Contact Hearst Magazines Customer Service

Contacting Hearst Magazines Customer Service Center

The Hearst Magazines corporation is located in New York, NY. The company is responsible for some of the most popular magazines in the US, including:

  • Good Housekeeping
  • O, from Oprah
  • Food Network Magazine
  • Esquire
  • Seventeen
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Car and Driver
  • Redbook
to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

When looking for contact information for Hearst Magazines, you will not find information for individual magazines. According to Hearst, you need to contact the customer service department for the magazine in question to resolve customer service disputes. If you are looking to contact the media company or corporate headquarters for Hearst Magazines, you’ll find that information here.

If you’re interested in finding contact information for a specific magazine, please visit the subscription page at You’ll notice a link under each magazine picture that reads CUSTOMER SERVICE. That link will take you to the customer service contact page for the each magazine.

Phone Contact Numbers

The hours for corporate office are not listed on the Hearst website. We assume the hours are typical business hours from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday to Friday. All times are EST because the corporate office is located in New York.

  • Corporate Office: 1-212-649-2000

Mailing Address

If you have problems that cannot be addressed by the customer service department for the magazine you’re subscribing to, you can contact the corporate office by mail.

Hearst Corporation300 W 57th StNew York, NY 10019

Official Website

The main website for Hearst Magazines is You can find out everything you need to know about the magazines, corporate history and more. In addition to learning about Hearst, you can connect with the company on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Customer Service Email

There is a dedicated customer service email for Hearst Magazines. This email address will not be available for customer service issues with individual magazines, just the main corporation.

Customer Feedback:

Press Contacts: (Lisa Bagley)

Our Experience

We contacted the corporate office for Hearst Magazine with great luck. The call was answered by a friendly automated system. You can choose to talk to the magazine, newspaper and broadcasting departments –among many other departments. You can also say the name of the person you are calling and the call will be directly connected to that line. We pressed 0 to bypass the system. We immediately reached the operator who was more than happy to give us the address of the building where she was located.

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296 Comments on “Contact Hearst Magazines Customer Service
  1. I just placed an order. I put the information in correctly, but your receipt prints out INCORRECTLY! You have the first issues going to MY address and i cleared indicated this was a gift and the address to send the magazines too. THEN i have to wait one week to contact you to fix it?

  2. A few months ago I filled out a subscription for Good Housekeeping and Food Network Magazine. Is there any way that you can cancel this subscription?


      • I do not chose to auto renew the accounts I have with you…
        I did send you 2 emails declining this action, and even notified my bank not to honor the charge to my credit card…it went thru anyway.
        My account deals with 2 magazines for myself and a gift for my sister.
        When it is time to renew, I prefer doing it myself…my sister changes her selections

        • Just received a couple of my magazines via Doorfront Direct. The info attached from them states this will save time as I will not have to walk out to my mailbox. Well, my mailbox is just outside my door and my magazines were nice and dry but delivered by Doorfront Direct the magazines were found on the porch in an opened ended plastic sleeve…a little damp as we had some rain. Thinking ahead this will not be good if they sit in a heavy rain or when it snows. Not everyone has a street/road mailbox you have to walk out to, I preferred mine delivered to my mailbox.

    • Received email that said I ordered HGTV magazine. I thought I was entering a sweepstake. Couldn’t find any phone number to call to cancel. Advertisements misleading. Don’t send magazine . I don’t want them.

  3. Its been over 2 1/2 months since I subscribed to Woman’s Day magazine and I have only ever received one issue.I paid for the subscription , and would like to know when I am going to receive what I paid for. If not I would
    like to cancel.
    Thank you

  4. Its been 3 months since I subscribed to Womans Day magazine and I have only received one magazine. Would like to know when I will be receiving the other months.
    I have paid in full, and if I don’t receive an explanation then I want to cancel and receive my money back.
    Thank you

  5. I have a subscription to country living that I renewed and paid for in august2013 and now I am getting emails that I placed another reorder and to pay my bill I have not place any orders and I do not owe you

  6. I have a subscription to Cosmo and don’t like the magazine. Can I switch to another magazine for the remainder of my subscription? Thank you



  9. I just looked at pending charges on my DISCOVER bill and there is a charge for OPRAH for $21.50…..I do NOT want to renew! My subscription doesn’t expire till NOV 14….This is MARCH—-I’m not at all interested in receiving OPRAH!!!!!!

  10. For the past year I have had nothing but problems receiving my subscriptions to either Town & Country 3207937285/O# or Bazaar AND I REALLY DON’T WANT TO RECIEVE EITHER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH!

  11. For the past year I have had nothing but problems receiving my subscriptions to either Town & Country 3207937285/O# or Bazaar AND I REALLY DON’T WANT TO RECIEVE EITHER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH!

  12. My subscription #207937285 correction of the previous # and I’d still like to receive my subscriptions in a timely manner.

  13. Why is it sooooo hard to enter your sweeps, I can enter as far as my birthday and it just won’t take it. I put March 30 1948 and It still says there’s nothing there, why give your birthday anyway???

  14. I would like someone to answer several request I have made. I cancelled Food Network Magazine last year and yet my bank account was just charged $28 renewing my subscription. I did not authorize this and have been given the run around trying to get and answer and reimbursing my account. I do not or will I ever order this magazine again. I am extremely disappointed with the service trying to solve this problem.

  15. I recently purchased 7 years younger book, and sent my payment, however I do not want to keep the book, can I return the book and have my money refunded. Please let me know and how I would go about sending it back. thank you Louise Houston

  16. I recently purchased the book 7 years younger and have paid for the book. However I do not want the book and would like to return it to you and get a refund. Please let me know how I can do this. thank you Louise Houston

  17. I do not like your customer service; just wanted a prepaid mailing label to return a book I do not like and am told they can’t email me one but I can go to your website and print a regular label and pay for return postage myself. I thought returns were free so will not be ordering books again from you.

  18. i have always subscribed to food network magazine, love it. My subsription us coming up for renewal and I would like to change the form of payment. I don’t want it withdrawn from my checking account since I am changing banks. Could you please just paper bill me? Thank you. I will wait to hear from you

  19. I paid for a subscription to O magazine and is yet to receive one.It takes Hearst months to send me a magazine.

  20. I sent for a tril issue of Country Living and before the issue arrived i was billed $12. All my magazines are offered at a professional rate so this was a double surprise.
    I didn’t care for the magazine and sent a cancellation notice. It was ignored. Two more issues have arrived and 2 more cancellation notices were sent to the company, and both were ignored. I susbribe to several magazines managed by Hearst so this is undoubtedly a 1-person issue that isn’t being resolved because of negligence. I’ll be moving soon and I hope Country Living doesn’t follow me!

  21. I did a survey and it gave me an option to get a few magazine subscriptions for “free” as a reward. I was charged a small fee but now I’m getting letters and emails that I owe for full subscriptions. I don’t think this is fair. I wish to discontinue these “free” issues and be taken off the mailing list and my account left in good standing. I have learned my lesson.

    Thank you.


  23. I am very upset with Hearst Magazines. I ordered a magazine for a friend, and they treated it as an address change and started sending my mags to her address as well as the one I had ordered for her.It has taken numerous calls and still not straightened out. I have been offered NO compensation for my time and trouble.

  24. Help! I never renewed my subscription. I love your magazine, unfortunately I do not have the time to read them. Somehow my subscription renewed and I was charged. I did not authorize this and am very disappointed! I have tried reaching out multiple times and would appreciate someone contacting me. I want to be reimbursed the $11!

  25. Hearst Magazine-What is up with the efficiency of your magazine
    subscription department. Have tried for 2 hours to contact DDr, Oz the Good

  26. Through the years, when checking out at the grocery stores, I have noticed the disgusting, sexually explicit cover pages outlining the contents of Cosmopolitan magazine. Cosmopolitan writers, planners, etc. who are responsible for the contents apparently have no teenagers at home who are adversely affected by this overtly sexual crap. It’s difficult enough to be a teenager today, without having this negative influence thrown at them. YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED! By the way, our 17 year old agrees!!!! Grow up.

  27. I have ordered House Beautiful for many years. I do not have the time to read it now, and when my paid subscription runs out, I would not be renewing the subscription. Today, however, I received an email from Hearst, thanking me for my order with an invoice telling me to “pay my bill”. What type of scam are they trying to pull? I did not place this order, and I will not be paying it either.

  28. Received invoice for account #1588151. Do not have the Food Network Magazine Books. They are too much money. Have not seen the book. Please do not send me any more notices. I do not or did not receive said book. Too Much Money.

  29. I received an email offer for buy 1 buy one for a guest free for “Town and Country”. All goes well filling out my order but will not accept my credit card info because I can’t give them the day of the month the card expires. Very interested in placing an order. Thank you

  30. Want to order Town and Country from the email offer I was given. email order w2on’t go thru…..please contact me tomorrow Thanks

  31. I have been receiving emails from Harpers Bazaar for months. I UNSUBSCRIBE every time I get one. I have yet to be unsubscribed!! This is annoying!!!!!!!!

