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Contacting Hertz Customer Service Center

Hertz is a rental car company that operates in airports and in standalone stores across the United States. You can find a local rental agency via the official website and book the rental from the comfort of your home even if you are traveling thousands of miles away to the destination where you’ll pick up the vehicle.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Hertz customer service phone numbers are available by phone what appears to be 24 hours a day. There are customer service hours for the Past Rental and Gold Rewards lines (6 A.M. to 9 P.M. CST), but no hours are listed for general customer service or other specialty phone numbers.

  • Rental Assistance (Future): 1-800-654-3131
  • International Rental Assistance: 1-800-654-3001
  • Reservations: 1-800-704-4473
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance: 1-800-654-5060
  • Extend a Rental or Change Location: 1-800-654-4174
  • Hertz Website Customer Assistance: 1-877-826-8782
  • Billing Questions (Past Rental): 1-800-654-4173
  • Gold Rewards: 1-888-999-4900
  • TDD: 1-800-654-2280

Mailing Address

There are plenty of customers who still believe in the power of a written letter. Those customers can use the post office box for Hertz for mail communication, but if you need to make changes to a reservation or communicate with customer service about a time-sensitive matter, do not use mail delivery.

The Hertz CorporationP.O. Box 25301Oklahoma City, OK 73125

Official Website

GO to to check prices, book a reservation or change a reservation. The official Hertz website also provides customers with an email form they can use to contact the customer service department. The email form does ask for rental-specific information, but that information does NOT have to be entered to send the form. If you are looking for a credit form for the Mileage Program go to

Customer Service Email

The customer service email form can be used to contact an agent 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can also email customer service requests to: webmaster@hertz.comaccording to the message we received after sending an email using the customer contact form.

Facebook and Twitter accounts are available for quick questions that don’t require contacting the customer service department directly. Often, if the customer service representative on Facebook or Twitter cannot answer the question at hand they will tell customers how to best receive the information or support they need.

Our Experience

The experience a customer has when calling customer service often tells a lot about a company. The automated system for Hertz is poorly structured. The initial automated response took us through a few options attempting to route the call. We pressed 0 and another message started. This time the Hertz company was warning us about a $200 charge that would be placed on our credit card or debit card when we reserved. The charge is pulled in addition to the estimated fee of renting a vehicle. There is also mention of a credit report pulled if reservations are made with a debit card. We’re pretty certain these two topics are the top two reasons people complain to Hertz customer service. We pressed 0 after the warning messages and our call was placed on hold. We waited a total of 4:17 for a customer service representative to finally answer the call. When she did answer we requested a quote for a multi-rental trip to three destinations. The agent suggested we check prices on the Hertz website.

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96 Comments on “Contact Hertz Customer Service
  1. We reserved an 8 passenger vehicle for 03/22/2013 to be picked up at 1 pm at 3024 Fremont St, Las Vegas, Nevada. We had to leave for our destination by 1:30 so we arrived early about 12:30 p.m. We were told that the fleet of vehicles had not arrived yet so we had to wait. 2 p.m came and went. Nothing. Anxiety started to set in. We asked why the vehicle wasn’t ready when we had a reservation. No one could give us a good explanation. By this time we wanted to speak with the manager or someone that knew what was going on. We were late for our trip and no one seemed to care. Finally after much calling around, at about 2:30 pm the manager, Maria, located a vehicle but we had to pick it up at the airport. They gave us one to swap out. We paid for the rental, we made it clear that we wanted unlimited mileage. Also included was insurance coverage. For 2 days our total was $219.96. We were told they would also secure another $200.00 on our credit card until we returned the vehicle. We anxiously drove to the airport to pick up the vehicle. It was almost 3 pm and we were BEHIND schedule. The manager on duty, Nazita, was very courteous. She said she had the last 8 passenger left and will let us have it. We grabbed it and left for our trip very disappointed because of all we had to go through. What made it worst is that we were late for our trip.When we arrived back and returned the vehicle we were told that we were an hour late and we also had to pay mileage. Mileage? It was verified to us by Ashley at Fremont that we had unlimited mileage. We could not believe what we were hearing. They also calculated the time we initiated the rental at Fremont St instead of when we picked up the vehicle at the airport. Unbelievable!It was like we were paying for the mistakes they made and the inconvenience they did to us. Instead of the $219.96 we now had to pay $275.77. Couldn’t believe this was happening. No apologies for the inconvenience – more charges for being late arriving, when they made us late departing. Rochelle, the attendant on duty was very unprofessional and very rude and the manager, Eddie, offered us no help. He insisted we had to pay the fees. This is the worst experience we ever had at any car rental. We should be refunded the difference and we are still waiting for an apology. Good Customer Service does matter. It was lacking at Hertz and we have learned a lesson.

  2. I just want too say latasha Thompson at the Tampa fla airport is a excellent person. Her customer services were just great . Latasha took care of all my needs. I work with Fresenius and I see why our company does all their rentals with Hertz. Thanks Latasha for being such a beautiful person & helping me relax during a difficult time.

  3. I rented a car from your leeds airport office on 4 april this year. I filled the fuel tank the day before I returned the car and travelled about 60 miles to the airport. The fuel gauge was showing full when I got to the airport but I appreciate that it could not have been full. I now find that you have charged £64.94. This amount equates to approx 18 litres of fuel (or 4 gallons). For a car that had a consumpionof at least 50 miles per gallon I find that the amount charged is exorbitant. I would be pleased to receive your reply

    • Hertz charged me $20 for a small speck they found on my windshield when I returned my car. I couldn’t see it with my glasses on and they didn’t have a magnifying glass. They told me I was supposed to inspect my car, but there were no dents or damages when I did so, even though when I picked it up they did not tell me to inspect it. They apologized for that but still charged me the $20. I use Avis but they did not have a car for me for a month. They are a good company. Hertz seems to be into two bit scams that you’d think would be beneath them, but they’re not. They won’t get my business again.

  4. I faxed in the hertz gold application back in May. I am still waiting on card. I rented three hertz vehicles with in 60 days. I have up coming vacation plans and very much like to be credited for usaged for upgrades and other perks. I have not been able to get an reponses…..please help.

  5. HI, Good evening
    Unfortunately I recently rent a car from Hertz (Mazda 2) and unfortunately the car gave me and my family (my 6 years old son and my wife) a very BIG problem (car was not moving ) and while I called the office (talked to one of your employee) and gave 5 different calls (in total) to the Road assistance service (before I could get an assistance around 4 PM and had to wait until 7:45pm before I could finally get a car).

    First of all I was told by one of your employee (a Lady) that I should ”mind my language” when I was REQUESTING her “to get some help as soon as possible instead of talking ” (these were my words) as my son (6 years old) was crying in a heat in almost a desert area on a high way, in the heat of the sun…I had to on that day repeat my story 5 different time to 5 different people..

    then I had to go the infernal 3 hours of repeating my story to 5 different people and every single time I was put on hold
    .. and one lady first she said that I was not Driving the way i should be.. and when I asked her what did she mean (telling her that was NOT the first time I have been driving even though I did not know much in motors/ in cars mechanic but I never had any issue until that day) so she got MAD/upset and put me on hold… then the same lady called me leaving a message that there was an issue with the transmission or oil getting pocketed somewhere in the motor and I had to do some thing to get the car fixed….when I tried to call her back, an other lady told me that that person had already left the road assistance office and transferred me to some other person who did NOT know anything / was not aware of anything, of anything was going on.. which is AMAZING because whenever we call we are told that our conversations are recorded and the more Shocking is that no body was aware of anything though I had a talk with 5 different persons within a 2 hours and NO trace of anything regarding my conversation or my case!!! until I call again and request a 5th person to find out my case / my ongoing problem .. so then this lady took 10min (thanks to her) she did her job and could get help so that I could get a replacement car around 7:45PM

    one of the person That I had pleasure to talk as telling me that I had to Pay everything for the Towing ..when I asked her that I have taken the road side assistance insurance I was told that it was Not covered within it (amazing.. isn’t it..) and then when I called the Hertz unit manager at Flagstaff (he) told me something totally different!!

    all this to let you know that you and your road side assistance do NOT know what they are doing….and they are NOT helping anybody at all..
    I had to go through all this to figure out.

