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Contacting Hamilton Beach Customer Service Center

Hamilton Beach is a home appliance company that also sells products like outdoor grills, coffee makers, air care products and portable appliances. There are dedicated websites for Hamilton Beach customer service in Mexico, Canada, Commercial Sales and the US.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Hamilton Beach customer service team is a fine tuned machine that handles more than 1,200 calls each and every day. You can contact an agent via phone from all countries that sell Hamilton Beach products.

  • Customer Service US (Compact Refrigerators and Microwaves Only): 1-877-395-5109
  • All Other Customer Service US: 1-800-851-8900
  • Customer Service Canada: 1-800-267-2826
  • Customer Service Mexico: 01-800-71-16-100

Mailing Address

The Hamilton Beach headquarters is located in Southern Pines, North Carolina. If writing a letter is how you want to express your thoughts to customer service, address your letter to:

Hamilton Beach Brands Customer Service261 Yadkin RdSouthern Pines, NC 28387

Official Website

When you want to learn more about Hamilton Beach products, place an order or check on product recalls you can check the official website at Prices are listed in addition to detailed product descriptions, but these prices are not necessarily the same prices you’ll find in retail stores. You can create an account to shop online. Registration is free.

Customer Service Email

The customer service team handles more than 150 emails every day, so when you send your email you can rest assured it will be read and handled by a trained Hamilton Beach customer service agent. The email address for the company is not listed, but there is a contact form here: The required fields are a little more detailed than some companies. Hamilton Beach requires your name, address and product information. If you don’t have a Hamilton Beach product at home, but you want to email customer service, you should be able to find all the required information in the online store. We used product information from the description and simply placed the word “unknown” in the required block if the information wasn’t available. The email form sent just fine.

Our Experience

The Hamilton Beach customer service line was closed the two days we tried to call. There is some technical failure that shut down the entire customer service system. We will continue trying to call Hamilton Beach to talk with a customer service representative. If you have experience contacting this company, leave a message below and tell other customers what they can expect.

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72 Comments on “Contact Hamilton Beach Customer Service
  1. I purchased the Hamilton Beach Durathon iron a few weeks ago and the button to get a shot of steam constantly keeps sticking. I have never in 30 years of purchasing irons had a problem. This is the first Hamilton Beach iron I have purchased and am disappointed with its performance. I’m sure I will have to purchase another iron before to long because sooner or later the button will stick and I won’t have the shot of steam at all. I thought Hamilton Beach was a quality product, guess I was mistaken.

  2. i was given a hamilton beach brewmaster little over a year ago it leaks water all over i called for help to fix it but was told it was shot and that they could sell me another one im disabled cant afford to buy coffe makers all the time love hamilton beach but thinking of going to a different brnd

    • I also have a 3 month old Hamilton Beach Brewstation that leaks water all over the kitchen counter. The holding area for condensation has a crack on the bottom, allowing water to leak out of the bottom as fast as it is collected. I cut the plug off, as directed, but do not know how to send Hamilton Beach this photo. After I paid shipping costs, they are sending a new replacement unit.

  3. I would like to receive your recipes; via e-mail

    also, I would like to register my mixer and food processor on line

  4. My sister purchase a microwave for me less than a year ago and the paint is falling off inside the microwave. It is very unsafe to microwave your food. As i use this appliance the first time there were problems. The dumb rules that you must have a receipt in order to get help is so great for the company because if a customer misplace their receipt that person will not receive the proper help that the customer deserve. I spoke to a manager from the number from the booklet of the microwave. She was very rude she argue with me as if my word meant nothing. Terrible service this company clearly does not care about the customer.

