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Contacting Net10 Customer Service Center

The Net10 mobile phone company is a pre-paid, no contract, no credit check brand that sells phones, SIM cards and service to customers in the available service area. Net10 does not own or operate calling towers, but they do pull of other major cell phone company towers. Net10 is offered by the TracPhone company, which is known for using cell towers from AT&T, Verizon and other mobile companies.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Net10 customer service can be reached by phone, but there is no mention of when the call center is open.

  • Phone Customer Support: 1-877-836-2368
  • SIM Customer Support: 1-855-333-2355

Mailing Address

If an envelope and stamp is more your style, you can contact Net10 by mail using the customer service address.

Net10 Wireless9700 N.W. 112th Ave. Miami, FL 33178

Official Website

Learning more about Net10 is simple via the official website at Net10 is available in most areas, but customers won’t find a Net10 store. Phones are sold through major retailers like Walmart and at gas stations and convenience stores. Cards can typically be purchased at the same locations. You can purchase your Net10 phone online from the official website in addition to accessing customer service.

Net10 is available for customer service contact on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Customer Service Email

If you aren’t up to calling Net10 customer service or you simply want to send an email instead of a letter you can fill out the email form on the Net10 website The email form does ask for the serial number for your Net10 device (phone or SIM) if you are a current customer. If you don’t want to search for that information simply check the NOT A CUSTOMER box at the top of the email form.

There is no email address for customer service, but we did find an address for the corporate office we are testing. The email address listed for corporate office is:

Our Experience

Net10 customer service is available in English and Spanish. You cannot press 0 to bypass the system, so you have to listen to all the available options and make a selection. If you wait until the end of the list you are given the option to press 0 if you want to listen to the options again. We pressed support and then chose 4 for other support. The agent who answered the call had an accent so strong we were unable to understand her name. We asked if the iPhone could be used with a Net10 SIM. The Net10 representative said yes, as long as the iPhone was from AT&T.

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39 Comments on “Contact Net10 Customer Service
  1. They seem to be in business to take your money and give horrible service. They have you on hold when you call customer service for over half an hour every time. My banker can atest to this statement I made a call to discountinue service from her desk. It is 2 months later and they are still taking out my auto payment. I’m on hold again to try and get this straightened out, it’s be 45 minutes now, still holding! I want my money back. I was willing to just have them send me this last months auto deduct, thinking maybe I called to late to stop it for Jan, but now that they are doing me this way again. Every time I call about discontinuing I get this same thing. I am going to my banker and have her reverse both these payments now. She put it on her record that she heard me tell them to discontine service and auto payment so I can get it done without a problem. If you have their service, don’t ever let them take your payment automatically, they won’t stop!!!!

  2. switching to your company has been a complete waste of time and money, completely ruined work & free time as i have no ability to communicate with anyone reliably. I have spent 6 hours on the phone with your HORRIBLE and completely incapable customer service drones and my phone still isnt working. i will do EVERYTHING in my power to put up my experience EVERYWHERE online because no one deserves to have their life and communication abilities derailed by such a terrible company.

  3. This company is perfect for drug addicts and criminals….and that’s probably what kinda ppl run the place from how they treat you…


    • Don’t bother with Net10 or Tracphone, (same company). Tracphone would waste my minutes with useless text commercials and like jon Net10 wiped a whole lot of minutes off I paid for. Don’t bother!

  5. After waiting almost 4 days, I still have no service. Help me. I have spent alot of money and am getting no service. Ny phones serial number is 268 435 461 416 . I was porting my number 785-202-0215. I am losing business as I am not getting my phone calls. Please help or I will have to get official help————————————————————————————————————————————————————

  6. Never got answered!! I had to call several different customer support numbers before getting answered– which never happened!! Robot response hung up on me 2 or 3 times first. Can’t believe this. I know Net10 is cheaper than most contracts, but that doesn’t make us rats that deserve last response just because we choose to save money. IF it weren’t for the cheaper price and no contract agreement then I would never use Net10. If their customer service is this bad at responding then it must mean their service is so bad everyone is calling in on it?? How sad. What is the world coming to…?

  7. I bought an airtime card and all the numbers but the last 4 didn’t scratch off right. So i called them took 2 days to talk to someone when i did they told me to make a copy of the receipt and the card and fax it to them. Then, it was the wrong fax number they gave me. Right now i am on hold trying to get back in touch with customer servive after the line had been busy? for the last hour. I am still on hold and have been for an hour and a half. I don’t understand how they couldn’t have just told me the numbers they have the card number any other company would. they make it impossible they want you to just give up. Gave me the wrong fax making me spend extra money to copy and fax it to them then i still have to wait 72 hrs. if i can even fax it to them.

