Contact L Oreal Customer Service

Contacting L’Oreal Customer Service Center

L’Oreal is a popular beauty brand in the US. The brand sells products for make-up, skin care and hair care, among many others. While consumers may think L’Oreal is the only name the company goes by, they’re often surprised to find out just how far the company reaches in the beauty industry.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

L’Oreal customer service is open from 9 AM to 5:30 PM on the skin care/cosmetics line and 9 AM to 7 PM on the hair care line.

  • Skin Care/Cosmetics: 1-800-322-2036
  • Hair Care: 1-800-631-7358

The main headquarters for L’Oreal is located in France. There is also a corporate office in New York so we’ve provided both contact numbers. Neither of these numbers is for a L’Oreal customer service call center, but could prove helpful.

  • New York Office: 1-212-818-1500
  • France: 33-14756-7000

Mailing Address

The same idea goes for contacting L’Oreal customer service by mail. There is an address for the New York corporate office and France corporate office. You can choose to write to one or both with your customer service issue.

L’Oreal USA575 5th AveNew York, NY 10017


L’Oreal International41 Rue Martre2217 Clichy Cedex France

Official Website

The US corporate site for L’Oreal is located at, though most customers will be more familiar with new products are introduced. You can order many L’Oreal products from the product site. To order, register for an online account using the Sign In link at the top right of the main page. Use the Product Finder to find your L’Oreal products and add them to your cart.

Customers who want a more mobile contact with L’Oreal customer service can contact an agent using Facebook or Twitter.

Customer Service Email

There is an email form listed for every L’Oreal brand. Choose your brand and contact L’Oreal customer service using the contact page or official website. You may also find the contact page you’re looking for on the L’Oreal Paris website at{userdata//d+d//|diagnostic|main:customer_service_contact|media:_blank|nav|overlay:_blank}.





Giorgio Armani Make-Up:

Giorgio Armani Fragrance:



La Roche:



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L’Oreal Paris Hair:{userdata//d+d//|diagnostic|main:customer_service_contact|media:_blank|nav|overlay:_blank}




L’Oreal Technique:

L’Oreal Professional:


Ralph Lauren Fragrance:



Soft Sheen:

Shu Uemura Art of Hair:


Our Experience

The customer service team was professional and helpful. We asked the representative where to find local stores which carry the product. The agent explained where the find the store locator on the website and also walked us through the process until we found the store in our local area.

Did the customer service team go above what we expected? Yes they did. Do you want to share your story? Let us know in the comment section below.

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70 Comments on “Contact L Oreal Customer Service
  1. Want to share a bit of disappointment. I’ve been using the sublime moose hair color since it was introduced. Loved it initially. However, the last several boxes have been less than satisfactory.
    The color seems to be diluted?! From the beginning of each application it pales in color and wear. It not only doesn’t have the rich, full color, it doesn’t last at all. In fact after approximately 3 shampoos, it’s history!!! What happened? Why so inferior. Oh, just so you know I’m not alone with these findings. Suggestions?

  2. The last three compacts I have bought from you guys have broken. I am not being rough with them either. They stay at home in my makeup bag and only last a few weeks before breaking. The last one broke and the pad flipped out and landed on the floor. I had to buy a new one. I would like to keep purchasing your product. Please help. Thank you.

  3. Normally I like L’Oreal foundation, however I am currently using “the foundation TRUE MATCH” and while applying it, I dropped a small blob on a favourite magenta coloured top. I immediately tried to wash off the foundation only to find that the spot of foundation had bleached the material to a light pink colour. The top has been washed many times without loosing colour, WHAT IS IN THIS COSMETIC.? Not a happy L’Oreal shopper — and very upset at loosing one of my favourite tops.

  4. Have tried several times to reach your Garnier Fructis customer service. Each time I have called it gives me a automated voice telling me to try back later then hangs up. This is calling direct through website. Please have a customer service Representative contact me regarding a recent product purchase.

