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Contacting JCPenney Customer Service Center

The JCPenney company was started by James Cash Penney more than 100 years ago. There have been tough times for this company in the recent decade, but somehow the high-end retailer managed to pull through and stay in business. The company About Us page claims JCPenney customer service is attempting to improve every day, which could mean there was a problem with customer service in the past.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

JCPenney customer service is available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. You can call customer service about returns, website issues and customer service issues even if you were shopping in a physical store.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-322-1189
  • TDD: 1-800-527-7889
  • Spanish Customer Service: 1-800-336-7337
  • Credit Card Services: 1-800-542-0800
  • Gift Registry: 1-800-527-4438
  • Warranty: 1-800-933-7115
  • Dinnerware: 1-800-322-1189
  • Furniture: 1-800-442-7902

Mailing Address

Hidden among the legal wording of the Privacy Policy is the Customer Relations mailing address. We are finding that more and more companies choose to leave the mailing address hidden rather than encourage customer contact by standard mail.

J.C. Penney Corporation, Inc.
Attn: Corporate Customer Relations
P.O. Box 10001
Dallas, TX 75301-7311

Official Website

In addition to the official website located at, we also found pages on Facebook and Twitter. These pages are often used by customers who want fast email contact from a customer service agent. All you have to do is write a message on the Facebook wall or send a tweet @jcpenney and you will receive a response.

Customer Service Email

Customers or visitors can contact the customer service department for JCPenney by email if desired. While no direct email address is provided, the customer service page provides a contact us form The contact form requires a bit of information before a message can be sent. You must choose a subject and topic. We chose to order a catalog. We did not realize that JCPenney still offered print catalogs, so we’ll update you on how long it takes to receive the catalog. We intentionally left out our mailing address so customer service would have to contact us back. If we receive an email back from customer service we’ll let you know.

Our Experience

Customer service for JCPenney is navigated by an automated assistant. The assistant requires you to speak your request, which seems to be the newest option on customer service lines. We pressed 0 when the automated system first started and again a couple more times. The call was routed to a customer service agent within one minute and answered before the call hit the two minute mark. We talked with the agent about returning an item purchased online to a local store. The agent said the store would be more than happy to take the return as long as I had the packing slip.

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171 Comments on “Contact JCPenney Customer Service
  1. I will never go to JCP for black Friday shopping again! They allowed a group of people to try and sign up for credit cards while waiting in line. It took forever!!! Some people even left the store. Finally, when one person got approved we had to wait on a 20% coupon!
    Awful experience!!!

    • These complaints are so petty. Snow globes? What are you …..three? News flash: don’t shop on Black Friday or you will be in line a long long time. GEEEEEZE!!~!!

  2. I was very dissapointed when I went to the opening of the store this morning and they did not hand out the snowglobes. I have gotten them for the last 12 years for my granddaughter. I’m very dissatisfied .

  3. I am HUGELY disappointed with the way that our JC Penney store handled Black Friday. I visited both Walmart and Target Thanksgiving evening and both had great systems to equitably distribute the Black Friday deals and to ensure that there was no cutting in line. Penney’s made absolutely no attempt to do so. We waited in line for 4 hours for the 6am opening, only to be pushed over by other customers that ran in from the parking lot at opening time. Penneys wants to improve their image, but can’t even seem to manage a sale properly. Maybe they should take some pointers from Walmart and Target….

  4. Your Valley View location in Dallas, TX is the worst mess I have ever seen!! I remember it was a huge store, and had so many fond shopping memories for me, but what you guys are doing to it it just to be considered terrible. When I tried to shop there today, at the top of the escalator, I was met by a white sheet or tarp where I used to find purses ad accessories. 3/4 of the store is draped or closed and it is like trying to shop in a mortuary. I finally found ladies lingerie cramped up in a dark, depressing corner of the store. I just turned around and left the department (such as it was). I have been in some newer stores that are OK, although I do not care for the new format, but, please, if you must rape this store, please at least try to make it less obvious. I have shopped at this store since the day it opened and it breaks my heart to see it this way. Yes, I know Valley View Mall is old and close to closing down, but after visiting your store today I understand all the business page stories about J.C. Penney and it’s dismal showing and feel that it is close to closing down also. Again, I have visited other newer stores in the area,and they are passable, but as much as I hate to say it, I had rather see Valley View close than continue the way I found it today. Keeping it the way it is, (or worse) is just a detriment to the entire chain. When I left the store I was depressed, sad, and irate that trying to shop there was so B-A-D !!! I hope your company comes back to it’s previous profitable status, but after at least 45 years of shopping there, I am afraid you will have to do it without any further business from me.

  5. I was happy when I was told about the quality of the Stafford Men’s Oxford Shirt. I wear a 16 1/2 x 34-35. The nicest feature is wash and wear. I’ve bought over a dozen of these shirts and decided to expand by back up shirts by 1/2 dozen.

    Now I am disappointed. I could not figure out what was wrong until I searched the label. The shirts that fit are “Classic” and the ones the restrict my arm movements are “Regular”. It is sad as they are the best easy care shirts that I have found. Now I must look else where as I am totally dissatisfied with the shirts at any price.

    Any suggestions on size adjustments, maybe that is the answer. I hate to buy several, take them home try them on and return what doesn’t work.

    Thanks for your listening (reading) to my concerns.

    Andrew Golon

  6. I would like to express the appreciation for Jessie in the shoe dept. at the Marshall Tx store. She was awsome and very helpful.
    Thank you Jessie.

  7. I’m trying to order brown men’s slippers medium online but they are out of stock. Tried the local store, they are also. When will they be back in stock? Preferably, online. I thought slippers are a big selling item Christmas time. I am just trying to get in early. I’ve always used Penny’s slippers, so see no reason to change.

    Please send email response. Tx. Em

  8. The customer service agents are very rude in Ohio. I had called to track my order that I still haven’t received as of yet.. that was all.

  9. I got my box and in it was lots papers a spray can name tag with the name Miguel ocampo and also a ink for the printer I’m upset because when u order something you really don’t want to open your box full of trash you want to get the product that you order :(.

  10. I Use to be a frequent shopper at jc penny’s in Warwick R.I. I have not used the store since the new maketing system was initiated. today 12/11/12 Iwas shopping in Macy’s and decieded to stop in Penny’s I saw a half lenght winter coat I liked and purchased it. while at the register I asked the clerk if I could have it put in a JC Penny Zip up coat protector bag He was ready to accomodate me until a Senior sales Clerk Named Diane told him that those were only for sport coats and suits my coat was as costly as some of those items I told The Sr Clerk that it was to bad that a Former good custumer was not going to Shop again At Penny’s because of poor judgement on her part you may think by saving a few penny’s that she did the right thing but you lost a customer that had finally come back. thanks

  11. We ordered a sofa four weeks ago. After no response for delivery estimation, after six days we called to find out the order had been cancelled… and no one called or emailed to let us know. We also had to call four times to get the original charge credited back to our bank.
    THEN, three weeks later, our bank account is dinged for the same amount out of the blue. Four calls later to a call center in Mlwaukee, we finally found someone with the mental capacity to actually try to find out what was going on. We are STILL waiting for the charge to be credited back to our account.

  12. I am very upset about a situation with the button promotion that is currently going on. Yesterday two friends and I went out to do some last minute shopping and were each given a button with our purchases. While eating lunch at the mall we decided to enter our codes only to find out that all three had already been entered. We went back to the cashier and explained that our codes were used and offerend to give back the buttons in exchange for new ones. She was nice enough to let us keep them and gave us each a new one. And wouldn’t you know it all three of those codes had been used as well. I don’t know how or why but at any rate it was very upsetting. Six buttons between the three of us and nothing to show for it. I’m mad!

  13. JC Penney’s is an absolute favorite. I have always felt the prices to be fair and affordable, the quality of clothing and housewares to be excellent and diverse, have always enjoyed shopping there! I moved from Ohio to Virginia and shop BOTH locations’ stores when travel, and actually LOOK for Penney’s when I need something in any other location, such as a swimsuit or sweater. I am always welcomed with warm personalities, smiles and sincerity in eye contact and body posture ( it’s obvious when you are in another store and you ask help of someone who doesn’t care…) They reflect great customer care, and am always happy to shop there, no matter the location or the season. I read some of the negative comments on this site and it saddens me. I have had some of those same experiences in other stores, but never in JC Penney’s, not ever! I can name people like Norma, who was SUPER great working with some problems I had with an online order, some returns, in Boardman, Ohio’s store, and Saleh (Lead) , June (Jewelry), Alicia, Rosina, Amber (in Christmas tree department), Clara in ladies’ dept, all true assets to the Penney’s stores they represent. I couldn’t participate in the survey because of the way I have had to travel, time didn’t allow….but if I could, I would name all of these people as they were so great to shop with, so helpful, professional , friendly, never do I feel I am “bothering” someone asking for help or direction. The store is great, the products are great, the people who work there are wonderful, and despite the negativity on this site, I wanted to share just some very sincere observations for a store that has been around since I was a child and hope it will be there for my grandchildren, too!

  14. I also have to note, I got several buttons, as well, and though one did say it had been used, I won, three times! Only $5.00 but it was fun to win something, as I am usually not very lucky (blessed , of course!) but not “lucky” as I never win anything, not ever! AND I will also mention that over Black Friday, I also shopped on line and the orders came in a few days late , but overall, it was a great experience, free shipping, great quality, just very very pleased! I feel confidant when I shop Penney’s, I walk away with a smile on my face. I can’t say the same about many other stores I have shopped, honestly! I only wish the “old” look of Penney’s with the cosmetics, perfume, wide array of fine jewelry ( 14kt) , china (Royal Doulton) and even the catalog ordering would still all be available in every store…. there have been changes, and I miss the old JCPenneys, but the new one is still better than most other stores, all the same! Times change, but people haven’t…not at Penney’s! That is a good thing!

  15. I apologize ahead of time if this seems trivial. I went shopping on black Friday and spent probably about $40.00 I got a pin and forgot I had it. Today, Dec. 22, I was excited to see if I won anything. I entered in the code, and it said that it had been already used. I triple checked the code and reentered it. I would have been happier with the message that you are not a winner. If you are going to offer a promo please make sure it is organized. I feel like it is a scam. Thank you for your time.

    Nicole Pietluck

  16. Just came home from shopping at JCPenney and as a MBA graduate, I admire the determination your team have displayed over the last couple of years in order to get people back to JCPenney. I wanted to tell you of my second visit to your store in the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. As I was shopping, I was in the men’s department looking for thermal underwear for my grown grandson and a woman about 55 came and was looking at underwear that had a 15% off sign and this was the day after Christmas. As we were talking neither of us noticed that the sign was removed however later the woman did notice and asked whether or not she would still get the 15% and a clerk explain that she would have to ask the cashier as he did not know the answer to her question. She decided to buy a pack of underwear and left the area but I had trouble finding the right size and stayed longer. As I was there a heavy set middle age woman asked the clerk what the woman wanted and he explained the situation and she replied that it was probably (she used a woman’s name but I don’t remember what the name was and stated she probably forgot to remove the sign and happen to see it). I left and took my product to pay for it and as it happen I ended up behind the woman who was shopping next to me. She explained about the sign and the cashier stated, “Well, I haven’t seen any sign but if you buy 2 packs of this underwear you can get it for $18.00 otherwise it will cost her $25.00. I mentioned to the cashier that I also saw the sign but she repeated the costs. She kept saying she doesn’t see any sign and even invited the woman to show her where she thinks the sign was and walked the woman away and I paid the other cashier for my product. Both cashier were very condescending to both of us and this transaction was viewed by about 6 other customers. Just thought you might want to see what the customer sees when your not there. I’m going back to Macy’s, they have kinder cashiers.

