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Contacting Netflix Customer Service Center

Netflix is a streaming and home delivery move service that customers can use with a home computer, Playstation 3, Wii console, Xbox 360, Mac computer, iPad, Apple TV and many smartphone devices. Service is available on a monthly basis, with customers being required to pay for streaming and home delivery services on separate bills. Netflix is constantly trying to pull in new customers, so contact information including phone,

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is one phone number listed on the customer service page. That Netflix customer service phone number is available 24 hours a day.

If you access your Netflix account and click on the Call Customer Service link, you will be given an estimated wait time and a service code for express service.

The new service phone number is to be used if you do not have an account or you are interested in learning more about the Netflix service.

Mailing Address

We could not find a mailing address on the Netflix website, but we managed to learn from customer service emails that the corporate address is located in Los Gatos, CA. The mailing address is listed in tiny letters at the bottom of the email. Netflix 100 Winchester Circle Los Gatos, CA 95032

Official Website

The official Netflix website is available here: You have limited access to the website unless you have an active account. Customers can find out about the service and the required hardware that plays Netflix.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email address listed for Netflix. All communication via email originates from the email account. We sent an email to this address and it did not bump back and undeliverable immediately. We did receive a response shortly after the email was sent. According to Netflix, emails sent to this address will not be answered if the question is a customer service or billing issue. Customers are supposed to use the HELP and MY ACCOUNT sections of the website to solve those problems. The phone number listed in the email is different from those listed on the website (1-866-716-0414).

Social Media and Netflix

Netflix is also available through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. The official customer service Twitter account is @Netflixhelps.

Our Experience

Netflix customer service begins with automated options. After a wait of approximately 1 minute, we were connected to a customer service representative. The Netflix customer care specialist was an English speaking employee who gladly answered our questions regarding account setup and payment. Customers can also contact customer service at the following email:

When we received the automated response, the email directed all questions to the customer service hotline. We found that the email sent from Netflix is an automated response with little to no thought behind the response. Contacting customer service using traditional methods is easy, but contacting customer service though email is nearly impossible.

Did you get the run around or did you speak to a customer service representative immediately?

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557 Comments on “Contact Netflix Customer Service
  1. I. Think Netflix is the best thing that has ever com a long. And the roku we love it. We love watching old movies and playing on Facebook. It is great. Thank u Netflix

    • QI can’t order DVD’s for my que … That are on the mail DVD folder.,that you send me in the mail…nor can I order newer DVD’s to put in my que.I can only order from what’s listed on your site.

  2. My name is Gloria Christ I have this next week some time now. I cannot most of the time look at movies on when I had it taken off of my service your company made it so I could not use my computer to stream movies at all I was forced to reinstate your company. I. Although I pay every month. I’m allowed no more than two movies to watch and most of the time no movies at all. I am going to file a consumer’s complaint also, I’m going to contact Better Business Bureau. It is 11:59-and I have the

  3. Dear Netflix:

    My wife and I wanted to watch Ricochet with Denzel Washington. I saw that it was rated “R” so I checked the description for why it was “R” because we do not watch movies with nudity. The following is what your website stated:
    Strong violence and sensuality, and for language and drug content
    No where in this does it say there is Nudity. We shocked at the tail end of the movie when the actors move through what seems to be a strip club where there were clearly nude women for several seconds. Please update your Ratings.

      • The great thing about America is that we are all free to determine our own moral and religious beliefs. I no more fault the couple who complained about nudity in a movie than I would you for being encouraged about it. But, considering the level of moral decay our society has undergone over the past 50 plus years I do admire anyone who has established for themselves a set of moral principles by which they are not willing to compromise. However, I do fault anyone who feels compelled to complain about someone because of their strong moral principles. Out of everything wrong in the world today, it just seems a little stupid that someone would feel it necessary to complain about someone who prefers not to see nudity in motion pictures.

        • If you do not wish to see nakedness or a particular form of politics, or violence, or whatever…. Then do not watch it, do not order it, and do not look at a movie that has anything you don’t like. Change the channel. You have a built-in censorship control…. It is called ‘The On/Off’ button. USE IT! B U T!!!!

          Do not try to censor all the rest of us out here. Stick to yourself!

    • I have never quite understood this about people. Violence? No problem. Drugs? No problem. Language? No Problem. Boobs? Ew! NO! Seriously there is hardcore drugs being used, use of the F-Bomb and there is a fair amount of blood/gore but once the human body comes out that is when there is a problem! Sounds like one if not both of you are insecure about your own bodies.

    • Anyone paying for a service is entitled to complain. But instead of relying solely on Netflix for info you obviously consider important, instead simply type in the name of the movie in the search bar on, scroll down to the Parents Guide link and click. There you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the various rating categories. Just out of curiosity I did this for Ricochet and here’s what it listed under “Sex & Nudity”:

      Rated R for strong graphic violence throughout, rape scene, brief nudity, language and drug use.

      A woman goes fully nude and thrusts up and down on top of a man. We see her breasts and butt.

      Some topless women are seen in a club.

      Denzel’s penis is VERY briefly seen during one scene.

      (Hmm, no complaint about that little — um, big? — detail???)

      Hope this helps. Netflix can’t control or change what constitutes an R rating anyway; since 1969 that’s been the job of the MPAA to determine before the movie’s first-run release date.

      Finally, I can’t end without mentioning what REALLY compelled me to respond: your comment that the nude women appeared at the TAIL END of the movie. If that was a Freudian slip, it was not only revealing but hilarious, too!!

      • It has happened to me too, 3 times. But I doubt it has happened “constantly” to anyone. Netflix has problems and challenges, as would any company trying to accomplish what they are doing. I imagine you enjoy the service as much as I, so let’s not trash them unnecessarily. and by the way, “their disks”, not “they’re disks.” They’re is short for “they are.” I only bring it up because I have to teach our children this.

  4. I wasn’t done watching Kevin spencer the just took it off streaming I am very dissatisfied they need to pitot back on the streaming

  5. I sent your CEO a fax letter about the deceptive trade practices and fraud I experienced through your website.

    I’m preparing to file a deceptive trade practices complaint with the FTC because after 3 different phone calls-this all is a joke to you all, I guess.

  6. The customer service was disgraceful. The lady who answered my call needed me to spell out my email address with examples, and sent me an email with no help in it. I already know how to connect my 3DS to Netflix. What I needed was troubleshooting help, which she failed to provide. I am still unable to connect it for some reason, and I have been given no help in these regards. Thank you netflix. Thanks.

  7. I have discontinued all use of NETFLIX . I resent your stupid, intrusive pop-down ads………and I resent NETFLIX for shoving them in my face. I used to subscribe to NETFLIX. Your offensive pop downs ads have changed that forever.

    I am not using my name or an email account I created just to send you this message. Don’t bother responding. I have opted out of pop downs and other Internet intrusions, and more importantly to you: I HAVE OPTED OUT OF EVER USING NETFLIX AGAIN BECAUSE OF YOUR PUSHY, BOTHERSOME, COMPUTER-ABUSING POPDOWNS. Piss in your corporate face!

  8. what with doing away with Stargate SG1 season 2and on and others, please put them back. Is this normal? to just drop a show. I came here to see the whole run of the show

  9. I’m not happy with there service always disconnecting and having me download constantly tired of doing it day in and day out don’t know how much longer I’m going to keep there service super frustrated!!!!!

  10. Hey! What’s going on? I contacted you to cancel my Netflix service and to stop the automated debit withdrawals from my bank. I was told it would stop before my next billing date. That time has just passed and you debited my account again. STOP! And, you owe me for the $7.99 which has just been withdrawn again. The money must be returned within 10 days, or I shall pursue this. It is not a good time in your industry to allow a story with this subject matter to be made public. 10 days.

    • I have had this same problem. For 13 months, Netflix has been withdrawing $7.99 w/o my approval, even after my account was cancelled. I wasn’t getting notification because they had my old email address. I’m in the process now of getting my bank account right.

  11. I cannot get access to Netflix on my Roku. I get a message saying Netflix has experienced an internal error. Try again later. This has been going on for THREE days. Whats up?

    • I had the same problem here is the solution.

      go to Roku apps and remove netfix, once that occurs pull the plug on the roku unit for 30 seconds, then go to apps again and install netflex, you will have to install email address and password, then try to connect to Netflex.

      Just be sure to plull the plug after you remove the app, if this is not performed it will not work.

      Hope this helps

    • Same stupid error message telling me to try again later. Try extracting money out of my empty bank account for next months service fees. Never had this problem, ever, now all of a sudden all night long. Wth?

  12. netflix is a waste of money. it is only good for sitting around waiting for a show to load. seriously, waiting 30 minutes to watch a twenty minute show is out of hand. i wish i had not switched over. cable may have been a waste when you dont veiw it often, but at least i could actually watch something besides a black screen with 97% on it when i got the chance. netflix is a joke, and after this month ends im not wasting anymore time and money on this worthless “service”. it might cost more, but id rather just go buy whole seasons of shows than deal with this. if anyone is considering netflix, dont bother. it is a terrible idea; complete waste of money and time. you would think that a company with such a reputation would actually try to keep their customers, but i guess not.



  15. Warning to all users at Netflix!!! If you ever decide to cancel your account make sure you inform your bank that you no longer wish the payments to continue to be taken from you as Netflix will still continue to take money from your account despite telling them to close the account. Also if you bank with lloyds TSB make sure your payments have deffinatly been canceled as they have a habit of not following through on your actions. Netflix will rob you of your money and I will never use this service again as they don’t care about you but only your money!!!!

  16. I got a free trial coupon in the mail. SO I went to their site, they asked for my promotion coupon number, name and eamil, then they demand a credit card number or pay pal (not available where I live)
    This sounds really suspect.. they get my credit card number and keep adding charges is my suspicion..
    needless to say i think their wonderful coupon offer is a scam.

    • They really are I signed up I understand why they asked for credit/debit but to charge you when your on free trial? Thats what they did yo me a few mins ago. I called customer service and said it was a test to see if the card will actually go through but after this trial im sure to cancel everything.

  17. I am a huge fan of Greys Anantomy and Private Practice so I THINK ITS AWESOME you can watch all the old and new episodes but usually when the new season is on they put last years on Netflix and they havent done that with Private Practice so please if you canpl3ase do so…thsnk you
    Also love all the movie selections and the netflix for kids. My children are so excited to see all the kid selections so thanks again…..



  19. Dear Netflix just so you know we’re paying you a monthly fee for a crappy selection. 98% we have seen and 2% we would rather not watch. Why don’t you update more frequently?? Older movies and tv shows I would think would b available for streaming.. Your search option is nice but every time we search we see ” no results found” very annoying. Also in the past during the month of October you have offered several horror catagories.. Not this year imagine that another let down. I mean this with the utmost.. U guys SUCK and if u can’t prove me and everyone else that’s complained about the horrible service then were canceling!

  20. Really NFlx, don’t make something appealing, grab the money, and drop the ball! Follow through and make it what it seemed, a good cheap site for entertainment. Your getting greedy and Lazy! Pick up the CUSTOMER SERVICE LEVEL!!?

  21. Ok, ps3 had error code, and try again later, unable to play now. Called customer service, he said uninstall or delete on the ps3. I did, reinstalled it. Works great! He suggest to do the same on my phone, EVO 4g, I did,??? Won’t let me log in?? Wth is going on? If I don’t have the option of logging in on my phone and ps3 anymore since the so called UPGRADE, OR UPDATED VERSION, Than bye bye Netflix. Updates are for their benefit I guess maybe trying to control multiple device log ons and users??? Screw it, customer service better fix this one or I will discontinue.


  23. I really dislike Netflix .. I think that you guys should have house party 1 2 and 3 .. Making the band ( all of the seasons) flavor of love … Water boy .. Drumline .. Cousin skeeter and there’s plenty of more things that I can’t think of right now but you guys really need to update netlflix better then u update it now .. I’m paying monthly for this and I barely LIke to watch this I just might cancel my subscription

  24. Seriously, we had a big problem with loading episodes with shows. We would watch it all day fine and then go out and come back home and we would start the show again and it would go back to the first episode of the first season and when we would skip to the episode where we left off it would stop loading at 97% for 20-30 mins and sometimes if it would pick up where we left off automatically it would still stop at 97%. We never had this problem with any of the movies, movies would play right away with no problem. I just got off the phone with a netflix customer service rep and she was very nice but no help! I ended fixing the problem on my own by going to the xbox website and their solution was to delete the app completely and then reinstall it. I did that with no issues at all and when i went into netflix it started on the first episode of the first season but this time when I skipped to the episode I left off it played right away!! Took seconds to load! So if you are watching netflix on an xbox and it’s doing the same thing try deleting the app and reinstalling it. I don’t have any complaints about the customer service I experience, she was very nice and trying to help but she wasn’t very helful.

  25. I,am ready for newer moives . You might put 1 or 2 on ever 2 mo. Iam about to drop you guys becouse of this . I know 7.99 is not much . But i have been with you guys forever .

  26. I have a Netflix account but have been unable to access online for 2 days , I do not really want to cancel my account but if I do not hear back I will have to

  27. I owuld really like to watch the movie dead leaves, (デッド リーブス Deddo Rībusu?) is a 2004 Japanese animated science fiction film produced by animation studio Production I.G. It was distributed in Japan by Shochiku, in North America, Canada and the U.K. by Manga Entertainment, and in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment. It is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi. It is notable for its fast pace and energetic visual style. I would really like to see the movie added to the instant streaming list.

  28. There’s no frickin’ search box to determine whether they’ve got what I’m interested in until you sign up. The attitude from customre service is “yeah, so what?” I can understand why Netflix is tanking, they suck.

  29. my name is zahir see my account number is 350411.
    I take the service in October if I liked seeing the promise of a free month when I gave my card nuero you made a charge of 8 dlls when it should be free, call the phone number by customer service and I promised I would not do charges the next month if not till November December which you made a charge to which I told my bank that month Refuse that was gonna be free to speak to customer service and were told it sorted it but it did not trataro of collect one more time why this day Sunday November 4, 2012 I had canceled their service by fraud is not just to promise something and do not comply, it is not fair that you play with people so I’m only one person the thousands who have and will not import anything but I will do everything in my community of Latino and Arabic for the person having q cancel their services and those who want to take to tell them not to, makes bad advertising her frauds that make just file a complaint with the BBB for fraud and serious mind I’m thinking a civil suit for fraudulent company

  30. I have had a number of series–Hatfields and McCoys, Boardwalk, Boss, Homeland–at the top of my queue for three months–all stuck at very long wait or long wait. I called customer service today and was told curtly–its supply and demand. The agent, named Kyle, was rude and laughed at my complaints. That’s it for me and Netflix. I will write a letter of complaint, but I have done that before–all to no avail.