  32. I need a toll FREE telephone # to make pay’mnt for my Elle Décor subscription. I won’t do it thru the mail (cost of postage) or use my pre-paid cell minutes. On a “fixed income”. I would only continue this subscription if you make it really easy for me. Plz send me a response with safe access 1-800# to make said pay’mnt.
    Thank You! AutumnLongfield

  33. Im starting to wonder whats going on I ordered my magazine and I haven’t received it yet. I received an email asking me how Im enjoying the magazine . I called my bank they said try to contact them and if I cant they will do an investigation if I don’t receive the magazines.

  34. Receiving invoices and magazines that I have not ordered. I have asked that my address be removed from any of your lists, and I keep getting magazines that I have not ordered.

    Trying to reach someone on the individual magazines is like getting thru to Fort Knox.

    This is getting to the point of harassment. Getting a telephone number or fax or e mail is impossible.

    Anyone can order magazines for someone else. Your Company should confirm that the order is genuine, or wait until payment is received until a magazine is mailed out.

    Disappointment plus. My time is valuable also

  35. THIS is my final notice to you I have tried for days to get in contact with you with no luck . You can mail all of your magazine , but I WILL NOT PAY YOU. YOU state that I have a bill for DR, OZ and FOOD network magazine I did not order these. DO NOT send me any more EMAIls.. SAMHARRIS

  36. Have not received the magazine after a change of address is updated at magazine site. Remain paying for magazines not received and unable to email or talk to a person regarding this.

  37. I DID NOT order the following magazines: Food Network, Redbook, Good Housekeeping. I WILL NOT PAY for issues sent. STOP sending these magazines # 1433448865

  38. I would like to cancel my subscription to Elle and Harpers Bazaar
    Both expire in December 2016 and I would appreciate a refund for the remaining issues due me.

  39. Your putting adware (or other) cookies on my computer is a invasion of my privacy and I wish theat there was a way that it could become illegal. Knowing that you use cookies makes me not want to purchase any of your products.

  40. I keep receiving email Good Housekeeping Magazines. I’ve asked that they be discontinued. I do not want them. Today I attempted to once again get them stopped by going to the designated website.
    I was unable to log into my account using my account number and then using my name and email address. There was a link for customer service. It did not connect – all I got was more advertising. I am going to cancel my subscriptions to all Hearst Magazines (X4)unless I STOP receiving unwanted emails from the Hearst Corporation.


  42. I just entered a sweepstakes giveaway and did not read the small print. You signed me up for a subscription to Country Living. I do not want the subscription and feel that I was tricked into it. Please cancel it immediately. I have looked for a way to contact you and this is the only way I could find. Very clever, trick someone into a subscription and provide no contact number. NO THANKS. I do not deal with underhanded companies. Cancel this right now.

    • I had the same experience. I already have a subscription to Country Living Magazine effective until 2018. I can find no way to cancel the unwanted subscription about which I am getting over due payment notices.

  43. I have been receiving your magazines but I never initiated these subscriptions. Please stop sending me. I am not obligated to pay this because I did not subscribed at all.

  44. I have asked numerous times to stop,sending me the Elle magazine. I do not have a subscription and do not want it. Please remove me from your mailing list.

  45. I need to change my mailing address on my Good Housekeeping Magazine. GHK0524059433 Debbie Aragon

    Change to: 415 S. Howes St #1007, Ft. Collins, CO 80521

    Why can’t I get this changed?????


  47. I registered to receive a monthly issue of Car and Driver on July 12. I have yet to receive it. If I do not receive this magazine within the next few days I will cancel the subscription.

  48. Subscribed to Good Housekeeping and Women’s Day. Was to start in

    August and then September. Still haven’t received either magazine.

    Your customer service web pages are totally useless. Do you give


  49. I just cancelled my subscription due to a charge for renewal on my credit! HOW DID YOU GET MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER – FRAUD!!! If I do not receive my total refund I will turn my complaint over to the authorities!
    Please explain how you got my credit card number when I have always paid by check and how you feel you can use it without prior authorization!

  50. I have been receiving your magazine Seventeen which I never initiated a subscription, I want you to stop sending me anymore magazine anytime in the future. The number with my address is #SVN1459962591/2# . Thanks for your consideration.

  51. I do not find any place to cancel my subscription after my current one ends in November. I have retired and magazines have now become a luxury I can no longer afford. Please tell me how to cancel! Thank you.
    Joann Smith

  52. I am NOT too happy with your service. I ordered and paid for Good Housekeeping and Woman’s Day Magazine on June 22, 2015 by Money As of todays date I have received 3 notifications saying I have not paid. I have replied 3 times giving you the above info that it IS PAID IN FULL. Today I get a SUSPENDED notice. Not Happy at all. Now I have to make a trip to the Bank where I bought the Money Order and have it traced to find out who has cased the above money order. As I want this subscription started again as I have ALREADY PAID for it – I WILL NOT be ordering it again,. I have even emailed the info and have yet to even get a reply!!!!!!

  53. I want to discontinue receiving any magazines from Hearst Magazines. I am not interested in any of the magazines and want you to discontinue sending them. Sandy Maldeney, 6945 S 095 E Wolcottville, IN 46795

  54. Please cancel a subscription order to “Town & Country” magazine. I don’t know who ordered this subscription. I did not order “Town and Country” magazine. I don’t want this magazine and I do not want to be charged for a subscription.
    Thank you.
    Anne Desmond

  55. I recently renewed my subscription to Car & Driver magazine and was to provide a gift subscription free to a friend of which i sent the card and the friends name and address. He has never received the gift subscription. I am not pleased and upset over it as i have asked him for several days if he has received it, answer no.

    Please see to it that he receives his subscription for a year,
    The Following is his name and address:

    Jim Squeo
    5729 Bonaly Ct
    Dublin, Ohio 43016

  56. Would just like to let you know that I received a call (during my lunch) from the TN 520-308-4146 saying that I was entered into a contest. They then told me about all the prizes I was going to get for free – 5 magazines & then paid for one more for 19.95. I was ok with that. The girl’s name was Jackie. I didn’t remember one of the magazines would be the 19.95 though, but when the Supervisor Jessica or Jessie got on the explained it to me. Then when Jessica or Jessie asked for my credit card information I explained that I didn’t like to give my information like that over the phone & she promptly hung up on me which was a complete rude response. I did not understand the process & I am 63 years old & forget things easily but I will not ever forget this woman’s rude hang up on me. Please take me OFF of your list of suckers as the next time I get a call from your corporation I will notify the BBB on you.

    Karen Wilhite

  57. i just ordered a magazine by mistake. i can’t find any way to cancel it. why aren’t there any email addresses or phone numbers on the order page????

    please email me so i can give you the information.

  58. Please quit sending bills and magazines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have asked for this to stop coming to me and my daughter

  59. I received a credit adjustment notice in the mail saying that I had an adjusted credit amount of -$46.00. I have not received any magazines since Dec 2014. My O subscription was cancelled. Can I get a years subscription for $8.00 Which is showing as my adjusted rate? If so please start the subscription. Please let me know. Thank you.

  60. I don’t know why but I got 17 magazine don’t use I’m 66 Then I was sent a thank you for subscribing to Country Living I never ordered this magazine either. Please stop sending me these I don’t want any magazines I’m not interested Please cancel thank You Helen Santillan Im sending this because there is no other way I have taken a pic on my phone of this If you do not stop I will have to go to the BBB

  61. I purchased a groupon back in June to get a prescription from Cosmopolitan for $5. I moved in August and do not know how to get those magazines forwarded to me. Please let me know what I should do, since my mail forwarding expired.

  62. I am amazed. I paid for two Country Living subscriptions on September 2, 2015. I have been subscribing for 30 years to this magazine. I have cancelled checks to prove that I paid. I complained to your organization this evening because they continue to bill me for those subscriptions to the Country Living customer service dept. I just got an email saying that they would not bill me anymore and were cancelling my subscriptions!!!! I PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard of. How do those people stay in business. Please confirm that you are NOT CANCELLING THE SERVICE!!!!!!!

  63. i received 5 magazines in the mail yesterday, and I want to know who order them.
    It wasn’t me, no one order them as a gift, 1) O magazine, I ‘m not a fan of Oprah so I would order or buy it 2.) 17 magazine, lets be real I aint seen 17 in 42 years 3.) Redbook I am not a Redbook woman. 4.) Cosmo Oct and Nov issues, yeah no I don’t do cosmo either. I would not buy or subscribe to these magazines. So I’m trying to tracked where these subcription came from.