    I want all my rental money reimbursed now and the prejudice of going through all this (My 6 years old son, my wife and myself)

    I want an ANSER to this email as soon as possible.

    • I am a handicapped person who rented a jeep compass in los angeles. I get the car on the freeway and it is shaking. Turns out the hand controls were faulty and the brake would not release so you accelerate with the brake down. I called roadside assistance and they told me to drive to LAX a good 120 miles away. I said I am afraid to drive this car. Their next solution was to have the car towed but they would leave me there.
      If you are healthy I caution you from renting from Hertz. If you are handicapped, you have to be crazy to use Hertz.

  6. On July 31, 2013, we rented a van for a vacation. The inside of the van was filthy! It looked like someone vomited on the floor and it was not cleaned properly. We did not have a full tank of gas when we picked up the van. The side door did not work properly – kept opening/closing and would not shut all the way. Then I rented a car for September 19 online but called the 800 # to confirm the reservation for Sept 19 pick up. When I went to pick up, they said my reservation was for the 20th. As I have to leave early on the 20th I know I did not make reservations for pick up on the 20th!

    Customer service both times was very poor. The person acted like it was “tough luck lady” and not “what can I do to make this right for you”. I will not go back to Hertz even tho I get good discounts thru my insurance. Not worth the hassle to save a few dollars!

  7. I sent a complaint to Hertz over 24 hours ago on exhorbitant charges because I returned it to a different location. I am trying to get some of the charges reversed. This is first time I rented a car from Hertz and it turned out to be a disaster. I usually rent from Alamo or National. However, if they will reverse some of the charges, I will consider them for my next business trip to Westchester Airport.

  8. Had a reservation at MCO when I arrived there were 3 asterisks next to my name. I had received a confirming email but no space number. I am a 5 star member whatever that means. I was given a car that had a GPS in it which I did not order. Hertz does a bait and switch and charges me $34.95. When I tried to get it adjusted over the phone I was given conflicting info. When I arrived at MCO there was no one available to check me in and no one at the Gold Desk. Hertz customer service is not existant.


  10. recently I was attending a conference at the JW Marriot in Palm Desert, California in the hotel you have a kiosk. Your associate Ms Francisca Reyes- Acosta went way beyond customer service she provided my wife and I fantastic assistance, she research cars available, gave us the best deal she could for short notice. She utilized our AAA discount and was very professional. I will now be a loyal customer of Hertz, as a past business owner I appreciate when people care and go out of there way! Thank you
    David& Linda Valenti

  11. i am wirteing this letter to let everyone know that hertz is the best in the business on 4-10-14 at 8.00pm i was treted like a very speacal person by the hold staff i told all my friends and coworkers i cannot stop talking about how good and profesonal the hold staff was if i could remenber some names that would bad to leave someone out so please make a note i am your coustamer for life thanks thanks thanks yours truly john h swindle


  13. I rented the car on priceline for one price and when I went to pick up the car I was told that there were no compact cars. I was upgraded but did not know that I would be charged extra. I did not look at my paperwork because I was tired and rushing to drive to my nephew’s graduation! I saw the extra charge on my acct. and called and had to wait almost 2 weeks for a reply. Because of the upgrade I was charged an extra $69.30. If I had of known that I would of went with another company. I will not use priceline or hertz again. I called and was told that a manager would be calling me back. I have not heard from anyone! I’ve rented cars before and when I had to be upgraded because they did not have a certain car I was not charged EXTRA! I’m very upset about this. S. Daniels

  14. I rented a car from Ft. walton airport and to return in Memphis. The guy at the counter was very nice and helpful BUT when he pulled up return locations and we chose one close to my home in Memphis the computer did not tell us that the location we chose was closed at the time I would be returning. SOOOO when I called Hertz back and told them they said $250.00 change location fee. Really? This was not my fault I would have chosen a different location in the beginning. The solution— the lady on the phone said well that original location is only a corporate office and not a drop off so you need to take it to Olive Branch airport instead. Thats an additional 20 miles and it is now 8pm. I drive to OB airport and there is NO hertz at that airport. I call back and after another 20 minute wait and I am sitting in the airport lot I decide to just drive to the Memphis international airport. They were open (now 9:00pm)and after much discussion took the rental car at the rate I was quoted in the beginning. I will never rent from them again!!

  15. I hired a car from stansted airport on line, the day i booked it 115.20 was taken from my account. On returning the car to the airport i had a puncture which i dealt with. The attendant was having trouble with his machine so he let me sign the forms so i didn`t miss my flight. When i arrived home i had a email from hertz to fill out a form wich i did giving them flying colours. I have since checked my bank account, and another 275.43 has gone from my account. As far as i am concerned tyres are garenteed.and it is not an accident, I think i should be compensated for my delay through no falt of mine as the car had no damage. I think 390.63 for 8 days hire is point blank robbery, i live in spain and most of my friend hire cars regularly but not from hertz anymore. WHO IS GETTING THE MONEY THAT IS BEING THIEVED.

  16. I just had the most negative experience by an employee of Hertz Rental Agency on N. Oak Trafficway, Gladstone, MO. Jerrod Young was rude, belligerent, & acted w/o remorse when he spoke to me nor did he ever offer to send me a copy of the billing statement. This in fact took 3 more calls until I was informed he had left for the day.

    I was charged for charges that i did NOT take out on a rental vehicle after my personal auto was damaged by a car wash and the company was PAYING ALL CHARGES INCURRED!!

  17. Since you have not replied to my email, about taking an extra 275.43 pounds from my bank account, because i had a puncture which is no damage to the car, as the tyres were new they are garenteed. I was the one in trouble as i nearly missed my flight. Anyway i will be returning to the UK soon and will go to the small claims court to get my money back, also i will be sending a letter too every free paper in the south east of spain to let everyone know to be wary of Hertz car hire.

