of food was substandard and below the usual service standards with which I generally associate Pizza hut with. Garlic Breads were underprepared and were unusal in taste. Potato Wedges were totally soggy. I demand consistency in service n quality of food from Pizza hut.

  15. I had my car tampered with after an interview last fall. I applied online through my mom. They’re keeping track of me in the worst way possible and I don’t need it. I would like to report Lorrie Weis from Elizabethtown Pizza Hut.
    Thank you and Goodbye

  16. On May 18,2013, My sister called to order 2 medium pizza ( I all meat thin pizza other one 4 toppings pizza.,to pick up. Later on tv It side I could get 2 medium pizzas for $ 8.00 a pizza.It cost me $25.00. I called back the manger (Tom)and ask him why he charged me $25.00 when on tv was medium pizza was $8.00.He said I didn,t ask for it.We than started to argue. I did tell him that I though it was kind of s—– of him .Then he told me it was corp rules. While my sister and him were talking I was listening on another line.

    NOTE: My sister never once cuss at him or called him names.
    Thank you for your time
    Mr. Paddy Canan


    • The $8 2-topping? Yup. But you had a special pizza and a 4-topping. So tell me again how it should still apply without additional charge?

  17. I don’t normally write reviews of restaurants but I have had two absolutely terrible experiences from Pizza Hut – 2 nights in a row. I am staying in Palm Springs, CA with friends and last night ordered some food. They called me about 20 minutes after I ordered and told me that they were going to bring $7.63 cents when they delivered the food because their “wing machine” was broken. I wasn’t thrilled, but let it slide. Eventually they showed up with our food. Well – with food…not our food. They actually showed up with a voided receipt that we had to sign and some random food and told us that they were actually completely out of what we ordered. Blah Blah Blah – long story short – we ordred from them again (against our better judgment) and about 15 minutes after taking our order I got a phone call and the guy said “so the only things we can make for you are pasta & wings.” I asked if they could give us some sort of discount for the inconvenience and he said “no” because it was not part of a special. I don’t hate Pizza Hut, but this is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve had better customer service at K-Mart. Anyway – I don’t expect anything from you, but although I have been a very loyal customer (just check my credit card receipt) I highly doubt I will ever order from you guys again.

  18. Hello I recieved an email fr om you offering any $10 box with any toppings for $10 and when we called pizza hut on south greeley they informed me that was not a deal and refused to honor it. I do not understand why you would email someone a deal that is not valid.

  19. I ordered from your store in Jupiter fl. All three of my pizzas were wrong between no “so called” meat they put on the pizzas and so on with the pizzas themselves and the the general manager wanted to sit there and fight with me about the pizzas being right and fought with me in front of other customers…needless to say I will never go back to Pizza Hut again after this experience. This isn’t my first time this pizza hit has done this either..

  20. Last night i ordered a pizza from pizza hut in viroqua wi. When it was delivered my wife paid for it and i ate part of one piece and told my wife it tasted like wintergreen chewing tobacco spit. She responded that the delivery guy had a big chew in his lower lip. I know that the guy spit in the pizza and i know what i tasted. When i was young i experemented with chewing tobacco so i know the taste, the burning in the stomache and throat . I ordered 2 pizzas, wings, and wedges and threw it all away. I will never in my life order a pizza or anything else from pizza hut again and i will spread the word about my experience to all family and friends. Havnt had to many good experiences with them in the past and have heard many bad storys about this place.

  21. sir ur services very late i have order my pizza but ur pizza very late i m not setified ur services plzzz contact me…

  22. pizza hit is the only pizza place on my side of town my girlfriend like pan so we always get it . i hate it because never in two years have i recieved a completely cook pizza always soft under cooked rushed pizza . or extremely over saturated.

  23. I walked in to the Lacey Pizza Hut the employee in back was joking around while I waited plus always ask for extra cheese ooooo I always pay for it but I never get it alway very light on topping but mind u we alway pay for the them I tell the employee it was not right he said that’s what it is really didn’t care if I was happy or not I live close but I am done I will go to another pizza place I no it means nothin to Pizza Hut but I feel better so this place is very bad in my opinion

  24. I ordered two pizzas online. I have ordered plenty of times before from this location and other then the delivery person getting lost on the way to my house I’ve had no other problems. BUT tonight I get a call back saying they do not deliver to my house. It was closing time so maybe that had something to do with it. It wasn’t that big of a deal I said I would go pick up the pizza since it wasn’t too far from my house. I get to the Pizza Hut and the doors are locked. I call the store and the lady who answered just answered saying the store was closed. I replied with “I am actually here to pick up my pizza” the phone was put down and I heard “what she say” there was a little commotion in the background then I was hung up on. If you are going to have someone come pick up their pizza instead of it being delivered at least be on the look out for them. I was digested with how this happened. I will NEVER use this pizza hut location again. So instead, I stopped at Papa Johns and ordered my pizza from them. While there, someone from Pizza Hut called asking if I was still coming. I let her know that I did come by to pick up my pizza but the doors were locked and when I called, I was hung up on.

  25. I ordered for 2pizzas(home delivery) in the name of Dhiya at 4.15 and still we have not got the delivery.the service at pizzahut stinks.

  26. I’ve been a pizza customer forever so it truly saddens me when I order 2 lizzas for pick up, then get there and haven’t been made so I think whatever ill eat here, not only was my waitress the worst my pizza was wrong, service was by far the worst, my waitress had her boyfriend there so she spent all her time with him, his pants were sagge way below his ass to were we could all see it.. even my 8 year old son, asked to talk to a manager and was told there was not on duty, so to say the least we won’t be eating pizza hut anymore

  27. Very unhappy customer!!!!!

    Just placed an online order over thirty minutes ago and when my husband arrived to pick it up, both pizzas we ordered were the wrong pizzas! We have ordered online before and have never had this kind of trouble before!!!! Probably will not purchase pizza from Pizza Hut again!!!! It is sad because Pizza Hut is my favorite!!

  28. Tonight, 5:08 pm we stopped at Store No.023583 to get one of the new flatbread pizzas There was a sign that said all pizzas were $10.We were charged $12.71. Then we took our pizza home for dinner. The crust tasted like cardboard, the toppings were skimpy and the sauce was on-existent.Our receipt said “chance to win (see back for details)”and there was nothing printed on the back. It will be a long time before I will go back to Pizza Hut. All of the other pizza chains are equally, if not closer, convenient.

  29. I had gotten some coupons off eBay for Pizza Hut buy one pizza get one free !the pizza hutt in Carthage Texas was absolutely rude said they don’t except them in Texas is this true and y do you give coupons if u aren’t going to let us use them! It doesn’t have a state on it! I love Pizza Hut but because of this guy joe who was so rude I want go back there! Thanks in advance for me being able to express my views!

  30. I ordered the flat bread 3 topping 3 way deal and when I called the lady I spoke to argued and tried to tell me it was only 2 toppings and was rude the entire phone call. When we finally got the pizza It was the saddest looking pizza I have ever seen. The crust was burnt and on the cold side we ended up breaking off the parts that had no topping on it. I would never recommend this pizza to anyone. I even took a picture of the ” pizza” to show those who ask wat they can expect so they aren’t as disappointed as I was

  31. Unsatisfied customer!!!

    Today (7 July 2013) Sunday.

    I & my friend visited pizza hut for an lunch at 1 of the branch in Sabah
    Located at megalong shopping mall, dongongon.
    We ordered at around 12.15pm and after that there were another 5 families in after us and ordered. Unfortunately I had waited until a rounded 1.15pm the last
    family who had ordered after us also get their meal while us just drinks, soup & bread stick. I’m so disappointed about their service over this branch. Moreover, next to my table an uncle with her daughter had asked to serve a scoop ice creafor 4 times the waiter & waitress just skipped/forgotten.

    I hope pizza hut corporation can do something to improve this matter or to well train the staff who are dealing with our customer.

  32. I ordered the flat bread pizzas today. Talk about disappointing. Practicaly no sauce and no cheese. I was expecting better especially for the price. I wouldnt recommend anyone order these. I had to go get pizza sauce and cheese and heat them in the oven for it to be edible.