  5. i have bought 2 of your k cup makers. first one quit working in 5 days. so i thought well just a bad one so took it back to walmart exchanged it for a new one. it worked for one month now it wont work. just telling you ill never buy any of your products again. and ill advise others to do the same. unhappy consummer

  6. I recently got the Hamilton Beach ‘The Scoop’ model 49981 coffee maker. This coffee maker couldn’t be better. It makes great coffee and fast too. The taste of the coffee is much better than what you get from one of those K-cup type coffee makers. It is fast and easy to make coffee and easy to clean.
    I am so happy with this unit. I may buy a back up just in case. I love it. Thank you for making such a well thought out product.

  7. SOS! I need advice. I have a mixer Hamilton Beach model HMD400-CE. Bought motor HAM990042500. 3 contacts on the machine. 6 contacts on the motor. How to connect them? Help please …

  8. I recently purchased your single serve coffee brewer. I bought it because it said you can use it with the K-cups or grounds. Well it doesn’t work with the Cameron coffee K-cups. and you can barely get a large mug out of the reservoir. Wish I would have kept the box it would definitely go back to Walmart. Just set me back $80. Not happy with it. I’ll share my review accordingly.

  9. i purchased the duel hamilton beach coffee maker several months ago. the black painted finish where the glass sits has burned away.smells and looks terrible. i am the only person that use it so it has not been abused. was not cheap to buy. i feel you should replace it. it is a defect

  10. I want to register mt Hamilton Beach contact grill I just received it today model 25335 how and where can I do this?

  11. Our 12 cup brew station leaked water into the heater area. Now it drips from where you fill the cup. We have cleaned it. Nothing helps. We have to pay the postage both ways to get it fixed under the guarntee. I think we are done with Hamilton Beach products.

  12. I trying to get customer service through e-mail and calling. Cannot get through for trouble shooting! Our Coffee Maker. That brews a coffee pot or single cup got this year (2014) worked great. Then it stopped brewing in pot. Brews singles. Cleaned it with vinegar and all. No luck. Need response! PLEASE e-amil!

  13. Purchased a 2 way flex brew coffee maker even though I had read many complaints about the burnt plastic smell and taste of the single serve side. They were absolutely right it has a horrible taste and smell. Do the engineers even taste the coffee before bringing it to market? I feel as if I have poisoned myself by drinking whatever came out…it sure wasn’t coffee. Very disappoint with this product and will not buy another Hamilton Beach product!

  14. I was told to send a picture of defected product with cord cut. I cut the cord as told now where do i send the picture.

  15. I bought a flexbrew and within 6 weeks it started leaking. Indeed it was under warranty, but I also had to cut the plug off, send a picture to Hamilton Beach, and pay $15 dollars shipping charges for UPS ground delivery and wait 7 to 10 days delivery. I pay less than that for 2 day shipping. I reluctantly complied and have not heard a word back from them.
    I have been a customer of their products for many years but this will be my last purchase. I did tell them I would be doing reviews on as many as I could websites about their limited warranty restrictions and they do not seem to care. So buyer beware.

  16. Very unhappy with your flex brew with k cup
    I have a zip tie holding the pot to the handle.the k cup will not snap in, and the place where put the grounds will.not stay in place.:O and also.I cannot take the pot out for a cup until brewing is completely done.I got this a.Wal-Mart I k
    June ,paid 89$

  17. i bought one of your small frig’s
    i live in an area where rolling blackouts are quite frequent.
    the problem is you have a serious design problem when the power goes off so does your product but it doesn’t turn back on.i travel for work, so many times i’ve came to frig full of spoiled food
    to make it work again you must turn it off then unplug it and wait for a few minutes then plug the frig back in and reset the temperature.well look at the bright side, i’m the proud owner of a 3 foot tall paper weight

  18. hi less than 6months ago I bought the Hamilton beach blender 58147 red. I love this blender and enjoy it very much. I am trying to replace the bottom cap that holds the blade which cracked and have not found it . I purchased it at K Mart the beginning of 2015. Up to this point I have been very satisfied with this blender.i hope you can help me with this dilemma.

