Contact Marlboro Customer Service

Contacting Marlboro Customer Service Center

Marlboro is a Philip Morris brand of tobacco available to consumers 18 years and older. Contrary to the law setting the legal age limit to purchase tobacco at 18, the official website requires visitors be 21 years old to register for account access. You cannot access the Marlboro website without registering.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

There is very little contact information on the Marlboro website, but we were able to locate a couple phone numbers. The remaining Marlboro customer service information is for the parent company Philip Morris.

Phone Contact Number

Marlboro customer service is available from 9 AM to 10 PM Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday.

  • Marlboro Phone Number: 1-800-898-2888
  • Change Personal Information: 1-888-977-2246
  • Remove from Mailing List: 1-800-558-8666

If you’d rather speak to the corporate office behind the Marlboro brand, contact consumer relations between 9 AM and 7 PM Monday to Friday.

  • Philip Morris Consumer Relations: 1-800-343-0975

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address listed on the Marlboro website, but there is a mailing address for the Philip Morris company. You can write to:

Philip Morris USAAttn: Marlboro Customer ServicePO Box 18583Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Official Website

The official website for Marlboro customer service is located at, but this is no ordinary website. You have to register for account access to view the site. Registration requires you to share your name and mailing address and though we did not notice any statement about marketing communication, we don’t doubt our mailbox will soon have some sort of marketing mail from Marlboro shortly.

Social Media

With a website as protected as the Marlboro website we were not surprised to find out Marlboro does not participate in social media like other retail companies. There have been reports of fake Marlboro Twitter accounts, which the company has disbanded as quickly as they are reported.

Customer Service Email

Marlboro does not list an email address customers can use to contact the company. The sole email address listed on the Phillip Morris website is for non-product communications.

Our Experience

It appears as if the customer service team at Marlboro does not want to answer customer questions or concerns. We attempted to call several times with no resolve. If there was a messaging system, we would have accepted this, but there wasn’t. We eventually waited a few hours and connected with the customer service team, although speaking with a live agent wasn’t as easy as it seems. The call took more than 20  minutes, between the automated system and the wait time prior to speaking with a live agent. Please tell us this was just a bad experience and Marlboro doesn’t systematically treat all customers this poorly? Share your experiences with us below.

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117 Comments on “Contact Marlboro Customer Service
  1. The customer service is terrible i have been loyal for ten plus years and im moving to a new brand. L& Ms are just as good and they wont argue with me. They want my business.

    • LOL um Kindell, then you’re still giving your money to Altria no matter what, whom owns Marlboro & L&M brands. Just quit instead

  2. Sadly I’m rather unhappy as I purchased a box of marlboro gold beyond and to my surprise there was no iceball in my filters I pushed and push nothing happened so then I decided to take action and open one and as I suspected no iceball was to be found,I’ve been smoking marlboro gold since it came on the market and I’m rather unsatisfied with what I payed for this product with my hard earned cash this is my propensity sf25225809 please kindly advice me?

    • Marlboro gold does not have an “iceball”. The Marlboro gold used to be Marlboro Lights. If you are referring to the Ones that change from a regular ciggerette to a menthol, it isn’t Marlboro Gold, it’s “Marlboro Next” (I’m pretty sure that is the name). I smoke Marlboro Gold and have smoked them for a good while now so I know they never had an iceball. And u “crush” the ball in the “next” style of cigs to get the menthol.

      • Yes it is Marlboro NXT and I smoke those as well and I have also purchased a pack recently and 14 of them had no ball in them! Really boils my blood!!

  3. I just called the change personal info number and my call was immediately answered by Marlboro customer service. I changed my mailing address and I asked about a shipment that I didn’t get because I moved. They re shipped my gift and she was very nice! And I got free coupons that they are mailing to me. She was very nice and helpful. No problems at all!

  4. I would like to know why, when I purchase the Marlboro lights, long, that it flakes and half the cigarettes are gone. I usually smoke the regular Marlboro special blend, they made the mistake of not giving me what I wanted and yes for around a whooping 170.00 I got screwed. I still have 2 unopened cartons left, I cannot exchange them, so I am screwed. And you send out cheesy coupons 1.50 off a pack, that’s really a way too keep a consumer. How about reimbursing me, how about much better coupons. About read to quit or switch and not to a Philip Morris brand. If you want people to smoke, some much better coupons need to be sent.Aw, screw it.As if you give a shit.

