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Contacting Pizza Hut Customer Service Center

IN the late 1950’s, two brothers had an idea of starting a pizzeria with no idea of the potential windfall to the pizza industry. More than a half-century later, Pizza Hut is one of the largest and most popular pizza brands in the United States and around the world. The company is based in Texas, but reaches millions of customers.

One goal of the company is to enhance the customer experience. This is why the company has a dedicated customer support which is available to answer questions and concerns.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Pizza Hut provides several ways to contact the customer service department and the corporate office. Customers can connect with a representative by calling the customer care line, writing correspondence to the corporate office, emailing the customer service department through the contact form or sending a message through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers wanting to call the customer support department can choose between the customer care line and the corporate headquarters.

  • Customer service department (general): 1-800-948-8488
  • Customer service department (gift cards): 1-877-302-7777
  • Corporate headquarters: 1-972-338-7844

Mailing Address

Pizza Hut, Inc.7100 Corporate DrivePlano, TX 75024

Official Website

Visit the official Pizza Hut website in order to place on online order, find out additional information regarding products and services and promotions. The company also provides information regarding community giving projects and customer support initiatives. On the customer support page, customers can review the FAQs, request information regarding corporate giving, receive corporate information and locate nutritional information.

Customer Service Email

Go to order to connect with the customer service department. Customers can request information, as well as discuss both positive and negative store experience. We sent a email asking for the hours of the customer support division. This information was not available as we searched the website. We received an automated response stating a representative would answer our concern within two business days.

In the event customers want to connect with the customer service department, they can contact a representative through social media, including:

Our Experience

Pizza Hut does not want customers to wait for service in the restaurants or on the phone. When we contact the customer care department, we did not have to wait in order to speak with a representative. We were connected within 60 seconds. When the representative answered the call, they were upbeat. We asked if the company provided information regarding online ordering, gift cards or the restaurants. The agent provided the link to the Pizza Hut FAQswhich answered our question.

We were put first. Every customer should have the same experience; did you? Tell us your story below.

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2,696 Comments on “Contact Pizza Hut Customer Service
  1. Tonite I ordered pizza for my families dinner.i called by phone at 5:46 they said it would be ready at 6:05. I got there paid for it and set there for 20 min. I finally had to get u and inquire lots of people picked up and left. I was not pleased. I defiantly don’t care for the automated system at all. I will not purchase again. A very very dissatisfied customer.

    • I order a pizza though your phone system and when I got there it was not ready so the lady told me it was going to be a while so okay I wait 39 min later it was not even start it on so I left but while I was the I notice delivery driver was coming in and handling food and not washing there hand

  2. I called your Woodbury NJ location seven times between 5:30-6:30pm on 12/17, on each attempt a woman answered the phone after a long period while the phone just rang. The woman stated to hold and she would be back but never did. On the last attempt I stopped her from placing me on hold and was told she was very busy. Again she left me on hold and I was never able to place an order after all 7 attempts throughout an hour. Very disappointed “”!!!!!

  3. I ordered pizza for my family last night (12/26/12) because we are in the middle of a move and needed something fast…. Not only was I placed on hold for over 5 min, I had to call back and got hung up on TWICE!! After finally getting to order our pizzas, we were told it would be 30 min for delivery. An hour and 15 min later we got our pizzas, they looked like they were sitting under a heat lamp for that extra 45 min, AND they were thinner than a frozen pizza! I ordered the pan thicker stuffed crust!!! I am so unsatisfied with this I could burst! Definitely the last time i order Pizza Hut AGAIN!! Awful, awful service and product! 🙁

  4. I called the ridge road douglasville ga location tonight jan13 and tried to pay for my carryout over the phone they said i could not do that so i called papa johns and they could never eating pizza hut again

  5. I order a pizza on line!!!!! The Computer stated that the pizze would be at my resident at 9:27pm NO pizza!!!! I call Pizza Hut on east Tidwell the manager stated that they couldn’t find my order…. But the pizza was taken off my credit card. This is very poor customer service!!! At 9:46 the order was deliver and the pizza was cold.. I will not order any thing else from Pizza Hut.. Thanks for the cold pizza……….

  6. Tonite, 6pm, we ordered a large and medium thin crust pizza with cinnamon sticks and chocolate dunkers by phone. We were told there was no cinnamon sticks. … ok. .. after repeating what we ordered We than were told it would be one hour wait. We were tired and hungry, and decided by “our shock only”- we said ok. –???
    We set our alarm just in case we fell asleep. We head out, after an hour wait, to pick up our order.. And allowing a twenty minute drive back to town- They now tell us it will be at least another 30 minutes wait!!!!!
    Tired & Furious !!!!! Still waiting for our pizzas in the car!!! It is now 8pm. !!! Never Never Never have we ever waited this long for a meal -ANYWHERE -in all our born days!! Very very poor service!!! Extremely Poor !!!!! (The Pizza Hut in Waldron Arkansas!! )
    All I can say is never ever again. Poor service there many times but this has broke this camels back for a long time !!!!!

  7. here it is 10:01 and still no pizza we ordered it over the phone at 9:00pm and still no pizza, this is something else,this is the pizza hut on northside dr. here in valdosta, ga. they are always slow and don’t pick up the phone and when they do they ask you to hold on. I know noone is this busy, I orderd it to be delivered and its stills have not arrived,and when you call the 1-800-948-8488 support line they give you and automat and tell you to contact the store you ordered the pizza from what kind of bull is that.they are now just delivering the pizza at 10:15 WTF.

  8. so I’ve been waiting for over an hour to have to receive my pizza I called 5 minutes ago to ask where it was and I said oh it’s just been dispatched should be there in about 10 minutes so 5 minutes later my little brother says the pizza guy smiley here and then as soon as I walk outside not even 60 seconds later he pulled up and leaves. I call them to complain and they told me that he’s been sitting outside for 10 minutes that’s not possible I just called them and ask them they said the pizza jest let the store! and the guy I talk to you over the phone with extremely rude and all you did was made up excuses and you didn’t even give me my pizza!!!! they have definitely lost a bunch of customers! so then I call Domino’s in 30 minutes later they were at my door with my pizza now that is good customer service! the pizza hut in North Minneapolis sucks!

  9. I purchased a large cheese pizza yesterday – 4/3/13. the original price quoted was $14.99. When I requested if they had any current specials they quoted a large two topping pizza for 7.99. I asked if they could explain why a large cheese was almost twice as much as a two topping and they reasoned that was only for the special. They reduced the price to $10.99 but wouldn’t honor there special price. Clearly the special reads up to two toppings. Obviously, training is inconsistent between stores and management is clueless at this location in Fairport, N.Y. My family has meals out significantly and we had Pizza Hut as an option regularly, however, this lunatic experience just eliminated them from our choice. Pay more, get less is not how you retain loyal customers.

  10. hi i exsprience a really bad time at the pizza hut at the location

    4171 S 76th St, Greenfield, WI 53220
    and really after spending for 2large pizza 1with veggi and cheeselovers plus cheesesticks and honeybbq wings after the order i got my food very cold after waitng an hour almost plus i got treated bad i couldnt believe that im a pizzahut customer since almost 8years and never change my pizzahut with no other pizza places i get treated like crap i would like i ask gfor a replacement on my food or money back and all i got is crew being bad towards me please answer me back my address is 4250 s 2nd street milwaukee wisconsin 53207 thank you maria cefalu

  11. We called our local pizza hut to order pizza and chicken wings/and soda. The bill at that rate was $60 ok fine no problem. Right before we were about to pay the lady asked if we wanted to order dressing for the wings for .75 what the hell ? We canceled our order and called big mamas pizza and got the dressing for free and for $30 and got the same amount of food. My whole family and its huge will NEVER go there again

  12. I think your bait and switch tactic is really sad. Your tv ads.say a large pizza for 10.00 but when.u you are charged over.12.00 when u don’t have a coupon on u. Must be in the fine print on tv. Pathetic. With many other pizza choices I don’t need the lame tactic to stick me for a couple extra.bucks. your pizza isn’t that good. Consider me a former valued loyal customer.

  13. I placed and order and when it was delivered it was in correct. I called right back and said that the driver was gone and that I had the wrong order. I was told that the manager woud call me back, I provided my phone number again and guess what… No call was placed to me. I then called back and was placed on hold for over 15 minutes while waiting for a manager to answer the phone. I hung up and called back again. This time quite frustrated and asked not to be placed on hold again. But I was placed on hold again and had to wait another 5 minutes for a manager to answer the phone. I was told that the person I was talking to was a manager and not at the store. I was told that the person would have the manager of the store I ordered from contact me. The store I placed the order at is on 651 Egret Bay Blvd., League City, TX 77573 Pizza Hut Store #027141. When I recieve a call much to my supprise the manager was upset with me and yelling at me on the phone asking why I was calling to return a pizza that I had just order saying it was wrong when in fact he knew that I had the right pizza. I again said that I dident have the correct order. In fact I had bread sticks, and had not asked for them. He continued to be frustrated with me and said that I was not telling the truth. A short time after I did get the correct pizza and gave the driver the bread sticks to return to the store manager as proof that I did have the wrong order. I am sure the manager who now has egg on his face is not man enough to call and say he was wrong.

  14. I placed and order no 0051300003755 (TIN 07060191335) today 19 Apr 2013 from Pizza hut Padam Singh Road, Karol Bagh Store. We ordered Fun Meal, Two Cheese Garlic Bread and PHD Potato Wedges.

    The quality of food was substandard and below the usual service standards with which I generally associate Pizza hut with. Garlic Breads were underprepared and were unusal in taste. Potato Wedges were totally soggy. I demand consistency in service n quality of food from Pizza hut.

  15. I had my car tampered with after an interview last fall. I applied online through my mom. They’re keeping track of me in the worst way possible and I don’t need it. I would like to report Lorrie Weis from Elizabethtown Pizza Hut.
    Thank you and Goodbye

  16. On May 18,2013, My sister called to order 2 medium pizza ( I all meat thin pizza other one 4 toppings pizza.,to pick up. Later on tv It side I could get 2 medium pizzas for $ 8.00 a pizza.It cost me $25.00. I called back the manger (Tom)and ask him why he charged me $25.00 when on tv was medium pizza was $8.00.He said I didn,t ask for it.We than started to argue. I did tell him that I though it was kind of s—– of him .Then he told me it was corp rules. While my sister and him were talking I was listening on another line.

    NOTE: My sister never once cuss at him or called him names.
    Thank you for your time
    Mr. Paddy Canan


    • The $8 2-topping? Yup. But you had a special pizza and a 4-topping. So tell me again how it should still apply without additional charge?

  17. I don’t normally write reviews of restaurants but I have had two absolutely terrible experiences from Pizza Hut – 2 nights in a row. I am staying in Palm Springs, CA with friends and last night ordered some food. They called me about 20 minutes after I ordered and told me that they were going to bring $7.63 cents when they delivered the food because their “wing machine” was broken. I wasn’t thrilled, but let it slide. Eventually they showed up with our food. Well – with food…not our food. They actually showed up with a voided receipt that we had to sign and some random food and told us that they were actually completely out of what we ordered. Blah Blah Blah – long story short – we ordred from them again (against our better judgment) and about 15 minutes after taking our order I got a phone call and the guy said “so the only things we can make for you are pasta & wings.” I asked if they could give us some sort of discount for the inconvenience and he said “no” because it was not part of a special. I don’t hate Pizza Hut, but this is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve had better customer service at K-Mart. Anyway – I don’t expect anything from you, but although I have been a very loyal customer (just check my credit card receipt) I highly doubt I will ever order from you guys again.

  18. Hello I recieved an email fr om you offering any $10 box with any toppings for $10 and when we called pizza hut on south greeley they informed me that was not a deal and refused to honor it. I do not understand why you would email someone a deal that is not valid.

  19. I ordered from your store in Jupiter fl. All three of my pizzas were wrong between no “so called” meat they put on the pizzas and so on with the pizzas themselves and the the general manager wanted to sit there and fight with me about the pizzas being right and fought with me in front of other customers…needless to say I will never go back to Pizza Hut again after this experience. This isn’t my first time this pizza hit has done this either..

  20. Last night i ordered a pizza from pizza hut in viroqua wi. When it was delivered my wife paid for it and i ate part of one piece and told my wife it tasted like wintergreen chewing tobacco spit. She responded that the delivery guy had a big chew in his lower lip. I know that the guy spit in the pizza and i know what i tasted. When i was young i experemented with chewing tobacco so i know the taste, the burning in the stomache and throat . I ordered 2 pizzas, wings, and wedges and threw it all away. I will never in my life order a pizza or anything else from pizza hut again and i will spread the word about my experience to all family and friends. Havnt had to many good experiences with them in the past and have heard many bad storys about this place.

  21. sir ur services very late i have order my pizza but ur pizza very late i m not setified ur services plzzz contact me…

  22. pizza hit is the only pizza place on my side of town my girlfriend like pan so we always get it . i hate it because never in two years have i recieved a completely cook pizza always soft under cooked rushed pizza . or extremely over saturated.

  23. I walked in to the Lacey Pizza Hut the employee in back was joking around while I waited plus always ask for extra cheese ooooo I always pay for it but I never get it alway very light on topping but mind u we alway pay for the them I tell the employee it was not right he said that’s what it is really didn’t care if I was happy or not I live close but I am done I will go to another pizza place I no it means nothin to Pizza Hut but I feel better so this place is very bad in my opinion

  24. I ordered two pizzas online. I have ordered plenty of times before from this location and other then the delivery person getting lost on the way to my house I’ve had no other problems. BUT tonight I get a call back saying they do not deliver to my house. It was closing time so maybe that had something to do with it. It wasn’t that big of a deal I said I would go pick up the pizza since it wasn’t too far from my house. I get to the Pizza Hut and the doors are locked. I call the store and the lady who answered just answered saying the store was closed. I replied with “I am actually here to pick up my pizza” the phone was put down and I heard “what she say” there was a little commotion in the background then I was hung up on. If you are going to have someone come pick up their pizza instead of it being delivered at least be on the look out for them. I was digested with how this happened. I will NEVER use this pizza hut location again. So instead, I stopped at Papa Johns and ordered my pizza from them. While there, someone from Pizza Hut called asking if I was still coming. I let her know that I did come by to pick up my pizza but the doors were locked and when I called, I was hung up on.

  25. I ordered for 2pizzas(home delivery) in the name of Dhiya at 4.15 and still we have not got the delivery.the service at pizzahut stinks.

  26. I’ve been a pizza customer forever so it truly saddens me when I order 2 lizzas for pick up, then get there and haven’t been made so I think whatever ill eat here, not only was my waitress the worst my pizza was wrong, service was by far the worst, my waitress had her boyfriend there so she spent all her time with him, his pants were sagge way below his ass to were we could all see it.. even my 8 year old son, asked to talk to a manager and was told there was not on duty, so to say the least we won’t be eating pizza hut anymore

  27. Very unhappy customer!!!!!

    Just placed an online order over thirty minutes ago and when my husband arrived to pick it up, both pizzas we ordered were the wrong pizzas! We have ordered online before and have never had this kind of trouble before!!!! Probably will not purchase pizza from Pizza Hut again!!!! It is sad because Pizza Hut is my favorite!!

  28. Tonight, 5:08 pm we stopped at Store No.023583 to get one of the new flatbread pizzas There was a sign that said all pizzas were $10.We were charged $12.71. Then we took our pizza home for dinner. The crust tasted like cardboard, the toppings were skimpy and the sauce was on-existent.Our receipt said “chance to win (see back for details)”and there was nothing printed on the back. It will be a long time before I will go back to Pizza Hut. All of the other pizza chains are equally, if not closer, convenient.

    • In fact i wouldnt be surprised if that 2.17 wasnt the tax that the signs never include in the gimmick or sale trying to be made…

  29. I had gotten some coupons off eBay for Pizza Hut buy one pizza get one free !the pizza hutt in Carthage Texas was absolutely rude said they don’t except them in Texas is this true and y do you give coupons if u aren’t going to let us use them! It doesn’t have a state on it! I love Pizza Hut but because of this guy joe who was so rude I want go back there! Thanks in advance for me being able to express my views!

  30. I ordered the flat bread 3 topping 3 way deal and when I called the lady I spoke to argued and tried to tell me it was only 2 toppings and was rude the entire phone call. When we finally got the pizza It was the saddest looking pizza I have ever seen. The crust was burnt and on the cold side we ended up breaking off the parts that had no topping on it. I would never recommend this pizza to anyone. I even took a picture of the ” pizza” to show those who ask wat they can expect so they aren’t as disappointed as I was

  31. Unsatisfied customer!!!

    Today (7 July 2013) Sunday.

    I & my friend visited pizza hut for an lunch at 1 of the branch in Sabah
    Located at megalong shopping mall, dongongon.
    We ordered at around 12.15pm and after that there were another 5 families in after us and ordered. Unfortunately I had waited until a rounded 1.15pm the last
    family who had ordered after us also get their meal while us just drinks, soup & bread stick. I’m so disappointed about their service over this branch. Moreover, next to my table an uncle with her daughter had asked to serve a scoop ice creafor 4 times the waiter & waitress just skipped/forgotten.

    I hope pizza hut corporation can do something to improve this matter or to well train the staff who are dealing with our customer.

  32. I ordered the flat bread pizzas today. Talk about disappointing. Practicaly no sauce and no cheese. I was expecting better especially for the price. I wouldnt recommend anyone order these. I had to go get pizza sauce and cheese and heat them in the oven for it to be edible.

  33. We have patronized only PH , when it comes to Pizza ,for years. We spend a lot of money at Pizza Hut. Now I am changing that habit. What misguided executive thought it was a good idea to try and hijack my phone ? When I dial a number I want to talk to the people I called! How dare they take control of my phone! I want to place my order with the PH people down the street who speak English! Three times I was routed to some crackly line with someone who has an accent ! The store personel KNOW me! I want to talk to someone I know.

    I’m done! When I order Pizza it’s because I need a fast solution to dinner! The last thing I want is to spend 15 min getting nowhere fast.

  34. To whom it may concern,
    I live in a small college city (Chadron) Nebraska, last year when you had your $10. any pizza deal it was not honored at the Chadron location. This year, I went to Pizza Hut in Chadron and it was honored so I told a friend about the deal, when she went with several others, Pizza Hut told her it was not being honored. She talked to the manager and they honored the deal. I went a few days later and was told that the Chadron Pizza Hut franchise owner would not honor the special and I had to pay several dollars more than the special.
    This appears to be a problem with your organization; it appears that the people of Chadron are not good enough to receive your specials. I guess are money is not good enough for your franchise owner. I would recommend your organization drop this franchise owner before he/she destroys your reputation within the community. I and my friend are not the only ones that take offence to this slap in the face.
    Normally I would not waste my time writing a complaint, however, this time my friend asked if I would. This offence was insulting enough that I even asked my daughter in California if she was interested in moving here and opening another pizza franchise if I would put the money up. The people of Chadron are just as good as any others from other towns in other states! Drop these franchise holders…

  35. let me start by saying I have never complained on any food chain..we took our family to Litchfield Illinois pizza hut for supper we got there at 640 pm and we were seated right away 25 min later we had to get someone to let them know we had not been waited on so 10 min later someone came over took our drink order and our pizza order. 720 my husband and I had a salad from salad bar at 745 we received our bread sticks..8pm we received drinks at 810pm they came to us and said we are out of the dough you wanted and I said we can not stay any longer I have four small children ranging from 1-10 who were started to get rowdy so I asked for my check to go and I received a 23.46 bill I was really upset that we were there for pizza and they had not even started it…everyone around us was coming an going ….all we got all night was im sorry so at 810 I packed up the kids and took them home for supper….

  36. I just ordered takeout from the Walnutport PA Pizza Hut. After a long weekend of work, I was looking forward to relaxing. I was called immeadiately to be told that my order couldn’t be delivered. I could, however, come pick it up. I’m exhasuted after long days on my feet… as well as quite comfortably setteled into my home for the night. So, now I’m home without the possibility of food, because there’s NOTHING in this area that’s still open. It’s just a little disappointing. Maybe don’t permit new orders to be made? Could the store’s shut off their online delivery options sooner? Then you wouldn’t have cranky unfed coustomers. 🙂


  37. Called to order dinner box Alex took my order was very rude hung up in my face I mean worst customer service ever this store is located in Marietta ga on Terell mill rd.

  38. Placed an order yesterday online at 8:59 pm from the painesville, Ohio store and the approx. time for delivery was 9:40… At 10:20 pm I called the store and the guy told me that the times they give you online are wrong he told me they were running at appox. One and a half hours on delivery so I said ok… Well the flat bread pizza and two sub arrived at 10:45 pm and it was the worst, everything was cold and as hard as a rock… Needless to say we had to throw it all away the subs were a total joke all bread 2 pieces of meat and a few shards of cheese what a joke… I had to take pictures because I could not believe it… I should have stuck with Marcos but good job pizza hut your commercials got me, but you won’t get me again…

  39. There is no longer a pizza hut in Sycamore, IL. There is a padlock on the door. You really need to take it off your site. Thanks

  40. I applied for a job online at PIZZA HUT n CHILDERSBURG,AL. All positions were online from Store Mgrs to Servers. This has been ongoing for the last year 2012-2013. When I called to check on my application I was told very rudely ” they ain’t hiring & if they needed any help it wouldn’t be me.” Excuse me but I maybe only 21 but I’ve got more experience than most of the people working here. And to make matters worse we orders two pizzas their & when we got there to pick them up the “MGR” SAID” OH WERE OUT OF THE DOUGH YOU WANTED”. Really Pizza Hut!!! Get your franchises together from owners to dishwashers. Its not good when your Mgmt & staff acts unprofessional.Oh yea & about the job its ok your business is not the right one for a professional person. Fire and hire better trained & professional staff. Thanks for letting me share my comment.
    Callie Forbus Childersburg,Al

  41. Pizza Hut in mt. Sterling sucks. Came in on aug 5 2013, there was no greater we sat ourselves order our drinks and they came out with can pop with no ice. The buffe had nothing on it. The service was less than mediocre. I won’t be back

  42. Today my boyfriend, his son, my son, my daughter and her boyfriend went to eat at the laconia, nh pizzahut and were very disgusted with what we encountered there. The restraunt was dirty n gross. It reaked of an odor that smelt like vomit. The service was not very pleasant. Cooperate needs to pay them a visit n so does the state health inspector. We got up and left. One of the employees came out n yelled to us “wait are you leaving?” My boyfriend responded “yes we are leaving this place stinks and its very dirty. We are not pleased we are more disgusted” she informed us that we needed to pay for the drinks. The straws were soaked with soda. Then as we pulled a couple of dollars out to pay them what they were worth she the employee for pizzahut shut the door on my boyfriends wrist. I will be sending this exact complaint to headquarters and all the local papers. Sincerly grossed out customers

  43. Just wanted to let you all know your fort Stockton branch is being ran horribly. The bathrooms are disgusting and smell horrible. The light fixtures are not put together correctly and the seats are torn. Service take forever! And this is really your company’s judgement but there are way too many people working for the 2 customers here. And they’re not doing anything either.

  44. My visit on Tues. Evening to the Grissom at Culebra location was extremely poor! We placed a puzza order at 8:07, were told it would take 15 min. We attempted to pick it up at 8:29 at which point the mgr. By the name of Brandon told us he didnt have our order. We gave our name once again, gave him the order to confirm. He never asked our ph. # to reference in the computer but did ask us what # we called. He then told us it was at another location. So we drove further down the road just to be sent back to the original location! At 8:45 we headed back to the Grissom loc. Where i was told it was found but under another name and it was found by simply checking our ph. # which again the mgr.,Brandon, never did. Asking for some compensation Brandon stated smugly it was a simple mustake. Refused any assistance, then threw out our two large pizzas in the trash right in front of us! Incredulous..we have been going to that location on Grissom for the last FIVE years . Never again…by the way, we finally ate dinner at 930 p.m. at Peter Piper Pizza ..once upon hearing about our dilemma with Pizza Hut they threw in a few drinks and extra toppings!

  45. I have been using this pizza hut since the late 1970’s. Worked there for a few years in high school.We ordered our pizza and wings online at 533pm for delivery was told it would be here at 553pm. At 615 I called to check on it only to be told very rudely that it was on its way. At 620 it was delivered warm. At 625pm the manager on duty johnathon called to tell me very rudely again that i got my pizza at a very good time. A 30 min late is not a great delivery time for a warm pizza. Would have accepted a sincere sorry. Did not want a discount and sure did not need a shift manager telling me to be satisfied with my great delivery time.

  46. My husband decided to order Pizza Hut today located in Winslow, Az. Brought pizza home and only to find the pizza rollers weren’t cooked, wings were raw and wedged fries were ice cold. He took the food back and the manager informed him the wings weren’t raw, they are injected with a red dye from the company they order from. He replaced the wings and gave us some cinnamon pies but didn’t replace the pizza rollers. Again, the wings were RAW! I have worked for food service for many years and I know raw when I see it! I can’t help but ask myself why they would inject wings with red dye in the center to? I don’t like wasting $40 on food I throw in the trash. Won’t order from them again.

  47. Hello.
    This evening I ordered a pizza, garlic bread and dessert from your Bondi store. The delivery took 1hr and 15 minutes (not the 40 quoted) and did not arrive ‘hot’ as garenteed.. It hardly arrived warm. It is currently in my oven heating up and I am hopeful to eat dinner within an hour and a half of ordering.. Not really acceptable. Also, the delivery man did not arrive with adequate change, and I therefore played an extra dollar or so for my cold meal.
    I usually really love pizza hut, but tonight’s efforts have been disappointing to say the least.
    Thanks, Sarah

  48. This was to no fault of the delivery man.. He hasn’t been supplied adequately, and was obviously given too many jobs to manage a ‘hot’ delivery..

  49. I ordered a pizza from pizzahut #026410. 3523 memorial dr Decatur GA 30032. I placed the order at 8:47pm the pizzza did not come to 11:05.. unacceptable! the driver stated he was the only one delivering. wow….

  50. I was at pizza hut today and ordered pizza and wings. I asked for bleu cheese for the wings and they CHARGED ME FOR IT. Since when does anyone charge for bleu cheese??

  51. I have calling to make an order just now and that stupid indian gal told me ask myself come and pick up! What kind of the service they provided, huh??? Why still need to provide for the delivery order servicing????? Close down better!!!!

  52. I had a pizza delivered from your Rosemount MN location yesterday. the pizza obviously was prebaked and put back in the oven prior to delivery. It was extremely dry, had very little sausage, sauce or cheeze. Had I looked at it before the delivery guy left I would not have accepted it. We ate a few pieces and threw the rest in the garbage. I will never again order from Pizza Hut.

  53. I want to start by saying Pizza Hut used to be my favorite pizza in the world. However in these recent months/years ; ive been disappointed. I ordered a 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 (regular) cheese pizza, and for the third time the pizza looked distasteful. The pizza hut I used to remember was impeccable. It jad the right amount of cheese, sause, and taste. I took pictures of the large pie I purchased but unfortunately am unable to post it in this comment box. Not only did I get a tiny bit of cheese on the cheese side, but if I were to ask for extra cheese it would cost me $2.00 for the topping. Will someone get in contact with me, there has to be something done about this “new” pizza hut. Who am I to get in contact with? Heeeellllppp!

  54. Let me start off by saying we have been Pizza Hut customers for many years.
    I’m really hoping that customers that has been to the Ashdown Pizza Hut have made a formal complaint/complaints as well. My husband and I went there this evening Thursday August 29th about 4:20pm, and there was only one other couple in the whole place. I saw at least five employees and one child around the age of four running around in front of the counter and in employee work space as well. I wasn’t aware that employees are now allowed to use the restaurant as a daycare/playground and have their children and family at their workplace. We have been there on many occasions when there have been several children/kids of employees having the run of the place and using the dining area to do homework. This to me is very unprofessional, inappropriate and It is definitely hurting their business. The food and service has gone down hill and is unacceptable for my family. We had to wait on our server because he was texting/playing on his cell phone. Another employee finally came and took our order. When our pizza arrived it was fresh and hot but the plates were dirty and still had food on them. Dirty plates are a regular thing and I don’t feel the employees take the time to examine the tableware and silverware before giving them to customers. Once we got another clean plate and drink refills we never saw another employee on the floor. I had to go up to the counter and ask for our refills because the employees were gathering talking and texting/playing on their phone instead of tending to their paying customers. Our original server was the one on his cell phone. We never had anyone bring our ticket or ask about refills or anything. To me this is VERY POOR MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS. It doesn’t say a lot for your chain and local restaurant. I have worked for the public for twenty five years and none of this would have never be acceptable. This would result in complaints and termination. I do understand that everybody needs their job, but if you are privileged enough to have a job you need to be professional and do your job that you are hired and paid to do. Needless to say the daycare needs to be closed and the manger needs to manage and not bring kids their place of business and allow the other employees to do the same. On several occasions I’ve seen the older kids doing homework while their mother was working. Tonight’s visit was our last and we will NOT be back! Upper management NEEDS TO STEP UP AND TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS. This restaurant is a joke and so are the employees. I hate to make a complaint like this but it’s only right. I really hope you fix these problems before you loose even more customers. I would like to ask one thing of you. I would like a return email so that I know my time and effort wasn’t a total waste of my time.

  55. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thanks so much for your help. I original planned to prepare some gifts in WangFujing shopping Mall with my kid since she was going back to Australia later. But we were separated from my friend in another Market near WangFujing due to the language problem. Because there is no signal on my cellphone at that time, I have no choice but to find a place with WIFI so that I can leave a message to my friend for my location. I tried to query in a PIZZAHUT nearby in Zhengzhou. Unfortunately there is no WIFI there. However, a kindhearted waitress noted my anxiety. She gave me a glass of water and consoled me “Take it easy”. Then she borrowed me her cellphone and finally assisted me to find my friend.
    It was so amazing that I can get such help in a pizza shop. I’m looking forward to the next Chinese travel.

    Kind regards,

    Riaan Booysen

  56. i love this pizza but after today i am so disappointed. i order online and made a mistake so i called in to change it.after being on hold for 20 minutes i was told i couldnt change the order because i didnt call quick enough? ok but i have been on hold for 20 minutes so how did i not call quick enough? so i then proceeded to cancel the order. the person on the other end said ok then hung up on me. correct me if im wrong but in order to cancel it you need my order information. im quite sure im not the only person who ordered a pizza today. so i called back got the same guy and got the same if not more amount of rudeness and was told i couldnt reorder a pizza today since i had canceled the order. no not happening so i requested the manager and gt hung up on again.i am so through with this kind of service, each time we order from this pizza hut (preston high way louisville ky 40219) we either get rudeness or an incorrect order or a burnt pizza. and since they are the closest one to us we can go to another store for delivery. ok so my question is why should i continue to spend my hard earned money when the service and quality is so crappy?. i then reordered another pizza with the right toppings and was immediately called back and told they were not going to deliver to me because i had cancelled my last which i was told to do, then got hung up on. i called back and asked for management and got hung up on again. called back again and they said to call corporate so i asked for the number and got hung up on yet again. what kind of service is this? id have better luck going to papa johns or dominoes hell even little ceasers

  57. Pizza hut is false advertising 10$ unlimited topping ordered a pizza Saturday night spoke to “Steve” and apparently i could only have 5 toppings on my pizza!!!!!!!!!!!! PATHETIC………… I SHOULD HAVE JUST GONE TO TOPPERS PIZZA INSTEAD………

  58. We ordered 2 large veggie lovers ,2 bread stick n 1 personal pan meat lovers pizza on 9/9 13 that is yesterday from Lakejoy location in Warner Robins GA zip. 31088 n after eating this food every one in family had stomach virus …. Which don’t sound good after spending a big chunk of money …. The quality of food is not good ….

  59. Really!! At 12:30 I’m on my lunch break at Pizza Hut on Broadway, 4 tables besides me. 2 waitresses & 2 pieces of pizza in the Buffett for the last 15 minutes! Rediculoues when a void timer had to tell them another couple just came in & they didn’t even notice. I heard these folks complain it looks terrible & left. Why have a Buffett if u r not going to stock it???

  60. I tried to apply for a position for a delivery driver, but the web site where the applications are kept giving me the runaround. Even though I applied before and had a email address and password. What is going on there?

  61. Worse service ever ordered a”Deal for four” at 9pm from Sharjah to the nearest Al-majaz Branch and its been 3hrs and it still aint here.You guys have the worse delivery system.I called the women she said the delivery guys phone is engaged and now its turned off.She put me on hold and then she hunnged up on me.Then i tried to call again atleast 4 times and no one answered the phone.A strict action should be taken against this.I ordered pizza from a local shop and they delivered it within 45mins fresh. I had to face my guests.Never making the same mistake again,never going for pizza hut again!

  62. I went to Pizza Hut in Cross Lanes WV for my 30 minute lunch. It is right across street so there was little travel time.This is the second time that 3 coworkers and myself went and ended up having to take an extented lunch due to no pizza or bread sticks. Today as we left I asked when is the best time to come since this was the second time at different times that we have came and the experience was terrible, no regular pepperoni pizza or bread sticks. Only supreme, hawaii pizza, and sausage. He explained that they are on timers and always have pepperoni out. I then explained no we had been there for over 30 mins no pepperoni at all, therefore i had a salad bar with desert bread stick!!!! He explained that he had one coming out if i wanted to wait (remember i was checking out and already 10 mins past my lunch). He gave me my total of $6.38 i said well that was an expensive salad he riped the ticket up and slammed the drawer said dont worry about it! I thanked him and left. Needless to say I will not go back to this buffet bar and make sure that my co workers know the service that we received.

  63. Last week we ordered a pizza from the Newburgh IN location something we have done since we moved here a year & half. Only this time we received a little extra after eating half the pizza we found a live roach crawling in the box. The local store offered a remake are you kidding! After not acting management we were told they had a pest control company that took care of that there was actuall no remorse. I cannot believe the attitude after delivering a live roach to a loyal customer very disappointed and would have a hard time ever ordering from pizza hut again

  64. My complaint is with the Pizza Hut that we have in our town. Everytime Pizza Hut advertise the special 10.00 for any pizza. Our Pizza Hut doesn’t honor it at all. When I ask they tell me that it’s for the corporate companies and they weren’t a corporate store. And their management company doesn’t honor the special
    Just really think it’s not right that they can pick and choose specials when ever they feel like it
    I thought it was a national ad and all pizza huts run that special I still ordered something from them but this is the last time. Thanks Mary. From Dixon, Il

  65. I called the Murphysboro office here in Nashville ordered 2 large pizzas and it was told to me 25 minutes when of my pizza arrived it was one hour and the pizzas were very cold the manager I called him back he was acting like some kind of bug on the phone he got smart with me I got smart back and I told him I had two pizzas here that wasn’t worth eating they were cold and not worth nothing and he told me too bad and hung up and hung the phone up on me this is wrong and I doubt motel here where I’m staying 925 Lebanon pike in Nashville its Airways motel I’m in room 17 they recommended this pizza place and they do to everybody I’m going to go up and have the number removed from the office because this is totally wrong and then totally wrong for the young whippersnapper that got smart with me to act this way on the phone on the phone please have someone contact me. Thank you and god bless you

  66. We had the worst experience at the pizza hut in carrizo springs texas bad customer service over charged took to long to get our food 3 other tables were in the restaurant not that busy cold chicken wings and manager didnt care he still charged us for stuff we were not aware of cause our waiter didnt tell us we work for our local ems we had 3 units at the restaurant but now they lost our business .

  67. i made a order for my girlfriend and me and they never called us and now there close this isn’t right because i made a order and i never got it.they said they called and i never got a call.i own a business and i always order from you and now your losing a customer because me and my girlfriend have to starve.

  68. 2nd time I’ve ordered a pizza n the wrong store got it !! Their excuse if u ordered online sometimes the other store gets order !! Well , being my second time I left it there !! This is small town n 2 locations ! How hard can that b for a computer to do wrong ??? Da , they run the world n ur saying this happens alot !! Well , I guess I will c how Liitle C’s n other competitions software is ! I’m very upset !

  69. I just ordered a Super Supreme with a hand tossed crust, from the Pizza Hut in Fredricksburg Texas. I asked for extra toppings and the lady on the line said I could only add two toppings. I asked for extra sausage, mushrooms, cheese and I wanted half with jalapeños. She said the pizza already had 9 toppings and I could only add two. She said I could add two toppings to each side if the pizza, in school I learned that 2+2=4.
    I believe that drug testing is probably in order for this franchise. In the business world, the customer always right. Aren’t they in business to make money? Toppings cost extra, extra means more money! Another customer lost to an idiot answering the phone!

