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Contacting Hertz Customer Service Center

Hertz is a rental car company that operates in airports and in standalone stores across the United States. You can find a local rental agency via the official website and book the rental from the comfort of your home even if you are traveling thousands of miles away to the destination where you’ll pick up the vehicle.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Hertz customer service phone numbers are available by phone what appears to be 24 hours a day. There are customer service hours for the Past Rental and Gold Rewards lines (6 A.M. to 9 P.M. CST), but no hours are listed for general customer service or other specialty phone numbers.

  • Rental Assistance (Future): 1-800-654-3131
  • International Rental Assistance: 1-800-654-3001
  • Reservations: 1-800-704-4473
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance: 1-800-654-5060
  • Extend a Rental or Change Location: 1-800-654-4174
  • Hertz Website Customer Assistance: 1-877-826-8782
  • Billing Questions (Past Rental): 1-800-654-4173
  • Gold Rewards: 1-888-999-4900
  • TDD: 1-800-654-2280

Mailing Address

There are plenty of customers who still believe in the power of a written letter. Those customers can use the post office box for Hertz for mail communication, but if you need to make changes to a reservation or communicate with customer service about a time-sensitive matter, do not use mail delivery.

The Hertz CorporationP.O. Box 25301Oklahoma City, OK 73125

Official Website

GO to https://www.hertz.com to check prices, book a reservation or change a reservation. The official Hertz website also provides customers with an email form they can use to contact the customer service department. The email form does ask for rental-specific information, but that information does NOT have to be entered to send the form. If you are looking for a credit form for the Mileage Program go to https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/partner/index.jsp?targetPage=ftRetroFormView.jsp.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email form https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/customersupport/index.jsp?targetPage=contactUsView.jsp can be used to contact an agent 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can also email customer service requests to: webmaster@hertz.comaccording to the message we received after sending an email using the customer contact form.

Facebook and Twitter accounts are available for quick questions that don’t require contacting the customer service department directly. Often, if the customer service representative on Facebook or Twitter cannot answer the question at hand they will tell customers how to best receive the information or support they need.

Our Experience

The experience a customer has when calling customer service often tells a lot about a company. The automated system for Hertz is poorly structured. The initial automated response took us through a few options attempting to route the call. We pressed 0 and another message started. This time the Hertz company was warning us about a $200 charge that would be placed on our credit card or debit card when we reserved. The charge is pulled in addition to the estimated fee of renting a vehicle. There is also mention of a credit report pulled if reservations are made with a debit card. We’re pretty certain these two topics are the top two reasons people complain to Hertz customer service. We pressed 0 after the warning messages and our call was placed on hold. We waited a total of 4:17 for a customer service representative to finally answer the call. When she did answer we requested a quote for a multi-rental trip to three destinations. The agent suggested we check prices on the Hertz website.

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14 Comments on “Contact Hertz Customer Service
  1. We reserved an 8 passenger vehicle for 03/22/2013 to be picked up at 1 pm at 3024 Fremont St, Las Vegas, Nevada. We had to leave for our destination by 1:30 so we arrived early about 12:30 p.m. We were told that the fleet of vehicles had not arrived yet so we had to wait. 2 p.m came and went. Nothing. Anxiety started to set in. We asked why the vehicle wasn’t ready when we had a reservation. No one could give us a good explanation. By this time we wanted to speak with the manager or someone that knew what was going on. We were late for our trip and no one seemed to care. Finally after much calling around, at about 2:30 pm the manager, Maria, located a vehicle but we had to pick it up at the airport. They gave us one to swap out. We paid for the rental, we made it clear that we wanted unlimited mileage. Also included was insurance coverage. For 2 days our total was $219.96. We were told they would also secure another $200.00 on our credit card until we returned the vehicle. We anxiously drove to the airport to pick up the vehicle. It was almost 3 pm and we were BEHIND schedule. The manager on duty, Nazita, was very courteous. She said she had the last 8 passenger left and will let us have it. We grabbed it and left for our trip very disappointed because of all we had to go through. What made it worst is that we were late for our trip.When we arrived back and returned the vehicle we were told that we were an hour late and we also had to pay mileage. Mileage? It was verified to us by Ashley at Fremont that we had unlimited mileage. We could not believe what we were hearing. They also calculated the time we initiated the rental at Fremont St instead of when we picked up the vehicle at the airport. Unbelievable!It was like we were paying for the mistakes they made and the inconvenience they did to us. Instead of the $219.96 we now had to pay $275.77. Couldn’t believe this was happening. No apologies for the inconvenience – more charges for being late arriving, when they made us late departing. Rochelle, the attendant on duty was very unprofessional and very rude and the manager, Eddie, offered us no help. He insisted we had to pay the fees. This is the worst experience we ever had at any car rental. We should be refunded the difference and we are still waiting for an apology. Good Customer Service does matter. It was lacking at Hertz and we have learned a lesson.

