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Contacting iTunes Customer Service Center

iTunes is the hub for music, games and all things iPod, iPhone and iPad. Every piece of data you save on your Apple devices can be stored and retrieved from iTunes, but installing, upgrading and purchasing through iTunes is not without problems. Customer service is available to handle problems, disputes, refunds and technical issues as needed. Support for your iTunes device is available for a short time after your initial purchase. When that time expires, you’ll need to purchase access to iTunes customer service. Support for the iTunes store does not require an additional purchase.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer support for iTunes is based on an intricate web of questions and answers. You could get lost foraging through all the FAQs and suggestions on the Apple website. If you want immediate answers you’ll need to contact customer support at the iTunes phone number.

  • iPod, iPad, Mac – Tech Support: 1-800-275-2273
  • iPhone – Tech Support: 1-800-694-7466
  • Hearing or Visually Impaired Users: 1-877-204-3930
  • Purchase Customer Service: 1-800-692-7753
  • Apple Store Customer Service: 1-800-676-2775
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-408-996-1010

Mailing Address

Apple is one of the largest businesses in the world and as such, the location of the corporate headquarters is pretty easy to find.

Apple Corporate
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

Official Website

You can find all the information you need at There is no dedicated website for iTunes, just a page on the Apple site. You will NOT be able to purchase items from this website. Once you download iTunes you can make connect the iTunes program with your account and make purchases.

You may be able to access customer support for iTunes via the Twitter Page.

Customer Service Email

When you’re ready to contact iTunes customer service you need to start with the iTunes help page You are asked to choose from iTunes cards, purchases or billing, account help, connections and downloads or other store problems. The first topic leads to another and then a series of possible answers are presented. If none of the answers pertain to your problem you can contact the customer service department by email.

Our Experience

We attempted to call the Apple customer care phone numbers for iTunes support, but none of the agents we spoke with could help us with iTunes. Finally, one agent told us that iTunes does not have a support phone number, but the App Store customer service line could help with any purchase problems occurring in the App Store.

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25 Comments on “Contact iTunes Customer Service
  1. I’ve been having problem downloading free apps it asking for my billing info and when I put it in it’s still not letting me download free apps… I’ve had this issue since I purchase my iPhone.. If sumone can Pls contact me ASAP…

  2. I used my visa card to get something and every time I try to download something from the app store it asks me for my billing info and when I put the security code in it tells me that it is not right. And I can not download nothing and it is making me very upset Becuz I have money on my visa. What I download was .99 cents. Please help me with this problem.

  3. I sent in a request for someone to contact me regarding
    A billing problem. My grandson was playing. A
    Game on phone and for some reason
    He accidentally purchased 40 worth
    Of some add on to the game he was
    Playing. Hate it when they hv that on
    The games. If you could contact me
    Thank you

  4. I downloaded a slot game on my iphone, and wish to purchase some coins to continue playing the game.

    I purchased some before, but my account was overdrawn on
    a particular day, but has plenty of $$$ in it now.
    The message comes up indicating I must contact iTunes support to complete the tranaction. Where do I go now?

  5. I had a gal named Rachel from Iowa yesterday, Dec 05, that was the sweetest, most patient, and courteous tech support person I have EVER dealt with in 69 years of calling various help lines. She bent over backwards to assist in any way she could, and spent over a half hour with me on the phone. She even took my phone number and called me back immediately to see if we could get a phone line that had less static, preventing me from hearing her very well. Unfortunately I had called the wrong number, actually needing billing rather than tech support, but she was so wonderful about it and would put me on hold, call billing and explain the problem, then come back to me with the solutions. She would have to come back to me, ask some more questions billing needed to know, then go back to them with the answers, and she did that several times until we got the problem all fixed. She was so kind and patient through the whole situation, and even though her name is Rachel I call her Angel!!! God bless her!!!