  64. I am very frustrated! This is my10th time trying to contact and hear from hearst magazine about my new subscription to the “O” Magazine. My check for $15.00, for a two year subscription, a free scarf and chance to win a writer tablet – cleared my bank on 8.7.2015. I spoke with a very rude person, I mailed a written request, and I have tried to contact hearst by email. I am on a fixed income, so that $15.00 was not just money I toss away. Please contact me for any other information that you need, concerning this very frustrating matter. I need to receive what I paid for, or I need my money back immediately.
    V. Wyatt

  65. Hello, I have subscribed to Food Network Magazine in Aug. 2015, and I have still not received anything. The payment was taken off through Visa very quickly yet I haven’t received anything. I do not want to go digital and prefer the magazine sent by mail, can you please let me know the status of this, I would appreciate an answer as soon as you can, as I do enjoy the magazine and I’m missing the Halloween edition. I have to say it is extremely difficult to get any answer whether it’s by phone, letter or email. Thank you.

  66. I just started several of your magazines and didn’t order. Please stop ASAP. I’m getting Seventeen, Cosmo, red book O, etc.

    Thanks you – don’t look at magazines.

  67. I’m really sick of getting notices saying I owe money to this company for at The Good Life magazine. I did get this magazine and I paid for it!!! I did not reorder the subscription. Ive sent numerous letters concerning this matter. I sent the last letter on Oct.5. Just like all the responses on this website. I refuse to send any money!! I have duplicate checks where I paid for the magazines I received. Like I said in my last response to you “You are wasting your time sending bills to me”

    Kay Peterson

    Sent from Surface

  68. This is an unfortunate experience – I paid for my magazines and you cashed my check. Yet after a month, I get nothing but past due notices.

    After looking at the other comments, this seems your normal way of doing business.. It’s a shame your subscription center does such a poor job for such great magazines as Veranda….

  69. I order several magazines a year or so ago during a special you had running and then I started getting bills for them to renew them . I cancelled all of them a couple of times and now my credit card has been charged almost 250.00 , I CANNOT afford this and it is not right billing my credit card after I cancelled them several months before .I cancelled them with the first bill I received and sent back to where ever your payments go . I finally went to the magazines websites and had them stop sending the magazines but they say I must contact you for a refund , so please someone take care of this ! I would like my refund for something I did not order Thank you

  70. You are impossible to contact IF you want to cancel a subscription to HGTV magazine. No problem if you want to start a subscription though. I am unfortunately enrolled in the automatic renewal, not by my approval though, and I want it stopped immediately. This company makes it just about impossible to deal with. We have a GREAT Consumer Protection Center in Vermont and if this is not taken care of now, I will refer all of my information to them.

  71. Your customer service is horrible. I have gotten two notices that I have not paid for O Magazine. I paid for a 1 year subscription in October $12.00.

    Magazine Payment Status Gift Payment Status Expire Date
    O, The Oprah Magazine
    No Payment Due No Gift Payment Due Nov 2016
    I also received the free tote bag. Not only am I being harassed about this but no where do I see a phone number or email address to contact anyone about this. I WILL NOT RENEW THIS OR THE OTHER MAGAZINES I RECEIVE FROM YOUR COMPANY and if I am on your automatic renewal list, REMOVE MY NAME.
    I expect to hear back from someone on this matter specifically about receipt of my payment and taking me off automatic renewal and you can phone
    Diane Canterbury

  72. I just entered the horseshoe contest not knowing it would sign me up for a trial subscription to County Living. Since I already subscribe I don’t need another. Please delete this trial and notify me it’s been cancelled.

  73. I keep getting emails saying I owe money on my subscription. Please send an invoice to my home address and I will pay it. I am not paying online. My subscription is for Womens Day magazine.

  74. I am not able to turn off my postal mailing as described on your website, your posted e-mail response address does not work!

  75. You have all my magazines screwed up. I will no longer order online or call you.
    I keep getting bills which I will not pay. Trying to check my subscriptions online
    and I cannot find a link. Oh well!

  76. Hello Customer service.
    My wife has received copies of Elle magazine and now Womans Day magazine,
    both were never ordered by her. Why do you force magazines on customers?

    I am in the process of contacting our Michigan Attorney General’s office and from there I believe I will bring in the Postal Inspectors Office.

    I want a full refund for the Elle subscription and I want the bills to stop coming for the Womans Day magazine. This is not a threat, I will follow through.

    LeRoy Tietz

  77. I keep getting notified that I subscribed to food magazine. I did not subscribe and I do no want it. Please stop billing me. I have already unsubscribed to your emails because you harass people

  78. I recieved an email for a subscription for food net work which I didn’t place an order for the magazine. Please cancel I am unemployed and can’t afford it. I tried to go to customer service but don’t have a invoice or account established to fill out online comment for costumer service on line to cancel this. Please reply back that this has been taken care of. Thank you and Merry Christmas broke but blessed I’m alive.

  79. I recieved an email for a subscription for food net work which I didn’t place an order for the magazine. Please cancel I am unemployed and can’t afford it. I tried to go to customer service but don’t have a invoice or account established to fill out online comment for costumer service on line to cancel this. Please reply back that this has been taken care of. Thank you and Merry Christmas broke but blessed I’m alive.

  80. It! I can’t get hold of you via email! I want you to cancel my subscriptions. I’ve asked you before to no avail. But I have no intentions of reading anyu of the magazines you’re billing me for. They are all subscriptions you’ve entered on my swewepstakes entries and i don’t know how to avoid this but I don’t want any of these subscriptions! Donald H kellander

  81. I have been receiving your magazines of Food Network and Popular Mechanics when I order a product and if I ordered I would get free magazines, well I would like to stop them now I don’t want to received them anymore and now I am getting charged for them. Please cancel those 2 magazines.

    Thank you,

    Patricia R. Gerardo

  82. A year ago I began a subscription with Oprah Magazine. I mailed in check #7198 for $15.00 on January 11,2015. Since that time I have had close to 8 or 10 communications that I have not paid my bill. Emails, letters, invoices have all been responded to & I even sent a letter to them with the invoice statement. They refuse to recognize that it is paid. They never send emails that recognize that I wrote them a letter. Now I went to the website for Oprah & it is impossible to reach anyone. Any question, contact takes a customer to another ‘fact’ or question. Then I found that they said to contact Hearst about any problems & you also make it very difficult to contact you easily. After searching your site, I finally found this plalce to comment.

    The check I sent last January, was cashed & debited from my account on January 16, 2015. I have paid & I never want to p;purchase another subscription again. Customer Service is horrendous & I am certain you are well aware of it.
    \It is my experience that all businesses wish to avoid the customer. Well I’ve had it & I never wish to deal again with Oprah or Hearst Magazines if I can help it.

    Cancel any future contact with me. I will gladly pay for the issue I wish to purchase at the many stores that sell them, even though I may have to pay more. It is preferable to handling the communications with businesses if I possibly am able.

  83. To whom it may concern, i am recieving some of your magazines and i have not subscribed. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and cannot afford this on my budget. If need be i will contact the better business bureau. Because this is unfair. I hope we can resolve this issue.


  85. I received a magazine in my mail yesterday. I did NOT order or subscribe for this. Please take me off your mailing list and your billing list. I do not cook and do not have a need for this book.
    Thanking you in advance
    Norma Phelps
    Rolla Missouri

  86. I am a 67 year old married woman and for some reason I have been receiving (did not order) Seventeen Magazine, WEDDING, and a third one that I can’t recall at the moment .I have absolutely NO USE for these magazines (the subscription goes to 2017!!!). I don’t know if I was charged at some time for these magazines or not, but PLEASE STOP THEM or I can just throw the in the trash until 2017. At NO time try to autobill me somehow to extend these magazines.

  87. I am trying to cancel my subscription to Inside Soap but I’m having great difficulty in contacting the subscription dept. Can you please advise me who to contact to cancel my subscription. I have no problem with the service or the magazine but I am having to cut back my budget and this is one of the many ways I am trying to do it. I am cancelling the Direct Debit with my bank with immediate effect, so would be obliged to hear from you a.s.a.p.

  88. Hi,
    I purchased a $5.00 Groupon subscription deal for a Hearst magazine; Food network, can you verify if i have redeemed it correctly?

  89. 2 mons ago I ordered Womans Day and Good Housekeeping. I have since sent my check for $12, been told I would receive my magazine shortly or they are on the way.

  90. 2 mons ago I ordered Womans Day and Good Housekeeping. I have since sent my check for $12, been told I would receive my magazine shortly or they are on the way. SO FAR NO MAGAZINES OR INFO FROM YOUR COMPANY. What should I do now?

  91. Dear Sir/Madam: Please cancel my subscription to Good Housekeeping immediately. Inadvertently I filled out the application on line thinking that it was a trial subscription; but later found out that there was no trial period.
    Sandra Riley

  92. I received a bill for Good Housekeeping magazine I did NOT order. Cancel Bill. Do NOT send me any Magazines. Richard Bishop

  93. i don’t know why you keep sending me your damn magazines!!!!! i keep canceling and you keep substituting other mags… i tried to cancel you per phone summer of 2014 and was even told i would get a refund… so stop!!!