  5. I enjoy using your makeup, Visible Lift-serum absolute 1 fluid oz. I only have one problem – when there is 1/4 left in the bottle you cannot get to the bottom. I tried and cannot get the top off to get to the rest of the product. It is such a waste of product and money. Do you have a solution and/or is there anything I can do about it

  6. I have been using loreal hair coloring for about 40 years (I am 69). About two weeks ago I tried Preference Carmel in golden brown. It did not cover my bangs at all. They are white. Can I use another color immediately. My hair was originally brown and I have been going lighter and lighter. I would like my color to be a semi dark blonde. I like it to shine. Can you make any suggestions. I will not use the Preference/Carmel any more. My hair probably is mostly white with some grey without coloring.

  7. I am a dedicated user of Loreal Melting gel, it is the ONLY thing I ever use. I cannot find it now anywhere. How can I order some directly?

  8. I, too, have been using L’oreal Visible Lift and this is the third bottle that has stopped pumping with about an inch of foundation still at the bottom. I would like a refund, since this product is not inexpensive and this is a complete waste of money and product. Also, the plastic top of your non-pump Visible Lift always breaks off. I really think you need to work on your packaging. Although I like the product, I might consider switching brands, especially because I don’t like paying for something that I cannot use.

  9. Hello. I have used Loreal Preference for many years and have been very pleased with the results. I do not use any other brand of hair color. Most recently, I purchased a box of 2BL, Black Sapphire Superior Preference. When I finished applying the color and was cleaning up the bottles, papers, etc., I noticed that the color on the bottle from the Color Gel was not the same as the box. It was actually a blond color. Needless to say, my hair color was very negatively affected. This made it necessary that I purchased two more boxes of color to rectify the problem. I have long hair and dreaded having to use color again so soon but I had to make my hair acceptable and what had occurred was definitely not acceptable. I originally purchased the first two boxes at Kroger in Arlington, Texas. The number stamped on the boxes was 70K084. The bar code is 0 71249 27678 5. I do not know where or how the bottles both got switched but this was an expensive error for me. As I said, I always have used Loreal products and promote them to my daughters as well. This was a major disappointment and costly for me. Please check into this error. I talked to management at Krogers but they said there was nothing they could do about it. My loss and it especially hurt since I am unemployed at this time and only get a small Social Security check. Thank you for any and all attention given this matter. Sincerely, One of your good customers

  10. Have been a long time user of L’Oreal products and I am so disappointed in my purchase of AGE PERFECT Hydra-nutrition. I purchased this less than 3 weeks ago and I can’t get anything out of the bottle. It has an eye dropper cover and I was able to get a few drops out in the beginning but nothing since. WHAT A BIG WASTE OF MY MONEY!!! I am so upset that I will not buy your products again!!

  11. all I can say is wow!!I am so disappointed with your superior preference mousse absolute hair color….what color??? Just paid over 14.00 for a product that clearly does not work. Yes I’m quite upset to say the least..what a rip off. I will never use your products again. I followed the directions, shook the container as it directed with each application. No color,, hmmm so so unhappy right now! I will be calling the 1-800 number also.

  12. Ahhhhh! Had been using excellence cream for years and decided to try the Preference Mouse Reusable to be able to do some root touch. Followed instructions to the letter and had two bad experiences. The first to treat my roots, little color added and actually lightened them. Should have put it in the the trash , but decided to give it another try. This time it came out really dark and inconsistent. Now have to have the top part of my head very dark and have to wait until I can try to do an all over die to get it evened out. $14.99 for a mess.

  13. I just purchased loreal glossy lip balm in lovely mocha and it’s such a disappointment!!! It broke on the initial application, the color is not what it appears to be on the tube and it goes on mushy and clumpy.

  14. I have been using your Eternal Rose #227 lipstick for years. When I recently purchased a new tube, the color was totally different! I didn’t like it at all and have been trying to find a color similar to it and wasting money doing this. I am very disappointed the color has changed so drastically. Why did you change it?

  15. L’Oreal nail polish is the worst product I ever bought! You might as well flush your money down the toilet! I bought (pink I’m in love 270) It streaks and does not cover the nail or dry!
    How can you put that terrible product on the market!

  16. The worst Product I ever bought!!!

    L’Oreal nail polish is the worst product I ever bought! You might as well flush your money down the toilet! I bought (pink I’m in love 270) It streaks and does not cover the nail or dry!
    How can you put that terrible product on the market!