  6. by 12/19/2012 why did you take away money from my account this is a major problem and i want my money back.why did you take away my money? did you have no reason?will i get my $22.03.please respond as soon as possible.thank.u

    • You, Apple itunes have been continuously taking money out of MY bank account for the past 3 to 4 months. It adds up to over $200.00, and for what account that I have not even purchased. I want it stopped NOW, and MY money returned to My bank account. You were not given permission to access MY personal bank account. Return MY money please.

  7. quando creo un ID APPLE alla fine di tutti i passaggi mi dice contatta l assistenza i tunes per completare questa traslazione. perchè?

  8. your customer serive is hrrible yet you take money all day long and are suppose to be one of the largest companies…i can see why with all the bad charges you have been doing to peoples checking accounts… here I sit waiting on hold now for 6 min and this is my third phone call ive had to amke. hummmm whats the deal Apple you to big for your britches? i for one dont get this issue solved i will never ever again purchase one of your products. i know i am one in a billion but if one goes then another and so on you as a buisness should know how fast word of mouth can spread…. think about that for a while. im about to join the lady on the first page and contact the BBB on Apple and its companies.

  9. well finally such a great lady omg she was awesome called main office they trans me to fraud and she was amazing Her name is Chis plese give her a raise!!! so helpful and refund is on its way, just sorry i had to be a nasty customer not my style….. to the office of the president and to the gentleman i talked to i am sincerly sorry for ranting but computor ppl and uninformed employees upset me to no end and unfortunatley i just went off, so again sir i appoligise.
    As for Chris she taught me some things about the products I have to help secure them from charges made to my account by otheres ect! thanks Chris for the information you were extemely helpful and deserve recognition from your managers. Every customer service rep should be half as helpful as you are and the world would spin just a little better!
    Thank You
    KC Brown

  10. •Corporate Headquarters: 1-408-996-1010 this is the number i used to get with Chris you cannot get her direct you have to be transfered…JFI if anyone else is having issues with an itunes apple account GOOD LUCK

  11. Need to register & obtain Mechanical Digital Licenses for selling music CD’S
    exclusively on iTunes. Am going around in circles trying to find an iTunes representative
    to assist me in the correct process.

    PLEASE: Provide us with an 800 phone # & a direct e.mail address where we can
    sign up & obtain necessary information for conducting sales & marketing on iTunes

    Rick & Kathy Todd

  12. My I-Tunes account has ben turned off because of a billing question. I just sent Pay Me Later a payment of $100 for my I-Tunes account. How can I get my I-Tunes service restored?

  13. I was wondering if you could help me download my vinyl albums to itunes and from there to my ipod?

  14. How do I transfer music library on my computer to the I tunes library?

    Is there a phone number I could call and have someone walk me thru the transfer of music in my library to Itunes library?

  15. I was charged foe 2 purchases that were never made i haven’t ordered ant thing dince May and i want my money wonder Apple is gaining such a Bad name!!! Androids r better never jad this problem u use ur card with playstore and theres no storing card info and having to have money in the account to purchase a “Free”DAMN APP!!!! So stupid really starting to ” HATE” Apple

  16. I need help I tried calling and no help I’m so mad that I hate it when there is no I say no human being to answer your calls ..can somebody help me .,the correct number to talk to a human being

  17. If you buy an and its got problems You cannot down load it again, it sucks .

    try to e mail them , impossible , they suck. Same for anything Mac. you have to go to a shop, And they have no clue when It come to real customer right, to get replacement or your money back. Same with mac book pro issues of design problems , you pay allot for something and you don’t get it, When you want to get it resolved, They don’t want to know. the shop have their hands tied.

  18. I am completely uninformed. I bought my 8 year old grandson an I Pad as his was damaged. They needed a credit card on file. I had no idea why………….He has ordered over $500 worth of I tunes……………some over $50.00………….I have no idea how to stop this. I have discussed with him but appears the damage is done……………You call the number on the web and are directed elsewhere……I want a body to talk to.

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