Contact New York Times Customer Service

Contacting New York Times Customer Service Center

The New York Times is a print and digital publication based in New York City. The paper is available in US, Global and Chinese editions. Like most print newspapers today, there is an online digital site with free and paid access.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

In the digital age, phone numbers are quickly being replaced with online forms and email addresses. We were able to find a few important customer service phone numbers, but not as many as we expected from a huge publication like the New York Times.

  • Customer Service (Home Delivery): 1-800-698-4637
  • Customer Service (International Herald): 1-212-556-7194
  • Comments, Suggestions and Error Reports: 1-888-698-6397
  • Public Editor: 1-212-556-7652
  • Advertise with the Times: 1-800-238-4637
  • Celebration Announcements: 1-212-556-7325
  • Corporate Programs: 1-800-753-7795
  • College and University Programs: 1-866-776-3698

Mailing Address

If you need to contact the New York Times customer service department, you can send your letter to:

New York TimesCustomer Service Department620 Eighth Ave. New York, NY 10018

Letters to the editor can also be sent to this address as long as they are addressed to the ATTN: Letters to the Editor in place of Customer Service Department. All letters to the editor should be 150 words or less. The address and telephone number of the writer must accompany all letters. The New York Times will edit some letters before publication.

Official Website

The main website for the New York Times newspaper is This website is the digital portal for readers and the page where subscribers and register for and log in to their online account. Much of the news and information published in the print paper is available on the official website, but some is reserved for digital and print subscribers only.

Customer Service Email

Customer service emails are available for some of the most important departments and people in the New York Times family.

Letters to the editor are accepted at You can also fax your letters to 1-212-556-3622.

Our Experience

When we called the New York Times we were happy to find out that we could have the paper delivered to our home by mail. The automated system is designed to keep callers in the system without ever talking to a customer service representative. If you are calling for home delivery customer service press 1 (0 does not bypass the system). You will be given additional options. You can press 0 twice to bypass the options. We were on hold for less than 10 seconds before our call was answered.

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12 Comments on “Contact New York Times Customer Service
  1. I am overseas, and need to change my debit card number for you to bill me for my digital subscription.

    Could you send me a link so I can do that?


  2. In the last month, I have not received my Sunday Times three times. Yesterday, I called the Times, requesting redelivery. This morning I received the Sunday Times from October 4! I would like to speak directly to the carrier, but the Times professes not to have a phone number for the carrier. I love my Times, but I’ve pretty much reached my wit’s end. The carrier is either incompetent or indifferent.

    Robert W. Ross

    • RE: Acct 855021077.
      03APR16 Issue of The NY Times was rcvd incomplete.
      The sections rcvd were Arts & Leisure, Travel, Book Review and
      The Times magazine.
      Please credit my account and I would like to know if you a phone number
      that I can contact my delivery person? Thanks.

      George M. Cousens

  3. On the NYT invoice for home delivery, it says “For Customer Care, call 7 days a week.” When I did that, the message said “The office is now closed.”
    The customer care site offers no way to ask and answer my question:
    We are home delivery subscribers, 7 days a week. How can I get access to the NYT on my phone?

  4. Cancelled paper,now I received bill for140.00,when my daughter called and complained for me they were rude and said they never received a phone call. O course the name on account is wrong address is wrong.Not sure who the cancelled but it wasn’t mine. Never again would I order news paper.

  5. I just received an email that my account was overdue although I had paid it two days ago. The payment was delayed because it took three phone calls to get someone who could process the payment (one person told me the system wasn’t working!). Of course 3 phone calls is nothing compared to the 14 I had to make before my change of address request was properly processed. What is going on in your office, these should not be complicated transactions!!!!

  6. I have been incorrectly billed and am waiting for a “billing person”to call me to correct errors!I have also written a detailed explanation of errors with no response.This has been going on since 12/8/15,account number899698385.Is anyone home there!!!

  7. I have received incomplete copies of my NYTimes subscription on 2 occasions
    in the last two weeks. My Sunday, Sept 10 paper did NOT include the Sunday Styles or the Sunday Review Sections. The paper delivered to me this morning.
    Monday, Sept. 18, consisted of only the SUNDAY, Sept. 17 News section and the
    SUNDAY, Sept. 17 Sports Section. Please give your prompt attention to correcting these serious delivery problems.

  8. On two occasions in the last two weeks, there have been delivered to me two
    incorrect copies of my NY Times subscription. On Sunday, Sept. 10 the
    Sunday Styles Section and the Sunday Review Section were missing. Today,
    Monday, Sept. 17, I received only the SUNDAY News Section and the SUNDAY
    Sports Section. Nothing else. Please give prompt attention to correcting these
    serious delivery problems. I am paying $1,000 per year to receive the NY Times.

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