  94. I do not wish to receive any of your magazines. I realize you start sending from a 3rd party ordering house, but please no more!

    Thank you

  95. I have had HELL trying to find a customer service number for Hearst Magazinea. Nothing to be found. Please give me customer service for I want to cancel all subscriptions because of your awful customer service. Cancel all NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. I recently purchased several subscriptions as Christmas gifts to The Good Life and I think most are doing okay but one gift, the person has gotten 3 magazines in a roll before Christmas. I was unhappy about this. Her first one that came was the Nov, issue. Then right on the heels of that came Dec. issue and then the Jan/Feb. This subscription was to start the first of the year, not in Nov. or Dec. I am very unhappy about this and hope y ou will straighten it out soon.
    It was for Janna Wolfley – 3409 Friar Tuck Way – Modesto, CA 95355
    the # ozmo502713845-3 Hope this is straightened out and hope that the other friends are not having the same problem. They haven’t told me yet.

  97. I DID NOT order Good Housekeeping magazine. Please DO NOT send.
    All I did was enter a contest and now I am supposed to pay for a magazine.

  98. Received Elle. Didn’t order it. Don’t want it. Not interested in it. What magazine is it replacing by completing my subscription. Sent 2 emails to corporate and no response. This is wrong on so many levels. Help!!!!

  99. I am trying to contact someone – as I have paid for a 1 yr subscription to: Country Living Magazine & also House Beautiful – check has cleared yet I just received another bill –

  100. I never subscribed but have received dozens of unwanted emails. I’ve tried to unsubscribe but their link is not working. The worst marketing for any company ever! I’m reporting them to the DMA for not abiding by the marketing rules. Do not give these scammers your email address!

  101. Please check my account as I just cancelled 3 magazines I did not order . These mags have never been issues I would read. Unfortunately all three were put on my debit card . The amount charged was several times what I normally am quoted…please credit all charges. Also, never automatically renew any magazine that expires. I enjoy your services normally! Thank you.

  102. I have attempted to stop the damage of suddenly being renewed and supposedly ordering subscriptions to O Magazine that I had my credit card block payment. I’ve called the # for O Magazine at Hearst without making it to a live person.

    I wrote O’s Circle of
    Friends which automatically renewed my $199 membership which comes with one O magazine subscription for me and one for a friend. No response from the Circle guess my girlfriends were on break.

    So I’ve gotten no where stopping the flow of Omagazine’s coming at me. Approx. $60 worth of subscriptions have been charged to me beside the unwanted O’s Circle of Friend’s $199.

    How will it ever get stopped?

  103. If my Food Network magazine doesn’t expire till jan/feb 2017 then why do I have to pay now. why not pay in sep/oct time frame.

  104. I am receiving all kinds of magazines I did not order, do not want. I have only one that we paid for that we wanted. I get invoices, notices that my card is going to be charged, as well as, I have been charged for Elle Magazine which I did not authorise. It is darn right scary. I called in again to House Beautiful to delete my credit card. They say that they cannot. Now I have to contact my bank to let them know NOT TO LET HEARST MAGAZINE deduct funds from my account without my authority. I am still waiting for my money back of $29.95. If this is happening to you too, REPORT IT TO BBB. I don’t know how much they’ve taken from me but, I caught the $29.95. If 1000 people are getting hit like this, think of the interest they are making on our MONEY! I have to call all the time, write letters, and emails. This is a complete waste of my time, money and energy!!

  105. This company is awful. I signed up for a contest entry and they sent me a subscription for Redbook. I DO NOT WANT REDBOOK. I WILL NOT PAY. I can not find a telephone number to call and cancel. Worst website ever. CANCEL THIS ASAP!

  106. I never ordered the O magazine. Yet, after 1 year, it still continues to be jammed into my physical mailbox.

    I am not interested in fashion or whatever its supposed to be. The Customer Service email should be readily available for these magazines to be discontinued.

  107. I cancelled this weeks ago and got another bill. I never want any magazines from Hearst again. Stop emailing me and don’t ever send me a bill for something I didn’t order or want. Why don’t you publish your phone number? What kind of outfit does this. not a legitimate off.

  108. I have e mail Hearst corporation to cancel COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE.

  109. Please cancel subscription to House Beautiful, not aware of how it started, but i do not want it. #1103201875 Thank you

  110. I have been trying for quite a while now to figure out how to change my mailing address for the Food Network Magazine I am subscribed to. I have been able to easily make this change for all my other magazines subscriptions at their websites. However, I have been unsuccessful in locating a place at either the Food Network Magazine website or the Hearst Publishing Company customer service website where I can make this change. Please advise the website where I can make this change.

  111. I am currently receiving several of your magazines and I have never placed these orders. I don’t know how I am receiving them or from which company these orders were supposedly originally placed. I know for a fact I have never ever requested O magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Decor, Town and Country or Cosmopolitan. The only ones that I have ever ordered were Good Housekeeping and Food Network Magazine. I would appreciate it if you could find out how I have gotten these and stop them because these magazines are just not for me and I don’t like them, nor do I want them. If someone took money out of my account to pay for these magazine already I want to be reimbursed for these because I never ordered these. Thank you for your assistance.

  112. How do I put in a change of address? I get “The Good Life”, “Woman’s Day”, and
    “Good Housekeeping”.

  113. I would like for you to take my e-mail address off your e-mail list. I get to many of your e-mails that I do not ever read. They are juat a pain in the ass. Please unsubscribe me!!!

  114. I called this number to stop being billed for an online magazine (Oprah Magazine) which I never requested or used. I spent considerable time finding a contact and when I did get this number, I was connected to someone who did not understand or speak English very well and who insisted my email was compromised and all I wanted to do was stop being billed for an item I never wanted. No happy with this site at all. But where do I go to have this removed from my email!

  115. I contacted Customer Service to resolve an error that had subscribed me to a publication that I did not want and was treated with disrespect and rudeness. I will not, I repeat, NOT pay for a subscription that I did not request. I entered a contest that did not require any purchase and was automatically subscribed without my intention of doing so. I want out.

  116. BTW, the magazine in question is called Veranda. The email offering me the contest was O Magazine. I don’t even know what Veranda is.

  117. I have attempted to reach “ANYONE” in reference to an email that I keep receiving regarding a subscription to HGTV magazine. I HAVE NOT REQUESTED A SUBSCRIPTION FOR HGTV MAGAZINE. Who do I need to contact to have these emails stopped and to stop receiving an invoice for the same magazine???? Would SOMEONE PLEASE respond to me???
    Rebecca A. Krpata

  118. I entered a sweepstakes and it automatically signed me up for a subscription to Good Housekeeping. CANCEL IT NOW! I will not pay for another magazine.

  119. I received several emails this morning saying I subscribe to your magazines I did not subscribe I am not going to wait a week to call you I do not find a phone number or a way to verify any emails never received on my end that actually would show what I say I would only get a confirmation thank you from your end which doesn’t help. Do not send me a magazine do not Bill me and don’t expect a phone call in a week I’m not obligated to you in a week or in any other time because I do not want your magazine

  120. What does it take to stop getting emails from Esquire. I’ve unsubscribe from it a dozen times and continue to receive emails daily. Please stop the emails.

  121. Sweepstakes Question. My question is this. For example if i enter a sweepstakes in Good Housekeeping and then the same sweep ($100,000 to pay your bills) in ROT and W omens Day and Country Living does it only count once Because Hearst is listed as sponsor in rules or am I getting 4 entry’s to the same sweeps. Does each magazine have its own, are there 4 $100,000 winners? I am talking only about the one entry per day per person type. Please enlighten me, Ive been entering the same sweeps in all magazines I can find hoping I would get more entry’s, now I am not so sure. I hope I made myself clear thank you. Denis

  122. I entered a sweepstakes online and then I got an email saying I subscribed for a one year subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine! What kind of trick is this? Was there invisible writing somewhere that said if I enter your sweepstakes I have to subscribe to your magazine?? Sorry but I will not pay for something I did not order! Take down my name and cancel the made up order!!

    • I just subscribed to “two $5 USD deals”, one for Popular Mechanics and one for Good Housekeeping. After I submitted my credit card information, I received acknowledgements that my credit card had been charged $10 CAD for Popular Mechanics and $13 for Good Housekeeping. What’s up with that? The exchange rate from USD to CAD is no where near 100%!!! Also, I realized after ordering that my current Good Housekeeping subscription runs until October 2016. Is it possible to run this new subscription subsequent to my existing one?

  123. I received an email requesting payment for a subscription to one of your magazines which I have not subscribed to and no matter what I try I can not get to the customer service to have this matter taken care of, “unsubscribe me”. I have not yet received the magazine nor do I want to. I have been on vacation for two weeks and I’ve come home to this.

