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Contacting JCPenney Customer Service Center

The JCPenney company was started by James Cash Penney more than 100 years ago. There have been tough times for this company in the recent decade, but somehow the high-end retailer managed to pull through and stay in business. The company About Us page claims JCPenney customer service is attempting to improve every day, which could mean there was a problem with customer service in the past.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

JCPenney customer service is available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. You can call customer service about returns, website issues and customer service issues even if you were shopping in a physical store.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-322-1189
  • TDD: 1-800-527-7889
  • Spanish Customer Service: 1-800-336-7337
  • Credit Card Services: 1-800-542-0800
  • Gift Registry: 1-800-527-4438
  • Warranty: 1-800-933-7115
  • Dinnerware: 1-800-322-1189
  • Furniture: 1-800-442-7902

Mailing Address

Hidden among the legal wording of the Privacy Policy is the Customer Relations mailing address. We are finding that more and more companies choose to leave the mailing address hidden rather than encourage customer contact by standard mail.

J.C. Penney Corporation, Inc.
Attn: Corporate Customer Relations
P.O. Box 10001
Dallas, TX 75301-7311

Official Website

In addition to the official website located at, we also found pages on Facebook and Twitter. These pages are often used by customers who want fast email contact from a customer service agent. All you have to do is write a message on the Facebook wall or send a tweet @jcpenney and you will receive a response.

Customer Service Email

Customers or visitors can contact the customer service department for JCPenney by email if desired. While no direct email address is provided, the customer service page provides a contact us form The contact form requires a bit of information before a message can be sent. You must choose a subject and topic. We chose to order a catalog. We did not realize that JCPenney still offered print catalogs, so we’ll update you on how long it takes to receive the catalog. We intentionally left out our mailing address so customer service would have to contact us back. If we receive an email back from customer service we’ll let you know.

Our Experience

Customer service for JCPenney is navigated by an automated assistant. The assistant requires you to speak your request, which seems to be the newest option on customer service lines. We pressed 0 when the automated system first started and again a couple more times. The call was routed to a customer service agent within one minute and answered before the call hit the two minute mark. We talked with the agent about returning an item purchased online to a local store. The agent said the store would be more than happy to take the return as long as I had the packing slip.

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697 Comments on “Contact JCPenney Customer Service
  1. I will never go to JCP for black Friday shopping again! They allowed a group of people to try and sign up for credit cards while waiting in line. It took forever!!! Some people even left the store. Finally, when one person got approved we had to wait on a 20% coupon!
    Awful experience!!!

    • These complaints are so petty. Snow globes? What are you …..three? News flash: don’t shop on Black Friday or you will be in line a long long time. GEEEEEZE!!~!!

    • I agree with you Kelly O! I don’t understand why they think it is acceptable to have people signing up for credit cards at the same register where people are trying to purchase something. Even when they are not signing up people for credit cards, the ineptness of their employees causes basic transactions to take forever. I think due to the fact that JCP offers such low prices, they have to save money elsewhere and only hire people who have neither the ability, or desire to perform their duties properly. They let people sign up for credit, return items, etc. at the same registers where other people just want to purchase items. NOW they have opened a Sephora at the JCP that I frequent. I was in there today and the music in that Sephora was so loud I couldn’t even enjoy myself. I felt like I was in a nightclub and wondered if I could go in there and get a drink. Now, I rarely drink-but with the music so loud, it made me want to. I normally go there to unwind, take my time and browse. It always had a sense of Zen for me, and was where I went when In needed to get away from the stress and chaos of life. I feel like I lost a good friend today. I won’t go in there anymore if I am going to come out feeling frazzled because of the music.Also, just in case you were wondering-I am not an old fuddy duddy who just wants to complain about the music. I enjoy music, loud music and going out and having drinks. I do this at NIGHT CLUBS, not at JCP. It was horrible- marketing fail!!

    • Kelly I totally agree with you as well. The staff get $ for signing up people so they don’t care if you have to wait. They are paid poorly and this is a way of getting a bigger paycheque. It’s management that’s crap.

  2. I was very dissapointed when I went to the opening of the store this morning and they did not hand out the snowglobes. I have gotten them for the last 12 years for my granddaughter. I’m very dissatisfied .

  3. I am HUGELY disappointed with the way that our JC Penney store handled Black Friday. I visited both Walmart and Target Thanksgiving evening and both had great systems to equitably distribute the Black Friday deals and to ensure that there was no cutting in line. Penney’s made absolutely no attempt to do so. We waited in line for 4 hours for the 6am opening, only to be pushed over by other customers that ran in from the parking lot at opening time. Penneys wants to improve their image, but can’t even seem to manage a sale properly. Maybe they should take some pointers from Walmart and Target….

  4. Your Valley View location in Dallas, TX is the worst mess I have ever seen!! I remember it was a huge store, and had so many fond shopping memories for me, but what you guys are doing to it it just to be considered terrible. When I tried to shop there today, at the top of the escalator, I was met by a white sheet or tarp where I used to find purses ad accessories. 3/4 of the store is draped or closed and it is like trying to shop in a mortuary. I finally found ladies lingerie cramped up in a dark, depressing corner of the store. I just turned around and left the department (such as it was). I have been in some newer stores that are OK, although I do not care for the new format, but, please, if you must rape this store, please at least try to make it less obvious. I have shopped at this store since the day it opened and it breaks my heart to see it this way. Yes, I know Valley View Mall is old and close to closing down, but after visiting your store today I understand all the business page stories about J.C. Penney and it’s dismal showing and feel that it is close to closing down also. Again, I have visited other newer stores in the area,and they are passable, but as much as I hate to say it, I had rather see Valley View close than continue the way I found it today. Keeping it the way it is, (or worse) is just a detriment to the entire chain. When I left the store I was depressed, sad, and irate that trying to shop there was so B-A-D !!! I hope your company comes back to it’s previous profitable status, but after at least 45 years of shopping there, I am afraid you will have to do it without any further business from me.

  5. I was happy when I was told about the quality of the Stafford Men’s Oxford Shirt. I wear a 16 1/2 x 34-35. The nicest feature is wash and wear. I’ve bought over a dozen of these shirts and decided to expand by back up shirts by 1/2 dozen.

    Now I am disappointed. I could not figure out what was wrong until I searched the label. The shirts that fit are “Classic” and the ones the restrict my arm movements are “Regular”. It is sad as they are the best easy care shirts that I have found. Now I must look else where as I am totally dissatisfied with the shirts at any price.

    Any suggestions on size adjustments, maybe that is the answer. I hate to buy several, take them home try them on and return what doesn’t work.

    Thanks for your listening (reading) to my concerns.

    Andrew Golon

  6. I would like to express the appreciation for Jessie in the shoe dept. at the Marshall Tx store. She was awsome and very helpful.
    Thank you Jessie.

  7. I’m trying to order brown men’s slippers medium online but they are out of stock. Tried the local store, they are also. When will they be back in stock? Preferably, online. I thought slippers are a big selling item Christmas time. I am just trying to get in early. I’ve always used Penny’s slippers, so see no reason to change.

    Please send email response. Tx. Em

  8. The customer service agents are very rude in Ohio. I had called to track my order that I still haven’t received as of yet.. that was all.

  9. I got my box and in it was lots papers a spray can name tag with the name Miguel ocampo and also a ink for the printer I’m upset because when u order something you really don’t want to open your box full of trash you want to get the product that you order :(.

  10. I Use to be a frequent shopper at jc penny’s in Warwick R.I. I have not used the store since the new maketing system was initiated. today 12/11/12 Iwas shopping in Macy’s and decieded to stop in Penny’s I saw a half lenght winter coat I liked and purchased it. while at the register I asked the clerk if I could have it put in a JC Penny Zip up coat protector bag He was ready to accomodate me until a Senior sales Clerk Named Diane told him that those were only for sport coats and suits my coat was as costly as some of those items I told The Sr Clerk that it was to bad that a Former good custumer was not going to Shop again At Penny’s because of poor judgement on her part you may think by saving a few penny’s that she did the right thing but you lost a customer that had finally come back. thanks

  11. We ordered a sofa four weeks ago. After no response for delivery estimation, after six days we called to find out the order had been cancelled… and no one called or emailed to let us know. We also had to call four times to get the original charge credited back to our bank.
    THEN, three weeks later, our bank account is dinged for the same amount out of the blue. Four calls later to a call center in Mlwaukee, we finally found someone with the mental capacity to actually try to find out what was going on. We are STILL waiting for the charge to be credited back to our account.

  12. I am very upset about a situation with the button promotion that is currently going on. Yesterday two friends and I went out to do some last minute shopping and were each given a button with our purchases. While eating lunch at the mall we decided to enter our codes only to find out that all three had already been entered. We went back to the cashier and explained that our codes were used and offerend to give back the buttons in exchange for new ones. She was nice enough to let us keep them and gave us each a new one. And wouldn’t you know it all three of those codes had been used as well. I don’t know how or why but at any rate it was very upsetting. Six buttons between the three of us and nothing to show for it. I’m mad!

  13. JC Penney’s is an absolute favorite. I have always felt the prices to be fair and affordable, the quality of clothing and housewares to be excellent and diverse, have always enjoyed shopping there! I moved from Ohio to Virginia and shop BOTH locations’ stores when travel, and actually LOOK for Penney’s when I need something in any other location, such as a swimsuit or sweater. I am always welcomed with warm personalities, smiles and sincerity in eye contact and body posture ( it’s obvious when you are in another store and you ask help of someone who doesn’t care…) They reflect great customer care, and am always happy to shop there, no matter the location or the season. I read some of the negative comments on this site and it saddens me. I have had some of those same experiences in other stores, but never in JC Penney’s, not ever! I can name people like Norma, who was SUPER great working with some problems I had with an online order, some returns, in Boardman, Ohio’s store, and Saleh (Lead) , June (Jewelry), Alicia, Rosina, Amber (in Christmas tree department), Clara in ladies’ dept, all true assets to the Penney’s stores they represent. I couldn’t participate in the survey because of the way I have had to travel, time didn’t allow….but if I could, I would name all of these people as they were so great to shop with, so helpful, professional , friendly, never do I feel I am “bothering” someone asking for help or direction. The store is great, the products are great, the people who work there are wonderful, and despite the negativity on this site, I wanted to share just some very sincere observations for a store that has been around since I was a child and hope it will be there for my grandchildren, too!

  14. I also have to note, I got several buttons, as well, and though one did say it had been used, I won, three times! Only $5.00 but it was fun to win something, as I am usually not very lucky (blessed , of course!) but not “lucky” as I never win anything, not ever! AND I will also mention that over Black Friday, I also shopped on line and the orders came in a few days late , but overall, it was a great experience, free shipping, great quality, just very very pleased! I feel confidant when I shop Penney’s, I walk away with a smile on my face. I can’t say the same about many other stores I have shopped, honestly! I only wish the “old” look of Penney’s with the cosmetics, perfume, wide array of fine jewelry ( 14kt) , china (Royal Doulton) and even the catalog ordering would still all be available in every store…. there have been changes, and I miss the old JCPenneys, but the new one is still better than most other stores, all the same! Times change, but people haven’t…not at Penney’s! That is a good thing!

  15. I apologize ahead of time if this seems trivial. I went shopping on black Friday and spent probably about $40.00 I got a pin and forgot I had it. Today, Dec. 22, I was excited to see if I won anything. I entered in the code, and it said that it had been already used. I triple checked the code and reentered it. I would have been happier with the message that you are not a winner. If you are going to offer a promo please make sure it is organized. I feel like it is a scam. Thank you for your time.

    Nicole Pietluck

  16. Just came home from shopping at JCPenney and as a MBA graduate, I admire the determination your team have displayed over the last couple of years in order to get people back to JCPenney. I wanted to tell you of my second visit to your store in the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. As I was shopping, I was in the men’s department looking for thermal underwear for my grown grandson and a woman about 55 came and was looking at underwear that had a 15% off sign and this was the day after Christmas. As we were talking neither of us noticed that the sign was removed however later the woman did notice and asked whether or not she would still get the 15% and a clerk explain that she would have to ask the cashier as he did not know the answer to her question. She decided to buy a pack of underwear and left the area but I had trouble finding the right size and stayed longer. As I was there a heavy set middle age woman asked the clerk what the woman wanted and he explained the situation and she replied that it was probably (she used a woman’s name but I don’t remember what the name was and stated she probably forgot to remove the sign and happen to see it). I left and took my product to pay for it and as it happen I ended up behind the woman who was shopping next to me. She explained about the sign and the cashier stated, “Well, I haven’t seen any sign but if you buy 2 packs of this underwear you can get it for $18.00 otherwise it will cost her $25.00. I mentioned to the cashier that I also saw the sign but she repeated the costs. She kept saying she doesn’t see any sign and even invited the woman to show her where she thinks the sign was and walked the woman away and I paid the other cashier for my product. Both cashier were very condescending to both of us and this transaction was viewed by about 6 other customers. Just thought you might want to see what the customer sees when your not there. I’m going back to Macy’s, they have kinder cashiers.

  17. i used to work at jcpenney back in the’70’s at southpark mall in shreveport,la what seemed to really work then that
    doesnt exist at jcpenney in shreveport today-is customer serviece=i have seen only about 2 employees on the floor,the last 3 times i have shopped there. no one is there on the floor in the individual depts to help customers. we are on our own-like a walmarts=i dont shop
    at jcpenney anymore for that reason

  18. So i went to J.C. Penney today to get a pair of jeans. Nothing special, just the old standby Arizona Loose Fit jean. Could not find them so I asked a cashier. He didn’t know what I was taling about or have any ideas there was a style they have, or were, making for the last 20 or so years. So I called the customer service number to see if they were still making them as I couldn’t find them on line either. Rude is not even close to what I experienced. Amazing, just absoulutely amazing. SO I found this site, apparently this is part of the new business model-hope that works for ya!

  19. Imagine my delight when I entered my button code and won $10. I applied it towards a top that cost $17. Came home and it did not match the skirt I was trying to match up. I returned it and was told that I lose the $10 if returned – it could not be applied toward a different color or item. What a rip off!!

  20. The JCPenneys store in Watertown, NY has recently been renovated. It’s terrible. The old store was nice and warm feeling and you enjoyed going in to shop. The line of clothing was excellent and tons to choose from. They have now changed their clothing line and again, it was a definite downgrade. The St. Johns Bay line of clothes was an excellent choice for Northern New York. The clothes they carry now are for New York City. I work in health care and we have all been discussing this. As for me, I now by my clothes somewhere else as does most of the people I work with. We have read on the internet that JCPenney is not doing well. Your powers to be have made very bad restructuring decisions. If you were looking for an increase in sales, this was not the way. Your stores now suck.

  21. I’m disgusted with your store policies. If you receive a gift and have a gift receipt, you should be able to get the cash for the item(s)if you return them. You should not have to take a JCP gift card forcing to buy something you don’t need or want. This was my experience today.I don’t plan on ever shopping at your stores again.

  22. Hello,

    I placed an order on December 22,2012 and the items are available, but the order hasn’t shipped yet. I understand
    this is a busy time of year, but I really need these items.
    Please ship as soon as possible.
    Thank you,
    Deana Lichak

  23. Oh my gosh! The store is wonderful in Marion Indiana. Bottom price all the time. It was clean and no more in your face signs. No more game playing and leaving mad because I feel screwed due to not having a coupon or I didn’t want to buy two items to get a discount.
    Good job CEO.

  24. I went to JCP in Manhattan on 12/23. While shopping for my husband, I saw some cereal bowls by Fiestaware. Bloomie’s didn’t have them, and I wanted to purchase them. However, my color choice was not available in the store. So, a most, most helpful lady, Loretta, took about 15 minutes to get all the info and place my order to be sent to my house. It was not a huge order, but she took such care and concern, even writing the 800 number to contact if I had questions. Thank you, thank you! I love your Manhattan store—much better than Penney’s in Marlboro, MA where we live.

  25. Well, I guess Pennys is going to lose a customer over a $10.00 promotion!

    I was promised a $10.00 certificate if I registered the button on line within a designated time frame. I did this and never got the certificate. I then e-mailed within that same time frame and was told that your office would look into it for me..that was December 18. I never heard back

    I run three businesses. If I treated my customers the way that your office has treated me, I would soon be out of business!!

    Karen McIntyre

    In a message dated 1/4/2013 9:17:38 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
    Thank you for your email. The “Merry Christmas America” button program has officially come to a close and, according to the rules, code entry ended on December 24th at 11:59pm. If you still have questions, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Merry Christmas!

  26. I am so very disappointed in JCPenny. Over the years I cannot tell you the amount of shopping I have done with Pennys. There has always been a JCPenny in my life. Those times have changed. I shopped at the Rivergate store in Goodlettsville, Tn.for a long time and was agle to walk in the Misses dress dept. and purchase anything I needed. The selection was wonderful. Then little by little you began to cut down on the space, pluse the choices. Now the Misses dept. is just about the size of a good walk-in closet. I never shop there anymore. I started going to the Pennys in Mt. Juliet Tn.and was albe to purshase just about waht I wanted. But guess what…I went in there this week and the whole place has changed. Moved the Misses dept. into a place that..well I cannot explain it. I don’t know who your person that is in charge of all this, let me tell you they are not doing a good job. I probably will not be back there also. There are no good selections for Sr. Adult ladies, I found nothing that I would have had, even if you had given it to me. Some of us like to wear our dresses below our knees and some of us like to keep our necklines a bit highter up. Anyway…that is it…Goodby JCPenny. Thanks for the yester years.

  27. What is wrong with your buyers in mens clothes? The Regular fit signature shirt now fits like a slim and no pocket? I can guess who the feella is who is buying these goods. I have never seen so many slim fitted shirts – when I stand in store other normal shoppers can find nothing that fits! Unfortunately most American shoppers are obese and would do well to wear the old executive and signature shirts. Guess I have to change to Dillards and Macy’.

  28. Imagine my surprise when I found out you no longer carry Cabin Creek clothing for Women. The comfortable pants I could dress up, or down, are no more. Please enjoy all your young skinny customers who love garish, tight, short clothes. We older folks like comfort and being able to mix and match. We spend our savings on our kids and grandkids. It just won’t be at Penney’s

  29. I received a $50 dollar gift card for a Christmas Gift, and I had trouble even finding 50 dollars worth of stuff in your Posner Park Store, Davenport, FL. The whole ‘new’ concept is not for me. You no longer carry the St. John’s Bay line for men, and the other lines you do carry did not appeal to me one bit. I didn’t give them a second look. I always shopped your home store, and that was just pitiful. I have purchased towels, sheets, and most all of my bedding from J C Penney, but no longer will I be shopping there. I was in the store over an hour, and still couldn’t find anything worth taking home, so I settled for several smaller clearance items. And, your customer service is store, to be quite direct and honest … there isn’t any. Two managers walked by me twice and never said a word, the cashier was pleasant and apologetic, but it’s too late. I am closing my charge account which I have had for decades, your new strategy doesn’t work for me.

    • Roving Sales assistants? After searching for the Service Desk with my purchases a Sales Associate with a hand held device offered to check me out. On a ‘cart’. With a hand held device. No WiFi service was available. We waited until a connection was found … (meanwhile another confused customer enquired “where do we check out?”. They were asked to wait there). Upon completion of the transaction I was asked if I want a receipt or it could be emailed to me. What? Now I am incredulous. Just how complicated can they make a simple purchase? So I waited while the Sales Assistant went to retrieve the receipt, printed in another part of the store. Meanwhile the other customers were waiting their turn. The Sales Assistant was very pleasant. The experience was extremely strange. I did not appreciate this new method of doing business. After a lifetime of being a JCP customer that will probably be my last visit.

  30. I want to let you know how unsatisfied I am with the new mobil card reader
    I think that application is for Mobil store and kiosk nog a respectable department
    Store. It feels like I am risking my personal account information at an online service
    Not safe! I will reconsider my future purchases after today. Also the girl was on the
    Phone rechecking info because the purchase was to high.
    Very disappointing

  31. I was at your Spokane Valley Mall today with my daughter and spent about $100. Went to one of the registers and asked the sales associate, if her register is open, while 2 other sales associates were already helping other customers. She did not even look at me and was still looking at some catalog and after 10 seconds or so said “hmm hmm I am…just a second…” my daugher and I looking at each other and shrugging…she finally helped ring our stuff we bought…while I was paying her, I asked her “all ink tags were removed right?” she stares at me like I asked her something totally outta this world then she goes “you should be fine!” SHOULD be fine? what is that supposed to mean? did she remove them or not? So my daughter and I head home and unpack everything we bought, sure enough there is an ink tag on one of the shirts I purchased! I should have checked it before I left the store or why did the buzzer not go off? Or the question should be, why was she so unattentive and careless from the get go? I was already not feeling so good, but wanted to get a few things for my daughter and myself…this was the worse experience for us at jc penney’s I worked there in the 90ies as a dept supervisoer and penney’s was all about customers and excellent customer service. What happened? So because prices went down they just don’t care about customers anymore? I would have been treated much better at a Walmart store then the way we were treated at JC penney’s today…now I have to go back, waste gas and more importantly my time, just to get the ink tag removed, it just makes me sooo mad, when I had even asked about it…disgusting service!!!

  32. I have purchased Stafford white undershirts for years and have been willing to pay the extra price due to the thickness and quality of the shirt. Recently, I purchased the same shirt I always do, “Stafford Essentials 3 crew neck shirts” in medium. I was extremely disappointed to see that the thickness and quality of fabric has changed. If this is the case, I will just purchase Fruit of the Loom or Target brand because their price is significantly lower. The reason why I have been loyal to Stafford and JCPenny is because of the quality of fabric used and the desired thickness I need and want. Which, is why I would be willing to pay the extra amount. Why did this happen? Yet, no price change? Despite that, it’s the thickness of the shirt I need and want. I am returning the package I recently purchased because the quality is the same as any other white undershirt and that is not what I am looking for.

    Lost a customer,


  33. On 1/28/13, I was shopping at your Memorial City location in Houston, TX. As a long time loyal customer, this was the first time I felt so degraded and insulted by Mary at the lady’s fashion, while tried to check out my purchases.
    To make matter worse was when I requested to speak with a management level personnel, Mary told me that
    “Everyone is in the Monday meeting until 4 or 5 o’clock that afternoon, if I wanted to wait.”
    What happened was one of my purchases did not have the price tag. And, Mary’s attitude along with her tone of
    voice immediately become insinuating and implying that I was dishonest and tring to cheat. Even whil I told her which rack I got the merchandise from, and ask her to look for herself or call some one to double check on the price she was planning to charge me for.
    On top of Mary’s noncustomer oriented degrading service, this black girl at the jewel counter was just standing there doing nothing while I ask her to check me out. She said she can’t, I have to go to the customer service counter at the lady fashion where Mary had a line waiting.
    Do you think I will ever shop at Penny ever???????
    I believe I entitle no only an apology, but, some real serious apology.

    Deeply insulted and disappointment,
    Catherine K Huang I

  34. I wanted to write to you to tell you about how JCP has replaced MACYs in my wardrobe.

    I have been an avid shopper at Macy’s for years. Then I told my husband how your company will be closing some stores due to low sales. I was amazed because tried to think back to the last time I shopped in Macy’s. I believe it was in 2010!

    That’s when I decided to email you and tell you how you stole my business away from Macys! I’ve purchased, dresses, jackets, my hubby’s wardrobe for his new job and shoes! I spent well over $800 there just this past holiday season.

    I hope you don’t close the store in Taunton, MA. It’s really the only reason I go to that mall now. 🙂

    Thank you for making clothes that are affordable and attractive!

  35. I think you need to do something about the rewards that we receive. I bought something and used my $10….I didn’t have time to try it on and it didn’t fit…so taking it back, I lost the $10……why can’t you give a store credit or something….. maybe I would be better to use my Bank Card….after all, I get money back on that and I don’t lose it…… I have shopped Penneys for many years .. I worked there also…..Thank You

  36. While I applaud your effort to modernize JC Penny, what you have done is gutted your stores and stocked them with all the crap you see in the speciality boutiques. After Capwells and Mervyn’s closed, Penny’s was the only place you could go to for quality products, basic t-shirts, underwear, etc. and always get good products. Every fall I would go and pick up several of your St. John’s Bay long sleeve tees for women in different colors and styles and they would last me all winter. Ditto for summer tees, tops, etc. This year I went to pick up some tops and you had yeah, a t-shirt for $5 but it was thin material, gaudy colors, and sizes for anorexic Asians. You’ve gone from overstocked, overstuffed stores to nada. I do like the idea of one low price, no sales every other day, but you are selling stuff I can buy at Walmart and Kmart, over and over again of course, because there is no quality there. The other alternatives are Bloomingale’s and Macy’s, at outrageous prices.Quit showing those ads that match your products with others sold elsewhere, you don’t have the quality you once had.

  37. I have a dispute with J.C.Penney’s,,, I put the codes in for the holiday promotion that you had, but I did not get the print out codes to redeem my codes, I call and talked to an associate, but I am yet to get a response… I have the data that displays that my codes were entered before the time was to expire and I was told I would receive some sort of accommdation for my troubles, but I’m certain this will go on just like before…

  38. Love that JCP has brought stores to our neighborhood….now you stopped sales ads..ok with that..but not about the merchandise you are now carrying! No name brands and quality of merchandise is well below average. Wake up JCP…would rather pay a few extra dollars and have name brands that are available all the time. Hate Kohls but I’m having to shop least they have some name brands…you just have to look harder..and never have the size you need!

  39. I am convinced that JCPenny does NOT want to take my money. I spent 45 minutes trying to buy a dress off of the website. EVERY single dress I clicked on (I looked at over 20) said it was “no longer available”. When I finally found one that was, I added it to my shopping cart and when I went to check out, the item was no longer there. So I went back to add it again, at which point it said “no longer available.” So I tried to buy other items. Same thing. I tried to create an account. The website would not let me log in under the user name and password I had *just* created. When I tried to fill out the online email comment form for customer service…it didn’t work! I will NEVER shop at JCPenny. The online experience was frustrating at best and I am incredulous that a company such as this can be this BAD with their service. They obviously don’t want me to shop there, so I won’t.

  40. While shopping in your Woodland CA store during the Christmas holidays the Clerk who helped me gave me a pin and said if I went to your website I would receive a free gift. I normally do not get involved in this type of promotion but since it was JCP I thought it would be on the up and up. I’ve been a loyal custom for many years and trusted your company. The free gift I picked was a watch from the company Omaximus ph# (866-618-0894) I was asked for my visa card number for the shipping, I received the watch sometime in December 2012 and never thought anymore about it. The watch was cheap looking and I never wore it. Then in February 2013 I received another cheap watch at that point I became concerned and checked my visa account and learned I was charged 100.00 for the first watch and 49.00 for the second one. I have contacted my visa company and filed a dispute but have not heard back at this time. I’ve shopped At your stores for many years and have been a loyal and happy customer but now I’m not so sure I want to give you my business. Please respond, I would like to know if you’ve had other complains and if you can suggest what I should do next. I did call Omaximus but did not get an English speaking person. I still have both watches and have never used them. Thanks for your help and I hope to hear from you soon

    Kathryn A Perry

  41. Due to your support of programming such as Saturday Night Live, and their anti Christian comedy, I will no longer spend my consumer dollar with your company. I have unsubscribed from your e-mails.

  42. Dear JCP,

    I am outraged and totally ashamed of NBC and Saturday Night Live for showing a horrifying skit with Jesus Christ and His apostles committing acts of violence.

    I am committed at this time forward to not shopping at JCP and will be telling every single person I know not to shop at JCP. Why? It’s because your sponsorship
    of SNL tells me that you condone such disrespectful and apostate show passed off as “comedy” and entertainment — but in reality is a cowardly act of modern Hollywood
    antics. What I mean is this: would JCP sponsor the same type of show in which Mohammad, Allah or Islam was mocked in such a way as jesus Christ was on SNL?

    Can you answer that for me? It proves your and NBC’s downright an utter disregard for the faith of Christianity, and your and NBC’s downright cowardice.

  43. I am writing about a pair of jeans made by JC Penney (women’s slim straight) I washed the jeans before I wore them; wore them with a pair of boots I JUST bought at Shoe Carnival for $60.00 in a light beige color, and the jeans not only left blue die on my boots (to which now I can only wear dark pants with on the outside of the boots, but my undergarments as well. I am so upset as I had planned to wear these boots alot!

    Deanna English

  44. I ripped up my JCP card because of their collection practices. One day after a late bill they call you. And are VERY pushy! Jeez my credit rating is 754 – they want me as a customer! No other card I have does this. I don’t want JCP that much to put up with that, I’ll head over to Macy’s or TJ Maxx.

  45. I tried to take your survey only 5 days after I made a purchase and it wouldn’t take the information I provided from my receipt. My access code is 1274 151 2352 022813 1313 6. Don’t know what the problem is.
    Anyway I just wanted to let you know that Ebony at the Chula Vista Store #1274 was just fantastic. She greeted us with a smile and when we got in a long line, she helped us with her portable register and rang us up and all the time smiling and really motivated. It is nice to see someone like her to cheer up your day. She is an
    asset to your company with her cheerfull attitude and should be rewarded as such. Hire more like her!!!!

  46. As a customer of jcp i have been very dissatisfied with your company this past year. It started with doing away with coupons. Then you adveritsed with ellen degeneres who, in my opinion, is an elitist snob. Now i hear you are teaming up with martha stewart, a convicted felon, who underhandedly broke her alliance with macys. I also just read you are color coding employees. I feel the fault lies most with your new CEO. He is ruining your reputation. I wish you would have listened to me last year when i emailed you saying you were heading in the wrong direction. I don’t like jcp anymore and i am obviously not alone. Good luck.

  47. Im tired of getting online and clicking on something I like, then having them say after I get my hopes up sorry we’re out! They need to take it offline until they get more in stock so people continue to shop

  48. No mystery why JC Penney is losing sales and closing stores. I’ve been trying for 2 days to order about $400 worth of pillows, mattress pads, comforters and bath accessories from their website. Each time I want to go to a different category – say from ‘pillows’ to ‘comforters’, all of the stuff I’ve already put into my cart disappears. If I try to go back to put it back into my cart, it then tells me that those products are “out of stock”. So stupid and frustrating. Will be going to another site to order my merchandise.

    Tried to give you a chance JCP. Seems you don’t want my $$.

  49. What has happened to my favorite dept. store? The new decor is cold looking & uninviting & customer service is almost nonexistant. I most always have to go find someone to help me look for a product.
    In the past few months I have been waiting for my favorite bra to come into the store. Finally one of the customer service people looked it up in the computerized system & discovered it has most likely been discontinued.
    I have found this to be the case too often. I shop mostly at the Kennewick, Wa store. The “small” store in Sunnyside, Wa is still a fine customer service store, but one again many items I want are gone.
    “Please” bring the catalog back!!! I depended on it so much.!!! By getting rid of the catalog you have lost most of my business.
    I worked for JCP for several years many years ago. If the we had provided the kind of service & lack of products as is now we would have been done away with.
    Please get back to the warm & customer friendly stores with ample products.
    Thank you.

  50. I am very unhappy and regretful with the purchase with JCPenny. I bought a 17000 $ diamond ring with a promise that the re-sizing will be finished done in a week. After two weeks, I called the store and the staff said they will call me back. And they did not call me back and explained about the delay.My purchase was planned for a certain even on a special day. And because of the unprofessional service, I could not wear my ring on my special day. What a disappointing service!!!Not only they did not keep their service day but also how they handle my claim was very poor. I will never have business with this company. The staff on the phone was helpful at all. This is the worst shopping experience.

  51. I am not surprised that your company is struggling. I do all of my shopping online and experience no difficulties anywhere but JC Penney. Your site is so confusing that I can never complete my order and am forced to give up and find what I want somewhere else. You really need to fix this problem. It does not have to be this difficult.


    Isla Landon

    • I sent in an online order, and got no response to let me know if the order was received, usually I get a response giving order number etc. If I try to email, I am asked for order number etcc, I do not have one !! What do I do to get this info !!!@

  52. I am really upset at the customer service I was given today by one of your managers at NorthStar mall. I was their for a return and practically accused of shopplifting. These itimidation tactics might work on other folks but as a 2 time war veteran they will not work on me. Please contact me so we can discuss this matter. I work and live in this community . This is not right

  53. This e-mail is regarding the J C Penney Store at the Wolfchase Mall in Memphis, TN. This store was one of my
    favorite stores for a long time, Over a year ago I saw major changes that were not for the better. I finally quit going into the store at all. I visited it today and it was even worse than the last time. The upstairs was in complete disarray and so many of the items that they once carried were no longer there. This is a major disappointment to me as I remember the times I shopped there and came away very pleased. It has gone from bad to worse and I have given up on it.

  54. Tonight I went into the JCP at Southcenter in Tukwila, WA. to check out the changes that I had been hearing about. Now I am horrified that JCP won’t make to 2014!!! The merchandise and displays were awful. I was excited that JCP was getting an update, but the clothing looks cheap, the store sparse and cold!! Where are the trendy gathering spots?? People were coming in and leaving within 5 minutes!!! Good grief….what happened????

  55. I am a customer of jcpennys and often shop in there alot! 🙂
    So I came up with a slogan ” save your penny’s to save/keep jcpennys.”
    Your store has great deals and cheap prices I would choose jcpennys over Macy’s any day!!

  56. I just placed an order – entered the ‘SPEND50’ coupon code to get $10 off of a $50 order. It went through. I added an additional item to my cart and the code then said “nothing I purchased qualified for this promotion”. Since the items I initially put in my cart were still there and it worked previously, I tried the code again. It worked. This happened repeatedly throughout my shopping experience. Then, I got to the ‘review order’ screen just before hitting ‘submit’ and everything was good – a $91 order was reduced to $81. Then I clicked ‘SUBMIT’ and somehow the coupon is gone and I was charged $91. This is the first time I’ve shopped with EVER and I only did so because I saw on the news that the company is in trouble so I thought I’d buy a few things I need to help them out. Maybe they deserve to go out of business if they can’t get something so simple correct. I did not enjoy my online shopping experience since it was tedious and I was overcharged. I expect a $10 credit – and a coupon for my next order for the inconvenience (IF I decide to ever shop at JCP again). Maybe some companies should become memories.

  57. I have shopped at jcp a lot this year at the St Mathews Mall how ever I recently went to the mall in Clarksville Indiana and was very disappointed by the service. I filled out a survey and expected at the very least a call from someone the manager was not very customer service oriented I am not sure if I would ever return to that store I asked for assistance and was ignored by the staff and all the manager could say is they’re busy really too busy for a sale? Isn’t that your business to sell? Wow

  58. Hello I made a purchase at JCP at The Florida Mall – Orlando on 06/04/13 04:02 PM with the following information of the bill – Store: 2069 Terminal:103 Transaction:5442 Assoc:0784. Well I made a purchase in the amount of U.S. $ 192.76 and paid with two $ 100 notes and was from that moment that the poor service provided by employees of JCP started. First because the cashier is looking repeatedly at 2 notes up to the light and not so simply phoned his manager after a few minutes came in saying high sound that two $ 100 notes were fake. After that I did not know what to do because this manager took my money and more customers began to join and take notes and compare to see if they were really fake. I was nervous because I am not in my country and am a right and not a falsifier and should be treated with more dignity because I leave my country and come to the U.S. to spend my money. What I did was get my $ 200.00 that was in the hands of other customers and pay with U.S. dollars that others owned and left the store very angry by the way I was treated. Then when I got to the hotel researched on the internet and saw that some stores were not accepting U.S. dollars for former U.S. dollars were just my 1988, but that did not mean they were false. In summary I was sad and I write this rant so employees concerned are advised to treat certain matters with discretion and education.
    Thank you.

  59. I will no longer shop at JC Penney to pay 53 million to a man that ran a company I worked for close to 10 years into the ground.