  19. I just wanted to say I have a Hamilton Beach Mixette hand mixer, I actually had two of these that I got at my bridal shower January 1968.(Gave one to my Mom) Well almost 48 years old it is still mashing potatoes and blending cakes for me. And what amazes me is that it came with a five year warranty and it is still going strong. Thanks for making a great product. Hope to hand this down to my grand daughter when she gets married in a couple of years because I count this as a wonderful antique. Thanks Shirley

  20. I called customer service today since they open at 8am is now 11:23 am and all I get is a message saying we are having technical difficulties try your call back in a few minutes. Well 7 calls so far in over 3 hours and all I get is the same message.

  21. I am looking to buy a Hamilton Beach electric can opener model 76606Z.
    This model # 76606Z has a smooth edge side cutting system. I live in zip code 32130 which is near Daytona Beach, Florida. What retail stores has this model for sale
    Louis Huber

  22. I purchased an electric kettle, Model 40989E about six weeks ago, as part of a gift to my new employer. The product is defective, and leaks water all over her wooden credenza. When I contacted HB Customer Service to get a replacement of their defective product, I was told I would have to pay $12 shipping for a replacement. LUDICROUS! And there is no real “customer service” when the rep simply reads cold from a script and does treat you like a real person. Shameful. I will avoid Hamilton Beach from now on!

  23. Hello HB small appliances and customer service: Thank you very much for the easy and uncomplicated replacement of my Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle model 40872, your Customer Service reprersentative Jessica G was outstanding in helping me get my 8 month old red electric kettle replaced after the lid locked up and it broke when I had to pry it open. All I had to do was send a photo of the disabled kettle and agree to pay $9.99 shipping charges for a replacement. What a deal! It arrived in a few days. I was glad to pay the modest shipping charges and I love my kettle, it is safe, heats very quickly and works perfectly. And it does NOT leak! You folks are great!

  24. I purchased a Hamilton Beach Brewstation coffee maker in May 2015 from Bed Bath and Beyond. The coffee maker worked beautifully the first couple of months but ever since it has been leaking on a daily basis. I love the concept and the way it keeps the coffee nice and hot, but need a solution to the leaking. Additionally now it has stopped pulling the water over to make coffee. We have checked everything we know to check to be sure all is working but cannot seem to get it started brewing. What options do I have?

  25. I purchased a Hamilton Beach BrewStation 3 months ago, from Walmart online. The holding area for condensation has a crack in the plastic,on the bottom of this drip well. The steam condenses and leaks through the unit onto the kitchen countertop. Walmart refused to give a refund or trade it for a new unit because I had it for 91 days. I had contacted Hamilton Beach and was told this leakage was normal. I contacted them again after I found the crack and they are sending a new unit, after I agreed to pay for shipping. I also cut off the plug as directed, but do not know to send the photo to them. Maybe they can give better directions how they want this done?

  26. I purchased an iron Model 19902R 10xdurathon nonstick soleplate on 2/6/2015. It was working beautifully until yesterday morning, it just start burning and smoking. It says it has a 10 year warranty. I want a replacement….it is not a year old yet.

  27. bought a big mouth food processor,it was missing a shreader slicer blade. i called to see if i could get one sent to me. told me to send copy of receipt.they gave me an email address and a customer #1642454 the email address does not work.tried different variations won”t send.

  28. I received a replacement for the lid on the Hamilton beach crock pot. 33967A Your product does not allow the lit to fit again it is placed on the crock pot and there are gaps all around. The lid does not fit tight. there are still gaps around. The lid does not fit tight. I have had several crockpot in the last few years and have not had a problem. I bought your produce because I went on line and it stated that the low setting was low which the crockpot brand is not. The lid just does not fit without gaps. I am not sure how that is affecting the cooking time.

