Contact Hulu Customer Service

Contact Hulu Customer Service

Contacting Hulu Customer Service Center

Hulu is a streaming video company directly competing with other companies like Netflix and Redbox Instant. Hulu and Netflix are leading the way with exclusive and original series available only to subscribers. Hulu’s premium service is called Hulu Plus, but a Hulu Plus subscription is not required to view some movies and television shows online.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you are a Hulu Plus subscriber you can contact Hulu customer service by phone. The call center is open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday and 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday PST.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-485-8411

From the support page you can view the current expected wait time:

Mailing Address

Customers who need to contact Hulu by mail can address the letter to:

HuluAttn: Customer Service12312 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064

Payments and billing information should never be sent by mail. There is no guarantee the letter will be delivered to Hulu as is the case with all items sent via mail. If you need payment assistance, contact the customer service department using the Hulu Plus customer service phone number.

Official Website

The website for Hulu is available at If you do NOT have a Hulu Plus account you can browse for free television shows and movies from the main page. If you do have a Hulu Plus account you can log in and manage your favorites and television queue or choose to watch premium content online.

Customer Service Email

Both Hulu Plus customers and free Hulu customers can reach customer service using the online contact form. If you are logged in to your Hulu Plus account, your email address (the one used to log in to your account) and the name on the account will be prefilled into the form.

Our Experience

We called Hulu Plus customer service by phone. The call was answered by an automated system that thanked us for calling and told us the estimated wait time – which matched the wait time on the website exactly. The day we called the wait time was estimated at 8 minutes. The call was then placed on hold. There was no list of options to choose from. After about 7 minutes, the call was answered and the customer service agent walked us through how to change our method of payment from our Hulu Plus account online. The agent was extremely helpful, but sounded a little irritated when we asked for her to repeat her instructions a few times.

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304 Comments on “Contact Hulu Customer Service
  1. A couple of things. You need to make it easier to see what each movie is about. It is difficult to find the description or plot of the movie the way it is set up now.

    Also, why don’t you have a genre for the mystery classics, like Philo Vance, The Thin Man Series, Charlie Chan, Mr. Moto, The Crime Doctor and on and on. There are 100’s if not thousands out there. The same applies to the old black and white horror & Sci-fi movies frm the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. So many out there, but so few to watch!

  2. I am being drafted from checking account for hulu @$7.99 a month have never ordered and never used why????Waiting for answer!!!!

  3. I contacted Hulu to cancel my account, which I believed was previously cancelled, I found Hulu to be very aggravating as far as going thru the site was concerned, My opinion is that Netflix is much more easier to navigate, and is also available on older devices, such as IPad Gen 1 & 2, but as far as contacting customer service my wait time was only a min, & they were more than happy to issue me a full refund for the 2 months I was charged but did not use their services.

  4. I found Hulu Customer Service too be very hard to locate on the search Engine. It took me several site too finally find this customer service number.

  5. the email account I set up my hulu account is inactive. but I cannot get help or speak to someone at customer service to help. each time I called. they said they are not available. I need to use my new email to reset my account. this service is frustrating. Netflix is so much easy to access any place any time.

  6. This is absoutely the WORST customer service experience I ever had…I received a confirmation email that the next available representative would return my email request for a phone call within 15 min…I have now waited over an hour!!!

  7. I cancel my subscription more than a year ago and just now I checked my credit card statement and Hule has been charging me since then. I went in the website to cancel and I don’t have that option anymore. I called and it’s closed until tomorrow morning at 6am. I just hope to get reimburse for all this time

  8. I cancel my subscription more than a year ago and just now I checked my credit card statement and Hule has been charging me since then. I went in the website to cancel and I don’t have that option anymore. I called and it’s closed until tomorrow morning at 6am. I just hope to get reimburse for all this time

  9. For the past week…ur site has been buffing/ loading for ever show I haved watched’s taking way to long to watch one show…hopefully u are resolving the problem …if not ..i think ..I’m going to have to cancel my acct. hopefully I don’t have to..- Daniel

  10. I can’t get the latest episode of Empire to play all the way. It gets 1/3 in and then the app closes. Watching it on Kindle Fire HD. Website says Hulu Customer Service is available until 10, but when I called, they said 8 p.m. It’s 8:02, dammit. Hulu, can you help me?

  11. You have great TV shows and movies. But if I can’t watch them because of the constant buffering and reload what is the point??
    I have read your suggestions and read forums, Sometimes they work and sometime they don’t.
    NOW….. the problem is you. I can watch netflix and amazon with no issues. As soon as I go to HULU,,,,, there is a problem.
    You say you are having growth issues…..if you don’t fix the problem we the customer will fix the growth issues for You.

  12. Hulu is not worth 79 cents, let alone $7.99 per month. EVERY program buffers every 30 seconds to a minute! Click on a program and – SURPRISE, it is not offered. It is torture, not entertainment!!

  13. I am trying find a phone number to cancel subscription —- phone number very hard to find to do this. Ater trying to talk with some one will call credit card and have them put a hold on this since, in good faith, I have been trying to cancel this!!!!

  14. Cxl’d my one week trial subscription and Hulu charged me anyway. It took 3 separate calls to get the refund. It seems someone “forgot” or simply didn’t care to make the attempt to credit my account. My bank tells me I have to wait 30 days before I can dispute the charge. BEWARE!!!! when entering a trial subscription as they DO NOT wait the entire week before charging.

  15. Can you add tv shows such as Mad about you, thirty something, restaurant impossible, property brothers, love it or list it, rehab attic.

    We’re paying anywhere up to $7.99 -$11.99 ++ month for tv shows and remove stupid shows like Prince from Belair that are very old and outdated and replace them with some of the suggestion above please. Thank you!

  16. I cancelled my Hulu account about 2 years ago and I am continually being billed each month. It says it is cancelled when I log in, so I am obviously not even usuing it. I would appreciate a refund on all previous months. I am pretty upset. I’ve tried reaching out several times before with no response.. Ever. I could take this matter further if needed. Think I’ve been more than patient with this matter. Thank you!

  17. I own a Sharp Aquos LC48LE653U Smart TV. I came without a Hulu App. How can I get Hulu on this TV without hooking my computer to it?

  18. I am truly disappointed that Hulu changed from HuluPlus to HULU, but did not tell us they were dropping a lot of nice shows i.e. NEIGHBOURS they are so proud of themselves to let you know they now have dumped the old stuff and added new ones, when they decide to dump CORONATION ST, I will dump HULU what is there to watch? bedroom scenes?. the british do like showing, a lot of nude and the woman are so proud of their breasts, this is not acceptable while my great grand children are visiting???. They do like netflix and I am along with that, a lot of nice-not naughty cartoons for the kids, too much violence, having said that I like decent movies without the full picture of what they are doing. Sorry but it must have been my upbringing, most likely you all think I am a prude, I don’t like bedroom scenes.
    I like story lines without the demo.

  19. Your customer service was great. The only issue I have with Hulu is that when someone wants to watch a movie, and wants to know some information about that particular movie or film, there’s no story about what you’re about to watch. This way one will know whether or not one wants to watch that movie or not.

  20. I am sorry I cannot insert my Password on my computer as it has a virus. My account is not working. Please call me at 206-283-0402 to discuss my account or I will have to cancel it.