  8. This by far is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I had net 10 service for 5 years with the same phone number. The only reason I put up with them, is because I had reception at home. Any other cell phone I tried, did not. When they introduced the android phone to the market I bought it and what net 10 failed to mention was that for this phone they used different towers. I could not use it at home. After spending hours on the phone with their worthless customer service agents, I asked for a manager and what he did for me was change my telephone number, WITOUT EVEN telling me. I had that same number for 5 years. Once I found this out the next day and called them, they said it was impossible for me to get my number back.(which was bologna) That was the final straw! I have put up with so much from overcharging for 2 years and then telling me they could not continue to issue me credits. To plain hanging up on me when they didn’t know the answer. I cant believe they have any customers at all they way they treat people. Unless you enjoy wasting your time, money and being lied to. I would try another provider!

  9. Hello,

    I have a problem.
    (I do not live in the USA. Know nothing about the network Net10 and TracFone.) Can you tell me if it is possible to unlock the SIM card so that the phone can work on other networks in Europe? I bought three phones LG L35g … please help. What should I do? Can I unlock with operatra? how? : (


  10. I think that since this whole at&t debacle that the company should offer replacement sims or even the phones themselves. I believe that their claim for unlimited data is a straight out lie. False advertisement. Now if they would send a tmobile sim or compatible tmobile phone which has no data
    ccap and is truly unlimited customers would be appeased and their buisness wouldnt be falling to pieces. I am one of these people. Get a grip net10 before it all goes down the commode.

  11. Your Service is great. My problem lies with when I purchased a newer phone and gave my old phone to my daughter my contacts vanished. I want to know how to retrieve my contacts.

  12. You make transferring my number to a new phone so diffacult that I am going to a different carrier. I have been with you for 4 years

  13. This is the most distressed service ever . I pay monthly and yet you cut off my service .I can not get in touch with a human to explain!!I am 81 years old ,my time is very limited. I don’t need your phone any more ..

  14. I have contacted your customer service three times since I sent my phone back to you in the envelope. You provided. I was to be mailed back a new phone. As mine was only two months old. I’m still waiting but if I have to talk with anyone there that puts me on hold for 3 minutes over and over again…I’m going to call the BBB ON YOU. Now where is my phone. Better yet just send the old one back!!!! C.j.knoll

  15. After being on the phone for over an hour and talking to 5 representatives,I know Net 10 gives customer service that I cannot give at my place of employment……because I would be fired on the spot……Done with Net 10 and may Karma give to the Net 10 crew what they dish out.

  16. I brought a new net 10 phone and had ask for my 7469 minutes to be transferred on Friday 13th the girl said it would be in few hours it wasn’t and I call Sat 14th they said it would be done it wasn’t and then Sunday I got hold of Supervisor and they said I had lost them. I have been with you for some time and now this. I will be calling BBB and informing them. I am very up set with your service. I think you should be put out of business.

  17. I have had Net10 service for some time. Bought a new phone and got the remaining minutes and phone number transferred from the old phone. However could not get it activated. Spent over 5 hours on the phone with various technical support personnel. The last one said in effect “my system says the SIM card says it’s activated, but another part of the system says it’s de-activated (???????)” So we will send you a new SIM card, which will take 2 to 5 days to deliver.” Since i don’t have a cell phone now, I requested the new SIM be sent overnight express. Answer – “Will do.” Today I get an email saying they are sending the new SIM card and I shnould get it within 5 days. In other words, what they say means nothing. Not only do they not understand their own system, they keep you on the line asking the same questions over and over and getting nothing resolved. Yes the service is cheaper than most, but is it worth the hassle? Their staff is absolutely, totally incompetent. I have contacted corporate, so far no answer. We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath. NET10 focus is NOT on customer satisfaction, it is simply on you know what.

  18. I havent had nothing but trouble out of this service. They take money off your card and mid-way of your service they turn off your phone. I live on a fixed income and now my phone is off for the second time this month. I call and they say that I never bought any time and it came off my credit card. And my service was off on the last of the month and when i called the number to have it turned back on, on the first of july my phone was back on . Now explain that! So if I didnt buy any time then why did they turn my phone back on???? Plus the phone that I have I bought an extra two year warrenty. so I lost that also. I think that someone is taking the money and putting it in their pocket . I am just fed up with net 10 I wouldnt advise asnyone to buy any net10 service they are thieves

  19. This the ******* worse phone service provided to any customer!!! Can’t understand the dialect, poorest customer service ever, rude operators and managers! This service drops every call I make!! Takes money out of my account and drops my data service at will!!!! I HATE NET10!!!!
    Please do not use this service!!!

