Contact Hulu Customer Service

Contact Hulu Customer Service

Contacting Hulu Customer Service Center

Hulu is a streaming video company directly competing with other companies like Netflix and Redbox Instant. Hulu and Netflix are leading the way with exclusive and original series available only to subscribers. Hulu’s premium service is called Hulu Plus, but a Hulu Plus subscription is not required to view some movies and television shows online.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you are a Hulu Plus subscriber you can contact Hulu customer service by phone. The call center is open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday and 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday PST.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-485-8411

From the support page you can view the current expected wait time:

Mailing Address

Customers who need to contact Hulu by mail can address the letter to:

HuluAttn: Customer Service12312 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064

Payments and billing information should never be sent by mail. There is no guarantee the letter will be delivered to Hulu as is the case with all items sent via mail. If you need payment assistance, contact the customer service department using the Hulu Plus customer service phone number.

Official Website

The website for Hulu is available at If you do NOT have a Hulu Plus account you can browse for free television shows and movies from the main page. If you do have a Hulu Plus account you can log in and manage your favorites and television queue or choose to watch premium content online.

Customer Service Email

Both Hulu Plus customers and free Hulu customers can reach customer service using the online contact form. If you are logged in to your Hulu Plus account, your email address (the one used to log in to your account) and the name on the account will be prefilled into the form.

Our Experience

We called Hulu Plus customer service by phone. The call was answered by an automated system that thanked us for calling and told us the estimated wait time – which matched the wait time on the website exactly. The day we called the wait time was estimated at 8 minutes. The call was then placed on hold. There was no list of options to choose from. After about 7 minutes, the call was answered and the customer service agent walked us through how to change our method of payment from our Hulu Plus account online. The agent was extremely helpful, but sounded a little irritated when we asked for her to repeat her instructions a few times.

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95 Comments on “Contact Hulu Customer Service
  1. A couple of things. You need to make it easier to see what each movie is about. It is difficult to find the description or plot of the movie the way it is set up now.

    Also, why don’t you have a genre for the mystery classics, like Philo Vance, The Thin Man Series, Charlie Chan, Mr. Moto, The Crime Doctor and on and on. There are 100’s if not thousands out there. The same applies to the old black and white horror & Sci-fi movies frm the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. So many out there, but so few to watch!

  2. I am being drafted from checking account for hulu @$7.99 a month have never ordered and never used why????Waiting for answer!!!!

  3. I contacted Hulu to cancel my account, which I believed was previously cancelled, I found Hulu to be very aggravating as far as going thru the site was concerned, My opinion is that Netflix is much more easier to navigate, and is also available on older devices, such as IPad Gen 1 & 2, but as far as contacting customer service my wait time was only a min, & they were more than happy to issue me a full refund for the 2 months I was charged but did not use their services.

  4. I found Hulu Customer Service too be very hard to locate on the search Engine. It took me several site too finally find this customer service number.

  5. the email account I set up my hulu account is inactive. but I cannot get help or speak to someone at customer service to help. each time I called. they said they are not available. I need to use my new email to reset my account. this service is frustrating. Netflix is so much easy to access any place any time.

  6. This is absoutely the WORST customer service experience I ever had…I received a confirmation email that the next available representative would return my email request for a phone call within 15 min…I have now waited over an hour!!!

  7. I cancel my subscription more than a year ago and just now I checked my credit card statement and Hule has been charging me since then. I went in the website to cancel and I don’t have that option anymore. I called and it’s closed until tomorrow morning at 6am. I just hope to get reimburse for all this time

  8. I cancel my subscription more than a year ago and just now I checked my credit card statement and Hule has been charging me since then. I went in the website to cancel and I don’t have that option anymore. I called and it’s closed until tomorrow morning at 6am. I just hope to get reimburse for all this time

  9. For the past week…ur site has been buffing/ loading for ever show I haved watched’s taking way to long to watch one show…hopefully u are resolving the problem …if not ..i think ..I’m going to have to cancel my acct. hopefully I don’t have to..- Daniel

  10. I can’t get the latest episode of Empire to play all the way. It gets 1/3 in and then the app closes. Watching it on Kindle Fire HD. Website says Hulu Customer Service is available until 10, but when I called, they said 8 p.m. It’s 8:02, dammit. Hulu, can you help me?