  33. We have patronized only PH , when it comes to Pizza ,for years. We spend a lot of money at Pizza Hut. Now I am changing that habit. What misguided executive thought it was a good idea to try and hijack my phone ? When I dial a number I want to talk to the people I called! How dare they take control of my phone! I want to place my order with the PH people down the street who speak English! Three times I was routed to some crackly line with someone who has an accent ! The store personel KNOW me! I want to talk to someone I know.

    I’m done! When I order Pizza it’s because I need a fast solution to dinner! The last thing I want is to spend 15 min getting nowhere fast.

  34. To whom it may concern,
    I live in a small college city (Chadron) Nebraska, last year when you had your $10. any pizza deal it was not honored at the Chadron location. This year, I went to Pizza Hut in Chadron and it was honored so I told a friend about the deal, when she went with several others, Pizza Hut told her it was not being honored. She talked to the manager and they honored the deal. I went a few days later and was told that the Chadron Pizza Hut franchise owner would not honor the special and I had to pay several dollars more than the special.
    This appears to be a problem with your organization; it appears that the people of Chadron are not good enough to receive your specials. I guess are money is not good enough for your franchise owner. I would recommend your organization drop this franchise owner before he/she destroys your reputation within the community. I and my friend are not the only ones that take offence to this slap in the face.
    Normally I would not waste my time writing a complaint, however, this time my friend asked if I would. This offence was insulting enough that I even asked my daughter in California if she was interested in moving here and opening another pizza franchise if I would put the money up. The people of Chadron are just as good as any others from other towns in other states! Drop these franchise holders…

  35. let me start by saying I have never complained on any food chain..we took our family to Litchfield Illinois pizza hut for supper we got there at 640 pm and we were seated right away 25 min later we had to get someone to let them know we had not been waited on so 10 min later someone came over took our drink order and our pizza order. 720 my husband and I had a salad from salad bar at 745 we received our bread sticks..8pm we received drinks at 810pm they came to us and said we are out of the dough you wanted and I said we can not stay any longer I have four small children ranging from 1-10 who were started to get rowdy so I asked for my check to go and I received a 23.46 bill I was really upset that we were there for pizza and they had not even started it…everyone around us was coming an going ….all we got all night was im sorry so at 810 I packed up the kids and took them home for supper….

  36. I just ordered takeout from the Walnutport PA Pizza Hut. After a long weekend of work, I was looking forward to relaxing. I was called immeadiately to be told that my order couldn’t be delivered. I could, however, come pick it up. I’m exhasuted after long days on my feet… as well as quite comfortably setteled into my home for the night. So, now I’m home without the possibility of food, because there’s NOTHING in this area that’s still open. It’s just a little disappointing. Maybe don’t permit new orders to be made? Could the store’s shut off their online delivery options sooner? Then you wouldn’t have cranky unfed coustomers. :)


  37. Called to order dinner box Alex took my order was very rude hung up in my face I mean worst customer service ever this store is located in Marietta ga on Terell mill rd.

  38. Placed an order yesterday online at 8:59 pm from the painesville, Ohio store and the approx. time for delivery was 9:40… At 10:20 pm I called the store and the guy told me that the times they give you online are wrong he told me they were running at appox. One and a half hours on delivery so I said ok… Well the flat bread pizza and two sub arrived at 10:45 pm and it was the worst, everything was cold and as hard as a rock… Needless to say we had to throw it all away the subs were a total joke all bread 2 pieces of meat and a few shards of cheese what a joke… I had to take pictures because I could not believe it… I should have stuck with Marcos but good job pizza hut your commercials got me, but you won’t get me again…

  39. There is no longer a pizza hut in Sycamore, IL. There is a padlock on the door. You really need to take it off your site. Thanks

  40. pls pay attentions for the staff frm seremban city park!
    all of them included supervisor were not working well! what was v ordered they nvr list n oreder for us! frm tat moment we complaints,they tell us tat pizza finish! wat?! pizza hut no pizza?! my fren waiting for his pepsi n soup,n garlic bread took a half hr ther! wat kind of attitude they like playing n nvr pay attention for their job! bull shit!

  41. I applied for a job online at PIZZA HUT n CHILDERSBURG,AL. All positions were online from Store Mgrs to Servers. This has been ongoing for the last year 2012-2013. When I called to check on my application I was told very rudely ” they ain’t hiring & if they needed any help it wouldn’t be me.” Excuse me but I maybe only 21 but I’ve got more experience than most of the people working here. And to make matters worse we orders two pizzas their & when we got there to pick them up the “MGR” SAID” OH WERE OUT OF THE DOUGH YOU WANTED”. Really Pizza Hut!!! Get your franchises together from owners to dishwashers. Its not good when your Mgmt & staff acts unprofessional.Oh yea & about the job its ok your business is not the right one for a professional person. Fire and hire better trained & professional staff. Thanks for letting me share my comment.
    Callie Forbus Childersburg,Al

  42. Pizza Hut in mt. Sterling sucks. Came in on aug 5 2013, there was no greater we sat ourselves order our drinks and they came out with can pop with no ice. The buffe had nothing on it. The service was less than mediocre. I won’t be back

  43. Today my boyfriend, his son, my son, my daughter and her boyfriend went to eat at the laconia, nh pizzahut and were very disgusted with what we encountered there. The restraunt was dirty n gross. It reaked of an odor that smelt like vomit. The service was not very pleasant. Cooperate needs to pay them a visit n so does the state health inspector. We got up and left. One of the employees came out n yelled to us “wait are you leaving?” My boyfriend responded “yes we are leaving this place stinks and its very dirty. We are not pleased we are more disgusted” she informed us that we needed to pay for the drinks. The straws were soaked with soda. Then as we pulled a couple of dollars out to pay them what they were worth she the employee for pizzahut shut the door on my boyfriends wrist. I will be sending this exact complaint to headquarters and all the local papers. Sincerly grossed out customers

  44. Just wanted to let you all know your fort Stockton branch is being ran horribly. The bathrooms are disgusting and smell horrible. The light fixtures are not put together correctly and the seats are torn. Service take forever! And this is really your company’s judgement but there are way too many people working for the 2 customers here. And they’re not doing anything either.

  45. My visit on Tues. Evening to the Grissom at Culebra location was extremely poor! We placed a puzza order at 8:07, were told it would take 15 min. We attempted to pick it up at 8:29 at which point the mgr. By the name of Brandon told us he didnt have our order. We gave our name once again, gave him the order to confirm. He never asked our ph. # to reference in the computer but did ask us what # we called. He then told us it was at another location. So we drove further down the road just to be sent back to the original location! At 8:45 we headed back to the Grissom loc. Where i was told it was found but under another name and it was found by simply checking our ph. # which again the mgr.,Brandon, never did. Asking for some compensation Brandon stated smugly it was a simple mustake. Refused any assistance, then threw out our two large pizzas in the trash right in front of us! Incredulous..we have been going to that location on Grissom for the last FIVE years . Never again…by the way, we finally ate dinner at 930 p.m. at Peter Piper Pizza ..once upon hearing about our dilemma with Pizza Hut they threw in a few drinks and extra toppings!

  46. I have been using this pizza hut since the late 1970’s. Worked there for a few years in high school.We ordered our pizza and wings online at 533pm for delivery was told it would be here at 553pm. At 615 I called to check on it only to be told very rudely that it was on its way. At 620 it was delivered warm. At 625pm the manager on duty johnathon called to tell me very rudely again that i got my pizza at a very good time. A 30 min late is not a great delivery time for a warm pizza. Would have accepted a sincere sorry. Did not want a discount and sure did not need a shift manager telling me to be satisfied with my great delivery time.

  47. My husband decided to order Pizza Hut today located in Winslow, Az. Brought pizza home and only to find the pizza rollers weren’t cooked, wings were raw and wedged fries were ice cold. He took the food back and the manager informed him the wings weren’t raw, they are injected with a red dye from the company they order from. He replaced the wings and gave us some cinnamon pies but didn’t replace the pizza rollers. Again, the wings were RAW! I have worked for food service for many years and I know raw when I see it! I can’t help but ask myself why they would inject wings with red dye in the center to? I don’t like wasting $40 on food I throw in the trash. Won’t order from them again.