  31. I was wondering if you all offer any scholarships, internships, or financial assistance for college students? If so, I can be reached at or directly at 314 255 7699. Thank you for reading this email and have a wonderful day.

  32. I am hearing impaired I like da movie but I don’t know how to do close caption can u email what to do please I have try n need of assistance thank you

  33. To whom it may concern.

    I deleted my netflix account months ago, and i am still being charged on my credit card. I cant access any sites to reaffirm my cancellation. This whole operation has been a scam.

    I demand your immediate attention with compensation for this. If you do not stop charging me immediately i will take action.

    Patrick cooney

    • I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve been charged for the last eight months and they won’t give me any of my money back. No idea if I’ve even cancelled properly yet! Disgusting customer service and no complaints department. Convenient.

  34. Im not happy! I am thinking of leaving.
    The movies always stop and the selection is not good. I would love to see a series called “Smallville” Please add that. I am sure alot of people will love that

  35. Double Billing with no refund is THEFT. Netflix wants to blame my credit card company for allowing the charges to go through, but feels no responsibility for charging 2 different credit cards, 2 different fees, on 2 different days of the month for the same account.

    Shame on you!

  36. I don’t have a lot of cell phone minutes left and want to ask a simple question by email to Netflix. I forgot password but the new password is not arriving in my email inbox. What’s going on? I don’t want to spend all night trying to figure out cookies, popups, etc.

  37. netflix can you plesase put a christmas story the 80,s one on instant,:)because i haven,t watch it in a long time come on plesase put it on instant this year and that,s all im saying,

  38. Netflix is just not thoroughly checking the discs they are sending out. I returned the Nazi Officer’s Wife virtually UNVIEWED…due to it being severely damaged. I am hoping your customer service relays this message to the person in charge of product quality. I spoke with someone in customer service who could not direct me to the area designated for online reporting of the damage. Attitude from your staff is NOT customer friendly interaction. It is bad enough we are frustrated about whatever situation we are trying to report, and correct, without having to deal with someone who clearly does not want to be doing their job.

  39. 1. Complaints posted to this page will not reach Netflix. This isn’t Netflix, this is, who gives you the Netflix phone number (which is easy to find on their website anyway).
    2. 99% of all of your streaming problems are because of insufficient bandwidth. Kick everyone else off of your connection, restart your modem and router, and check your service agreement with your ISP to remind yourself that speeds are not guaranteed (up to 60 mbps means you could get 1 kbps, 60 mbps, or anywhere inbetween), and they will limit your bandwidth as they see fit. Don’t blame Netflix, they have no control over your connection.
    3. If your favorite show / movie isn’t on Netflix, it’s because the company that owns the rights to the show doesn’t want it on there. Again, don’t blame Netflix, they are legally bound by copyright laws and contracts with the content providers. Trust me, they want as many movies and shows as they can get, they aren’t doing it to spite you.
    4. The world is not out to get you.

  40. I have been using netflix for a month now, and im pretty sure a lot of people have been complaining about not being able to delete your instant watching activity. I called them twice and asked to delete it, and they said sure. Both times, they did not delete it. Whats the point of not letting the people delete their history. My friends came over and turned on stupid movies to embarrass me, and I cant even watch it now with my family now cause of that. If not changed, Im canceling my account.

  41. i usingthe sony google blu ray dis player i was streaming and have a good time now it wont play the movie cause loading up issues i can play movie on my smart phone and desk top too, it just not cooperating with google chrome or what ever its the holiday time and i cant enjoy because of these issued and i hate to write

  42. Dear NETFLIX,
    You are becoming a large LIBRARY !!!! Wonderful !!!
    I really THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for expanding media another step – that is setting up LIBRARIES OF PROGRAMS and making it available to everyone.
    This is really great !!!!! both computer site and to get it on the TV screen is so wonderful !!!!! I have been trying to watch MOVIES and TV SHOWS from the beginning to end on the large screen, just heard one better in stereo.
    Because of care of family, time delay, visits, more, and now aging and handicap, I have missed a lot of programs. I have watched programs on the TV and theaters. Lately, I have missed the beginning of most of the shows and movies because of SEARCH, then cannot find a replay. (TV listings in newspapers and magazines are so large they cannot put everything on and one cannot plan ahead.)
    Trying to watch programs in a corner of the computer screen from the website, while working on other things on the computer, has been a substitute (but not very good-to watch full screen on the computer -I fall asleep – and miss the program again). Tapes and discs have been better with VCR, DVD, and some on-demand have been better, however a little expensive….
    NOW with the TV screen and the computer screen, I can watch programs, movies, documentaries IN LARGE from beginning to end while working on material on the computer !!!
    Many people living in hospital, retirement homes can catch up on programs missed !! They don’t have to sit around play dominoes and cards all the time, but can continue on gaining an education.
    I really THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for expanding media another step – that is setting up LIBRARIES OF PROGRAMS and making it available to everyone.

  43. lilyhammer is a fantastic show. Fabulous writing and acting. Please give us more episides. It is tongue-in-cheek brilliant!!!

  44. I was searching Netflix for Downton Abbey, it appears that it is available but when you go into the site, it is not available, is this not misrepresentation, is it available or not.

  45. Netflix just sucks….every time I want to watch anything it goes for about 3 min. Then loading but never ever ever comes back on. Should b a law about having a company take payment for servixes they totaly suck ass at.

  46. Netflix problems:

    – no email contact with customers.
    – should have way to post a film I liked to my social network. don’t know why Netflix hasn’t made this possible, as it would definitely draw more customers to the films.
    – shouldn’t have discontinued feature they had back at the start, where you and friends could see each other’s suggested films list
    – no email contact with customers. yes, worth saying more than once.
    – more of the films need to be streamable than are right now.
    – more British and Scandinavian tv series. It is so far superior to the stuff in this country, which I cannot watch anymore, since finding how inferior and stupid it is by comparison.
    – better search function – too limited and literal.

  47. Just viewed THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH Disc 3 It has 2 flawed areas that interupt/lock up viewing. Do not send a replacement. About 1 out of 3 NetLlix discs we receive seem to have scratches, errors. Do you people inspect DVD’s when they come in or do you sight onscene rotate?

  48. Do you think that you could look into getting season 3 of pretty little liars posted on netflix? Because I am so far behind and I cant find any other way to catch up without paying more than I already have to for Netflix. Thank you.

  49. I just wanted to say that I love Netflix in general and wish you a long and happy life. I also wanted to let you know that I am definitely not one of the subscribers who will watch your new show. If I had to watch it, I would cancel my subscription. I’m not of fan of Kevin Spacey, nor am I a fan of the first Netflix series being one of an adult nature. I seriously hope this isn’t the trend.


  51. For the life of me I can not understand how a company that does not exist and who`s only product is none existent, can make money. You have no movie`s and most tech smart people I know agree that streaming on to a TV is impossible. I must say that your attempt to make money without actually having anything to offer is interesting. I have a few idea`s for future business ventures. Please get your advertising out of my face.

  52. Hello Netflix

    I would just like to thank you guys for being awesome. I used you guys in Iraq when I was over seas and you guys are way better than the competition. Hulu has nothing on you guys. I actually canceled my Hulu account because of you guys. Just wanted to send you guys a thank you.
    Sincerely a satisfied customer Sam

  53. Your original program of ‘House of Cards’ is fantastic! I would love to see this and other Netflix programs availible for your customers.

  54. I called customer service to complain about blueray DVDs not containing extra features. Apparently, I’m a little slow, the studios have been leaving these out of discs shipped for rental. This is the only reason I get blue ray discs. We have a huge TV and we’re satisfied with picture quality on either disc. Okay, I get it. The studios want you to buy the discs. However, the customer service rep I spoke with is on my list of “rudest, most condescending, sarcastic” people I’ve ever spoken to on the phone. I’m considering dumping my service after two years. She did not understand at all why I didn’t see the reason for paying extra for blueray discs to watch special features when the discs do not contain special features. Is it me? Should’nt they be alerting customers to the fact that the blue ray DVDs do not contain extra features? If she wants to keep me as a customer shouldn’t she have handled this differently? Where do they get these sales people? I guess they don’t need to treat customers well and do not need my business.

  55. Many of your current subscribers who enjy quality movies with talented actors and scripts with good storyline that keep them coming back are beginning to put the word out that Netfex SUCKS You keep your customers with word of mouth. Your new content consists almost entirely of supernatural vampires gore action and mindless cartoons. I have consistantly searched for actors work only to find that you carry movies they have bombed in. If I ask for a good movie I have heard about it seems to be on Amazon or one of the other competing vendors I REALLY ENJOYED the recet House of Cards with Kevin Spacey and his Casino Jack as well as Mad Men but you are not providing more good documentaries,stories that have good content ane keep viewers coming back TIRED of SIFTING throught the trash aimed at children and teens. There is a HUGE AUDIENCE of AUDULTS out there HUNGRY FOR QUALITY CONTENT TUNING YOU OUT that a small investment in quality films could bring you.

  56. I called to cancel but didn’th have my account number. In less than 5 minutes the customer service woman had verified my account and canceled the account! Wish every business was this customer friendly. I’m cancelling because I forget to watch the movies!! But I’ve had a positive experience with Netflix for years.

  57. Please i like watch korean drama and korean movie but now almost i watch all maybe neflix put new korean drama and korean movie please thanks

  58. House of Cards is a bulls eye. Superb and wonderful in all possible ways!! PLEASE do a second season!!!! PLEEEZE. And Kevin Spacey is awesome in this, as usual.

  59. For all you dumbasses that keep complaining about the Netflix selection you pay $7.99 a month what the fuck do you think you will be getting? The company wanted to go all streaming and put new releases on the site but you guys whined about the price jump. So tuff titties either deal with the service at $7.99 or ask the company to add a premium service for streaming with more content at a higher price. You think those producers will give Netflix the license to stream new movies at only $7.99 lol get real.

  60. I don’t want to wait until the season is completely over to watch my show. I just got tv but im 11 episodes behind on pretty little liars season 3 and I want to get caught up before Tuesday, when it airs again. but Netflix wont put season 3 on until the season is over and I don’t want to wait. why wont you put them up? or where can I watch them for free?

  61. Ya, Free for a month of Netflix, why do you still need a credit card # on-line ahead of time upon signing up if it’s FREE? You already have an email address to let anyone know time (reminder upon company courtesy) is up so pay now. Ya, Free for month…ha

  62. Netflix “customer service” is HORRIBLE! It is near impossible to find an email address that you can use to try to attempt to contact them!

  63. Im so angry, because I cancel the subscription for netflix and I call to customer services, because they got money for my account so I call and they got me back my money so I check my account today that they took me money for my account other time!!!!

  64. Netflix, I’m very disappointed. You change my plan and did not inform. Fromm $8.00 to $15.95. Why?
    My previous plan included dvd and stream movies for only $8.00

  65. I cancel Netflix along time ago and now Netflix took money out of my account last month . I hope Netflix can understand me now. I don’t want Netflix because I can’t get it on my TV so that means I want to cancel Netflixit.Please stop taking money out of my account. I’am telling you again CANCEL MY ACCOUNT !!!!!!!! I would not sign up again if I allready new that I couldn’t get it on my TV. I called Netflix today on the phone and I was told by the person I was talking to that when you call Netflix it doesn’t mean nothing because that don’t keep track of what you say. I had my phone on speaker phone so the people in my home could hear what the girl at Netflix was saying. She was very rude.

  66. Is there a problem with the movies? There aren’t any,just TV shows is that what I am paying for?
    The thing is I can watch them on my tv. Do t tell me that you ran out of new movies! That looks bad. Need to fix that. The name is Netflix not TV shows you can watch. I am not happy.

  67. Please update the clock which shows when shows were watched. It is always a day ahead. Also, the time watched would be really valuable, so parents could see when kids are viewing. I would really like to see the parental controls changed. I would like to block G rated shows, and have an option of choosing which ratings to block, rather than a blanket “PG and above” for example.

  68. Why am I forced to share and connect netflix through facebook?? I am paying for it and it’s not enough? I stil have to do advertising for you guys? fuck you!

  69. I have had NETFLIX for the last month or so. I will cancal movie downloading because three times after one hour or so the pic. freezes and note pops up saying ‘reele is loading,tnis contines to the movie ends . This reloadlng/playing has a sequence of two minutes and runs to ends of film. Most disturbing.

  70. Noticed today I’ve been double billed for exactly one year. Online chat person said she can only refund the current month. What recourse do I have? Netflix shouldn’t get away with this!

  71. The internet here (Costa Rica) is slow. A movie keeps stopping then starts again after a few minutes.

    Is there some way I can download a move, then watch it later?

  72. We have had Netflix for several months and continue to have the same movies available with very, very little change. Most of the movies no one has ever heard of and are worthless. I continue to search for movies and you don’t have them. There have been tens of thousands of movies made, and a lot of them are very good. Why are they not available on Netflix? Why don’t you have more movies that are worth watching. I like westerns and WW-II movies and you have very few and in mpost cases nothing. This is why we left Dish Networ, they had a lot of nothing. We find that we have to buy DVDs in order to get what we are paying you for that you don’t have. I want some satisfaction for the money I spend.

  73. They didn’t help me at all the guy I talked to was great nice and all but he said the problem I was haveing was cuz the new update and I was stuck with it I say boo to that but I sat there for 45 mins just to have them say sorry u gotta live with it

  74. Please add Pokemon to Netflix. Starting from the beginning season and adding up to the last completed season and please include the pokemon movies as well. I would watch Netflix 24/7 if you would put all the pokemon stuff so far on there. Please please please consider this.

  75. Dear Netflix, I’m a pretty happy customer but I have a few suggestions that would make me even happier. First of all: parental controls: I noticed that I can make Netflix for my kids sake only play shows rated G which is nice but I noticed that doesn’t control shows rated Y-7 (or basically rated for TV) and I really don’t want my 3 year old clicking on power rangers constantly. It would also be nice to be able to block or hide specific shows that parents don’t want kids to access at all, even if they are within the allowed rating. For example there was a really tender show that made my little girl sob and sob and sob and I thought I wish she didn’t have access to that cause we don’t need her to be so sad. Thank you for your help and I look forward to new good stuff in the future.

