Contact iTunes Customer Service

Contacting iTunes Customer Service Center

iTunes is the hub for music, games and all things iPod, iPhone and iPad. Every piece of data you save on your Apple devices can be stored and retrieved from iTunes, but installing, upgrading and purchasing through iTunes is not without problems. Customer service is available to handle problems, disputes, refunds and technical issues as needed. Support for your iTunes device is available for a short time after your initial purchase. When that time expires, you’ll need to purchase access to iTunes customer service. Support for the iTunes store does not require an additional purchase.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer support for iTunes is based on an intricate web of questions and answers. You could get lost foraging through all the FAQs and suggestions on the Apple website. If you want immediate answers you’ll need to contact customer support at the iTunes phone number.

  • iPod, iPad, Mac – Tech Support: 1-800-275-2273
  • iPhone – Tech Support: 1-800-694-7466
  • Hearing or Visually Impaired Users: 1-877-204-3930
  • Purchase Customer Service: 1-800-692-7753
  • Apple Store Customer Service: 1-800-676-2775
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-408-996-1010

Mailing Address

Apple is one of the largest businesses in the world and as such, the location of the corporate headquarters is pretty easy to find.

Apple Corporate
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

Official Website

You can find all the information you need at There is no dedicated website for iTunes, just a page on the Apple site. You will NOT be able to purchase items from this website. Once you download iTunes you can make connect the iTunes program with your account and make purchases.

You may be able to access customer support for iTunes via the Twitter Page.

Customer Service Email

When you’re ready to contact iTunes customer service you need to start with the iTunes help page You are asked to choose from iTunes cards, purchases or billing, account help, connections and downloads or other store problems. The first topic leads to another and then a series of possible answers are presented. If none of the answers pertain to your problem you can contact the customer service department by email.

Our Experience

We attempted to call the Apple customer care phone numbers for iTunes support, but none of the agents we spoke with could help us with iTunes. Finally, one agent told us that iTunes does not have a support phone number, but the App Store customer service line could help with any purchase problems occurring in the App Store.

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381 Comments on “Contact iTunes Customer Service
  1. I’ve been having problem downloading free apps it asking for my billing info and when I put it in it’s still not letting me download free apps… I’ve had this issue since I purchase my iPhone.. If sumone can Pls contact me ASAP…

  2. I used my visa card to get something and every time I try to download something from the app store it asks me for my billing info and when I put the security code in it tells me that it is not right. And I can not download nothing and it is making me very upset Becuz I have money on my visa. What I download was .99 cents. Please help me with this problem.

  3. I sent in a request for someone to contact me regarding
    A billing problem. My grandson was playing. A
    Game on phone and for some reason
    He accidentally purchased 40 worth
    Of some add on to the game he was
    Playing. Hate it when they hv that on
    The games. If you could contact me
    Thank you

    • My granddaughter downloaded a game and she is under age and I keep getting billed 2.99 per week and apple would not let her delete the fame. I want these charges stop immediately. they said there is a site for billing errors and it would not let me take care of this matter. You call the phone # and it tells you to go to the web site which I tried.

      • I have been receiving bills on my bank account for
        I have never purchased anything nor do I want to. I am 64 years old and on Social Security I need to watch every penny. I called the number and went to the web site. Can not speak to anyone and want credit for all this bills and want them to STOP.
        Fix it and let me know it’s done.
        Thank you

        • I am over 50 years old and I have never experienced so called customer service as offered by this company. I have had numerous fraudulent charges and have tried to contact this company 15 times to no avail. You cannot reach anyone or get a response to any of the online inquiry. I am so disappointed with Apple. It may be an Apple, but it’s customer service is an onion. Make that a rotten stinking onion!

        • I have a charge of &79.00 from iTunes and have never bought anything that expensive from iTunes. I have iCloud but my monthly charge for that is $2.99
          Please contact me and help me resolve this problem

  4. I downloaded a slot game on my iphone, and wish to purchase some coins to continue playing the game.

    I purchased some before, but my account was overdrawn on
    a particular day, but has plenty of $$$ in it now.
    The message comes up indicating I must contact iTunes support to complete the tranaction. Where do I go now?

  5. I had a gal named Rachel from Iowa yesterday, Dec 05, that was the sweetest, most patient, and courteous tech support person I have EVER dealt with in 69 years of calling various help lines. She bent over backwards to assist in any way she could, and spent over a half hour with me on the phone. She even took my phone number and called me back immediately to see if we could get a phone line that had less static, preventing me from hearing her very well. Unfortunately I had called the wrong number, actually needing billing rather than tech support, but she was so wonderful about it and would put me on hold, call billing and explain the problem, then come back to me with the solutions. She would have to come back to me, ask some more questions billing needed to know, then go back to them with the answers, and she did that several times until we got the problem all fixed. She was so kind and patient through the whole situation, and even though her name is Rachel I call her Angel!!! God bless her!!!

  6. by 12/19/2012 why did you take away money from my account this is a major problem and i want my money back.why did you take away my money? did you have no reason?will i get my $22.03.please respond as soon as possible.thank.u

    • You, Apple itunes have been continuously taking money out of MY bank account for the past 3 to 4 months. It adds up to over $200.00, and for what account that I have not even purchased. I want it stopped NOW, and MY money returned to My bank account. You were not given permission to access MY personal bank account. Return MY money please.

  7. quando creo un ID APPLE alla fine di tutti i passaggi mi dice contatta l assistenza i tunes per completare questa traslazione. perchè?

  8. your customer serive is hrrible yet you take money all day long and are suppose to be one of the largest companies…i can see why with all the bad charges you have been doing to peoples checking accounts… here I sit waiting on hold now for 6 min and this is my third phone call ive had to amke. hummmm whats the deal Apple you to big for your britches? i for one dont get this issue solved i will never ever again purchase one of your products. i know i am one in a billion but if one goes then another and so on you as a buisness should know how fast word of mouth can spread…. think about that for a while. im about to join the lady on the first page and contact the BBB on Apple and its companies.

  9. well finally such a great lady omg she was awesome called main office they trans me to fraud and she was amazing Her name is Chis plese give her a raise!!! so helpful and refund is on its way, just sorry i had to be a nasty customer not my style….. to the office of the president and to the gentleman i talked to i am sincerly sorry for ranting but computor ppl and uninformed employees upset me to no end and unfortunatley i just went off, so again sir i appoligise.
    As for Chris she taught me some things about the products I have to help secure them from charges made to my account by otheres ect! thanks Chris for the information you were extemely helpful and deserve recognition from your managers. Every customer service rep should be half as helpful as you are and the world would spin just a little better!
    Thank You
    KC Brown

  10. •Corporate Headquarters: 1-408-996-1010 this is the number i used to get with Chris you cannot get her direct you have to be transfered…JFI if anyone else is having issues with an itunes apple account GOOD LUCK

  11. Need to register & obtain Mechanical Digital Licenses for selling music CD’S
    exclusively on iTunes. Am going around in circles trying to find an iTunes representative
    to assist me in the correct process.

    PLEASE: Provide us with an 800 phone # & a direct e.mail address where we can
    sign up & obtain necessary information for conducting sales & marketing on iTunes

    Rick & Kathy Todd

  12. My I-Tunes account has ben turned off because of a billing question. I just sent Pay Me Later a payment of $100 for my I-Tunes account. How can I get my I-Tunes service restored?

  13. I was wondering if you could help me download my vinyl albums to itunes and from there to my ipod?

  14. How do I transfer music library on my computer to the I tunes library?

    Is there a phone number I could call and have someone walk me thru the transfer of music in my library to Itunes library?

  15. I was charged foe 2 purchases that were never made i haven’t ordered ant thing dince May and i want my money wonder Apple is gaining such a Bad name!!! Androids r better never jad this problem u use ur card with playstore and theres no storing card info and having to have money in the account to purchase a “Free”DAMN APP!!!! So stupid really starting to ” HATE” Apple

  16. I need help I tried calling and no help I’m so mad that I hate it when there is no I say no human being to answer your calls ..can somebody help me .,the correct number to talk to a human being

  17. If you buy an and its got problems You cannot down load it again, it sucks .

    try to e mail them , impossible , they suck. Same for anything Mac. you have to go to a shop, And they have no clue when It come to real customer right, to get replacement or your money back. Same with mac book pro issues of design problems , you pay allot for something and you don’t get it, When you want to get it resolved, They don’t want to know. the shop have their hands tied.