  17. Tried the Superior Preference Mousse Absolue hair color. Paid more than I normally ever pay for color, followed directions perfectly, waste of time. I don’t even have heavy grays and made sure to focus on the area they do exist, waited my 30 minutes and doesn’t even look like it even slightly improved or colored them. Very disappointed to waste my time and my money! Was looking for a customer service email but can’t find one, don’t want to get on a big phone process so I will submit this instead to at least vent. Thanks!

  18. Love the Boost It High lift creation spray, the spray hasn’t worked on 8 of the last 12 cans !!!! With all of the recent medical problems I have developed, my hair happens to be the only thing left that makes me feel good about my self. Someone in quality control need to wake up. The current non working. Have 2 cans with the same # 1 works 1 doesn’t. Tired of running back to exchange them !!!

    • I have had the EXACT same problem with the Boost IT High Lift Creation spray. I bought the first one and it quit spraying after only a few uses. Exchanged it for another one and guess what? The same exact thing happened! After only 2 uses, it quit spraying. Now, I have to return this one! I will NEVER use this product again! And it is impossible to find a customer complaint form to send directly to the company. Bye Bye L’Oreal; there are plenty more companies and products out there!

  19. In my search to buy “double extend waterproof mascara” which I have used and loved for a while now, I read that it has been discontinued. I am so disappointed about this! Being a blonde with very short eyelashes I have not found anything comparable to this product that you have discontinued. The one that is not waterproof is just “okay” for me because it doesn’t seem to last anywhere near as long as the waterproof one did. So sad about this and hope that you would consider putting it back on the selves. Thank you Connie Demers

    • Boost it! Yeah! Boost it out of your life!!! People don’t buy this stuff! It may be a good product…1 squirt, 2 squirts….plugged can! I now own 6 full barely used cans. What a rip off!!! AND LOreals number do NOT work!!! Time to change…..Ta ta!!!

  20. I just purchased the New Excellence Age Perfect layered-tone flattering color. I have been using your products for over 40 years and have always been pleased. This new product is very runny and I had a hard time coloring my roots (as I always do) first because the product kept sliding into the rest of my hair.

  21. Had bad experience today had permanent last week and purchased excellence champagne blond mixed with clear developer hair had about one half gray and light blonde. Color came out gray looking had to spend $55 at beauty parlor to change color. Had used preference champagne blond before perm and it looked great please reply

  22. I have always liked Loreal Hair coloring products and have found them superior to other brands. But recently tried the Superior Preference Mousse Absolute in Dark Natural Blonde. It did not change my root color or cover my grays at all…not even slightly. Additionally, I found the fumes from the product very irritating to the eyes even though I did not get any product directly in my eyes. The mousse concept is interesting and the packaging was beautiful, but the product was a complete waste of my time and money.

  23. I have used Mousse Absolue with varying degrees of success over the past year. When it works, it’s great…but very unreliable. I just used a box of my usual color, 600/Pure Light Brown. Absolutely no change in my hair color. The applicator barely had any product in it, and the fumes from it were very strong. But the most frustrating thing is the lack of customer service available. I have been on endless hold, or told to call back, several times over the past week. L’Oreal…don’t you realize you could save a bad customer experience with GOOD customer service? Why even publish a phone number…? Very disappointed.

  24. I attempted to reach your customer care line regarding hair products. I got at least five offers for various products before I hung up. I can’t believe you put these offers on a line to help people but just end up frustrating us. I must have been on the line at least ten minutes and never got to your customer care line. You guys need to improve your services.

  25. Have you changed the formula recently for your Waterproof Voluminous Black mascara? The last 4 or 5 tubes I have purchased has been crumbling off my lashes. I have used this product since it first came out and have always had satisfaction until lately. I am very unhappy with these results. I kept buying it from different stores thinking maybe I just got an old tube. If you have changed the formula, I will have to try another brand and I really liked this one. Please advise.

  26. I purchase 2 of the infallible eyeshadow 756. One is fine and the other has moisture in it that won’t go away. I dry up the lid and it comes back. It is totally ruined with whatever seepage it has. The bad one as 50M400 stamped on the lid. I would like a replacement since this is not usable.

