Contact Marlboro Customer Service

Contacting Marlboro Customer Service Center

Marlboro is a Philip Morris brand of tobacco available to consumers 18 years and older. Contrary to the law setting the legal age limit to purchase tobacco at 18, the official website requires visitors be 21 years old to register for account access. You cannot access the Marlboro website without registering.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

There is very little contact information on the Marlboro website, but we were able to locate a couple phone numbers. The remaining Marlboro customer service information is for the parent company Philip Morris.

Phone Contact Number

Marlboro customer service is available from 9 AM to 10 PM Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday.

  • Marlboro Phone Number: 1-800-898-2888
  • Change Personal Information: 1-888-977-2246
  • Remove from Mailing List: 1-800-558-8666

If you’d rather speak to the corporate office behind the Marlboro brand, contact consumer relations between 9 AM and 7 PM Monday to Friday.

  • Philip Morris Consumer Relations: 1-800-343-0975

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address listed on the Marlboro website, but there is a mailing address for the Philip Morris company. You can write to:

Philip Morris USAAttn: Marlboro Customer ServicePO Box 18583Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Official Website

The official website for Marlboro customer service is located at, but this is no ordinary website. You have to register for account access to view the site. Registration requires you to share your name and mailing address and though we did not notice any statement about marketing communication, we don’t doubt our mailbox will soon have some sort of marketing mail from Marlboro shortly.

Social Media

With a website as protected as the Marlboro website we were not surprised to find out Marlboro does not participate in social media like other retail companies. There have been reports of fake Marlboro Twitter accounts, which the company has disbanded as quickly as they are reported.

Customer Service Email

Marlboro does not list an email address customers can use to contact the company. The sole email address listed on the Phillip Morris website is for non-product communications.

Our Experience

It appears as if the customer service team at Marlboro does not want to answer customer questions or concerns. We attempted to call several times with no resolve. If there was a messaging system, we would have accepted this, but there wasn’t. We eventually waited a few hours and connected with the customer service team, although speaking with a live agent wasn’t as easy as it seems. The call took more than 20  minutes, between the automated system and the wait time prior to speaking with a live agent. Please tell us this was just a bad experience and Marlboro doesn’t systematically treat all customers this poorly? Share your experiences with us below.

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422 Comments on “Contact Marlboro Customer Service
  1. The customer service is terrible i have been loyal for ten plus years and im moving to a new brand. L& Ms are just as good and they wont argue with me. They want my business.

  2. Sadly I’m rather unhappy as I purchased a box of marlboro gold beyond and to my surprise there was no iceball in my filters I pushed and push nothing happened so then I decided to take action and open one and as I suspected no iceball was to be found,I’ve been smoking marlboro gold since it came on the market and I’m rather unsatisfied with what I payed for this product with my hard earned cash this is my propensity sf25225809 please kindly advice me?

    • Marlboro gold does not have an “iceball”. The Marlboro gold used to be Marlboro Lights. If you are referring to the Ones that change from a regular ciggerette to a menthol, it isn’t Marlboro Gold, it’s “Marlboro Next” (I’m pretty sure that is the name). I smoke Marlboro Gold and have smoked them for a good while now so I know they never had an iceball. And u “crush” the ball in the “next” style of cigs to get the menthol.

      • Yes it is Marlboro NXT and I smoke those as well and I have also purchased a pack recently and 14 of them had no ball in them! Really boils my blood!!

  3. I just called the change personal info number and my call was immediately answered by Marlboro customer service. I changed my mailing address and I asked about a shipment that I didn’t get because I moved. They re shipped my gift and she was very nice! And I got free coupons that they are mailing to me. She was very nice and helpful. No problems at all!

  4. I bought 2 cartons of Marlboro reds 100’s they where old and broke and I got no help from the 800 number wtf


    • Go back to the store u bought them from and tell the manager. Get ur refund. The store manager can send them back to the company and do the communicating for you 😉 Save urself the headache!

  5. I recently bought marboro gold ccigarettes at sao Paulo airport and got really sick since I started smoking them I want compensation and refund

  6. What is going on with every time I go to it. It tells me sorry can’t comply what’s up with that???

  7. Can you please make southern cut 100s there my favorite cigs by u and I hate how small they are and I know people would buy them. Please take into consideration

  8. I am an psudo ex smoker who enjoys one or two when I drink. I hate buying a whole pack and wasting it, and also hate bumming cigarettes of
    people. Has Marlboro ever considered Packaging cigarettes in 5 10 and 20 packs? There is a big market of psudo ex smokers out there that do not want to smoke all the time that have a guilty pleasure.

  9. I just tried a Marlboro NXT and they are by far the best cigarette I have ever tasted. They taste minty when you crush them. I urge all fans of Marlboro to try these!

  10. I bought a pack from QT and the pack tasted like glue I have smoked Marlboro reds 100 then switched to the 83.. bought a back of blacks hocked till my last pack tasted like glue…

  11. Just wish to express my appreciation and gratitude for receiving a dart set and the waterproof speaker – my fingers are still blistered from my wife snatching it from me and she is really enjoying it. Very high quality gifts.

    Thanks again.

  12. I would LOVE to see a list of all the winners from this years make it a classic sweepstakes. Me and my wife enter every day and have only won one item each. Come on out of all the prizes that are so called available we win 1????? Everyday we enter. We’ve tried everything from entering at different times to entering the same exact time we won our one and only prize a mug and a barbecue light and nothing seems to work. Please let me k ow if there is going to be a list of all the winners at the end because I woul love to see it. I think it’s nothing but a scam!!!!

    • I won the winter ranch trip about 5 or 6 years ago, it was an amazing trip. We got a lot of high dollar gifts including luggage for the trip and a check to help with the time off work, everything up there is free and the people are awesome, best trip ever. I took my girlfriend and proposed to her while there, she said yes and we have been happily married for 4 years now. A friend of mine won the summer trip a couple years before I won. Keep entering it is well worth it if you win.

  13. A few days ago I bought 3 packages of Black (partly) Menthol Marlboro cigarettes.
    I do not like them at all, and the person who sold them to me said that it was Company policy not to take any returns.
    I would like to be refunded, for I will not smoke these.
    They were too strong, had no Menthol taste, and the revue I read on the Internet was very bad: rat turts and human feces.
    Thanks but no thanks!!

    Elly Sybers


  14. Thank you for taking care of my problem I’ve been a red smoker for over 20 years and glad to know that I’m being taken care of when your product is not up to par thank you for your time shawn scrivens. Aka. Stempy

    • David,

      Don’t you think it’s odd that they run out of anything they’re giving away vwithin 5 minutes? I don’t know how cayse your sure as hell can’t get through to the in the phone &vwhen you try on the computer all you get is “Sorry, this priduct us no longer available but don’t firget to try for our next giveaway!” Yeah, I’ll be right here! NOT!

  15. Hello everyone. My wife and I visisted the annual country music hoedown in detroit this summer and were very disappointed with marlboro tent personnel. We are canadian citizens and were told upon entry to the grounds that there is no smoking allowed,also told to visit the marlboro tent and we can smoke there. When we tried to enter we were asked for identification,when we showed our canadian I.D. We were refused entry into the tent because of Marlboro policy,what is that? Said they can’t get our info from our I.D. In there computer so we were not allowed in,really. guess they can’t read, so there we were not allowed in and no smoking on the grounds. What to do now,so as discriminated upon Canadians we lit up anyway,waited to be confronted and never were. Would have been fun! Oh yes,the skoal tent treated us the same. So as friendly visitors to the event,we have decided to not return. I hope there is some change in their ‘policy’ soon, the event is great,too bad corporate policy is allowed to discriminate. I know that would never be the case in Canada.

  16. This is highly unacceptable this is the second time i have had an issue with this company i bought a pack of marlboro menthols and there was a cigarette missing that was the first issue i had i let it go and the second most recent issue i had was a bought another pack and inside the pack there were two non menthols. I was taken off by this. I am considering switching cigarette brands along with having all of my friends and colleagues boycott your product as well because of this incident. If something can be done about this we will continue to by your product until then you are losing our business. This is a very bad look and disappointment. This is not the reputation a company would have nor a tobacco company. I expected better from this company. Until something is done or i hear back you will no longer have my business and i usually buy a carton or two a week. I demand compensation in some way

  17. Got a wonderful woman named Deborah on the phone, she made my problem much better and assured me it would be taken up in multiple letters. I am getting an amazing freebie, super happy with their customer service.

  18. I just got off the phone with customer service about one of their promotions called “Break West” and all you do is answer a question. Well I did that and it said ” Congratulations, you have won a solar charger ( basically a 3 inch by 2 inch mobile phone charger, that uses the suns light to charge you Cell Phone). I have won several items from Marlboro and think it’s great, however this time after I won I got a link to click for confirmation number. I clicked the link and it sent me back to’s main web page.. So basically I got duped. I called customer service and the woman was horribly rude, like I was ling to her. Then on top of that, she tells me she has the wrong birthdate for me on my account…( I’ve had this account for about 6-7 years with no problems ) The woman then told me I would have to call the automated system to fix the problem…Long story short: Not only did I get duped by Marlboro, basically called a “LIAR” but then have to fix something they messed up…LOL…All the money all of here pay for 1 ONE pack of cigarettes and this is what you get in return…I’m absolutely mad and disgusted not because of not being able to claim the prize I won, but to be called a liar and to throw their mistake on me, that’s fine though. I can see why many many stores where I’m located DO NOT accept Marlboro’s $1.00 off coupons. Most of the store owners tell me they don’t accept them because it’s to much of a hassle to get compensated by Marlboro.. GL everyone, I’m done with Marlboro anything.. $ 9.90 a pack to get treated like a degenerate…NO thanks !

    • Everyone got that message and it only means to check your address to make sure it is correct. Bet you got your charger in the mail so be patient! You did not get duped! I got mine in the mail with no worries!

  19. I have been trying to enter into the Marlboro black photo compitition for over six hours now it is now 11:24pm and cut off is at 11:59 but apparently the site is under routine matience!! what kind of crap is that!! I hope there is an extension of some kind so I can still enter! I am determeined to show these judges what I have and I am not giving up!! If they are not entered tonight I will be calling customer service in the morning!!!!

  20. I smoke marlboro southern cut and every once in a while marlboro reds. Why is it that every single pack that i buy has a little tiny pin hole in it? Like 4 out of 5 packs has a little pin hole in the filter. Smoke comes out of it and it just ruins the cigarette.

  21. Hi, I commented, I have a pack of cigarettes that brought me 2 labels imposed exactly the same, same series all.
    If I had another e-mail account where you can attach a photo would send them.
    Thank you.

  22. Everyboby need to stop buying Marlboro because they are not right that is way I stop my brother from buying them so you all need to stop buying them to.

  23. How do you find out about up and coming give aways. I usually find out after the fact and on other sites not the Marlboro site. I just heard about the deck of cards give away from someone who just joineds I have been on this site for 3-4 years.
    How do or what do I do to recieve the deck of card and hear sbout the give aways before they end. I was also upset whrn the bandanas where given away and I missed out. Just dont like to miss out on the give aways. please let me know how to find out when there starting.

  24. My wife and I have been loyal Marlboro customer’s for more than (20) years and have been active on their website for as long as it has been around. I would have thought that after all these years we would of be invited to their ranch in Montana. I recently learned a friend won a trip at a local bar and know of some people who have been more than once. Although they present what appears to be many opportunities to win prizes it would appear that it’s mostly smoke and mirrors!!

  25. I CANNOT find where I “Claim My Free Gift at”. I’ve been all over the site and I have 7 of the coupons saved that tell me to go there.

  26. After 40 yrs. of buying a carton very 10 days, I get a carton that is impossible to smoke. I tried to complain and they want $25 to submit the complaint. I will switch, if I don’t get a response. AND, spread the word. Just give me another carton or my money back. I’ve 4 hours invested in this mess. Thanks for taking care of a loyal customer.

  27. i see a new marlboro coming out that is marijuana and i think it should be called marlborwanas lol, good name for it and make it clean no additives in it.

  28. your website is impossible to use. I enter my email address for username, not accepted. so frustrating, I’m going to give up the brand as well as your emails. I respect you want to keep authorized users… and I went to website invited to collect my ??? award…. impossible. I run a business and you’re lucky I’m taking the time to write this. If you want to keep my business, send me 1 email that provides the award… and 2. tells me how I can avoid problems in the future accessing website. enough is enough

  29. I would like to report my experience with suspiciously (in my opinion) fake Marlboro cigarettes. I have been smoking Red-Marlboro since my 18th birthday. Recently, I have had such a bad experience with Marlboro those I bought from retail store. I really disappointed with these Marlboro smell & taste, moreover its effect on breathing. I’am from Bandung Indonesia, here I would like to have a quick response from responsible department in the company. As I’am a loyal Red-Marlboro lover I would be very grateful if this report have a great solution. Thank you.

