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Contacting L’Oreal Customer Service Center

L’Oreal is a popular beauty brand in the US. The brand sells products for make-up, skin care and hair care, among many others. While consumers may think L’Oreal is the only name the company goes by, they’re often surprised to find out just how far the company reaches in the beauty industry.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

L’Oreal customer service is open from 9 AM to 5:30 PM on the skin care/cosmetics line and 9 AM to 7 PM on the hair care line.

  • Skin Care/Cosmetics: 1-800-322-2036
  • Hair Care: 1-800-631-7358

The main headquarters for L’Oreal is located in France. There is also a corporate office in New York so we’ve provided both contact numbers. Neither of these numbers is for a L’Oreal customer service call center, but could prove helpful.

  • New York Office: 1-212-818-1500
  • France: 33-14756-7000

Mailing Address

The same idea goes for contacting L’Oreal customer service by mail. There is an address for the New York corporate office and France corporate office. You can choose to write to one or both with your customer service issue.

L’Oreal USA575 5th AveNew York, NY 10017


L’Oreal International41 Rue Martre2217 Clichy Cedex France

Official Website

The US corporate site for L’Oreal is located at, though most customers will be more familiar with new products are introduced. You can order many L’Oreal products from the product site. To order, register for an online account using the Sign In link at the top right of the main page. Use the Product Finder to find your L’Oreal products and add them to your cart.

Customers who want a more mobile contact with L’Oreal customer service can contact an agent using Facebook or Twitter.

Customer Service Email

There is an email form listed for every L’Oreal brand. Choose your brand and contact L’Oreal customer service using the contact page or official website. You may also find the contact page you’re looking for on the L’Oreal Paris website at{userdata//d+d//|diagnostic|main:customer_service_contact|media:_blank|nav|overlay:_blank}.





Giorgio Armani Make-Up:

Giorgio Armani Fragrance:



La Roche:



L’Oreal Cosmetics:{userdata//d+d//|diagnostic|main:customer_service_contact|media:_blank|nav|overlay:_blank}

L’Oreal Paris Hair:{userdata//d+d//|diagnostic|main:customer_service_contact|media:_blank|nav|overlay:_blank}




L’Oreal Technique:

L’Oreal Professional:


Ralph Lauren Fragrance:



Soft Sheen:

Shu Uemura Art of Hair:


Our Experience

The customer service team was professional and helpful. We asked the representative where to find local stores which carry the product. The agent explained where the find the store locator on the website and also walked us through the process until we found the store in our local area.

Did the customer service team go above what we expected? Yes they did. Do you want to share your story? Let us know in the comment section below.

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15 Comments on “Contact L Oreal Customer Service
  1. Want to share a bit of disappointment. I’ve been using the sublime moose hair color since it was introduced. Loved it initially. However, the last several boxes have been less than satisfactory.
    The color seems to be diluted?! From the beginning of each application it pales in color and wear. It not only doesn’t have the rich, full color, it doesn’t last at all. In fact after approximately 3 shampoos, it’s history!!! What happened? Why so inferior. Oh, just so you know I’m not alone with these findings. Suggestions?

  2. The last three compacts I have bought from you guys have broken. I am not being rough with them either. They stay at home in my makeup bag and only last a few weeks before breaking. The last one broke and the pad flipped out and landed on the floor. I had to buy a new one. I would like to keep purchasing your product. Please help. Thank you.

  3. Normally I like L’Oreal foundation, however I am currently using “the foundation TRUE MATCH” and while applying it, I dropped a small blob on a favourite magenta coloured top. I immediately tried to wash off the foundation only to find that the spot of foundation had bleached the material to a light pink colour. The top has been washed many times without loosing colour, WHAT IS IN THIS COSMETIC.? Not a happy L’Oreal shopper — and very upset at loosing one of my favourite tops.

  4. Have tried several times to reach your Garnier Fructis customer service. Each time I have called it gives me a automated voice telling me to try back later then hangs up. This is calling direct through website. Please have a customer service Representative contact me regarding a recent product purchase.

  5. I enjoy using your makeup, Visible Lift-serum absolute 1 fluid oz. I only have one problem – when there is 1/4 left in the bottle you cannot get to the bottom. I tried and cannot get the top off to get to the rest of the product. It is such a waste of product and money. Do you have a solution and/or is there anything I can do about it

  6. I have been using loreal hair coloring for about 40 years (I am 69). About two weeks ago I tried Preference Carmel in golden brown. It did not cover my bangs at all. They are white. Can I use another color immediately. My hair was originally brown and I have been going lighter and lighter. I would like my color to be a semi dark blonde. I like it to shine. Can you make any suggestions. I will not use the Preference/Carmel any more. My hair probably is mostly white with some grey without coloring.

  7. I am a dedicated user of Loreal Melting gel, it is the ONLY thing I ever use. I cannot find it now anywhere. How can I order some directly?

  8. I, too, have been using L’oreal Visible Lift and this is the third bottle that has stopped pumping with about an inch of foundation still at the bottom. I would like a refund, since this product is not inexpensive and this is a complete waste of money and product. Also, the plastic top of your non-pump Visible Lift always breaks off. I really think you need to work on your packaging. Although I like the product, I might consider switching brands, especially because I don’t like paying for something that I cannot use.

  9. Have been a long time user of L’Oreal products and I am so disappointed in my purchase of AGE PERFECT Hydra-nutrition. I purchased this less than 3 weeks ago and I can’t get anything out of the bottle. It has an eye dropper cover and I was able to get a few drops out in the beginning but nothing since. WHAT A BIG WASTE OF MY MONEY!!! I am so upset that I will not buy your products again!!

  10. all I can say is wow!!I am so disappointed with your superior preference mousse absolute hair color….what color??? Just paid over 14.00 for a product that clearly does not work. Yes I’m quite upset to say the least..what a rip off. I will never use your products again. I followed the directions, shook the container as it directed with each application. No color,, hmmm so so unhappy right now! I will be calling the 1-800 number also.

  11. I just purchased loreal glossy lip balm in lovely mocha and it’s such a disappointment!!! It broke on the initial application, the color is not what it appears to be on the tube and it goes on mushy and clumpy.

  12. I have been using your Eternal Rose #227 lipstick for years. When I recently purchased a new tube, the color was totally different! I didn’t like it at all and have been trying to find a color similar to it and wasting money doing this. I am very disappointed the color has changed so drastically. Why did you change it?

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