  70. I had a really bad visit at the Pizza Hut in miami Florida …..8th street and tamiami trail / store#12405 I wanted to add pepperoni to my cheese bread and pay a few dollars more and girl was rude and said NO and manager Jose was even more rude. So I order just regular cheese bread and it took 25 min. Then no one told me it was ready and finally I asked where my order was and they said its been ready for a long time!!!

  71. Worst service ,crap pizza one can ever have. if one wants to waste their money for tasting rubber kind of pizzas pls call pizza hut .the delivery is so fast that we would have to call them hundreds of times to get the update and everytime they xome up with one and the only reason that is the pizza is already diliverd, then why the hell is it taking more than 1 and half hour for the delivery .will suggest all never order pizzas from them its just waste of money

  72. My mom order me pizza on line many times and I have never had a problem. until tonight. driver rude ,manger of store rude .mother paid for it and no I have to go hungry. this is not a good way to do businesses.

  73. I work late at night and get off at 8pm and as I leave work I called for a pick and they had me on hold for 15 mins,so I hung up and dialed again and this time they said hold on and which I did again 12 mins.i hung up again and dialed back again this time I held on my cell phone until I arrived they and showed the clerk I was still on hold for 16 mins this was about 8:30 pm and I live 20 mins form the Pizza Hut close to my house is this what you call good Business ?

  74. I will never order from Pizza Hut agin I order a pizza and bread sticks and they sent me the wrong order and when I called the Pizza Hut employ would not let me speak to a manager and would not give me his name and would not do anything about the order being wrong and then hang up on me. I order this pizza from the Pizza Hut on Mahoning ave warren oh in the giant eagle plaza. This was 3 weeks ago and I called a 1800 number I found on the Internet to tell them about this and no one called me back.

  75. Went to the Nazareth pa location tonight for dinner with my family. There was only one waiter on and it is a Saturday night. We were there last Friday night and only one waiter was on but that night the waitress on was very experienced and could somewhat handle being left to tend all those tables. Tonight however was horrible experience. The waiter, not his fault, was not very experienced and thrown into a fully packed restaurant. The woman behind the counter, who I believe was the manager was so rude to this young man who was trying to do his best. I felt very sorry for him. He could not keep up with the demand and she was not very nice to him in front of the customers . After waiting over an hour for our pizza, we asked where our waiter was and we were informed he walked out, can’t blame him. So when the cook came out and said he would check on our food we waited another 10 minutes then we realized he was now helping at the front desk , the manager was now gone also. Everyone in the place started to leave so we followed and left too. When we were walking to our car we found the not so nice manager out back yelling on the phone and smoking a cigarette. Normally I would not complain but I felt like this time I had to. I don’t want that poor waiter, I think his name was Jon, to be blamed I would have done the same. Please start putting some extra help at the Nazareth location on Friday and Saturdays until then we will not be back. Thank You Erika Faust

  76. I called my pizza hut in newark de -rt 273 the store worker named nicole was the most rude and obnoxious person I have ever spoke with. I am csr everyday myself and I never speak to my customers this way. She should have another job that doesnt include answering the phone. I will not be ordering from pizza hut again. I will go elsewhere.

  77. Pizza Hut’s company policy to have restaurants “open for business” on Thanksgiving is certainly the company’s prerogative. Pizza Hut is not alone when it comes to retail businesses that are “open” on Thanksgiving. If it is Pizza Hut’s policy to request the “tender of resignation” from those mangers who refuse to open their restaurants on Thanksgiving (i.e. Tony Rohr of Elkhart, Indiana),then the Pizza Hut corporation is just exercising their legal corporate rights to ensure that business decisions and policies are enforced.
    Like many businesses, profitability is the bottom line. No amount of employee dedication, ethics, quality of service or quality of products will ever replace profitability as the most important thing to many businesses and corporations. From personal experience (not at Pizza Hut), there are only two things more important than profitability in large corporations… 1) corporate executive employment contracts and 2)a legal suit which may name corporate executives as defendants. “God forbid” that a bonus, stock option, or an incentive nestled deep within the corporate executive’s employment contract ever not be satisfied. And even worse, “heaven help us” if a corporate executive should ever become publicly or legally directly accountable for anything they do or do not do.
    Well, I digress from the actual subject at hand; Thanksgiving! Once again I am thankful this year as in prior years for my family, good health, and the ability to help others when we can. I am thankful for the wisdom that God has provided each of us to help determine the path in life to follow and to learn from the wrong paths we have taken. I am thankful that I do not have to look in the mirror and deal with the reflection of a person who had to ask another to “tender his resignation” for the sake of profitability. And I am very thankful that dining at Pizza Hut is no longer part of my family’s policy.
    I look forward to Pizza Hut’s “corporate and legally correct” response.

  78. I am most bothered by the firing of a Pizza Hut manager for his attempt at allowing his employees to enjoy the the AMERICAN holiday of Thanksgiving. You and your commercials talking about how you have improved your stores and your recipes and customer service is all proven to be so much hogwash.

    There is nothing more AMERICAN than the family values of spending time with family. Your firing of Mr. Rohr for standing up for those values, and your deceitful statements from regional manager Mr. Kayser are unforgivable.

    It is rare that a corporation has a man like Mr. Rohr work his way up the ladder over a decade. It is rare for such an individual to demonstratre loyalty to company and employees. You threw that all away, (along with any credibility you have), with Mr. Rohr’s firing and Mr.Kayser’s misrepresentation of fact.

    I prefer to order from companies that are responsive to both customer and employee needs. This is a reason for me to avoid your products, and a reason for me to educate my children to avoid your products.

    My suggestions are to apologize to Mr. Rohr, apologize to the public, fire your public affairs manager, fire Mr. Kayser, re-hire Mr. Rohr & give him a bonus, and then go out and read “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclaire. Bad employers breed stronger unions.

    I mannage a business, and you better believe our goal is to create happy employees and happy clients. You are failing on all accounts.

    Most Sincerely,

    Charles Pearlman, MD

  79. I feel bad for the tony rohr situation, he highlights the best qualities of a great manager caring for the employees, respect, and pride. I feel he should be rewarded for standing up for his people. Besides this whole turkey day thing has nothing to do with pizza unless in some rare occasion the bird gets burnt! Its about family, good food!!! And good times, a great reason to enjoy a holiday with a day off!! If your about profits I’m sure it will cost more to pay all the overhead to have people work than the lack of income you will actually bring in. Not to mention the loss of customers due to this negative publicity, I for one will not be seen in your establishment. And there is way better pizza out there so good luck. happy thanksgiving!

  80. First let me say that Pizza Hut and their thin and crispy pepperoni lovers is a long time favorite in our house,not just mine, but family and friends as well.I am sure we also mix in a variety of crusts and toppings,and everytime I place an order for myself i send a couple of pizzas to Mom and Dad,on football Sunday and family parties we also order our favorite pizzas and tip our drivers well,and let me say service has always been good year in and year out.Pizza on thanksgiving? Only if you are sending pies to a shelter or kitchen (THANKS FOR GIVING).Bake some pies early drop them off to people that would appreciate them,go home and enjoy thanksgiving with your own family.Oh yeah, Mr.Rohr will not be able to do that will he?I SALUTE YOU TONY ROHR, a man with qualities that you a) would like serving under or b) being served by.Pizza Hut please rethink this one all around,being closed on Thanksgiving is’nt the worst thing for Pizza Hut.Use this as a starting point to let your employees know that they do matter,I mean is corporate,going to be open making pizzas on Thanksgiving? Not to mention how I’m going to tell my parents we have to find a new pizza provider,yeah it hurts to say that, but Mr.Rohr is right and if more people like him roared together they would be heard.The pizza kings should not be acting like pawns.

  81. Kudos to the young manager from Indiana. He did the right thing about saying he was not opening his store on Thanksgiving. I am sorry he lost his job over it. Closing the store for only 2 days a year- Thanksgiving and Christmas is such a little thing to expect. I would go to Pizza Hut occassionaly- much closer to my home. From now on I will go to the more distant,family owned pizzeria.

  82. I called to place order at Pizza Hut on Clark lane mo . The manager was rude said he would give me one more chance. I said excuse me, I work at Watlow but I have always been there when ask for delivery, he said he had some that cost them money, but that wasn’t me he said like I said I will give you one more chance. Very rude, then Scott manager said he would take care of me after placing a 200 dollar order he only took 20.00 off order. But he told me he would give us few things free….. Pizza Hut sucks

  83. I picked up 2 lg pizzas on my way home long day at work. Pizza was terrible no sauce no cheese. I even commented nobody in store. So disappointed call corporate gets better I was transferred to fax called back they transferred me again then I got recording store closed called again so nasty suggested I post a comment on facebook all from your customer service people. Pizza was dry no items no cheese. I quit going to pizza hut for a reason! Now I am done I will stick with competitor even cheaper. Pretty sad
    Cannot even send email said duplicate message how finny

  84. I waited over a hour and thirty minutes for nor pizza which the store is like a 10 minute drive away the one in center point Alabama do to the fact that my girlfriend was not feeling good that’s why I didn’t drive to pick the pizza up after phone call after phone call they people kept saying they only had two drivers and it has left the store it will be there in 5 to 10 minutes oh well still no pizza almost two hours a shame

  85. I am a new costumer at pizza hut tonight i was making my first delivery order and i was extremely disappointed. The customer service given to me by the manager “adriana” the pizza hut located at 14433 country walk drive miami,fl 33186 was extremely terrible.I called pizza hut to make an order at about 1140 pm which this might have been the reason why they treated me so terrible i am a new costumer before i made my order they took all my information including address and phone number the address was verified not once but twice by the gentlemen that took my order. When 1230am came around i called back concerned about my order and this was when adriana the manager which doesnt want to inform me about her last name or store number. She answers the phone very crudely and the first thing she without a proper greeting or a hello is “pizza hut is already closed” i then proceed to ask about my order that i have not recived in over almost 50 mins,She then tells me “oh well i cancelled ur order because i called u back to verify the address and it sounded like you purposely foward my calls”not only did i feel this was extremely disrespectful but unessesary since the order taker had verified my address twice.I feel like i was dirrespected. She then tells me very rudely that if i dont like it i can call corporate.I have heard alot of bad reviews about this location and its managers and now Im here to confirm. Hopefully corporate can make a change before you lose another costumer.

  86. I was suppose to have a $25 credit on my account for an order mishap,
    But the next time I ordered of course it wasn’t there!!

  87. Last night we Ordered The Dinner box Deal at 8:18 was supposed to be here at 9:19 was delivered at 10:50. Called them at 9:55 I called 12 times it was 10:03 before anyone answered the phone. When I finally got through to explain to them it wasn’t here yet. The manger explained he would credit me for my next order which was a very nice thought however I am still unhappy. When the delivery driver arrived he ran away quickly after handing me my order saying “Don’t worry you don’t need to tip it’s free” like he didn’t want to wait around for me to realize my $28 dollar order was ice cold. The food was so cold it felt like it had been in a fridge for hours. We had to heat up our food in the oven to eat it. We were both horribly horribly sick today with food poisoning from it so I’m pretty sure they used something expired or old. What confuses me is when I called and spoke with the manager he stated the delivery driver had forgot our order and he had a new order ready for us. When the food arrived at 10:50 there is no excuse for it to have been that cold. When I called after receiving the order to complain about the food being cold and non-edible my call was picked up and hung up on. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had with ordering and quite frankly I don’t want to order from pizza hut ever again because of this.

  88. I went to the pizza hut on Naval Station Mayport and ordered a thin and crispy vegie/ meat lovers in a large. There was a very young man, I would say school age behind the counter. After taking my order he told me my tab was $14.99. I gave him $5.00 and a $10.00 bills. He then went on asking me if I had some one’s as he did not have any $1.00 bills in the register. I could not understand what he wanted but then he went on telling me that he was only working there to buy his sister some xmas presents.
    Still not understanding what he wanted I asked what my bill was and he again repeated to me $14.99….. I finally got the manager and he said his cash register is messed up and my pizza was nearly $17.00. I truely believe that this Pizza Hut is not run properly and the manager may have been useing his own kids as employees.
    Gettying the pizza home I found I had a large cheese and hamburger thick crust pizza. This is the worse Pizza Hut. A few months ago this same pizza hut was fine. I think a new person is managing this store and wll run it into the ground

  89. All I want to do is get my gift card activated and I’ve never has so much of an issue with something so simple in my LIFE!!! Didn’t Realize me receiving a gift was suxh an issue. This is the 2nd issue I’ve had with pizza hut and it’s getting old and may never order or bother with you again. Make your stuff easier and not a headache

  90. I placed my order at 5:38pm ticket #89 Pizza Hut on Macsway ave. columbus Ohio… When my order arrived at 6:45pm I receive my big box dinner and my lg. pizza to find out that the lg. was not the topping I ordered… I call back to location and the manager said he will send out another pizza asked what topping I requested org. And he would fix the problem and take in mind it will be a little bit due to high order volume. Yes… I took in to consideration that it is New Year’s Eve and they are busy so I wait and wait and after 3 hours of waiting… Pizza arrives and it’s wrong once again…. Like man I can’t win..hoping this isn’t a sign of how my new yr is gonna go…so first pizza was pep. Sausage ham… And second was chicken pineapple green peppers and onion… When I org placed order asked for pep. Bacon. Onion green pep. Mushroom … Just couldn’t get it right… I spent 32.24 not including driver tip and I order often from your company…. But differently not happy this time..I got my children feed but moms (my) dinner sucked… A good hot made right the first time pizza for free would make me whom don’t usually ask for much happy… Please do something to make this right cause Pizza Hut made my New Year’s Eve SUCK…

  91. We’ve been going to pizza hut in North Vernon for a year or so now – and the food is good and the servers are great -but somebody please get the bathrooms professionally cleaned.

  92. Over an hour and a half wait for a deliver!!! Pizza was cold!!! Never will I buy from Pizza Hut again !!!! Management is in need of some serious training this kind of customer service is not acceptable!!!!!

  93. Took my daughter to Pizza Hut in Ville Platte, LA for dinner. Waitress was so rude to us and never came back tosee if we needed
    anything else. Told the Manager about it and he said she was the best waitress he has. me and my daughter will not be dining at Pizza Hut again.

  94. Your store in Napa Ca is horrible. Customer service is so poor I had trouble with the website because it did not let me order half cheese half pepperoni. I called the employee was really nice, he sent me to talk to the manager, a real asshole, he could not help he is not next to me to help me, too bad. I would not get the 50 percent. The only reason I ordered it is because my kids really like it. So I started all over again and I could do it but the 50% off did not pull and after loosing half hour between the phone and the line I just ordered it. When my daughter went to the store to pick it up the guy was a Moran So just to let you know I never will order form Pizza Hut again, I used to order all the time when we live in crescent city ca, I had an account for work and I ordered 10 pizzas at a time , your employees there were amazing. Since I moved to Napa, every time I went there, it is bad, customer service is very poor, Good thing this town is bigger and I have many more options to order pizza Besides the store looks really empty and bad. I hope you make some changes soon, you are going to loose a lot of customers with that asshole manager

  95. sir in your co. in india there are many people joined your co. with fake degree exp.certificate education certificate etc in your renovation department in delhi name- sardar karanjeet singh from faridabad haryana his all documents are forged he is 8th class pass he take work in his own co. name reg.with other person name he do work his own not give to anyperson other if give other person work he take bribe from them and also submit over rate and fraud bills,he is spoiling your co. name in india all person he and his colleges are invovled in it and the person also who kept him for this job all take bribe .

  96. I live about 15 miles from the nearest Pizza Hut and instead of going to the closest pizza place I always chose Pizza Hut because I believed they made the absolute best pizza than anyone else ,until Saturday night when I ordered 2 large pizzas to pick up for dinner for me and my 2 kids. I have never had to check my food before I got it home because it was always amazing. But when I got my food home and opened it up it wasn’t what I ordered and I was not even sure what the toppings were they were so few, no cheese at all and very little of anything else . I know you have a deal on any size for 10 dollars but I would pay well for a quality pizza like what I used to get at Pizza Hut. @ Heron St. Denison Tx. A very disapointed customer

  97. I remember someone telling me once that they had filed a complaint against the Manager and a Supervisor at McDonald’s a few years back. They filed a report stating that these two individuals were stealing food from the store, but they didn’t file the complaint until after the Manager retired and this particular Supervisor resigned. McDonald’s responded, “You should have reported this when they were still employed here.” I know you are not McDonald’s, but I don’t trust any big corporation, including the likes of McDonald’s or Pizza Hut because I believe it is only the dollar that matters. I don’t believe you take any complaint seriously if that store is making money.

    In this case, your Manager at the Baker City, Oregon store was unlicensed for months after being hired and just recently got her license back. Remember all that money that was being garnished from her paychecks? Was that by chance, for fines she owed that had to be paid before her license was reinstated? During that entire time, prior to reinstatement of her license, she was delivering pizzas and buying store supplies. I know that for a fact. I wonder what would have happened had she been involved in a motor vehicle accident while conducting company business? Particularly, if someone had been seriously injured or in the event of loss of life. Then again, I am reporting that after the fact, so I guess you can overlook that…right? Personally, as a Manager, I wouldn’t overlook that because it shows dishonesty and a lack of moral ethics and work ethics.

    I would like to ask you one simple question. Why is it you disabled the camera in the back room at this store? That may eventually be your undoing. Let me suggest that you reactivate that camera. Maybe things are occurring there that you are unaware of. If any employee is involved in an accident, including a motor vehicle accident, do you have an alcohol and drug screening completed? Just curious, as this is the policy for any company I have ever been employed with.

    No, I’m not a disgruntled employee. I’ve wanted to report this for almost a year now, but was told not to for various reasons and one of those reasons being fear of retaliation.

    I would also like to inform you that a report has been filed with the OIG (Office of the Inspector General Fraud and Crimes Unit). This report involves federal fraud. I have been informed that two other individuals have also reported this fraud. Hopefully, it will very soon be under investigation and the allegations proven, which would be easy enough.

    So I have one final question for you. Is this the type of person you want managing a store with your corporation?

  98. I ordered pizza tonight (1/11/14) at about 7:30. After struggling to place what I thought was a simple order (medium veggie lover’s, half with no cheese) I hung up and immediately remarked to my girlfriend “Watch: They’re going to mess this up somehow.” I was feeling very Nostradamus-y. My prophecy came true! I received a 1/2 medium veggie lover’s, and half with nothing on it but a thin veneer of burnt pizza sauce. Seriously, who are these people taking orders and why does it seem so hard to get my girlfriend’s vegan needs met? Lots of people are vegans, and more join their ranks everyday. Pizza Hut needs to train their employees to understand that “no cheese” doesn’t mean “nothing but burnt pizza sauce.” And on the other pizza, the sauce missed the edge of the pizza by about three inches, all the way around. If I’m spending $50 on food, the least Pizza Hut can do is to NOT skimp on five cents worth of sauce. Sure, you saved five cents for the company, but at the exact same time you alienated an entire family, and they will no longer be spending our hard-earned cash at what has become, sadly, an inferior pizza parlor. Also sadly, this wasn’t the first time we’ve been disappointed, hence the decision to longer frequent my local Pizza Hut.

  99. I was amazed to see that sweat shops exist in America.Just ask any employee at bulkhead city pizza hut where their always under staffed and over worked. I blame the store RGM for every bad experience that comes from there. Clearly making numbers and bonuses is the main objcective and were all nothing but the means. This store is dirty,and the food is unpredictable at best. I will not be contributing to the RGMs bonus or numbers ever again! The only number I will be giving is corporate. Get a new GEM before it’s to late.

  100. The Pizza Hut in donaldsonville, La needs to be shut down the location never has a driver they always running out of pizza I feel if their not gonna prompt there self and hiring a driver it doesn’t make since for them to open this been happening for the past 2 months . When I call I’m giving the option for carry out or delivery so y ask for delevery if you don’t have a driver

  101. Portsmouth, VA – Ordered 2 pizzas 1.5 hours ago and they have not been delivered. Called the store and was told the driver left with them. I was also told delivery time was 1.5 hours! Papa Johns can put a pizza on my doorstep in 30 minutes. No wonder Pizza Hut is struggling.

  102. Called pizza hut that had delivered to us several times. I was told that store did not handle this area. Called the other store and they said we don’t handle your area. I called the other store the male answered the phone I said hi my name is crystal I just have a question. Do u keep your customers that order often in the system? And the man hung up in my face. I called back I said im sorry we got disconnected I wanted to know if u kept a log because we order often but was told u don’t deliver to this address. Dude hung up again I called back a lady answers and takes my order. Im very unhappy with what happened. And I told her what happened she says ooh ok what do u want to know.

  103. I really like pizza hut pizza and have been going for years. Recently I have stopped going for about six months. Reason is the horrible horrible service and management at the pizza hut in Carbondale il. I recently heard they had switched management and decided to give them another shot. Same story. I walked in and sat down, no one was in the restaurant including staff. By the time someone did come in from wherever I could have made my own pizza. I’m a manager myself and would NEVER LEAVE THE RESTSURANT UNATTENDED. I could have robbed them blind. Needless to say I won’t be back. Its amazing to me how they stay in business.

  104. Ordered. Told about 30 min. Waited 45. Called again they said it had left store. 15 min later still not here so called and canceled order. The store in minden is horrible. Quit going there 2 years ago because of poor service and tried to give it another try. NOT AGAIN!

  105. I ordered a pizza and it seemed like allen was not happy that I wanted it delivered so he told me it would take me two hours to get my pizza. I do not wait two hours for a table at the classiest restraunts without a reservation, I am sick my kids need to eat and I’m sorry I need my food delivered. Kennedy towne center pizza hut has never had such poor service and what a attitude. I asked did they have any salads and he said we have about eight salds. If I can go anywhere and have someone read me a menu of salads why can’t Allen. Oh and they want to deliver to the white house, they better change that commercial.

  106. Ordered a pizza at the Pizza Hut in cranberry twp in PA tonight at 7:23, I was told it would be an hour for delivery. This wasn’t a problem for me. After 95 mins I called them back and they basically called me a liar, saying they never had any calls or deliveries to that address. The man I spoke to was very rood. I will not order from them again. If I was corporate, I would get back to basics. Take care of the customer!

  107. on 1/26/14, I call pizza hut in sauk rapids mn, I never talked to anyone at the store.I ended up talking to someone named pete on your corporate line, I order two stuff crust pizzas, that’s it! This call was placed at 4:15pm, he told me that the pizza would take 45 minutes. The pizza hut location from my address is about less than 5 miles away, in town! He also explained that the driver will have no more than 20 dollars cash on them. The pizza arrived just over an hour later! and the driver could not give us exact change due to the fact that she only had less then 10 dollars on her! this is the third time this has happen to me and our family has decided NOT to order from that pizza hut ever again!

  108. I writing this comment because ever since I move to the Allentown Pizza Hut I have have been very dissatisfied with the service! Tonight I ordered at 5 mins to 6 pm and it took over an hour and a half for them to show up with my cold food order that cost me 45$!!!!! No Ty it’s not the first time and I’m sure you don’t care enough to make it the last!!!!! I will not order for Pizza Hut again and will make sure I pass it a long to everyone I know….and also when I asked the manager how long she told me 35 mins….. That’s just wrong!!!! I will never fall for that again!!!!!

  109. I love Pizza Hut but after my last pizza I don’t think I will be going back my pizza was raw in the middle and tasted disgusting!

  110. I place an order jan 31 2014 8:45pm order # 00222 cashier Jewel store #013164. The cashier told me that would be some deleted, I told that would be fine however my order arrived at my house 10:45pm. Before getting my food, i called the store and i complained and the cashier told me that i could cancel the order if i want after i wait all that time. Plus the buffalo wings box was not proper delivery and dressing was all over the box. This is not the way to do customer server. I believe the store manager should do better job because they lack of employee and the should make the customer wait that long. Pizza Hut i cant believe that you have employees working for you that have lack of customer service. I want to hear from you. i would public this on Facebook.

  111. On Friday Jan 24, 2014 I decided to use the online method of ordering pizza at the only Pizza Hut near me. This Pizza Hut is located in Lucedale, MS which is 15 min from my house. The online ordering system was easy to use & after completing my order I was given a time to pick up my pizza at 6:45 pm which is a 45 min wait. I went to pick up my pizza at the time given & was told that my pizza was waiting to go into the oven. The cashier working the drive up window asked me to check back periodically to see if the pizza was ready. An hour later I finally received my pizza.
    On Saturday Feb 01, 2014 at 7pm I decided to give Pizza Hut another chance at the same Lucedale location. This time I decided to call instead of using the online system. The phone rang several times before I was greeted and asked to hold. After a 10 min wait I hung up. I waited a few min & tried again. I was greeted & again asked to hold. 10 min later I hung up & called Dominos. 20 min later I picked up my Dominos pizza.
    I don’t usually write complaints, in fact this is my first, but something must be done about the service at this location. I’ve used this Pizza Hut for years & it has progressively “gone downhill” as they say. Because Lucedale is a small town there are few option for eating out but that is not an excuse for poor service.

  112. Where’s my order? I ordered at 6:00 and was already disappointed with a 7:32 confirmation. The fact that its 8:15 already annoys me – but being hung up on 4 times really aggravates me. Very very very disappointed. Hello new Dominos or Papa Johns customer.

  113. I ordered wings online Superbowl Sunday. I didn’t mind that it was delivered past the delivery time but I do take offense that the deivery person charged my credit card to include a $4 tip. This overcharge may not seem like a lot of money but it was not authorized by me which is the same as theft. I will be warning all my friends to check their bank statements if ordering online deiveries charged to their card, and you’ve lost an ex-loyal customer.

  114. On February 6, 2014 I called in an order. I asked the young girl on the phone what the specials were. She said that they had a large one topping pizza for $9. I said ok I will take 2 large pizzas. They both were $14.75 each when I arrived to pick up the pizza. I ordered 2 extra toppings thinking an extra $2.50 on each pizza. $9 + $2.50 totals $11.50 for each pizza. Asking the manager why the pizzas were $14.75 each she proceeded to tell me the large pizza with one topping was the cheese on the pizza. I was charged $11and $4.75 for my 3 toppings. I have never in my life had a pizza with cheese being the extra topping when you order the pizza. This is the most deceptive thing I have ever heard. I will honestly say I will never trust your corporation again. I asked the manager why the customer was not told that cheese was the extra topping and she said she was not told to state that and was told to advertise the one topping. I was over charged on each pizza by $2. $9 +$3.75 for each pizza is $12.75 for each pizza and I paid $14.75. The Pizza Hut that I went to was in Cypress California on Ball and Bloomfield. I will be letting people I know to make sure the one topping is not the cheese. I will wait for your response to this complaint.

  115. The service at the Pizza Hut in Valley, AL is completely unacceptable. It is very rare that we ever order from that location due to the sloppy service. You call to place an order, no matter the time, and are immediately placed on hold. Hold time varies from about 7 minutes to about 30 minutes before I give up and just hang up. They claim to be out of anything that you want, constantly. If valley was a big town and the location stayed busy, this would be understandable. But it is not. Every single time you drive by, the place is empty, or close to it. When you walk in, the employees are on their cell phones or goofing off together. If you want this place to improve its income, there needs to be some major changes. This use to be our favorite pizza place. We have settled, over the past couple years, on mediocre pizza, in order to just avoid the hassle of going to this location. Thank you.

  116. Monday, February 10, 2014
    Dear Mr. Michael Nikravan:
    First let me say my first name is Richard and not Robert and I appreciate your reply but must say and issue is that Andrew should have offered to make a correct Pizza instead he elected to not care about customer Service and he they didn’t even bother to ask me if I wanted a remake and assumed that his analysis of the Pepperoni being under the cheese was correct and the customer was wrong while I showed him that no pepperoni especially a double order was even seen when you looked at the Pizza and h s lack of caring ended in utter disappointment with your employee that was not helpful. I’m not sure why I continue to put myself in the same situation again and again and you must understand that that customers who complain do so only because they are loyal customers and this is important to them.

  117. Recently my family and I have began shopping and dining out at stores that offer online survey/sweepstakes. Pizza Hut offers a online survey on each receipt which has led us to chose pizza hut every time we purchase pizza. We purchase pizza for ourselves as well as for group activities. However the last time we tried to take the survey it indicated w had taken the survey too many times. I think that is the same as saying we use your product too often. That is contradicting to what the purpose of the survey is intended for. My after school group chose to not have pizza hut just because they were denied taking the survey and instead chose a more expensive pizza store that did offer a online survey. I would highly recommend you change that policy. If you have the costumers return business and dedicated parentage why would you risk losing them to competitor? Disappointing.

  118. We ordered pizza in madison ohio @ 7:20pm. It did not make it to our home until 9:20pm. And it was cold. I think pizza hut should compensate me something for my troulbes.

  119. Last night (2/15/2014) a group of friends and I went to the Pizza Hut in Bloomington Indiana by college mall. We arrived at 6:27. There were 5 people in our group. The waitress tried to seat us in a 4 seated booth and pulled up a chair but the way the restaurant was set up it blocked the aisle and prevented anyone to be seated in the table behind. So she then moved us to a different table. We placed our order and 30 min later a guy came back and said that they had lost our order and asked what we had ordered again. We did not receive out pizza until 7:52. During the time we were waiting our drinks were only filled once, the employees were behind the counter playing on their phones & laughing, a lady went to pay for their food and the girl behind the counter did not even have the courtesy to get off of her cell phone to check her out, the phone rang several times and they just let it ring I even considered answering the phone myself, I went to the restroom but it was occupied I waited and an employee came out when I went to wash my hands there was no soap or anything to wash my hands. I was very disgusted by this. I was very displeased with the service and I can garauntee that I will not be eating there anytime soon.

  120. Love the new garlc hand tossed! I think we have had or or 5 so far. Great job Pizza Hut we got our in Flour Bluff, Texas! Great service too……we would have liked to have a beer with our pizza….but other than that… Perfect <3 David & Joy Robinson, Gulf Breeze, Florida

  121. I tried to purchase a pizza and my call was picked up through their call center. The agent was extremely rude impatient and hung up on me. I could never reach the actual store to place my order, so i chose to go to papa johna and received it in no time. I’m very disappointed with their customer service.

  122. After reading all the rotten comments given by customers regarding Pizza Hut, I think I’d better sell my Yum stock!! Things can’t get much worse——–or can they??!!

  123. I ordered pizzas online at 840 pm I didn’t get them until 1045 pm………over 2 hours REALLY? Plus the pizzas were cold and the garlic sauce was spilled in the box… im not happy…..I will never order from there again…………

  124. This is the second day in row pizza Hut 11230 n freeway, houston, tx has not delivered our pizza. On 2/19/2014 I called at 12pm they stated it is in route 1230 i called should be there in 5min 1pm called they stated it was ready for pick up at 12pm when I called and asked for delivery, gave address, cc# over phone, they gave me confirmation time. They said it was call centers fault,3:45 del me my void transaction/free brownie dessert. Today 2/20/14 ordered online at 11am will be del at 1238. At 130 called stated it was coming out of oven new. Will be del free. They said they truly do not have enough help or drivers. This location needs to a new manager-Mallory was very rude, placed me on hold 3x then hung up. She never tried to help the situation. stated I could drive over there and pick up my voided transaction. No you bring it to me. I will be reporting to BBB. VERY VERY DISSATIFIED CUSTORMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. I ordered pizza and wings waited over one hour. When I called to find out about the delay. I was told the driver had a flat tire. While on the phone listening to this excuse the driver rang the bell I asked her about the flat tire of the original driver which she knew nothing about.

    It’s bad enough to wait for a horrible tasting product delivered cold.
    To be lied to is to much.

    Every person business customer anyone I can find through social edit and beyond will here this story !!!!

    Do not lie to your customers

  126. I walked inti Pizza Hut store #014356 and ordered my pizzas. As I was waiting for my order, I noticed that an order was put up as ready to go after about 10 mins. This would have been great but after 15 more mins, the server finally looks at the pizzas and realized that it was my order. Then I had to ask for the drinks that I had ordered. It wouldn’t be to bad but she walked by it and looked at me at least 4 times and didn’t even look to see if my order was up. Not very efficient service.

  127. The Wilkes-Barre, PA rte 309 pizza hut had rude employees standing around when we arrived around 7:45pm on 2/21/14. The one girl looked at us and said “Seriously!?” Like we were an inconvenience that they had to work. We happily turned around and left, went elsewhere for pizza. A place with clean windows and that didnt smell dirty. If you’re leaning, you could be cleaning! Maybe thats why the parking lot didn’t have as many cars as other restaurants.

  128. This Was the worst experience I ever had in my life. I usually order from papa johns. I was sick so I decided to order out. When I did this order it was 12:15pm only to be told delivery wont be until 3:08pm bc they are under staffed with one damn driver. I called back politely to cancel order when whom ever the manager was had a attitude and hung up in my face. Told me I wont get my money back until 4-6days on my card and could not give me confirmation that my order was voided. Was VERY RUDE… I WORKED AT PIZZA HUT WHEN I WAS A TEENAGER I DO NOT REMEMBER THEM BEING SO RUDE. I WILL CONTINUE TO ORDER FROM PAPA JOHNS OR LIL CEASARS WERE STAFF IS MORE PROFESSIONAL and kind

  129. i ordered the pizza dinner box on line, it took exactly 1 hr for it to be delivered and then they left the marinara sauce out, I had to call the store several times before I got through, which was 15 minutes later, I didn’t spoke with a rude phone person, who refused to let me speak with the store manager or even tell me the manager’s name saying it was against company policy, she said they would deliver me the sauce with in 5 minutes. I’m writing this why wait and it has already been 15 minutes, I’m sure that by the time the sauce arrivedarrives, my breadsticks will not be fresh anymore. this will be the last time I order from this Pizza Hut because of the poor customer service and the manager on rittiman Road in San Antonio

  130. I have never been to a worse Pizza Hut than in Portland TN store # 022176. The mangers are rude, have no managing skills, have no people skills, and should not be in a management position!!!! They like to tell 1 person to do the work of 5 others and set and talk on the phone while pretending to their job which they are not qualified to do whatsoever. One person will be the hostess, cashier, waitress, and whatever else while the others set and talk on their phones and watch. The decline in this store has been going on for years. For sanitary reasons, as well as business aspects the store needs to be closed or fix the problems!!! You need ALL new managers NONE of them which are holding positions as of 2/26/14 are qualified and should be fired immediately !!!! The cooks are not clean and do not follow health guidelines, but yet if the manger likes them it is not their fault.

  131. Ordered 2 large pizzas one meat lovers was fine other breakfast . Breakfast pizza was all crust very little toppings little to no eggs ? Very disappointed .

  132. I call and confirm my never came .then called back was give the run around. Asks for a manger and was never helped. Bad employees pizza hut has.

  133. I am writing a complaint about the Eubank/Montgomery store in Albuquerque NM. This store has got a major problem with well just about everything! I have called in orders 2 times now at least an hour in advance and the pizzas had not been started! No apology, nothing! So after the second time, I talked to a “manager” who said the DM would be in the next day, & would have he/she call me! Still waiting! Btw there was not one person in the restaurant either!

  134. My husband ordered a pizza at 6:15 at our local Pizza Hut for delivery… Ashland City TN.. I called after an hour and the rude youth on the phone said they were 5 people short today… Our pizza came 2 hours after we ordered. We won’t buy from Pizza Hut again!

  135. I ordered the new hand tossed pizza it was more like a flat pizza and it was burnt the o ordered a side order of Que Pappas with ranch sauce. And I received marinate sauce. Am a very disappointed customer . From los angeles Caltech from the pizza hut on century blvd and vermont ave 90044

  136. So I disliked the service Sylmar Pizza Hut the girl who was speaking on the phone was so rude I was trying to cancel an order I made online and this girl had the nerve to pick up the phone after 5 min just saying “we’re not taking orders” and clicked so I called once again and 5 min she picked up and clicked. Never will I ever order Pizza Hut

  137. Last night at 642 I ordered pizza and pasta for my family and was givin a estamited time of 7 17 . At 734 i called just checking on my order . A women answered and said i was up next to be deliverd . At 834 i called again checking on my order as it has now been almost two hours from when i orderd my food. I was then told by the same women that she was just waiting on a driver to deliver my food and i was next. At this point im upset since she had told me a hour ago i was next and asked why ibwas told this. The women went and got the manager. Who then told me that they where out of noddles and he had just found out 30 min ago. And someone tried to call me. Yet i was next to my phone the whole time . I even told him this and he said he was told they tried to call. Now hears the thing my home phone is my cell phone and as we all know it keeps track of all numbers coming and going and no one called. I was told that to day was his last day as a manager and if i do decided to order again to make sure i call and as for emily the new manager and have her take my order. This was the only thing he offered . No im sorry , no we will give you a free order of bread sticks nothing just a we tried to call you when they didnt. I will never order from here again in fact this pizza hut family is now a papa johns family . Based on your customer service you have lost a coustomer for life.