  60. Now that you’ve seen the light and made a change at the top, I’m hopeful you will return the St.John’s Bay label to your stores. If you still had St. John’s Bay I would be in one of your stores right now doing some spring clothing shopping. As it is, I haven’t been in one of your stores for months, as you have nothing for me.

    Always hopeful, A former customer

  61. Rhonda at JC Pennys Serramonte Daly City was so friendly, took care of all my shopping questions, and helped me to have the best day ever, shopping at Pennys. She was in Home World. She took the time, to help me find everything that I needed. I can’t wait to go back, and shop again. She was just awesome.

  62. If this issue were just expressed by my opinion alone I probably would not write this but on my last shopping trip to the women’s department, three women commented to me how disappointed they have been at the styles and quality of clothing offered. Not only did the department appear messy and disorganized the styles offered were far less attractive than the misses department. It felt as if the little corner reserved for plus sizes was not important. I doubt I will be shopping at Penney’s anytime soon.

  63. After 40 years of shopping @ J.C.Penney, last night @ Texarkana, Texas, Central Mall I was an angry shopper. I dressed 5 kids out of JCP. Now as a grandparent, I shop for 13 kids. I spent 45 minutes looking for a register to check out. As a Senior Citizen I found it very embarrassing to wander around with 2 bras in my hands ASKING EVERYONE where is a register? Then there was NO COUNTER SPACE to lay purchase or write a was not a fun shopping experience!

  64. I went to JCP in Fort Smith Arkansas today 5/9/13 to purchase My mother basic button up silk pajama’s, also my wife something casual for mothers day… I looked all over for the pajama’s finally asked someone for help… Was informed that everything that JCP carried was on the sales floor…I was dismayed that JCP doesn’t carry simple woman’s pajama’s… So I set out to buy My wife something as well… What I saw was outlandish clothing… Nothing for just everyday wear that wasn’t either cheap or tacky… So being alone I asked several woman shoppers if they wore JCP clothing and all that I spoke with said not anymore… So I walked around the store to see if I could see anyone wearing anything that appeared to be purchased at JCP… Only people I saw wearing oblivious JCP clothing were employee’s… What has happened to JCP when you cant buy a basic pair of pajama’s or decent pair of women’s jeans… Your company has no clue what people in the real world are wearing… Someone should walk around their own stores and see what actual customers are wearing… What walks down a fashion show runway in New York doesn’t work in Middle America… Time for JCP to wakeup and see what it’s customers really want… Growing up when I need school clothes or work clothes I always went to JCP… But sad to say those days when your store was for the middle class working middle America are over…

  65. I know jc penny is doing damage control but today’s experience takes the cake. I was in the Wisconsin rapidst Wi store today looking for women’s summer clothesline . and was told they had to take out that dept. for a while but it will be coming back. How can that be? After all the times I kept quiet about the stupid changes that were done-liketake away the catalogs,or have very few service counters in a store, or spend a fortune on those color ads that said nothing, today takes the absolute cake. I’ve been a customer forever but I want to cut up my credit card. I could always count on Penny’s to find nice clothes, shoes,bedding,etc,but it’s not the same.
    Do something fast!

  66. I ordered a bathing suit top and bottom from jcpenney online. The top arrived promptly however the bottoms were back ordered. They were supposed to have been shipped by or before the 30th of this month. Well today I still had not received any notice of shipment and had not been notified as to why my bathing suit bottoms had not shipped. I called customer service and the woman acted like there was absolutely nothing that could be done for me. I have signed by toddler daughter up for a swim class and have already had to miss the first one due to not having proper swim wear for the pool. Now I will probably have to miss her second class as well. The woman said they were not supposed to ship now until June 3rd. Why was I not informed of this ? I would have never ordered the bottoms if I had known it was going to take this long. I did not want to have to make the trip to jcpnney to find these. I feel like I have been lied to about the shipping dates and have been offered no kind of apology whatsoever. When asked if there was anything that could be done the woman begrudgingly said that 10% could be taken off the order total. Making it go from 22 to 20. Wow. I worked at Jcpenney for 3 years and this is not the kind of service that we gave our customers. Jcpenney is definitely not what it used to be. I will no longer be ordering anything from this store.

  67. I was at JCP today and I was very unhappy with their customer service that I received today the manager there Sue and I can’t last thing she was very rude I asked for help I asked for pricing and she gave me a snotty answer and I’ve been a member of JCP for over 30 years

  68. I used to buy a lot of clothing at pennys. The new marketing sucks. Just hate your flyers. Wonder how many other people think its a waste. I just throw them away when they come in the mail. Go back to the old ways. Its not working. I also miss the casual St Johnsbay shirts I used to get. You better change your ways or you won’t be around much longer. Get rid of the people who came up with this way of marketing

  69. Do you really wonder why sales may be off, received the new catalog for fathers day, I go on line to order shoes,St Johns boat shoes only 1 size available an 8. Why would you ever advertise something you do not even have? A really big turn off to ever shop with you again.

  70. I went to Baton Rouge JCPenney on the Mall of Louisiana on Saturday. First, my daughter and I were looking for shower curtains. We asked in the home department, near the towels, where we would find shower curtains. After asking 3 different sales associates, all who worked in that department, each answer we received was “I don’t know”, “I don’t normally work here”, and then, the best, “We don’t have any shower curtains”. We found them on our own 5 minutes later in that department! Then, I picked up $90 worth of women’s lingerie and proceeded to check out, was told I would have to go to a checkout quite some distance away, so I proceeded to that checkout station. After standing in line for 5 minutes, the lady told me that I would have to check out on the other side of the kiosk, because she was only there for draperies. I went to the other side of the kiosk and stood in line for about 5 minutes and they lady there told me, “you need to check out over there” and pointed to where I had been waiting to check out the second time. I told her exactly what I had been told and she said, “well, you’ll just have to wait here and it’s going to take about 10 or 15 minutes, I’m busy”….guess what, JCP? You lost that and all future sales from me! You really, really need to work on customer service!

  71. I ordered apparel from jcp that i needed for a wedding on june 15 2013.Well ups never delivered order,so i gfet credted back to my account my money that is good they ask me to re-order why the wedding is in 2 days.I will not use jcp online shopping for any future purchases i will go else where.They could of offered to re order and send items next day free but they did not

  72. I was in the sikeston missouri jcpenneys on June 15 around 7:00 pm. I was wanting to purchase some earrings for my daughter that got her ears pierced the day before. We stood at jewelry counter for at 10 minutes if not longer waiting for someone to come wait on us. No one ever came over. Finally I just left. Angry. You know it’s a shame that our that our newspaper tells us that you should shop local to support our stores, but you can’t get anyone to wait on you. And it’s not like there wasn’t many people working because the was . This is not the first time for this particular store. The last time I left all the items on the checkout counter and left because I could not get checked out. It was a long time before I went back there and now once again. Sad!

  73. I will not return to JCPenney until you return my Cabin Creek Jeans. Your quality on all the items in your stores are very poor. Not worth buying. Please don’t put some NEW Cabin Creek Jeans out are poor quality. I want the same ones you sold for many years. I know I’m not the only one requesting them because I see lots of posts complaining about you doing away with the Cabin Creek Jeans. ARE YOU LISTENING?? That’s how you got in all this trouble in the 1st place–not listening to your customers!!!

  74. I have been a jcpenny customer for over 20 years never in my life have treated so poorly.There was a misprint on on a jacket but when checking out true priceing showed.I call in to (customer service)spoke to a superviser who told me she was sorry about the mix up and now the jacket was sold out like magic in all sizes to call back in the next day and speak to some one in customer relations.When i went on the site the next day it was now in stock and the price was changed.called customer service with time date superviser id # to get the misprice to find all info was false and that no one could find the misprint price.Im very upset about the way this was handled not even about the priceing,its now about being lied to.I have had alot of people tell me that they dont shop at jcpenny any more and now i know why,just add one more customer to the list

  75. Please tell me why all of the companies that have dropped Paula Deen in their stores can do this as long as she is making your co moneyshe good but one thing goes wrong and you drop her were is the can one person do so much bad first of all life is to short to be doing this to someone like paula the courts should be imbaresset to say this would go to court there are things like muders, and crimes that need to bein thecourts not this One person that says Paula used the word NIGGER so what this world always says freedom of speech well were is it. Any court that allows crap to go though the court like this needs to relize that this is a greedy person after Paulas money and thats all. look up the word NIGGER and know its just a word people grow up and get a real life .no Paula deen well = less people in your store.we need to stop shopping in allthe stores that dropped Paula Deen.

  76. Paula Deen hasn’t even had her trial yet and she has been hurt deeply even after an apology 0f something many years ago.I am 73 years old and probably done the same thing.Paula Deen said she would work hard to change. She has a good heart. Jimmy Carter said she should be forgiving as she has done much for the down and troden in her community. You need to make amends with her and I will be back in your store until then, will buy on the internet.

    Janet Mercer

  77. I was extremely disappointed in your store today at the mall in Bradley/Bourbonnais, IL. I’ve always shopped at JCP and have had a great experience. However, I usually go to the one in Orland Park, IL or Matteson, IL. I have a double stroller that is smaller than a typical wheelchair. I had about five outfits that I wanted to try on and I was unable to find a fitting room that I could fit in with my double stroller. I could not fit through the dressing room door. I asked three sales clerks and they all told me they don’t have a dressing room big enough and I was told “sorry”. Well, I was unable to try on anything and therefore bought nothing. Since my double stroller would not fit (it has fit in every fitting room and every door in every single other store) that means a wheelchair would not fit either. That is not right. I also had a very difficult time getting into your store. None of the three entrances had a “handicap” button to press. It was very difficult to enter with a stroller while trying to hold the doors open on my own. I will never be able to shop at this location again. Why would I? It was a bother to get into the store and I was unable to find a dressing room to fit my stroller. As I stated earlier, I have fit into every single door and dressing room in other stores. This was literally the first time in two years I was unable to fit. Besides being a challenge for me, what about a person in a wheelchair? Your store at this location is completely unaccessibkw to people in wheelchairs, which is not right.

  78. I was just getting used to your positive change. In the past I have been a great customer, shopping more at your store than any other. You have treated Paula Deen with great disdain, unforgiveness,jumping on the ignorant bandwagon,like sheep, to dismiss her! Well I’m Not even a fan of Paula Deens, but the way you have treated her is outrageous! You bunch of cowards! So you can forget about getting my money back in your store. When will your executives get their act together? Jesus forgave every one who asked for forgiveness. Who are you and your so-called exec’s to judge her? Your certainly not better than Jesus Christ! Who are you a bunch of Nazi’s? This is still a free Country! I hope Paula Deen sues your Bigoted pants off! Carla Evans

  79. Went to your Aurora Ill. store yesterday to find some items including draperies for my new home. What a huge disappointment! If I wanted Ikea shopping I would have gone there. What happened to the variety I have come to know? I have always purchased my draperies from you and have to say the selection was poor at best. Same is true for bed accessories. I will not be back.

  80. As a member of the Cabin Crew for a major airline based in the UK, I enjoy my trips to the USA and especially, my shopping trips to your stores. Recently, I noticed that you have refurbished a couple of your stores in Glendale CA and Orlando FL. What on earth have you done to your Home Departments? They are now difficult to shop in and seem empty and uninviting. I used to spend hours browsing all the various displays and would almost always make a purchase but now, I’m in and out in a matter of minutes-empty handed! Please bring back your old format! As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!”

  81. The bathrooms at the JCPenny at Richland Mall in Waco are terrible. They are always dirty and they smell. I was there at 4:00 pm on August 1st and there was toilet paper all over the floors and the trash was not emptied in some time as it was all going over the container and on the floor. I will make it a point never to use those bathrooms again.

  82. After waiting for two months for my sofa to be delivered the call finally came! My sofa was to be delivered Thurs. I was so excited! I removed my old sofa and chair from the living room and told my son to bring it to Goodwill if he did not want it. It took 2 men and a truck to remove the pieces but my space was ready for the new sofa! The day the sofa was to be delivered all my coworkers were excited for me. Then the call came. My son phoned and said mom did you order a different fabric and color chaise with your sectional? And why did you get a chaise on the wrong side? My excitement quickly turned into disappointment. After waiting 2 months, getting rid of my sofa…they brought me the wrong order! Needless to say, I cancelled my order and had my son bring back my old couch. When I called to cancel my order I received an “I’m sorry Maam”. I have been a faithful customer of JC Pennys and I really am surprised that I did not receive a phone call from a customer service representative with an explanation of what happened to my order. I won’t be ordering any furniture online again.

  83. Your newest website is terrible. I went online to order towels, but couldn’t get to the link I wanted. I have always liked shopping online at JCP, but won’t do it in the future because of the ridiculous issues with the site. I think you may consider me a former customer.

    PS — I don’t like the service at the store either. (Lakeforest Mall)

  84. I am pleased and impressed with some of the changes in the stores in and around the Tulsa area. No longer do they have sales racks that say (example) “$10 and over”, they now have racks that indicate either what the sales prices are OR that a particular rack is 30-40% off. The sales representatives in the stores are awesome!
    Although the above are only a couple of instances that you have improved, there were a few more noticeably different improvements.
    I stopped shopping at JCPenneys for almost two years….
    I am now going back!
    Thank you!

  85. I am a long time customer of JC Penney but was very dissapointed that they sent out severall coupons for $10 off of $25 for apparels, shoes and etc. However, I was not allowed to use my coupons due to the employees and register not recognizing the meaning of apparels. It was very busy and I was not feeling well so I left without seeking a manager. My two coupons exoired the next day.

  86. today I went to the Cookeville Tn, store to buy replacesment sheets for the ones I had purchase a year ago. I checked the ones I had to make sure I was getting the same ones as i loved the old ones. I got to the store and found the same sheets or so the tags said. I got home and as I was making the bed I thought this does not feel like the old sheets I checked and low and behold they are not the same. The packages says SATEEN finish but these are anything but sateen. I have plain old cotton sheets. I am very disappointed and as I have to spend a lot of time in my bed because of an illness I will not be as comfortable as before. JCPenneys was losing me as a customer before but this seals the deal. If they can’t go back to what they were and get the same product they had before I’ll never shop there again and from what I read I’m not alone.

  87. Just went shopping at the JC Penney in Round Rock, Texas. My daughter returned three items we had previously purchased (a pair of shorts that the stitching came out of in the crotch, an $8 clearanced night shirt, and a new pair of capris my youngest couldn’t get on–bought bigger size). The cashier returned the items, we had the receipt, and then told my daughter to come back because she thought the items were old when they are EXACTLY what is sold NEW just the worn look. The manager APPROVED it. Then, she came to shop with me. She wanted to go to the car, so I said fine. When she went to walk out, the cashier named PILLAR went after her yelling. My daughter turned around and Pillar told her she was Never allowed back in the store saying she was a thief and a criminal, was never allowed back in the store or she would be arrested, etc. This should’ve NEVER happened over returning something with a receipt that the MANAGER (Stacey G.)approved. Plus, I was still in the store when she came back in telling everyone she stopped a thief and the other cashier- Julie B. was telling another customer that MY DAUGHTER was shoplifting items. ALL OVER A MANAGER APPROVED, WITH A RECEIPT, RETURN!!! I then went off telling them my daughter didn’t SHOPLIFT anything and NEVER has. My husband is a doctor and I am an RN. We have four children who are great kids. My daughter goes to Texas A&M and majors in Chemical Engineering. Would never lose everything over a PETTY CRIME and there is NOTHING in JC Penney’s worth going to jail for, EVER. The manager apologized, however, many customers heard the altercation and several said they would NEVER shop there again because NOONE wants to be accused, embarrassed, harassed, and verbally assaulted over a RETURN. I suggest people shop elsewhere if they are going to hire DUMB, RUDE, IGNORANT, VERBALLY ABUSIVE, and SCARY people like Pillar and Julie B. Horrible place to shop due to IGNORANT employees.

    • Sounds Horrible. Can’t believe that woman did that. I will shop at Kohl’s, go there, because they Never treat customers like that. So sorry they did that to your daughter. Rude.

  88. What happened to JCPenny? changed so much for the worse, no coupons, no coupons, no coupons, service is awful, you can’t find that one person on the floor. And the saddest part about it no one knows what’s going on. Like I was in the kids shoe department and the women did not know anything about shoe measurement and mind you there was this mat with prints of sneakers in different sizes and she did not know how to use it, smh…And to my dismay, How come other jcpenny stores had their uniforms on sale and the jcpenny in Bay plaza in the bronx did not have their school uniforms on sale, and to top it off the last weekend before school started the machines were down for 2 days, unbelievable if this store was in Manhattan this would had never happen. There were alot of people frustrated because most of us consumers do not carry cash trust me alot of people left the store. I am going to Manhattan to shop, and tell my friends about JCpenny. Who ever is running JCPenny should RUN>……..

  89. What happened to men’s Big Mac twill jeans? My husband has worn them for 30+ years and can’t find any pants to replace them. Would you please carry them again?

  90. So frustrated. I spend probably a good hour or more, going through the website and picking out items that I wanted to purchase. I go to pay for my stuff and it wont take my JCP card. SO, I call customer service, I gave her a item number and she was able to put it through the system fine. She said she saw no problem. She offered to take all item numbers over the phone, however, sitting on the phone and providing 20+ item numbers was not something I was interested in. I figured it may be a system error a I try the next day. Yesterday again, it wont take my card. Today I get a email saying that my “basket” is going to expire. I log in and all the items that were in my bag are gone. I am so annoyed. I am never late on paying my bill and I really don’t expect to have any issues like this. This is the type of thing that makes me want to close my account. What is wrong with the card? Can you get the things back in my basket that I originally wanted?

  91. I’m going to make this short and sweet. I don’t ever want to hear this company whine about how poorly they’re doing never again! I’m looking at your $1500.00 leather sofa while your “sales consultant” approaches me, cup of coffee in her hand shouting “do you need help with something?” Really? You need to go back to selling bean bags.

  92. I am so disappointed in Penneys,that jerk they put in that they finally got rid of as the head of the company really screwed up the place. You can’t change every Penneys in the US to be like the one in Chicago, New York or any other big city. They dumped St. Johns bay which was one of the brands that was affordable and put all the name brand expensive brands. That is fine for those high class shops but when you get to the areas of working class people that aren’t making $100,000 a year we can’t afford the high class brands and besides that, we all don’t weight 100 pds and wear a size 8 dress or top. Start thinking of the middle class and lower class that are on budgets. I would hate to see Penny’s go by the way side because of stupid, greedy people that are running the show from wherever, get in touch with the working class and check out what they can afford and will buy.

  93. Today I decided to cancel my account. I went to JCP on the 15th and made a purchase of over $300 – at the register I asked the cashier if there any promotions for the card holders and I was told there are not. So the next day I receive an email with a “BOO” promotion of 20% from 15-17 October. I call JCP and I was told that in order to get this I have to go back to the store with my receipt and ask for it. This can’t be done over a phone. I’ve been with them for years now and I can’t believe that such thing can not be taken care of over the phone. JCP has my account info and knows how much I spent and where and when – I really don’t have time to go back and forth. I will take my money elsewhere – BAD Customer Service!!!!

  94. I went into the spanish fort,Al. Jc Penney store today 11/13/13 And i was very pleased i had a girl named amber try her best to help me in every way possible i needed some jeans but unfortunately they did not have what i was looking for but she did do her best to look EVERYWHERE for me and was very nice she also tried looking online for me no one ever offers to help me as much as she did today ANYWHERE!!! I really did appreciate it and i will absolutely be going back to this store.

  95. So I went into JCPenney’s today. I could not remember why I don’t shop there anymore. But now I do remember. I went in there today with a 15% off coupon, and the thing that I got was not covered under the coupon. Now I remember that this happens all the time. And that is why go to Kohls. It was 15% off, not a big deal. But it is so irritating that every time I go in there whatever it is that I’m going to get is not covered under that small coupon. I guess I will just stick with Kohl’s.

  96. Pedro in the photo department in Jersey City, NJ needs to be rewarded for providing the Jensen family five years of amazing photos, professional service, and for treating every single customer who walks through the door with respect and an amazing level of customer service. We moved far from this location but return year after year and often in between for our photos because of Pedro. You could not ask for a better representative of your brand than Pedro. I am in customer service as well and I understand that it takes a lot to stay positive, especially when working with small children and somehow he makes it seem effortless. We will be back year after year as long as Pedro is part of your team! Thank you for great pictures, and for great service from Pedro and the staff at JCP portraits Jersey City, NJ!

  97. I had a bad experience in your store at the oxfordvalley. Mall. I had purchased a shirt and pair of pants. My wife said that they didn’t look right on me. Long story short. I returned them. This is where the problem starts. The clerk in man wear which I have had trouble with before. Her name Nancy. Is rude. I have had issues with her before. No smile. Or may I help you just overhere. I will call tomorrow as this is too hard too try too explain .thanks Walter. Mcclure.

  98. Went to exchange my son’s jacket. We’ve only had jacket for one week and buttons broke. Thought it would be easy, even exchange. I was told I would have to pay the difference because jacket returns for 24.99 and is currently priced at 34.99. It is the same product. I don’t understand. The associate was very nice. It was the manager associate had to call 3 times that would not come help. I was there for 45 minutes. Manager finally told associate I needed to pay the $10 difference.

  99. Really upset with someone by the name of Neon who works for the JCPenneys at willowbrook mall in Cypress, Texas.
    I walked up when there was no line and told her I had something’s I left to be held. Without making any eye contact she told me to go get it and pointed. Then when I came back there was a long line, and was told to wait in line until it was my turn. Have never been treated with such disrespect. Won’t be coming back.

  100. Very sorry to hear that you plan to have J C Penney stores open on Thanksgiving. I plan to try and buy our Christmas Gifts at stores that have not been open on Thanksgiving. We usually spend around $1000 for gifts. It saddens me that retailers have decided to further hurt families with these kinds of policies. Folks who make minimum wages should not be punished by having to work on a day they should be able to spend with their families. Can’t we have 3 days a year where we are just thankful for all we have? I understand you are trying to go back with some of your old sales policies, etc. How about going back to keeping certain days of the year about something other than the bottom line?

  101. I have waited to write you hoping the problem would take care of itself.
    Several months ago I ordered drapes from your store in Winter Haven/Lake Wales area. As they had to be special order due to the width and length delivery was delayed until November. The drapes themselves are very nice. The problem was the condition that I received them. I almost returned them to have your people make sure that they didn’t look like the devil had a fit in them. They were so wrinkled. I had been without drapes so long that I wanted my sliding glass doors covered with something other than sheets. To solve the problem they need to be taken down now and ironed. I just haven’t tackled that job yet as I don’t know if I will be able to handle them on my ironing board and at my age with a torn rotator cuff it may be impossible to do so. I was hoping that they would “hang” out but that has not happened.
    There….. I got that off my mind. JC Penney will not get my endorsement for your drapes.
    Thank you for your time.
    Catherine Bennett

  102. I just got home from shopping at jcpenny at the lehigh valley mall and am still aggravated. I waited at the jewelry counter for 20 minutes wait for someone to get me jewelry out of the display case to purchase. The young gentleman that was working in the jewelry departed told me 3 time he called someone to help me out and they never did. Sorry, I won’t be buying anything there now.

  103. It is sad that this email will probably not go anywhere, but I felt like I had to say something. In the nation today there are millions of people in the baby boomer generation. This is the group I am in. We spend a lot of money in this economy. Which is needed so badly in the economy today. I shopped last year at one of your stores, I had to check out (of course had to stand in a line) my problem is, your stores have no buggies or places to set. Your company missed out on hundreds of dollars from me alone and will also miss out again this year. I know I am not the only one, right off the top of my head I know three people that feel the same as I do. Weather the problem is their age, bad back, over weight, COPD the list goes on. If you are trying to do all or most of your shopping at your store it would be hard for a young person to hold all of the product they are wanting to purchase, much less an elder man or woman.
    I truly hope this does not fall on deaf ears.
    Thank you,
    Becky Duckett

  104. I just hung up from talking with the Catalog Department, they informed me that the coat I ordered had been sent back without being delivered to me! This is the second time this has happened in the past three weeks. I have a PO Box address and a street address where ups delivers my items. Why can’t I receive the items I order, I give both addresses so however it is delivered, I can be found. I can’t purchase coats in regular stores as I am a tall woman. I am without a coat, with no hope of getting one through JC Penney Tall Catalog. What has happened to JC Penney? I used to be able to buy catalog items and had no trouble getting them delivered. I am about to cut up my JCP Credit card. I have been a jCP customer since the 1960s., and have been employed by JCP in the past, but I am thoroughly discussed by the customer service I have received. I see why the company is in trouble, it’s obvious to me you people don’t take care of your customers.

  105. I am in desperate need to find a Love grows necklace we purchased on Dec. 1st at your Tuscaloosa AL location. I have searched all over your website for this necklace . I have also went in the store . They had one, but I need at least 5. The young lady at the counter was so kind even though she was very busy to take the time to look it up . Even when the internet went down and she had to work on it for 30 min. To only have the answer that she could not order it for me. You see , me and 4 other very close friends purchased this necklace for our friend on Dec. 1st 2013 as a gift . She had been battling breast cancer for over 2 years . She lost her battle on Dec. 3rd 2013. We were able to present her with this beautiful gift the day she passed and then she was buried with it . I want to suprise my other 4 friends ( and have one myself ) with this necklace as a memory of what holds our friendship together . Please if you can help I need to purchase this necklace for all of us . I have a picture if that would help . Thank you . Hopefully after hours of searching for this necklace with no hope you can help me .

  106. I have been a customer for DECADES. The first blow was when JCPenny stopped St. John’s Bay Jeans….second blow was when the clothing choices changed to imitate (as best as I can describe it) Old Navy. Now, after having a credit limit of about 3000, I paid it off in March and I go to use my card THAT I’VE HAD FOR DECADES and I only have $100 limit. I will NEVER give JCP another dime of my money. They obviously have no customer loyalty. If they don’t want my money, I will gladly take it elsewhere.

  107. I ordered a rug for my daughter in law for Christmas on November 28, 2013. I received an email stating the shipping company would contact me for a delivery date between December 5th and the 12th. They never called. I finally started to inquire why I hadn’t received the call or rug. After 3 days of talking to everyone but the CEO, I was told I would not get the rug before Christmas. Why, you ask?…because JCP is using a shipping company that delivers TWICE A MONTH to this area of the state. They deliver the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month AND since the 25th is Christmas, I have to wait till January 8th. What kind of retail department store uses this kind of shipping company!!!??? Really???!!!! ABSOLUTLEY unacceptable!! I ordered the rug in plenty of time for Christmas. It wasn’t even on back order. I was offered a 20% off coupon for my next purchase. Are you kidding me, I can get those in the mail!! JCP has just lost a loyal shopper. It’s no wonder the company is dying a slow death. Customer service is a joke. The right hand has NO idea what the left hand is doing. Don’t even try to get a CEO email because they are locked away SOME WHERE!

    • If you have concerns with JCPenney please tell your friends and family to bombard them with these issues they’ll never be fixed if not

  108. I attempted to get someone on the customer service call line (24/7) and finally hung up the phone after waiting a little more than an hour for the rep to come onto the line. If they are never going to pick up a call, they should say so instead of leading you to believe your call was important and would a rep would be right with you. How uncaring. I am disappointed in the online efforts. Seems like they would make the effort to tell you they took the day off and sent theit people home for New Year’s holiday!

    Oh well.

  109. I have spend the last half hour trying to reach a customer service representative to ask a simple question about one of your products. Your main number connects me to a computer voice, who tells me to take a customer survey, either now or a little later. It did not provide me with the option of skipping the survey. I then tried to call your store in Augusta, Maine, through the number listed in the telephone book but got no answer despite a long ringing time.

    Your web site provides so many numbers it was/is darned near impossible to identify which one provides answers to simple questions, when I finally find one that seems to be what I want I end up in one of those endless computerized sequences that I don’t really have time for, and your local store doesn’t answer their telephone. I guess I’ll just have to buy my stuff from a place that is more accessible.

    So long, J.C.

  110. I was recently there to buy a gift for my son and was treated like a criminal. I have no tattoos and was not dressed in any form like a criminal so it is interesting to me to have been treated as such. They even went as far as to call the manager while I was browsing and even accusing the associate helping me of stealing. If this is how you do business prepare for a law suit

  111. The sofa I ordered in October finally was delivered yesterday.
    There were, howwever no instructions for care or cleaning.
    Is there some way to get them?

  112. Goodmorning I wanted to start by saying I love shopping at the waterside drive chesterfield Michigan JCP. But I am rather upset today. According to this locations website, Hours are 9-9 today. I arrived early 8:40am, and waited in my car for 20 mins before approaching the door, only to see workers inside starring at me, of corse the doors were locked so I waited another 5 mins, until I looked at the hours on the door and realized you open at 10, your hours on your website need to be changed.while I was waiting more customers showed up and left as well.i don’t mean to be angry but I planned my day around the hours listed online.

  113. Why in the world would you discontinue towncraft jean pants with the internal rope belt? I see several chat sites upset about this.. NO. ONE makes them?


  114. I have a JCP MasterCard platinum rewards card which I use for all my purchases in the JCP store or online. When you advertise an extra 20% off, the fine print states that the Rewards MasterCard cannot be used to get the 20% off. I cannot understand why I need another JCP credit card to get a 20% discount when advertised. If you want to continue getting 85% of my Dept Store business, this needs to be changed. Why do you treat us with the JCP rewards Mastercard like 2nd class customers because we don’t have the right JCPenney credit card?

  115. I have been a loyal customer for years. I have always bought JC Penney bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths and was always very happy. This last purchase of 6 each of the towels and wash cloths was the worst ever. I have never seen the towels fray at the edges and come completely undone. Beery time I take them out of the wash, I have long threads coming off all the towels. I only bought these a few months ago, and am ready to chuck them all. What’s up with this. Has this happened to anyone else!

  116. My wife and I went to your massapequa store to by me (bob) a suit and some dress shirts. we did not find what we were looking for. the 2 guys working the floor were inept and were not able to help us. We spent an hour searching for dress shirts and ties, which we eventually found. We were going elsewhere to get a suit. When we went to ther register to pay we met EMILY. when we mentioned our problem, she proceeded to help us find and order my suit online. You need more people like EMILY in your stores. She was Great and spent 30-40 minutes helping us. Thank You EMILY, we will return for more items because of her. You relly need to know how valuable an employee she is, and no I am not related to her. EMILY IS THE BEST. Thank You, Bob & Christina Santos

  117. I was charged 42.00 for a late fee that was only a few days late. I have been faithfully making payments every month since I have this account. Can’t wait to pay it off and say bye bye Penny’s.

  118. I wanted to compliment JCP on your coupons for allowing sale and clearance items on the $10 off if you spend $25. I went to Macy’s and couldn’t use the coupon on my clearance items, which made me very unhappy. LOVE that JCP allows all items to be discounted with your coupons.

  119. I wanted to compliment JCP on your coupons, love that you allow sale and clearance items on the $10 off if you spend $25. I went to Macy’s and couldn’t use the coupon on my clearance items, which made me very unhappy.

  120. my bank bill pay messed up on two payments made to Penny’s and Belk; both are owned by same bank. what did pennys and belk do? after being with them for nearly 15yrs! they CANCELED Both of my cards!! I will NEVER SHOP With either store again!! and will erge others not to as well.

  121. Usually I can always depend on JCP for an outfit
    For whatever occasion I’m attending & I usually
    Enjoy going whether I’m in CT NY or NJ with the ladies
    From my family so yes I’m a regular tristate
    JCP shopper however I have never had the argumentative
    Cashier I had when I went shopping at the Woodbridge
    Mall NJ “Kelly” decided to tell me that I could
    Not use my retail me not coupon sooo embarrassing
    How I could not use my $10 off accessories receipt I had
    But she would do me a favor & take it & I had to make 2 purchases
    Really??? There was appsolutly no talking to this lady so if you
    Could do me a favor & tell her what’s going on so no other
    Customer is embarrassed or ridiculed!! Thank you

  122. I just came back from Penney’s at lakeside in Sterling Hgts. Mi and was very pleased at the service I received in the shoe department. Angela went out of her way to help me get the shoes I wanted. She checked the computer for other stores and to possibly order them for me. She checked the stock room twice and found my size for me. Penneys is fortunate to have such a great employee. I love shopping at Penneys.

  123. I visited the Woodbridge Center Mall store in New Jersey this past Saturday, as I received a promotional email that I wanted to use. Being that it was a Saturday, the store was extremely busy. The store was very disorganized and it was hard to find anything. The racks were all mixed up. After selecting my items, I wanted to try them on. The womens fitting room was fu on line at both entrances. There was no attendant and customer were puching each other to go next. There were male and female customers in each line and in the fitting room. The mix of male and female would not have bothered me except when I went over to the mens section with my husband and went to use that fitting room, which also had a line, I was told I was not allowed, as I was not male. I have used this room in the past with no problem. When I asked why I was not allowed, when there were males in the women’s room, I was told it made him uncomfortable. As there were so many lines, I decided to put back some of my mechandise and purchase the belt my husband wanted.After waiting on line at the register for about 35 mins, the belt did not ring up on sale, as it was supposed to according to the sign above it on the rack that said all men’s belt were 30% off. When I questioned the cashier about it, she said in order for me to purchase it at the sale price, I had to purchase it in the men’s department. I was also not allowed to use my coupon on it that I had brought it from my email. At that point, I had asked for corporate’s phone number,as this is not the first time I have experienced problems similar to this in this store. The cashier called the manager, wo came over nd grabbed me by the arm to move me away from the other customers. I did not appreciate this! I had not be loud or rude to anyone to give her reason to touch me. She could have simply asked me to move to the side. The manager would not give me corporate’s phone number because she did not know it. She did try to call someone and just told who over was on the phone that I wanted the number. At this point, I did nopt want to cause a scene, as that is not what my intentions were, so I left the store. My husband and I have shopped at this store practically our whole lives and the past few times we have visited it, we have had horrible experiences. The customer service is awful. No one can ever help, and employees are rude. Needless to say, we did not make a purchase and will no be returning to this store in the future.

  124. I ordered cabin creek pants because in the past they were the best fitting pants I ever had. I also liked the material they were made of. Now the fit is not very good and the material is awful. I am returning them tomorrow. They were made in another country so I don’t know if that may be the reason the material is so flimsy. I totally dislike the material.

  125. This is my OMG moment for the day……..Sunday,May 4th 2014. I went into JC Penney at Lynhaven Mall in Va. Beach with the purpose of purchasing 13 standard pillow cases for an end of the school year art project for preschoolers. I spent some time trying to find nice, cotton, white cases without spending too much money…… this project is financially on me. I found a nice JC Penney brand for $20.00 fot two. Wouldn’t luck have it, there was exactly six packages on the shelf! Darn…….I need one more I thought to myself, and low and behold there were two above me in pillows! Two of these pillows had my case on them. So close yet so far. I asked the ” lovely” young lady if there were any more and explained my dellima. She was quick to respond …..we have no more, I was just back there! I asked is there any way I could maybe purchase it and or both of the ivory cases. Her reply…..oh no we can’t sell those. Wow…..aren’t they in business to make money or just allow the mdse. to sit on the shelf to look pretty.? I left Penneys a little discouraged with the way society is and people not being able to think outside the box or by simply not caring! I am not sure which it was in this case (punn intended). So I went to good old Walmart, bought a better thread count AND saved money! Thanx JCP!,,Andrea

  126. The automated phone system is awful!!! If I wanted to talk into my phone and sound like an idiot, I would call customer service. I want to press 1 for yes and 2 for no! The system forces me to talk to it and gives me no other options. It is supposed to make paying my bill easier but I get to irritated i want to cancel my account just so I don’t have to deal with the terrible automated system anymore!

