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Contacting Kenmore Customer Service Center

Kenmore appliances are available only from Sears. The company specializes in refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers, but there are other appliances sold by the company. The official website shows details of the products available and even allows customers to shop Kenmore from the main website instead of going to the Sears website. Many of the products sold by Kenmore are available for pickup in the store so customers don’t have to worry about paying shipping and handling.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to get in touch with customer service about your Kenmore product or you have a question in general about a Kenmore appliance, you can contact the customer service department at one of the following numbers.

Mailing Address

In order to contact customer service regarding Kenmore products, customers can contact Sears corporate headquearters:

Sears Corporate Office
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Official Website

If you’re interested in a Kenmore product or appliance you can view the latest products at Here, customers can order new appliances, have the appliances delivered and installed or schedule a service call for a Kenmore appliance. All services are provided by the Sears company where Kenmore products are exclusively sold.

Customer contact information is available from the official website. Simple click on the Customer Care link at the top of the page and brose the customer service options.

Customer Service Email

If you have a question about a Kenmore product or you simply want to send a message to the Kenmore customer service department, fill out the contact us form on the official website. We’d love to tell you Kenmore customer service offers an email address, but we did not find one on the website. We have contacted the customer service department by email to see how fast they respond to our question. We’ll let you know how we fared.

Our Experience

Kenmore customer service has a lot on the line because if the customer is not happy with customer service they won’t come back. When the automated response answered the call, we pressed 0 four times before being sent to a customer service representative. The call was answered in less than one minute by a Sears customer service agent. Kenmore, it appears, does not run its own customer service line. The agent was willing to answer our questions about customer service, but she did not know if there was a Kenmore customer service email address. She stated that Kenmore questions can be submitted through the Sears contact us page.

Have you spoken with Sears customer service about your Kenmore appliance? How was your call?

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  1. I am very disturbed and extremely hdussapointed with your kenmore washmacines. The so called designers are a disgrace to their proffesion. How anyone without any experience of doing the washing come up with such a stupid idea? I mean the sensoring idea and reality. It is not practical whatsoever. It takes too long to sense, to clean, to rince. I do not have the time nor the patience to spend 1.30 or 1.45-2 hours of one load of clothes. Only the ants travel by osmosis and not the so called sensor wash machines! Aother thing is when you stop it and do whatever to start again goes crazy. At times after many minutes comes on and other times repeats the cycle and the worst is it also shuts os and here we are again starting anew. Very hideous idea. The old machines had better brains designing the wash machines. They do not now what technology means and is. Not the fake one they use and you galling it up so you can sell more machinery to the consummer . The consumer not only suffers with this stupidity but wou wash him down the drain because of your greed. The greedy became greedier by the minute. They are not taking it with them to hades. Hades awaits for their judgement in their pockets. Thank you for your un- technology greed. Ms j Flocos

  2. I am extremely disappointed with the Kenmore refrigerators which according to consumer reports for the side by side bottom freezer, is rated at the top. My kenmore refrigerater is only a year and a half old and I already need it serviced after the motor and fan starting making huge noises, then finally died on Sunday. This is my second refrigerator in ten years both Kenmores. Above that if you don’t buy a warranty you have to pay for service. You would think if you are purchasing items for $1500 you should not need a warranty. I lost over $300 in groceries, have to pay a service charge of $75.00 and will have to also absorb the cost of labor and parts. This is such a scam and the Sears reps and managers will do nothing except read off a script about there is nothing they can do. Shame on you Kenmore and Sears for ripping off the public after they pay your salaries. Never again will I buy a Kenmore product.

  3. I purchased a front loading washer and dryer from Sears and have had nothing but issues with them since I bought them. First the front panel went out on the dryer then the handle broke off the washer, then the front panel went out again on the dryer which has now been fixed. The worst is fighting the mold since we got the washer, I was never told that was a problem till someone I was talking to said that was an ongoing problem with front loading washers. In talking to repair men I have done everything they have told me to do and bought every product to correct the problem and still I’m fighting this,.my laundryroom smells and my clothes smell of mold. I have bought Kenmore appliances since the 60’s and I have to say I won’t buy one again since this problem can’t be solved. When I called the first time I can understand you trying to resolve it but since its been on going and costing me money not mention the frustration you could have replaced the washer being a lemon.