  21. I am sorry I cannot insert my Password on my computer as it has a virus. My account is not working. Please call me at my 206-283-**** to discuss my account or I will have to cancel it.

  22. I canceled my subscription after the free month was up because I didn’t use the service. I am still actively being charged for a service I haven’t ever used. Also, since I have canceled my account I do not have access to it. I expect fully reimbursement immediately!

  23. Trying to sign onto HULU and am receiving “critical error- your clock has not been set.” I set my clock, which was already set, checked other sites on my Samsung television and they all worked. Tried again several times, attempted to contact troubleshooting via computer – the site was down. Tried to contact the company by telephone and get a recording, “our telephone system is down.” What the heck, is there anyone out there???!!!

  24. I tried to watch television on my computer but was told I could only watch with one device at a time. I recently deleted the pad that was stolen, so there is only one device hooked up to my hulu account. I work a midnight shift and this is irritating as hell.

  25. I called to cancel HuluPlus as we got cable and no longer needed it. I spoke to someone with a heavy accent and did not seem to know the answers to my questions. I asked when it would cancel, today, tomorrow, upon renewal, and he kept telling me to refer to the email that would be emailed to me in 1/2 hour. I asked if it would refund me for the amount of the month we would not be using, his answer, refer to the email that was coming in 1/2 hour. Then when I thanked him at the end, he didn’t say anything, so I waited and said goodbye, still silence, so I hung up! Just a very awkward phone conversation and in the end, I’m left wondering if I actually cancelled?! I guess I’ll wait a 1/2 hour for the email and find out!

  26. i know that you can only stream one device at a time is their a way to pay a little more to have it stream more than on device?

  27. I should have one free week but I went on ahead and paid with my credit card and I’m still not able to access to either one of my TV or the computer because he keeps telling me that my password even though I’ve changed it constantly if someone could call or send me an email in regards to a reset password I would appreciate Thank Micaela M.Maciel. otherwise just cancel my membership

  28. I need to find out that I like hulu but I need to know why is it always buffering everytime I try to watch a show? Its not cool that I’m paying to use it and I can never watch something without it always buffering.

  29. On November 13 hulu hit account Form $21.57. Today you hit my account again for $8.71.. Which is the correct amount.. Why did you hit me twice in one month and why is it to port $21.57? Triple charging my account

  30. I am completely unable to use the Hulu Plus app with Windows 10. Commercials freeze up. If I restart the app, sometimes the ad will play, then the show I am watching stutters and freezes. Before this problem started, I was considering Hulu’s commercial free option. If I cannot utilize your basic service to watch shows with Windows 10, why would I spend money on an extra Hulu service when the basic service does not run properly?

  31. Hulu’s customer support phone number has been hijacked by a sales company (Win a free Caribbean Vacation-you have won a Walmart gift card complete this survey-kind of company.

  32. name see above, and my service was disconnected because of a payment problem. I’m on Social Security and my check comes in on the third of each month. Please take out your payment around the third and there will not be a problem. Sorry but that’s what I’m up against. So please try today to get your payment and reconnect me, the TV is the only entertainment I have so would you please help a senior citizen with this issue. Thanks Sharon

  33. I love Hulu when it works but when I am enjoying a Law and Order Marathon and your system decides to refuse to play my episode, any episode from the season I am watching I just feel ripped off. Would be nice to be credited back the payment I made yesterday so I could NOT be able to watch shows you claim to have!

  34. I canceled my account last week!
    hulu just billed me and now my account is over drafted! someone better contact me!!!

  35. Hulu is shoving commercials down customers throats, even after they pay a membership fee. Also, this thing with half a season available, thats lame. I will be Canceling Hulu as soon as my month i paid for is up.

  36. I have paid for Hulu & show time twice it takes the money but i only get Julu for 5 – 8 days then it says hulu is on vacation i got one acc under julia oshields and one under earleen mcleanmand can’t find aphone number i don’t want to cancel i just want what i’ve paid for 2 times

  37. why is my Hulu gone on vacation i have paid for it twice because it keep saying Hulu is gone on vacation so i opened another account under my mom’s name it was working fine then it also said Hulu is gone on vacation i just want my Hulu acc to work with out this problemm HELPPP

  38. To whom it may concerns, When I signed up for HULU I was under the impression that I would get a free 30 day trail. I checked my checking acct. today and there was a charge for HULU. Did I miss interpret the free trail wrong? I am confused about the contract I read. Thank You, Steve Mattson.

  39. My bank notified me that there is a charge of $1.00. I did not sign up for your services. My bank is looking into this.

  40. My bank has informed me that a transaction occured of $1.00 From July. I did not order your services. My bank is looking into this.

  41. I wish to cancel my subscription with Hulu .You have taken money out of my account twice a month. I sure hope I can get my money back.



  43. Finding a telephone number on your website is impossible. I want to cancel my subscription but apparently your company doesn’t care about its customers. I guess when my credit card company rejects the draft I will be able to talk with someone then.

  44. They commit consumer fraud on new customers. They set up new subscriptions as 7 days of free trial, collect you credit card number and promise not to bill if you cancel in the 7 days. — What they did to me was acknowledge the cancel on the date the free period ended and billed me for a month of service.

    They know better. What is needed is a class action suite against Hulu.

  45. love hulu!!!! but need to update some shows like Vikings that are way behind. also would like to see more diy shows like texas move and flip, house hunters fixer upper . updating shows like elmetray and such

  46. It is extremely difficult to speak with anyone. I was on hold for over an hour when they said it was at least a ten minute wait. This is ridiculous! Obviously after viewing similar complaints it seems you really don’t care to hear customer issues!!!

  47. I wasnt to thrilled to find out that money was taken off my card when infact i canceled it back in dec or jan and u kept trying to take it out then i want a refund

  48. I am putting in the correct password, it is telling me I’m not. Cannot contact customer support without password. I’m canceling service for this alone.

  49. impossible for non-subscribers to even get ahold of these people. How the hell do they expect to get new subscribers when you can’t even contact them?

  50. Someone fraudulently used my credit card to subscribe to your services. I called and was put on hold for thirty minutes. When your representative answered, they immediately hung up. Going to NC Attorney General about this.

  51. had the free 30 day trial but no one can tell me how to cancel it not amazon or hulu… it shouldn’t be this difficult….. im sure they will take out the monthly fee after the fact…..with no problems

  52. hulu has been non functional for over a week now

    we are using netflix and amazon also

    have no problems with netflix and amazon

    hulu will not play any show period

    what is going on with your service

  53. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing back Coronation Street. It is the ONLY soap opera I watch and when it was taken off I like millions of others were heartbroken. You have solidly won back a devoted customer!

  54. Why can’t Hulu keep track of the last episode of a program so I can watch the next episode? I left Hulu for a few years and am back HOPING for the best. I am NOT impressed.
    P.S. I’m getting tired of trying to contact Hulu.
    OMG!!! After reading these comments I’m not even sure I want to continue my 30 day trial!!!!!

  55. Some type of acknowledgement of my e-mail would be helpful. It was:
    Why can’t Hulu keep track of the last episode of a program so I can watch the next episode? I left Hulu for a few years and am back HOPING for the best. I am NOT impressed.
    P.S. I’m getting tired of trying to contact Hulu.
    OMG!!! After reading these comments I’m not even sure I want to continue my 30 day trial!!!!!