  76. cant understand why theres only two episodes.of.drake and josh season 1 :( we wanted to watch the third ep. gutted. however netflix is amazing!!!
    couldnt live without it now x

  77. my fiance and i share the account under her name on my ps3. her name is amber langer and
    we were wondering why the heck the rocky movies got taken off of streaming. and we want to know if there is a way to request them and other movies back on to streaming. kind of frustrating not to be able to watch all you want then get it taken away when you had it. we should be able to not only pick from a list but also request what to watch when we want it. make it happen please and thanks.

  78. This is for Helen Bershadskaya, (Netflix senior software engineer ) Thank you for recommending The Princess Bride. Great movie for all !(Where in this world can you find that?)The write up and recommendation made me love Netflix even more. I’ll be watching for hopefully more recommendations from you in the future. Thanks again, Caitlin Visser


  80. I have been a loyal customer for about a year now. My services were suspended, finding out there was fraudulent action. Customer service was contacted, finding out someone else’s info was on my account and my info had disappeared. I spoke with several representatives, including a supervisor. I was informed a signature card would be sent to my email, which was never received. When I called back, my email could not be found. I was then told I has to wait 72 hours to verify my account information. I was defrauded and I am being treated like a criminal. This has been going on since February with no resolve.

  81. Indont ever understand hy they don’t have xtra factor on fliping Netflix!!! Netflix if you red this put xtra factor on Netflix please!!!!!!

  82. I am some what new to Netflix and wanted to know why they have seasons of shows on but only up to season 4 or 5 when the season on tv is in 8 or 9??!!!?? Very disappointing when you start to love certain shows ( weeds, heartland etc)

  83. Netflix says they don’t throttle but they do, we have been with them for years but now it seems the service has gone down the tubes, for us like clockwork if we sent our DVD’s out on a monday then netflix would get them on tuesday, everytime for years, once in a great while they would skip a beat but it was rare, but now it’s a regular occurance, if we mail a DVD out on Monday they won’t get it for 2 to 3 days.
    What has changed? We call they deny and make excuses, we never get new releases because by the time out DVD’s arrive they are on long waits so we have to go to redbox to get them, so there is no sense in sticking with netflix, they have gone to the dogs and when our subscription for the month ends we are done with them. There are other online options, netflix has become a dinosuar in the video world.

  84. My second profile (my husband’s list) disappeared well over a year ago. If he returns a disc he gets one he once requested. But he has no way to access his list or add to it. Every time we call you say you are “working on it”. Your customer service agents sound condescending and insincere and like they just want me to get off the phone. I’m over calling because it’s pointless and a waste of my time. Can you just do what you’ve said you’ll do and correct it please?

  85. Disappointed that Ntflex does not offer Movies vial mail anymore. Tried to renew my old account and the only option was via internet. Are there any other companies like Netflix that offer DVDs by mail?

  86. I have been quite disappointed in netflix since they changed there whole system around to streaming because u have the same old movies and T.V. shows and are rarely ever switched out or added to which has made it very boring.
    Also when streaming netflix it has a tendency to gain control over the bandwidth making anyone else sharing the same connection second in line for what ever they may be doing.
    All in all the services of netflix has been slacking of late and is not worth the time and effort into using it anymore due to these two problems i have just listed.
    If u want my advice try something simplerer and easier like hulu plus since they r always adding new material or swapping it out and doesnt control how much bandwidth everyone else get sharing the same connection.

  87. I have removed the mail-in dvd portion of netlix temporarily while I travel, but still have streaming, I now cannot view my dvd mail in list, which I like toad to and remove dvd’s if I watch, and also read reviews. After I called, you said it confused some customers-please if you are not intelligent enough to know that if you ar enot paying for dvd’s, you cannot order them, then you should not be using NF period! PLEASE REINSTATE THE FACILITY TO view your dvd list, this also encourages me to re-start it quicker if a bunch of good movies are added. I am getting less and less for my money. The average person has 2.1 kids, both want to stream different shows, then the parents are unable to stream anything as you have reduced it to two. come on NF,going right downhill now, have to watch shows on Amazon Prime and Vudu now.

  88. you queers need to stop complaining. if you dont like netflix, dont use it! SIMPLE. stop saying youre gonna call the BBB or write the CEO. You think some trailer trash high school dropout bitching about this company is gonna change a thing? NO! they make millions, people love this company. dont like it, get hulu. Losers

  89. Netflix,
    I watched six seasons of Monarch of the Glen on your video streaming program, but season seven–the final season–was not available! This is very frustrating and unfair. Please update your seasons.
    Sincerely yours, Pam Thornton

  90. I signed in in Colombia Bogota for a TRY because I do not live in Colombia but in Italy where there is no Netflixservice. But I see you are taking the monthly payment from Paypal which was NOT autorized.
    I saw House of cards only once as a TRY.
    Now you constantly give me notice that I cannot get into touch with you “try later” So if that goes ahead like this I am NOT going to sign in in Italy when the service starts. My mail could have ben also different but it was pished so this is my current mail

  91. We have had Netflix for years. Until my husband and I moved to Japan because he is in the military. You lost our business too Hulu plus because we can’t get your service here. Hulu allows people to use their services on military bases overseas. You should think about doing that because I know so many people that would use Netflix here! Thanks for listening

  92. Overall netflix is decenf for the price but i do wish they offered as much for streaming as they do for dvds. Also i wish more subtitles were offered theres a few movies where it says theres english audio but there really isnt. I think netflix should upgrade the quality of their movies to at least Hd. And i noticed for each system netflix is organized differently like comparing ps3 to xbox the ps3 seems better cause when you do a search other titles come up that are simular. And i do wish that you could search by keywords.

  93. I have been having streaming issues for the last week while watching Netflix movies. Please advise.

  94. Hi, my name is Cristina. I’ve been addicted to Grey’s Anatomy for a few years now and I was wondering if you were planning on adding season 9 any time soon? In the process of waiting for season 9, I started watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager… I got addicted. And I was also wondering if you could add season 6 of that one… Please! (:

  95. I like Netflix. Netflix is good. Netflix cost a little. I like the shows Netflix has. My favorite is the walking dead. So pleeease, I hope you add season three of the walking dead so I don’t go crazy! Please let season 3 be available. I love you..

  96. hi i have been addictid to avatar and u guys took it off i will have myother end a complaint about u guys if u dont fix it soon

  97. The past week and a half. I’ve gotten to get my Netflix to work. Keeps saying”can’t play title. Choose another” I DON’T WANT TO CHOOSE ANOTHER I pick my titles to watch them, not to be told to do otherwise! EVEN WHEN I DO CHOOSE ANOTHER TITLE, the same message appears. What am I paying for if my subscription time is being completely wasted. I feel cheated, FIX THIS

  98. I’m writing to complain about the condition of recent DVDs we’ve received. In the past month we’ve had two disks arrive badly cracked. While the responsibility for this could be placed with the postal service I would like to point out that we have seen an increase in the poor general condition of your disks. Skipping/jerking/digitizing is a reoccurring problem. Often a simple cleaning resolves these problems. However, at other times that isn’t sufficient due to scratched surfaces. With regard to the cracked disks, it was particularly disappointing because they arrived for the weekend.

  99. My CC was used for frad. I called Netflix to update my card. They asked for card numbers, I had destroyed my card as instructed by the bank. They refused to take my new card because I didnt know my old card number. They said I had to log on and to change it. I didnt want to log us, I wanted to call and clean why I changed my inf. They refused to take it so I canceled. Netflix does not get customer service, we knew they when they forced us to pay for 2 services instead of one.

  100. I recently encountered a problem with loading Netflix on my wii. I contacted customer services with my problem and encountered something very rare. Our representative was helpful, easy to talk to and above all, pleasent! Very rarely with other providers do I encounter this type of customer service/relation. I would like to thank Netflix and tell them that they have a life long customer to their service. Cable is for losers!

  101. I am very mad mad at you guys because you took your best show ever off I know you had to take shows off but why did you take south park off that show was funny and it helped me sleep so if you guys could I would be very happy if you put it back on instep que and I will keep my netflix account but if you don’t I will switch to hulu pluse

  102. I really enjoyed Netflix when I first opened an account, but it seems to be going very down hill fairly quickly as of now. I have some good positive feedback, as well as some negative. First of all, Hemlock Grove seems to be one of the good things Netflix has going for it. Other shows that are awesome include Sons of Anarchy, Weeds, and Lost. There are a few more as well. Here are my complaints. Shows such as South Park and Gangland: vanished out of nowhere. These are number one shows and you just let them go? Shows and movies viewers actually like get replaced by sickening gay and lesbian movies. Also foreign and Japanese based movies that even the Japanese and foreign folks could care less about. Gay and Lesbian movies shouldn’t even be an option. Yes, they are free to express themselves, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. You guys have lost your minds? Do straight people have a movie selection? No, they don’t. Gay and Lesbian isn’t even a real genre. It is sickening to even see, especially when we have families that watch Netflix too. Here’s some real consumer advice. Put some of the shows back on, which were removed for ignorant reasons. Quit replacing good movies and shows with foreign, gay and lesbian, and cheesy sequel movies. We pay your salaries as the consumers. At least give us viewers something worth paying for. And you all wonder why many of us cancel. It is you, not us. Do away with filth and stupidity. Say hello to what sells. It’s business 101. Learn it. You’d be surprised with your outcome. We really are getting what we pay for. We are paying in full for something that’s only maybe half good.

  103. I’ve had Netflix for a long time, but the streaming videos are mostly shit movies, anything good, you have to get on DVD. I cancelled the DVD’s because I got several that were damaged, although the shipping was very fast. Not worth the frustration!

    The frustration of browsing through a bunch of movies that are 1 and 2 star, and not worth wasting time browsing through or watching is frustrating. So, I’ve cancelled Netflix.

  104. I think it stinks that almost every title I look for is “available only on dvd.” What am I paying for?

  105. I was given a gift of 1 year subscription to Netflix by my brother and sister. I got an email from Netflix giving me the code to redeem the gift. The gift was a Christmas gift in 2012, so should have covered me up until January 2014. Instead, they have charged my credit card every month, and we are now up to June! I have called once, emailed once, and then emailed the public relations email address. They do not even give me the courtesy of an answer. As I see it, they now owe me a credit of $51.30 and an apology for their ineptness. I am now very angry, and I will not let this go.

  106. Netflix used to be really legendary !!! Now its getting really bogus and annoying with not having awsome shows and movies.One of the reasons i preffered netflix over hulu was cuz it had good and different options of movies and shows plus no commercials . Like wtf no SOUTH PARK!!!!!!!!come on people get SOUTH PARK back on there please. Ya i know hulu has South Park and other shows that netflix now doesnt have but the damn commercials .thats why there cables ect.. So they can show commercials . netflix get your shit together and start appreciating the customers you still have faithful to you before you start losing us .Renew your contract with the big boys so we can watch our shows and movies Thanks !!!! SOUTH PARK for life…..!!!!

  107. I truly enjoyed watching streaming movies from Netflix for the last two years. I watched those old tv shows and movies that I have not watched when I grew up.
    However I have suggestion for the privacy sake like you noticed when you make a selection via bowsing, you will see different genres listing with title of shows below and what bothers me is that you added the quote of what I had watched, Because you had watched “Lost”…. Why can’t you just use the genres all the way on the browsing list? Also due to sensitivness among some viewers including children, I suggest you to remove the genre, Gays and Lesbians. In order to keep customers satisfied, please keep up with great selection you have to offer in the future.

  108. Can you please put the rest of the seasons of keeping up with the kardashians on there? And the other reality shows about the kardashians, thanks

  109. Hello, I would just like to point out that some of your movies are the second in a series, and you don’t have the first one. For instance you have “Never Back Down 2″, but you don’t have the first one. I would verry much enjoy if you could put the first one on. Thank you.

  110. Netflix was fantastic when it first started because they were not only adding new release movies to their inventory but they were also adding many classic American movies as well. However, over the past 5 years they’ve all but stopped acquiring additional vintage, classic American movies to their inventory because they’ve been investing primarily in adding foreign movies from around the world but primarily from both India, China and South Korea. These foreign films are fine if you speak those languages, but Netflix is catering to this comparatively very small demographic at the exclusion of its overwhelming majority of domestic customers. There are hundreds upon hundreds of vintage and more recent movie titles they could acquire but have not made it a priority to do so. As a result I’ve reduced my subscription from 8 dvd’s at a time to just 3 at a time.

  111. My Wife and are elderly and quite deaf. This spoils the enjoyment of the many good films we attempt to watch. Is there any chance of having a subtitle service such as is avalable on TV?
    We would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for this

  112. The sevice is getting to slow.. should i keep trying or just cancel my account. I really love netflix but everytime im trying to watch something it always have trouble playing what i want to watch, and is not my internet conection.. this keeps getting worst and worst.. FIX IT !!!!!

  113. I cannot get Netflix to come on it just keeps tells me to try again . Befor that when i picked a movie it would only down load one four of the way know matter what show i picked . are you having a trouble?

  114. I was double billed on my account. Called customer service and they said it would be taken care of. Why was I double billed to begin with. Then when the survey came up after I hand up with so called customer service it asked me how I ranked them. I pressed 4 for bad. It just hung up and said thank you. Luckily I work at Amazon and will be telling Netflix to eat $hit!

  115. I think it’s a violation of my privacy for this company to just pop up whenever it chooses to in my personal on line mail … stay out of my account … furthermore, I consider this company a ripoff, after having had dealings with it in the past… they still owe me money that was just taken out of my bank account ‘by accident’, supposed to be returned (yeah right) but never was so, fuck off and stay out of my personal spaces.

  116. It would be really nice to be able to watch a movie or show without it loading every 10 to 20 seconds. And out of all the movies on Netflix, only about 4% are worth watching. Can’t even find any movies from this century that actually have known actors in them. Seriously who picks these movies and shows to be added?? They should be fired! And how can you not have Spongebob or Dora the explorer? Like are you kidding me? All the scary movies SUCK! Except paranormal activity, scream & Carrie. That’s literally it. Just pathetic. Hire somebody better to pick your movies and shows. Or atleast ask customers for opinions and freaking consider them! Christ. What is going on with this? Not a satisfied customer at all!!

  117. Please update your shows. When you start watching a show you can’t finish because you don’t have all the shows. Please update heartland lots of people love that show and we don’t have all the Sean’s please update them. Please

  118. Why have you put one of Scotland’s greatest films Gregory’s Girl on your library and then dubbed over it ?? Talk about ruining a movie !!!!