  27. I am on the gold rewards program and sent my fifth box purchase on line for 2015 in October. I requested the coupon for my free box be mailed to me and never got it. this is the second time I am asking for it and never received it or any reply from you. ?? I only use loreal hair dye and am a good customer who is waiting for my coupon and an answer?? where it should be mailed? . a reply would be nice!!!

  28. Always use preference or feria natural blonde no.9my hair came out ashy awful now I have to do it again y do colors change even tho they have same no. An same box ? Signed betty an not happy.

  29. L’Oreal Company has The WORST customer service in the planet, I called
    The 1800-322-2036 the computer kept repeating same menu and not a real person was located. Then I was brave enough to call 212-818-1500 I got a real person but she kept transferring my call and it has being over half hour and I’m still in hold waiting for right person to come to the phone to help me.
    The products are good I’ve being using them for over 40 years but if they don’t care about me then why should I buy their products.

  30. My issue is about your previous Gold Rewards Promotion, which ended at the close of 2015. When I purchased my 5th box of hair color and submitted the code to qualify for the free hair color, it stated that “it was the same code as a previous one I had entered.” I just bought the box, and I used the code on the newly purchased product. I then filled out the form as shown on your website, with the original receipt and UPC code cut from the box. I mailed this to your address on 12/28/15. I never received anything, so I called 800-345-5012 on 2/19/15 and spoke with Ericka. She thought the problem was that the Gold Reward Promotion ended at the end of the year. I told her that I sent in the required documents right before the end of the year, on 12/28/15. She said that she would arrange to send me the free coupon and that I would receive it in a plain white envelope 3 weeks later, by 2/19/16. She confirmed my correct address. Never received it, so I called again on 3/11 and spoke with Carmella who saw previous notes as to what had happened, said it’s a third party who sends out the free coupons, and said she’d arrange for a free coupon if I hadn’t called back to say that it had arrived. Haven’t received it. Can you help? I’ve bought your haircolor and other products for years, and will continue to do so because of the quality, but feel that I did what I was supposed to for the final free box for the Gold Rewards Promotion. Thank you for your time.
    Mary Galusha
    23565 E. Roxbury Dr. #306
    Aurora, CO 80016

  31. Sent an email several weeks ago about a product defect – got an email on 3/9/16 that they would be back to me shortly and still haven’t had a response – tried to send another email to the site but it’s a NO-REPLY site!! It’s a horrible site that you can’t email anyone again and from what I’ve read above I’m not the only one having problems!! You may have wonderful products, but your customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Please send me a form or something that I can fill out and get some feedback!! Thanks.

  32. I have always used your mascara. The loreal volume carbon black well recently I bought another because I ran out and its no good. It clumps up really bad and does not spread onto my eye lashes well. This isn’t the first time I have bought it and it has done this. Every once in a while I’ll get a good one and it can be used. But I’m so tired of spending 6$ on it and it not being what its supposed to be.

  33. There used to be ammonia free hair color sold in USA and India. We see the ammonia free hair color is discontinued in USA now. I tried different hair color from L’Oreal only to see a lot of hair fall. The amount of hair is reduced to half now.

    I use regularly black color , as I have grey hair. Please can you re-introduce the product in USA , there are lot of us who depend on ammonia free hair color especially at USA.
    Please do not disappoint us

  34. Can’t even get ANYONE to answer their phones, much more actually attempt to find out why a product is no longer available. You guys suck.

  35. I brought I brought two boxes of the real Paris preference sun-kissed caramels my original hair color was dark brown and I purchase the number you 861 hi-lift ash brown color trying to get an ombre effect in my hair that was virgin inside both boxes were hair dye that was black when I mix them together and put a plan in the hair it was jet black how how can a guy that is supposed to be blonde hair dye with jet black dye in both boxes I purchase them in Walmart in North Carolina I called Walmart they told me they had nothing to do with it if we was both boxes and both of them were black it has to do with the company I want someone to get in touch with me someone to tell me how am I going to get this black get black out of my hair so that I could dye my hair the color that I wanted a caramel brown I am so disappointed I have the whole day trying to contact customer service and I have not been able to talk to no one has even called on New York offices and they have been transformed and transferred me and no one has been able to help me

  36. i’ve been trying for hours to reach customer service and cannot get through. You can’t even stay on hold. The system hangs up on you. I never expected such terrible service from such a popular company. i’ll never buy this brand again.