  56. Watched a movie last night on HuluPlus.Movie was listed as 1.5 hours,took over 3 hours,cancelled today.Allso could not receive any live broadcast.Your response would be appreciated.If you correct these problems I would try it again.Thank you

  57. On the complete series of Hunter you are missing an episode season 3 episode 23 Why? this Is not a complete series then right?

  58. Hello I have an account with you since the beginning. I am having a problem though. I am paid on the 3 of each month. Every month you turn me off. I tried to pay for those few days before I get paid. I would really like to set it up so I am not having to reactivate every month. Can you help me with this? I will pay the extra amount for 2 days to keep my service.

  59. Whomever cares about HULU’s customer service reputation is sorely lacking in conviction to offer ease in contact, to resolve obstacles and address HBO’s Add-on malfunction.

  60. The new welcome screen, new navigation, and hot translucent color scheme are terrible. I can find a thing and it’s ugly. This service is no longer usable.

  61. I can get into my account to unsubscribe cause i don’t watch nothing that’s in there i ordered hulu for one show only nd come ro find out that it’s all the old show nd i don’t want u to charge my card cause i try to delete nd unsubscribe nd it was unsuccessful so i would like to cancel this whole account

  62. Inquired about my trail HBO and talked to a agent in chat. found out my device doesnt carry it so i asked him to cancel it and he canceled my hulu account. Now they tell me i have to go through all the BS again to reactivate. Some customer service. There support email doesnt work..Amazon is looking better

  63. Everytime i watch my shows it keeps restarting my phone after just a minute or less into what im watching. This is the only app that does this y?

  64. Dear hulu as I requested last month I early last month I termnated hulu service and did not want it because we have no internet any more,you charged my credit card any way, so if you wpuld please put my money back on my credit card.

  65. I’m emailing about an ad you frequently show during programs I watch. I don’t mind ads, but the one featuring Merrick dog food is disgusting and beneath an adult’s perception of what is suitable. Watching a long stream of dog drool while listening to classical music is distasteful. I now either leave the room while the ad is playing, or close my eyes.

    I’ve contacted the company with my complaint, but thought you might want to know how one of your viewers feels about an ad that disregards my level of intelligence.

    Thank you for your time

  66. Hulu will not load for more than 5 minutes at a time. I have hard wired to our modem and the problem still exist. I need assistance or I’m going to cancel my subscription.

    • I have had Hulu Plus for about a year and it’s worked ok until the last couple of months. Now it goes into pause/load mode every couple of minutes & it’s impossible to watch anything. Please help–I’m very frustrated. Netflix works just fine so I know it’s not my internet service or my TV.

  67. I got locked out of my account and now I am trying to get huhu to walk me thru it. I am going to call there main office to see if they can help me sign back on.

  68. I just had a very pleasant customer service experience and I feel compelled to thank Hulu and customer service guy, Devon. He helped me to cancel my subscription, which I am only canceling because I don’t need the service at this time. Devon treated me very nicely and is the kind of person that a company like Hulu is very lucky to have.

  69. I HATE HATE HATE the new interface. It is completely unusable. What idoit thought this was a good idea? Please change it back at least until you can create something functional.

  70. I would like to know how often do you add more seasons for the programs in your data base, Some of the program like “New Girl” just have one season from last year but not all of the seasons, “Scandal” only have on season. “Doc Martin” just have the first 5 seasons but season 9 started this past summer. When will we get to see the other season.

  71. I relocated to south America Ecuador. I paid my $ 11.99 for my service, but what so happen is that we cannot get service Hulu service outside the USA. I would like reimbursement

  72. We have been unable to connect with Hulu and when we do the shows are constantly stopping and starting. Please let me know if there have been issues with streaming the shows. We really like Hulu but will have to cancel if this issue continues as we not able to watch.

  73. I’m very angry that you stopped showing Blood in the Wire. I was watching it and then suddenly I could no longer get it. This is very poor service, there was no notification that the show was no longer going to be available.

  74. I like the service overall, but someone needs to get your overpaid techies from smoking so much pot. Almost every show has a delay in advertisement, sometimes so bad I can go grab dinner, jack off and come back to a still frozen screen. Each time I refresh the whole screen I got back 5-10 minutes and get 2 or 3 extra commercials. If you cannot correct this I will stick with x, Netflix and Amazon and color you gone. Just let me know

  75. 10/05/2017


  76. cancel my membership 5 days into my free membership hulu sucks if you even think about charging my visa I will sue you forthwith

  77. This is not what they advertise it to be. You can’t even get in touch with these guys to cancel your trial subscription. This is a fluke.

  78. Fairly sloppy service as many have said. Even worse I have heard many say they charge when they should not. Well it happened to me as well. Was charged for their poor live tv streaming service. I was in my trial period. I quit and will never go back. Every other service is better. Vue,Sling,netflix,amazon ,even DTN. Plus I have used a few of these off and on for years. Never had money stolen from me till hulu.

  79. Terrible service and very long wait times. We have been paying for a service that will not even work. If it weren’t for South Park, I wouldn’t even bother with Hulu. F- Hulu, your service is beyond terrible.

  80. When I login to hulu via my Roku device your new format does not include my Watchlist. Why? Online via my computer Watchlist is where it’s always been. Please advise me as to how I locate my Watchlist on my Roku to hulu formate .
    Thankyou, Chris Shotwell

  81. I am getting off of cable. I am debating on going with Hulu. How can I talk to a human body for assistance.
    It looks like there is difficulty to getting a hold of someone to talk to and to sign up over the phone?
    It appears from the reviews that this happens frequently>
    How many channels do I get and what are they?

  82. I am getting off of cable. I am debating on going with Hulu. How can I talk to a human body for assistance.
    It looks like there is difficulty to getting a hold of someone to talk to and to sign up over the phone?
    It appears from the reviews that this happens frequently>
    How many channels do I get and what are they?


  83. I would like to know why Family Guy is censored on Hulu to watch my favorite show and have them remove some of the best lines in the show. If you want to censor the show, at least give the option to watch it without censorship. I do not pay $6 a month plus tax to listen to “bleep” noises through the entire episode.

  84. Sean I have no idea if you will see this or not. I have not been able to watch your show especially or fox new in months. Spectrum cable has been such a problem that we finally dropped them and went to Hulu with them the only station that is not streaming correctly is Fox News all the others are fine. We especially have trouble with your show it has been unwatchable. With all the corruption going on I am truthfully wondering if this has to do with RATINGS. We live in the mid West. I hope that someone will pay attention with this message. We have bought new routers had internet redone Is it possible that this could be going on?? Fox News is the only station we have problems with. I would like a response from someone here on how we can watch your show and station Thanks so much

  85. your customer service is very bad probably the worst ive ever had been trying to call for days and cant ever get a hold of anyone!!!

  86. I cannot sign up for a free trial because my “zip code is invalid”. My zip code is valid as per the USPS. My zip code is 96768

  87. Typically, I very much enjoy the shows offered on HULU. I do have a question, however, regarding American Housewife. I wanted to show it to a friend, and I told her to watch the first season before going to season 2, in order to get what it’s really about, but You Removed Season One!!!!! Why?????? Same with Modern Family-all we can Watch is the current season! Please, return previous seasons to us!

  88. I still would like to cancel my service as I have asked a month ago. You are still billing me for a monthly service I do not want and cancelled last month.