  119. when are you putting back nick jr. shows like blues clues, freshbeat band, dora the explorer, bubble guppies, team umizoomi, and other little kid shows. disney is great for kids but the shows dont grab my little brothers attention.

  120. Disappointed in the availability of classic and films from the 70’s and 80’s. They are available on CD, why not streaming

  121. My parasitic ex-roommate has been leeching off of my account for ages now. I keep trying to reset my password but netflix has never responded. I am tired of footing the bill for this jerk to watch Dr. Who for free. I’d reset everything but I don’t remember my password. When will these people respond?!

  122. I would love for Series such as Poriot, Hart 2 Hart, banacek, Matt Houston, Charlie Chan, The thin man. Good classic to be watch. What do I have to do to see them. Hotel even Quincey.

  123. I love Netflix and I also seen that u put naruto on Netflix but its not there I was wound wrong if you guys will put it back on Netflix I would like that allot

  124. I just re-upped after 2 years. 8 bucks is great, but tons of things, WE the People want to stream instantly, still have to wait incessantly for DVDs by way of snail mail. This is one of the reasons I dropped this screwy company after they tried screwing us all for monthly charges. Nothing has changed, other than streaming, which is ONLY 720! Shameful. I seriously doubt our relationship will last.

  125. It took me less than a month to watch everything worth watching on netflix. They have a better selection in the $5 bin at walmart. If my wife wasn’t into the stupid haunting crap I would cancel my subscription.

  126. Horrible experience! Illiterate representatives! I was trying to see why I got billed twice for a month. Angela Thomas if I remember correctly could not speak to me without saying huh,yea or I don’t know about that.

  127. where are the rest of the law and order episodes? I’m going to cancel if you do not put 9 through 20 on your list. What’s up with this?

  128. Have been watching movies on my Ipad and when I go to watch, they go ahead and make me sign in everytime. They screw around with my account and I don’t know why. I can’t get in touch with them, everything is automated! I will cancel soon… they suck!

  129. I love Netflix!!! And I have a question thought I was wondering if you add couple tv shows to netflix like…… Smashed and Nashville 1-2 and 7th heaven also bates motel please and thank you and I don’t have any problems with netflix! :)

  130. I am a long time customer with Netflix, and am slightly irritated at my service, I watch everything on there, but your movie rotation is slow, and when you do get new movies they are still old and it sucks Redbox is out doing you which is weak!!! They exist at freaking Circle K’s for Christ sake’s! And when you do get anime movies they are never newer productions, and then the older ones you do have you rotate the English dubbed ones for the foreign subbed ones, now that’s just rude and annoying! Please at least add and English option for those few shows and movies that are foreign. Don’t make this a movie teaser they have been out for a while and we shouldn’t have to wait for you to make I updates and changes, because anyone that’s had Netflix for a while know’s you guys suck at updates and movie rotations! Please review these comments carefully and remember the customer service GOLDEN RULE!!! THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! You want our money, treat us like we matter, our concerns should be your concerns! Thank you for your years of service, but if changes are not received or even noticed, your customers will. You will loss more members and customer then you’ll ever had imagined.


  131. Had Netflix for about 6 months now. During that 6 months I have had 2 instances where I tried to get on Netflix with my PS3 and it said it wasn’t available at the moment. I restarted my PS3, and got back in, and it worked just fine. Advice to anyone having problems with Netflix on other devices, BUY A DAMN PS3. I think there were 3 times when I was trying to load a movie or show and it stopped at like 50%. I got out, got back in, and it loaded just fine. For those of you ordering DVD’s in the mail, my hat goes off to you for still living in the 1990’s. BUY A DAMN PS3. Also, back in July, I was watching this awesome 1st season TV series on Netflix which was on TV in 2011/2012. I did some research and found out that the second season 2012/2013 would not be released to DVD until August of 2013. I figured that Netflix probably wouldn’t pick it up until 2014. I was wrong. The new episodes for the second season were picked up in September. Now that’s fast. The only suggestion I have for Netflix would be to add more titles to their lists. It’s difficult to satisfy so many different tastes and opinions, and the amount of space it would take to offer EVERY movies and tv series made would probably be astronomical, but I suppose if they are making good money, that’s something they should look into.

  132. Ever since we updated the netflix it won’t let us watch it
    On our tv. Which is bs I am pissed off. Other then
    that we love watching old show and new ones.
    Please fix our problem

  133. Hi I have cancel my netflix account for awhile now and I’m still recieving bill from you all I would really like a respond

  134. Netflix uses email addresses to establish accounts, but they refuse to accept messages on their side. They have been charging me for 3 separate accounts for six months and it has been impossible to get anywhere with them.

    Using only phones for customer service provides Netflix with plausible deniability and they know it. It’s not two way. I received an email message stating that they had cancelled 1 of the 3, but couldn’t reply asking why they didn’t cancel 2 of the 3, which is what they said they were going to do on the phone (and I spoke to a manager as well as a customer representative!)

    Netflix sends emails to customers but refuses to answer them themselves. Shabby.

  135. How about being a little proactive, you are acting like the prom committies Merck and Co have running their operations.

  136. well I watch shows like the wind club with my daughter and the one you have on Netflix sucks it is nothing like the one she watches on 4kids TV the songs ad eps are different and the one on 4kids has 5 seasons complete what’s going on

  137. I bought the Chromcast dongle, signed up for Netflix and prepared to watch movies. Unfortunately it seems that new releases aren’t available for streaming and I still have to go out and get a DVD if I want to see them. I have mostly only been able to stream B movies or very old ones. After a little research it seems that I can get most of these free from YouTube.

  138. Hello….Is to say that I enjoy watching movies with my family and thanks to Netflix I can keep having pleasant moments with them. But I wonder, If they could put a few movies like Pitch Perfect, The Bridesmaids, Just Married, and Fireproof. Thanks anyway for everything, this was in any way a success.

  139. Hey Netflix,
    Will you mind putting the movie Jennifers body, please. I been wanting to see that movie for quite a while now and I haven’t been able to see it. I been looking for it but nothing ever lets me see the full movie so I was hoping for Netflix to put it on but it hasn’t happen. May you guys please do it? Well thanks looking forward to it happening(:

  140. Hey my family loves u guys but every one needs u guys to start updating new movies and shows like secret circle it came out 2011 and u only have on season I am so mad u need to update that really

  141. I’ve been waiting for American Horror Story season 2 to be able to stream. Its been about a month since the DVD came out…thats just among other movies and TV shows I’ve been waiting for. I hope you update your collection soon, I might have to cancel and go to hulu plus or amazon. I loved netflix in the past and want to stay loyal, but you’re not serving the demand.

  142. I think there is a multitude of people that are appreciative of Netflix and watch it faithfully each day, I am of the older generation and financially strapped and have a stronger need for $8.49 each month than something I don’t watch, there are many programs we seniors watch without paying an additional fee although I’m sure your paying clientele feel it’s well within their budget allowance.

  143. I have had the naruto vol 1. disc 1 in my queue at number 1 since July 20, 2013. and it still supposedly on a long wait. A very long wait should never equate to a 4 month wait. If you can’t get it to a person in about a 6 weeks you obviously need more copies. If the title is no longer available you should not offer it. Your customer service in this matter is abhorrent.

  144. I cancelled my Netflix streaming trial subscription after less than a week. I was surprised at the lack of variety in choices to stream. It’s all the tired junk assortment of bland comedies, lame dramas, etc that you can get in Redbox. The streaming catalog needs to include more choices. There wasn’t one film I wanted to watch in ANY genre that I either had not seen or was just a lame film. With all the great older films, independent films, etc it is a shame their streaming line up is so top 40.

  145. Netflix took 2 payments out of my account and when I contacted them they said it would be put right back into my account. well they never did. this puts me into over draft. so be careful when you use netflix

  146. I would like to remove movies I began watching from “continue watching” without actually watching it. How can I do this?

  147. Netflix service in Canada is pathetic. Save your $8.00 per month. I can go to my Ma & Pa corner store and they have more of a selection. Until we start voting with our wallets Netflix will continue to give us garbage. The past ten searches I have tried have resulted in a big fat 0. I chatted with a rep from Netflix and she reqignized that we in Canada get an inferiour service compared to the Americans. She told me to get a proxy service to avoid this shit they spew at us. Netflix you should be ashamed for this crap you feed us in Canada.

  148. When I first started Netflix I have loved it….not now!!! NF has become uppity, full of themselves and forgotten who made them great!!

  149. There customer service sucks ass And they don’t respect there customers there most important people to have why? Cause we pay u our hard earn money I don’t recommend netflix I rather have Hulu and Rebox has a subscription service bye bye Netflix…Hulu is taking over now anyway at least they don’t have the same shit for months and they steam current TV shows I see Netflix stock going down by the day woow this is what happens we you scam people out of a day of service

  150. just today i created a account in netflix believing 1 month free trail…but i dont understand why you charged me initially …..will it be refunded or not?
    i already cancelled by subscription (within an hour)

  151. I was very disappointed to find that Shrek is not on the selection of films to choose from on the UK version of netflix, please fix this at the earliest possible convenience as you have left me in a crisis situation.

  152. They keep asking me to come back, but I left because they didn’t have anything I wanted to watch. I refuse to pay for a month’s service only to find out that they still have nothing of interest for me. They need to have a way for people to see what content they have, then decide if they want to go back. Not pay to be disappointed by the poor selection.

  153. I was recently cut off from netflix because you did not receive my payment. My Bank of America account was hacked. You dropping me so unceremoniously without waiting for an explanation from me makes me never want to have anything to do with your company. I will return the dvd I have.

  154. I received an email from Netflix saying they wanted me back and offered me another free trial membership. I signed up and a few days later got an error message and when I called the girl said I was actually not eligible for the free membership so they charged me. I told the girl I was very upset and they better take the charge off because it was their mistake they sent me a free offer I wasn’t eligible for. The girl refused and was very rude to me. I couldn’t believe it! She completely ruined my day and refused to do anything and when I asked for her supervisor she cut me off and said “they are going to tell you the same thing we are not reversing the charge” she then placed me on hold for over 5 minutes and I finally decided to hang up because I didn’t know if anyone would ever come on. I called back and got Amy on the phone and she immediately apologized for the mistake, reversed the charge and still let me keep the membership. I am only writing a bad review because that first employee completely ruined my opinion of Netflix and they should monitor the calls and behaviors of their employees. I don’t know the girls name I spoke to first but employees like her are very bad for this business and I will NEVER use them again because of her. Very rude and unprofessional.

  155. I am very upset that you took MTV’s Teen Wolf (TV show) off of Netflix…it was the only place I went to to get away…but no, you ruined everything from me, my family, and friends. so thank you. thank you for making it very obvious I should cancel my membership from Netflix.

  156. Dear Netflix,

    Can you please add the TV series Home Improvement to instant queue. I really like Netflix and would love if you could do this for me. Thank you!

  157. Hello.
    The show, Xena: Warrior Princess, was taken off of Netflix a few months ago. I have not yet finished watching that show, so I wish that you could put it back on.

    From a Netflix user,

  158. I have been concealing my account for 3 months and are still being charged. The only reason i have been concealing is it never works right. please credit my account for three months and stop charging it thank you.

  159. Been with Netflix for some time… originally fast turnaround and good DVDs. Now very slow, 2-3 out of every 4-5 DVDs cracked. Redbox and local library much better these days.

  160. my connections are fine the quality bars indicates a strong reception. However, hackers are rebooting the movies to interrupt and break your concentration. This is an effort to end the business relationship with good customers, I enjoy Netflix and encourage this company to find ways to keep the movies from rebooting every five mins and so on. Please continue to keep this company in good standards. thank you so kindly. shadeejah

  161. i have been trying to get on netflix for more than 5 days to no avail…I have followed all of your trouble shooting advice…still no netflix. please help. thanx suzia

  162. Please put xena warrior princess back on, it’s my favourite show and I only have a few episodes left… Please. It would make me so happy.

  163. I am a paying customer for years. Instead of getting better quality of services it’s seems like it’s being done in reverse. I am talking about movies and TV shows that I like I can no longer get streamed for God I don’t know. I am considering taken my money some place else

  164. Why did you try to take my payment nearly a week early as a result I have incurred bank charges again and despite a previous e mail explaining my payment methods where you responded in a very understanding way, I couldn’t have explained my by weekly money going into my account. So it is with great regret that i must ask you to cancel a membership with Netflix with bank charges I end up paying £25.00 plus for a 5.99 or I believe you’ve increased it by 2.00 I just can’t afford it so unless we enter into a correspondence that will see my service resumed etc please do not attempt to take anymore payments. I will now search for another similar, service as they are increasing again with regret. Miss A. Hepburn

  165. Why did you try to take my payment nearly a week early as a result I have incurred bank charges again and despite a previous e mail explaining my payment methods where you responded in a very understanding way, I couldn’t have explained my by weekly money going into my account in any more depth So it is with great regret that i must ask you to cancel a membership with Netflix with bank charges I end up paying £25.00 plus for a 5.99 or I believe you’ve increased it by 2.00 I just can’t afford it so unless we enter into a correspondence that will see my service resumed etc please do not attempt to take anymore payments. I will now search for another similar, service as they are increasing again with regret. Miss A. Hepburn

  166. There is no way to post a negative rating. The rating starts as 2.

    There is no way to contact customer service at Netflix without listening to mind-numbing Muzak-like noise while waiting. The website listed a 12 minute wait. I hung up after 20 minutes.
    I am guessing is the desired response.

    The first disk they sent was cracked.
    The replacement was cracked in a different place.
    The replacement for the replacement was actually the first replacement sent back to me.

    This means I am being cheated out of two disks.

    If this is an effort to force me into subscribing to Netflix streaming, it won’t work. I will stream through another supplier.

  167. this question goes out to anyone and everyone, how long does it usually take for a show to get put back on to Netflix? no not a new show, a show that was taken off?

  168. Why, you don’t have , movies and series , whit spanish subtitles,in USA , when you have , services in sur america and the Caribe,

  169. netflix, please check some series –
    -jessie – good luck charlie -teen beach movie- ANT farm- wizards of waverly place- SPY kids 4D- good luck charlie i’ts cristmas.They are recently added on netflix and I can’t wach them! Please check
    (I am brazilian)

  170. We are very concerned about the quality of the DVD’s on arrival at our home. Since you closed the distribution site in Butte we have received 2 broken DVDs. In all our years of faithful use of Netflix we only received 1 broken DVD.? mailing problem? this one looked like it had been broken for quite some time.? packing? checking quality control?