  18. I would like to give a big shout out a huge KUDOS to John Moser who helped us when my brother passed — My husband needed to come to Ohio and pick me up and he called at the spur of a notice and was able to pick the car up and come get me without any bit of hassle — This is a new location that just happened to open up the week before — What a blessing that was — We only have one other car rental place and they are outrageous — so once again — Thank you John Moser and Hertz for being there for us 🙂 Mrs. David Watson (Danville, Va)

  19. The worst customer service ever!!!!!!
    I rented car in Gold service. They double rented my car to someone else so when I arrived someone else’s name was on sign in my space number given to me in confirmation email on sign and no car for me. I had to wait 40 minutes for a car.
    Then day before I was to return car I get emailed a bill for a different car that was returned at Ft Lauderdale airport where I rented mine but it is a car I did not ever have, I still have my rental car.
    I called billing department waited 5 minutes on hold and then talked to Andrea who put me on hold again and I was disconnected. Then I called back waited 5 minutes for an attendant again for the second time. This time I got Ed who was a total Idiot. He says I have to call the branch and he cant help me, yet this is the number listed on bill for billing inquiries. He says he is going to transfer the call to the Ft Lauderdale location where I would have to leave a message for help with my problem. Unbelievable!! I have now been sitting here for 20 minutes with the phone ringing and no one answering at the other end at supposed Hertz office that this idiot Ed transferred me to. So after going through 30 minutes of aggravation I have no customer service from Hertz and again as I write the phone still rings with no answer from person or machine. Its now 23 minutes.
    This is only my most recent problem with Hertz.
    I rented a car a few weeks ago that I picked up at Miami airport. I went and stayed at the Harbor Beach Marriott and had my car in Valet. A few days into my rental I go to get my car from Valet to go to an important business meeting and I have no car. After stressing out and trying to figure out where this car was and was I responsible I find out that the car was picked up by the local Hertz branch. REALLY!! why? I was not to return the car for days. I lost an hour and half of my personal time who knows how much gas was used while someone at Hertz was driving it and most Importantly I missed my Important meeting loosing a potential customer for me. When I discussed it when I returned the car they did not care at all. In addition when I questioned the girl from Hertz that brought the car back to hotel about what happened her attitude was oh well. Its now 29 minutes I have been typing and the phone is still ringing that the Hertz guy Ed connected me to that I was supposed to leave message.
    You can kiss this customer goodbye and any and everyone I can tell about this nightmare of customer service!!!!!!!!!!
    Its now been35 minutes and 22 seconds the phone has been ringing and no one at Hertz office that Ed transferred me to answers nor do I get any machine to leave message.

  20. i made a car reservation over the internet but had trouble completing the reservation. i called in to your help center where i spoke with latisha. she was one of the most gracious and patient cust. service reps i have ever dealt with. i was able to complete my reservation with her assisting me to my complete satisfaction. kudos to your corporation for selecting such competent associates. pls. rest assured that all my business partners will hear about my great experience.
    b.t.w. i asked for her last name which she was not at liberty to give but she told me her agent # is 4452.

  21. 12/17/2014

    Dear Hertz,

    You have trained your staff to be accommodating to the needs of the customer, and I personally witnessed the kind, and thoughtfulness of your staff yesterday! Namely: Joe Cruz and Jason Cruz at the Lafayette and 4th Street location (NYMAN02).

    Thank you once again for allowing me to write this review; whenever, you are treated well…, is it only fair as a Gold Member to let Hertz know they are doing a TERRIFIC JOB!

    Happy Christmas 🙂




  24. I will never use hertz again. Philadelphia airport experience is unacceptable. 35 minute wait for bus from terminal this month. Last month 25 wait for bus to catch flight. They don’t care, they have a rude and unhelpful staff and the 800 line confirm and reconfirm my reservation for times yet when I arrived my $1000 3 day rental was unavailable. After arguing for 20 minutes for the original rate I gave up and at 10 pm I left walked with luggage three blocks on a dark Airport Road to Dollar Rent-A-Car for the same days and drop off location for $500. Never again Hertz. You have a serious customer service problem. You had no less than 10 employees and two managers who had the opportunity to do the right thing but none were able to do it.You’ve lost yet another gold member.

  25. I called Hertz on 10/13/15. I explained the following situation to Paul and Kevin from Hertz customer service. I rented a car – Toyota Corolla from Thrifty on 9/17/2015@ Shannon – Invoice # RA80/8693130. On Saturday 9/26/15 as I was driving through the mountains from Cork to Kerry the clutch on the car gave out. When I first picked up the car at Shannon the clutch made noises, I should have returned the car at that time but was in a hurry to meet with relatives.

    I have rented cars in Ireland (2009) was the last time (as well as the 60’s, 70’s,& 90’s) all manual drive with no problems. I learned to drive with a manual clutch and never had problems. I also owned a Corolla. When the car broke down, Hertz gave me another Toyota (same model Corolla) and I experienced no grinding or problems with that car the last five days.

    I was astounded when I received a charge of $2784.56 for vehicle damage. I checked with my insurance agent in Massachusetts and he did not think I would be liable for these damages. You have probably rented this car numerous times and whoever drove it wore down this clutch.

    I am a 70 year old retired teacher/principal who raised five children and can not afford such a repair. The only way I can afford visiting Ireland Is staying with cousins and the cost of this repair is twice what I paid for the entire trip. Also, I do not feel the manner in which this was handled was ethical and proper. No one from Hertz mentioned I would be charged for repairs to a worn clutch. I was rushing to get a plane and not thinking I was responsible for the maintenance of the car.

    I do not feel this situation was handled ethically or properly. I always tried to teach my students business ethics and customer respect. If I had been in an accident I could understand my liability. But to be responsible for other drivers wearing down a clutch and to charge me such a large amount is in my view not just or ethical. Kevin from Hertz Customer Relations said it was going to be reviewed. I await your reply. Thank you. Pat O’Shea

  26. From: Carlos Greco []
    Sent: 23 September 2015 18:58
    To: Customer Service
    Cc: Victoria Mariuzzo
    Subject: Reimbursement

    Dear Sirs

    Back in Argentina I am asking the reimbursement of the payment made in

    Invoice No: RA 80/8642693


    I was promised to have the additional driver free.
    I took the car at Dublin office.
    Dublin City Centre – Baggot Street Bridge
    2 Haddington Road,,
    Dublin, D4

    I asked the employee to confirm the additional driver free. He went back and came with the confirmation. Mainly because I did not need it and might add it if it were free, just in case.
    The employee confirmed The Reservation included Additional Driver free.
    He gave me the CUSTOMER INVOICE CARD with a total amount of
    179 EUR.
    Please check this with your Dublin office.

    When I dropped off the car at Dublin airport, I was given the invoice with the additional driver charge of 41.85 EUR. I said it was a mistake and ask fot the contract.
    The employee said he did not have the contract in the computer (?) and he told me to go to the office at the airport.
    At the office I asked fot the reimbursement and the employee there said he did not have the contract in the computer (???) and told me to send this email.

    Please put the amount in my credit car.
    Thank you.
    Carlos Greco

  27. In these past few months, we had an unpleasant experience with Enterprise Rental. Since we would be needing another rental, we decided to try Hertz instead. We made a reservation, but we did not use use it.
    It so happened that in the same time frame, our daughter hit a deer on the road and she needed a rental car. So, we suggested Hertz. Her initial experience was awful. Morgan Branham @ Ballwin Hertz (Missouri) made her wait so long, that she decided to leave and try the next day. When she got the car the following day, the transaction was done incorrectly. Nick Merten rented the car under our reservation (for a Frontier). That was corrected and all was well until a few days later, my daughter was broadsided by a car while she was driving through a quiet neighborhood with her 4 year old son in the back seat.
    She went back to exchange the car. In the process, she forgot to retrieve our garage door opener. When she realized this the following day (Friday), she immediately called. Morgan told her that she would call her back. She never did. My daughter called again, but like in other instances, the office was closed and the Clayton office answered. The man was very nice and told my daughter that he would call her back with the information of how to obtain our door opener back. He did call and said that she needed to contact Ballwin and speak with either Morgan or Nick. They would assist her.
    They never did. Finally, on Monday, she called again and was told that the car was sent to be fixed to the Airport location and she needed to pick up the opener herself. Our daughter was not given any assistance as to whom she could speak to there. We don’t understand why she was not given this information Friday. It is not very safe these days, to have a garage door open in an unknown location. We feel vulnerable and unsafe.
    So, my wife called once more and Morgan answered. She was rude and blunt not even trying to be serviceable or helpful.She gave my wife the number to call and that was it. She even went further to state that it was not her door opener and it was our problem not hers and she warned my wife that she was going to hang up. That is when my wife called a “bad employee”, nothing else, and she hung up.
    This is the kind of service that can be called poor. This is no way to provide good customer service. As a courtesy,she should have helped us make contact with the appropriate person @ that location. If they were aware of the issue, it could have been resolved promptly and efficiently.
    The two persons @ Ballwin are bad employees. The need to learn what customer service is really about. They have no clue of the appropriate behavior when treating a customer. We feel disrespected and mistreated.
    Today, we have to try and call the number we were given to try and find the article my daughter left behind. I am sure that this is not the first time anyone leaves and object behind. If customers are going to be treated this badly, they will not come back.
    We have used Hertz in Puerto Rico and had a positive experience. We are not going that route again. There are plenty of car rental companies that we can use.
    Feel free to call us if you would like further information.