  48. Hello.
    This evening I ordered a pizza, garlic bread and dessert from your Bondi store. The delivery took 1hr and 15 minutes (not the 40 quoted) and did not arrive ‘hot’ as garenteed.. It hardly arrived warm. It is currently in my oven heating up and I am hopeful to eat dinner within an hour and a half of ordering.. Not really acceptable. Also, the delivery man did not arrive with adequate change, and I therefore played an extra dollar or so for my cold meal.
    I usually really love pizza hut, but tonight’s efforts have been disappointing to say the least.
    Thanks, Sarah

  49. This was to no fault of the delivery man.. He hasn’t been supplied adequately, and was obviously given too many jobs to manage a ‘hot’ delivery..

  50. I ordered a pizza from pizzahut #026410. 3523 memorial dr Decatur GA 30032. I placed the order at 8:47pm the pizzza did not come to 11:05.. unacceptable! the driver stated he was the only one delivering. wow….

  51. I was at pizza hut today and ordered pizza and wings. I asked for bleu cheese for the wings and they CHARGED ME FOR IT. Since when does anyone charge for bleu cheese??

  52. I have calling to make an order just now and that stupid indian gal told me ask myself come and pick up! What kind of the service they provided, huh??? Why still need to provide for the delivery order servicing????? Close down better!!!!

  53. I had a pizza delivered from your Rosemount MN location yesterday. the pizza obviously was prebaked and put back in the oven prior to delivery. It was extremely dry, had very little sausage, sauce or cheeze. Had I looked at it before the delivery guy left I would not have accepted it. We ate a few pieces and threw the rest in the garbage. I will never again order from Pizza Hut.

  54. I want to start by saying Pizza Hut used to be my favorite pizza in the world. However in these recent months/years ; ive been disappointed. I ordered a 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 (regular) cheese pizza, and for the third time the pizza looked distasteful. The pizza hut I used to remember was impeccable. It jad the right amount of cheese, sause, and taste. I took pictures of the large pie I purchased but unfortunately am unable to post it in this comment box. Not only did I get a tiny bit of cheese on the cheese side, but if I were to ask for extra cheese it would cost me $2.00 for the topping. Will someone get in contact with me, there has to be something done about this “new” pizza hut. Who am I to get in contact with? Heeeellllppp!

  55. Let me start off by saying we have been Pizza Hut customers for many years.
    I’m really hoping that customers that has been to the Ashdown Pizza Hut have made a formal complaint/complaints as well. My husband and I went there this evening Thursday August 29th about 4:20pm, and there was only one other couple in the whole place. I saw at least five employees and one child around the age of four running around in front of the counter and in employee work space as well. I wasn’t aware that employees are now allowed to use the restaurant as a daycare/playground and have their children and family at their workplace. We have been there on many occasions when there have been several children/kids of employees having the run of the place and using the dining area to do homework. This to me is very unprofessional, inappropriate and It is definitely hurting their business. The food and service has gone down hill and is unacceptable for my family. We had to wait on our server because he was texting/playing on his cell phone. Another employee finally came and took our order. When our pizza arrived it was fresh and hot but the plates were dirty and still had food on them. Dirty plates are a regular thing and I don’t feel the employees take the time to examine the tableware and silverware before giving them to customers. Once we got another clean plate and drink refills we never saw another employee on the floor. I had to go up to the counter and ask for our refills because the employees were gathering talking and texting/playing on their phone instead of tending to their paying customers. Our original server was the one on his cell phone. We never had anyone bring our ticket or ask about refills or anything. To me this is VERY POOR MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS. It doesn’t say a lot for your chain and local restaurant. I have worked for the public for twenty five years and none of this would have never be acceptable. This would result in complaints and termination. I do understand that everybody needs their job, but if you are privileged enough to have a job you need to be professional and do your job that you are hired and paid to do. Needless to say the daycare needs to be closed and the manger needs to manage and not bring kids their place of business and allow the other employees to do the same. On several occasions I’ve seen the older kids doing homework while their mother was working. Tonight’s visit was our last and we will NOT be back! Upper management NEEDS TO STEP UP AND TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS. This restaurant is a joke and so are the employees. I hate to make a complaint like this but it’s only right. I really hope you fix these problems before you loose even more customers. I would like to ask one thing of you. I would like a return email so that I know my time and effort wasn’t a total waste of my time.

  56. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thanks so much for your help. I original planned to prepare some gifts in WangFujing shopping Mall with my kid since she was going back to Australia later. But we were separated from my friend in another Market near WangFujing due to the language problem. Because there is no signal on my cellphone at that time, I have no choice but to find a place with WIFI so that I can leave a message to my friend for my location. I tried to query in a PIZZAHUT nearby in Zhengzhou. Unfortunately there is no WIFI there. However, a kindhearted waitress noted my anxiety. She gave me a glass of water and consoled me “Take it easy”. Then she borrowed me her cellphone and finally assisted me to find my friend.
    It was so amazing that I can get such help in a pizza shop. I’m looking forward to the next Chinese travel.

    Kind regards,

    Riaan Booysen

  57. i love this pizza but after today i am so disappointed. i order online and made a mistake so i called in to change it.after being on hold for 20 minutes i was told i couldnt change the order because i didnt call quick enough? ok but i have been on hold for 20 minutes so how did i not call quick enough? so i then proceeded to cancel the order. the person on the other end said ok then hung up on me. correct me if im wrong but in order to cancel it you need my order information. im quite sure im not the only person who ordered a pizza today. so i called back got the same guy and got the same if not more amount of rudeness and was told i couldnt reorder a pizza today since i had canceled the order. no not happening so i requested the manager and gt hung up on again.i am so through with this kind of service, each time we order from this pizza hut (preston high way louisville ky 40219) we either get rudeness or an incorrect order or a burnt pizza. and since they are the closest one to us we can go to another store for delivery. ok so my question is why should i continue to spend my hard earned money when the service and quality is so crappy?. i then reordered another pizza with the right toppings and was immediately called back and told they were not going to deliver to me because i had cancelled my last which i was told to do, then got hung up on. i called back and asked for management and got hung up on again. called back again and they said to call corporate so i asked for the number and got hung up on yet again. what kind of service is this? id have better luck going to papa johns or dominoes hell even little ceasers

  58. Pizza hut is false advertising 10$ unlimited topping ordered a pizza Saturday night spoke to “Steve” and apparently i could only have 5 toppings on my pizza!!!!!!!!!!!! PATHETIC………… I SHOULD HAVE JUST GONE TO TOPPERS PIZZA INSTEAD………

  59. We ordered 2 large veggie lovers ,2 bread stick n 1 personal pan meat lovers pizza on 9/9 13 that is yesterday from Lakejoy location in Warner Robins GA zip. 31088 n after eating this food every one in family had stomach virus …. Which don’t sound good after spending a big chunk of money …. The quality of food is not good ….

  60. Really!! At 12:30 I’m on my lunch break at Pizza Hut on Broadway, 4 tables besides me. 2 waitresses & 2 pieces of pizza in the Buffett for the last 15 minutes! Rediculoues when a void timer had to tell them another couple just came in & they didn’t even notice. I heard these folks complain it looks terrible & left. Why have a Buffett if u r not going to stock it???

  61. I tried to apply for a position for a delivery driver, but the web site where the applications are kept giving me the runaround. Even though I applied before and had a email address and password. What is going on there?

  62. Worse service ever ordered a”Deal for four” at 9pm from Sharjah to the nearest Al-majaz Branch and its been 3hrs and it still aint here.You guys have the worse delivery system.I called the women she said the delivery guys phone is engaged and now its turned off.She put me on hold and then she hunnged up on me.Then i tried to call again atleast 4 times and no one answered the phone.A strict action should be taken against this.I ordered pizza from a local shop and they delivered it within 45mins fresh. I had to face my guests.Never making the same mistake again,never going for pizza hut again!