  127. Wow! Went to JC Penney in Fort Collins last night to buy a blanket. The woman in the bedding department, looked up momentarily from her iPad to tell me to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Without leaving her station, she explained blankets are out of season right now. So I looked around and found a few, they were on sale. I am both a little sad and a little mad the Penney store I have shopped at for years is falling to such a level.

  128. I asked for help in resolving a billing problem and was given a number and directed to call. I ordered two window blinds and two curtain rods and after two times of receiving the wrong size blinds and making returns I finally got the correct blinds. When I saw that I owed $159.75 plus I had already made a payment of $50+, that is $200.00 for two blinds and two curtain rods. When I talked to your C S. department and asked for a breakdown, it couldn’t be done-I just owed $159.75. I have paid up and this if good-bye. Whatever happened to the old JC Penney store that really tried to keep their customers happy? It wouldn’t have taken much for me.

  129. I called customer service today to question my account information, clearly she was annoyed to research my problem so I requested to speak to her manager & this girl laughed at me over the phone ” I even asked her if she seriously laughed at me, she even agreed yes & said they don’t have to explain anything they choose to do to your account and hung up on me. Now I see why JC Penny had to change names, this type of customer service is unacceptable.

  130. Good day,

    I just wanted to find out why the jcp site doesn’t open in Nigeria.

    Everytime an attempt is made it says access denied.

    Please note that several american sites allow Nigerians buy and ship from their websites.

    Jcp is one of my favourite stores and I strongly recommend that this is investigated as there’s a huge market for your company here

    Warm regards

    Hannatu Adegboyega

  131. I used to shop at JCPenney at least twice a month. I liked clothing, housewares, and it was a good experience.
    However over time there have been so many changes. I go to Durham’s Southpoint Mall, and last week’s visit was very unsatisfactory. Why on earth would there be a huge Sephora, when the mall has one on the same floor! And the music was loud, horrible, and distracting. Headache music.
    There used to be a checkout area at each doorway, I had to walk all over and only found one …had to wait on line and was almost tempted to walk away. The young woman was good and did her best but she was overwhelmed. There are too many clothes all over the store, that it is indeed hard to find brand and size… lack order.
    The worse however is the dreadful music. The words in the popular Rihanna, Beyonce, etc music ar ex-rated, and yet it is oud – only a certain age group (the younger workers) choice.

    Bring back class, style, and order.

  132. It took well over an hour to get the customer service phone number. Clicking on the site that came up directed me everywhere-to sites I did not want. It was like pulling teeth. It was highly frustrating. It’s awful.

  133. I’m looking for a front hook bra that IS NOT RACERBACK. Ambrielle used to have a great one 93677
    Why was it discontinued?

  134. I have worn JC Penneys Subtle Shaper Firm Control Top Support Hosier for years, and now you have ceased to offer it for sale. Is there anyway or anyplace that I could order this hosier, for any other place, like the factor, that it would be offered for sale? Do they keep any warehoused? Please advise.

  135. I stood in line at the Round Rock store for 30 min. to make a purchase of $69.24.

    Two people ahead of me in line made returns and did not have receipts which caused one of the cashiers to leave her register and go to another dept. to check a price and the other cashier threw up her hands and blamed the computer!
    PLEASE, set up a station in the front of the store for returns only!

    You advertised “The biggest sale of the year” on the entry door to the store, but you were not ready to transact my purchase in a timely manner. Poor customer service.

  136. IMPOSSIBLE to enter your sweepstakes. NOT User FRIENDLY !
    order NO.2014214510046367 Invoice 372515267 Queen Sheet SR723-11390. These sheets are suppose to be wrinkle free. NOT TRUE.
    I returned them the next day. Made in India, The plastic packaging STUNK. Like MOLD OR Mildew. I washed and dried the sheets, followed your instructions to the letter. THEY WRINKLE !! False Advertising.
    clicking on POST COMMENT NOT WORKING !

  137. The required fields have been filled out.


  138. I can understand why your company has problems. I have gone into two of your stores within the last month, one in Boynton Beach, Fl and one in Dothan, Al. And both times I have left with nothing. I had $20.00 in reward points so I went to the Boynton Beach location and I was going to purchase something. The item rang up for more then it should have so the transaction never went thru. The cashier did something with my reward points and the manager said that he would take care of it so I left. Mind you that I never left the counter. My husband and I went to your Dothan store today and I wanted to to use my reward points only to be told that I already used them. The cashier called the rewards department and also called for a manager, Felicia three times. I ended up sitting on hold for over forty minutes and Felicia never came to the register instead the cashier went looking for her. The cashier finally found to Felicia (I don’t know where), she said we just have to stay on hold until someone picks up. Really, I don’t have unlimited time to hold on forever where I feel Felicia could have stepped up to the plate and correct this error. Maybe she could have held on the phone after we left to correct this problem. And once again I left your store with nothing.

  139. At this very moment I have been waiting for NEXT rep for 38 minutes. What kind of customer service is this? Now is 40 min. After I pay I will close this account

  140. Comment? I have not received service . I waited for forty min. I pay per minutes used.after I solve the prob. I am trying to,I will close my acct.

  141. Date 9-19-2014
    Store 2767—Manchester nh. Mall of New Hampshire

    The large salesperson behind the counter at sephora was NOT friendly whatsoever!!!! When her associate came in for her 12-noon shift. They both got loud greeting each other commenting on how amazing their eye makeup looked. I was never greeted, I asked for a sample which neither girls made me and was rushed off as if I was an annoyance. Not good!

  142. Date 9-19-2014
    Store 2767—Manchester nh. Mall of New Hampshire

    The large salesperson behind the counter at sephora was NOT friendly whatsoever!!!! When her associate came in for her 12-noon shift. They both got loud greeting each other commenting on how amazing their eye makeup looked. I was never greeted, I asked for a sample which neither girls made me and was rushed off as if I was an annoyance. Not good!

  143. I am writing to object to the Levis commercial you are running. The very idea of a woman walking up & patting a strange man’s rear end. The woman model that struts her rear around is also disgusting. If a man patted a woman’s rear they would yell sexual harassment. The whole commercial is way out of line morally.

  144. Store in Salinas CA.
    On September 11, 2014 I purchased a ring for $3168.00 & lifetime warranty for $350.00. When I purchased the ring the salesman asked if I had a J.C. Penney card. I told him no & that I’d write a check. After I made the purchase, the ring had to be sized. He told me that when I pick it up I would receive $10.00 coupons for every $100 spent. A couple of days later I went back to the store and made a separate purchase. The sales person commented on all the coupons I had. I informed her about my ring purchase which I would be was picking up very soon. When I did go to the store to pick it up, the sales help would not honor the coupons because they said I didn’t have a JC Penney card. I told them the original salesperson knew I didn’t have a card – and that several days earlier it registered that I had all these coupons! After calling over several other sales people to look at the transaction, I was told I couldn’t have the coupons. They were rude & disrespectful – except 1 young person that said under her breath that she thought I should get them. I told the “manager” I had been a loyal customer, but no longer. I will NOT shop there again. When I told the manager the same thing, she just basically said Oh Well! I wish I could return the ring as I am disgusted with your company. If I was not eligible to receive the coupons then I shouldn’t have been told I was in the first place. The ring was something I had saved for many years & was super excited that I could use the coupons for my Christmas shopping. Train your people better JC Penney – the run around I got was ridiculous – Take some lessons from Kohl’s – My New Favorite Store!

  145. I went to the penney store in Maplewood mn. and I was shocked at there not being a service center. we were told go to any register, and we could pay our bill. We had a clerk named Scott who went over and above trying to help us, but the system was no help to him at all. I paid my bill in full, and will not be back, no wonder the store was empty. Half the registers were closed, making us walk back and forth across the store looking for help. With all the people looking for work it seems to me you could hire some.

  146. Today, 11/7/2014, I went to the Heritage Trace store in Ft. Worth to buy clothes for my son. As soon as I walked in I could hear the Christmas music playing on the loud speaker. I found it to be obnoxious and insulting. I have no problem with Christmas, except when it starts in November and runs thru January. After over 35 years if shopping at JCP it has put me off so much that I don’t see me shopping at there anymore. I know one person doesn’t make a big difference, all I can do is take my shopping elsewhere. And I am unanimous in that.

  147. Recently I was in your store browsing your jewelry as I love jewelry. I have been married almost 29 years. In the past few years I have received very little in the way of gifts so I decided to treat myself to a few items. First of all I have to say how very impressed I was with your selection. I do not know who your buyer is but Bravo to him/her. The jewelry is so stunning and beautiful that to date I have not found items that come close in beauty, substance, and price and I do a lot of surfing on the web. In addition I received bonus coupons, I will be telling my friends about the great savings you offer. Continue the great work!

  148. Went to the Volusia Mall today using my mobility scooter to get around, I found it quite difficult to get thru a lot of your clothing aisles. A year or so ago I spoke to the jewelry mgr. about the inability to navigate that area & they seemed to care. I am seriously surprised no one from ADA has come to the store noting the lack of Handicapped accessibility to so many clothing aisles except of course, where you pay. Take note of this if you have any mobility challenge & consider going to Target.

  149. I would like to pass on to your company the outstanding support I received from Carol at Crossgate Mall, in Albany NY. Her professional courtesy and help was outstanding. We had a statement problem and she corrected it for us. We were going to close out our penny’s Card, but with help help and understanding we will not. Thank You. Respectfully, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Clouthier.

  150. I visited your store in the Queens Mall and want to say that I received excellent service from the following two associates:
    1. Time: 4:44 PM – Associate 0160 – Jasmine – JC Penny is very fortunate to have Jasmine as an employee. She knew what she was doing and acted in a professional manner.
    2. Time: 8:04 PM – Associate 0543 – James – I returned to the store after dinner and went to the bedding department. There was activity at the Cashier’s counter but James very ably handled my purchases. I had purchased a Comforter and an Isotonic pillow. These two items were bulky but James found a way to wrap them in such a way that I was able to safely carry them out of the store and onto a Q60 bus on Queens Boulevard.
    I realize Associates are not very well-paid, but I thought that sending these comments would make their way into the Personnel Files of Jasmine and James.
    PS: I saved quite a bit of money and that always makes me feel good.
    Thank you.

    I am having difficulty posting my comments. Why is this so?

  151. I recently visited a jcp store in garden city. I was shocked and surprised to see that the cashier had put in a total of over 400 in discounts. Theses discounts didn’t belong to me and I felt they were wrong and against the law. Being an owner of a small business I couldn’t keep what was not mine so I returned the items after reviewing my receipts. This is ashame.

  152. On November 13, 2014 I shopped at the Albuquerque store, #2434. My husband went with me to pick out some clothing in the petite section. I tried on an outfit and went to show it to him. When I went back to the dressing room, my clothes were gone. (I had left the dressing room door open, so people could see it was occupied.) I found a salesperson and told her I couldn’t find my clothes. She said people often switched out their clothes for ones in the store and she would bring my clothes back to me. It took her about 15 minutes to come back with my clothes. I don’t know where she had taken them or what they might have been put in. I don’t know why she thought my clothes weren’t of value, because they certainly were to me. I did purchase the outfit and some socks that day. I spent $101.63, using the $100.00 gift card my husband had gotten for me plus $1.61. My transaction number was 5521. I told the cashier what had happened, and she said that the next time I was in I should tell someone at the customer service counter that I was trying on clothes so my clothing wouldn’t be taken. For my next purchase, I went to Talbot’s. I received excellent service and found two lovely pieces of clothing. I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry I can’t feel good about shopping at Penney’s anymore. It’s very sad to experience this kind of disrespect.

  153. Inquired at the Sturbridge MA store as to why “Dockers” were NOT on sale after Christmas and was told that I had to return the pants in person that I had just purchased for a refund and then had to “Buy Back” the pants to get a latest discount posted on the same day??? I paid $58 list price and the “Dockers” company own web site offered the same pants for $23.98 (free shipping) Some thing is terribly wrong here! HELP!

  154. Very disappointed. I ordered a few things around 12-1-2014.I got everything except my sheet set, got the pillowcases in the mail. I called to see about the sheets and was told they really didn’t know what happened and ordered another set for me. Again,I received pillowcases this time by UPS.I called again and was told they’ll order them again and wave the shipping cost. SERIOUSLY!! Like I should have to pay. I’m getting charged tax’s which isn’t fair plus,I was made to fell like I was lying.I’ve been a costumer for along time and Ill tell you I don’t appreciate this kind of service. I want to order more window treatments form you but, now I’m going to have to rethink this.

  155. I just returned from your JC PENNEYS SALON at Collin Creek Mall in Plano, Texas and had an extremely positive experience and wanted to share it with you. I had my hair cut this passed Sunday and wasn’t quite satisfied, so I went back to the salon and Cindy the manager was extremely nice and wanted her customer to be happy, so Lisa a salon stylist kindly volunteered to recut my hair, since the original stylist was not present. Lisa, I would like to commend was professional, polite, gentle and very well skilled. I absolutely loved her recut! I was very satisfied and offered a tip and she declined and stated, I had already paid enough. Lisa gained a new client and I will certainly recommend her to my friends and family. I hope she can be recognized for going the extra step!

    Thank you,

    Nancy LeCover

  156. A 90 mile drive to Lake Havasu AZ yesterday to one of the two closest Penneys. My main reason was to buy two pair of AMANDA (Gloria Vanderbilt) denim jeans size 14 Tall. Not one size 14 much less tall. Then I went to the sheet department which was sadly depleted, almost no Queen size in the whole collection of sheets and non in the better sheets. I was told by a clerk “Well we had such a rush at xmass” The clerk in the jeans dept. was helpful, said she could order on line and I could pick them up at the store and avoid shipping cost (not cost effective if you drive 90 miles).
    I have been buying my families clothing needs since 1956 when the store in Shelton WA still had the cashier center up with wires and money cups for your payment and your change returned the same way. In those yeathe depleted supply, the over priced goods in all departments, certainly rs Penney was a reliable moderate priced store with quality goods. I have an account with them and have kept it through the years. I was shocked at the depleted supply, the over priced goods in all departments, certainly not a moderate income middle classed working persons store. You have forgotten your roots and the needs of most American families today. anyway I shall order my britches on line or take another 90 mile drive to Yuma, AZ and try your store there. Think I will call first…………?

  157. I contacted customer service tonight over a bogus call I received about my card being “locked”. After spending time putting all my numbers in and listening to the automated person telling me all the details of my account, I finally spoke with a customer service rep. I then had to give all sorts of details including the amount of my last payment, where I purchased items before she could give me any information. Why did I just spend all the time on the phone giving them all my info and listening to the automated person if I had to do it all again? Waste of time!

  158. I have purchased Penny’s underwear most of my life-over 65 now and I am really disappointed in the quality of my Underscore #790483 ladies nylon panties and thought you should check on your manufacturers’ quality in the name of Penny’s-the fabric is in perfect condition, but I have to through them in the trash as the elastic in the waist is completely stretched out and they will not stay on my waist-too bad-such a waste-you may want to check this out-I will look else where in the future for underware

  159. Please i am trying to get on to your site to do some shopping and i can, i am gettin ” permission is not granted to enter site “please help


  160. I was just on the phone with customer for twenty min i was told i would be sent an email to reset my account i can no log into it can you please help me

  161. what a terrible company I call want to cancel my credit because my ex wife Beverly Kosior is still on the account, on the phone for more than 30 minutes YOU CAN NEVER TALK TO A REAL PERSON AUTOMATED THIS AND AUTOMATED THAT NO WONDER i NOW SHOP AT MACY;S

  162. I live in Trinidad which is in the Caribbean. Usually I shop online jcpenney and ship items to po box in Miami which is sent to me directly. Since January 2015 I’ve been denied access to despite the numerous devices I tried to access the actual website from. Why is this happening. Can someone help. I keep seeing ad on cable for ongoing sales at jcpenney both in store and online but access is always denied. I have relatives who are also jcp customers try to access the website and failed. Jcp, what is the issue….why are trinis being blocked from the website…. You are losing so much sales and customer loyalty

    • I live in Trinidad but travel fairly frequently to the US. Will this denied access apply to me while I am in the US? Incidentally, who is denying JCPenney’s customers access to their website?

  163. Just wanted to comment on the customer service at the penny’s store at the Huntington Mall at Barboursville Wva..Last friday evening, June 19th, I ran into the store to pay my husband was starting to rain so, after the girl processed the bill..I ask her if I could have a bag so I could put it over my hair as, I didn’t have my umbrella in the car..I have my hair done every friday so, I didn’t want to get it wet..she said, we don’t give away bags..Now, I had just paid a bill of over ninty dollars so, she had to know that, we shop there…this girl was tall & black..Do you think it would of set that store back if she would of just handed me a bag?..makes me not want to shop there anymore & if you would Check our record, you would see that we shop there a lot but, if this is the policy of Penny’s, I might have to re-think where I also made my husband angry when I told him too..thank you..Betty Weeks

  164. Please stop all phone and emails.i will no longer be a customer at JC penney’s. Don’t send me ANYTHING.i applyed for a JC Penney credit card and was turned down by yourSynchrony Bank.i have been a customer for over 35 years,and always had a credit card,and my credit is very good,but i will no longer shop at JC penney

  165. I have been a loyal customer at JCPenny for years,but as of last year I have not been able to access the online site.Many of my friends and colleagues are also experiencing the same problem.It is truly unfair to us since your company has enjoyed doing business with nationals from my country over the years.The termination of this relation has left us deeply frustrated with a feeling of abandonment.I do hope that you reconsider you decision and reopen your lines to allow business to be conducted as before.

  166. I am an employee of Citizens Bank and work in the customer service field. I contacted JCPenny Customer support to help me with a mutual customer. After getting through the long automated menu I finally got a representive who could not help me. She offered to transfer me and once transfered I was hung up on. I then called a different number to reach credit card services directly and got another rep who also could not answer my question. I asked to speak to a manager and I was placed on hold for 10 minutes. I was told the manager was busy and couldn’t speak to me. I requested a call back and they said we dont typically make out bound calls. I was not helped AT ALL. Will never do business because of the service I recieved today.

  167. I got my usual JCPennys coupons via text and circular. I decided to take my three grand daughters to get shoes for school. The girls range in age from 8 thru 4 so needless to say this was no easy task. After more than an hour of trying on numerous shoes we made our decision only to be told by the cashier that Nike shoes were not covered. I was irritated but decided to try again only to have the cashier proceeded to read off a list of item not covered by this coupon. When asked what I could use this coupon for the cashier thought for a bit and decided Sketchers shoes were the only covered. That was the final straw I purchased nothing and went next door to a competitor and purchased all three pair. I will never shop at JCPenny again. I prefer a retailer that does not try to draw people in with big savings with hidden restrictions. I am sure many have had the same experience only to purchase their items anyway. I will not.

    • I agree. I had a similar experience. I watched my sister try on shoes for 2 hours and finally settle on a pair just to be told that Clark’s weren’t covered. I challenge anyone to read the long list of name brands that are not covered. Maybe they should post a HUGE placard with all of the unavailable brands.

  168. Unfortunately I had to seek assistance from the better business as J.P did not provide a full refund as mandated. Please consider this when making a purchase with this company. As many other companies are much more ethical in managing their clients. Who deserve your buisness

  169. I received a coupon that stated “EXTRA 15% OFF ON YOUR NEXT IN STORE PURCHASE” However;when I went to the CASHIER I was told that it would not apply because I also had a “$10 OFF $25” coupon? If you will not honor the wording on your promotions do not send them out? I like JCP products & service but I am perturbed over the scenario as I was 180 miles from home & stopped to use the coupon? My closest JCP store is 110 miles? I will continue to shop JCP but hope you will be more careful with your wording in the future?

  170. I have called your Hair Salon at Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville Indiana twice trying to get my daughter a hair appointment. The first time, your voice mail told me to leave a message and someone would get back to me. I waited 2 -3 call. I called again and asked for the same hair dresser we had last time that my daughter loved and they gave me a run around and never set up an appointment. They told me the hair dresser would call. It has been well over a week and not one has called. If she was busy, they could have asked if it would be ok to sit me up with another hair cutter. My daughter has a huge scar from ear to ear from a surgery she had to correct a birth defect. We are very sensitive about who cuts her hair. I am quite put off and feel like my daughter has been discriminated against. I will not be back to your store that is too high and mighty to set up a simple kids hair cut appointment, because I guess it does not generate enough revenue???? Wow, you just lost my business.

  171. I purchased a watch today at the Westminster mall location in California. I was helped by a wonderful young man named Billy. He was so nice, helpful and friendly. Even though it wasn’t a big purchase he made me feel like a million bucks!!!!

  172. I am very angry. I just wasted three hours of my life (and I’m in my 60s so don’t have much time left to waste 🙂 trying to place an order. Every item I picked would allow me to pick it, and then when I went to check out, would say it was out of stock. How is this possible for every one of several items? I didn’t take hours to check out, so that someone else bought the very last one. I believe there is something wrong with your online system. I’m very disappointed, and now, by the time you answer this, my $10 coupon will no longer be valid.

  173. I was a little frustrated yesterday when I went shopping at jcp I usually like to go there because I can find what I like and it doesn’t break the bank when I use coupons. I had a couple coupons yesterday but the cashier wasn’t able to get them to work and charged me full price. I was wondering if there is still a way to get the 30% off still? Or at least $10 off $25. It just seemed like she didn’t try very hard or care if it worked or not.

  174. from what happened I am NOT comfortable calling to the store again if someone could get in touch with me as soon as possible I would appreciate it

  175. To whom it may concern:

    I recently ordered a pair of thong sandals for my niece for her upcoming birthday. I had it sent directly to her. Although the tracking information shows it was received, she has not received them. I will now have to go to the brick and mortar store and hope to buy the same/similar item.

    I am writing to inquire what I need to do to request a merchandize refund as I have not received the order.

    Thanking you in advance for your speedy and professional response to this matter.

    Suzanne Freise

    Order #- 2015-2476-2010-1234

  176. I do not understand JC Penney. I had a $10 rewards coupon, but it could not be applied to a travel / battery-power electric razor because it was an “electronic.” What sense does that make? I was it was because the razor “had a plug and needed electricity.” The razor had neither — didn’t have a plug and ran on batteries. Had a purchased a lamp, then the coupon could have been applied. What sense does this make? The item was in the men’s department, on the same rack as belts and slippers. I see this as JC Penney not honoring its rewards program and being nitpicking. I opted to return the item to JCPenney and buy it from Bed Bath and Beyond. The price difference was very small, but I felt that BBandB gave much better service. It did not make sense that I had rude sales associates and mgrs. feel the need to correct me and insist that a batter-operated razor was an “electronic.”

  177. To whom it may concern:
    2ND REQUEST! !!
    I recently ordered a pair of thong sandals for my niece for her upcoming birthday.
    I had it sent directly to her. Although the tracking information shows it was received, she has not received the item. I will now have to go to the brick and mortar store to buy the same/similar item.

    I am writing to inquire what I need to do to request a merchandize refund as I have not received the order.

    Thanking you in advance for your speedy and professional response to this matter.

    Suzanne Freise

    Order Number : 2015-2476-2010-1234

  178. I need an email address for customer service complaints other than having BBB of Texas mail one to you. I don’t like filing a complaint in a public forum.

  179. There is not enough room here to explain my terrible situation with a JC Penney order. Please send me an e-mail address that I can send a detailed letter to.

    Kathy Cyliax

  180. Why am i denied access to your shopping site?I live in Trinidad and whenever I visit your site I get access denied. I might want to make a purchase.

  181. I was very disappointed in my consultation about window treatments with Stephanie king When she arrived I was told that she had an appointment with a installer and did not have much time I felt totally rushed When I told her so I was told that she would rather be late with a client then an installer I had one hour and fifteen minutes and I was supposed to pick out material, design and hard ware for two big windows and kitchen window when she left I did not have an estimate on my cost I was told that she would send me one thru my e-mail I have not heard from her yet.My business must not be important to jc penny so needles to say that I will take my business someplace else.
    sincerely ute kelley

  182. I recently left a review of my store experience. I forgot to mention the name of the woman who helped me. Her name is Laurel and she works in the lingerie department at the Hamilton Place mall store in Chattanooga. She was AMAZING. You need more associates like her.

  183. After having to deal with 4 of you CSR.. I can tell you that there they were terrible.. I can assure you that no one handled the issue and I got 4 different excuses!!! Shame Shame JCP!!!!!’

  184. We were shopping for a dress at the Grand Forks ND JCPENNY store. We were impressed by a sales clerk named Amber. She was very helpful to my granddaughter, son and myself. If awards are given to your employees we think that she should be recognize.

  185. Order#4110353 Hello, I am very disappointed in the total handling of our order. It began with the lack of respect received in store at the initial sale. After not hearing anything about our order, contacted the number given for tracking order, but they knew nothing about it. Wife took over and tried another number and was told that someone would get back to us in a day or two. Well that never happened. So we had to call again and were told that they tried to contact us a few times. No record of any messages left on our phone.
    We have a gift card balance left. Once that is gone, we will check other stores before shopping at JCP. So disappointed in total lack of customer care.

  186. I ordered 5 items. All shirts. And instead of taking money off of my bill, when they don’t have an item I orederd, jcp sends me a pair of gloves!!! I didn’t order gloves. I ordered a shirt. Smh!!!! Take the money off my bill. Please. Contact me through email. Thanks

  187. I want to comment on…the store staff at the Eastgate store and my renewed enthusiasm for all things that are going on at JC Penney’s. I make the term “long-term customer” look unbelievable. I go back at least 50 years. So, when you went thru that strange period a few years ago (no ads and the “new sherif in town”, who changed everything), I was saddened to watch the steep decline of my favorite store. Now, I can see with my own eyes, the re-birth, the regeneration of Penneys. I just want you to know that I am cheering you on and I love everything that i see you doing now. Congratulations! PLEASE PASS MY COMMENTS ON UP THE LINE.

  188. I am leaving JC Penney at northwoods mall in Charleston, SC. I am very upset with the way one of your employees with the last name of Sherril treated me. She acted like it was a big deal for her to take back my item so I decided not to return the shorts. When I asked her for the bag I brought in back she said she couldn’t give it back to me because people would think I was stealing. I have never in my life ever been accused of stealing. I would never steal. She does not need to accuse people of this. I do expect a response from this email. I am VERY UPSET!

  189. Ive tried to order Item # 221-0562D 3 time’s now online – all three times
    OUT OF STOCK – be nice to KNOW THAT before I went thru the entire checkout process – KEEP your website more UP TO DATE – IRRITATING waste of time!

  190. Your staff at rolling oaks mall location in san antonio tx are rude. They don’t acknowledge at all. My fiance and i were waiting at the jewerly counter for at least 20minutes. We were looking at bridal sets. The lady was helping another customer but never did she acknowledge us. She would look our way but not say a word to us. If we would have at least recieved a smile we would have waited. We left the store, went to another jewelry store and bought our rings. I have been a customer of jcp for many years. It will take a while before i step into the store. I was there sunday 10/11/2015 at 3:30p

  191. Dear J.C. Penney,
    I am very sad and upset that you no longer carry tall man Stafford shirts in sizes less than 16 1/2. Not all tall men are big. Some tall men are thin. My husband has been wearing your tall man shirts for 30 years and all of a sudden they are no longer available. I have told everyone that I think that Executive Stafford shirt is the best shirt on the market. First only short sleeve shirts were 16 1/2 and above, but now it is the long sleeved, too! My son got married over the weekend and I searched to find a new, fitting shirt for my husband at JC Penney, but to no avail. Instead he wore something that could have fit a hand into the collar. It is very disappointing that you, as a store, and online are only selling to main stream and you no longer think about your longtime, loyal customers.
    Thank you,
    Anita Corbeil

  192. I returned some items that I bought online at a local store yesterday and it was deposited on my debit card. The deposit wasn’t added onto my card yet. When will it be deposited back on my card??

  193. My fiancé and his groomsmen were in your Christiana Mall location in Delaware on Sunday. They were purchasing suits. Wendall helped them out, he was amazing and helped them every step of the way! He took the time to have each guy try on different pieces and worked within budgets!

  194. I placed an order online on 10/10/2015 to be shipped to the store. When I looked over the information it showed that it was going to be mailed to the Rivertown location. After clicking to complete my order, I see that the confirmation shows the shipping address for the order is to my old address in NY and I now live in MI. I called customer service immediately and was told that they could not cancel my order or change the address but that I had to call UPS directly in order to change the address. After calling UPS, I was told that they could not change the address until one failed delivery attempt was made and that I would have to call Jcpenney to get it changed! I still have not recieved the items I’ve paid for and after this experience I will never shop at JcPenney again!

  195. Dear J.C.Penney,
    I have been a loyal customer at your store in Bay Brook Mall, Houston. However, last Sunday I was very disappointed with one of your cashiers who tore away my coupon and did not acknowledge apologize for her mistake. I had two coupons with me and I understand I can only use one. She just took one of them, scanned it and tore it into half and threw it away. In fact, that was the coupon I wanted to keep and wanted to use the other one instead. She told me the system would not accept anymore and $10 just got thrown away. Sometimes it’s arrogance of the cashier who really disappointed me and I need to think twice before I shop again because there are so many competitors out there who are providing great service with a smile.

  196. On 9/5/15, I visited the JCPenney store in Columbia Mall, Maryland.
    I was hoping to buy new curtains for several rooms in my home. I was in the Curtain Dept for well over an hour, and a very nice gentleman helped me. I found some curtains that I liked, but I wasn’t sure that the color would match. He suggested that I purchase the curtains and check the color once I got home. He assured me that I could return anything that did not work. I was really happy when I saw the “Free Shipping” sign in the curtain department, since the store did not have everything I wanted in stock. The salesman assured me that he could order what I wanted from the online site. I was interested in several different curtain panels, but wouldn’t know for sure which ones would be the best until I looked at them at home in the room they were intended for.
    He again assured me that I could return anything that I ordered . So he placed three separate orders. I noticed a shipping charge on the receipt, and inquired about it, and he told me again that I would be refunded for the entire purchase, including shipping, if I returned all items on the receipt.

    Well, it turned out that the shipping charge was NOT refunded back to me.
    I was charged $8.95 for each order. When I brought the items back to JCP to return, I was told that the shipping charge would not be refunded. So even though I returned all items in all 3 orders, I still paid over $26 in shipping fees.

    I feel completely misled by JCP. Why would I have placed 3 separate orders if the shipping charges would not be refunded ? There are signs all over the Curtain Dept that advertise “Not Finding it? We’ll order and ship it for Free”. Why would the salesman not tell me that the shipping charge was not refundable ? Nowhere on my receipts does it specify that shipping charges are not refundable.

    Well I learned my lesson – will never,ever order from JCP again. They do have a large selection and good prices, but I can’t justify buying curtains from JCP knowing that I won’t get a full refund. Purchasing curtains is difficult if you’re trying to match a certain color. Sometimes you need to buy them and bring them home and hold them up against your furniture or bedspread to make sure that the color matches.

    I’ve since discovered that Kohls, Sears, Target, and Walmart have free shipping if I pick-up at the store. It just makes more sense to buy from a company that will fully refund my purchase.

    I think JCP should make their shipping policies clearer to customers.
    1. JCP employees should be knowledgeable about shipping charges/policies, and should advise the customer accordingly.
    2. The signs that advertise “Not Finding it? We’ll order and ship it for Free!” should include the fact that Shipping charges are not refundable if the item is returned.
    3. Any receipt that is given to a customer should include the words “Shipping Charges” are not refundable, to avoid confusion/embarrassment at the register when the item is returned.

  197. Jesus Christ, JC Penny! You make it nearly impossible to reach customer service. Seriously, ask youself:

    1. Do I need to hire MORE people for web development?
    2. Do I need to hire NEW people for web development?
    3. Do I want to stay in business?
    If you can’t help your customers, you’re going to lose them. This isn’t 1999. Beef up your company. Also, who the hell is going to ask a question via twitter? “Hey @jcp, my invoice number is 6969, but you didn’t give me a tracking number. Can I plz have 1?”

    That’s ridiculous.


  198. On the Internet, I looked at the area rugs that JC Penney offers for sale. This was about a month ago. I did not order a rug, nor do I intend to, but now every time I turn on the Internet, there is a picture of JC Penney’s rugs on the screen. I want to be removed from their contact list. I don’t want their ads or correspondence!

  199. I was at the store this morning and purchased a shirt in the boys department. It was a “VANS” brand long sleeve shirt with a price tag of $20.00, the sign above the item said “30-40% off all vans”. I also had a $10 rewards coupon.
    The shirt rang up at $28.00 and the person at the counter had no explanation, except the prices were raised for the sale and had not been changed. This explanation makes no sense to me. Why did the shirt not ring up at $20 as it was on the price tag? I was in a hurry and obviously they were unable to help me, so I paid and took my shirt and left. Just seems to be an inadequate explanation in my opinion and there were other shirts for $28, but mine was clearly $20.

  200. Bought a pair of khakis for work, had them on and noticed a hole in the crotch, went to return and they refused since I wore them for a couple minutes and removed the tags.

  201. I made a large purchase of a diamond engagement ring and was awarded reward points on that purchase. We used these points toward the purchase of an nonlinear-advised nonline wedding band-advised in store would match the engagement ring. When it arrived…it did not match and we returned it and purchased a higher priced band. We were told the reward points were not valid as they had been “used” how crazy is this. Today I received a card in the mail with the reward points and code numbers. Thinking they had been reinstated I drove the 35 miles back to the Maroon store. Picked out my merchandise. Went to the cashier whose comment was “bummer these rewards aren’t valid” I left the store empty handed and am DONE-FINISHED with JC Penney!

    merchandise. Went to the cashier. Wh looked up with the comment “hummed these aren’t valid” I left the store empty handed and am DONE

  202. PLEASE PROVIDE ADDITIONAL TRAINING FOR THE EMPLOYEES/MANAGEMENT @ JCPENNEY GREENVILLE, MS!!!!! THEY NEED TO LEARN TO GO TO THE JCP.COM WEBSITE.. THEN TRACK YOUR ORDER… PUT IN THE CUSTOMERS INFORMATION..IN ORDER TO PROCESS RETURNS…ETC… First and foremost the line was too long at the main entrance near lingerie. Second, I tried to avoid the line by going to a register near jewelry by the plus size section but the old lady said she doesn’t return online purchases they can only be returned at the register I just left with the long line. Keep in mind she didn’t have any customers and she didn’t attempt to pull any from the other counter to bring down the line. Third, after waiting in line for more than 15 minutes I get to the salesperson everything thing is fine until she tries to process my last return, she ask the lady behind her to help. I ask for a manager and she tells me that the lady is a (mgr). The lady (mgr) takes too long to respond so I ask her to call for another mgr and she tells me that this lady is the only one that can resolve this issue. The mgr finally turns around and says It’s been over 90 days without keying anything in or looking at the register. So long story short the incompetent b*t*h doesn’t know what she’s talking about and needs more training. I had to leave w/o returning the item. Get it together JCP Greenville MS!!!!

  203. • Nature Coast Commons
    5181 Pepper St
    Spring Hill, FL34607

    Last week, my son and I were in the Spring Hill area visiting my Mother, while my husband remained in Venice for work. My husband and my Mother put together a little mini vacay for me, as I had not yet had a night away from our son. Again, the child is over a year and a half old. My Mom watched my son, and my husband booked a hotel room for me, near the Nature Coast Commons JC Penney’s in Spring Hill.

    Being that I have a small child, I have not really worn jewelry recently, so my husband hasn’t bought me any new in the last two years. Imagine my surprise when my husband drops the money for me to purchase a new piece of jewelry for myself into our household expense account!

    So with a taste of freedom and a bank account with expendable money, I kissed my son goodbye and headed out for my 24hours of solitude. I have always loved JC Penney’s: the prices, the selection, the store layout, the cleanliness, the customer service, so I didn’t hesitate on Wednesday, October 28th at 12:45pm to drive directly to JC Penney’s. I arrived around 1:02,(I know exactly because I was texting my husband as I walked in) obviously the store had had or was having some sort of awesome sales, because there were employees scurrying around frantically all over the store. I started in the women’s department, perused the juniors, selected several Star Wars themed T-Shirts to buy my awesome husband, went through the baby/children’s department and selected several cute little numbers for my son, and finally found myself in the jewelry department at 1:32.