  11. You have great TV shows and movies. But if I can’t watch them because of the constant buffering and reload what is the point??
    I have read your suggestions and read forums, Sometimes they work and sometime they don’t.
    NOW….. the problem is you. I can watch netflix and amazon with no issues. As soon as I go to HULU,,,,, there is a problem.
    You say you are having growth issues…..if you don’t fix the problem we the customer will fix the growth issues for You.

  12. Hulu is not worth 79 cents, let alone $7.99 per month. EVERY program buffers every 30 seconds to a minute! Click on a program and – SURPRISE, it is not offered. It is torture, not entertainment!!

  13. I am trying find a phone number to cancel subscription —- phone number very hard to find to do this. Ater trying to talk with some one will call credit card and have them put a hold on this since, in good faith, I have been trying to cancel this!!!!

  14. Cxl’d my one week trial subscription and Hulu charged me anyway. It took 3 separate calls to get the refund. It seems someone “forgot” or simply didn’t care to make the attempt to credit my account. My bank tells me I have to wait 30 days before I can dispute the charge. BEWARE!!!! when entering a trial subscription as they DO NOT wait the entire week before charging.

  15. Can you add tv shows such as Mad about you, thirty something, restaurant impossible, property brothers, love it or list it, rehab attic.

    We’re paying anywhere up to $7.99 -$11.99 ++ month for tv shows and remove stupid shows like Prince from Belair that are very old and outdated and replace them with some of the suggestion above please. Thank you!

  16. I cancelled my Hulu account about 2 years ago and I am continually being billed each month. It says it is cancelled when I log in, so I am obviously not even usuing it. I would appreciate a refund on all previous months. I am pretty upset. I’ve tried reaching out several times before with no response.. Ever. I could take this matter further if needed. Think I’ve been more than patient with this matter. Thank you!

  17. I own a Sharp Aquos LC48LE653U Smart TV. I came without a Hulu App. How can I get Hulu on this TV without hooking my computer to it?

  18. I am truly disappointed that Hulu changed from HuluPlus to HULU, but did not tell us they were dropping a lot of nice shows i.e. NEIGHBOURS they are so proud of themselves to let you know they now have dumped the old stuff and added new ones, when they decide to dump CORONATION ST, I will dump HULU what is there to watch? bedroom scenes?. the british do like showing, a lot of nude and the woman are so proud of their breasts, this is not acceptable while my great grand children are visiting???. They do like netflix and I am along with that, a lot of nice-not naughty cartoons for the kids, too much violence, having said that I like decent movies without the full picture of what they are doing. Sorry but it must have been my upbringing, most likely you all think I am a prude, I don’t like bedroom scenes.
    I like story lines without the demo.

  19. this is bullshit I cannot watch anything I have paid you for months and it is asking me to become a member before I can watch wont let me launch on my new laptop nothing I cannot even send you an tech support help email from the sight this pisses me off terrible

  20. Your customer service was great. The only issue I have with Hulu is that when someone wants to watch a movie, and wants to know some information about that particular movie or film, there’s no story about what you’re about to watch. This way one will know whether or not one wants to watch that movie or not.

  21. I am sorry I cannot insert my Password on my computer as it has a virus. My account is not working. Please call me at 206-283-0402 to discuss my account or I will have to cancel it.

  22. I am sorry I cannot insert my Password on my computer as it has a virus. My account is not working. Please call me at my 206-283-**** to discuss my account or I will have to cancel it.

  23. I canceled my subscription after the free month was up because I didn’t use the service. I am still actively being charged for a service I haven’t ever used. Also, since I have canceled my account I do not have access to it. I expect fully reimbursement immediately!