  63. I went to Pizza Hut in Cross Lanes WV for my 30 minute lunch. It is right across street so there was little travel time.This is the second time that 3 coworkers and myself went and ended up having to take an extented lunch due to no pizza or bread sticks. Today as we left I asked when is the best time to come since this was the second time at different times that we have came and the experience was terrible, no regular pepperoni pizza or bread sticks. Only supreme, hawaii pizza, and sausage. He explained that they are on timers and always have pepperoni out. I then explained no we had been there for over 30 mins no pepperoni at all, therefore i had a salad bar with desert bread stick!!!! He explained that he had one coming out if i wanted to wait (remember i was checking out and already 10 mins past my lunch). He gave me my total of $6.38 i said well that was an expensive salad he riped the ticket up and slammed the drawer said dont worry about it! I thanked him and left. Needless to say I will not go back to this buffet bar and make sure that my co workers know the service that we received.

  64. Last week we ordered a pizza from the Newburgh IN location something we have done since we moved here a year & half. Only this time we received a little extra after eating half the pizza we found a live roach crawling in the box. The local store offered a remake are you kidding! After not acting management we were told they had a pest control company that took care of that there was actuall no remorse. I cannot believe the attitude after delivering a live roach to a loyal customer very disappointed and would have a hard time ever ordering from pizza hut again

  65. My complaint is with the Pizza Hut that we have in our town. Everytime Pizza Hut advertise the special 10.00 for any pizza. Our Pizza Hut doesn’t honor it at all. When I ask they tell me that it’s for the corporate companies and they weren’t a corporate store. And their management company doesn’t honor the special
    Just really think it’s not right that they can pick and choose specials when ever they feel like it
    I thought it was a national ad and all pizza huts run that special I still ordered something from them but this is the last time. Thanks Mary. From Dixon, Il

  66. I called the Murphysboro office here in Nashville ordered 2 large pizzas and it was told to me 25 minutes when of my pizza arrived it was one hour and the pizzas were very cold the manager I called him back he was acting like some kind of bug on the phone he got smart with me I got smart back and I told him I had two pizzas here that wasn’t worth eating they were cold and not worth nothing and he told me too bad and hung up and hung the phone up on me this is wrong and I doubt motel here where I’m staying 925 Lebanon pike in Nashville its Airways motel I’m in room 17 they recommended this pizza place and they do to everybody I’m going to go up and have the number removed from the office because this is totally wrong and then totally wrong for the young whippersnapper that got smart with me to act this way on the phone on the phone please have someone contact me. Thank you and god bless you

  67. We had the worst experience at the pizza hut in carrizo springs texas bad customer service over charged took to long to get our food 3 other tables were in the restaurant not that busy cold chicken wings and manager didnt care he still charged us for stuff we were not aware of cause our waiter didnt tell us we work for our local ems we had 3 units at the restaurant but now they lost our business .

  68. i made a order for my girlfriend and me and they never called us and now there close this isn’t right because i made a order and i never got it.they said they called and i never got a call.i own a business and i always order from you and now your losing a customer because me and my girlfriend have to starve.

  69. 2nd time I’ve ordered a pizza n the wrong store got it !! Their excuse if u ordered online sometimes the other store gets order !! Well , being my second time I left it there !! This is small town n 2 locations ! How hard can that b for a computer to do wrong ??? Da , they run the world n ur saying this happens alot !! Well , I guess I will c how Liitle C’s n other competitions software is ! I’m very upset !

  70. I just ordered a Super Supreme with a hand tossed crust, from the Pizza Hut in Fredricksburg Texas. I asked for extra toppings and the lady on the line said I could only add two toppings. I asked for extra sausage, mushrooms, cheese and I wanted half with jalapeños. She said the pizza already had 9 toppings and I could only add two. She said I could add two toppings to each side if the pizza, in school I learned that 2+2=4.
    I believe that drug testing is probably in order for this franchise. In the business world, the customer always right. Aren’t they in business to make money? Toppings cost extra, extra means more money! Another customer lost to an idiot answering the phone!

  71. I had a really bad visit at the Pizza Hut in miami Florida …..8th street and tamiami trail / store#12405 I wanted to add pepperoni to my cheese bread and pay a few dollars more and girl was rude and said NO and manager Jose was even more rude. So I order just regular cheese bread and it took 25 min. Then no one told me it was ready and finally I asked where my order was and they said its been ready for a long time!!!

  72. Worst service ,crap pizza one can ever have. if one wants to waste their money for tasting rubber kind of pizzas pls call pizza hut .the delivery is so fast that we would have to call them hundreds of times to get the update and everytime they xome up with one and the only reason that is the pizza is already diliverd, then why the hell is it taking more than 1 and half hour for the delivery .will suggest all never order pizzas from them its just waste of money

  73. My mom order me pizza on line many times and I have never had a problem. until tonight. driver rude ,manger of store rude .mother paid for it and no I have to go hungry. this is not a good way to do businesses.

  74. I work late at night and get off at 8pm and as I leave work I called for a pick and they had me on hold for 15 mins,so I hung up and dialed again and this time they said hold on and which I did again 12 mins.i hung up again and dialed back again this time I held on my cell phone until I arrived they and showed the clerk I was still on hold for 16 mins this was about 8:30 pm and I live 20 mins form the Pizza Hut close to my house is this what you call good Business ?

  75. I will never order from Pizza Hut agin I order a pizza and bread sticks and they sent me the wrong order and when I called the Pizza Hut employ would not let me speak to a manager and would not give me his name and would not do anything about the order being wrong and then hang up on me. I order this pizza from the Pizza Hut on Mahoning ave warren oh in the giant eagle plaza. This was 3 weeks ago and I called a 1800 number I found on the Internet to tell them about this and no one called me back.

  76. Went to the Nazareth pa location tonight for dinner with my family. There was only one waiter on and it is a Saturday night. We were there last Friday night and only one waiter was on but that night the waitress on was very experienced and could somewhat handle being left to tend all those tables. Tonight however was horrible experience. The waiter, not his fault, was not very experienced and thrown into a fully packed restaurant. The woman behind the counter, who I believe was the manager was so rude to this young man who was trying to do his best. I felt very sorry for him. He could not keep up with the demand and she was not very nice to him in front of the customers . After waiting over an hour for our pizza, we asked where our waiter was and we were informed he walked out, can’t blame him. So when the cook came out and said he would check on our food we waited another 10 minutes then we realized he was now helping at the front desk , the manager was now gone also. Everyone in the place started to leave so we followed and left too. When we were walking to our car we found the not so nice manager out back yelling on the phone and smoking a cigarette. Normally I would not complain but I felt like this time I had to. I don’t want that poor waiter, I think his name was Jon, to be blamed I would have done the same. Please start putting some extra help at the Nazareth location on Friday and Saturdays until then we will not be back. Thank You Erika Faust

  77. I called my pizza hut in newark de -rt 273 the store worker named nicole was the most rude and obnoxious person I have ever spoke with. I am csr everyday myself and I never speak to my customers this way. She should have another job that doesnt include answering the phone. I will not be ordering from pizza hut again. I will go elsewhere.

  78. Pizza Hut’s company policy to have restaurants “open for business” on Thanksgiving is certainly the company’s prerogative. Pizza Hut is not alone when it comes to retail businesses that are “open” on Thanksgiving. If it is Pizza Hut’s policy to request the “tender of resignation” from those mangers who refuse to open their restaurants on Thanksgiving (i.e. Tony Rohr of Elkhart, Indiana),then the Pizza Hut corporation is just exercising their legal corporate rights to ensure that business decisions and policies are enforced.
    Like many businesses, profitability is the bottom line. No amount of employee dedication, ethics, quality of service or quality of products will ever replace profitability as the most important thing to many businesses and corporations. From personal experience (not at Pizza Hut), there are only two things more important than profitability in large corporations… 1) corporate executive employment contracts and 2)a legal suit which may name corporate executives as defendants. “God forbid” that a bonus, stock option, or an incentive nestled deep within the corporate executive’s employment contract ever not be satisfied. And even worse, “heaven help us” if a corporate executive should ever become publicly or legally directly accountable for anything they do or do not do.
    Well, I digress from the actual subject at hand; Thanksgiving! Once again I am thankful this year as in prior years for my family, good health, and the ability to help others when we can. I am thankful for the wisdom that God has provided each of us to help determine the path in life to follow and to learn from the wrong paths we have taken. I am thankful that I do not have to look in the mirror and deal with the reflection of a person who had to ask another to “tender his resignation” for the sake of profitability. And I am very thankful that dining at Pizza Hut is no longer part of my family’s policy.
    I look forward to Pizza Hut’s “corporate and legally correct” response.