  124. I just ordered a Cosmopolitan magazine for granddaughter for $5.00 and I was going to ordered more magazines when the total for Cosmopolitan came up $12.00 for the year. I want to CANCEL THIS IMMEDIATELY. I would contact my card and inform them not to pay you.

  125. I pay for subs. by check. No check no sub.Should you send mags beyond sub. period. They will be considered free gratis.

  126. I don’t want to receive any more emails concerning the purchase of any magazine effective immediately, 7/20/16.

    Thank you.

  127. I wish to unsubscribe to Womans Day magazine since I thought that I was entering a sweepstakes giveaway not subscribing to a magazine. I already subscribe to Womans Day now and don’t need another subscription to this magazine. Sincerely yours,

    Barbara Yelton

  128. Again I don’t need another subscription to Womans Day or want this subscription!!! I was under the impression that I was entering a giveaway contest not subscribing to this magazine. Sincerely yours BY

  129. I sent a check on June 26 to receive a 1yr or Good House Keeping & 1 year of Women’s Day. Check cleared July 5, I have received Good Housekeeping but not Women’s Day, can you take care of this. Thanks

  130. I never ordered any magazines from you, but received a copy of Cosmopolitan (11/2016 issue) in my mail yesterday. I Do NOT want it. I will not pay for it as I did note order it. Would like to get it stopped via a live person. tried to login using the label subscription # (1475602106) but would not allow me to do so to cancel via the web portal. I am throwing it in the trash & if anymore come, I will return to sender as we are moving. Stop Sending Immediately.

    • These clowns are running a scam.
      I just started to receive magazines as well that I DID NOT order.

      They will not be getting a dime from me. Any magazines sent will be trashed. I am not wasting my time sending them back.

  131. Every time i enter one of your contest your company start sending books and a bill never order any books was just entering the contest. So if that only way you can sell books I feel sorry for your company. Only way you can sell books is by having people enter contest and you sending book without there knowledge. Better get it together going contact Better Business Bureau see what they can do.

  132. I had subscribed to the diabetic magazine for my mother.she now resides in an assisted one time in the back of the magazine was an add for support hose with a zipper on the side.i ordered her one pr as the jobst stockings were not she is in need of another pr,i did not keep any info and am desperate.i know this is a LONG reach but not sure where else to turn.i checked the magazine at the store and there a different adds in the current one.Is there any way you could assist me?I have looked on line and they ARE NOT the same stocking she has.Even if this is a no go I appreciate you reading my email.Thank you

  133. the offer was for one year that I paid for, then they wanted another payment for two years, so I paid the second year. now I got another bill.

  134. Your websites and “customer service” centers are a nightmare and impossible. I need to check on a seasonal address change, there is no 800 number to call, and when I try to sign in on line, it will not recognize me, and when I try to set up a new account it also says it is not a recognized/bad password/40 other excuses. If I did not enjoy Harpers Bazaar and Town and Country so much every month I would cancel my subscriptions, just to get rid of the nightmare experience.

  135. My comments are awaiting moderation??? Because your website is impossible to work with, and customer service is an oxymoron? All I need to do is check my subscriptions to two of your magazines for an address change. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

  136. I just purchased one year of the O magazine for a $5 rate. After confirming I saw an email indicating I will be on continuous renewal and automatically charged for the next year. I do not wish to be on continuous renewal. Therefore I would like to cancel my subscription and your website is not working! Thank you for taking care of this. I would appreciate a confirmation email.

    Have a nice day!

    • You’ve charged me twice for women’s day and I don’t want an automatic renewal. I’m not happy with my first experience with you at all. Your system is a pain in the ass to navigate and a bunch of BS. Good for you, horrible for the customer. Believe me I’ll get my money back and you can keep your zillions and your crappy way of making it.

  137. I have been having issues with emails from cosmopolitan saying that I owe them money for a subscription that I never ordered I’m also having issues with someone using my email address who can I contact to get this straightened out I did not authorize a subscription to Cosmopolitan.

  138. I keep getting invoices for Food Network Magazine. I had ordered and received I do not wish to continue receiving. Please stop sending the invoices and do not continue sending magazines.

  139. Acct #: 0237912498 — Rose Voyles
    I just received my subscription renewal for Good Housekeeping ($34.97-1 yr). I am retired and cannot afford this. I have been receiving GH since I was a teenager. I see where I can subscribe online for $7.97. Can you match that price? If not, I will cancel.

    Thank you.
    Rose Voyles

  140. I did not order Redbook or Oprah magazine from your online promotion. Please make sure that these magazines do not get mailed to me.

  141. I think it is very difficult to find a customer service contact email and that you love to resubscribe folks at inflated prices. I have asked in the past to have all subscriptions ended and refunded yet they still appear in my mailbox. Please have a customer service representative return a confirmation of my request to cancel all subscriptions.

  142. I Called a Month ago to find Out Where My Magazines Where The customer Service Person was Nice .But Where the Heck are my Magazines ?? If I Don’t get them Soon or Hear from Someone I am Contactng the Better Business Bureau You Hv. Gooten my Money I WANT My Magazines ..

  143. Another scam! I never ordered this magazine and I will NOT pay for it. This is a totally irresponsible company, do not buy from them. And do NOT use my email for any other purpose. The Better Business Bureau will hear about this company and its practices.


  145. On June 13, 2017 I cancelled my HGTV magazine, automatic renewal at a higher price. Yes it would be taken care of – I received a past due bill from my charge account with a late charge – totaling $40.97!! Cancel that subscription, I have not received any issues but didn’t get a credit. I did file a dispute with my account.

  146. I’ve never subscribed to any of these magazines yet I’m getting invoices saying I’m overdue for payment. It’s really confusing and misleading. Please contact me back to resolve.

  147. two of your sweepstakes will not open. 1. Country Living – Home and Garden Sweepstakes $10,000. 2. ELLE – Makeup and Beauty Products $10,000.

  148. My name is providencia gonzalez and I did not order this magazine and don’t know did in my name and I don’t want it so if it’s not cancelled I will go to the media that is not right the way you do business.

  149. I called months ago and wanted to make sure my subscription expired without automatic renewals. They promised me they would not renew – yet 3 magazines I DON’T WANT have been resubscribed without my authorization.
    I am beyond furious.

  150. SNEAKY SNEAKY company they take your money even if you cancel or don’t even want to receive the magazine. I was tricked into a magazine and no one will take my call or provide a email to cancel.

  151. I entered a sweepstakes. I did NOT order a magazine subscription to Good Housekeeping or any other of your magazines! Do not send magazines to me! Do not bill me for any subscription!!!

  152. You people need to put on your sweeps where. Your not ordering
    Magizines. All I Ted was to enter the sweepstakes not order. Your magazines every time I fill out a sweepstakes you ppl send bill that I owe you for a order I did not make I have sever headaches d do not DO MAGAZINES


    • Stellrchef same happened to me I got an e-mail for an order that I did not order. I will bring this up the chain if I have to cause if I am not the only one this has happened to it has to be a scam of some sort. I will report if this subscription under my name is not canceled.

  153. worse than useless…customer service for subscription help? Non-existent. You get sent on a merry go-round of links that land you precisely where you started with absolutely no opportunity to contact anyone.

    I was subscribed to three magazines I DID NOT WANT!!! They kept sending me bills that I’m sure just about anyone else would just pay to stop it from coming to their house. Not me.

    I refuse to be conned.

  154. Hi! I renewed my subscription on 7/24/17 and included gift subscription for my sisters.
    Could you please tell me the status of the gift subscription. when will their first issue be delivered.

    • I have had bills for $37.00 for a year of Oprah and today an e-mail telling me that my payment is past due. I cancelled my subscription and have not received the magazine since June or July when the 1916/1917 expired. Never paid more than $15.00 for a year. How dare they send a bill of $37.00. I have enough in my life with my husband passing away recently and a major surgery for me recently. Please attend to his immediately. Thank you.

  155. I’m being billed for a magazine I know nothing about. I’m 73. What would I be doing with Elle Decor? I haven’t had a magazine subscription in 50 years. This must be some mistake!

  156. how do you contact customer service to find out how to order Dr.Oz magazine subscription.Every time they give you a Link you click on it and something else comes up…

  157. I placed an order to renew my Good Housekeeping and receive two free gift subscriptions on Jan 3, 2017 with auto renewal. In May, apparently they auto renewed it and started demanding payment for the two gift subscriptions. I have tried to cancel the auto renewal on them and on my own. They have me down as suspending 3 of my own current paid subscriptions after cancelling the auto renewal. I hate auto renew. I couldn’t figure out why my accounts were suspended, I have missed issues now because of it. I was able to click on start the subscriptions again. I have ordered Good Housekeeping, Country Living and Woman’s Day for years before auto renew without any problems. As I said I HATE AUTO RENEW.