  89. Seem to be some shady business practices about. Hulu makes it easy to renew your subscription, but impossible to cancel. I see here this is the way they do business. IF you can call it that. I would be arrested for such behavior.

  90. I signed up for HULU several weeks ago…I still can’t see it, but I’m being charged for it. I’ve never been able to hook up to it. I would like my money refunded.

  91. Why do I get buffing every 2 min, cant watch a full movie or a tv show with out buffing. I will cancel if it is not resolve, so please let me know what I can do or fix it, I do not want to cancel, I do like it a lot, watch it all the time, but I am getting mad about buffing every 2 min. Thank You for your corporation. MIKE

  92. I have had trouble trying to sign in to hulu. They say that I used facebook to sign in the first time, but I don’t remember it. I tried signing with facebook and they tell me that my password is wrong and to reset it. They say that they will send me something in my email to change my password. I have waited for three days and have received nothing. I think the best thing is for me to close my account and start over. I really don’t want to use my facebook account. I want to setup my own account. Is this possible? Please email me and let me know what to do. My facebook account works fine on my other computer, but not on my Apple.

  93. Sorry service been charge for old seasons of show account not sync with add ons like hbo and showtime justvpiss poor services not happy i want my accoubt clised out asap

  94. I think it’s an incredible invasion of privacy that hulu wants my location on my phone you do not need that to stream TV. I was actually excited about getting hulu until I seen that now I will not be subscribing to your service. I’d rather have the option not to watch my local channels and for you to not know my location then for me to have no choice but to let you know where I am at at all times that’s my business not yours

  95. I canceled on 01/04/18 the same day my billing posted. I was told I would have access thru 02/03/18 because I had already paid. However, I can no longer log in as of 01/04/18. The only options on my log in page are “Restart service” or Start free trial.

  96. I was charged $25.98 on 12-24 for a free month trial, I don’t want to subscribe with Hulu and can’t afford the cost.

    Laurie Kiddell

  97. Hulu commercial: Anna singing “thank you for being a friend”, manipulative and false definition; supporting an ad that uses the word “friend”, which is defined as “a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection,”, it is NOT a computer which is programmed to track what shows one watches, and then only make suggested shows that are similar. I find this horribly wrong, in that young people are now being taught a new definition for this word “friend”. I can not or will I ever support HULU.

  98. I am being billed for someone elses charges. I do not have Hulu. We talked to you people last month and you verified that it is our charge card being used and the subscriber’s name and address is different from ours. Still, you continue to charge his movies to our card. I am thinking very seriously about contacting the FL Att. General’s office and seeing if they can do anything since you people are not doing anything. In my opinion, this amounts to credit card fraud.

  99. I am really sick and tired of paying for a service that buffers all the time. I have fiber internet connection and it still will not even work correctly. If I am paying for a service, then I should be able to use it. I want part of the monthly fee reimbursed. I expect an email about this!

  100. I have contacted Hulu several times about the stupid circle that spins around and around when I am trying to watch a tv program or movies. The circle will spin and spin and spin for several minutes or until I get aggrivated enough to log off hulu. I spend $12 a month and should be able to watch without having to go into all these places you guide me to that still won’t allow me to watch what I want. I am watching more Netflix which does not have ANY issues like Hulu. There has to be a solution and I hope you find it fast. I feel like I am wasting my money.

  101. I pay $4.00 NOT to see commercials and I am very pleased with that aspect of hulu so why can’t watching without the stupid circle be as good?

  102. I am on day 2 of no Hulu service and when I call customer service I get hung up on. I am not satisfied with this response. I hope I will be credited for the 2 days of no service.

  103. I have tried to cancel, as I was unable to watch hulu on my TV, t no avail. I called on the phone just now, and the chat person sent me to a site that asked me to pay to have my account cancelled. I am furious!!! Your customer service is deplorable. I have paid for months already to have my account cancelled, now you want more MONEY!!!

  104. Please cancel, and refund my money, as I have not been able to watch hulu even one time. Nor have I been able to cancel.

  105. I found out by my pay card you have been charging me two payments a month for a while. I cancel one then you still charging me for the first one. Either turn my service back on or, Give me my money.

  106. Well I guess I will not try Hulu. Trying to sign up and something went wrong. Can’t get info of resetting the password. I ask for the reset and never get a reply. And no its not going to junk mail. Also when you ask for a password be clear about what password.. The e-mail password? The facebook password? or a Hulu password? It can be a little confusing

  107. Why do you never add new horror movies? Im thinking of deleting this account. I got it for the horror movies yet its been the same ones for months. I’ve seen them all.

  108. I have to log in to contact them, but I cannot log in because that happens to be the problem I need to contact them about. I have repeatedly requested they send me an email to reset my password, but they never do. I have waited on the phone for a very long time, hung up finally. Now I find out there is no email address to contact them so I don’t have the wait 30 mins. They have serious issues. There seems to be no email by which anyone may contact them.

  109. I keep having a problem with one of your advertisers, Blue Buffalo dog food. Periodically as I am watching a TV show the screen goes blank, like it always does when a commercial is to start. But sometimes the screen goes blank and stays blank. The only way I can solve the problem is to go back and click on the show to start it again. This only happens with your advertiser “Blue Buffalo Dog Food”

  110. I subscribe to ur service(HULU)in it u offer a local station(CBS). I would like to know why some tv shows are not present and don’t show up etc; such as SEAL TEAM, WISDOM OF THE CROWD, and S.W.A.T. to name a few. All other shows appear accept these few. What’s the reason they are CBS shows.

  111. submitted my concern prior to adding my name & email. It disappeared. Question:NO LISTING FOR THESE TITLE SHOWS….WISDOM OF THE CROWD, SEAL TEAM, S.W.A.T. and a few more. WHY!

  112. I don’t know what in the world you folks are doing, but stop it! I am not happy that when I go to login, my info used to be already there, now all of a sudden you want me to login with “FACEBOOK.” I don’t have Facebook, I don’t want Facebook. Now all of a sudden I have to fill in all the information each and every time. I find this rather odious. Why did you decide to screw your customer’s around in this manner? This is the kind of stuff that makes people hate you.

  113. I keep getting charged when I cancelled right away when I signed up. Did not like the quality of your offers but still being billed!!!!! I have disputed with credit card company but need this to stop.

  114. I just received excellent customer service from one of your reps named Lorenzo. I had some billing concerns and he immediately resolved the issues. Outstanding customer service from Lorenzo!

  115. I am trying to access my hulu account to sign up for streaming service It has been over 5 years since I used my account. I asked to reset the password, but it has not sent a new reset link to me via my email address. I checked spam. It has been hours. I would like toreset my password and sign up for Hulu streaming services asap.

  116. I have had a white screen for going on 3 week’s .will not let me log in to account . I don’t know if I am being charged for services.

  117. please don’t expire Dawson’s creek. I am binge watching it and suddenly there’s an expiration notice on the last 48! Please don’t delete it yet. I’m almost done!

  118. I have tried to find out when and if you plan to offer NESN and the Red Sox. I would appreciate an accurate answer from a knowledgeable senior person

  119. I just cancelled my service.Bad enough I have to see ads but I can tolerate them. But I will NOT pay for political ads! Especially when they are not true and are against a good man who does a lot for my state.