  30. I would like to report my experience with suspiciously (in my opinion) fake Marlboro cigarettes. I have been smoking Red-Marlboro since my 18th birthday. Recently, I have had such a bad experience with Marlboro those I bought from retail store. I really disappointed with these Marlboro smell & taste, moreover its effect on breathing. I’am from Bandung Indonesia, here I would like to have a quick response from responsible department in the company. As I’am a loyal Red-Marlboro lover I would be very grateful if this report have a great solution in my country. Thank you.

  31. I’ve been smoking Marlboro red for more than 10 years, and I see your quality dropping with time.
    First, I had kind of wooden pieces in the cigarettes, then I had to light the same cigarette several times… And now, I find in the same carton, several boxes with broken cigarettes inside…
    At the price cigarettes are sold now adays, I think the quality should improve, not get down…
    If you wanna make a happy customer… Send me a carton and I will forget about it…lol
    Thanks for reading.

  32. We live in Metairie LA & we just wanted to let u know that NONE of the stores here honor your $1.oo off coupon on packs of cigs.Just thought you should know

  33. I logged on today to try for a free zippo and they were all gone. I’m disappointed you would allow people to instantly sign up and take them all right away. I have been smoking marlboro for 10 years and without anymore points or bucks on cigarette packs it’s quite unsatisfying that the one thing they give away to their customers are all completely claimed by people trolling “free deal” websites rather than their own customers. Just an idea, but if it brings you more business I understand (my bet is it’s just free deal trolls that will never try your product in their life though).

  34. I recently purchased a carton of Red Label 100s $60+ in Iowa. There is a gap in the paper between the filter and tobacco, that leaks. I can send a picture…

  35. my issue is when i get on the website it gave me my username very easily which is good because i havent been on there in a very long time but when i tried to get my password i tried entering my security answer but its been so long i dont even remember what it is and i obviously dont remember my password it needs to be easier like typing in those letters and submitting to make sure your not a computer and send your password to your email address i cant get on the site to participate in the upcoming pick a prize everyday promotion and im a little bumbed about it because i love getting things from marlaboro and not just cupons

  36. why am I not receiving any coupons. I use to at least receive them on my birthday month. The past two years have been ashtrays.

  37. I called 1-800-marlboro to report a bad carton of cigarettes-red 100’s. Every pack tasted stale. The representive was very polite and took my info and told me I would be issues a refund check in the amount I paid for the carton. I was told I would recieve the check in 3 to 4 weeks. When 4 weeks past and I still hadn’t recived the check I called back and told them I hadn’t gotten my refund. I was assured that it had been sent and then I got transfered to another rep in a different department. I was told an inqury would be done and another check would be issued. It’s been almost 3 months since my initial complaint and I still haven’t gotten refund they promised me. Almost 60 dollars for something I wasn’t able to use is a bit much… I have recently switched to RYO-using High Card tobacco and Baretta filtered tubes-because it’s a lot cheaper and the quality of the tobacco is better and it’s all natural without all the additives. I am sick of Marlboro lying to me about where my refund is. Maybe when I am compinsated for the bad product as I was promised I will return as a customer…however I doubt it.

  38. I’ve got five thousand upc cods from 2006 reward promotion. Worth anything today lot of smoke down the chimney.

  39. I’ve never had an issue before today, and have been smoking Marlboro menthol ultra light 100’s for 15 years. However I bought a pack today and every single cigarette is on the brink of broken. There is a gap of very lightly packed tobacco in the middle of each cigarette. Just wondering what the deal is!

  40. Yesterday I received a coupon in the mail for a dollar off a pack of cigs from Marlboro.
    It was for my 60th birthday, I’ve smoked their product for 35 years, this is akin to tipping your waitress a penny. I didn’t expect anything from Phillip Morris, but their marketing CEO should be fired for insulting the clientele. A dollar off what a bunch of brainless twits.

  41. To who it may concern:
    I don’t know what is up with y’all lately, but I have been burned NUMEROUS times in the last couple months!!!! I have been smoking Marlboro’s loyally for over 30 years but you really have me ready to quit. My mother already did because she was sick of burning her stuff. What is happening is when the cigarette gets low, the burning head falls off. Just a couple minutes ago I saw that my cig was getting low so I took a step towards the ashtray, when I reached for the ashtray the head fell right off in between my toes and they are red and throbbing like hell right now. No even an hour before that, I was watching a movie on my bed, again, i noticed it was low, not as low as i used to smoke them even, not even close, and sure enough, the head fell off on my brand new sheets, I tried to pick the head up with my fingers to keep my new sheets from getting burned, burned my fingers and new sheets, grabbed the ashtray to try to scoop it in there, when I picked up the sheet to have it roll, it fell right through the sheet onto my also brand new very expensive memory foam mattress cover, so I had to put it out by smashing it into my new cover with the lighter, so, now I am burned, my sheets are burned, and my new mattress cover are burned! My foot still hasn’t healed since last time!!! What are you doing different? This is getting to the point of ridiculous. If y’all don’t care that your loyal customers, and that is not just me, it is also my two brothers, my sister in law, and of course my parents and whoever is on my mailing list and Facebook groups, including yours and whomever happens to be standing in line with me at Wal-mart etc, etc.! I am truly sorry for being so angry, but I am, the cigarettes were only a little over 3/4 gone each time this happened. If you have any suggestions. I would love to hear them besides quitting, which is what I should do anyway! I have been a member, along with my father of your Marloboro web site for eons. I hope somebody who matters gets this matters so they can possiblbly rectify the situration! Thank you for listening,
    Sherry Dean

  42. p.s. I agree with the Marijuana Cigarettes with no additives, as NONE are needed! Thanks again! Hoping to hear from you soon regarding my previous comment.
    Sherry Dean

  43. I am sad to say that everywhere that I have gone in my town tells me they are no longer carrying the Marlboro 54’s. I am very upset because I really enjoyed these one and I have been told that you guys are no longer making them. Please explain this so I know. Thank you

  44. I smoke marlboro light. Good cigarette. I throw my cigarette in the can at the lowest butt. Bad or good idea?


  45. – Sadly i have come to this conclusion that we need to break up. Here i thought i bought a full pack of quality cigarrets. But to my surprice, i didnt get, what i paid for. 20 Marlboro cigarrets in a pack, sounds to good to be true. here goes 3-4 cigarrets in each pack every time to waste. They are either broken, bad filtered (bottoms torn off)or you lit em up and try to inhale but holes in the filter so no smoke. Can’t you just lower the quantity and make a 16 pack instead of the 20 and lower the prize a bit ?.. No, i thought so. Well here goes 20 + years of smoking. Guess its time to look different and quit. Take care 😉

    • I was wondering the same lol. If she thinks there’s issues with the pack of 20, wouldn’t it be the same with this imaginitive 16 pack? I mean no disrespect. .I’ve just been scrolling through comments. .lots of people complaining their cigs are always broke and they want compensated AND refunded..not even Walmart does that..anyway, if your cigs are crinkled, smashed,’s most likely HOW you are packing them.
      I’m not great at it myself, no shame..but also, no one to really blame.

  46. Hello, I recently purchased five Marlboro Menthol Black’s and when I had opened it up it was very moist, and when I went to smoke it the smoke was a deep gray close to black. A few were okay, but most of them were terrible, I’ve never had this experience before, and am deeply upset that such a thing would pass through your QC.

  47. Here lately I have been pretty upset with going to smoke a cigarette and there being no tobacco in the bottom of my cigeratte like one of those roll your things

  48. I’ve been smoking the NXT and the price is different at every store even though there’s a sale add below the cigarettes that say 5.99 . why is that ?

  49. redeming the $0.50 in pack coupon ,in the sacramento ca. area is almost impossible. i have been said we dont accept them numerous times while visiting my son/ and the price of the pack here is crazy.$6.99 the coupon would help.i think if they dont take back the coupon, they shouldnt be able to sell them. im going to call when l get back home,but I dont want to waste 30 min of my vacation on customer service/

  50. I’ve recently bought a carton of cigarettes of Marlboro non menthol and I was unfortunately disappointed because a few of the packs were stale and there was quite a few cigarettes damaged. I indeed did used the carton instead of letting go to waste but I’ve been smoking Marlboro for 20 years now and this has never happened so I was greatly disappointed

  51. I hate to be the one that complained but, I’ve been smoking Marlboro for years which means I’ve been paying for somebody’s wages. I buy six cartoon a month which costs me at an Indian reservation which is cheaper 70 bucks a carton at regular store there almost 100 dollars a carton which is just I spend 420 dollars a month which is 5040 dollars a year. Every year for your birthday you guys send coupons. This year I got two coupons for 1.25 dollars off a pack I was so angry I threw them in the trash are you guys for real? That’s an insult for the amount of money we spend on these cigarettes you should be sending us on are birthday at least 20 to 25 dollars off a carton. I’m sure I am not the only person that feels this way your coupons should reflect the price we are paying for your cigarettes.thanks Linda white

  52. What are you doing to a good flavor product. They are so loosely
    pack. I burned my new truck car seat,table cloth, carpet,finger plus Ashes all over. I am paying fully for this product. I am trying to switch from Maverick which is well pack but i had very strong feelings about it

    Do something about it Gus .

  53. I’m wondering if your cigarettes are still the same. I have been buying your product since I was 14 years old. You are cigarettes sold through mail saver in Omaha Nebraska suck. They have the text him but are they still the same?

  54. I have been smoking Marlboro (Red) Regulars since 1965. I was getting $5.00 off coupon for a carton, now only $3.00. Your company is so cheap, that I have decided to move on to another brand.

  55. i have been buying marlborow next menthol since they come out and for the most part i have to say i am dissatisfied with the product. I have found on multiple occasions that the Packs are not completely full and that some of the cigarette papers are ripped or they are old or the filters are missing. they are too expensive for me to keep on buying and get home and find out that the pack is not what I want because of imperfections. so please watch how you buy marlboro next.

  56. Cigarette smoke smells good! Yup, and Marlboro’s are a quality brand. Now….when I start to cough and cough, I just say “Hoover Dam, Lake Mead!” loud-like, a couple times…and the coughing subsides! Why? Who cares, what a relief! (Yeah I really mean it!)

  57. Recently i bought a crate of marlboro reds.
    the box was torn as i opened the seal and the print was on both sides of the box.
    i need to know how can i get this message passed on to the company

  58. Just wondering if they even read these responses or if they even send feedback??? My thoughts are in wondering why we haven’t seen a price drop in cigarettes when I know you have to have lost revenue in sales from people quitting the the new found vapor cigarettes. So to me it would make sense to lower price = more sales doesn’t make sense to me

  59. I have been very impressed with Marlboro since I have been on the site. I have smoked Marlboro brand for years and just in the past year or so became a member on the site. I have received a number of unexpected and very appreciated gifts, 3 movie tickets and a zippo!
    Thanks Marlboro *****

  60. I’m wondering why you advertise promotions like “HOTSTREAK’ when it is not even on your website. It makes me consider giving up your product for the first time.I think that is what I am going to do! Thank you for making me see the error of my ways. YOURS TRULY, A DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER1 MIKE G.

  61. I have been smoking marlboro lights for years but lately have noticed the cigarettes are flaking ash everywhere and often they just fall apart and the inside comes away unfortunately burning my fingers on more than one occasion please tell me who I can complain to about this as the product is expensive and I can’t continue smoking them if this keeps happening

  62. hey ive smoked NXT’s for a year and my hair started falling off and as soon i stoped smoking them my hair stoped falling and im talking about big patches of hair

  63. I have smoked for 25 years and i have never had this happen to me the cigarette was not full of tobaco and the paper got on fire then it burned my hair i will send you a pic if you like

  64. I am Marlboro (red) 100’s consumer for a very very long time. Recently I have moved to live in FYROM (Macedonia) – Skopje, and I cannot believe that there is no import of 100’s at all. I have to travel to Serbia to provide such packages ?!?
    What is the reason for PMI not providing this market with 100’s

    • a lot of my cigarettes are burning way down the sides before I get to smoke them what’s causing that I’m losing the biggest part of a cigarette before I get to smoke it canyons correct this

  65. My cigarettes keep burning half way up one side and sometimes half the cigarette is burnt away I pay a lot of money for these n not getting to smoke a whole cigarette Marlboro red 100 please resolve this or send me some new cigarettes

  66. I purchased a pack of red shorts yesterday and they are definitely not reds they taste more like lights but are in a red box i payed for them and the place i got them refuses to refund me. I was just hoping there was something you could do for me i would very much appreciate it

  67. its not fair. I have been a long member of Marlboro and products, just too always be denied, and you all pick someone from NYC, or some cool place. I live in Beckley WV, and once Id like too win these contests, a no body from nowhere, ccmongive me a break, look into me and you will find a grateful winner

  68. i baught 2 cartons of marlboro lights 100s and they were old and dry! I went back to Smart and Final to return/exchange it, and they said I need to call or email customer service.