  171. We have had Netflix for afew years now and for the most part my family has been very satisfied. You have some old movies and westerns scattered around in afew areas but it would be wonderful for you to had those as their own separate genres. There are so many good old movies that todays generation know nothing about. Westerns, musicals, the “Rat Pack”, etc. Im sure there are many other families that would appreciate these additions to your programming.

  172. I am seriously thinking about canceling my subscription because the movie selection is horrible. There are thousands of the crappiest movies ever made and once every few months there is one good one added.

  173. Dear, Netflix
    can you please put all seasons on for Scooby doo mystery incorporated on please I want to see all of it because nothing Elise is god for me except this show so can you please

  174. I am watching netflix on my wii and I have a new netflix account but my previous account Is sill sinned in and wants me to pay the bill how do I get of that and sine in with my new account ?? It gives me no option to sine out ?? Helpppp

  175. hi. I love Netflix…I’m a new member I just switched over from service is much better fast home delivery..i love it thanks!!!!!

  176. It has become increasingly hard to log on to our Netflix account. Today when I finally got logged on (I think) I was asked to download Microsoft silver plug should I do this. I watched a movie last night with no problem.WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!

  177. I really love sitting down relaxing while watch my favorite shows on Netflix or I did till you put all mt show in Japanese with English subtitles soooo now I’m really sad that you did that can you please put things back the way they were

  178. This has bugged me for a while now!! Although your free month trail is good it kinder sets you up to fail and when you go through the help centre or contact us you get questions a two year old can answer! My problem is that you don’t provide full series like for example I looked at something the other day that went from series 1-18 (skipping 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 etc) how does that work if your a paying customer? Also why once you have watched something it is still there? I’d quite like to close it at £5.99 a month please? Love film I bet you can? Also where are the new releases, man of steel etc? Come on netflix month free trail aside it simply isn’t good enough! I also lost the only way is Essex half way through a series, what is that about? I begrudge paying when you cannot provide a full service with full feedback capabilities! I have canceled my membership as I’m royally not impressed! Improvements need making as other people I have spoken to are suitably unimpressed! I’d like to end on a positive but that isn’t going to happen! Incomplete series do not make good entertainment! It’s like watching friends series one and then skipping to series ten! If you (and unlikely) never seen it your lost! I could go on! Improvements need to be made!!!

    James Askew
    United Kingdom

  179. I left love film cause most of there content was getting old or was really old, I see your getting same responses from other customers, can you please update your content so you have more recent stuff and then everyone will be satisfied and will stay with you, if content doesn’t get updated then I’m going to leave here and I’m on the expensive package so your loss…. Also where is the rest of ‘river monsters’ series as there’s only a few on there???? Please reply :)

  180. Hay when are you gowing to relis season 3 4 5 fo d.gray man I am getting mad at you be cus I now ther is more then 52 episodes ther are 103 episodes when are thay coming out!

  181. I just called Netflix and received the ABSOLUTE WORST customer service I have ever experienced in my life. I cannot believe your company will survive if that is the way you believe you should treat your customers.
    I’m having an ongoing problem streaming videos from Netflix, so I called to see if there was any alternative to canceling my subscription.
    The absolute jerk I spoke to told me it was my problem and he couldn’t help and I should just leave him alone.
    I have NEVER been treated so rudely or abusively by any company in my life.
    I will post my experience with Netflix on EVERY social media site to which I belong. I am the leader of many large organizations so my opinion of your service will clearly hurt your business.
    I hope you are destroyed by your rude behavior and unwillingness to serve your clients.
    Worst of luck to you always,

  182. Enjoy Netfilx wondering thou is it possible to update series such as Downton Abbey, Doc Martin just naming couple of series. Just wondering why

    Thank you for your time
    Debra Patrie

  183. I canceled my subscription and I still get fined every month. When I log back in I can’t watch any movies,shows. I want to know why I’m still getting fined please tell me.

  184. This is a complaint for you Netflix there are 103 episodes of d.gray man were are thay this is a noting me os much when do thay come out cus ther is only 51 episods on there lick com on when are thay coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s email me when thay do com or whiy you did not put them ther yet .

  185. I was having trouble getting Netflix on my TV, after having it for over a year. I called and spoke to a sweet girl named Allysa(I hope I spelled her name correctly)She was so nice and helpful. I wish I had gotten her last name. She is definitely a credit to your company. Thank you again, Alyssa.

    • Only using it through a 26inch tv in my bedroom via ps3 and hdmi lead. Bt broadband is fairly quick but films are low resolution

  186. i had the monthly bill set aside in my account for netflix, i go to check my account and the have taken out an additional amount i need to get behind this quickly. why would they be taking out more money from my account when i clearly did not authorize it.

  187. I find it very frustrating,how you avoid e-mail contact with your paying subscribers and the nature of my complaint is this,you advertise that you introduced ” the fall “and yet i cannot watch this show on netflix.I have managed to stream 3 episodes online,but am having trouble receiving the two remaining episodes,i should be able to watch them on netflix,but cannot,you must lose a lot of customers for this very reason.

  188. I would like if Netflix could add lots more Disney movies because it would not only make the customers happy but the Netflix company themselves this reasoning is because the parents of children would want something to keep their child busy and Netflix would attract them.

  189. I need customer service uk. All emails bounce back! Very frustrating as I am Deaf.. Awful Deaf access with this company. Very poor and not 100% subtitles. Maybe we should sue like they did in America? Seems drastic to get fair access to this service?!?!

  190. Netflix is okay, not great. Half of the time, when I want to watch certain movies, you don’t have! Very annoying. You guys have the same movies and shows, mostly old shows. I wish you guys can add new movies and shows every month. This is what we paying for so I feel some upgrades or changes should be made so Netflix can be great. I’m not the only one complaining about you guys not barely having anything new. Just a paying customer that would like to get what im paying for, I don’t know how long I will be with Netflix if it hasn’t improved.


  191. Netflix is always pausing when I watch a movie !!!! And Netflix is so freaking late on shows and movies !!!!! Instead of fixing the problem


  193. can you guys and the simsoms,more seasons of family guy, and the Cleveland show I would really enjoy it but other than that I really enjoy the TV shows oh and this is not my email for my netflix.

  194. Hello,

    We have been using Netlfix for some time and refereed to many of our friends as well. As of now we are rethinking about using Netflix. We donot see high rating movies being added, infact we have not seen any Bollywood movie added since a very long time, it used to be updated every week earlier.
    We are going back to other websites or buying dvds specially bollywood movies.

    Please update, add some more movies .


  195. You have not give me service to my iPad for a few months while still taking my monthly fee. I would appreciate access to these movies and a credit for the time I could not view any of these downloads. I can purchase from iTunes and cancel my membership if this keeps up. This is lousy service. Mary cole

  196. I just love Netflix, however, we have a hearing impaired person in this house and we need to have closed captions on the streaming videos. We now can only watch foreign movies, which is great, but we want to watch English speaking videos too.

  197. dear, Netflix can you please put more seasons of pretty little liars on . I have watched all the seasons 3 times. please!?!?
    thank you !

  198. Please cancel my membership , don’t charge my credit card ( discover ) start mart 2014 …I did not watch movies from Netflix anymore for a years !!! …. Please close no member anymore , I have loss my money .. Thanks .

  199. I have loved everything about Netflix. I love the user friendly site, the ability to download hundreds of movies, and the option for receiving them in the mail. Netflix is my primary recreation, and it’s so little to pay for hours and hours of pleasure.

    I do with to comment on the movie, HOUSE OF CARDS, that is apparently a Netflix baby. As a political junkie, I’m naturally drawn into the characters and story line. HOWEVER, this season’s series is like watching porn—every type of porn. I’ve seen everything now but beastiality, and that may pop up suddenly tonight. I understand that the rating should informs the viewer (me) that the topic is for mature adults, but what makes Netflix think that a person interested in political corruption also wants to see graphic displays of kinky sex pop up with no warning in nearly every episode! It’s very offensive.

  200. You can remove House from our Netflix viewing. it is disqusting and immoral. We prefer not to have that or any guy sickness.
    I prefer chick flics or inspirational.
    Please remove it. thank you

  201. Can you guys please add these movies back to Netflix? BASEketball, Dance Fu, Epic Movie, and The Little Giants please!!!!!!

  202. Netflix takes to ling to put in shows, seasons, and movies. I have three shows I need to talk about, first one is the fosters, I have been waiting so long for the second season and on abc family they are already on the 3rd or 4th! I have been waiting a really long time for that. Another show is pretty little liars, I have been waiting one year for the 4th season to come on ad thy are already on their 5th! The last show is switched at birth, me an my mom have been waiting for a year also. I hope they put in one of those seasons soon! I can’t wait that much longer!

  203. Dear Netflix:

    You are really pissing me off. I have been a customer with you almost since you started and have recommended people use your service the entire time. Lately thug, there have been issues after issues after issues; scratched and unplayable discs, broken discs, every other Blu-Ray has been scratched and unplayable and your choice of funding on TV shows (Hemlock Grove) is absolute garbage.

    I killed off the Streaming service because it was crap.

    I got rid of the Blu-Ray service because they were crap…

    …do you see a trend yet?…

    Slowly but surely I have started to look at Redbox, buying used DVD/BD online etc.

    In America, we have companies that think the best way to treat a customer is tell them to go to hell. This is why so many American Companies go bankrupt.

    You are making an ally into an enemy.

    One more scratched/broken dvd and you are done.

  204. Hello my name is Shawn sloss and I would like to request more animation, preferably Japanese anime please I’ve lee addy watched the ones that you guys have on there already. My parents pay for Netflix so technically I pay for Netflix as we’ll. please can you put more Japanese anime on Netflix please and thank you.

  205. I love Netflix, cause you don’t treat me like a broadcaster so why are you making me wait a week for each episode of Dusk Till Dawn, that’s so old telly so not Netflix

  206. I love Netflix, there are lots of different choices of shows to choose from and great movies too. I would love to have Pretty Little Liars all four seasons on Netflix though because Netflix is the only source of T.V. that I have so I can’t watch it anywhere else. Please Please add it!

  207. Please, please, please, have current seasons on Netflix. That would really be great, because I want Netflix so that I can catch up on current shows too, not just reruns!

  208. I see you have not fixed any of the buffering problems from last year, I was told these were taken care of and I would have no more problems.
    Im a over the road driver and have my own WiFi hot spot with a perfect signal all the time, But yet your system is unable to keep up. So Im thinking of stopping servace again for good and hope you all go out of business because you are only taking money from people and are not able to deliver what you claim.

    David Daniel

  209. So d gray man ther are mor episods wher are thay there are 103 episods and you have lik 52 you are lick Hulu. Email me and tell me whiy.

  210. Theres money still being taken out of my account. I cancelled several months ago and still 5.99 is debited out of my account each month. Can you check this out for me please. I need to know why this netflix account hasn’t been stopped. I need this sorting out a soon as possible. Thanks. Luke

  211. I am would like to erase a serie that I am not longer want in my phone. But cannot do it. It is get it annoying.

  212. As soon as possible you give me any contact of the netflix company. i’m not registered and for this reason its pretty hard to get a contact. i even haven’t a log in at your homepage but somehow i’m wondering why it’s possible that i see in my online banking a lot of bookings at your company! So its time to hurry up for you!

  213. films keep stopping and reloading, the films load of old crap what did you do buy blockbusters old stock I AM NOT USING THIS CRAP AGAIN

  214. Hi I think your great but unfortunately you took Roswell off a program I was in the middle of watching please would it be possible to put back on.


  215. What a joke Netflix is I have tried about 7 times to pay my bill and it won’t let me I’m done with it now can’t e mail them and you have to pay to call if their is a problem on their side see yaaa

  216. We were watching 24, and now it is gone w/o warning! They say that we were warned, but there was nothing on stream that notified us that it was leaving and not coming back. We are seriously considering dropping Netflix because they did not warn us!

  217. What is this with people. Why can’t they be responsible. How do they crack a DVD!!! This is the third time out of five movies, that I got cracked DVD’s.

  218. We left NETFLIX over 2 years ago and figured they would substantial update. Browsed the site and really saw just the old B movies with a couple of good movies mixed in, but nothing worth investing our time and money in. The measure of a company is when they are willing to listen and read the customers email. I can’t find an email for them, which is an indication they don’t care.

  219. Recently Netflix has been unable to fill recent DVD’s Ex: Wolf on Wall Street, American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club, Paranormal Activity, Anchorman 2 & more….I do not understand why ? Their stock price is at $353.03 as of today (4/10/14) and DVD’s do not cost that much money o produce, that was one a the reason why Blockbuster failed. If it continues hello Redbox. Simply, it should not take a month or longer to receive a DVD. Not good customer service!!! If you have more demand then supply, purchase more SUPPLY! Thank you….Randy (a loyal customer for over 5 years)

  220. Been watching housewives of New York and git to series 4 episide 9 and it has been taken off Netflix. Most irritating. Please put it back on so I can watch the rest of it.

  221. I was wondering when you are going to start bringing out the good movies like the US. I like supernatural movies but your movies are all the same and have not been changed or added to. Boring. Come on guys find a way to start getting the great movies. I can watch them on t.v. before you, disappointing. Also I was watching a t.v. series and you removed it before I could finish watching it, way to go.

  222. Sou assinante e gostaria que o seriado the pretender dublado em portugues BR seja disponibilizado, assim como as demais temporadas de house.

  223. Hi I would actually like to make a request.. Ghost Hunters is a good show and it came out before Ghost Adventures could Ghost Hunters get added to the selection of TV shows they have a TV show or did

  224. Hi I would actually like to make a request.. Ghost Hunters is a good show and it came out before Ghost Adventures could Ghost Hunters get added to the selection of TV shows they have a TV show or did

  225. Let me start off by saying that I love Netflix, but I have one complaint. You have have CSI NY and CSI Miami, but you don’t have the original CSI available for streaming. Can you please make that available? Thank you

  226. I got rid of Direct TV because the prices started to creep up, all the goodies went to NEW customers. The ones that had been with them for years got 1 perk every year. Now Netflix is raising their prices on new and old members. I don’t think the raise is warranted unless they start putting on more recent programs. Plus I have to wait everytime I use my list. I click on a program I picked, wait for about a minute, then click on the next one, then wait etc.