  138. I left church Sunday went and wait expected to get the great pizza that I had been use to. Got it home it was not a great pizza. Why was the sauce and dough changed! The dough was sweet and I can’t tell you how the sauce taste. I use to love your pizza now I have to get Cosco or Papa John I want my pizza back!

  139. I have had the worst experience ever with Pizza Hut… The customer service while nice was not effective…I waited over 2 Hours for my order and even when I supposedly talked to a manager…the issue was not resolved!!!!! Pizza Hut…is NOT A GOOD ORGANIZATION…

  140. We continually have issues with their delivery. This will be the last time I order from Pizza Hut ever. I contact the number provided then told no this is also a call center. However, I can have the store contact you about the order you placed 2 hours ago. Seriously? The order sheet says call your local store for exact delivery information but the number provided with the store information is a call center not the store. Guess this is ongoing and they don’t really want you to reach the store.

  141. After tonight, my family and I will never be returning to Shrewsbury Pizza Hut due to plain rudeness of the manager. As soon as we walked through the door she we were not warmly greeted and also seemed awkward when we pronounced the party’s name wrong. She then said she would be back in a second to take our drinks order. We sat for 30 mind without seeing any staff to order our drinks. We ordered a jug of water which they didn’t provide. When asked regarding jugs of water, I received a deathly stare of inconvenience. Throughout our meal when serving drinks she made snide remarks “how do you expect me to pass this drink, I’m only 5ft2”.
    At the end of our meal we went to the counter to pay, to be told rather aggressively that we need to work out what we had ate and calculate it all ourselves. When one lady asked why couldn’t it be calculated on the till, she shouted “Who said that?”.
    When another person was asking about price, she commented “did you not do mental math in school?” Very intimidating woman! After all the calculations, we did not even receive a simple Thank you.

    Ironically this is the same woman we saw last year when we visited, and wanted us to go online to vote for her as a ‘lovely member or staff’. She clearly has the ability to be nice if it’s to her own benefit!

  142. My sister and niece were fired from Pizza Hut because I could not cross over snow covered Mtn roads that were CLOSED DUE TO MULTIPLE ACCIDENTS!! The “manager” (I’m being gracious using that word) was notified by my sister and myself and was extremely rude and unprofessional. When I asked for his managers name he was somewhat of a bully. Neither Pizza Huts local mgr, district or regional mgr were professional about the situation, my sister and niece were not contacted by any of them. If P. H. focuses on non-employee safety, that’s sad. Maybe these 3 people need a new job!! If your in FORT COLLINS, COLORADO – DO NOT
    GO TO OR ORDER FROM NORTH COLLEGE PIZZA HUT! They don’t value their employees!!

  143. everytime I go to pizza hut up on the rigde ( rochester) I always order the thin crust with the topping I for I always get what they want me to have I say thin crust I get hand toss & don’t get the topping I ask for I live to far to keep going back about the same order always the same people. It’s even harder when you don’t drive.I call back everytime but nothing happens.Some need to do soomething special for me for all the times I go there you would think it might be better the next time SORRY wrong answer. This the type of thing make you want to go some where else.

  144. I ordered a pizza for pick up, I was told it would be ready at five thirty eight. So at 5:38 I was at the drive thru window which I waited 3 minutes for someone to wait on me. I paid for my pizza and then they told me oh it wasn’t ready it will be a little while. So now here it is 6:03 o’clock and I’m still waiting in parking lot. there are now three cars behind me in line.I thought pick up meant exactly that– pick up. Barstow Pizza Hut you need to get better service this is ridiculous! I pulled around parked in front of Pizza Hut 1 waited so I wouldn’t hold up the guy behind me, well he is now pulled around and went inside you didn’t look too happy either. I finally got my pizza it is now 6:08

  145. Ordered 1 hr 15 mins ago. Was promised pizza in 30 mins. Called twice to check on pizza and was totally blown off by two different people who answered the phone. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!! One of the guys actually laughed at me, pretending to be shocked that the pizza hadn’t been delivered. I asked when my pizza might arrive (I have kids who have a bedtime) and was hung up on!!!

  146. after reading all the negative feedback i guess I should feel lucky with my hit or miss mr . jim’s pizza. was thinking of changing pizza companies. But with this feedback I think I will stay with mr. Jims. ( local chain)

  147. Feb 9 I order 2large pizzas and LG order bread sticks and cheesybread sticks! Pizzas wrecking not done and all order of bread sticks were way over done! Couldn’t eat any of this! Pizza hut on river ave in Holland Michigan wouldn’t do anything about it! Plus it took them over a hour to deliver and it was cold! I want a reply!

  148. We constantly get Pizza Hut coupons in two different local newspapers and also thru the US post Office mail. When we call to order with them at our local Miami, Oklahoma Pizza Hut they will not honor them because they say they are sent out from Corporate. What’s the deal? If they will not honor Pizza Hut coupons then they should not be allowed to operate under the Pizza Hut name. They want the recognition of Pizza Hut but not the responsibilities of being one. Very disappointing.

  149. We are eating at Pizza Hut on E leopard street in Corpus Christ Texas. We have been here 2 hours and our school never got their order completed. 5 to 6 groups of people have come and gone and we are still here. I don’t understand. Not to mention they have to travel 2’and 1/2’hr Back home someone needs some training here. Call the store.. 3657 leopard street.

  150. Asked waitress to rewipe table because it was sticky. She replied theyre always that way – its the sanitizer. Well Pizza Hut, maybe its time you look at a change with this. Lots of unhappy customers
    Mill Rd location
    Evansville IN

  151. I ordered a stuffed crust pizza a couple weeks ago and the center of the pizza was so thin it was like eating a thin crust pizza, even my husband made a comment to me about it, I have never received a stuffed crust pizza like that before. Now seeing all these commercials really upsets me on how that pizza looked when they look so good on TV, really not sure if we will order from there again

  152. The Pizza Hut in Catskill, NY was the worst place we could have chosen to attend last night for dinner! The waitress was rude and under trained and then we didn’t receive our drinks until the food arrived and then a meal was never made and brought out! When I asked about the meal she called me s liar until she brought the ticket out and then said that it was being made and to be patient! All the cook staff and waitress then proceeded to make jokes and stare at us for the next 20 minutes until the salad came out! We ended up leaving all the food on the table, paid and left! The last straw was when we left they all stood at the door screaming at us! Never agisn will we be going to this place!

  153. today i ordered a thin and crispy large 5 topping pizza with pepperoni, sausage, jalapeños, mushrooms and black olives via my phone when i placed the order there system changed it to a cheese pizza which is crap i will never order pizza hut again i will stick to little caesars PIZZA HUT THE WORST!!!!!!!

  154. I live in robstown,tx….been going to pizza hut since I was 7 yrs old…now im 38….I used to love it, but recently the service and pizza have been so awful….pizza is always cold and looks like they just threw the toppings from a long distance…..And now lobbys closed….Im very disappointed…..At least retrain these employees to prepare the pizzas the correct way……Sorry but no more pizza hut for me.

  155. I just ordered a pizza from your North Catasauqua store in PA. I ordered the $10 any size any topping deal. The pizza was great, HOWEVER, I am disgusted with your delivery driver. I tipped him $2 on the $10 pizza (20%). He then informed me “for future reference” that he only makes $3/hour and a better tip next time would be “appreciated”. Absolutely unacceptable. I felt like taking my $2 back and slamming the door in his face. I will NEVER be ordering Pizza Hut again.

  156. What is the point of entering your phone number and your email when you order online. I order my pizza online today and it gave me a time it would be done so when I went to pick it up I thought it would be done but I was told that they ran out of dough. So why was I not called and told that. Would have been really nice to have known that so I could have went somewhere else instead of waiting for no reason.

  157. Ordered pizza 3/26/14 from Paragould, Ar location. I picked it up and paid for it with my debit card. When I balanced my checkbook tonight I found the amount of the transaction reported to my bank was exactly $5.00 more than my receipt shows! The manager said it was an honest mistake. If it had been an honest mistake, the receipt I have would have matched the bank statement! No way the amount being charged increasing after the fact is “an honest mistake”!

  158. I went to the store in Deloge Missouri, and at the time TV ads had any pizza $10.00, so I ask the waitress,and she said no we don’t do that because we are a franchise, shouldn’t it be the same, if its not the same it shouldn’t be called pizza hut, so my bill for 2 pizzas and bread sticks was over $60.00,so I won’t go there I’ll try the Festus store next time.

  159. We ate lunch at your McAlester,ok. Location yesterday (3-31-14) we ate the buffet. There was no pizza on the buffet. All the time we were there they only brought out two small pizza. There was several people in there so there was never enough for everyone to get a piece of pizza. The pasta was empty when we got there and never filled up. People was sitting there hoping they would bring something out.

    I ask the manager why there was no buffet, she said a cook didn’t show up and she didn’t know how to cook.

    So we paid and left, but will not go back. Several other people was saying the same thing.

    They should not have charged anyone at that time.

  160. I got coupons in the mail within the last week. The one I was going to use tonight was good until the middle of May (it’s April 2). My friend ordered the pizza for $10 as the coupon stated. When we went to pick it up, she would not honor the coupon because of some excuse about it not being in the system anymore since Pizza Hut changed it. This was very frustrating because she didn’t tell us over the phone that she could not honor it even though we told her we had a coupon. It just makes sense to me that if personnel are the reason for the screw up, the store would honor what was promised to the customer.

  161. New cut road store in Louisville ky has the worst service ever. Flat out garbage. It’s literally got to be some sort of joke. I’ve called in a simple order for the last time at that location. I love pizza hit and will always order from there. That store is just awful though. Full lobby with people standing around completely frustrated. Simple fix…send a team leader in there and get those people organized. And… Tell them to start wearing their pants on their waists.

  162. I order a large pizza online at 9:25. I received an email stating my order would be filled at 10:45, after waiting an hour and 30 minutes, the order did not arrive, when I called to check on it I was put on hold for 5 minutes. When she came back to the phone I was told they were working on it now and a driver would deliver it soon. It seemed to me they had not even started my pizza. This is the second time I have used this pizza hut and the second time I have had a bad experience. It is now 11:16 and my very cold nasty pizza finally made it.!

  163. Sioux falls SD 57106
    Pizzia huts # 6053322277
    Ordered pizzia and waited for two.hours no pizzia. Finally called pizzia hut they had nothing on my order. I reordered , thinking manager would at least send coupons for me not receiving my order. Nothing. I am the AGM at a 124 bed hotel. I will never tell my quests to order from pizzia hut. Terrible customer service !

  164. I ordered pizza from the Hwy 54 office in Durham, NC. I have never had such poor service. I’ve worked in food service and generally do not complain. I placed the order online @7:10 and the order should have been ready @ 7:45. The wings for one order was ready,but my pizza had disappeared. The rep said they had to remake it. I said okay and she put the first order of wings in the warmer. After waiting an additional 20 minutes for the pizza, the wings in “the warmer” was missing! The nice African guy offered me another order in the warmer and I left. NO ONE APOLOGIZED AT ALL. NOTHING!! I was totally shocked! The girl that took my order expected me to wait again! As I said this is the worse service I’ve ever had.

  165. I have been sitting in this godforsaken restaurant called pizza hut, for an hour now waiting on my pizza. There are a total of two other tables here. This is not acceptable . I will never return.


  167. Obviously you don’t care about these comments or complaints. Decided to try one last time today, same old story. Don,t honor advertised prices. Spreading the word to all my friends and family. We will boycott. Papa johns and dominos is looking good. Thanks for nothing.

  168. My wife an I have had the worst experience in pizza hut ever from the time we walked in the door. We were not seated we waited for 5 mins to be seated then we sat ourselves. As the waitress was in the back on here phone texting an acted as if she never saw us but when she did come out of the back the first thing she did was wipe her nose with her hand an grap a tray of pizza an seated the next group of people at the time she had just put her phone away an was ready to do her job. I had to ask her to get menu. Service was horrible and the sale bar was old and dry.

  169. I purchased a large pizza and 8 wings I requested the ranch dressing since it usually comes with 2 dipping sauces. The cashier (India) at store# 023580 on April 12 at 5:36pm told me that they didn’t come with anything and went on to state she had been there 2yrs and don’t ever recall any ever being give with the wings!….and all dipping sauces were $.50 each. Pizza Hut has to much competition to start charging for something that was included(upon request)with their wings, I can see charge for extra like they once did. Are times that hard?? Your wings are good but so is KFC and Papa Johns! Where I plan to visit for my next fast food run!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Who ever anawered the phone tonite at Pizza Hut in hendersonville tn. Tonite needs to be fired sorry customer service . Not very cool I am a Pizza Hut fan but also like dominos if I have to talk to her again will quit ordering from you signed ronnie

  171. As I found out the manager of the Lake Worth store dishes out fiction as the main dish. I also see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. After two calls to the Reg. Mgr. the night of the action and another the next morning I called the Corp. office and via VM I was promised a call back in two hours. We are now at the 3rd hour and no call… Big Surprise! While I will add the Reg. Mgr. Chris did at last return my call with the excuse his phone had gone dead the management at Corp. has not. Seem the people at Corp. basic training is to lie when the truth is better. Late delivery, cold product, no product all topped with a lie for bad flavor. Take my advise and never order from Pizza Hut!

  172. I ordered a pizza and one garlic sauce on line to be picked up in Fort Scott KS. I received a confirmation on the order all most at once. The amount was $11.52 and would be ready for pick up in 15 minutes. When I arrived they only showed the garlic sauce. They would fix my order and it would be ready in 15 minutes. The employee said they had alot of trouble with on line orders and that I should call the store and check to see if they have my order, any time I place a order on line. I had to sit in parking lot for 20 minutes. This not good service. When I returned home I checked my computer and the order confirmation was there.

  173. I had very bad experience in Pizza Hut port Isabel on Thursday 17th for 45 minutes I couldn’t reach them on phone they weren’t answering at all …I had to go to them and when I told that to the manager he was very rude he said because they were busy , they had only 3 tables with customers and they weren’t answering any phone calls , his name edward garcia , he continued to argue and was non professional initially he wrote his name and managers name on paper then tried to take it again …I can’t imagine how would be his attitude if he had more than 3 tables …this job seems too much for them to handle …they need more professional staff who are able to handle work not just try to escape from it

  174. Del Rio Texas Pizza was the nastiest Pizza Hut I’ve been to in the last 25 years. Filthy, unsanitary, disgusting place.

  175. Went to your Pearl Mississippi store on highway 80 call and order got there to pick it up waited about five minutes that was okay the lady that waited on me paid for the pizza the walk back over and plane site where they prepare pizza sit down eat a heard dinner and front of the customer she had chicken walk by the front with her chicken bones thru in the trash white her hands on her pants and apron and went back to work and I have pictures if you would like to see it it was real refreshing the more I think about it I really should have left

  176. Wings wer good breadsticks wer good but the pizza was 100% garbage thin crust with no sauce and taste like card board…. I would have just orderd papa johns and now I’m regretting it. Pizza hut your food its now one of the nastiest places to get food papa johns is better little Caesar’s is even better for 5 dollars…. And why did I pay 40$ for some wings bread du

  177. Ordered online and went to pick-up order…parts of order missing; this has happened to me 3 times in the last 6 months. I had to pull around and sit in my car for an additional 25 minutes; waiting for someone to bring the rest of my order out to me. However, they never came out, had to get out my car and hunt down the rest of my order. I am so thankful my location is getting a Little Caesars within a month. Very bad service, won’t be eating there again, I am done!!

  178. I stop using the services of Pizza Hut for many years, the main reason was the customer service, including the managers task..But I found the Pizza Hut store on 10780 on Jefferson Blv. that It has the BEST costumer service of the WHOLE California plus the best Pizza of course…..if you go by any chance, over there, please ask for Jesse…he is number one, and I believe if Pizza Hut do not appreciate his effort and his loyalty others companies soon will do it ….Corporations, listen, is not for the Pizza, is for the service, you got it?

  179. I order a pizza today at 12:30 online. My order was suppose to arrive here at 1:17. I called the store and it took them long to answer. So once someone answered, he had an attitude. He said” the lady will be there, she had other orders, and it was like an 1hr ago.” I told him thank you. I was VERY NICE. So I waited longer and still nothing. I called back and was about to cancel my order and he did not even asked why I cancelled my order. He just rushed me off the phone and I didn’t take that very polite. I don’t think they my family and I will be eating Pizza Hut for a while. So rude and disrespectful.

  180. Long time customers but I will not ever order Pizza Hut as long as I live due the the fact they do not value their customers loyalty or business that we as paying customers provide to this business had a real bad online experience with a survey questionnaire explained to several pizza huts reps and I was dismissed and told to pretty much go else where and have the company that had promised me. The gift cards I understand that they didn’t offer the cards directly but as a customer that has been providing business for years I would been treated better or a hell offer a coupon that didn’t have the decency to do that well good riddance Pizza Hut see you will get another penny out of me

  181. me and my girl friend order wings around 9 pm and it is almost midnight and still have not received our order. this inst the first time we have had this problem. the store in Pittsburgh PA on Carson street is the worst store i have ever seen. it should not take over an hour or us to get our food, and it has been 3 damn hours. i will never be ordering from this company ever again.

  182. I placed an online order for delivery on May 2nd at 1:31pm and got a generated response statong my order should be delivered at 2:46pm. I called the store at 3:00pm and was told my order was on its way and their records showed it would be delivered at 3:15pm. Its now 3:20 pm and STILL no order. I did not appreciate bring told that if i cancelled my order it would take 3 to 5 business days to receive a refund. Plus i was on hold for 10 mminutes before getting that reply. I will NEVER order from pizza hut again.

  183. Store location on 34th St, St Petersburg, FL. We ordered a large thin crust pizza with mushrooms to go. When we got home 5-10 minutes later, the pizza was not hot and the crust was dry, burnt and tasted like cardboard. There was hardly any cheese or sauce causing it to be very dry. We were hungry and ate it anyway. We hadn’t been to Pizza Hut in 10+ years! and now we remembered why. The pizza is terrible!!

  184. Well let me say that last night I ordered pizza at 8:51pm online and when I checked out ir said my pizza would be delivered at 10:31 pm then I’m looking at the clock it already going to be 5 mins til 11:00 pm well then I get a call its the delivery he’s saying did you pizza and I said yes. And then he’s all like well one of you need to come out and get your pizza first I was think how rude because he was just talking with so disrespect and then I said to myself aren’t they suppose to knock at your door well I just know this was the most horrible service ever do not order from 850 Chancellor Park Dr. Charlotte, NC 28213

  185. in Bremerton, Washington on Sherdian Rd Across from Abertson Grocery Store there land for sale. Can you put Pizza Hut there And also can you put 6 table outside for people to eat their pizza and 6 table in side and also be one of the first pizza hut to have a fire place inside. and also sell Starbuck coffee too. This would be a big hit Starbuck is a big hit in Bremerton, Washington. And also sell different kinds of Salads too and M&M Candy too.
    Hope to see this come in 2014 please and on Wheaton Way and Perry ave put signs up letting people know where PizzA Hut is.


  187. I’m not satisfied with our local Pizza Hut in umitila florida we called for delivery they tolled us it would be an hour we waited and called after an hour they said it would be another 30 to 40 min. This is not right I should not have to pay for my order when it’s that long this will be our last time ordering form Pizza Hut could get it from hungry howies in 30 min. And the pizza was cold

  188. We ordered pizza 2 hours go 2 days on row they never deliver in hills borough and then after we on papaa Jhon they were really right on time same on pizza hut

  189. Hello,

    I am a loyal pizza hut customer, most of time take my pizzas to go
    But today I went to pizza hut at Busch Blvd (right on front of Busch Gardens) for the first time to dine in and experience a the worst Service since I got to this country.
    First, my chair was broken. Second I had to beg two times the waitress to take my order
    My soda took around 15 min to arrive and my pizza almost and hour. I complain about how long the pizza was taking and the waitress told me that I had to wait
    My fiance and I were so mad that before the pizza arrived we walk out to pay for our soda and leave and that time they told us that the pizza was ready so we came back only because we were starving
    Next to ya another family were also complaining about the bad Service
    After the pizza arrived the waitress apologyzed 2 times but either way was a terrible Service

    I hope you take that into consideration because I am going to think twice before dining in in another pizza hut again

  190. Hi to all who can address this issues,

    I am so disappointed ! I went into , PizzaHut May11, 2014, located in A Unit of Dodsal Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Shop No. 26, 2nd Floor, Phoenix Market City Mall, Viman Nagar Road, Pune 411014 (27588 Ashish C, CHk 6901 Guest 2(But we are 3). (Store Manager Mr. Ravi Vagukar), Please find the attached feedback ID snap short and bill for your reference(for taking immediate action)

    According to the receipt I was issued, my arrival time was 8.22PM(IST) and I was in table at 8.06PM(IST) ! That’s the first written lie!! and we ordered at Garlic Bread with Cheese 1, Chicken Wings add 1, Classic Caesar Salad(Non Veg), 2 Lemonade, 1 Fresh Lime Soda, 1 Double Chicken Feast So Cheese, 1 Chicken Birizza(In Place of Classic Caesar Salad) 8.15PM(IST), Next, after over a 20 min wait we start receiving with WORST PRESENTATION AND WORST SERVICE(Even the don’t have tissue papers on table and wash room) 1st Drinks, 2st Hot wing which was ok, 3nd garlic Bread with Cheese(WHICH WAS COLD), 3rd Pizza(WHICH WAS COLD AGAIN and which very few chicken pices(Single), even cheese was not properly baked),

    Now again attended drama begin, person Mr. Ashish informed me we don’t have Classic Caesar Salad at 9.00PM(IST) “How come you don’t have cheese?” thereafter we ordered Chichen Barizza inform me explanation was given by Manager(Shameless smile) was Mr. Ashish join yesterday and we don’t have Classic Caesar Salad from last two days(HATS OFF TO PIZZA HUT AND THEIR FRANCHISSE), after that again the worst service in the means of quantity(What the hell they are doing there) Manager claims that its Birizza rice is 250gram but its hardly 100gms( just keep on your mind we are not gone out first time).

    I appreciate if you guys take serious and immediate action to the cause!!!!

    Hence, I am here writing this review !! Additionally, the two largest wings in the order were also “RAW” !!! Shameful service and worse quality !! Sorry PizzaHut, I think you know You already start losing a customers! I think you needs to be re-trained in the art of customer service and availability! How sad for you all !!!

    Regards???????Thanks????(Not getting words for Pizza Hut)

    Sunil Arya

  191. WE were in the Pizza Hut in Washington, Iowa last night. The service was terrible, and with only a handful of people in the restaurant, we waited at least 30 minutes for our pizza, and it was luke warm, at best, when we got it. We had to hunt the waitress down to get our bill. She had never come back to the table to check on us, for drinks or if everything was alright. When the manager came to check us out, I complained about the service and the temperature of the pizza, and she just stood there and checked me out, like I wasn’t even talking. I asked her about getting some sort of compensation for the horrible experience, and she told me that she wished I had said something earlier. I told her that I might have, had I seen the waitress again.
    In the end, she reluctantly offered me a gift card, which I declined, because we will never set foot in that Pizza Hut again. Our feeling is POOR SERVICE!!! POOR MANAGER!!!!!
    I will say that I called the Pizza Hut in Iowa City, Iowa(Keokuk Street) and told a shift manager of my experience, and he offered me a credit, and was very sorry for my experience, and hoped that I would come to his location. I declined, because it wasn’t that store, I just wanted to get a phone number or website so that I could let this be heard by someone that might check into this ( what I feel is)mismanaged situation. I will still visit Pizza Huts, cause I like the food there, but I will not visit Washington, Iowa ever again.
    Jeri Baldrige

  192. I ordered pizza at store number028738 address 1737 berryesa rd, San Jose. Store manager was barrow. She delayed our order by half an hr. When we asked she told its nt
    Her cool mistake and not ready to applozise. Worst customer experience. From now onwards no pizza from berryesa location

  193. On Friday, May 16, 2014, we decided to order from Pizza Hut. I had order the box that comes with two pies, any kind of breadsticks and wings. I originally had the order on my phone but called our local Pizza Hut in Linden, NJ because I saw a price deference and wanted to know why. I ordered the same thing that I had on my phone but when I got my order, I had breadsticks instead of cheesy bread. Mind you, she said that it would cost a little more, this is why I had called instead of ordering online. I called Pizza Hut and explain my situation, the manager said that he would send the driver with the cheesy bread. All of a sudden, I get a call from Pizza Hut and it was a girl saying that they would not bring us the cheesy bread. I told her that I had already spoken to the manager but she said that the manager just looked at the receipt. So I told first, you check the receipt way before telling the customer that they would bring the cheesy bread. Two, I told the girl on the phone that I wanted cheesy bread, remember she told me that it would cost more. Three, Pizza Hut, in order to have your customers come back for more, is that a customer is always right. With that being said, there are plenty of other Pizzerias around us, that we do not need to ever order from this so called Pizz Hut place in Linden, New Jersey on St. George’s st ever again.

    Thank you

  194. Its Saturday 05/24/2014 and I believe I jst witness a incident 1 and a half ago I went to dine in at the pizza hut in cooper city fl, 11091 sheridan st and i witness an arguement between two employees 2 young ladys and come to find out one was a manager and her name was ashley she help us to our table so tht we can dine in and the other young lady was a driver they ended up getting into and argument it didnt seem to harmful with what they were saying until I heard the manger her name was ashley call the other emplyee who was an african American a BITCH and I seen her walking to wards her and tht was very disrespectful and unprofessional to call your employer a bitch especially infront I f customers and I had my children with me I WILL NOT EVER again dine in at tht pizza hut I didnt feel comfortable at all I would give tht pizza hut 2 stars and I jst hope the African American young lady will be ok bc I felt really bad for her never again will I go to the pizza hut off sheridan st in cooper city and I also see how the managers was laughing at her and talking about when she left thts so sad and disrespectful and jst wrong never again will I go to tht pizz hut location

  195. The ads on t.v with Blake Shelton are advertizing any pizza any way 10.0O. Went to get one yest and was told they are 11 00 Looks like a case if false advertisement to me. Not really fair to us pizza hut lovers. May need to report this

  196. The Pizza Hut in Grove City Pa. The service was slow, a bunch of young kids fooling around, making people wait who are in the restaurant. We ordered a surpreme pizza, the kid brought us a cheese and stood there like we should have accepted it. We ordered cheesy breadsticks. Some were and the couple on the side were cinnamon. My husband ordered coffee, none made but they made it. They just stood up by the kitchen and kept fooling around. They needed adult supervision. We had the same thing happen a few months ago but thought we would try again. We won’t go back!

  197. Called my order in as usual. Paid for my pizza, the girl threw my receipt away then walked off. Five minutes later someone comes out to ask if I’ve been helped, then tells me I haven’t paid, finds my receipt in the trash. Apologizes and come to find out my pizza was done this whole time. They send the young manager out who doesn’t do anything. I will take this to social media I’d someone doesn’t contact me. Completely unexceptable!

  198. The Pizza Hut on Scottsville Pike in Lafayette, Tn, should not even be in business! My husband and I decided on Memorial Day to have pizza for supper.We arrived at the Pizza Hut on Scottsville Pike in Lafayette, at approximately 6:00 pm. We were told to have a seat in the back booth, which we did. The table had not been cleaned off from previous customers. When our waitress came she said “oh ya’ll can move to the next booth. That one is dirty. So we did. She took our drink orders and when she returned she asked if we knew what we wanted. I said “well I was going to get a salad but the salad bar is nasty, and needs to be restocked. She exclaimed what do you mean nasty? I said what little bit of salad is left is strung all over the bar and in the floor. the rest of the containers are empty and it is supper time. At 6:10 she took our pizza order, turned it in, and proceeded to clean and restock the salad bar. She finished at approx. 6:20. Did not come back to our table to see if we would like a salad. Just to let you know there were 4 people in there plus myself and my husband. At 6:25 we watched a genmtleman from another table go to the front and pick up his own order that been sitting there. 2 pasta orders. Nothing tastes better than cold pasta!!! At 6:30 our waitress came by and ask if she could get us anything-DUH!!!My husband said how about our pizza. She says oh it will be out soon, only takes 10 minutes. I said, excuse me, we have been here 30 min. She proceeded to inform us that there had been a lot of delivery-take outs. To which I said does delivery orders come before customers? Our pizza is sitting up front on the counter where the delivery girl is hanging out. In fact she is leaning over it. I don”t think we want a pizza that has been sitting up there while you have been out of sight for 10 min. We sat and watched all the delivery- take outs leave while our pizza sat on the counter and got cold. There were nothing but a bunch of kids working. I guess they got a free pizza because we left=never to return to Pizza Hut in Lafayette, Tn again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAD SAD SAD

  199. It took a hour for the delivery driver got to my house the pizaa was cold and i called up the pizza hut on independence blvd matthews nc 28105 and itold them the pizza was cold can i get one thats hot a fresh the lady that answerd was very rude asaying no i will not be ordering from pizza hut again

  200. I went to Pizza hut in Williamsburg Ky, with my school on a field trip and the waiters and the MANAGER was VERY rude to us. They uses profanity, rude comments and forgot some of our drinks and made a comment to one of the students to “get his own water because he needs exercise.” I am VERY upset about this and I will call corporate and costumer service every day until someone does something about it!! I will do whatever I have to do until these workers are fired and I get to sit down at pizza hut with my friends and have a nice, calm and FREE meal.

  201. This is the first time I have ever seen the Pizza Hut here in Baltimore Maryland / owings mills where the dinning room is a mess . Dirty tables , the floor is a disgrace , I have never seen dinning room like this and I dine here often because the service has always been good along with the food , but today Sunday 6/1/2014 6:30 PM I’m very disappointed in what I’m seeing.

  202. I hadn’t been to Pizza Hut for quite a while as I usually take my grandkids to either McDonals’s or Burger King for their dollar menu. However, Pizza Hut has always been my favorite pizza place. Well, a few weeks ago I stopped at Superior, NE, Pizza Hut & got a pizza. The sauce was different than it used to be and I liked the old sauce better. Then today I am in Grand Island, NE, so decided to eat at Pizza Hut. I ordered my standard Pan Pizza Personal Pan Supreme that I LOVE. But here, too, they have changed the basic sauce. I don’t know if others think to complain, but bring back the old pizza sauce for those who don’t like the new sauce. Thanks for listening to my complaint.

  203. I ordered the extremely meaty and the extremely spicy more like extremely stingy had to order twice. Not happy

  204. I attempted to order a meal box from the carryout location in North Olmsted, Ohio. I keep an EAGLE eye on my bank accounts and used a card that had WAY WAY more than the $15 that was needed for this order. The manager on duty tried to run my card three times and kept saying it was declined. She seemed to be staring at the numbers on my card. That made me uncomfortable. I refused to give her another card for fear of what she would do with that one!

    Sure enough, when I went home, I checked online and also contacted my bank directly. The transaction should EASILY have gone through. This tells me that either the manager was incompetent or had ulterior motives for continuing to stare at my card and attempt to swipe it. I refuse to go back to this location and will file police charges if I see any fraudulent charges to my card in the near future.

  205. 2 weeks ago we ordered from Pizza Hut in Grimes, IA and after called 3 times and been given every excuse in the book it shows up over 2 hours later. We decided to try one more time since we love Pizza Hut pizza and ordered pizza tonight about 5 minutes until 6:00 p.m. Another 3 phone calls later it is now 8:18 p.m. and the pizza still hasn’t arrived. And to top it all off, when we called the pizza hut employee hung up on us. We won’t be going back again. Corporate Pizza Hut needs to improve their customer service. This is ridiculous!

  206. Ordered from the Blytheville Arkansas Pizza Hut. Placed the order at 7:50pm. I called at 9pm to see where my order was and the young last answering the phone hung up on me. Hoping it was an accidental disconnect I called back and she got smart with me saying it would be right there. I called back at 9:18pm and spoke with the manager who assured me the pizza was on its way and would be hot. At 9:35pm I call the manager back and cancelled my order. There is NO reason for it to take one hour and forty five minutes for a pizza to be delivered across town when I live 15minutes away!!! The lpoor customer skills that girl had that answered the phone was ridiculous. Not a good way to make a first impression. I don’t care that they were busy. There should be some way that this location can get their act together and provide this town this descent customer service! I will never order anything from this location again. Stay away from the Blytheville, Arkansas Pizza Hut!!

  207. It is disappointing to know that pizza hut has the worst inventory management I have experienced so far. I have always experience good time at pizza hut but this time it was really disappointing. I went to pizza Hut but i was communicated the base is over. Also it is sad to know that the staff is least bother about customers requirement the staff personnel named Mr. Rakesh at Thakur Kandivali store, Mumbai. is the most inattentive person ever seen….
    Really disappointed from Pizza Hut India

  208. Drove 10 hrs home from working out of town. Decided to rent a movie and have a family night and order some pizza. After a hour of waiting for pizza we called to make sure everything was well. The young lady spoke to me as if I was a chiled and hung up on us. Very disappointing. This is the pizza hut located in alvin tx. Store # 027159

  209. My boyfriend and I ordered a pizza from pizza hut in sarasota FL when we got the pizza some of the pieces were upside down we called the store at once as the delivery boy ran off as fast as he could.anyway the girl on the phone was very the pizza was late so we have taken out business else where.

  210. Ordered pizza at 5:18pm, itn is now 7:16pm and no pizza. Driver came at 630pm with someone else’s order. At 700pm no pizza, called store they said driver just left but had two stops before us……really….Ive been waiting 2 hrs and you put others in front of us. So we call store, they won’t give us our money (paid by credit card) for 6 days…..This is terrible service. I will NEVER EVER EVER order from Laburnum Ave Pizza Hut again

  211. i order a pizza on line showed up early very happy then got up to apt bite down way under cooked called back told hey be happy it was early when i said i wasnt happy ok im posting a note on your account do u want something more worse customer service ever im really thinking of quiting ph forever

  212. I called and placed an order for a large, stuffed-crust pizza with ham, pineapple and bacon on one half, and chicken gourmet with white sauce on the other half. I gave my credit card number and was told my pizza would be on its way. A few minutes later, the restaurant calls me back to say I can’t have white sauce on one half and red sauce on the other. I have done this several times before so I didn’t understand what had changed. I decided to change one half from chicken gourmet to all meat to accommodate the restaurant. However, when I look at the app online, it gives me the option to order the chicken gourmet with white sauce on one half and red sauce on the other. Needless to say, I am disappointed with my service tonight.

  213. Hi. I order today at the store of 200 east Palmdale blvd and there was a women named Lorie she helped me on figuring out what deal I should get and told what prices were. She was very nice and respectful. I am truly happy to come in and see such a nice person with a smile and happy to take my order. The food was great thank you to the Cook’s and staff. I will be back

  214. Pizza Hut located in northern blvd, flushing New York City has the worst delivery time

    I ordered my pizza almost 2 hours ago. I understand that pizza takes time to make and I am fully aware that Pizza Hut has a computer timer that tells us the exact time that it goes out for delivery.

    It’s been an hour! When I called they told me it had left awhile ago and that the store is really busy.

    If that’s the case, then the computer time calculator should estimate that time as well.

    The worst experience ever- Pizza Hut, you just lost your customer!

  215. When i placed an order online i called heather afterwardsvand asked that she tell the driver to contact me when he arrived at the delivery location. No call ever happened and i called heather back told her it was taking a long time from it being delivered at 9:13 to not even being delivered. Apearently he came with no contact to the customer and asked others… when he didnt find me he left with my pizza. This was the worst service ever and i loved this place now i hate it and am not happy with any portion of it once so ever. I am most likely never going back to the one on east 40 hwy.