  69. I am a student at the International School Montebello Lille. I prepare my management project, and my question is , “What Marlboro strategies it is implementing to cope with the arrival of the electronic cigarette? ” I did some research on the internet , in newspapers , in vain I do not find much, or have each time the same things coming back.
    For this, I have loved to know, if possible, to inform me of some strategic elements used to cope with the arrival of the electronic cigarette on the tobacco market.

    PS: urgent please reply as soon as possible .

  70. I am a Marlboro Gold consumer and I did like them. You are a good brand well known all over the world, but lately I noticed that cigarettes are too much soft like half filled. Consequently your smoke is remarkably swift. Probable very good with regard my health
    bot not so good for you as I am going to buy some other brand. More slow to smoke and so more enojoyable. Thank you for those years …

  71. I just realized that Marlboro cigarettes are “tested” on animals, ie that you torture animals with tobacco smoke. So, I will no longer buy Marlboro cigarettes. I am going to switch to Lorillard or American spirit. also I am an animal rights activist and will publicize the fact that you torture animals as much as I possibly can on facebook and via word of mouth from now on. Please stop torturing animals. ive smoked Marlboros for forty years! now I have to stop because of what youre doing. sincerely,
    Caroline Forbes,
    attorney at law

  72. why no email address ? i have been smoking Marlboro cigarettes for
    over 45 years … and i can’t get an email address from the source
    who sold me these items ! what gives, eh ?

  73. I searched for your email to send very important complain from your cigarette which became worst and very bad .

    I am from Egypt.
    So king marlboro from 20 years ago
    There are very bad manufacture and no protection found from side for your customers because there are cigarette coming from china.
    I think one of recommendation is to follow the quality of manufacture to confirm supplying of good quality we pay for you for bad quality product now
    we would like to find true marlboro

  74. have been smoking Marlboro for years , i have been told by a few suppliers that the soft pack of twenties is no longer available, WHY?
    If it has been discontinued then i will have to find another brand , any suggestions ?

  75. why has the soft back of twenties filter been discontinued ?
    i dont like the hard pack so i will obviously have to change my brand any suggestions?

  76. Dear sir
    Can you plz give me the detail information of importer In nepal of Marlboro cigarettes
    I hope I would get reply as fast as possible

  77. Dear Marlboro Quality, This is 3rd time repeated complaint

    Please find attached today also I got one more defective Cigarette. I have
    a pack with defects on the filter paper. Multiple rolls hanging off of the
    side of the filter!it was surprising for me that brand like marlboro has
    this standard i still have that cigarette with me and i will challenge this
    brand in consumer court.i will make sure that any customer will think
    before I buy marlboro cigarette will definitely take help from media so i
    can spread awareness about the brand as they say the most selling brand in
    world. but it really upsets me.

    With Regards
    D.Durga Prasad

  78. Hello to whom it may concern. So cigs are bad for peeps! And my boy toy hates me smoking! Saw a pack of smokes next to a pic of my dog Cookie~ the Mountain Dew freak~ saw a pack of cigs almost closed!!! I lied said it was a dog toy!!! ~ so I was thinking why NOT MAKE DOG TOYS!!! That looked like your product. Or even editable packs!!! LOL I’m serious. Anyways if you could think about my idea. I’d appreciate it along with a lot of other lying smokers…. lol

  79. Dear Marlboro,I am a guy from Bosnia and I have a buisness offer for you,actually it is more idea than buisness offer,it is idea about making bigger profit and better marketing.If you are interested,please answer me and contact on this mail,idea is really interesting and does not need a lot of investments,actually there is almost no investments at all.

    Kind Regards.

  80. i per chest a carton of marbro Reds 100 in a box and they all were stale that’s a lot of money to throw away

  81. I keep getting ur marboro mail from u people just wanted to ask u if u can please stop sending me advertizments I do not smoke so stop thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. I have smoked Marlboro special blend 100s forever last few cartons have been stale,they are not cheap,thinking of changing brands

  83. Since I bought stale cigarettes can I at least get some coupons 1640 12th street portsmouth ohio if not I will go to camels

  84. I recently brought a packet of Malboro menthol cigarettes. The packet contained damaged cigarettes that are not smokeable despite the package exterior being undamaged.
    I am wishing to obtain a full refund or replacement for the damage items.

  85. I recently bought 10 packs of Marlboro reds from my tobacconist in St. bovio 20068 Peschiera Borromeo (Milan). Unfortunately I found that in all packets of cigarettes were missing three millimeters of tobacco in each sigaret and the taste was unusual. I smoke Marlboro for 30 years and this is the first time that this happen. Please give me possible explanation because no one in Milan seems to care about this problem.

  86. Called CS; received pleasant CSR, Liz. She helped me and is sending a coupon for my next purchase! Thanks!!

  87. I found a black thread in my cigarette. I dont live in the USA. but I really want to sue these people.
    What should i Do

  88. i bought 5 packs of marlboro seventy two reds, in every pack there were at least 3 cigarettes in each box that the filters had holes thru them. filters were defected.

  89. I downloaded the Marlboro app and tried to use the coupon on my phone but the store was unable to give me the discount it was at an approved store

  90. I bought a carton of Marlboro menthol lights and have opened 3 packs so far the first pack almost every single one was broken and the 2nd one almost have of them were broken and now the 3rd one ive found 3 broken so far

  91. I was wondering if someone will get back to me about the carton of cigarettes i bought every pack in there had broken cigarettes they are not cheap if you could get back to me i would appreciate it thanks

  92. I am a smoker now 10 years. I always smoke Marlboro cigarettes. I got 2 cartons for labor day and they were so dried out they kept falling apart lit onto our clothes and stuff. We had to smoke the rest of one cartoon because we had no way out but we all feel so rough. But we all love Marlboro this was our first bad experience but it won’t make us switch brands just wanted to let you know in case there are more out there to in Kentucky. P.o box 1411 Stanton KY 40380 thank you for your time.. Victoria Scott

  93. So I’ve been smoking camel crush for almost 5years now and recently got a coupon for Marlboro next the new Marlboro menthol cigarettes. Figured I’d give it a shot and damn was I pleased! I love these new menthol a yall put out and think their way superior to camel crushes. Camels menthol is definitely more chemical tasting whereas yall is more pepperminty not chemical. I know this isn’t a customer service review but couldn’t find another place to Alec’s a comment. Just wanted to let someone out there, in the internets black hole, know that I really love the new menthol product and am switching to Marlboro next from camel crush. Good job! 🙂 hope this made someone days.

    Holly in Kansas

  94. Your new flavors are great
    But i was think about new flavors you could create
    If you are interested you can contact me with my email
    Hope you get this message

  95. Me and my unit are being deployed to afghanistan tomorrow and heard that no Marlboro nxts will be available. If possible can someone contact me about sending them over I have the mailing address. Thanks for your time

  96. I am kinda pissed off because I try to log in at there site but they say I have a username but I dont, and I cant change it, why don’t they let me log in?

  97. What good is entering red moon round up? I can’t even get on the website at all. Hope I still win something or Marlboro will lose me as a customer

  98. Its really nice to spend weeks on your promotion and then not be able to participate because your site is not working!! Never again!!

  99. It’s the red moon challenge and I cannot access this goddamn website and it’s ridiculous cuz I can’t use my entries for any prizes that I wanted and frankly I feel

  100. I have been trying to get on to the Web site so I can use my red moons to enter but it 8s not letting me the Web site keeps freezing up. I have 8 moons and I can’t use them

  101. Can’t enter promo site down…like be entered in grill set and the bar set please. Also on future find way keep site from crashing like this. So people can enter fairly. .

  102. VERY disappointed in the RED MOON rising SWEEPS. Poorly executed and unfair to many. Seems many lost an opportunity to use their tokens to win prizes. I tried for HOURS and got in once to enter. My husband tried for hours and NEVER got to enter – called 800 number and was insulted when she said, “I understand your frustration,” Really? She spent hours trying to enter a sweeps and got disconnected after 30 minutes of waiting, and had to wait another 30 minutes to talk to someone who couldn’t help? I doubt it, and I know she didn’t even care. Just the most frustrating sweepstakes I ever TRIED to enter!

  103. the giveaway was messed up by marlboro . I was in as first giveaway had went thru on the red moon round up . I see it posted right there the we choose and their name and location city and state they lived . Getting second Giveaway done then would not except at first and then boom site goes down . they had that marlboro was doing maintaining site . get back on site and then logged out . went back in hours later to put my points in and clicked enter didnt didnt show it went thru and them boom kicked out again shut down and got the maintaining thing again . so no one could have won the grill and if they say they did they lie . i clicked on when it turned 1:00 and :59 and then boom site went down again and as i said it said it was maintaining . then it flashed something about cookies and been in there thousands times and that never poped up before . i was going and been trying to get the last 1 in the 12:00 one and still not letting me in and complaining to much on site . theres no excuses now . Customer service claiming its down till monday and even if you try tech support you get nothing . its a fraud and unfair . they messed it up and they lie if they say anything else and if anyone gets anything on or after the webbergrill then they lie because it claimed it was down for maintaining and would kick you out . . official complain to the Officials and GOV office . it was in fair and wrong what they did and then tried to post out other things . no one could have won . i was clicking enter on that gill and dont know if it went thru , it kicked me out and couldent get in now over 2 hrs


  105. Been trying to log into my acct for daaays now…

    “ERROR – We’re Sorry. We were unable to complete your request.”

    NEWSFLASH – You Suck. You are unable to keep your customers satisfied.

  106. hello I recently bought a carton of Marlboro red shorts and two of the packs over half the ciggerets were broken ive been smoking Marlboro for fifteen years never had this happened before

  107. Hi, I’m trying to contact Malboro regarding a pack of Malboro touch I bought that the paper was off almost have the pack…this I’d the second time this has happened and in South of Ireland they ate expensive. The shops really don’t give recites when buying cigarettes.. I hope someone can mail me back.

    Thank you
    Miriam kenny
    7 maglin view
    Maglin road
    S. Ireland

  108. I Plat the game you have on Friday and you have to put A or B so I have a coworker haves same game I put A am wrong said try next week my friend puts B he’s wrong so like to know is this a real game or what

  109. I just want to voice my complaint about the Red Moon Contest too…. we spent WEEKS being faithful for nothing due to their site was down!! Most of their promos have atleast given you a chance…..stinks there is not even an email you can write them and complain to!! I hate calling because the poor kids who answer the phone it is not their fault and they get to listen to the complaints!! Thx for this site…it rocks! 🙂

  110. you sent me a great coupon one dollar and fifty cents off a pack of ciggareetts. tried to use it a shell gas station you supply ciggaretts to and the owner the franchise owner would not honor my coupon. he said it takes him to long to get his money from marlboro and he was a small franchise. located at 4900 state rd 524 cocoa florida 32926 or 7 last number on zip code. why do you allow franchises to sell your product and not honor your coupon. and if it is the franchises owners decision to behave this way disrespecting marlboro, then why the blankedy blank blank do you do business with such blanlkyidie barndogs. sincerely shay little age 54 marlboro man.

  111. I was able to get through and get all of my moons placed throgh email site only way I found. I would like a list of the winners emailed to me please. Thanks.

  112. Dear Marlboro Customer SerVICE,

    I want you to know how dissapointed I was with the Marlboro Red Moon Roundup Contest, both my husband and I had all our tokens and began from 5:00 p.m.till 12:00 P.M. and never could enter our tokens, it just kept saying Under Maintinance. It was very frustrating being on the computer for hours and never being able to participate,and thought it to be a scam, howver, we both got your Emails where there would be a second chance drawing and you would enter everyone’s tokens for this. It has restored our faith In you. Thank you for trying to make it right…that shows commitment to your customers…

  113. I was disgusted with the Red Moon Roundup Contest, I was on the dang computer for hours trying to get thru then next day on the phone forever, never being able to get thru to vent my frustration, howver, thanks for making it right with the second chance drawing. I just rec’d my Email saying you all were trying to make it right. I am a retired ARMY Vet who has benn smoking Marlboro since I was in the service in Vietnam. You have restored the faith by showing your willingness to be honest and fair with the second chance drawing, good going Marlboro!!!!!

  114. Hi,

    I keep trying to sign up on your website, but it keeps saying my birthday can’t be verified. I am a 51 year old female. I don’t understand what the problem is. Can you help?

    Thank you
    Claudia Gray

  115. Can You Possibly Tell Me How A Rope Was In My Cigarette…?
    I Took Pics If No One Believes Me & The Whole Pack Taste Stale..???

  116. I started smoking the Marlboro Smooth 100’s and I love them but there are times where I have found them either with holes in them or not even full cigarettes. It’s really irritating.

