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Contacting Hamilton Beach Customer Service Center

Hamilton Beach is a home appliance company that also sells products like outdoor grills, coffee makers, air care products and portable appliances. There are dedicated websites for Hamilton Beach customer service in Mexico, Canada, Commercial Sales and the US.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Hamilton Beach customer service team is a fine tuned machine that handles more than 1,200 calls each and every day. You can contact an agent via phone from all countries that sell Hamilton Beach products.

  • Customer Service US (Compact Refrigerators and Microwaves Only): 1-877-395-5109
  • All Other Customer Service US: 1-800-851-8900
  • Customer Service Canada: 1-800-267-2826
  • Customer Service Mexico: 01-800-71-16-100

Mailing Address

The Hamilton Beach headquarters is located in Southern Pines, North Carolina. If writing a letter is how you want to express your thoughts to customer service, address your letter to:

Hamilton Beach Brands Customer Service261 Yadkin RdSouthern Pines, NC 28387

Official Website

When you want to learn more about Hamilton Beach products, place an order or check on product recalls you can check the official website at Prices are listed in addition to detailed product descriptions, but these prices are not necessarily the same prices you’ll find in retail stores. You can create an account to shop online. Registration is free.

Customer Service Email

The customer service team handles more than 150 emails every day, so when you send your email you can rest assured it will be read and handled by a trained Hamilton Beach customer service agent. The email address for the company is not listed, but there is a contact form here: The required fields are a little more detailed than some companies. Hamilton Beach requires your name, address and product information. If you don’t have a Hamilton Beach product at home, but you want to email customer service, you should be able to find all the required information in the online store. We used product information from the description and simply placed the word “unknown” in the required block if the information wasn’t available. The email form sent just fine.

Our Experience

The Hamilton Beach customer service line was closed the two days we tried to call. There is some technical failure that shut down the entire customer service system. We will continue trying to call Hamilton Beach to talk with a customer service representative. If you have experience contacting this company, leave a message below and tell other customers what they can expect.

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17 Comments on “Contact Hamilton Beach Customer Service
  1. Chinese dry-cured hams have been recorded in texts since before the Song dynasty and used in myriad dishes. Several types exist in Qing dynasty cuisine and are used in dishes of stewing hams.

  2. I purchased the Hamilton Beach Durathon iron a few weeks ago and the button to get a shot of steam constantly keeps sticking. I have never in 30 years of purchasing irons had a problem. This is the first Hamilton Beach iron I have purchased and am disappointed with its performance. I’m sure I will have to purchase another iron before to long because sooner or later the button will stick and I won’t have the shot of steam at all. I thought Hamilton Beach was a quality product, guess I was mistaken.

  3. i was given a hamilton beach brewmaster little over a year ago it leaks water all over i called for help to fix it but was told it was shot and that they could sell me another one im disabled cant afford to buy coffe makers all the time love hamilton beach but thinking of going to a different brnd

  4. I would like to receive your recipes; via e-mail

    also, I would like to register my mixer and food processor on line

  5. My sister purchase a microwave for me less than a year ago and the paint is falling off inside the microwave. It is very unsafe to microwave your food. As i use this appliance the first time there were problems. The dumb rules that you must have a receipt in order to get help is so great for the company because if a customer misplace their receipt that person will not receive the proper help that the customer deserve. I spoke to a manager from the number from the booklet of the microwave. She was very rude she argue with me as if my word meant nothing. Terrible service this company clearly does not care about the customer.

  6. i have bought 2 of your k cup makers. first one quit working in 5 days. so i thought well just a bad one so took it back to walmart exchanged it for a new one. it worked for one month now it wont work. just telling you ill never buy any of your products again. and ill advise others to do the same. unhappy consummer

  7. I recently got the Hamilton Beach ‘The Scoop’ model 49981 coffee maker. This coffee maker couldn’t be better. It makes great coffee and fast too. The taste of the coffee is much better than what you get from one of those K-cup type coffee makers. It is fast and easy to make coffee and easy to clean.
    I am so happy with this unit. I may buy a back up just in case. I love it. Thank you for making such a well thought out product.

  8. SOS! I need advice. I have a mixer Hamilton Beach model HMD400-CE. Bought motor HAM990042500. 3 contacts on the machine. 6 contacts on the motor. How to connect them? Help please …

  9. I recently purchased your single serve coffee brewer. I bought it because it said you can use it with the K-cups or grounds. Well it doesn’t work with the Cameron coffee K-cups. and you can barely get a large mug out of the reservoir. Wish I would have kept the box it would definitely go back to Walmart. Just set me back $80. Not happy with it. I’ll share my review accordingly.

  10. i purchased the duel hamilton beach coffee maker several months ago. the black painted finish where the glass sits has burned away.smells and looks terrible. i am the only person that use it so it has not been abused. was not cheap to buy. i feel you should replace it. it is a defect

  11. I want to register mt Hamilton Beach contact grill I just received it today model 25335 how and where can I do this?

  12. Our 12 cup brew station leaked water into the heater area. Now it drips from where you fill the cup. We have cleaned it. Nothing helps. We have to pay the postage both ways to get it fixed under the guarntee. I think we are done with Hamilton Beach products.

  13. I trying to get customer service through e-mail and calling. Cannot get through for trouble shooting! Our Coffee Maker. That brews a coffee pot or single cup got this year (2014) worked great. Then it stopped brewing in pot. Brews singles. Cleaned it with vinegar and all. No luck. Need response! PLEASE e-amil!

  14. Purchased a 2 way flex brew coffee maker even though I had read many complaints about the burnt plastic smell and taste of the single serve side. They were absolutely right it has a horrible taste and smell. Do the engineers even taste the coffee before bringing it to market? I feel as if I have poisoned myself by drinking whatever came out…it sure wasn’t coffee. Very disappoint with this product and will not buy another Hamilton Beach product!

  15. I was told to send a picture of defected product with cord cut. I cut the cord as told now where do i send the picture.

  16. I bought a flexbrew and within 6 weeks it started leaking. Indeed it was under warranty, but I also had to cut the plug off, send a picture to Hamilton Beach, and pay $15 dollars shipping charges for UPS ground delivery and wait 7 to 10 days delivery. I pay less than that for 2 day shipping. I reluctantly complied and have not heard a word back from them.
    I have been a customer of their products for many years but this will be my last purchase. I did tell them I would be doing reviews on as many as I could websites about their limited warranty restrictions and they do not seem to care. So buyer beware.

  17. Very unhappy with your flex brew with k cup
    I have a zip tie holding the pot to the handle.the k cup will not snap in, and the place where put the grounds will.not stay in place.:O and also.I cannot take the pot out for a cup until brewing is completely done.I got this a.Wal-Mart I k
    June ,paid 89$

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