  20. I bought a net 10 card , sim car now my internet service no working call the company ia trip , if I only know this before but this company will be sorrow because i will keep ask why . all customer or this company need to post on all social median site about there problem with this company watch what will happen

  21. This company is notorious for committing fraud to unsuspecting customers. I have reported them to all of the relevant law enforcement. When you try to end your service for the bad service that a customer receives they start playing games and falsifying information and bouncing your phone number port request to different places. I would not recommend any citizen to use this company as soon the federal government is going to get involved with the fraudulent activities that they are committing every day!!!!!

  22. after spending 30min. on the phone trying to activate my new phone. I still do not have service. I was told to wait and try later. I get a message about Verizon. I am a net10 costomer and need to activate my new phone that I bought from you. I am ready to send the phone back and cancel my service. I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND the person who I am talking to. Please help me I want a cell phone for emergencies.Call Me 985-892-0644

  23. I’ve been having problems with my Internet on my iPhone. My Internet or apps like Facebook or Instagram only works if I’m using wifi. I use to use those apps without wifi but now I got to have wifi to get on the Internet or use social network apps. What can I do???

  24. This phone is the worst piece of shit i have ever owned. Ur customer service skills suck and im tired of sitting on hold just to get hung up on. I am switching service andtelling everyone that it is a mistake to buy into ur schemes as u fraud people with the worst service i have EVER GOTTEN

  25. I’m writing this belated letter to inform you that I have never dealt with a company that staffed so many incompetent people in all my life! I have received no less than (2) New Phones, (3) New Sim Cards and we’ve exhausted well over 100 working hours in desperate telecoms talking to your Customer Support, Technical Support and Management, only to receive continuous promises with absolutely no results. And as a result of this deplorable situation, which is only compounded by the fact that I’ve been without service for over six (6) weeks now, I must change the cell phone number that’s displayed on all of my business cards, featured in all of my local/metro advertisements and listed in the yellow pages of the phone directory.
    Personally, I think this whole scenario proves that Net10 is a complete “Scam” and must be reported to the Better Business Bureau and FTC because no legitimately licensed Wireless Telecommunications Provider could afford to be so blatant and irresponsible, and would not take every appropriate, reasonable and immediate action to resolve what has been characterized as inexcusable and unacceptable service from Net10 and it’s entire Technical, Customer and Support Staff.

  26. I purchased 2 reconditioned phones form your service I purchased 2 of the unlimited plans, I got the phones and activated them both but I cannot use them at all,so net 10 sent me two other phones, so now i have a total of 4 phones and all four will not work,I have spent hours on our customer service line and still do not have a working cell phone,it has been 3 weeks.I spent 100.00 for nothing so far, I very upset,,I don’t know what to do I just want a cell that I can use. please can someone help me or send my money back so I can buy another phone that will work

  27. Net10 is horrible i have made too many complaints. I asked 3 customer service represntatives plus a manager and my problem still didnt get solved. I will be changing my phone company next month and i wouldnt recommend no one to get this phone company.

  28. I been net 10 for 3years or more , I cant understand why you can charge people minutes to tell them their minutes went though on their cell you just charge me three minutes three different times to tell me I have minutes and when you call customer service I am on the clock also when I add minutes by buying your card you charge me to tell me that when I can look on my cell and see myself it went though you ripping people off are you so hard up for money you steal from your hard working customers this isn’t the first time you did this its unamerican

  29. This net10 must be ran by the same people that made the obama healthcare sight this support for this service just sucks. sight is always down and cant get ahold of anyone that speaks engilsh well enough to get issues fixed.

  30. I purchased two $50 unlimited phone cards in Dec. 2013, one for my disabled veteran I care for, and one to replace that one after we could not put the unlimited $50 card on his old original net 10 phone and I am put over $100 for useless cards, plus and not including the cost of my other working phones minutes that I spent on my phone trying to get his running. I do not even want to discuss this horrible period of my life , I am very unsatisfied and disappointed and disgusted by net 10!

  31. this is the worst service in the u.s.a. cantreach anyone by phone or internet Phone is less than a year old and should not have this problem

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