  17. i used to work at jcpenney back in the’70’s at southpark mall in shreveport,la what seemed to really work then that
    doesnt exist at jcpenney in shreveport today-is customer serviece=i have seen only about 2 employees on the floor,the last 3 times i have shopped there. no one is there on the floor in the individual depts to help customers. we are on our own-like a walmarts=i dont shop
    at jcpenney anymore for that reason

  18. So i went to J.C. Penney today to get a pair of jeans. Nothing special, just the old standby Arizona Loose Fit jean. Could not find them so I asked a cashier. He didn’t know what I was taling about or have any ideas there was a style they have, or were, making for the last 20 or so years. So I called the customer service number to see if they were still making them as I couldn’t find them on line either. Rude is not even close to what I experienced. Amazing, just absoulutely amazing. SO I found this site, apparently this is part of the new business model-hope that works for ya!

  19. Imagine my delight when I entered my button code and won $10. I applied it towards a top that cost $17. Came home and it did not match the skirt I was trying to match up. I returned it and was told that I lose the $10 if returned – it could not be applied toward a different color or item. What a rip off!!

  20. The JCPenneys store in Watertown, NY has recently been renovated. It’s terrible. The old store was nice and warm feeling and you enjoyed going in to shop. The line of clothing was excellent and tons to choose from. They have now changed their clothing line and again, it was a definite downgrade. The St. Johns Bay line of clothes was an excellent choice for Northern New York. The clothes they carry now are for New York City. I work in health care and we have all been discussing this. As for me, I now by my clothes somewhere else as does most of the people I work with. We have read on the internet that JCPenney is not doing well. Your powers to be have made very bad restructuring decisions. If you were looking for an increase in sales, this was not the way. Your stores now suck.

  21. I’m disgusted with your store policies. If you receive a gift and have a gift receipt, you should be able to get the cash for the item(s)if you return them. You should not have to take a JCP gift card forcing to buy something you don’t need or want. This was my experience today.I don’t plan on ever shopping at your stores again.

  22. Hello,

    I placed an order on December 22,2012 and the items are available, but the order hasn’t shipped yet. I understand
    this is a busy time of year, but I really need these items.
    Please ship as soon as possible.
    Thank you,
    Deana Lichak

  23. Oh my gosh! The store is wonderful in Marion Indiana. Bottom price all the time. It was clean and no more in your face signs. No more game playing and leaving mad because I feel screwed due to not having a coupon or I didn’t want to buy two items to get a discount.
    Good job CEO.

  24. I went to JCP in Manhattan on 12/23. While shopping for my husband, I saw some cereal bowls by Fiestaware. Bloomie’s didn’t have them, and I wanted to purchase them. However, my color choice was not available in the store. So, a most, most helpful lady, Loretta, took about 15 minutes to get all the info and place my order to be sent to my house. It was not a huge order, but she took such care and concern, even writing the 800 number to contact if I had questions. Thank you, thank you! I love your Manhattan store—much better than Penney’s in Marlboro, MA where we live.

  25. Well, I guess Pennys is going to lose a customer over a $10.00 promotion!

    I was promised a $10.00 certificate if I registered the button on line within a designated time frame. I did this and never got the certificate. I then e-mailed within that same time frame and was told that your office would look into it for me..that was December 18. I never heard back

    I run three businesses. If I treated my customers the way that your office has treated me, I would soon be out of business!!

    Karen McIntyre

    In a message dated 1/4/2013 9:17:38 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
    Thank you for your email. The “Merry Christmas America” button program has officially come to a close and, according to the rules, code entry ended on December 24th at 11:59pm. If you still have questions, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Merry Christmas!

  26. I am so very disappointed in JCPenny. Over the years I cannot tell you the amount of shopping I have done with Pennys. There has always been a JCPenny in my life. Those times have changed. I shopped at the Rivergate store in Goodlettsville, Tn.for a long time and was agle to walk in the Misses dress dept. and purchase anything I needed. The selection was wonderful. Then little by little you began to cut down on the space, pluse the choices. Now the Misses dept. is just about the size of a good walk-in closet. I never shop there anymore. I started going to the Pennys in Mt. Juliet Tn.and was albe to purshase just about waht I wanted. But guess what…I went in there this week and the whole place has changed. Moved the Misses dept. into a place that..well I cannot explain it. I don’t know who your person that is in charge of all this, let me tell you they are not doing a good job. I probably will not be back there also. There are no good selections for Sr. Adult ladies, I found nothing that I would have had, even if you had given it to me. Some of us like to wear our dresses below our knees and some of us like to keep our necklines a bit highter up. Anyway…that is it…Goodby JCPenny. Thanks for the yester years.

  27. What is wrong with your buyers in mens clothes? The Regular fit signature shirt now fits like a slim and no pocket? I can guess who the feella is who is buying these goods. I have never seen so many slim fitted shirts – when I stand in store other normal shoppers can find nothing that fits! Unfortunately most American shoppers are obese and would do well to wear the old executive and signature shirts. Guess I have to change to Dillards and Macy’.

  28. Imagine my surprise when I found out you no longer carry Cabin Creek clothing for Women. The comfortable pants I could dress up, or down, are no more. Please enjoy all your young skinny customers who love garish, tight, short clothes. We older folks like comfort and being able to mix and match. We spend our savings on our kids and grandkids. It just won’t be at Penney’s

  29. I received a $50 dollar gift card for a Christmas Gift, and I had trouble even finding 50 dollars worth of stuff in your Posner Park Store, Davenport, FL. The whole ‘new’ concept is not for me. You no longer carry the St. John’s Bay line for men, and the other lines you do carry did not appeal to me one bit. I didn’t give them a second look. I always shopped your home store, and that was just pitiful. I have purchased towels, sheets, and most all of my bedding from J C Penney, but no longer will I be shopping there. I was in the store over an hour, and still couldn’t find anything worth taking home, so I settled for several smaller clearance items. And, your customer service is store, to be quite direct and honest … there isn’t any. Two managers walked by me twice and never said a word, the cashier was pleasant and apologetic, but it’s too late. I am closing my charge account which I have had for decades, your new strategy doesn’t work for me.

    • Roving Sales assistants? After searching for the Service Desk with my purchases a Sales Associate with a hand held device offered to check me out. On a ‘cart’. With a hand held device. No WiFi service was available. We waited until a connection was found … (meanwhile another confused customer enquired “where do we check out?”. They were asked to wait there). Upon completion of the transaction I was asked if I want a receipt or it could be emailed to me. What? Now I am incredulous. Just how complicated can they make a simple purchase? So I waited while the Sales Assistant went to retrieve the receipt, printed in another part of the store. Meanwhile the other customers were waiting their turn. The Sales Assistant was very pleasant. The experience was extremely strange. I did not appreciate this new method of doing business. After a lifetime of being a JCP customer that will probably be my last visit.

  30. I want to let you know how unsatisfied I am with the new mobil card reader
    I think that application is for Mobil store and kiosk nog a respectable department
    Store. It feels like I am risking my personal account information at an online service
    Not safe! I will reconsider my future purchases after today. Also the girl was on the
    Phone rechecking info because the purchase was to high.
    Very disappointing

  31. I was at your Spokane Valley Mall today with my daughter and spent about $100. Went to one of the registers and asked the sales associate, if her register is open, while 2 other sales associates were already helping other customers. She did not even look at me and was still looking at some catalog and after 10 seconds or so said “hmm hmm I am…just a second…” my daugher and I looking at each other and shrugging…she finally helped ring our stuff we bought…while I was paying her, I asked her “all ink tags were removed right?” she stares at me like I asked her something totally outta this world then she goes “you should be fine!” SHOULD be fine? what is that supposed to mean? did she remove them or not? So my daughter and I head home and unpack everything we bought, sure enough there is an ink tag on one of the shirts I purchased! I should have checked it before I left the store or why did the buzzer not go off? Or the question should be, why was she so unattentive and careless from the get go? I was already not feeling so good, but wanted to get a few things for my daughter and myself…this was the worse experience for us at jc penney’s I worked there in the 90ies as a dept supervisoer and penney’s was all about customers and excellent customer service. What happened? So because prices went down they just don’t care about customers anymore? I would have been treated much better at a Walmart store then the way we were treated at JC penney’s today…now I have to go back, waste gas and more importantly my time, just to get the ink tag removed, it just makes me sooo mad, when I had even asked about it…disgusting service!!!

  32. I have purchased Stafford white undershirts for years and have been willing to pay the extra price due to the thickness and quality of the shirt. Recently, I purchased the same shirt I always do, “Stafford Essentials 3 crew neck shirts” in medium. I was extremely disappointed to see that the thickness and quality of fabric has changed. If this is the case, I will just purchase Fruit of the Loom or Target brand because their price is significantly lower. The reason why I have been loyal to Stafford and JCPenny is because of the quality of fabric used and the desired thickness I need and want. Which, is why I would be willing to pay the extra amount. Why did this happen? Yet, no price change? Despite that, it’s the thickness of the shirt I need and want. I am returning the package I recently purchased because the quality is the same as any other white undershirt and that is not what I am looking for.

    Lost a customer,


  33. On 1/28/13, I was shopping at your Memorial City location in Houston, TX. As a long time loyal customer, this was the first time I felt so degraded and insulted by Mary at the lady’s fashion, while tried to check out my purchases.
    To make matter worse was when I requested to speak with a management level personnel, Mary told me that
    “Everyone is in the Monday meeting until 4 or 5 o’clock that afternoon, if I wanted to wait.”
    What happened was one of my purchases did not have the price tag. And, Mary’s attitude along with her tone of
    voice immediately become insinuating and implying that I was dishonest and tring to cheat. Even whil I told her which rack I got the merchandise from, and ask her to look for herself or call some one to double check on the price she was planning to charge me for.
    On top of Mary’s noncustomer oriented degrading service, this black girl at the jewel counter was just standing there doing nothing while I ask her to check me out. She said she can’t, I have to go to the customer service counter at the lady fashion where Mary had a line waiting.
    Do you think I will ever shop at Penny ever???????
    I believe I entitle no only an apology, but, some real serious apology.

    Deeply insulted and disappointment,
    Catherine K Huang I

  34. I wanted to write to you to tell you about how JCP has replaced MACYs in my wardrobe.

    I have been an avid shopper at Macy’s for years. Then I told my husband how your company will be closing some stores due to low sales. I was amazed because tried to think back to the last time I shopped in Macy’s. I believe it was in 2010!

    That’s when I decided to email you and tell you how you stole my business away from Macys! I’ve purchased, dresses, jackets, my hubby’s wardrobe for his new job and shoes! I spent well over $800 there just this past holiday season.