  24. Trying to sign onto HULU and am receiving “critical error- your clock has not been set.” I set my clock, which was already set, checked other sites on my Samsung television and they all worked. Tried again several times, attempted to contact troubleshooting via computer – the site was down. Tried to contact the company by telephone and get a recording, “our telephone system is down.” What the heck, is there anyone out there???!!!

  25. I tried to watch television on my computer but was told I could only watch with one device at a time. I recently deleted the pad that was stolen, so there is only one device hooked up to my hulu account. I work a midnight shift and this is irritating as hell.

  26. I called to cancel HuluPlus as we got cable and no longer needed it. I spoke to someone with a heavy accent and did not seem to know the answers to my questions. I asked when it would cancel, today, tomorrow, upon renewal, and he kept telling me to refer to the email that would be emailed to me in 1/2 hour. I asked if it would refund me for the amount of the month we would not be using, his answer, refer to the email that was coming in 1/2 hour. Then when I thanked him at the end, he didn’t say anything, so I waited and said goodbye, still silence, so I hung up! Just a very awkward phone conversation and in the end, I’m left wondering if I actually cancelled?! I guess I’ll wait a 1/2 hour for the email and find out!

  27. i know that you can only stream one device at a time is their a way to pay a little more to have it stream more than on device?

  28. I should have one free week but I went on ahead and paid with my credit card and I’m still not able to access to either one of my TV or the computer because he keeps telling me that my password even though I’ve changed it constantly if someone could call or send me an email in regards to a reset password I would appreciate Thank Micaela M.Maciel. otherwise just cancel my membership

  29. I need to find out that I like hulu but I need to know why is it always buffering everytime I try to watch a show? Its not cool that I’m paying to use it and I can never watch something without it always buffering.

  30. On November 13 hulu hit account Form $21.57. Today you hit my account again for $8.71.. Which is the correct amount.. Why did you hit me twice in one month and why is it to port $21.57? Triple charging my account

  31. I am completely unable to use the Hulu Plus app with Windows 10. Commercials freeze up. If I restart the app, sometimes the ad will play, then the show I am watching stutters and freezes. Before this problem started, I was considering Hulu’s commercial free option. If I cannot utilize your basic service to watch shows with Windows 10, why would I spend money on an extra Hulu service when the basic service does not run properly?

  32. Hulu’s customer support phone number has been hijacked by a sales company (Win a free Caribbean Vacation-you have won a Walmart gift card complete this survey-kind of company.

  33. name see above, and my service was disconnected because of a payment problem. I’m on Social Security and my check comes in on the third of each month. Please take out your payment around the third and there will not be a problem. Sorry but that’s what I’m up against. So please try today to get your payment and reconnect me, the TV is the only entertainment I have so would you please help a senior citizen with this issue. Thanks Sharon

  34. I love Hulu when it works but when I am enjoying a Law and Order Marathon and your system decides to refuse to play my episode, any episode from the season I am watching I just feel ripped off. Would be nice to be credited back the payment I made yesterday so I could NOT be able to watch shows you claim to have!

  35. I canceled my account last week!
    hulu just billed me and now my account is over drafted! someone better contact me!!!

  36. Hulu is shoving commercials down customers throats, even after they pay a membership fee. Also, this thing with half a season available, thats lame. I will be Canceling Hulu as soon as my month i paid for is up.

  37. I have paid for Hulu & show time twice it takes the money but i only get Julu for 5 – 8 days then it says hulu is on vacation i got one acc under julia oshields and one under earleen mcleanmand can’t find aphone number i don’t want to cancel i just want what i’ve paid for 2 times

  38. why is my Hulu gone on vacation i have paid for it twice because it keep saying Hulu is gone on vacation so i opened another account under my mom’s name it was working fine then it also said Hulu is gone on vacation i just want my Hulu acc to work with out this problemm HELPPP

  39. To whom it may concerns, When I signed up for HULU I was under the impression that I would get a free 30 day trail. I checked my checking acct. today and there was a charge for HULU. Did I miss interpret the free trail wrong? I am confused about the contract I read. Thank You, Steve Mattson.