    I really didn’t know what I wanted so I just leisurely browsed, I could see the dark haired woman, probably late 50’s, early 60’s, behind the counter actively helping an older mid 60’s woman. The woman had bought a piece of jewelry, a bracelet or ring I believe, and the employee was raving about how beautiful it was, and at only several thousand dollars, it was steal! I’m thinking to myself, wow if I was walking out of here with a several thousand dollar piece, I certainly wouldn’t want the entire store to hear, but the customer didn’t shush her and that’s not really any of MY business. Maybe 10 minutes goes by, and the employee finishes with the woman, and without even acknowledging my presence goes back to organizing behind the counter. A few minutes later a gentleman, obviously one of or THE store manager, comes up and begins complimenting the employee on what a wonderful job they did with diamond sales, how impressed he was, and how she should keep up the good work. He also doesn’t bother to acknowledge my existence, regardless of the fact he practically has to touch me to walk passed me. I’ve now been in the jewelry department 15minutes without even a hello, and finally I start walking toward the employee… when I saw it. A simple, yet gorgeous, silver Love in Motion heart shaped locket, with diamond accents, so I stop and stare at it for a moment, and in that single moment of hesitation ANOTHER employee comes up and starts pop quizzing the jewelry employee about the watches that are on sale. They take them all out, debate about each one, talk about who should get one Christmas, another round of store managers come up, begin talking to the two lady employees, and then go on their way. For 20 MORE minutes the jewelry employee and the walk-up employee chit chat about the sales, and about how a better sale is coming up, so could they stash the watch somewhere until a better deal came up. Finally, they get all done ringing whatever up, and then the jewelry employee says, “Where did I put my ad, I think there was a coupon in there” and walks away from the walk-up employee, looking under the counters to find the flyer. As she walks passed me, she says “Be there in a minute.” That’s it. Be there in a minute. Not hello. Not sorry for the wait. Not Oh My Goodness I didn’t see you, just a blow off with no eye contact. I stood in that jewelry section for 35minutes and saw THREE managers and was never given a greeting.

    Now, this should not be relevant to the story, but I think ultimately it is the central problem. Because I had planned to hang out with my Mom, chasing after a toddler all week, the clothing I packed consisted of tank tops, and loose maxi, midi skirts, with a pair of beat up sneakers, no makeup, no fuss. Play clothes essentially. Did I mention the bright red hair and visible tattoos? Yea, I have that too, as well as dark circles under my eyes from hours of lullaby’s and ouchy kisses, and the generally slovenly appearance that most first time Mom’s given a moment of freedom possess.

    I wound up dropping everything I had planned to purchase on the floor and walked out of the store in tears. At 2:12 I am in the car sobbing on the phone with my husband. Am I not worthy of a hello? Do I look like someone who is trying to waste someone else’s time? Does my money not have the same financial purchase as everyone else’s? Is there some sort of dress code that I am unaware of, to get customer service or at least treated like a human? I have no idea, but it was a shameful display of customer service.

    The worst part? The next day I had scheduled time at the Portrait Studio inside this JC Penney’s for my son to have his first professional picture taken. So before my wounded feelings had even scabbed, I was back in the store spending MY disposable income. Fortunately, the photographer, Christin was amazing. Hopefully, I will think of how nice SHE was when I look at these prints rather than the way I was treated in this store the day before. I would hate to have to look at these portraits and be reminded of the day that my money didn’t matter in JC Penney’s.

  204. JcPenney C/S,

    I was in your Woodridge store on October 30, 2015. I was upset due to my Rewards. I have had shopped at Penneys along time, and used the Salon over 25yrs. At times I hit the 100.00 at the Salon and my $10. would be applied towards products I used right away. In this case I bought mens jeans only needed 1 pair to be over 100.00, The Clerk said I could not buy 1 pair and use my 10.00 toward s the 4 remaining pairs. This is not how the Rest of the Company Works? Not to mention I received on 10-31-15 a 25% off coupon in the mail as well. I would appreciate some money back in a Gift card as my total purchase was 107.71 and was denied my 10.00 and the 25% got to me late. Thanking you in Advance.

  205. Worst experience of my life.

    Stylist refused to cut my daughters hair. I know she cuts kids hair all the time and we had an appointment with her. She tried to find another stylist to cut it in a very rude way. It was hurtful and unprofessional. Never returning

  206. Just called and chatted with two reps, (Gracen and Kimn) not one, not two but three all together who did nothing to assist me. I want order # 2015-3145-1110-3578 cancelled and not shipped out. I just placed it and none of them want to lift a finger to assist me. Once again, cancel order # 2015-3145-1110-3578 now!
    So please cancel the order and credit my account in full. Send me an email when it is handled. Thank you.

  207. Don’t use the online chat service as it is useless. No one does a thing to help. I’ve worked there and know the timing and know they can cancel an order just placed, Yet no one did a thing. Chatted with two reps and called C/S too. The question is why call it “Customer Service” at all?????????????????????????????????????

  208. Trying to find 72″ drapes for my bedroom. Your website is showing curtain panels. No matter how many times I entered drapes, drapes 72″or draperies it kept coming up curtain panels. I do not want curtain panels I want a PAIR of drapes. Who would pay those kind of prices for each panel? Not me. Think I will take my business to Walmart.

  209. I love Christmas and am not against Christmastime, however I feel you are playing Christmas music in your stores too soon! I noticed the music on Nov. 5th 2015 along with full decorations! too much too soon. Keep Christmas after Thanksgiving! Next year you will probably be inflicting Christmas before Halloween!!

  210. Made an appointment at the jcp hair salon located st Dadeland Mall today and when I arrived 5 mins before my scheduled time I checked in with the girl at the counter and was asked to have a seat. I waited 40 mins and went up to the counter to ask if there was a problem cause I wasn’t seen and the girl asked for my phone number to see whom I was scheduled with. Come to find out the darling (use the term loosely)was already standing beside me scheduling someone else. The girl at the counter explained to her that I had been overlooked and she proceeded to tell her she had taken someone else because she thought I hadn’t shown up(at no time did she call my name or come to look for me) I explained I had arrived befor my scheduled time then they all (salon workers) proceeded to blame the cashier that left at 5:30 for not announcing my arrival. Then the girl that was supposed to cut my hair informed me that she was busy and asked if I wanted to wait 20 more minutes on top of the 40 I had already waited! No apology was made by anyone!!! Totally unacceptable and unprofessional!!!!! And they have no hair books to look at either! What a joke of a salon!


  212. I will never shop on your site again. Every time I do I have tried to use a promotion and am not informed that you are out of stock until I am checking out and have already had to log into paypal, What a waste of time. I will also warn others every chance I get.

  213. I went in to JCP, on my birthday, to have my hair colored. This was a gift from my husband. The Hickory location, Valley Hills Mall. I have gone here numerous times. Laura & Karen have always provided excellent service!! On 11/21 I went in at 10am, and I left at 2pm, or a little after. I went in and showed Ellen a photo. The photo was what I had discussed with Karen prior, we had been lightening toward blonde. I left crying and the manager did not apologize, she said, “ohhh.” That is all. She told me that I could not come to a different stylist, that Ellen would have to correct my hair. Ellen was going on vacation this week, and next week I will be gone for my anniversary. As if, I wanted to wait two weeks to have my color corrected. I left with dark new growth, brassy blonde, and uneven highlights. I have photos. I was so upset. I wasted $55.00, and didn’t even get an apology!!!

  214. Letter to
    CEO, JCPenney Marvin Ellison

    Dear Mr. Ellison,

    I have always loved JCP and began shopping in JCP as a little girl with my Mom. I have continued through the years, with JCP as my favorite store!! Recently our local JCP closed. I was heartbroken. But, now that I see that I have been supporting not a family caring company, as I have always thought JCP to be, but a greedy, money hungry corp. Taking a very precious family holiday away from it’s employees!!! (and their families!!!) Don’t they work hard enough for you throughout the year?!! Not to mention over the Christmas season?!! I am so glad I got out of retail when I did, and did NOT except the JCP job offers to me a few years ago! PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING, AND GIVE YOUR PEOPLE THANKSGIVING OFF!!!!! Thanksgiving is for FAMILY!!!!! And OPEN ON “Black FRIDAY!!!”
    But, Please CLOSE for THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!
    Very Very Upset with “my” JCP
    Bren Elder

  215. Letter to
    CEO, JCPenney Marvin Ellison

    Dear Mr. Ellison,


    And OPEN ON “Black FRIDAY!!!” – as it should be.
    But, Please Please CLOSE for THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!
    Very Very Upset with “my” JCP
    Bren Elder

  216. I worked with Natalia and another girl at JC Penney Rosedale, MN and their were, not even kidding, the BEST!!!! So helpful, gave me the coupons I didn’t have and helped me find clothes to my liking. It was a wonderful two experiences! Thank you for hiring such wonderful people. And they were super happy and had wonderful smiles on their face the whole time! Thank you again!

  217. In the Shoppingtown store this morning, Ana boots (style: Veranda) had a sign on them that they would be priced at $29.99 after 3 p.m. today (this was confirmed by a salesperson). When I waited until 3 to make that purchase online, the price went up to $59.99. Obviously, something is wrong here: both the signage and the staff told us one thing, and the website gave us another. Please advise how I can resolve this.

  218. You are by far a terrible customer service. I sent two separate emails
    Explaining about a terrible experience I had and I wanted a phone call back.
    Got nothing but two 10% off coupons, even after saying I would never
    Shop at a JCP salon or store ever again. I am still trying to find the phone
    Number for the VP of marketing as ths is not a dropped subject.

  219. Needed to recognize Denise in the Russellville Ar location. Every time I shop for jewelry, she has been there. Always smiling and goes the extra distance. Today while I was browsing, she was helping not only myself, but also made sure the other staff were ok. I even saw two sales she was working on go to another employee. The fact that she was ok with that is why I am writing. She must be acknowledged for her efficiency and concern. She actually asked who needed a sale, and proceeded to have the other cashier finalize it. I was in awe of her. Such a wonderful personality. I assume this isnt the only times her sales were affected. She seems to want to see all her fellow coworkers succeed. Not many would do that. I overheard another customer comment how denise was helping them and before they knew it, another worker took over, and not because Denise was busy, it was done just to be rude. And they said it was a diamond ring. How they hoped Denise doesnt work on commission because this other lady just took it. Yes, it was not a good impression. So, i felt i needed to be sure management knew how hard she works to be fair, and how she is treated by others in her dept. It made me mad just to see her get treated like this and for whatever reason it was allowed. Take care of her there please. She is why i go to jewelry dept. Also please be sure her manager rewards her in some manner. Keep in mind this is from my point of view and two other customers on same day. I will only look for her and if the other lady is there, i will not stop. She left a sour taste for me.

  220. Russellville Ar location. Jewlery dept. Very disgusted with associate patricia. Denise has helped me out on numerous occassions in the past, and patricia knew that, and yet she still takes the sale from Denise. Now Denise did inform me they do not work on commission, and they are a team, but you wouldnt know it by patricias attitude. I was in the store for quite a long time and everytime i walked past jewelry, patricia was standing around while denise was always looking busy. Now as soon as a customer walks up, that is when patricia would get busy. It was like all she was there for was making sales. In my opinion she is lazy. I will never have her help me for this next reason. I was interested in the cheaper jewelry, meaning the cz, so i was by that area. Patricia saw me and walked up. But as soon as someone went to the money case, she bailed on me and went directly to other. Why am i so different just because i wanted something of less value. I couldnt believe it. But then Denise saw this happen, apologized and finished my sale without hesitation. We had such a nice talk. She saved the sale, even convinced me to get a care plan. If Denise ever leaves, so do i. I advise everyone to deal with only denise

  221. Hello there. I went to the store yesterday and bought a pair of boots. They were the last size closes to a 7 I wear. They were a 7.5 well I wanted them really bad so I got te bigger size. They were the display shoe. So when I got the counter first the girl working was extremely rude and then I asked since it was a display shoe if I can get a discount since it’s been out and moved and touched and on display. She looked at me like I was dumb and that she has never heard of that but any time I have ever bought a display item there has always been a discount. I have a picture of the shoe and the receipt so I am wondering if I can get a discount sent back on my card or anything.

  222. I tried shopping on cyber Mon. only to find out the items I want aren’t included. I want someone to contact me regarding this. Thank You

  223. I tried to place an order online it would not go through so I went into.the store to purchase the items. To my surprise the same pants were $5.00 more each pair in the store then online for cyber momday. On cyber Monday your online should be able to handle the large volume off online orders. First time I have to say i was disappointed in Jcpennys a store that i shop in all the time.

  224. I am very dissatisfied with my JC Penney order, since it says it will take 11 days to arrive. In this day and time, this is not acceptable. I ordered a coat that I need for an interview on November 22nd and the UPS tracking says it will not arrive until December 3rd, which is a day late for my interview! I guess I have to order from Amazon and return the JC Penney coat.

  225. Hello I chatted twice with customer service yesterday while I was trying to place an order. The first person, William didn’t really look at the order to understand what I was talking about and he ended the chat quickly and your system did not allow me to respond to him and try to keep him on the line. He appears to be in a rush. So I started another chat with Kimber who was incredibly helpful looked at the order and helped me with several issues and reentered the order on her end going over it with me step by step. Kimber’s customer service skills are excellent and you might want to have her retrain William. I realized when I got off the phone with Kimber that she went way beyond the time she was working since I’m in EST and you guys are in CST and our call ended at 12:03am EST. I had an interruption of internet service so when I ended chat the survey did not come up. Please give her high marks, and recognize what a polite, competent and helpful representative you have. She resolved my issues and made my experiences yet again with your company wonderful! The other wonderful experiences I have had is with your staff in the women’s and jewelry section and home goods section of JCPenney in Whitehall, PA. Thank you!

  226. I have just had the most unsatisfactory experience at your briarwood mall location portrait studio in Ann Arbor. The photographer was unbelievably rude and will not be purchasing any photos from your studio. I will also be hard pressed to want to give you any further business at all.

  227. Horrible experience with the portrait studio at the Briarwood Mall Ann Arbor Michigan location. Unbelievably rude photographer. Did not purchase any photos and will never go there again.

  228. I just want to let you know that during the Thanksgiving holiday I didn’t receive my $10 for $10 coupons or any coupons. Clerk at Arbor mall said that I should let you know. Thanks

  229. Hello JC penny, since I already called and will be returning asap. I bought two pieces of jewelry , suppose to be good quality since I paid enough and they arrived separately thrown in a box and envelope with no box especially if they are gold,with no authenticity in writing , one piece came with the chain twisted and a little knotted and when you turn the mother/daughter charm around it states made in CHINA. If this is the quality you sell for that price then I now know better to never buy your jewelry again. I would never give this as a gift since you over charged me for what I feel to be junk. Its all in the presentation also and if this is the way you are presenting it to me with my money , I will go else where. This is not acceptable. Thank you for listening to my experience. again, will be returning asap. Certain people are right, the quality that is being bought to be sold to us , (hidden by the way) is not good. Did you think I would notice?

  230. My mother tried to use a $10 off $25 purchase coupon she received in the mail & even though she had spent $30 on underwear the clerk denied the coupon. I didn’t see anywhere on the coupon that said it wasn’t valid on lingerie purchases. Please let me know if this is allowed. The cashier was very rude about it & I want to know if it could’ve been used if so I will get the money back. Thanks.

  231. Just an overall comment. JC Penny lost a lot of business when they went with the former Apple executive as CEO when he decided to go with the one price no sale concept among other things. Fortunately he did not last very long. Now Penny’s is still trying to gain back some of the customers that lost, and it appears not too successfully.

    We received a Christmas Sale offer in todays mail, (12/8/12} that expired YESTERDAY 12/7/15, yet another bone headed decision by marketing.

  232. The store in Wheaton Maryland is the worst store for customer service over the phone. If you need help you must call the hair salon to get help because no other departments answer the phone – and I mean NEVER! I call every holiday season starting in October – early December for the last 5 years and have NEVER gotten anyone to answer the phones outside of the hair salon!

  233. My complaint is about difficulty in logging into my account to pay my bill. At times I successfully log in, but too many times I get locked out because my password and ID do not agree. This is impossible because I have my password and all pertinent information written down. Please do something about this flaw in your system, as it is annoying to have to phone in my payment when I should be able to do it online. Some serious attention to this matter is needed.

  234. I am contacting JCPenney for a customer service complaint I would like to address. My husband and I shop at JCPenney very regularly. We went to the Greenville JCPenney location in the Haywood Mall on November 21 to purchase Christmas gifts. We were assisted by Michael, a store employee. He was wonderful and truly helped us find three perfect pieces of jewelery that evening. We purchased these items with a Black Friday discount, paid, and planned to return within a short time to pick up our items. We were given a receipt and told that when we came to pick up the items, we would just need to show the receipt and we were good to go.

    This evening, (December 10, 2015), we went into the same Greenville Haywood Mall location to pick up our items. We were assisted by a sales associate named Jared. When we presented the receipt, he went to get the items. He was gone for quite a while, and when he came back, he asked if we had these items shipped off to be resized? We said that we did not; we just intended on picking them up. We saw that Jared went to speak to the supervisor on shift and then return to my husband and I. He said bluntly, that we cannot find your items and we have two options for you. We can either refund you the purchase price or attempt to locate these items in our store. My husband and I were completely speechless. These three items were very special to us and we spent a great deal of time in looking for them. We paid in full on the first evening we visited (November 21), and were amazed that somehow our items were nowhere to be found. I explained to Jared that a refund was not acceptable whatsoever. I asked to speak to a manager on shift. He explained to me that the supervisor on shift was Betty, and she was currently working with a customer in diamonds. Jared said to us, “She would come over to help, but she is working with a diamond purchase so she won’t be able to help you right now.” Again, my husband and I were baffled. First, we felt that a “diamond purchase” certainly came before our service. Second, this was a mistake on JCPenneys’ part, and we were told we would not be assisted at that time. I felt that this was an issue that truly needed to be addressed, so we chose to wait for Betty. My husband and I waited over an hour. During this time, we went in search for the three pieces of jewelry in the store. We tried our best to find the items that matched, and came up with our best options while we waited. Finally, Betty came to help us. She told us, just as bluntly, the items could not be found. She explained that it was a mistake on Michael’s part and that he did not fill the form out correctly, so these items had been sent back into the store for further sale. She explained that the 3 items we chose matched the price amounts on our receipt, and that we could leave with these items, but that there was nothing further that she could do. To be truthful, Betty seemed very uninterested and unwilling to work with us or show compassion in any way. We left with our three items that we found, and can only hope these are similar to the first three we purchased in November.
    My husband and I have had nothing but a positive overall experience with JCPenney. It is where we bought my engagement ring, both wedding bands, and multiple jewelry gifts over our years togheter. Typically, JCPenney staff are helpful, compassionate and will go above and beyond what they are required to do. Tonight, we felt very neglected and umimportant to the JCPenney staff. We purchased items, paid for them in full- only to find they did not have them. When this was discovered, both Jared and Betty had no compassion or desire to help us with this. I understand that we did get to leave with some items, but there was nothing further that was done. We spent a lot of unneccesary time waiting around to come to a conclusion on what should be done. We came in expecting to spend 5 minutes and leave with our items, and ended up spending over two hours.

  235. Dear J C Penney,

    I am writing to you as a long time customer who is very unhappy. I raised 7 children on J C Penny cloths and have bought furnishing and other items over the years. On October 3rd I ordered custom draperies from the store in Willowbrook, Houston, Texas. They said the order would be in no later than 5 to 7 weeks.
    I called last month and was assured the order would be in soon. I have no draperies and I am a very unhappy customer. I want my deposit back. You have not fulfilled you part of the agreement as it has now been 10 weeks. Please help me with this as I am not getting anywhere with the store. As far as I am concerned you failed to produce the items I ordered and I am not required to wait ¼ a year in hopes of getting the product. I do not want the product now as it so late that I have family coming in this week and not draperies.

    Sincerely, Claudia Logsdon

  236. I went to our JCP store today as I had received coupons in the mail…one was a $10 off coupon when you spend $10, one was spend $25 get $10 off or a % off. I stood in line for 10-15 minutes and when I finally was able to check out: #–the misses top didn’t ring up at the correct price–it was a door buster and was 50% off. The top was $24 and should’ve been on sale for $12 but rang up at $12.99–I said something to the girl checking me out and she said it must be for tax–we are in Minnesota and there is no tax on clothes! I let it go as I had my $10 coupon so figured I was getting a good deal any way. #2–But I was told the coupon didn’t have a UPC code on it so it wasn’t any good. Why would you send something like this out? To trick the customer? Well, it didn’t work on me. I left without buying anything and am not sure if I will go back. I bought several Christmas presents at your store in the past month or so but forget it now….I’m not going to be tricked into false advertising on coupons….why are you messing with your customers??

  237. I am writing because I am so disappointed in your customer service and ordering this season. My journey first starts when I placed an order online. Then a few hours later I get an email telling me my card was declined. I call the 800 number only to be told they have no idea of what’s going on and that they show the order was processed and was placed. Mind you, I have perfect credit and should have in no way had a card declined. I kept calling for the next few days just to make sure the order was in process, and I did eventually get my order.

    My second experience is when I was shopping online and ordered only later to get an email that these were no longer available. I never did get these.

    On 2 of my previous orders when I did receive my orders twice I have gotten items that were not even ordered. They were not on my invoice, so I have no idea if I got charged for them or not.

    Then recently I was shopping online and saw this beautiful dress I had to have. It was not available online or anywhere in Colorado, so I started looking all over the united states and finally found one in California. I called (which took a long time for anybody to answer) but finally talked to a lady who said they had 1 in my size. I asked her if she could mail it to me and she said I would have to go to the store and have them take the order. I went the next day to my Brighton store and was there over an hour. They kept hanging up on the lady at the store and she was never able to get through to the California store. So I went home called the California store again, and she told me it looked like it was in stock again online. So I looked and ordered the dress online, only once again to get a email that the dress is not available. I am very sad about that.However a few hours later it looks like they may have been back ordered but I still don’t know.

    My next experience was I bought a shirt in store but I was looking online and found the same shirt in the plus size online. I did not find my receipt for in store and wanted to take back the shirt. Mind you once again, when I go to Kohl’s they can find your receipt just by using the card you used. I asked them to do this at my local jcp and of course they could not get the computer to work and therefore I ended up keeping the shirt and I did not want to do that. It seems as if the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. I have several more incidents but do not have all day to sit and write this letter. I do not plan on shopping as much or at all at jcp through the year because of all the hassles. Not enough check outs in the store (Brighton Colorado store has 2 sides of checkouts but the south side has never been used since the store opened. Nobody seems to know how to run the registers, online orders get canceled then show up anyway. You don’t get the jcp rewards unless you ask to use them… Feel free to go over my account and see how much I spend and maybe you can see what items are canceled etc.

    I am sad to not be able to shop jcp because they seem to have the best selection of dresses and items at a great price. But I feel unsecured with getting my orders and being able to deal with the employees at the store or at customer service 800 number.

    I tried sending this email through the jcp website and it says Our message system is currently unavailable. Please try your message again later or contact customer.

  238. This is about my shopping experience on Saturday December 12th, 2015…I was shopping in the Juniors Department at the store location in Springfield Mall. I received excellent customer service from an employee, a young lady by the name of Jamille. I had several online returns and exchanges and she displayed incredible patience and humility. The process was very tedious and the area was extremely busy, not once did she seem irritated with the process, she has an amazing spirit and an infectious smile. I have been shopping at JcPenney for years and that was a rewarding experience. Thanks Jamille…

  239. I am so annoyed! I have been a loyal JCP shopper for years! However my first online experience has been horrible, used a coupon it gave me a price as soon as I put in myjcp card and it came me a confirmation it tells me my purchases are not available for coupons. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. what a scam jcp! I am not ever coming back, nor is my family. I then backspace to prove to myself i am not crazy and there it is! I have photos… I thought i was paying one thing thats what I agreed to..

  240. To whom it may concern.
    I was shopping last Sunday and had some returns to do, but was denied because the gal whom was at the register said no since I didn’t have a receipt even tho I had my ID ready as another associate told me that’s all I needed. After I asked to talk to a manager she said “no I’m not calling a manager because I’m one” once I used the f word, then she said oh sorry I was joking here I’ll return it for you this time.. I had to walk away because she was still laughing. Few customers got really angry and scared because of my reaction and her towards me back. This is the worst customer service I have ever received. After returning my item at a different register. The associate didn’t even ask any more questions after I told her I don’t have a receipt for it but I do have my ID. It’s very unfortunate being disrespected like that in front of customers and self. I called the store and talk to the manager anout it, but still felt terrible because of that. And I don’t think anything happened because she still has her job the day after

  241. Just wanted to start off saying how much I love Jc penny. I buy all of my fathers clothes there and he loves them. But I recently thought I would order online so I didn’t have to go to the stores during the crazy holiday time! But I ordered a few things, and I was supposed to get a long sleeve crew neck, and instead I opened my package and got jeans for my order?. I wasn’t too mad because I thought if I called it would
    Get resolved but that wasn’t the case. I ended up calling and I was put on hold about 10 times, and then no one answered and then they just hungup on me. I know this time is busy, but it was just annoying how that happened. I tried calling again and still nothing. I ended up having to go into the store and had to wait in a line for 30 min and then thy told me I was in the wrong line and had to wait again. I paid the 8 dollars for shipping because I thought it would be convenient but it just turned into a mess. I am not pleased one bit.

  242. To whom it may concern,
    HI my name is Lisa Pham, I made a purchase about 2 and a half week ago on your website. On 12/2/15 I received a email saying it’s on it way. Ever since I’ve been waiting for the package. Two weeks pass and I am still waiting. I called in to ask about my order, just to find out it was lost in shipment and i was never notified by this. No emails were sent to me so I could take care of this issue and reorder. Now I am in my last week before Christmas trying to resolve this issue. To top everything off when I called in to customer service to ask about my shipment, the gentlemen that I was speaking to was rude and had no patience for my questions. I am very dissatisfied with the customer service and shipment notification system that is held. Please understand that this is not good for business and must be corrected.

    Thank you,
    Lisa Pham

  243. Ordering online at JCP is a BIGGGGGGGG WASTE OF TIME!! I ordered early enough and I still have not received my items, let alone the confirmation that my items were shipped. HOW ANNOYINGGGGGGGGG…..

  244. Thanks so much to Trish in the Columbus, OH customer service office. Any extremely busy time of year and she quickly rectified the situation, had my order rushed so delivery will occur before Christmas, and all the while doing it with empathy and thoughtfulness. Here is to hoping she and her manager reads this. THANK YOU!

  245. I am not only a platinum member with one credit card but I have 2. I NEVER receive the platinum reward coupon books or special offers. This is very disappointing with the amount of $ I spend in the store…I hope you can help rectify this.

  246. Somehow I have been added to your catalog mailing list. I do not really want it. My birds are getting tired of looking at your ads. Please could you send me an email with the option of opting out of your paper mail list. Thank you.

  247. I went to JCPenny today and for the first time left thinking I may never shop here again. I went to check out in the intimates section, because there was no line. I noticed the employee was on the phone. I stood in line before going to the counter because she was on the phone and I didn’t want to be rude. I overheard and she was talking about how she was going to get her children childcare. This phone conversation wasn’t even store related. I waited a few minutes then finally just sat my stuff on the counter. She said, “Oh, I can help you.” She had noticed me before that but didn’t say anything!!! She stayed on the phone almost until I was done checking out. She hung up when more people started to line up and told the person on the other end, “It’s getting busy now, I gotta go.” On my way out, I forgot I needed something else. It was another awful customer service experience but I have no more characters left!!!!

  248. I’m so disappointed in online ordering from JCP. I shop and order quite frequently and twice in the past 4 months, an item I ordered never shipped. If it was placed on back order, I was never notified and the customer service rep never had an answer. I’ve had to cancel both items and unfortunately this time it was a gift for my son for Christmas. The customer service rep tried to tell me it shipped, then said she couldn’t refund me because I didn’t receive it because they only change you when the item ships. It was never shipped. It said “in process” for over a month. She offered no explanation and tried to weasel her way out of it for some odd reason. I won’t be ordering online again.

  249. I find it utterly amazing that JC Penney, in this day and age, does not have an International Contact number for Customer Service. In addition, I cannot check my usage summary beyond 3 months on line! I have been a long time customer of J.C.P., and I am not at all impressed. Reading the multitude of prior posts, I see I am not alone in my sentiments! James Cash Penney is most surely rolling over in his grave witnessing what has become of his beloved store, with its roots in Kemmerer, Wyoming. I will be shocked if I get a response from them, since I have no way to contact them. Grrrrrr….

  250. After 2 trips to the university park mall trying to find where we could buy Christmas blankets at jcpenny we gave up trying to find the jcpenny home store and went to sears. We went inside what said jcpenny so and they told us we wanted the home store on Cleveland rd. Couldn’t find it. Internet kept giving us up mall which we were at. Tried again two days later went back to mall and asked no one seemed to be able to tell us we got directions for st rd 23. Some said main street gps kept saying grape rd up mall we gave up. Went to Sears in the mall. Why would a store chain big as jcpenny said split up between 2 locations. Very frustrating for us old folks. Oh well.

  251. Yesterday evening I was at a JC Penney location in Canton ,Michigan. My daughter and I purchased some items in the beauty and cosmetic department. We were serviced by an associate with the number of 0 855, her name was Liz. She was very rude disrespectful and argumentative. She acted as if she did not want to provide us with the discounts and her attitude was horrible. I have always enjoyed shopping at JCPenneys, however her behavior really irritated me tremendously, I would have expected more from her as I am the customer. Liz acted as if she was doing us a favor servicing us. Maybe it was the holiday rush or maybe she was tired but her behavior was unacceptable . I love JC Penneys and enjoy shopping there as well one spoiled apple can spoil the bunch, however I will not let this deter me from shopping at JCPenneys. I love JC Penneys but she needs more customer service training. I look forward to hearing from you in regards to my complaint thank you and have a Merry Christmas!

  252. Unable to place an order online, due to account being closed with no balance, because (I suppose) of no activity in a long while. I no longer have the JCP card, therefore I don’t have the account # needed to be able to talk to a real person. How can the account be reinstated and a JCP card issued? I tried having a live chat but got no response. I have selections in my shopping cart that I would like to purchase while I can still get the good discounts. Perhaps the ‘contact tab’ ought to allow one to actually contact someone.

  253. I recently shopped at the jc penneys in Golf Mill in Niles IL.
    I was with my mother who was in a wheelchair. We checked out at the shoe dept. and when we were done the salesperson, named Tony actually walked with us to help with the bags and open the door so I could get the wheelchair out easily.
    Never before has a salesperson at any store went out of their way like that. I hope that you will let him know how that little gesture was appreciated and that he is recognized for his thoughtfulness. He did not have a line of people waiting to be waited on so he was not ignoring his job or other customers.

  254. I was extremely disappointed that jcp had no gift boxes for holiday customers! This may be minor to you but it is a major disservice to customers relying on this service! My entire family (brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews) shop at jcp year around and spend thousands each Christmas! This will be many of your shoppers
    Last shopping season with jcp, sounds little to you and just another service discontinued so you can save a penny! Penney’s has always been a good place to shop but this is wrong! The clerk was very embarrassed and stated there were many complaints, she had been told all the boxes were gave out on Black Friday and there would not be anymore! Have you discontinued this service?

  255. At approximately 7 PM on 12-21-15 I was at the Manchester, NH mall in the JC Penny store. I waited at the watch counter for roughly 15 minutes for assistance, nobody was in the watch section. I departed in frustration and did see two employees enjoying a discussion at the far end of the counter. They were not inside the employee only part of the counter; I dared not interrupt their conversation.

  256. I finally got through to customer service today after waiting for about 10 minutes. Upon talking to agent I was told that I would have to reorder the item that I wanted and then get credited for the item I received. So my card would be charged again for this item, even though this mistake is completely on jcpenneys end. This is the process I was told. However, the reason why I ordered the item online was so I didn’t have to make a trip to the store during Christmas time. Also I do not understand why I should be charged again for an item that is wrong and sent to me. Had the mistake been a wrong order on my part I completely understand why I would have to return it to the store. This however was absolutely not the case. I received a men’s sweatshirt in place of a women’s shirt. I am baffled as to why this became an issue that I have to resolve when the mistake is completely not on my end. The customer service was not helpful at all and was very nice about the issue either.

  257. I have bought J.C. Penney GIft Cards for years at Christmas, and received many too. Today I went to your store in Brandon Florida with my spouse. I was disappointed when they rang the merchandise up and then told me it was my responsibility to scratch the pin off the back of the card. I did not have change and the clerk had to give me a coin to scratch the back of the card so the number could be read. She then told me she could not put the pin number in, that I had to do it. Then the register shut down with my card inside and the purchase was not consummated. The store manager was called and after turning the register upside down and placing a screw driver up the bottom of the register the drawer opened. By now the line had about a dozen people impatiently waiting. The manager said the money was still on the card and the clerk had to use another register to ring up the sale with the card. After 15-20 minutes we finally finished the transaction. The inconvenience of these new cards is ridiculous, and will keep me from buying them ever again. I will also tell family and friends not to purchase them too. The clerk running this transaction thought this was all funny. Fix this or I will just switch to Target Gift Cards in the future. This is no way to treat your customer base!

  258. I had a horrific experience ordering wedding rings with the jcpenny jewelry department. I ordered a tungsten wedding band for my fiancé one month before our wedding date. They said they would send it out to be resized. When it came back I said we wanted to try it on just to make sure it fits and the ring hadn’t been resized at all. It was still 3 sizes too big! At this point, there were only two weeks until the wedding and they apologized and said they would send it out again and try to have it expedited. They called to confirm my information and they resent it. Of the three people working in the jewelry department: the person who took our order, the person who tried to give us the ring that hasn’t been resized, and the person who confirmed our information – not a single person was knowledgeable enough to tell us that tungsten could not be resized. I can not understand how a jewelry department could not train their employees on this most basic EXTREMELY important piece of information. We spent the month before our wedding waiting around for a ring that could not be resized. When we were eventually refunded for the ring, it was very difficult to find a ring at another jewelry store in time for our big day. I would not recommend anyone to use jcpenny jewelry department to order anything!

  259. My JCP rewards card number is 400828265550. I recently purchased an item and used one of my $10 monthly reward. The item did not work out and I returned the item. I paid cash for the item but they would not return my $10 reward credit. The item was purchased at store number 2796, Term 424, Tran 8465 on 12/21/2015. How do I get my $10 reward back?
    Thank you
    Jo Husted

  260. I shopped at the Chico, CA JCPenney and was given EXCELLENT customer service on 12-26-15 by the sales associate Lilli. Businesses need more staff like her.

  261. I ordered my husband some new shirts on December 14th. We had him try them on and the one from a company I have never heard of fits so-so. The other two, by Stafford, are huge and I need to return them. I paid for them by a credit card and I never did receive the return forms, in the package. How do I get the forms and I am leery of ordering them in a smaller size. He has a Stafford shirt, from your company, that he likes, but it was a bit tight in the neck and the sleeves needed to be the next size up. Thus when I ordered the new ones I went to the next size in the neck and it would only let me order the one sleeve size. The two new shirts hang off his shoulders and the sleeve size hang 6 inches past his wrists.