  79. I am most bothered by the firing of a Pizza Hut manager for his attempt at allowing his employees to enjoy the the AMERICAN holiday of Thanksgiving. You and your commercials talking about how you have improved your stores and your recipes and customer service is all proven to be so much hogwash.

    There is nothing more AMERICAN than the family values of spending time with family. Your firing of Mr. Rohr for standing up for those values, and your deceitful statements from regional manager Mr. Kayser are unforgivable.

    It is rare that a corporation has a man like Mr. Rohr work his way up the ladder over a decade. It is rare for such an individual to demonstratre loyalty to company and employees. You threw that all away, (along with any credibility you have), with Mr. Rohr’s firing and Mr.Kayser’s misrepresentation of fact.

    I prefer to order from companies that are responsive to both customer and employee needs. This is a reason for me to avoid your products, and a reason for me to educate my children to avoid your products.

    My suggestions are to apologize to Mr. Rohr, apologize to the public, fire your public affairs manager, fire Mr. Kayser, re-hire Mr. Rohr & give him a bonus, and then go out and read “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclaire. Bad employers breed stronger unions.

    I mannage a business, and you better believe our goal is to create happy employees and happy clients. You are failing on all accounts.

    Most Sincerely,

    Charles Pearlman, MD

  80. I feel bad for the tony rohr situation, he highlights the best qualities of a great manager caring for the employees, respect, and pride. I feel he should be rewarded for standing up for his people. Besides this whole turkey day thing has nothing to do with pizza unless in some rare occasion the bird gets burnt! Its about family, good food!!! And good times, a great reason to enjoy a holiday with a day off!! If your about profits I’m sure it will cost more to pay all the overhead to have people work than the lack of income you will actually bring in. Not to mention the loss of customers due to this negative publicity, I for one will not be seen in your establishment. And there is way better pizza out there so good luck. happy thanksgiving!

  81. First let me say that Pizza Hut and their thin and crispy pepperoni lovers is a long time favorite in our house,not just mine, but family and friends as well.I am sure we also mix in a variety of crusts and toppings,and everytime I place an order for myself i send a couple of pizzas to Mom and Dad,on football Sunday and family parties we also order our favorite pizzas and tip our drivers well,and let me say service has always been good year in and year out.Pizza on thanksgiving? Only if you are sending pies to a shelter or kitchen (THANKS FOR GIVING).Bake some pies early drop them off to people that would appreciate them,go home and enjoy thanksgiving with your own family.Oh yeah, Mr.Rohr will not be able to do that will he?I SALUTE YOU TONY ROHR, a man with qualities that you a) would like serving under or b) being served by.Pizza Hut please rethink this one all around,being closed on Thanksgiving is’nt the worst thing for Pizza Hut.Use this as a starting point to let your employees know that they do matter,I mean is corporate,going to be open making pizzas on Thanksgiving? Not to mention how I’m going to tell my parents we have to find a new pizza provider,yeah it hurts to say that, but Mr.Rohr is right and if more people like him roared together they would be heard.The pizza kings should not be acting like pawns.

  82. Kudos to the young manager from Indiana. He did the right thing about saying he was not opening his store on Thanksgiving. I am sorry he lost his job over it. Closing the store for only 2 days a year- Thanksgiving and Christmas is such a little thing to expect. I would go to Pizza Hut occassionaly- much closer to my home. From now on I will go to the more distant,family owned pizzeria.

  83. I called to place order at Pizza Hut on Clark lane mo . The manager was rude said he would give me one more chance. I said excuse me, I work at Watlow but I have always been there when ask for delivery, he said he had some that cost them money, but that wasn’t me he said like I said I will give you one more chance. Very rude, then Scott manager said he would take care of me after placing a 200 dollar order he only took 20.00 off order. But he told me he would give us few things free….. Pizza Hut sucks

  84. I picked up 2 lg pizzas on my way home long day at work. Pizza was terrible no sauce no cheese. I even commented nobody in store. So disappointed call corporate gets better I was transferred to fax called back they transferred me again then I got recording store closed called again so nasty suggested I post a comment on facebook all from your customer service people. Pizza was dry no items no cheese. I quit going to pizza hut for a reason! Now I am done I will stick with competitor even cheaper. Pretty sad
    Cannot even send email said duplicate message how finny

  85. I waited over a hour and thirty minutes for nor pizza which the store is like a 10 minute drive away the one in center point Alabama do to the fact that my girlfriend was not feeling good that’s why I didn’t drive to pick the pizza up after phone call after phone call they people kept saying they only had two drivers and it has left the store it will be there in 5 to 10 minutes oh well still no pizza almost two hours a shame

  86. I am a new costumer at pizza hut tonight i was making my first delivery order and i was extremely disappointed. The customer service given to me by the manager “adriana” the pizza hut located at 14433 country walk drive miami,fl 33186 was extremely terrible.I called pizza hut to make an order at about 1140 pm which this might have been the reason why they treated me so terrible i am a new costumer before i made my order they took all my information including address and phone number the address was verified not once but twice by the gentlemen that took my order. When 1230am came around i called back concerned about my order and this was when adriana the manager which doesnt want to inform me about her last name or store number. She answers the phone very crudely and the first thing she without a proper greeting or a hello is “pizza hut is already closed” i then proceed to ask about my order that i have not recived in over almost 50 mins,She then tells me “oh well i cancelled ur order because i called u back to verify the address and it sounded like you purposely foward my calls”not only did i feel this was extremely disrespectful but unessesary since the order taker had verified my address twice.I feel like i was dirrespected. She then tells me very rudely that if i dont like it i can call corporate.I have heard alot of bad reviews about this location and its managers and now Im here to confirm. Hopefully corporate can make a change before you lose another costumer.

  87. I was suppose to have a $25 credit on my account for an order mishap,
    But the next time I ordered of course it wasn’t there!!

  88. Last night we Ordered The Dinner box Deal at 8:18 was supposed to be here at 9:19 was delivered at 10:50. Called them at 9:55 I called 12 times it was 10:03 before anyone answered the phone. When I finally got through to explain to them it wasn’t here yet. The manger explained he would credit me for my next order which was a very nice thought however I am still unhappy. When the delivery driver arrived he ran away quickly after handing me my order saying “Don’t worry you don’t need to tip it’s free” like he didn’t want to wait around for me to realize my $28 dollar order was ice cold. The food was so cold it felt like it had been in a fridge for hours. We had to heat up our food in the oven to eat it. We were both horribly horribly sick today with food poisoning from it so I’m pretty sure they used something expired or old. What confuses me is when I called and spoke with the manager he stated the delivery driver had forgot our order and he had a new order ready for us. When the food arrived at 10:50 there is no excuse for it to have been that cold. When I called after receiving the order to complain about the food being cold and non-edible my call was picked up and hung up on. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had with ordering and quite frankly I don’t want to order from pizza hut ever again because of this.