  40. My bank notified me that there is a charge of $1.00. I did not sign up for your services. My bank is looking into this.

  41. My bank has informed me that a transaction occured of $1.00 From July. I did not order your services. My bank is looking into this.

  42. I wish to cancel my subscription with Hulu .You have taken money out of my account twice a month. I sure hope I can get my money back.



  44. Finding a telephone number on your website is impossible. I want to cancel my subscription but apparently your company doesn’t care about its customers. I guess when my credit card company rejects the draft I will be able to talk with someone then.

  45. They commit consumer fraud on new customers. They set up new subscriptions as 7 days of free trial, collect you credit card number and promise not to bill if you cancel in the 7 days. — What they did to me was acknowledge the cancel on the date the free period ended and billed me for a month of service.

    They know better. What is needed is a class action suite against Hulu.

  46. love hulu!!!! but need to update some shows like Vikings that are way behind. also would like to see more diy shows like texas move and flip, house hunters fixer upper . updating shows like elmetray and such

  47. It is extremely difficult to speak with anyone. I was on hold for over an hour when they said it was at least a ten minute wait. This is ridiculous! Obviously after viewing similar complaints it seems you really don’t care to hear customer issues!!!

  48. I wasnt to thrilled to find out that money was taken off my card when infact i canceled it back in dec or jan and u kept trying to take it out then i want a refund

  49. I am putting in the correct password, it is telling me I’m not. Cannot contact customer support without password. I’m canceling service for this alone.

  50. impossible for non-subscribers to even get ahold of these people. How the hell do they expect to get new subscribers when you can’t even contact them?

  51. Someone fraudulently used my credit card to subscribe to your services. I called and was put on hold for thirty minutes. When your representative answered, they immediately hung up. Going to NC Attorney General about this.

  52. had the free 30 day trial but no one can tell me how to cancel it not amazon or hulu… it shouldn’t be this difficult….. im sure they will take out the monthly fee after the fact…..with no problems

  53. hulu has been non functional for over a week now

    we are using netflix and amazon also

    have no problems with netflix and amazon

    hulu will not play any show period

    what is going on with your service

  54. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing back Coronation Street. It is the ONLY soap opera I watch and when it was taken off I like millions of others were heartbroken. You have solidly won back a devoted customer!

  55. Why can’t Hulu keep track of the last episode of a program so I can watch the next episode? I left Hulu for a few years and am back HOPING for the best. I am NOT impressed.
    P.S. I’m getting tired of trying to contact Hulu.
    OMG!!! After reading these comments I’m not even sure I want to continue my 30 day trial!!!!!

  56. Some type of acknowledgement of my e-mail would be helpful. It was:
    Why can’t Hulu keep track of the last episode of a program so I can watch the next episode? I left Hulu for a few years and am back HOPING for the best. I am NOT impressed.
    P.S. I’m getting tired of trying to contact Hulu.
    OMG!!! After reading these comments I’m not even sure I want to continue my 30 day trial!!!!!

  57. Watched a movie last night on HuluPlus.Movie was listed as 1.5 hours,took over 3 hours,cancelled today.Allso could not receive any live broadcast.Your response would be appreciated.If you correct these problems I would try it again.Thank you

  58. On the complete series of Hunter you are missing an episode season 3 episode 23 Why? this Is not a complete series then right?

  59. Hello I have an account with you since the beginning. I am having a problem though. I am paid on the 3 of each month. Every month you turn me off. I tried to pay for those few days before I get paid. I would really like to set it up so I am not having to reactivate every month. Can you help me with this? I will pay the extra amount for 2 days to keep my service.

  60. Whomever cares about HULU’s customer service reputation is sorely lacking in conviction to offer ease in contact, to resolve obstacles and address HBO’s Add-on malfunction.