  5. I bought 2 cartons of Marlboro reds 100’s they where old and broke and I got no help from the 800 number wtf

  6. I recently bought marboro gold ccigarettes at sao Paulo airport and got really sick since I started smoking them I want compensation and refund

  7. What is going on with every time I go to it. It tells me sorry can’t comply what’s up with that???

  8. Can you please make southern cut 100s there my favorite cigs by u and I hate how small they are and I know people would buy them. Please take into consideration

  9. I am an psudo ex smoker who enjoys one or two when I drink. I hate buying a whole pack and wasting it, and also hate bumming cigarettes of
    people. Has Marlboro ever considered Packaging cigarettes in 5 10 and 20 packs? There is a big market of psudo ex smokers out there that do not want to smoke all the time that have a guilty pleasure.

  10. I just tried a Marlboro NXT and they are by far the best cigarette I have ever tasted. They taste minty when you crush them. I urge all fans of Marlboro to try these!

  11. I bought a pack from QT and the pack tasted like glue I have smoked Marlboro reds 100 then switched to the 83.. bought a back of blacks hocked till my last pack tasted like glue…

  12. Just wish to express my appreciation and gratitude for receiving a dart set and the waterproof speaker – my fingers are still blistered from my wife snatching it from me and she is really enjoying it. Very high quality gifts.

    Thanks again.

  13. I would LOVE to see a list of all the winners from this years make it a classic sweepstakes. Me and my wife enter every day and have only won one item each. Come on out of all the prizes that are so called available we win 1????? Everyday we enter. We’ve tried everything from entering at different times to entering the same exact time we won our one and only prize a mug and a barbecue light and nothing seems to work. Please let me k ow if there is going to be a list of all the winners at the end because I woul love to see it. I think it’s nothing but a scam!!!!

  14. A few days ago I bought 3 packages of Black (partly) Menthol Marlboro cigarettes.
    I do not like them at all, and the person who sold them to me said that it was Company policy not to take any returns.
    I would like to be refunded, for I will not smoke these.
    They were too strong, had no Menthol taste, and the revue I read on the Internet was very bad: rat turts and human feces.
    Thanks but no thanks!!

    Elly Sybers

  15. Thank you for taking care of my problem I’ve been a red smoker for over 20 years and glad to know that I’m being taken care of when your product is not up to par thank you for your time shawn scrivens. Aka. Stempy

  16. Hello everyone. My wife and I visisted the annual country music hoedown in detroit this summer and were very disappointed with marlboro tent personnel. We are canadian citizens and were told upon entry to the grounds that there is no smoking allowed,also told to visit the marlboro tent and we can smoke there. When we tried to enter we were asked for identification,when we showed our canadian I.D. We were refused entry into the tent because of Marlboro policy,what is that? Said they can’t get our info from our I.D. In there computer so we were not allowed in,really. guess they can’t read, so there we were not allowed in and no smoking on the grounds. What to do now,so as discriminated upon Canadians we lit up anyway,waited to be confronted and never were. Would have been fun! Oh yes,the skoal tent treated us the same. So as friendly visitors to the event,we have decided to not return. I hope there is some change in their ‘policy’ soon, the event is great,too bad corporate policy is allowed to discriminate. I know that would never be the case in Canada.

  17. This is highly unacceptable this is the second time i have had an issue with this company i bought a pack of marlboro menthols and there was a cigarette missing that was the first issue i had i let it go and the second most recent issue i had was a bought another pack and inside the pack there were two non menthols. I was taken off by this. I am considering switching cigarette brands along with having all of my friends and colleagues boycott your product as well because of this incident. If something can be done about this we will continue to by your product until then you are losing our business. This is a very bad look and disappointment. This is not the reputation a company would have nor a tobacco company. I expected better from this company. Until something is done or i hear back you will no longer have my business and i usually buy a carton or two a week. I demand compensation in some way

  18. Got a wonderful woman named Deborah on the phone, she made my problem much better and assured me it would be taken up in multiple letters. I am getting an amazing freebie, super happy with their customer service.