  120. one of the worst customer service
    They said you can connect to several channels but they forgot to say not live only after 24 hours after the event finish they don’t publish email support or phone numbers

  121. I had requested that my account be terminated. Now I see where you have charged my account. Please credit my account and cancel subscription.

  122. To whom it may concern,
    I, and anyone I can convince to join me, will boycott your products unless you pull sponsorship of Laura Ingraham for her insensitive comments about David Hogg.
    Moore, Oklahoma

  123. I will not support hulu if they support a person like laura ingram who is entitled to free speech but not when she degrades the kids from parkland

  124. It is past time for you to stop advertising on anything that Laura Ingraham is involved in. Her insensitive remarks about Parkland School shooting survivors is beyond the pale

  125. I want to express my anger with comments made by Lauran Ingram about the student David Hogg who was a victim in the Florida high school shooting. You are a sponsor of her show. I will not use Hulu unless you stop supporting this woman who is just promulgating hatred and divisiveness in our country, when we should be supporting this students.

  126. Trying to contact you is a pain in the a.. I just wanted to let you know I think you corporate values are made of jello and I will never use your services based on your political views.

  127. I hope that you will consider pulling your support from the Laura Ingram Show, it is horrific that she is bullying a 17 year old school shooting survivor on twitter. I will be spending my money elsewhere if you think she deserves your advertising dollars

  128. Boycotts work both ways!

    So you caved into the pressure of the snot-nosed Liberal shill David Hogg by dropping sponsorship to Laura Ingraham? I literally was going to sign up with Hulu tonight as I’m cancelling Netflix – my daughter suggested I use Hulu instead – well that’s NOT going to happen. Not only will I NEVER use your service I will make sure my daughter and her sisters cancel Hulu as well. Adios!!

  129. I have been looking to join HULU. But after you pulled your sponsor from Laura, over what she said was the TRUTH, I will not join. This kid has lied from day one. He wasnt at the school and there is no such thing as a 4.1 grade point average. I am not sure how you decided that a PUNK kid. with no job, just a big mouth, you decided to back? But you don’t need my subscription, you need Hogg, not me!

  130. I just dropped Netflix and was going to subscribe to Hulu. Then I saw Hulu got in bed with that little political foul mouthed little hypocrite David Hogg. Bad decision Hulu. Laura Ingram did nothing wrong and if Hulu is so spineless (or politically bent) then no Hulu in my house. David Hogg is a bully and Hulu just supported an ignorant, ranting hater.

  131. Your knee jerk reaction to Laura Ingram is so typical of all left leaning company’s. Hope you get lots of sales from your teenage patrons, bye bye.

  132. I want you to know I am boycotting HuLu. You chose not to advertise during the Laura Ingraham program. Everyone wants to point at the NRA and guns being the issue. How come all of you refuse to look at the facts that the FBI and local police knew of him and received several warnings and didn’t act on any of them. This whole thing could have been avoided and no one killed if they did their job. You would have to be extremely liberal to not acknowledge that.

  133. I was going to sign up for Hulu. Now, I will never give you ONE RED CENT! You want to get political? You want to drop your advertising on Laura Ingraham’s show? FINE. I can definitely the same by taking my my business elsewhere. Netflix, Sling — there are other companies I can subscribe to.
    One thing to consider: I may be the only person you’re hearing from, but I am certainly NOT the only person appalled by your decision. If you want to side with a classless, clueless punk kid, be prepared to lose money.

  134. America is all about free speech. Some is more vile than others. I chose to cancel my HULU account because, we didn’t use it, thinking I may renew at some point.
    My free speech is also my pocket book.
    After another company caved to social pressure on the Laura Ingram show, (your right) I will NEVER again be a HULU customer.

  135. I cancelled Netflix because of the Susan Rice appointment and was considering a HULU account. But now you have CANCELLED your advertising on the Laura Ingraham show because some arrogant bullying narcissistic loudmouth who wants to be the spokesperson for the gun confiscation movement cannot take comments. Somehow this bully can use his constitutional free speech rights for profanity laced speech to attack constitutionals but he refuses anyone else’s free speech rights that do not agree with him.

    BYE BYE HULU- you lost a prospective customer.

  136. i have hulu live and will be dropping it. companies who take sides need to realize that you alienate half the country when you do.

  137. I am disturbed by Hulu’s support for the Despicable Laura Ingrham. I believe who a company supports reflects it’s values. to support someone who attacks a child who has experienced a school shooting is disgusting

  138. I abhor your decision to pull your advertising from Laura Inghram’s program simply because she made a small statement that some PC people found “offensive”. Waaa, waaa!
    This is to notify you that I am forwarding a request to all my contacts to please boycott your business until this stupidity stops.
    The apology was made but the moron media Hogg won’t accept it.
    We the people (your consumers) can not accept your company’s response to this very minor issue and will hereby refuse to support you financially.

  139. I will never use hula b/c you dropped your advertisement on the Laura Ingram
    Show, you have alienated a large viewing audience- your lost #boyotthula

  140. Hello,
    I currently have Hulu and intend to cancel my membership at the end of the billing cycle in response to your activism towards Laura Ingraham. She was telling the truth in furtherance of her constitutional 1st amendment right and I agree with her. Stop playing politics if you ever expect to see me again.

  141. Pulling ads from the Ingram Angle in favor of the anti-constitutionalist HOGG, means I’m pulling my business from you

  142. Congrats. Everyone is pulling the plug and hulu decides to divide its potential customer base by joining in the political strife of the 2nd Amendment, i.e. pulling ads from Laura Ingraham. I think I’ll be using something other than hulu. Fubo?

  143. I thought about subscribing to Hulu since Netflix SUCKS. But now that your company has proven to be lackeys for the left by pulling your worthless ads from Laura Ingraham, not only have I unsubscribed from your email list, but there’s NO WAY I’d ever spend money on you evil sacks of manure!

  144. I am the adult in the home. I control what we buy. Boycotts work both ways. Fascism comes in many forms. Are you ready to loose allot of customers? We are mounting a boycott. Have a nice day! Thank you!

  145. It troubles me greatly that your company has decided to listen the politics of an 18 year kid that is trying to make a name for himself. You have put politics before your business. I regretfully inform you that I will not be purchasing any Hulu services.

  146. You cancel ads for Laura Ingraham because a high school kid has a fit and tells you to? Very well. I will never utilize your services.

  147. I think it is disgusting that every entertainment company including hulu has the right to try and silence people for expressing their personal opinion. That kid Hogg is a loud mouth and comes across as a trouble maker, that is why he got rejected. Laura did nothing to hurt your company but I guarantee if she asked her supporters they would be more than willing to boycott hulu. Your execs need to grow up and have respect for the customers they serve. Stop playing politics.

  148. Hulu, apparently (in my case), is the first streaming company to embrace the (customer abuse), financial fraud tactics of Charter, Spectrum, Direct (ESPECIALLY!) and dish network.
    If we ALLOW THIS, all will follow (which is their plan, why Sling, Hulu expanded, etc is there cheaper.
    They are talijng bot positions, LONG on streaming, and short (and rape steal lie all we want as we will plea out to “shuttering that unfortunate part of our company past, Steps will betaken to INSURE (haha) this can never happen again (translation, you morons will be screwed worst next monopoly we have:)! BLA< BLA< BLA!