  117. I was playing the Push West game and it said I was an instant winner of a zippo lighter and it said click to confirm my email address and I clicked it and then lost the screen. What do I do? Kim

  118. hi I still love u even though I am smoking ecigs now… I would like to inquire about a beautiful travel picnic table u all sent me more than 7 years ago. it was stolen a couple weeks ago, and I cant find a estimate for my insurance claim. can u look up my info and help me out a little please
    if not please direct this to a college that can thank you

  119. I have been a loyal Marlboro red box smoker for 31 years. Unfortunately I started way to early, but I am on your mailing list and I recently downloaded your app for coupons etc. I I have been embarrassed at three locations because they do not except your mobile coupons, and recently your site has not even allowed me to get my mail in coupons. I’m just very just appointed in what your media has been doing lately. You must know how much money I spend a month on cigarettes.
    Disappointedly yours, Peter Barnett

  120. I got a pack of Marlboro next the ones that you can pop a bubble to make them menthol and they didn’t have the bubble to pop.

  121. In writing cause I entered twice in ad on Facebook where you assure a carton of cigarettes for free cause of your years approaching I filled out all areas and still not received free carton of Marlboro red please fulfill your ads address is 3160 Dover church road,Glasgow,ky 42141 thanks

  122. I have been trying to redeem my gold status coupon,code GLDSTS,but your web sight keeps asking for information no matter if I enter my user and password,is this a scam

  123. I took a 10 minute survey that is being offered on Facebook for a free carton of Marlboros by time I got through I still didn’t get the coupon sent to me because they say they want me to buy something and I think that is wrong if you are doing that I think it is wrong because it says get a free carton of cigarettes from Marlboro please let me know what’s up with that I won’t post on Facebook until I find out

  124. I keep trying to use Facebook and I keep seeing free cartons of Marlboro cigarettes are you giving away free cartons of cigarettes I would like to have one but almost everything you see nowadays is a scam if this is true I wold like to receive a carton.

  125. You advertised Free Carton of Cigarette give aways for your Hundred Anniversary in south eastern connecticut on Facebook. I followed what you asked to do. Completed it and I Received Nothing For it… It continued to tell me i dint complete it!!! I retried a fewtimes only to have same results!!! I am very upset! Is this a scam? Am i being lied too? You are a reputable company that is trusted.. so how do i get my free carton of cigerettes?

  126. I followed the steps for the free carton of cigarettes, for an hour it just kept saying it was checking the steps, I’ve been a loyal marlboro smoker,since I was 13,49 now,evertime I try to do the give aways, it never works

  127. My husband and I have bought your product for over 20 years.Marlboro special blend but used to smoke the light 100’s.We buy 2 cartons a week.While we enjoy the coupons,I have always wanted to visit the ranch.We used to save the points years ago when you have prizes.How can we win a trip? Thank you

  128. I purchased a carton of Marlboro reds and they were so stale I couldn’t even smoke them they were just awful never again will I buy them I have switched to another brand

  129. I was suppose to recieve my ashtray as a gift on 9/26/2015. I never received the ashtray. I am already upset about red moon round up. Please let me know if I am going to get it or not?
    Thank you
    Daphne Vasquez

  130. Thank you for having $1 off of Marlboro menthol gold packs the prices have gone crazy over the last 30 years I recently bought 2 gold 100 ‘s. bar codes 284712 + 2820017434 they did not ring up as packaged a dollar off the cashier said she cannot override cigarette prices there must be more out they’re like these please take out the harmful things people would still smoke !!

  131. I had purchased a carton of Marlboro 27’s from my local Walmart the other day. What I ended up with was the worse carton of Marlboro’s I’ve ever had! About 8 packs of them had 4-6 broken cigarettes in a pack,and every single pack tasted foul and stale! Now the only cigarettes I smoke are Marlboro 27’s but after this horrid batch of them, I’m very unsure if I want to continue smoking them or switch to a different brand! Worse experience ever! I had to actually go purchase more cigarettes because this whole cartoon was terrible!

  132. Played the wild card game and when i went to claim my prize it said there was an error dont understand y just would like my prize im a loyal customer just want this wrong fixed thank you god bless

  133. Andrew Davis is my name. I’m very sorry, I have been through a lot lately . I’ve filled out several things online saying u could send anything to me. Now like I’ve said it’s very hard for me due to the loss of my wife an the house fire we suffered. Now my youngest died in that fire which was due to a Our neighbors thought they could do something an it burned our houses down. I am struggling with my other two children. I work two jobs an I’m trying very had to try an stay sain. Now please I’m sorry for this sad story but I’m just lost. Thank u for responding… the Address is 872 state highway A crane No 65633 thank u for ur time atleast. Venting .. I was very upset cause that was the last straw for me. My babies were crying an hungry an I felt absolutely worthless.. I have suffered dearly. Since the house fire I’ve lost everything else. That incident.  I am terribly sorry that I am sending this. But I am hoping you can help me an my babies get on our feet again. all of it was lost. U guys are my wife’s favorite. An ur things remind me of her so much. Thank u so much for your time. Anything you can send to a family in need an starting over.. I could use. Because I want my children to have things. An all my money is going to Bill’s baby sitters food an living. It so hard for me.. I’m so sorry

       Respectfully an Humbly submitted 

            Andrew Davis

    • Wow man. You are horrible. What do you want this moderator to do? Pay your bills or send you some free smokes? Either way your far fetched lie is hopefully going to come back on you one day. Your sick. Truly.

  134. This is the third time I have tried to use the mobile coupon. I have done an error report every time but I just left the gas station and their scanner wasn’t working.. the lady held my phone for the whole 5 minutes not trying to enter in the coupon number, handed my phone back to me and was just like oh well it didn’t work… is there anything that can be done. This is the third one I have missed out on because either they said they had the cigs I needed and then didn’t, (which was the first two times) and than this issue. today. My user name is jenswan5, birthday 4-1-1980

    thank you

  135. I purchased cigarettes and the bottom of the paper isn’t sealed so I lost half of each cigarette I smoked. At the prices being charged I was a little disappointed. The number on bottom of this pack is R168Y54A5 On the side is 285682. II sure hope you get this issue fixed

  136. I have smoked Marlboro red black for a very long time I live in ranson wv at all ur 711 stores cig reps put up one price but reg rings a much higher price even if u get there 2 pk deal when u get a pk with .50 cents off they r a penny higher then the pk without if u question it u get they can do what they want think ur reps should check a little deeper gives u all a very bad name and consumers eventually will b finding a new brand and it may not b Phillip Morris

  137. Hots keep falling off.. Pissed! Burned a hole in my seat .. Then signed up for the wild card only to find out its no good in Michigan.. Why do they sell the packs/ cartons in my case with the wild card in them in mixhigan then ? Think I’m switching brands..matter of fact.. Promise I’m going to.. Was hung up on when I called the wild card number called back and the reps justbseem not to care.. Well guess what ? I can spend my money on another brand with another company

  138. Dear Mr. Andre Calantzopoulos CEO Philip Morris International Inc and Mr. Louis Camilleri,

    I have been a very long time customer of Marlboro for most of my adult life. I have noticed those WILD CARD cards in your packs of cigarettes now for some time. Never bothered with them, but had a few spare moments a while back, and thought I would give them a try. After almost an hour of typing in all my personal information, going through page after page of requested information, I was ready to just quit. But I thought I wasted all this time, and now you know more about me than anyone other than my closest friends, I wanted to see what you were offering. After all of that BS, you send me a link to a $1.50 coupon, that I can’t get no matter what I try.

    I called your CS number and spoke to someone for almost ½ an hour , and he finally got the app to work, or at least we thought he did, to the point of showing the code. But he cautioned not to go to the final step, since we only had 5 minutes to use the coupon, or it would expire. So the next time we went to the store ( Walgreens) and tried to use it. We held up the line trying to get it to finally show the coupon code for the store to scan, and all it did was take us back and forth from page to page, but never showing the coupon code. We never could get it to show, and the cashier asked us to please try it another time, since we were holding up the whole store checkout. How embarrassing, and demeaning. All this time, aggravation, and embarrassment for nothing. And even if we finally would have been able to get the coupon to work, we would feel so cheap as to give away so much information, and time for $1.50. Thank God there were no representatives from Marlboro in the store at the time. I don’t remember a time where we both were so angry at the same time. You could not do more to humiliate, insult and embarrass a customer of your product than this promotion. And what do you think of your customers to try to pull something like this, and not even reward them with the meager $1.50. Even if you would have delivered the stinking $1.50, you still made us feel like street people. We hope you are happy you tricked us to get all of our personal information, embarrassed the hell out of us at the store, and managed to ruin and waste several days of our time.


    • I purchased a pack of Marlboro black 100s like I always do but this time when I opened them and got my first cigarette out and started smoking it I tasted something funny like was plastic or candle wax, I’m not sure what it was so I put the cig back in the pack and have been waiting on someone from Marlboro to contact me but have still not heard anything I would really appreciate someone getting a hold of me on this matter thank you and hope to hear from someone soon

  139. Why is it that every time I go buy a pack of cigarettes it seems like the price is going up? I have been a smoker for some time and your brand is always increasing. I think it’s time to change to a different brand, one that is actually affordable. Why do you have to keep increasing prices? I’m sure you make millions of dollars as it is, I just don’t get it. As a loyal customer of your brand i have to say that I am done.
    Thank you for making smoking unaffordable.

  140. I’ve been a Marlboro smoker for 17 years. My mother and father 40 years. When I say 40 years I mean, they buy 2 cartons every 2 days. Do the math in that. When certain customers like them can float that company and not only pay its bills but the store owner and the evil taxman you should be shown loyalty. In some way. I got into trying for that inreach sat phone with the wildcard game. What a scam. So far I have got 40 wildcards within the past week and I only have 6 friggin entries. First day all 3 of my hands won. Bait and switch CON. I’m lucky if I win one hand in 2 days now. Never got a high card. Best was a 9 and the rest are under 5. 2 days it would not even let me do the cards. No matter what time I do play it, it ALWAYS says all gifts have been claimed for the day. Wtf. That’s showing me appreciation for my loyalty as a consumer? The ones that have won it seems they are rewarded with 10$ music codes. WOW. Sounds you hear should not cost. It’s a friggin sound. It’s not concert tickets they are getting and you wanna hear music just go to YouTube or the billion other sites you can get for free. Just don’t forget data charges apply. Everyone tries to suck a bit out of you more and more each day and just like idiots we all pay while more people hop on that modern day legal con wagon. No wonder we are all neck deep in work with both mother and fathers having to both work to make ends meet. In the 40’s it was simple to be 18 and have a grocery store job and be able to make it while affording a home and car. Marlboro used to be good about gifts and prizes. Points on packs. My goal was the 0 degree sleeping bag. We were only a carton or so shy and they took it down but I know people who got them. Shtty I know. Spend like 2 grand on smokes for a sleeping bag worth 10 bucks. That’s including any labor

    • Your family buys a carton a say ( u said your parents did so)and you’re talkin like you’re being taken advantage of..Yes, the economy has been crap for awhile, it’s hard for most of us to make ends meet. And either way, were stressed and we smoke..but we make that choice. I believe everyone has their vices and if you’re not harming anyone else,go for it. I know there’s the thrill of the win,but next time just save up for a sleeping bag. Buy the 0degree in the heat of the summer, should find a good deal somewhere.

  141. Im not happy I sent emails and never got any reply or help I got two packs of marlboros menthol lights and they were crushed in the packs I was out my smokes and my money im not real happy

  142. I cant get into my account. Dont remember my old address to get my info i can prove who i am anyway i need to. I just need into my account so i can get my coupons an gifts from Marlboro. Please help! Or direct me to someone who can help!!

  143. Everytime I get on Marlboro to order my coupons I always order 1$ off pack. And every time I get sent 3$ off carton. Not happy about it. I took pics of the coupon but there is no where to attach a pic. Please fix. I take time to order the coupons and every time I get coupons I won’t even use

  144. Bonjour je me permet de vous contactez pour vous faire part d’un soucis sur vos paquets de Marlboro convertible;
    Dans mon dernier paquet, plus de la moitié des capsules mentholés étaient déjà clipsées ce qui fais que les cigarettes n’étaient plus menthol.
    Ce n’est pas la première fois que cela m’arrive.

  145. I’m so sick of wasting my Mobile Coupons because the dumb cashiers don’t know how to scan it. When I show them my phone with the coupon timer, they look at it like it a bomb counting down. It might as well be because I walk out with nothing each time. I have about a 50% success rate with mobile coupons all because of cashiers. I don’t understand why these stores (EXXON) get new promotions such as mobile coupons, and don’t train their employees the correct way to use them. People are just flat out lazy these days, espically in TN. Maybe next time if I deep fry my cell phone before showing the coupon they will get it.

  146. I would like to complain about these so called games that I signed up for notifications on text. This is the 3rd time I’ve played the game and it sends me text back stating that the game is played on Fridays and therefore my entry is not valid. Well, HELLO dumbasses I have the text proving it was Friday so I’m not sure who’s behind the text automation but they need to seriously fix the damn thing.

  147. I tried to order the copper cups, but it says something went wrong. If you email me, I’ll send you the photos. I tried several time . Thank you!