    • Trouble with new apps is that the saleman should explain every detail of a new appl. They don’t. Once you buy they don’t care. All new he appls, Are not like gramas unit. And there is nothing to do but wait for service

    • Purchased a front load washer and CLEAN clothers smell worse than when they went in. Clean clothes smell sour/moldy smell. My machine flooded my utility room and was instructed how I might be able to fix it. We fixed the problem and in the process we had to remove an inclosed area that holds the circulation of the pump, it had water in it that smelled of sewer water and it was black. I’ll never buy another front load washer and may never buy another Kenmore anything.

  4. I’am seeking help for a washer front load that is begining to corroed on top rim under soap despencer that sears will not repair and it is still under fractor warnity, can someone contact me to discover this matter (510) 581-2255 or 541-0037 and leave a number to contact you felix landry

  5. I purchased a Kenmore garbage disposal on 8/5/2012 at the Sears store in Palmdale, Ca. I have a claim filed for damage done to the garbage disposal on 12/20/12. I was told by the service representaties that they have no information on the purchase of the garbage disposal. The sales check # is 010681229105. This information is for your records department to log the purchase of the garbage disposal or perhaps this can help them locate the information they need.

  6. I will try and keep this brief but there is almost no chance of that, as this has been a long time in coming.

    Approximately 1.5 years ago, I bought my mother-in-law what I thought would be a fabulous Mother’s Day gift, a Kenmore Elite washer and drier. Obviously, it was purchased from Sears and I also purchased the extended product protection plan. That turned out to be money well spent!

    The washer worked well for a while, then it started giving unwarranted uneven load warnings. It started out with a few here and there, and progressively got to the point you could not finish a load. The amount of laundry, load type, and the cycle chosen did not matter. It would go UE and stop. It even went UE on a cleaning cycle. So we got service. And our first round of new parts.

    Then it started adding tons of water to almost every load. It would get to the point in the load where it should drain and spin and finish but no…. the time would go back up, it would add water, and never really complete. Even when you shut it off and put the machine on Drain and Spin. (Even drain and spin resulted in additional water – figure that one out!)

    Service again. More parts. Then more problems of the same type. More service and yet more problems.

    To make this all even worse, there have been times when my mother-in-law has called for service and been treated extremely poorly. Basically, she was told she didn’t know how to use a washing machine and didn’t know what she was talking about. The last time she called (before today’s visit of more parts installation – we’re up to 4, if I recall correctly – and they ordered YET ANOTHER PART TODAY!) It took either my husband or my father-in-law calling to get results.

    This latest round has angered me greatly. The washer is not usable – costing money in water and outside laundry services, as well as precluding my use of cloth diapers for my twins. In addition, the problem is still not resolved. The technicians we’ve had have been excellent and each has tried to address the problem, however, the fact remains that this washer still does not function as intended.

    Why is Sears pouring money down the drain on what is obviously a defective machine? Why does Sears insist on alienating several customers (there are 5 adults in this house)? Why is Sears condoning what appears to be sexual discrimination by customer service representatives (the treatment of my mother-in-law)? Honestly, I’m not sure what the worst part of all this has been – the machine itself or the awful treatment by Sears. We’ve basically been told that none of us knows how to use a washing machine properly, especially the ladies in the house. Hey Sears, ladies are the primary users of washing machines. Oh, and I will have you know that my background is in IT, I hold several certifications in that area, and I am currently in the midst of completing my MBA.

    These business practices definitely highlight why Sears is having great difficulties and store traffic is down. It would have made business sense to replace the machine several parts ago, as the cost of parts has exceeded the cost of a new machine. Additionally, the poor customer service by phone representatives and the defective machine have soured all the people in this house on ever purchasing another item from Sears.

    • I agree that Sears is losing business because of their extremely poor customer service. Your comments about sex discrimination, confirms what I believe. I think Sears has outsourced their telephone customer service, to countries where women are treated as “inferior”, “stupid”, and of no value. After my own bad experiences with companies who have customer service outside of the USA, I now find out where customer service is located, before making any major purchases. It is shameful sending jobs out of the US. Plus, I can’t even understand them half the time, which can be embarrassing. I have also been treated belligerently by male, phone representatives. Not to mention the many times I’ve wondered , “how does some guy in India, even know anything about the product(s) I’m calling about?”