  158. Thank you for contacting me with an offer to renew my Good Housekeeping. Please check your records to find that I let my subscription lapse in 2014. The reason that I do not get your magazine any more is that I am tired of reading an article with ads on every other page. I enjoyed your magazine when I could read the articles and the recipes without all the ads. If I want to purchase your magazine, it will be one at a time, probably once a year and I do not need to pay the offered rate of $15.97 for one magazine.

  159. You recently sent me an e-mail about a magazine order that I did not order. I entered a contest to win something. I did see a short survey that said would you recommend hearst magazine and I checked 10. Then all of a sudden I have an e-mail for an order. Please cancel this order as I did not order anything and I am currently unemployed and cannot afford anything. Do not ask the order number as when I went to reply to the e-mail it was sent back saying it could not be delivered and the original e-mail disappeared. Thank you

  160. Wow it seems it is happening to more people than I thought. I am the one that will do something about. It will be reported and also I have an uncle that is a lawyer and will be happy to help me for free. Something has to be done and I will be the one to do it. I am pretty furious right now.

  161. I have been getting Brides and Wonan’s Day magazines that I DD NOT ORDER! I’m 70 years old!
    Then I get a bill notice! Can someone please help me!

  162. Your websites are circular and ridiculous. I subscribe to many of your magazines and DO NOT want to have your continuous service or automatic billing associated with my accounts. Please be sure to cancel this option for ALL my magazine subscriptions. I would do this myself , but you have designed your websites to make this impossible.
    Marla Malin

  163. After what I went through to simply ask a question about a bill I received I WILL CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION AS SOON AS IT IS TIME TO RENEW!!! I have Never had dealings with such a horrible site and still have NO IDEA how to resolve my problem! Your IT staff is an embarrassment and your site is a waste of time!

  164. Purchased May/Jun 2017
    I have not received either magazine which were to commence July/August/September. I have sent numerous emails to Woman’s Day & HGTV Magazines, with no success. I do not wish to cancel just receive the paid for subscriptions -HELP


  166. DO NOT CHARGE my credit card for RENEWALS!!!!! If I want to renew anything I will authorize the purchase!! Just because you have my credit card number does not give you the authority to use it!!! I have tried every way to cancel AUTOMATIC RENEWAL but you go above and beyond making that application on your website IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND! Is this company that hard up for subscriptions that you can’t put that request on your customer service website FRONT AND CENTER??? NOBODY LIKES A BULLY!!!!!!1

  167. I have repeatedly unsubscribed from your annoying emails. Please remove me for ALL email lists, including those sent to your “partners”.
    I have cancelled all of my subscriptions.
    I am very unhappy with the lack of professionalism.

  168. NEVER give these folks your actual credit card number. Get a card that offers ‘VIRTUAL’ numbers, put the cost on the card and they will be limited to a one time charge not exceeding that amount. You don’t have to be held hostage to overpriced auto-renew with no option to cancel it.

  169. I tried to order two free subscriptions with my renewal, however the renewal came up wit the same person and address for both prescriptions. I have to change one of them to
    Philip Gregoli

  170. I am suddenly being flooded with magazines that I did not subscribe to. Have searched but cannot find a way to contact them to make them stop. Every day my mailbox if flooded with another magazine. What is going on?

  171. I have gotten Town & Country magazine since the 1970s. No longer! When I saw Jane Fonda’s face on your cover, I decided you, and Hearts Publishing have no respect for me, a conservative, or this country! Try all you want, dress up a worthless traitor, and stick her on/in your magazine, but she’s still a trash
    ! I have no desire to continue any further subscription with you. Please discontinue my subscription!

  172. Account #1558899389
    I was automatically renewed on this magazine which was a gift for someone & I really don’t appreciate you putting in the smallest of type that this is an auto-renew. I want it cancelled immediately & refund issued. I will never give a Hearst Magazine as a gift to anyone again because this is so freaking underhanded.

  173. cancel my subscription please. I do not appreciate your bait-and-switch marketing.
    I did not intend to order magazines. I just wanted to enter contest

    JMS Mediation

  174. I am receiving the US and Cosmopolitan magazines which I did not order. Please quit sending them. I don’t allow or want such filth in my home.

  175. Hi. Last month I received a bill from HGTV Magazine. In the past I have received a couple of HGTV Magazines but never subscribed to them. Now I am getting a bill for $24.00 that I am not going to pay. There is an account #0274441237 on the bill but I don’t know where that is coming from because as I have said I never subscribed to the magazine.

  176. I have been ordering HGTV magazine for sometime. The front cover always looks great, but with the address sticker part of the cover, it ruins the look. You have to cut them out. If I recycle these to other people, I have to cut the address sticker. Why don’t you glue the address sticker on instead of having to cut it. Coastal Living magazine glues the sticker, so I just remove it and it looks perfect. Two little strips of glue is all it takes.

  177. I did several surveys for your magazine co. and in return was to receive FREE subscriptions 6 months
    Your company lied I received bills before receiving any magazines and even though I replied bills keep coming
    I am very upset over this
    Never even received the O magazine but got bill after bill
    Susan Lynn

  178. I entered the 12 day give-o-way code for December 1st from the Oprah Magazine. Page 70 of the magazine lists the code as 070. The website shows 072. I tried to enter 070 and it said that I entered the incorrect number. Which one is correct?

  179. I agree with Jane above. INTENTION was to enter sweepstakes, NOT order magazine. I also intend to CANCEL my subscription to HGTV mag because of this!
    I will also contact my local consumer service.

  180. apparently i am charged for two magazines i did not even order. i have not received any magazines and i did not place an order. so i appreciate it and hope that you will cancel this order. apparently it was done without my knowledge.
    i have not received anything yet so please cancel this order, i will not pay for this!

  181. Hi, I’m Dureda Smith I havnt received my Magazine sence the Nov Issue and my magazine doesn’t run out till Nov. 2018 Could you please check on this for me. Missing it. Dureda Smith 515 Brague Rd. Canton Pennsylvania 17724-7313 Thank You

  182. As an aunt to numerous little ones, and teacher of young children and their caregivers, I am well aware of the danger of subjecting children to many kinds of sexual activity they do not have the capacity to understand. “Cosmopolitan” carries blatant examples of this kind of content…and in fact, it is illegal to sell it to anyone under 18. PLEASE add the clear warning of this to your magazines obligatory under legal and moral compunctions of right, immediately. Thank you and God bless.

  183. Okay. I currently subscribe to HGTV magazine which I absolutely love. My problem is wondering why I am getting a renewal fee of $34 for 1 year when I clearly sent in a post card stating I was interested in a 1 year subscription for $18? On that same post card it says $28 for 2 Years. I feel like I am getting screwed. (pardon the language) Any thoughts on how this is fair? If you are unable to give the renewal of my subscription for$18 you can then just cancel my subscription.

  184. Food network mag.
    Paying online I was offered a discount to $12.
    I paid it the money was taken from my account . I have statement from bank.
    I wrote giving transaction numbers and no response.
    I’m still getting demands.

  185. Popular Mechanics
    Town and Country
    Redbook Please Cancel all these Subscriptions. .I do not want them or asked for them. Thank you Ellen Grossman

  186. Marie Claire
    seventeen Magazines
    Please Cancel all of them , I didn’t ask for them at all.
    thank you Ellen Grossman

  187. the service stinks.I ordered some magazines in December2017. I have not received any of them yet. I called to find out where they were and a RUDE customer service person informed me they were sent to a house I lived at 10 plus years ago.I signed up on a card with my current address and check with my address on it as well. This guy was a real rude person that spoke down to me like I didn’t know what I was talking about. I told him I have the cancelled check . I watch Food Network a lot but cant believe they count on Hearst for anything.

  188. i was charged twice for food network magazine. i sent you a cheque and you also deducted money from my visa card. i have now cancelled my card because of this. i paid twice for this magazine and have proof. i WILL NEVER ORDER MAGAZINES FROM YOU AGAIN

  189. You have terrible customer service.
    No email address to email for help – just THIS forum
    My magazine subscription was purchased in April 2017.
    Start issue June 2017, end date May 2018
    (Women’s Day & Good Housekeeping combo offer)

    Since December 2017 I have been harassed both by mail and email about owing money for the NEXT subscription.
    At present it’s March 2018 and I’m now receiving messages that my services is suspended — which is ridiculous since my expiry date is May of this year

  190. To whom it mayconcern:::Please CancelI did not ask for these magazines: Popular Mechanics, Town and Country, Cosmopolitan, Redbook. Cancel all the Magazines’ not paying anything on them. Didn’t ask for them…Thank you Ellen Grossman

  191. I did not ask for these magazines: Popular Mechanics, Town and Country, Cosmopolitan, Redbook. Cancel all the Magazines’ not paying anything on them. Didn’t ask for them…Thank you Ellen Grossman

  192. I am writing in reference to my Easter copy of Good Housekeeping which has not arrived ,as you know Easter is next week .Was soo. looking forward to all the tips ..etc Margaret Harty

  193. How did I start receiving O! and REDbook? I did not knowingly order these. If I was somehow tricked into it. because it was so hidden, I have no idea. I have tried to cancel and I think I have done that, but it says to contact some third party to get my money back. I have no idea who the third party even is! And it says these subscriptions are for 48 issues. So now I have cancelled 3 and one-half years of magazines and I still have to pay for them.

    i am disgusted by this whole process.