  216. The pizza hut on west ave has rude employees and cant make pizza right. I ordered three cheese stuffed crust and I got one cheese with almost all pepperoni and hardly any ham on a half and half…I threw it away but they wanted it back so I never got to eat the pizza I bought.
    It was a waste

  217. Your automated system is worthless. I have determined this after attempting to use it successfully three times, without success. Also,.I received an email saying order online and save 20%. I tried from 430 to 1015 pm today and could not place an order. When are you going to figure it this system is not working.I have been a customer at the same hut since 1978, but you are ruining their business. Little Caesars pizza is looking and tasting better ever day

  218. Your automated system is worthless. I have determined this after attempting to use it successfully three times, without success. Also,.I received an email saying order online and save 20%. I tried from 430 to 1015 pm today and could not place an order. When are you going to figure it this system is not working.I have been a customer at the same hut since 1978, but you are ruining their business. Little Caesars pizza is looking and tasting better ever day

  219. Why do you send me emails for discount that cannot be accessed online. It is an online sale. I tried for six hours today, without success. Then I finally drive to the local hut. Your it dept is miserably .failing

  220. In Houston tx I never have experienced such rude service I was witness to a customer getting yelled at by the manager in store 312020 simply because the customer asked for a refund the customer was told that there were no refunds and the manager went on a rant about how pizzas aren’t magically ready and if he came back understand that fact the intire crew were very ride to customers that simply were tired of the looooooong wait I was mortified I will never eat at pizza hut again

  221. I ordered breadsticks and as I was enjoying my dinner there was a bug on one of the breadticks, the most digusting thing. Obviosly I called the restaurant and they just wanted to deliver a new order of breadstick, which is not acceptable because not only my dinner was ruined but I had to wait another 45 minutes for the delivery. what is wrong with them, don’t they know people get sick. I would post a picture but I can’t do it here

  222. Pizza Hut should stop advertising specials that most stores do not honor. I was all ready to order when a message pops up that this store does not participate. I selected another location with the same results. We decided to have hamburgers. Doesn’t bother me that they lose business – does corporate care?

  223. Worst pizza ever!!! I ordered pizza and pasta it took over an hour to get here, the pizza was cold smashed to the side of the box the tomatoes were cut in massive chunks and the pizza was uncooked, the pasta was cold too and the noodles were still hard and uncooked. Worst pizza ever!!!!!!!!!! Silver city NM 88061. I am still hungry and now have to go out and buy some thing to eat for the second time!!!! I want justice this is not right I am a good customer just wanting to get good service!!!!!! Thanks for listening.

  224. Placed an order for delivery on 6/30/14 at 5:50. I called to check on the order at 7:00 and was told it had just left the store, I live at the most 10 minutes from the store. At 7:20 and staving I called back and ask to speak to the manager only to be told he was too busy to speak to me. I asked if I could cancel this order and was told yes they would call the driver. Made the five minute drive to Wendy’s and guess what the driver showed up around 7:30 with my $26 dollar order, ugh! I paid and after 1 1/2 hours have cold pizza and wings to dispose of, NEVER AGAIN! How do you stay in business? Would love to discuss if you are not too BUSY!

  225. I have been waiting for my pizza for over two hours. The estimated time for the pizza to arrive was an hour after order at 9:44. I’ve never had this issue and am sure that I’m not getting the pizza I ordered. I am highly displeased!

  226. Just called for the third time to find out that my order was cancelled immediately and I wasn’t called…

  227. Today July 3rd, 2014 we placed order number A027054X81T1550 at 3:50 pm. The order came from the Del Rio, Texas store. The order arrived timely and was warm. When we opened the box it looked good. However, the pizza tasted like someone had emptied an entire shaker of salt on it. We could’nt eat more than half because it was so salty. We ended up throwing it out and just eating the cheese bread and cinnamon bread. Also the marinara sauce was so thin it looked like tomato juice. It didn’t look right so we didn’t eat it. We are very disappointed. Rodney Hart

  228. I completed an online order on Thursday night. The order was submitted successfully according to the email I received. When I went in to pick up my order in the Douglas, Georgia restaurant the rude employee informed me that I has no order… I asked if they could still complete the order… She immediately responded we are closing!!! No!!! As a paying customer I was unpleasant with her tone! Thankfully, Papa Johns opneed not long ago in Douglas. Needless to say I will not return to Pizza Hut!

  229. It’s sad that customer service is so bad…as hard as it is to get and keep a job you would think people would take pride in serving their fellow man… Less than ten minutes ago I called our local Pizza Hut in Albany Ga.( which I have done several times) for delivery… I gave them my cell number and they were able to pull up my name and my old address ( mind you they have delivered to several times) I inform them of my new address and right off the jump I was told they don’t deliver over there… So I explain to worker that it is a brand new subdivision located right up the road from my old address less than a block away… The employee Gloria was so rude that she didn’t take the time to listen…the M.O.D he was no help at all and said yes ma’am we do deliver to the street ( name one street over from me) that’s right ONE street over…. He didn’t even try to find the new subdivision …… All I wanted was a Pizza Hut pie in my new home for dinner… sad.. The M.O.D needs a little more training on Problem Solving when it comes down to the customer and Gloria May need to find another job if she can respresent Pizza Hut with great customer service…..Thanks

  230. Tried to order online but eveytIme I ordered the wings it would not accept the order. So I tried to call the local store and got a cooperate employee to whom I explained the online problem. When I placed my order I was told that some of the deals I wanted were online deals only. I again explained my problem and was told to get those deals online, at which point I said thanks for your time and easily ordered from one of your competitors. Even though I enjoy your pizza more I will be ordering elsewhere in the future.

  231. Hello, my name is Linda Sanford. On July 5th, my friend and I visited the Pizza Hut on South Cedar street in Lansing, Michigan. We ordered a couple of beers and a thin n crispy pizza with double cheese and ham. The waitress said she would be right back with our beers. We waited for some time asnd then she returned and informed us that they no longer carry beer because corporate bought them out? So my friend ordered a pop and I ordered an unsweetened ice tea. After some time, she returned with my tea and it was SWEET. She happened by to see how we were doing and I told her the tea was sweet. She responded with, “Oh, I thought you wanted sweet tea.” I made a point that I did not want sweet tea. Then after waiting for quite some time again, she returned with our pizza. It was barely warm. After a while she happened by again to see if we were doing alright. This time, I had to say something. I told her that I was sorry but I have to say something and we are NOT alright. The pizza is not hot and is barely warm. She said she would get her manager. The manager came to our table and asked how we were doing. We told him about the beer and the tea and finally the pizza and he apologized and told us that they were no longer a franchise and that corporate had taken over and it would be two or three months before they would have beer again. My friend added that the waitress should have known that when she took our order. We asked for our bill. I asked the manager why the bill was so high. He replied, “Oh, she charged you for two beers.” Then the manager said that he was going to give us a break on our bill. He charged us $4.24. I don’t know of a restaurant around that would have taken a penny and it is not about the money it is about this awful experience. My family had a business in Lansing for over thirty years. My Dad always stressed to me the importance of quality customer service and that the customer was your best advertisement, not coupons or the media. I just thought I should take the time to share this experience with you. Thank you for your time.

  232. When into Pizza Hut in Port Aransas Texas and our waitress spills our drink for starters, then cleans it up with all of the paper towels on our table and never gives us any more. She gives us time to look at the menu and ended up not coming back for 20-25 minutes. She apologizes and then takes our order and repeats it to us since she didn’t write it down. The food takes forever to come out when we are the only ones there, an our order is missing items. We gain one and still we were missing our cheese sticks. We asked a male about the cheese sticks and told us they never got put in but were wing out in now, I paid for our food and we are waiting for the cheese sticks. 10 minutes go by I asked got the manager, which just so happens to be our waitress. She apologizes for our wait and goes to charge me again.. I told he we already paid her response “well then what are you waiting for”. I told her our bread sticks, she hands me the receipt and tells me she didn’t ring it up. I explained to her we ordered them an she repeated it to us but clearly didn’t hear. She then tells me “it’ll be 13 minutes.” I go to leave instead and then she said “here wait, we are taking it out of this order, those people can just wait” For starters, you’re a manager, if you can’t get orders right by not writing it down, you have a note pad for a reason, write it down! And check on your customers instea of running outside to a guy working on his car the whole time. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE COMPLETELY!!! Never will I go back!

  233. Tonight, July 6th, I went to your Kennet Missouri Pizza Hut and the service was the worst I have ever had at a restaurant. We walked in at 5:30 and a waitress who said that she was new took our order. She seemed nervous and as if she had not been trained very well. Around 6:15 half of our table had recieved their food and they then realized that the kitchen had not been told to make the rest of our food. At 6:45 we asked if they could make the rest of the order to go and they said they hadn’t even begun to cook our food. At that point I told them to forget it and walked to Taco Bell. My dad stayed and talked to the manager who gave us the order for free but was obviously incompetent and had no idea what was going on in the restaurant.

  234. Pizza Hut in Hanceville alabama is horrible! They are like 2 mins away from my house. So I get one delivered and it says I will get it at 5:34…. Guess what it shows up at 6!! Pizza is cold and doesn’t have the extra pep I ordered and paid for!! No use to call store cause the manager will be rude and do nothing. Stupid me I forgot about the last Pizza I ordered from this location it sucked and I called manager and she did nothing! Never again will I order From the Pizza Hut in Hanceville,AL!

  235. My wife ordered our dinner on-line tonight (07-07-14), confirmed the thin crust pizza, wings and bread sticks. We Waited the 50 minutes (that your system confirmed to us) for our delivery to come. Once the driver arrived, they forgot the bread sticks. The driver told us that he would call his store and be right back with them. I waited 30 minutes and decided to call to find out what’s going on. Once I got someone to answer the phone, it took 10 minutes on hold,Anothy answered my call Gulfport MS location #002230
    When I asked Anothy about my order, he said it would be 45-50 minutes to get me my bread sticks. I asked him why I had to wait another 45+ minutes, for something that should have been delivered with my original order. He stated “because I’m short handed tonight”. That’s not my fault! I asked: if y’all messed up my order, why do I have to wait to have it fixed? He then stated that he would have them brought out to me, “free of charge”. I asked him when he would credit my CC for the bread sticks. He claimed that he couldn’t do that. I asked how he was going to bring them to me “free of charge”? He stated that he wasn’t going to charge me for them. I reminded him thT I has already paid for the bread sticks… He then gave me a 10 minute run around on how he couldn’t help me, after claiming to be the manager on duty. And once our bread sticks arrived, they were cold, stale, were topped with cinnamon auger and the sauce was watered down…
    If this is what y’all consider customer service, you’re missing the boat and have lost a good customer FOR LIFE… Pizza Hut doesn’t have customer service skills, doesn’t care about order accuracy and most importantly; doesn’t care about their customers!

  236. I place a order a month ago, it was wrong and i was given a credit, only to find out that pizza hut let some one else, opposite sex and all call, use my number, and their name an redeem my credit, had it delivered to their home with out even knowing if it was me, your customer service managers were rude, unable to replace this, i will not eat here ever again and will contact my local call for action to let ppl know you all allow fraud! I feel violated, like a identity thief robbed me and you allowed it!

  237. Your outlet at N. Mesa St. in the same place where Sam’s is located is a mess.
    You should be ashamed of the condition and service of that place
    No wander your restaurants are going down

  238. eating lunch in Winstonsalem nc i was charged 6.93 for the all you can eat for 5$ lunch now that’s charging me 1.93 for a glass of water now if i had gotten a drink it would have been 7.46 which is changing me 2.46 when the drinks are only 1.99 something needs to be done

  239. I ordered online. Said my order would be ready by 6:04. I showed up a min or two before that time and my pizza is burnt. I have to wait for them to make a new pizza and cook it. By the way the employee is the one that asked if i wanted a new pizza because this one got burnt. Just burns me up a little wasting 20 mins of the night waiting on something that should have been done right the first time.

  240. . When I called the Tustin, CA store to place an order I got a recording in Mexican for about 4 minutes. It did not identify that it was Pizza Hut so I hung up after awhile. At the third call Blake Sheldon was promoting the BQ chicken pizza so I knew it was Pizza Hut. Finally someone answered the phone. I was irritated to have to listen to the Mexican recording and I told her so. The young lady by the name of Karen started argueing with me when I told her we are in America and the recording needs to be in English. She continued to argue with me about the ethnecity of the location. I am an American, you are in America and I’m sick and tired of english being a second language. I won’t be doing business with Pizza Hut in the future.

  241. I visited our local Pizza Hut with my family yesterday (7-11-14) all I can say is that was the absolute worst experience and food I’ve ever had! We first ordered cheese sticks with marinara, we got mozzarella sticks instead and had to go find someone to get it corrected! We never even got our cheese sticks after that! My son ordered spaghetti with beef and me and my husband ordered the chicken alfredo! When my sons order finally came out they forgot the meat! They said they could remake it but it would be awhile before it would be done. Then ours came out and if your menu says it has broccoli, mushrooms and chicken then it should contain those ingredients! When I asked the manager to see the menu so I could check the ingredients she knew exactly what I was looking for before I could even look.They should have told us when we ordered that they don’t get broccoli at their Pizza Hut! Which is crazy cause they was out of the garlic bread we was supposed to get with our pasta dishes also! They acted like it was no big deal that our whole order was messed up! We left and went to Mcdonalds and will never go back! Also I’ve posted it everywhere so everyone knows how unkept and dirty the restaurant was while we were there.

  242. I live in big spring texas and went to the only store that is in big spring. my wife and I waited 45 min. to find out from our waitress that the oven broke down, then the story was a computer problem. the manager didn’t even bother to tell us, they just simply sent the waitress over. the store wasn’t that busy at all. crappy service to say the least. so we went to pizza inn, we order pizza where I work, dominos will most likely get the call for the order because YOU DON’T SEEM TO CARE. the last time I ordered take the order was wrong when I got it home, that mistake is on me, I should have checked the order before I left the store because you don’t have the talent to get it right then either. why don’t you just close and get the hell out of big spring. from the service you give we sure won’t miss you at all.

  243. First of all let me say that I have been going to Pizza Hut in Danville WV since you first opened and have never complained till now, recently you have changed manager’s and since then your service has been lousy there has only been one waitress she has always tried hard to keep up. However between washing dish’s cleaning tables, answering the phone and taking orders she just can’t do this job by herself . The last visit was even worse, we had to wait longer and when the plates was passed out the shift before had put them away wet and that dirty water poured out onto our pizza.
    Then we saw them try to change a bulb over the salad bar while the salad was there not only did dust fall into the salad but the bulb fell and broke into it.. and only half the salad was changed instead of all as it should have been..
    Also we have been served by a girl who we call Red, off and on for years, a very pleasant person who we feel is honest and dedicated to doing her job, whom we was told that this new manager “Ginger” had another waitress to lie on her in order to get her fired ..
    I don’t no for sure this new manager actually did this but I do know for a fact that everything has went down hill since Ginger took over your store in Danville WV and as for me and my friends we will not go back unless a big change is made with your restaurant ..
    I am a senior and I have several friends “a VERY dissatisfied customer”… Mr. Miller

  244. I placed an order for delivery in omaha from the pizza hut on Underwood a week and two days ago on a Saturday. They said it would take about two hours which was fine. I paid with credit card and awaited my pizza and wings. When he got here I was ready and went to the door and he would not let me look at the food until I signed the receipt. Of course the pizza which was suppose to be meatlovers stuffed crust no sauce xtra cheese was not. There was barely any meat on the pizza and none on half the pizza with minimal cheese. The boneless wings were full of a watery liquid and were not crunchy and did not taste like the wings I love from pizza hut. Well all said and done the delivery guy was awful and the food did not get eaten, he also got more than he deserved a 14 cent tip due to this and his attitude. Being the time of night I figured no use in calling as they were closing but I will not be ordering from there again.

  245. Hello,
    I live flushing New York (queens) and I live on a 161 st and my adress starts with 161 but because I live on a 161st they do not deliver…mind you when you cross my street the housing numbers are 61 and down still on the SAME INTERSECTION…. And they deliver I used my friends address and he lives literally half a block away this doesn’t make sense

  246. Also when I order I always get my food cold never on time and the managers people skills are horrible… I will honestly boycott Pizza Hut and tell other people about I think I should just got to the better business bureau other than complaint since you guys don’t seem to care anyways.

  247. By far the worst pizza’s we’ve ever experienced from and pizza hut. The pizza’s maybe had 20% cheese on both of them. We called the store and got no reply. Store # 026543 Orlando Florida) We took pictures and couldn’t eat the pizza. Thank you,

  248. I ate at the carthage missouri pizza hut and it was so cold inside that one in oir group drove home and brought coats back for us…i ask them to turn air of. They said they could not help. Pizza was good but was cold in 7 minutes. Like eating in a freezer….never go there again….

  249. My experience was horrible. First of all my.order.was placed online amd taken . Money was.taken. off the card minutes later i get a call from the manager and he states they dont deliver to my area. And he would give me a discount if i come amd get, now the purpose of me asking for delivery is i dont have a car. So now i had to pay someone. To go and get it amd then the food want done and get

  250. Hi, I just ordered a Stuffed Crust Pizza at the Salem, IL P. H. I ordered a Supreme. I asked for no mushrooms as I am allergic. I asked if I could get another topping in place of them. But I was told’no’ by the waitress. It seems unfair.

  251. If u call pizza hut in Durango. Co they won’t or can’t even cook a pizza u can pick up……what kind of business it’s this

  252. Order was completely wrong. I ordered 3 meat livers 4 pepperoni lovers 2 supremes didn’t even get some if the pizzas

  253. The resturant off Port Saint Lucie and U.S. 1. Twice my wife, two year old and I have had to walk out of the establishment without food with a crying 2 year old girl. The manager named Anthony was very rude and not very customer oriented. The first time we waited for 20 min to get drinks and an hour to get food. This was due to a large party and only one server so we were understanding till an hour later when the wrong food came out. We asked the manager he said it would be another 30 min to get it right. Mind you the entire time we have a hungry two year old who is now crying so after about 1hr. 20 min. we had no food I asked for my check and they charged me for the drinks and an order of breadsticks we never got breadsticks. I asked the manager about the breadsticks and he TOLD me that we had them and we were
    paying for them. So now i am angry my wife is angry and the baby is crying I decided it would be easier just to pay the check for $12 and leave so paid the bill which I didn’t agree with and left. (I paid a $12 bill for 2 soda’s and a juice)
    Time #2 planning ahead my wife picked up a diet coke because she doesn’t like the Pepsi products server at this Pizza Hut. So we stopped at the gas station and got her a diet coke. We get seated and settle in I order a drink for me and juice for our two year old. The same manager Anthony comes over and TELLS us we have to get rid of my wife’s drink. So I said if its an issue I can pay for a drink for her and she can just have her diet coke because she doesn’t like Pepsi products. So the manager Anthony TELLS us you can either throw it out or leave. I handed him his menus back and told him to have a nice day. (My wife and I are 30yr. old adults with a two year old. Anthony is a 20 something punk manager with no business being a manager) We left a second time no food and a crying baby because of this manager Anthony. So collectively he has cost his company at least $100+ because my wife and I refuse to dine at the restaurant any more till the issue namely Anthony has been either reprimanded and trained or fired both would be ok with me!

  254. Complaint regarding the store at 2261 Singleton Blvd. Dallas, TX 75212
    I don’t live in the area, but ordered a pizza to have it delivered to an aquaintance in the area of this store. Upon arriving at the delivery location, the driver called me to verify the house. I knew the person that lived there, but was not familiar with the location or the house the pizza was being delivered to. All I had was the address. I asked the driver if they had knocked on the door and they said “No.” I checked with the person I ordered the pizza for about 35 minutes later and they had not received it. I called the store and was told that another person was delivering the pizza. About 30 minutes later, I received a call from the person I ordered the pizza for and they said that they had received it about 5 minutes ago. It took well over an hour for the person to receive their pizza…Not 30 minutes which they told me it would take when I placed the order.
    It appears that the delivery person was “personally” familiar with the person and location that the pizza was being delivered to and refused to deliver the pizza there. She turned around and took the pizza back to the store so someone else could deliver it.
    I called the store manager to complain about this incident. Of course they were not there at the store. I left a message for the manager to call me back that day. That was two days ago. I followed up the next day and I am still waiting for a call back.
    What kind of business are they running??? I might attribute the service received with the area in which the store is located…Don’t know, but this is sad. I have never had issues such as this with the Pizza Hut in my area (HWY 360 and Trinity). If they make a mistake on my order, they will remake it and/or immediately give me credit for another one. Great Customer Service!!!

  255. I ordered pizza yesterday Wednesday the 23rd for my family and driver gave me my food I paid for it then next thing you know his car smashed into my girlfriends car broke her tailight part her bumper then his car hit my dad’s fence 1,200.00 dollars in damage I was so mad then I tried to eat my pizza it was cold and too much cheese on a pizza I’m so angry then I called Pizza Hut and all they said was ur next order u get will be 15.00 dollars off I believe I should of gotten better than that thanks john douglas

  256. Ordered online. Suppose to be ready at 7:45. I’m here with groceries on the car and a screaming 2 year old still waiting for my pizza at 8:22pm..not happy, and still waiting!

  257. We arrived at Pizza Hut at 12:12 We walked in and asked for a booth . Upon sitting down the waitress took our drink orders and walked off. There was a deal going on for the $5.00 Buffett. We did not want the Buffett we wanted to order. The waitress that brought out drinks handed my boyfriend and I two checks for the Buffett even though we had not gotten a plate or even attempted to and had charged us both with a beverage when only I had gotten one. So We sat and waited for about 15 mins for someone to take our order we tried getting the attention of a waitress but we could not get anyone. I therefore walked up to the front and asked if someone could take our order. Another waiter then came and took it. As we waited we were brought yet another check and she took the two before. We evaluated the prices and seen that we had recieved another check with two beverages instead of one, the check was taken back and we continued to wait. My drink was low and nobody asked if I would like a refil. The waiter that took our order came by to bring another check and tell us the pizza was cooking. I informed the waiter that we were now pushed on time because we had to be back at work and asked if when he brought the pizzas if they could put them in a box to make it a little easier and so we wouldn’t have to wait 10 more minutes and be late for work. I sent him wih my cupon for the 5.00 off the dine in order and about 10 minutes later when he returned he said they would not put the pizza in boxes becUse we did not ask before they started cooking them. and they could not give me the 5 dollars off but he could not give me an answer as to why. I had already ordered and was not going to argue with them and I had no time to go somewhere else and order so I put the cupon in my pocket and waited for the pizza a few min later it came out. They put both pizzas infront of us walked off then brought the boxes back. And they have us yet another check that was even higher. She walked off before I could ask her if we could have some plates and she never brought and nor a serving spatula to get our pizza up with. We ate off of paper towels and I burnt my finger trying to get the pizza of the pan. We get horrible looks every where we go because he is black and I am white but this just took the cake. It was the worst service I have ever recieved in my life and am very disappointed.

  258. I called today to order pizza at the Boomer location in stillwater, Ok. It took them 5 minutes to pick up the phone. When they finally answered the guy was laughing and couldn’t even talk, you could hear everyone laughing in the background. When he finally a few minutes later, decided the customer on the phone was important, his response was what do you need? I asked him if they were able to findicate time to take my order, his response ummmmm maybe and laughed. I told him to have a good day I would order from another place of business.
    This is pathetic customer service and you all have lost my business. Should be ashamed.

  259. pizaa wasnt even worth the wait it was too hard and i waited an hour and a half for the pizza to be delivered. I will never order from here again as i am disgusted in the taste. the pizza was sweet like a whole bunch of sugar was thrown on it

  260. On July 28th, 2014 I will start by saying I’ve never had a manager be so rude about their own mistake Ever.I ordered $42 worth of card board , also my order was totally wrong when I made it home after a very long day at work and 3 hungry children and a husband.I called the store in milwaukee ,Wi on Silver spring off of loverslane to state my complaint not only was the manager VERY rude and Ghetto but I was hung up on and told I couldn’t have corporates phone number if that wasn’t enough I called back hoping I was only but dreaming and the COOK answered the telephone telling me I’m only the cook and the manager will not get on the phone, At this point my blood is boiling because not only do I have $42.42 worth of something my family refused to eat but I was totally disrespected and we’re still Hungry NEVER AGAIN!

  261. Lake Charles Louisiana- Ryan street location- this is the second time this has happened- ordered pizza and went to pick it up- they couldn’t find my order- he said they lost my ticket and would have to cook the pizza. I said cancel the order cause there are hot and readys one mile down the road. I called manager to complain! He’s the most cocky person I have ever spoke with in my life. He is also a LIAR!!!! He stated I yelled at him which I didn’t. Also said to come back and wait, I was already in the parking lot for hot and readys. He’s a jerk and unprofessional. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM ANOTHER PIZZA HUT FOR AS LONG AS I Live. Matter in fact I’m so pissed, I’m not letting my company order for
    Them neither. I will buy any other pizza but from there! Have a great day.

  262. Ordered two pizzas online here in Riverdale GA, I was told it would take 30 minutes to prepare and another couples minutes to be delivered. I have waited over an hour for this pizza and it has yet to come. I get better service at dominos.

  263. A co-worker and I decided to order for lunch. We placed the order at 11:25 am to ensure it would arrive before lunch was over. It is now 12:56 and I just got off the phone with the associate telling me that the driver just left two minutes ago!! I stated that I was told the order would be delivered by 12:15 pm. They still expect us to pay full price!!!

  264. Im not at pizza hut amman 7th circle
    It sucks
    Its very dirty
    Bad service
    Makes u hate the pizza
    I wonder how they still have customers!!!!!

  265. I wish to report a horrific experience at Pizza Hut in Millersburg, Ohio last Friday, July 25th, 2014. My husband and I were enjoying our meal at this location and we heard someone speaking loudly and very angrily. We were very upset to see that it was a manager screaming at her employees. She appeared panicky about the crowd and was verbally calling a server names and went on to scream at a cook with belittling words. But even worse this manager named Lorie actually punched a young man at the cashier spot in the arm while yelling at him. This type if person has no place in a management position whatsoever and we are thinking of reporting her to the authorities. We got her name from a server who told us that she does this constantly. A friend of ours told us that the same thing happened when they went to this millersburg Pizza Hut months ago. Loud and abusive. I am hoping to locate the man that was hit and suggest an attorney. We won’t return.

    Sally and Ray Pietroboni.

  266. Tonight I called pizza hut on fairview road at 9:10 to order delivery I was never told the wait time NEVER so I called back over an hour later. The girl who answered the phone was the one who took my order and basically lied & argued me down saying she told me it was an hour & 45 minute wait, if I had I known that I would have never ordered delivery. THE SERVICE WAS VERY VERY HORRIBLE & I am going to make sure to let everyone I know who orders from there not to again.

  267. I had a bad experience with the pizza hut at 67th and stony island. The manager(Willie) has know manager skills. I had a online order that I placed at 8pm and I was told it would be delivered at 11:33pm, so my husband went to pick it up, Willie ,told me it had left the building to be delivered, twenty minutes later he called to say he made a mistake it still there. My husband had to go back to pick it up. Willie was very inconsiderate about the situation.

  268. Today my grandparents ordered your new Cheesy Bites pizza and were expecting a thick and cheesy pizza. Since, it was at an expensive price for pizza of $11.99 they thought that it would be best to deliver it. The total ended up being $16.54 . When the pizza arrived we were all expecting the good looking pizza you showed on television, but we ended up getting a disappointment. The pizza was not even a centimeter thick and the cheesy bites had no cheese at are. We are all claiming your pizza is a fraud and that your commercials are fake. Next time we will be buying Hungry Howies pizza and our friends and family will sure be hearingg about your hoax.

  269. I was trying to order a pizza and have it delivered to another address the first person hung up on me and the second …..well just let’s say as rude as can be. I love their pizza always ordered and loved it, but this cost this business all of “OUR” business

  270. Pizza Hut on 1610 e Joppa rd baltimore md. We put in an order at 12pm to be delivered at 1:15pm. It is now 1:47 and still have not received our order! We are all on our break and now have missed our lunch! Will never order from here again!

  271. My wife and I went for pizza/salad on 8/3/14 in Lillington.
    Salad bar had many bad items. Asked to speak to Mgr. to alert him. He clearly expressed an “I don’t care attitude” toward the items I pointed out as well as my concern for the food safety. He left without doing anything and went back to his office! What a extra poor excuse for a manager!! The only waitress working was swamped, but was very apologetic for the way the manager had acted. I told her I was sad for her having to run the whole restaurant by herself and had “that” for a boss. I could tell that he did not care about anything that was going on. I paid for 2 salads (that we did not eat), cancelled the pizza order and left. I am sure that this manager is not what you or ANY business would want representing your restaurant. I will return to your restaurant when I receive a refund and am assured that he does works for your business.

  272. I posted to your Facebook, guess no response from there so I will go here, went to Elk Grove village
    ,Illinois Pizza Hut and got a big box two pepperoni pizzas , bread sticks, and garlic parm chicken wings(bone in) totally RAW!!!!! Big health code violation and I think food poisoning hazard ???!!!!!!!! My two year old ate some!!!! Went back to store manager seemed to be “sorry” but the employees obviously thought of it as a joke, considering the young man behind cutting and preping the food was laughing and joking while texting on his phone not watching at all what he was doing! Scratching head with no gloves on “nasty”!!!!! Not sanitary at all even though I received my money back, and the box on top of it, I will not bypass that they are serving RAW food, chicken is the worst thing to serve RAW! Hope to hear back if daughter ends up in ER I know who is paying the bill! PIZZA HUT


  274. Letter of complaint:
    I placed an order online, details are below.
    I called the George st branch 1 hour later
    To find out where my order was, I was told
    That my order was sent to the great western
    Rd branch and that I had to call them.
    After 10mins trying to call them I then called
    George st branch back and told them that
    I could not get through to great western rd
    Branch, one of the staff at George st then told
    Me that the great western rd branch had a
    Power cut and was to keep trying to call to
    Find out about my order.
    At this point I decided to make my way up
    To the great western rd branch in my car to
    Find out what was going on as I still couldn’t
    Get through on the phone. When I arrived
    At great western rd all the power was off
    And when I spoke to a member of staff they
    Told me that my order was sent back to George
    St because they have had a power cut for
    Several hours. I then contacted George st on
    The phone to ask what was going on and they
    Said “that they would make my order if I want
    But they could not deliver because it is not
    In there delivery area. I then had to drive down
    To George st branch to get my order from there
    And was asked if I would like a free bottle
    Of juice and not even an apology from the manager
    There, all keep kept saying it was not a fault
    At his store or great western rd branch that
    The problem was online.
    I must say that I will never call Pizza Hut again
    Because the service was absolutely disgraceful
    And for the customer service it was not existable, also
    For me to place an order at 19:30 and to receive my
    Food at 21:20 after driving to both store is totally

  275. Pizza should be same price whether I pre-order online or walk into the store –

    OFFLOADING your employees workload to me , then claiming you are saving me 1 $ on the pizza by ME doing YOUR work does not past the SMELL TEST –

    This is why we WILL NOT buy/eat anything from PIZZA HUT in the future –

  276. I really do not care for your new crust on hand tossed. It is not crisp and when it begins to cool, it gets tough. Why mess with a good thing!

  277. I move to Riverview area and today I decide have pizza to lunch. We call Pizza Hut on Gibsonton that is no more than 10 min. They take 1 hour to delivery and the Fikkin Pizza was cold…. Baaaaa!!! I speak with the “manager” about it, to let him know my first experience was HORRIBLE , he just ignorme and he’s answer was… I can give u a credit for the next time!!!! Jajajajaja!!!!! What next time????? Noooo wayyyy !!!!! I’m so mad!!!!!! Unprofessional , unprofessional , unprofessional !!!! He never apology until I said something about it!!!!! Baaaa!!!! Horribleeeee!!!

  278. Pizza Hut Team

    I saw your ad about the cheezy bits crust around the pizza.
    It looks delicious.
    I only order cheese pizzas.

    I have a suggestion,
    Why don’t you make the whole pizza into those little cheezy bits
    ( no meat or veggies ) ?

    Just for us cheese lovers

  279. I placed an order over the phone at around 3:40pm…I was told it would be ready in 15 minutes…well when I arrived she couldn’t find my order and asked if I was someone else with the same last name…well someone came up to her asking what was wrong…May have been the Manager not sure…well she comes back to the window to tell me my order was given to someone else and I had to wait an additional 10 minutes so they could fix it again…well I waited and when I came back around to pick up once again all I got was a I’m sorry and charged me the total price not even trying to make up for the mistake they made…I am so disappointed in Pizza Hut…this is a place of Business in my HomeTown and I couldn’t believe they would treat customers this way…I will think twice about going back and I will not recommend them to anyone I know…I will tell them to go somewhere else maybe Little Ceasers like I should have…not a happy customer…

  280. I bought a pizza last Sunday. My mother and my 2 year old son took it, I didn’t because the first bite made me nauseous ( I thought it was because I’m pregnant). My son had vomiting 2 hours after eating, followed by very bad diarrhea. My mother had stomach upset. But we didn’t think it was the pizza. The next day my son went to daycare as usual, he didn’t had any diarrhea or vomiting during the day. In the evening he had pizza for supper, and he had vomiting again in about 2 hours. I took him to the doctor the second day. The doctor said he probably took something bad at home. My mother took the last piece on Tuesday morning, she said it was very sour and she only took a few bites. But she had vomiting and diarrhea after eating. I stored the pizza in refrigerator right after eating on Sunday. I don’t think it should go bad so fast, unless it was already bad or at least not fresh at sold! I was so mad, how could Pizza Hut do such irresponsible thing? My poor son!! I will probably never buy anything from Pizza Hut again!!

    • Dale City customer service + Pizza Hut service means Dominos. I will never go there again. Last week they forgot spinach on a spinach personal pan pizza. This week they forgot the extra pepperonni. The manager at store #H68962 spoke in monatone voice and said I had two options…deliver me another pizza or store credit of $14. She did not want to hear my complaint as restitution in her eyes was good business. News flash …I just want a manager that cares.

  281. I have just had the worst experience with the Pizza Hut in Bluffton, SC, 29910. They told me that the delivery was at a certain time, I called, then they told me that they had a large order to fill first, it would be 20 additional minutes, they left me on hold for 10 more minutes, then I called back and inquired about my card credit and they left me on the phone and waited on customers. I will never order from there again and will pass along the horrible experience to my family and friends in the Bluffton area! Very poor service!

  282. We went into the Pizza Hut restaurant located in Madison Tennessee on Rivergate Parkway at around 7:40 PM Saturday night August 9, 2014. There were six other tables with customers, one table had food. All the other tables were waiting on food. There was one server and when we walked in she said have a seat I’ll be with you in a moment. She never came back to the table. She was overwhelmed. She noticed us over and over just sitting there never took a drink order never spoke just again never acknowledged that we needed service nothing. There were several in the cooking area and one lady answering the phone and managing the registers. We stayed for 35 minutes and then left. Their management needs to realize Saturday night at the dinner hour they need to have at least two servers. I told my husband five tables are waiting on food she hasn’t even acknowledged that were here we better go so we left.

  283. I ordered dinner for my family tonight 8-9-14 pizza was delivered how ever we were given the wrong oder we asked for the double pan pasta and instead we received the single pan pasta with double order of bread sticks we paid 42.00 we keep calling the shop and it puts us on hold and the system talks about deals and then it cuts off we called ten times and not once did any one actually answer its like some one is picking up and the hanging up deliberately this is ridiculous and unprofessional.

  284. The Pizza Hut in Neligh Ne has a problem with service and attitude. More than once we have had a issue waiting for our order and tonight waited over an hour for our food. Yesterday I called in an order three hours ahead of time and went in to pick up at schedule time and they claim I did not call it in. Now why would they try and convince me I did not call, strange.

  285. My family loves Pizza Hut , but tonight when I called to order the person who answered the phone was rude and unprofessional . When I asked about a coupon from my county in florida she seemed annoyed and put me on hold . The manager can to the phone and said he would not honor the coupon and if I wanted a special I shouldn’t ask to use a coupon . He spoke to me as if I was bothering him , so I stated that I wold call a different Pizza Hut , his responded with , please do ! I looked at the reviews on this Pizza Hut on 9600 international drive in kissimmee and most were shockingly bad . I did call and order Pizza Hut from the location on palm parkway and it was perfect . Every one was friendly and the pizza was great . Retraining needed on I drive !

  286. I have put in a job application and haven’t heard nothing I have worked there before and would like to know how to find out about it

  287. I ordered pizza delivery from the Fenton, Mo location. I ordered online. When you check out it asks how you are going to pay. I selected cash. Cash to me means check, especially that I have never ever bounced a check to them. My order was for 40.00 worth of items. When they delivered it, I was told at that time I was told they no longer accept checks. I have been ordering for years and paying by check. They would not accept my check. When pizza hut thinks I need their pizza that bad they can think again. They have lost me as a customer.