  149. Gutless spineless cowards bowing down to an 18 year old with no life experience ei David media Hogg. Will never give them any business along with the hundreds of others I know. Cancel your membership

  150. Hulu. Please stay with entertainment, stay out of the politics.
    If you are making a statement by dropping your advertising on Fox Enghram Angle show you are telling me you no longer want me as a subscriber to your network.
    Good luck with that.

  151. Please stay out of the political debate and do what it is that you do which is to provide viewing content to all your customers regardless of their political views.

    By canceling your ad’s from Laura Ingraham’s show over some silly tweet and then a call to boycott by some silly kid who has called for bans and boycotts of everyone that doesn’t agree with him, you are showing a one sided political bias. If you want to alienate over 1/2 the population of the country and loose their money, this is fine. Otherwise, your corporate advertising department needs to take a fair and balanced approach to what they do and also not make snap judgments on any of these political issues before they play out. Ingraham appogized honestly and sincerely. The “kid” refused to accept her appology which is the mark of a child and not a responsible adult. You are taking your corporate advertising ques from the voice of an angry, petulant, obtrusive child? Really?

  152. Please Hulu, Bring back lifetime tv lifetime bring it – dancing dolls why take it off and plus i had it on my stuff so that’s not right taking thing off your list i was still watching it season 3 and put new season too.

  153. I will not support your company because of the decision over the Laura Ingraham show. David Hogg regularly describes his adversaries using the F-bomb and far worst insults than what was applied to him. Check out the videos.
    Shame on you. I stand with Laura and I do not even watch her show.

    bill green

  154. Because of your spineless stance against free speech by dropping Laura Ingram as a sponsor, I will never use your service again and will recommend to all my readers that they boycott you also!

  155. I think your retaliation against Laura Ingraham flies in the face of free speech and the first amendment. I was thinking of getting HULU, but now that I see you are a corporate bully and are against free speech, I will never sign up for HULU. I will also suggest that my friends and family do the same. You should keep politics out of your business model.

  156. To Whom it May Concern,

    Our family subscribed to Hulu after cancelling our long term subscription with Netflix because we not interested in Mr. Reed Hastings’s divisive political rhetoric. We thought we found a neutral political-free company in Hulu, but unfortunately we were mistaken. Our family happens to enjoy Hulu very much but we are also fans of Ms. Laura Ingraham. Since Hulu does not want to do business with Mr. Ingraham that means Hulu does not want to business with the Hoffmann Family as well. We hope Hulu reconsiders their decision regarding Ms. Ingraham.

    The Hoffmann Family

  157. Since your executives in their infinite wisdom have chosen to jump on the political train, I will choose my options as well. And, as much as I have enjoyed Hulu, I am simply not willing to support (with my money) your decision to back a teenager who is still wet behind the ears….. Rather than use common sense, you have jumped on a band wagon that serves you no purpose – except to expound on your leftist views. While you are welcome to your ideologies, I too am allowed mine – therefore, I will exercise my rights to boycott you … I am cancelling my subscription today.

  158. I have been planning to cancel my cable service and go with a streaming service instead. However, since you pulled your advertising from the Laura Ingraham Show I will not even consider Hulu. Your leftist disregard for the first amendment has consequences!

  159. I am so disappointed in your company to back a bully and go against Laura Ingram. You can forget about my business. I will tell my friends about your company’s terrible actions. So disappointed!!!

  160. Hulu… your service is bad! Nothing works. Furthermore if you are going to step into politics and start boycotting FoxNew programs! Laura Ingragham . I will be boycotting you!

  161. TO HULU:
    Wow, good bye HULU, there are other means of entertainemnt! You have lost respect of many. We are sick and tired of companies folding to the pressures of the new generation of social media terrorists. Get some backbone and stand for what is right. You boycott free speech, now we get to boycott you!

    You do realize that this is how the Nazis eventually came to power… right… they pressured people, unjustly, until they complied and then look what happened. Why do you contribute to these tactics?
    From the quote:
    More than a dozen advertisers, including Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Hulu, Jenny Craig, Ruby Tuesday and Miracle-Ear, have distanced themselves from Ingraham after she taunted Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg last week.

  162. We have seen news reports that your company has pulled it’s ads from “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News. My family does not agree with this, and we will not consider doing business with your company.

  163. I see you have withdrawn your support for Laura Ingraham show due to her saying that David Hogg was rejected by four colleges. She didn’t delve into his trash late at night to find the rejection letters. He freely posted and tweeted this HIMSELF. She is a reporter. She was doing her job. Yet, he chose to go after her publically and unethically. I have used your products for over 55 years, and I’m using my voice and money to now deny you access to monetary gain from me. You blew it, big time.



  165. You drop advertising on Laura ingraham’s show I am dropping you. Enjoy your moment now because this will not turn out good for you. Ask target, Starbucks and Kellogg’s.

  166. I’m very disappointed that you would allow David Hogg and his band of gun control cronies to influence your business decisions. Laura Ingraham has a right to express her opinions as does the gun control groups which it appears you cater to. Thus, I as a paying customer have the right to take my business elsewhere. Your standards need to be reevaluated when you listen to Mr. Hogg with his foul mouth spewing hate and vulgar language. Is this what you want your children to look up to? God I hope not! I hope every American reexamines their business decisions and realize their money is better spent with companies whose values match theirs. Maybe you can have Hogg and his backers pick up the business you are losing based on your political stand. I doubt it, because they are not into buy only pushing a political agenda. When you offend one group to satisfy another; it generally doesn’t work. I have my list of companies to boycott and have urged all my contacts to do the same. Good Luck.

  167. I have cancelled my account due to your boycott of the Laura Ingram show. I won’t do business with a company that does not believe in free speech!

  168. I am not happy. I’m 83 and ill . I cannot mentally figure out how to find hulu with a roku express. Wants me to type in my email and password and I’m not well enough to do that. Said it could be done online but not finding where. If we can’t get this up and going I may have to just cancel it. and really don’t want to.

  169. 83 and ill..i cannot mentally find hulu and pull it up with an express roku said it can be done online with email and password can’t find that. and keep forgetting the password. I need help or I’ll have to cancel and don’t want to do that.

  170. I’ve been watching Hulu for some time.
    Tonight,out of the blue,they say they can’t support my smart tv.
    After 4 tries I finally talked to someone that said,they were so sorry but I now need another device to watch,like roku.
    I cancelled my subscription and will start using Amazon.

  171. Hulu sucks!!! It’s a rip off. But more importantly it’s owned by useless, liberal jackasses. Pull your advertising, who cares?!?! LMAO

  172. I pay $8.99 a month for Hulu and I have more issues with this app than any other 1 I have. Sometimes it doesn’t load and sometimes it just stops for no reason, and then you take off season 10 of Roseanne. I’m starting to question on why I keep paying 8.99 a month for it. The only reason is because of the show Perfect Strangers if you take that off I’m done.

  173. Heard you were dropping Roseanne. That not good. When are people in the entertainment business going to stop getting involved in politics! Sick of this and am seriously debating whether I want to continue to support this madness that has gripped our country! And that goes for ALL companies I am paying each month!