  262. I purchased a $100 gift card on Thanksgiving for my brother, who has stage 4 cancer. He went to use it just days before Christmas to purchase gifts for his children. Although I was charged for the gift card, it didn’t work for him. He can barely walk and it took great effort to get to the Frederick, Maryland J.C. Penney to purchase the few things for his children. I called on December 24th to ask a manager at the Fair Oaks, Virginia store to activate the card. She was unable to do so and I had to go to the store on December 26th to get a new card and ship it to my cancer-stricken brother AFTER Christmas. This is sad on many fronts – he didn’t get to purchase the gifts after expending what little energy he has and I had to incur costs to pickup the new card and ship it to him. I think the manager apologized, but nobody offered to do anything to remedy the situation for me or my brother.

  263. I would like to comment about the store in the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge. The air conditioner is broken & has been broken for quite a while. I do not enjoy sweating while I shop. Although it’s December, it is awfully warm in Louisiana. I waited in line to check out a few items but left immediately due to being so uncomfortable. I witnessed several other customers leave the store & not purchase items. Penney’s is one of my favorite department stores but I will not spend money anywhere to sweat. Thank you.

  264. I ordered 2 shades back on 11/28/15 in size 36×64 in color tussah so I would have them for Christmas for my living room. What came were 2 in size 31×64 in cool white, so I called and they reordered them for me but I had to take them back to the store which is 20 miles from my house. Around 6 days later again the same 2 shades came in size 31×64 in cool white not in the size I ordered 36×64 in the color tussah. By this time it was 12/22/15 and I still didn’t have the shades I ordered. I called and finally talked to a supervisor and he said the bins at the warehouse must be mislabeled and he said he will have someone call me in a couple days and that there will be no charge for the new ones and he will refund my money for the old order since this happened twice to me. I waited 5 days and still no call so I called them today and they informed me that the case was closed. Of course I was mad I thought why did my case get closed and found out that was also a mistake on JC Penney’s part. So I asked to talk with a supervisor in Customer Relationship and (Pericka) who informed me for all the trouble I had she was not going to honor the free order on the new shades like I was promised but she would give me a measly $10 for all my troubles. What great customer service we have at JCP. I’ve been a loyal customer for over 15 years and I get service like this. I just want my shades in the right size and color. Is that to much to ask.

  265. I’m writing a new comment about the above one a made yesterday. Today I called Customer Relations at JCP and talked to another representative(Darlene) who was extremely nice and so helpful, it was like night and day from the conversation I had yesterday. Within minutes she took my order for my new correct size and color shades I needed and she was doing it for free like the other supervisor said it should be done. Not only a $10 discount like the representative only wanted to give yesterday. When you’ve been a loyal customer for many years and when things go so terribly wrong with an order it is nice to get great service like I did today from Darlene. I really appreciated it.

  266. I have been very disappointed with my recent trips to jcpenney at Barton creek mall, Austin.. Have been wanting to get estimate on blinds. There is never a sales person in that section. I have waited several minutes and tried to get help from other areas, but no response. On my last visit last weekend, I waited 45 minutes. Asked another sales person to help or to call someone. Even tried to speak to manager or supervisor, but no one came. Have been trying to reach store manager for a week, but neither is he available when I call, nor can he be sent a message to call me.

    Sent from my iPhone

  267. After shopping for two hours at the Eastwood Mall store in Niles, Ohio, I finally found what I wanted at Penny’s. Unfortunately, when I tried to find a register to check out, all of them were temporarily closed except for one. There were at least 20 people in line, and this was on a Saturday afternoon! I didn’t have the time to wait. What kind of management skills does it take to close almost all the registers on the busiest day of the week? It’s moronic at best! I left my purchase on a table.

  268. This evening about 3:30 I was waiting to check out at the Penny’s Store in St Clair Mall, Fairview Heights, Illinois. I was on the lower level at the center of the store. I was standing in line while 3 cashiers were busily checking out others. One cashier ended her shift when she was finished and left. The other two were finishing up with their customers when a manager walked up and told the two remaining cashiers to go in the back to pull from the shelves. They complied, and he started trying to bring up another register. After 10 or 15 minutes standing there I gave up and left.
    I am a long time customer of Penny’s, and will continue to be, but I was really upset. Please express my extreme displeasure the management of that store.

  269. I just purchased the Love In Motion Genuine Garnet and Diamond-Accent Heart Pendant Necklace. What I didn’t know, is the woman I am dating is allergic to sterling silver. Of course I told her to return it for something she wants, but she refuses and says she likes it and will wear it from time to time. I’m reaching out tonight to ask how much it would be to have that made it white gold or maybe surgical steel and gold plated, basically can y’all help me get the same thing for her in something she can wear. I’m a single income father in this house with just my daughter and dog and just started dating this awesome girl a few months ago. It’s right after Christmas, so money is a little tight. If I trade in what I already bought her, could I get her something that won’t break her neck out, for an affordable price? As far as the same necklace?

  270. I ordered a shade awhile ago and have yet to receive it. I’ve tried every method to contact customer service with no luck!! This is a huge pain that you can’t even get ahold of them.

  271. Generally the Customer Service I got I have no complaint about. Today however I do have a complaint. I went to the Gateway mall with intent on using the $20 bonus cash and to take advantage of any sales. I spent the total $144.33 with the inclusion of the 10% coupon I had for completing the online survey. My $20 bonus cash was not accepted by the associate in the shoe department because she said what I had was exclusion list. that I could only get houseware, shoes etc. I didn’t think anything of it until I got home.Why would I get a $20 bonus cash that I could not use with one of the items I purchase. I don’t think the associate knows the meaning of apparel. it did not have any of the name brands that were listed on the exclusion area.

  272. I am very disappointed about a recent purchase I made at JC Penney. I purchased a Down Alternative Comforter in your Kennewick, Washington store last week. That evening I looked on line to see what else they had available. I found the comforter I had just purchased for $30 less than I paid in the store. The next day I called the store to see if they had a price guarantee and was told basically that they are two separate entities and can’t give a refund based on the online price. So I called the 800 number for Customer Service and was told the same thing. They both suggested I order it online and have it shipped to the store. Then go in to pick it up and return the one I bought in the store. I live about 40 miles from the nearest store and did not want to make another trip back to the city. I told the people I talked to that seemed like more trouble for both JCPenny to ship another comforter and take one back in return and for me also. Needless to say I’m not happy about paying $30 more for my comforter and will be very careful in any future purchases I may make at JC Penneys.

  273. I completed a survey form last December about the bad service at the Novi, Mi. salon. Not a word back from you. Why do you have such a service and just ignore it? As I stated in my comments, I should be credited My $22 plus my tip of $3. Never had such a bad experience and hair service in my life anywhere. I’m a senior and been around for a long time. Very disappointed in J C Penney.

  274. I made my payment today, I’m a few dats late thinkjng I already paid it. Would you please be able to remive the late fee?
    Thank you so much!
    Victoria Cedeno

  275. JC Penny: Bad, just bad. Online order with only home delivery available. Contracted delivery company didn’t give me a call back day before with window. Next day while I’m waiting they called to confirm 1 units (I ordered two). Both delivery co. and JCP left it to me to receive the wrong order, reschedule another try at delivery and could not provide discount/credit until after I sorted it out.

    Somehow JCP left me feeling that it was my problem to sort out getting delivery of my order and….follow up to receive credit/return the wrong order!

  276. On my computer today is the news feed was an ad for the Nostalgia Electrics Hot Chocolate Maker. Original price slashed out with another price there. It promps you to click on a button which takes you directly to JCPenney order page. I notice that the orginal price is there and not the sale price as advertised. So I continue to go the the live chat section. Spent 10 minutes waiting to find out what the problem is and if I can get this item for the sale price. She brushed it off…without an answer to my problem and ended the chat. That was no doubt the rudest encounter with a live chat that I have experienced. I am a very cordial person and I did not appreciate Roses action to my problem.

  277. One of the cashier’s today was not very helpful. It was a guy. We told him these blue jeans were 30% and he said well there not ringing up that way. Didn’t go look or anything. Attitude wasn’t pleasant. I went and took a picture of the 30% off sign that showed what jeans and the next cashier was a girl went a head and changed it. She didn’t apologize or nothing for our experience. Worse place ever.

  278. Computer Down, when a made purchase with my JC PENNEY CARD and my Rewards Add Reciept #2982-7 Fair View Store, Would not pick up my Rewards, first time happen to me in store. Please fix the problem,
    Thank You

  279. website ordering.
    I have a few suggestions on the website ordering. Since it is free to ship to store, make that option more accessible. I had to really search around to find the option to change it to ship to store.

    Also, since I know the window of my order may time out (some companies do anyway) I like to see a countdown screen since I have so many things to consider, like where I’m shipping to (usually different than my billing address) and looking for a coupon etc. I like to know how much time I have to complete the order.
    Not everyone likes that so maybe make that subtle for those of us to find it if we want it. It does create some urgency in placing an order.

  280. 1. Your email “track your package”
    takes me to a blank page.
    2. Your web shopping takes me back to the beginning of my search both after I look at an item and after add an item to my cart. IT NEEDS TO TAKE ME BACK TO WHERE I LEFT OFF.
    3. The customer service link on your site only gives the option to sign up for promotions via email and text.

  281. Hello,
    I returned 3 items with tags that I got as gifts at Christmas, I been sick and unable to get out to return them sooner. With the total of $132. for all items I got back on a gift card $7.69 When I asked why she said that these items was on sale now so i couldn’t get the full refund. REALLY, so the person who paid full price for a gifts for me just got cheated her money. So just because they have the tags on them and I wasnt asking for the money just put on a gift card so I could get the right sizes, I so upset that my friend spent that kind of money and now all she gets back is $7.69 . NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE J C PENNY. YOU JUST MADE $124.31 OFF OF HER.

  282. Hi, there!

    Just over a year ago, I bought custom window blinds (Hunter Douglas) from JCP in Rosedale, MN. It has been nothing but a nightmare—the blinds have had warped slats, holes, cracks and fray marks. The stuff has been replaced once but the flaws keep on re-surfacing. Just about three months ago, after a lot of teeth-grinding, the vertical blinds were replaced. Unfortunately, they were a trifle short, so the technician lowered the headrail by hammering it down in three places. He left without checking the operation and when we saw it was a struggle to pull the chords easily back and forth, I complained to the appropriate JCP personnel. They tried to shrug me off, literally, and finally, after six more weeks sent their technician yesterday (1/22/16) to fix the problem. It was a different person and he could do nothing to help. So, I contacted JCP again and there has been no response so far. Even the replaced Hunter Douglas blinds in the kitchen window has slats that are warped….just within 6 months of replacement.

    In addition to spending in excess of $3,000 on these custom furnishings, we ended up dropping another $4,000 approximately on living room furniture, which, too, had its share of flaws and problems. But that is not the issue here. We need help with the blinds and your local Rosedale folk are not very helpful. I need help and that is why I am taking the liberty of writing this note, and I assure you I will not stop until my issues are duly resolved.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Ajit Daniel

  283. Horrible customer service regarding my rewards account which is to say I used to have one now I don’t and the last time I spent over an hour on the phone with customer support who said they fixed the issue and here I am again with no rewards account or access to the rewards bucks I had earned

  284. Respect due, but it just does not seem like JCPenny knows what brands to discontinue & what appeals to the market. Why is there a surplus of 1 of the worst labeled brands : Southpole & U.S. Polo Assn (i.e. fugazi Ralph Lauren) smh. Does the store need new purchasers/buyers? The men’s selection is deplorable & the sizes are irregular…difficulty ever finding larges & x-larges…let alone, some that actually fit to what they say. I don’t understand why JCP does not branch out & introduce other brands. Just like Kohls (which I use to despise until they made changes) now stocks Rock n Republic, Marc Anthony, ATP, etc…to appeal to younger consumers & even to older 1s who want selection & better QUALITY for the SAME price..even cheaper. Its a disservice to (would be) potential customers, when JCP refuses to adapt or make much needed changes. I’m sure the department who makes the decision on what to purchase for the company, is compensated rather handsomely, but appear incompetent

  285. The customer service at this place is garbage. I bought 3 sweaters on line. The next day JCP sent a vaguely-worded email about the order being cancelled, so I called to get clarification. It turns out two of the sweaters were on backorder and would ship 1/29. Today got another email saying they were cancelled–only this time they really really mean it. The rep I talked to by phone was rude and indifferent and never apologized for the screw-up. The company’s website makes no provision for emailing them, and it’s obvious that they want to keep customers at arm’s length. Well, guess what: No problem, because I’ll be shopping somewhere else in the future. Morons.

  286. Juanita jcpenney

    Please note that my issue occurred on 01/27/2016 around 4pm. Purchasing items were selected did not take place to enter the transaction ID on this survey due to the meanest rudest customer service I have ever experienced in my life. The issue is that the person who they call the manager was being very rude and very disrespectful plus a liar. Her name is Juanita at the fashion square mall, Orlando, Florida. A smile could have solved the problem, but her mean rude way talking to me is the main customer service issue I am having. Amazing how one manager’s attitude can force me to close JCPenny credit card and hate going to shop at any of their stores leaving my selected items to buy and go away. When I asked for the manager to complain, she called security for me who was very disrespectful as well saying you can wait for the manager till store close because we are not calling anyone for you. The security lady was putting a lipstick while talking to me as trying to ignore me. When I went out of Sephora to see another customer service that might be a help to me, the lady who said she is also in charge, refused to help saying the Juanita and security told her that I was cussing and saying bad words. I tried to say that I never cuss because I am Christian and the worse I might said is that she was so rude and mean to me. Overall, it was such a great disappointment with the customer service and I wish I would have never went to humiliate myself as I did today, 01/27/2016. I finally got the store manager’s phone number and name. His number, and I left a voicemail to complain. His name is David Shoemaker, the store manager at the Fashion Square Mall in Orlando. I would hope to hear back from him only to show apology on behalf of his staff before I take any further legal way to get the apology I am looking for.

  287. My husband and daughter were in our Logan valley mall jcpenneys. My husband went into the big and tall section and and employee rudely said that he wasn’t big or tall and needed to leave. I didn’t appreciate it at all. So I can say my husband will never be shopping there again. I think something should be done about this very rude employee. My husband is tall but who was to say he wasn’t in there trying to buy something for someone else. It was very uncalled for and something needs to be done about this employee!!!

  288. While trying to buy a Tiffany lamp, the following occurred:
    1. I was overcharged initially, until I pointed out the correct price (which was in the salesperson’s hand)
    2. I had to tell her how much 40% off would come to.
    3. She initially charged me for shipping, despite the “free shipping” button on the screen.
    4. I had 3 gift cards for payment, but was told I could only use 2 at a time…but I could come back in and do a return and use the 3rd one after receiving my order. This is ridiculous! I am having an order shipped to my home because it was out of stock, yet I have to take more time (and gas) to go back to the store after I receive it so that I can use a gift card – which someone already paid for??? How does that make sense??

    I just wanted to share my experience with you. I will not return to the store, nor will I shop at JCP if this is how “your system works”.

    Regards, Lisa M. Haworth

  289. I just purchased a two piece dress in you fox valley (aurora, il ) store. I specifically asked the cashier did you remove the security tag to which she responded “yes I already removed it”. Well she did, from 1 of the 2 pieces but she failed to remove the tag from the 2nd piece. I am so aggravated right now because your store is an hours drive from me! Now I have to go back, God knows when because this was the only free day I have in the next two weeks, to have a tag removed that I asked her to remove!!! This is Unexceptable! Seriously this keeps happening so often I ask at every single store I go to. Thank you so much for wasting my time which I have so little free.

  290. I would like to tell you that I received the worst customer service experience of my life today with a customer specialist on the phone. She was rude, wouldn’t not give me an answer after discussing an order issue with my daughter. And then she hung up on me. I have never been treated in such a rude and disrespectful way by anyone in a customer service position until now. I wish I had the name of this individual because I would let you know but unfortunately I do not. I can not believe a store like yours would employ such a rude person to represent them. This changes my whole perspective on JCPenney and I will be sure to let all of my friends and family know how poorly you can be treated by your phone customer service employees. Sadly our order issue was not resolved and now I’m stuck not getting a product that we paid money for.
    I am disgusted with the whole experience.
    Robyn S.

  291. I required a credit for my late fee. I was a customer for only one month, but the customer service and banking are terrible. I paid the bill 1/10/16 but requested no late fee because I put the wrong account number when I paid on line. You keep sending me late fees and tack on $2.00

    Please resolve this issue and at least respond. The banking synchrony Bank for not respond to my emails. My account number ending in 2917. So I’m assuming you can look that up, since that is all i have on the letter of 1/21/2016 that I received.

    I wait patiently for a response and credit. Mary


  293. Hello, my name is Carolyn McDaniels. I have been working at the Chesapeake Square Mall JCPenney’s and I have been mistreated by all the Managers. The store number is 2370. I have been a great employee of yours for over two years. I feel like I have been singled out. Reason being, I have done what I was suppose to be doing. I have done everything that I can do to get people to sign up for credit cards. Just recently i haven’t been on the schedule. I haven’t worked since January 9th, 2016. My boss told me that they didn’t have the hours to work me which i thought was strange. Even if the business doesn’t have the hours they would at least put you on the schedule for four hours. Not to put me on the schedule since January 9th is just not right. They have never treated me so bad. My boss, Darius, said that they won’t work me because I don’t get enough people to sign up for credit cards and I always ask and tell them the benefits but the customers always say no or they already have one. On January 20th, I decided to call one of my co-workers at JCPenney’s and apparently Darius has been working everybody but me. I feel like I’m being singled out here. If I was so bad at my job they would’ve stopped working me a long time ago. But no I’ve been there for over two years and I have never been treated like this ever…. Darius says that I still have a job there but they haven’t been putting me on the schedule… I don’t know why they have been treating me like crap lately. I thought I should let you know what was going on at one of your stores. I am so angry about what’s going on. I want to report them to you. I call the store all the time since this happened to see if they have the hours. but I called the store a few days ago to see when they would have hours but they told me they wasn’t even sure if they were going to get hours. Darius told me that they might get ours near Easter but they aren’t even positive about that. I have been working there since November 19, 2013. Not once have I been treated like this since this happened.

  294. I frequent penny’s however I am getting very frustrated. I have to return on numerous occasions to have the security tag taken off. I would like you to know my time is valuable and am not very happy to be spending my time and gas driving back to the store to have the tags removed

  295. I walked in the store at 8:45. Not realizing it was almost closing time. One of the employees had a angry look on her face and said to another employee, they need to go home. I’m not asking for anything but do something about this employee. I will not be going back for a while. Rude customer service

  296. I have tried to order on for 3 days and it keeps saying product not found in my cart and when adding stuff to my cart. I’ve tried to call and never got through. Now I don’t get to use my $10 off $10 coupon 🙁

  297. I wanted to voice concern I had over a recent order #2015339620353376. I purchased socks over the internet and opted for shipping to my closest store which was free. I never received an initial call when my purchase came in and received a voicemail stating it would have to be picked up almost immediately or it would be sent back. Well, I had to make a special trip since you closed our Racine store and my plan was planning to stop by the Southridge store on my way home from work. I already was on holiday vacation so thus I had to make the special trip. When I got there they said that it must have been sent back already. Then, I get a return receipt in the mail of an .84 cent credit when I paid $5.02? I tried to decipher the receipt(s) but they are extremely confusing. My guess is I am being charged for shipping? But, the shipping was free and had I received my call in a timely manner none of this would even be an issue and I would have had what I originally ordered.

  298. Good Morning –

    I tried returning an artical of clothing to JCP’s at Eastview Mall in Rochester, NY on Thursday February 4th 2016 but was denied due to the number of recent transactions made on returned products within the allowed time frame.

    I was recently pregnant, now having my daughter who’s 4months old, our family & friends all know we are big fans of JCP’s. We receive gift card as gift & the majority of our clothing & in home purchases are made at JCP’s. Needless to say…I received (from the baby shower, when she was 1st born, when people come to visit) & am still receiving many gifts for our baby that may or may not always have a receipt attached. Some of the clothing that’s been given as gifts I love & keep but that doesnt mean I always have a chance to put her in them. She’s been growing so quick that things I bought or other purchased for her, down the road, are actually fitting her sooner than we excepted. Knowing the brands JCP’s carries (Carter, Nanette, ext) I’ve been able to return or exchange these items for larger sizes OR been able to purchase clothing per the seasonal weather change.

    When I recently went to go make a return on the 4th, for an xmas gift she received (carter outfit that was never worn, tags still on it, but too small for her), I was denied. I was honestly surprised, embarrassed and to top it off, scared because I know i’ll have more returns to make due to her growth.

    JCP is our favorite store, I know most of the girls who work at the Greece Ridge location, have a charge card with a $4,000 limit, love receiving my coupons and probably spend too much time in there than i actually should (shopaholic issues). I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am truly disappointed that the returned/changed transactions I’ve made within a 3 yr period is ultimately penalizing me. If we look at the facts, I’ve made 5 returns without a receipt within the last 3 yrs….I’d say that’s pretty good based on the amount of money we spend in store (averaging over $300 per month, if not more) & the number of transactions we make per week (at least 1-2). Those 5 transactions made without a receipt seem pretty minuscule, dont ya think? I mean god forbid you misplace a receipt or are given a gift that doesnt have a receipt!

    I just wanted someone to hear a customer’s side of the story & felt the need to speak up because weighing the good vs the bad seem’s a little one sided at this point. The bottom line is that I’d hate to say good-bye but I feel like JCP doesnt appreciate me as a valued customer at this point. And if that’s the case….that i’m unable to return or exchange clothing for my daughter based on the RAR report which is attached, than I wont be sorry for no longer be promoting JCP’s or purchasing from JCP’s moving foward.

  299. This store has rude customer service, does not take care of problems stated month after month, and doesn’t help in any type of customer service.

  300. My card was stolen and I cannot get through to anyone without the last 4 digits of my card – well it was stolen. No phone number that would address my issue, no email address except this one so hopefully someone in this company can help me cancel the stolen card and have a new one sent to me.

  301. Hello,

    I just had a terrible experience at your Columbus, IN location and want you to know. My friend has had numerous unfortunate things happen to them lately so I always try and take their girls out shopping for their birthday. Today we decided to do JCP. Everything was ok until checking out. I got her 2 outfits and I got myself one. After she scanned everything I asked if we could have 2 bags instead of one so that the little girl could have her own bag. Your employee (Renata) said I’m sorry we can’t give you a 2nd bag the company won’t let us. I seriously thought she was kidding. When I realized she wasn’t I couldn’t believe it. My friend asked why and her response was “because it’s a company policy and they have their reasons for having policies”. I asked if I cancelled my order and separated it could I then get 2 bags for my 2 separate transactions. She looked at the little dark headed employee next to her and said they want 2 bags and the employee said “sorry we can’t and if you do 2 transactions you will get 2 mini bags”.. I said as long as the stuff fits in them then that’s fine. So she cancelled my order and redid it as 2 orders so I could have a separate bag. If the clothes weren’t for a little girl I would have cancelled the order completely. My friend walked up to the other register and asked the 2 young girls if it was a company policy to not give 2 bags. The girls said “no”… My friend said let me tell you a scenario and tell me if you would give them a 2nd bag for their order. The girl said the only way we don’t is if something is fishy like they are up to no good. Renata had finished with me and made her way over to their register to see what they were saying.. And said “it’s me again” rudely to my friend. My friend thanked the young girls for answering her question and proceeded to leave with me. We both were in shock and have never heard of such a thing.. Did they think we were up to no good?? How embarrassing!! I’ve been a loyal long time customer of yours. I have a credit card (15 years +) with you and I shop at your stores or online VERY frequently. I can tell you I was absolutely embarrassed and will probably never go to my local store again. I asked for the manager but they said she was gone for the day. I’ve noticed a lot has changed at that store and business seems down. I completely understand why now! What happened to your excellent service delivery? I’m highly disappointed and wanted you to be aware. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.

    Amanda Edwards

  302. I received my two rebate cards, $10.00 & $20.00 for Black Friday purchases 2 weeks ago, I go to use them today and the $10.00 had value of $8.33 & $20 had $16.38. I was so embarrassed at the restaurant for the server had to come back to me to advise me they wouldn’t cover my check. I never used them until today. The attached form with the cards, said there would be no fees for 6 months which apparently is incorrect. I am a frequent shopper at JCP, check my account. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING AGAIN WITH REBATES

  303. I received my two rebate cards $20 & $10 2 weeks ago for Black Friday purchases. I go to use them today, the server had to come tell me they would not cover my check for the $10 had $8.33 value & $20 was $16.83. The form with the cards said no fees for 6 months. WRONG I was embarrassed over this. I’m a frequent shopper at JCP, check my acct. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE REBATE MERCHANDISE AGAIN AT JCP FOR IT’S A RIP OFF. THANKS FOR NOTHING

  304. I have ordered a boys robe, size Large on two (2) separate occasions and both orders were cancelled after 10 days of waiting for delivery and, needless, to say causing quite a bit of disappointment in a young boys life.

    I phoned customer service and someone there re-ordered for me and still the order did not arrive. I now must go to another store to shop for a boys robe. Goodbye JCP, hello Khol’s.

  305. On Saturday February 13th I shopped at the Oglethorpe mall location in Savannah GA. The bathroom was by far the worst public bathroom I have ever been in. I have seen cleaner porto potties. Toilet paper all over the floors and seats, women’s sanitary napkin dispensers full (not to mention the smell coming from them), and a puddle of urine in the handicap stall which I was unable to use. I have pictures if you would like to see what I had to experience. This made for an expcetionally disgusting and poor shopping experience.

  306. I was at the Shoppes at Moore this evening to exchange a ring I purchased online. Ron, in fine jewelry, assisted my husband and I with the exchange. He was very helpful and polite. He needed help with refunding my initial purchase and re-ordering a different size online. He called for a manager. Candy soon came over and was so incredibly rude to Ron. She was very belittling and abrupt with him. It was embarrassing to my husband and I because she did this in front of us. Every time he asked her a question she was very short and rude with her response. I can’t imagine that this is the type of service that JC Penney condones. I’ve never had an experience like this before and have always been pleased with the service we receive. I feel so bad for Ron who graciously allowed his manager to continually humiliate him in front of his customers. My husband and I both left feeling that someone needed to be made aware of this situation. Thank you.

  307. I am very dissapointed in your service on picking idems for shipping. I order just 2 pair of pants when I recieved the order they ship me boots. Called customer service she was very nice reduce the cost and waived the shipping. I recieved the idems on 2/16/2016 and only revieved 1 pair of pants. Called customer service on 2/17/2016 in the morning talk to Mario he said he would ship it out free but charge me for the pants I did not get. I called again customer service credit and rebilled. I feel the time I have been trying to correct my order for a week and the time I have spent doing that I should have gotten the pants that was not ship FREE I have ordered and been in your store to buy from many years. My satifaction with the picking department for JC penny does not make me happy.

  308. I made clothing purchases for my Mother who is in a nursing home in the amount of $152.55 Went through the check out process and was told my check was not accepted. I was given no reason, just that it was not accepted. I have written checks on this account for several months with absolutely no questions asked and the checks were always accepted. I called Certegy and was told I could obtain a VIP status and MAYBE my check would be accepted. Again no reason or explanation for declining my check. I went to Sears and Kohls and both places accepted my check with no problem. I have cut up my JC Penney’s credit card and reward card. I am no longer a customer of Penney’s.

  309. I had a horrible time trying to order 2 pairs of pajamas for my daughters. Customer service was extremely helpful and they finally received the pajamas. Each daughter got the right size but the colors were reversed. 🙁

  310. I have tried to place an order online with JCPenney 4 times in the past week. I finally called customer service to find out why my orders will not go through. They were down for maintenance and all I got was a recording. They were running a coupon which was good until 2am CST. How can they honor that if they are down for maintenance? I stopped shopping at Penneys when they had the red white and blue tag pricing and have just recently started shopping here again. It will be short lived if I can never place an order online during the sale periods. Extremely disappointed.

  311. Unable to access website from Democratic Rep of Congo … How can. Shop on yr website if access is denied?


  312. Can someone, that cares in a supervisory position, please tell me why I can’t submit an order…..I’ve tried several times today and last week without success. Why can’t anyone tell me anything? I’ve called and talked to JCP representatives and they could care less. If you’re having that many technical difficulties I suggest you get a different provider or people who know how to actually keep a website up and running….kinda important when customers are trying to place orders on line. If I don’t hear from someone at JCP in 48 hours with an explination then I’m done. Too much stress, aggrivation and hassle. If there’s a problem with my account THEN JUST SAY SO…..PLEASE!!!

  313. Please do not sponsor the Oscars or any other tv program that rants on and on about some political agenda. We gave up and changed channels after we realized they just were not going to stop. Even th ed History Channel was better. Thanks

  314. I was very disappointed when I went to JcPenney on 2/27. I’ve recently lost weight and went to purchase new clothes. My first stop was intimate apparel to purchase underwear. Since I’ve lost weight and dont know my size I went to the fitting room to try a few pair on. The lady working gave me a dirty look and in a nasty tone said : “we don’t let people try those on.” I’ve worked for JcPenney in the past and our store let customers try underwear on. Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, and Kohl’s also allow underwear to be tried on. I was so turned off byher attitude I put my items down and walked out without making a purchase. I then went to Kohl’s and spent over $300.
    If JcPenney does not allow customers to try certain items on – fine. But your employee could’ve been a little less rude when she informed me. She simply could’ve smiled and said “I’m sorry… JcPenney doesn’t allow customers to try underwear on” and helped me find my size. A little politeness goes a long way.

  315. I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with my experiences at your store located in the Franklin Park Mall in Toledo, Ohio.

    Over the past month, I have been searching for a watch for my husband for his birthday. I have stopped into this location on more than one occasion to browse and perhaps buy something if I were to see something he would like.

    Every single time I visited the jewelry counter, not one single person acknowledged me. I was not greeted, I was not offered help, I may as well have been invisible.

    Yesterday was the last time I stopped. Again, no help. There was a person at the counter every time I stopped, but none of the acknowledged me. Yesterday I saw a watch I would have loved to get, but I had a few questions about it. The associate standing there continued to ignore me and not offer help.

    I promptly walked away, went across the mall to Macy’s, and approached their jewelry counter.

    Within 2 minutes of me standing there, 2 different associates offered me help. They were courteous and friendly, and ready to answer questions. I ended up finding a watch for my husband there and purchased it.

    Now, I have worked retail for many years. I understand, sometimes your store is short staffed, sometimes associates get busy. However, there is no excuse for me to have been ignored multiple times, on multiple visits, by multiple associates. Your customer makes your paycheck and it seems as if this company has forgotten that.

    If JCPenney had friendlier associates, I would have been happy to spend my money there, but your company lost a several hundred dollar sale from me because of your unfriendly associates. I will not be visiting your jewelry counter again.

  316. Very wicked company. You can never get in touch with them. They accused me of having two accounts. No matter how hard I try to resolve it. Synchrony bank is a devious little …. and ….

  317. Very wicked company. You can never get in touch with them. They accused me of having two accounts. No matter how hard I try to resolve it. Synchrony bank is a devious little …. and ….
    I’ve been waiting to talk to some one for an hour now. I’ve been on time in payments but they keep putting my payments on a closed card. How could that possibly be. On the weekends you can not talk to anyone. Now I’ve been on the phone waiting since 10 am. now it is 11: 20am. 2/29/16.

  318. On 2/14/16 I ordered online a treadmill. On 2/25/16 @ 10:49 pm (ELEVEN DAYS WHY SO LONG?) I received an e-mail stating my order had been cancelled due to the manufacturer no longer having it. BUT THE ITEM IS STILL AVAILABLE ON LINE BUT FOR $20 MORE!! This item is still available on the JC Penney website and I should have gotten this item. Every time I try to place an online order (and I have placed several orders) I have some kind of problem and have to call the 1800 number in which I stay on hold sometimes in excess of thirty minutes. If this is how JC PENNEY does business I think I will go somewhere else and refer to my family and friends to do the same and also ask that tell their family and friends to do the same. I am very dissatisfied with my experience with this order and feel I should at the least be offered this product again at the price I ordered it at instead of the new price due to the item never being removed from the JC PENNEY ONLINE PAGE. I ordered a 6. RT Treadmill for $399 on your site now the same treadmill is posted foe $419. I bet if I where to order this item at the newly increased price I would not have any difficulties in receiving it. It seems JC PENNEY no longer cares about customer satisfaction.

  319. I am a regular online customer and I order almost all of my grandchildrens clothes etc. from jcp. I reciently placed and order and was missing a pair of pj’s for my twin grandsons so I called to let the store know baychester, they told me to bring all the items in so that they could see that I did not get the pj’s ordered how stupid. I was so angry that I am wanting to send this to everyone I know. The employee put me on hold and never came back to the call when I called back to speak to a supervisor. How does this happen I am was a loyal customer. However after this I will tell everyone that you can not get justification with your receipt you need to drag your furniture to the store to let the clerk see if all of your purchase was delivered. #2016055620103517 and I am missing pj#RP340-0387D one pair 24mos. I cant’ give one pair w/o the other. invoice #268624732

  320. Buyer beware! DO NOT ORDER sofas, loveseats or sofa sleepers from this place. Numerous calls to the customer care service center to result in JCP making new pieces to replace ones delivered in January. Today our other sofa delivered and yep shoddy work again and the delivery people refused to take it back with them. Quality control is not their top priority in the warehouse where the furniture is made. Had to drive half an hour away to see the furniture in person and to place my order which was incorrect and we didn’t realize this until after the first two pieces were ordered. So much for being a GOLD customer, I WILL be buying from somewhere local.

  321. I sent in a rebate and it was denied simply because I didn’t have the post office hand stamp a date on the envelope before I mailed it. So even though I mailed it on the required date, it didn’t get stamped and was marked 2 days later so I no longer “qualified”. It was for $37 and I would never have bought that product without a rebate. Why did I wait for the last day to mail it? It was a Christmas gift so I had to make sure that the recipient wasn’t going to return it before I cut off the UPC code. Christmas was on a Friday so I mailed it the following Monday, but there must have been a backup at the post office because they didn’t stamp it that day. The rebate company said they could not do anything about it since it wasn’t stamped with the 28th on it. Will not shop at JC Penney’s anymore. What a rip off and I can’t return the item because the UPC code is now missing.

  322. On Friday 3-11-16 I went to Westminster Mall optical dept., to see styles of glasses. I had coupons from another store but wanted to comparison shop as I am on a very fixed budget. Mayra Chavez was the customer service lady when I went into the shop. What a helpful and professional person she is. No stress and it turned out to be a fun and wonderful experience. Mayra stayed in my budget so helpful in picking out frames just turned out to be a lovely day thanks to her. I didn’t even go to the other store as I was so happy with my purchases and the experience of Mayra’s fun help. So Thank You, for having such a sweet and kind person working for you. Very Sincerely, Frankie Lane

  323. I have several issues with JCPenney I have shopped with your company for many many years probably 40 years the ease of trying to shop at your store get help on one or shop online has become ridiculous number two I have bought the same subtle shapers pantyhose for over 30 years you have other customers that have also about phase for over 40 years your marketing company if that’s what you want to do is to stay in business need to look with in the media and see there are thousands of people hunting wanting the same pantyhose we as customers are asking that you please bring the spot product back many of us used and buy these in multiple packs I have a 60 pair a year just myself I will no longer be shopping at pennies if these are not brought back and I have found another source not exactly like what you have but real close and I am going to tell everyone about the site so that they can possibly get the product that we made as nurses laypeople those are the best product in your store

  324. Got a message from Sandy in fine jewelry in Mishawaka on Friday that ring I ordered was in. Went to pick it up on Monday at 2:15 and the girl says it isn’t there, and since Sandy is at lunch nothing can be done. What a huge inconvenience to drive out there and be told that since we weren’t lucky enough to visit while our salesperson was working, we couldn’t have the product that I’d paid for.