  288. Very upset with Pizza Hut service!!!!!!!!!! I love the Calzone and why the hell would u stop making it???? You have lost me as a consumer for LIFE!!!!!

  289. My family and I have visited the Pizza Hut in alva oklahoma twice in two weeks. Both times have been terrible. The first visit my sister my two kids and I went after two in the afternoon took a while for us to b seated they only had a few customers in. The waitress never once checked on us. We had to ask for refills. Our appetizers were brought out the same time as our food. The waitress did not even keep up with plates baskets we were done with we had to move thins around so we had room. They did not even bring our ticket we had to walk up for it. my sister had a gift card that had ten dollars on it. That they said would not take. On top of that I guess she was an employee that worked there she kept walking back to the kitchen.
    My husband, my sister and I went to eat on Friday August 15 about 130 there were about four tables that had customers being used all the other tables were dirty. They actually had to clean one off so we can sit and eat. Before we were actually seated the gentleman who finally greeted us made the comment that maybe someone should clean the mess. We sat down my husband got the Buffett my sister and I both ordered off the menu. I am figuring they had no clean glasses because we all got paper cups. Our waitress did check on us finally halfway through our meal they started cleaning the tables, and it just seemed like nobody wanted to seat the door. The male waiter was walking around with a toothpick hanging out of his mouth I thought was just gross. The manager did not even walk around and do table checks. When we got refills they were brought in regular glasses we were figured they finally washed some. The floor was dirty the window seals had food on them the Parmesan cheese was empty the paper towel holder had crumbs all over it. When we did get refills they were in regular glasses not take out. When we were leaving we had to yet again ask for our ticket.we tried to use the gift card again and the computer would not take it. They even did a balance check on it, and it showed a ten dollar balance. The manager finally did what my husband asked and took ten dollars off our ticket and gave them the card. While she was doing that she was on her cell phone. I decided to call and ask for the district managers phone number and the manager Judy refused to give it to me. I was just very disappointed in the service. Especially knowing how a restaurant is run. My husbands was the general manager of a restaurant. I was an assistant manager at a Pizza Hut for years, my brother in law had also run a wing street, along with my husbands aunt she was also a general manager for Pizza Hut. I feel you should know what is going on in your restaurant. The town is alva oklahoma zip code 73717.

  290. Order from Pizza Hut almost every week. I saw online you have mini magmun bars 6 of them for $4.95 . I ask if the could deliver them with my pizza they told me no there for pick up only. Every other pizza place delivers everything they have on there menu not Pizza Hut . Very disapointed .

  291. We ordered a pizza from the Coral Springs Pizza Hut on Wiles Rd. This is about 3 miles from my home. The order was placed at 8pm and arrived at 9:30pm, it was terrible, cold, and looked like it had fallen on the floor. I called and told them to come pick it up and bring me back my $15.89 Plus $5.00 tip for the driver. I was told they could not refund the money and they would give me a credit for $12.00 which is the charge for the pizza. The $3.00 was for delivery. or I could have another pizza. I told them to bring out another pizza that was at 9:45pm the pizza didnt come when I called again the manager Mark or Marcio said it had gone out 10 mins ago. When I called back a 1/2 hour later as it was still not here, he put me on hold, and I had to keep calling back, finally at 10:45 our pizza arrived, cold again and they took back the other pizza. They are suppose to credit us $12.00, but that hasn’t happened. I think if you francise to this store you should be responsible for their action, and the way and manor in which they handle their customers. I would never order from them again and they have my money, plus tip for the driver who evidently took a detour as I am so close by it should have taken him 5 mins. to get here.

  292. My kids love Pizza Hut! Not pappas john’s not dominos, but Pizza Hut!
    Well, for some reason the past 2 times we have ordered from PH they have barely eaten any of it. I also noticed the pepperonis look crushed into the cheese & I could barely tell if their was any ham. We gave them a 2nd try & the same thing happened. This time, the kids said that they no longer want PH pizza!
    They just lost loyal customers…

  293. Four of us went to the Girard, Kansas location this evening around 6:30 p.m. for their Tuesday night buffet. We were told to seat ourselves. Most of the tables still had dirty dishes on them, although the restaurant had only a few customers. We found a table that was cleared. The waitress told us there was no food on the buffet, but would be only a few minutes. There were no silverware, only plastic. Ten minutes went by and again we were told only a few more minutes. Finally, we left, with NO food!! The restaurant was not clean. Our table was a sticky mess! I could not believe there was no food on the buffet! The manager was not very professional or helpful.

  294. I will never again deal with this Pizza Hut in Fort Lupton, CO. This is the second time they have screwed up a delivery order. Order was supposed to be delivered at 6 not all the order arrived driver said he would go back for the wings and 2 liter. I waited 25 minutes called and got the run around and was told the other order of wings would be there in 10 minutes. Wings arrived and no Pepsi. I called spoke with Cynthia the manager who was no help. As I was talking she was too, NEVER AGAIN

  295. I am flabbergasted with the customer service I just received at the store in phx az on Broadway n 48th street. Store manager actually advised Pizza Hut charges customers for something they have no idea they are. I advised I always ordered wings n pizza and they deliver for example the dip sauce in the buffalo wing box but u are charged separately for it everytime. Besides the point I advised I have seen my receipts and I don’t he not only was disrespectful but not an advocate for his own company . To make matters worse I politely asked for his managers information simply on the treatment and his way in speaking to me not so much the issue any more and he stated ” I AM the manager ?”” And I am not gonna give you something you don’t want to pay for!!!”I never will purchase in that store again and definitely am contacting BBB to advise Pizza Hut charges on the down low per this MGR and blogging on all social media sites.. All for I dip sauce .. Way to go on customer device PH!! Had he said ma’am I’m so sorry u were not aware of this but moving forward keep on mind even for an order of wings it’s 6.50 plus the charge of the sauce and u can always verify it at purchase and here is a complimentary one for ur troubles or what not. So sad . Thank goodness for dominoes!!

  296. My local Pizza Hut is located about 2 miles from my house. I ordered online and expected pizza in 45min to an hour like normally. When I called the store to see if they got it, I was told that they do but it’s going to be 2 hours because they have one driver on a busy Saturday. I offered to pick up my food and asked if they would refund my delivery fee. I was told they they would have to cancel my order and refund me my $24.24 in 3 to 5 business days and have to pay an additional $24.24 because it’s a pick up order now. Here I was trying to support my local pizza shop and take the load off of the store so other people wouldn’t have to wait 2 hours for food that is done in 45 minutes. The man who answered the phone was aggrevaited and aggressive trying to make me wait the two hours for cold food that I now have to wait an additional hour and fifteen minutes for. I am very disappointed in the manner that this stores call center handled my call and order.

  297. I made an order online at 5:20pm my order was confirmed and the site told me it would be ready around 5:38pm I arrived right on time at the location in Sacramento, CA the Pizza Hut cashier was polite at first but then when I asked her why the delay on the order she said they had nothing to do with the online ordering service site, finally I got the order 45 minutes later, almost 10 minutes later I made an unhappy comment to her and once I turned around she was laughing, is this customer service? I got home and the two pizzas I’ve ordered we’re horrible made cheese was not on the pizzas but on the upper lid, this is not a good experience for some one who’s been a customer for decades, there are some good local pizza places near by now I’m sure I’ll stick to them instead.

  298. I have never been so dissatisfied with Pizza Hut, I placed an online order on 8.26.14 @9:10 pm for the 20$ dinner box, bone out honey BBQ wings and waffle fries. My food arrived 15 mins late first of all. The wings were over cooked and hardly had any sauce and the fries were old cold and hard as rocks. My fries were so hard I couldn’t even eat them (money gone to waste). This isn’t the first time I’ve had bad service but this time I’m just fed up, I will not be ordering from pizza hut for a good while!

  299. I’m here in Carrollton ga at pizza hut and the service is sad. The waitress is high .I’ve been here 30 mins before table next to me and they have there food before me. What happens to pizza hut.

  300. Glennville, GA
    I visit the Pizza Hut in Glennville, GA about every other month. For the past 2 years there have been only 2 occations without an issue. We were ordering on line, but when we would get to the store, they would not honor the online price, or was out of it. We would have to print the order or have a big argument. Sometimes I would leave and don’t get it and sometimes, especially if I have my 6 yrs old grandson, I would take the hit. It is very frustrating. So my husband and I decided to start calling in the orders to see if it was better. Not really. Today I called in the order went to pick it up and was told they didn’t honor the coupon. I got the coupon from the local newspaper. I need you to help me understand how this works. We and when I say we I am referring to myself and others I have heard complain need guidance. What it appears to be is that a certain type of people are not welcomed to fair and impartial service. I’m an educated female veteran, with a college degree. And have lived all over the world, (my husband is retired military) So this is not the only PizzaHut I’ve visited, but it is the only one we cannot figure out how to get proper service. Help!

  301. What a joke poor way to run a Bussiness over 2 1/2 hours for a 100$ order and called to check on it and was hung up on 4 times I give up dominos from now on

  302. Lousy customer service. website just permits orders, such as mine which was not correctly filled. try to complain and it is just a circuitous system that take you back to placimg an order again. No real people and sorry system. Don’t order from Brookhaven, Ms place.

  303. We ordered a pizza on Aug.23, 2014 from the Mason City, Iowa. When I took a bite of the pizza I bit into something hard that was hiding under a piece of meat. After spitting it out to see what it was I was truely upset! It was a thumbtack!!!! I was horrified to think I could have swallowed this. When I called to let them know what I had found in my pizza the manager called me the next day telling me that she was going to call someone to see what steps she had to do and get back to us. My husband took them the tack and she said she would call me in a couple of days. It ended up being a week and I had to call them back and of course she was gone. And to top it off one told me that my money would be put back in my account then I was told that they credited me the amount to order from them again. Really I’m not so sure I want a pizza from them anymore. Thanks for nothing. A fellow coworker told me she had a horrible incident with them the same night as well. May be I shouldn’t have been so nice and contacted someone to take care of this for me.

  304. It sure gets old having to beg places of business to take my money. Here i sit its been a good ten to twelve m minutes since i walked in pizza hut in alexander city alabama and still not. Waited on so with only 6 other customers in the whole place i finally go to the countrr and ask for tea and to place a order the staff acts like what we have to cook for some one else its only 7 pm here whats the deal

  305. I’m not sure how you handle fraternization but I’m a sharing this with you I know that your manager in the Hopewell /Aliquippa store April Birtwell is dating and engaged to another employee/ driver in the Michael Greenslate. They work in the same store and there is definitely favoritism shown toward him from her. This is something that you may want to look into. I will be contacting you in the near future I will keep my identity confidential because I am a former employee at that store.

  306. Placed carryout order 8/30/14 Hwy 5 Douglasville, Ga. Quoted price of $48, person had heavy accent. Picked up, price $51 forgot taxes, 2 pizzas weren’t right. Manager gave to me for $41, said he had not employee with accent, very nasty, walked away. Not the first time I have had a problem. Witnessed person in back preparing order of chicken wings using no gloves. Told Manager I was going to call, he said go ahead. Retired customer service director of large supermarket chain. Have patronized Pizza Hut for decades. No more. Been in county 41 years, telling everyone and calling Department of Agriculture and reporting unhealthy conditions, using no gloves.

  307. Wrll today i ordered the bacon and cheese stuffed pizza a chocolate chip cookie and a 2 litter it was all really good 🙂 until i remembered i had ordered the 2 litter that i didn’t get! 2.99 for it anyway i couldn’t call to tell them because i don’t have a phone at the moment so that sucks kinda bad service.

  308. I called Pizza Hut in Monroe, LA (Lamy Lane locations) and placed an order at 4:47 pm. I was told to allow 15 mins. I arrived to pick up my order at 5:14 (wayyyyyyy over 15 mins) and I was told by the MANAGER the order was never sent to the kitchen. He never apologized, but told me he would RUSH the order and it would take no longer than 15 mins. I paid for the food, didn’t receive it until well over the 6 mins I was told if would be. This is not the first time this has happened. The first time it wasn’t sent to the kitchen and I requested a refund. The employees at this location need to work on their professionalism. This is ridiculous.

  309. Today my son and daughter receive a reading award along with a free personal pizza from one of your stores in covina (San Bernardino and Vincent ) my kids where excited to get there pizza went in and they were told no then couldn’t excepted it. My kids walk out divested . Manger was very rude . I always order from that location . Pretty upsetting to get treated that way .im not the one to complain because I also work In the food industry . I just would not like to see another child get treated that way .

  310. We just had the rudest complaint about a Pizza Hut , on 1514 W Lindsey in norman,ok. We called to complain about a pizza that was delivered this date at approxemently 9:30 pm. We got to the manager by the name of Williams. He was extremely rude, and we could hear in the background, some one saying,, who is that, “***”. After talking to Williams he was the most rude and arrogant individual I have ever spoken too. He hung up on us and we tried to call back, and they ignored our phone call. We have used Pizza Hut on several times a month, and we will never use Pizza Hut again. If you have any douts listen to the recording. It took all I could do was to go down there and address him personally, but thought better of it. This individual needs to be addressed about his RUDE behavior. To call my wife an ** was extremely un called for. I would like a email or phone call, that says this was brought to his attention. If not, I will go down and meet home personally. P.S. I am a Cleavland County Sherrif Deputy. Larry warren. I will place this on my Facebook, to all my 238 friends. I am also going to file a complaint to the have lost a valued customer for life.

  311. I ordered 1 of ur new bacon cheese stuffed crust last night,and it looked nothing like the one in the commercial on t.v. usually don’t do pizza hut very often,go to little caesers instead.but it had very little cheese and itty bitty pieces of bacon,while from previous experience of seeing food products on t.v. and the product from the store not looking the same I don’t quite expect as much,because I know from store it hasn’t been through hair and makeup.but this pizza was pitiful.

  312. I ordered a Pizza Hut dinner box and the guy said 50 minutes. I’m sitting here an hour and a half later and still no pizza. I’m very upset and angry and I wanna know what your gonna do about this.

  313. Just had the worst experience with any food service ever. My wife went in to a Pizza Hut for game day pizza and wings. She got home within 10 to 15 minutes. The $7.00 wings of 8 were only 7 little skinny parts and one top meaty part. Worst wings ever. The thin rust pizza was hard and dry. I tried tocall the store was pu to hold 8 minutes. Still no answer so I had to hang up. Total price of $18 was out of Line for very poor food.
    Very upsetting and not our choose for any style food ever.with poor food preparation and poor customer service I’m gone from your store.

  314. I ordered delivery online and over an hour later I called to check on the status and “a manager” RUDELY picked up the phone and said WE CLOSED, so I responded I’m just checking on the status of my delivery order and he responded by asking for my information. I let him know I felt it was inappropriate by just picking up the phone without a greeting and Rudely saying we closed and his response was “really?” He then started arguing and getting loud so I hung up the phone. He then calls my phone back and harasses me, yelling and cursing!! Worst customer service EVER! I will NEVER affiliate with that place again!

  315. On September 13 I ordered a Stuff Crust Bacon and Cheese Meatlovers pizza from the County line location here in Fostoria Ohio. I ordered breads ticks with my order too and had it delivered. I ordered it online and was supposed to receive a free 2 liter Pepsi because it was part of the deal. When they delivered the pizza the delivery person did not have my Pepsi. He was asked why and had no clue what the promotion was even about. He then calls his manager and his manager said since I never asked for the Pepsi online I wouldn’t be receiving it. Poor customer service if you ask me. Nothing but problems from this location with internal staff. I will not be ordering anything from this location in the future. What has happened to Pizza Hut and their business ethic?

  316. We ordered a pizza from the Pizza Hut on buffalo road in erie last night. When the pizza arrived, the delivery driver said he could not take credit cards and he didn’t have change. We therefore had to give him a $20 for a $15 order and got no change! Horrible! Very disappointed.

  317. Contacted you people about the bad service, and rude manager in your store in Denver Colorado. Located on Bowels and Lowell blvd. After trying to get a pizza for over 2 hr. you people offered me a free pizza. It’s not about a free pizza, It’s about you not wanting to hire people that know what they are doing. No reason to be rude to someone trying to buy one of your pizza. I finally drove down to the store, was told that a fresh pizza would be ready… Surprise… no pizza, and they didn’t even know you had called and told them to get a new pie. I received an old pizza they had warmed up and burnt it. We used to buy a pie from you at least 3 times a month… NO MORE

  318. On September 21,2014, my Fiance and I decided to treat my Daughter, Son-in-Law and their three children at the Pizza Hut located at 3851 Brooks Street in Missoula Montana. BIG MISTAKE!!!! First of all, my Grandson ate a RED AND BLOODY RAW Chicken Leg. When we asked politely about this we were told that the Chicken comes Pre-cooked and was NOT RAW! Okay, then we went to pay for an $87.00 bill. My Fiance gave my Grandson $100 to pay the bill. He was shorted $10.00. My Fiance approached the counter and politely asked for his change. The waitress stated she was quite sure about counting the money and was told he NEVER gave $100.00. The Manager was called over and in front of several customers proceeded to count the register. We would not have minded this except there was ZERO Customer Service. Even if we were told they “may have made a mistake” it would have been fine. It was mortally embarrassing and when my Fiance was offered the $10 in change that they finally admitted he was due, STILL NO APOLOGY!!!! No comp for even a free pizza. WE WILL NEVER EAT AT PIZZA HUT AGAIN as even after I called back later this evening to speak with the Manager all I ever got from him was “Okay”. What a JOKE!!! No Customer Service Training, Poor Management, etc. etc. etc.

  319. I ordered tonight from store number 024869 receipt number 00024 and it wad the greasiest undercooked mess I have ever ordered. Worst 32.00 spent

  320. Called to order a pizza on 9/22/2014. Location was 701 N Lake St, Aurora, IL. I was on the phone for several minutes. Person who was taking order did not know how to enter toppings in the computer. That would be like Dunkin Donuts not knowing how to ring up donuts.
    Obviously they have no training program. Then I thought about the kitchen and how they are trained. I hung up. Very poorly run.
    The good news is there are other pizza places in Aurora.

  321. September 18, 2014 my husband and I stopped at the Claremore, Ok. Pizza Hut after a long day at the hospital with a family member. We thought we’d have Pizza for the the evening instead of cook after a long tiring day. We ordered a large supreme. After waiting 30 minutes we had them to check our order. After another 20 minutes we got a pizza. Only to find out after we got home with it was cheese and onion. Should have taken it back but we were tired and at 79 and 80 it’s not easy… We won’t be back…

  322. I just want to say I’m a big fan of Pizza Hut and today I was extremely disappointed. I ordered a medium pizza and wings. First of all my delivery was 10 minutes late. Then when the driver delivered my order it was incomplete. I never got my wings. The driver apologized a couple of times, but she said I will run to the store and I will bring your wings. I trusted her word. Half an hour later I decided to call the store located at Rock Springs in Apopka, Fl and they treated me like I was lying. I never received my wings and not even a sincere apology. The manager said: we will give you a credit. I shall see! Worse customer service ever!

  323. My friends and family have a social get together every saturday evening and we order Pizza Hut every saturday evening we have been getting very annoyed at the wrong orders and poor customer service for a few weeks but kept ordering because its very close to we live however last night 09/27/14 we have all decided never to visit your restaurant again we got wrong orders and when we brought it to the attention of the employees we were told they would not correct the problem and then when I called the restaurant back the employee (LINDSEY) told me that a cook took my order to which i responded maybe a cook who can not get the order right should not be taking orders on the phone I finally got her to agree to give us the cinnamon sticks and bread sticks that were left off the order we had to go back to get them and when we went to the drive thru window she handed them out without any kind of IM SORRY and slammed the window this is so sad that customer service is so bad at your restaurant we will order in the future from the many other choices that we have The location of this restaurant is Cox Creek Parkway in Florence AL. your response would be appreciated Thanks.

  324. I waited 3 and a half hours for pizza and was rudely spoken to when i called to inquire on several occasions. I was not allowed to cancel my order because “they already ran my debit card.” I have never felt so disrespected in my life. The manager on duty name is Kyiesha Davis (could have been a fake name) and the Pizza Hut location number is 026918.

    All and all, a very unsatisfactory experience. What ever happy to costumer service?

  325. I ordered the new bacon stuffed crust pizza my order came to 26.45 and i was informed that they did not have anymore. I ordered on line for delivery. I am very unhappy and was not compensated at all. Its a new product how do u run out

  326. I visited our local Pizza Hut on 9/30/2014 for lunch. I arrived at 1:15PM intending to enjoy the buffet which is supposed to last until 2:00PM. When I arrived I was greeted by a waitress (wish I had gotten her name) and informed that what was on the buffet was all that was going to be put out so I could decide it I wanted to eat buffet or not. Really?! It’s 1:15, buffet lasts until 2:00 and you have 12 customers (yes, I counted) eating buffet! Well, obviously I chose to order from the menu. But just a few minutes after I arrived, another gentleman came in. He was not told about no more pizza being put out for the buffet. He told the waitress he wanted buffet, she asked what he’d like to drink, and he proceeded to the buffet. After his first trip to the buffet, he went back looking at what little was left and I overheard another waitress ask if there was something he’d like to have put on the buffet. WHAT THE WORLD! Was it just me they didn’t want to eat buffet or do they pick favorites of who they will accommodate. I mean I could see it if I had waited until 1:55 to show up, but IT WAS 1:15!!! This is a great disservice to me and any other customers that visit this Pizza Hut. If the buffet is open until 2:00, then food should be supplied to that buffet at least until 1:45. Would leaving it until 2:00 really be that bad? I understand not wanting to waste food, but I found this offensive to say the least. Needless to say, situations like this are the reason I very seldom visit our local Pizza Hut. I won’t be back anytime soon!

  327. I have order pizza from Pizza Hut for many years, I have live in Alabama since 1986 and now live in Mississippi during the past two years and Pizza Hut have really change from a score of ten to a four and the reason is as follows; waiting time for service to order, waiting time on receiving pizza, quality of the pizza ie= pizza dough not proper cook, less meat or sauce on pan pizza, cold or warm not hot like it should be, cold drinks don’t taste like cold drinks(fresh), their more concern for call-in orders then the walk-in customers, and have you notice how the large pizza looks like a medium and more can be said, but I decide to try others places like; Papa John’s Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, Little Caesar’s Pizza and some other mom and pops pizza places and even now Walmarts pizza and let me tell you on Walmarts pizza it is called the Marketside 16inch Ultimate Meat Traditional Crust Pizza for a little of ten dollars and that’s w/taxes included, and IT IS GOOD, since Pizza Hut don’t seem to care for the customer comments or the food they service then I’ll say this “Good-Bye Pizza Hut and hello Marketside Pizza”. Please change your status or your future, oh-well you know the out come. You do have couple of place that really tries hard to make it right.

  328. I want to say this about Pizza Hut issue, this month I order a large pan pizza thick crust, I order this on line and when I got off work stop by and pick it up. Ordering on line was no problem at all, quick,fast and my choices was made, paid by credit card and gave back a time pick-up, great that will work for me. Guess what happen, I arrived at the hut about ten minutes more later so that it would be ready but no, pizza was not ready had to wait twenty three minutes for it. Finally got the pizza and look to be sure that my order was correct well I did get a pan pizza but hardly any sauce and topping on it and it was not hot so I complain about it to the casher and he said “I don’t see anything wrong with your pizza order sir” told him not by the picture on the box label so I refused and ask for the manager. The manager came and ask about the problem and I explain it to her and she understood and said we will take care of your order and gave me a free drink. Finally got my pizza after eighteen minutes later and look at my order and instead a large it was a medium pan. Ask for the manager again showed this to her, she knew right away what the problem was so she gave that pizza for free and she made my pizza and fifteen minutes later I had it and look okay. The manager gave me a free coupon for later time visit and apologize for all the trouble. This has took almost one hour for one pizza, this is not the first or second but several time in the past. What happen to your pride for quality and standards, I don’t know about the future orders, have to think about this very hard and I love Pizza Hut pizza.

  329. Ordered pizza online. Said time ready for order was 9:09 pm. I reach the restaurant by 9:10 pm. I see the ‘manager’ pull up my wings and let them sit in the basket, while he finished his other task he was working on. Looking at the board or says I still have 10 mins remaining ( I’m not expexting this beins I left my car running expecting to get in and out) 10 minutes go by the mgr asks if I need help, now this whole time I e been waiting not a word was said to me by any employee. While I hand the ‘manager’ my card he says ‘oh by the way we no longer have cookies ‘ (which he just swiped my card for’ I said okay give me a refund, he says he doesn’t know how to do it! I say something about my wings STILL HANGING there. He apologizes says he’ll remake em. And he says hell put $5 credit for my cookie. A credit? That I paid for ? I think not! So he credits my whole order, remakes the wings gets ready to hand me my half hr old pizza and wings and still no desert, so I sat an extra 10 minutes waiting for the desert he promised. This store needs to be closed. Never is anything done right here. Never have enough staff!! Its ridiculous on a Friday night at 9 pm there r only 2 employees working and 1 is brand new!

  330. I just got my pizza wings and bread sticks and we were to get 8 wings with garlic sauce and only got 7 and two of the wings were so little and would not even be one combined.The sauce was very minimal on only two of the wings. I have never complained before and get pizza from you often and was very disappointed!Very disappointed!

  331. I have ordered Pizza from the Pizza Hut at 710 Fort Worth Ave ub Weatherford, Texas on multiple occasions with no problem. Today 10/1/2014 I attempted to make an order and was advised they did not deliver to my area and never had and the manager Scott hung up on me. Out house is approx. 3 miles from the store There is a Dominos about 3 blocks from the Pizza Hut and we ordered from them with no problem as usual. I will assure you that I will never buy from Pizza Hut again and I will tell everyone I know not to buy from them either. Your staff was rude, argumentative and unwilling to even discuss the issue. Totaly unprofessional. What ever happened to satisfying the customer??? Based on other comments above I wonder how you maintain any business

  332. I ordered online on 10/7/14 I ordered the big dinner box @3:28 pm for a 4:00 delivery. So no pizza and it’s 4pm ok 4:10 no delivery so i called again and the lady said he was on his way said he should be pulling up did not get the dilivery till 4:22PM AND IT WAS A COLD $28 OF FOOD Iwill not order again.

  333. On October 7, 2014, ordered meat lovers pizza for pickup at Chelsea, AL store. The only meat on pizza was 90% sausage, with tiny bit of ham. Saying that, there was very little meat was on pizza. Needless, to say for a $15.00 pizza, it was not very good. Everytime we order, price is never same. Do not know if we will ever order again.

  334. On 10-11-14 I went to Pizza Hut on 709 meta chum
    Rd in Elk Grove and theanager Brian was as
    Asshole from the minute I called to ace an order
    Up to the visit at the store!!! I walked out
    With no pizza because of how horrible the service
    Was. I will never go there and I will
    Pass the word around

  335. I hadnt had pizzahut in quite some time but fell in love with that bacon stuff crust pizza you guys just put out. sadly the closest pizza hut in coolsprings of franklin TN has given me poor service the last three times i had been there. I am a very easy person, reasonable, logical and go out of my way to be polite. But i was absolutly appauled by the managers behavior on my visit Saturday night 10-11-14. I had placed my order over the phone and asked for the bacon and cheese stuffed crust pizza, had done it thirty minutes ahead of schedule and set the time for 6:00 for pickup, i was just getting off of work at that time and had to quickly grab food before heading out on a busy night.When i arrived i got given my total at the register not told what i purchases(i should have asked as well) and then charged 16 dollors and some change, at which point i asked cause it was cheaper for the bacon pizza, i was charged for a veggie pizza which still didnt make me upset not a big deal just refund it and move on but then the pizza came out just that a veggie.Again not a big deal im now gona have to wait 20 minutes for a new one to be made thought i am going to be late for the plans i had. but the real kicker was the manager celina who had taken the order over the phone. I told her there must have been some misscommunication and that i had actually ordered the bacon pizza. she replies with “i was the one who took the order and that is what they told me.” now here is where i got pretty upset. she had just called me a lier and was in no way trying to help this situation get in any way better. it is absolutly unprofesional and rude to have the face of the staff at this location acting this way. I will not be ordering from this location again and when i order pizza im going to be thinking twice about this every time pziza hut coems to mind

  336. I ordered a pizza from your Hillcrest Road, Frisco, TX location online that was due for delivery at 6:24 pm. It was delivered at 7:56 pm. I called Victor the manager and complained – the 1st time I called he did not offer a free pizza so I called back and asked for the corporate phone number then he claimed that he was going to offer the pizza free plus an additional free pizza- which was a definite lie! The pizza that was delivered was hard as a rock. This is the very last time a pizza will be ordered from Pizza Hut ever!

  337. I was at the local pizza hut in our town this past Sunday in Galax,Va. As I walked into the restraint the host just stood there and looked at us like we did not belong there. When she finally got us seated she was really rude towards me and my family asking in a demanding way what we wanted to drink and then threw straws at us and said that our waitress would be out to serve them what they wanted to drink and eat and walked away. I cannot believe the poor service that we had received at this location and when we did finally get our food it was cold and did not look tempting to eat. We seen our food come out and dit on the counter for atleast a good 15 minutes before ir was even served to us. We had poor service at this restraint. We originally wanted the stuff bacon and cheese crust but was told that the manager hasn’t ordered it in so long for about two weeks. How can you not have a pizza that people are wanting to try and not able to? Also the tables were dirty the dishes were as well as well the silverware. Just everyone there just seem like they didn’t care about the customers at all. There was a few other tables as well complaining about the service and the help in this place. Apparently they don’t care about the customers

  338. I have had three negative experiences at your Pizza Hut located in Milledgeville, Ga. These experiences happened over a three month time period. All of my experiences, me and my best friend dined I. The restaurant. The first two occasions we waited over 30 minutes just for someone to come over and take our order and acknowledge our presence. I actually had to get up and go to the register and ask if someone was going to take our order. The manager at the time, a black male ended up finally taking our order. The last visit no one ever came over to wait on us. There were other people there complaining about the wait time. This is so unprofessional. I actually walked towards the kitchen to get someone attention. After about 45 minutes of waiting I asked for a manager. The white male their stated he was one of the managers, so I ask for the number to the cooperate office with no response before we left. The only reason we have continued to go back is because the food is great. But the service of the staff stinks. I am a paying customer who deserves better treatment than that. I would like someone to contact me back at my ema address provide then I will provide a phone number to talk to someone in person.

  339. I saddens me that a company like Pizz Hut has to have a phone center with individuals who dont speak good english. It is not the individuals fault for wanting a job and working to make a living, but rather Pizza Huts fault for not screening employees adequately. Every time i call i am asked to push 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. It should say that all order are taken in English and if you want another language to push 1. I have 2 repeat seceral times what inwant and it not only frustrates me but the order taker as well. Two out of the last 3 times my order was wrong, and one time the store never got the order, nor did the other nearby store. I dont know what Pizza Hut thinks they are saving by using a call center, but sure makes the other pizza places look much better. It looks like, and now i believe that Pizza Hut has so much business that they dont really care about these complaints and customer satisfaction. Welcome to mediocrity Pizza Hut. You have shown your stripes. You have also shown everyone that you finally have gotten so big that you dont care about your customers. Signed, an ex-customer (tonight was the last straw)

  340. I ordered pizza 30 minutes prior to picking it up. When I arrived at the store, no one waited on me for at least ten minutes. What a poor way to conduct business. I will never again go to Pizza Hut for pizza. I will try Dominos right down the road. Terrible experience.

  341. I ordered a pizza tonight and when it was delivered and brought into the house we noticed that it was the wrong pizza. I asked for a medium pan crust pizza and ended up getting a thin crust pizza. No offense, but I really don’t like thin crust pizza. It’s like eating cardboard so I didn’t enjoy the pizza that I spent over $20 on. All I am asking for is a free medium pizza to replace the junk pizza I got.

  342. Tried to order my free pizza the computer wouldnt let me said I had to order over ten dollars called the store the store said I had to do it online ..they pizza hut in kent wa ..kent Langley rd ..wouldnt let me get my free pizza off there promotion ..some kind of promotion cant even get it ..

  343. Friday night at 9:45 in Camden, Arkansas and the workers told us the dine in area closed at 9:00pm. The sign says they are open till 11pm. You would think the dinning room would be open till at least 10:00. The signs need to be changed. Eating at Sonic now! No false advertising here.

  344. More often than not, the Pizza Hut on Kerry Forest Dr in Tallahassee, FL has improperly fulfilled our order. This time, I have a copy of the order and the receipt showing what I ordered. However, because I did not complaint about it at pick up, they refused to do anything about it! So much is said about their guarantee to check (which I did), but how can you tell visually about extra cheese under a swarm of vegetables until you take a bite into it.

    I am boycotting Pizza Hut forever! The employees in this location are useless.

  345. More often than not, the Pizza Hut on Kerry Forest Dr in Tallahassee, FL has improperly fulfilled our order. This time, I have a copy of the order and the receipt showing what I ordered. However, because I did not complaint about it at pick up, they refused to do anything about it! So much is said about their guarantee to check (which I did), but how can you tell visually about extra cheese under a swarm of vegetables until you take a bite into it. Never mind the fact (which I pointed out at checkout) that I ordered half veggie and half extra cheese (I didn’t want to wait another 20 minutes), my order was 10-minutes late for an online order in black and white. I am fed-up with Pizza Hut.

  346. Good afternoon-
    The reason for my compliant today is with regards to my last order to Pizza Hut. I wanted to try the new bacon stuff crust cheese pizza. I called and placed my order with the Dover Pa Pizza Hut and in addition to the bacon and cheese, I order 12 boneless wing and an additional cheese stuffed. As I stood there waiting on the order, the guy in the back pulled the wings out of the bags with hands, dropped them on the floor picked them back up and threw them in the fryer. I looked and thought to myself- WOW. When the order came up – it was MY ORDER!! I asked the guy if he dropped the wings on the floor he said yeah- but I put them in the fryer so they are fine- I then said and then you picked them up with your hands- he said yeah- I said, I want another order. The manager just stood there watching didn’t say a word. As he walked to the back you could hear him the entire time yelling and telling people about the situation – ALL while I was standing there. Shaking my head, my pizzas came out and the lady handed them to me, I didn’t open the box as I stood there waiting for my remake on my wings, I left after I paid. I get home and the entire pizza- BOTH are covered in grease- like they poured grease everywhere. It was disgusting. I called the store back and talked to the manager- she said that the place the wings were dropped were sanitized, I said and in addition you allow your employees to just pick them up with their hands and throw them in the fryer? She said ol no he should not have done that. I said then you sat there as he complained the entire time causing a scene and didn’t say a word. She didn’t apologize nothing. I then called the corporate office, after holding for 22 mins because I was so mad- they advised they could give me some coupons or have the district manager call me- I said I would like to talk to the district manager- NOT ONE CALL!!!! Not only did I threw $35.00 down the drain that day the lack of customer service, quality and respect I had for Pizza Hut went down the drain. I wasn’t even offered a refund!!! I have not one good thing to say about pizza hut anymore. I am so angry- I had to go buy a whole new meal for the kids- you can’t eat that mess. Not to mention the germs – and if the Food and Safety (Restaurant inspection) were called that place would be shut down instantly. That is my next step indeed.
    This has also been posted to your Facebook page with pictures- social media is not where you want your complaints many people have commented and it doesn’t make pizza hut look good at all to say the least.

    I would like a call back NOW!!! This has been over 2 weeks no one is that busy and this is unacceptable!!!

    Thank you,
    Mel James

    • My husband and I decided to get Pizza Hut tonight for our Monday night Pizza routine. We like your pizza but when I called to place our order I was appalled at the lack of customer service the girl taking my order had. She was chewing something the whole time I was on the phone with her and did not speak clear at all and I had to ask her to repeat herself several times but still mumbled. She was not friendly or helpful at all. When I asked her for her name she had to repeat that also because she wouldn’t say it clearly. She did finally spell it for me. Her name is Pess. Before I got her name she tried ending the call quickly with goodbye and I interrupted her before she hung up. I don’t normally complain but I thought management would want to know so she can be taught some good customer service. Thank you for your time.

  347. Very sorry to say at Pizza Hut in Royston GA.Top Pizza Franchisee.
    Very poor Customer service specially in Royston GA. Refuse to take the order even before they close the doors. Went there for to go Order around 9.35 pm. They refuse to take since they been slow.I also run the C-store business for last 10+ years. We always give first priority to customers, and never expected from a Pizza Hut store.Sorry to say, I won’t visit that place again. Its just employee taking advantage of not having any other Pizza place in that city.