  174. I just upgraded to hulu live and now it is not loading on any of my tv’s is there an outage somewhere?

  175. ok hulu i don’t want it now send me back all my money my computer won’t support and i never got your hulu stuff at all send me back all my monthly money of 7.99

  176. I am very disappointed in the Hulu service. I signed up through iTunes. I have experienced double billing as well as having my account suspended after cancelling even though it informed me I had several weeks of service left. After contacting Hulu through chat service they were unable to locate my account and sent me to iTunes to resolve. When I click on the link that said report a problem on iTunes located under the Hulu charge it sent me to the website. I was very disappointed that the Hulu rep didn’t offer to turn my service back on even through I paid for it. Pretty disappointed on Hulu customer service ability.

  177. I no longer want HULU and have tried to find online to get discontinued. I shut off account. I can not get on my large tv- pointless.

    Please shut off account

  178. Hulu charged me for their live streaming though I didn’t sign up for it. They promised me a refund but I never got it!

  179. I don’t know about hulu. They seem to get it together and streaming is good, new shows then what happens, they can a show. What show? Well maybe no one else cares about it but this show was on then they dumped it. “The Greatest American Hero”. Well it was put back on and not to long ago maybe last week I saw it was back on and I said “Cool”. Now, only a week later their dumping it again along with other shows that were good but I can’t remember. Hulu, why don’t you just shut down all together and save at least some people some heartache.

  180. Why do you put on good shows just to yank them. I liked that you put “Greatest American Hero” back on didn’t know how long it was back on but you pulled it once before. Now your pulling it again just after a week I found it back on. Why don’t you just shut down all together and then we can all go home.

  181. NOT happy with Hulu! I have been a loyal customer of Hulu for years and I am furious that you made the Hulu Plus app unavailable on my TV as of 8/1/18. If you want to do something new that’s fine but you should at least grandfather your “current customers” rather than leave us hanging with no more access to Hulu Plus on TV! I came here to cancel, then saw the option to put on hold and was hoping Hulu figures out a way to resume the same access for long-time customers soon! If not…I will cancel my service!

  182. the reason for the inquiry is to let hulu know that they 30 day doesnot except gift cards of visa or master card. you should update your infro more clearly . so the customer is not confuse.

  183. I have been trying to cancel this service. I don’t use it. I called customer service this morning and Dionda cut me off while she was in the process of cancelling my account.

  184. I was cut off while Diondra was in the process of canceling my account for me. Customer service is virtually worthless

  185. I can’t login to get HULU help because I can’t find the email address I used- reset has not worked. Yet the have my CC# and I am being charged. Help

  186. Hi I’m a big fan of your streaming service, and I didn’t really know who to talk to about requesting a certain show or episode, so I came here, is it possible for you guys or the people who set up the shows to add the 26th episode of persona 4 the animation? It usually says it only has 25 episodes, but the 26th one actually follows the true ending, I think it was a special. And could you guys add the English dub of the show sometime?

  187. I wasn’t able to find an appropriate box for my issue. I believe I am still a Hulu subscriber but I can’t remember which email I used to sign up originally or how the automatic drafts are set up. I’m hoping to contact Hulu customer service during normal business hours to make sure I’m still a subscriber and reset my sign in information.

  188. I want to cancel my Hulu subscription. I have just registered and have tried for 30 min to try and get the NY giants football game and can’t get it. Wasting my time instead of watching the game. Pls cancel ASAP.

  189. My daughter can watch the Nebraska cornhusker game on abc live in Lincoln but we can’t watch the game on hulu in North Platte area. Guess what Hulu, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW YOU JUST GOT CANCELLED.

  190. My hulu will not load. After turning things off and on for about a half hour last night I called customer service. The first person after spelling me name KARLA asked me if my name started with a C……Obviously this person is incapable, so I called back and after explaining the situation, the next person hung up on me.

    The website will not allow me to log in. I have tried to reset a password from 3 different devices ( 2 computers with different browsers and an android phone and no reset password has been sent. I ONLY have one password and the website won’t take it… I know my password but the system is now not working. If my 5 PM my HULU is not working I will be going to my credit card and denying your charges and asking for a refund and discontinue service. When you want you money I get an email and expected to comply…….you have operators that are completely intolerable and inactive a website that does not function……and I pay for this.

  191. Stop the loud increase in volume during startup theme. Also print too small and hard to read. Get ideas from Netflix. You guys have a lot of work to do before I recommend Hulu to anyone else. Not happy with the performance with Hulu. Hire some creative people to get your service up to par with others. Poor support!

  192. Stop the loud increase in volume during startup theme. Also print too small and hard to read. Get ideas from Netflix. You guys have a lot of work to do before I recommend Hulu to anyone else. Not happy with the performance with Hulu. Hire some creative people to get your service up to par with others.

  193. Unfortunately they don’t allow questions without an account. And they don’t allow an account without facebook. And I am tired as hell of facebook, amazon and google watching my every move and have deleted all except one gmail email address. Isn’t anyone allowed to be an individual any longer? Must we ask permission on a constant basis? Why are we forced to use mass media outlets that sell our info? I know Hulu will do the same thing, but at least I will have a bit of control

  194. with this new version of hula i watch through my computer i use to see all the episodes and seasons from all the shows availale0 and this means all. the older programs with older seasons had all the episodes for all the seasons available which were many now all i can do is watch the next episode is all. this is awful why i subscribed to hula to get all these old shows and seasons to go with them and all the episodes. use to have that option and i am not talking about like abc shows recent ones either who do only alow most recent episodes i am talking about older shows the episodes and seasons are gone only can watch next episode dont have a choice. old saying if it is not broke dont fix it applies in this case it was fine the way it was.

  195. remote will not pair. Can’t find anything or anyone to resolve. Since this is the 3rd or so step, terrified I won’t be able to connect, and I’ve divorced Direct TV

  196. Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads. If I am paying a monthly bill why am I forced to watch ads? Isn’t that the whole reason everyone and their dog started going to Netflix and Hulu so they could watch what they wanted to without having to veiw uninteresting ads? So what I am paying monthly I might as well buy the hard copy off amazon and then I don’t have to watch the stupid ads every 2 seconds. Bussines right? Gotta make a buck I guess. Idiotic, I may as well watch cbs it’s free and less ads.

  197. Ads ads ads ads. Wif am I paying monthly to see ads for? I could just buy the hard copy from amazon. So sick of ads on everything freaking thing I buy.

  198. What is going on not only is it buffering so much you can’t even enjoy any programs at all. To top it off tried to watch last night and could not even get anything to play at all only a black screen. If this is not resolved i will be cancelling. Not going to pay for what I can’t watch.

  199. My customer experience for Sept. 2018 has been abysmal. I had to log in every time I wanted to watch Hulu, and most of the time I could not watch because of some fantastic Hulu upgrade that was a bust. And then if I could log on it wouldn’t load. The whole month of Sept. 21018 I could only watch at best for one program before it would ask for log in i or it wouldn’t load at all. This is a paying service that I have not had without interruption for a full month. Where is the refund? Where is the love for their customers who pay? What does Hulu plan to do for the customers it has let down? I’m ready to cancel because of unprofessionalism. We pay for the service.

  200. I have been watching Hulu for sometime now and loved every minute of it, especially Blue Bloods.
    Since you have upgraded the format of Hulu I cannot get the other episodes 1-7
    I cannot watch my favorite ones.

  201. I have tried 3 ways to get help?! Is there a human being I can talk to? I have multiple accounts and need to consolidate them!