    I hope you don’t close the store in Taunton, MA. It’s really the only reason I go to that mall now. :-)

    Thank you for making clothes that are affordable and attractive!

  35. I think you need to do something about the rewards that we receive. I bought something and used my $10….I didn’t have time to try it on and it didn’t fit…so taking it back, I lost the $10……why can’t you give a store credit or something….. maybe I would be better to use my Bank Card….after all, I get money back on that and I don’t lose it…… I have shopped Penneys for many years .. I worked there also…..Thank You

  36. While I applaud your effort to modernize JC Penny, what you have done is gutted your stores and stocked them with all the crap you see in the speciality boutiques. After Capwells and Mervyn’s closed, Penny’s was the only place you could go to for quality products, basic t-shirts, underwear, etc. and always get good products. Every fall I would go and pick up several of your St. John’s Bay long sleeve tees for women in different colors and styles and they would last me all winter. Ditto for summer tees, tops, etc. This year I went to pick up some tops and you had yeah, a t-shirt for $5 but it was thin material, gaudy colors, and sizes for anorexic Asians. You’ve gone from overstocked, overstuffed stores to nada. I do like the idea of one low price, no sales every other day, but you are selling stuff I can buy at Walmart and Kmart, over and over again of course, because there is no quality there. The other alternatives are Bloomingale’s and Macy’s, at outrageous prices.Quit showing those ads that match your products with others sold elsewhere, you don’t have the quality you once had.

  37. I have a dispute with J.C.Penney’s,,, I put the codes in for the holiday promotion that you had, but I did not get the print out codes to redeem my codes, I call and talked to an associate, but I am yet to get a response… I have the data that displays that my codes were entered before the time was to expire and I was told I would receive some sort of accommdation for my troubles, but I’m certain this will go on just like before…

  38. Love that JCP has brought stores to our neighborhood….now you stopped sales ads..ok with that..but not about the merchandise you are now carrying! No name brands and quality of merchandise is well below average. Wake up JCP…would rather pay a few extra dollars and have name brands that are available all the time. Hate Kohls but I’m having to shop least they have some name brands…you just have to look harder..and never have the size you need!

  39. I am convinced that JCPenny does NOT want to take my money. I spent 45 minutes trying to buy a dress off of the website. EVERY single dress I clicked on (I looked at over 20) said it was “no longer available”. When I finally found one that was, I added it to my shopping cart and when I went to check out, the item was no longer there. So I went back to add it again, at which point it said “no longer available.” So I tried to buy other items. Same thing. I tried to create an account. The website would not let me log in under the user name and password I had *just* created. When I tried to fill out the online email comment form for customer service…it didn’t work! I will NEVER shop at JCPenny. The online experience was frustrating at best and I am incredulous that a company such as this can be this BAD with their service. They obviously don’t want me to shop there, so I won’t.

  40. While shopping in your Woodland CA store during the Christmas holidays the Clerk who helped me gave me a pin and said if I went to your website I would receive a free gift. I normally do not get involved in this type of promotion but since it was JCP I thought it would be on the up and up. I’ve been a loyal custom for many years and trusted your company. The free gift I picked was a watch from the company Omaximus ph# (866-618-0894) I was asked for my visa card number for the shipping, I received the watch sometime in December 2012 and never thought anymore about it. The watch was cheap looking and I never wore it. Then in February 2013 I received another cheap watch at that point I became concerned and checked my visa account and learned I was charged 100.00 for the first watch and 49.00 for the second one. I have contacted my visa company and filed a dispute but have not heard back at this time. I’ve shopped At your stores for many years and have been a loyal and happy customer but now I’m not so sure I want to give you my business. Please respond, I would like to know if you’ve had other complains and if you can suggest what I should do next. I did call Omaximus but did not get an English speaking person. I still have both watches and have never used them. Thanks for your help and I hope to hear from you soon

    Kathryn A Perry

  41. Due to your support of programming such as Saturday Night Live, and their anti Christian comedy, I will no longer spend my consumer dollar with your company. I have unsubscribed from your e-mails.

  42. Dear JCP,

    I am outraged and totally ashamed of NBC and Saturday Night Live for showing a horrifying skit with Jesus Christ and His apostles committing acts of violence.

    I am committed at this time forward to not shopping at JCP and will be telling every single person I know not to shop at JCP. Why? It’s because your sponsorship
    of SNL tells me that you condone such disrespectful and apostate show passed off as “comedy” and entertainment — but in reality is a cowardly act of modern Hollywood
    antics. What I mean is this: would JCP sponsor the same type of show in which Mohammad, Allah or Islam was mocked in such a way as jesus Christ was on SNL?

    Can you answer that for me? It proves your and NBC’s downright an utter disregard for the faith of Christianity, and your and NBC’s downright cowardice.

  43. I am writing about a pair of jeans made by JC Penney (women’s slim straight) I washed the jeans before I wore them; wore them with a pair of boots I JUST bought at Shoe Carnival for $60.00 in a light beige color, and the jeans not only left blue die on my boots (to which now I can only wear dark pants with on the outside of the boots, but my undergarments as well. I am so upset as I had planned to wear these boots alot!

    Deanna English

  44. I ripped up my JCP card because of their collection practices. One day after a late bill they call you. And are VERY pushy! Jeez my credit rating is 754 – they want me as a customer! No other card I have does this. I don’t want JCP that much to put up with that, I’ll head over to Macy’s or TJ Maxx.

  45. I tried to take your survey only 5 days after I made a purchase and it wouldn’t take the information I provided from my receipt. My access code is 1274 151 2352 022813 1313 6. Don’t know what the problem is.
    Anyway I just wanted to let you know that Ebony at the Chula Vista Store #1274 was just fantastic. She greeted us with a smile and when we got in a long line, she helped us with her portable register and rang us up and all the time smiling and really motivated. It is nice to see someone like her to cheer up your day. She is an
    asset to your company with her cheerfull attitude and should be rewarded as such. Hire more like her!!!!

  46. As a customer of jcp i have been very dissatisfied with your company this past year. It started with doing away with coupons. Then you adveritsed with ellen degeneres who, in my opinion, is an elitist snob. Now i hear you are teaming up with martha stewart, a convicted felon, who underhandedly broke her alliance with macys. I also just read you are color coding employees. I feel the fault lies most with your new CEO. He is ruining your reputation. I wish you would have listened to me last year when i emailed you saying you were heading in the wrong direction. I don’t like jcp anymore and i am obviously not alone. Good luck.

  47. Im tired of getting online and clicking on something I like, then having them say after I get my hopes up sorry we’re out! They need to take it offline until they get more in stock so people continue to shop

  48. No mystery why JC Penney is losing sales and closing stores. I’ve been trying for 2 days to order about $400 worth of pillows, mattress pads, comforters and bath accessories from their website. Each time I want to go to a different category – say from ‘pillows’ to ‘comforters’, all of the stuff I’ve already put into my cart disappears. If I try to go back to put it back into my cart, it then tells me that those products are “out of stock”. So stupid and frustrating. Will be going to another site to order my merchandise.

    Tried to give you a chance JCP. Seems you don’t want my $$.

  49. What has happened to my favorite dept. store? The new decor is cold looking & uninviting & customer service is almost nonexistant. I most always have to go find someone to help me look for a product.
    In the past few months I have been waiting for my favorite bra to come into the store. Finally one of the customer service people looked it up in the computerized system & discovered it has most likely been discontinued.
    I have found this to be the case too often. I shop mostly at the Kennewick, Wa store. The “small” store in Sunnyside, Wa is still a fine customer service store, but one again many items I want are gone.
    “Please” bring the catalog back!!! I depended on it so much.!!! By getting rid of the catalog you have lost most of my business.
    I worked for JCP for several years many years ago. If the we had provided the kind of service & lack of products as is now we would have been done away with.
    Please get back to the warm & customer friendly stores with ample products.
    Thank you.

  50. I am very unhappy and regretful with the purchase with JCPenny. I bought a 17000 $ diamond ring with a promise that the re-sizing will be finished done in a week. After two weeks, I called the store and the staff said they will call me back. And they did not call me back and explained about the delay.My purchase was planned for a certain even on a special day. And because of the unprofessional service, I could not wear my ring on my special day. What a disappointing service!!!Not only they did not keep their service day but also how they handle my claim was very poor. I will never have business with this company. The staff on the phone was helpful at all. This is the worst shopping experience.

  51. I am not surprised that your company is struggling. I do all of my shopping online and experience no difficulties anywhere but JC Penney. Your site is so confusing that I can never complete my order and am forced to give up and find what I want somewhere else. You really need to fix this problem. It does not have to be this difficult.


    Isla Landon

    • I sent in an online order, and got no response to let me know if the order was received, usually I get a response giving order number etc. If I try to email, I am asked for order number etcc, I do not have one !! What do I do to get this info !!!@

  52. I am really upset at the customer service I was given today by one of your managers at NorthStar mall. I was their for a return and practically accused of shopplifting. These itimidation tactics might work on other folks but as a 2 time war veteran they will not work on me. Please contact me so we can discuss this matter. I work and live in this community . This is not right

  53. This e-mail is regarding the J C Penney Store at the Wolfchase Mall in Memphis, TN. This store was one of my
    favorite stores for a long time, Over a year ago I saw major changes that were not for the better. I finally quit going into the store at all. I visited it today and it was even worse than the last time. The upstairs was in complete disarray and so many of the items that they once carried were no longer there. This is a major disappointment to me as I remember the times I shopped there and came away very pleased. It has gone from bad to worse and I have given up on it.

  54. Tonight I went into the JCP at Southcenter in Tukwila, WA. to check out the changes that I had been hearing about. Now I am horrified that JCP won’t make to 2014!!! The merchandise and displays were awful. I was excited that JCP was getting an update, but the clothing looks cheap, the store sparse and cold!! Where are the trendy gathering spots?? People were coming in and leaving within 5 minutes!!! Good grief….what happened????

  55. I am a customer of jcpennys and often shop in there alot! :)
    So I came up with a slogan ” save your penny’s to save/keep jcpennys.”
    Your store has great deals and cheap prices I would choose jcpennys over Macy’s any day!!

  56. I just placed an order – entered the ‘SPEND50′ coupon code to get $10 off of a $50 order. It went through. I added an additional item to my cart and the code then said “nothing I purchased qualified for this promotion”. Since the items I initially put in my cart were still there and it worked previously, I tried the code again. It worked. This happened repeatedly throughout my shopping experience. Then, I got to the ‘review order’ screen just before hitting ‘submit’ and everything was good – a $91 order was reduced to $81. Then I clicked ‘SUBMIT’ and somehow the coupon is gone and I was charged $91. This is the first time I’ve shopped with EVER and I only did so because I saw on the news that the company is in trouble so I thought I’d buy a few things I need to help them out. Maybe they deserve to go out of business if they can’t get something so simple correct. I did not enjoy my online shopping experience since it was tedious and I was overcharged. I expect a $10 credit – and a coupon for my next order for the inconvenience (IF I decide to ever shop at JCP again). Maybe some companies should become memories.