  7. This is the most stupid thing I ever heard. My Kenmore Elite Washer is rusting around the bleach dispencer. Clearly its a manufacture Default. They want me to spend 75bucks on a service man to come out and see it. then I have to pay to fix it ? This should never happen . If anyone else out there has this happening , let them know. This is for sure a recall. Very bad service dept. Never will I buy another thing from Kenmore.Its a shame the consumer has nothing to stand by. Even in there warranty it does’nt cover rust, what does that tell you.

    • This exact same thing has occurred with my elite kenmore washer. I have been trying for 2 years to get this fixed. I have extended warranty ,too. I’m still trying to get it fixed.

  8. I own the following Kenmore products: Front load washer and dryer (5 years old), and a very expensive, stainless steel, gas stove (2 years old). Also payed for the extended warranties, which are nearly useless, because their customer service sucks! The washer has had many problems–has one right now, and I can’t find the stupid manual so I can fix it myself. The stove is a piece of crap. I had to call Sears twice in the first three months, problems NOT solved. I don’t even know what country I was calling, I could not understand what they were saying. It was definitely not in the U.S. Shame on this company that’s been in business-in America-for so many years. Sears Kenmore customer service, gets the same rating I give these major purchases–ZERO! I plan on selling these appliances, doing better research, purchasing new ones, and never, ever doing business with Sears again. Once they get your money, they don’t care.

  9. While using my microwave the rack slipped down and touched the side leaving a burn mark on the side. I need to know what I can use to cover it up with.

  10. all kenmore products suck i dont recomend them to anyone due to the fact that customer service is bad and all products mess up and you have to pay a technition to come out just to look at it? All of that is a load of crap and btw the microwaves they have turn on right before the door shuts which it turn would cause a health haz. to someone using it or to the enviroment around them.

  11. We have a kenmore elite washer for 2 years and have the same rust problem. They wanted to charge to come “look” at it. Im in the auto industry and let me tell you what would happen if there was rust after 2 years. Please do not purchase any kenmore products. They are junk. Consumer reports does not test things long enough nor do they contact customer service.

  12. I just lost the sixth shirt due to the fact that a link collector in the front part of my Kenmore dryer does not sit level. You push the left side in and the right side pops up. Six summer shirts have been destroyed in this dryer because the straps get caught on the link catch, twitst during dryer and eventually snap prior to the cycle being complete. I called customer service and she said that there is nothing Kenmore can do for the fact that I lost this many pieces of clothing. She suggested that I have my yearly maintenance done on the dryer for him to look at…..Really? That’s going to bring back six shirts?

  13. Three years ago I bought a washer and dryer set from Sears for my new home. I loved them both and never had any problems until a week ago when the washer started to squeak. I thought it was maybe a belt or something so I called the “blue crew” (should be renamed to the “screw you crew”) before it led to any more problems. This morning the “repairman” came to my home, stuck his arm in the washer and moved the drum around, called Sears to get a quote on the part, remarked “that’s too cheap”, went out to his truck and came back with an estimate of almost $1000!!!!! I had to pay that “repairman” $75 to tell me that. What really makes me mad is I expected him to take off the back panel of the machine and at least look at the parts to see what was broken. I guess the “repairman” is able to use his psychic ability to make a guess as to what was wrong with my machine. I really expected this appliance to last more than 3 years! Was I expecting too much? They were not cheap either! Can Kenmore stand behind their product and help me get a replacement without having to bend over and grab my ankles???

  14. I purchased a kenmore ultra dishwasher last year after having a GE profile for 17 years.after 1 year and 1 month the soap dispenser doesn’t open.Sear wanted me to buy a 300 dollar extended warranty to fix it.What I scam this is. Maybe Kenmore and Sears could get there crap together and fix the problem.Sears said ” We don’t quality products anymore”This doesn’t help after the fact.I have file a consumer complaint with my state.What ever happened to American Quality.