  148. Again my mobile coupon failed to load, so I went out to get signal and acts as if it been used. No barcode or timer ever came up as happened before. Gave Up on MHQ because of this issue, now happening with regular app as well

  149. Salesman in qather murra aria
    His name is abid
    He said me today you dont sale marlboro he dont come my shop he com nearest shop but he dont come my shop he said me you dont bring from me bring from marcket why u giving salery him

  150. I have been buying smooth 100s since they came out.
    Lately I’ve been very disappointed… Holes in the cigarettes, they die out easily, and the minty taste is almost gone.

  151. After 25+ years I quit smoking Marlboro and switched to Camel Lights – primarily because of the filter. I received your coupons in a very expensive gold envelope with a large poster each time, and yet there was talk of recycling, keeping the world greener – yeah right! The packaging for the $3.00 coupon is really over the top and i can’t understand why the company thinks this is necessary. I’m content with my choice of Camel and would like to be taken off your mailing list – thanks

  152. I don’t know what the hell you are putting in your cigarettes these days but I am done going to a different brand….these cigarettes choke the crap outta me and taste like hell every since you went to FSC they won’t stay lit unless you are trying to put them out and they are horrible tasting. your formula must be messed up or your machinery is on the fritz and they are getting a tripe dose of chemicals on them. I am telling you these cigarettes are the worst I have ever smoked and I pay a pretty penny for them as well. It would be tolerable to pay your horrible prices if they were smokeable but oh hell they are not!!!!

  153. I unfortunately did not update my email address before the Marlboro website sent my free movie ticket. It sent it to an email address that is no longer in service. Is there any way you can re send to my current email address.

  154. Hi I purchased 100 Marlboro gold in my local supermarket today and when I came home and opened the box there was only 4 boxes in my box. Where do I stand from here and I paid for 100 and only got 80? Wich is 4 packs

  155. Hi I’ve recently signed up for your app just a few days ago and I have already gone into 3 local convenient stores to purchase your products and no one accepts your coupons on the phone. I don’t currently have access to a printer. Please help

  156. Remove prior comments it stated it wouldn’t post in the comment area. Guess that’s a lie. Remove my info. Asap not happy

  157. regarding your newest contest, same as the other ones. I keep track of all the days I enter and called customer service with a problem. I received a very consise reply showing all entries that you had. I still had one entry you were not showing and tried to send an e mail to the e mail address shown on your e mail. I had printed off a copy of your e mail so know I did not enter the address incorrectly – it is in black and white “E mail Us @ Consumer” Bad enough you don’t show an e mail address on your web site but then give out a non-working one on communications from you.

  158. i called you about a month ago about a carton of your marlboro i brought that where no good i talked to some one and they say that they where going to sent me a form to fill out and mail it back to prove my age i did not recieve this form yet and it been a month

  159. I would really like to get in contact with someone about a product i would like to suggest. If you could get me in contact, with whom it may concern it would be lovely.
    -Andrew Viox

  160. ive been smoking marlbro Red ( filter ) for the past 9 years and ive never been this disgusted and how poor these cigarettes and packages are being made now days. The filters are not even glued all together, cigarettes that you pull out have loose filters and not only that… there has been countless packages where you keep it in your pocket and when you want to take the packet out, it has fallen apart. im tired of the lack of concern that everyone gives when u actually have a unsatisfied client. Ive even changed to smoking peter.S,

    please do look into the glue and what is happening. If pictures are needed i will be sure to send. Contact me on

  161. I would like to make you aware that I have been purchasing Marlboro menthol lights (gold stripe) I have smoked this kind for years now & just a few months ago I was getting packs that did not taste anything like a menthol. It is very frustrating paying 6.00 for your these for them not to even be a menthol. This problem should be resolved I am thinking of swapping brands because of this & also I have had a lot of others say they have experienced the same. Thank you

  162. I would like to report a wide spread of marlboro red fake within our area. I have their contact #. Coz i might lose my avid buyers of cigars coz they are complaining abt the product. Fake marlboro red. My contact # is 09068183682.

  163. Kindly investigate this fake marlboro. I can help you to know where they are getting it. They said an agent from marlboro is giving them and they just make or earn a % when they sell.

  164. I appreciate the coupons you guys send me.there is only one problem with the coupons I receive, they do not have bar codes therfore I can not redeem them at any store. Specifically upc codes. The stirs tell me they will not be reimbursed for the coupon without a upc code and can not give me the discount. I have received many coupons with diehard denominations and have not been able to use them. Hopefully you can address this issue and then I can start redeeming future coupons. Thank you

  165. facebook is posting thru people that for your 100 year anniversary that you are pleasegiving away cartons of cig. please send me coupons for Marlboro blacks and other cig. please mail them to me ,I have a account

  166. Sue,

    If you buy anything made by Atria you might as well still be giving your money to Marlboro. So, if you switch, make sure Atria isn’ getting the money. That’s messed up. Most places won’t let you switch if you don’t have a receipt but they damn sure dont offer you one. And it’s the cashiers job to give you one, you shouldn’t have to ask you for one.SUE, CALL 1-800-MARLBORO & TELL THEM YOU BOUGHT 3 CARTONS AND ONE OF THEM WERE STALE SO YOU FIGURED IF ONE US STALE THE OTHER 2 ARE AS WELL. “THEY CLAIM” THEY WILL REIMBURSE YOU FOR THEM. LIKE I SAID, THAT’S WHAT THEY “CLAIM”, BUT AS MOST OF US HAVE FIGURED OUT, MARLBORO ISN’T TO CONCERNED ABOUT KEEPING THEIR WORD!

  167. I’m registered online & selected option I purchase by packs. I’ve been customer more than 2 decades. For my bday: 2/14/1958, I rec’d one $3 /4 packs purchase & a $3 for carton. Very disappointed since Camel sent four coupons;2 $1/a pack & 2- $1.50/ with 2 pack purchases. It seems they’d appreciate my business more than Marlboro.
    On off chance you wonder I smoke Marlboro Special Blend, in box,red, shorts. Sincerely disappointed in N.C. Karen

  168. I cant get my phone to download the thq app so im missing out on your offers. I love your product but unfortunately due to the cost in nys im going to have to switch to a cheaper brand unless u vould mail me coupons or make your app more accessible. Sincerely. Matt.

  169. I’ve been trying to get the Marlboro app on new phone for cpl months now, now main site down… How long before able to get app really miss the digital coupons got twice week. Thanks

  170. The Marlboro app has quite a few stores on there that don’t know anything about the app or how to use it. I have wasted plenty of gas trying to find them and I would like u to either take these stores off of your app or teach them how to use it please.

  171. I just got off a call with what I thought was tech support. For the last 2 weeks when I try to redeem my mobile coupon it never gives the bar code for the store to scan. The representative took my information and told me she would forward to tech support. I thought I was talking to tech support? She said someone would contact me in 24 to 72 hours. I then asked if there were any coupons she could send me for the inconvenience. She proceeded to direct me to the website to see what coupons were available. I explained to her that it tells me to come back next month. So no compensation for losing out on over $6.00 in coupons. Not very good customer service in my opinion. I’m pretty sure Phillip Morris makes enough money to back there product and promotions.

  172. OK I have won something back in Swiss’s tech all I know its. On back order . Called they don’t know when it will be filled. They said they let me know what they are going to do.

  173. I am a loyal malboro red ff consumer for years in Malaysia. Lately, after philip morris started to import malboro cigarettes from Indonesia, i find that the quality of the cigarettes have dropped tremendously. From the faulty filter to faulty packaging and inferior taste. Please remedy this. Thank you.

  174. I’m really aggravated because I have bought 3 cartons of cigarettes, and have tried to enter your sweepstakes on every card! It keeps telling me that I have the wrong password. I’ve had the same password for 20 years! Then when I try to retrieve the password it says that I am no such person. Can someone let me know how to enter the sweepstakes? Thanks

  175. Hello,

    My name is Frank Marulli and I belong to the Rougarou MC. We are holding our first Louisiana event called the 1st annual rougarou bike show and raffleon APR 2. Our club is a 100% law abiding club and majority being Military active and retired. We would like to see if your company would have any interest in donating some products to help raise proceeds.

    We have currently finialized the charity of which any proceeds of this event will be donated too, “Brothers and Sisters in Arms” of Leesville LA provides service dogs to Veterans, Active Duty Military, Special Needs families with PTSD, TBI, autism, epilepsy, developmental disabilities, or other mental health problems.

    Thank you again for any help you may provide


    Frank P. Marulli IV
    1319 Harvard DR
    Deridder, la 70634

  176. I personally do not find your site rewarding enough for how much money you guys make. If you could deactivate my account. I would much appreciate it.

  177. Hello my name is Steven and I have been a loyal Marlboro smoker for going on 12 years I have smoked one pack a day for 12 years. I smoked Marlboro 27’s then menthol then menthol lights religiously. And yet my friend had a birthday today got a gift in the mail from you. She has smoked 3 years tops. Just kinda what to know what gives? How do you get on the list for that?

  178. On singing up for text and email I gave you my number and when I get a text back from you all my phone want let me download the content if you could email me why I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  179. Hello, Where can the paper coupons that come in the mail be used? I tired 7eleven, AMPM, the local smoke shop and Shell and Mobile gas station and they all say they do not take them. I live in zip code 90813, please let me know where I can use them. Thank You

  180. B alhjasbdgvkerjhbcs


    Kidd ankh den.jhcdbyudcsguylscdvluysdcvcdsluygscludygeduylwgecluygswhywdvh,gf,hetdeffhwedgfcdluygferayufcedaluyfscdgdscvghcdsvhacedvddhgvdd,hgqrdev,hadeegeva,hgvaddvh,gear,cv,hgwea,hgvercuyleegulyedqgluycedvdeghfdkytwevqdhgwevdh,ycsarfdhgqwevd,yuwegqchyfwgqwehfgluwqyegcluywegjffsygfjysgdyucsdhhbdgfcjfcgkhvkwxhgfwktyfsytavhgzvshgxvagvzkghwvzkhgvwhgxvghwcxkghsvkghvhsyugleuygwedyjlrgyukytvcskdghvcsq,Khateyfhlqddljhbh,gvzxgyougouyfwegcuoyqdfiugfiygvddmbgferuyogtiyrtttttttttttttttttttosyouecqrkytqgerouyqfgouyfgoyurfyouwecfvkhgedcqvoyuqferfryurqefgyuoferyurfeyuoerfuyogrfeqoyuregouyrefguyrefqgouyferqgyourfeqoyugeqfeffeqyulgrfeqvhgkefqrghkvferghkerqvfhgervfghkerqfvkghrfqevkhgrefqvhgrefqhvgerfqvedhkgvrechgkedkacvreghcrevrecakhgecvarkheyrdguyedeavkgechdqvceghdvqcehgrgfeyouqrbjjadvfb
    Hvjf k

  181. Hi there, i live in sri lanka and am 66 years old, i started smoking when i was 40 and found that smoking helped my memory and kept me calm.
    I have been working on a cure for lung cancer since im a chain smoker and found it..
    If a smoker finds that he or she has lung cancer, large or small cell cancer this person has to stop all alcohol and take what i have made and in a couple the bleeding cough is gone and this person can carry on smoking happily.
    I cured my liver, pancreas, stomach, colon and throat cancer by myself without chemo or radiotherapy.
    I think all tobacco companies should get involved in what I’ve found because smokers love to smoke but cancer is the problem.
    Dont wait for pharmaceutical companies to get involved in what I’ve found because actually islt costs just a fraction of todays chemotherapy and radiotherapy where smokers have to mortgage their homes for treatment.

    David Kao

  182. I noticed I’ve been doing the point challenge every day and I would b one day short of the cooler.The crappy part is that u didn’t send me my booklet until 10 days after it started. Was that planned?????? And of course everything b4 that is gone . Thanks from a loyal customer! !!!!

  183. Hi.i,m a human being living on this planet and i live in iran. Has long been a wonderful picture that at the same time the concept of love ,smoking and quitting smoking and have this picture in my mind. I’m sure this image in advertising templates can be created worldwide acclaim.a global and lasting image. I do not have tools to create the image .sorry for bad english.Stay with me .

  184. I am a Marlboro customer for years . Can you tell me if the product has changed . I have noticed that the filters are not always glued correct and have also had some that had holes in the tubes themselves . Also lately the ashes seem to come faster that they used to always dropping off on your clothing .I know it is hard to be consent ant but please bring it to the plants attention .
    Thank you
    Sheila French

  185. You should come up with a way to know people are smokers I have been playing your spin it came since it started and haven’t won anything yet people I know don’t smoke win multiple times this is frustrating disheartening and kinda makes me want to switch brands

  186. I called Marlboro with a shipping issue I received excellent customer service. They have an option to be called back rather than stay on an extensive hold. I received a call back within 20 minutes and had all my issues resolved with one phone call.