  325. Was shopping today ( Tuesday) at TORRANCE store. Although the store did not have many customers, as a shopper, I found it very annoying that I needed to wait in line for quite some time since there was only one person at the register. As a shareholder I was very concerned to see several customers leave the lines without purchasing their items. Also the lines were held up as serval people were returning items. While browsing I heard an elderly lady saying that she needed help and could not find someone to help her. I have notice that when I have purchased an item the correct sale price was not correct. My last purchase was a pair of slippers. When I got them home, one slipper was the wrong size and both slippers were for the left foot. I am not sure that this stock is a good investment. Would liked to have sent this as a private email, but no email address was listed for the CEO or the manager at the TORRANCE store

  326. Left very frustrated with your Altus, OK location. Attempted to return items received from recent baby shower due to incorrect size. Was told we could not simply swap out merchandize for same item but diff size. So another clerk said they could scan back in the returns and then charge me for the different items which I agreed to, but the credit amount my return items scanned for was ridiculous. I will be glad to provide the exact details upon further visiting with someone regarding this issue. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



  327. Thanks for not telling anyone you would be closed on Easter, you could of at least put a sign on your doors you idiots

  328. How to cancel the back ordered item in the online order. Since other items already reach my shipping address……………. Please contact me via email. Thanks a lot.

  329. I will never order from j c penny again . I placed a order on line 3-24-2016. I picked it up at the store today when I received a email that it was ready for pick up 3-30-2016. When I got home and opened the package the outfit was totally different than what I ordered not even the same color. I checked yesterday online and it showed the outfit was still available but tonight it show no longer available. They had time from when I ordered to let me know that it was not available not just sent me anything. I will never order again.

  330. Order # 2016-0876-2005-4580

    I ordered 9.5 mens, CON CHCK TAY OX WHT OPTICAL WHITE 9 1/2 MEDIUM i meant to order 9.5 Womens. I mailed them back for an exchange.

  331. Not really a complainer, But while shopping at the Plainfield, Indiana store, we had our grand baby with us, we were in the baby section shopping, little John started acting up, being a month and a half old, it happens. My wife had decided to exit the store and comfort little John in the car but before we were able to rectify the situation we were approached by an employee or manager that consistently asked us if we needed her help, it felt like as if she were telling us to leave. I felt very uncomfortable so my wife and I both left the store.

  332. Visited the Carlsbad, CA store on 3 April 2016. Worst customer service experience I have had there. Lexy, the associate in the men’s department seemed to avoid checking people out until the line grew to several people. Then she searched even nook and cranny of the purse and shoes that were purchased. Was annoyed when we tried to use a coupon, stating you can’t use that on athletic shoes, though it was valid on the purse. Final no thank you for shopping at JC Penney, even after I said you’re welcome.

  333. Up until 2006 JC Penney was always my first option for purchasing men under shirts. The brand I purchased in particular was Towncraft. However, for some reason Towncraft was discontinued. You’ve made several attempts to duplicate the quality of Towncraft with Stafford. Your attempts have been to no avail. Please, consider bringing this product back. There are blogs online discussing their dismay to your choice to not sell Towncraft. Reference “The Undershirt Guy”. If possible can the product merchant reach out to me to discuss. If not, please forward this message to Marvin Ellison.

  334. The J.C. Penney store at Promenade Mall in Tulsa was very neat, attractive and easy to find merchandise until recently. I noticed racks and racks and racks of clothes everywhere on my last visit, sizes all jumbled and jammed together. Later I was in Penneys at Woodland Hills Mall buying pillows, and another lady customer remarked how junky and messy Promenade mall has become. She too remarked about the many racks of mostly winter clothes all over the place and so untidy, mixed up and looked like a flea market. No organization. Its a favorite store so surprised to see the change.

  335. Morning I am trying to place an order for two pair off golf shorts that I want to collect on the 6th May. I live in the United Kingdom and would collect them from your Northpark shopping centre Davenport. I can pay by PayPal and collect them from your store on the 6th May
    The items are listed below
    Code number 583-3054D colour Black size 54 price $29.99
    Code number583-2020Dcolour Charcoal size 54 price $29.99

  336. I keep receiving this message “Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit when I try to order online.” My husband said it is a problem on your end. I would like to order curtains on-line and can’t get into JC Penney without encountering this problem no matter what I try to order. Please fix so I can get on-line. I have encountered this several times over the last month when attempting to order. Thanks.

  337. I was very upset today when I visited the store located at the Park City Center,Lancaster PA. The plus size women’s and men’s clothes were located on the lower level with housewares and children’s. There was NO seperate dressing room for the women’s and children plus the plus men’s changing room was located beside the children’s and women’s. This is a child molestation situation ready to happen. There was NO cashier or customer service area close by. Very disturbing to first have the men and women’s plus sizes on the ground floor seperate from the others and then to have the women and children share a dressing room located beside the men’s is unacceptable.Do you not care about the safety of children? The dressing room was located in the young girl section where children may be in the dressing rooms alone.As a child advocate I suggest this is addressed immediately.

  338. I took my mother shopping today at the Orland Park, Illinois store. One of your employees, Angela, overheard me discussing an issue I was having getting my mother to the car (she was in your stores wheelchair). She immediately offered assistance and got my mother safely through the doors and returned the wheelchair. Now that’s above and beyond! I cant tell you how much I appreciated her help at a difficult time.
    P.S. As usual, we both found what we were looking for as far as merchandise, and the kindness offered was an extra!!!

  339. I went shopping in the Lakeside, Michigan store on 4/20/2016 in the early evening as was turned off by the horrible condition of the store. It was so bad I actually took pictures. The children’s clothing department was on the floor and looked like it had not been touched in days!. This is not the first time it has been like this. Something needs t be done. Only a young lady standing behind the register waiting for the next customer to come by. No help anywhere!!??

  340. I recently shopped at the JCPenney store at EastView Mall.
    I had to use the ladies restroom and I was unable to locate it. There are no store indicators directing one to the women or men’s rest rooms. I had to ask 2 associates along the way which direction to go. When I finally reached the women’s restroom it was located behind the lamps section and there and there only did it read “Women’s Rest Room. I feel it would be beneficial to your customers to have store indicators in place showing where restrooms and or exits are located.
    I have been a JCPenney customer for a long time and have always enjoyed shopping your various stores. I find associates to be courteous and helpful,
    I’m glad to see the many styles and needs of various customers being met.
    I just wanted to let you become aware of a situation that you may not realize.
    When one is shopping and is in need of the rest room, it’s difficult to spend time walking all over a store in search of the rest room or someone that can direct you. It could make you frustrated and want to just leave this shopping experience. Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter.

  341. I’m so irritated right now. I’ve dealt with Penney’s for almost 40 years. I and my wife both got cards after we got married. We don’t use them much anymore as the local store closed and we generally paid cash when we went to the store. The next nearest store is 30-45 min away. I wanted to order some items that I would have preferred only at Penney’s. Apparently my or both of our cards have been cancelled now. The rep says we’re welcome to reapply for new cards. I guess it’s time to go to Kohl’s, BonTon or someone local. Gee, maybe that’s why Penney’s is in the shape that it is.

  342. To Whom It May Conern

    I felt I had to write an email to inform you about my shopping experience at JC Penney Green Acres Valley Stteam, New York. I went shopping with my sister in the ladies department on the first floor. There are,two dressing rooms available but only one was opened, mine you this was on a sale day and vacation week. The dressing room that was available only had four rooms and was horrendous! Clothes were throwed all over, food containers with half eaten McDonald ‘s! Just horrible. JC Penney should be aware of this and the problem should be addressed.
    Thank you.
    Linda Musto

  343. My shopping experience in your Jcpenny store in San Antonio Tx North star Mall
    on April 27th was the worst ever, first let me say that I am a 69 year old woman,
    I arrived to your store between 6:20 & 6:30 pm,
    After selecting my items for purchase , in the home department , there was no associate at register to check me out , I roamed the 3rd floor and finally went down to 2nd floor ,there was an associate in the children’s department but there were several people in line,so I went to the men’s department didn’t see an associate there so I put down my items and stated to leave then I saw an associate come to the register , I picked up items and went back I asked him if he could check out my items at his register ,He gave me a dirty look and said yeah but you can’t bring them back ,I said excuse me , he then said I mean you can purchase them at this register but you have to return them in home department , He then preceded to ring up my items I had a clearance overdoor rack with a piink sticker tag ,it rang up regular he then rolled his eyes and tried to remove sticker, I felt very humiliated and tell him to keep everything and left the store.

  344. Called your customer service line, received a great offer of 30% off but I received it my home a week after expiration. Your customer service basically didn’t care about this. I lost out on great deal and your care service does not even try to make it right. I am amazed by the lack of response from the person on the line. Thank you Johnny Montesino

  345. Hello,
    I am writing to let you know that I have not liked your new store organization and layout since moving to brand oriented sections in your stores. I have been a loyal JCP customer for many years, but find that I am shopping with you rarely now.

    I have been horribly disappointed with your selection and displays/presentation of Womens Plus size departments. I only found one circular rack of dresses when I went to look for a dress to wear to my niece’s wedding. I think that is rediculous considering that about one third of women in the U.S. wear a size 14-16 or larger. The Women’s departments look like the clearance racks at Kmart. Awful!
    I also shop in the Petite section for pants and have to wander around the whole store trying to find my size,16 Petite.
    I have lived near Flint, MI. and have gone to Genesee Valley Mall JC Penney and Courtland Center Mall locations.
    Please update and provide a better selection for your customers that need a plus size. We like to look good too!

    Thank you.
    Sharon Persons

  346. What customer service? I have been trying to talk to anyone about the lack of service at Marysville, Wa. for 5 days. I have yet to get anyone who will help me at the customer service number. I either get connected to the local where the problem took place or told they cannot help me. No wonder there is no customer service because there is no one to be accountable to.

  347. I was in jcpennys in batesvill ar and they didn’t give me the 10 dollars off my purchase because I spent 45 dollars the sign said in front of store anything over 25 bucks gets that 10 bucks off the lady told me in jewelry dept no I don’t get it,we’ll I feel its false advertising ty for listening

  348. We bought new shades, two new beds, a new table, new chairs and lots of goods from JCP the past three years.

    We wish to report a suspicion the WAREHOUSE in Phoenix area used by JCP to deliver goods may be ripping you off. Our last two experiences raise suspicion.

    We know order arrived at WAREHOUSE but a fancy HEADBOARD disappears, and two chairs disappeared which we know arrived, and everything was taken out of JCP boxes at warehouse and delivered with no instructions as to brand, etc. The table was damaged and is being replaced. A board was broken under the leaf probably from someone trying to open while locked down. That is why instructions are important.

  349. I have been shopping at Penney’s for years. I would like to see more long dresses that are simple. I like the jumpers that have a jacket. I would like to see them in Petite and Miss sizes. I would like to see clothes that are for the older generation and not be the loud colors, the busy patterns. Plan and simple is so nice.
    I hope you can make some changes in this area.

  350. I paid for 3 day shipping for 3 items, received 2 of the items and the 3rd item didn’t not get shipped until 6 days later! How is that 3 day shipping?! Will never shop on again!

  351. So disappointed in my experience yesterday at your Salem,NH store. The prices that were marked and displayed were not the prices when I got to the register. I asked for a manager…and could not get one to arrive at the check-out but dealt with Cheryl, although helpful didn’t resolve my issue. Please contact me so that I may share additional information.

  352. I was not pleased with new clothes falling apart. And not being able to talk to a person and the store wouldn’t refund because I already wore the item. Not happy at all

  353. I was a former employee of JCP in Orlando FL at the Fashion Square mall & the store manager that works there is the worst ever his name is David Shoemaker, their has been several complaints of him but nothing yet has been done. He is rude, he treats the employees like they are worthless, extremely disrespectful. He is also stealing money from the company as well YES I said it he is using the company’s credit card for his own needs I really hope Eric Friederich looks into this or JCP in general

  354. I purchase a pair of Levis 513 Chinos at the store but noticed this past Saturday (5/21) they are on clearance for $39.99 (web ID: 5204863). I went to the store so I get the clearance price and was told by the sales associate that I can get it at the sale of $46.99 because the stores do not do online price match. I asked if that policy is posted, the manager named Ceaser Nekhleh said yes and handed me a JCP Return Policy Exclusions flyer which says nothing about price matching. I know there is not a huge price difference here but it is the principal. Besides, with online order processing and shipping to the store, it probably cost the company more than the price different. Just doesn’t make business sense. Considering virtually all other retailers I shop at do honor their own online prices, JCP should rethink their policy. Certainly better customer service at the store management level.

  355. I ordered two items on 5/7/2016 order number 2016-1285-1002-8589. Two weeks later no delivery. I have tracked the item on tracking no. IZ880152YWO7881922 and get the message delivery address not identified. I realize you took down my address as Josephine Misaro, 9 Dog Lane, Storrs Mansfield, connecticut. You left out my apartment number which is Apt no. 2204.

    Kindly correct this. The items are overdue and I need them urgentl.

  356. I have been trying to cancel an order, but your system will not allow it. I called customer service and held for a long period of time. I have called another number, and that person was unable to help me, he placed me on hold while he was going to transfer me, but he hung up on me.

    Please cancel my order (quilt for $120.00)….terrible service.
    Mary Dixon

  357. I would like to voice a compliant about the change in the sizing of the clothes at JC Penny now. Over the last few months I have attempted to purchase bottoms from Pennys like I have in the past and now I can no longer wear there bottoms. It is not because I can’t fit that particular size but it is because of something that has changed in the way the clothes are made now. I’m assuming JC Penny is tapering there clothes down to the smaller end of each size range. I would like an email address to headquarters so that I may contact someone in upper management. Thanks.

  358. On Mother’s Day I decided to stop in at the Findlay Village Mall’s JCP for a quick gift for myself. At checkout, the woman running men’s dept register asked me to go to jewelry counter as she was handling a return. The young girl in jewelry was reading and it took several attempts to get her attention. I explained that I had 2 coupons one for $10 off 25 and another for 15% off the total. I asked if I could use both separately, and if not, I wanted to use the the percentage because I had well over $100 in merchandise. She was extremely rude and said the only coupons they had that weekend was the 10 off 25. I pulled it up on my phone and showed it to her. She actually snatched the phone out of my hand and started swiping and touching the screen! Then she handed it back saying she was trying to get a better look at coupon but lost it. I pulled it back up and showed her again to which she said that’s only for JCP card holders- do I have a card? I said 20% was JCP cards but 15% was other payments. She responded by saying it was for online only but she could honor the 10 off 25. I told her it stated plainly at the top online or In store. She refused saying again she could use the 10 off 25 and began to ring up the merchandise. I told her not to bother- I wouldn’t be buying anything from that store that day. I left after wasting an hour of my Mother’s Day. Customer service at this store has always been great until that day.

  359. I have tried multiple numbers to reach someone that might care about my feedback re: my recent experience in one of your stores. Apparently no one wants this feedback so I am now looking to post my disgust on your Facebook page!

  360. I bought a ring back in 2009 with a life time warranty against chips, missing or lost diamonds, cleaning, etc. one of the diamonds went missing. took it to the store, they sent it off to be replaced, said it would take 2 weeks. after a month and a week they called my wife and said the ring was back, not telling her mind you that they were not going to fix it. after she gets there they said they were not going to repair it and offered her a gift card in return. said to replace the diamond was over 85% of the price. I paid for the life time warranty I expect jc penny to honor it. I have been a loyal customer for over 19 years mind you. I will never shop there again and none of my family and friends will. stand by your products or you will loose even more business.

  361. On April 17, 2016 we bought a king size mattress, spring boxes and a frame on the internet. They were supposed to be delivered Apr. 22 to 27. Two weeks later or so, the frame came by itself. After numerous phone calls and taking off work twice to receive the rest, they finally got delivered. The mattress on May 21 and the spring boxes May 28. We could have purchase this bed at any furniture or mattress store in New Baltimore, MI. where we live and have it delivered next day or in less than a week. Never will but any thing from JCPenney again.

  362. I spent over 1-1/2 hours trying on bras and lingerie in a JCPenney store today. There was not one store associate available for help the entire time I was back and forth to the fitting rooms. I couldn’t locate all the sizes I was looking for. Then when I went in search for somewhere to check out I found a line at one checkout so I found the only other checkout on the floor and waited. A woman was behind the counter chatting with a customer. She finally addressed me only to tell me she was “helping this young man” and wouldn’t be able to help me. Okay. So I waited for the other associate to finish talking to another customer about a coffee maker she was looking at. During this long wait, I was able to do some shopping on my phone. Found everything I was looking for, laid my merchandise down and walked out of the store. You lost my money today. I’d like to suggest that your company (and many other businesses by the way), hire more employees, get customers the help we need, stop making us wait in long lines, and you’ll make EVEN MORE money. Smart, huh?

  363. Hi,
    First off let me start off by saying I love shopping at JCPenny and have for years, great quality clothing, variety at good prices. I only wish that there was a store closer to me. In my last visit, I had to wait at least a half an hour on line before I reached a cashier, all the waiting lines for cashiers were very long and after waiting on my line, one of the registers broke, causing an even longer wait. I am a very patient person, so didn’t bother me too much, but, what did upset me was that I had purchased a lot of clothing and after almost an hour and a half on a subway train to get home, I notice that one of the Foundry brand pants I purchased still has a ringer device still attached to it. Thinking back, I do remeber the alarm in store ringing, but, I just thought it was other person walking out same time as me. I really do not want to have to drag this article of clothing back and forth to the store, is there any way I would be able to remove it at home or do I just have to cut it out and sew it back up again. P.S. please look into opening up a store, somewhere near Bay Ridge Brooklyn

  364. I was told that my credit card from JCP was to not have shipping charges. Is this the case or not? Things are a little more costly from your site. Not having shipping charges makes it more inviting to shop at your site. If this is true you’ve received my last order.

    Ethel Torok

  365. To whom it may concern.

    I fell into the old habit of using your service. For some reason an attempt was made to deliver my package to the post office. It should have been delivered to the door. This is the second time that I have had problems with JCPenney. I don’t care what is done with the package. I don’t have the energy to deal with this at this time.

    Ethel torok

  366. I returned something to your Poughkeepsie store without a receipt and can understand that I was only given a $4 on a JCP gift card. However, in order to do so, I had to give them my Driver License. In the meanwhile, the cashier was so busy asking every customer and employee if she should take this new apartment, and she only makes $300/week and she gets $4-500 in food stamps every month… it took a couple of days for me to realize that she never returned my license, and I went to the store 4 days later, but they could not locate it and insisted they didn’t have it.
    So now, I only received a $4 credit for my return, and it cost me $17.50 to get a new license!!! I will be holding JCP liable if I become a victim of identity theft, because they eventually located my license and mailed it to my home. JCP owes me $29 for my driver license fee and the additional refund, because I located my original receipt in the amount of $15.61!!! I would attach my original receipt and the envelope in which you finally returned my driver license, but you don’t offer that option.

  367. You can take my name off and do not send me anything else. I think you are the worse company I that have ever dealt with. I will not be ordering from you anymore, sure enough other companies out there that is much better than Penney

  368. Shopping for 1st time Sunday 6-19. Found few things but could not find one associate to help me with finding departments, and when I finally found them no one to help with shirts too high for me to reach. Then 22 min. checkout with new associate obviously, opened a charge, she didn’t have a clue. She asked another associate for help, which was OK, then another, OK again, then she was stuck on something for awhile. At this time I was more upset with other associate that watched but never asked if she needed more help. At this time I asked one to help so I could just get out of.there. very angry at this time. Associate was very nice but not ready to be alone, and your other associates should learn the term ‘team work’
    Hope this prevents another new associate and customer from feeling so frustrated.
    Robin Wilczynski
    Maumee, Oh

  369. The message below is for the South Hill Washington State store manager. They gave me his wrong email address
    Hello Tony Bavaro, I understand you are the manager of the South Hill JC Penney’s and the optical department is a separate business but it says JC Penney’s. I just spent an hour trying to find out the status of my 3 year old Granddaughters glasses that I dropped off to have new lens made on June 11th, today is the 27th. She said it would take no longer than 2 weeks but probably come back soon. We have been trying for days and longer to get information from this women. My son in law has called at least 3 times, my daughter 3 or more times, I have called several times, most of the time no one answers. I left 2 voice messages shortly after dropping them off to get the price of scratch resist coverage on them and never got a call back. She would tell me daughter and or my son in law that she would check with the lab and get back to them and she would never call. It is inexcusable to receive this type of customer service. And she laughs, I spent an hour while she was on hold and she would just laugh and giggle at me like this is funny. It is not, Mackenzie Carroll is 3 years old, there is nothing funny about this at all. I have never had such horrible and disrespectful customer service ever. I have called other places to see when my glasses would be in and they could look in the computer and tell me exactly where they are, what stage and exactly when they would be back in the store. All she says is they are scheduled to ship July 1st. Seriously, it was supposed to be less than 2 weeks. I need something done, there is no way anyone should have to pay for such horrible service and they bought the warranty on these glasses because she is a baby so that means we always have to deal with JC Penney’s anytime something comes up? They need to refund the entire price of the glasses so they can go buy Mackenzie a complete pair of glasses and warranty with a company that truly has customer service and cares about their customers. I left her my business card and told her I wanted call before I left the office at 4PM today but I am sure I will not hear from her. I need to hear from you please. I truly need something done and Mackenzie deserves to have her glasses. Please contact me. Thank you

    Marcie Kephart
    Pacific Northern Construction

  370. My order#2016174510032106, has not arrived yet, even though when I check the status it says “complete “. I am getting tired of waiting for my order. What is the problem? This is becoming a constant occurance with jcp. I’m going to sears from now on.

  371. I am very disappointed in the optical department at JC Penny. I ordered contacts 8 days ago and was told would be 5-7 days to get in. After calling the dept. 3-4 times today to get the status was finally able to get a ‘live body’ to answer the phone. this dept. has only 1 person in it so when they on break or taking care of a customer the phone just rings off the hook – definitely not a way to operate a business. Now I have been told ‘due to the influx of orders it would take 2 – 2 1/2 weeks to get my contacts’ WhAT ??? I will not be doing business with JCP optical dept in the future

  372. I was going to purchase 4 Van Heusen shirts and some men’s underwear, I couldn’t find my size so I asked two ladies going, seemingly in a hurry for help, they said they would call someone, and it never happened. My wife and I stood there waiting, they even asked someone for that dept. via the intercom and after more than 30 mins. no one showed up. We finally gave up and I tried to get the manager but after being paged he never showed up either. We gave up after losing a full hour and decided never to shop in that store again. You folks have great merchandise but your service stinks, sorry.

  373. jcp has always been my place to shop. I have always enjoyed shopping at my home store. Recently, I visited my daughter in Florida and took a bra I had purchased for her. She needed a bigger cup size and was going to exchange it. I became ill and it just shipped our mind. I received a vey upset phone call today, that the store in Coral Springs mall would not let her exchange it. I had left the price tag on it, but that wasn’t good enough,
    the associate kept saying “that’s not how it works”. I don’t understand why an exchange could not be made. She tried to give them my phone # to check the rewards program to see that I did indeed purchase it. I shop at the Golden Triangle mall in Denton, Texas and their employees go out of their way to help people. Can you explain this to me. Thank you.

  374. I ordered 3 blinds on June 22 with a delivery date for June 27th -July 1st. I stopped by the store on July 2nd because I was told by an employee at JcPenny that she thought they were delivered. I only received one of the three blinds that I ordered. I was upset because there was NO and has been NO communication from jc.COM on why and where my other two shades are and when they will be in. I stopped by the store today and of course no shades . I also called your “customer care” dept and was put on hold and transferred to the store which I just came from and NO she didn’t bother to to tell me why she was doing the transfer….I was just transferred!!! I called customer care back only to be told she would credit my two shades and she also informed me that one of my shades I ordered was no longer available since she cancelled and refunded the order there went my shade that was available but no longer since she is starting all over. Also, the store manager (Beth) knew I was upset and offered a 50% credit on July 2nd, once all the shades were delivered but your customer care person said NO because that was between me and the store. I still have the letter from the manager but I guess that means nothing since apparently you are NOT one company.. I am so disappointed at JCPenny’s to the point I would never order on line and will not shop in your store anymore. This was my first experience in ordering on line from you. It was also my first experience in talking to a customer service rep that in both times wanted to blame the store in which they had nothing to do with it. Please in the future COMMUNICATE to your customer’s if there is going to be a delay in ordering . Your customer care person did place another order for the same shade with an express delivery but would not honor the discount they store was willing to give me. The ONLY reason I had her re-order the shade is because I already picked up one and I needed two shades to go on my french doors…that’s the only reason why I had agreed to have her re- place the order. As for the other shade, I”ll order from another company

  375. You need to know that I will never order anything from you again! If it is not already it should be illegal to sell information about your customers. I placed one order recently and have since spent a good bit of time unsubscribing from your junky “other” customers. Remove my email address from any lists you are currently selling or I will make a formal complaint to authorities. Shame on you!


  377. want to the jcpenny in westerly RI and won the 100.00 promotion card i was so happy I won so I could do some school shopping but I want to the bathroom and did some shopping at the store and lost the card is there

  378. I want to report a very positive experience I had in your Billings, MT store today.

    Our experience started off badly, we were overcharged for several items by a new associate who basicallyy told us to kick rocks when we brought. It to his attention. A friendly associate named Antionio intervened on our behalf and rectified the overcharged in minutes. He smiled the entire time he helped us, Antonio saved JC Penney a customer. You really need more associates like him.

  379. Tried placing an $200.00+ order again tonight using the 30% promo code (GOSAVE97). It was impossible as I kept receiving a message your site was unsafe…phishing in progress. This went on all day long!

    Very disappointed as the discount would have been nice! I have very tight security controls on my computer & am concerned phishing access is so apparent on your site. Thank goodness for my blocking software.

    I’d still like to order but the 30% ended tonight at midnight (7/25). Please provide it to me s I can make my purchase regardless of it expiring as I would have timely ordered if your site was not unsafe to me at the time.


  380. Hello Everyone:

    I am contacting you for I should have contact by now. I do not have a phone for you to call me at right now for it was lifted from my pocket. I wanted to check in and let you know that I am alive in Miami, FL and I want to come in and go shopping this Friday. I wanted to also meet with someone in order to receive updates as to what is going on, my stocks and portfiolo. I was told to contact the contact sent to me in 2015, in order to obtain what I need from my account(s), and anything else that I should need. I wanted updates as to my reward points, for I always state do not send me an email with the amount I have but just acknowledge me that you received what I asked for. I will be neededing a car, so if you can tell my sister assistant or her to have a catalog of what I can use, that would be great and I will make my choice from there. I will also need a new account number for my card for shopping purposes, and I do not want a card mailed to me please, I will just use the old system that I’ve been using that she assisted me in creating. I have been the owner since before June 1995 and it was during that period that I gave birth to my 1997 children and the store in Columbia, SC was opened and displayed every baby clothing from all around and toys for my children of multiple births. I want to do it again, and I have updates….for new clothing designs to be placed in the store. So, please connect me with a designer that can take the drawings I want to submit for design and put them into the store, I have a lot of IDs to bring us back up and competing in the market above the other stores of competition. So, please reopen my store back up at the Columbia Mall, to compete.

  381. I checked out at the curtain station as I purchased new curtains and hardware for my home. I was also purchasing children’s clothes for my four kids and nephew with my sister. I asked if it was okay that I check out here and the woman said yes. The items were not ringing up at the sale/clearance price so she scanned them and set them aside. She called someone familiar with the kids area and got the prices and put them in again. Before paying I asked her to print out something showing all items because I knew she doubled scanned things. She said no and proceeded to finalize my purchase and I had a $50 gift card and a 20% off coupon. I told her I would be sitting here going through everything because I knew there was an error. So as in fact I was correct, she said she would return everything and re-ring it…..So now I have been at the check out longer than I have shopped. I get out to my car, unload five kids and turn the air conditioner on to look at my reciept again because I still feel something wasn’t processed correctly and realize she did not apply the $50 gift card to my re-done purchase. My sister took the receipt back because I was not loading them all up again for this (what should have been simple) transaction. Nope, the woman tried to convince my sister that it was applied to the transaction and that this never would’ve happened if I had checked out in the children’s department. My sister was upset with that response. Shouldn’t all customer service agents be trained to ring out items at every register??? Otherwise she could’ve politely told me when I asked that way I could’ve went to another check out. So my sister asked her to show her where on the receipt the $50 gift card was applied. She could not so the manager and her gave my sister $50 cash. I have never gotten on one of these sites but today I just couldn’t let it go. This needs to be addressed.

  382. This store is been a very important part of my life. My daughter is not the average size. When i take her there her options are endless. No more embarrasing moments for my sweet girl. I save money all the time. Im a hard working mother, and this store offer so much. I will always be my go to store.

  383. Highly dissatisfied with my last experience with jcpenney.. first we go to the store at Eastpoint mall located in dundalk Maryland.. to purchase shoes get there and the sales person in the shoe department was unbelievably rude when we ask for help. So we go to the register to have a shoemail cheked for a size we needed .. they were in Stock on line so was told we could order them online and have sent to the store … which we order men new Balance shore size 10.5 wide and was suppose to be sent to the store ordered on July 29th, used our $20 dollars in jcpenney rewards was told 3-4 days it took called yesterday and was told there was no record of our order .. so we found the receipt and called again was told they cancelled the order bc the shoes weren’t available. No one ever contacted us … and now we have no shoes or our $20.00 jcp rewards money that we earned from shopping at jcpenney. Very dissatisfied horrible service

  384. Just shopped at JCPenney this evening. We have made the store one of our first stops over the years and have received a number of deals. We have a Platinum card with JCPenney as a result. This evening as we were purchasing a pair of shoes and I commented about a Veteran’s discount. My wife reminded me that we had asked previously and had been told there is none. The girl that had been helping us stated we would be eligible and we got 10% off our purchase. We are thankful for any help we can get but now wonder how this has been missed over the years. We will continue to shop at Penneys, but would be very appreciative if there is any way we could be compensated for the discounts we have missed over time. Thanks for the good purchases we have been able to make.

    • This morning my husband & I headed to our Aventura Mall JCPenney by 8:20am. Doors opened at 8am and said giving away $10 coupons to use in store. We asked several cashiers and none of them knew about it. Some told us they were already out of them. We don’t usually head to the mall this early but this was a great deal……and we missed it!! Don’t think we will fall for any more of the JCPenney’s coupon days. Not very happy regular customers.
      Mr. & Mrs. Smith

  385. I purchased an item on jc penney’s web site around 11:15pm. I was trying to request to have the item shipped to store to avoid shipping fees…..the web site advised that no store in Houston had the item …..placed the order and was advised that my order would be shipped within 4-5 business days .a s soon as I placed my order their was no option to delete, cancel, edit, or change……however after researching how to cancel an order from their policy page….advised me to call customer service to cancel… at this time customer service department was closed until next day @ 8am. I visit one of the stores the next morning and to find the item they said was not available they had a total of 8 in stock……at this time I called customer service to cancel but was advised that order had already been shipped and they could not cancel the order….however 3 days later I received an email saying that my order has JUST been shipped…and to add I found the exact same item in store for $80.00 less… JC Penny is bulling customers to purchase item to pay more on line vs the store….paying shipping fees…..and forcing them to accept order they may not want. this hast to be stopped this is the only dept store web site that I have ever had a problem with trying to cancel an order….the customer service agents I have spoke with you could tell they are trained to protect the company and does not known how to take accountability and resolved the problem…they well know that they practices and polices are not right

    • I purchased approximately $1,900 of draperies from JC Penney’s on May 16, 2016. I was told that I had $90 rewards that I could use and that the points did not expire. I had never used this program before and did not know that a certificate would be issued to me especially since the lady in the drapery department said the points never expired. I called today 11/22/16 inquiring about how to get to the points to use them. I was told that a certificate was issued to me via email and that it was good for 60 days. I also had 60 days after expiration to inquire about this. I did not get the certificates. I could not inquire within 60 days about something I didn’t get. They tell me there is nothing they can do about it, that the certificates were emailed and regardless whether I received them or not they have expired. Very poor customer service. They also disconnected my call which prevented me from competing the survey. I have made some purchased for Christmas that I intend to return. You may not give me the $90 credit in certificates but you will lose more than that in the long run. I had started coming back to your store to shop. No more. Very dissatisfied customer.

  386. Let Helena the Store Mng from JCPenny Tucson Mall know that one of her Supervisors named Mercedes is disrespecting Helena infront of everyone. Mercedes didn’t clean the backroom sent an eMail to Helena pretending everything was cleaned up and on the sales floor thou it wasn’t. Mercedes comment was that Helena is stupid and won’t check anyway. Helena came thou and saw it.

  387. I called to have my name taken off my old address (which is my ex husbands house) and I was in hold for over 15 minutes. Then when I finally spoke with someone they were rude to me and didn’t understand why I wanted my name Un-associated with my ex husbands address!!

    Bad customer service!! I would much rather shop at Younkers/Dillard’s Their customer service is friendly and helpful!!

    Not shopping at JCPenney’s again!!

  388. I’ve been trying to call for 3 days only to be told each time my hold had been anywhere from 20-28 minutes. Called all times of day. My order has shipped and you have the wrong billing address. I’m done calling. You can email me to get correct info. As to your customer service. It’s horrible

  389. Extremely Poor Business Practices: Made an on-line order. As soon as I hit the submit and the summary showed, I realized a big mistake. There is NO WAY to cancel or change the order, even within seconds of placing an order. I immediately called customer service and was told no orders can be changed or cancelled. Unbelievable! I will NEVER ever used JC Penney on-line again. I will report this issue to the BBB, post it on on-line social media, and tell everyone I know not to shop JC Penney.

  390. This is the first year that I have done any Christmas shopping online. I ordered from several stores, including JCP,.The only store I have an issue with is JCP..

    Check this out. I ordered a wedge pillow, and was waiting for a shipping box or one of those silver plastic bags, that are often use to ship clothing. To my complete and utter disgust, they didn’t use any packaging material at all! It looks like they took the item off the shelf, still in it’s factory packaging (clear plastic bag, scotch tape closed on one end) and they stuck the shipping labels onto the bag, and sent it. Imagine my disappointment when my wife called me and said my wedge pillow had been delivered. There goes one Christmas present surprise.

    One thing is for sure, I am never going to use JCP again! They truly deserve to go the same was that Sears is going…down the toilet.

  391. Hi there,

    One of my coworkers reached out to you several days ago regarding

    They had pointed out that there were some areas where we could help drive more traffic/sales to your website.

    Have you had the opportunity to connect with someone?


  392. Today my husband visited the JCPeney store in Montomgeryville PA. He was due a credit and it hadn’t appeared on our account. Ge spoke to a Stacey (whyo was working in the window/blind department). She was EXTREMELY helpful. Spent a lot of time with him but resolved the issue. We are very appreciative of her assistance. She is an assset to your company.

  393. As a long time JCP customer and credit card holder, I was very disappointed in the shopping experience at my local Pheasant Lane Mall store. I went there specifically today for the Power Penney sales in the women’s athletic wear and when I went to that department it was a mess and no signage for that sale. When I found a sales associate, she was no help and continued to direct me to the clearance area. She hadn’t even heard of the power penney sale? It’s been advertised all weekend. Shouldn’t the sales associates be aware of the weekend sales? She didn’t even offer to walk with me over to the athletic wear department to help me find what I was looking for

  394. I went to Staunton Mall to make payment on acct. I was ask for my ID and phone number. I ask assoc. if that was something new and she said no. I have been paying by check for 30 years Never in all that time have I been ask for my ID. I laid my ID on counter and then said Oh I cannot see those numbers, she said get reading glasses.. I was in the process of pulling the glasses from my purse when she made the comment. I believe she was rude. I am 78. Thanks you

  395. On Wed. Jan 18 I placed an online order for a vacuum. I used a JCP gift card and a Mastercard gift card.Order was completed conf. # 2017018580111630. Shortly thereafter I received a order cancelled email. I called and spoke to a Brianna and a TIffany and they both told me there was nothing they could do for 3 to 5 days either for the order to go through or for the money to be credited back to my gift cards. Unacceptable. I then spoke to a Tiffany who would not give me the number of the verification system that cancelled my order. THen I spoke to a RoseMarie where I was disconnected. When I called back a fourth time I was told you had phone issues. Again, unacceptable. I am livid. This is such poor customer service. I will never shop at JC Penney’s again. With so many other options out there, why would I?? I want my gift cards reimbursed immediately or my vacuum sent to me immediately. Not in 3 to 5 days, seriously? This is not how you run a business. Your founder, James Cash Penney’s motto was treat others how you would like to be treated….Might want to brush up on that.