  15. We havw been a Sears customer since the 70’s and I didn’t use to have any problems before since this last few years with my Kenmore Washing Machine. I have complained about it and I even had to renew my service contract just so i can have a continious mentainance to it but I still get the same problem. It is giving black marks or streak on my white loads of garments every so often. Sometimes every loads of white or sometimes every other time. It has been check several times and lately I really did call after a month just to sahow how bad it is(having a load with black stains in all of them is really BAD. One say it I needed some “off or afwsh which I didn’t and nothing,next is change soap to Sears and I tried and lately,the lady didn’t even look at the washer but told me to just use powder soap and no softener and guess what my load has the black mark again. Then of course had to soak them after and even scrubbed them by hand for the mark to come off and my skin did but not all the marks. I am very diappointed,I hope you send somebody that could really fix it or maybe the Better Burreau can help me solve this. thank you!.

    • Sears is the retailer first in line from the customer. kenmore is the name plate. manufactor is who and where? who is reasonsible for the product. neither one takes the credit or respondsibilty for the kenmore elite oasis washer. I had the mother board replace(recall no notifacation from sears or kenmore found recall on the computer. Sears repairman stated the bearings are bad and it will start leaking and shutdown.Tons of promblem via computer either one will step up to the bar and help fix the product.Thats after playing phone tag for 3days. thank you Sears and Kenmore another brand name going down the —- tube in the U.S quality and the customer comes first GONE GONE GONE good buy sear and there produts.

  16. Worse customer service I have ever come across not willing to help or break from the script no chance of contacting someone higher up that can do something positive. From a once good company to one that is only interested in giving profits to its shareholders. 40+ years of buying appliances from Sears. The appliance we purchased was a chest freezer that didn’t even last 2 years compressor has failed just like numerous other people with the exact same model. Sears will tell you that they haven’t had that many complaints. Try looking online you’ll find a lot. Your reputation is going down even more.

  17. After purchasing Kenmore Elite washer and drier and Kenmore Elite glass top stove and oven, paying an elite price for each was a mistake. The drier had to have been delivered with a cracked drum because there was always an issue with a noise coming from it which after time became way too loud. Because we bought an elite product, (meaning superior, cream of the crop) we decided not to purchase an extended warranty. Simply because we paid a lot for an elite product. We then paid a outrageous amount to have the washer repaired. Next, the elite Kenmore glass top stove failed in the visual readout for the element size on the control panel, which means I can’t tell how hot I want to cook on that element, until I see the glow of the panel and I have to adjust this elite stove fron Kenmore. The oven temp has to be reset each time I use it because my oven thermometer reads 25 degrees less than what the visual readout says. Yes very elite. And so was the price. Our Kenmore above the stove microwave lasted just a few weeks before the warranty expired. The cheap plastic hook that engages the microwave and closes the door broke and a representative from Sears said it would cost $250.00 to replace. The same price I paid for it. I talked with reps from Sears and sent e-mails and never heard back. I bought a Sears hand warmer in 1963 and to this day it still works. Why, because it was made in America. This so called elite appliances must be planned to fail. Truly unacceptable and never will I purchase anything Kenmore Elite or any other Sears anything again!!!. And relatives, friends neighbors, will know that when tell them.

  18. We will not be purchasing Kenmore products again. We own a two-year-old dishwasher that has a bad control panel. Cost to fix it would be over $500–more than the cost to buy a brand new one! This is the second Kenmore appliance we’ve had trouble with. We’re done with them.

  19. China wins. Our Kenmore washing machine does not wash items in the washer. Never completes the wash cycle – just quits and that’s when I noticed some items are wet and some items are dry – the water never touched them – high inefficiency ………….I strongly recommend not to buy Kenmore washing machines and for that matter sewing machines too..nothing but problems. Contacting the company just adds more frustrations – hope company officials wake up and read comments as they add to the demise of the North American industry as we personally welcome competition from offshore. Sorry state of affair for the North American consumer. Totally…………….frustrated.