  227. I love Netflix! I probably watch Netflix more than My satellite service. Much of the same programming is provided at a substantial subscription price but with commercial interruption which Netflix does not. With the closing of Net Neutrality, if my ISP charges a premium for my Netflix connection I will leave. Corporate greed is out of hand. Perhaps when the damage it does hurts the right target the wake up call will be heard.

  228. I am mid way through watching season 6 of charmed and today it will no longer play. Also u had further seasons however they have disappeared today. Not impressed ?????

  229. Why are you all taking so many shows off? I watch more shows than movies and all the shows I had lined up to watch are now gone. Considering just switching to Hulu now since Netflix has nothing I want to watch anymore. I am sure many others feel the same now, just a FYI.

  230. I opened an account with netflix which was suppose to be one months free trial. they immediately took one months subscription from my bank account. I have since cancelled and can find no way to contact them by email to have the first months fee repaid to me. I am not happy with the customer service and wish I had never agreed to join. One month Free is a con.

  231. Netflex is great / I just have one suggetion. On the foreign films it would be helpful if the language of the film is also posted.

  232. What is terribly sad is that Netflix is not what it was in the beginning, and it makes a huge difference. I’m contemplating to end my subscription because of it. When I started with Netflix, I had all the greatest movies ever made at my fingertips, I could teach my students with them, I learnt a lot making my own private film festivals of a director or actor, etc, I shared great stuff with my kids. I don’t like what most people like, I probably hate what most people like, so Netflix has totally screwed that beautiful place where I lived for many hours of my life. I can’t stand Hollywood movies and think that most TV programs suck. I’m the kind of person that would have sat down to watch Fellini, Godard trilogies, I love the Wire (at least first seasons) and British comedy shows. loved it when it passed to streamlining, but then, the quality dropped vertiginously and the “top pics” for me, and recommendations are awful, out of an entire genre I’m lucky if I find one watchable movie. Yes, I see Taxi Driver and Raging Bull but all the good stuff is watered down by a lot of crap with 1-2 stars, also I used to live in Brooklyn, I don’t like most of what my newer community likes, not to mention that I already saw many times those great movies mentioned above and I’d like to see other movies but they never come, and the same crap stays on my genre lists for months on end! I wouldn’t mind to pay triple, no 4 times if I could see the movies that match my taste. That is that material point, commercial-free movies that align with each group of costumers taste, not the crap it has become!

  233. I like to watch the movies but I do not like the fact that I make a list of movies I want to watch and when I watch them they stay on the list. I wish they could be automatically removed from the list by the time you finish watching them.

  234. I was going to get the one month free trial, when I put in my name, e-mail and password, there was some kind of problem and told me to make sure all the needed information is put in, which again was my name, e-mail and password. After 3 times putting in the info I gave up. So I thought I should try doing it online…………guess what, this e-mail is in use. So I never got my one month free trial, but yet I am listed as if I did.All I can say is.. way to go, great customer loss……Whatever, I do not have time for stupid stuff like this, you can keep it. Thank you.

  235. I spoke with a young man named DERRICK yesterday at the DVD Netflix organization yesterday, and he was MORE HELPFUL than
    anybody with any company I have spoken to in years…..quick, friendly service with personal attention.

  236. Hi I Am A Canadian Customer Of NetFlixs I wanted To Ask Their Is A Show Called
    Star Crossed And Season 1 Is Finished But The
    #CW NetWork Is Not Renewing Season2 can You
    Please Take A Look At The Show And Maybe Pick The Show
    On NetFlixs It Is An Amazing Show! #StarCrossed Please Pass
    It On To Someone In Charge You Won’t Regret It!
    It Is A Great Show! #StarCrossed Give Us Season2 Please!

  237. Finally, a company that appreciates its existing customers! Thank you for continuing to service old customers at the original price! It’s about time someone realized that it’s just good business to reward loyal customers. Thanks, Netflix, you got it right!

  238. When are you putting the new seasons of the walking dead and supernatural on netflix it’s driving me crazy!!!!!!!

  239. I hate the incessant blacking out the screen to ask if you are still viewing. That is not any business of Netlifx. It always comes up when the remote is not within hand’s reach or when I am across the room and always interrupts viewing. I hate it., hate it.

    THink knowing what one is watching is great for all the recommendations. Appreciate that, but for God’s sake get rid of that are you still watching

  240. I would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you Netflix for leaving me without service for the best part of a week Blaming me and my bank when all the time it was your fault Not very nice

  241. you need updates on the game and bad girl club and being mary jane or your going to lose customers i have 6 cousins who are upset about this also & they r going to cancel there memberships to

  242. When I sign into netflix I see movies/TV shows when I select one I hear the auto but my screen is solid green no picture

  243. I would live to say I love netflix it’s the best website err I watch it all the time the only concern is the fact of the anime there aren’t many on there and their seasons end so short when instead of reading forward I would love to watch them bit if you err get the chance there are a lot of people who think the same way that their should be more anime cause they end so fast

  244. We too were double-billed for three months. When I discovered it, I called Netflix and was told it was a mistake, and we’d get a refund. After a couple of weeks, only a single month was reimbursed. We called back and were told, “There’s nothing we can do.” After demanding his supervisor, I was told it was our fault for not disputing the charges, that if they refunded my money it would be an admission of fraud. We canceled right then. This happens too often to be a mistake.

  245. First of all, it’s incredible that Netflicks does not have direct email for technical, billing and customer service issues. Second, I’m from the USA, but I live in Mexico and have to use the Mexican version of NF, which not only has a far weaker selection, but many movies are ONLY in Portegues, or French, or Spanish, or Chinese….even though the movie came from the USA……I also have to agree that the selection does not change, it should be recycled every 1-2 months…..

  246. i love netflix soo much but can you please put Gunday and 2 states on there please. i would really appreciate it :) thank you

  247. Netflix has changed my life so much, through the knowledge it has bestowed upon me through their “documentaries”, that there is no way I could possibly ever repaying them. Just imagine this. If I get cancer, I already know where to go get it cured thanks to netflix. That has no price!

    Through the documentaries I have learned that everything, everything I have been taught and indoctrinated with is totally false.

    If it were not because of Netflix I would be a dumbed down person , like most are and have chosen to remain as.

    I suggest that all reading this post start spending more time in the documentary section, and start learning the truths which have been kept from humanity. It will not be a happy event, and the things that you will learn, will amaze you, disturb you and make you very angry. But at the end you are better of knowing the truth than remaining ignorant.

    And to get all this information for only $9 a month is unbelievable.

    No wonder Blockbusters never had a chance.

    May netflix live for ever!
    Alex Garcia

  248. i want to change my password but its gonna cost me a fortune to phone you to change it and im having problems loggin in

  249. Iam trying to login to my account as i want to change my password but it wont let me an its too expensive to phone you.Thanks

  250. i am completely frustrated that my account was canceled. i have sense canceled my account for good because i don’t appreciate your policy. it is my understanding that I-Tunes didn’t make a payment. i understand wanting payment but i should’ve been notified that their was an issue. when i called and was told of this the lack of trust on your part as a company i refused to provide other payment because I feel you drop the ball in canceling my service first instead of contacting me. Receiving a e-mail at 11:53 the day you canceled my subscription is heartless.

  251. I am having great difficulties logging into Netflix.I live in the Caribbean, Is our area excluded from your list?

  252. Yet again Netflix have taken my payment twice. I am cancelling now as I can never be them to communicate with me. Very disappointed.

  253. I cancelled my subscription after the one month free finish and its been two months and you are billing me like I´m using the service, my account shows nothing about a plan or anything. Please help me.

  254. I love Netflix but I used to watch king of the hill all the time and now it is gone I want it back please

  255. For the last 2 weeks the movies have been interrupted for additional downloads and then the “oops ” statement with an error code N8301.

    How can this be resolved???

  256. I am writing to ask why on earth have my free one month trail been stopped less then 24hrs into it,
    Yes my DAUGHTER has had a free trail from your company however I HAVE NOT ,
    I think this is disgraceful, I would have been signing up for a long time but after being treated like this I think one will be canceling the account.
    I will also be writing about this on my blogg/vlogg i have which has 10,000 followers and letting my friends and family know too.
    Disgraceful Very Very disapointed with your service.

  257. Im so frustrated. I cancelled my account last month a week or so after I paid for that month, havent watched it since I thought it was cancelled therefore unavailable, uet this month I got charged again! Best part is when I try to log into my account online to try and cancel again it saysmy account is cancelled but it isnt and im still getting charged!

  258. I think that Netflix is great but it could be better. Maybe Netflix should take suggestions on what shows they should add. For me, I would honestly appreciate it if Netflix would add the TV show “Teen Wolf” starring Tyler Posey because I have been wanting to watch that lately.

  259. Hi
    I think it would be a brilliant idea if the Netflix apps had the capability to be streamed offline, say you download orange is the new black on to your device and can only keep it downloaded for a certain number of days, eg 30(like the BBC download scheme)
    I think this would bring new customers and keep current ones I was close to cancelling my subscription as I can’t use my Netflix in the gym and I like to watch shows whilst on the treadmill,
    Even if the laptops had capability so on long train journeys I can watch series without having to pay for the extortionate wifi
    Please bring this scheme in

  260. What, no email address for comments or suggestions? That stinks. Gave Netflix only one star because they don’t seem to want email from customers.

  261. one of my favorite hows on netflix is kardashians. and if you guys could add the show kim and kourtney take miami would be amazing and i know many other people that request this show.

  262. I love Netflix
    I wish they would add a premium subscription with more movies
    and remove the movies with low ratings.
    I don’t mind paying more , it’s worth it. not to watch any
    more tv commercials

  263. Nothing but trouble keeping this service up and running. Constantly locking up and having to deactivate and reactivate the service. When I do, netflix won’t accept my sign on info. Have called and echatted with Help constantly over last 2 months. Service will work for a day and then fail again. Tired of it and have cancelled my account. Not worth the trouble.

  264. I am trying to switch account from watching it on line to getting one disc at a time and every time I try to change it on line my computer freeze’s up can you do that for me?

  265. Hi, I am trying to start an account and I can not figure out how to create one if you could help me out that would be great

  266. Hello, I am writing because I buy the month of testing and ad told me the other day that I could not and then I charge for the month. I had never had netflix and do not understand what is happening now in my account was charged twice the purchase, I’m trying to contact someone from the page and tells me error every time, appreciate your help and response.

  267. I will be terminating netflix. The streaming is so slow I would rather sit through damn commercials than deal with the constant problems with streaming. Get with it, netflix. Seriously. If you want to compete with all the various other options available today, you need to deal with this problem. (no, it isn’t my computer. I have a brand new mac and the internet is fast on every other site but yours.)

  268. Estoy tratando de contactar a Netflix pero ningún teléfono funciona, alguien contrató este servicio cargado a mi tarjeta de crédito y yo no lo solicité, es fraude y no hay respuesta de netflix, a qué teléfono en México me puedo contactar o a que corréo electrónico.

  269. I can’t get netflix to work on my TV. Ive tried 3 or 4 times to get assistance but i just can’t understand the the person who answers the phone. I Bought a smart TV specifically for watching netflix programs.I find your costumer service very frustrating and i’m very disapointed. If i can’t get this resolved i guess i’ll just cancel my account, i don’t see any point in paying for some thing i can’t use.


  271. I have canceled my DVD plan for the reason that for the past month I have received DVD’s that freeze, and skip and you can see they are in bad condition by the scratches on them. It is very annoying when watching a program like Homefront for an hour and then have it freeze and cannot continue watching. I have a new LG DVD player so this is not the problem. I wipe the disc and check for scratches before playing… Where is your quality control???? After turning in a few discs for not playing I gave up.

  272. Netflix says my email is invalid. Gives me no choice but to change it and my password. I call up and the guy has no clue, finally fixes it while making up excuses blaming everyone but Netflix. Then I get a survey. Netflix would love to hear about my experience! Bull they want a satisfied or not answer and why should I ding a guy just doing his job.
    I should just dump Netflix, at least the streaming as they have just what everyone else has crap that I already watched. The last thing they want is to hear of my experience. Why is it no one can do anything right any more? No one has any pride in their work or what they offer. Just gimme money. Sad fact is I remember when things were different. You young ones are lucky ignorance is bliss.

  273. ok i feel like netflix has too re-up like put in more seasons in long island medium,american dad,more scary movies etc. the reason for this is that people that pay for netflix dont want to watch the same thing everyday after they have seen it all and are gonna get boerd and they arent gonna pay for netflix anymore that is all.

  274. I loved the series “The Killing”. And was thrilled to hear Netflix picked it up after AMC cancelled it. BUT SADLY YOU ONCE AGAIN TURNED A GOOD STORYLINE INTO FILTHY TRASH AND RUINED THIS SERIES!!!I How do we, the consumers, get it through your thick, filthy skulls that FUCK is not a word used in every sentence of every conversation. My first thought is that you are a bunch of uneducated redneck perverts but the truth is, they don’t talk like that! How do you look at your mom or grandma and show pride in the series you produce. I guarantee that we will not watch another Netflix series again and I will post why on every chance I get. Shame on you! Grow up and act like you know what moral s, integrity, manners are! Grow up!

  275. What to “F” Netflix. Why did you have to add the flurry of F words on the 4th season of “The Killing” and not only with that show, but all other Netflix originals. Does your writers not know that there are a slew of words out there to set the mood and the added language did NOTHING

  276. love netflix. Your series “The Killing,” on par with the best English mystery series. I only wish it was continued

  277. Was thrilled to see you release “Mysteries of the Bible”!!…. And then heartbroken to discover it is not, it’s “Science of the Bible”. You’ve got the show named incorrectly – and, the other one is far better. Please keep trying to negotiate with The History Channel to release this series, and also please correct the mistake bc they sue you.

  278. Just saw that Netflix has employed “Horrific HANOI JANE” to do a series.
    This is so painful and upsetting for so many and we just can’t believe it…why????

  279. Everyone needs to boycott Neflix for putting the traitor Jane Fonda in a new series on neflix ! you really must not care about the men that suffer because of this sorry excuse for a human & am sure you don’t really care long as you are making a buck & i will be cancelling my acct

  280. Why does Netflix continue to support the American traitor Jane (Hanoi Jane) Fonda? With troops fighting in life and death battles around the world, I would think you would support our troops. Instead you support the traitor Hanoi Jane. You continue to show her films and give her publicity. This is nothing less than a slap in the face of our troops. THIS IS VERY VERY WRONG ! ! !