  348. I ordered Domino’s when you surpassed your delivery time. Had there pizza here, hot and fresh and STILL tipped your driver for showing up! When…please GAWD, will JJ take this unit back? It’s pizza. Delivery. You have an EXCELLENT product, but no call from the store to see why I’m mad ???? I am SO done.

  349. ON 10/23/14 I had called pizza hut to place an order around 545 pm had a few people to stop over After ringing for a while this young Lady picked up the phone and told me to hold well I held for at least 14 minutes I hung up the phone and called back and was told to hold again another 15 minutes I had to text my daughter to tell that I still hadn’t order I understand that they are busy but my daughter said she had walk in and stood there almost 10 minutes before I text her and no one was even at the counter I think that this is very very poor customer service I chose this pizza hut because it is close but I will drive farther to a different one this is the second time I thought maybe the first it was just a busy evening but I am disappointed this is the pizza hut on silver hill rd in District heights md I had to order from little ceasar’s which I don’t care about

  350. Called corporate twice for my refund because I ordered online then they call and say they dont deliver. Still no refund. Pizza hut is the worst!!!!!!

  351. hi year ago i order pizza from pizza hut they sent me wrong order that was norhern blvd in flushing nywhen i complaint to them they said sorry we replace the order again am waiting for them long time nd then i made call again they said i dont know about this agter that i order pizza every month but i always pick up never delivery but 2month before i was very busy i order pizza online they block my address then i made call on toll free number but they put me hold which i disconect the phone csn u tell me why they did this very dispointed

  352. I ordered 32 dollars of pizza called thw store to see if it had left supposedly did forty minutes later it arrives cold never again

  353. Ordered 2 pizzas and a salad. Paid the guy and then tell him
    No salad, delivery guy looks so confused with I ask for it.
    Says no salad ma’am but yet no money is given back to me.
    Call Pizza Hut customer rep tells me she will inform the manager and ill get a phone
    call back. Waiting is going one 1hour and 30 min. No call back or no salad
    Uvalde,tx 🙁

  354. PIZZA HUT IS THE WORST!! I don’t know why I ever give them another chance!!! $45 for pizza and breadsticks, an hour later we get it and they bring us the wrong pizza!! The breadsticks are so over cooked my kids can barely eat them! I call to let them know they gave us the wrong pizza and the manager said ya we just changed over the buttons on the computer and it’s been a nightmare… Ok well maybe you should train your help!! So I tell them we want the pizza we originally ordered delivered and in the meantime everything else will be cold and the manager rudely says well eat the breadsticks while your waiting… Ok well if I would’ve wanted just breadsticks I wouldn’t have wasted $45!!! What a joke!! This was at the Evanston Wyoming location.

  355. On October 9th I went to Pizza Hut located in Van Wert Ohio. This was between 12:00-12:30. When I went inside there was a line of people standing in line waiting to be seated. One bu one the people were seated. When it was my turn the employee walked right pass me and went back into the kitchen leaving me standing there. I finally left. This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time I let it slide. Thank you for hearing my complaint.

  356. I ordered 2 pizzas at my local Pizza Hut the other day. Truly, I dont know who’s in charge of “taste control”,
    but someone has lost their taste buds. The sauce was riddled with herbs and too overbearing. I also didnt know there was a shortage of cheese in this country. Go back to the way it was 15 years ago !

    I’m not the only one who holds this opinion. Why change a good thing. I’ll never go back
    It didnt taste like pizza. What a shame.

  357. The customer service was horrible at the West Ridge Rd. Location in Rochester N.Y. I suggest better interviewing skills to the store managers who are in charge of hiring. Honestly can say that I will never go back to that particular restaurant again.

  358. Friday 10/31/14 I ordered a pizza online around 4:00. I went to pick it up at 4:35 which I will admit was before the time they said it would be ready which was 4:45. I paid for my pizza and was told after I paid that my pizza was not ready yet, so I waited, in the mean time more people came in to pick up online orders and were told they would have to wait longer than a hour that they were behind 25 pizzas. I was not told that. I finally got my pizza at 5:35. The pizza was over cooked and cold. I was upset for waiting but atfer that I would have liked a hot well cooked pizza.

  359. I’m extremely disappointed in the service I received at the store in Antioch, California: located at 2713 Contra Loma Blvd, Antioch, CA 94509. (The ticket was #00133, and was entered by: LOOC 011713.) I called in an order to carry-out, the woman seemingly couldn’t understand my order (I merely wanted a ham and pineapple medium sized pizza, (a Hawaiian) she stated the gourmet Hawaiian is what I must mean- I agreed, thinking that must be a ham and pineapple pizza. When I got into the store, the gave me my order- did not show the pizza before I paid. I left the store, got home to realize it was just a cheese pizza. I called back to tell them they have me the wrong order- they said I told the employee it was fine and correct when I took it: WHICH I DIDN’T. I wouldn’t have taken a pizza and said it was fine if it was the wrong order. He was so rude- began yelling at me and telling me “WELL YOU PUSHED THE LITTLE BUTTONS AND TOOK OFF ALL THE TOPPINGS!!!” To which I notified him I didn’t place the order online, he told me then whoever took my call messed it up.
    I have never been so offended with customer service in my life. To not only not accept that they simply messed up an order- but yelling at me and implying I was somehow stupid. Why would I order a Hawaiian pizza and have everything off of it? It makes no sense. Clearly if I didn’t want any toppings, I would’ve just ordered a cheese pizza.
    I have never had such problems with this particular store (in fact I just had spent a large amount of money ordering food for a party about two weeks prior to this and had no problems with the delivery man) – but after this event, I will not only never be returning to this particular location, but never ordering a pizza from this franchise. The amount of disrespect these people show their customers is absolutely appalling.

  360. Employee in pizza hut are so rude and day don’t help customer like day should for them is more important to talk n talk to the rest of the employee on the back wile we wait in the count for somebody to attend us.


  362. Next time you are out and enjoying a wonderful meal at another pizza restaurant and have time noticing how many vehicles you see at the resturant you are in, if you think about this on your way home and come across a Pizza Hut see how many vehicle you counted. When I was at PaPa Johns Pizza’s notice 17 vehicles in the parking lot and full of customer enjoying a good meal, several was take out orders. I stayed about two hours with my family and friends enjoing a good meal and having a good time, when we left wife need to stop at Walmart’s, i stayed in the vehicle and notice a Pizza Hut restaurant was only about block away from me now when my wife shops it’s going to be aleast an hour or more, while she was shopping I was noticing Pizza Hut and counting vehicles park and went in, to make a long story short only 4 vehicles was there and no pizza delivery left the area. Wife stayed over hour and half in Wal-mart’s and only four vehicles during that time at Pizza Hut. O yeah I gave up Pizza Hut cause of quality, quantity, customer services.

  363. My experience with Pizza Hut was terrible. This is my second time wanting to try the cinnamon sticks the first time they were soggy in the middle and today they where hard as a brick. I called the Pizza Hut and the lady informed me that there was nothing that she could do because it was a dinner box, I would have had to bring back the entire order not just the sticks. I also ordered cheese bread stick and I received just plain bread sticks. I think she was very rude because I felt like she was just trying to rush me off the phone.

  364. Dont order t.r on walnut lane in travelers rest sc we order pizza 1 hr half later no pizza called to see whats up with our food they said o its on the way waited 30 mins no food called back they said oh there taking three orders at a time I was like uh is that smart considering they cover 15 miles of area and I asked if my food was gonna be cold they said no well it finally came and we got it from driver nothing like spending hard earned money on cold pizza two hours later thanks corporate pizza pushers yall suck will not be back if thats how a distinguished establishment is ran !!!

  365. I tried to order a pizza on the 11/5/14 at 2:30 to be delivered. The person that took the order said that it would take45 minutes to deliver. I called back an hour later to see if the order was on the way the person that answered took my phone number and said that a manager would call but never did so I called back 30 minutes later and told them I wanted to speak to a manager and was put on hold again with no answer from the manager I then called back and cancelled the order. And as far as I am concerned will never patron your business again

  366. I placed an order at 8:31 online that said it would be ready by 8:46. I get a call at 8:42 that the store was out of pan pizzas and the rep asked if I would mind hand tossed. Frustrated as I pulled into the store I agreed. Here I sit an hour later waiting for one pizza. I paid when I first got. I’ve watched several customers come and go. I’ve had 3 people lie to me about how much longer I have to wait. I hate Pizza Hut! I don’t even want the pizza anymore and never again for that matter. This was in Fort Pierce, Fl.

  367. I ordered from 14215 centreville square, Virginia today. The person taking the order was absolutely absurd. Any deal that I mentioned he claimed it’s no more available even though it’s all available online and these are same deals I always use. He told me to order from online if I see them online and hung up. K ordered online and was told to wait 40 minutes. An hour later I called to inquire where my order was and was told thay the delivery guy just left. After that call I waited another 30 minutes, and delivery man was totally non English. He wouldn’t even speak a word, neither did he say anything when I inquired why was he so late. He just kept quiet and didn’t give me any slip for me to know my total bill. Upon inquiring twice he told me my total and even then didn’t give me any slip. I still gave him a good tip. TO MY UTTER SURPRISE THE PIZZA WAS BURNT. The cheese was all black and I felt like I was eating burnt cardboard. Super super pissed and want to seriously sue Pizza Hut.

  368. I was cheated by the corona ca store on Lincoln & 6th st. They charged me double for my pizza and I had coupon code for free pizza but they wouldn’t use was from your deal if you use your visa your next pizza is free….what a ripoff

  369. My husband and I went to Pizza Hut in Greenville, PA this afternoon. It was apparent we were the only ones in the restaurant at that time. We waited for 10 minutes, as the sign said to wait to be seated. I went around the corner to see if anyone was in the back and saw several people and yelled multiple times that they had customers, to no avail. No one came out of the back.
    We left and took our business elsewhere, where we were seated and fed a delicious pizza.
    We will never take our business there again.

  370. springfield, georgia
    horrible. i called in route home to order pizza for my family. the person that answered the phone did not know about any special offers. said i would have to go online to view specials. went online at home and ordered 1 large pizza and order of wings at 6:52pm. Estimated delivery time was 7:22. after not receiving our pizza within 30 minutes i called to check the status, same girl answered and said the driver left 10mins ago. after waiting another 20mins and no delivery, i again called to inquiry on our order. same girl said they suddenly got busy and that the driver left but forgot our wings. at this time i asked how much longer, she said 20minutes. we literally live 10mins from pizza hut. after not receiving the delivery at 8:30- i called to cancel our order! totally unacceptable!

  371. I placed an order online for a location here in Summerville. My cheese sticks came all gooey and under cook and then no sound sauce came with them let alone the wait for delivery was an 1 hour and a half.

  372. I went to the Pizza Hut in Rensselaer, IN. I was showed my table and told I would be helped soon. (There was only one other person in the restaurant who already had their food) I wated ten minutes when a waiter finally came out he looked at me and walked past and asked the other person if they needed anything. Then stood in the middle of the dining room not making eye contact for a good two minutes. Then the person who greeted me and showed me my table walked into the dining room area and talked to the other waiter, still avoiding eye contact. They both then walked back into the kitchen area refusing to check on me or even ask for my drink order. After waiting twenty minutes I left. The lady who greeted me saw me and I didn’t receive an apology or a “have a nice day.” The whole point of their job is to take my order so I can pay for food and they can receive a paycheck. That are lacking in their costumer service department. Extremely disappointed.

  373. I order on-line generally every week to two weeks. For the last few months the service from Store027155 has gotten progressively worse. I’ve been sent a pizza with a wrong crust and the manager argued with me that I didn’t know which crust I ordered even though it was on the ticket. Tonight I ordered on line again, it was to have been delivered approximately 6:33. At 7:08 it was finally delivered. I literally live between 5-7 minutes from the storefront. When I asked the young man if he had gotten lost or had a lot of deliveries (I had to ask him twice) he told me it was crazy. Not sure what that means. I really like the pizza but am fed up with the service.

  374. Tonight I decided to order pizza Hut my family and I have been working all day and we’ll we wanted to just call in for food we all decide pizza Hut. We did it by Web at exactly 6:13 and the pizza was not deliver until 7:38 that is just crazy waiting that long for a pizza I well never order from pizza hit again you have definitely lost a customer when I called I got was a apology and nothing else the girl on the phone didn’t even get a manager on the phone to talk to she said he was too busy to come to the phone. I can’t belive the customer service.

  375. I called our local Pizza Hut in Green Cove Springs to place an order to pick up. First the answer machine said can not take call at this time. So I waited called back and same thing only this time an employee said hold please but while holding the automated message came on said can not take your call at this time and disconnected me. So again I call and same message so I wait a few minutes and called a fourth time to get an employee put me on hold again for four minutes. Then when I placed order she said wait what was the third pizza again. Ok so I repeat it and then when she gave me price I questioned it and she acted as if I bothered her when I asked why price was what it was. I have ordered more pizza their and gone in their to eat more than I can count. My family have been going up on Sundays for the football games and eating and the order has been really god and so have the tips. I worked with the public for thirty years and never once did I act like the customer was a bother. So as I eat the pizza from this Oder we decided that it would be our last time with Pizza Hut. You have no staff to handle to volume and the ones you have should be there.

  376. I’ve recently ordered 2 pies of pizza by far the worst pizza I’ve ever tasted this is the second time this has happen with the same Pizza Hut in Kearny NJ on Kearny ave.
    hopefully they can make some changes they were really good in the past

  377. Y’all. Realy need to look in to your dayton,nv store . Not only can they not get your order right but the people that work there. OMG! And there’s never a manager there when you ask for one.

  378. Today I ordered 2 pizzas delivered from the Chatham Rd PH, Spfld. The one for myself is probably the worst pizza I’ve ever had. The crust is dry. The pizza has little flavor. It is terrible! The 2nd pizza is for my son for this evening.

    What a shame! PH used to be a favorite place for us to get pizza. No longer!

  379. I ordered a pizza and some wings from the Millbrook, AL store at 5:05pm and after 45 minutes I call to check on my order and they said the guy just left 12 minutes ago, I live 5 minutes away, so I had to feed my kids something else and when the pizza and wings FINALLY showed up almost 2 hours late everything was cold and it took getting hung up on, calling back and being ugly with them for them to refund my money! I will never order from them again!

  380. I order from the same Pizza Hut every time. sometimes 3 times a month. Today they delivered my husband’s dinner 20 minutes early even though we’ve done this same thing a million times and know that he comes out the gate at 750. Never had a prob before tonight. I also ordered pizza for myself and my kids at our home address as we often do. Hubby called me and said they weren’t there yet as he only gets 20 minutes for lunch, so I call them. they put me on hold for a long time and then came back to say that they were there but no one ever came out or responded. I call hubby and he says the security at his work said the pizza guy came at 735 and wanted them to page MY NAME!!! I called again to pizza hut and I said hello this is tracy wood again, and she says “WHAT?” I repeated myself and she says “hold on”. Then a man gets on the phone and I said “oh are you the delivery guy?” He smartassly says “as a matter of fact I am” I was like excuse me? He said I am the one that delivered the wings and no one came out… I started to tell him it was supposed to be 750 and he came at 725, but he passed me off to yet ANOTHER person without even telling me he was passing me off!!!! THANK GOD SHE WAS NICE!!!! Apologetic, nice, great customer service skills. A relief… I swear i’m not a complainer but when something shocks me as much as this rude service I have to tell someone! No they aren’t losing my business, but maybe management needs to let a couple employees know that they CANNOT talk to CUSTOMERS that way. There’s my rant! Thank you!

  381. I called in a order and when I went to pick it up they had no record of me calling in my order clearly they messed up. Then I had to sit there for 30 min and wait for them to make it

  382. I ordered 2 pizzas online for the store located at 9706 Magnolia Ave
    Riverside, CA 92503
    (951) 687-4477
    And placed my order at 6:00 p.m. I received confirmation that it would be delivered by 6:30. At 6:40 O called the store to see why the pizzas weren’t here and was told that oh, we got real busy just as you called, so we’re backed up, I’ll give you three dollars off and it will be there “soon!” So I waited and waited and finally at 7:20 I called again, and the guy who had answered the phone the first time, answered, put me on hold, and didn’t come back to the phone, so I hung up and a female answered and said she would see where it’s at and what’s going on. I told her at that point I am feeling a bit leery about even ordering the pizzas now because someone might do something to them. She said that wouldn’t happen, of course. So she put me on hold and they guy comes back on the line again and tells me that all his drivers are out, and as soon as they get back, they’ll pick up my pizzas and deliver them. What does he mean by as soon as they get back? They were sent out even after my order but still couldn’t deliver MY order? So by this time I am pretty upset and frustrated and I ask him, do you deliver to your Hispanic customers before the white ones because something is up here. This is not NORMAL! For every time I call not to know where my delivery is, and it’s oh, we’ll get to you? He said he was cancelling my order for making a racist comment, said he didn’t care if I filed a complaint, and hung up on me.

    I’ve ordered from this store before and never had an issue, and I do NOT appreciate the way I was treated at all. Please know that you’ve lost a customer. I know you don’t care because there are always more customers, but hey, I’ll tell a friend who will tell a friend and so on. I expect a modicum of professionalism when I am PAYING for a service. Perhaps you should consider training for your employees.

  383. Ordered one of your new pizzas this evening withe the new sauce a balsamic drizzle and a parmasan crust. Got my pizza delivered all I got was a basic pepperoni pizza with regular sauce and crust. It’s nice you have new pizzas that I didn’t even get to eat. I’m about done with Pizza Hut. Very Disapointed. Had to pay a $2.50 delivery fee for a pizza I didn’t even order. Get it together Pizza Hut. Got it from the Pizza Hut in West Salem Oregon.

  384. I have a complaint.
    I have 5 years of living in mansfield, TX store#120 and whenever we call a this store always there are problems to make the order.The service is terrible!!

  385. I ordered 2 pizzas and buffalo wings from our local Pizza Hut on November 21. The pizzas were wrong and were cold and the wings sucked. I called and and told them the order was wrong, and they told me no it was not and hung up. I will NOT order from them again.

  386. I placed my order at 7 pm. Was told it would be 80 minutes for delivery. Said ok. The main st. Munhall pizza hut has delivered to my club before at 160 dahlia st. Munhall pa. After an hour and a half i called to see where my food was. Was told he came by there and couldnt find it and brought it back to the store. Said he tried to call. Did i still want it. Told him no i did not want cold food. Was told they could heat it using up! No. So after an hour and a half i got no food. Ridiculous and i will never order from them again

  387. I received a cold pizza. I called and spoke to the manager who repeatedly kept telling me “the driver said the pizza was hot”. Nothing is worst than a cold pizza, I told him I would like my money back he then told me I needed to bring the pizza to them and he’ll give me a refund. What kind of customer service is this??

  388. My family and I had a small reunion and thought gathering at our local pizza hut would be nice. Pizza hut in yucca valley ca, 92284. We were wrong, the service used to be service and now it is anything but. I don’t know if its new management or we just had the wrong crew working that night, sun Nov 9th 2014. The associates were rude and acted like we were putting them out by being there. We had a large order which took forever to get to us. It was an expensive bill and they over charged us for an item. We spoke to “the manager” on duty that night to try and fix the issue. He was uninterested in helping fix the problem. He would not give our money back for the over charge and did not apologize for the horrible service we had received. They just lost seven plus customers who will not be eating or ordering there again!!

  389. I placed an order around 1:20th today online. I was told it would be here at 2:06. At 2:15 I called to make sure everything was good with the order. The manager said yeah my driver will leave soon a cop was here and we had issues. On fine. 30th later driver came and left the soda in her car and locked her keys in the car. My 11 year old son had to help by reaching in the Window using a hanger cutting his arm. Finally after opening her car. I was getting my change and she owed me 6.89. She said here is your 6 bucks. (I was gonna tip anyways) but when I asked for the rest she said yeah I don’t carry loose change sorry. However I still gave her a tip because she had a car seat in her car and it’s the holidays, however pizza hut did not offer an apology of any kind. I believe you need to seriously talk and teach customer service skills. You have the good food down you need to get the service to be as good. Experience like these are what caused loss of business

  390. Just ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut Decatur, Al.. They said it would be here between 20-30 min. An hour later no pizza!! I order all the time crazy!

  391. We went to the Duncansville, Pa. location for the lunch buffet when we arrived there were no pizzas on the bar, when we asked we were told that they don’t put them in oven till they have customers. We waited as the place filled up with customers, when the pizza finally came out there was quite a lot of people and not much pizza. When we got our bill we put a $100.00 bill in the folder and waited for our change that did not come, I finally went to the register and asked for our chance, they actually told me they were waiting to cash other people out because they did not have enough to give us our change. They finally got the money to pay us but this is no way to run a business. The experience was totally unsatisfactory!!!!

  392. I ordered pizza, waffle fries, and wings. The pizza was great but the fries were hard and the wings weren’t cooked all the way. I love pizza hut but I wish they would had cooked the wings all the way because I couldn’t eat my wings.

  393. For the second time the pizza hut in gretne Nebraska has neglected to include the marinara sauce with our bread sticks not to mention the extra 50 cent one I had to purchase (which is ridiculous to charge for extra sauce for your dry bread sticks in the first place). We have also dinned in at that particular restaurant more than once and the service was very poor. One man stood at the counter for several minutes receiving no service and had to walk into the back to get the female night manager to leave her computer long enough to help a customer.

  394. Extremely disappointed with Pizza Hut in Hartville, OH at 925 Maple st. They began their Wednesday night buffet last week on the 19th. As arrived at this Wednesday, after calling ahead to confirm that Wednesday buffet, I arrived with my five children, and was to be joined with my wife and my wife’s family. We told after some time spent waiting that the Wednesday night buffet was cancelled because “Thanksgiving” was tomorrow. Very disappointed and the staff working didn’t seem to know there was a Wednesday night buffet.

  395. Ordered a large thin crust everything pizza for pick up. The crust had no taste, like cardboard!!! The toppings were not much better. Very disappointed, worst pizza ever, a waste of money($16.58)will not make this mistake again. Also had guest from out of town who agreed it was terrible!

  396. The Pizza Hut on 26th and Sycamore in Sioux Falls SD is the worst. Ordered 2 thin crust pizzas, the crust was dry and almost burnt, very little sauce or cheese was used, ordered a pizza with chicken and was told when I arrived that they were out of chicken at 5:pm. Had to wait 15 to 20 minutes for another pizza to be cooked with a different meat. I have always loved Pizza Hut, but that business is being run into the ground. I will never go back.

  397. orderd pizza last night from Ville platte, Louisiana Pizza Hut for 6:30 pm, got there it wasn’t ready so I waited until 7:05 pm, and the board showed ready and they called my name, by the time I reached the counter my pizza was lost, then they lost my paid receipt, pulled up the order on my phone and finially got refunded.

  398. Ordered a large thin crust supreme a pizza at 5:24 in huntingdon Tennessee. Picked up pizza drove home 15 miles and when we opened pizza to eat We noticed it was a cheese pizza. Called Pizza Hut and told them. All they said was “well”. I told them I wanted another pizza delivered to my house. They said I would have a pizza in 30 minutes. That was at 610. I called at 645 and asked where pizza was. They told me it would take 45 mins to get pizza and delivery man was out. I had to drive the 15 miles there and 15 miles back to get pizza and it was 710 when I got pizza. Very dissatisfied with service. We ordered pizza from this Pizza Hut at least 4 times a month.

  399. I ordered two pizzas and cheese sticks tonight. I was very disappointed with the pizza I got from this particular pizza hut. Its on 128th St Sw in Everett Wa. First off,both of the pizzas were very poorly cut,and this is common with this pizza hut
    Second,the bacon cheese stuffed crust was very disappointing and the crust was basically just filled with air. Lastly, the cheese sticks were way too overcooked and were basically regular bread sticks. All of these issues are fairly common at this pizza hut, and not so much at the others. I will no longer order from this pizza hut. I feel like I wasted $40. Little ceasers is much better than this pizza hut. South Korea pizza hut was better quite frankly.

  400. Purchased two medium pizzas up to 4 toppings and this is the second time I was not satisfied. The bread is very stale and I am very disappointed. I tried to overlook it the first time but to order again two weeks later and the same thing is very upsetting. I have loved pizza hut pizza but lately the pizza is DISGUSTING and never fresh. I work hard and I don’t have money to throw away
    Pissed off

  401. I ordered my pizza at 5:46pm Saturday night for the football game and it’s now 7pm and still no pizza wow I just got off the phone with pizza hut off river Rd in eugene oregon and the pizza is just leaving now no apologies nothing.

  402. Always have had good service and food. However this time not so.
    Tonight my husband ordered a pie. Half for himself and other for me. I ordered mushroom and spinach.
    The fresh spinach was placed on top of pie after it was cooked. Sitting, looking pretty, but was suppose to be cooked with the rest. Not good.
    It was not a bit warm. I took it off and had with just mushrooms.
    All they would have had to say is they forgot the spinach., not putting on afterward.

  403. On 11/29/14 I ordered one of the garden party pizzas Online I am not a huge fan of balsamic so I had them take The drizzle off and add Parmesan garlic to the crust. When when we got the pizza it had the drizzle on it and did not have any flavor sprinkles on the crust. This was my first time using this pizzahut. I was very disappointed.

  404. Chancellor park Charlotte,NC THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, UNORGANIZED FACILITY EVER AFTER WAITING 30 MINUTES, my order was incorrect, yet the manager still expected me to pay because they were out of the special for the night; what!????? Very ghetto. Do not go to this location! Then how the manager treated other customers! The worst.

  405. I am extremely dissapointed with my local Pizza Hut tonight. I am normally not one to complain because I work in the food service industry. The lack of customer service I have experienced was to hard to ignore. I ordered boneless chicken wings online at about 7:30pm. After checkout I was given an arrival time of 9:45pm. Which I thought was a mistake, so I called the store and continued calling for about 45 min until I finally got through. The man I spoke to had no apology for me and said that my arrival time was correct and that he would try to make sure it was delivered. I was told the driver had 7 more deliveries before he was coming back to the store to get the rest of the orders. Had your employee apologized to me or at least explained whatever issue they obviously have tonight I would be more understanding as to why the order would be taking over 2 hours. At this point I am expecting cold soggy wings if they even comes at all. Im not looking for any type of coupons for this restaurant because I won’t be ordering from there again. However I believe you should know how they are taking care of customers at the Etna store in Pittsburgh.

  406. So I had placed an order for delivery I waited 50 mins and when the driver got to the front deliver refused to delivery my order (I live in the back) when he called that he wasn’t going to come to my door I called the store n asked to speak to the manager the manager renee said that I had 2 walk half way which made me upset for the reason that I always order n they always deliver 2 my door (this isn’t free delivery I paid 4 it ).well the manager was rude n put some else on the phone by the name of rego I told rego that’s was crazy that I had 2 go up front for my order …I walked half way n seen the deliver drive off .by the way the lights where on to the walk path the back lights where on n I was in the door way with my twins boy that that r 11 …I thinks this is really bad service n specially when the manager is telling the driver 2 come to the back n the driver is refusing to deliver by the way he had the driver on the other line n I could hear everything …n then he told no delivery 4 u n hang up .(I paid with my credit card )

  407. I order online at 11:50 am, it said my order would be arriving at 12:30 give or take 10 minutes. I figured with the rain must likely it would be an hr. so I finally decided to call after an hr the store to see what was going on with my order. the person I spoke said I never order. I gave her a confirmation number and she said that they cannot lift up confirmation number. she still was the dying that I had order I explained to her how can she say that if my car had already been processed and I had an email confirmation for the store. then she will confirm that I hadn’t placed an or Der and on my last history it showed a couple of days ago. then she finally I guess decided to check and said the driver would be here shortly. anyways finally at 1:10 pm I get my order and it’s cold. this really un acceptable. I can understand to a certian limit but the problem is with having ppl that are careless and simply don’t care.

  408. Tonight I placed an online order to Pizza Hut 163 Smokey Park Hwy Asheville, NC. I was hesitant to place an online order as I have had previous problems with this feature. I ordered anyway @ 6:23pm and was told the order would be ready @ 6:53pm. I arrived on the dot of 6:53pm and was rudely addressed by a female named Jessica. She snapped at me asking for the name I gave her my last name, no there is nothing for that name, gave her first name, no there is nothing with that either. What is the phone #? I gave the # and she advised me of what MY NAME should be because of what Pizza Hut has had incorrectly attached to my telephone # for years and apparently no one has been willing to fix it. My pizza is not ready but she is quick to ring me up snatch my money from my hand and says it will be a few minutes. After 10 mins of watching Jessica in her blazing rudeness, to every customer coming and going, and after hearing her telling a waitress they are out of beef, and she has no idea why anyone would order that crap anyway……….I ask when my pizzas will be done. She has no idea they have been slammed (this is not my problem) I can clearly see the pizza oven and nothing is on its way out. So she goes to the gentleman making the pizzas to find, GUESS WHAT! oh wow! There is my order which “just came in” and hasn’t even been started! I request a refund and exited. As Jessica proceeds to tell this hilarious story to co-workers, which they all seem to find it entertaining, laughing as I leave. The customer service at this place SUCKS! This is not the first time I have had problems at this store and never intend on spending a penny with ANY Pizza Hut ever again!

  409. This is my 3rd time trying to contact SOMEBODY in the above ranks at Pizza Hut! Went there on last Wed (we’ve complained several times to no avail the manager at the West Springfield Ma location. Last week we ate there and spent a lot of money…EVEN THOUGH WE TOLD THEM EVERYTHING WAS COLD AND THE RESTAURANT itself was filthy and gross. Employees had attitudes and on and on. I want answers and compensation.

  410. So let me tell you about my experience with Pizza Hut. First off today December the 2nd 2014 I placed an order of a large pizza and que papas and was told the wait will be 15 minutes, perfect can’t complain. Yet when getting there I had to wait and additional 12 minutes for my order to be completed while the workers took their time, laughed and enjoyed the conversation they were having….every single word of it. So by that time my ‘Que Papas’ were cold and the pizza thrown into the pizza box with NO WAX PAPER at ALL

  411. On vacation in Naples, Florida. Was hungry for pizza. Closest one to me was Pizza Hut. After spending almost $32.00 for 2 large pizzas (RIDICULOUS!!!)I was sorely disappointed once I got it home and tried to eat it. Probably one of the worst pizzas I have ever eaten. Didn’t even finish eating it — threw it away. Bottom crust was much thinner than the cardboard box it came in, although I specifically ordered the hand tossed and not the thin crust. I did not ask for an flavoring on the crust, but it came with some buttery seasoned flavoring with so much salt and garlic, it couldn’t be eaten, but had to be cut away from the rest of the pizza. I will never, ever buy from this chain again. What a complete rip- off. I might as well have flushed my $32.00 down the toilet.niw I gave to go make a sandwich, as I had no edible dinner. Thanks Pizza Hut.

  412. I just order a pizza from your store on Sterling Ave in Peoria, IL. Although, I think your prices are high and growing even higher. What I can’t except is that I was to wait 1 hour, because they were busy. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I figure there is no direction on the store front or corporate office is not doing what they say they represent. “Customer first”.
    Since, I had to wait for over an hour. I need to be compensated.

    A waiting you response.

  413. I went to pizza Hut for dinner. December 3rd 2014 in Tinley Park Il. My family was seated at a dirty table, only cleaning it at my request. We placed our order and after 15 minutes of service the server did not bring any food and stated that the grease is burnt and they are not going to change it
    We were invited to leave.

  414. Worst experience of costomer service ever. I ordered a pizza for carryout, and when I came to pick it up I stood outside because the building was locked before closing time. When I knocked on the window the lady looked at me and then turned away. When I finally got my pizza it was soggy and not completey cooked. I will never be coming back to that location again.

  415. I’ve been buying from the Star, Idaho store since I arrived in Idaho in 2007. The quality of the food has always been good, and the variety of offerings terrific. I have ordered the same products for at least the last two years, leaving the store with a bill under $25 each time. (I pick up my order) Imagine my surprise when I went in tonight and ordered my food, only to discover that each of the large pizzas I ordered were costing me $3.45 more, each, then in the very recent past. When I asked why, I was told there had been a price increase. A 34.5% increase seems a bit steep to me.

    Also, the signs with the prices clearly displayed had been removed, and replaced with signs of food products. The only indicator of pricing available at the cash register, were on a rubber mat on the counter. I had to stand there and read the mat from top to bottom to find the actual price of my items. That disclosure is smaller then most menues in sit-down restaurants. When I asked about the coupon prices we’d just received in our mailbox, I was told that was only for on line orders. No one could explain to me why ordering on line made it simpler and therefore less expensive, than ordering at the counter in the store. So apparently customers are being penalized for going to the store.

    I’ve been a Pizza Hut customer all over the country, since you opened your doors. That’s a lot of years and a lot of money. (I raised five kids on your food) We have a new store in Star called Westside pizza. Their food is good, they’re not hiding their pricing in fine print like your store is doing. I intend to take my business to them in the future. Kinda sad to end a long term loyalty, because of a new marketing strategy that you don’t even have the guts to put up on the signage.

    Like anyone else cares.

  416. I ordered online 11/12, delivery was estimated over 2 hrs…I called store immediantly and cancelled. So they still charged my card with no signature or imprint. I tried to contact store manager he has not returned my calls, I went to location and he left me standing and did not take my info. I called customer service number twice now, they were nice, took info and said someone will contact w/in 3 days…both times. However it is 12/5 and still no one has contacted me ever and no return of my money. Very disappointing.

  417. How is it possible that you are trying to rebrand by adding “crap” to an already bland product. Instead of adding a terrible garlic blend or pretzel crust, try making a good pizza that includes a bit of customer service! A pizza from one of three local places costs about $15 for a far superior product. I’ll stay local. I’m not letting my kids beg me for another stuffed crust waste of money.

  418. I just want to say that I faithfully order pizza once a week it is most always good. Tonight was no different the two pizza’s I got taste great I have to say I absolutely love the new veggie spinach.but along with that order we got instead of our normal breadsticks..we tried a new kind known as Parmesan breadstick..they are NOT good. We are feeding them to the dog..she likes I guess they are good dog treats..but expensive ones.

  419. I will never order from Pizza Hut again. I currently live in and the customer service couldn’t care less about my experience. I speak fluent Japanese with a slight accent since I am not a naivete speaker. As I’ve done probably 1000 times already, I started to go through my order. The person I was speaking with was giving me a hard time as usual but today was just impossible. I managed to get the manager on the phone and he just answered with Mhh? Mhh? Said it with a high pitched whine. I Asked him if he cared that I would never order again after being treated this way. He didn’t care. He doesn’t care, the customer support Japan doesn’t care. No one cares. I will let the foreign community here in Japan about my experience as we always do when we have a positive or negative one. We are treated as outcasts here so we tend to communicate with each other very tightly.

    I will never order again from Pizza Hut.

    I hope I didn’t take too much of your time.

  420. I was very disappointed in my delivery order tonight. Not only did I get my pizza late, my order was completely wrong. We had ordered A half n half two topping pizza with one side havering ham and pineapple and the other with chicken and spinach. My pizza had one side with three toppings, ham, pineapple, and spinach the other side had chicken and pineapple. My pizza was cold, and when calling the manager he preceded to tell me that I would need to wait to eat for another 30 minutes (but last time it was 41) I also thought I had ordered mild bone in traditional wings and got some that were a little more spivey then I’d like. Please fix this in your stores.

  421. 12/6/14 ate at 253-11 Hillside ave
    It was raining outside and the rain was coming inside. Even after the waitstaff was notified about the leaks they continued to sit people in the rain.The service was also very poor . After we sat down we had to go get the waitress and we ordered drinks and she returned without them after we asked for a few minutes to view the new menu. After we received our food she never returned to see if we needed anything else including refills. We normally visit this Pizza Hut once a week but after the treatment we received tonight I must reconsider where and how I spend my money.
    Shivani was the waitresses name.

  422. Online order from Franklin, va Pizza Hut – I was told pickup in 20 minutes. When I got to the store they had not began cooking my order and told me it was going to be a 15 minute wait. NOT – took my card back and left – took my business somewhere else!

    Pissed off customer!

  423. On 12/6/2014 I ordered a pizza at 6:15/ At 7:35 I called the store because it had not been delivered. I was advised by the customer rep. she would forward my message to the store manager and would get a call right back. At 8:40, the pizza arrived, no call from the manager. I refused delivery and told the delivery person why. I have never had such poor service from Pizza Hut before and may not order from them again if this is the way they treat their customers.

  424. Its funny that Pizza Hut provides employment
    To people that are Really Imature in management, Here in Caguas (address) 172 Puerto Rico Pizza Hut.