  61. The new welcome screen, new navigation, and hot translucent color scheme are terrible. I can find a thing and it’s ugly. This service is no longer usable.

  62. I can get into my account to unsubscribe cause i don’t watch nothing that’s in there i ordered hulu for one show only nd come ro find out that it’s all the old show nd i don’t want u to charge my card cause i try to delete nd unsubscribe nd it was unsuccessful so i would like to cancel this whole account

  63. Inquired about my trail HBO and talked to a agent in chat. found out my device doesnt carry it so i asked him to cancel it and he canceled my hulu account. Now they tell me i have to go through all the BS again to reactivate. Some customer service. There support email doesnt work..Amazon is looking better

  64. Everytime i watch my shows it keeps restarting my phone after just a minute or less into what im watching. This is the only app that does this y?

  65. Dear hulu as I requested last month I early last month I termnated hulu service and did not want it because we have no internet any more,you charged my credit card any way, so if you wpuld please put my money back on my credit card.

  66. I’m emailing about an ad you frequently show during programs I watch. I don’t mind ads, but the one featuring Merrick dog food is disgusting and beneath an adult’s perception of what is suitable. Watching a long stream of dog drool while listening to classical music is distasteful. I now either leave the room while the ad is playing, or close my eyes.

    I’ve contacted the company with my complaint, but thought you might want to know how one of your viewers feels about an ad that disregards my level of intelligence.

    Thank you for your time

  67. Hulu will not load for more than 5 minutes at a time. I have hard wired to our modem and the problem still exist. I need assistance or I’m going to cancel my subscription.

  68. I got locked out of my account and now I am trying to get huhu to walk me thru it. I am going to call there main office to see if they can help me sign back on.

  69. I just had a very pleasant customer service experience and I feel compelled to thank Hulu and customer service guy, Devon. He helped me to cancel my subscription, which I am only canceling because I don’t need the service at this time. Devon treated me very nicely and is the kind of person that a company like Hulu is very lucky to have.

  70. I HATE HATE HATE the new interface. It is completely unusable. What idoit thought this was a good idea? Please change it back at least until you can create something functional.

  71. What happened to Hulu? The new design is horrible not having pictures to relate to shows the profile is a stupid tracking bullshit. It doesn’t go to episodes to see which ones you have watched or not. Doesn’t really make sense. It’s so bad I have been thinking of cancelling service. Not sure why something that is perfectly fine gets updated to a worse experience but I guess that’s the corporate way. Please make it more like it used to be. Thank you

  72. I would like to know how often do you add more seasons for the programs in your data base, Some of the program like “New Girl” just have one season from last year but not all of the seasons, “Scandal” only have on season. “Doc Martin” just have the first 5 seasons but season 9 started this past summer. When will we get to see the other season.

  73. I relocated to south America Ecuador. I paid my $ 11.99 for my service, but what so happen is that we cannot get service Hulu service outside the USA. I would like reimbursement

  74. We have been unable to connect with Hulu and when we do the shows are constantly stopping and starting. Please let me know if there have been issues with streaming the shows. We really like Hulu but will have to cancel if this issue continues as we not able to watch.

  75. I’m very angry that you stopped showing Blood in the Wire. I was watching it and then suddenly I could no longer get it. This is very poor service, there was no notification that the show was no longer going to be available.

  76. I like the service overall, but someone needs to get your overpaid techies from smoking so much pot. Almost every show has a delay in advertisement, sometimes so bad I can go grab dinner, jack off and come back to a still frozen screen. Each time I refresh the whole screen I got back 5-10 minutes and get 2 or 3 extra commercials. If you cannot correct this I will stick with x, Netflix and Amazon and color you gone. Just let me know

  77. 10/05/2017


  78. cancel my membership 5 days into my free membership hulu sucks if you even think about charging my visa I will sue you forthwith

  79. This is not what they advertise it to be. You can’t even get in touch with these guys to cancel your trial subscription. This is a fluke.

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