  57. I have shopped at jcp a lot this year at the St Mathews Mall how ever I recently went to the mall in Clarksville Indiana and was very disappointed by the service. I filled out a survey and expected at the very least a call from someone the manager was not very customer service oriented I am not sure if I would ever return to that store I asked for assistance and was ignored by the staff and all the manager could say is they’re busy really too busy for a sale? Isn’t that your business to sell? Wow

  58. Hello I made a purchase at JCP at The Florida Mall – Orlando on 06/04/13 04:02 PM with the following information of the bill – Store: 2069 Terminal:103 Transaction:5442 Assoc:0784. Well I made a purchase in the amount of U.S. $ 192.76 and paid with two $ 100 notes and was from that moment that the poor service provided by employees of JCP started. First because the cashier is looking repeatedly at 2 notes up to the light and not so simply phoned his manager after a few minutes came in saying high sound that two $ 100 notes were fake. After that I did not know what to do because this manager took my money and more customers began to join and take notes and compare to see if they were really fake. I was nervous because I am not in my country and am a right and not a falsifier and should be treated with more dignity because I leave my country and come to the U.S. to spend my money. What I did was get my $ 200.00 that was in the hands of other customers and pay with U.S. dollars that others owned and left the store very angry by the way I was treated. Then when I got to the hotel researched on the internet and saw that some stores were not accepting U.S. dollars for former U.S. dollars were just my 1988, but that did not mean they were false. In summary I was sad and I write this rant so employees concerned are advised to treat certain matters with discretion and education.
    Thank you.

  59. I will no longer shop at JC Penney to pay 53 million to a man that ran a company I worked for close to 10 years into the ground.

  60. Now that you’ve seen the light and made a change at the top, I’m hopeful you will return the St.John’s Bay label to your stores. If you still had St. John’s Bay I would be in one of your stores right now doing some spring clothing shopping. As it is, I haven’t been in one of your stores for months, as you have nothing for me.

    Always hopeful, A former customer

  61. Rhonda at JC Pennys Serramonte Daly City was so friendly, took care of all my shopping questions, and helped me to have the best day ever, shopping at Pennys. She was in Home World. She took the time, to help me find everything that I needed. I can’t wait to go back, and shop again. She was just awesome.

  62. If this issue were just expressed by my opinion alone I probably would not write this but on my last shopping trip to the women’s department, three women commented to me how disappointed they have been at the styles and quality of clothing offered. Not only did the department appear messy and disorganized the styles offered were far less attractive than the misses department. It felt as if the little corner reserved for plus sizes was not important. I doubt I will be shopping at Penney’s anytime soon.

  63. After 40 years of shopping @ J.C.Penney, last night @ Texarkana, Texas, Central Mall I was an angry shopper. I dressed 5 kids out of JCP. Now as a grandparent, I shop for 13 kids. I spent 45 minutes looking for a register to check out. As a Senior Citizen I found it very embarrassing to wander around with 2 bras in my hands ASKING EVERYONE where is a register? Then there was NO COUNTER SPACE to lay purchase or write a was not a fun shopping experience!

  64. I went to JCP in Fort Smith Arkansas today 5/9/13 to purchase My mother basic button up silk pajama’s, also my wife something casual for mothers day… I looked all over for the pajama’s finally asked someone for help… Was informed that everything that JCP carried was on the sales floor…I was dismayed that JCP doesn’t carry simple woman’s pajama’s… So I set out to buy My wife something as well… What I saw was outlandish clothing… Nothing for just everyday wear that wasn’t either cheap or tacky… So being alone I asked several woman shoppers if they wore JCP clothing and all that I spoke with said not anymore… So I walked around the store to see if I could see anyone wearing anything that appeared to be purchased at JCP… Only people I saw wearing oblivious JCP clothing were employee’s… What has happened to JCP when you cant buy a basic pair of pajama’s or decent pair of women’s jeans… Your company has no clue what people in the real world are wearing… Someone should walk around their own stores and see what actual customers are wearing… What walks down a fashion show runway in New York doesn’t work in Middle America… Time for JCP to wakeup and see what it’s customers really want… Growing up when I need school clothes or work clothes I always went to JCP… But sad to say those days when your store was for the middle class working middle America are over…

  65. I know jc penny is doing damage control but today’s experience takes the cake. I was in the Wisconsin rapidst Wi store today looking for women’s summer clothesline . and was told they had to take out that dept. for a while but it will be coming back. How can that be? After all the times I kept quiet about the stupid changes that were done-liketake away the catalogs,or have very few service counters in a store, or spend a fortune on those color ads that said nothing, today takes the absolute cake. I’ve been a customer forever but I want to cut up my credit card. I could always count on Penny’s to find nice clothes, shoes,bedding,etc,but it’s not the same.
    Do something fast!

  66. I ordered a bathing suit top and bottom from jcpenney online. The top arrived promptly however the bottoms were back ordered. They were supposed to have been shipped by or before the 30th of this month. Well today I still had not received any notice of shipment and had not been notified as to why my bathing suit bottoms had not shipped. I called customer service and the woman acted like there was absolutely nothing that could be done for me. I have signed by toddler daughter up for a swim class and have already had to miss the first one due to not having proper swim wear for the pool. Now I will probably have to miss her second class as well. The woman said they were not supposed to ship now until June 3rd. Why was I not informed of this ? I would have never ordered the bottoms if I had known it was going to take this long. I did not want to have to make the trip to jcpnney to find these. I feel like I have been lied to about the shipping dates and have been offered no kind of apology whatsoever. When asked if there was anything that could be done the woman begrudgingly said that 10% could be taken off the order total. Making it go from 22 to 20. Wow. I worked at Jcpenney for 3 years and this is not the kind of service that we gave our customers. Jcpenney is definitely not what it used to be. I will no longer be ordering anything from this store.

  67. I was at JCP today and I was very unhappy with their customer service that I received today the manager there Sue and I can’t last thing she was very rude I asked for help I asked for pricing and she gave me a snotty answer and I’ve been a member of JCP for over 30 years

  68. I used to buy a lot of clothing at pennys. The new marketing sucks. Just hate your flyers. Wonder how many other people think its a waste. I just throw them away when they come in the mail. Go back to the old ways. Its not working. I also miss the casual St Johnsbay shirts I used to get. You better change your ways or you won’t be around much longer. Get rid of the people who came up with this way of marketing

  69. Do you really wonder why sales may be off, received the new catalog for fathers day, I go on line to order shoes,St Johns boat shoes only 1 size available an 8. Why would you ever advertise something you do not even have? A really big turn off to ever shop with you again.

  70. I went to Baton Rouge JCPenney on the Mall of Louisiana on Saturday. First, my daughter and I were looking for shower curtains. We asked in the home department, near the towels, where we would find shower curtains. After asking 3 different sales associates, all who worked in that department, each answer we received was “I don’t know”, “I don’t normally work here”, and then, the best, “We don’t have any shower curtains”. We found them on our own 5 minutes later in that department! Then, I picked up $90 worth of women’s lingerie and proceeded to check out, was told I would have to go to a checkout quite some distance away, so I proceeded to that checkout station. After standing in line for 5 minutes, the lady told me that I would have to check out on the other side of the kiosk, because she was only there for draperies. I went to the other side of the kiosk and stood in line for about 5 minutes and they lady there told me, “you need to check out over there” and pointed to where I had been waiting to check out the second time. I told her exactly what I had been told and she said, “well, you’ll just have to wait here and it’s going to take about 10 or 15 minutes, I’m busy”….guess what, JCP? You lost that and all future sales from me! You really, really need to work on customer service!

  71. I ordered apparel from jcp that i needed for a wedding on june 15 2013.Well ups never delivered order,so i gfet credted back to my account my money that is good they ask me to re-order why the wedding is in 2 days.I will not use jcp online shopping for any future purchases i will go else where.They could of offered to re order and send items next day free but they did not

  72. I was in the sikeston missouri jcpenneys on June 15 around 7:00 pm. I was wanting to purchase some earrings for my daughter that got her ears pierced the day before. We stood at jewelry counter for at 10 minutes if not longer waiting for someone to come wait on us. No one ever came over. Finally I just left. Angry. You know it’s a shame that our that our newspaper tells us that you should shop local to support our stores, but you can’t get anyone to wait on you. And it’s not like there wasn’t many people working because the was . This is not the first time for this particular store. The last time I left all the items on the checkout counter and left because I could not get checked out. It was a long time before I went back there and now once again. Sad!

  73. I will not return to JCPenney until you return my Cabin Creek Jeans. Your quality on all the items in your stores are very poor. Not worth buying. Please don’t put some NEW Cabin Creek Jeans out are poor quality. I want the same ones you sold for many years. I know I’m not the only one requesting them because I see lots of posts complaining about you doing away with the Cabin Creek Jeans. ARE YOU LISTENING?? That’s how you got in all this trouble in the 1st place–not listening to your customers!!!

  74. I have been a jcpenny customer for over 20 years never in my life have treated so poorly.There was a misprint on on a jacket but when checking out true priceing showed.I call in to (customer service)spoke to a superviser who told me she was sorry about the mix up and now the jacket was sold out like magic in all sizes to call back in the next day and speak to some one in customer relations.When i went on the site the next day it was now in stock and the price was changed.called customer service with time date superviser id # to get the misprice to find all info was false and that no one could find the misprint price.Im very upset about the way this was handled not even about the priceing,its now about being lied to.I have had alot of people tell me that they dont shop at jcpenny any more and now i know why,just add one more customer to the list

  75. Please tell me why all of the companies that have dropped Paula Deen in their stores can do this as long as she is making your co moneyshe good but one thing goes wrong and you drop her were is the can one person do so much bad first of all life is to short to be doing this to someone like paula the courts should be imbaresset to say this would go to court there are things like muders, and crimes that need to bein thecourts not this One person that says Paula used the word NIGGER so what this world always says freedom of speech well were is it. Any court that allows crap to go though the court like this needs to relize that this is a greedy person after Paulas money and thats all. look up the word NIGGER and know its just a word people grow up and get a real life .no Paula deen well = less people in your store.we need to stop shopping in allthe stores that dropped Paula Deen.

  76. Paula Deen hasn’t even had her trial yet and she has been hurt deeply even after an apology 0f something many years ago.I am 73 years old and probably done the same thing.Paula Deen said she would work hard to change. She has a good heart. Jimmy Carter said she should be forgiving as she has done much for the down and troden in her community. You need to make amends with her and I will be back in your store until then, will buy on the internet.

    Janet Mercer

  77. I was extremely disappointed in your store today at the mall in Bradley/Bourbonnais, IL. I’ve always shopped at JCP and have had a great experience. However, I usually go to the one in Orland Park, IL or Matteson, IL. I have a double stroller that is smaller than a typical wheelchair. I had about five outfits that I wanted to try on and I was unable to find a fitting room that I could fit in with my double stroller. I could not fit through the dressing room door. I asked three sales clerks and they all told me they don’t have a dressing room big enough and I was told “sorry”. Well, I was unable to try on anything and therefore bought nothing. Since my double stroller would not fit (it has fit in every fitting room and every door in every single other store) that means a wheelchair would not fit either. That is not right. I also had a very difficult time getting into your store. None of the three entrances had a “handicap” button to press. It was very difficult to enter with a stroller while trying to hold the doors open on my own. I will never be able to shop at this location again. Why would I? It was a bother to get into the store and I was unable to find a dressing room to fit my stroller. As I stated earlier, I have fit into every single door and dressing room in other stores. This was literally the first time in two years I was unable to fit. Besides being a challenge for me, what about a person in a wheelchair? Your store at this location is completely unaccessibkw to people in wheelchairs, which is not right.