    Please! Do not support Hanoi Jane by showing her pictures and movies. She is a confirmed traitor and an enemy of the United States. PLEASE Stop!

  281. Hi ive been waiting for a movie called non-stop…and I know its says long wait but its been passed over 7-8 times already ive been a good customer and this wait is ridiculous…if this continues where every next movie I pick I am passed over 7-8 times than im thinking of getting rid of Netflix.

  282. Hi , The reason why Im contacting You is about your films an Tv shows . I know You buy resent TV shows that seem to have a range of shows , but I , like many older customers would like some more older Tv shows. First off , I enjoy the Twilight zone an no complaints there , keep it going , star trek world of shows are great , but how about WESTERNS ? The Wild Wild West Tv show , more WESTERN MOVIES the Jimmy Stewarts films like the Naked Spur , He did a bunch , The Professionals with Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin ——TV SHOWS like The Shield . Above an beyond , One Step Beyond Tales From the Crypt Spartacus , Carnivale , the Wire. thanks for your time

  283. I am from a little town in WV called Clay,
    I live my sister who gets Netflix, I want you to know
    That I love it it is worth paying for every month
    One last thing is. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
    for putting Criminal Minds.. I have family who has netflix
    And we all love criminal minds. Please never take it
    Off if possible

  284. theirs an outage and my daughter CAN NOT go to sleep without watching her :snow queen” when i asked a representative about a refund that shrugged it off like ” just keep checking and refreshing page ” we pay to have service and when ts interrupteD i think a refund is more then necessary and dont offer military discount VERY DISCOURAGING

  285. I cancelled NetFlix before the end of trial period, but continued being charged month after month $7.99. I’ve contacted NetFlix customer service for a refund for two months of charges on a cancelled account. I was told that two days after cancelling service, that I was signed up for NetFlix again and charged for a service I have never used and did not sign up for. (I live alone & no one signed up under my name. Still waiting for a refund.


  287. Why don’t we have journey to the centre of the earth, decent Hollywood like first blood 1, delta force 1 missing in action 1,23 why why why ?

  288. I am a bit disappointed in the lack of educational movies on Netflix, that are portrayed in a story line format. I attempted to find the Ben Carson story, when my grandson came home with a assigment to watch and review. I guess I will have to buy the dvd, in which case why would I need Netflix, since the majority of their films relate to violence, sex, drugs or cartoons, and programs that are mostly fictional. I really am disillusioned with Netflix

  289. I have been getting DVD’s from Netflix for years. You used to have a local distribution center and there was a very quick turn around. I would send a movie back and get the next one in 3 days. Now you have closed the local distribution center and it takes a week to get the next movie in my cue. I am starting to get movies from my library now and wished Blockbuster had not gone out of business.

  290. You took Sesame Street off Netflix :( my two year old is devastated there is no Elmo!! Please add it back so I for have to cancel my account and boycott Netflix. Thank you.

  291. Zero tv sitcoms

    Come on… lame, could it be that tough to find gut splitting comedy

    Major disappointment ….selection IS
    Ok but offers of options SUck…..add more please!!!! Some current shows

  292. Zero tv sitcoms

    Come on… lame, could it be that tough to find gut splitting comedy

    Major disappointment ….selection IS
    Ok but offers of options SUck…..add more please!!!! Some current shows

  293. Your American service reps have helped me each time I’ve had a problem. However, the foreign reps cannot understand me and I can’t understand them. I’m totally upset when they answer the support calls.

  294. Tried to find an email address for the ceo of NETFLIX, but none on line.

    I want to say BRAVO FOR SUPPORTING NET NEUTRALITY …YOUR EFFORTS ARE SUPPORTING DEMOCRACY AND NON MONOPOLY BUSINESSES…the perversion of owning the internet is so capitalism gone totalitarian. Thank you for doing your Part NETFLIX

  295. we are having a lot of problems with Netflix, we try to watch it at night it stays on for 5 minute then goes off to loading. an half hour program takes almost one hour.the problems start most of the time at 7pm. we are getting fed up with this, we wish you would update on your end. we are thinking of going to another company because o this reason. when we call up we are told stupid things, not sure if your people know what they are doing.please respond we are unhappy customers.

  296. we are having a lot of problems with Netflix, we try to watch it at night it stays on for 5 minute then goes off to loading. an half hour program takes almost one hour.the problems start most of the time at 7pm. we are getting fed up with this, we wish you would update on your end. we are thinking of going to another company because o this reason. when we call up we are told stupid things, not sure if your people know what they are doing.please respond we are unhappy customers.

  297. It has been a awhile I just put in my request a long time about all the horror movie like the conjuring and mama and atomic dog and bad moon and ginger snaps and the two remakes of halloween of rob zombi and the other remake fright night and fright night part 2 new blood and an American werewolf in Paris and wolfen
    And the storm of the century and mans best friend and all silent night deadly and all black and white monster classic and all four critters and all nightmare of elm street and all five hundred of horror and tv show like all of 7th heaven season 1-11 and all eight season of who’s the boss and all 9 season of family matters and all 8 season of full house and all nine season of Roseanne and all pokemon and all six season of Captain Planet and cartoon of free willy all step by step

  298. i returned a movie long time agao and your now just telling me that you didnot get it and you asked me to be a member welcome me back not telling me you were going to charge me for a movie i returned and how is this going to work you can say at anytime you didnot get the movie and i get charge extra for it i want my money back because it not worth being treated like i lied to get your service and i always returned the movies i am not your friend so stop saying your mine and give me all my money back i am going to bbb about this poor tatics your using if i had the movie and i owed you you should had said it would cost me to join and pay for the movie instead you went and took it out anyway and you keep poeple personally debit card number in your system why. i am going to take you too court

  299. The most annoying thing ever…watching something and being interrupted by a box popping up saying “sorry we are having trouble playing this selection, please try again later” happens all the time and is so annoying. Turned off cable to save money..thinking of turning cable back on so I can watch my whole show and not be interrupted as much as on netflix.

  300. Enjoy Netflix alot BUT need more, more and more National Goegraphic, documentaries and how about History Chammel episodes.


  301. i would like if you would consider putting “criminal minds” on Canadian Netflix because my 13 year old daughter(who is obsessed with that show) and i have wanted to watch that for a while. That show is awesome and i think a lot of people would be happy if u did so please put criminal minds on Canadian Netflix

  302. Suprise! I just read all the comments listed on the coment page on “Tell Us What You Think! Well unless Over 2/3s of the comments are wrong. I don’t think Netflix relly cares what it’s clients want or what they say.Notice to Netflix, most all movie selections are out dated, wierd, and in general “SUCK” Some one needs to fire the person/persons incharge of movie programing. Hire someone that actully knows this is 2014 not 1930s/40s/50s.I’M sure a good number of netflix clients would agree, Netflix needs to program more recent releases.good luck on any one ever reading anyons comments.

  303. MR. STOKES, ANSWER,to your question, CONTACT Netflix by email, I can assure you, Know one knows, because Netflix relly doesn’t want to here from you or any of it’s clients. This company has grown so large, they have forgoten the client base and how they got where they are today because of people using Netflix in the start up days. I WILL MOST LIKELY NOT RENEW MY MONTHLY CONTRACT, Simply because the movie selections,”RELLY DO SUCK”

  304. I have tried to get net flix have followed your instructions and have had no luck. have not been able to get any shoes for a month . if I cannot I guess I will have to cancel. can not pay for something I cannot get.

  305. Netflix used to be good, now all the asian martial arts movies are the sub-titled versions and not available with english language. Why did you mess up a good thing…………. never use netflix anymore, need to cancel soon…. the old format was better….

  306. I can’t get my “FREE” Acct. canceled!!! COME-ON, BE DECENT!!!!!!! I’m going to get our local TV Station’s Advocate involved if this doesn’t get fixed before 10/22. He’s really good!

  307. Your team is fantastic! Your tech group is excellent. I want to thank you for all the help you have given me today to once again log on your site to enjoy your fine selection of movies. Your tech person talked me through what I needed to do to clean up my computer from a nasty invasion. I followed his instructions and now once again am able to enjoy the service that I have with you! Great job. elvy

  308. the help service does not work. cant see half the movies advertized. There is no way to contact Netflix customer care via email.

  309. Why is it that my recommendations are for shows i watched 5
    Months ago and nothing for anything i watched lately. Ive got recommendations for the same stupid movie always. Nothing ever changes on my profile”because you watched” ive watched 20 different movies since then. I can definitely watch stuff elsewhere, and dont say “well go then” cause ill be gone baby and you will never see my money again

  310. necesito tener netflix !, soy cliente de uds y cada vez que intento la comunicación de de mi televisor me pide reintentar y no tengo servicio agradezco

  311. Absolutely disgusted with the lack of assistance in resolving issue with Netflix. they quite happily blame the internet provider, the television and send no information at helping to resolve the problem yet are quite happy collecting the monthly sum. I cancelled the service after repeated attempts at resolving the issue brought no satisfaction and want to warn others to carefully monitor this service. When there are no customer complaints you know they monitor something . Shame on you for not trying to keep a customer happy.

  312. Netflix I love it but is wish you guys would put batman the animated series because I’m a huge fan of batman so please try to

  313. Netflix service has generally been good by mail, however recently when I’ve had a series of DVDs ordered and “a short wait” is indicated, the service has been poor. Since I have other movies on my queue that are readily available why wouldn’t one of those be shipped while the top listing finally becomes available??? At this rate the price per DVD isn’t a bargain! In the past when I’ve returned a DVD during the week I’ve received the next one two days later. Perhaps I’ll have to cancel and just check DVDs out from the local library. Come on, Netflix….you can do better!

  314. trying to watch movies and cuts out halfway thru it. try to login and cant remember password .requested an email 3days ago still haven’t receive one

  315. Why does uk netflex have crap content like it has bad boys 2 but not the forst movie and loads of good films that are not on it its kind of a rip off when the us version has all and more big time updates needed!!!!!

  316. I watched 42 episodes of Grand Hotel (Spanish show, with English subtitles. I was completely hooked on this show and suddenly… it ended abruptly without the 3rd season. I have called Netflix customer service and they cannot say anything about it… when the 3rd season will be available, let alone IF will ever be available. How come Netflix releases only 2 seasons of a show, leaving the viewers out in the cold? Bad customer service. I’m quitting Netflix as soon as I finish with Breaking Bad.

  317. your movie selection is old and antiquated. Otherwise most programs are not worth viewing. To say I am disappointed with your service is an understatement. Looking on the Internet for your most recent releases are still old. Total Recall is one of your most recent releases….. And it is old, old, old. Please advise as to your most recent releAses. But from my research are poor. How about something from 2012. Most of your ivied are over 20 yeArs old. Time to improve. Please advise

  318. I received a message that several discs that I had requested were no longer available. The message disappeared so quickly that I was unable to make note of which discs you were referring to. Please send message again in a more permanent form.

    Thank you;
    P. Garland

  319. Helow
    Plese INeed my password and my name acounnt
    Iam pay for Netflix and i havent receive senal
    Iam from Chile
    Thank you

  320. Hello! I must confuse I am only sixteen years old, and am too young to order things and be apart of a contract.
    Once I watch them, don’t mail me again! :P ;)

    Also, I asked for the DVD Love Hina, NOT Failure to Launch!!


    NOW! – Copy Love Hina off the DVD’s, and put them on your website watch! (watching, not time watch, I mean -.-)..

  321. Hello when will you do an update for lg connected tv,
    For the moment i can’t select an profile it s a big problem because i want to select kids profil on my lg tv.

    Best regards

  322. I am a big fan of Netflix. You have great selections of movies. I am disappointed that you do not have available religious movies such as Noah, Heaven is Real, Son of God and God’s No Dead to choose from to watch.

  323. called in to Netflix 2 months ago about 4k streaming, was to upgrade to 4k and would be grandfathered in since I’ve been a member for over 5 years. I did this and of course was charged the upgraded price. Called and complained and your service representative was belligerent with me and said it was my fault for upgrading and they didn’t offer the $7.99 a month and that’s what you get. I didn’t ask for 4 screen viewing, I asked about 4k and was told I was grandfathered in, and that’s what every sight I looked at before hand said, but I wasn’t getting 4k until I actually upgraded my account.
    I work in the service industry and if I talked to people in the manner this woman at Netflix talked to me, I wouldn’t have a job.
    If you’re grandfathering people in then don’t make them pay more.

  324. HI
    I can not get my password in my account Netflix . in my account worked in united states but when i went my country Saudi Arabia that is not work.Also i don’t found it my password when i enter my email that didn’t send new my password.

  325. I have to say i’ve read all the rhetoric about netflix, wake up folks nudity, bad disks, what you consider bad programing etc etc and etc, this is what happens when you are peddling as fast as you can, at least you have choices! how would you like living where all programing is goverment run and you have no choices at all, as with any company that most likely services half the U.S. if not more there are problems, and from here they all sound superficial and more your own morality problems and folks that love to whine, GET A GRIP FOLKS,Thank you Netflix for all you do.

  326. Just wanted to say BRAVO to Theresa in Customer Service who helped us connect with streaming videos. She realized we needed to contact Sharp to have them reset/connect our wireless router. She was efficient friendly and gave us the right information!!! So thank you Theresa … job well done!!!

  327. I am signed in for my free month and do not know how to get and watch a movie on my TV.

    instructions please.

    thank you,

    Roanne Katcher

  328. Why is “Wild” with Reese Witherspoon not listed at all on Netflix? Most films that are showing in the theaters, have received strong reviews, and are Oscar contenders are listed on Netflix in advance of their release on DVD. For some reason “Wild” is being ignored by Netflix.

  329. I can’t believe how shitty Canada netflix has gotten all Canadian movies and shows are on the American netflix but not Canada’s You guys take off Good movies and put on movies that are pointless and boring. I went to find I movie I watch quit a bit and I can no longer find the old version or the new one. I have requested movies like you people have asked us as customers to do and I never seen them on their. So wish my app would let me down load the American one because then I would be able to watch some good movies plus shows. Netflix needs some work badly…

  330. Netflix has put authorization amounts on my account for the last 3 months and they were deducted from my debit card along with my membership fee. I did an online chat and called customer service and got no resolution in getting my $26.25 back that they owed me. I’m done with them.