  19. I just got off the phone with customer service about one of their promotions called “Break West” and all you do is answer a question. Well I did that and it said ” Congratulations, you have won a solar charger ( basically a 3 inch by 2 inch mobile phone charger, that uses the suns light to charge you Cell Phone). I have won several items from Marlboro and think it’s great, however this time after I won I got a link to click for confirmation number. I clicked the link and it sent me back to’s main web page.. So basically I got duped. I called customer service and the woman was horribly rude, like I was ling to her. Then on top of that, she tells me she has the wrong birthdate for me on my account…( I’ve had this account for about 6-7 years with no problems ) The woman then told me I would have to call the automated system to fix the problem…Long story short: Not only did I get duped by Marlboro, basically called a “LIAR” but then have to fix something they messed up…LOL…All the money all of here pay for 1 ONE pack of cigarettes and this is what you get in return…I’m absolutely mad and disgusted not because of not being able to claim the prize I won, but to be called a liar and to throw their mistake on me, that’s fine though. I can see why many many stores where I’m located DO NOT accept Marlboro’s $1.00 off coupons. Most of the store owners tell me they don’t accept them because it’s to much of a hassle to get compensated by Marlboro.. GL everyone, I’m done with Marlboro anything.. $ 9.90 a pack to get treated like a degenerate…NO thanks !

    • Everyone got that message and it only means to check your address to make sure it is correct. Bet you got your charger in the mail so be patient! You did not get duped! I got mine in the mail with no worries!

  20. I have been trying to enter into the Marlboro black photo compitition for over six hours now it is now 11:24pm and cut off is at 11:59 but apparently the site is under routine matience!! what kind of crap is that!! I hope there is an extension of some kind so I can still enter! I am determeined to show these judges what I have and I am not giving up!! If they are not entered tonight I will be calling customer service in the morning!!!!

  21. I smoke marlboro southern cut and every once in a while marlboro reds. Why is it that every single pack that i buy has a little tiny pin hole in it? Like 4 out of 5 packs has a little pin hole in the filter. Smoke comes out of it and it just ruins the cigarette.

  22. Hi, I commented, I have a pack of cigarettes that brought me 2 labels imposed exactly the same, same series all.
    If I had another e-mail account where you can attach a photo would send them.
    Thank you.

  23. Everyboby need to stop buying Marlboro because they are not right that is way I stop my brother from buying them so you all need to stop buying them to.

  24. How do you find out about up and coming give aways. I usually find out after the fact and on other sites not the Marlboro site. I just heard about the deck of cards give away from someone who just joineds I have been on this site for 3-4 years.
    How do or what do I do to recieve the deck of card and hear sbout the give aways before they end. I was also upset whrn the bandanas where given away and I missed out. Just dont like to miss out on the give aways. please let me know how to find out when there starting.

  25. My wife and I have been loyal Marlboro customer’s for more than (20) years and have been active on their website for as long as it has been around. I would have thought that after all these years we would of be invited to their ranch in Montana. I recently learned a friend won a trip at a local bar and know of some people who have been more than once. Although they present what appears to be many opportunities to win prizes it would appear that it’s mostly smoke and mirrors!!

  26. I CANNOT find where I “Claim My Free Gift at”. I’ve been all over the site and I have 7 of the coupons saved that tell me to go there.

  27. After 40 yrs. of buying a carton very 10 days, I get a carton that is impossible to smoke. I tried to complain and they want $25 to submit the complaint. I will switch, if I don’t get a response. AND, spread the word. Just give me another carton or my money back. I’ve 4 hours invested in this mess. Thanks for taking care of a loyal customer.

  28. i see a new marlboro coming out that is marijuana and i think it should be called marlborwanas lol, good name for it and make it clean no additives in it.

  29. your website is impossible to use. I enter my email address for username, not accepted. so frustrating, I’m going to give up the brand as well as your emails. I respect you want to keep authorized users… and I went to website invited to collect my ??? award…. impossible. I run a business and you’re lucky I’m taking the time to write this. If you want to keep my business, send me 1 email that provides the award… and 2. tells me how I can avoid problems in the future accessing website. enough is enough

  30. I would like to report my experience with suspiciously (in my opinion) fake Marlboro cigarettes. I have been smoking Red-Marlboro since my 18th birthday. Recently, I have had such a bad experience with Marlboro those I bought from retail store. I really disappointed with these Marlboro smell & taste, moreover its effect on breathing. I’am from Bandung Indonesia, here I would like to have a quick response from responsible department in the company. As I’am a loyal Red-Marlboro lover I would be very grateful if this report have a great solution. Thank you.