  78. I was just getting used to your positive change. In the past I have been a great customer, shopping more at your store than any other. You have treated Paula Deen with great disdain, unforgiveness,jumping on the ignorant bandwagon,like sheep, to dismiss her! Well I’m Not even a fan of Paula Deens, but the way you have treated her is outrageous! You bunch of cowards! So you can forget about getting my money back in your store. When will your executives get their act together? Jesus forgave every one who asked for forgiveness. Who are you and your so-called exec’s to judge her? Your certainly not better than Jesus Christ! Who are you a bunch of Nazi’s? This is still a free Country! I hope Paula Deen sues your Bigoted pants off! Carla Evans

  79. Went to your Aurora Ill. store yesterday to find some items including draperies for my new home. What a huge disappointment! If I wanted Ikea shopping I would have gone there. What happened to the variety I have come to know? I have always purchased my draperies from you and have to say the selection was poor at best. Same is true for bed accessories. I will not be back.

  80. As a member of the Cabin Crew for a major airline based in the UK, I enjoy my trips to the USA and especially, my shopping trips to your stores. Recently, I noticed that you have refurbished a couple of your stores in Glendale CA and Orlando FL. What on earth have you done to your Home Departments? They are now difficult to shop in and seem empty and uninviting. I used to spend hours browsing all the various displays and would almost always make a purchase but now, I’m in and out in a matter of minutes-empty handed! Please bring back your old format! As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!”

  81. The bathrooms at the JCPenny at Richland Mall in Waco are terrible. They are always dirty and they smell. I was there at 4:00 pm on August 1st and there was toilet paper all over the floors and the trash was not emptied in some time as it was all going over the container and on the floor. I will make it a point never to use those bathrooms again.

  82. After waiting for two months for my sofa to be delivered the call finally came! My sofa was to be delivered Thurs. I was so excited! I removed my old sofa and chair from the living room and told my son to bring it to Goodwill if he did not want it. It took 2 men and a truck to remove the pieces but my space was ready for the new sofa! The day the sofa was to be delivered all my coworkers were excited for me. Then the call came. My son phoned and said mom did you order a different fabric and color chaise with your sectional? And why did you get a chaise on the wrong side? My excitement quickly turned into disappointment. After waiting 2 months, getting rid of my sofa…they brought me the wrong order! Needless to say, I cancelled my order and had my son bring back my old couch. When I called to cancel my order I received an “I’m sorry Maam”. I have been a faithful customer of JC Pennys and I really am surprised that I did not receive a phone call from a customer service representative with an explanation of what happened to my order. I won’t be ordering any furniture online again.

  83. Your newest website is terrible. I went online to order towels, but couldn’t get to the link I wanted. I have always liked shopping online at JCP, but won’t do it in the future because of the ridiculous issues with the site. I think you may consider me a former customer.

    PS — I don’t like the service at the store either. (Lakeforest Mall)

  84. I am pleased and impressed with some of the changes in the stores in and around the Tulsa area. No longer do they have sales racks that say (example) “$10 and over”, they now have racks that indicate either what the sales prices are OR that a particular rack is 30-40% off. The sales representatives in the stores are awesome!
    Although the above are only a couple of instances that you have improved, there were a few more noticeably different improvements.
    I stopped shopping at JCPenneys for almost two years….
    I am now going back!
    Thank you!

  85. I am a long time customer of JC Penney but was very dissapointed that they sent out severall coupons for $10 off of $25 for apparels, shoes and etc. However, I was not allowed to use my coupons due to the employees and register not recognizing the meaning of apparels. It was very busy and I was not feeling well so I left without seeking a manager. My two coupons exoired the next day.

  86. Hello, I have recently purchased an iComfort bed and adjustable base from the JCP Homestore in Greenwood, IN. I want to start off by saying that the sales team there were extremely nice, hospitable, and professional. My purchase totaled about $7000. Sharron was fantastic, but that is where the “great customer” stopped. I am a manager in a retail store myself, and work some pretty irregular hours and found it difficult to setup a time for delivery…so I scheduled 10 days out, which is my only available time for delivery to cooperate with Safe Way Moving’s schedule for the next month or so. I received a phone call yesterday at 2:20pm saying that the delivery is set for Wednesday August 21 between 9:30am-11:00am. I said that would be fine seeing how it was the only day that worked for me. Once I got off work I prepped for the delivery. I moved my current king size mattress, box spring, and frame to a storage unit, and slept on the floor last night. I figured one night wouldn’t be too bad… I received a phone call this morning from Safe Way Moving informing me that they will not be delivering my bed today because they have not received my mattress! So… after I got a confirmation phone call, prepped for the delivery, and slept on the floor I get informed that there is no bed I will be sleeping on…and if it’s not delivered today I will not be sleeping on one for at least a month. This sent my blood pressure through the roof. I called Safe Way Moving back and asked where my bed is. I was informed that the Adjustable bases are there, but there is no mattress, and they wont make a delivery unless the full order is ready. Fine. I understand that. But where the Hell is my mattress that I was told yesterday was ready for delivery!?! I asked the Safe Way Moving rep for a number that they use to contact JCP so I could find out what was going on. I called a JCP customer service line at 9:00am where a polite lady answered. I explained my situation and asked her to find my bed. She put me on hold, and once she picked the phone back up she informs me that Serta claims that the mattress was delivered to Safe Way Moving, but Safe Way Moving claims that they do not have the mattress and there was an error on the invoice. (Pardon my french) So where the fuck is my mattress!?!?! The customer service rep apologizes and said that she will make sure I’m compensated for any inconvenience, and she will find out more details and she or someone else will call me back. This was at 9:00am….its now 2:45…I’ve heard nothing… I even called the Greenwood JCP, and asked for the store manager or current manager on duty. Carroll or Karen picked up, and tells me that she cannot help me and will transfer me to the JCP home store. Fine. I sit on the phone….in silence… for about 5 minutes before the phone starts to ring, and someone from the Lingerie Dept picks up and asks if she can help me. I reply “Probably not, since I was told I was being sent to the home store with a furniture issue.” The lady agreed, and said she could not help me and asked me to hold on so she could transfer me to the correct extension. Finally I get the Home Store and I ask for a manager because I have an issue that I need to try to resolve. The manager listens to my complaint and says that she or Sharon will call me back as soon as they can find what is going on with my order. I’M STILL WAITING. . . Once again….pardon my language, but where the fuck is my bed, and why the hell can no one tell me what the fuck is going on with my $7000+ purchase…this is ridiculous. I scheduled today for the delivery and was assured that it was more than enough time out from the purchase date for everything to come in and be delivered. I have a tight schedule and have been home all day trying to figure out what is going on, and I sure as hell am not going to sleep on my floor for the next month due to the incompetence of this company. I opened one of the JCP credit cards to help the stores ‘metrics’…when in reality I was willing to pay cash…I’m just glad I didn’t. If this is not rectified today, I want a refund on this damned card and I will buy the bed/mattress elsewhere and pay with cash, and pick it up myself…

  87. today I went to the Cookeville Tn, store to buy replacesment sheets for the ones I had purchase a year ago. I checked the ones I had to make sure I was getting the same ones as i loved the old ones. I got to the store and found the same sheets or so the tags said. I got home and as I was making the bed I thought this does not feel like the old sheets I checked and low and behold they are not the same. The packages says SATEEN finish but these are anything but sateen. I have plain old cotton sheets. I am very disappointed and as I have to spend a lot of time in my bed because of an illness I will not be as comfortable as before. JCPenneys was losing me as a customer before but this seals the deal. If they can’t go back to what they were and get the same product they had before I’ll never shop there again and from what I read I’m not alone.

  88. Just went shopping at the JC Penney in Round Rock, Texas. My daughter returned three items we had previously purchased (a pair of shorts that the stitching came out of in the crotch, an $8 clearanced night shirt, and a new pair of capris my youngest couldn’t get on–bought bigger size). The cashier returned the items, we had the receipt, and then told my daughter to come back because she thought the items were old when they are EXACTLY what is sold NEW just the worn look. The manager APPROVED it. Then, she came to shop with me. She wanted to go to the car, so I said fine. When she went to walk out, the cashier named PILLAR went after her yelling. My daughter turned around and Pillar told her she was Never allowed back in the store saying she was a thief and a criminal, was never allowed back in the store or she would be arrested, etc. This should’ve NEVER happened over returning something with a receipt that the MANAGER (Stacey G.)approved. Plus, I was still in the store when she came back in telling everyone she stopped a thief and the other cashier- Julie B. was telling another customer that MY DAUGHTER was shoplifting items. ALL OVER A MANAGER APPROVED, WITH A RECEIPT, RETURN!!! I then went off telling them my daughter didn’t SHOPLIFT anything and NEVER has. My husband is a doctor and I am an RN. We have four children who are great kids. My daughter goes to Texas A&M and majors in Chemical Engineering. Would never lose everything over a PETTY CRIME and there is NOTHING in JC Penney’s worth going to jail for, EVER. The manager apologized, however, many customers heard the altercation and several said they would NEVER shop there again because NOONE wants to be accused, embarrassed, harassed, and verbally assaulted over a RETURN. I suggest people shop elsewhere if they are going to hire DUMB, RUDE, IGNORANT, VERBALLY ABUSIVE, and SCARY people like Pillar and Julie B. Horrible place to shop due to IGNORANT employees.

    • Sounds Horrible. Can’t believe that woman did that. I will shop at Kohl’s, go there, because they Never treat customers like that. So sorry they did that to your daughter. Rude.

  89. What happened to JCPenny? changed so much for the worse, no coupons, no coupons, no coupons, service is awful, you can’t find that one person on the floor. And the saddest part about it no one knows what’s going on. Like I was in the kids shoe department and the women did not know anything about shoe measurement and mind you there was this mat with prints of sneakers in different sizes and she did not know how to use it, smh…And to my dismay, How come other jcpenny stores had their uniforms on sale and the jcpenny in Bay plaza in the bronx did not have their school uniforms on sale, and to top it off the last weekend before school started the machines were down for 2 days, unbelievable if this store was in Manhattan this would had never happen. There were alot of people frustrated because most of us consumers do not carry cash trust me alot of people left the store. I am going to Manhattan to shop, and tell my friends about JCpenny. Who ever is running JCPenny should RUN>……..

  90. What happened to men’s Big Mac twill jeans? My husband has worn them for 30+ years and can’t find any pants to replace them. Would you please carry them again?

  91. So frustrated. I spend probably a good hour or more, going through the website and picking out items that I wanted to purchase. I go to pay for my stuff and it wont take my JCP card. SO, I call customer service, I gave her a item number and she was able to put it through the system fine. She said she saw no problem. She offered to take all item numbers over the phone, however, sitting on the phone and providing 20+ item numbers was not something I was interested in. I figured it may be a system error a I try the next day. Yesterday again, it wont take my card. Today I get a email saying that my “basket” is going to expire. I log in and all the items that were in my bag are gone. I am so annoyed. I am never late on paying my bill and I really don’t expect to have any issues like this. This is the type of thing that makes me want to close my account. What is wrong with the card? Can you get the things back in my basket that I originally wanted?