  425. We purchased a large sausage/pepperoni at a carry out Pizza Hut in Greenwood, IN. That was the most stale pizza I’ve ever had. The sausage was hard and completely dried out. We had to take it off it was so bad. And the pepperoni was almost non existent.

    Sorry to write an unfavorable review but this establishment needs to be inspected for quality

    Mila Norman

  426. While traveling abroad places such Pizza Hut become a safe place because the food is familiar to what we are used to eat at home. I am residing in China and the Pizza Hut franchises in China are big disappointments for foreigners. The menu doesn’t resemble AT ALL to what we eat back home. The Pizza are weird looking and the flavors are even worse. The toppings and the side dishes are so Chinese. What’s the point of going to a Western place if the menu is going to be like any other Chinese restaurant? I don’t understand why the menu has to change to dramatically in China. I understand that the menu has to be adapted to each culture but this is ridiculous. I will never go to any Pizza Hut franchise in China and I certainly wouldn’t recommend at all…

  427. I placed an order today at my local store (Manahawkin, NJ) at 6:04pm. My order confirmation told me my pizza would arrive at 7:09pm. I called 30mins ago, they told me it was on the way, should be there soon. I write you now 1hr and 3mins later and it’s not arrived—yet. No call. No email. Nothing. I’m very diaspointed. Service at this store has never been this bad/delayed. This is bad. As I finish this comment, it’s delivered at :814pm AND it’s ICE COLD pizza, breadsticks, wings and cookie. Horrible service tonight.

  428. Stopped at Pizza Hut on Atlanta Hwy in Montgomery, Al on Sun.12/7/14 while traveling to Mobile. Was warmly greeted by extremely nice server.Only 1 other person in restaurant. Ordered bread sticks & personal pan pizza. Took 50 minutes to get & were luke warm. Hadd to have been sitting in back for awhile. Was told cook was late coming to work.Apparently no communication between cook & server who was having to do everything by herself. Doesn’t explain why manager never came out or helped in any way. Bathroom was dirty, black rings in toilet. Rating for manager..0 Rating for server…10. Server said she told the manager how long we had to wait & was told to deduct $6.00 off our bill. Wasn’t that sweet of her! We never complained because we knew server wasn’t to blame & tipped her more than normal. Will never go back there. Manager needs to be fired.

  429. I usually always order from pizza Hut because I like how their pizza tastes. But they lost a customer because some pot head kid doesn’t feel like delivering. I put my order online at 10:00 and it said it should be delivered by 11… okay I can do with that. I’ve done it before. I get a call 15 minutes later that they will not deliver my order because they have two orders ahead of me and it will be after 11 and that is against their safety regulations… long story short I told “know he is me and I will order from dominos (which delivers till 12 as well as papa Johns and I will be calling back the next day to speak to his manager.

  430. i recently ordered from Pizza Hut in Raytown Missouri online and they messed up my order badly. I only ordered two pizzas from the new menu and to say the least they were flavorless. I ordered the garlic Parmesan sauce With chicken and tomatoes and he meatball marinara. My ordere said it would arrive at 639 pm after ordering at 600 and when 700p rolled around , I called the store and they told me the driver was running behind and was en route. 20 minutes later , the driver finally showed up with lukewarm pizza . I am so over this Pizza Hut. It is poorly managed and their employees that customers like criminals. Tying to get ahold of a store owner is never easy. Hate this place

  431. I ordered from the Dickinson ND pizzahut. I called at 6:30. I will be ready in 30 min. I waited 40 min before I called. They said driver left 20 min ago. Another 10 went by. Driver finally called me back. Said he called and it went straight to voicemail (cell phone) he asked if I still wanted the pie he was driving around d with for a 40 min or issue a new order. I wanted a fresh pie. So another 40+ min go by and I call again. Talked to the manager who told me that the driver once again called me and it went straight to voice mail, so he went back to store. Even though he called me and talked to me on the same number. So after 2 hours I’m talking to this manager and I ask him if that’s how pizzahut does things. If the they call once and it doesn’t go through they basically give up. He didn’t have a answer for me. He then offers me a free pie. But will be there in 45 min. I told him no. I was very upset. But i ended up taking the free pie. My first order was at 6:30, I got my pizza at 9. I’m not one to call and complain, but 2 1/2 hours for a store that’s was less then 10 min away. Very unprofessional and I am telling everyone I know about this experience.

  432. Your online ordering mobile app is terrible, I cannot get it to accept my home address. So I order from my laptop and I cannot order two separate deals from the deals menu at one time. I had to do two separate orders. I did place two orders, but never again. I spend almost 30 minutes ordering two pizzas. I’ve decided that the local pizza place will be getting much more of my business. Pizza Hut is just too much trouble.


    Tammy Dotson

  433. Tonight, Dec 11, I ordered a pizza at 5:55 to be delivered at 7. This was ordered from the Hut on Ft. Campbell Blvd. in Clarksvilke, TN. At 7:20, I called to see where it was. The man I spoke with said he had to double up deliveries due to some reason, but mine was on the way and should arrive soon. I had repeated my address to him and he indicated no problem. At 7:50, I called again. This time a young lady answered and said they didn’t even have that order. The store had my phone number as well as my email address when this order was placed online. Yet, no one had the courtesy to contact me if there was a problem! I am VERY disappointed in this lack of customer service, and I doubt very much that I will ever order from Puzza Hut again!

  434. I order a medium pizza from pizza hut 3980 goodman rd west horn lake ms. When the pizza was delivered, 20 minutes past the time given, there was 7 slices instead of 8. I could tell it was a simple mistake so i called the driver over to see for himself and took pictures. I also told him to tell his boss and that I would call. When i called, i spoke with Emily,the supervisor. She was very rude and dry. She asked me what was she suppose to do about it and basically called me a liar.

  435. Order # A012418X83T1609
    I order online for my children and I on 12/13/14 at 5:09pm . The estimated time they gave was 6:05pm. To be honest the pizza did get here on time ,however it was cold and I had to put my pizza, breadsticks and cinnamon sticks in the microwave in order for us to have warm pizza. I’m very disappointed with my order today.

    Concerned customer

  436. I ordered 2 of the medium pizza which arrived 35 minutes after the time quoted for delivery. I received no phone call about being late. When the driver opened the bag there was only one pizza. The driver was very apologetic stating that was what they brought out to her. She returned to get the other pizza – then when it was delivered it was the WRONG pizza! I then called the store and asked for the manager I said I wanted the correct pizza delivered. She said I had to return the pizza. I spthen asked for the corporate phone number and was put on hold when she returned she said for me to keep the pizza and would deliver the correct one. Service is terrible and the drivers are put in a bad position from other people not doing there jobs. . I’m sure I am not the only one this happens to. This was from the Conyers Pizza Hut on why 138. I’m still waiting on the 3rd delivery ! Ridiculous

  437. You need to fix your online order pay status. If you can’t pay by check then take it off. I’m an over the road truck driver stuck in a hotel with no way to go to the truck stop to get money cause my truck is in the shop. I ordered a pizza and when it got here was told we don’t accept check’s but when ordering on line that is a payment choice. Something you need to fix if they don’t accept check’s or the store’s need to take them if it show as form of payment…

  438. On 12/13/14 I ordered 1 medium pepperoni & 1 medium hawaiian luau pizza.I had to repeat 6 times,the cashier,kourtney was busy talking.we can hear the conversation.I prepaid over phone with credit gets delivered to family Dolar.the hawaiin is not a medium,its a tiny pan pizza.I call to complain.kourtney answered.I tell her what is wrong.I even state if calls are recorderd manager can hear me say medium size.She says manager will call back.Family dollar does,its her calling,again she’s talking to someone.I say hello 3 times,SHE hangsup.This is the 3rd order family dollar has ordered & somehow she has managed to screw up.We will never again do business with them,

  439. There is no scales in the universe to rate how BAD the customer service for Pizza Hut is. It’s off the charts! Maybe that CEO should do Undercover Boss, no wait, would have to care first!

  440. Horrible ordered pizza online at 12:42 supposed to show up at 1:47 already waiting an hour pizza does not show up until 2:17 then my pizza was old and dry and I ordered double pepperoni and there was barely any pepperoni I worked at Pizza Hut growing up I know the standard they are supposed to keep this was awful!!!

  441. I’m very disappointed in the Pizza Hut in yelm wa. I’ve tried several times to go there or order a delivery but each time they make me regret not going to dominos. I order the pizza then 15-20 minutes later they call saying they are out of something. First it’s a crust then broccoli then noodles. I’m just curious if how things are ran through your company. We have tried multiple times. We live in a small town and working in restaurant industries in town to we would never allow this. I will tell as many people not to go to this location . The customer service and the fact they are always out of stuff is just ridiculous. I can understand once in awhile but come on. Then wait 15 minutes to let you know just seems incompetent . Very disappointed in this location

  442. I just had the best customer service from a gentleman named James at the Springfield oregon Pizza Hut off 32 and main st. It’s not very often anymore you get this kind of service . I think he deserves a promotion!

  443. It amazes me that pizza Hut would allow a manager to yell and cuss at other employees!!!!!! I live in Roswell, NM and I am talking about the pizza Hut on north main and the managers name is michelle do not no what her last name is. Not only does she cuts at the other employees but she was going around borrowing money from other employees, she went to one employee asked if she could borrow money the employee said she didn’t have the cash so this manager said well give me your credit card number so she could pay a bill. Is this the practice of pizza hut to allow this to happen? When another person told another manager she got a wrote up and now she is acussing other people of it and treating other employees bad. This women should be fired and not allowed back! I hope that someone does something and fast! !!!!!!!

  444. This is the second time in a row that I have ordered 30+ dollars worth of terrible food from Pizza Hut Teasley Ln Denton. The wings do not have any sauce and the pizza is like cardboard! Over cooked, NO pizza Sauce to be found and minimal toppings at best. I will be taking my business elsewhere! I’m through giving my hard earn money to this Pizza Hut! Almost always have problems at this place but uneatable food twice in a row is the final staw! I could get better frozen pizza from the grocery store for 99cents per pizza! Then my email bounced back and still can’t find a good email address for the Pizza Hut corporate office!


  445. Pizza ordered via online. I specified cash as payment. The total was $18.00 and I had 2 $20 bills as specified to have nothing higher. Delivery driver had only $3 in ones, and $13 in change total. There was no point in getting todays special when i was forced to give a tip more than 1 pizza i purchased for $7. Pretty ridiculous! I could have not offered one at the begining and just handed him $20.

  446. Went to lunch yesterday December 15 with My son, Daughter and grandkids.There was hardly any pizza in the buffet. The waitress didn’t ask what we wanted to eat , buffet or menu. Son didn’t get a drink until we were almost done. Never got refills on our drinks. At least 30 people were there and no one had any food. Had to go ask for my ticket. No apologies. Never again will we go back

  447. I placed an order online, order number A024918X84T2030. However, it got cancelled without my knowledge. This is completely unacceptable. The order was placed at 6:30, with a promised delivery of 7:15. At 8:30, when I called, due to hungry kids looking at me wondering why the food had not yet arrived, the people at the location were unreasonable and told be the order was cancelled without my knowledge. At that point, I expected the food to be delivered at no cost. However, this option was not offered. This was a blatant mistake by your team members and sending $18 would be the right thing to do. This has left a very sour taste in my mouth. Please note, where I live I can easily order from Dominos or other establishments. However, I chose Pizza Hut today and was disappointed in how this turned out.
    PS. My kids just came up to me and asked if we can try again and order pizza tomorrow and to quote my 8 y.o. “except let’s order Dominos instead”.

  448. We ordered online and went before the alloyed time but the Mathis Texas Pizza Hut gave someone else our order. We then had to wait 34 additional minutes for our order. They then charged us full price then gave back ten dollars. If they want people to support their store they have got to have better service then that.

  449. I don’t usually complain, but I am so unhappy with my experience! I ordered online ahead and still waited 25 mins for one pizza. When we walked in the cashier said they just have to cut it….. 10 mins later they just have to cut it…. Another 10 mins later and a different guy tells me it is still cooking! All along my pizza was ready and waiting up front! I waited 25 mins for nothing!!

  450. I recently ordered pizza and it tastes quite a bit different than before. It has a lot of garlic and then I noticed that it is some type of new crust that comes on all pizzas unless requested differently. I don’t like it and I think that it is crazy to change the traditional crust to one with garlic. If you want to offer it as an option great but it is strange to have to request plain crust.

  451. We’ve never had an issue at our local pizza hut(20 min away) until today. Neither of our pizza’s had chicken like we ordered(one was supposed to have double chicken) and neither of them had the flavored crust….like we ordered. Very dissapointed because its a long drive for us to go back so we didn’t even though we did not get what we paid for. Also our waffle fries were nearly burnt, last time we got them they were so good.

  452. been Pizza Hut customers for many years, and have had no complaints until today when we ordered a pizza from your Grimes, Iowa establishment. It was supposed to be a medium cheese lovers with pan crust, half pepperoni and half Canadian bacon. The medium size was the only thing they got right. It had no pizza sauce, the pieces of Canadian bacon and pepperoni that usually cover the top were few and far between and the crust was half done and doughy. Nothing was up the usual Pizza Hut standards and it was pretty awful. Very disappointed in the quality.

  453. I really don’t like to send complaints but I could not believe the service we recived. We ordered pizza from our local Pizza Hut in wathena kansas. I placed my order on Saturday the 12/20/14 so that we could have it ready for Sunday after church at 11:30 for our family Christmas Party was told that it would be ready and even had the cost . So Sunday after church we had our family go to our house while my husband I went to pick the pizza up. Got to the Pizza Hut and let the person know what we were there to pick our pizza They said that they must have been an miss understanding because they didn’t have an order ready for us. We had ordered 4 large pizza & 2 family size cheese breads. Not sure how the person could loss an order of this size. I’m sure after waiting to get our order we will rethink about were we will do this agin or not here. Was very embarrassing . Hope this will help to correct this kind of problems from happening to other customers.

  454. This is by far the worst visit to Pizza Hut that I’ve ever had! The staff is rude and assumes what you would like for your pizza, they don’t even ask how I wanted me crust! I go up to ask and get a rude remark, I’ll get to you! Is that how you treat your customers? I’m very unhappy with this visit!!

  455. I tried to order online for our Alamogordo, NM store. I could not get pass the home address for carry out. There are online discount for 20% off or $5.00 off for using a visa. The store would not honor anything for me. Not happy.

  456. On December 21 i order 3 large pizza 2 ordes of wings (16pieces) bread sticks and a cookie and two 2 liters of pop. The man handed all of this to me though the drive thur window. The cookie fell inside my car he said all may u another cookie and walked off. I had to ask for napkins from the girl at the drive thru then she brings back my cookie. I pay and drive away finally 76.00. So i decide to call and complain to the manage and hd said what do u want me to do clean out your car it was an accident and i am the manager i the one that handed u your food and u didnt hold on to the cookie. I told him that i couuldnt hold everything and pass it through my window.He said i not my fault i told him i was going to call costumer servie he said go ahead so tgats what im doing . First i feel as a manager he shouldn’t talk to people that way second he could have gave me some kindof discount. I was going tomy parents house for xmas dinner i was bringing it and i had to go home to change because the cookie got on me too. I order from the princeton indiana restaurant all the time i very rarely complain about things i just feel as a manger he should know better than to talk to a costumer that way thanks

  457. Twice in the last two weeks we ate at the dine in Pizza Hut in Kearney, Nebraska, because that is my daughter’s favorite thing to eat. Here is the dilemma… Both times it was some of the best pizza hut pizza we have ever had, and both times it was one of the, if not, the most filthy dining establishments that we have ever been in. I would guess it hasn’t been vacuumed in over a year… Just another example of nobody gives a crap anymore.

  458. I ordered a large pizza, pasta, and a sandwich from the Hiawatha, Kansas store on 12/19/14. Ordered carry out since we were staying in a hotel accrossed the street from the restaurant. My boyfriend went and picked up the order but upon going inside the restaurant, the entire store smelled like a fish cleaning/ rotten fish guts in there and they just brushed it off saying their basement was flooded and couldn’t do anything about it. We paid for our order and took it back to our room and ate part of it before noticing we had a bad fish taste in our mouth and started feeling sick less then an hour and a half after eating. We took what food and our receipt and walked back over to the store to see if we could get a refund and the girl that claimed o be the manager told us to get the f’ck out and then guessing it might have been another crew member and neither of these 2 rude people were in uniform or had name tags on, told me and my family to get the f’ck out and never return again. Don’t worry, after this experience, I am never eating Pizza Hut again. This one in this small town should not be in business just due to the flooding in thier basement making their whole store smell like a sewage plant.

  459. I have just sent this letter to them. Please let me know if you got this email:

    To whom it may concern,

    Hello, My name is Lauren Clarke, I am a frequent customer of Pizza Hut. I enjoy the food regularly, with friends and sometimes by myself. Unfortunately, I have come upon an alarming situation that needs to be addressed immediately.

    Today at 1:56pm, I received an email form Pizza Hut. The subject line said : Hey Boo, this gift is for you. I was beyond excited upon receiving this email, because my very good friend calls me boo from time-to-time. However, upon opening the email, I realized that it was generic. It was not personalized and most importantly it wasn’t meant for me.

    My first thoughts, were…The NSA is probably watching me, or a person is hacked my phone or email and playing a cruel joke, since we frequently us boo as a pet name for one another. Once I confirmed that it was not her who sent the email. I tried to Googling the phrase and the results more than alarmed me. It seemed that predominantly Blacks and Latinos posted about this email/text phrase.

    I am deeply concerned. I do not want to jump to conclusion. but I need to understand your marketing tactics and need an answer as soon as possible , since this is about something so divisive, as race.

  460. We placed an order at 5:20 pm for pizza a wings after seeing your commercial. Our order didn’t arrive until 6:50, the pizza was cold and they forgot out wings. We called as soon as the driver pulled off and they said that they forgot the wings and they told us that the wings were ready and would be sent right back out. 45 minutes has now gone by so we decoded to call back and speak with a manager (Betty pizza 4957 winter chapel Atlanta, ga) she told us that she had no idea that we didn’t get out wings and that the driver had mentioned it and neither did the guy we spoke to when we called back to complain that out wings were not sent with out order. We now sit watching the basketball game with no wings and a cold pizza over 2.5hrs after we placed an order that we were told would he delivered within 38 mins… very disappointed and we won’t be ordering from pizza hut again since this is the only one in our area. #Do Better ;/

  461. Ordered pizza online at the salivant ave location I was so-pose to get it at 8:00 pm I did not get it till 8:30 I got it and it was ice cold and missing half of my toppings and when I went to call the store there was no answer I called 5 times and even called the 895-1111 and she could not even get me threw to that store. I am mad I had to put my pizza in the oven and paid for toppings that was not on it this is not the first time this has happened but this will be the last for me

  462. We ate at three rivers pizza hut last night with a large group.the group had reservations we waited almost an hour before orders was taken. They where not busy. When the waiter brought out our drinks he had his hands on top of the glasses. It took almost an hour to get our food. Our pizza which was meat lovers thin crust was dry my daughter had bread sticks that was over cooked and a couple orders was missed. The table behind was never cleaned off. When leaving I noticed a young lady in the kitchen texting. Glad not all pizza hut’s are like that

  463. Well I just want you to know we buy a pizza about once a week and it turns out that we are visiting in Arizona and bought pizza at the hut on Lindsay and broadway in Mesa az and I called to let them know that the pizza was not enough vegetables we order supreme all the time and it turns out the last 2 times the pizza was a little skimpy well when I called to talk to the manager he told the rep he was to busy and I wasn’t asked to wait for him so maybe we need to take care of the problem? The kid that answered the phone I couldn’t even understand what he said. I’ve worked for Southwest Airlines for 17 years and I think this was about the worst service I’ve ever received

  464. Very upset. We weren’t allowed to save a table tonight for a party of 20 but was told that some of the customers there would stay and eat till closing we were there before 5. So we ordered 8 pizzas called everyone to go to mom’s for our Christmas eve dinner. We were disappointed. 1st year we tried you guys for our Christmas eve. Will be the last…..

  465. I recently was at the pizza hut in fort dodge Iowa and I ordered two pizzas and breadsticks and delivery was to long so I decided to pick it up. When I got there they said they were running behind and said it would be a little wait which is fine because it’s Christmas eve and I understood. I was in the driver through a total of 55 minutes and got tired of waiting and went in side to get my refund and my pizza was just coming out. I thought waiting 55 minutes was unacceptable and was offered no discount and to top it off when I got it I got my pizza I was suppose to have 2 larges but I got a large n two mediums and when I told her she said take what u get. I order pizza quite frequently and understood the holiday but the time and service I received I believe was bad.

  466. On 12/26/2014, my husband and I were returning home with our three grandkids (ages 4,6,10) for an extended holiday visit. It was 7:30 p.m. and everyone was hungry. The youngest wanted pizza, so we stopped at the only Pizza Hut in Hondo, Texas, because it was located two blocks from where we stopped for gas. There were three other tables of diners. Our order was taken quickly and our drinks delivered. Then we waited. ..for an hour. I looked around and realized that no one was eating. I went to inquire about our order and was told that it would be another 7 minutes. This means that our order was not even started for 45 minutes. I explained this to our waitress, Ruth. The excuse was an overload of to go orders. I said that diners should have preference. This restaurant has filthy carpets and bathrooms .The tables were not bussed. The manager came to talk to us and blamed the delay on new employees that didn’t do dining room orders first. Who gives them directions? We received a discount and an apology.

  467. Tried to order pizza from store in Frankfort. Had to call 10 times before anyone would answered. Had tried to order online before I called and system said it did not recognize my password. Could not find anyplace to reset. So I called. Manager said I could only get the 11.00 special if I ordered online. I said how do you reset password? He said no idea. So I ordered my pizza and paid full price. Which is rediculous. Terrible way to do business. Will be switcHong tp Papa Johns in the future even though it not as,good pizza.

  468. Last night I placed a to go order we arrived 20 minutes later to pick it up and were told 5 more minutes. After my son waited for a total of 42 minutes he finally came out with out two medium pizzas. When I asked him what took so long he was told that they had made the wrong size pizzas and remade them while we waited. I feel that this was their mistake and we should have been compensated somehow. Or given the large pizza that they mistakenly made. Oak Hall Va Pizza Hut will not be getting our business any time soon

  469. I downloaded your app. And even tried through the regular website. There is somthing wrong with your online ordering. When I finish making the pizza the way I want it. I press the done button and it brings me a screen that says pizza and does not add it to my cart. I just wasted a hour trying to figure it out, doing it over and over again and I’m going to order papa johns instead after the frustration. I really like your new pizza but
    You guys make it impossible to order… Talking to the people on the phone. They are always in to big of a hurry and don’t even know
    All the options… Makes it kinda frustrating.. Please fix your app

  470. I placed an order today at 7:20pm and I still have not gotten anything delivered. Called the phone number again I spoke with a representative at the call center from San Antonio he was trying to help me as much as he could, but his supervisors refused to speak to me. I had requested this order to be placed for delivery and did not get anything. It just shows the professionalism of these supervisors, horrible customer service did not offer anything to make it better.

  471. I ordered for delivery tonight at 9:34pm and was told that my pizza would arrive in 35 minutes. Well it did not arrive by that time and I had to call them at 10:28pm. The employee said that the driver could not find my home. They did not try to call to inform either, not to mention that they have delivered to my home plenty of times. Never again…

  472. What a terrible experience all the way around. First, I ordered a pizza big box online. I got a confirmation that the order was placed. after a hour I call to check on order. I am told the order never came thru and that they will check on the order. I am then told the store is having trouble with their online service and the order was sent to the Dover store (10 miles away) and cancelled do to the fact they don’t deliver to our area. (now no phone call, no text, no email sent to notify just not deliver and the money still out of account) finally the Smyrna store brings the Big Box at 11:20pm almost two hours after order, kids already went to bed, and the pizza is half cold! I am very upset, extremely disappointed, and will never go to Pizza Hut nor my extended family in the Smyrna area again.

  473. Pizza Hut at 770 Patton Ave., Asheville NC has a false advertisement. Their site reads: 2 Medium with 4 Total Topings $6.99. It does NOT say each. It says plainly: 2 for $6.99. Would not honor my phoned in order for the advertised deal. Is wrong & makes me angry. I will discourage all my friends to avoid this Pizza Hut.

  474. I tried to order a pizza tonight over the from your store in Jonesboro th was told computer was down an could not accept phone orders why could they not write it down anyway went to your competitors papa John’s very bad

  475. I ordered a pizza with jalapenos, bell peppers and pepperoni. All it came with was pepperoni. The crust was not flavored, and the breadsticks weren’t even cut up! When I called they said it would take an hour to resend it but I’d have to give this back, so instead I went for the credit which was $6! Seriously?! I paid $17 and all you’re going to give me is $6?! I’m done ordering from Pizza Hut!

  476. Visiting Chattanooga, and ordered a pizza to be delivered to our hotel room. Transferred to a call center where there was an obvious language barrier. Had to repeat my order several times before she understood. Then, pizza came wrong and cold, and the crust was raw. Seriously??? Due to this, I tried calling the store direct, and was transferred again. When asking to speak with the store manager, the lady transferred me back to the store where the phone rang a minimum of 50 times and Never was answered. I called direct repeatedly, more than TWENTY times, and never got ahold of anyone. Waste of my money, and I’ll never return.

  477. I was told that they don’t have to wear gloves while preparing my food, if I didn’t like the rules I could just get my money back. This came from the GM Freddie Bennett III. I was shock the a GM could say that to a customer. After I told him that I haven’t paidyet he asked what do you want me to do. I stated I wanted him to make my food with gloves on. He suggested that I check the store score behind me backseat they never had any complaints. After I asked for the 3rd time for him to make my food with gloves on he said ok. I’ll just wash my hands. After all that they still gave me the original pizza that I did not want because they didn’t wear gloves. I only stay across the street from the store. Once I reached home, in 3 mins my pizza was cold. I called over to the store to speak with the GM, he told them to tell me he was off duty. I’m am so pissed off that they waisted my time and my money. I want to talk to someone in the Corporate office about this. This was the worst Customer Service I had ever received especially from a GM. Pizza Hut needs to really look into a person back ground before giving them a GM position because this person didn’t just start acting this way he was too comfortable…

  478. On December 29th I went to PIZZA HUT for lunch in Gulf View, in Trinidad. I had to wait for 30 minutes place my order and 1 hr and 15 minutes to receive my pizza. By the time I received my pizza my appetite was cut. This service is unacceptable and I saw many customer waiting for a long time to have their order delivered. Please do something to have this problem solve as I am a regular customer

  479. ughhhhh!!!!Called location at 7171 Pecos st at 4:45 pm they told me that there wait time was around 40 to 50 minutes called an hour later because I still had not recived my Pizza and spoke to the most incompetent “manager”
    ever she was so rude when I asked her where my pizza was she said there was no order in my name and that all she could do was resend my pizza and give me a small discount AFTER AN HOUR OF MY KIDS WAITING FOR THIS DUMB PIZZA will never order again from them just put me in the worst mood ever made me sick.

  480. You guys need to open a Pizza Hut back up in Willimantic, CT!! The old location just went back on the market everyone misses you and there’s no other pizza huts in a 30 mile radius.

  481. we had a great waitress named Billie, in Apache Junction , Az. We hope she is noticed for her pleasant smile and great service, and the pizza was excellent

  482. The link to customer service on this page does not work. First time ordering from Pizza Hut in years and will be several more again… 2 hr delivery time and ICE cold pizza and wings. Guys, if it is going to be 2 hours set expectations BEFORE a user enters an order online so they can make an informed decision. Put a note that the local store is experiencing high traffic. YOUR ORDER – A025840X82T1927. Terrible experience…

  483. I am curious to know if anyone even reads theses posts. I live in Ripley, MS
    Each an every time I order a pizza from out local Pizza Hut I always swear it will be my last. I write this as I currently wait for the 3 pizzas that I called in at 5:36p an it is now 7:21p and I am still waiting. Not one worker present appears to be over the age of 20. No one is organized, no one is wearing gloves. The entire Resturant is in disarray. This will and I promise will be the very LAST time I step foot in this place. There are 4 other people also waiting to pick up called in orders. This is a very small town and this is the only pizza place we have. You would think the Pizza Hut corporation would step in and take over to manage a place such as this! This is very shameful!!!!

  484. Ordered pizza at 6:45. Waited over an hour for it to be delivered and paid almost $40.00. When we opened the boxes, two of the three pizzas were burned. The third pizza had wilted spinach instead of fresh. I’m very disappointed in our local Pizza Hut. Didn’t want to call to complain because we didn’t want to wait another hour plus.

  485. I placed an order just after 8pm, delivery time of 1 hour 5 mins! I proceed to do some house cleaning and I didn’t hear my phone. When I was done, I noticed I had a voice mail. To my surprise, customer service called to tell me the store ran out of something I ordered and canceled my order, this was at 8:35. I received the voice mail at 845, I called the store and the manager told me, she didn’t authorize them to cancel my order and I needed to call customer service. They could comp’ my order. She said they have been doing this a lot lately. I called and wasn’t offered a discount or comp instead was told this was a legitimate cancel because I didn’t answer. I told him you guys didn’t even give a window of time to return a call before canceling, who answers an unknown number now a days anyway. He stated that they canceled the order to not run then risk of me refusing $20 worth of pizza because it is the wrong crust. Oh I forgot to mention the store ran out of pan crust, 3 hours before closing!!! All they had was thin crust 3 hours before closing!!!! I was also told they could not expedite my order and the delivery time is still an hour out. Because of the lack of care in your customer service I don’t believe I will EVER order from your company again. I called Domino’s and I told the gal what happened, she rushed my order and it was at my door in 23 mins even though the delivery time was 30-45 mins when I first asked. That is true customer service right there!!!

  486. Tuesday evening at 3:40, we ordered 2 pizzas from Effingham, Il Pizza Hut. Just because they repeat your order & tell you how much it will be, does NOT mean you ordered a pizza {this according to the assistant manager}. At 4:30 I called to see why we had not received the pizzas yet & that’s when they told me I did not have one ordered. After talking to the assistant Manager she remembered taking the order & said she would put it back in. At 5:20 we got ONE pizza not the 2 we had ordered. When I called Pizza Hut once again the response I got from the Assistant Manager was well we are busy. Never did get the second pizza, and my 87 year old mother, who lives with me, was sitting there waiting for her pizza.

  487. My family and I were in your Wheatland, Wyoming pizza hut on December 31st, 2014. What a joke, one waitress and nobody could get their food! We were there for two hours before we got our food! We had them box it up so we could go! My wife asked for soup, and an hour later the waitress came back and told her there was none! We and one other table were the only ones in the place! We will probably never go back to his pizza hut, even though it is local! My kids get book it slips, we will go elsewhere to redeem them!! We didn’t even get very much taken off our bill! How sad for this store, it could be a good place to go for families, but have heard nothing but complaints about this store. I don’t normally complain, but something needs to be done at this location! Thanks for your time.

  488. I ordered pizza tonight for my family and it was supposed to be here by 8:12 (was order an hour and a half before) and I was ok with that but I had to call almost an hour after it should have been here to be told that it was just put in the oven. Not once did I receive a call telling me it would be late. I am extremely unhappy with the service and will be taking my money somewhere else from now on.

  489. I ordered a pizza from your Prairieville, LA location tonight. I placed my order around 5:55 pm online. I received my pizza at 7:28. My driver was nice but I had to go to the end of my driveway to get my pizza bc she called me and had parked 3 houses Dow. I’ve called the Prairieville store and another line for Pizza Hut and I’ve been disconnected 3 times and cannot reach the store at all. I’m very unhappy about this. To top it off are pizza was lukewarm.

  490. Usually the delivery person has always been friendly. The last time I ordered was the weekend before Christmas. Maybe it was extra busy or he didn’t feel good, but the pizza was over 30 minutes late and cold. I tipped him $5.00 and he didn’t even say thank you. He was rude without even speaking.

  491. – Worst pizza experience at this location.
    – Very less toppings
    – If you were busy with so many New Year eve orders, then you would have restricted to some number of orders. But when you took an order, you were supposed to provide a good quality pizza to meet customer expectation.
    – Pizza was almost cold when i picked up
    – I had to microwave every slice of pizza before eating
    – If i had to make so much effort and pay for the pizza, but could not enjoy every bite of it, then why would i pay for it?

    Overall experience was VERY VERY BAD.

  492. Brought medium pizza from Allentown Road In Temple Hills Md….pizza was just horrible it was burned, dried up and just plain nasty….looked old very very old i threw in trash immediately when I arrived home would not serve to my kids… This was my New Year eve treat to the kids…. Very, very disappointed customer…Not returning back….

  493. For the past several months my family has been ordering pizzas from the Clinton IL Pizza Hut. Each time we order, our order is always the same 1/2 ham & green pepper 1/2 sausage & mushroom extra cheese & extra sauce. We have returned at least 5 pizzas in the past 2 months that were completely dry, burned, no extra cheese or sauce. And each time they have had to remake the pizza which means an extra 20 minute trip to their store because they do not deliver to our area. They have given us credits but it is so frustrating to receive a bad pizza each time we order. It’s as if they just don’t care what their product looks like or tastes like for that matter. Having managed a pizza delivery before, I know that their are guidelines to how much “extra” means but these pizzas aren’t close to having “extra”. Please do everyone a favor & make a surprise visit to this restaurant in Clinton IL. You will not believe how poorly your product is being produced. Thank you.

  494. I place my pizza hut order on line 12/30/14. I thought by ordering on line I wouldn’t have to wait. I get there to pick my order up had to wait 10 minutes before someone came to the counter. Finally 20 minutes later get home to find that the pizza was burned. I wish I could post the photo I took of it…

  495. pizza hut, hot wings dose not value the money we pay, we expect hole wings in our order, and not parts of wings. when we order eight hot wings we expect eight complete wings, and not parts of wings of chicken under five pounds, if this continue i will enter the situation on face book fort with and invite the national public to take notice. this is hardcore robbery

  496. Our family prefers Pizza Hut pizza to all others and have enjoyed calling in our orders as we are driving home. However, we have recently discovered that we can no longer call and receive the online “deal”! Why has this policy changed? If a deal is published online, why must I be subjected to ordering online by creating an account? I have asked our local Pizza Hut to please extend this price to my call in but was denied. Please make a policy change. Please do not remove the “customer” from customer service.

  497. Pizza hut new years eve.well all were out of pan crust in area except for ooltewah store . Heard rumors of inferior pizza from store. We ordered went got pizza undercooked and no tomato sauce. Rumors were time we will eat peanut butter sandwiches

  498. On December 20th I was traveling on Amtrak leaving Harve, MT when we started talking about pizza. A lady sitting in front of us said the next stop was Shelby, MT and they had a Pizza Hut. We talked about it and then the guy next to me called and explained that we were on a train about 2 hrs away. The girl on the phone took the order then spent the next 2 hrs staying in contact with us and the Amtrak Station. We called to say we were 20 minutes away and she was aware of this. We got to the station walked to the front door as the delivery guy was driving up with our pizzas. I don’t remember her name but she deserves a raise. If you contact them they’ll rember us.I just wanted to say thanks again to her and Pizza Hut.

  499. Ordered pizza and breadsticks on new years eve breadsticks were nothing but bread and butter no spices very disappointed.

  500. On January 3rd 2015 at 21:47 I phone in an order due time was 23:22, but it was 23:45 and my food was soooooo Cold and I did not get the 2 Liter soda that I paid for. The store unit #004203. I will never order from Pizza Hut again and I will tell others.

  501. Rte 130 Pizza Hut Delran NJ 08075. The worst pizza hut that has ever been to by far!! This Pizza Hut is literally 10 minutes from my house I could have walked there faster than I got my pizza. I ordered one thing from this Pizza Hut yesterday at 6:41 pm I did not receive my pizza until around 8:25pm I called them twice to see if my delivery went through and they kept telling me that my pizza was on it’s way. The manager did not even get on the phone when I asked for him! This is by far the worst customer service and take out experience I have ever witnessed or heard of. I cannot understand how long it took to drive an order to a persons house who lives 10 minutes from the Pizza Hut! It’s not Super Bowl Sunday! I should have just picked the thing up!! Or went to Dominos, which actually i did order because I had guests over and were starving! Dominos got there before my original order came to my door! Thanks you Pizza Hut, thank you for making me realize why your company is the worst of the many pizza restaurants around.