  89. I went to the pizza hut on Naval Station Mayport and ordered a thin and crispy vegie/ meat lovers in a large. There was a very young man, I would say school age behind the counter. After taking my order he told me my tab was $14.99. I gave him $5.00 and a $10.00 bills. He then went on asking me if I had some one’s as he did not have any $1.00 bills in the register. I could not understand what he wanted but then he went on telling me that he was only working there to buy his sister some xmas presents.
    Still not understanding what he wanted I asked what my bill was and he again repeated to me $14.99….. I finally got the manager and he said his cash register is messed up and my pizza was nearly $17.00. I truely believe that this Pizza Hut is not run properly and the manager may have been useing his own kids as employees.
    Gettying the pizza home I found I had a large cheese and hamburger thick crust pizza. This is the worse Pizza Hut. A few months ago this same pizza hut was fine. I think a new person is managing this store and wll run it into the ground

  90. All I want to do is get my gift card activated and I’ve never has so much of an issue with something so simple in my LIFE!!! Didn’t Realize me receiving a gift was suxh an issue. This is the 2nd issue I’ve had with pizza hut and it’s getting old and may never order or bother with you again. Make your stuff easier and not a headache

  91. I placed my order at 5:38pm ticket #89 Pizza Hut on Macsway ave. columbus Ohio… When my order arrived at 6:45pm I receive my big box dinner and my lg. pizza to find out that the lg. was not the topping I ordered… I call back to location and the manager said he will send out another pizza asked what topping I requested org. And he would fix the problem and take in mind it will be a little bit due to high order volume. Yes… I took in to consideration that it is New Year’s Eve and they are busy so I wait and wait and after 3 hours of waiting… Pizza arrives and it’s wrong once again…. Like man I can’t win..hoping this isn’t a sign of how my new yr is gonna go…so first pizza was pep. Sausage ham… And second was chicken pineapple green peppers and onion… When I org placed order asked for pep. Bacon. Onion green pep. Mushroom … Just couldn’t get it right… I spent 32.24 not including driver tip and I order often from your company…. But differently not happy this time..I got my children feed but moms (my) dinner sucked… A good hot made right the first time pizza for free would make me whom don’t usually ask for much happy… Please do something to make this right cause Pizza Hut made my New Year’s Eve SUCK…

  92. We’ve been going to pizza hut in North Vernon for a year or so now – and the food is good and the servers are great -but somebody please get the bathrooms professionally cleaned.

  93. Over an hour and a half wait for a deliver!!! Pizza was cold!!! Never will I buy from Pizza Hut again !!!! Management is in need of some serious training this kind of customer service is not acceptable!!!!!

  94. Took my daughter to Pizza Hut in Ville Platte, LA for dinner. Waitress was so rude to us and never came back tosee if we needed
    anything else. Told the Manager about it and he said she was the best waitress he has. me and my daughter will not be dining at Pizza Hut again.

  95. Your store in Napa Ca is horrible. Customer service is so poor I had trouble with the website because it did not let me order half cheese half pepperoni. I called the employee was really nice, he sent me to talk to the manager, a real asshole, he could not help he is not next to me to help me, too bad. I would not get the 50 percent. The only reason I ordered it is because my kids really like it. So I started all over again and I could do it but the 50% off did not pull and after loosing half hour between the phone and the line I just ordered it. When my daughter went to the store to pick it up the guy was a Moran So just to let you know I never will order form Pizza Hut again, I used to order all the time when we live in crescent city ca, I had an account for work and I ordered 10 pizzas at a time , your employees there were amazing. Since I moved to Napa, every time I went there, it is bad, customer service is very poor, Good thing this town is bigger and I have many more options to order pizza Besides the store looks really empty and bad. I hope you make some changes soon, you are going to loose a lot of customers with that asshole manager

  96. sir in your co. in india there are many people joined your co. with fake degree exp.certificate education certificate etc in your renovation department in delhi name- sardar karanjeet singh from faridabad haryana his all documents are forged he is 8th class pass he take work in his own co. name reg.with other person name he do work his own not give to anyperson other if give other person work he take bribe from them and also submit over rate and fraud bills,he is spoiling your co. name in india all person he and his colleges are invovled in it and the person also who kept him for this job all take bribe .

  97. I live about 15 miles from the nearest Pizza Hut and instead of going to the closest pizza place I always chose Pizza Hut because I believed they made the absolute best pizza than anyone else ,until Saturday night when I ordered 2 large pizzas to pick up for dinner for me and my 2 kids. I have never had to check my food before I got it home because it was always amazing. But when I got my food home and opened it up it wasn’t what I ordered and I was not even sure what the toppings were they were so few, no cheese at all and very little of anything else . I know you have a deal on any size for 10 dollars but I would pay well for a quality pizza like what I used to get at Pizza Hut. @ Heron St. Denison Tx. A very disapointed customer

  98. I remember someone telling me once that they had filed a complaint against the Manager and a Supervisor at McDonald’s a few years back. They filed a report stating that these two individuals were stealing food from the store, but they didn’t file the complaint until after the Manager retired and this particular Supervisor resigned. McDonald’s responded, “You should have reported this when they were still employed here.” I know you are not McDonald’s, but I don’t trust any big corporation, including the likes of McDonald’s or Pizza Hut because I believe it is only the dollar that matters. I don’t believe you take any complaint seriously if that store is making money.

    In this case, your Manager at the Baker City, Oregon store was unlicensed for months after being hired and just recently got her license back. Remember all that money that was being garnished from her paychecks? Was that by chance, for fines she owed that had to be paid before her license was reinstated? During that entire time, prior to reinstatement of her license, she was delivering pizzas and buying store supplies. I know that for a fact. I wonder what would have happened had she been involved in a motor vehicle accident while conducting company business? Particularly, if someone had been seriously injured or in the event of loss of life. Then again, I am reporting that after the fact, so I guess you can overlook that…right? Personally, as a Manager, I wouldn’t overlook that because it shows dishonesty and a lack of moral ethics and work ethics.

    I would like to ask you one simple question. Why is it you disabled the camera in the back room at this store? That may eventually be your undoing. Let me suggest that you reactivate that camera. Maybe things are occurring there that you are unaware of. If any employee is involved in an accident, including a motor vehicle accident, do you have an alcohol and drug screening completed? Just curious, as this is the policy for any company I have ever been employed with.

    No, I’m not a disgruntled employee. I’ve wanted to report this for almost a year now, but was told not to for various reasons and one of those reasons being fear of retaliation.

    I would also like to inform you that a report has been filed with the OIG (Office of the Inspector General Fraud and Crimes Unit). This report involves federal fraud. I have been informed that two other individuals have also reported this fraud. Hopefully, it will very soon be under investigation and the allegations proven, which would be easy enough.

    So I have one final question for you. Is this the type of person you want managing a store with your corporation?

  99. I ordered pizza tonight (1/11/14) at about 7:30. After struggling to place what I thought was a simple order (medium veggie lover’s, half with no cheese) I hung up and immediately remarked to my girlfriend “Watch: They’re going to mess this up somehow.” I was feeling very Nostradamus-y. My prophecy came true! I received a 1/2 medium veggie lover’s, and half with nothing on it but a thin veneer of burnt pizza sauce. Seriously, who are these people taking orders and why does it seem so hard to get my girlfriend’s vegan needs met? Lots of people are vegans, and more join their ranks everyday. Pizza Hut needs to train their employees to understand that “no cheese” doesn’t mean “nothing but burnt pizza sauce.” And on the other pizza, the sauce missed the edge of the pizza by about three inches, all the way around. If I’m spending $50 on food, the least Pizza Hut can do is to NOT skimp on five cents worth of sauce. Sure, you saved five cents for the company, but at the exact same time you alienated an entire family, and they will no longer be spending our hard-earned cash at what has become, sadly, an inferior pizza parlor. Also sadly, this wasn’t the first time we’ve been disappointed, hence the decision to longer frequent my local Pizza Hut.

  100. I was amazed to see that sweat shops exist in America.Just ask any employee at bulkhead city pizza hut where their always under staffed and over worked. I blame the store RGM for every bad experience that comes from there. Clearly making numbers and bonuses is the main objcective and were all nothing but the means. This store is dirty,and the food is unpredictable at best. I will not be contributing to the RGMs bonus or numbers ever again! The only number I will be giving is corporate. Get a new GEM before it’s to late.

  101. The Pizza Hut in donaldsonville, La needs to be shut down the location never has a driver they always running out of pizza I feel if their not gonna prompt there self and hiring a driver it doesn’t make since for them to open this been happening for the past 2 months . When I call I’m giving the option for carry out or delivery so y ask for delevery if you don’t have a driver

  102. Portsmouth, VA – Ordered 2 pizzas 1.5 hours ago and they have not been delivered. Called the store and was told the driver left with them. I was also told delivery time was 1.5 hours! Papa Johns can put a pizza on my doorstep in 30 minutes. No wonder Pizza Hut is struggling.