  92. I’m going to make this short and sweet. I don’t ever want to hear this company whine about how poorly they’re doing never again! I’m looking at your $1500.00 leather sofa while your “sales consultant” approaches me, cup of coffee in her hand shouting “do you need help with something?” Really? You need to go back to selling bean bags.

  93. I am so disappointed in Penneys,that jerk they put in that they finally got rid of as the head of the company really screwed up the place. You can’t change every Penneys in the US to be like the one in Chicago, New York or any other big city. They dumped St. Johns bay which was one of the brands that was affordable and put all the name brand expensive brands. That is fine for those high class shops but when you get to the areas of working class people that aren’t making $100,000 a year we can’t afford the high class brands and besides that, we all don’t weight 100 pds and wear a size 8 dress or top. Start thinking of the middle class and lower class that are on budgets. I would hate to see Penny’s go by the way side because of stupid, greedy people that are running the show from wherever, get in touch with the working class and check out what they can afford and will buy.

  94. Today I decided to cancel my account. I went to JCP on the 15th and made a purchase of over $300 – at the register I asked the cashier if there any promotions for the card holders and I was told there are not. So the next day I receive an email with a “BOO” promotion of 20% from 15-17 October. I call JCP and I was told that in order to get this I have to go back to the store with my receipt and ask for it. This can’t be done over a phone. I’ve been with them for years now and I can’t believe that such thing can not be taken care of over the phone. JCP has my account info and knows how much I spent and where and when – I really don’t have time to go back and forth. I will take my money elsewhere – BAD Customer Service!!!!

  95. I went into the spanish fort,Al. Jc Penney store today 11/13/13 And i was very pleased i had a girl named amber try her best to help me in every way possible i needed some jeans but unfortunately they did not have what i was looking for but she did do her best to look EVERYWHERE for me and was very nice she also tried looking online for me no one ever offers to help me as much as she did today ANYWHERE!!! I really did appreciate it and i will absolutely be going back to this store.

  96. So I went into JCPenney’s today. I could not remember why I don’t shop there anymore. But now I do remember. I went in there today with a 15% off coupon, and the thing that I got was not covered under the coupon. Now I remember that this happens all the time. And that is why go to Kohls. It was 15% off, not a big deal. But it is so irritating that every time I go in there whatever it is that I’m going to get is not covered under that small coupon. I guess I will just stick with Kohl’s.

  97. Pedro in the photo department in Jersey City, NJ needs to be rewarded for providing the Jensen family five years of amazing photos, professional service, and for treating every single customer who walks through the door with respect and an amazing level of customer service. We moved far from this location but return year after year and often in between for our photos because of Pedro. You could not ask for a better representative of your brand than Pedro. I am in customer service as well and I understand that it takes a lot to stay positive, especially when working with small children and somehow he makes it seem effortless. We will be back year after year as long as Pedro is part of your team! Thank you for great pictures, and for great service from Pedro and the staff at JCP portraits Jersey City, NJ!

  98. I had a bad experience in your store at the oxfordvalley. Mall. I had purchased a shirt and pair of pants. My wife said that they didn’t look right on me. Long story short. I returned them. This is where the problem starts. The clerk in man wear which I have had trouble with before. Her name Nancy. Is rude. I have had issues with her before. No smile. Or may I help you just overhere. I will call tomorrow as this is too hard too try too explain .thanks Walter. Mcclure.

  99. Went to exchange my son’s jacket. We’ve only had jacket for one week and buttons broke. Thought it would be easy, even exchange. I was told I would have to pay the difference because jacket returns for 24.99 and is currently priced at 34.99. It is the same product. I don’t understand. The associate was very nice. It was the manager associate had to call 3 times that would not come help. I was there for 45 minutes. Manager finally told associate I needed to pay the $10 difference.

  100. Really upset with someone by the name of Neon who works for the JCPenneys at willowbrook mall in Cypress, Texas.
    I walked up when there was no line and told her I had something’s I left to be held. Without making any eye contact she told me to go get it and pointed. Then when I came back there was a long line, and was told to wait in line until it was my turn. Have never been treated with such disrespect. Won’t be coming back.

  101. Very sorry to hear that you plan to have J C Penney stores open on Thanksgiving. I plan to try and buy our Christmas Gifts at stores that have not been open on Thanksgiving. We usually spend around $1000 for gifts. It saddens me that retailers have decided to further hurt families with these kinds of policies. Folks who make minimum wages should not be punished by having to work on a day they should be able to spend with their families. Can’t we have 3 days a year where we are just thankful for all we have? I understand you are trying to go back with some of your old sales policies, etc. How about going back to keeping certain days of the year about something other than the bottom line?

  102. I have waited to write you hoping the problem would take care of itself.
    Several months ago I ordered drapes from your store in Winter Haven/Lake Wales area. As they had to be special order due to the width and length delivery was delayed until November. The drapes themselves are very nice. The problem was the condition that I received them. I almost returned them to have your people make sure that they didn’t look like the devil had a fit in them. They were so wrinkled. I had been without drapes so long that I wanted my sliding glass doors covered with something other than sheets. To solve the problem they need to be taken down now and ironed. I just haven’t tackled that job yet as I don’t know if I will be able to handle them on my ironing board and at my age with a torn rotator cuff it may be impossible to do so. I was hoping that they would “hang” out but that has not happened.
    There….. I got that off my mind. JC Penney will not get my endorsement for your drapes.
    Thank you for your time.
    Catherine Bennett

  103. I just got home from shopping at jcpenny at the lehigh valley mall and am still aggravated. I waited at the jewelry counter for 20 minutes wait for someone to get me jewelry out of the display case to purchase. The young gentleman that was working in the jewelry departed told me 3 time he called someone to help me out and they never did. Sorry, I won’t be buying anything there now.

  104. It is sad that this email will probably not go anywhere, but I felt like I had to say something. In the nation today there are millions of people in the baby boomer generation. This is the group I am in. We spend a lot of money in this economy. Which is needed so badly in the economy today. I shopped last year at one of your stores, I had to check out (of course had to stand in a line) my problem is, your stores have no buggies or places to set. Your company missed out on hundreds of dollars from me alone and will also miss out again this year. I know I am not the only one, right off the top of my head I know three people that feel the same as I do. Weather the problem is their age, bad back, over weight, COPD the list goes on. If you are trying to do all or most of your shopping at your store it would be hard for a young person to hold all of the product they are wanting to purchase, much less an elder man or woman.
    I truly hope this does not fall on deaf ears.
    Thank you,
    Becky Duckett

  105. I just hung up from talking with the Catalog Department, they informed me that the coat I ordered had been sent back without being delivered to me! This is the second time this has happened in the past three weeks. I have a PO Box address and a street address where ups delivers my items. Why can’t I receive the items I order, I give both addresses so however it is delivered, I can be found. I can’t purchase coats in regular stores as I am a tall woman. I am without a coat, with no hope of getting one through JC Penney Tall Catalog. What has happened to JC Penney? I used to be able to buy catalog items and had no trouble getting them delivered. I am about to cut up my JCP Credit card. I have been a jCP customer since the 1960s., and have been employed by JCP in the past, but I am thoroughly discussed by the customer service I have received. I see why the company is in trouble, it’s obvious to me you people don’t take care of your customers.

  106. I am in desperate need to find a Love grows necklace we purchased on Dec. 1st at your Tuscaloosa AL location. I have searched all over your website for this necklace . I have also went in the store . They had one, but I need at least 5. The young lady at the counter was so kind even though she was very busy to take the time to look it up . Even when the internet went down and she had to work on it for 30 min. To only have the answer that she could not order it for me. You see , me and 4 other very close friends purchased this necklace for our friend on Dec. 1st 2013 as a gift . She had been battling breast cancer for over 2 years . She lost her battle on Dec. 3rd 2013. We were able to present her with this beautiful gift the day she passed and then she was buried with it . I want to suprise my other 4 friends ( and have one myself ) with this necklace as a memory of what holds our friendship together . Please if you can help I need to purchase this necklace for all of us . I have a picture if that would help . Thank you . Hopefully after hours of searching for this necklace with no hope you can help me .

  107. I have been a customer for DECADES. The first blow was when JCPenny stopped St. John’s Bay Jeans….second blow was when the clothing choices changed to imitate (as best as I can describe it) Old Navy. Now, after having a credit limit of about 3000, I paid it off in March and I go to use my card THAT I’VE HAD FOR DECADES and I only have $100 limit. I will NEVER give JCP another dime of my money. They obviously have no customer loyalty. If they don’t want my money, I will gladly take it elsewhere.

  108. I ordered a rug for my daughter in law for Christmas on November 28, 2013. I received an email stating the shipping company would contact me for a delivery date between December 5th and the 12th. They never called. I finally started to inquire why I hadn’t received the call or rug. After 3 days of talking to everyone but the CEO, I was told I would not get the rug before Christmas. Why, you ask?…because JCP is using a shipping company that delivers TWICE A MONTH to this area of the state. They deliver the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month AND since the 25th is Christmas, I have to wait till January 8th. What kind of retail department store uses this kind of shipping company!!!??? Really???!!!! ABSOLUTLEY unacceptable!! I ordered the rug in plenty of time for Christmas. It wasn’t even on back order. I was offered a 20% off coupon for my next purchase. Are you kidding me, I can get those in the mail!! JCP has just lost a loyal shopper. It’s no wonder the company is dying a slow death. Customer service is a joke. The right hand has NO idea what the left hand is doing. Don’t even try to get a CEO email because they are locked away SOME WHERE!

  109. I attempted to get someone on the customer service call line (24/7) and finally hung up the phone after waiting a little more than an hour for the rep to come onto the line. If they are never going to pick up a call, they should say so instead of leading you to believe your call was important and would a rep would be right with you. How uncaring. I am disappointed in the online efforts. Seems like they would make the effort to tell you they took the day off and sent theit people home for New Year’s holiday!

    Oh well.

  110. I have spend the last half hour trying to reach a customer service representative to ask a simple question about one of your products. Your main number connects me to a computer voice, who tells me to take a customer survey, either now or a little later. It did not provide me with the option of skipping the survey. I then tried to call your store in Augusta, Maine, through the number listed in the telephone book but got no answer despite a long ringing time.

    Your web site provides so many numbers it was/is darned near impossible to identify which one provides answers to simple questions, when I finally find one that seems to be what I want I end up in one of those endless computerized sequences that I don’t really have time for, and your local store doesn’t answer their telephone. I guess I’ll just have to buy my stuff from a place that is more accessible.

    So long, J.C.

  111. I was recently there to buy a gift for my son and was treated like a criminal. I have no tattoos and was not dressed in any form like a criminal so it is interesting to me to have been treated as such. They even went as far as to call the manager while I was browsing and even accusing the associate helping me of stealing. If this is how you do business prepare for a law suit

  112. The sofa I ordered in October finally was delivered yesterday.
    There were, howwever no instructions for care or cleaning.
    Is there some way to get them?