    Carlos and Ampi Burgos

  28. Has anyone here have an answer back? I rented a car from these shishty people from Tulsa OK location number is 753602 on Peoria. And this is my story. I tried to leave an email on their site and filed out a crap load of information they wanted, get this. there was NO SUBMIT button, 10 minutes out of my short life gone! Anyway this is what I am trying to send.
    First of all just to write an email, is all this information necessary? Anyway, I am not happy the way things were handled, I will NOT be using Hertz for anything again! Someone messed up my drop off date and place and Hertz charged extra costs to my card. And why isn’t tax charged when you rent? I CANNOT get my money back from this mistake, for 21 days!! I am now paying for this. The money is being held from me using. Because of some incompetent person. Some of us really need that $199.00! From a 114.00 bill then they added 12.54 to my bill I guess that was for tax on the car. I have called several times to resolve this because I only had $10 left on my card and almost caused a heart attack! This is totally unacceptable. And your company is probably as big or bigger then AT&T and really don’t care if one person says I will not use them again! I will not use AT&T ever either. So out of touch from customers. But that one person will tell other people not to use them trying to rip people off! I understand you need a deposit but some of these charges I got were ridiculous! Because someone put the wrong date to drop off, so you charged me for 3 or 4 days till I brought back the car and now my card has the money on hold. Then I cant send you an email from YOUR site and filled it all out with no submit button, good work!

  29. Oops forgot to say I got their so called deal. charged me 19.80 for 4 days then 1 day at 30.46 I paid in advance for a good deal! with my card. No wonder they are so cheap! They have no customer service!

  30. I will never rent with Hertz again. I rented a car from Cortez Colorado last week and returned the car to Camelback road, Phoenix, AZ. I forgot my wallet in the car. When I called the company they said that everything was in the wallet, and the manager told me that she would mail my wallet that day. Several hours later I noticed that charges were going through on my credit card!!! Someone had taken my cards out of the wallet and started making purchases. I have called the manager of the store location several times to complain and she is ignoring my calls. She told one of the employees to inform me that the post office must have stolen all of my stuff after she mailed it. I recieved my wallet today and all my cards are in there so someone that works at Hertz clearly used them before mailing the wallet. I have called Hertz customer service line, however no one is responding. This has been a terrible experience. I now have to set up alerts on all of my credit accounts.

  31. Hertz is a company that completely lacks integrity, fails miserably in the communication with customer departments and has staff that do not respond to any form of communication whatsoever, right as far as the CEO of the South Africa branch of Hertz Rental Cars. We have even sent a letter to complain to SAVRALA about the lack of the integrity and professionalism of Hertz, as they refuse to pay a claim where a Hertz vehicle ploughed into the back of our son’s vehicle. They deny liability and refuse to repair our son’s vehicle, saying that their customer was in breach of his contract with them. I wish they would take ownership for their business and get someone to act with integrity!

    • I just turned my car in to Hertz and can only say I agree with you entirely. They re the worse rental company I have ever used.

  32. On Christmas night, we found that our National car rental office at HPN had closed at 5PM, even though we had a confirmed reservation for 9PM. No other rental company had any cars available and there were no taxis available to get to our hotel 45 minutes away. After telling us that Hertz had no cars available the desk agent went in the back and spoke to your Manager, Mayra Torres-Cardona. Ms. Torres-Cardona said that she had a small car, which would not be good for our rental from HPN to Florida, but that she could give it to us. She suggested that we could arrange for a full size car for the long trip at our leisure after getting to the hotel in CT.

    Ms. Torres-Cardona literally saved our Christmas trip by going that extra step when all the other rental companies didn’t. National Car rental is now off our list of companies we will use in the future, and Hertz has jumped to the top because of Ms. Torres-Cardona. I do not know how you reward your Location Managers, but I hope that you see your way to making her 2016 a little better.

  33. Your agent, Debbie CSR, was WONDERFUL to us at the rental desk!!! She was knowledgeable, professional, and caring. We are pleased with out service, delighted with our rental car, and–thanks to Debbie CSR, we’ll be back!!!

  34. I sent a email to you a number of days ago in regards to a double charge on a rental. on Jan 7, 2016 i repaid $627.20 for a car to be picked up on 1/13/2016
    I was going to keep the car until 1/19/2016 My plans changed and I turn the car in 1/16/2016 and was charge another $235.76 for a total charge of $863.06 I think this is a large charge for using the car only less than 96 hours.

  35. We have rent a car from Athens Airport and we requested a baby car booster. When they gave us the booster at the delivery area we found out that the booster wasn’t very convenient and we returned it back. The employee promised us that he will inform his colleagues at the accounting office that we returned the booster in order to avoid any charges. However when we returned the car we found out that he didn’t inform anyone. The employee at the reception promised us that there will not be any charges. However they charged us for the booster we never use and we had to call them 4 times to request our money back. They are answering the phone and they keep telling us that they are very busy and that they will someday return the money.

    We fell very sorry about this attitude that stain hertz reputation.

  36. Back in November of 2016, I made a trip home to New England to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my friend and his family. Before leaving I made a reservation and put down over $200 online which I advised the attendant at the airport Hertz in Windsor Locks, CT. He quoted me over $400 and said that the over $200 would be applied which it never was, because at the time I returned the car, my credit card was charged over $450 which means I spent over $600 for six days. I called the company complaining in vain. No satisfaction.

  37. I will never go with Hertz again. Customer Service SUCKS and they have all of these Indians answering the phones and they can’t speak English well nor do they know what to do when they are helping someone. They are rude and inconsiderate. Which makes Hertz look bad. LESSON LEARNED I will never rent form Hertz again. Their lost I travel all the time.

  38. I reserved a van on March 10, 2017 to be used for a family vacation in May. I even stopped in the rental office two weeks prior to our vacation to confirm we would still get the van. Yes they reassured me I would. Well on the day to pick up the van to leave for our trip I get a call stating they don’t have a van for us. They could have a van if we could wait a few more days. The vehicle they had was terrible. We all wouldn’t fit (with luggage). We actually had to leave family behind as we only had room for immediate family. Even then we were crammed, even holding some of our luggage/belongings. What is the purpose of reserving 2 months head only to be told sorry cant do. Shame on you Hertz, this was a family vacation that we had saved for and looked forward to for a whole year. I realize things happen but it wasn’t like a asked for the van on a moment’s notice, it was two months!!??

  39. I, and 20+ other customers have been waiting, some more than an hour, for vehicles we have already paid for. Nobody can get a straight answer as to the delay.
    This is a really crappy way for us to be spending the first hours of what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation. If this is the standard of customer service, good luck retaining my future business, or that of these other customers waiting.