  37. Have worn liquid foundation for fifty years…never really thrilled with any of the products I tried. But I am thrilled now with lumi cushion foundation…it is perfect! Please don’t stop making this product. It is the very best foundation, expensive or low cost, I have ever tried.

  38. I bought a Natural Light Blonde hair color last night and my hair is BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER USING LOREAL AGAIN!!!!!!!

  39. I never sit down and post a comment on anything….. but this is deserved.I just purchased and used l oreals Evercreme shampoo and conditioner. Amazing product!!!!!!!! I was a hair stylist for 20 years and tried everything, professional and not.I have used keratese products by l oreal.For the cost and the quality surpasses most products on the market.WAY TO GO LOREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. for our family vacation in Maine got Invisible Protect Clear Finish Spray 50 sunscreen and ended up with red itchy sunburnt skin in various places. the expiration date on the poduct was fine and we applied before the beach and reapplied a few times( i thought loreal was a respectable brand but i guess it can’t be trusted.Very disappointed with literally painful experience using this product. BAD!(((

  41. I recently used your Mouse Absolute hair color which I have used in the past. Having followed the directions as written shaken the formula 20+ times and during application and waited the 30 minutes, I had zero results. None of my grey was covered and the process was a complete waste of time.
    I’m very disappointed that the product did not perform as expected and also that I spent double what another product would have cost me.
    Gail Miller

  42. Recently I purchased Loreal new sublime bronze self tanning mousse. worse bronzer i have ever purchased. It doesnt matter how much I shake the bottle it runs out of the bottle like water and not even out of the spout but below the spout, going all over everything.. very dissatisfied with this product. I have used the tube kind and had great results with it. I wil not purchase this again.

  43. I recently purchased the Youth YouthCode Pore Vanished at my local Walgreen store (Wyandotte, Mi). The product is separated and comes out in clumps. I’m not sure if this means the product is expired? If so, why is it being sold? The only # I see on the tube is 2OKNO1.

  44. Bought the L’Oréal Age Perfect eye renewal it but there is a good bit left in the bottle whoch won’t come out. I’d like a new bottle.I hate to waste whsts in the jar but it won’t come out and the bottle want cme apart so will you replace the bottle? Let e now asap. Thanks CM

  45. I am not happy with the Loreal paris feria R37 deep Burgundy it was not right when i mixed the stuff together and i thoughtbi just didnt shake it good enough so shook it more and put it on and it stand my scalp and it is not coming out

  46. paid, 10.99 for a box of colorista color eraser. wanted to get some of the blue (aqua) out of my hair. read the direction mix and shook up mixture. it WOULDN’T come out of the squeeze bottle provided. it foamed up so thick you couldnt ever shake the stuff out. here’s the upc code us there any way I could get a refund. if so send to Michele Cundiff. thank you.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  47. I called about 2 or 3 weeks ago about my hair bleach the woman that I talked to she said that she is giving me my money back

  48. I am writing to tell you about a problem I had with hair color bought at Rite aid in Eastnorthport NY 11731.

    I opened the box of loreal excellence hair color. There were dead bugs and little white worms.
    I went back to store to exchange it. Two more boxes of dark brown also had the bugs. Got my money back.

    Went to CVS and there was no problem.
    Just wanted to tell about problem. I have used your product for many years. Thank you.

    I put in complaint with rite aid. Never heard from .

  49. re: Loreal Paris Feria Multi Faceted Shimmering colour

    I’ve written about this same problem before, and it’s still occurring;

    I use this product frequently, and it gets incredibly annoying when the #3 tiny Shimmer Serum container fails to open properly. It usually occurs when I’m already in the bathroom wrapped only in a towel, in the midst of mixing the contents of the 3 containers together. When this #3 container doesn’t “snap” open, it means I’m running around in only a towel having to search for a pair of scissors in some other room in order to get this container open. It’s time consuming, I’m frequently cold at the time, in a state of undress, and incredibly annoyed. It’s happened so many times and I’m surprised it’s still occurring and that Loreal hasn’t done anything about it. It’s not rocket science.