  113. Goodmorning I wanted to start by saying I love shopping at the waterside drive chesterfield Michigan JCP. But I am rather upset today. According to this locations website, Hours are 9-9 today. I arrived early 8:40am, and waited in my car for 20 mins before approaching the door, only to see workers inside starring at me, of corse the doors were locked so I waited another 5 mins, until I looked at the hours on the door and realized you open at 10, your hours on your website need to be changed.while I was waiting more customers showed up and left as well.i don’t mean to be angry but I planned my day around the hours listed online.

  114. Why in the world would you discontinue towncraft jean pants with the internal rope belt? I see several chat sites upset about this.. NO. ONE makes them?


  115. I have a JCP MasterCard platinum rewards card which I use for all my purchases in the JCP store or online. When you advertise an extra 20% off, the fine print states that the Rewards MasterCard cannot be used to get the 20% off. I cannot understand why I need another JCP credit card to get a 20% discount when advertised. If you want to continue getting 85% of my Dept Store business, this needs to be changed. Why do you treat us with the JCP rewards Mastercard like 2nd class customers because we don’t have the right JCPenney credit card?

  116. I have been a loyal customer for years. I have always bought JC Penney bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths and was always very happy. This last purchase of 6 each of the towels and wash cloths was the worst ever. I have never seen the towels fray at the edges and come completely undone. Beery time I take them out of the wash, I have long threads coming off all the towels. I only bought these a few months ago, and am ready to chuck them all. What’s up with this. Has this happened to anyone else!

  117. My wife and I went to your massapequa store to by me (bob) a suit and some dress shirts. we did not find what we were looking for. the 2 guys working the floor were inept and were not able to help us. We spent an hour searching for dress shirts and ties, which we eventually found. We were going elsewhere to get a suit. When we went to ther register to pay we met EMILY. when we mentioned our problem, she proceeded to help us find and order my suit online. You need more people like EMILY in your stores. She was Great and spent 30-40 minutes helping us. Thank You EMILY, we will return for more items because of her. You relly need to know how valuable an employee she is, and no I am not related to her. EMILY IS THE BEST. Thank You, Bob & Christina Santos

  118. I was charged 42.00 for a late fee that was only a few days late. I have been faithfully making payments every month since I have this account. Can’t wait to pay it off and say bye bye Penny’s.

  119. I wanted to compliment JCP on your coupons for allowing sale and clearance items on the $10 off if you spend $25. I went to Macy’s and couldn’t use the coupon on my clearance items, which made me very unhappy. LOVE that JCP allows all items to be discounted with your coupons.

  120. I wanted to compliment JCP on your coupons, love that you allow sale and clearance items on the $10 off if you spend $25. I went to Macy’s and couldn’t use the coupon on my clearance items, which made me very unhappy.

  121. my bank bill pay messed up on two payments made to Penny’s and Belk; both are owned by same bank. what did pennys and belk do? after being with them for nearly 15yrs! they CANCELED Both of my cards!! I will NEVER SHOP With either store again!! and will erge others not to as well.

  122. Usually I can always depend on JCP for an outfit
    For whatever occasion I’m attending & I usually
    Enjoy going whether I’m in CT NY or NJ with the ladies
    From my family so yes I’m a regular tristate
    JCP shopper however I have never had the argumentative
    Cashier I had when I went shopping at the Woodbridge
    Mall NJ “Kelly” decided to tell me that I could
    Not use my retail me not coupon sooo embarrassing
    How I could not use my $10 off accessories receipt I had
    But she would do me a favor & take it & I had to make 2 purchases
    Really??? There was appsolutly no talking to this lady so if you
    Could do me a favor & tell her what’s going on so no other
    Customer is embarrassed or ridiculed!! Thank you

  123. I just came back from Penney’s at lakeside in Sterling Hgts. Mi and was very pleased at the service I received in the shoe department. Angela went out of her way to help me get the shoes I wanted. She checked the computer for other stores and to possibly order them for me. She checked the stock room twice and found my size for me. Penneys is fortunate to have such a great employee. I love shopping at Penneys.

  124. I visited the Woodbridge Center Mall store in New Jersey this past Saturday, as I received a promotional email that I wanted to use. Being that it was a Saturday, the store was extremely busy. The store was very disorganized and it was hard to find anything. The racks were all mixed up. After selecting my items, I wanted to try them on. The womens fitting room was fu on line at both entrances. There was no attendant and customer were puching each other to go next. There were male and female customers in each line and in the fitting room. The mix of male and female would not have bothered me except when I went over to the mens section with my husband and went to use that fitting room, which also had a line, I was told I was not allowed, as I was not male. I have used this room in the past with no problem. When I asked why I was not allowed, when there were males in the women’s room, I was told it made him uncomfortable. As there were so many lines, I decided to put back some of my mechandise and purchase the belt my husband wanted.After waiting on line at the register for about 35 mins, the belt did not ring up on sale, as it was supposed to according to the sign above it on the rack that said all men’s belt were 30% off. When I questioned the cashier about it, she said in order for me to purchase it at the sale price, I had to purchase it in the men’s department. I was also not allowed to use my coupon on it that I had brought it from my email. At that point, I had asked for corporate’s phone number,as this is not the first time I have experienced problems similar to this in this store. The cashier called the manager, wo came over nd grabbed me by the arm to move me away from the other customers. I did not appreciate this! I had not be loud or rude to anyone to give her reason to touch me. She could have simply asked me to move to the side. The manager would not give me corporate’s phone number because she did not know it. She did try to call someone and just told who over was on the phone that I wanted the number. At this point, I did nopt want to cause a scene, as that is not what my intentions were, so I left the store. My husband and I have shopped at this store practically our whole lives and the past few times we have visited it, we have had horrible experiences. The customer service is awful. No one can ever help, and employees are rude. Needless to say, we did not make a purchase and will no be returning to this store in the future.

  125. I ordered cabin creek pants because in the past they were the best fitting pants I ever had. I also liked the material they were made of. Now the fit is not very good and the material is awful. I am returning them tomorrow. They were made in another country so I don’t know if that may be the reason the material is so flimsy. I totally dislike the material.

  126. This is my OMG moment for the day……..Sunday,May 4th 2014. I went into JC Penney at Lynhaven Mall in Va. Beach with the purpose of purchasing 13 standard pillow cases for an end of the school year art project for preschoolers. I spent some time trying to find nice, cotton, white cases without spending too much money…… this project is financially on me. I found a nice JC Penney brand for $20.00 fot two. Wouldn’t luck have it, there was exactly six packages on the shelf! Darn…….I need one more I thought to myself, and low and behold there were two above me in pillows! Two of these pillows had my case on them. So close yet so far. I asked the ” lovely” young lady if there were any more and explained my dellima. She was quick to respond …..we have no more, I was just back there! I asked is there any way I could maybe purchase it and or both of the ivory cases. Her reply…..oh no we can’t sell those. Wow…..aren’t they in business to make money or just allow the mdse. to sit on the shelf to look pretty.? I left Penneys a little discouraged with the way society is and people not being able to think outside the box or by simply not caring! I am not sure which it was in this case (punn intended). So I went to good old Walmart, bought a better thread count AND saved money! Thanx JCP!,,Andrea

  127. The automated phone system is awful!!! If I wanted to talk into my phone and sound like an idiot, I would call customer service. I want to press 1 for yes and 2 for no! The system forces me to talk to it and gives me no other options. It is supposed to make paying my bill easier but I get to irritated i want to cancel my account just so I don’t have to deal with the terrible automated system anymore!

  128. Wow! Went to JC Penney in Fort Collins last night to buy a blanket. The woman in the bedding department, looked up momentarily from her iPad to tell me to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Without leaving her station, she explained blankets are out of season right now. So I looked around and found a few, they were on sale. I am both a little sad and a little mad the Penney store I have shopped at for years is falling to such a level.

  129. I asked for help in resolving a billing problem and was given a number and directed to call. I ordered two window blinds and two curtain rods and after two times of receiving the wrong size blinds and making returns I finally got the correct blinds. When I saw that I owed $159.75 plus I had already made a payment of $50+, that is $200.00 for two blinds and two curtain rods. When I talked to your C S. department and asked for a breakdown, it couldn’t be done-I just owed $159.75. I have paid up and this if good-bye. Whatever happened to the old JC Penney store that really tried to keep their customers happy? It wouldn’t have taken much for me.

  130. I called customer service today to question my account information, clearly she was annoyed to research my problem so I requested to speak to her manager & this girl laughed at me over the phone ” I even asked her if she seriously laughed at me, she even agreed yes & said they don’t have to explain anything they choose to do to your account and hung up on me. Now I see why JC Penny had to change names, this type of customer service is unacceptable.

  131. Good day,

    I just wanted to find out why the jcp site doesn’t open in Nigeria.

    Everytime an attempt is made it says access denied.

    Please note that several american sites allow Nigerians buy and ship from their websites.

    Jcp is one of my favourite stores and I strongly recommend that this is investigated as there’s a huge market for your company here

    Warm regards

    Hannatu Adegboyega

  132. I used to shop at JCPenney at least twice a month. I liked clothing, housewares, and it was a good experience.
    However over time there have been so many changes. I go to Durham’s Southpoint Mall, and last week’s visit was very unsatisfactory. Why on earth would there be a huge Sephora, when the mall has one on the same floor! And the music was loud, horrible, and distracting. Headache music.
    There used to be a checkout area at each doorway, I had to walk all over and only found one …had to wait on line and was almost tempted to walk away. The young woman was good and did her best but she was overwhelmed. There are too many clothes all over the store, that it is indeed hard to find brand and size… lack order.
    The worse however is the dreadful music. The words in the popular Rihanna, Beyonce, etc music ar ex-rated, and yet it is oud – only a certain age group (the younger workers) choice.

    Bring back class, style, and order.

  133. It took well over an hour to get the customer service phone number. Clicking on the site that came up directed me everywhere-to sites I did not want. It was like pulling teeth. It was highly frustrating. It’s awful.

  134. I’m looking for a front hook bra that IS NOT RACERBACK. Ambrielle used to have a great one 93677
    Why was it discontinued?

  135. I have worn JC Penneys Subtle Shaper Firm Control Top Support Hosier for years, and now you have ceased to offer it for sale. Is there anyway or anyplace that I could order this hosier, for any other place, like the factor, that it would be offered for sale? Do they keep any warehoused? Please advise.

  136. I stood in line at the Round Rock store for 30 min. to make a purchase of $69.24.

    Two people ahead of me in line made returns and did not have receipts which caused one of the cashiers to leave her register and go to another dept. to check a price and the other cashier threw up her hands and blamed the computer!
    PLEASE, set up a station in the front of the store for returns only!

    You advertised “The biggest sale of the year” on the entry door to the store, but you were not ready to transact my purchase in a timely manner. Poor customer service.

  137. IMPOSSIBLE to enter your sweepstakes. NOT User FRIENDLY !
    order NO.2014214510046367 Invoice 372515267 Queen Sheet SR723-11390. These sheets are suppose to be wrinkle free. NOT TRUE.
    I returned them the next day. Made in India, The plastic packaging STUNK. Like MOLD OR Mildew. I washed and dried the sheets, followed your instructions to the letter. THEY WRINKLE !! False Advertising.
    clicking on POST COMMENT NOT WORKING !