  31. I would like to report my experience with suspiciously (in my opinion) fake Marlboro cigarettes. I have been smoking Red-Marlboro since my 18th birthday. Recently, I have had such a bad experience with Marlboro those I bought from retail store. I really disappointed with these Marlboro smell & taste, moreover its effect on breathing. I’am from Bandung Indonesia, here I would like to have a quick response from responsible department in the company. As I’am a loyal Red-Marlboro lover I would be very grateful if this report have a great solution in my country. Thank you.

  32. I’ve been smoking Marlboro red for more than 10 years, and I see your quality dropping with time.
    First, I had kind of wooden pieces in the cigarettes, then I had to light the same cigarette several times… And now, I find in the same carton, several boxes with broken cigarettes inside…
    At the price cigarettes are sold now adays, I think the quality should improve, not get down…
    If you wanna make a happy customer… Send me a carton and I will forget about it…lol
    Thanks for reading.

  33. We live in Metairie LA & we just wanted to let u know that NONE of the stores here honor your $1.oo off coupon on packs of cigs.Just thought you should know

  34. I logged on today to try for a free zippo and they were all gone. I’m disappointed you would allow people to instantly sign up and take them all right away. I have been smoking marlboro for 10 years and without anymore points or bucks on cigarette packs it’s quite unsatisfying that the one thing they give away to their customers are all completely claimed by people trolling “free deal” websites rather than their own customers. Just an idea, but if it brings you more business I understand (my bet is it’s just free deal trolls that will never try your product in their life though).

  35. I recently purchased a carton of Red Label 100s $60+ in Iowa. There is a gap in the paper between the filter and tobacco, that leaks. I can send a picture…

  36. my issue is when i get on the website it gave me my username very easily which is good because i havent been on there in a very long time but when i tried to get my password i tried entering my security answer but its been so long i dont even remember what it is and i obviously dont remember my password it needs to be easier like typing in those letters and submitting to make sure your not a computer and send your password to your email address i cant get on the site to participate in the upcoming pick a prize everyday promotion and im a little bumbed about it because i love getting things from marlaboro and not just cupons

  37. why am I not receiving any coupons. I use to at least receive them on my birthday month. The past two years have been ashtrays.

  38. I called 1-800-marlboro to report a bad carton of cigarettes-red 100’s. Every pack tasted stale. The representive was very polite and took my info and told me I would be issues a refund check in the amount I paid for the carton. I was told I would recieve the check in 3 to 4 weeks. When 4 weeks past and I still hadn’t recived the check I called back and told them I hadn’t gotten my refund. I was assured that it had been sent and then I got transfered to another rep in a different department. I was told an inqury would be done and another check would be issued. It’s been almost 3 months since my initial complaint and I still haven’t gotten refund they promised me. Almost 60 dollars for something I wasn’t able to use is a bit much… I have recently switched to RYO-using High Card tobacco and Baretta filtered tubes-because it’s a lot cheaper and the quality of the tobacco is better and it’s all natural without all the additives. I am sick of Marlboro lying to me about where my refund is. Maybe when I am compinsated for the bad product as I was promised I will return as a customer…however I doubt it.

  39. I’ve got five thousand upc cods from 2006 reward promotion. Worth anything today lot of smoke down the chimney.

  40. I’ve never had an issue before today, and have been smoking Marlboro menthol ultra light 100’s for 15 years. However I bought a pack today and every single cigarette is on the brink of broken. There is a gap of very lightly packed tobacco in the middle of each cigarette. Just wondering what the deal is!

  41. Yesterday I received a coupon in the mail for a dollar off a pack of cigs from Marlboro.
    It was for my 60th birthday, I’ve smoked their product for 35 years, this is akin to tipping your waitress a penny. I didn’t expect anything from Phillip Morris, but their marketing CEO should be fired for insulting the clientele. A dollar off what a bunch of brainless twits.