  187. i would like to get on your mailing list for coupons mary cade 25northcedarst apt105 newark ohio 43055 birthday 10 24 52

  188. I had a friend pick me up a carton of Marlboro light menthol 100’s box. In Kentucky, that are stale, I tried to smoke them, and smoked 2 packs before I decided they were so bad I cannot , I threw out a 3rd pack, before thinking I should find out if there is anything I could do, or anyone to tell, cigarettes are just too expensive for this to let slide. Please tell me who I can contact about this, I cannot return them to the store, I live in Michigan. Thank you, Debbie

  189. Since being transferred to Hawaii (navy) 8 months ago I have bought 3 completely unsmokeable packs of cigarettes, the cigarettes have dust all over them and little holes. Not sure if it’s from them being shipped here but they are very expensive, almost 8 bucks a pack. I smoke the Marlboro Edge. Love the cigs but this is getting ridiculous. Thank you for your time

  190. This ap for coupons is stupid we hold up the line for retailers I’m just going to change brands I’ve been a loyal marlboro customer for twenty years easier to use paper coupons. Send me paper coupons take me off the online ap. It’s dumb. Send paper coupons or lose another customer thanks. Ap is dumb.

  191. Good evening,
    I have recently in the last two weeks purchased two cartons of Menthol Black King size and they are not rolled correctly. The paper is separating from the filter causing them to not smoke correctly. UPC02895428, This UPC is off the second carton thinking first carton was just a fluke.
    Very disappointed,
    James and Rikki Shinkle

  192. HI THERE,




  193. Hello, if anyone in Marlboro actually sees this just wanted to say I LOVE the NXT’s simply amazing. Also I am 18. I have a YouTube channel named RoGuExPaNcAkE where I used to post just random stupid videos but starting Tobacco reviews. I reviewed the smooths and nxt’s However It wasn’t apparent you where supposed to pop the beed insids the cigarettes. Other than that loved them and love the brand

  194. I have been trying to create an account on Marlboro website, in which I have not signed up on the site before. I have tried multiple times in signing up and the site keeps saying it is unable to confirm my age. I now have 18 codes that are expired because the site will not let me make an account all because they cannot confirm my age. I do not have nor have I had an account for this site, but would like one with What do I need to, I have tried everything up to this point and have gotten no where.

  195. Fir the last month, my Marlboros have tasted different, a little harsh and burn different. Seems like they are using a lower quality tobacco. I have smoked these about 25 years and hate the thought of changing, but this just isn’t good. Hope the go back soon.

  196. Bought a pack of Marlboro Black full flavor 100’s today and 7 of the cigarettes werent sealed properly around the filter so i couldnt get a full drag. If i wanted light cigarettes i would buy those, not bold full flavor cigarettes. Highly irritated.


    X X
    ^ ^
    ^ ^

  198. This is getting to be fu!$#ng stupid. First off a carton of marlboro cost an arm and a leg. But then you open a pack and there are only 16 then open another pack there are 15. This is not the first carton too have this happen or single pack. There are never hardly 20 cigarettes in a pack. So why can youlet not get 20 cigarettes in a freaking pack. Any answers?

  199. I started smoking marlboro Beyond Gold since it came out… And just love it!… I never smoke it for the menthol, my last 4 packets without poping the ball all of my cigarettes taste menthol… And its really annoying also coasts me alot of money I dont like menthol but smoke te beyond gold coz its a nice cigarette, but probably need to change to another brand coz Marlboro dont give good client service so problem wont be fixed!

  200. I got a thing on Facebook it was a coupn for 2 free cartons and it said to do the 2 step. I did and they said that I had to the step 2 but I had already did step 2 twice already so what am I doing wrong

  201. Tried to get 2 free cartons on Facebook but was unable to finish step 2. No send button there to push. Think its a scam from your site. Disappointment.

  202. Unable to finish the 2 cartons free ad sent from you on Facebook. Disappointed in marlboro site. Plus, my email address is correct.

  203. I have been trying to order my monthly coupon, however, your website is not working. After I logon I get a page that says it is down due to high volume. I have been getting that same webpage every day since the first of the month. I never had this problem before, can you please fix your website so I can order my monthly coupon?

    If you cannot get the website back online please send me my monthly $3.00 off a carton Thanks.

    • I have no bad comment on you I have a good idea for marlboro tower shape and I don’t know how to make it reach the right part on you

  204. I would just like to start by saying i work in maintenance in a plant so im not just cimplaining. I have bought 3 packs of marlboro red 100s and ea. Cig. In ea. Pack were unsmokesble for the fact that where the print is on ea. One there are holes. Mainely where the o is but on all the letters. May need to check the printers for they are punching holes. I have a couple of pictures on my phone i can text or email if needed.
    K McCloud

  205. I’ve smoke marlboro 100 for year never change I just bought 4 packs of smokes from a store it cost me 8.25 a pack when I got home I notice that they were open I took them back to the store in they would take them back so I’m out the money don’t want to smoke a stale cig never no now a days I’ll never buy smokes from that store again it just syck that I had to go buy smokes else where let me know if there’s any thing that can be done

  206. I purshed a cartoon of cigarettes (Marlboro reds) from Wal-Mart and they didn’t tast right at all. I took them back to the store and they told me that they could not give my money back. I’m pretty up set I have always smoked Marlboro and never had to deal with this I spend to much money on them to just throw away $60.00 and I would like to hear from you.

  207. I bought a pack of 72 lights, there was a cigarette in back that had holes in the butt and had clear liquid that looked injected into it. Since sitting in air the butt has become hard, never in 20 years have I ever seen this and thought it should be brought to attention. Thank you

  208. I have a very good new idea for the shape of marlboro international tower how can really I can reach my idea to you please answer me hoping it will come real and thanks

  209. My latest patent is concerning with what happens when you open a box of ciggarettes. When you pull the paper out one of the cigarettes comes out half way so that the consumer is “presented” with the first ciggarette.

  210. I’m a regular smoker of Marlboro red cigarettes. Of the last two 20 packs I have bought I have had the problem of the burning end falling out from loosely packed tobacco, often happening 2 or 3 times in an individual cigarette,
    Daniel Harle

  211. It would be great to make a cigarette with other flavors rather then menthol such as cinnamon,black cherry,or mango and put it in the favored ball that you pop

  212. Hi folks, I’m not one to email or complain, but I recently bought a carton of cigarettes and one of the packs contained several cigarettes with holes in the paper. They were un-smokable! The number on the bottom of the box, if you need if for reference, is V118 X63C6. Thanks!
    Tammy Meunier

  213. I recently filled out a survey on Facebook to receive 10 free cartons of Marlboro Reds. I am curious about what time will I be receiving my prize

  214. The new filters are terrible and now you have bought these new packets in you can’t get the cigarettes out! Please go back to the out ways there often the best

  215. Hey plz email me because i got your alls gift which is the rugged bluetooth speaker and it dont work at all the buttons on the i. Side are bro i just opened it and tryed to turn it on and it wouldnt do nothing so i pulled the ruber off it and seen all the in side parts are broke

  216. I think your web sight sucks can’t even find my info because I haven’t been on it in so long I will not call your stupid phone number and I’m gunna quit smoking your stupid cigarettes they gave me COPD anyway so stick your tree where the sun don’t shine

  217. Hello my name is Joseph Martindale and I am a member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club and on October 22nd we are holding our 3rd annual Honor and Remember charity ride. What I am asking is for your participation in some donations. It could be shirts, flags, banners, tickets etc. We take these items and raffle them off and give the proceeds to the Honor and Remember Foundation.

       What the Honor and Remember foundation is, they honor fallen soldiers by presenting their family with a custom flag with the fallen soldiers name on it and they place a flag. As well they bring each family to a banquet dinner all paid for by the foundation to present these to the families. All this foundation does for the families are off donations only. We would love your support in this.

         We are based out of Spring Lake, North Carolina. I really appreciate your time and hope you can help us out, Thank you.

  218. Idid your survey 4 a carton Marlboro cigarettes and I put in about 30 people and they are sent me back but your website said that I didn’t put enough people in it only required 15 tell me what went wrong or please send me my carton of cigarettes this was on Facebook please send me a message back or I will contact all 20 people 30 people and let them know not to do this offer thank you

  219. Hello I am a regular smoker. I love Marlboro Special Blend. I normally spend over $200.00 a month. Due to an accident,I can no longer afford them I REALLY don’t want to go to a cheaper brand. If there is any thing you can do to help. It would be greatly appreciated. A loyal Marlboro customer for 35 years.

    Yours Truly.
    Bernadean Vogel

  220. I am 22 years old and this is totally unacceptable. I bought a carton of your ice blast cigarettes and some of them didn’t had the capsule where I could pop. I’m seeking for your explanation.

  221. I’ve been smoking Marlboro NXT’s since they came out. However, I smoke them UNPOPPED. I hate menthols, but these unpopped have the exact taste I look for. Unfortunately, the last 5 packs I’ve bought (from all different stores), most of them (around 16) have been popped, therefore I didn’t smoke them and wasted my money buying them. This sucks, because I really love these cigarettes and I don’t want to change, but why are my cigarettes getting popped?

  222. I am having my big fall bash party at the end of October and was wondering if you had anything you could send me to hang up or to pass out as door prizes? Let me know. Thanks marlboro user, Tyler

  223. Please send me two cartons of Marlboro 100s for free. I have been a faithful smoker for almost 40 years and o am out of ciggs. Thank you in advance.

  224. I keep getting mailers with games, etc. that would be perfectly fine except I can’t sign on to or retrieve any info to make that happen..And when I call “customer service” (he wrote, laughing at the irony) they tell me the address I LIVE AT and WHERE THEY ARE MAILING said paperwork, etc. to is not my address.But, yes, my customer number is the right name but, again, not the address they have on file. You;’d think since they keep mailing this stuff and it has all the correct info (as it gets here every couple months) that they could put 2 and 2 together.

    But they cannot. I finally just hang up in frustration after repeatedly explaining I’ve lived here for the last 6 years and I do not care that their computer says I don’t live here. STOP STOP It really annoys me to be told that I must be mistaken about where i live. I suspect this is just a ploy to keep me on a mailing list for whatever reason…

  225. I have recently purchased 2 boxes of malboro nxt and found that 12 cigarette from the boxes don’t have the menthol ball. I am very disappointed in this. Also as this specific brand is very smooth and I enjoy smoking it after this I don’t think I will ever purchase these cigarettes again or any other marlboro brand again.

  226. I called to say I love your cigarettes and the nice lady that answered said she would pass the message along. I just got a letter with coupons (thanks for those, they are helpful) saying “sorry you weren’t satisfied” or something. But I was. I am very satisfied.

  227. April 29, 2017 – I received coupons and a “Happy Birthday From Your Friends At Marlboro – Enjoy This Gift,” looked it up on the Internet, and want to know what the birthday gift is. I got these coupons in the mail. I was unable to redeem the $1.50 off a pack, either at Walgreen’s or gas-station grocery store. How do I go about redeeming these coupons, let alone getting my free birthday gift? My birthday is May 7 (1956).


  229. Recently I purchased 2 cartons on Marlboro Menthol Lights when I was visiting my family in Missouri. The cigarettes were beyond stale and they came in soft pack. I do not think they even sell soft packs anymore. I called the store owner and he said they could not do anything about it. I’m wondering if I could send them back to the company for a refund so I can purchase fresh cigarettes. Very disappointed.

  230. Hello my name is Amanda gerkwn and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with you products excpesally you marlbro black short cigarettes they are perfect they tast amazing and are just the perfect amount of tabaco for me thank you so much for making these have a wonderful night and day.

    • Suggestion
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      I’m a fan of Marlboro cigarettes.
      I have an excellent suggestion ,it impulse consumers to prefer your brand and increase Marlboro profit.
      If Marlboro co. Like know more, email me.

  231. suggestion
    hello dear
    i’m a fan of marlboro cigarettes . i have an excellent suggestion.
    it impulse consumers to prefer your brand and increase MARLBORO profit. if marlboro CO. like know more. email me.

  232. My husband has tried twice to get taken off the mailing list for Marlboro. They ask ridiculous questions, including his social security number??? He gave his customer
    number, but that wasn’t enough. WTH?

  233. Five free cartons on Facebook….what a joke….went two stores would not take the coupon….why? Another scam, another way of wasting my time…
    Rip off, why post that…..?
    How would you like it done to you…?
    Not a way to promote your product?
    I will never somke your brand again….
    And I will pass the word…
    Thanks for nothing….