  194. I didn’t order any of your magazines and I would like to have you stop sending bills via USPS and e-mails about these. It seems I’m not alone regarding this issue. Please stop. Is harassing people the only way you get people to subscribe?

  195. I ordered the Pioneer Woman magazine and am very disappointed it got the stores first and I have yet to receive it You can cancel my order I will just go to the store and get it quicker

  196. Hello
    I am confused on my magazines. I have good housekeeping and womens day I get both for $8.00 On line its said it was paid but I would like to know what credit card you used. I look forward hearing from you on this matter. Thanks you

  197. I did NOT order the Good Housekeeping magazine. All I did was enter a contest. CANCEL THIS ORDER NOW; I DO NOT WANT IT.
    Phyllis Sarvis

  198. I’ve already contacted HGTV about your scams & they said they have received numerous complaints about how you deceive people into signing them up for a magazine subscription they don’t want or didn’t knowingly sign up for… I have contacted you 3-4 times without any return answers…I don’t want your magazines I didn’t order them stop sending me bills I hate you back stabbing ass holes two face rip off pricks leave me alone..

  199. I have tried to call your costumer service with no luck. I keep getting a bill for my country living magazine which I sent check #5434 on March 5th 2018 and which was cashed in March 14th 2018. I’m getting really tired of all the invoices that I have been receiving telling me that I owe money. The invoice that I sent out included two free gift subscriptions which I was sending one to each daughter. Trust me when I tell you that once this is straightened out I will never ever order any magazines from you again




  201. I am inquiring about my new subscription to car and driver/road and track that I recently subscribed to on March 12, 2018. My check cleared my bank on March 20 and I have not received a magazine as of yet. Is there a problem? Please respond ASAP. Thank you, Harold J Gemler

  202. I agreed to subscribe to ONLY Woman’s Day. Today I looked at my checking account and saw that there were also charges for 2 other magazines that I never agreed to purchase. Nor did I receive any emails that I purchased these. I am hoping to hear back from Customer Service that ALL three subscriptions are canceled and my account has been credited as I no longer trust this companies business practices.

  203. NO Customer Service … NO response to my requests (yes, requests) to have my email address removed. I have unsubscribed no less than 8 times. Isn’t that a bit ridiculous! My next complaint will be going to the Attorney General’s office — not a threat — a promise. DO NOT MAIL, CALL, EMAIL, or any other form of communication. Thank you

  204. I agree with all other replies that I read—I did not renew my subscription, I only
    entered the horseshoe sweepstakes—I am having difficulty trying to cancel my
    order that I did not renew—So, if you receive this comment, someone PLEASE
    CANCEL NOW!!! I am NOT a happy Country Living Customer. Please contact me ASAP. On another note, my current subscription is for one year as indicated on one invoice and on another invoice it indicates for 11 issues. So, how do you
    get 11 months out of a 12 month subscription (My order date 8-19-17 so, DO THE MATH!!!). Also, my mom, being a CL customer, entered, as well. So, NOW, I have to check her email account, for an order that she did not renew.

  205. 6/9/2018 You are driving me nuts w/ your overly demanding of payment for my new subscription I applied for on line for The Pioneer woman magazine. I just ordered it less than one month ago. It is even worse than when you would mail renewal demands (months in advance), over, and over, and ignoring written replies about NOT renewing (other magazines). I am on a limited income, and strict budget, so, will be paying you THIS MONTH. Give me a break, and instruct your people to also pay attention when your customer(s) write something on a reply. Also, I expect the first issue of this new magazine subscription you send will be current, and NOT the one out on the stands NOW.
    DO not contact me by e-mail any more.

  206. Just received a couple of my magazines via Doorfront Direct. The info attached from them states this will save time as I will not have to walk out to my mailbox. Well, my mailbox is just outside my door and my magazines were nice and dry but delivered by Doorfront Direct the magazines were found on the porch in an opened ended plastic sleeve…a little damp as we had some rain. Thinking ahead this will not be good if they sit in a heavy rain or when it snows. Not everyone has a street/road mailbox you have to walk out to, I preferred mine delivered to my mailbox.

  207. please I did not order any magazines from good housekeeping I received a bill for 7.97 cents please its mistake do not send any magazines and I don’t want pay for magazines I didn’t order I don’t buy or order any books I live on small social security check can’t afford buy books..please don’t send any and stop sending bills I don’t owe. joann scott

  208. I received and email saying I had subscribed to Good Housekeeping. I DID NOT. My name is Kathy Dykman, 5980 Horstmeyer Rd., Lansing MI.
    The email said it could not be replied to. When I clicked on contact us I got a page where I needed to sign in. I don’t have a sign in. I want this subscription canceled at once. I do not want to get any more emails or regular mail from you, except to confirm receipt of this message and cancelation of this bogus subscription. I received an invoice yesterday which I have sent back with cancel written on it. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

  209. i do not want automatic renewals on my subscriptions. I WILL MAKE MY OWN CHOICE. Redbook has already billed me for a subscription, I did not approve.
    If I want to renew, i will make that choice. NOT YOU !!!!

  210. I received two magazines in mail, Men’s Health #MHL2245808262 & Décor #EDC2245808262. I did not order these magazines and I do not intend to pay for them. Please cancel these subscriptions.

  211. Your customer service stinks and your site is deplorable. I cannot believe that your service I so bad . I wish to stop women’s Day cannot do it on your site as your site. Does not work. Please contact me .

    • I did not order HGTV magazine #0945136737 for $19.99. I received e-mails from your company saying that I ordered this magazine, but I did not order it. So please remove it, I will not pay for it, so do not send it to my house.

  212. please cancel all subscriptions made while entering your contest. there was something wrong with your sites that would not let me use the click here if you didn’t want to place an order. This has happened before. Also could not log on your site to cancel. this has been every annoying. I do not want a subscription to your magazines at this time. I don’t appreciate your efforts to slam me with 6 or 7 magazines.

  213. I received an e-mail to order the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook. It was very difficult to place the order and I ended up with 2 orders. One for $39.94 and the other for $33.87. Tried contacting Hearst Magazines to cancel one order but could not contact anyone. What lousy service.

  214. I purchased a copy of Food Network magazine and because of the smell from the ink or printing process I was unable to read it. My nose blocked and my eyes watered, so I had to throw it out. I live in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Is there a reason this magazine was smelly? Would it be the way they were shipped to Canada? I would really like to know. I am so disappointed to lose this magazine.

  215. Please cancel my subscription. I did not ask for it to be renewed without any notice. I can’t afford it. Thank you.

  216. You keep sending me e-mails for contests BUT they take me to your site that has errors. I have written about it many times before without any response or action. the entry form works but gives me an error “illegal xml character”. my form fill data is the same for ever other site I visit and works fine. HOWEVER your sites have a problem ( or is it just a ploy to weed out people who do not want a subscription). As many people have written before me your service area stinks and your company should be ashamed of it.

  217. I called today Sep 7, 2018, left message that a charge was on my account. No response from Hearst, was ignored! I want a phone call to explain your. Barge with NO Notification via email. 732-832-6244

  218. I have just cancelled the O magazine. I don’t want it, I don’t read it, I don’t like it. Please refund on the original payment method. It doesn’t expire until 12/20. Let’s save some trees shall we. Thanks for your prompt response

  219. You sent me an email stating I ordered Fit After 40 DVD. I did not order this, I was browsing on my phone. Cancel this order immediate.

  220. I didn’t order the Food network magazine. I want you to cancel all these magazines your sending me. I’m only entering the contest. I don’t want the magazines. So please don’t send any more because I’m not interested I

  221. To Whom It May Concern:
    I have tried over a dozen times to get Hearst to STOP sending me emails..I am tired of this.. Please pay attention to what your customers want..
    I love the magazines, but tired of the emails..
    stop sending me emails..
    curlista lewis

  222. Sometimes the fine print in information requests and other offers are worse than MalWare. It’s so obscure that you don’t realize they suckered you into a magazine subscription. I made an email request to cancel a subscription notice that I just received. From the looks of things here, I may have to go to the BBB. We’ll see how it goes.

  223. I am writing in reference to magazine order in which l made a mistake, l had no intention of ordering from you. I want you to. Not send any magazines to my house because of l want to read l would order a religious book not a secular book. So please don’t forward any magazines .

  224. I entered a sweeps I do not want any magazines. and I will send them right back to you if sent I do not have time and do not want them!!!!!!! Country Living I do not want.