  20. we purchased a three door refg.approx.six months ago and love the product,however the change water filter came on,we went to the sears store in russellville ar. to purchase a replacement filter,they brought one out and said the price would be 58.00 dollars,I commeted you must have made a mistake,a little water filter made in mexico could not possible cost 58.00,they assured me that was the price,needless to say I left without the filter,we will be forced to use the product without a filter,by the way the product cost 3,000 surly there is a problem here,I would appreciate a reply to this comment,and a recommendation where we can purchase a filter made in mexico at a decent cost..thank you jwp

  21. In December 2013 I purchased a space heater at Kmart . Today that same space heater only works some times. I would think it should last a litter longer than that! Unhappy consumer

  22. my name is Keisha Walton I purchased your Kenmore Elite washer and dryer I have owned a Kenmore washer and dryer for the past 15 years nothing was wrong with my Kenmore washer or dryer I just needed to upgrade when doing this I went to Sears after I purchased the washer and used it it did not clean my clothes properly. after calling in on three separate occasions they finally sent someone out to look at the washer I purchase my washer in June 2013. it took until March 2014 for them to even consider Sending someone out they insisted that it was something I was doing wrong.I believe Sears is waiting for my warranty to expire then have me pay for another warranty before they will fix my problem I believe the problem is with the Machine not me I have to read the owners manual through and through and I can’t see what I’m doing wrong nor can the Sears representatives I’m spending money to go out and clean my clothes properly when I own a 2300.00 set.please please help me

  23. I bought a Kenmore Elite washer and service agreement in 2011.
    At this time the washer is locked with an unfinished load inside.
    The control panel is blank. Tried disconnecting-no result after reconnect.Service has been contacted.
    Service dept says parts are “backlisted” This seems to indicate a generic problem not unique to us!! Parts not available for weeks!!
    I believe you sold me a defective unit!!
    Have been a Sears customer for over 50 years.This may be the end.
    William Siegfried

  24. Your design makes washing clothes more difficult and time consuming. The washer needs to fill with the lid up so you can tell if you have enough soap in it. Your washer drains if you leave the lid up to long. How could you come up with a stupid sesign

  25. I have a big problem. I purchased a Kenmore washer on 3-20-2012 from Sears at Fairlane Town Center. I have called Sears Headquarters several times about my problem and no one seems to be able to help me. They tell me just because I purchased the item at Sears, I have to call Kenmore. I also purchased an extended warranty. The washer is now 2 years old and has to be repaired 3 times. The top of the washer had to be replaced because in 3 months it had rusted out where the bleach goes. Now the bottom is cracked and needs to be replaced. The brackets that hold the tub in place broke and needed to be replaced. The bottom is now all rusted out. I purchased the washer less than 2 years ago when all this happened. Now the UL light is always on and this causes the washer to refuse to spin. This has to be replaced. All this is costly and I think that Sears and Kenmore should stand by their product and replace the washer for me. This should not happen in less than 2 years.
    Everything own is from sears and is a Kenmore product. I am having a hard time understanding what the problem is of the two companies not standing behind their produces. The customer service I have received is not to my satisfaction except my last repair man.

    The first time the repair man came out he ordered me now parts for my washer and it took 5 weeks for me to receive them. Then it took another week to set up an appointment. Now it won’t spin so I still can not use the washer. It has been now 7 weeks I have been without the washer. I have been taking my laundry to the laundry matt and this is very costly. I CAN GET REPLACEMENT MONEY FOR GOING ELSE WHERE TO DO MY LAUNDRY.

    I hope this can be resolved soon. This is not a good name for your company or Sears.

  26. purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator little over 1 year ago. In that time it is throwing an error code which shuts all the functions down including ice and water. The area I live in it takes at least 4 weeks to get service to come and then you have to pay for a call and a repair. It evidently is extremely poorly made, but the sears people do not take accountability for this- blame it on manufacturer but when I tried to get manufacturer name to complain they don’t know the manufacturer. Over the years we have bought refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, lawn moweres from Sears. Will NEVER buy another product from this company. There should be more accountability for a faulty product. A product that cost 1400 dollars should last more than a year.

  27. To whom it may concern: I wrote you a week ago and I have not been answered. It is regarding my HE washer which has never worked properly. It does not wash nor rinse clothes properly and they come out dirty and with lint. I bought this machine in Chile and your representatives here do not give me any solutions. I have spent a lot o money in visits from the experts here and nothing has improved. I wish I were rich and have the money to throw this appliance away but I am not. This machine is one of the most expensive in the market and I was hoping for a good performance.
    I have been a Kenmore customer for some time and I like your products, but not this one. I need an answer, and I hope you do a better job dealing with this issue than your representatives in Chile. I know from experience how good customer service works in the States. I have been told here that the answer to this matter is up to you….
    I will be waiting for an answer,
    Karen Roehrs, a disappointed customer.