  18. I ordered an album just now by mistake. It is the Eddie vedder album. Meant to just Oder the song ‘my city in ruins’. Please credit me. Thanks

  19. I am having a lot of problems installing iTunes on my HP laptop. I have Windows 7 and Internet Explorer supported by Bing….I keep getting an error message. I would like some help. I am an old customer and had an account under my old email address…please advise. Thank you.

  20. Dear iTunes Customer Serivice,

    I have been using Iphone all the while and I’m able to purchase in-apps purchases via apple ID that is linked to my credit card (visa card).
    I just bought a Itouch 5 and now I’m unable to purchase in-apps purchases using the same apple ID. I have already made the verifications according to the instructions but still I was prompt to contact iTunes customer service.

    Pls help..


    Eddy Tan

  21. I am completely uninformed. I bought my 8 year old grandson an I Pad as his was damaged. They needed a credit card on file. I had no idea why………….He has ordered over $500 worth of I tunes……………some over $50.00………….I have no idea how to stop this. I have discussed with him but appears the damage is done……………You call the number on the web and are directed elsewhere……I want a body to talk to.

  22. I don’t know how it happened but I now have an entire U2 album in iTunes radio on my cell phone. How do I get ride of it. I did not order it, do not want to pay for it and do not want to have it on my phone. again how do I get rid of it?

  23. Itunes !!! Attention had to sign into iTunes to charge it on amazon . have paid for books I never received . Did receive an email from NYC. Attorney general on iTunes stealing , without products and used my entire card plus . with my amazon charge gift card not only , i had to go through itunes . but the entire card 40:00 dolars plus my. balance in previous account with you .

  24. I play a game on your apps called the hobbit kom which is owners are kabam.

    At this moment this game is very glitchy and i lost a lot of my inventory because of this,

    every week there trying tae do maintance to try and sort it out but it never works and most times makes the game very slow

    I’ve tried contacting kabam about this but they don’t seem to understand and just try and fob me off and try and make me look like an ass

    I’ve never complained about any of your apps before as I believe you provide gid service but I suppose you can’t watch all yer game apps all the time.

    I am looking for your support as I feel with all the money I spent and lost due to no fault of my own I should deserve something back as I work long hard hours and enjoy what I do with it by playing some games but for it too be wasted like it had happened makes me feel bitter and angry.

  25. I have been getting unauthorized charges to my debit card.Could you please check it out and advise me as to how I can stop it ? I think my grandson is doing it,because when it ask to charge to the same account he says yes.


    William Glenn Clodfelter

  26. I use to like ITunes thought it was the best thing I had now I am considering purchasing an MP3 player and downloading music to it. ITunes is restricting my purchases to one ipod and I have two and can’t get music to sinc on either it wants me to erase my music on one to sinc both. I bought the ipods and the music they are mine, so I shouldn’t have to delete anything. I just want my music I bought to be on the ipods. If I go to MP3 then I can download to my computer. I have friends who are feeling the same way ITunes isn’t computer or friendly anymore. I had a question regarding how to manage my account one time I was charged $30 for that information.

  27. All I want is to speak to someone about 2 charges for gold fish casinos coins. They are charged to my credit account but never down loaded. Why is it sooooo difficult to speak to someone!!!!!!!!,!

  28. Apple provides the wrost customer service. I pudchased a IPAD Air. I needed technecial support. Could not get anyone and when I did athe took my name and number just in case I got lost when they transfered me. OMG they transfered me into another IVR after wating 20 + minutes I got cut off. No one called me back. So I tried working my own technical issue on my own and made matter wrost. I began this journey on 11/5 and today after 7 or 8 emails nothing no response. It’s a big blace hole. I just want my issue fixed with Apple/Itunes. Phone calls to both Apple and Itunes go NO where. Sad me as a consumer spends a lot of money with NO customer service supporting Apples purchases/products. I’ll me returning my apple products and not making amy other purchases for Apple/Itunes. Black Hole.

  29. Who dropped the ball? You said you would contact me within 24 hours and it’s been 4 days. You are running one big scam!


  31. I accidentally upgraded my account on Plenty of Fish. At the end of the purchase I pressed decline and I noticed the charge showed up on my checking account This was done on the 18th. I do not want to upgrade. What can I do?

  32. I have been trying to cancel an ITunes subscription for a book series from Itunes for 2 months. Can’t be done on an iPhone. Must use an IPad. Who knew

  33. please send me a number where i can get help on several purchase authorized by me all dose purchase was made during one day and is over $300 dollar that was taking from my bank account

  34. i would like to talk with a person and not a computer. i had to get several computers directory to reach an person to speak with concerning my account.

  35. Purchase more chips needed in backgamon game. Brought chips and they never showed on game board, so I purchase more hoping they would show up and. Never did now I hv huge bill for chips never received.

  36. I called about my Fitivity App that I love, but will no longer open up on my iphone. I got a gentleman named Jerry, who was so patient and helpful. I had read some reviews that were bad, but Jerry was awesome. He tried to help me get it to work and when he couldn’t, he got a refund for me! So sorry to lose my Fitivity, but soooooo happy Jerry was there to help.

  37. When I tried to use my iTunes money on my clash of clans account it will not let me purchase Gemsthis item is for an ad that was purchased by different Apple IDqto buy this item with this I do you must first purchase the app.why can’t I use my iTunes money to purchase the coins.

  38. When I tried to use my iTunes money on my clash of clans account it will not let me purchase Gemsthis item is for an ad that was purchased by different Apple IDqto buy this item with this I do you must first purchase the app.why can’t I use my iTunes money to purchase the coins.

  39. There are over $500 of unauthorized purchases on my itunes account. I am not receiving notices through my email for these purchases, so I don’t know about them until I get my bill. I can’t contact anyone at Apple to discuss this. Obviously they don’t care.

  40. I have reoccurring charge of $4.99 for pandora that I’m trying to stop. I called one number and iTunes support wanted to charge me more money to stop the charges and to not have fraud protection for a year. Each time I told the lady I just wanted the charges off she kept saying I understand but you have to pay a certain amount of money for one year and we could take it off it didn’t make any Fricken sense. I kept telling the lady that I did it but everyone is telling me they are not paying anything for pandora I’m still try protection for a year. Each time I told the lady I just wanted the charges off she kept saying I understand but you have to pay a certain amount of money for one year and we could take it off! I’m getting Fricken upset and can’t find anyone to help me. Do I have to close my whole checking acct to stop it????? Ugh

  41. I’ve purchased an Apple IPhone 6 Plus in March 2015 and I paid for it via my VISA card. Now, I’ve been getting a bill from my VISA card for 99 cents on a monthly basis. I want to know what was that for? I have’nt purchased anything recently from I-Tunes??????Can someone please respond to my inquiry?

  42. I have a charge on my debit card for 10.99 that I did not make I want to know who did and what it is and take it off now a phone number would be nice for busy people like myself

  43. This latest update has ruined my “Purchased” playlist order. Not cool Apple. That’s a lot of history unorganized now. Now I’m def moving to Spotify where I have control over my playlist order.

  44. Rented a movie on my iPhone and was not made aware that I couldn’t transfer the rental to my computer. Really???????? Let me just spend all of my freaking money on a rental because there is no warning that tells you you can’t transfer it. BEYOND furious. And I couldn’t even figure out how to contact them for a refund. Great job iTunes. This has me so angry I’m switching to droid at this point.