    L’Oreal should have modified the method currently usesdt o package this shimmer serum, and they should have done it a long time ago. The method used now is faulty, and always engenders angst when it doesn’t open properly.

    COME ON – FIX IT!!!!!

    Numbers on bottom of package are: 70P501

    Thanx so much

  50. Very disappointed in the product of late. I have noticed the last few precision eyeliners I have purchased have only lasted a few weeks rather than months.

  51. Bought Frost & Design. Got setup to do my hair only TO find LOREAL DID NOT PUT ANY DEVELOPER IN THE BOX!!!! WHAT A RIPOFF. GOING BACK TO CLARIOL FROST & TIP!

  52. I am disappointed for the third time now with the Visible Lift makeup bottle. I love the color and feel of the product, but am very dissatisfied that the pump does not work when the bottle gets at about 3/4 empty. I find I am really only getting .75 oz of the purchase vs. the whole bottle. I can’t unscrew the bottle to completely use the entire bottle. Feel ripped off even after three trial uses.

  53. I called the customer service number and stayed on hold for at least 30 minutes before hanging up. I had purchased 3 of the Voluminous Extra Volume Collagen Mascara and had an allergic reaction of itchiness in the eyes. I never thought that I would and now I’m stuck with all 3. I’d like to receive a refund on these please. Thanks, Annie

  54. To whom it may concern,
    I just want to let you know that I have been using L’ Oreal products for over 35 years. I have tried other brands, some more expensive some less expensive and have always returned to LO’real. I really like the voluminous million lashes mascara. I have gotten many compliments on my lashes thru the years, and at 52 I still get compliments. I also use LO’real skin expertise collagen cream on my face and my skin feels and looks smooth. LO’real wrinkle decrease collagen filler around my eyes and I’ve noticed a decrease in the wrinkles (crows feet) near my eyes. I am hypersensitive to smells, and your products have a nice, clean smell to them. Thank you for the continued consistency of your excellent products! A faithful customer, Kim

  55. Hello,
    I am Niaz Ali KHAN and recently I opened a cosmetic import export company based in Tianjin, China. I want to become L’Oreal agent in order to import L’Oreal products from abroad. Can you help to connect with the relevant office.

  56. I am really very upset. I use visible lift foundation and have been for years. It is not cheap and this is the fourth bottle that I have purchased for the pump to quit working with over an inch and half of foundation left in the bottle. I see that I am not the only one with issues in this matter. I cant continue to buy a product and spend good money only not to be able to use it.!!!!!! PLEASE Refund my money and DO SOMETHING to remedy this problem. It is not fair to the consumer if you know there is an issue and ignore it.

  57. There is no e-mail for customer service? I am trying to find
    Loreal Face Wash Go Clean -the orange one and noone carry’s it
    anymore? Where can I get this product?’

  58. L’oreal is a huge disappointment. I tried two different products, rivitalift the last one. I called and explained that I felt your products were false advertising and a waste of money. They wanted to reimburse me. They sent me coupons that did Not cover the cost. No big deal But when I went to use CVS said they do not honor the coupons. Shame on L’oreal. Thought you should know.

  59. Yesterday I colored my hair with iced golden brown preference. The product was odd in that it was sloppy and got all over my bathroom . I spent a long time cleaning up my bathroom . Then my hair came out nearly black! I have used this product for years and have liked it. I won’t use it again. A couple of weeks ago my daughter had a similar experience regarding color in that her blonde color turned brown in streaks. Not sure what you have done to the product but you have lost two customers.

  60. Stephanie , please respond with update with this damage to my carpet , I sent pics of bottles and carpet and estimate. I’m getting very frustrated , with this company , and there so called CARING for there customers , here I am a 68/yr old , living on social security , I’ll have to look at this mess for the rest of my life. , I can barely afford a delivered pizza , let alone replace this carpet. This has brought me to tears many times , I GUESS an elderly poor person , they just shrug off . Donna. Re: Phone Case L’OREAL PARIS [ref:_00DA0Y5FR._5001L1EpxfH:ref]

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