    Mrs. Wanda Stayrook

  29. I purchased a Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker in July 2015 for use in my office in Afghanistan. The coffeemaker is great, however, after only 5 short months it “sprung a leak”. I looked the machine over to see where the water leaking out was coming from. Finally resorting to removing the bottom plate, I discovered there was a small hole in one of the tubes through which the water flows. It appears it is a faulty tube as the crack/hole in the tube is very near where it bends around the metal cylinder which appears to be the heating coil. I am very disappointed in the lack of life I received from this coffeemaker. It is difficult, at best, to get things in Afghanistan so I purchased a Hamilton Beach because of the reputation for quality. Given Hamilton Beach’s reputation I anticipate a replacement for the unit and hope to hear from you soon.

  30. The worst customer service ever, on hold for 30 minutes, finally get a call back, now, can not get back to some one, having technical problems , call us back in 30 minutes, called back in 45 minutes, said call back in 30 still problems, the worst for a company this size, received a gift home baker, missing 2 paddles. wiil tell many about this experience and never purchase or recommend hamilton beach again, you need to get it together!! This type of customer service is hurting your company, how many more are getting the same treatment?

  31. love their products, but I am trying to purchase the personal single size blender (cups only). I’ve had quite a time getting through to customer service via phone. I have two of the blender bases already, but the cups themselves break, disappear, or become tinged and smokey/foggy/dirty looking.

  32. You have the worst customer service that I have ever encountered. You do not give a call back, and the wait times you state are ridiculous, you say 7 minutes and then you state that you are having high call volumes and then I wait another 28 minutes. When someone does answer I am told that the item is not available now, but will be in 3 to 4 weeks. That is what I was told a month ago. Why can’t this item be placed on a wish list and then I be notified when it is available?

  33. I live in Bermuda.
    I have purchased a Type K27 Kettle Model K6080 and I am having trouble getting rid if the taste of plastic on the water. I have tried boiling water and vinegar. I tried baking soda and water. I have had the kettle now for 2 weeks and cannot drink the water boiled in it.
    Is there anything I can do to get rid of the taste of plastic? I threw away the box not thinking I would be taking it back to the store for a refund so now I’m stuck.
    Please give me some idea. Thank you.

  34. Bought a Hamilton Beech Brewmaster about a month ago. It LEAKS very badly every single time i use it!
    Have tried contacting company with no luck. They want your email but I can find a way to contact them except by snail mail and when tried number provided, it just kept ringing.
    Going to throw this piece of junk in trash, chalk it up to a total waste of money and NEVER purchase any of this companies products. (not that the company cares)

  35. I purchased a ninja blender about a year ago and it was kinda great and expensive.I was kinda not satisfied but what can you do,better than the Jack Lalane juicer.I forgot I had bought a Hamilton two speed hand blender a year before only using it for milkshakes.Unfortunately my ninja motor died,so I remembered my hand blender.Long story short IT WORKS WAY BETTER THAN THE NINJA and $25 compared to$40-80,I found my new best friend to give me a boost for my morning get up and go.Thank You Hamilton Beach.

  36. I tried contacting Ms.Jessica G. (Hamilton Beach, consumer affairs) but she refused to send a replacement for my defective electric Kettle, when I asked her to give me her CEO’s e mail address she ignored the request.

  37. I purchased my 2nd Hamilton Beach brew station coffee maker that a lot of reviews have said they leak. Mine is about 6 months old and is leaking under the reservoir. I think that I have found your problem. For some reason the frame that holds the reservoir in place has stretched. I notice that the little condensation valve in the middle rear is able to push the reservoir away from the frame. This allows liquid flowing around the two outside v shaped returns to let water get by the reservoir and collect underneath on each side of the heat element. Get the frame from expanding and the water leakage should stop. Let me know if you fix this since I will eventually need to purchase another coffee maker.

  38. What does Hamilton Beach Co. have against making toaster ovens in WHITE! I have been trying for years to find one,, red. and ugly stainless does not get it for everyone. Almost everyone can use white, which is clean and nice looking. I also hear this same comment from salespersons & friends. Please o please give us a toastation in WHITE!!!!!!!