  42. To who it may concern:
    I don’t know what is up with y’all lately, but I have been burned NUMEROUS times in the last couple months!!!! I have been smoking Marlboro’s loyally for over 30 years but you really have me ready to quit. My mother already did because she was sick of burning her stuff. What is happening is when the cigarette gets low, the burning head falls off. Just a couple minutes ago I saw that my cig was getting low so I took a step towards the ashtray, when I reached for the ashtray the head fell right off in between my toes and they are red and throbbing like hell right now. No even an hour before that, I was watching a movie on my bed, again, i noticed it was low, not as low as i used to smoke them even, not even close, and sure enough, the head fell off on my brand new sheets, I tried to pick the head up with my fingers to keep my new sheets from getting burned, burned my fingers and new sheets, grabbed the ashtray to try to scoop it in there, when I picked up the sheet to have it roll, it fell right through the sheet onto my also brand new very expensive memory foam mattress cover, so I had to put it out by smashing it into my new cover with the lighter, so, now I am burned, my sheets are burned, and my new mattress cover are burned! My foot still hasn’t healed since last time!!! What are you doing different? This is getting to the point of ridiculous. If y’all don’t care that your loyal customers, and that is not just me, it is also my two brothers, my sister in law, and of course my parents and whoever is on my mailing list and Facebook groups, including yours and whomever happens to be standing in line with me at Wal-mart etc, etc.! I am truly sorry for being so angry, but I am, the cigarettes were only a little over 3/4 gone each time this happened. If you have any suggestions. I would love to hear them besides quitting, which is what I should do anyway! I have been a member, along with my father of your Marloboro web site for eons. I hope somebody who matters gets this matters so they can possiblbly rectify the situration! Thank you for listening,
    Sherry Dean

  43. p.s. I agree with the Marijuana Cigarettes with no additives, as NONE are needed! Thanks again! Hoping to hear from you soon regarding my previous comment.
    Sherry Dean

  44. I am sad to say that everywhere that I have gone in my town tells me they are no longer carrying the Marlboro 54’s. I am very upset because I really enjoyed these one and I have been told that you guys are no longer making them. Please explain this so I know. Thank you

  45. I smoke marlboro light. Good cigarette. I throw my cigarette in the can at the lowest butt. Bad or good idea?


  46. - Sadly i have come to this conclusion that we need to break up. Here i thought i bought a full pack of quality cigarrets. But to my surprice, i didnt get, what i paid for. 20 Marlboro cigarrets in a pack, sounds to good to be true. here goes 3-4 cigarrets in each pack every time to waste. They are either broken, bad filtered (bottoms torn off)or you lit em up and try to inhale but holes in the filter so no smoke. Can’t you just lower the quantity and make a 16 pack instead of the 20 and lower the prize a bit ?.. No, i thought so. Well here goes 20 + years of smoking. Guess its time to look different and quit. Take care ;)

  47. Hello, I recently purchased five Marlboro Menthol Black’s and when I had opened it up it was very moist, and when I went to smoke it the smoke was a deep gray close to black. A few were okay, but most of them were terrible, I’ve never had this experience before, and am deeply upset that such a thing would pass through your QC.

  48. Here lately I have been pretty upset with going to smoke a cigarette and there being no tobacco in the bottom of my cigeratte like one of those roll your things

  49. I’ve been smoking the NXT and the price is different at every store even though there’s a sale add below the cigarettes that say 5.99 . why is that ?

  50. redeming the $0.50 in pack coupon ,in the sacramento ca. area is almost impossible. i have been said we dont accept them numerous times while visiting my son/ and the price of the pack here is crazy.$6.99 the coupon would help.i think if they dont take back the coupon, they shouldnt be able to sell them. im going to call when l get back home,but I dont want to waste 30 min of my vacation on customer service/

  51. I’ve recently bought a carton of cigarettes of Marlboro non menthol and I was unfortunately disappointed because a few of the packs were stale and there was quite a few cigarettes damaged. I indeed did used the carton instead of letting go to waste but I’ve been smoking Marlboro for 20 years now and this has never happened so I was greatly disappointed

  52. I hate to be the one that complained but, I’ve been smoking Marlboro for years which means I’ve been paying for somebody’s wages. I buy six cartoon a month which costs me at an Indian reservation which is cheaper 70 bucks a carton at regular store there almost 100 dollars a carton which is just I spend 420 dollars a month which is 5040 dollars a year. Every year for your birthday you guys send coupons. This year I got two coupons for 1.25 dollars off a pack I was so angry I threw them in the trash are you guys for real? That’s an insult for the amount of money we spend on these cigarettes you should be sending us on are birthday at least 20 to 25 dollars off a carton. I’m sure I am not the only person that feels this way your coupons should reflect the price we are paying for your cigarettes.thanks Linda white

  53. What are you doing to a good flavor product. They are so loosely
    pack. I burned my new truck car seat,table cloth, carpet,finger plus Ashes all over. I am paying fully for this product. I am trying to switch from Maverick which is well pack but i had very strong feelings about it

    Do something about it Gus .