  45. It’s saying my billing information is not excepted it saying that I made a purchase but I do not recall making a purchase it saying this on my iPhone and my iPad I would like to know who made these purchases when and how please contact me need help

  46. I bought this iPhone almost completely for its compatibility with iTunes. My music is very personal and very important to me. I think I have spent nearly $1000 on songs in the last year. The only bad experience I have is a very bad experience. Why did you add a free U2 album to my phone without my permission and why can’t I delete it and why do it’s songs come on mixed with my music all the time? I never check my email and I certainly don’t like getting on the computer. So basically I’m just venting here and letting you know how disappointed I am and what a turn off this has been. It has been bothering me for a long time and tonight I’ve just about had it. Was yours truly, disappointed Douglas

  47. I don’t know where this 99 cent charge is comeing from and I will cancel my card and cal my financial institute if it dosent stop.

  48. I have a problem with costumer service/billing, they took 2nd time from my account 14.99 for nothing and to call them is impossible! so better answer the phones and don’t still the money from people accounts!

  49. I have LinkedIn Business Plus and want to upgrade to Executive through iTunes.
    I have tried all different ways and am getting annoyed that I can not get answers.
    Can you please contact me

  50. I have an erroneous charge on my credit card for $69.98. I charged $29.99 for a LoseIt app upgrade and was charged the wrong amount. How can I correct this error?

  51. too many glitches on my iPhone with purchasing or not purchasing games, songs etc! I have a 11.99 charge that I did not purchase!

  52. I got billed for some iTunes stuff that no one in my family purchased and would like a refund for. Unfortunately you don’t allow anybody to contact you by phone and your stupid website is down. This has been a Crappy experience. Please contact me so I can get my money back. Unsatisfied not even a customer.

  53. I do not have an ITunes account and someone stole my bank card and charged things from ITunes on it. I called customer service and was given another number to call to try to find out whose name the account is in and they told me that they could not tell me they could only tell my bank. The is very bad customer service If I can provide you with the last four numbers of the card that was used them you should be able to provide me with the information I need to protect myself from thieves

  54. On 10-27-2015 I downloaded the new software on my IPhone, after downloading the new software my music that I had purchased through my iTunes account stop playing, I contacted apple care, I have spoken with several reps at apple care regarding this matter, and have gotten no where, they just keep passing me from one person to the next, I had 215 songs in my playlist that I had purchased, and after one of APPLE CARE REP told me that I can let them send me a box and send my phone back to them and let them repair the phone or I can delete the iTunes app and reinstall it fix the problem, I did the latter one and by doing so I deleted all my music and the reason I decided to do the latter is because if i had sent my phone to them to be repaired they don’t send a replacement for you to use during the time they have your phone repairing it,this has become a nightmare for me, I’ve did everything that they’ve suggested of my, i don’t have icloud so i wasn’t able to backup my music, my music to them is now lost in space and they or not interested in righting their wrong by what their employee told me to do. SO SAD.

  55. I was billed for iTunes in the amount of $21.73 on November 2, 2015. I did not purchase anything for that amount of money on 11/2/15. Please remove this
    amount from my account. Thank you.

    Joyce Peters

  56. I don’t know who you are but I feel that you are scamming many people out of there hard earned money including me. I am being charged a monthly fee of $.99 for something I DID NOT PURCHASED. Please remove these charges and refund my money.

  57. iTunes have taken money out of my account on two occasions even though I did not purchase anything from them. £1.58 was taken out on the 4 and again on the 5 Nov. Authorization codes are 004518 and 005714. Can you please arrange to transfer that money back into my account. Thanks

  58. I would like to report about £1.58 taken out of my account on the 4 and 5 Nov 2015. Authorization codes are are 004518 and 005714. Can you please arrange to transfer that money back into my account as I did not purchase anything. Thanks

  59. On my credit card account I have 2 item charges 1 made on 10/28 for $9.79 and
    2 made on 11/01 for $10.87…what is this for? I did not purchase any iTunes for those 2 amounts. This is crazy because I cannot reach you via telephone and I do not understand the instructions on Please let me know how to resolve this error>

  60. Itunes is a RIP-OFF!!!! unauthorized purchases on my credit card. Unable to actually speak to anyone. Have to “purchase” contact with customer support….Really???

  61. I’m so so pissed off with ITunes and apple!!! I like to play free casino slots. from the appt store but they are charging me extra money!! Omg I tryed to get help but I can’ seem to get any kind of answers!!!
    I honestly think that the a Appt store.. or the Apple Store are ripping anybody or everybody that buys anything from these 2 theifts!! Gee’s please help us!! make them stop!! somebody pay attention!!! I hate to see iTunes/Apple go down!!! so I call my bank B of A they help me and the bank paid me over 300. 00 ASAP!!! dam right I’m going to fight back!!!

  62. I have charges on my credit card that I did not approve or sign up for please contact me aT 6108289517 Thanks Vince

  63. Well, first of all, ordered an album called Brandon Carlson when I rise, when I rest and never received it on iTunes and now CANNOT GET ANYONE TO HELP ME. you have no numbers to call and no persons answer that can help on numbers where a human might actually pick up. I just got a 18007467633 number from one of your apple support team members and they wanted to juice me for a 59.00 cruise trip. wasn’t even a number to contact you. This is absurd. you took the money though with no problem.
    I need someone to contact me at above email ASAP

  64. Trying to renew my HBO NOW account for $14.99 but some how it now has charged me 5x’s the original amount which is a total of $74.75 can some one please help me !

  65. Have been trying to get some thing on your site but it keeps rejecting my master card. Please tell me how i can access my card to pay for what i want.. Thank you

  66. I need to speak with a live person …. Please email me a valid number I’m trying to download music and iTunes is not accepting my card

  67. I need to TALK w/ Some ONE!!! Why is my card being CHARGED!
    I’m going to contact my bank! To STOP THIS!
    I need someone to contact ME!!!!

  68. i just received a new iPhone 6S and I’m in need of assistance to turn it on. I’ve been told that Ican sign in to m iCloud through my phone but I do not remember my password. The only email that I have for my iTunes, iCloud, etc, is my work email but sense I am not able to access my work email at this time because of personal reasons I cannot create a new password for my iTunes accounts. Is there anyway that I can upgrade my password without accessing it by email?

  69. I dislike that you force us to have apps that are unused by the consumer, but use my memory up. I don’t have a watch, nor do I plan on it. Waste of my memory.

  70. i have received a Bill from i tunes for games which i dont play any games and i sure dont have any Bills to pay to you people so i would appreciate if you can rectify your records and remove this Bill accordingly

  71. trying to speak to a live person and it is IMPOSSIBLE! None of the questions asked are what I need!! I just need to see what device I Tunes was purchased on!

  72. My card was charge for iTunes 3 times not authorized what I was charged for was suppose to be free games and never downloaded please refund all money’s

  73. I have a question regarding the WSOP gaming site. Last night my account lost $20,000,000.00 in game funds. How can this happen. My last contact with the site was to down load $13K in free chips. When I looked at the account total the missing amount of funds was noticed. What’s going on?
    Ron Perry

  74. Paid premium for movies – takes several minutes to hours before we can begin to watch. Will not be purchasing any more movies from you. You should have planned for high demand !!!!

  75. Im wholesaler for Games Accessories, and im looking for Apple Itunes
    i need 500pcs every weeks or more
    can you please contact me for detail and how i order from you ?

  76. My past dealings with iTunes have been awesome. This time I was directed to apple support by Apple Store and I’m not happy. I made an iBook and iTunes didn’t allow me to use my iTunes gift card. I’m pissed and disappointed. Book is ready to go and I don’t know how to use my card. I’ve got 300 bucks worth of gift cards. I don’t want to use my credit card on line.

  77. Your online support is poor. An autobot asks a question that can’t be answered and instead hangs up. Your online support sucks. In addiiton, a simple request like trying to see my purchase history is somehow hidden amongst all your sales info. If i click on Purchase History it should take me to a login site, where I can activate my account and see what’s going on. Instead, I’m banging my head around your site for over hour. You are suppose to be computer people, and support should be easy.

  78. I just happened to check my credit card statement and there are 3 recent charges of $2.99 each for iTunes. I’ve never made an iTunes purchase in my life! Apple is a criminal organization and I hope they fail for their overpricing and deceptive scam practices. It is impossible to speak to a live person and if I call the number on my credit card statements in just tells me to go to I go there and it’s a dead end! What am I able to do at that site! Nothing, they make it next to impossible to investigate or stop the hits on my card!