  396. I ordered 4 panels curtains in October. I opened one to see if I liked the item, I was extremely satisfied. I decided to hang the curtains this past week end but then realized the forth curtain did not match description/designer. I called and was told I have to order the replacement and would receive the credit once it item was received back. The item is no longer available so I had to return all 4 curtains. The customer service acted as if I was not entitled to be upset and accused me of yelling at her. Yes, I raised my voice a little but it was far from yelling. Today I mail the package and had to pay $23.50, I paid $8.95 to get it. I have paid $32.45 for merchandise I do not have due to no fault on my part. Is this really customer service? Is this really fair to a long term customer? I will have to think long and hard before ordering from JC Penney again.

  397. I would like to know why the Liz Claiborne jeans continue to show up on the online shopping but every time I try to order the site says they are out of stock ? This has been going on for at least 6 months. If you aren’t going to get the Liz Claborne, Classic fit, tapered legs, in a 10 Long, or 8 Long, please take these off the site. It is a waste of time for me and others, I’m sure. Thank you.

    • I went to the Penneys store in Stonewood shopping center in Downey, California.
      On May 10, 2017. The store was a mess and they had two register stations open. The lines were very long and people were walking out , frustrated w/ the service. I don’t mean to complain but you were losing business. Something needs to be done to resolve this problem!

  398. We are sorry to see that the Destiny USA location in Syracuse, NY may be on the list of stores closing.
    But I feel that Penneys has been a big contributor to declining sales. Penneys is not the store it once was.
    Who wants to walk all around the store just to find a cashier? At Destiny the cashiers that used to be at the main entrance from the mall are gone!
    The bedding department (sheets in particular) is terrible. The selection is bad. We used to be able to buy separates and make our bedding with a little variety. The bath department isn’t much better
    Clothing is fine for the younger crowd but clothing fashion for middle age and up is awful. Penneys has forgotten the age group that put them at the top of retailers and now they are paying for it
    A nice, pretty store is fine but how about the convenience we used to have?

  399. First off I love JC Penneys But the store in Evansville IN It is so clutter u can hardly walk around in there its not worth going in there and having to feel like your in a maze trying to shop. They moved the home store back in there and I think that was a mistake .some of the tables with shirts on them were everywhere in the floor .everything is so clutter. Don’t know if anything can be done to get it where u can walk around in there without running in to the clothes racks .I don’t know if other stores are like this cause this is the only one I go to. Hope they can get it back to the way it used to be organized. Thank You concern customer!

  400. how can we get removed from mailing list (which we should have never been placed on), when your promotion flyers do not contain a return address – from which they were initiated????

  401. Hi,

    Would you have a brief chance to talk about some insights I’ve made on I see some approaches that could be implemented to lift visitors/leads substantially.

    What if I had a few of my partners quickly give you a ring to show you how we?ve increased traffic to our existing clients by as much as 4x over several months? (As well as an exhaustive audit for

    If extra sales/visitors interests you, drop me a line here with the best time and phone number to reach you.


  402. 4/1/17 JCPenney, San Bruno, CA closed the ladies restroom due to being out of toilet paper. How does a major department store run out of toilet paper? The door wasn’t locked, but had a sign indicating restroom closed. Many ignored the sign and went in to find a clean restroom, no clogged/backed up toilets, just zero toilet paper and seat covers. Very poor management. Several ladies went in and used paper towels which I’m assuming will cause plumbing issues. I just got my first JCP credit card and this was my first visit to use it. Instead I walked out of the store.

  403. Good day, I’ve trying to get on the JCP website outside of the USA but to no success. It is saying website is not available.

  404. I went to the Antelope Valley Mall store and was assisted by Jonathan in the men’s department check out. I was really tired after a day of work and helping my son-in-law find an outfit to wear to his daughter’s pageant on Saturday. Jonathan was helpful and made the experience pleasant. Thanks to Jonathan for being at work tonight to make the shopping experience much better than we expected.

  405. I am a frequent customer who resides in Jamaica W.I. and have a US address in Florida. The JCP webpage is no longer able to be accessed from Jamaica – states access denied. I checked with a few other friends who use the website in Jamaica and received the same response. Can JCP explain why?

  406. I recently went to JCP Riverdale Utah for some specific items. I was shopping for small appliances, children’s clothes for gifts, men’s apparel. I made a complete tour of the store and visited all of the departments. I did not ever see a clerk in any department and left without purchasing some of the items on my list. I asked for the manager Darin Vandehei and was informed that he no longer worked there. This past week I went back to look for Easter gifts for 6 great grandchildren. There was not a clerk to be seen in my complete tour of the store. I left after purchasing one clearance item for a total of $3.98 and2 men’s t-shirts. Ithen went to Target and other area stores to make my purchases. Both times the only staff that I saw were at 4 of the check stands. This is a total decline in service from past experiences..I under that your company is in a financial crisis but this lack of adequate service in the departments will cause you additional concern in lack of revenue.

    Darin was a huge asset to your company and to the success of this particular story. I understand that he was let go through no fault of his. By observation our family all felt that he personally dealt with any shopping needs and customer relations problems that we incurred. I will pay the remainder owing on my account and discontinue my shopping with your company. I have heard other like comments from family/friends, etc., regarding the lack of service in this store since Darin’s firing. I have no complaint with the quality, availability or cost of the products your company carries. I am just not able any longer to shop and get the assistance I need from qualified sales personnel.

  407. My daughter came home for college and her pappy unexpectedly passed away. Went to Jcpennys to get her a dress and sweater for the funeral. Next day was Easter Sunday. Got the dress out for my daughter and the security tabs were left on. This was not the first time. You made an already stressful day even more stressful. Teach your employees to check all clothing and take security tabs off. This isn’t the first time this has happened.

  408. Standing in line at the Eastern Hills, Clarence, NY store for an on line order. There is no one to help and three people waiting. This has happened multiple times.
    Your e mails ask for online pickup in home wares. Wrong, its in childrens

  409. Hi,

    I wanted to know if you’d have a quick moment to review some of my ideas on how we can get to almost certainly generate a ton more visitors than it is now (as well as conversions to sales)

    Why let the competition take business that should be yours? There should never be a reason to settle (Unless you really can’t handle more business).

    How about a quick time where my consultants can show you what I’m talking about?


  410. I stood on line yesterday for 45 minutes waiting to pay for my merchandise. There were no other open registers in the whole entire JCPenney store. Poor management to have only three cashiers open on the main level on a Sunday afternoon and have all these customers wait on line and when you get to the register no apology for having to wait. No people skills whatsoever. Besides the long line the fitting room was a mess there was clothes all over the place so unorganized and so unpleasant.

  411. Hi,

    Wanted to know if you have a brief second to talk about a couple observations I had on There’s a few approaches that could be implemented to lift visitors/leads substantially.

    What if I had a few of my partners quickly give you a ring to show you how we?ve increased traffic to our existing clients by as much as 3x over several months? (As well as a detailed audit for

    If extra sales/visitors is what you?d like, drop me a line here with an ideal time and phone number to get in touch.


  412. I ordered this on 04/30 for 2nd business day shipping so I should be receiving this tomorrow. The email I got from JC Penney states tomorrow but UPS states Thursday and that it was not requested for pickup until today. I needed this for a party tomorrow; that’s why I paid for expedited shipping. I’m extremely upset with JC Penney and with the customer service that I received when I called. The lady was extremely rude. I want a refund of my shipping charges and I will not order from your site again. I will return the dress when I receive it. a day late!!!!!
    Christine Hayes
    Order #2017-1205-4021-1615

  413. In order to stay relevant in the ever changing online market JC Penny will need to revamp their customer service.
    Horrible by today’s standards when I have so many choices to shop
    JCPenny just lost my business over a $14.00 purchase. They made a simple purchase into a 3rubg circus with way to many hoops to jump thru

  414. Hi, I was in your store on Sunday May7th. Shopping for my Grandson. A flyer from JC Penneys came to my mailbox two days before. The coupon on the front stated that if i spent $50.00 i would recieve $60.00 in gift cards. Plus a Mothers day Greeting card! I showed this to the employee and asked to have this honored after the purchase of more than $75.00. She refused saying their system was down. I have tried in vain to call that store. The number listed and given to me by customer service does not work. I have the receipt from that transaction and would like the promised gift cards. I live too far to go back to that store. Thank you

  415. I was in the Christiana mall store located in Newark Delaware twice his week. Store was filthy and only a few registers open in front of store. No one was working in shoes at all couldn’t find anyone to help me. All the fitting rooms were closed. Never saw such a mess in this store before. It has always been so clean in the past. What kind of customers service is this. Making us walk all over the store to find a place to try on clothes then walk around trying to find a register this is poor quality and if it continues I won’t be back and I’m sure a lot of other won’t be back either

  416. 30 minute wait unacceptable plus waste of time. Recieved a 20 pct. Off cert. Because I moved. Tried to use it today and told onky 1 discount at a time. What a waste.

  417. I wonder who is taking care of the Woodbridge mall J C Penney store? This store is worse that Walmart. The distaste of choosing the merchandize, specially the women’s department. I used to love to buy there, but in a few years this store has become so disgusting,that I can not stand it. A person can not see the merchandize because the clutter. I was not able to stay there for 5 minutes , during my visit today. The disorganization is incredible. I was not able to find a decent piece of clothing. This store should close as they are a diservice to the public. I think that it is an insult the the American citizen to present so a disgusting shopping experience. Do they have any associates to maintain this store. Why the have to take out all this merchandize Please if you are planning to keep this store open, fire the associate who select the merchandize to retail in the store, and hire some one with refined taste in clothing. Also hire an interior decorator that knows how to present the merchandize in an attractive way. I am talking about the women’s clothing. More respect please…For me I will not enter to this store until is re evaluated and change. I want to be able to look at the merchandize without to work hard to take out of the racks, and then
    find that are rags……

  418. I ordered a pair of leggings and paid using a $10 coupon. It was supposed to be available for pickup but I called my store 3 times and they have no record of the order in Aoril

  419. wait times on hold 35 min. second call 45 min. curt comments from Ohio based supervisor not appreciated, problem not solved, never issued tracking number with UPS so can’t track status of my order, even 1st call of inquiry did not have tracking number so I am in limbo as to when I am able to go about my daily business without sitting at home waiting for a recliner to be delivered so I can be here to accept delivery. first time on line purchase (proably be my last!) but have been an instore customer since 1950 in course of living in 3 states HELP

  420. Bought a mattress on 5/29/17 and was told it would be delivered in 7-10 business days. Got a call yesterday that delivery would be today by 5:30. No delivery by 6:30. Made a call and was told delivery was cancelled for today. We did not cancel and we were not notified by anyone about this. It is very frustrating and i am quite upset about this.

  421. To Whom This May Concern:

    I placed an or on 18 June 2017, and called customer service, as I could not access my rewards to use on this order. I placed the order, but tried speaking to customer service but have been on hold for more than 20 minutes on two occasions.

    My reward is expiring soon, and hope to have it adjusted to this order.

    Thank you

  422. I went to the JCPenney Salon at Stoneridge Mall, Pleasanton on Wednesday,06/27 to get my daughter a haircut. It was 7:25 PM. The lady at the register, Jessie told us that she had another appointment and that we should wait for an hour. We agreed to wait 1 hour. She then told us that they don’t do haircuts at 7:30 PM, and that they can’t take us as they close at 8:00 PM. I told her that on the website, it states that the Salon is open till 9:00 PM. She said they stop at 8:00 PM, as they have to clean up. She then unwillingly asked another lady Barbara to cut my daughter’s hair.
    We felt unwelcome. Jessie seemed uninterested. If the Salon closes at 8:00 PM, why do you have 9:00 PM on your website?

  423. I have been on hold for customer service for over 35 minutes because I was sent the wrong size capris. This is ridiculous.

  424. What customer service? On hold for over two hours & still can’t get a human being on the line. Should I post the photos of the hold time? Is my call important to your company? I hoped someone would be available to help me. Even your on line site isn’t working.

  425. I’ve been a platinum card holder for over 10 years I use to get every coupon for card holders I recently moved and now I get no coupons I called credit services and they said the computer generates coupons and sends them out to customers I don’t think it’s fair that I be penalized for moving. I don’t want to close my account with jcp I just want my coupons like all the other platinum card holders
    Thank you!
    Show quoted text

  426. Horrible customer service. Couldn’t choose the ship to store option online for the promotional free shipping, so i chose ship to home and then thought I’d call and get the order fixed. Chat was down two days in a row. Tried calling and was told the wait time is 53 minutes and I’d get a call back. Got an automated call back that said I was first in line, but I’ve now been on hold over 15 minutes.

  427. Sending shoes back we when you get them send me my refund. I have cancer dont think t 🙂 eyes will fit.thanks Sharon Vining

  428. I’ve been trying to contact you since the moment I accidentally sent “Place Order”. I wanted to change it to the coupon that was 30% off as I used for my other order previously today. BUYNOW37, but as said I hit “Place order” & it sent with higher total. I put my # in when it said the wait time was 43 minutes, I was called back & was on hold for >1 hour, I have NEVER been on hold so long….. look at the screenshot below…… very disappointed. Please let me know if I can be helped by changing the coupon code….
    Thank you, Angie Ishie

  429. Potrait studio at Mcain mall in North Little Rock on Monday Ju ly 31. Allan was our photographer. He was amazing. Very professional and engagjng. He has a great personality for this career field. He needs to be acknowledged by management. A+++ employee

  430. I have had it with jcpenney I am so angry right now I placed a order for a crib that I need in 5 days my conformation says to be delivered between july 25th and 27th still no crib have been on phone 2 days with them 3 times got hung up on or disconnected automated tells me it was shipped finally today talked to a customer service who told me it was cancelled due to out of stock never received notice that it was cancelled this isn’t the first problem ive had with this company feel like turning jcpenney in so frustrated right know

  431. I will no longer shop at JC Penney because you are a sponsor of the Young and the Restless. They now have a lesbian storyline.

  432. I love Jcp. Unfortunately my last visit was embarrassing the cashier was so rude no hi no thank you nothing but with the lady before me got all the respect and smiles. I wear a headscarf so it’s obvious why she was so rude to me. Anyways I will be driving 45 miniuts away to the other Jcp location. Thank you for your time

  433. Order # 2017-2226-2005-1174

    I was to receive a $10.00 discount for downloading the JCPENNEY app. It wasn’t applied to my order and I want a refund

  434. I can’t get in to my online account, I call the customer service number, they call back in two hours then they transfer me over to the service number again and it starts all over. this is the worst service I have ever received. I still cant get into my account and it has been over a week, I call everyday and I have had continuous drama. I want something done now

  435. I have been shopping at the JCP in Anchorage, AK for 20 years. They WERE a stellar place to shop but have declined over the years and had a SHARPER decline over the past several years. There’s not hardly any associates on the sales floor to help us out. The few that are there are either on a cah register helping others with their purchase (which is fine), or seem uninterested in helping me and my wife or have broken English. There’s a few associates who have been with them for the duration I have been shopping there. I hope to see them each time we go, but I rarely get to anymore. They still have stellar customer service when we get the pleasure of seeing them. I know two of them are Hispanic and I can’t seem to remember their names. All I know is one starts with a “B” and I’m highly surprised she has not been promoted into management by now. Regardless of her name, she makes my wife and I very happy we shopped there.
    Speaking of managers, I remember seeing and even interacting with the store managers many many times over the years. That always made our visit more enjoyable. I understand by talking to the few younger employees who are willing to talk to us that this current manager, whom I have yet to meet, is never in the store. One employee said she’s always on vacation another said she’s always in surgery. I know you have to focus on your health, but if I were still in retail and a district manager, I would remove her from that position. Why have a manager who the employess obviously do not like and is never in the store and on the sales floor.
    Anyway, I still shop at JCP because they have the prices I’m willing to pay for clothing regardless of quality. Overall the shopping experiences are typically fine, but they need more employees on the sales floor and a manager who will be a positive image of the compnay and who knows how to keep employees motivated to provide great service…and speak highly of their manager.

  436. yes your jcpenney app sucks big time and needs improvement, I tried to use a $10 credit toward my order. and even though it said it took it off. it did not, and tried to charge me full price…. I didn’t have the full amount in my account. so I could not get it.

  437. I am a previous employee and I’m being discriminated against. I was told that due to the employees not doing their job I had to leave. I would love someone to contact me so I can go into further detail.

  438. I just got married and received a lot of towels as gifts. I tried to return a couple to JCP in Northpark Mall Davenport, IA. I have worked in retail most of my adult life and I know without a receipt you get in store credit. That’s fine, I also know you usually only get what that item is priced at the time not full price, I am okay with that, your policy is the lowest price in the last 45 days. They rang up at 27 cents!! What!! The towels retail at $16 regular price. The cashier said it was the lowest price including any discounts, coupons etc. Really? Coupons! You are trying to tell me you sold these big extra absorbent bath size towels for 27 cents? No wonder you are closing stores left and right!! Can’t make any money doing that! Don’t you know that when you give your customers store credit they more often than not use the store credit plus spend even more money to get what they want?!? Poor business, I won’t ever be going back there again.

    • I received a large order and included in the shipment were several expensive items I had not ordered, nor was I charged for. I could have kept the items, and no one would have ever known. I called to tell you about the items, and after going back and forth I was told items would be picked up, I was told I could take them to a store for a quick return or prepare for UPS with shipping tape. I also could have done nothing. That is what is forgotten. Then I’m told my account would be credited, for items not being shown as shipped to me. What I wanted was a simple thank you and for the items to be picked up.

    • I bought fine Jewelry stud earring from JCPenny and it was given to me in a ring box without the back. Every time I opened the box one of the earrings fallout. The same day I went back to store to exchange with another kind of earring, the sells lady find only one of them in that ring box. I believe JCPenny is responsible for this lost but they don’t care and they say it’s my problem. They didn’t train the employees to provide correct box for such expensive and delicate little earring and it is not fair for me to pay for something that was the store mistake.

  439. Hello,
    I am writing to let you about the quality of a product that I recently purchased. I punched 8 JC Penney Top-Down/Bottom-Up Cordless Cellular Shades. Not even two hours after installation, they started to come apart. I was absolutely devastated. The time it took to measure and install was all for nothing.

  440. To Whom It May Concern,

    I went to the store 2732, The Mall in Columbia, Maryland to return 4 items that I have ordered online. I did not satisfy with all of these items. When I received these items in the mail. There are no invoice at all for all of these items. I did call the online customer service to bring up my concern because I plan to return them. The customer service lady advised me that I do not need the invoice for return online purchase. I just need to bring in my order number to return them. The past Thursday 08/24, I did bring these merchandises back to the store in Columbia (store #2732) for returning. I was accused by one of your employee and she also identified herself is the manager of the store and her name is Genet Yihune (associate # 0698) I am a theft. She said all of these items are not belong to jcpenney. I stole from some other store and try to return at penney store for money in front of several customers. First of all, this is very very rude, unprofessional, ignorance, nasty and very unacceptable of her attitude. Particularly, she says she is the store manager. I can believe she accused me for stealing. I pay my money for some one at your store to accuse me. She refused to give my money back although I advise her that I did talk to the customer service and that what they advise me to do. I never steal any penny from any one. I work hard for my money and I am a very professional person. She even push and throw the items back at me and ask me to leave the store. I finally have to call the police on her. The minutes I called the police, she decide to give me the refund. Technically, she should not put me go through this. This kind of behavior is not acceptable. This is not the first time she has this kind of attitude toward me whenever I make a return. I also believe that she is racist and very intimidate person. The reason I say this because there was another customer who is black do the same thing I do and she does give this customer a refund with no question.
    I hope your CEO needs to look into this issue and this racist, unprofessional issue of this store.

    I am planning to get a lawyer to handle this matter for me

    Thank you,
    Jenny Loi

  441. Trying to make a return by mail – I live a distance from a store. The enclosed form says to use the return address label and there IS NO return label. The Penney website where I made the purchase has NO customer service phone number and NO customer service email displayed. The chat line says “come back later.” I have always thought well of PCPenney quality but I won’t deal with them again until they automate their return process for web customers. Right now it looks like they don’t want my business. I am going to have to make a 35 mile round trip to make this return in person and I am seriously annoyed.

  442. 8/30 I wanted to use the 42buynow coupon while shopping on the app but every time I tried to finish my order my bag would be cleared and wrong JCP card (I only have 1). I fought with the app for 3hrs and ended up losing my coupon.

  443. On July 20th,I accompanied my Grand-Daughter toMEDFOR1,Or 172miles for .bridal event. After the event, we went to Pennys at the Rogue River Mall. I bought a bed set which showed comforter 1 Bedskirt,2 shams,2 pillow cases,1 fitted sheet 1 Flat sheet. When I opened the Set, the Bedskirt was not included, I called the store with pertinent I Imformation. They wanted me to drive back I suggested they send me the Bedskirt from a different package. None available. They suggested I contact Yreka.(203 miles) or Redding (150 miles). I feel they should have taken care of this . Double Bed–Callista-Purple. Thank You

  444. I closed my account the it was a joint account in 2015. It is still showing as an open account. I need to have this CLOSED EFFECTIVE 2015 as I originally did.
    Please send a confirmation letter stating this account is closed as it is a joint account with Amy HAffermehl

  445. received a pair of propet life walker shoes on 9/7/2017. love them!
    they came in a cardboard box which was recyled. this was a great thing!!
    use of box over again. very responsible of jc penny. i now can put it with my weekly recycleing. thank you so much for doing this

  446. I was in the bedding area of jcp requested help , A young man by the name of Salvador Pavianavarro came he was from the Home department. He was very knowledgeable with helping me choose blankets mattress covers etc. He not only helped me in choose my items he did it with a smile and made my experience very pleasant. He was a perfect example of what all people seeking customer service should be like. You should be very proud of him and please let him know A customer by the name Teresa Jaccarino appreciated his professionalism.

  447. I have ordered a washer dryer and no one can help me find them! They were supposed to be delivered and have not arrived. I call the number and it hangs up on me. I call the store- no one can help me and they give me same number that does not work. I track my order and it says delivered. THEY HAVE NOT BEEN DELIVERED. I ask for a manager- no one gets a manager.

  448. I ordered a Mattress and Box Spring set on 08/21 and was told I would hear from them no later than 09/08 to set up delivery. Here its 09/15 and I haven’t heard from them and they can’t find the order after I spent a couple thousand dollars for the set. I was transferred back and forth to 4 different people and I still don’t have resolution. I have to wait 3-5 days to speak with someone to get my money back. Never again.

  449. Hi, I need you to pull off your customers from my entire family!They are flocking our residence.I recived rabbit fecese from a groupe of your aceist sector and I need to be cleaned up.Im allergic to their fecese and I need releife from the issue.I dont want any occurances or mishap from the issue.I want them filled on for coupon ussage.and harrassment hazzing,threats,I cant let my family go thru there torture.
    Thank You
    Connie Lee Woods

  450. I have had an ALL DAY deal with JC Penney. I received my order from on line I received a large jacket and large top and a small bottom however I needed a medium so don’t know what happened. Take it back to your store in Jackson TN and I wanted to exchange and they said I had to take a refund and reorder. Took twenty five minutes and the young girl had trouble I got the refund but she could not figure how to reorder. Then I said let me pay my $29.53 credit card bill well she could not do it and the other lady seemed to just ignore what was going on. I took my bill to mail it and went and reordered the pant and called your customer service. I was told that if I called them first they could have given me the pants for same price and there was nothing they could do to help new JC penney policy. This is SAD so on line first time I paid $15 this time my bill is $30. I should not have to pay for shipping when you could have sent it to the store. I work for a store and do customer service ALL DAY now I know you can give me my original price and adjust my credit card. I do it EVERY DAY. Then I get home from heart doctor and call customer service again to speak to a manager and I was told they could not find my account not even with my phone number. This is crazy and I have NEVER had this kind of trouble. I would have ordered two pair if I could have exchange them for same discount. I need these for work and needed peony and lime green. Please check my credit card and my order.

  451. I shopped at your Ross Park mall store yesterday in pittsburgh. The store was a disgrace. There were shoes thrown all over the place in the shoe dept. I couldn’t even walk between the isles. Clothes everywhere in fitting room. The kids department was destroyed. I had multiple things to purchase and I’m a regular customer. One cash register open on the entire first floor. She had multiple people in line. After 15 min and the line going no where I again searched for another open register. I put my things back and left without buying. Highly disappointed in this store. You obiviously don’t have enough staff or the staff that is there doesn’t care.

  452. Purchased a mattress from you about 2 weeks ago .delivery driver said a small tear was in mattress and would be replaced,but after speaking with cust service was told I would have to repurchase mattress and wait a couple more weeks me and my wife decided to keep mattress for a promised gift card of 65.oo$ because we were going to put in cover anyway.well spoke to customer and on phone for 2 hours nobody knows anything.i have bought from jc penny’s for many years and hope this won’t be my last purchase.cust service in furniture is atrocious.put me on hold for and hour and promised call back never got one.

  453. I ordered several items to be sent to my daughter who lives in another city. i made a mistake with her address (totally my fault) and the items were not deliverable. I called the service center sometime later, as my account had not been credited. Lady on the phone wanted me to tell her when the items got back to the ware house. REally? I did have the date it was deliverable, order numbers etc. I was then told there was no way to know when I would get my money back. Just whenever someone got around to it. I have never had this problem with Amazon and I can get the same things there. Will stick to Amazon.

  454. I received an email asking me to use a link to access the new site for my JC Penney Rewards. I’m wondering if it’s a hoax/phishing???? I was not able to find any email contact for JC Penney but if it’s a hoax I want to warn other customers.

  455. This my first time planning to buy in online in jcpenny. But I’m truly disappointed how the online coupon code and serial number don’t work. I have to call the online assistant. But she can’t do anything. First off why the coupon you send don’t work. Even the online customers service didn’t help me.You guys need to improve your online coupon code. Other online retail all the coupon is working. I’m truly disappointed since this my first time shopping in online.

  456. Hello,
    My name is Chiehiura Akpan. I have been a JCPenny customer for some years. I usually do my shopping online because it’s more convenient for me. Yesterday (October 5), I ordered about four non-stick cookware items just before midnight. When I hit the place order button, i realized that the items would be sent to an address in Maryland and not my address in Mansfield Texas. I called customer service immediately, but they were closed. When I called first thing in the morning, I asked the associate to cancel the order or have it rerouted to my house in Mansfield Texas. The associate told me that nothing could be done to my order that it has already been processed although it hasn’t been shipped. I thought that was ridiculous because the order was placed less than 24 hours and hasn’t even been shipped! To make a long story short, the JCPenny customer service associates would not at least reroute my order to my current address or cancel the order and as I write this complaint the order still has not been shipped.
    I am very disappointed with the company, and I don’t think I will be shopping online anytime soon. I have worked with customer service, and I know that something could have been done about my order. JCPenney you don’t frustrate your customers when you can easily solve a problem.
    Disappointed and frustrated customer.

  457. My customer service experience was horrible, rudeness, unprofessionalism and very not acceptable. I really cant believe it for a simple mistake of them mailing me two left shoes.


  458. I’m hoping someone can help me I bought a pair of shorts months back they came to me with a rip in them contacted the 800 number to report them was told that I would be getting a replacement pair still no pair lady on phone gave me a ticket number I have been a loyal customer for years so I’m hoping someone there will mail me my new short ASAP I’m tired of the run around I have been getting don’t want to talk on phone and hear more bull just want some results ! Thanks William Brady

  459. On October 15 at 6:45pm I call customer service to clarify an order that I had place online. I wanted to know why my discount was not applied. The person I spoke with put me on hold for over 30 minutes and did not respond back to me. This is very bad customer service and if this is how JC Penny treat their customers, I don’t want to shop at JC Penny again!!!

    Very Disappointed

  460. I had the most disappointing experience with JCPenney in LA. Last week. I bought fine Jewelry with gold and diamond stud earring from JCPenney and because they put it in the ring box and was not secured, every time I opened the box fall out so I lost one of the earrings and the manager admitted that they gave it to me with wrong box but they don’t want to take responsibility and the manager said it’s your problem and don’t care for my lost. I left a private message and they told me the store manager Julio will call me back. The reason I am so frustrated is I already talk to him and even his boss Han Pham and she said she wants to give me $100 store credit. JCPenny is responsible for this lost. That earring was given to me in the wrong box instead if it was in the correct box so every time I opened the box one of them jumped out and was lost. Unfortunately JCPenny doesn’t want to take a responsibility for this lost. I left lots of messages but they blocked my number and do not respond back. I believe because my earring was haven to me in the wrong and unsecured box was lost and now I am being ignored with JCPenny.

  461. The store in Tyler Texas was ridiculous! I was looking for jeans for my grandson. You should try to find any size. There was absolutely no rhyme or reason to what was on the shelves. They basically had been thrown on the shelf. I have pictures not only from the boys department but several areas of the store. There was product thrown on shelves allover the store. This was at noon on Monday. It’s no wonder Penny’s is in trouble. By the way Kohls looked very neat an I had no problem finding the size I was looking for.

  462. Have not shopped at JC penny in years. They sent me a new card so I went on the site…works really slow, no good prices. So, I did not buy anything. Then when I went on other site I got banner ads from JC Penny’s! I shredded my new card. They have no email customer service. Stay away from this site. Buy anywhere else. I have purchased from unknown sites in Asia with less trouble.

  463. I used the online app for the 1st time on 10/26/17 I placed a order with coupons and clearance price reductions and found some great items… I never got an email of order confirmation. I spoke with a man that was not polite Gary code # 6116 on Thursday 10/26/17 around 730PM I discovered the order I did not make that was an APP malfunction an IT interface issue charged my card 3 times for the same amount $269.13 for a total of $807.39 the worst offense is that I will not get the items I ordered because there was an IT issue and I lost the coupon codes, the promo codes the new code for 10 off for signing up for the app ALL OF IT I won’t get the bonus rewards for shopping either… BUT JcPenney got $807.39 of my money from my banking card and I get nothing but Disappointment, hassle, time to correct and SHORTED a good amount of money! The man on the phone said I had to wait till Wed would not contact the bank or reverse changes at all. His name which I don’t believe he gave me the correct customer info either. I inquired about my order that I made but it never invoiced to you all cause of JcPennys APP issue.. He told me order it all again??? I said I already paid for 3 orders Im not even getting and you aren’t seeing…I stated what about my savings my coupons and so on and he said that once it invoices they would honor the deals but my point is that it doesn’t exist to JCpenny so how do I get it ??? I have to wait 10 whole days to get refunded the $807.39 that is horrible business He didn’t offer tos ned me a coupon for the difference or honor any of the savings currently I should be able to get the same savings the same process and telling me to order the items Ive already been charged a whopping $807.39 worth is crazy!!! I would like to have a coupon emailed or mailed to me PLEASE, the rewards money sent to me for my trouble because I had items like a phone payment and power not go through because of JcPennys overage to my card Ive been inconvenienced in the worst possible way and NO ONE CARES this isn’t 20 dollars or 100 its over $807 !!! I want to shop online with Pennys but if Im treated badly like this scoffed at and have NOPTHING even attempted to make this right… Pennys won’t fair well in the online business if they don’t try and accommodate their mistakes… IT for the APP needs to be notified of the issue… I hope to hear back soon !

  464. Jc penny in lake grove ny is not maintaining the store. The boys dept was a mess upon opening today.

    Felt corporate should know.

    Coming from retail years ago, we were never allowed to leave until the store was clean. This mess will turn off potential customers. Boys dept is near the side door in mall. Customers walking buy would not be drawn in !

  465. Yes please, I have been a JC Penny customer for many years. My daughter of 33 years age, recently had a baby, her first child. She did not use any colorings whatsoever on her hair while she was pregnant. So naturally, when I traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to be with her and the baby, I treated her to the JC Penny salon to do whatever she wanted with her hair. Well, we were went on a walk in basis. We waited 30 minutes and there were a couple of hair stylists who sat and visited with each other the whole time we were there. But no, we waited. I do not know where the stylist came from but she is the one who did my daughters hair. The salon was not busy. I actually saw 2 customers getting their hair done. The hair stylist was very bad. She seemed to be very inexperienced. My daughter was very disappointed. I did not have the heart to tell her she had bad discolorations in her hair in the back. She had numerous negative things to say about the bad experience, her hair. She kept talking about the feel of her hair, even after she washed it. The cut was lousy also. We were there way too long. Spent a great deal of money and even left a generous cash tip. The stylist said she would do it over after she completed my daughters hair. Would you have let her ? Please make this right. Thank you,

  466. Hi there,

    Hope this finds you well!

    I happened to be on, and had to drop you a line about recovery of bad debts from your clients: I see us working together with you to recover your business pending invoices.

    We have trustworthy partners in collection company who are working to help such clients who are facing issues with their Debt. Collection. They are providing great help to recover account receivable and improve collection. Theyve worked with many companies who had issues with their account receivable on your line of work. They can show you how theyve increased collection to numerous businesses by as much as 140%.

    Would it be OK for our partners to give you a call next week?

    Anaya S.

  467. In July I purchases an expensive king size bedding. $300.
    In October I followed the cleaning instructions. It became all lumpy and pulls. When contacting the store I was told there would be no exchange because of being over 60 days. I feel that Penny’s Should stand Behind their products

  468. I shopped @ your Walden Galleria store yesterday 11/6/2017 and went to two different check outs. Finally, the second one asked for my phone number and I did give it to her only to find out I had $10 in rewards to use with in 24 hours. First of all why didn’t the first one tell me? Second, I shop @ this location all the time and some of them do NOT ask for my phone number? I bet I had more rewards in the past but didn’t know! Really if you knew how much I shopped there or online. Even my last online order I did NOT get my 40% off for spending over $40 on 10/26/2017 You need to keep your employees up to date and your web site before I make another purchase!

  469. Hello. I had three $10 bonus rewards coupons and just realized that they expired yesterday. Would it be possible for you to give me a slight extension in order to use them when I go shopping this week at your store. I have my Christmas list ready to go. It would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Regards, Karin.

  470. I brought a pair of dress shoes online and when I received them they were the wrong size. I called Customer Service and spoke to Alma the manager. the options I was given were as follows:
    1.She offered to send me back a return slip and once they received the shoes back they will credit my account.
    2. Buy another pair and then once they receive the wrong size shoe they would credit my account.
    3. Go into a local JC Penny’s and exchange the pair.
    option 1, was not going to work because I want the shoes just not size 8 because I have a work event this weekend and I was going to use these shoes.
    Option 2, was not going to work because I shouldn’t have to buy another pair right now and then wait to be credit down the road once they get the wrong size shoes back.
    Option 3, I have no choice to do. I told her that reason I ordered the Shoes online was because JC Penny’s in my city is on the other side of town.
    I asked her if there is anyway she can email me a return slip and then over night me the correct shoe size. she said no.
    I then asked her for the inconvenience is there anyway she can credit my account or give me a gift card. she said no.
    She said that their warehouse has been making mistakes and apologized. I told her that JC Penny’s should do a better job on helping the customer especially when it is their fault.
    Very unhappy customer

  471. very irratating to have change of address with you people i have an account and you my husband permission to change address where in he called you twice to change address but you keep messing up and he doesn’t have the time to deal with you anymore. i guess i will take my business somewhere else since its difficult to deal with you.