  103. Called pizza hut that had delivered to us several times. I was told that store did not handle this area. Called the other store and they said we don’t handle your area. I called the other store the male answered the phone I said hi my name is crystal I just have a question. Do u keep your customers that order often in the system? And the man hung up in my face. I called back I said im sorry we got disconnected I wanted to know if u kept a log because we order often but was told u don’t deliver to this address. Dude hung up again I called back a lady answers and takes my order. Im very unhappy with what happened. And I told her what happened she says ooh ok what do u want to know.

  104. I really like pizza hut pizza and have been going for years. Recently I have stopped going for about six months. Reason is the horrible horrible service and management at the pizza hut in Carbondale il. I recently heard they had switched management and decided to give them another shot. Same story. I walked in and sat down, no one was in the restaurant including staff. By the time someone did come in from wherever I could have made my own pizza. I’m a manager myself and would NEVER LEAVE THE RESTSURANT UNATTENDED. I could have robbed them blind. Needless to say I won’t be back. Its amazing to me how they stay in business.

  105. Ordered. Told about 30 min. Waited 45. Called again they said it had left store. 15 min later still not here so called and canceled order. The store in minden is horrible. Quit going there 2 years ago because of poor service and tried to give it another try. NOT AGAIN!

  106. I ordered a pizza and it seemed like allen was not happy that I wanted it delivered so he told me it would take me two hours to get my pizza. I do not wait two hours for a table at the classiest restraunts without a reservation, I am sick my kids need to eat and I’m sorry I need my food delivered. Kennedy towne center pizza hut has never had such poor service and what a attitude. I asked did they have any salads and he said we have about eight salds. If I can go anywhere and have someone read me a menu of salads why can’t Allen. Oh and they want to deliver to the white house, they better change that commercial.

  107. Ordered a pizza at the Pizza Hut in cranberry twp in PA tonight at 7:23, I was told it would be an hour for delivery. This wasn’t a problem for me. After 95 mins I called them back and they basically called me a liar, saying they never had any calls or deliveries to that address. The man I spoke to was very rood. I will not order from them again. If I was corporate, I would get back to basics. Take care of the customer!

  108. on 1/26/14, I call pizza hut in sauk rapids mn, I never talked to anyone at the store.I ended up talking to someone named pete on your corporate line, I order two stuff crust pizzas, that’s it! This call was placed at 4:15pm, he told me that the pizza would take 45 minutes. The pizza hut location from my address is about less than 5 miles away, in town! He also explained that the driver will have no more than 20 dollars cash on them. The pizza arrived just over an hour later! and the driver could not give us exact change due to the fact that she only had less then 10 dollars on her! this is the third time this has happen to me and our family has decided NOT to order from that pizza hut ever again!

  109. I writing this comment because ever since I move to the Allentown Pizza Hut I have have been very dissatisfied with the service! Tonight I ordered at 5 mins to 6 pm and it took over an hour and a half for them to show up with my cold food order that cost me 45$!!!!! No Ty it’s not the first time and I’m sure you don’t care enough to make it the last!!!!! I will not order for Pizza Hut again and will make sure I pass it a long to everyone I know….and also when I asked the manager how long she told me 35 mins….. That’s just wrong!!!! I will never fall for that again!!!!!

  110. Glennville, GA
    I visit the Pizza Hut in Glennville, GA about every other month. For the past 2 years there have been only 2 occations without an issue. We were ordering on line, but when we would get to the store, they would not honor the online price, or was out of it. We would have to print the order or have a big argument. Sometimes I would leave and don’t get it and sometimes, especially if I have my 6 yrs old grandson, I would take the hit. It is very frustrating. So my husband and I decided to start calling in the orders to see if it was better. Not really. Today I called in the order went to pick it up and was told they didn’t honor the coupon. I got the coupon from the local newspaper. I need you to help me understand how this works. We and when I say we I am referring to myself and others I have heard complain need guidance. What it appears to be is that a certain type of people are not welcomed to fair and impartial service. I’m an educated female veteran, with a college degree. And have lived all over the world, (my husband is retired military) So this is not the only PizzaHut I’ve visited, but it is the only one we cannot figure out how to get proper service. Help!

  111. What a joke poor way to run a Bussiness over 2 1/2 hours for a 100$ order and called to check on it and was hung up on 4 times I give up dominos from now on

  112. Lousy customer service. website just permits orders, such as mine which was not correctly filled. try to complain and it is just a circuitous system that take you back to placimg an order again. No real people and sorry system. Don’t order from Brookhaven, Ms place.

  113. We ordered a pizza on Aug.23, 2014 from the Mason City, Iowa. When I took a bite of the pizza I bit into something hard that was hiding under a piece of meat. After spitting it out to see what it was I was truely upset! It was a thumbtack!!!! I was horrified to think I could have swallowed this. When I called to let them know what I had found in my pizza the manager called me the next day telling me that she was going to call someone to see what steps she had to do and get back to us. My husband took them the tack and she said she would call me in a couple of days. It ended up being a week and I had to call them back and of course she was gone. And to top it off one told me that my money would be put back in my account then I was told that they credited me the amount to order from them again. Really I’m not so sure I want a pizza from them anymore. Thanks for nothing. A fellow coworker told me she had a horrible incident with them the same night as well. May be I shouldn’t have been so nice and contacted someone to take care of this for me.

  114. It sure gets old having to beg places of business to take my money. Here i sit its been a good ten to twelve m minutes since i walked in pizza hut in alexander city alabama and still not. Waited on so with only 6 other customers in the whole place i finally go to the countrr and ask for tea and to place a order the staff acts like what we have to cook for some one else its only 7 pm here whats the deal

  115. I’m not sure how you handle fraternization but I’m a sharing this with you I know that your manager in the Hopewell /Aliquippa store April Birtwell is dating and engaged to another employee/ driver in the Michael Greenslate. They work in the same store and there is definitely favoritism shown toward him from her. This is something that you may want to look into. I will be contacting you in the near future I will keep my identity confidential because I am a former employee at that store.

  116. Placed carryout order 8/30/14 Hwy 5 Douglasville, Ga. Quoted price of $48, person had heavy accent. Picked up, price $51 forgot taxes, 2 pizzas weren’t right. Manager gave to me for $41, said he had not employee with accent, very nasty, walked away. Not the first time I have had a problem. Witnessed person in back preparing order of chicken wings using no gloves. Told Manager I was going to call, he said go ahead. Retired customer service director of large supermarket chain. Have patronized Pizza Hut for decades. No more. Been in county 41 years, telling everyone and calling Department of Agriculture and reporting unhealthy conditions, using no gloves.

  117. Wrll today i ordered the bacon and cheese stuffed pizza a chocolate chip cookie and a 2 litter it was all really good :) until i remembered i had ordered the 2 litter that i didn’t get! 2.99 for it anyway i couldn’t call to tell them because i don’t have a phone at the moment so that sucks kinda bad service.

  118. I called Pizza Hut in Monroe, LA (Lamy Lane locations) and placed an order at 4:47 pm. I was told to allow 15 mins. I arrived to pick up my order at 5:14 (wayyyyyyy over 15 mins) and I was told by the MANAGER the order was never sent to the kitchen. He never apologized, but told me he would RUSH the order and it would take no longer than 15 mins. I paid for the food, didn’t receive it until well over the 6 mins I was told if would be. This is not the first time this has happened. The first time it wasn’t sent to the kitchen and I requested a refund. The employees at this location need to work on their professionalism. This is ridiculous.

  119. Today my son and daughter receive a reading award along with a free personal pizza from one of your stores in covina (San Bernardino and Vincent ) my kids where excited to get there pizza went in and they were told no then couldn’t excepted it. My kids walk out divested . Manger was very rude . I always order from that location . Pretty upsetting to get treated that way .im not the one to complain because I also work In the food industry . I just would not like to see another child get treated that way .