  79. Too Salvatone; thank you for your help once I figured out what number it was I got it to take card. I have the amount on my screen. Now how do I get it to accept the money. I put in song and it sends me to credits cards. I’m not a computer guy. Thank you for your help


  81. there was a charge on my bank account for $23.71 that i dont know what its from ,but i didnt authorize it,and i want to know y it was taken out of my account.

  82. I received a bill on my bank statement 3/09/16 for $13.20. I called the number on the bill which referred me to the computer. I was led to numerous sites most of which people were complaining about similar things. I did not order anything or punch any button. I want to be reimbursed and my debit card removed from Apple I Tunes. Penny McGee

  83. Charged $14.09 for some unknown reason. I don’t use iTunes. Good luck getting a hold of anyone to explain the charge or to reverse the charge. If you call the phone number on your bank statement you get a recording telling you to contact iTunes billing when you go to iTunes billing there is no way to talk with anyone to find out about the charge.

  84. I can’t believe all the trouble I’ve had trying to contact Itunes and speak with someone by telephone concerning a recurring charge on my bank account each month. All I want to know is what the charge is for. It is for $8.23. Can someone PLEASE help me?

  85. Refund the 49 dollars I paid you all yesterday your game is still cheating me on countintng coins the game I am playing right now is not adding on the on the wins . this happens consistent ly I have complained many times and spend too much money for nothing to allow this t o go on. The last several thousand coins I accumulated were never added so just take it all off and refund my 50 bucks. Thansk

  86. I had charges on my statement I didn’t know anything about from February 11 for $12.99 and again on February 12 for $9.99. On March 2 a charge for $12.99 and $9.99. Please chech this out for me

  87. i am getting charged for itunes which i dont use cant speak to somone to stop it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the worst service!!!!!!! i have 6 kids and 14 grandkids and havealways bought itune gift cards for them. Never again

  88. Hi iTunes have been taking money out of my account for months when I have not purchased Any thing and I want all the money back please contact me soon as possible

  89. I purchased a album “come and get your love 70 greatest hits” I listen and realized these are not original artist singing can I be refunded this is not what I thought



  91. I received an email telling me I have made a purchase and this is to be debited from my account. I do not have an account with I tunes and have not made any purchase. Please advise as the link on the email does not open. Thanks

  92. For the past two months my bank account has been charged $12.99 what is this charge for I have not bought any itunes lately neither has my family. Please explain.

    Thank you

  93. I have been charged for ITUNES the last two months and I “NEVER” purchased any ever 4-28 $10.71 this month 2 showing $5.33 and $5.35. I do not have an account either so as far as I’m concerned this is theft from my account. I’d like an explaination and it stopped immediately.

  94. why I was charge $24.99/.
    I din’t buy anything.
    The phone that you listed in billing has nobody to answer.
    very bad service

  95. I saw a charge on my credit card for $21.36 (Ref #2469216GM00D9M9X. I want to know what the charge was for. The last 4 of my credit card is 8123, Exp 05/20. I have not had any dealing with Itunes, and want to know how this happened. I intend to cancel the credit card, in case you have any further bills for me. I owe nothing and will pay nothing. I have reported you to Wells Fargo fraud deparment. I expect some kind of answer about this situation.

  96. Very upset. Got a new debit visa card with a new number. Tried to renew for i tunes and the lady I talked to said my card wasn’t any good. Love to listen to my music but I will probably be cancelled out now. Called my credit card company and they said my card is good and valid which I knew it was. They said the problem is with Apple. Please correct this because this is so wrong.

  97. My Discover Card has been updated so billing should be changed. please contact me as i can’t get a real person to give info to.

  98. these apple store keeping taking money out of my acc. i don’t have a apple phone or a ipad i have the bank to stope
    it before now i have to cancle my bank card

  99. A few days ago I purchased the song “Fight Song”. I song was never downloaded to my compute or IPhone but my account was charged. Please refund my noney or download the song.
    Thank you

  100. Terrible customer service. Want to cancel iTunes and want to speak with someone to get this stopped. Please help. Please send me a toll free number that can help with this. I hate begging.

  101. Hi
    I have received an email with an invoice saying I owe you 35.99 for netflix and to cancel my auto renewal I have got to fil in a form and put my bank details in. I can not remember ordering the netfix and why would I give you my details for a refund??
    Could you explain this to me , could this be a scam?


  102. You have billed me for the song clocks? I could not find it in my music, so I downloaded it again. You cannot bill me for a song I’ve already had in my music you’re billing me twice for one song. Please rectify this situation I would greatly appreciate it thank you.

  103. I spent so much money changing from android to iPhone and I couldn’t play the same game I play on my other phone and had problems ordering any ways I was playing a game called walking dead road to survival I spent 280 dollars and it says u buy characters for coins so I bought coins had little trouble but was able to get using wifi I work by the beach in palos verdes ca when I order coins I didn’t get or order wrong purchase but it got work out but I then tried to buy a characters for the new game I’m playing and it cost 100 dollars to buy characters it’s a it’s show only 5 star characters but when I bought it along with my friend it only gave 3 star characters it’s fraud and a rip off my buddy email Apple and apple agreed it was false advertising and gave him refund full refund told me I’m not allowed refund and apple don’t have anything to do with in app purchases I’ve spent 1000s of dollars buy me wife and 3 kids new iPhones I pads plus not counting how many apps and I apps purchases and apple won’t help me but help others if I’m not help I’m done with apple no matter how happy my wife’s and kids are

  104. I am being charged for unauthorized charges on my iTunes-apple account. I was charged $7.56 on 6/16/16 and $1.07 on 6/07/16. this is not the first time this has happened. Please refund my money this is really stealing from people. I will not stop until my refund is issued and until you stop ripping people off. Your company makes enough money by far.

  105. Why am I seeing all these charges on my card seems like looking over the comments this happens to a lot of folks Looks Like I need to Call Morgan and Morgan see about a class action law suit. I am really ready for this to stop. Email me and let me know how I can find out what is up.

  106. When i go to an indivual song on my list I used to play song riight away now I get play next song. what am i doing wrong?

  107. I am being charged for unauthorized charges on my account amount 23.76 on 07/01/2016. This is not the first time. Please refund my money

  108. Wow! that is 30 plus minutes of my life wasted for an issue that should have taken less than 3 to resolve. My credit card was charged for a purchase that I didn’t authorize on Everalbum. I purposely did not supply a security number so I could prevent purchases made to my account. I cancelled it on the phone, but wanted a refund. By the way, I was told that a lot of apps don’t tell you that there is a charge. I personally didn’t download this app, it was done by my 12 year old daughter

  109. my friend was scammed out of 10 $100 ITunes cards. She does not use ITunes at all. So she is out $1000.00. What does she do? other than selling them. So there is a scam going around and others need to know about it. They claimed that they were from the Canada Revenue Services….and that she owed them money…she was threatened her with jail time, fines etc and wanting her to buy some ITunes cards…I know its sounds ridiculous….is there any way she can return them? she has the receipts and they are activated….thanks.

  110. Hi on July 28, 2016 the receipt a charge of $10.99 reference number 1260 from Bank America.
    I did not receive the downloaded songs and not sure why this amount?? Please contact me and credit me! Thank you Linn

  111. You want to Explain to me why you are asking me to update my credit card information when I have not BOUGHT anything! 2) You still owe my credit card 14.99 for HULU Service that I discontinued over two month ago and you billed my card!

  112. I am being charge 9.99 every month for service I didnot authorize or purchase. I called my cell phone carrier and they informed me that the charge was from itune. Please stop billing me for service and refund my account for prevous month. I am looking forward to recieve additional information on this issue.

  113. Your service stinks. I keep having charges on my credit card and my son’s checking account and we did not ask for ANYTHING. I WANT IT ALL CANCELLED!! Your phone message is rude. I should be able to talk to someone who will cancel and refund the charges without buying services. So not customer friendly!! From the looks of the above comments iTunes is scamming a lot of people.