  40. I am a handicapped person who rented a jeep compass in los angeles. I get the car on the freeway and it is shaking. Turns out the hand controls were faulty and the brake would not release so you accelerate with the brake down. I called roadside assistance and they told me to drive to LAX a good 120 miles away. I said I am afraid to drive this car. Their next solution was to have the car towed but they would leave me there.
    If you are healthy I caution you from renting from Hertz. If you are handicapped, you have to be crazy to use Hertz.

  41. On Sunday July 23, 2017, about 19.16 PM just returning car at El Prat airport Barcelona, receive by Hertz’s car returning staff, a good looking girl wearing white shirt and black trousers like a new employee or a trainee staff. I asked some question about the time of return time, and ingot a reply with a style of reluctant of helping and high pitch of impolite style for a customer facing staff. The only answer that i got is “i dont know”. So what do they know if only ” i dont know ” she knows.
    I m a gold member loyal Hertz customer, my comments is please train your staff for being nice in general to customer, being please to help and give a proper answer in a polite fair way, especially in El Prat Airport where Hertz is has busy and small place for returning car. Have some learn from the Japanese to handle customer they has a good manner.

  42. Your service in Maui needs improvement. Had 5 hours to rent a car and spent one of em in your line. I will never rent from Hertz again

  43. Arriving at the Denver airport on Sept. 1st, I knew my original reservation had been botched and that customer service was sorting out the situation (Liz at 0177)
    I informed the customer service representative/manager (Yene B.) of the pending situation and she immediately took my situation into her hands. I could not have been more happy with the outcome. She gave me the promised upgrade and offered at a steep discount a higher level car (Evoke). I have a fear of driving and to be put into a luxury car, similar to my car at home gave me great comfort. Liz followed up further discounting the Evoke to my original contract. BOTH women were cause in my recommending Hertz and using Hertz for all travel. They know how to do their jobs with excellence! Thank you!

  44. HETZ? Such a pitiful company!
    When we arrived the agency my credit card was refused because I was not the main driver but what wasn’t written, anywhere, is that we had to provide a social security number to go through the process with a debit card. This is a lack of information. We had to come back home, pay for a taxi as the public transportation was very delayed and at the end we lost 2 hours of our week-end…
    They are an international rental company so they have many international customers, maybe some are reading this message right now. Do you thing they provided this useful information on their documents? NO, of course, because they are unprofessional!!!
    The Customer Service? Inexistant and unreliable!
    I was a first-time customer, but I will never rent with them again.
    I hope that my message will discourage future customers to rent with HERTZ!

  45. we rent a car in Zurich in August via with Hertz. Despite we paid in full amount in August, Hertz is charging my credit cards every week since November for unknown reason and nobody is answering at their office. Also they charged me almost four times more of value of gasoline deficit.

  46. I left my purse in the trunk of a car that I rented( Baton Rouge Airport), and when I realized my error I immediately returned to the rental center to obtain my purse. I was told that the car was locked up in some lot, and to return in the morning.
    The next day, the company refused to return my purse without, identification, (which was in the purse). The police department had to become involved. The end result was embarassing and demeaning. Never rent from this company

  47. rented a car in aruba confirm # 199125C on 10/28/17 the bill was $ 355.85 but they charged my card $384.42 I called them up and they said that it was a mandatory charge for theft ; they never told me, it was not on the bill; does hertz have a practice of billing one amount and then charging more; I wonder how many people do not check there charge against their bill. I tried to get someone at hertz to help me but everyone says that its aruba and they cannot help; that’s amazing that hertz has no control of what their various locations do; they are giving hertz a bad name and believe me I will tell all my customers around the world and everyone on wall st not to use hertz; understand its not the money its the way that you conduct business; very shady and no one can help me other then the place in aruba which refuses to do anything about this; so I believe that everyone has a right to know

  48. I have a reservation under Kristin Gawel for PNS airport location. I have been charged for optional insurance without agreeing to it. I called the regular 1800 and was told to call PNS location. I cannot get PNS on location on the phone.

  49. I rented a car in Ireland at Shannon airport on Dec. 11th and returned the car on the 18th at this time a young man did a walk around of the car 3 times and said ok.
    then asked if I wanted a ride down to the terminal I put my bag in the bus and he opened the door I got in and he got in the behind the wheel ,then he got out and came back and said he wanted to show me something on the car he showed me a mark on a tire and said he has to charge me for the tire .In my 71 years in this world it was the most blatant scam I felt so insulted that this guy could say to me
    my insurance will pay for it PS I have rented cars from Hertz for over 30 years.

  50. My husband and I had a great experience with Anita and Kenny with hertz in St louis. Very friendly great smile and knowledgeable took care of us very fast did not have to wait long at all. We enjoy renting from hertz great prices clean cars and they will see us again.

  51. I had excellent service from Jenn and Bryan at your facility in Wantagh NY on Merrick Rd. On 1/27/18 when I picked it up, when I called them to extend, and when dropping the car off.
    They were both very helpful and professional.

  52. I needed a car at the Metairie, Vererans Blvd. location. I arrived just before the store closed on Saturday, February 2, 2018. There were too many customers and not enough Hertz staff. A Hertz employee who happened to be here for other reasons, Precious Igwike, stepped up and volunteered to handle the situation even though she was not on the clock. She helped me first. I appreciated that because I had a car accident and someone was helping me when I needed help. She did this, as she said, without her make-up. Not many women would want to appear as less than their best so getting the job done was that important to her. Thank you Precious. Tom

  53. Hertz has always been the rental car company of my choice whenever I travel for business or pleasure but not anymore. The support and incentives that this company gives NRA Members is sickening. Gun violence needs to stop. The organization won’t even considering looking at common sense measures that would help ensure public safety should not be supported in the business world. I cannot support a company who advocates for a organization like the NRA. You have lost my business.

  54. I had my sister fly into Joplin Airport. Thought it would be closer and a nice change of pace. Unfortunately when we arrived there was a Hertz employee by the mens bathroom who was asleep with his yellow belly sticking out and snoring. He was sprawled in the chair. People were taking pictures and laughing. He never woke up during this. I will never use Hertz or have anyone fly into that airport again. I was so embarrassed that I had my sister coming there that I just wanted to go over and wake him up. He was unaware he had pictures taken of him and one young lady got close enough to record him and his snoring that was heard all through the airport. Never again. Hertz I would think you would want to make a better impression than this. Avis will be my choice from here on. At least they were professional

  55. I am saddened to hear that Hertz has chosen to drink the cool aid so to speak and has decided to blame the NRA instead of the person that committed the atrocity. Our society is becoming impotent at actually addressing issues that we are faced with, there is no logic applied, no wisdom expressed, no leadership deployed and no reasonable action taken, instead there is only the political agenda and the blame game that gets us no where. In what possible way is the NRA to blame for this atrocity? It is my belief that if given the chance NRA members would actually have giving their lives to save the kids from this evil person committing this atrocity, unlike the school resource officer, the school that should have known better, the police department that was warned and even the FBI that was notified of the pending disaster. I am OK with tightening up some issues like background checks and increasing the age to buy a gun to make us feel better but common sense and history shows us that evil people intent on doing harm will find a way to reach their goal, Chicago, Baltimore and Mexico are all good examples of this and they all have strict gun laws. It is sad but I believe the true issue is with moral depravity in this country, we are losing the love and compassion of our fellow man and it is being expressed in these atrocities. Our kids are growing up in homes without parents who care and are being brainwashed by computer games that desensitizes them and teaches them to kill without conscience. At the end of the day even with all the heartfelt discussions going on and possible changes to our gun laws the simple truth is this, there has been , there is, and there always will be evil in this world and it is the good man that is willing to confront the bad man that will truly be the one to actually make a difference, its just the way it is. Lastly we do need to address mental health and document such cases and even more so to more severely punish gun crimes but lets be careful and not punish the honest hardworking American citizen. I do not like to boycott companies and I actually just do not have time to think about it but when I see companies go out of their way to take a political stance then I must also choose where to spend my money. I believe companies should be neutral on such issues so please try to be fair and express common sense on such issues, thanks.