  202. I’m tired of paying for this since it does not work anymore. I would appreciate being able to watch something. Everything else works just not hulu.

  203. Hulu, Rayna, refuses to elevate my call to a supervisor and chose to argue about why i needed to talk to anyone higher up. She did refund and cancel my “account” but argued the entire time and blatantly repeatedly refused to elevate my call. Never have I experienced any type of customer service as Hulu just provided me, it has to be the worst.

  204. Trying to watch Michigan and MSU football game on Fox 2 St Louis on has been on the Wisconsin-Illinois game for 40 minutes..repeating the same quarter..????

  205. I think you are leaving out the people that need you the most. We have a house in the country and cannot get cable to it and we have too many trees to get satellite. We have a new internet for rural homes but it goes off of cell towers. Because it goes off of cell towers you consider it a hotspot and won’t allow Hulu live on my tv. I can get it on my iPad but have been told we will not be able to get it on our tv. It makes no sense to me.

  206. I can not log into my hulu account on my network using my tv or mobile phone. I am able to log into Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Directv now on my network with no problems. Is there a problem on the Hulu side?

  207. Tried to start free trial. Information did not go through. Pop up said to contact hulu at an 800 number immediately. NOBODY at that number spoke English!!!! NOBODY.

    If my credit card information has been compromised because of this crap, I will contact everybody I can find in government yellow pages.

    I am VERY sorry I ever tried this hulu joke and I will definitely spread the word.

  208. I keep getting billed on my card after I cancel subscription 3 months ago!!!
    Your automated system is screwed up. Please look into this problem ASAP, before I take legal action. I have went to your website and cancelled my subscription many times, it doesn’t to accept it and give a confirmation.
    Please take this matter very seriously and cancel my subscription immediately!
    STOP your automated billing system from trying to steal money off my credit card.
    Thank you: Paul Nail

  209. I added starz to my account to be able to watch outlander, iget outlander but nothing else could you please explain to me did I just buy outlander for 8.99 ?? Or what

  210. I gave Hulu my credit card information for a free one month trial and minutes later someone twice tried to buy over $5000. in airline tickets. Hulu has been hacked or has dishonest employees!!!!! Avoid Hulu and Disney products!!

  211. Hello My name is Lynn and I don’t have an account with Hulu I signed up for the free trial and I was canceling it on my phone when I got a text from Hulu advising me that It is arbitrary to cancel because you do not charge a monthly fee, I am charged per item I download. I have been charged 11.99 for October and November 2018. I tried to “log into” “My Account” to get a link to reset my password/ user name and it never showed up in my e-mail, spam or trash. The link only works if I have an account at Hulu and I don’t so why am I being charged.

  212. Hi. I pressed the “start your free trial now” button and I put in all my information, including my debit card numbers and info and it sent me a “thank you for your purchase” message. It then kicked me out and now when I go to long in it does not recognize me. I don’t know what happened and I’m kind of nervous because of it having my banking info. Can you please let me know what is going on and why it will not recognize me now? My email and my phone number is 717-654-2673. My name is Erin Anderton. Please email me back so I know what happened and I can put my mind at ease. I’m not sure why it said it went through but now it doesn’t recognize me. Thank you!

  213. I went to check out hulu and unfortunately that inquiry turned into a free trial that I did not want. I did not know I had this free trial until I get a charge deducted from my bank account (they even had it set up as a monthly reoccurring fee). I don’t even know how they get my bank account # to charge this too. To me, this is fraud and they need to be held accountable for it.

  214. Now to social media to spread Hulu’s fraudulent attempt at srealing your money under the use of free trial. they get your information and after you cancel your free trial(and you will) they continue billing you every month until you catch them.

  215. Hello. I’m writing this email so my information is on record that I attempted to signup for Hulu on 11/26/18 for the special rate of $.99/mo for the first year. It wouldn’t allow me to sign up, and continually said there was an error. I called, and the recording was that you were all busy trying to figure out the problem with the signup so no one was able to answer the phones.
    I wish for you to honor your special after the deal has expired as I tried to sign up and your system was failing. Thank you. I hope to be a future customer.

  216. I was trying to sign up for your Cyber Monday offer for .99 cents per month. Your website seems to have crashed and I can get nothing by telephone. It is now 11:00 pm East Coast Time and your web page is down. I would like to try your service however if that is not possible for the .99 cents per month then there would be no need toy respond to this message and I will keep Amazon Prime and Netflix.

  217. I signed up for the free trial of Hulu & the very next week I was charged for it. I have yet to even find it on my TV so I have yet to watch it for the first time. Would you please stop the service and return the charges which should never have been made. I was still in the Free period when the charge showed up on my bank statement. .Thank you,
    Wilma Seeman, 2000 Fountainview Circle, Apt. 415, Newark, DE 19713
    Phone 808 518 8681

  218. I am getting tired of the sound track not matching the video. Happens on my computer and iPad.
    Give me some reason why!!

    Thank you,

    Mark Williams

  219. One of the reasons we signed up for Hulu is for the show Homeland. Seasons 1 -5 are currently available and have been for quite a while.

    How come season 6 and for that matter season 7 aren’t also available? If they aren’t going to be available, soon, we’ll have to rethink our subscription.

    Thanks for your time! Dave Castagna

  220. i’m trying to cancel my account your site keep blocking me.

  221. thanks for your sights new format. we however loved having the choice of watching what season, episode, and being able to choose how many times we view the episodes. please allow us to do so again. we miss the choices we had please consider that I have questioned 30 members about this matter. thanks for your time.

  222. My credit card was hacked and there is a charge to for services. I have contacted my bank and told them of this fraud but I want to be sure you do NOT have me under any subscription or ongoing charges.

  223. It seems that 1) somebody is using your Hulu service by charging my account? Or 2)Hulu is charging me without any contract. Could you help me investigate my account?

    I had once used Hulu in Japan but disconnected a long time ago, I contacted them to see if they are charging me by error, but it was not.

    Last payment to my card was $11.99
    Zip code: 90064
    (My address zip is 90275, is this your office zip?)
    Hlu’Hulu 110423492704

    Merchant ID:

    I have never accessed and used
    your service as you should be able to tell from your side of record.
    Could you please find out the total amounts charged to my account and credit back please?

    I had a burglary incident and changed a card number, but the card company seemed to transfer all my monthly charges, if you find out somebody else was using my card, please share the information, I would like to share w the Lical sheriff department.

    • Please cancel my services as our family already has this through my spouse. My name is Debra Price the phone number is 850-501-0448. I have already called you once and you continue to charge me for something I am not using.

  224. Please cancel my services as our family already has this through my spouse. My name is Debra Price the phone number is 850-501-0448. I have already called you once and you continue to charge me for something I am not using.

  225. Hello, I have an account and am charged 11.83 per month but the websit keeps asking me to start my 5.99 free trial I just want to watch tv can you help me please. Thandk you

  226. You should make cards that you can reload with 1.00 a day services on them for some basic choices for service !

    • I’m still waiting for a a answer back about my account. I had it on hold and you change my bank account. It also won’t let me sign in, without a payment being made. How can this be…..

  227. I paid for no ads on my hulu. I got the service on the first night then after that im still seeing ads and my debit card was charged. Id appreciate if you could resolve this matter or give me a refund thank you

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