  28. We recently purchased three air conditioners from Sears.Two which are six thousand BTU and one ten thousand BTU.We did not think to inspect the filters until recently and found all three to be of cheap and very flimsy materials. Over seven hundred dollars in a/c’s with pitiful cheap filters. Try to find a customer service number for Kenmore and it keeps giving the numbers for Sears. Darn shame, we will not be purchasing any futre Kenmore products!!!!!

  29. I just wanted to send a quick positive review. We bought our Kenmore touchpad microwave oven in 1985 from sears in Macon Georgia. We have never had a single minute of a problem. It looks worn on the touchpad but still working fine. My children who are now grown keep wanting me to replace it and I tell them if it aint broke………
    Sincerely Lisa Arnold, Milledgevile, Georgia

  30. I have a Kenmore washing machine. I absolutely hate it. It does not get the clothes clean. It leaves them so wrinkled, no matter what setting I have used, that I have to put the clothes in the dryer. In fact in has ruined several pieces of clothing because you have to put the recommended detergent in first and then load the clothes in, which has resulted in staining the fabric. I am looking for a new washing machine and will throw this one in the dump. I can’t even give it away knowing how awful this product is.

  31. I’m so upset w/the way that sears customer service has handled our repair on our double oven….the racks do not stay up on the ridges inside of the bottom oven for almost five years now and I was unaware of our warranty so I never called til recently….they’ve sent recharge out to verify the fact that these racks wont stay put..they’ve sent out four different sets of racks that have ranged on prices from almost four hundred dollars or a little less..noe they’re telling me that they’re going to have to replace the liner on the bottom oven of which have a cost of nearly one thousand dollars alone…and that doesn’t include the cost of having two techs come out to install it and ive been told to expect at bare minimum of three hours or more for this installation….they’ve wasted over two grand sending replacement parts to our house and when I asked if we could just exchange the oven for another one I was told that they wont do that until a tech has been to our house to fix the same problem four times….they’ve come out to my house three times now to put the new racks in my oven which amazes me that they even pay people to do this because I’m more then capable to do it!!!! They’re wasting over two grand plus trying to fix a problem that could’ve been resolved back in December when I first called by just replacing it!!!! My health isn’t the best and it keeps me in bed most of the day at times and we also have two dogs that would have to be inconvenienced by the techs replacing the liner…and I say inconvenienced because we have had two seperate appointments for a tech to come out to our house for the repair and we waited all day for them to show up only to find out that they weren’t coming…and we only found that out because we called the customer service line to ask when they were going to be here and that’s when we were informed that they weren’t coming!!! My husband has lost two days of work because of their ignorance and he cant afford to lose anymore days…..ive asked to speak w/someone else everytime ive called and haven’t gotten anywhere yet ad far as being able to replace the entire oven as opposed to being inconvenienced yet once again…..please help my family and myself out w/this dilemma…..thank you…

  32. I bought a kenmore elite washer. The bleach dispenser is rusting . I have contacted sears multiple times to take care of the problem. Surely it is a mfg.defect. Never again will I buy an appliance from sears. Even their extended warranty is bogus. I am still trying to get the situation resolved.

  33. My husband and I were so excited to have the money to spend on a brand new stainless steel refrigerator for our home. Because we have always purchased our appliances through Sears, we knew that this is where we would go to purchase our new fridge. We selected the Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator model # 795.7130 and spent a little more money then what we had anticipated. We have only had the refrigerator for approximately 3 years now and have already started experiencing some major problems.
    One of the first issues that we started having was with the ice maker. The ice was coming out in large blocks and we would have to chop it up in order to use it. We also had to knock froze ice from the top of the icemaker in order to get the icemaker to work properly.
    Then the refrigerator started making a very large humming sound. This sound has progressively gotten worse as the weeks have gone by. The refrigerator also continues to go into defrost mode and has caused our food to spoil on several occasions. We called a service repairman who came out and simply put a blow dryer on the bottom vent back behind the ice machine in order to melt away the frozen ice that continues to form over this vent. He plugged it back in and seemed to think the problem was resolved. Needless to say $55 later, the ice formed back within a week and the humming sound started all over again.
    We have been told that in order to fix this, a new panel board will need to be ordered and installed. Approximate cost of this part is $165 and this doesn’t include the mans labor.
    My husband is in poor health and our finances are not good at the present time. To have this kind of expense on an appliance that is only 3 years old makes us both sick.
    They certainly do not make appliances like they use to. Who would think that after spending almost $2000 on a brand new refrigerator, we would already need to have costly repairs made.

