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Contacting Oster Customer Service Center

Oster is a home appliance company recognized for the vast array of blenders the company offers, but Oster offers more than just blenders. The Sunbeam company also manufactures breadmakers, can openers, hand mixers and wafflemakers, to name just a few. Oster customer service is available to answer customer questions about products sold in stores and those purchased online directly from the company.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Oster customer service options are pretty well laid out for customers. The phone lines are open to answer specific product questions or take complaints from customers about products they already own.

  • US Appliances: 1-800-334-0759
  • US Breadmakers: 1-800-438-0935
  • US Hair Clippers: 1-800-339-2547
  • Canada Customer Service: 1-800-667-8623

Mailing Address

Though Oster customer service contact information is available for phone and email support, there is no mailing address listed. Some customers still prefer to contact a customer service agent by mail, so we tracked down the corporate address for your use. Send your customer service letters to:

Sunbeam-Oster Corporate200 E Las Olas BlvdFort Lauderdale, FL 33301


Oster Customer Service2381 Executive Center DrBoca Raton, FL 33431

The second address is listed in the privacy policy. It is marked as a communication address, not an Oster customer service address, but it may prove useful to send your letter to both.

Official Website

The official website for Oster customer service is located at You have to click on the Customer Service link and then on the Contact Us link to find contact information. We were shocked to find no social media pages for the Oster company and we were unable to find pages for the mother company (Sunbeam) either.

Customer Service Email

The Contact Us page is dominated by a huge Oster customer service email form. You can access the form at There is quite a bit of information required to send the form, including name, address, zip code and phone number. If a customer is just contacting Oster with a question about a blender we’re not sure why the company needs that much information.

Our Experience

In order to expedite your call and avoid the automated system, customers need to press 0. The call will then connect with the customer support team after a short wait of approximately 3 minutes. When the customer care agent answered the call, we asked if the company had an authorized service center for products out of warranty.

The agent answered yes and provided the following link to service centers in all 50 states. The customer service department could have easily provided and answer and ended the call, but they went above and beyond what we expected. Did the agent exceed your expectation? Let us know in the comment section.

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8 Comments on “Contact Oster Customer Service
  1. There is no information on-line on how to purchase Oster products in other countries than the USA and Canada. I live in Iran and I own an Oster Blender. My jar has brooken and I am looking to buy one in London, England. I have a relative there who will be back in two mounths. But I can not find a store in london which sells this product. Please give me some information.

    Oster Osterizer Plus Glass Jar (square top) #4891

  2. was given a breadmaker[oster]but not a you have one for model no.4811.would appreciate one if possible.

  3. I received an Oster two slice toaster for Xmas. It is model TSSTRT2SST. I am the only person who uses it and it won’t stay down to toast. The only way I can make toast is to hold it down. Very disappointed in this product. I will buying a new toaster soon but probably not Oster. I do not have the box and since it was a gift (no receipt). It worked fine for the first three weeks.

  4. very difficult to get a customer service rep. Then given mc appliance, who said they do not service OSTER. Calling back, so far 30 minutes to find out about my compact refridgerator and I have gotten no where. No service center with in 100 miles of us
    waiting for next avail agent to see if i can get another number to call for help , very frustrating

  5. After watching $500 smoothie makers demonstrated at Costco I paid $30 for your blender on the same shelf. It does the same thing, no problem, wonderful smoothies, easy to use. I did find that I have a spatula with a handle just the right length to poke fruit and ice through the top hole. Takes the place of the $470 stick with the other brand. Thanks for your blender!

    Mike Mullin

  6. My 2-slice toaster 6594 TSSTJC5BBK did not stay down to toast after 4 mo. and toasted unevenly, i.e. very well done on one side of slice while other side was barely toasted. I am supposed to fax a receipt copy to receive a replacement but can’t locate a fax number on the website.

  7. I bought an Oster toaster Model #TSSTJC4SST-LST on March 21, 2013. It is a four (4) slice toaster that does not toast evenly. Part of your toast, bagel or waffle is dark, dark and the other part is not done at all. Also, even though you push toast and can see all filaments on, it only toast one side so you have to turn it around plus move it so it doesn’t continue to get black. I am so disappointed in this product that I will never buy another Oster product. I thought they were a reputable company with outstanding products but I could not have been more wrong. I had a toastmaster toaster for over eight (8) years, this one for 16 months and it hasn’t been working for the last 4 months so I guess it was only good for one year. Not a very reliable product or not made well. I have started telling my family and friends “DO NOT BUY OSTER PRODUCTS”.

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