  234. Maybe its a scam….but my husband did your 3 short question survey….won the 5 free cartons but when he went to like after share and post the confirm does not show up….and the web site is down … does he get them or not

  235. Yall said on face book that i get5 free cartons if i like and share and i did so please contact me so i can get my free 5 cartons. Please and thank you

  236. Still not able to log in been about 4 years ago all of a sudden a pop said Im not of age to enter. So after 10 years not old enough. Well now Im 50 so tried ago still same crap message.
    Probably called customer service 40 times and just got tired of them blaming it on my phone. Which 4 years ago was same one I had no previous problems with. I finally got a new $400 phone and called again because still no go. Then was told was my security. Turned it off and still couldn’t log in. Now 4 years later and older 50 still can’t and a different phone yet. Even tried a friends home computer. Nope 50 not old enough says message. Guess their age limit is at least older then 50 in their state.. oh well that’s why I said screw wasting my time they didm’t even offer or just mail me complimentary coupons for my troubles.
    Well I switched to Camel and after 10 or more years with Marlborio when I still got coupons was only 2 $1 off pack and right off Camel was sending 2 $2 off 1 pack a month and now With new mobile app get weekly coupons not sure for how many weekly or value of each coupon. And I will have to wait till September to find out. I ordered my coupons for August and now says I cant even download app till sept because I already requested my coupons. I cant wait. So thank you Marlboro. Without your non customer service satisfaction and passing blame on everything but your help well no help and site crap I came out with a better deal. So thanks for being such a customer pleasing company. ?

  237. Hi guys , I’ve just purchased 2 packs of Marlboro from a gas station in Austin , when I looked on the underneath of the packs it seems something was taken off and restamped with red Texas tax paid logo, I began to scrape it and it comes off easy . I have pics but I can’t attach them here , I believe this gas station may be selling counterfeit Marlboro

  238. My husband loves the NXT but the last few packs we have purchased there has been quite a few that didn’t have the menthol ball inside.

  239. I purchased a carton of Marlboro Red Beyond cigarettes (10 packets). In 4 of the boxes, there has been 1 cigarette without an ice ball. In another 1 box, the filter paper itself has been poorly put on as I can see the naked filter.

    I am really disappointed as I have been smoking Marlboro for a good few years already and this has not been the first time I find a faulty cigarette. This time I have had 5 faulty cigarettes in a carton.

  240. Kind of feel odd even questioning about this ? But couldn’t find an email address to direct my situation with Marlboro.
    Being smoking is concidered a bad habit of mine. Its assuming that my sissue shouldn’t be one i should be complaining about?
    So i guess I’ll just voice an opion and not consider it a complaint. I have been smoking Marlboro Menthal 100’s for in most peoples opion too long. ( 25 years)
    I have to admit i enjoy my cigarettes and benifical i feel in ways ( stress leave ) But resently i have been getting them from different location then in the past. Not sure if possible? But seems they were stail or something. But not just once, and an ongoing situation. Feel funny complaining about a cigarette not meeting standards. But after smoking the same brand for many years? Its disappointing having a change to what your use too.
    Being the price i pay now in comparison you years ago? Well maybe my disappointment of change is with good reason? I found myself for the first time asking for a different brand. Not only shocking to me but the cashier already having my Marlboro on the counter.
    I can’t say i like Newport by any means at all. But didn’t have the stail taste. Witch makes me think possibly they can go stail?
    Its now been about 10 packs of Newport, and miss the brand I’m use too. But not sure if its location or Marlboro made a change to their cigarettes? I was advised to try other locations for seeing if possibly it was just this store? And advised that some store owners will buy extra supply if supplier was selling cheaper or on sale.
    Unfortunately cigarettes are to exspensive for going on a trile run of different locations.
    I’d hate to think my relationship with my Marlboro Menthol has died. So prior to given up? I thought maybe anyone else might be advised of possible changes made to the brand?
    I don’t even sound right saying Newport when asking for cigarettes. So I’m trying my best before a break up of our realisationship is made.
    Been with Marlboro longer then the wife! I think a breakup with her would be easier then this will be. Lol
    Already feel like a cheater being i have been buying Newport. Lol
    Maybe is i put them in an old Marlboro box ? I would feel better about the situation?
    Any advice would be helpful.
    Hard to believe i am complaining about a cigarette!
    Thank god my wife doesn’t smoke and potential of seeing the relationship topic. Lol

  241. Been a marlboro smoker for 40 years and wanted to share a pic of 1 defect cig in pack I have ever seen , please replace 1 cig .

  242. Just want to thank y’all for the $50 Visa gift card I used it online at Dickey’ and got me 4 new tee shirts it was to help with hurricane Harvey recovery I’ve never had anyone help like this again thank you and god bless

  243. To be airconditioned. We are just concern for the health of the sales personel for this location . Since they implement to have designated smoking are to this location. The space is very small and all of the smokes coming from the smokers are beong inhaled by the sales perponel who does not smoke. Can you please address this issue. This is located in the phillipines. Thank you

  244. Hello,Marlboro: my name is Randy S. Fitzgerald – 1 Las Vegas Nevada. I,am 58 yrs old born on 04/24/1959. I cannot login to my old account,I do not remember the username and Password or the First car i owned my security question since it’s been years since i logged in, there is an issue with, the security question,and or the password,but I assure you, it is my account I want to get my Free Zippo Lighter i purchased a pack of Marlboro Black I will give you my Federal Veterans ID # since my Nevada Drivers License is expired,if you need to verify my Identity,Please reset the account Login Info so I can access my account.

  245. I use the menthol click cigarettes and lit one up and to my horror it exploded I think the menthol crystal had been accidentally put in the end of the cigarette!!! So was trying to make them aware of this problem

  246. I buy Marlboro always. Today I bought a pack that has a cigarette that looks like it’s been wet. Just one. Factory issue I assume. I took a picture of pack and the cigarette if you would like them. Thank you for your time.

  247. I have to say that I am very disappointed.I have been a customer for 8 years now. I had bought a carton of cigarettes and all the filters were cracked or broke. I didn’t spend 72 dollars for that to happen I had called the company and someone was suppose to call me back and no one ever did. I am considering switching brands because it’s not right to spend that much money and me just have to throw them away.


  249. Its very sad that Marlboro is not checking the originality of products at the retail outlets. In a country like, where people are capable of making duplicates of NASA’s satellites, cigarettes are made at houses. More than half of Marlboro cigarettes sold in Maharashtra, India are duplicate. Please keep a check.

  250. I think that marlboro is the best cigarate in the world but i have an idea why dont marlboro make filters that can be put for cigarate with tast like chocolate starawbarry limon

  251. Can you please send me some coupons i do not have a printer and i smoke these kind but they are high please send me for packs and carton and more than a few Thank you 124 Wildwood dr Elkview wv 25071 date of birth 6/13/1975 Thank you

  252. Hi my name is alisher . You had sent me some marlboro cups that i had won a while ago. My home was messed up in a storm and we had lost everything in our cabinets, etc. It is taking me a while to contact because we work alot to try to get our roof repaired. If you happen to have any cups , we would appreciate if you could send them.
    Thank you for your time, Alisher Sitko

  253. Your customer service sucks. Your agents have no more information than I have from reading the website. I spent 2 weeks rating neon signs only to be told you ran out of gift cards hours before I could finish. I tried to create a neon sign and it acted like it was accepted but it never was and I put a lot of time into it. After several calls to customer service im switching brands. Please remove me from all of your mailing lists.

  254. After reading these comments and others online I am convinced that marlboro promotions are a SCAM! Please remove my name from everything marlboro as I do not wish to purchase your products or be associated with your company anymore.

  255. Hi I’m 13 years old. Both of my parents smoke your brand of cigarettes and I know many many people do. I was just wondering why you guys keep selling these deadly things? It has not only made my life hard but my whole family’s. You guys probably get tons of hate so this email i send probably won’t mean anything but I am sitting next to my sleeping mother crying because I know that if she keeps smoking these cigarettes she will die. You guys are taking parents away from their children for money! I am afraid that I could lose my parents at any time and that scares me! I don’t know what I would do without a mom or dad. They are my life! I also have a brother who is 10 years old and I can’t imagine what he would feel. Every night I have to sneak into my moms room and take her cigarettes out of her purse just so she won’t have them in the morning. New ones are always there the next day anyway. My mom always says “great grandmom smoked for 60 years and she’s still alive” I know that’s true but that was awhile ago. Now there is new chemicals to make cigarettes more addictive! Well I mean you probably know this so this is pointless. My dad always says “the doctors tell me that my lungs look like a 30 year old runners!” I know I that’s not true because after he’s smoked for that long it’s not possible. I just don’t understand why you guys would keep making these. The only explanation is for the money which means you are killing my mom and dad for money!!!! They have been telling me they would quite since 2nd grade and look where we are now. It’s not only my parents I’m scared for it’s also me and my brother. I know about second and third hand smoke and it’s SO scary. I’m only 13 and I feel like it’s my responsibility for my parents to quite. I have no clue why I am writing this maybe because I’m extremely upset and angry and I needed to tell your company. I just can’t get my head wrapped around that you are killing innocent people for money.

  256. Good day –
    I am very disappointed in Marlboro Red Beyond i have purchased a few pacts at a reputable shop only to discover that a few cigarettes had no menthol ball – I only enjoy smoking menthol – so needles to say i had to dump these cigarettes



  257. hello, I received a defective pack of cigs if you would like to see a picture please contact me. I have pictures I was just letting you know. the inside is wraped backwards.

  258. I got a pack of marlborrow midnight from the store a couple of days ago and started getting sick and i got a cigarett out of my pack and the side of the cigaretts in the middle were all brown

  259. I have been experiencing technical issues on Marlboro web site..! I have called in several times, and was told issues were on Marlboro’s end, not my end..!! Unfortunately this has happened a few times with different promotions… I was told on one occasion that it would be investigated and resolved.., never heard another word about it..! It recently happened to me on the neon promotion..! It wouldn’t let me post my design, and when I was finally able to post it, I was told that the free gifts were gone…!!! Then I wasn’t able to view my design, so I called in again and got no where…!!! Then I was told the promo had ended and winners would be notified………….! I had a significant amount of votes as soon as I posted my design, but then the chaos ensued..!! I couldn’t view my design, and I stopped getting votes all at once..!! Very peculiar if you ask me !!! I don’t expect Marlboro to send me a gift to passify me, However, I do expect Marlboro to fix the bugs on their end so this doesn’t happen to other people..!! As a smoker for almost 40 years I have spent lots of money supporting Marlboro…!!! It shouldn’t be too much to ask to be treated with respect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  260. I am a smoker of Marlboro for 33 years now. My complaint is that I do not get enough coupons in the mail. Is it possible to get more than fewer coupons. If so would greatly appreciate it.

  261. I smoke Marlboro black menthol 100’s and they have been terrible lately, they catch on fire burn down in the middle and sparks burn my finger and they go out constantly!!!!????

  262. Please remove me from your mailing list. I no longer need any information or coupons from Marlboro. I would really appreciate it.

    • I purchased a carton of Marbro menthol light 100s out of the 10 packs I have a not receive one pack that stays lit I am always relighting my cigarettes I have never had any problems like this from Marlboro before I would like to know how I can fix this problem

  263. Seems the NSA voices are determined to take smoking rights away hearing in my head that smoking is not allowed if you hear the voices and the voices have destroyed my life over the last several months stealing my right to have ciggeretes

  264. I don’t mean to be rude sounding, but what is wrong with 97% of the people leaving comments here & either not being able to spell or just flat out don’t know how to write a proper sentence, so that the rest of us can actually understand just what it is you’re all trying to say? Also, do any of you really believe that any cigarette company CARES ABOUT YOU/US? If you do, I truly feel for your lack of common sense & apparent ignorance. They make & sell us “coffin nails”! Cigarettes are in no damn way, good for anyone! & you’re bound to get stale smokes now & then. That’s not Marlboro’s fault, unless you bought them directly from the manufacturing site. It’s the stores problem. They either didn’t rotate or they don’t sell enough of that particular style, before they get old. & there are so many millions of people that smoke cigs still, even with the awesome vaping industry being handed to us as a wonderful alternative to those stinking, chemical & tar infused, death wands, that the lame & pathetic threats to switch brands, doesn’t phase them in the slightest. & I know it was a few years ago, but the cat who said he was gonna have everyone, including his co-workers, switch to a whole new brand, I’d love to see this “revolution” you’ve managed to arrange, just over a couple missing smokes. & I’d like to be the 1st to raise my favorite booger picking finger, straight up to the sky, for you, because, if you’re capable of getting groups of people to revolt, why are you doing it for such a petty thing as “missing cigarettes”? You should be using your talent to get Americans off their fat lazy asses & to take their stand against our overbearing, freedom stealing,, Trump voting, animal murdering, woman hating, white supremist/racist, revolting, swamp donkey looking, waste of usable organs, pos US president & his useless & worthless political sidekicks? Then you can be proud that you stood up for something really worth gathering the troops up for, not 1 or 2 lousy missing cigarettes, how petty are we these days? You all act like this company should be hung & lit up alive for making some “normal human mistakes”. How dare those workers act like they’re part of the human race God dammit! & to the lame-o who was crying because he’s never been invited to the tobacco ranch, while some have been there more than once. Are you anyone special? I’m gonna take a wild guess & go with “no” on this one. You probably just have really crappy luck dude or they don’t like your name or they don’t like you. Maybe you sound to desperate to them? I know you do to me & probably lots of others as well. Firstly, believing that you are so great & wonderful & deserve to be picked, out of millions around the world, is your biggest issue. Greed will get you nowhere, unless you’re also a sociopath, psychopath, or narcissist, who doesn’t mind stomping on others to get what they want. But, I don’t think that being soulless would help in this situation. Sorry, I’m going with, you have horrible luck & it just isn’t your time. As you all can easily tell, I have some animosity towards all of you on here that are whinning & complaining to a company that produces instruments of probable death & believing that they should be sympathetic or even empathetic to your/our plights! They don’t care about any of you! They know that you’re hopelessly addicted to their product & that your sad little threats are empty, because, you NEED THEM, literally! Again people, channel all this pent up anger & frustration & put it to use! Put down the video games, laptops, tablets, computers, & especially your phones, unless you’re using them to get this insane psychopath out of the white house & save America before it’s too flippin late people. Then, I bet Marlboro would hook us all up with a few free cartons as their way to say thanks!