  114. Re SongPop quiz. Purchased ticket 2.99 today March22nd and said purchase successfull yet the 20 tickets have not appeared. Please refund, thank you

  115. I have a sixteen year old son and I would like to change my ITUNE account to a family account instead of each of us being charged $10.54 each month. Why is it so difficult to access information with Apple ITUNES? It is not a customer friendly service. I was even told I would be charged $99.00 to speak with a representative.

  116. I have a sixteen year old son and I would like to change my ITUNE account to a family account instead of each of us being charged $10.54 each month. Why is it so difficult to access information with Apple ITUNES? It is not a customer friendly service.

  117. hi i have an issue with my account i cannot get into it because it says it needs a verification number that has been sent to a phone number that i do not remember so can you please change my phone number on my account

  118. I have a problem with billing. I received a bill for34.98. For Bigo live broadcasting from Marshall, mn. Which is not mine .i would like this to be taken off my account. Please

  119. My experience with iTunes support team has been a nightmare. I can’t get an intelligent person to help me resolve a double billing on my account for my Netflix subscription.

  120. I have bill issue I tunes keeps coming out of my bank every month I need to know how to stop it. Did it once now it just keeps going I WANT A REFUND!!!

  121. I Tunes has me on hold right now. I’ve been on hold for more than twenty minutes.
    what kind of service is this.

  122. I’ve noticed that I am missing some of the music I purchased on iTunes. In some cases I have partial albums, in others I only have digital booklets. I am also missing entire albums.

  123. My Apple ID has been disabled and I can no update any of my apps. I also bought a new IPad that I can not use totally . Please contact me with HELP!!!!

  124. I was billed by iTunes for £9.99 which i have no idea what it is for if i have an account with yourself i would like to cancel it i don’t what any more money coming out of my account

  125. I was told it might make a difference to post some feedback this morning by the person at apple I just spoke with. She said post it- well my observations about iTunes is that it has lost its customer/user friendliness touchy feely thing. I have not used the functions to create a playlist and burn a cd since I bought my new computer 1-1/2 years ago but was struck how I had to look up stuff to do what was so intuitively easy before. I don’t want Apple to turn into Microsoft- I have had an ipod since the second all white one and have a classic one now- and am a shareholder ( only 100 shares) and an owner of several iphones- ;maybe I’m old etc but I was surprised- anyway that’s it- it won’t affect my devotion to apple or my ownership but something changed in the programming.

  126. I was billed by ITUNES on varies dates; no one in my family authorized any or these charges. How am I able to findout who ordered these charges.

  127. I’m having the hardest of time trying to talk to a live person and how can automated systems give you the run around. This is the worst my card has been charged items I didn’t order. I really just want to cancel my services period on my iPad. I don’t have to use it I’m tired of waiting for refunds or dealing with bogus ass charges….

  128. There ought to be a way to send an email. I waited yesterday for live chat and never received any time. I talked to nice tech support person who said the app purchased on July 18, 2017 was not compatible with my iPad. I have received 3 phone calls and waited for over 10 minutes on each to get my Discover card refunded $6.99. I do not have unlimited minutes on my phone so this is costing me money to dispute this. I can not use the “emjoli keyboard” app. Please refund my charge card.

  129. Your customer service is very useless. I have been trying on line, and through your various 800 numbers to resolve a very simple problem. Requested a live agent even! Apparently there are none. Recording just asked more questions that have nothing to do with my problem then hanging up after telling me to go to a site that I was already unsuccessful at.
    My simple question is this, I have at least 2 different monthly fees being debited from my checking account in the amount of $11.73. No information on what app they are for. The only online account info I can access is the store where you want me to buy more. I simply want to know which app is being paid for on which date every month. How can I get a statement?

  130. I have been billed unauthorized ITunes charges. You guys make it soo hard to get the issue resolve. You should be able to call a number and speak with a live person.

  131. i have found your service to be slack when it comes to reporting fraud. I sent you two emails regarding fraudulent activity on my iTunes account and this has not been sorted out.

  132. I was almost a part of a scam regarding the functioning of my computer. A person called me and he was able to take over my computer. He asked for money via my credit card to clean up viruses. I failed to enter correct credit card information, so he told me to go to Walmart and purchase 3 #100.00 itune cards. I was to return and give him the numbers from them. Luckily I called Microsoft and they advised me NOT to consummate this action, so now I have 3 $100 itune cards that are of no use to me because I do not have any Apple equipment.
    I would like to return the cards for a refund. They were purchased on 8/7/2017. Can you tell me what I need to do to return them for a refund. Thank you.

  133. I was almost a part of a scam regarding the functioning of my computer. A person called me and he was able to take over my computer. He asked for money via my credit card to clean up viruses. I failed to enter correct credit card information, so he told me to go to Walmart and purchase 3 $100.00 itune cards. I was to return and give him the numbers from them. Luckily I called Microsoft and they advised me NOT to consummate this action, so now I have 3 $100 itune cards that are of no use to me because I do not have any Apple equipment.
    I would like to return the cards for a refund. They were purchased on 8/7/2017. Can you tell me what I need to do to return them for a refund. Thank you.

  134. I have been charged all most $ 35.00 I have not bought anything. I want my money credited back to my account

  135. I never try to buy I tunes but every time they charge me and took out money from my credit card, why are they doing this? Before one time happened same case and I call them and they gave my money back and I told them remove my card from your system but again they took my money? So how can I get my refund my i tunes store ?

  136. I have charges on my bank statement that I didn’t authorize, I just want to talk to somebody. there are 5 charges made on 8/13 and I have no idea for what.

  137. i keep getting charged $9.99 on my credit card each month for, but I don’t purchase any iTunes as this is a work phone, how do i get rid of this charge?

  138. I was on hold for close to an hour yesterday. Then my called was disconnected. Tonight the offices are closed at 8 p.m. My iTunes account has been cancelled. I entered a valid credit card number in order to download updates and then received an email with charges from a month prior. HOW do I get some answers and HOW do I get my account activated.

  139. I am trying to get some help with My iPhone 5s ring tones .And I can’t get any one over IN iTunes I just // your customer Service is lousy I can’t get hold of Anyone In iTunes. no customer Service at all. Thanks

  140. I have been trying to contact someone in billing to let them know my credit card has some changes to it. you will not be able to collect on the old card. I have a new expiration date. It should be the same number but the expiration date now is 01/23. please contact me if you need any other information.

  141. you have terrible contact info. I keep getting cut off and referred to the internet. where it really doesn’t answer my questions. I need a phone number and address where I know the information I have given you is enough.

  142. I am currently creating an apple id account then suddenly “Please contact itunes support to complete this transaction” appeared on my screen. how can I solve this problem?beacause I can’t download on the app store, because of that.

  143. I had a purchase on my account got an email about that purchase tried to cancel it was sent to a link that was asking for all my personal information and Social Security number why the hell does apple need my Social Security number How my supposed to trust you now

  144. I have received several notices from the iTunes stating that I have made purchases from different places across the globe. I have never purchased anything from iTunes. how do I get rid of this “stuff”

  145. I was on hold LITERLY FOREVER and than the line went dead ALL I wanted to do was to CANCEL my ITunes acct. that I Did Not Create probable one of the grandkids but NOT me and I don’t want it STILL Have it and the MONEY I am SURE will Keep coming out of my ACCT> This SITE SUCKS !!!!

  146. I received notification that someone ordered an item for $399 via my iTunes acct. I did not order anything. You provide NO INFORMATION! On how to report this scam. Seriously – you NEED to provide info

  147. You charged me for the same ringtones and txt messages tone twice the charge is for 8.93 please credit my acct I got a new phone and it had the icon for me to download and I did on new phone and y’all charged me

  148. Other than Ebay, Apple support is the worst experience I have ever had in business !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need to talk to someone LIVE …not some robot.

  149. I want to purchase a movie lites on the iTunes Store but there is no purchase or rental price. It is Laure and Hardy: The Music Box. Thank you.