  502. I’ve always been a huge fan of pizza hut. Until now. I may as well have ordered dominoes and saved some money. Thats the quality I received. Thats right pizza hut…you’re turning into DOMINOES!!
    Way to set the bar high!

  503. I ordered a pizza from Pearland, TX restaurant online. Order went thru and waited an hour. No pizza. I ordered again online and again the order didn’t go thru. Call the manager who put me on hold twice. I was asking her if my order went thru. She asked for number an address to make another order. She didn’t understand what I was asking. Finally, she realized the order never went thru. It’s been almost two hours and still no pizza. Gave up and ordered from another pizza place. Also, trying to connect to customer service sucks! The new online pizza page doesn’t work!!!!!

  504. I went to pick my order up at ,pizza hut on college and they did not have my order ready,and when I walk out the place i smell weed and I look they were employees in the car,I rely think y’all need to drug test your employees… That don’t make any since am calling someone if y’all don’t do anything about it

  505. I am a very upset customer. I ordered a pizza today at 12:30pm and w as told it will be delivered at 1pm. Leaving work for my lunch break my wife called and said the pizza still isn’t here. I called the company and was put on hold for 10mins after giving the guy my name. I was then told to call another location/number. Once I called the manager said my order was cancelled because no one came to the door. I was also told there was 3 cars in the drive way. I told the manager that there is only 1 car in the driveway at my house. My neighbor has 3 cars in his drive way. The manager was so rude and basically didn’t care about my concern that his driver went to the wrong house. I will never order from them again and will spread the word that pizza Hut southwind is a joke and waste of time. They are rude and has drivers that can’t read addresses

  506. I had stopped going to Pizza Hut because it was really getting awful….cold incorrect pizza orders, rude employees , etc.. Tonight my kids really wanted Pizza Hut pizza because they saw the new pizzas on tv and I relented. I am glad I did. My order was ready no wait, the guy at the register was cheerful and polite he even held the door for me when I left. The pizza was hot and absolutely delicious . I wad S O surprised. We had one with the new peppers and new marinara sauce and meatballs and it was awesome. They even remembered the extra sauce! I do not know if it was new management or what but I am very pleased with the Hut now and will be going back. It was the Pizza Hut in Travelers Rest, SC. Please note they are doing a great job and are tremendously improved.

  507. Tonight we ordered from your albany oregon location and had a horrible experience! First they got our pizza order wrong then forgot to give us a soda we paid for, and last, the most horrific, my husband bites into one of the hot wings we ordered and it was raw in the middle! This is something no one should experience! I even have a picture to prove it!

  508. Placed a order at 8:14pm for delivery. From the Rochester, IN Pizza Hut. The item was charged to my debit card this was done at 8:14pm . Called back 9:47 to check on order and was told running slow due to weather. Never received the ordered pizza which was a Hawaiian with extra cheese debit card was charged $19.48.
    Called back at 10:46 pm and asked for the debit amount to be credited back to my account. Was on hold for 7 minutes then disconnected. Tried to call back again at 10:55pm and no answer.
    So now I have to get the bank involved all over being in a motel with a broken vehicle and no transportation….. Not very happy

  509. I ordered a pizza and received a confirmation email at 7:53pm. After an hour I called the number on the email and waited 7.15 minutes before hanging up. I waited another hour before calling again. This time a girl tells me my order was canceled because they don’t deliver in my area. Mind you I placed this order online. So I asked her why no one had called me or another location She said usually they do. thats it. and then offered to give me the corporate number so i could call myself. So i ask for my local pizza hut number. I call that location and give the same order I placed online. They said they couldn’t honor my coupon (mind you for $15) because it was online only. I explained my ordeal and why i was calling and the guy talked to the supervisor. He still told me he couldn’t honor the coupon. REALLY? so i begin to ask the coupons and this man tells me he is located in a call center in Pittsburg?!? Pretty much the worst customer service ever and now i have to eat gross Dominoes.

  510. Pizza Hut delivery in my area Adkins Tx is the worst I have ever experienced. Do not call if you wan’t your pizza in less than 3hrs and that district mgr is a joke.

  511. after waiting an hour and a half for our pizza, which was to be expected on a Friday night. my daughter and I were greeted by a knock at the door the door finally was the pizza man. the only problem was he deliver cold pizza. He delivered cold bread sticks. Never again. Pizza hut jas lost a customer.

  512. Terrible food & service. They are extremely rude! Cold food and bad attitudes from pizza hut. Seriously I am offended three times in a row I’ve ordered for a family event and been let down. This time carry out to see if it was better no worst the manager wad sitting in the lobby ignoring me obviously talking about drugs illegal at that. I’m so fed up with the quality and service I could scream. Seminole Oklahoma.

  513. I called you location on Meritt Blvd tonight I was argued with by the employee he kept telling me you no longer carry chocolate dippers. I ordered them two days ago I told him and he said no you didn’t, we haven’t carried them in a month. Then he said let me go talk to my manager comes back and says “oh I guess we do still carry them.” No apology or anything. Then my fiancé goes to pick up the pizza and they told him oh it wasn’t put in . He tells me it’s going to be another 20 mins. When I call up the store, the manager I spoke with wasn’t friendly or apologetic. She put me on hold for 3 mins another manager came to the phone she was a little more friendly she did give me a 50% refund and a coupon for next time. When my fiancé came home my pizza isn’t even cooked all the way because they rushed to get it done and my breadsticks came out before my pizza so they weren’t hot anymore( I live 7 mins from the location). This is the second bad experience in a row at this location. I am very disappointed my family and I ordered from this Pizza Hut for years. I don’t know what has happened to standards and customer service in this store but I am unsure if I will even go back. Free pizza or not it’s not worth the aggravation .

  514. I ordered 3 pizzas from the north durango location in las vegas and 1 of the pizzas had a hair. Called to complain and after giving the person my phone he decided to give me a geography lesson to make sure i was calling the right store. He asked for my phone again and after telling him the area code he asked me again if i was aware i was calling pizza hut in las vegas. He told me i never ordered from there before so he would not be issuing me a credit for any pizza. He never gave a chance to give him my wifes number he just hung up on me. If i wouldve went to the store things would end up bad. Tried calling customer service but it seems the hide behind this blog

  515. Went in to place a carry out a order around 12 noon no one greeted me and walked all over me. Get to counter and still no help, finally someone comes up could barely hear him he takes my order and tells me 10 min which turned into 30 they were not busy and come to fin out my order had been ready and they just let me sit there until the delivery guy comes back after making 2 runs and helps me .piss poor service worse place ever do not recommend them to anyone .location Henderson Tx

  516. I was very disappointed in the customer service we received at the Alamo, TX restaurant, to top it off it was the General Manager. We ordered our pizza over the phone & went 30 mins later (which was the time they told us to go). We waited an hour until they got to us & finally got to our pizza, we get in the car and drove about 5 mind and decided to eat on the way (since we had to be some where) The pizza was super cold. After the long wait for the pizza we get it cold! We call and let the manager know and he sounded very frustrated. I understand we all have bad dais at work, but when your a general manager your Customer service skills should be on point. He said he can only give us another pizza if we go right then & there. I told him we couldn’t because we had to be some where and we were already far away, he then got rude and said well that’s all i can do (with a very demeaning tone). I ended up handing up on him

  517. I love Pizza Hut!! Your pizzas are delicious!! As of this evening I will never give you one more dollar!! I tried to order a pizza for delivery. I have 2 Pizza Huts near me. One is 1.08 miles from my house and the other is 3.22 miles from me and neither one would deliver but that’s okay. PaPa John’s who is much farther away will and did bring me a pizza. Not only did I get a better deal I also got a better tasting pizza. It had toppings on it! Your loss!!

  518. I order 2 pizzas, wings, and cheese sticks last night. Spent over $30.00. It was the worst Pizzas I have ever had! ! There was literally No Sauce on either one. I thought maybe it was me, until my granddaughter wouldn’t eat one. Upgrades from bread sticks to Cheesy bread sticks and more, just to find out they sprinkled cheese on top. Terrible. . Will never go again. I cannot believe the quality has gone down so bad. ..

  519. I almost forgot the reason I stopped ordering pizza hut delivery until a friend suggested to get pizza tonight. I went online to order the special $7.99 pizza and the total was over $11.00. Tax I get it but I will never pay a $3.00 delivery fee to a pizza company especially knowing the driver does not get this money at all. I already always tip $5.00 to the driver. So now I am paying an $8.00 tip for a $7.99 pizza. Never. So thank you pizza hut for me finding a mom and pop real deal pizza to support. My family and friends are getting it also and spreading the word.

  520. Tried contacting Pizza Hut to see if something could not be done for the horrible service I had on 1/4/15. We ordered the party wing special and only received 2/3 orders of chicken. After waiting about an hour and a half. Then when we called to tell them the restaurant said they could send out another in a little while, but after waiting almost 2 hours who wants to wait longer. Then the person on the phone tried to give us a store credit which she didn’t know how to do. Then tried to give us a credit for the lack of chicken, which she also didn’t know how to do. By this time it’s been 10 minutes and the driver is back and he brings the chicken. Worst part is over right, nope. The flavors were not what we asked for. Contacted their website and someone contacted me in an e-mail, gave them my number and haven’t heard back from them. It’s been 4 days since they first contacted me. I’m about to ban Pizza Hut from our house and let all my friends know to keep their money.

  521. I was excited to try the new pizza options I ordered 2 large 2 topping pizzas and both were extremely undercooked. What good are all the options if you can’t even master the basics of cooking a pizza thoroughly.

  522. Terrible!! Both pizzas ordered were made wrong and receipt clearly said how I wanted it done…called 11 times only to get the phone to ring over and over no answer!! Finally when I got someone to answer they were rude and told me if I would have ordered correctly we wouldn’t have had this problem….I have the receipt with my proper order printed the pizzas were wrong!!! Never again!!!

  523. I just called for my order placed over an hour ago twenty minutes after my receipt said it would be delivered. The man I spoke with when I called was rude, nasty, and cursed on the phone with me and I never even raised my voice with him. I am appalled at the way your employees are allowed to treat their customers! This was an order placed for Talitha Baker, at 12:4osomthing today at your two notch location in Columbia, SC. I am sorely disappointed and don’t think I will be ordering from you all any longer. I think this experience has lost my business.

  524. 01/13/15
    I now know why I only order from Pizza Hut once in a while. I think a fly has more understanding on how to ring up a deal order than the store manager. A tick cares more about your pizza experience than talking to a customer service representative. Pizza Hut knows how to hide from its customers better than some rich person Cayman Island account.

    Also, Taco Bell never gets my order correct so I stop going to them also.

  525. Have tried ordering online 2 seperate times now in order to receive the special pricing. It has horribly failed both times. The first time, I called the local store and they honored the price. The second time, they refused saying I needed to tell corporate. I spent over 30 mins between checking the website for prices, installing the app, trying to ‘Google’ my postal code because it would not accept my zip code and finally ordering. Needless to say I am now hungry and very irrated. If a customer cannot navigate the online site and calls a store I feel the store should honor the deal.

  526. I was promised my order by 913 it’s I called the store and was told it was dispatched now that was 15 mins ago… I’m still waiting on pizza and cheese sticks!!! Very unhappy customers

  527. My family just got rescued by the Pizza Hut in Buffalo Missouri!!! My niece was supposed to have her fifth birthday at the local bowling alley but when we got there we found it to be closed. It was time for children to arrive and the place was still closed. We at a panic as what to do. My sister suggested the Pizza Hut that was just down the road. So we took the party there without any notice. I worried because of the spur of the moment switch. However, Debbie (our server) was fantastic!!! She helped us organize the back of the restaurant. Nothing was a problem and she was able to quickly get the party back on track. Drinks were served and refilled and the pizza came in record time; hot and delicious. My niece ended up having a wonderful birthday party and I can’t thank the ladies at Pizza Hut enough!!!

  528. I ordered pizza for my daughters pool party. After having the kids get out early enough to eat and return to the pool. Pizza Hut on Sangamon Ave in Springfield il. Strung me along with info that the pizza had already left the building and was on its way. 1 hour and 15 minutes after the scheduled time the pizza showed up. The employees would answer the phone sympathetic to me and would transfer me to the manager. Who put me on hold several times over the course of the night, 15 mins one time. I never did speak with them. I’ll never order pizza Hut again. Now the girls can’t even return swimming. Happy birthday to my daughter from pizza Hut.

  529. We called in an order and one item was wrong (chicken wings) fromThe store (in Kingwood TXon Northpark Dr). We called after we found the wings were wrong and asked if they would refund us our money and they could puik up the wings as we were going out. After getting the run around from several different people, they would not refund our money, saying they couldn’t. How ridiculous. To make matters worse, they wanted us to bring the wings back to the store. Terrible customer service along with sub par food.

  530. Omg!! I will never order pizza from yall again.. My pizza didn’t arrive on time and to top it off it was wrong and cold..then I had to call three times to talk to a manager and when I did he was rude told me he could refund my money .. And needed the pizza back.. Omg it’s was two hours later and no dinner.. So angry!!!

  531. We ordered pizza online at 3:10 it had delivery of 3:40. It is now 4:02. I called they said it would be atleast another 30 minute wait..this is rediculous..we live in a very small literally takes no more than 10 minutes to drive there!!!!! Terrible delivery times for this store everytime! Done with delivery for sure this time. If you can’t get it here in a reasonable time it is a service that should just not be offered!

  532. I have always loved Pizza Hut but now I live in a rural area that is not served by delivery. I am excited about the new crust flavors but would find it hard to choose a flavor that I’m not familiar with and I’m sure I’m not alone in my thinking. My suggestion to y’all is to make breadsticks in all flavors and offer them as a side order/appetizer. You could cut the sticks into small “bites”. Be sure to ask for customer feedback. I’m thinking it would be a big seller and maybe help The “powers that be” at Pizza Hut decide which flavors would be the best to keep/ drop for the future. Good Luck!

  533. Lake Mary, FLORIDA HAS THE WORST MANAGER. Katherine has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE skills at all!!!
    I’ve been coming here for 6 years and I’ve NEVER had such a horrible experience!

  534. Oh pizza hut u let me way far down….I’m hurt ok so let me explain this from the beginning I shouldn’t of ordered pizza my phone didn’t want me to…kept closing my order and whatnot…should of gotten the hint there but no I kept going. This is a large pizza (obviously) half is CLEARLY spinach, olives, mushrooms, and Italian sausage….and cheese good Lord cheese! but I’m confused I would think the spinach would be baked in with my pizza like everything else not thrown on my pizza last minute by a man with NO GLOVES ON! eww oh so anyways that’s half the other half is supposed to be ham and pineapple…yes it has both of those things on it but if you look closely I guess the spinach guy just said no…screw sauce and screw cheese there’s a little around the crust but that’s about it….btw that crust was supposed to be “the hut” crust…ya know the yummy new stuff you all came out with but nope it’s just regular. Well that pizza SUCKED to say the least I ended up giving it to hungry teenage boys…they eat anything. All in all pizza hut I think u may want to spend a little more time training your staff on how to properly read and make a order I will not return to this specific location ever….which is in Ft Eustis, Virginia

    (Really wish I could upload the picture)

  535. my family and i visited your pizza hut location on miller road. we had a server name corey we ordered bread sticks and ask about the pizza specials. he told us about the two med. with four toppings for 6.99 each so we placed our order i ordered a pan pizza with four toppings and my husband ordered a thin with four toppings we also ordered the hershey dessert our server came back to the table to inform us that that;s four toppings between the two pizzas corey told us that it;s a dollar a topping, we said okay thats fine, my husband said he must be new. we waited then here comes our server corey carrying two pizzas no bread sticks, so we ask where are our bread sticks he apologizes but still no bread sticks then we say to our server i ordered pan pizzas once again he apologizes. so we ask for our check and we our waiting for our cookie he brings the check and say;s we gave you a discount where as in reality we were over charged and he also failed to mention double cheese is $2.00 not $1.00 so i go to see the manager i think her name was jamie (not sure) she seemed frazzled and could not explain why our dinner services why so horrible and she didn;t really seem to care now at this point we just want to go but no my husband waited waited over twenty minutes for that cookie while i took our new born baby to the car. my husband didn;t feel comfortable with eating that cookie so after all that we tossed it in the trash. you know it is a shame my husband and i both work for a living and rarely get the same day off we were traveling and i had to beg him to stop at pizza hut your miller road location in flint michigan will not get our money or get a chance to ruin our day off. now i;m sure a letter will get posted in your store the employees will laugh at this and then life goes on as normal.i got one thing to say to the district office drug test.

  536. I ordered a meal box from pizza hut at 8:45 pm it did not arrive until after 10 pm the order was incomplete as there was a two litter soda missing. The delivery man suggested that it would take only a few minutes and he would return with the soda and was told that a full hour passed I called the store and was told that the delivery man was on his way, when the delivery man arrived he was angry that I called looking for my soda that I had already paid for . He called me an asshole and then sneered at the tip I had given him earlier implying that if I wanted better service then I should have given a bigger tip, remember they charge you in the first place for delivery . All in I paid over five dollars in delivery for a $13 pizza box delivery.

  537. I don’t expect an email back, I just wanted to make you aware of one of your employees. I was passing through Charleston No yesterday and stopped in to eat. The employees name was sons and I noticed she seemed agitated and when she spoke she was slurring her words. I hope you guys look into this issue because this made me wonder if she was drunk or on drugs. I hope you drug test at random. Just wanted you to be aware, have a great day.

  538. I always order from your wing street location in Wyoming,Mi and I always have issues…there is no reason why the visual appeal of any food should be off putting..stuffed crust pizza should not mean paper thin grease soaked half par pizza..when I asked why both our pizzas were sub par and the mgr I spoke to stated because they stretch the crust and the photos are unrealistic because Corporate does photo shopping so she could guarantee if they remade our order it would be the same. Your staff does not know how to give good customer service at any location apparently no one reads these comments or attempts to fix the obvious problems clearly spelled out in over 500 customer issues on this site alone. I am not impressed with the service!!!!!!

  539. I will never order from Pizza Hut again. Not only bad service but they want to charge me 60 cents for ranch since it is not included with my order of buffalo wings. Now thats extortion. The pizza sucks too.

  540. I called and placed my order over the phone. It took over an hour to get my pizza and when I got it it was cold and tasted like a frozen pizza, perhaps it was just old. The breadsticks were also cold and tasted old. I can not even describe how bad the wings were. I usually like their pizza. Maybe it was because I ordered the big box meal, I don’t know but I was extremely dissatisfied with everything. Yuck!

  541. Went to the Liberty NY Pizza Hut on 1/24/2015 , the Pizza was great , the service was great but it was so cold in the Restaurant it spoiled the Harmony of the evening. We had gone to the same Restaurant the Sunday before this with approx. 30 people, it was cold in there that day also, but we figured we would give it second chance. We won’t be going back, it’s a shame , could be very nice. Frank Decker and Family.

  542. on 1/25/15 i ordered a $40 dollar order. i placed my order online at 6:30 pm the eta was 8pm which was a long time to wait but i was trying to take in consideration that my order was semilarge and that it was nasty cold weather outside but when it was 9pm we called and were told that our order was on its way and then at 10 pm we called again only to be told that the driver couldn’t find the house even though it’s only a 1.5 miles from the store and were told that the driver called which was a lie. they girl on the phone said they could have the order remade and sent back out to us…. WOW did she really think that after almost 4 hours we wanted to wait anymore? so after disappointing my children after telling them pizza was on its way and myself being awake since 4am and my husband having to be at work at midnight We WILL NEVER order from this location again

  543. Tonight I ordered a pizza at 7:09 and was sent a confirmation that it would arrive at 7:39. It is 8:20 and there is still no pizza. When I called the store it was sent from at 8:09 I was told that it had left the store 15 min prior to my call. I find it odd that a store less than 10 min from my house still hasn’t delivered my pizza. I also find it terrible customer service to be told a time a pizza would be delivered then told my the store when I have to call wondering where it is that when people order online the delivery time isn’t accurate. Great communication skills guys. I can’t wait to enjoy my cold pizza if it ever decides to get delivered. I love working hard all day excited to come home to a relaxing evening and have to deal with this non sense. I will not be ordering anymore from you guys which is a shame cause I’ve ordered from you a lot in the past, but since you don’t want my business im sure there are places out there that will take my money and business a little more serious.

    • I ordered from 29 warren st randolph ma. At 845 pm the pizza didmt arrive till 1015 and when I got the pizza it was Extremely cold .. Since they was late bringing the pizza I called the store and they was closed I think the service is poor and unacceptable. I just want my money back for the cold dry pizza I’ll pay for the 2l of soda

  544. I have a large family and on a school night and practices going on I thought a pizza would be good. But I was extremely disappointed and so were ALL five of my kids and my husband. We did the new sauce on the crust two different kinds one for each pizza. The most disgusting pizza I have ever eaten. The dough tasted like it was honey based and we didn’t taste anything on the crust. It cost 50$ to feed us all and I was deeply un satisfied. I will never ever waist my husbands hard earned money on this garage ever again.

  545. I love Pizza Hut, but I won’t buy another one as long as you show that ridiculous commercial with the guy getting hit in the balls. The rest of the commercial is pretty boring, but that is simply disgusting. Connecting eating with someone’s balls? Somehow I don’t think you had any women on your preview committee. You wasted your money with your ad form on that one.

  546. We ordered online and found a small curly hair in a pineapple piece! Returned the pie to the store and receved credit. have frequented the store at Hwy 89 in Flagsaff for years and lately the service and attitude (and food less the hair) have been super awesome. You could make the managers trainers from this location. very pleased. Thank you to Jarod, Christine and the general manager, all great customer people!


  547. My party of 5 came in around 6 pm at the Lewiston, Idaho branch and wanted an hour and a half just for our breadsticks, and our drinks were for about an hour. Our server would not even acknowledge us when we tried to get his attention. I had to talk to the manager just to get our drinks refilled. A table across from us got their food way before we do and they came about 45 minutes after we did, I am very unhappy with this place and I’m very unsure that we will be back again, the server came up to us and told us there was no cheese on our pizzas,

  548. I was driving down the road tonight when your driver came across 3 lanes and merged into my lane not seeing Mr, I LUCKILY saw him and merged into the lane next to me thank god no one was there. He then feel a few vehicles behind me so that I was unable to get his vehicle model or plate number. I called the nearest location where I asked for a manager and sat on a silent hold for 7 minutes. I then hung up and called back and I then spoke to a person who didn’t speak to his title, listened to my story didn’t apologize and stated he would speak to the drivers to be safe. If I had let this guy hit me who know what would have happened pizza hut would have been cutting a check for my car, paying my medical bills because it would have been a bad accident and I would be out of work while healing and your employees can’t apologize? I understand that I can’t get an apology fr that driver as I have no car model, color,or license but to put me on hold, never check back then finally get someone who won’t do anything? For all I know he was the one driving… I am irrate at your company. I could understand if there was room for him to come in behind me but I was in the middle of traffic. I felt that there was no resolution. Should I have let your driver hit me? Should I have followed him? I don’t know but it was handled poorly:(

  549. I live in Denver I went to the pizza hut on 104th ave/Colorado #4867 two employees were in a parked car doing God knows what 1/26/01 I asked one of the employees if the manager knew this I also asked their names James and Courtney I told the manager a very young boy I had my wife a two girls with me and the last thing they needed to see was employees having sex the manager Tim laughed I will never go back

  550. We have a new Pizza Hut in Lakewood/Jamestown, NY. It is the only Pizza Hut in town now. The new building is beautiful with nice big windows. However, I believe the restaurant will fail. We are now in an era of healthier eating. It seems like the worst time possible to build a new store and eliminate the salad bar. Without the salad bar, I have no reason to go to Pizza Hut. I may as well go to a local pizzeria. Please keep in mind that we need salad bars for Pizza Hut to stay in business. Most of us want healthier options. Thanks.

  551. Had to wait on hold for at least 5 to 7 minutes! Ordering was difficult, person did not understand English well. Your competition answers the phone in several rings, order very quickly. Need to improve your phone ordering system, as I. Called a local number, felt like I called an international number and on hold to long. If this happens again, I will support the pizza chain that answers the phone quickly, and I can place my order!


  552. My order was incompleted on 01/30/4015 i had to call the hilliard oh branch i was on hold for ten minutes and when finally got to talk to the manager he apologiza because they made several mistakes, and finally when the delivery huy came my hot wings and my pizza, of course where cold. I am very unhappy with this incident.

  553. I have never been so disappointed with a pizza. It took am hour….not 30 minutes. I had to call twice to check on it and it was ice cold when we got it……..sooooooo pissed!!!!!!!!!!!

  554. My local Pizza Hut in Gardendale, Alabama, has abused me one time too many. Tonight I called them as I pulled out of my driveway figuring that the pizza would be ready by the time I got there. The flaw in my plan was that as soon as they answered the phone, they put me on hold. 17 1/2 minutes later I was still on hold as I pulled up to the pick up window. I sat at the window for another 3 minutes while employees inside would periodically stare out at me. Finally an employee came out of the back and asked me what I wanted. I held up my phone and showed him the minutes displaying on my screen and told him I had been trying to order a pizza for 20 minutes. His response to me was that he was too busy to answer the phone and I should order it on line. I told him I would go some place where they gave a damn about customers. He said that would be fine with him. I pulled away from the window, called my local Dominos and picked up my pizza 15 minutes later from a very courteous young man. Pizza Hut has seen the last of me.

  555. Me and my family submitted a order online to the Mansfield, Louisiana location according to the site our order was to be done at 8:19 which put it giving them 30 minutes to complete the order from the time we put it in. Which we thought would work out great for us cause it was a 30 minute drive to get there. We arrived at 8:30 because we has took a movie back to redbox before going by Pizza Hut so that had gave them 40 minutes. Upon going into get the pizza and the screen they have saying my pizza was ready I asked an employee if my order was ready she then stated it will be at least an hour before you get your order, another lady had already been in there an hour and was very upset I looked around there was no customer in the dinning area and not was there any pizzas going through the oven, the employees where very rude and did not ever have any sympathy to the fact that me and my children had drove 30 minutes to get a pizza to have a Friday night family night.. Before leaving another lady came in she had called her order in 45 minutes before coming she was told she would have a hour wait as well. Me and her both left with no pizzas… I hope something is done about the customer service at this location and the lack of work these employees do there was no since in what I seen tonight no excuses for pizzas not to be coming out I saw an empty oven and no pizzas being made. I couldn’t believe the way these employees where running this location. VERY unprofessional!!!

  556. I was very unhappy with your service yesterday, I ordered 2 pizzas for my in laws since they don’t speak English well. So I got on around 7:40 the Wait time was till 9:30 so they waited. By 9:30 my father in law feel asleep and my mother in law was upset you guys never showed. I called around that time and when I finally spoke to a manager around 9:40 they was very rude and asking if I wish to cancel the order and that time we was given was just a estimated time. The Point Is IT Should not take 2 hours to make and the store is less then 5 minutes away. My in laws don’t drive so we tried to help them out in any way we can. Needless to say, they both went to bed with no food

  557. I was very unhappy with your service yesterday, I ordered 2 pizzas for my in laws since they don’t speak English well. So I got on around 7:40 the Wait time was till 9:30 so they waited. By 9:30 my father in law feel asleep and my mother in law was upset you guys never showed. I called around that time and when I finally spoke to a manager around 9:40 they was very rude and asking if I wish to cancel the order and that time we was given was just a estimated time. The Point Is IT Should not take 2 hours to make and the store is less then 5 minutes away. My in laws don’t drive so we tried to help them out in any way we can. Needless to say, they both went to bed with no food

  558. I eat at your Reedsburg wisconsin location and think this Pizza Hut has very unorganized management! My son applied for a job he talked with Tyler a mgr. was told they would call him he waited a week and went into the restaurant to follow up, he was given a interview at that time, they told him they would call him in a couple of days, they never called, he followed up several times and kept getting jerked around and given excuses each time he called, but was also told Tyler would call him. To this day he has never gotten a call. Not impressed.

  559. Went to pizza hut on hwy10….walked in no greeting or anything..i asked where was Tomika was at because I haven’t seen her in awhile..she has been FIRED! Are u kidding me…she was always so helpful & courteous. ..she needs to be reinstated.

  560. While waiting for our pizza tonight at the Beaverton location on 117th st we saw at least 4 employees come back into work from their break and start making pizzas or cutting pizzas without washing their hands. This is a violation of health codes. Please inform all your employees at this store to wash their hands especially since they were all outside smoking.

  561. Often we call in for dilivery and the telephone ordering process is a turn off so I just cancel. Tonight we called and wanted the special where you get 2 pizzas wings and stix all for near $20. They were out of the box. I even asked if he could just put it all in any box’s and he said no. I used to be I. Fast food and even pizza and even pizza hut. The princeanne rd Va beach Va location needs a more business savy group of employees. My children wanted the new seasoned crust … Maybe next time my pizza hut location will have the box to put my order in.

  562. Often we call in for dilivery and the telephone ordering process is a turn off so I just cancel. Tonight we called and wanted the special where you get 2 pizzas wings and stix all for near $20. They were out of the box. I even asked if he could just put it all in any box’s and he said no. I used to be I. Fast food and even pizza and even pizza hut. The princeanne rd Va beach Va location needs a more business savy group of employees. My children wanted the new seasoned crust … Maybe next time my pizza hut location will have the box to put my order in.

  563. I just saw your Superbowl Commercial. Both the superbowl and Pizza are a big part of family gatherings. I was extremely disappointed to have to have our young children inadvertently see content such as “intercourse”, “sexualized”, and “damn”. There are lots of choices, and for our family, we have just now decided to patronize a pizza company that espouses better family values than Pizza Hut does.

  564. I just wanted to say I oreded a pizza at 335pm to be diverted at 600pm it’s now 645 and still no pizza. I had to call to get some information and after calling twice to get a answer they just said it will be another 15 to 20 minutes and that was 15 minutes ago. Then I was hung up on while I was about to ask a question . I work in the retail customer service industry and as a manager that is unacceptable with my employees , very disappointed.

  565. I ordered an online pizza to be delivered at 3pm after finding out that they where not doing any deliveries I agreed to a pick up. The manager called me and said my order would be ready at 6:45pm. After a struggling drive though a snow storm, I arrive at the Pizza Hut on 67th and stony island in Chicago at 6:35pm and had to wait until 8:25pm to receive my order. The customer service was not only horrific but you can hear the employees cursing and fighting in the cooking area while at least 10 angry customers where waiting to find out if their orders where ready for pick up. Upon receiving my order the two pizza’s where warm and the 16 wings where cold!!!! I will never, NEVER order food from Pizza Hut again if this is how you do business. Very disappointing!!!!

  566. I recently ordered three pizzas and 24 wings from your store in Williston North Dakota I was delivered my pizza it was an hour past the delivery time I called several times and was told it would be done in 10 to 15 minutes none of this was true when I called to inquire about my wings I was given attitude and talk to you as if I was in the wrong for being charged $66 and some change for food I did not receive Tamra the manager told me that I was SOL because she’s the manager and there’s no one else for me to talk to I was offered a refund after all of this which I refused I just wanted what I paid for I feel like I was wrong since I gave you money into not receive a product in returnI I do not want any special favors or anything extra alls I want is what I paid for if it cannot be delivered unfortunately I must ask for my money back I appreciate you taking the time to read my concern have a very nice day thank you

  567. BEWARE!!!! of this location and delivery drive *Donna Jennings* she was very rude nasty and dishonest.She took it upon herself to add a tip to my credit card without my knowledge or permission pizza hut did nothing about the situation other then return the money that was stolen from.I had to call and provide evidence to there cooperate office to have it resolved which was also a waste of time because she still works for the company. I wish I would have taken matters in to my own hands and simply pressed charges instead of leaving it up to pizza hut to not do there jobs.I feel extremely violated and upset over this situation and the blatant criminal act perpetrated by *Donna Jennings* and Pizza hut for allowing her to continue to work there after being provided undeniable evidence of her dishonest and criminal actions.So please BEWARE!!!! of this establishment check your receipts,bank,and credit card statements after every purchase from this Pizza Hut and make sure that they do not send delivery driver
    *Donna Jennings* to your home unless you enjoy being defrauded or having charges added to your account that weren’t authorized BEWARE!!!! 0/5 stars.

  568. You guys need to deliver to my house. We got every other getto pizza place willing to deliver but I can’t stand them. I only like p.h.

  569. Im new to the area, Greensboro NC but this is my second time ordering from this location(Randleman Road) and coming in contact with Tito. Best customer service ever!!! He has been very pleasant, not only to myself but other customers that I observe while waiting. He has a great sense of humor and it is definitely a breath of fresh air to encounter someone like this! I am beyond pleased and felt it was necessary to spread the word! Hopefully he receives some much needed praise! Great Job and thank you Tito. I will be highly disappointed if he’s not there next time I order!

  570. Last night we ordered a big box from the temple hills, Maryland location on Iverson street. We have ordered here many times and every time there is an issue; wrong crust, wrong topping, ice cold food,Two hour delivery, missing items, this time it was missing dipping sauces. I called and talked to the manager who said she would send the driver right back with the sauces, 26 hours later We’re still waiting, lol. I’m done with pizza hut, has always been one of our favorites but this location takes our cash and never gets the order straight so I’m done wasting my money with them.

  571. Waiting an hour and a half for a delivery just down the street is obscene. There’s also a Dominoz, I guess we’ll go there from now on.

  572. I ordered a pizza and some wings on 2/3/15 from the Pizza Hut in Baton Rouge, LA on Jefferson Highway. I paid with my credit card online. I immediately received the email conformation telling me the order would be delivered in exactly an hour. I get a call from the store telling me they didn’t have the bacon stuffed crust, did I mine switching to the regular stuffed crust. That was no problem. The delivery driver then told me that it was registered as a cash payment. So I paid the cash. However, my bank is telling me that the pizza was charged to my account. I’m highly upset and I need my money refunded as soon as possible.

  573. We placed an order and 1 1/2 later still no pizza. I called the store and was told to wait another ten minutes. If no pizza then call back so the manager can get the ball rolling.i asked to speak with the manager I was told there were several managers. Here i am 15 minutes later and still no pizza.i can’t believe this! 2 hours no pizza!!horrible customer service! Not a happy customer about to start a tweet account just to spread the word about this.

  574. I ordered asiago cheese crust did not get it… I ordered pepperoni with bacon and pineapple… I did not get it .. i got ham, pepperoni and sausage with a plain crust…I ordered asiago cheese bread …. and i got potatoe poppers…and a mountian dew for $15.00 coupon online 02/04/15 I got only a 2 liter right of my whole order.. I would like a refund or credit to my account… thank you

  575. I ordered a large pizza with wings on 2/4/15 online at 6:55pm at the Southgate location to be delivered at 9:05pm, needless to say my debit card was charged and I received no pizza. I called countless times only to be disconnected then to finally speak to someone and then to have an attitude, I understand that the weather was bad but at the same time as a Manager the situation should have been handled more professionally and was advised that I would be credited my money back but that hasn’t happened and no other compensation just excuses as to why my pizza wasn’t delivered which honestly was not a concern working in customer service and having Management background you should never make excuses to someone who already paid for something and obviously can’t get it so I am disappointed with this location and the company.

  576. Order pizza today 1/5/15 order # A025558X84T1706 large pepperoni sausage pizza. Has been awhile since had a pizza hut product and saw drizzle and crust flavor, sounded good but hated sirachi honey, never had it before but could not eat pizza attempted to use paper towel to clean off but could not eat pizza too spicy. We tried but did not like nor eat pizza. I guess I’m more of traditional pizza person.

  577. I had THE WORST customer service experience from Pizza Hut today or better yet in my life. My order took One hour and 45 minutes to come. I spoke with the “chief” manager whose name was INDIANA and she was so rude!!! All she wanted to do was give me 5 dollars off. I refused the pizza and I have to say I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE BUY A PIZZA FROM YOU GUYS AGAIN. That manager should be checked on because thats how you loose LOYAL customers.

  578. called Hopkinsville Ky pizza hut to order the new gluten free pizza 2 different times both times they said it would be 12 hours to thaw then call another pizza hut and they said it would be 20 min

  579. Placed an order for delivery. The order never arrived so I called my local Pizza Hut and they stated “that the driver came and no one opened the door” which I do buy. I should have been given a courtesy call. Now I have to place another order and go pick it up. Upset customer

  580. Server #004323 (driver)? Was on the cell phone the second he drove up. No conversation whatsoever. Not only did he not get a decent tip. We will not be ordering Pizza Hut in the foreseeable future. Have a Nice Day. Todd Michel.