  265. I purchased Marlboro compacts in Spain in 2017, the tips keep coming off, I have kept some of them with the packs,very disappointed in produced t

  266. I been smoking malboro cigs since I was 15 years old and am 41 and I just bought a pack of cigarettes with a free Zippo and I look at the paper and it’s said the date was 11/20/17 my point is your cigs are old now I can’t get the lighter and am stuck smoking nastys pack of smokes

  267. Hi I’m just after alittle of advice. My mother left me a British bulldog money box holding a Marlboro cigarette I have tried to trace where it came from I know it’s over 30 years old. I would be interested if you know anything about the item yourself as I can’t trace anything about it nor is there anything like it anywhere on the net. I’m prepared to send photographs and indeed if you want to look at it and appraise it for yourselves I would be willing to let you see it

  268. hello, i am ramzi, i have the finger beez project, it is my choice to choose the marlboro co as the first to check my offer deal, it is an amazing world wide need, that concerns any tabbaco companies, please send me an email to send you the study, you will love the idea, i wish, thanks in advance.

  269. I had a problem last year not being able to log in.
    At some point that changed (nothing to do with me).
    Now I’m back to not being able to log in.
    All blockers off – HP Media PC / Windows 7 – version. 6.1.7601 / SP 1 / Firefox 59.0.2

  270. I called yesterday in regards to finding out my user and password and I still can not get into marlboro site. Please help.

  271. I purchased a carton of marlboro menthol light 100s and I haven’t found one pack out of the carton that stays lit they go out on me every time I turn around I am rewriting them

  272. I have repeatedly called Marlboro because, I cannot sign in with my password. I call, Marlboro gives me a temporary password and I reset my original password, and the next time I try to sign in, I cannot. Is there a way to fix this matter? Thank you.

  273. I come to the Arco gas station off Ramsey and 22nd St. in banning California I push my app to use my last one in the attendant messed up my app and then accuse me of trying to use the app twice in line let me tell you something Marbro this right here warrants numerous times that you guys don’t make adjustments you need to because I’m sick and tired of when something goes wrong on the person who had of the store owner the consumer Pays the price when it should be if it’s not use they should be allowed to do so you need to change this whatever you’re doing and please start paying these people a money cause a lot of people aren’t taken you coupons anymore

  274. I love that you offer coupons. I just wish u didn’t take away from us getting the paper coupons and the mobile coupons.

  275. I’ve been a pack a day smoker for 40 years and just recently i bought a carton of special blend 100s and upon opening each pack the flip top lid was glued to the filter causing me to smoke 6 cigarettes without the filter. Unacceptable when I’m paying 70 dollars plus per carton. I’m going to smoke and if Marlboro continues to manufacturer their brand like this I will have no choice but to switch brands. I expect Marlboro will make this right.

  276. Hello, my name is peter, and I found a unusual cigarette in my pack if marblo reds, I was just curious about it because it had a double brown paper wrapping on the filter..weird encounter, probably a malfunction of the machine?? Thank you

  277. I just tried to login to my Marlboro account and it says I have to contact customer service… I have never had a problem up until today… i haven’t change any info nor have I tried to login since yesteIrday… so what’s up

  278. I purchased a carton of Marlboro Blue Menthol 100’s while on vacation from Wisconsin Tribal store. I live 2 and a half hours away from there. When I opened my carton it is stale that they can not be smoked. Is there anything you will do to help fix this situation as the store will only allow a return in person.

    Thank you for your help
    Leilani Harrington

  279. The gas station at 105 W. Lincoln Ave., Orange, CA.92865 is selling knock-off Marlboro cigarettes. They sold me two packs on 7/1/2018 that were repackaged.

  280. i have had problems lately with packs of marlboro 100 menthol blacks.i buy buy single packs and when i light it up and start smoking my fire falls off.i have burned myself and also i have ruined couple new shirts of mine.this been going on little over a month now.thank you for taking time out to read this.have a blessed day

  281. Tried to register for a Marlboro account. Apparently, I already have one, and I can’t get into it. Called and couldn’t believe the process I had to go through to get into my account. I won’t purchase Marlboro again. Customer since 1997. Not anymore.

  282. Have been trying to sign into for the past 4 days, I get the sign in with pin number, but after I enter it the Enter button doesn’t turn red to enable me to sign in. Haven’t ran into this problem in the past 13 to 14 years I sign up.

  283. To whom it may concern,

    Greetings! We are the company that specializes in gift and promotional items in Taiwan, we are here to make business proposition with Marlboro. Could you please forward me to the person who is in charge of purchasing? Thanks and I’m looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

  284. I am a customer from Vimannagar, Pune. Tonight I bought three Marlboro Advance. I found the ciggrate to be duplicate and thought to notify you. It gave me a very bad experience of smoking and would need for some good clarification on this. I am writing below the shop address, please check the shops stock as I found the ciggrate to be sold in Nepal which costs Rs 220 in Nepal and the quality is different and gave bad experience. Please provide with the correct information and may be some original ciggrates.

    Shop address:
    Govinda Shop, Next to Smokin Joes Pizza, Vimannagar.

    I look forward to your response.

  285. I bought a tin of Marlboro Gold tobacco for tubing. On the tin it stated about 180 cigarettes, I started with the Marlboro Gold Tubes at the same time, well I didn’t even get 100 cigarettes out of the tin. That is the understatement of the year for Marlboro Gold Tube it. What a waste of my 14.50 euro and 2.00 euro. Never again that’s for sure!

  286. I keep trying to sign up on the Marlboro website but it just tells me that my information cannot be verified? What does this mean and how can I change that?

  287. Hi, can I be sent a sample carton In Black 100s to give to my 70 neighbors for Xmas? 18225 Hale Ave, Morgan Hill, C A 95037 USA 4084658280, Facebook, Messenger, No email. Blessings, A Y Oh, & one each men’s & lady’s 100S size metal cigarette cases. Thanks & h p holidays!

  288. Hi I asked a U S website for one carton each Dunhill red gold & Parliament blue silver to give as Christmas samples to neighbors also. Marlboros are my favorite though. Happy holidays, Mrs. Columbia Rose Lapel A Y

  289. Hi feel free to look at my Merry S F 49er 2018 Christmas photo greeting on my Facebook page Happy holidays Mrs Columbia Rose Lapel A Y

  290. Hi I was offered coupons for discounts on packs of Camel & Pall Mall coupons by mail I need completely free white cigs by carton or packs shipped free to our home No menthol 18225 Hale Ave Morgan Hill C A 95037 USA 4084658280 Happy holidays Mrs Columbia Rose Lapel Nickname

  291. Hi I posted an ad involving Black 100 s & a 7-Eleven lighter & lit cigarette icon on Facebook for your review H P Holidays Mrs Columbia Rose Lapel Nickname Facebook Messenger No email

  292. Not pleasant at all hell i cant even login to my marlboro account to get my coupons for my carton of smokes. The last carton i got is still sitting here stale and the store would not take them back. So im not happy

  293. Hi there my name is Ali king. I have recently bought my favorite cigarettes Marlboro black red 100s from my neighborhood gas station. Marathon in bayou la batre Alabama. I noticed a pack a few weeks ago I had gotten seemed to have the wrong cigarettes in them. And what they looked to me to be special blend 100s in the red and white box instead. I took my pack back to the gas station I bought them from to show them. And to get another pack. And the lady working there showed me hers which are the the regular special blends. Which for some reason had my kind of cigarettes in them. I was told by the lady at the gas station that because I had walked out of the station with them and came back in I couldn’t switch them for another. So I said ok and that I wanted to leave the cigarettes for the manager to see and that I would by another pack from a different row. To see if they were the correct ones. I continued to open the pack in the store in front of the lady and yet again they were the wrong ones. So I asked if I could switch them out for the red and white special blends since the packaging was obviously mixed up. The then proceeded to tell me no because the 2nd pack had been opened. Even though I never left the store with them. The lady then decided she was done with the conversation and walked off to go outside and leave. There was another lady there who said she also couldn’t do anything about it. I now am left with 2 packs of the wrong cigarettes. And just feel as though y’all should know about the packaging misshap. Just so future customers don’t have happen to them what’s happened to me. I am also contacting the owner of the store to tell them what has happened as well.

  294. Not sure what the heck you did to the Marlboro Black 100s. I’ve been smoking these for several years and the filter changed and I cough now all the time. The draw is lighter and the cig goes out on me!! I’m super pissed off.

  295. I tried to unsubscribe you guys via mail but you guys still keep sending me coupons. I’ve tried to find a way to make it stop for like a year now and you guys still keep sending me coupons. Nobody smokes anymore. Stop sending me your coupon to me.. save your coupon for other customers.

  296. Hi myself is Affan Ahmed Mirza and i am one of your daily costumer who use to have 2 or 3 packets of this new launch Marlboro fine touch less smell. I mean it’s a huge creation by you guys cause the cigarette is absolutely which i was searching from my childhood and now i got that taste and flavoured which i ever searched for. I would proudly call it your biggest invention till now and i hope you and your company do more good in life with lots of success. The reason of mailing you was I actually felt lucky about a thing which i had never ever heard or seen it before not even in any any brand or cigarettes making companies. Today i bought the packet of this marlboro fine touch and see what i got to see :

  297. Dear sir I’ve been a customer of yours for how many years now. Recently I was given a keychain from your promotions. it sat on a shelf for quite a few months when I will open it up to use it on the second time of usage, it fell apart. I am usually very satisfied with your items yet this one was a disappointment.

    Sincerely Bryan Barber

  298. I am 54 yts old and have smoked marlboro reds since i was 19. For 95% of the days its always been a pack a day. I am now raising 3 grandchildren and just in past two months had both rotator cuffs repaired. I recently have had to go without b/c of the price. Tried to quit….that’s impossible. Wish marlboro would send some help for Christmas.

  299. Last week (11/18/2019) I purchase a pack of Marlboro Light 100, at either Kroger or Lassus Handy Dandy in Fort Wayne, IN. I please to find a 50 cents off coupon in the pack. However, when attempting to redeem it, I discovered it expired 8/30/2107! Does that mean the pack I purchased was 2 and 1/2 years old? Is this normal, or a distribution problem. Thanks

  300. The e-mail I received did not say anything about why I have to download the app every time I try to use my 5 digit code it’s pissing me OFF.

  301. I bought my mom a carton of cigarettes in Philadephia. She says every pack she opens is bad like they were not packed correctly and they taste like they are missing the menthol. Is there anything you could do to compensate for this issue as the carton was $80 and she says she can not smoke them

  302. I had bought a carton of Marlboro Special select 100 red pack and I noticed that every other cigarette sometimes every one of them had gashes in them they were totally unsmokable I get a fixed income I can only afford one carton of cigarettes a month so I want to know if we can resolve this issue please. I don’t have the receipt anymore because my granddaughter had clean my car out and threw everything away totally sorry thank you

  303. So I had about 20,000+ Marlboro points and since yall updated it my points are all gone. I would like my points back.

  304. I signed up for the rewards program and received your confirmation. I entered codes over the last couple of weeks. When I went to log in today it tells me my credentials cannot be authenticated. How can we correct this?


  306. Just Want To Let You Know That – Jeff Bobby & Steve’s – (Columbia Heights Minnesota) is Selling Marlboro Red Label 100’s That The Papers Are Warped and Wrinkled with Brown Spots! at $10 a pack! and also everywhere On Coos Bay And North Bend Oregon! All Makes and Kinds and Brands Of Ciggarette Packs! Been Smoking Pipe Tobacco Pack Your Own And That Is beeing Poisoned Or Something So Got A Total Of 4 Packs Of Red Label 100’s And The Second Visit buying another 2 packs were warped, wrinkled and brown spoted and Tasted Really BAD!.. I Took Photos And Left At Police Station Here In Columbia Heights

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