  151. Is there a way to download a older the last iTunes on a computer before this new update. I still want to be able to do my ringtones and apps within iTunes.

  152. Hi
    Trying to reach to some one help me about unfamiliar charged by iTunes Store,but I didn’t.
    How can I do for me as soon as you can pls.
    Isn’t the first that happening.

    I appreciate your prompt attention

  153. I have a charge on my credit card which I have no knowledge of and cannot speak to anyone so I guess I will just get my bank to remove it

  154. I let my grandaughter use my credit card for 1 purchase and the billing to my account has never stopped. I put a stop payment with my credit card but on two months the bill is $ 195..62. I want this refunded and the balance on the last credit card statement or I am going to file a small claims court case against apl*itunes. I need to hear from someone, it was almost impossible to find a way to contact you.

  155. too whom it may concern I Sarah B.White have been charge more than 3x a month why am i been charge when i don’t purchess anything
    can someone call me and tell me why

  156. This customer service sucks!!! This is nothing but a run around. I am trying to investigate a bill that shows up on both my email and my bank account,, BUT I
    DID’NT ORDER ANYTHING. There is nothing on an ITunes Account. Your phone numbers and web site just take a person in circles. One leads to the other and that one leads you back to where you began, with no results. One hell of a system for ripping people off.

  157. sep 25,17 I got the charge of 10.81 for cacino 777 which I did not request .I did not get 1,600000 points ether.I reques one time only for my grand daughter 9/15 you charge me 10.81 for that.I need the credit $10.81 charge on 9/25 back to my credit card.Please do not charge to my credit card anymore without my permiton.Thanyou

  158. this is very obviously a scam sight, I am getting my attorney involved so I can get this unauthorized billing problem resolved you have billed me for over $1000.00 worth of merchandise without my consent period. Seems numerous customers are experiencing the same problems which is obviously a scam practice for Apple I Tunes in general. I have been on the phone on hold for over 25 minutes and still no response, that is obviously part of your scam practice.

  159. My daughter, without my permission, purchased on iTunes with a American Express debit card which must be used as a credit card, because it is a sub account to my account. I’m requesting a refund. She did not have my permission and didn’t realize there would be a monthly debit withdrawal.


  161. Hi – we have some I-Tunes charges that I don’t think we purchased. These are from this month and last. Can someone call me to discuss?

    Thank you,

    Susan Jeanguenat

  162. My bank statement, I found out you charged me ,99 cent, Only 99 cent, but I NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM ITUNES, This is second time happened, Pls take my name off from your acct. Thank you,

  163. On Sept. 25, you charged me 99 cent, Only 99 cent, but I NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM ITUNES, This is second time now, Please take my name off from your list,

  164. I no longer wish to have an iTunes account but can’t find a way to cancel. I’m sent in circles, from phone to internet & back again. Very frustrating!

  165. Itunes representatives roc!!!!! all of them have been very nice and professional, we have been member of iTunes for many years and will be here for many more years!!!

  166. The last time I called I talked to a tech named Kim, she was the most professional and nice person ever, & I was very upset because of fraudlent activity in my checking account. She calmed me down and gave me all the credit she possible could for the last 90 days. I hope her supervisor see’s this post!! She rocks!!

  167. my daughter Brianna Kirksey had her monthly bill of $9.99 charged to her account plus an additional $30.00 please explain this 30.00 charge

  168. I have been charged for something I did not order and am not sure how the account was charged but I do want my money refunded since I did not make this charge and nobody in my family would have had access to this account.
    The charge says it was made on October 19 and it was for $3.19

  169. I am trying to talk to some one I was playing a game and wanted to duy some more coins I tried a few time but it said for me to try again so I did now I got a charge for $33.00 what can I do I try calling but keep getting to the wrong place I want to talk to someone

  170. I just received a notice of a $335.99 charge to my iTunes account. I do not have an iTunes account, and this is the second such notice I have received (the other being for a smaller amount). This is precisely why I never wanted an iTunes account, and since there is no easier way to complain have sent this e-mail.

  171. Hello I am Alma Ivonne Garza, the reason why I send this message is because they are making me a charge of 8.55 and I do not know what it is I would like them to stop charging, I hope there is an answer soon, if they answer me in Spanish much better thanks,

  172. I cannot get a reply to my problem – I accidently got signed up for premium, I quickly cancelled my subscription immediately after I tried to get back to my free, no adds app that I had before I lost it off of my iphone. It is still available on my ipads. Please tell me how to get my original itunes program I had.

  173. I am waiting for a response from itunes, i left a message last week. I do not want premium. I want the free, no adds program that I had on my iphone. I have it on my inepads but lost it somehow on my phone. In trying to get it back I accidently got premium but quickly cancelled the premium and asked for help in getting back the free, no apps program that I had. Please help

  174. I need to cancel all but my Icloud service, so I need to know which is which on my account, one is $.99 and another is $9.99 and the other is $5.30
    So please tell me what these are all for and then I can delete the proper ones. I am not financially able to do this anymore.

  175. I need help figuring out which charge is for what.
    First one is $.99
    Next is $9.99
    and $5.30
    Please get back with me as to what they are for

  176. Hello, my name is Linda. I am trying to contact your dept in regards to an ITunes $50 card I purchased online on November 18, 2017, & it was already redeemed. I have tried to get this issue resolved with PC Game Supply where I had purchased it online, & they told me they would send me a new valid card, but it has not happened. They told me I needed to contact your office. I have the copy of what I had received in my email. If you have an email address, I could forward it to you. Thank you for your help in this matter

    • trying to cancel icloud,……good luck!!! customer service just a recording telling you to go to itunes/bill which just runs you in circles….horrible!!!

  177. Hello..i have a unknown charge of $25.00 on my card statement account..don’t know how it got there..i would like to remove it from my account,and want it refuned back in my account..Thank you..

  178. I have a unkown payment of $25.00 on my bank account statement..i will like it remove and refunded back in my account..Thank you..

  179. I would like to know why I’m begin charged for my updates for my iPad every time I update my games or other items. I was on the phone trying to talk to a agent and no one picked up the line. I was on the phone for 35 min.

  180. would like to cancel the $10.69 monthly charge, for NETFLIX, on my Visa card ending in 7633 ASAP

    Also showing a .99 charge every month on same card. What is this fee for?

  181. I am being billed $9.99 and $6.43 monthly from September. Can somone contact me about these charges as I did not order these items. I would also like a refund.

  182. I tried to call and get recordings –I want to cancel the ITUNES SOTRAGE & the billing as my credit card number was floated for 800.00 plus charges because my CC number was passed >>

  183. Yes on my November Visa card there r 4 charges I don’t know where these charges come from please take care of this matter. I did not authorize these fraud purchases.

  184. Hello, I have a posting on my credit card for 99 cents, which I believe is for I-Cloud. Anyway I tried calling to let you know that we were scammed & the Credit Card that you bill is no longer in use. I wanted to give you a new one for the upcoming months, but no one answers your phone service. How do I update this?
    Thank you & Happy New Year!

  185. I can’t load my itunes. Igets hung up when i click. no matter what i do it just flashes and won’t let me even put in my user name and password. I need to get in there to get some files

  186. Why am I getting charged 9.99 per month recurring charge to apple I-tunes. I receive a monthly bill for $0.99 for I cloud storage. I have never subscribed to I-tunes

  187. u ppl take out $2.99 out of my acct, i have to pay $30.00 extra for being overdrawn,,what am being charge for,,,Please help…Im not rich!!!!