  2. I just want too say latasha Thompson at the Tampa fla airport is a excellent person. Her customer services were just great . Latasha took care of all my needs. I work with Fresenius and I see why our company does all their rentals with Hertz. Thanks Latasha for being such a beautiful person & helping me relax during a difficult time.

  3. I rented a car from your leeds airport office on 4 april this year. I filled the fuel tank the day before I returned the car and travelled about 60 miles to the airport. The fuel gauge was showing full when I got to the airport but I appreciate that it could not have been full. I now find that you have charged £64.94. This amount equates to approx 18 litres of fuel (or 4 gallons). For a car that had a consumpionof at least 50 miles per gallon I find that the amount charged is exorbitant. I would be pleased to receive your reply

  4. I faxed in the hertz gold application back in May. I am still waiting on card. I rented three hertz vehicles with in 60 days. I have up coming vacation plans and very much like to be credited for usaged for upgrades and other perks. I have not been able to get an reponses…..please help.

  5. HI, Good evening
    Unfortunately I recently rent a car from Hertz (Mazda 2) and unfortunately the car gave me and my family (my 6 years old son and my wife) a very BIG problem (car was not moving ) and while I called the office (talked to one of your employee) and gave 5 different calls (in total) to the Road assistance service (before I could get an assistance around 4 PM and had to wait until 7:45pm before I could finally get a car).

    First of all I was told by one of your employee (a Lady) that I should ”mind my language” when I was REQUESTING her “to get some help as soon as possible instead of talking ” (these were my words) as my son (6 years old) was crying in a heat in almost a desert area on a high way, in the heat of the sun…I had to on that day repeat my story 5 different time to 5 different people..

    then I had to go the infernal 3 hours of repeating my story to 5 different people and every single time I was put on hold
    .. and one lady first she said that I was not Driving the way i should be.. and when I asked her what did she mean (telling her that was NOT the first time I have been driving even though I did not know much in motors/ in cars mechanic but I never had any issue until that day) so she got MAD/upset and put me on hold… then the same lady called me leaving a message that there was an issue with the transmission or oil getting pocketed somewhere in the motor and I had to do some thing to get the car fixed….when I tried to call her back, an other lady told me that that person had already left the road assistance office and transferred me to some other person who did NOT know anything / was not aware of anything, of anything was going on.. which is AMAZING because whenever we call we are told that our conversations are recorded and the more Shocking is that no body was aware of anything though I had a talk with 5 different persons within a 2 hours and NO trace of anything regarding my conversation or my case!!! until I call again and request a 5th person to find out my case / my ongoing problem .. so then this lady took 10min (thanks to her) she did her job and could get help so that I could get a replacement car around 7:45PM

    one of the person That I had pleasure to talk as telling me that I had to Pay everything for the Towing ..when I asked her that I have taken the road side assistance insurance I was told that it was Not covered within it (amazing.. isn’t it..) and then when I called the Hertz unit manager at Flagstaff (he) told me something totally different!!

    all this to let you know that you and your road side assistance do NOT know what they are doing….and they are NOT helping anybody at all..
    I had to go through all this to figure out.

    I want all my rental money reimbursed now and the prejudice of going through all this (My 6 years old son, my wife and myself)

    I want an ANSER to this email as soon as possible.

  6. On July 31, 2013, we rented a van for a vacation. The inside of the van was filthy! It looked like someone vomited on the floor and it was not cleaned properly. We did not have a full tank of gas when we picked up the van. The side door did not work properly – kept opening/closing and would not shut all the way. Then I rented a car for September 19 online but called the 800 # to confirm the reservation for Sept 19 pick up. When I went to pick up, they said my reservation was for the 20th. As I have to leave early on the 20th I know I did not make reservations for pick up on the 20th!

    Customer service both times was very poor. The person acted like it was “tough luck lady” and not “what can I do to make this right for you”. I will not go back to Hertz even tho I get good discounts thru my insurance. Not worth the hassle to save a few dollars!

  7. I sent a complaint to Hertz over 24 hours ago on exhorbitant charges because I returned it to a different location. I am trying to get some of the charges reversed. This is first time I rented a car from Hertz and it turned out to be a disaster. I usually rent from Alamo or National. However, if they will reverse some of the charges, I will consider them for my next business trip to Westchester Airport.