  34. I purchased a kenmore front loading washer model #796.4127 under salescheck #093003763767 in October 2012. The rubber gasket/seal between the wash basin and door holds water and has mildew on it. Please see attached pictures. It makes all of the wash smell like mildew. I use the self cleaning function on the washer and regularly scrub and clean the rubber gasket, however mildew builds up in areas that can not be reached. I leave the door open for days after wash, and it still does not dry out or drain.

    This problem has continued to get worse since first purchased. I see the reviews of the washer complain of the same problem. This sounds like a defect to this product and a health concern for my family. I have reported it to the consumer safety commission.

    Could you please let me know how this problem with the product can be addressed? I don’t understand how it can be sold with
    this defect. It is ruining our clothes. I have called Sears, LG, Kenmore and been circled around through many different representatives. I am told my only option is to have a technician come out to repair at my expense. Kenmore and Sears should be held accountable for this poorly manufactured product and take responsibility for the defect.

    I am very disappointed in Sears and the handling of this situation.

  35. I purchased a new refrigator in May 2014 and Aug 2, 2014 the refrigator was not keeping item cold. I have contacted the service center and could not get an appt for 8 days, an Emergency appt could happen for 7 days, I took that appt date and when the technician (Jesus) arrive the part they sent by ups were the incorrect parts. He had to reorder the correct airhose and seal the rubber around the door. This has cost me about $100.00 dollars in food lost and because i did not purchase the extra warranty i lose out. Your company sold me a refrigator that was not good. So why do i have to pay the cost and then the receipt the technician had me to sign for the receipt had a clause at the bottom that i could be responsible for up to $700.00 dollars. How unfair is that to the consumers. Better customer service and option should be given to the consumer.

  36. My husband bought me a Kenmore top load low water high efficency washer about 7 momnths ago. It is absolute the WORST product i have ever owned. If i want my clothes to smell clean i have to wash them 3 times on double rinse. My husbands work clothes never smell clean (I HAVE TO DIP THE ARMPIT OF EVERY WORK SHIRT DIRECTLY INTO THE SOAP AND WASH 3 TIMES)not to mention i always have trouble with it never spinning or draining corretly. i am looking for and can’t wait to find a regular Maytag washer that actually washes with a lot of water. (not saving on water anyway since every laod is washed 3 times) If the Maytag repiarman are really lonely. Go get a job at Kenmore. You’ll be rich from all the overtime you’ll work. I have warned every one of my friends never to by Kenmore junk. BYE BYE KENMORE HELLO MAYTAG

  37. Purchased a Kenmore bottom mount regrigerator on May 11, 2014. The plastic around the freezer door was broken. Been repaired. Verry very very noisy, new visit by the repairman, Ho this is normal! And now, ice at the bottom of the freezer. My fridge is 15 months old, it’s no longer on warranty. So I have to pay to have it repaired. This is the worst and last purchase done at Sears. Not a responsible company any more and no service.

  38. We purchased a Kenmore Elite washing machine from Sears and it wasn’t manufactored correctly. Which ruined the machine. We purchased another of the same product on the word of the Sears salesman and it has been a very good buy. The problem is that Sears customer service has not been customer friendly or able to come to a fair resolution to take care of the problem. I purchased the first machine and was having problems of machine off balance from the start. I called and spoke to the Sears sales person that handled the sale. I was told that we warn’t loading the machine correctly. This struggle with the machine being off balance went on for awhilt. I finally started to bring my clothes to a laundry and requested a repairman visit. He came inspected the machine and ordered parts. Part arrived to my home. I was required to verify the parts and contact Sears before we could get the repairman back. The same person arrived for the second visit. He determined at that time that he needed other parts. He ordered them and I verified them for Sears. The third visit was by a different man. He checked the machine and determined that it was not manufactored correctly. The machine couldn’t be repaired. I was told by the Sears repairman to go by the Beaumont TX Sears and pick up a replacement machine. I went to Sears and was told that I couldn’t receive a replacement. That someone would have get with me. I’ve been without a correctly working machine for months and visiting a laundry for two months. I told the salesman that I would buy another and have someone contact me. I have a Kenmore Elite and around $700.00 worth of pars in my garage. My efforts to get someone from Sears to work out a resolution have been in vain. They don’t seem to have time to talk to me. The people who have contacted me don’t have any power.

