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Contacting Hearst Magazines Customer Service Center

The Hearst Magazines corporation is located in New York, NY. The company is responsible for some of the most popular magazines in the US, including:

  • Good Housekeeping
  • O, from Oprah
  • Food Network Magazine
  • Esquire
  • Seventeen
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Car and Driver
  • Redbook

Contact Info:

When looking for contact information for Hearst Magazines, you will not find information for individual magazines. According to Hearst, you need to contact the customer service department for the magazine in question to resolve customer service disputes. If you are looking to contact the media company or corporate headquarters for Hearst Magazines, you’ll find that information here.

If you’re interested in finding contact information for a specific magazine, please visit the subscription page at https://subscribe.hearstmags.com/. You’ll notice a link under each magazine picture that reads CUSTOMER SERVICE. That link will take you to the customer service contact page for the each magazine.

Phone Contact Numbers

The hours for corporate office are not listed on the Hearst website. We assume the hours are typical business hours from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday to Friday. All times are EST because the corporate office is located in New York.

  • Corporate Office: 1-212-649-2000

Mailing Address

If you have problems that cannot be addressed by the customer service department for the magazine you’re subscribing to, you can contact the corporate office by mail.

Hearst Corporation300 W 57th StNew York, NY 10019

Official Website

The main website for Hearst Magazines is http://www.hearst.com/. You can find out everything you need to know about the magazines, corporate history and more. In addition to learning about Hearst, you can connect with the company on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Customer Service Email

There is a dedicated customer service email for Hearst Magazines. This email address will not be available for customer service issues with individual magazines, just the main corporation.

Customer Feedback: feedback@hearst.com

Press Contacts: lbagley@hearst.com (Lisa Bagley)

Our Experience

We contacted the corporate office for Hearst Magazine with great luck. The call was answered by a friendly automated system. You can choose to talk to the magazine, newspaper and broadcasting departments –among many other departments. You can also say the name of the person you are calling and the call will be directly connected to that line. We pressed 0 to bypass the system. We immediately reached the operator who was more than happy to give us the address of the building where she was located.

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21 Comments on “Contact Hearst Magazines Customer Service
  1. I just placed an order. I put the information in correctly, but your receipt prints out INCORRECTLY! You have the first issues going to MY address and i cleared indicated this was a gift and the address to send the magazines too. THEN i have to wait one week to contact you to fix it?

  2. A few months ago I filled out a subscription for Good Housekeeping and Food Network Magazine. Is there any way that you can cancel this subscription?

  3. Its been over 2 1/2 months since I subscribed to Woman’s Day magazine and I have only ever received one issue.I paid for the subscription , and would like to know when I am going to receive what I paid for. If not I would
    like to cancel.
    Thank you

  4. Its been 3 months since I subscribed to Womans Day magazine and I have only received one magazine. Would like to know when I will be receiving the other months.
    I have paid in full, and if I don’t receive an explanation then I want to cancel and receive my money back.
    Thank you

  5. I have a subscription to country living that I renewed and paid for in august2013 and now I am getting emails that I placed another reorder and to pay my bill I have not place any orders and I do not owe you

  6. I have a subscription to Cosmo and don’t like the magazine. Can I switch to another magazine for the remainder of my subscription? Thank you

  7. i have always subscribed to food network magazine, love it. My subsription us coming up for renewal and I would like to change the form of payment. I don’t want it withdrawn from my checking account since I am changing banks. Could you please just paper bill me? Thank you. I will wait to hear from you

  8. I paid for a subscription to O magazine and is yet to receive one.It takes Hearst months to send me a magazine.

  9. I sent for a tril issue of Country Living and before the issue arrived i was billed $12. All my magazines are offered at a professional rate so this was a double surprise.
    I didn’t care for the magazine and sent a cancellation notice. It was ignored. Two more issues have arrived and 2 more cancellation notices were sent to the company, and both were ignored. I susbribe to several magazines managed by Hearst so this is undoubtedly a 1-person issue that isn’t being resolved because of negligence. I’ll be moving soon and I hope Country Living doesn’t follow me!

  10. I did a survey and it gave me an option to get a few magazine subscriptions for “free” as a reward. I was charged a small fee but now I’m getting letters and emails that I owe for full subscriptions. I don’t think this is fair. I wish to discontinue these “free” issues and be taken off the mailing list and my account left in good standing. I have learned my lesson.

    Thank you.


  12. I am very upset with Hearst Magazines. I ordered a magazine for a friend, and they treated it as an address change and started sending my mags to her address as well as the one I had ordered for her.It has taken numerous calls and still not straightened out. I have been offered NO compensation for my time and trouble.

  13. Help! I never renewed my subscription. I love your magazine, unfortunately I do not have the time to read them. Somehow my subscription renewed and I was charged. I did not authorize this and am very disappointed! I have tried reaching out multiple times and would appreciate someone contacting me. I want to be reimbursed the $11!

  14. Hearst Magazine-What is up with the efficiency of your magazine
    subscription department. Have tried for 2 hours to contact DDr, Oz the Good

  15. Through the years, when checking out at the grocery stores, I have noticed the disgusting, sexually explicit cover pages outlining the contents of Cosmopolitan magazine. Cosmopolitan writers, planners, etc. who are responsible for the contents apparently have no teenagers at home who are adversely affected by this overtly sexual crap. It’s difficult enough to be a teenager today, without having this negative influence thrown at them. YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED! By the way, our 17 year old agrees!!!! Grow up.

  16. I have ordered House Beautiful for many years. I do not have the time to read it now, and when my paid subscription runs out, I would not be renewing the subscription. Today, however, I received an email from Hearst, thanking me for my order with an invoice telling me to “pay my bill”. What type of scam are they trying to pull? I did not place this order, and I will not be paying it either.

  17. Received invoice for account #1588151. Do not have the Food Network Magazine Books. They are too much money. Have not seen the book. Please do not send me any more notices. I do not or did not receive said book. Too Much Money.

  18. I received an email offer for buy 1 buy one for a guest free for “Town and Country”. All goes well filling out my order but will not accept my credit card info because I can’t give them the day of the month the card expires. Very interested in placing an order. Thank you

  19. Want to order Town and Country from the email offer I was given. email order w2on’t go thru…..please contact me tomorrow Thanks

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