  39. My Ref#1659221
    I have been waiting for a replacement coffee maker (for a 5 Mon. old unit!!!)since 3/22 and when I called in today 4/6 I was told it was Back ordered. When I initially called in I was told 7-10 days.. This is Poor Customer service. I wish I never purchased your Product.. You guys sure didn’t wait anytime to take my payment!!!
    Get it together

  40. purchased a FlexBrew coffee maker the water does not want to go through it takes well over an hour to get about a cup and a half of coffee out of it then it tastes like tar I have taken the time to clean it but did not help no longer have the receipt and not quite sure how long I have had it but I feel it should of lasted longer than it did

  41. I am still using the blender that was given to me as a bridal shower gift 42 years ago , that’s 1974. It works beautifully and still looks good on my kitchen counter. I just got lucky, I guess.

  42. I have been trying to contact someone at Hamilton Beach regarding a crockpot problem I am having: Model: 33156, Series F2290DJ, 6 quart. I was using it the other day & it seems like it wasn’t heating up and it was on High.
    Please have someone notify me with a solution. . thanks

    • how long does it take a customer service rep to get back to their customers regarding their concerns? not very happy at this point!

  43. I cannot get a response from your company on a coffee maker that did not work. We were told to cut the plug off and send pictures of the cut off plug and the maker. I did exactly that and sent the information. that was over a month ago and no response. could someone look into this for me.

  44. Why don’t you have a direct email? You phone wait time could be reduced if you had other means of contact. Trying to get a selector switch for a toaster/convection oven and can’t get anyone to talk too! Very poor customer service!

  45. Just a note to let you know how wonderful your electric knife is!!! I bought it at a Winn Dixie store for $6 (plus some cents but can’t remember) in Miami, Fl in 1986 and it still works wonderfully even though it has been in fairly constant use. It’s now 31 yrs old. Great job Hamilton Beach!!!

  46. I purchased a HBFlexBrew coffee maker last year for Christmas.This December 27th it started leaking water from the bottom of maker.I called HB Customer service and the very nice lady had me read the numbers from maker and turns out warrenty expired on the 23rd.But then informs me because it was just 4 day difference for $11.49 It would cover replacement of a new one.YES!! I did as asked cut cord of old maker and sent picture and info email.So simple and easy.Here on Janurary 4,2018 My new replacement arrived.With Christmas +New year holidays in that time frame.I am amazed at the efficiency.Thank you so much.Happy New Year to all whos great work made this possible.

  47. I had a problem with the Hamilton Beach Flex Brew. I call the corporate office and spoke to young lady ( almost everyone is young when your 70) Unfortunately I do not recall her name but it began with an A ( again memory gone ) She stated the company would send a new one, and they kept their word. The coffee maker worked great. But what was more impressive to me was the fact this company actually kept their promise, a very rare commodity in this day and age. Keep making your products and keep the 1950’s work attitudes of excellence

  48. I will never purchase another Hamilton Beach product. We had several HB appliances at home that had done well. When I was in the position of ordering commercial coffee urns for our church, I ordered 4 of the pots with a separate base thinking they would be easier to handle when full. They worked fine, but were really not much easier to handle. Then the trouble began. The small plastic piece on the bottom of the pot broke on one and now another has broken. When we contacted you, you said the part is not available. We have to buy a new pot instead of a $5 part….it will not be a Hamilton Beach.

    • i just bought a Hamilton beach easy reach toaster over approx. 2 to 3 months ago now all the numbers are worn off around timer and starting to go on temp settings, what am I supposed to do to read and set on right time and temp to cook with it or am I just out of luck and u wont do anything thanks

  49. I purchased thru a Hamilton Beach 10 pc. cookware set as a Christmas gift. We started using it around New Years or so. The pans are black with a white ceramic coating which has stains on it and looks kind of crummy. I thought this cookware would be of better quality, but now I’m wishing I had bought a different brand. I want to hang up my pots and pans on a hanging rack, but I am embarrased at the condition they are in. Anything you can do for me? These should last forever, but they look old already. Also, they are only non-stick for a little white – mostly everything sticks now.