  54. I’m wondering if your cigarettes are still the same. I have been buying your product since I was 14 years old. You are cigarettes sold through mail saver in Omaha Nebraska suck. They have the text him but are they still the same?

  55. I have been smoking Marlboro (Red) Regulars since 1965. I was getting $5.00 off coupon for a carton, now only $3.00. Your company is so cheap, that I have decided to move on to another brand.

  56. i have been buying marlborow next menthol since they come out and for the most part i have to say i am dissatisfied with the product. I have found on multiple occasions that the Packs are not completely full and that some of the cigarette papers are ripped or they are old or the filters are missing. they are too expensive for me to keep on buying and get home and find out that the pack is not what I want because of imperfections. so please watch how you buy marlboro next.

  57. Cigarette smoke smells good! Yup, and Marlboro’s are a quality brand. Now….when I start to cough and cough, I just say “Hoover Dam, Lake Mead!” loud-like, a couple times…and the coughing subsides! Why? Who cares, what a relief! (Yeah I really mean it!)

  58. Recently i bought a crate of marlboro reds.
    the box was torn as i opened the seal and the print was on both sides of the box.
    i need to know how can i get this message passed on to the company

  59. Just wondering if they even read these responses or if they even send feedback??? My thoughts are in wondering why we haven’t seen a price drop in cigarettes when I know you have to have lost revenue in sales from people quitting the the new found vapor cigarettes. So to me it would make sense to lower price = more sales doesn’t make sense to me

  60. I have been very impressed with Marlboro since I have been on the site. I have smoked Marlboro brand for years and just in the past year or so became a member on the site. I have received a number of unexpected and very appreciated gifts, 3 movie tickets and a zippo!
    Thanks Marlboro *****

  61. I’m wondering why you advertise promotions like “HOTSTREAK’ when it is not even on your website. It makes me consider giving up your product for the first time.I think that is what I am going to do! Thank you for making me see the error of my ways. YOURS TRULY, A DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER1 MIKE G.

  62. I have been smoking marlboro lights for years but lately have noticed the cigarettes are flaking ash everywhere and often they just fall apart and the inside comes away unfortunately burning my fingers on more than one occasion please tell me who I can complain to about this as the product is expensive and I can’t continue smoking them if this keeps happening

  63. hey ive smoked NXT’s for a year and my hair started falling off and as soon i stoped smoking them my hair stoped falling and im talking about big patches of hair

  64. I have smoked for 25 years and i have never had this happen to me the cigarette was not full of tobaco and the paper got on fire then it burned my hair i will send you a pic if you like

  65. I am Marlboro (red) 100’s consumer for a very very long time. Recently I have moved to live in FYROM (Macedonia) – Skopje, and I cannot believe that there is no import of 100’s at all. I have to travel to Serbia to provide such packages ?!?
    What is the reason for PMI not providing this market with 100’s

    • a lot of my cigarettes are burning way down the sides before I get to smoke them what’s causing that I’m losing the biggest part of a cigarette before I get to smoke it canyons correct this

  66. My cigarettes keep burning half way up one side and sometimes half the cigarette is burnt away I pay a lot of money for these n not getting to smoke a whole cigarette Marlboro red 100 please resolve this or send me some new cigarettes

  67. I purchased a pack of red shorts yesterday and they are definitely not reds they taste more like lights but are in a red box i payed for them and the place i got them refuses to refund me. I was just hoping there was something you could do for me i would very much appreciate it

  68. its not fair. I have been a long member of Marlboro and products, just too always be denied, and you all pick someone from NYC, or some cool place. I live in Beckley WV, and once Id like too win these contests, a no body from nowhere, ccmongive me a break, look into me and you will find a grateful winner

  69. i baught 2 cartons of marlboro lights 100s and they were old and dry! I went back to Smart and Final to return/exchange it, and they said I need to call or email customer service.

  70. I am a student at the International School Montebello Lille. I prepare my management project, and my question is , “What Marlboro strategies it is implementing to cope with the arrival of the electronic cigarette? ” I did some research on the internet , in newspapers , in vain I do not find much, or have each time the same things coming back.
    For this, I have loved to know, if possible, to inform me of some strategic elements used to cope with the arrival of the electronic cigarette on the tobacco market.

    PS: urgent please reply as soon as possible .