  56. I am a senior citizen, female, have 3 degrees (B.S., M.S., Ed.S.)….I abhor your new policy regarding the NRA ! I worked for the School System for over 30 years, most of those years as A School Psychologist. While I do not own a gun, I learned to shoot a rifle when I was 12 years old. You’re Damn right that WE NEED our schools protected, and I surely would have volunteered to maintain a concealed weapon. GO NRA !!!

  57. I will not be using Hertz again for business or pleasure. The NRA decision was a bad decision. I am not a member, but their 5 million members did nothing wrong and have not been involved in any school shootings. Stupid,Stupid,Stupid move.
    I promise to call 100 people and inform them of what you have done. I will request that they do the same to 100 more.

  58. We recently rented a car (standard size) in Phoenix. I did it via Priceline. Upon arrival we were checked in immediately at told to go to the lower level and pick one of the cars in the area of standard cars and we could be on our way. This was at 9:30 PM on a Wed. When we went down stairs we were greeted by a long line. Customers all waiting on cars. They did not have enough and you were getting what ever was ready as you moved up in the line. Tell me how that works when one rents an SUV and they get a compact. For us we were asked if we would take a Nissan Rogue we said sure, we got in and ready to leave. Rep started pounding on glass saying we could not have customer that reserved was here. Then she moved us to another SUV similar story, then asked us to take a Nissan Ultima we said sure, we got in and it was in fact a Sentra-my husband did not fit. Went over to the rep. She said sorry and said take this vehicle on me. It wa off to the side and it was a Mercedes SUV. We thanked her got in and settled no fob. My husband when into office they had no idea where it was. No wonder card was left off to the side. They have not told us to go to Row J and slot 16 and take the car. We walked over and it was a huge Ford Expedition… Well there was no way in hell we were taking that huge vehicle for 2 of us and driving to the Grand Canyon at the price of gas. Really. At this point it is now 10:30 PM I have lost my mind. We ended up in a Camaro. Fun yes, what we wanted no. We are in our 60’s getting in and out not fun. I was so happy that priceline put us with Hertz…..I guess I was wrong. Very very dissappointing.

  59. arrange to use my points for my wife Lindsay Buonopane for a free rental in Las Vegas.confirm# H5720005343 she went to gold member board and found name and car. She proceeded to gate and was asked for drivers license and credit card. In my 30+ years I have never been asked for CC. She realized then all her credit cards were in other wallet in NJ. This is the card on both Lindsay and my profile. They refused rental and made her cousin pay for car Record#421290450 kevin Buchanan. I am in Hong King and wasted 45 minutes and requested a manager call to resolve matter and grant Free rental to Lindsay. I strongly suggest we find a way to make this happen. I have been loyal to Hertz for30+ tears and I expect same from Hertz. Please resolve immediately Or I and many others wi terminate using Hertz and go to social media to express experience. Thank you Ed Buonopane

  60. I rented a car from Hertz at the Knoxville airport. At 47 miles into my trip, the car fouled and I became stranded on the Interstate. Immediately I called the Hertz emergency roadside service and was told a wrecker would be dispatched and at my location within the hour. After and hour and 10 minutes, I again called only to be told the wrecker was on the interstate and 35 minutes from my location. 55 minutes later, I again called and was told “they should be on the way. At 2 hours and 55 minutes sitting stranded, my trip delayed and having to stay overnight in Knoxville, the wrecker service [AAA/Moneymaker] arrived and towed me back to the Hertz shop at the airport. Between the emergency roadside service operators [which became more rude and distant with subsequent calls], the counter staff and the repair shop staff, I heard 17 “I’m sorry this happened to you” but no further attempt at service recovery. I cancelled my next trip plans with Hertz, will not use this agency again, nor ever recommend the use of this agency.

  61. RENTAL RECORD NUMBER IS 544350085. I rent a dream car from the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport on 4-27-2018. This was a new vehicle and when I stop and proceed to drive off in the vehicle it would not let me drive because the emergency brakes. I call roadside. I stayed on side the road for approx. about 3 hrs. I got to West Point, GA. The vehicle also smell like smoke and I had to go to the ER because I am allergic to smoke. I stayed in the ER for 4 hrs. The vehicle continue with the malfunction. I call and call. I call so roadside could tow the vehicle because of this mechanically malfunction. It was a hold on the account because of this issue. I keep calling so the vehicle could be towed back to the Atlanta Airport so I would not be charged, but because the roadside did not do there job. I was charged a extra day and a extra 7 hours. I am not paying for this because I called and reported this to Hertz on several occasions. It’s not my fault that the vehicle had the mechanically issues and roadside did not do there job. I was charged for the vehicle and I did not get to enjoy because I had the mechanically issues and I had to go to the ER because of the smoke issues. Hertz charging me 868.52 that is absurd. I will contact my attorney and get him involve. I will let all my colleagues know not to rent from Hertz. This is wrong and not fair to a customer.

  62. I went to the Hertz location located within the Vandergriff Toyota location in Arlington, Texas. The associate immediately spoke to me in a rude and condescending manner. She was dismissive and impudent. After listening to her for five minutes, I cancelled the transaction. I asked for the paperwork to either be given to me or to be shredded, which she defiantly refused to do. She refused to get the supervisor, who was standing 6 feet away. I had to go get him myself who refused to return or shred the paperwork. There was no transaction. He stated that I could wait thirty minutes, follow him to a corporate office, and shred the paperwork there. He also asked me to step outside…. at that time the Toyota personnel stepped in and offered to shred the paperwork that had all of my personal information on it including my debit card number. Hertz is not associated with Vandergriff Toyota in any way, but the Toyota dealership handled the situation properly. Hertz is negligent in allowing their associates to provide absolutely abhorent service. I will never go there again. Folks, use Enterprise, I have used them with absolutely no issues whatsoever.

  63. 3 veces he alquilado un coche en la misma oficina, y las tres veces, he tenido ploblemas,con la direction de esta oficina.Sacramento,Madisn Ave Por favor contesteme a este E.Mail..

  64. la 1vez medio un coche mas pequeñode lo que la compañia pago,ella decia que no tenia otro hasta el otro dia,pero termine una semana y nunca medio el coche mediano,la 2 vez ,unos dias antes pedi el coche mediano ,cuando llege,ella me comunico ,que el seguro no habia autorizado este coche,me comunique con el sequro,ellos me comunicaron que si esta autorizado,cuando regrese el coche,la supervisora,me cobro la diferencia ,de un coche pequeño,al mediano.lo page.y el seguro,resolvio el problema con ella .la 3vez,el coche lo reseve yo ,unos dias antes, para yo pagarlo,cuandoo fui a por el coche a la hora que yo reserveno,enla oficina no habia ningun cliente,me hicieron esperar 1hora y 30minutos, los clients empezaron a entrar en la oficina,y todos,fueron atendidos ,yo preguntaba,ella me decia, que me Sentara,asi repetidas veces,al fin otra señorita de la oficina ,trajo un coche,todo sucio,yo lo comente, y ella lo tomo,riendose de mi,como no me pedi que terminara y me dejara ir,,todo lo que hacia es hacerlo mas despacio y tratar de final, la supervisora,trato de discutir, diciendo que la interumpia,cuando estaba con otras personas.