  8. Had a reservation at MCO when I arrived there were 3 asterisks next to my name. I had received a confirming email but no space number. I am a 5 star member whatever that means. I was given a car that had a GPS in it which I did not order. Hertz does a bait and switch and charges me $34.95. When I tried to get it adjusted over the phone I was given conflicting info. When I arrived at MCO there was no one available to check me in and no one at the Gold Desk. Hertz customer service is not existant.

  9. I would like to give a big shout out a huge KUDOS to John Moser who helped us when my brother passed — My husband needed to come to Ohio and pick me up and he called at the spur of a notice and was able to pick the car up and come get me without any bit of hassle — This is a new location that just happened to open up the week before — What a blessing that was — We only have one other car rental place and they are outrageous — so once again — Thank you John Moser and Hertz for being there for us :) Mrs. David Watson (Danville, Va)

  10. a trip of a life time for two 25 year olds one gifting the other because he almost died and was in a comma for months. arrived from tampa to Denver int airport to pick up reserved car for 10 days of adventure {they cant find there reservation} WHAT HAD TO GET A TAXI OUT OF THE AIRPORT 50.00 no cars aval. taxi to another car rental get a box car no gps 9,90.00 for 10 days THANKS ALOT HERTZ FOR FUCKING UP THE START OF OUR TRIP [YOU SUCK] AND WHEN YOU FINALY FOUND OUR RES. YOU CALL AND WERE ALLREADY ON THE ROAD SO WERE NOT GOING TO DRIVE BACK AND UNDO EVERYTHING ASSHOLES YOU SHOULD SEND US A FREE RENT COUPON FOR WHAT YOU PUT US THREW [OH NO WERE NOT IN THAT KIND OF WORLD ANYMORE] .

  11. The worst customer service ever!!!!!!
    I rented car in Gold service. They double rented my car to someone else so when I arrived someone else’s name was on sign in my space number given to me in confirmation email on sign and no car for me. I had to wait 40 minutes for a car.
    Then day before I was to return car I get emailed a bill for a different car that was returned at Ft Lauderdale airport where I rented mine but it is a car I did not ever have, I still have my rental car.
    I called billing department waited 5 minutes on hold and then talked to Andrea who put me on hold again and I was disconnected. Then I called back waited 5 minutes for an attendant again for the second time. This time I got Ed who was a total Idiot. He says I have to call the branch and he cant help me, yet this is the number listed on bill for billing inquiries. He says he is going to transfer the call to the Ft Lauderdale location where I would have to leave a message for help with my problem. Unbelievable!! I have now been sitting here for 20 minutes with the phone ringing and no one answering at the other end at supposed Hertz office that this idiot Ed transferred me to. So after going through 30 minutes of aggravation I have no customer service from Hertz and again as I write the phone still rings with no answer from person or machine. Its now 23 minutes.
    This is only my most recent problem with Hertz.
    I rented a car a few weeks ago that I picked up at Miami airport. I went and stayed at the Harbor Beach Marriott and had my car in Valet. A few days into my rental I go to get my car from Valet to go to an important business meeting and I have no car. After stressing out and trying to figure out where this car was and was I responsible I find out that the car was picked up by the local Hertz branch. REALLY!! why? I was not to return the car for days. I lost an hour and half of my personal time who knows how much gas was used while someone at Hertz was driving it and most Importantly I missed my Important meeting loosing a potential customer for me. When I discussed it when I returned the car they did not care at all. In addition when I questioned the girl from Hertz that brought the car back to hotel about what happened her attitude was oh well. Its now 29 minutes I have been typing and the phone is still ringing that the Hertz guy Ed connected me to that I was supposed to leave message.
    You can kiss this customer goodbye and any and everyone I can tell about this nightmare of customer service!!!!!!!!!!
    Its now been35 minutes and 22 seconds the phone has been ringing and no one at Hertz office that Ed transferred me to answers nor do I get any machine to leave message.

  12. i made a car reservation over the internet but had trouble completing the reservation. i called in to your help center where i spoke with latisha. she was one of the most gracious and patient cust. service reps i have ever dealt with. i was able to complete my reservation with her assisting me to my complete satisfaction. kudos to your corporation for selecting such competent associates. pls. rest assured that all my business partners will hear about my great experience.
    b.t.w. i asked for her last name which she was not at liberty to give but she told me her agent # is 4452.

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