  120. We just had the rudest complaint about a Pizza Hut , on 1514 W Lindsey in norman,ok. We called to complain about a pizza that was delivered this date at approxemently 9:30 pm. We got to the manager by the name of Williams. He was extremely rude, and we could hear in the background, some one saying,, who is that, “***”. After talking to Williams he was the most rude and arrogant individual I have ever spoken too. He hung up on us and we tried to call back, and they ignored our phone call. We have used Pizza Hut on several times a month, and we will never use Pizza Hut again. If you have any douts listen to the recording. It took all I could do was to go down there and address him personally, but thought better of it. This individual needs to be addressed about his RUDE behavior. To call my wife an ** was extremely un called for. I would like a email or phone call, that says this was brought to his attention. If not, I will go down and meet home personally. P.S. I am a Cleavland County Sherrif Deputy. Larry warren. I will place this on my Facebook, to all my 238 friends. I am also going to file a complaint to the have lost a valued customer for life.

  121. I ordered 1 of ur new bacon cheese stuffed crust last night,and it looked nothing like the one in the commercial on t.v. usually don’t do pizza hut very often,go to little caesers instead.but it had very little cheese and itty bitty pieces of bacon,while from previous experience of seeing food products on t.v. and the product from the store not looking the same I don’t quite expect as much,because I know from store it hasn’t been through hair and makeup.but this pizza was pitiful.

  122. I ordered a Pizza Hut dinner box and the guy said 50 minutes. I’m sitting here an hour and a half later and still no pizza. I’m very upset and angry and I wanna know what your gonna do about this.

  123. Just had the worst experience with any food service ever. My wife went in to a Pizza Hut for game day pizza and wings. She got home within 10 to 15 minutes. The $7.00 wings of 8 were only 7 little skinny parts and one top meaty part. Worst wings ever. The thin rust pizza was hard and dry. I tried tocall the store was pu to hold 8 minutes. Still no answer so I had to hang up. Total price of $18 was out of Line for very poor food.
    Very upsetting and not our choose for any style food ever.with poor food preparation and poor customer service I’m gone from your store.

  124. I ordered delivery online and over an hour later I called to check on the status and “a manager” RUDELY picked up the phone and said WE CLOSED, so I responded I’m just checking on the status of my delivery order and he responded by asking for my information. I let him know I felt it was inappropriate by just picking up the phone without a greeting and Rudely saying we closed and his response was “really?” He then started arguing and getting loud so I hung up the phone. He then calls my phone back and harasses me, yelling and cursing!! Worst customer service EVER! I will NEVER affiliate with that place again!

  125. On September 13 I ordered a Stuff Crust Bacon and Cheese Meatlovers pizza from the County line location here in Fostoria Ohio. I ordered breads ticks with my order too and had it delivered. I ordered it online and was supposed to receive a free 2 liter Pepsi because it was part of the deal. When they delivered the pizza the delivery person did not have my Pepsi. He was asked why and had no clue what the promotion was even about. He then calls his manager and his manager said since I never asked for the Pepsi online I wouldn’t be receiving it. Poor customer service if you ask me. Nothing but problems from this location with internal staff. I will not be ordering anything from this location in the future. What has happened to Pizza Hut and their business ethic?

  126. We ordered a pizza from the Pizza Hut on buffalo road in erie last night. When the pizza arrived, the delivery driver said he could not take credit cards and he didn’t have change. We therefore had to give him a $20 for a $15 order and got no change! Horrible! Very disappointed.

  127. Contacted you people about the bad service, and rude manager in your store in Denver Colorado. Located on Bowels and Lowell blvd. After trying to get a pizza for over 2 hr. you people offered me a free pizza. It’s not about a free pizza, It’s about you not wanting to hire people that know what they are doing. No reason to be rude to someone trying to buy one of your pizza. I finally drove down to the store, was told that a fresh pizza would be ready… Surprise… no pizza, and they didn’t even know you had called and told them to get a new pie. I received an old pizza they had warmed up and burnt it. We used to buy a pie from you at least 3 times a month… NO MORE

  128. On September 21,2014, my Fiance and I decided to treat my Daughter, Son-in-Law and their three children at the Pizza Hut located at 3851 Brooks Street in Missoula Montana. BIG MISTAKE!!!! First of all, my Grandson ate a RED AND BLOODY RAW Chicken Leg. When we asked politely about this we were told that the Chicken comes Pre-cooked and was NOT RAW! Okay, then we went to pay for an $87.00 bill. My Fiance gave my Grandson $100 to pay the bill. He was shorted $10.00. My Fiance approached the counter and politely asked for his change. The waitress stated she was quite sure about counting the money and was told he NEVER gave $100.00. The Manager was called over and in front of several customers proceeded to count the register. We would not have minded this except there was ZERO Customer Service. Even if we were told they “may have made a mistake” it would have been fine. It was mortally embarrassing and when my Fiance was offered the $10 in change that they finally admitted he was due, STILL NO APOLOGY!!!! No comp for even a free pizza. WE WILL NEVER EAT AT PIZZA HUT AGAIN as even after I called back later this evening to speak with the Manager all I ever got from him was “Okay”. What a JOKE!!! No Customer Service Training, Poor Management, etc. etc. etc.

  129. I ordered tonight from store number 024869 receipt number 00024 and it wad the greasiest undercooked mess I have ever ordered. Worst 32.00 spent

  130. Called to order a pizza on 9/22/2014. Location was 701 N Lake St, Aurora, IL. I was on the phone for several minutes. Person who was taking order did not know how to enter toppings in the computer. That would be like Dunkin Donuts not knowing how to ring up donuts.
    Obviously they have no training program. Then I thought about the kitchen and how they are trained. I hung up. Very poorly run.
    The good news is there are other pizza places in Aurora.

  131. September 18, 2014 my husband and I stopped at the Claremore, Ok. Pizza Hut after a long day at the hospital with a family member. We thought we’d have Pizza for the the evening instead of cook after a long tiring day. We ordered a large supreme. After waiting 30 minutes we had them to check our order. After another 20 minutes we got a pizza. Only to find out after we got home with it was cheese and onion. Should have taken it back but we were tired and at 79 and 80 it’s not easy… We won’t be back…

  132. I just want to say I’m a big fan of Pizza Hut and today I was extremely disappointed. I ordered a medium pizza and wings. First of all my delivery was 10 minutes late. Then when the driver delivered my order it was incomplete. I never got my wings. The driver apologized a couple of times, but she said I will run to the store and I will bring your wings. I trusted her word. Half an hour later I decided to call the store located at Rock Springs in Apopka, Fl and they treated me like I was lying. I never received my wings and not even a sincere apology. The manager said: we will give you a credit. I shall see! Worse customer service ever!

  133. My friends and family have a social get together every saturday evening and we order Pizza Hut every saturday evening we have been getting very annoyed at the wrong orders and poor customer service for a few weeks but kept ordering because its very close to we live however last night 09/27/14 we have all decided never to visit your restaurant again we got wrong orders and when we brought it to the attention of the employees we were told they would not correct the problem and then when I called the restaurant back the employee (LINDSEY) told me that a cook took my order to which i responded maybe a cook who can not get the order right should not be taking orders on the phone I finally got her to agree to give us the cinnamon sticks and bread sticks that were left off the order we had to go back to get them and when we went to the drive thru window she handed them out without any kind of IM SORRY and slammed the window this is so sad that customer service is so bad at your restaurant we will order in the future from the many other choices that we have The location of this restaurant is Cox Creek Parkway in Florence AL. your response would be appreciated Thanks.

  134. I waited 3 and a half hours for pizza and was rudely spoken to when i called to inquire on several occasions. I was not allowed to cancel my order because “they already ran my debit card.” I have never felt so disrespected in my life. The manager on duty name is Kyiesha Davis (could have been a fake name) and the Pizza Hut location number is 026918.

    All and all, a very unsatisfactory experience. What ever happy to costumer service?

  135. I ordered the new bacon stuffed crust pizza my order came to 26.45 and i was informed that they did not have anymore. I ordered on line for delivery. I am very unhappy and was not compensated at all. Its a new product how do u run out

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