  65. I rented a car for a month and was told to drive it away from the aisle I selected. No one inspected my car nor was I told to inspect it. I did anyone and found no dents or damage inside or out. But when I returned the care the attendant went right for he windshield and said she found damage. A speck. I could not see the damage even with my glasses on and asked for for a magnifying glass. She had none and charged me $20. When I talked to the manager he told me a tiny speck could cost up to $600 to repair. He refused to look at the car and said they would not charge me the $600. He apologized for not telling me that I had to inspect my own car but refused to return my $20. This seems a two big scam on their part. I have always used Avis but they did not have a car for me and this was the first time I used Hertz. Will also be my last

  66. While my comment is awaiting moderation I will make tell you just what I think of Hertz. Not much. Will never use you again. Is there a way to give you no stars?

  67. My husband is a Gold Hertz member. He reserved a car to be picked up at 12:30 in the afternoon, Wednesday, June 6, at the Hertz. Portland, OR, location (Reservation #H66432341B5). When we arrived shortly after 12:30, we were told there were no cars available, that it might take 2 hours before a vehicle was available, and that we were No. 3 in line. We waited in the city for 3 hours, called the Hertz Location and were told there were no cars in Portland, 18 cars were due back, and we were still No. 3. We had taken Lyft to get to Hertz and took Lyft back to where we are staying. It is now 5:30 and still no car. We have lost a full day of our trip.

  68. Recognizing the perfect question to ask is definitely significantly more imperative in comparison with having a prepared response. First-class questions dispute your own thinking. Scientific studies are very unambiguous that we care about those who listen to us. Our objective and aspirations are unquestionably centrally who we are and who we want to be. In the simplest of terms, tailormade questions are our instrument for helping to observe the factual inescapable fact around us as opposed to dim depictions of it. Request fundamental questions about the things which everybody else takes for granted. People are compassionate. They need to have an excellent dialog together with you. We do things for numerous different reasons. Once you question somebody about what satisfies them, it opens the door to discovering something that is constantly very special to that particular individual. It could be a magical instance for others while you bring in them to reveal their dreams together with you. There are occasions when you don’t have to produce guidance.

  69. Hertz would not acknowledge my reservation stated rental charge, the Cleveland airport Hertz attendant could not read my FL drivers license, and customer service was not even remotely interested in correcting their mistake.


  70. I had a very bad and scary day.The first rental that was issued to my surprise
    as I was driving , the horn did not work.The second car with 1/4 tank of gas.
    When driving on I 95 in the middle lane the rear passenger tire blew.
    Very busy road.I managed to move over to safety.I called the hertz office
    to inform them. They said someone will be sent.As how long I would have
    to sit in the car in 90 degree weather they could not say.I asked if car had
    a spare , It was told to me that some time there is none cause customers
    sometimes steal them.My life was in danger so I could not get out on the
    drivers side . I could get hit by passing cars.I called Forida Highway Patrol
    and they located a Road Ranger who helps people.He found a spare.I am
    72 years old.A trip that normally takes 2 1/2 hours took even longer.I started
    my trip at 10 am and did not get home till 4 pm.It seems that hertz only
    clean the cars that are issued but they donot ck the tires and the horn.etc.
    If feel after this horrible experience I should be granted some monetary
    funds for putting my life indanger for lack of responsibility in ckecking cars
    before being issue. Lives could be saved if proper care of your vehicles.

  71. To whom it may concern,

    My name is Donna Pipkin, I am currently renting a car from the Aurora Hertz in Seattle. I was sent to Hertz by my insurance company, I would normally rent from enterprise. I called the Lynnwood location that my insurance company told me to go to and they did not have any cars but they told me to try the Aurora one because it was closer to me. I called them and they did not have one either but he said that he would have one in the afternoon the next day. I arranged for them to pick me up after work because I did not have a car. The next day I was offered a ride by a co-worker to go pick up a car so I called them and let them know this. James Kim said that he would have a car in the afternoon and that he would call me. I told him that I would pick up the car on my lunch. The day went by and I did not receive a call. I tried calling for over an hour repeatedly with no answer and it said that the voice mail was full. I was extremely frustrated so I called the customer service line that was on your website. After some time they were able to reach them and let me talk to him. James asked me when I wanted to pick up the car and I said now, it was now 2pm. He asked me to hold and came back and asked when I will would be there and that only car he had was a Toyota Yaris. I told him that I would be there in about 10 minutes. When I was dropped I went in and James was on a cell phone. When he got off I let him know that we had just talked and I was here to pick up the Yaris. I told him that this has been the worst experience I have ever had trying to rent a car that I had called for over an hour and the voice mail was full. James pointed to the land line and said that it doesn’t have a voice mail. I asked him if he had any car other than the Yaris or would he be getting one or an SUV. He said no, he said I only had $25 dollars a day and an SUV would be $9 dollars more. I said that wasn’t going to pay more for an SUV so I wouldn’t want one. The whole time that I was talking to him James just stood there looking at me, he made no attempt to be friendly or accommodating. He acted as though I was putting him out. I asked him who the manager of this location was and he said that he was the division manager. I couldn’t believe that James is a manager, his customer service skills are horrible. I have been in customer service for over 40 years. I told him that I thought that he might benefit from taking a course in customer service. When we were talking about an SUV he asked me if I wanted the Yaris and I said yes. And he asked again and I was irritated that he asked again and I said “Yes I’m standing here with no car, I was dropped off and the Yaris is all you have. He said you can call your insurance company cancel this and go somewhere else. Again I said that I was dropped off and I have no car. He then said “Enterprise is just up the street”. I could not believe that he just said that. I told him that that was the worst thing that he could say to a customer. He continued to talk and I said “Look the more you talk the worse this is getting so can you please just stop talking and do the paper work so that I can go. He continued to talk about me going somewhere else and I said “Seriously please stop talking and do the paper work that I need so that I can go. He then said “I don’t think that I want to rent you this car in fact I am refusing you service.” During this whole conversation John Morley was there from your Lynnwood location helping out and I asked him if he was taking note of this conversation and he said yes. When I was refused service by James I asked John what we can do about this and he said that he would rent me the car. John Morley looked to be the only one of them that was working that day. It was a hot day and he was hot and sweaty and hurrying around when I got there. He was a great help and very efficient. He finished the paper work and we did the walk around. He said that I could call him at his location and he would try to get me another car. I told him that the company should probably remove that division James from management because he is going to ruin business for this location. John said that he was not usually like this but he needed to find out what happened with the customer be for me. I did not go to get another car because we had a death in our family and I was busy helping my children plan their father’s memorial service. I will not be returning to the Aurora location or probably any Hertz location which is very unfortunate. I will return my car to the Lynnwood location.
    In the month previous my children and I traveled to Kansas and rented a car from the Hertz at the Wichita airport and had a very pleasant experience. The car was nice and the employee was very nice. I wasn’t expecting such a horrible experience after the excellent one that we had in Kansas. Excellent customer service is the most important thing you can give your customer and they are not getting it from the James Kim at the Aurora location.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    Donna Pipkin

  72. My Brother is a smoker, he hugged me goodbye and dropped his ashes inside the car. I DO NOT Smoke never have. I am a Gold Member and renting a really long time. I do not smoke DID NOT smoke in the vehicle. No mention of oder or ash when I dropped of this vehicle. I have sent e-mails to wrong e-mail I have been told. Spoke to 3 different people who all say they cant help me. Please help I Do Not Smoke.