  71. I am a Marlboro Gold consumer and I did like them. You are a good brand well known all over the world, but lately I noticed that cigarettes are too much soft like half filled. Consequently your smoke is remarkably swift. Probable very good with regard my health
    bot not so good for you as I am going to buy some other brand. More slow to smoke and so more enojoyable. Thank you for those years …

  72. I just realized that Marlboro cigarettes are “tested” on animals, ie that you torture animals with tobacco smoke. So, I will no longer buy Marlboro cigarettes. I am going to switch to Lorillard or American spirit. also I am an animal rights activist and will publicize the fact that you torture animals as much as I possibly can on facebook and via word of mouth from now on. Please stop torturing animals. ive smoked Marlboros for forty years! now I have to stop because of what youre doing. sincerely,
    Caroline Forbes,
    attorney at law

  73. why no email address ? i have been smoking Marlboro cigarettes for
    over 45 years … and i can’t get an email address from the source
    who sold me these items ! what gives, eh ?

  74. I searched for your email to send very important complain from your cigarette which became worst and very bad .

    I am from Egypt.
    So king marlboro from 20 years ago
    There are very bad manufacture and no protection found from side for your customers because there are cigarette coming from china.
    I think one of recommendation is to follow the quality of manufacture to confirm supplying of good quality we pay for you for bad quality product now
    we would like to find true marlboro

  75. have been smoking Marlboro for years , i have been told by a few suppliers that the soft pack of twenties is no longer available, WHY?
    If it has been discontinued then i will have to find another brand , any suggestions ?

  76. why has the soft back of twenties filter been discontinued ?
    i dont like the hard pack so i will obviously have to change my brand any suggestions?

  77. Dear sir
    Can you plz give me the detail information of importer In nepal of Marlboro cigarettes
    I hope I would get reply as fast as possible

  78. Dear Marlboro Quality, This is 3rd time repeated complaint

    Please find attached today also I got one more defective Cigarette. I have
    a pack with defects on the filter paper. Multiple rolls hanging off of the
    side of the filter!it was surprising for me that brand like marlboro has
    this standard i still have that cigarette with me and i will challenge this
    brand in consumer court.i will make sure that any customer will think
    before I buy marlboro cigarette will definitely take help from media so i
    can spread awareness about the brand as they say the most selling brand in
    world. but it really upsets me.

    With Regards
    D.Durga Prasad

  79. Hello to whom it may concern. So cigs are bad for peeps! And my boy toy hates me smoking! Saw a pack of smokes next to a pic of my dog Cookie~ the Mountain Dew freak~ saw a pack of cigs almost closed!!! I lied said it was a dog toy!!! ~ so I was thinking why NOT MAKE DOG TOYS!!! That looked like your product. Or even editable packs!!! LOL I’m serious. Anyways if you could think about my idea. I’d appreciate it along with a lot of other lying smokers…. lol

  80. Dear Marlboro,I am a guy from Bosnia and I have a buisness offer for you,actually it is more idea than buisness offer,it is idea about making bigger profit and better marketing.If you are interested,please answer me and contact on this mail,idea is really interesting and does not need a lot of investments,actually there is almost no investments at all.

    Kind Regards.

  81. i per chest a carton of marbro Reds 100 in a box and they all were stale that’s a lot of money to throw away

  82. I keep getting ur marboro mail from u people just wanted to ask u if u can please stop sending me advertizments I do not smoke so stop thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. I have smoked Marlboro special blend 100s forever last few cartons have been stale,they are not cheap,thinking of changing brands

  84. Since I bought stale cigarettes can I at least get some coupons 1640 12th street portsmouth ohio if not I will go to camels

  85. I recently brought a packet of Malboro menthol cigarettes. The packet contained damaged cigarettes that are not smokeable despite the package exterior being undamaged.
    I am wishing to obtain a full refund or replacement for the damage items.

  86. I recently bought 10 packs of Marlboro reds from my tobacconist in St. bovio 20068 Peschiera Borromeo (Milan). Unfortunately I found that in all packets of cigarettes were missing three millimeters of tobacco in each sigaret and the taste was unusual. I smoke Marlboro for 30 years and this is the first time that this happen. Please give me possible explanation because no one in Milan seems to care about this problem.

  87. Called CS; received pleasant CSR, Liz. She helped me and is sending a coupon for my next purchase! Thanks!!

  88. I found a black thread in my cigarette. I dont live in the USA. but I really want to sue these people.
    What should i Do

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