  225. I have not been able to talk with or e-mail customer service regarding a problem with HGTV magazine subscription which they keep sending me a bill. I paid for 2 yrs back in July 2018. Keep sending me bills for 19.99 for another 2 yrs. i am getting ready to contact the Federal Trade Commission to stop this harrassment.
    Very done with it!!

  226. I just found an old copy of Good Housekeeping. It is dated November, 1989, Volume 209, No. 5. I am enjoying reading this magazine again. I used to subscribe to this magazine every year. I finally quit subscribing to this magazine because it was not interesting to me anymore. This old magazine has 320 pages the last one I received had 104 pages. As for the number of pages tells a lot. So sorry it changed. I just wanted to express my feelings. I realize times change.

  227. In 2017 I gave subscriptions For Ree Drummond magazine to both my granddaughters. Neither one is around anymore. Your company rolled over both subscriptions and took a total of $36.00 out of my checking account. The account numbers are 1611112960 for Alexis McGill and 1611113224 Rachel Bergman .your.system is so automated so no spot to fill in a problem. Thank you Your help is greatly appreciated.

  228. I just ordered Car and Driver Magazine on your $5/yr. Gift subscription offer for my son and the confirmation came up as a subscription to Good Housekeeping Magazine instead!!!! Please Change and Confirm this order!!

  229. I would like to cancel my DOORRONT Direct delivery of “O THE OPRAH MAGAZINE”. I have made this request before but you are still delivering. Now through a different company who throws it on my driveway. This is not acceptable.

  230. To Whom It May Concern:
    I have sent several e-mails about returning a book, but have not received any acknowledgement or confirmation that you have received the book. I have all the pertinent info, including the USPS tracking #. Can you please contact me, as I have not direct means to send you an e-mail that I am assured that you will get.
    Thank you.

  231. This is a very poor company to deal with. I bought 2 of the same dvds by mistake
    wanted to send one back. couldn’t get a prepaid lable so I paid for the shipping. this was in jan of 2019. the items were paid with paypal, when I checked my statement this compsny still hasn’t credit me for the dvd I sent back. will no longer deal with this company.

  232. I have a Food Network subscriptions that is now being delivered by Doorfront Direct. My magazine was on the end of my driveway by the street nowhere near my door front on Monday. I have a large locked metal mailbox to keep my mail safe. I thought it had been vandalized only now I see this was intentionally thrown there. I need my subscription mailed to me & delivered in my secure mailbox, not out in the open. My schedule varies & I may be gone days at a time. Can you help me with this?
    Mrs. Jodi C Foreman
    203 Rennie Dr
    Katy TX 77450-2112
    HGT0138582572/4# 00015 J/F21

  233. I live in the midwest and this Doorfront Direct is ridiculous. We are entering Fall/Winter seasons. I just happened to pass my front door and notice something on the steps. I have no idea when it was delivered, but I know it rained….This is unacceptable, but if this is my only option, I will just not renew my O subscription which is up in the new year.

  234. My November 2019 issue of Oprah was completely soaked & unreadable sitting on my driveway pavers. I would like a new copy of the issue that is not wet.

    Why are some issues of this magazine delivered via the USPS and others are delivered via Doorfront Direct? Byt the way this magazine was no way near my “doorfront”.

  235. Doorfront Direct is horrible! Magazines arriving half in the street and sitting in puddles. I live in a gated house so they can’t be “delivered to my doorfront”. Besides I know they are delivered by the same horrible service delivering our newspapers.

    How do I STOP Doorfront Direct and get my magazines delivered humanely and in a civilized manner to my (warm and dry) mailbox???????

  236. I pay for a subscription of the Food Network Magazine. This morning, while I went outside to start my car, it was laying in the middle of my driveway on the ground. Why is the postal service not delivering this magazine anymore? The label on the front claimed to be from door front direct. I am very displeased by this service and do not want my magazine thrown on my driveway or anywhere on my property. I do not have a secure place to ensure the magazine does not get wet or ruined. Why am I paying for this subscription, when I could go to the store and purchase it, to ensure that it would be in one piece. I do not want door front direct to deliver my subscriptions. I want the security of knowing that my magazine will be secure and dry in my mailbox, as it has been for years. Please reply, I am very displeased and would like to know how to resolve this issue. Thank you.

  237. I subscribed to Cosmopolitain magazine at a good offer of 12.00. I received 3 magazines and that was it. I received at email saying I did not pay for my subscription and I did pay. You took the 12.00 out of my checking account on 9/10/19. I want the remainder of my subscription or the return of my money into my checking account. Please respond to my comment through my email. Thank you for your time.

  238. I currently have a subscription of the Food Network Magazine. At 3AM, my husband was awoken by a car door slamming in the driveway, he went out and found the magazine in the snow. We live in Wisconsin and it was snowing – normal stuff. Our snowblower would have found this before we ever would have seen it if the car door wouldn’t have woken him. I am extremely unhappy with this service and do not want my magazine thrown on my driveway or anywhere on my property. I do not want DoorFront Direct to deliver my subscriptions. I want to know that my magazine will be secure and dry in my mailbox, as it has been for years. If this is not possible, I will cancel my subscription. Please contact me.
    Thank you

  239. My subscription was converted to DoorFront Direct without my knowledge or consent. As a result I have not received my magazines in over two months. I have called and all I was told was that my subscription would be extended. What is the purpose of extending my subscription if I’m not receiving the issues? This service is terrible. I canceled my subscription because of this terrible service.

  240. I have not received either Country Living or HGTV for months since I mysteriously got switched to DoorFront Direct. No one in the customer service at Country Living is able to help and I have talked to numerous people. Please get me OFF this service. I HATE it and will likely just have to cancel my subscription if I’m not able to go back to getting the magazines through the mail.

  241. I received a renewal notice saying I have a credit adjustment in the amount of : -$89.80. I never signed up for the magazine but if there is a credit, can’t it just renew out of it?

  242. I just received delivery of my magazine by Doorfront Direct. It was thrown in
    the driveway and I had no idea it was there until a neighbor called.
    I receive O Magazine and Food Network. I would rather cancel both. This delivery system is not acceptable.

  243. I do not like searching for my Country Living magazine on the driveway or on my front lawn. For years it was placed in my mailbox which is just outside my front door, a much more convent place. Is it possible to return to having the magazine delivered to the mailbox?

  244. Door front direct might be a nice OPT IN for some people but I do NOT want my magazines thrown in my driveway. It presents a safety issue if it’s not picked up and signals my absence. And it’s a privacy issue—my neighbors do not need to know what I read. I previously cancelled a subscription to Food Network, which I subscribed to for years, because of this change. Now I find new subscriptions doing the same thing. How do I make this stop?

  245. Doorfront direct is a hassle. Magazines are left out in the yard where it can get wet. I tried emailing subscription service but they give vague generalized answers. I will not renew subscriptions to magazines if there’s no point receiving them properly. I contacted the email provided by Doorfront, no response.

  246. My Food Network magazine was at the end of the driveway not at the front door as Door Front Direct insert states. Last month’s magazines were damaged and replaced by the service, but this is an inconvenience for me. Will not be renewing any magazines that are going to be delivered this way. Which is shame, as I really think magazines are struggling to remain relevant. Did not receive my HGTV magazine as of today. Oh well I have all the old ones I will just reread them.

  247. I received a delivery by DoorFrontDirect delivery service of my subscription for the May issue of Food Network Magazine totally water damaged. The magazine, in sealed plastic wrap, was left lying in a puddle of water in my driveway, no less than 4 feet from the entry door. There is a personal mail delivery slot adjacent to this door, and a protected delivery basket just inside the storm door of the entry. This magazine is still sealed inside the plastic wrapper but is mostly a disintegrating mass of mush.
    This is a paid subscription for the regular delivery of Food Network Magazine, and I hopefully expect this to be replace with a new copy.
    I will and do request the publisher Hearst for a new replacement of this May issue of Food Network Magazine. Courtesy of your response is appreciated.
    NOTE: DoorFrontDirect has many complaints and a poor service record!
    Please contact me if you would like to receive the damaged sealed magazine.

  248. Since delivery has moved from USPS to Doorfront Direct I will be cancelling my subscription to the Oprah Magazine. I am tired of the magazine being thrown from a vehicle window into the curb regardless of the weather.

  249. I am not receiving my magazines. Have you stopped this service due to the virus? Please let me know so I can cancel my subscriptions if that is the case. Thank you.

    • Once again my food network magazine was found at the far end of my driveway wet in the culvert. Why can’t I just get it with my mail. This doorfront direct is not working. It’s no where near my door any of them.

  250. Once again my food network magazine was found at the far end of my driveway wet in the culvert. Why can’t I just get it with my mail. This doorfront direct is not working. It’s no where near my door any of them.

  251. Doorfrontdirect is leaving my Food Network magazine at the end of my driveway. Unacceptable. Please stop using this service.

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