  39. Now I know why Sears is likely to go out of business. We bought a new Kenmore Elite bottom-freezer refrigerator about two years ago. We had visitors this past week, and I believe one of them unintentionally turned the freezer temperature from zero degrees to six degrees below zero. I opened the owner’s manual to find out how to raise the temperature back to zero degrees. The manual has NO instructions on how to do so — something which reflects extremely poorly on Sears. I called customer service a few minutes ago to find out how to raise the freezer temperature, and the short version of how the call went was this: when did you buy your refrigerator? I answered that I thought it was a year or so ago. Do you have an extended warranty? I answered that I didn’t think so. The short version of her response: We can’t tell you how to adjust the freezer temperature unless you have an extended warranty. Her response and as far as it reflects Sears’s policy on helping customers — especially customers such as my wife and me who have bought a wide range of Sears appliances over the years — is clearly stupid. The Sears I once knew tried to help their customers. Sears seems to have become a company that doesn’t give a crap about their customers unless they have an extended warranty. That’s a shame. I would appreciate some help on what is a minor matter. If you don’t care to help me out, then I’ll be convinced that Sears no longer gives a damn about people who buy products from them.

  40. What a bunch of BS. When I finally got a
    “customer service person” I was put on hold and the call was dropped – how rude – absolutely no support. I will never buy a Kenmore product again. After 14 months my Elite fridge malfunctioned- huge initial cost and now they want me to spend more to have a tech diagnose the problem

  41. Bought a front load washer less than two years ago. Had a repair man out in the first 6 months because it wasn’t getting my clothes clean. Wasn’t adding enough water. Now less than 2 years in and it’s spilling oil onto my clothes. This is apparently not worth fixing. And less than 2 years after my purchase I’m needing to replace it. Not impressed at all. What happened to the washers our parents purchased that lasted 25 years? You don’t get what you pay for anymore.

  42. I was so disappointed when I received my new fridge and stove to then notice that. Inside the fridge was a broken rack to witch I had to make five phone called to get this part replaced. I finally had to go back to the store were I purchased it so switch with the floor model. But to top thing up the fridge came with a gray exterior on the side and the stove came with black on each side. Because of the lay out of my kitchen as you walk in the fridge and stove are both very noticeable. I have gone back to my local Sears store and will have to downgrade with another look altogether for the fridge. VERY DISAPPOINTED. I will definitely consider buying this product agin.

  43. I am so hurt and disappointed in my Kenmore dish washing and microwave. I had my kitchen done over and bought stain steel. I have used the dish washer 3 time. He would not drain the water or dry the dishes. I will call now to see what excuses or run around I will be given. I have been a Kenmore customer for more than 50 years!

  44. Very disappointed with Kenmore customer service or should I say Sears?? Had a dishwasher front panel catch fire!!! Replaced with brand new dishwasher, hookups, warranty and all they would say was we can give you 10% off the new one up to $100.00. Pretty cheap considering it could have burnt a house down with people in the downstairs. It took 6 phone calls and people sending me to different companies and the last service rep said all he could do was call the fire department for us!! What a joke. Have always trusted Kenmore but not anymore!! Bad customer relations.

    • I bought a Kenmore range which is now about 18 months old. I had it installed in July of 2013. It started showing an Error f10 on my electronic panel. I called Sears an a sercice tech. came and checked it and informed me it will cost me almost 4 hundred dollars for a new panel and it is only guaranteed for 90 days.I have almost all Kenmore appliances in my Home,but this is enough for me to reconsider my future buying of Kenmore. I find it hard to believe after so short a time it is defective and the warrantly is no longer. Can you offer me any help with this,because I feel this should not happen after such a short time.

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