  73. We had a terrible experience with Hertz at the Denver International Airport on 8/8, primarily with their courtesy bus driver who made everyone on the bus get off at the wrong terminal. I have also attempted to contact the main office in Oklahoma City and my letter was returned. We had wheelchairs waiting for us at the Delta terminal, and 2 angels with wheelchairs from United came along and got us to Delta. There is NO excuse for any courtesy driver to insist that everyone get off where HE wants them off, not where they are supposed to go. The airport management has told me that the construction going on there has nothing to do with access to the terminals. We also had an issue that Hertz wouldn’t allow me to be on as a 2nd driver without paying a stiff fee. According to our contract, I should have been allowed to do it for free. We will NEVER rent from Hertz again! I am still trying to have them address this complaint.

  74. I rented a car from Hertz under the reservation number H 6610867875 on 7th August 2018 in Granada and returned to Seville on 15th August 2018. I am a Hertz Gold number 65492317.
    When I returned the car, they said I had made scratches. I told them to call Granada where I had rented where they told me not to worry. But they did not. My wife was with me as a witness. They were very rude and started arguing as if I was a criminal. Finally the counter agreed and gave me the invoice and told me not to worry. I thanked them. On 18th August, I rented a care from London and they were very apologetic about my experience.
    Now I got an invoice of EU 148 which I paid. Do not know who to complain to. This is very unprofessional. I am also Avis Preferred.
    Hertz should refund my money.
    If they wanted to still charge me on the scratches, they should have told me in Seville. I had settled the rental charge in Seville .

  75. Good Morning,
    I recently rented a car in Reno Nevada, and experienced a situation that I want to make sure does not affect my account standing with you. My Hertz membership number is 63865494, date of the rental is 09/10/2018 to 09/13/2018, and incident number is V202047687.

    Upon returning the car to the facility, the person who checked in the car informed me I had went over the allotted mileage, and had damaged the car. I rent cars weekly from Hertz, and I am a member of the president’s circle. I do not inspect the car when picking up the car, this is always done for me when I arrive. I was stunned by this person’s accusations, and told her I had not damaged the car, other than driving to the conference location outside of Reno, the car stayed in the care of the valet at the conference venue. I did not drive it until the morning we left the conference for the airport.

    Please let me know if this situation has had a negative impact on my account, and if so would like to dispute the claim.

    Thank You,

  76. Re; My Hertz Reservation H7872468580
    When I showed up to pick up the compact car I did reserve, they didn’t have a single car available and instead they gave me a minibus for 9 passengers.
    This mini bus was extremely hard to drive in the French town and in Bordeaux, which made my trip a miserable experience. I had to return the car early for the impossibility of visiting the places we had plan on our trip. I request a full refund of the rental card charged to my credit car for the serious inconvenience caused.

  77. I have not heard from anyone regarding my request.

    Please advise.



    —–Original Message—–

    To: customerrelations
    Sent: Mon, Oct 15, 2018 12:07 pm

    I am requesting a refund of the taxi cab charge. I was told after the formal complaint was submitted that the taxi cab I needed in-lieu of pick-up maybe refunded.

    Did not honor reservation. Your reservation number is XXXXX .

    When I attempted to pick-up the vehicle I was told 1) the car was not available 2) I could only up-grade 3) the pick-up location was 6.1 miles and they would only come 5 miles 3) the reservation was less than 24 hrs 4) the store manager was not available 5) any suggestion I made to the rep would be against company policy 6) the rep was very sorry “but nothing could be done”

  78. Have tried several times to use website. Always says Sorry, roadwork ahead. Wanted to repond to Ellen at Hertz regarding case number04376173. She had emailed me regarding reservation number H7943550.

  79. This is in regards to a Hertz car rental that I purchased from Expedia in Cabo San Lucas. The itinerary # is 7381116800811. In addition to this letter I will be forwarding a complaint to the Washington State Attorney General (Bob Ferguson), Better Business Bureau and Expedia..

    As a seasoned traveler ( million mile flyer with (2) airlines), I am use to the hustle of local merchants. I rarely complain and this is the first time that I have written to Expedia or to a car rental agency. . The action by the local Hertz agency in Cabo was so outrageous that someone needs to take some type of action. I am writing not only for myself but at least one other customer who I noticed faced the same type of unlawful hustle.

    When I arrived to pick up the car, I was told that the collision damage plan that I purchased from Expedia was “worthless”. When I refused to purchase their damage plan, they forced me to sign a two page exculpatory pledge to pay for any damage immediately upon the return of the car. In other words, I could not use my Expedia collision insurance if their was any damage to the car. Representatives of Hertz refused to rent the van to me unless I signed this document.

    When I returned the car, there was no damage and I went to the front desk to settle the bill. To my surprise, Hertz attempted to charge me $226 instead of the $176 quoted in my price summary. When I challenged Hertz employees on the price, they claimed that the price increase was based upon increases in the rate exchange. They were unable to show me any proof of a rate exchange increase nor were they able to explain the $50 increase in my bill. Please note that I not only spoke to the front desk representative but also their supervisor. The net result was that they credited me with $ for returning the car early but still overcharged me for the rate exchange increase.

    When I finally took the van to the airport, another customer told me he endured the same hustle on the damage collision insurance and rate exchange increase in price. It appears that this is a common practice of the Cabo Hertz office.

    Hertz needs to take immediate action regarding their Cabo rental office. I doubt very seriously that they have not received similar complaints. To ensure that some action is taken, I am writing to multiple agencies to force some type of remedial action.


    Tom Hujar

  80. I rented a car from Hertz thru AAA. Picked up car at Barnstable Airport. It smelled like pot, and had scrapes and scratches ( which I photographed). I was niave enough to think I could just drive with the windows open and smell would go away. It doesn’t. Called to complain and thety said bring it back and we’ll switch it out, tomorrow. I did but they didn’t tell me to fill tank and write down milage, and I was trying to make switch inbetween meetings. Kept stinky car took a week of sprating to get smell out. I did notice there is a sign on winsheild, no smoking or pay an extra cleaning fee. Which is $300. I would like to be credited that amount, since I took care of problem for you. The Versa was the worst car I have ever driven, it was like a tin can propelled by an egg beater. No next time for me!

  81. Not sure why a reservation is necessary…arrived in Salt Lake City and we have no cars (had a reservation for 2 SUV’s) we have been waiting for an 1:40m still no car!!!!! And customer service agent has an attitude because we asked for an additional discount. Last to time I rent from Hertz…Gold status means nothing here.

  82. I was possible to pay the fine ticket by myself,
    but the counter told me it was ok that I could
    just returned the vehicle and they vould help me
    about the fine ticket, but i didn t expected a 55
    AUD extra administration fee

    I wanna ask a refund of the 55 AUD admi fee,
    because I received the fine ticket from victoria
    Police office, and finally I still paid the fine
    ticket by myself.

  83. Don’t rent through Hertz or Dollar (Hertz owns Dollar) or a company called FireFly in Los Cabos unless you’d like to ruin several days of your vacation. Hertz, if you are listening, please pick up your car under contract number DSAN51-5105. I AM DONE TRYING TO REACH YOU AND TIRED OF YOUR PROMISES TO COME AND PICK UP YOUR JETTA at the Hacienda del Mar ( Sheraton) Los Cabos. I have wasted hours trying to get some service. Contact the concierges at Hacienda del Mar who have tried assisting me these past three days, if you care to verify. They have the keys to your car. Scott Terrall

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