  331. As a paying customer I would expect all series to be updated
    My favourite series such as vampire diaries and the originals have not been updated where series have not been added ! Also in the new releases for films, there is no appealing films that are new out on DVD that are not still yet out on netflix

  332. i’m just the ordinary guy likes to stream content but never quite found the to right one for me
    But I have to say that this service has come to a close second too plex which comes with things I had to deal with not having but still going with because what else is there if you don’t have Netflix or Hulu plus though I do have Netflix but watching my favorite shows without worrying about programs taking so long to update or disappearing because license renewal issues would really please me kick back relax and enjoy the show that’s what I like to do if I worked at a company for a multi media service I would pitch the idea to add some sort of playlist for not just your favorite TV show’s but also your favorite episodes within those individual shows mixing episode from your favorite tv show on one playlist sorted in any order you like and have them run one after the other can even add your own personal TV Guide and tracking feature to monitor how do you watch and Sidebar interviewing mode to organize your playlist while you’re watching so you always know what’s next that’s just One or two out of many that I always wanted to see come to life but hey that’s just me

  333. Netflix is quickly becoming outdated. Movies suck so badly these days that Hollywood should not only be ashamed, they should be subject to a special tax for causing human suffering, but I digress. Netflix DVD’s by mail is the worst part of my account. I wish I could disable this feature and only stream. On the rare occasion one of the self proclaimed geniuses of HW actually put out a good movie, I rent it from Amazon. If it’s a classic or truly crap movie I can stream it from Prime or Netflix instant watch. What is the point of the mailbox delivery system…give it up already. Also, start offering movies for rent that are worth the money to rent (good advice to Amazon as well).

  334. PLEASE PUT PAIR OF KINGS BACK ON! It is my favorite show and I can’t believe that it stopped! I’m not sure if it has to do with copyright or something like that, but if so, please tell me. It is the only reason I have Netflix. PLEASE!!!!

  335. I really appreciate how Netflix put “Friends” on there, but I am totally disappointed that they took off my 4 favorite shows: “Shake It Up” “Hannah Montana” “The Suit Life Of Zack and Cody” and “Drake and Josh”. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!! Those were my favorite shows on Netflix, and I don’t understand why you took them off because the ratings were high. Also, my friends enjoyed watching them too. Please put them back on as soon as possible. Thank you.

  336. I really appreciate how Netflix put “Friends” on there, but I am totally disappointed that they took off my 4 favorite shows: “Shake It Up” “Hannah Montana” “The Suit Life Of Zack and Cody” and “Drake and Josh”. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!! Those were my favorite shows on Netflix, and I don’t understand why you took them off because the ratings were high. Also, my friends enjoyed watching them too. Please put them back on as soon as possible. Thank you.

  337. Dear Netflix
    I purchased netfix in hopes you would have every motion picture the USA would have to offer. There are a lot of movies that I want to see but you have to have them shipped to you via mail. I don’t think that is a modern business model. Your called “NET” Flix, thus internet streaming films should be your bread and butter. Ordering by mail is a pain in the ads and it cost more overhead for your company. My hope is you be an internet sensations and have all films online someday. It would give you undenyable customer loyalty and you domenate the movie rentals business now and in the future because it makes more sense to stream rather than wait for a film in the mail. It would give the customer ease of use and make choosing my movie more satisfying because it’s more convenient. Bottom line it would make you a better company.

  338. Dear Netflix
    I purchased netfix in hopes you would have every motion picture the USA would have to offer. There are a lot of movies that I want to see but you have to have them shipped to you via mail. I don’t think that is a modern business model. Your called “NET” Flix, thus internet streaming films should be your bread and butter. Ordering by mail is a pain in the ass and it cost more overhead for your company. My hope is you be an internet sensation and have all films online someday. Plus I threw my DVD player away!(thus “NET” Flix). It would give you undenyable customer loyalty and you dominate the movie rentals business now and in the future because it makes more sense to stream rather than wait for a film in the mail. It would give the customer ease of use and make choosing my movie more satisfying because it’s more convenient. Bottom line it would make you a better company.

  339. Hello, I am writing this complaint to inform you on how your recent removal of Tangled has affected my 9 year old daughter that suffers with various behavioural problems; she is feeling quite distraught as this is her favourite and most commonly watched film. If you would be so kind and re-upload Tangled onto your film list as we cannot afford to buy a DVD player for her therefore meaning we also cannot buy the DVD as we would have nothing to watch it on; we also enjoy your other variety of films. We would highly appreciate if you would listen to our suggestion it would save a lot of hassle and money, resulting in a very happy young girl. I am very sure we are not the only ones who are unhappy with your latest removal of this Disney classic. Thank you for your co-operation and taking the time to read and hopefully take action.
    Your sincerely, Ellie.

  340. Came off of DVD delivery to try streaming for a month. Wanted to look at my DVD queue for reference for streaming. Cannot access it on the website unless I am signed up for a DVD plan. So I have to pay money to see what I wanted to watch. Was told it is “essentially 2 separate companies”. What a bunch of FN BS. Think they just made me an Amazon customer!!!

  341. It has been circulating on Facebook that Netflix is deleting BBC shows (except for Sherlock) on the first of February. Many petitions have been signed in hopes that this will not happen. So, my question to you is what will keep these shows on Netflix? Why can’t you just get a new license for the shows? You may think we are just stupid Whovians and other fans, but you have to understand some of the shows you are taking away have changed our lives. They have made us who we are. Especially Doctor Who and Torchwood. By taking shows like these away from us, is like taking part of us away. For some people Netflix is the only way to watch tv shows. And some of us have Netflix just so we can watch BBC shows. So if you go through with deleting BBC shows, just know I am warning you now. The fandoms will ask repeatedly for you to put them back until you do.

  342. I’m continuing to have trouble accessing movies. tonight I tried one, “not available” tried another “not available” tried to phone and line is busy for five minutes. If you can’t do a better job I’m going to switch to another provider. If you look up my account you’ll see ethat I have had repeated trouble. Each time I have to go to the basement to my computer to get your website. I’m 90 years old. Give me a break!

  343. my mom has account with your movie co. I love your co. But their a little problem you don’t carry current movies like frozen or any newer movies that coming out. you have older movies only. And you don’t have Pixar toy story, homeward bound movies, finding nemo. You don’t even have the new Muppet movie. can u please add newer movies to your lineup. thsnks

  344. This customer service thing is a joke. Everything that we’ve asked to happen, hasn’t. Either you never look at this or just don’t care.

  345. We love Netflix! One thing we really would like to see is an option to require a password or pin number to be required to enter into certain profiles. We have a 12 year old daughter, and we want to let her have it on her bedroom TV, but we’re uncomfortable allowing her complete access to all profiles unsupervised. Please consider this valuable service. Thank you.

  346. The dvd’s by mail are taking longer and longer. They were fine for a long time and during the busy holidays. I take them right to the post office. Nextflix tells me the post offices where my movies come from are doing a maintance since Jan. 4th. The 2 post offices where the movies come from and go back to have no maintance or any issues. They say it’s Netflix holding them from sending out and checking in since Jan. 4th. I sent movies back on Jan 16th Netflix checked them in Jan. 22. I can drive there in 1 1/2hrs. I can get a package from Calif. to S.C. in 2 days. I believe Netflix has a maintance or other issues since Jan. 4th.

  347. The dvd’s by mail are taking longer and longer. They were fine for a long time and during the busy holidays. I take them right to the post office. Nextflix tells me the post offices where my movies come from are doing a maintance since Jan. 4th. The 2 post offices where the movies come from and go back to have no maintance or any issues. They say it’s Netflix holding them from sending out and checking in since Jan. 4th. I sent movies back on Jan 16th Netflix checked them in Jan. 22. I can drive there in 1 1/2hrs. I can get a package from Calif. to S.C. in 2 days. I believe Netflix has a maintance or other issues since Jan. 4th..

  348. I love Netflix very much. But it gets kind of boring to see the same movies all the time. If you can constantly update Netflix and put up more tv shows and movies, then it would be so much better.

  349. I spent about 1/2 hour today with a young lady by the name of Emily.She was very helpful and a pleasure to be with as she was helping me get set up.Thank You

  350. Hi tried untold times to recover my password getting no response from password recovery, had enough not getting no email reply from Netflix am am inputting the right email down, want my membership canceled as can’t log on to cancel it myself for big Company think bad don’t respond to emails.

  351. When i finished watching all of top gear, i was waiting and expecting new seasons. but then today when i got on only the latest 4 seasons were on. whats up with that?!?!?! now i switched to hulu, which is nowhere near as good as watching it on netflix. please take them back, and perhaps put the new seasons on too.

  352. Your agents have poor customer service. They were rude and hung up on me then when I called back the agent obviously couldn’t spell and just put me on hold to a higher representative who could not do anything but tell me to call back and waste another half hour on the phone. This is insane I have this problem every month where I have to uninstall and re-install Netflix to be able to even watch the OUTDATED material. I wouldn’t recommend buying this service it has been nothing but a burden. 100% unsatisfied customer of 7 years.

  353. Good morning, my name is Jose Manuel , I live in Spain and I received a receipt in my checking account an invoice of your company which does not serve my country. I talked to my bank and they have informed me that report the fraud to the police by a receipt for something I did not order and that you have been charged illegally on my credit card.
    I request my money back as soon as possible or sue you for fraud. Please answer me in Spanish.

  354. We good for just over a month then the sound started to play up. Dropping out for about a second every few minutes. Unwilling to pay to talk to netflix so cancelled subscription

  355. We have had netflex for over a year now. I and my wife were wondering why some of the shows that are still currently on regular TV are being shown on netflex and TV also, other one are not. We enjoy Big Bang Theroy, Monk, old shows like Baba Black Sheep, Northern exsposure, Honey Mooners, Tool time. I’ll type in these from time to time and I get told on screen not available. It’s irritating to see new listing added and most of them are ones that are still showing on regular TV or new seasons. I know you can’t make every one happy but I just don’t understand how your type in checks work. I can watch a movie and the next day netflex has another group of movies that says because you watch this particular show these are available. Do you monitor the type in request that customer are asking to see or does it require that so many people have to request it before you’ll show it. Thank you D Starr

  356. I am watching the Grand Hotel which Netflix has divided into 42 episodes. I read on online that there are an additional 22 episodes ( on YouTube but not with English subtitles) . According to a blogger, Netflix sent a note that those remaining episodes would be added on February 27 th . However, I only see that House of Cards series will be added. I am hoping that Netflix feels some responsibility for completing a series that they started……but I have just read a multitude of complaints!
    Btw the complaints about phone service are warranted. I called said hello with return response and then he hung up!

  357. I had taken connection in UK and made necessary setting to watch the movies. however after few days i had to move to india, in india they don`t have service. i cannot watch any movie. Hence i want to cancel the service. There is no number to contact on website in india. After sending email to customer service still there is no response to said request. Netflix is unecessary charging me. Any help would be highly appreciated .

  358. i either have a valid relationship with your company or I do not, Let us stop playing games with one another. Match what I have paid for cancel our relatioship.

  359. best change something quick or I DO. NO interest in paying anything for that which I cannot acquire. Not that hard to identify!

  360. Por favor dar de baja el servicio
    Ya lo he solicitado el año pasado
    Aclaro que solicite a la tarjeta american express el stop debit y devolución de cargos

  361. I would like to see the dance show Bring It, it’s on lifetime. I like netflix for all the movies, but I love this show, and would like to see it on Netflix. Thank you

  362. hello I love ww2 war movies but find very few could you please put black sheep squadron tv series as well as 12oclock high tv series and what about the movie the mighty eigth as a vet I love to watch them you all do a good job but need better movies even the red tails movie any movie with ww2 aircraft in them. thanks

  363. I am requesting for this company to put naruto and shippuden on netflix trust me more people like me will be willing to get it then

  364. I’ve had 8 movies on my DVD queue that have NEVER been available. Netflix has NEVER had these movies, ever. WHY ARE THEY LISTED FOR RENTAL IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THEM???? Three of the movies were suggested viewing for a class I was taking and I really wanted to watch them. The movies aren’t on streaming, DVD or anywhere. Why do you have them listed? That is just false advertising.

  365. I have only had Netflix since 16th January free trial? My back side!!! I was charged TWICE in one day on the 16th February. What’s going on there?

  366. Have been a Netflix customer a long time but the post office is killing everyone. I’d that 2 to 3 times as long to get movies in the mail. I have seen 4th class mail move faster! Think I am going to change my ,plan to just 2 movies a month. Looks like it might be awhile before anything is done.

    One other thing, not sure what is meant by a short wait but several weeks Seems like longer that a short wait. Since movies move slower, everything movies slower.

    Sure hope something is done soon!

    Extremely frustrated!

  367. I kept getting charges of $7.99 on my checking account. When I told Netflix we did not use the service, I was told the account would be cancelled. (the $7.99 charge was coming two-three times on my account at a time.) I got a note saying it was probably someone else in the house – I don’t think my two cats are looking at shows!
    Now today I got another $7.99 on my checking account. I called the # for service and the person there wanted information to go into my computer – he said it was obviously someone else using my computer! I just cancelled the wervice but I woiuld like any of the $7.99 charges for the last two months.

  368. Netflix is the best thing that I found to kill time at work. I wish yall would put Cockeye Cowboy of Calico City back on,it is such a funny show.

  369. Netflix is an absolute shambles to be honest, I pay £5:99 a month for what cause it never bloody works, I thought maybe it was my internet connection but no it’s perfectly fine, and when you get a hold of the company they never do anything about it, cancelling my account!

  370. Desde el mesde noviembre di de baja mi servicio de netflix, pero todavia me estan cobrando en mi tarjeta de credito. Por lo tanto les solicito cesar el cobro y hacer la devolucion de lo cobrado en exceso.

  371. I started watching Grand Hotel and got hook to it. But season 3 is not transmitted, which I find unfair. Please Netflix do the right responsible thing and complete the series as soon as possible so we can see the happy ending.

  372. lst 2 years of House of,Cards was great. This year is garbage.
    Writing is horrible. Characters are changed. Stopped watching
    after a few episodes.

  373. My name is Dan Kiniry. I have been a fan of House of Cards from day one. Although i’m a fan I WILL NOT BE WATCHING ANY FURTHER SHOWS AND WILL BE CANCELING MY MEMBERSHIP AFTER THIS MONTH (Feb 15). The reason is the gay scene late in season 2 with Kevin Spacey. It was totally unneeded and adds nothing except to someone’s gay agenda. Truly appalling and pathetic. BTW this is ALL ON NETFLIX SINCE YOU GUYS OWN AND PRODUCE THIS. I have made this known to my friends and associates and they tell me they will be canceling their membership as well.

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