  188. I have been getting billed on my credit card for the last 5 months for 99cents a month for Apple ITunes. I do not use ITunes nor do I have an account for this. I need this cancelled and refunded the 99cents x 5. Please help. It’s very hard to get any service from your website it seems. I’ve been trying for an hour or so

  189. Hi, my name is Willieva and i’ve noticed several 99 cent charges applied to my bank account. These charges are unauthorized and charges I didn’t make. I would like to speak with someone and resolve this issue.
    Thank you for your attention to this message

  190. I’ve noticed several 99 cent charges applied to my Regions bank account. I would like to speak with a representative to have these issues resolved.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  191. I am having an issues with iTunes..I never requested them and have for the past year tried to cancel a subscription I never had. I even have put block on credit card which somehow they are still charging… I have emailed them and the response from them was keep it you might want it.. I don’t and never have wanted it I don’t even listen to tunes.. all I want is for you to leave me alone and stop charging me

  192. Your customer service regarding an overcharge on my account is absolutely terrible. I charged $1.99 and was billed $24.98, but yet, not able to speak to anyone regarding this charge. It wouldn’t be so bad, but this is the 3rd time, and will not longer purchase anything on iTunes again.

  193. I have been getting charged for month for some itune crap. I call the 800 number tells me to login to my acct I don’t have iTunes acct. I don’t even own any apple products

  194. Again another charge of $.99 cent have been billed to my Wells Fargo credit card.
    I was informed several months ago that this charge is for a service that was included i a pass up grade. I have tried in vain to contact customer service by phone with no success. Please I would like for this to stop and a refund for the many months this was billed to my account.

  195. I have submitted a request to stop billing my account for a service that is provided through a recent ungrade. Please provide a timely answer an explanation of a continous charge of $.99 for many months now.

  196. I am absolutely disappointed with your service. My attempt to reverse an accidental purchase, (1/20/18), pertaining to KEEPER failed, despite my e-mail and phone call attempts.
    You billed my account, and has not refunded me, despite my request. This was concern which, prompted my initial reluctance to link my credit card to iTunes. Please DO NOT sent any purchase related link or item, that I did not specifically request. Thank you.

  197. I recently received a notification that there was billed for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for $55.99 on Sun Jan 28, 2018 at 6:40 am. Can you verify this for me?

  198. What messed up system you have . I am trying to change the credit card that I have automatic charges for I tunes. All I get is recording then hang up. Why can I talk to a live person. Maybe I’ll just cancel the credit card that you’re on and let you deal with it

  199. I have been hacked on my iTunes account. There is a purchase right now for $47 that I did not authorize. I have been on hold for 20 minutes waiting for a customer service rep.

  200. APL*ITUNES.COM/BILL I received this charge for $108 on my checking acct. and have no idea what it is can you explain? All I get from the phone number is a recording.I woulds appreciate the help.

  201. You have been charging my account for $.99 for the last 4 months which I did not authorize. I asked the bank if they could block this transaction but they told me that the only thing I could do is cancel my card. I did last month and then I saw on 2/15 you managed to charge me again. This is fraud or good old fashion STEALING. It looks like from all the comments above that I’m not the only person you are stealing from. Please refund my accounts immediately.

  202. I currently have a monthly iTunes charge on my credit card but I have a new credit card number to use. Who do I call to change my account information and update my CC#?

  203. Fraudulent/Phishing Email received from the following…

    From: Аpplе Stoгe

    Stated I made a $49.99 purchase. If not, I can select a link to cancel. It looks authentic but I could tell it wasn’t legit when I hover over the address.

  204. There are too many charges being charged to my account you have charges me 2.99 for storage more than once a month and now there is a charge for 14.29 on my

    bill when no one has ordered or purchased anything, if this does not stop I am going to cancel any and everything with you all please check into this I have no children in

    my house or using a phone just myself and my husband and we are in our 60’s I do not charge anything but storage and I can stop that if this continues please refund this 14.29

    back to my account if not I’m canceling all services because this has gotten to be a lot it’s several times a month and we are on a fixed income.

    Jacquelyn Steele

  205. i would like to now what i bought from you that cost me close to 100.00 dollars please email me an itemized list.
    thank you Sincerely
    Ethel Vincent

  206. I have been charged $223.95 by iTunes Ca.. I do not have a iTunes account, apple phone, cloud or any other account associated with this company. I had to put a stop on my bank card and put in a fraud report through the bank. I tunes has no one to handle the problem, I full expect a refund immediately! I can’t use my account to rectify the problem because II DON”T HAVE A ACCOUNT!
    your employee can contact me via e-mail with any questions.

  207. Please cancel my subscription and refund gor Apple Music you said I was getting free week and immediately charged.

    Thank you

  208. Últimamente me están cargando a una de mis tarjetas de débito que nunca he domiciliado a Itunes. son cargos de -9.99$ y 12$ comúnmente que no reconozco
    Como puedo bloquear dichos cargos y reversar esos montoa a mi cuenta.

  209. I did not download any iTunes, I don’t even know how, but you took it out of my bank account please return my money.

    • I am tired of being bill for iTunes when I don’t even have a iTunes account…how do you get to talk to a actual living breathing person

  210. I have been using Itunes to play movies while on remote work sights. Now all of a sudden I get sound and a black screen – no movie What gives?

  211. My wife sent me an iTunes card but forgot to send me the scratch numbers instead she sent me the serial numbers

  212. I dont use Itunes but last few days have had $136.60 TAKEN OUT OF MY ACCOUNT to pay. How does happen, when will it stop, How do I get my money back and what do I do to not let this happen again

  213. i like to remove itunes from my iphone. every month you people charging twice $4.24. i never use itunes & in future i am not going to use. Please save my $8.48.

  214. re Daniel Fournier apple iTunes account i have tried to get intouch with some one and i did on feb 28 n but the person told me she could close and account with out taking to the account owner and i told her at five times he was dead he died on feb 18 ve spent d thousand of dollars on Daniel with apple the bill comes to me but she said she could not do nothing without talking to him i tell u u have some stupid people there and i will never spend and other sent on any apple craP I HAVE CLOSED HIS BANKACCOUNT AND CARD SO U CAn go to h as far as im concerned really use ur headl

  215. I have a $9.99 and a .99 charge on my account every month and I want it off. Can you give me the number to call to get it taken care of? I don’t listen to Pandora

  216. I saw this AM that there was a charge of $35.98 from my checking acct… I do not have or want I Tunes and would like this amount reversed from my account at once.. I think it would be nice to have a phone number to call and talk to someone.. I hope that doing it this way works… I will be checking my account to make sure… Thank You

  217. Hi. I recently had a charge for an app that I did not authorize. Please tell me how to get reimbursement for the $107 Studio app membership fee.

  218. I am VERY UNHAPPY with this customer service. I have tried all of the number and all am getting is music choses and no one is coming on the line. I have question about my iTunes account and I have been to the web site and I still don’t have any answer. So WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO TALK TO!..

  219. I can never get anywhere with my billing issues. As of this date, I have had to replace five of my checking/debit cards due to issues. Your company continually puts charges stated as “online purchase” on my account for “purchases” I haven’t made. I am not going through cancelling my card again this time. I will sit on hold for as long as I need to, then when I’m done, I am writing a very detailed letter to your headquarters and copying the Attorney General, BBB and Consumer Affairs. Just in the last 48 hours I have lost over $100 to your “business” and I’m not ever doing this again. I can’t believe it’s legal for you to get my new debit card number without my permission once I’ve cancelled it. Unbelievable. I think, at this point, damages are also in order.

  220. this is terrible. I am so upset with the charges on my bank account. It appears that I have accidentally ordered a service for music or books, not even sure.. I have amazon prime why would I need either. I am unable to speak so anyone and want the charges to stop. I really wish someone would answer a call. Very discouraged and sad….

  221. I recently purchased an iPhone app WeatherMate,it did not do what I thought
    It would, So I would like to have a refund .


  223. Several of my recently downloaded songs either begin late or end early. How to resolve this problem?

  224. I want to cancel my ITunes account but of course I can not talk to anyone & I am sure this e-mail will do nothing too!! This is nothing but a Rip OFF!!!

  225. what service there isn’t any you just scam everyone and I will be sure to let everyone know every day you cost me 200.00 dollars for something that was free and then they wont talk to you scam scam scam

  226. I have been trying all day to reach someone to help me. Two recent charges to my Discover card I am Disputing 1. 5-15 99.99. I donot want this please remove this charge. 2. 5-20 today charge 50.96 for ? I did not make this charge please remove this charge. Both are in processing still on my account. Any guest ions please email me. Also let me know when they are removed.