  472. I am a frequent shopper at the JC Penny store located at the Westfield Mall in Brandon, FL.
    With the holidays approaching, there are more and more people shopping and trying to find an open register is difficult.
    I was shopping a couple of hours on 11/9, and during this entire time there was only one register open downstairs, and one upstairs. The others had a “closed” sign on the desk, and it was very frustrating to wait in the long lines. (I finally went to the shoe dept. to make my purchases.)
    It would be great to have a few more registers open !
    Thank you for considering this.

  473. Hi JCPenney,

    RE: Hiram Square, Hiram, GA

    My concern is a customer was allowed in the store yesterday, 11/13/17, with a Pomeranian dog and it was very obvious this lady was not blind, nor disabled in any shape or form while she was walking around shopping. There was no official Service Animal vest on the dog. In fact, just a wrapped vest with a leash attached that is normally used to walk the dog. I am guessing she probably told them she had an “emotional” dog. Businesses are so afraid to turn away a guest but the following law can be relayed to the individual. She just wanted to bring her dog into the store. I get it. I wish I could bring my docile sweet dog in the store with me too! He loves people but that isn’t environment for him. That’s why I take him to Pet Smart! I saw a man the other day in Walmart with his small dog. Again, at Home Depot the same. I am contacting them as well. Please educate your employees on the following Georgia ADA Law:

    The ADA defines a service animal as a dog that is individually trained to perform tasks or do work for the benefit of a person with a physical or mental disability. … Under the ADA and Georgia law, owners of public accommodations are not required to allow emotional support animals, only service animals.

  474. I went to Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE to pickup an online order. I was helped by Sheila. She asked for the credit card that was used and she was ridiculous. I had given her two and it wasn’t those. When I got to the counter I told her I needed to look for the email and she seemed impatient and asked for my phone number as if she had better things to do. Once the two cards I have her weren’t it she said “ I’m going to have to ask for your license” in a tone as if she doubted I had one. Trust me ignorant and unprofessional Sheila just because I’m Brown doesn’t mean I don’t have a license. She must not have good credit for the bank to allow her to have many cards since she was so unprofessional when I gave her more cards. Maybe if she wouldn’t have been impatient when I said I was going to look for my email I wouldn’t have had to guess which card I used. It’s not like looking for an email takes long. Employers, there is NO excuse for this and it’s not like anything is done but “talk” to them.

  475. Lost my business due to inability to fulfill order, did not say why even though charge went through and unable to contact by email. I don’t call friendly customer service folks to play guessing games

  476. I called the Portrait Studio Customer Service on 11/20 to find out where and when my pictures that I ordered would be delivered. I spoke to a woman (would not give me her name after I asked for it) who was very rude and kept telling me to wait a few more days that it takes 7-10 business days for my order to be delivered. I asked repeatedly when were the pictures mailed out and she kept repeating the above 7-10 business days for delivery. She finally gave me my order #42292107 which I’m not sure is even right. I have not shopped JCPenney’s in a long time and after this I’m not going to be coming back. The pictures on digital were beautiful and the young lady who took the pictures did a great job and was very patient with my 4 year old granddaughter. But it takes customer service to lose a customer – it’s very sad. Thank you so much for listening to me.

  477. It’s Thanksgiving Day and it’s very upsetting to me that YOUR store is so desperate for sales that you have to open at 2pm today ! That is forcing the families that have to work the shift to either have Thanksgiving dinner with their family at 12 noon or 10pm tonite ! I always thought that Walmart opening at 6 pm was bad ! Well jcpennys you take the selfish money hungry sales prize ! Congratulations ! Not !

  478. Stayed up until midnight to get the Cooks air fryer and it was immediately out of stock! I had a list of things I would have purchased but was too mad. There are other places to shop with no dirty tactics!

  479. What terrible service from JCP. I ordered two rugs on 11/12 and had est delivery of 11/17 that was great as I would have order by Thanksgiving. Well my account kept showing pending. I called customer service on 11/21 and was told it would be delivered next day. Now this morning I get cancelled order on the biggest rug and am just getting smaller rug which I don’t want as it won’t have it’s match. Delivery should be today when I’m gone so I can’t decline and send back. This is very mismanaged by JCP and wasted much of my time and now I’ll have no rugs at Thanksgiving. I’m seriously thinking of closing my account due to ineptness. JCP used to be a good company that I used for 30 years but sadly now is only an inconvenience.

  480. I contacted the customer service earlier and was treated very harshly. I did not appreciate that at all. I placed an order on 11/23 and another one today. I was inquiring if the 25% off would be applied to my 11/23 order and the girl did not respond very nicely. I am a good customer of JC Penney. This is certainly not the case with other online stores, I am very disappointed.

  481. The Union Gap store was a freaken disaster, cloths everywhere, piles not re-foled, garbabe all over in every area, to top things off from the parking lot to the entrance was icy as hell and all the lady inside said it’s not icy for me. The entrance is under shade and it did freeze the night b4.

  482. I am so upset shopped on Cyber Monday only for web to go down and had to start all over . Then when about to pay got message ERROR ACESS DENIED AND TIME SAID 2HRS AND ? MIN LEFT. Never able to finish transaction with 18 items in cart. Called the customer Service and NO ASSISTANCE OR HELP OR PERSON JUST ON GOING RECORDING THANK YOU PLEASE HOLD A CUSTOMER SERVICE WILL BE WITH YOU, WHICH NEVER HAPPEN OVER AN HOUR AND LOST ALL!!!! never again will shop JCP WITH THIS TYPE OF SERVICE!!!!

  483. Im so disappointed i order 2 necklaces for my daughters and i never got them. .then i call and they refund my money but i wont get the money back till 3 or 4 day .soi cant reoder them till the money on the card … ?? and i bet when i call back they will tell me to pay the full price…so i guess my daughters wont get necklaces for Christmas. .. So mad and disappointed. ???

  484. I am a Government employee and my husband is in the Air Force. We’re currently stationed in Germany and have been station at previous overseas locations with APO addresses which your company ships to. The reason I’m telling you this is I have been a customer for many years from many different overseas locations which has been a great and now I can not access the website at all. Over the last few years the jcp website goes down from time to time with an error message of “access denied”, “You don’t have permission to access” the Reference# is 18.67981160.1512028071.ac1c82e
    This was corrected previously and is now doing it again. As a loyal customer I’m greatly disappointed. I’ve sent messages on the facebook page, called the customer service line and been put on hold for long periods of times asking how to resolve this matter. I was not able to benefit from any of the sales you’ve had over the last few weeks. I saved my basket with the intent to purchase the items during the sale! Due to this problem I was not able to. Please relay the problem to your IT department.

  485. Ordered a dishwasher from your store. It was suppose to be delivered and installed on a Saturday. Got a call and was told the didnt have the parts needed to install my dishwasher. I was told it would be another 2 weeks. I called and was put on hold for almost an hour when I tried to cancel my order. Can’t believed the hassle I had to deal with. I will think twice before buying from jcp. Horrible customer service.

  486. My phone is on speaker in the background. I have been on hold for currently (and still waiting) 61 minutes!!!!

    This is unacceptable and inexcusable. I simply want to check on an error that I made mistakes on.


  487. Worst phone customer service ever experienced. I have waiting on hold for over an hour……. and I am still waiting!!!


  488. I ordered a robe for my son online on Black Friday. The order status in the app said”work in progress” for several days so I called the customer service number to speak with a rep. After holding for about 28 minutes a rep was unable to give me any more info. I asked for a supervisor who said my item would ship the next day and would arrive at the store within one day. I received an email one week after ordering that my order had been cancelled because the item was out of stock. I called customer service to ask about why I was told my item would ship but the supervisor did nothing to make up for the inaccurate info and wasted time. Pretty disappointing.

  489. I received Order number 2017-3315-1119-6780. The shipping box was intact. The box for the men’s Nunn Bush shoes was completely destroyed, torn, dented and ripped. This is a Christmas present. How am I supposed to give such a gift??? And every time I tried to contact chat it is busy.

  490. I placed a order and within minutes I called back, and after waiting on hold for over thirty minutes I was told it was too late to cancel my order. Know one gets orders out that quick and I was very disappointed they could not help me cancel my order, very disappointed that I now have to watch for ups or fed x to reject this order.

  491. My wife ordered on line an item to be shipped to store. I drove 18 miles one way to pick it up. I was charged 3.95 shipping and handling to the store because my wife ordered it from home and not in person using the in store computers. Customers beware!! Dont shop on line at Pennys unless you want to pay for shipping on their inter store transfers.

  492. Ordered a shoe to be picked up in a store 7 miles from my house and its 3 weeks now, always excuses. I was there on Monday and was told it would be in the store by the 8th. I went to the store just to be told due to electrical problems, store is closed. Went in this morning the 9th to pick up and was told delivery would be Tuesday the 12th. This is just ridiculous as other smaller stores are delivering within a week. I tried calling them and l was told it 50 minute wait. Amazon delivers within 3 days and JCP 3 weeks and it not even guaranteed. Really disappointed

  493. Yours is the absolute worst customer service. I tried chatting because I was sent the wrong item from a order. However, chat was unavailable for some unknown reason. So I called…………and waited 47 minutes for someone to answer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I was told I had to take the item into the store, that I wouldn’t be sent a replacement. So then I asked for a supervisor. It has been 15 minutes and still no supervisor. I am really beginning to HATE JCPenney. This is utterly ridiculous. Most other companies do not make you wait a long time to chat or speak to customer service. I am LIVID. You do NOT care about your customers.

  494. Find your customer service rude and unhelpful. I contacted custom service to inquire on missing items from my orders. I was on hold for over 1.5 hours to speak to someone. When I then complained about the service I had received and how this could be avoided if emails were sent clearly stating what had been shipped and when it had been shipped instead of making it seems as the whole order had shipped the woman proceeded to hang up on me. I understand it is the holidays, however, if you want business in the store or online I except certain things and one is to know where my items are and if there is a question for it to be handled appropriately and quickly. I will not be buying anything else from you online or in the store.

  495. Very disappointed. Bought Mattress on 11/24/17 online. We were suppose to hear on 12/4/17 about delivery. We had to call, big hassle, no one answered. Finally get call and they are hours late, window 8am-10am they said for delivery. Almost 1PM NO WORD, NO DELIVERY, today is 12/12/17. Terrible. I will not buy another thing from JC Penny for delivery. NIGHTMARE. Sure hope there is nothing wrong with it. HOPE its the right one too. JC Penny you have problems.

  496. I’m trying to resolve shipping order # 2017-3345-8039-8048. I ordered it 11/30/17 but it hasn’t arrived yet. I need it before Christmas. There is a 69 minute wait on your telephone customer service. DELIVER IT!

    P.S. Your customer service is the worst I have ever seen.

  497. Customer Service Email link does not work. Long delay for shipping. Rerouted package without notifying the customer. System set up to necessitate customer tracking down package, searching for mail store to see if it was still there, going to pick up what a waste of time… two phone reps each an hour wait dropped the call and did not call back, items crunched up in a plastic bag, absolute disregard for the product. Order placed in November, customer searching 3 weeks into December. NEVER AGAIN!

  498. Customer Service email link does not work. Long delay for shipping. Rerouted package without notifying the customer. System set up to necessitate customer tracking down package, searching for mail store to see if it was still there, going to pick up… two phone reps each an hour wait dropped the call and did not call back, items crunched up in a plastic bag, absolute disregard for the product. Order placed in November, customer searching 3 weeks into December. NEVER AGAIN!

  499. I ordered my Uncle a sherpa blanket for Christmas to be shipped to him & not only did he not receive it but it was cancelled & no one told me. I asked the lady who took my order over phone to please e-mail me with con # which she took my e-mail but didn’t send it. I called again & spoke to someone else & they sent it to me. I just hung up from calling to check on my order & was told it was cancelled. I was given an excuse that my e-mail wasn’t attached to my order so they couldn’t let me know. I am so disappointed in your service starting with whoever took my order. I can honestly say I won’t be ordering anymore thru your company. I would have gladly chosen another gift to be shipped to him if notified. Thanks for nothing.

  500. I purchased Stafford men’s briefs about a month ago. This is a product I’ve used for years. I was shocked at the decline in quality of this product.I purchased two six count packages of colored briefs.The four grey heather briefs are useless,the ribbing is weak and the material is extremely thin. The other briefs, black and white, have stronger ribbing but are also thinner than past purchases.

  501. JC Penny’s in Fayetteville Ga. is awful …. Went there to purchase a watch not a cheap watch a Citizens Eco. Totally was ignored by two sales people not even a hello. They took in front of me , where I was there a long time before them. I left and made the purchase else where , will not be back,

  502. I ordered blinds on 11/27/2017 and as of 1/2/2018 I have only received 4 of them because of those incompetent UPS drivers. I have spent several hours on the phone with JCP Customer svc and most of them didn’t know what to do. I took the 4 blinds to the JCP at Mall of Ga in Buford & that sales lady was just plain dumb. I showed her in the order what I was charged for 10 blinds so if she divided that number by 10 that would tell her the cost for each individual blind since I was returning 4. Wow….after talking to JCP. Com I guess that advised her dumb ass to do the same thing and wow she got it right. I see why this company is having to close stores all around the world. No one from JCP has cared enough to follow up with me on the status of the blinds and it has been over 1 month. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE & CUSTOMER RELATIONS=OUT OF BUSINESS.

  503. I’m very disappointed that I’ve had to call your customer service 4 to 5 times over the last couple months regarding a washer and dryer purchase at separate times and every time I spend a couple hours on speaker phone hearing about how important my call is to you and then not getting satisfaction after waiting. so far I have been waiting for two and a half hours and still no answer. you must be more interested in sales than customer service. I guess you’ll know why when your no longer in business because your competitors out perform you hands down. this is a lot of wasted time over an issue that was supposed to be handled already in November. you should be paying me if this is how you care to conduct business

  504. I lost $4.31 of my $10.00 jcpenney rewards due to an item being cancelled. This was due to no fault of my own. I placed another order and asked a phone rep if that money could be applied to my new order. She refused saying there is nothing she could do. I told her she would loose a good customer, but she didn’t seem to care. There are lots of companies that do care about customer satisfaction. I’ll now be shopping with them.
    It’s not about the money. It;s about her attitude.

  505. What I have always hated was they advertise an item for so much off and then when you get to the check out they say oh that does not cover that and it is usually a coupon that never works. For example I tried to order to Paul Patrol Semis that had a coupon right above them for 25% off and again I was told that does not apply to Disney Items. Why is the sign there then!

  506. I was at a Penney’s store yesterday and I had an idea to help you stand up to Amazon and help customers like myself find clothes. I am a little taller than average 6′-5″ and 250#. I have trouble finding pants and shirts, because you stock so few (of my size) and my size ALWAYS sells out.

    This is the idea! Have a department called “Hard to fit”. In it you would have clothes samples that were NOT for sale, but just for checking size. I could try on the clothes and make sure it fits, then I could order them and then you could drop ship to my house. You would only need one pair of pants of a size (or shirt) the color is NOT required because it is not critical to sizing. Then I could order multiple pairs because I know they fit, and you would not get stuck with a lot of left over big, tall, small sizes. After the garment stops being sold the sizing stock could be put on clearance.

    This is something that Amazon cannot do. I do not buy clothes from them because I cannot try them on first.

  507. The absolute worse customer service I have ever experienced. 2 solid months of JCP Customer Service blaming their own contracted delivery company for my inability to receive a box spring I paid in full 61 days prior. In the end, I had to cancel my order and wait an additional 3 weeks to have them pick up the mattress that was delivered without the box spring and blocked my hallway for 2 months. An absolute NIGHTMARE! Nothing but empty promises and no offer of compensation beyond the refund. The refund which will only be available once the shipping company makes contact and schedules a pick-up date. JCP had tied up a large sum of my money for months and accepts no culpability.

  508. It is very disturbing when you ask for assistance or attempt to determine what’s going on with your account, and Management refuses to come on the phone. I have been a credit holder with this company, longer than I can remember. I am no criminal nor will I be treated as such.

    My credit rating says who I am financially, and I will not let JCPenney redefine that status.

    For the past few months I have been dealing with a major life crisis’s and when that happens, the day a bill might be due, seems to get away from you, which is what happened in October and November of 2017.

    When I attempted to pay my bill today, I was informed that my credit limit had been reduced to $200 from $2,400. If you look at my record, I keep a relatively very low balance.

    I made a payment on the phone with Jeffery of $60.00 and I asked for a Manager to try and determine what was going on. He placed me on hold and returned to say the Manager wouldn’t come to the phone. The message from the Manager was my account was past due and the reason for the credit line decrease. This disturbed me greatly. Since Jeffrey indicated you can make payments on line up to Midnight ET, I hung up, logged on and paid the remaining balance on the account $169.04.

    I have never been brushed off by anyone on the phone when I have asked for a Manager or Supervisor. This email may never reach the ears of anyone who cares, and that’s okay too. I like shopping at JC Penney as well as other members of my family, but my future with this company…may have just ceased.

    Thank you

    Sheri Scott
    January 27, 2018

  509. Bad experience at Penneys Westfield Mall Southcenter, WA. No one working in the lingerie department which was in the basement. Next to the furniture department! Buy a bra and a couch, poor design. And no one working the department? I’ll go to Macy’s, thanks.


  511. Re: On line merchandise availability. Big box stores are becoming inventory deficient due to on line shopping. So one would think that a company’s very survival would depend on better merchandising and availability on line. The ladies Worthington 3/4 Sleeve Button Front Shirt- Plus sizes are consistently out of stock. Wife loves this item in dark solid colors. Now a good merchant would know that an item that constantly sells out is a money maker and a good turnover item. Perhaps all your buyers are size 1’s and haven’t noticed that many many women are not. Time to re-assess who buys from JCP, and they are not all petite millennials. Wake up buyers, stock it and folks will buy it.

  512. I tried to return a product I ordered on line. I tried to return it, but Pennys did not send me the route number to send it back. I have called several places with out any help. Please send me a route number to help me. Heidi Swanson

  513. I am normally the person who only comments when things are a good experience. My J.C. Penny experience yesterday, however, was horrible! Last week I bought 4 drapery panels to try at home. When I finally found someone to ask, they told me I could return the one’s I didn’t need. Ok, then yesterday we went to the store to order drapes as the length we needed was not in stock. The people we dealt with were so unprofessional, right in front of me the guy doing my return was commenting to another employee that “he would talk to her when he was done here” about something seemingly gossipy about another employee. Then they decided to get someone else to help us. She was very short with us the whole time. I hadn’t used my Penny’s card in years (and now remember why) so she was visibly mad when she had to call to approve payment. The only reason I was using the card was to get a discount. Well, the computer came up with a msg for her to call about my account. Heavy sigh. Then as she was walking to the phone under her breath “maybe you were late on a payment” Are you kidding me!!!!! You can think anything you want but that was beyond professional!!!!! I’m never confrontational and just took it but it has been eating at me! The she looks at me, disgusted, and says I didn’t need to use the Penny’s card for discount. Good! Got out my Visa and she made a comment, “Oh, well that went through” REALLY! Going to pay off the $100 I owe from the previous week and chop that card up. The worst experience ever! I guess there is a reason that we were the only people shopping in there.

  514. We had frig delivered August 29th, 2017. We moved into a BRAND new home (just built) August 27th, 2017. RAS delivery company tore our doors and door frames up. Mind u WE JUST MOVED IN 2 DAYS BEFORE RAS TORE OUR HOUSE UP. Now RAS does not want to replace what they tore up, they want to repair it. It won’t look right, plus it’s BRAND NEW. We will never buy anything again from a store that has delivery from RAS.

  515. Take my advice: Steer entirely clear of J. C. Penny’s, especially if you intend to use a bank or other credit card. I am still trying to straighten out the billing on a purchase of kitchen appliances made in late December. The transaction was billed at three different prices, two of which–a double charge–subsequently appeared on my credit card statement. In an attempt to resolve the matter by isolating the one, correct charge before the final monthly payment date of my credit card account I moved the date back 48 hours. Thereupon, I was billed twice again, this time for the entire statement balance, one for the original payment date, once for the delayed date, and without one or the other of the erroneous charges having been removed. Put simply, the intended repair created a whole new mess, itself the result of Penny’s original bungling. Of course, Penny’s is indirectly rather than directly responsible for the double balance payment which reduced my checking account balance. Meanwhile, the initials, double, differing two charges have yet to be clearly resolved despite the efforts of the Appliance Department’s helpful manager at the Penny’s Home Store…who, by the way, is now unavailable to help further owing to a two-week medical leave for surgery. I will now have to audit the credit card account for the period from December 21-January 21 to learn if the additions and subtraction of one of Penny’s double billings actually constitute a refund of one of the two charges or a repetition. Sound confusing? Be the victim and experience the confusion. Finally, if you have found this site and are reading this note–and have a problem–you are a clever person. Like almost all companies these days, Penny’s makes it hard as possible to locate Customer Service in writing, a more sure way than verbal communication to make clear the nature of one’s issue. Once again, STEER CLEAR of Penny”s, a failing company which admitted a “computer glitch” caused the initial, erroneous double billings. You are in danger of being “glitched” at the outset and then “glitched” at every step of the way thereafter. Stars Score for J. C. Penny’s: No Stars.

  516. on February 20, i placed an order for $120. On February 26, i received an email for rewards members. $10 for every $50 spent. I just called and asked to get credited the $20. I was refused. So, what is going to happen is tomorrow, I will re order the same exact items and return the ones that i already ordered. What a waste of your company’s time and money. I will think twice when i want something from your store. There are plenty of other places with much better customer service.

  517. In February 2017, I bought a Sterling silver and CZ wedding ring set. I sent them off the have them sized and they came back with one ring a quarter size smaller than the other and BOTH of them were the wrong size. I tried to wear them that way and couldn’t because the ring that too small bruised my finger and the one that was too big cut the sides of my fingers due to the way the stones are mounted. I bought the warranty and was told if for ANY REASON I was not satisfied with the rings, I could ask for a buyout. So on February 8, 2018, I took the rings back, explained that they were the wrong size and that was causing them to damage my fingers, rendering me unable to wear them. I said “I do not want them resized. I want them to buy the rings back.” Today, 3 weeks later, I am called to my local store, the rings are handed back to me, and I am told that they are refusing to honor their warranty. I asked the girl to send them back with a note stating that the company was to buy them back. She refused and said “Why don’t you try to sell them online?” I said “Why don’t you send them back and insist the company honor their warranty?” She *politely* declined saying “Somebody might want them.” A warranty is a contract. If you do not honor that warranty, you are in breach of contract and it is illegal to refuse to honor or “breach” a contract. I hate to pursue legal action over such a small amount of money (less than 100.00) but it’s the principle of the thing. I have spent a lot of money in JCP over the last 30+ years but you can bet I won’t be spending anymore.

  518. as a platinum card holder I went to JCP to get my free sample of smashbox primer using my coupon. however I received some sort of moisturizer instead of the smashbox product because they were out of the smashbox samples. i would not have surrendered my coupon had I been told I was not receiving the smashbox product as I really didn’t want a moisturizer sample. i would still like to get a smashbox sample. can you help?

  519. I ordered two pair of shoes from JCP that were supposed to be the same as another pair I purchased a few months ago however they were totally different and each of the 2 pair were made in two different countries and the quality was very poor compared to my original pair. I’m not sure if it’s because I ordered this on-line. I’m not happy, will have to return my purchase and look for better made shoes. I thought JCP had them.

  520. I placed an order, #2018052510251900 using my rewards and the item was too small, I returned to the store and unfortunately, the item size is out of stock. I attempted to process another order using that reward and was informed I could not because it is now void so actually I was cheated. What is the point of having a reward program if the customer gets penalized when merchandise is out of stock?

  521. On-Line purchase nightmare. 4 months later still waiting for mattress to be picked up for return. A weekly phone call and the same bs shoveled each time. Making plans for small claims court. Ridiculous the amount of trouble and effort they have put me through. And holding my money hostage the whole time. I hope you are reading this before you purchase from JCP. And if you are, please consider any other provider for your product. I have never been put though so much for something so simple.

  522. I was insulted at the Check out with the Clerk speaking Spanish ! Iowa State Law ! Official Language is English ONLY ! I dropped my purchase and left ! I am going to Help you go out of Buisness by Boycoting your Stores !

  523. I’m a retired employee after 37yrs. Today I was at store 1373 and I have never been in a store of any kind that I saw such a mess. Clothes everywhere including pilled up on the floor in a corner hangers and all. The store has been open 2hrs. which to me means nobody had atempted to clean up the evening before.They also need different buyers. If you have nothing buy small and medium sizes in mens-it tells somebody doesn’t know what sizes really needed.Majority of women don’t wear joggers pants and really want the ballon sleeve tops. They always get in your food. This week alone I have had 5 compliants from friends about the condition of the store. Partime hep doesn’t work You need some fulltime because majority of the partime are there only for the money. Please help Store 1373 ge back to what it used to be. Maybe you should contact some seniors to clean up. Janet

  524. I have never found a better fitting ladies pantie than Underscore size 12. They only come up to size 10 now and I need a size 12. I am sure many other women would be very happy to see Underscore once again produce a size 12. This time I would purchase 20 pairs or more. Thank you and I hope there is something you can do since you own the brand.

  525. After placing several orders online in the past two weeks, I now find that the website won’t run long enough without freezing for me to even order any more items. Looks like I won’t be buying anything else from J. C. Penney until you fix your website.

  526. The JC Penny’s store in Terre Haute IN. has the rudest gals working. I was in on 03/30/18 and JC P had been advertising this 30 40 or 50 % off and something about a candy bar. I was there around 12 and the ad said nothing about until they run out. It just said Fri and Sat. The cashier said they were out of them. It started at 9 and I told her that the ad said nothing about until they run out. She just looked at me and rolled her eyes. At the very lest they should have given 30% off. There were 5 of us shopping and all spent a good deal of cash… I work with the public and I would have been fired if I had done that.

  527. I’ve been trying to see my point on my account and haven’t been able until today after I called and chatted online with the credit card dept. o think the website is confusing and I didn’t realize that the points I haven’t been able to see in my account expire next month. The staff member online and I the phone were not very pleasant. I will be using my points this weekend and won’t go back to jcp. Once our credit card is paid off I’ll be closing the account. Not happy with jcp.

  528. I shop at JC Penny in MC Donough Ga.
    I have left my goods several times due to long lines and lack of cashiers.
    Also, that store needs new buggy’s.
    The rest of the stores I’ve been to have new ones. Us older customers need them to lean on while we shop. That means we spend more money.

  529. I am in the UK but I am visiting the US at the end of May – I thought I would visit the JC Penny website as I have in the past to see the sort of things available in store. However all I get is the message that they are” currently unable to to provide a shopping experience in my country” – I DON’T WANT TO SHOP – i just want to browse & plan my visit to the store. I have also tried to find a customer serveices email so I can point his out but almost impossible

    I am now very fed up

    • I can not believe how bad the website has become . it used to be one of the best and easy to use, but not anymore it has become the worst sends to wrong dept,wrong mercd. drops you out altogether, have to enter e mail & password several times. I am a long time customer since 1980 and I get the feeling that mrgt is trying to get people to go to the stores instead of on line but can no longer able to . so maybe I should shop at sears? tday the site does not even up

  530. I’d like to know why I no longer get the flyers with the Spend 10 dollars,get 10 dollars off, spend 25 dollars get 10 dollars off.. Haven’t gotten any in sometime.

  531. i placed an order, first time… it shows ship to home.. and I chose ship to store. I called in to customer service and was told nothing could be done? Is this true? You cant refund the shipping charge and send it to the store I chose?

  532. I want to begin by letting you know that I was impressed by your employee Sonia at the register when I was there today, May 21, 2018. It was busy and she was at the resister and so the helpful to customer she was checking out, though it was busy she had such a nice smile answering all the customers questions very nice to see.
    As for the rest of the store clothing is so cluttered hard to find what you want and the brands are in different places, not to speak about where housewares is at. I was looking for tablerunners, place mats they were all dumped in corner such a mess no one around to help you this has happened not plan to go there again. Please feel free to send this to correct dept. Hopefully, someone will care enough to have better help and clothing area racks not so cluttered.

  533. My wife & I are faithful customers to your store JCPenney Freehold Raceway Mall, the employees are very good & courteous. My complain is about the Women’s bathroom, it has been closed for weeks with “Under repair sign” bathrooms are very important to any establishment with that said, women has been walking in to the men’s room while I was peeing thus making both of us very uncomfortable. The woman or women would of course would apologize but they have to go. My wife has to go to other stores for the rest room.This also is dangerous & opportunity for sex maniacs. To make matters worse I don’t see anyone working on it ! Pls. contact the manager of said store & ask why !

  534. Why am I not able to click on “pick up in store” button if it states that product is available at “my store”/ I’ve changed stores to the different stores where it said that the product is available, each time it not allowed to click on button to pick up in store. This has happen before not allowing me to order an item before sale ended. How can I shop at your store if this happens? I continue to be asked to apply for your store credit card. Why on earth should I do that when I have to Google your customer service number just to ask this question?
    After spending this time to write this, I’ve decided to look elsewhere for the product.

  535. I have asked for years for underscore cotton panties in size 12 to be once again produced. they used to come in that size and I have never found a better fitting panty. since they did at one time I would hope it not too difficult to resume their production. I am sure they would be a great seller when compared to all the ill fitting size twelves out there. please consider my plea with haste. thank you. sue

  536. The worst experience ever!!! No one answers the phone its always an answering machine!!! You wonder why Sears and JcPennies has low customer satisfaction it’s largely due to poor management!!!

  537. I received an email that my items were shipped so I waited for the package containing a gown I hoped to take on a cruise. The package did not arrive even 5 days after the email. When the package finally arrived it contained only one of the items, not the gown. I don’t understand why I got an email saying it had shipped when it wasn’t in the package? Good thing I didn’t need that gown for a prom or wedding. I should have been told from the beginning that it wasn’t coming.

  538. I go to the penney at Park City Center in Lancaster Pa. It is the closest but it always looks really bad! the clothes are in balls in piles right after they open. Nobody re folds ANYTHING!!!! But, I had my worst experience this past Sunday. I went downstairs where furniture and household items are. I found a two seat hightop set with an ice bucket in the middle, The tag said it was on sale and could be brought home today! Yeah, it was like sitting in the middle of the twilight zone. There was nobody to help with it. I saw one very slow woman checking someone out on the other side of the store. there was a man in appliances but he did his best to totally ignore me as I stood RIGHT in front of him! I waited and looked for someone to help me for 20 minutes. I finally gave up and went back upstairs and told the lady at the checkout what had happened. she didn’t seem surprised and said “uhh Sorry”. That store is run VERY badly and they missed out on a sale on my jc penney credit card!

  539. I placed an order on 5/27/18 and on 6/5/18 my order finally gets boxed up and reaches ups . I placed my order 9 days ago and now it is going to take 7 to 10 days more to reach me that’s almost a month since I placed my order.last time I EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM JCP. jcp can go the route of wards.your stuff was over priced anyway cheaper at target ,sears .but I can’t belive it took 9 day to get around to shipping one pair of shoes. was someone taking a long nap or was the shipping person on vaction and had to wait for him to get back.there isn’t any excuse for a order held up 9 days before shipping

  540. June 2018. I was purchasing one small item at your store and told the clerk that I did not need a bag. I was informed that it is store policy all items must leave in one of our bags. It was very disturbing to me as I had my own bag. I have never encountered this in any other store. If I have the receipt what is the problem. I am appalled that your store is not respecting the environment. I care too much about the environment to continue to shop in your store and be given plastic bags.

  541. I want to purchase Worthington pants online, but JCP does not have any pants in my size. This has been happening for quite a while. Not one pain of pants in any color! Looks like they would want my money. Why don’t they have more inventory?

  542. While proceeding to checkout line I arrived at the same time as another customer who proceeded to an open register. The sales associates at another register said can I help you..When I reached the counter she said it wasn’t,t my turn and that the line formed over there. I then asked if I was suppose to go to the end of the line and she said yes. When and the previous customer an I approached we were the only two people in line. If the sales associate wants to control the then they should be sure of what there saying. The girl was rude and I am seriously considering not going there any more.

  543. I visited your store yesterday in palm desert, just wanted a pair of pjs for a4 yr old little girl pants and a top. Jc penny with crazy coupons, sales and the only jammies that fit the need for a 4yr old were $42 no coupons or discounts

    I went next store to sears they had a set of 2pair of Disney’s James pants, tops after discount $16. I WILL NEVER GO TO a jc penny store again I got email after email with the discounts and I can’t get a pair of pjs for a little kid and the racks and racks of giving away the clothes no pjs very disappointed


  545. We have been customers for over 50 years and always enjoyed shopping there except for today. we were at the Triadelphia WV store and treated very poorlly.We had coupons for 25% & 20% off which we received in the mail. While we wetre shopping my wife bought some sheets for the bed and a cashier ask if she could help her so she checked out the sheets. After we both shopper some more we went to a cashier in the front of the store to check out. The total was for $130. We trierd ti use the coupon for 25% off and was refused by the cashier. She said that it was already used.We aked to return the sheets and start over. She said that she couldn’t do that. She never called the manager. So we got mad and left the $139 worth of goods on the counter.I think that this is BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE and after 50 years we won’t be bach. YOU LOST a GOOD CUSTOMER>

  546. I live in the UK and have been buying Stafford mens pants from Penneys on line for a number of years, this facility has now stopped. Is there any way I can purchase these pants?

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  548. Yesterday I went to the JCPenney in Weslaco Texas after 2 hours of trying on clothes I finally decided to take some slacks from Liz Claiborne section I found two the sign said $17.99 ankle type when I went to the counter they told me that those were not it I showed the cashier where the sign was there was a sales lady there she claimed that those were not it. The ones that were $17.99 were the ones that were priced $47 I told her to remove them from the rock because that was false advertisement she said she couldn’t because they had too much clothes I told her I was aware that they had too much clothes because everything that I touched fell to the floor she was very rude her name was e l v i a she did not apologize and the pants that were that I was taking were also ankle type but they were $48 and the ones that were on sale were 47 dollars this is ridiculous the store was extremely hot also the clerk did not even apologize she was very rude the store was so so hot inside her name was Elvia

  549. I would like to bring to your attention one of your store associates – Annabella – #0381 at the Alamo Ranch Store on W Loop 1604. Annabella was the best customer service store employee that I have come across in a very long time. She was so upbeat and made every effort to ensure that each item pricing was correct and every possible discount was applied. Her comportment was so pleasant – she made me feel like I was winning at a TV game show -What a pleasant and refreshing shopping experience!
    7/06/18 1:15 PM STORE 2991

  550. I will never buy another product from JCP, I placed an order over 5 months ago, and have yet to receive it…..But they were real quick to charge my credit card….

  551. Sikeston, Missouri store — this store used to be excellent in quality and service. What happened? Management? Is this the new ‘Dollar Store’. If the store would go back like it was just 5 yrs. ago, I and others wouldn’t have to travel 35 miles north to the Cape Girardeau store.

    1) store needs cleaning – the dressing room is a joke
    2) store has racks & racks of discounted clothes, that there is no room for anything else; what happen to the household goods department, is the bath/kitchen towels, linens going away next……
    3) only 2 sales associates in the entire store, which means no service
    4) take away the stupid walkie talkies – never been in a clothing store before that the manager uses the freaking noise maker, the sales associate cannot even wait on the customers at check out for the manager talking to them on the walkie.

    Please bring our Sikeston store back!!!!

  552. I am a loyal customer that bought all my furniture from you, but I called to make a major order for fridge and air conditions but The first time your customer service was so rude and second time I could not understand what he was saying , then put me on hold and got disconnected on 7/14 between 12 and 12.30 pm, if you need to grow your sales you need to invest in customer service.