  138. The required fields have been filled out.


  139. I can understand why your company has problems. I have gone into two of your stores within the last month, one in Boynton Beach, Fl and one in Dothan, Al. And both times I have left with nothing. I had $20.00 in reward points so I went to the Boynton Beach location and I was going to purchase something. The item rang up for more then it should have so the transaction never went thru. The cashier did something with my reward points and the manager said that he would take care of it so I left. Mind you that I never left the counter. My husband and I went to your Dothan store today and I wanted to to use my reward points only to be told that I already used them. The cashier called the rewards department and also called for a manager, Felicia three times. I ended up sitting on hold for over forty minutes and Felicia never came to the register instead the cashier went looking for her. The cashier finally found to Felicia (I don’t know where), she said we just have to stay on hold until someone picks up. Really, I don’t have unlimited time to hold on forever where I feel Felicia could have stepped up to the plate and correct this error. Maybe she could have held on the phone after we left to correct this problem. And once again I left your store with nothing.

  140. At this very moment I have been waiting for NEXT rep for 38 minutes. What kind of customer service is this? Now is 40 min. After I pay I will close this account

  141. Comment? I have not received service . I waited for forty min. I pay per minutes used.after I solve the prob. I am trying to,I will close my acct.

  142. Date 9-19-2014
    Store 2767—Manchester nh. Mall of New Hampshire

    The large salesperson behind the counter at sephora was NOT friendly whatsoever!!!! When her associate came in for her 12-noon shift. They both got loud greeting each other commenting on how amazing their eye makeup looked. I was never greeted, I asked for a sample which neither girls made me and was rushed off as if I was an annoyance. Not good!

  143. Date 9-19-2014
    Store 2767—Manchester nh. Mall of New Hampshire

    The large salesperson behind the counter at sephora was NOT friendly whatsoever!!!! When her associate came in for her 12-noon shift. They both got loud greeting each other commenting on how amazing their eye makeup looked. I was never greeted, I asked for a sample which neither girls made me and was rushed off as if I was an annoyance. Not good!

  144. I am writing to object to the Levis commercial you are running. The very idea of a woman walking up & patting a strange man’s rear end. The woman model that struts her rear around is also disgusting. If a man patted a woman’s rear they would yell sexual harassment. The whole commercial is way out of line morally.

  145. Store in Salinas CA.
    On September 11, 2014 I purchased a ring for $3168.00 & lifetime warranty for $350.00. When I purchased the ring the salesman asked if I had a J.C. Penney card. I told him no & that I’d write a check. After I made the purchase, the ring had to be sized. He told me that when I pick it up I would receive $10.00 coupons for every $100 spent. A couple of days later I went back to the store and made a separate purchase. The sales person commented on all the coupons I had. I informed her about my ring purchase which I would be was picking up very soon. When I did go to the store to pick it up, the sales help would not honor the coupons because they said I didn’t have a JC Penney card. I told them the original salesperson knew I didn’t have a card – and that several days earlier it registered that I had all these coupons! After calling over several other sales people to look at the transaction, I was told I couldn’t have the coupons. They were rude & disrespectful – except 1 young person that said under her breath that she thought I should get them. I told the “manager” I had been a loyal customer, but no longer. I will NOT shop there again. When I told the manager the same thing, she just basically said Oh Well! I wish I could return the ring as I am disgusted with your company. If I was not eligible to receive the coupons then I shouldn’t have been told I was in the first place. The ring was something I had saved for many years & was super excited that I could use the coupons for my Christmas shopping. Train your people better JC Penney – the run around I got was ridiculous – Take some lessons from Kohl’s – My New Favorite Store!

  146. I went to the penney store in Maplewood mn. and I was shocked at there not being a service center. we were told go to any register, and we could pay our bill. We had a clerk named Scott who went over and above trying to help us, but the system was no help to him at all. I paid my bill in full, and will not be back, no wonder the store was empty. Half the registers were closed, making us walk back and forth across the store looking for help. With all the people looking for work it seems to me you could hire some.

  147. Today, 11/7/2014, I went to the Heritage Trace store in Ft. Worth to buy clothes for my son. As soon as I walked in I could hear the Christmas music playing on the loud speaker. I found it to be obnoxious and insulting. I have no problem with Christmas, except when it starts in November and runs thru January. After over 35 years if shopping at JCP it has put me off so much that I don’t see me shopping at there anymore. I know one person doesn’t make a big difference, all I can do is take my shopping elsewhere. And I am unanimous in that.

  148. Recently I was in your store browsing your jewelry as I love jewelry. I have been married almost 29 years. In the past few years I have received very little in the way of gifts so I decided to treat myself to a few items. First of all I have to say how very impressed I was with your selection. I do not know who your buyer is but Bravo to him/her. The jewelry is so stunning and beautiful that to date I have not found items that come close in beauty, substance, and price and I do a lot of surfing on the web. In addition I received bonus coupons, I will be telling my friends about the great savings you offer. Continue the great work!

  149. Went to the Volusia Mall today using my mobility scooter to get around, I found it quite difficult to get thru a lot of your clothing aisles. A year or so ago I spoke to the jewelry mgr. about the inability to navigate that area & they seemed to care. I am seriously surprised no one from ADA has come to the store noting the lack of Handicapped accessibility to so many clothing aisles except of course, where you pay. Take note of this if you have any mobility challenge & consider going to Target.

  150. I would like to pass on to your company the outstanding support I received from Carol at Crossgate Mall, in Albany NY. Her professional courtesy and help was outstanding. We had a statement problem and she corrected it for us. We were going to close out our penny’s Card, but with help help and understanding we will not. Thank You. Respectfully, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Clouthier.

  151. I visited your store in the Queens Mall and want to say that I received excellent service from the following two associates:
    1. Time: 4:44 PM – Associate 0160 – Jasmine – JC Penny is very fortunate to have Jasmine as an employee. She knew what she was doing and acted in a professional manner.
    2. Time: 8:04 PM – Associate 0543 – James – I returned to the store after dinner and went to the bedding department. There was activity at the Cashier’s counter but James very ably handled my purchases. I had purchased a Comforter and an Isotonic pillow. These two items were bulky but James found a way to wrap them in such a way that I was able to safely carry them out of the store and onto a Q60 bus on Queens Boulevard.
    I realize Associates are not very well-paid, but I thought that sending these comments would make their way into the Personnel Files of Jasmine and James.
    PS: I saved quite a bit of money and that always makes me feel good.
    Thank you.

    I am having difficulty posting my comments. Why is this so?

  152. I recently visited a jcp store in garden city. I was shocked and surprised to see that the cashier had put in a total of over 400 in discounts. Theses discounts didn’t belong to me and I felt they were wrong and against the law. Being an owner of a small business I couldn’t keep what was not mine so I returned the items after reviewing my receipts. This is ashame.

  153. On November 13, 2014 I shopped at the Albuquerque store, #2434. My husband went with me to pick out some clothing in the petite section. I tried on an outfit and went to show it to him. When I went back to the dressing room, my clothes were gone. (I had left the dressing room door open, so people could see it was occupied.) I found a salesperson and told her I couldn’t find my clothes. She said people often switched out their clothes for ones in the store and she would bring my clothes back to me. It took her about 15 minutes to come back with my clothes. I don’t know where she had taken them or what they might have been put in. I don’t know why she thought my clothes weren’t of value, because they certainly were to me. I did purchase the outfit and some socks that day. I spent $101.63, using the $100.00 gift card my husband had gotten for me plus $1.61. My transaction number was 5521. I told the cashier what had happened, and she said that the next time I was in I should tell someone at the customer service counter that I was trying on clothes so my clothing wouldn’t be taken. For my next purchase, I went to Talbot’s. I received excellent service and found two lovely pieces of clothing. I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry I can’t feel good about shopping at Penney’s anymore. It’s very sad to experience this kind of disrespect.

  154. Inquired at the Sturbridge MA store as to why “Dockers” were NOT on sale after Christmas and was told that I had to return the pants in person that I had just purchased for a refund and then had to “Buy Back” the pants to get a latest discount posted on the same day??? I paid $58 list price and the “Dockers” company own web site offered the same pants for $23.98 (free shipping) Some thing is terribly wrong here! HELP!

  155. Very disappointed. I ordered a few things around 12-1-2014.I got everything except my sheet set, got the pillowcases in the mail. I called to see about the sheets and was told they really didn’t know what happened and ordered another set for me. Again,I received pillowcases this time by UPS.I called again and was told they’ll order them again and wave the shipping cost. SERIOUSLY!! Like I should have to pay. I’m getting charged tax’s which isn’t fair plus,I was made to fell like I was lying.I’ve been a costumer for along time and Ill tell you I don’t appreciate this kind of service. I want to order more window treatments form you but, now I’m going to have to rethink this.

  156. I just returned from your JC PENNEYS SALON at Collin Creek Mall in Plano, Texas and had an extremely positive experience and wanted to share it with you. I had my hair cut this passed Sunday and wasn’t quite satisfied, so I went back to the salon and Cindy the manager was extremely nice and wanted her customer to be happy, so Lisa a salon stylist kindly volunteered to recut my hair, since the original stylist was not present. Lisa, I would like to commend was professional, polite, gentle and very well skilled. I absolutely loved her recut! I was very satisfied and offered a tip and she declined and stated, I had already paid enough. Lisa gained a new client and I will certainly recommend her to my friends and family. I hope she can be recognized for going the extra step!

    Thank you,

    Nancy LeCover

  157. A 90 mile drive to Lake Havasu AZ yesterday to one of the two closest Penneys. My main reason was to buy two pair of AMANDA (Gloria Vanderbilt) denim jeans size 14 Tall. Not one size 14 much less tall. Then I went to the sheet department which was sadly depleted, almost no Queen size in the whole collection of sheets and non in the better sheets. I was told by a clerk “Well we had such a rush at xmass” The clerk in the jeans dept. was helpful, said she could order on line and I could pick them up at the store and avoid shipping cost (not cost effective if you drive 90 miles).
    I have been buying my families clothing needs since 1956 when the store in Shelton WA still had the cashier center up with wires and money cups for your payment and your change returned the same way. In those yeathe depleted supply, the over priced goods in all departments, certainly rs Penney was a reliable moderate priced store with quality goods. I have an account with them and have kept it through the years. I was shocked at the depleted supply, the over priced goods in all departments, certainly not a moderate income middle classed working persons store. You have forgotten your roots and the needs of most American families today. anyway I shall order my britches on line or take another 90 mile drive to Yuma, AZ and try your store there. Think I will call first…………?

  158. I contacted customer service tonight over a bogus call I received about my card being “locked”. After spending time putting all my numbers in and listening to the automated person telling me all the details of my account, I finally spoke with a customer service rep. I then had to give all sorts of details including the amount of my last payment, where I purchased items before she could give me any information. Why did I just spend all the time on the phone giving them all my info and listening to the automated person if I had to do it all again? Waste of time!

  159. I have purchased Penny’s underwear most of my life-over 65 now and I am really disappointed in the quality of my Underscore #790483 ladies nylon panties and thought you should check on your manufacturers’ quality in the name of Penny’s-the fabric is in perfect condition, but I have to through them in the trash as the elastic in the waist is completely stretched out and they will not stay on my waist-too bad-such a waste-you may want to check this out-I will look else where in the future for underware

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