  227. I have a recurring charge on my credit card and I have no idea what it is for. It is $2.17 weekly.

  228. yesterday i got 2 25 dollar i tune cards and last night i tryed to make a phone call with them and it said it,s already been redeem

  229. I think your phone service sucks! It tells me to visit on-line then hangs up! If I wanted to go online I would have! I wanted an actual person!

  230. I am having trouble with iTunes new version… not a devise but the actual iTunes itself… I have been purchasing music from iTunes for quite a while now but have had a lot of difficulty with new update format in making playlists. have not found a way to ask someone for help. I have enjoyed iTunes playlists immensely but the continued new problems I have come across from new version have left me so frustrated I am about to go to another music provider if I cant get answers on how to work with new version of iTunes. (The old version was much better and simpler).

  231. I have been charged for I tones but I never could set them up so please stop the billing on my account. I have a 10.69 charge also a .99 charge how do I get these charges off?

  232. I am trying to cancel a monthly itune charge on my credit card. I have been unsuccessful in getting any help from anywhere. The instructions on the site do not make any sense. Please help

  233. My history has been .99 a month. Just received my cc bill and I have a $42.64 charge. Can you tell me what is this for?

  234. I want a reimbursement or new iTuneS cards because you have taken DISTRIBUTED $100 total cards in $25 amount cards I baught and they say redeemed before the date I purchase them. I have the receipts and cards still. I want this problem fixed please.

  235. I have a .99 charge on my account every month and I want it off. Can you give me the number to call to get it taken care of? I don’t listen to Pandora
    I am being charged .99 on my checking account. I did not sign up for iTunes. Please give me a number I can call. My number is (619) 616-8479, or “PLEASE REMOVE ANY FUTURE BILLING CHARGES”. Thank you!!!

  236. I am being charged .99 on my checking account. I did not sign up for iTunes. Please give me a number I can call. My number is (619) 616-8479, or “PLEASE REMOVE ANY FUTURE BILLING CHARGES”. Thank you!!!

  237. I went to the apple store, about 3 weeks ago and I ask to have my $9.99 subscription to I tunes, but I still being charged, not only that, I tried Apple assistant and they go around and around, please don’t make a fool out of my self it’s a shame that your Co is utilizing methods like this to still money fro customers

  238. Why didn’t you take action to my request since I’m doing as instructed ” CANCEL


  239. please explain charge for 19.99 on 7/13/18.

    What did I receive for this charge and is this reoccurring?

    I may challenge the charge a call to 916 373-8389 is best

  240. You have charged me £3.99 p yesterday.
    Please remove immediately as I did not order this.Please acknowledge receipt.

    IGC MCLaren.

  241. I have tried to contact customer service about a $42.39 charge for ITunes. I have never purchased any iTunes. It is impossible to get a live body on the line. When you try to access customer service on the internet, it keeps going from one page to another. I was billed by ITunes on varies dates; neither me nor anyone in my family authorized these charges. How am I able to find out who ordered these charges. I am the only one with access to my card.

  242. I would like to talk to a live person !! You just raised my blood pressure I had one simple question and all I could get was a computer voice that I couldn’t get to stop talking over me. Not happy it seems like you have a lot of complaints!! I have a question about a charge I no nothing about

  243. my grandson asked to order iTunes One time, now it autiomatically comes off my credit card each month. PLEASE STOP

  244. I purchased a Audiobook of poems from iTunes only to find I cannot list the contents or play individual poems. I was not made aware of this until after purchase
    with complaints coming from other customers who have the same concerns

  245. iTunes what a con,this company should have a class action taken out against them,they sell their phones,but the real money comes in their apps store,when they keep billing,my son has been hit $200 in a matter off days,he has not been able to contact them,to talk or stop them doing this,people learn a lesson don’t give these bastard an account that keeps getting money and get up your bank when covering it only to charge a fee for over drawing,its not going to stop here.

  246. I think it is unfair to say you will answer a complaint concerning over $300 in charges I did not put on my card, nor do I have any idea of what was purchased. PB Teen E-Commerce and 4 APL ITUNES bills of 19.99, 26.97,19.99 and lastly 1.99. I do not want to have to PAY something to have this issue cleared up.

  247. I have apple iTunes on my phone and I don’t remember ordering it. I want it removed but do not know how to that. If you’re able please remove iTunes from my phone. Thank you

  248. Dear Service provider,

    I am Jayasingh. I am not using any itunes service in my mobile . But with out my knowledge from my mobile recharging amount money is getting deducted. when i contact ZAIN customer service they told that ITUNES is detecting the amount. Please note in my mobile I am not having any of your service. please stop all the activities thru my mobile belong with ITUNES. I don’t need any ITUNES activities in my mobile.Please stop all the activities immediately.

  249. I have not been able to find where to report the following:

    There have been two debits in my credit card, which I have not authorised nor can I find any records of these on my Itunes account . These are:
    09/09/2018 10/09/2018 – ITUNES.COM/BILL ITUNE -299.99
    09/09/2018 10/09/2018 – ITUNES.COM/BILL Hollyhil -1,899.99

    Kindly provide further information of these transactions as I believe these may be incorrectly debited in my credit card
    kind regards

  250. I have not been able to find where to report the following:

    There have been two debits in my credit card, which I have not authorised nor can I find any records of these on my Itunes account . These are:
    09/09/2018 10/09/2018 – ITUNES.COM/BILL ITUNE -299.99
    09/09/2018 10/09/2018 – ITUNES.COM/BILL Hollyhil -1,899.99
    Kindly provide further information of these transactions as I believe these may be incorrectly debited in my credit card
    kind regards

  251. why do i have to get on the phone for support? I do not have time for that. I need an email address for support.

    i am trying to change the debit card for billing and itunes will not let me

  252. this crap is stupid. why do i have to get on the phone for support? I do not have time for that

    i am trying to change the debit card for my billing and it will not let me

  253. I see all these bad reviews.I think people are not calling the correct number.I just got off the phone with support and yes I had to wait on hold for a bit but the resolved all my issues.I told her about the bad reviews and she said there is a spam website and the wrong phone number,id anyone is interested the correct number is 18006927753 they were very helpful

  254. too many hoops to jump thru, customer service virtually non existant, for lack of better words seems like it could be under handed and sneaky way of bogus charges, I received a 21.19 charge on my bank account and have never had
    I tunes.

  255. I HAVE BEEN ATTEMPTING TO REACH SOMEONE AT ITUNES FOR MONTHS. I keep getting charged on my account, did not sign up for Itumes, Can’t get rid of them. Can’t get anyone on the phone, Do not own an apple product. !!!! ;VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. SEEMS VERY SHADY TO ME. I

  256. I am very disappointed in being able to contact customer service regarding my charges. I accidentally touched the UPGRADE BOX for IHEART RADIO PLUS and was charged $5.99. I DID NOT WANT TO UPGRADE!!!! It also noted it would autmatically renew. I could cancel before 1/202019 but there was no where to cancel.
    I called my credit card company to dispute and will have to wait until it clears to deny the charge.
    Signed, VERY MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. Impossible to contact a LIVE person to discuss a billing charge on an up grade on IHEART RADIO. I cannot cancel the charge or automatic renewal.
    I have to contact my credit card company and dispute the charges and maybe I can and explain my problem.
    A SAD way to do business but TOO BIG FOR GOOD SERVICE.

  258. Pple store is thieves and scam. they deducting directly in your debit or credit card without informing or any purchase apple

  259. Been on a long hold waiting for a customer service representative.
    Lousy service.
    Trying to find out why they keep billing my charge card with an ITunes charge.
    If I can’t get help, which looks like this may be happening, will call my credit card company and have them dispute the continually billing of these charges.
    It’s very disappointing….still holding for someone….done.

  260. I want to apply for a refund which was mistakenly done my sibling and I have sent various as regard this issues he mistakenly apply for a year itune match in which I still have a free three month trial with itune. please send me a mail about the correct mail to channel my complains to …..thankyou

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