  50. I purchased a Hamilton Beach iron Mod.19801C Series A2431DX less than two years ago. The cord is getting very hot and I am afraid it will cause a fire.

  51. Very poor customer service. I received a thermal coffee maker as a gift about 3 months ago. The coffee after brewing is barely warm. I have followed the instructions given to me by customer service when I contacted them by phone.
    When I called them they assure me that the new coffee maker was shipped to me on Sept. 7, 2018. They told me that there is no tracking number for this shipment which they said will be delivered by UPS within 15 business days. That time frame has now passed and I have still not received the order.
    I contacted UPS and they tell me that all of their orders have tracking numbers.

  52. I am in need of help from customer service but haven’t gotten through. My daughter bought me a flex brew for mothers day. Now it is leaking all over the counter so I have to put in 12 cups of water to get 8 cups of coffee and put paper towels around the bottom of the pot to contain I believe this to be a design flaw and believe you should send me a new non leaking coffee maker. Thank you for your quick attention to this matter.

  53. I love my slow cooker! In fact I use one at home and one at work. Unfortunately on one of them the lid fell and shattered today.

    I would to replace it and am wondering if you can let me know how I go about getting one?
    Model number: 33760 series A3941DJ.

    Thank you
    Joanne Nighswander

  54. Does anyone else have a problem with the crockpot Model #33162 Series A1660AS with the lid not being able to snap shut. Seems like the lid has shrunk or something. It was working fine before that. Not sure what happened?

  55. I am on my third Hamilton Beach mixer in a year. The left side beater keeps burning out or jamming. It quits spinning and makes a grinding sound. I love the fact it comes with flat beaters instead of the whisk type, but three in one year is ridiculous!

  56. There are no replys here. Hamilton Beach doesn’t operate to provide customer service here…scroll through, you will see it is so…sorry to deliver bad news. I bought 7Qt Slow Cooker. My 7Qt recipes were overflowing. Finally I measured the crock. It’s 6 1/4 Quarts! More than 10% short measured! HB says if you use their magic beans and leave the lid off, it’s 7 Quarts, dummy! THAT’S their OFFICIAL STORY! I asked for a crock that’s REALLY 7 Quarts. 3 months, 20+ emails…I’m still pounding sand. Each CSR was worse than the previous one. Gonna escalate to CEO. But buy HB? Pretty unlikely, ya think!?? Go ahead…fill YOUR crock with water, to the lid-rest-ledge. See if you got shortchanged by a shyster shopkeeper…Hamilton Beach!

  57. my wife and I bought a flexbrew 2-way coffee maker for a xmas gift for ourself the hose that feeds the water to the coffee pot side has popped off and pours all the water all on the counter and floor, the one cup side works is this under warranty advise thanks

  58. I am Shierly, from Indonesia. I just bought Hamilton Beach HBH-450 in September 2019 for commercial purposes. It should break the ice within seconds but it takes a long time just to break the ice. I’d tried contact customer service but they said I might not understand how to use it. Until finally, I made a video how I blend the ice and contact customer service again so the technicians could come to see the blender condition. It turned out that the blender’s blades were deformed therefore they could not function properly. I re-contacted customer service & was very disappointed with the service. There is no follow up & no responsibility. I do not know where to complain. I hope Hamilton’s USA customer service can solve it. Thankyou in advance

  59. Trying to reply to a recent email in regarding replacing my defective coffee pot has been so far impossible.need the correct address.

  60. I need a replacement lid for a Hamilton Beach model # 702-4 but am unable to reach anyone at Hamilton Beach Customer Service. The toll-free phone number says to email but does not provide the email address. I have sent this 3 times now & have yet to receive a response.

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